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What is ultimate custom night app? NOTE: A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome to the ultimate FNaF mashup, where you will once again be trapped alone in an office fending off killer animatronics! Featuring 50 selectable animatronic characters spanning seven Five Nights at Freddy's games, the options for customization are nearly endless. Mix and match any assortment of characters that you like, set their difficulty from 0-20, then jump right into the action! From your office desk, you will need to manage two side doors, two vents, as well as two air hoses, all of which lead directly into your office.

This time you will have to master other tools as well if you want to complete the ultimate challenges, tools such as the heater, A/C, a global music box, a power generator, and more. As if all of that weren't enough, you'll also need to set up laser traps in the vents, collect Faz-Coins, purchase items from the Prize Counter, and as always, keep a close eye on not one, but two Pirate Cove curtains!

Other features also included:
- Challenge menu including 16 themed challenges
- Voice acting from returning favorites as well as from new arrivals to the franchise
- Unlockable office skins
- Unlockable cutscenes

NOTE: Interface and audio in English. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.


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App Name Ultimate Custom Night
Category Games
Updated 28 October 2023, Saturday
File Size 208.33 MB

Ultimate Custom Night Comments & Reviews 2024

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Best five nights at Freddy’s game ever played. This is really the best five nights at Freddy’s game I ever played but I don’t like how many animatronics there are for example they do got a sister location characters but they don’t have all of them like Freddy and bonbon stuff like that and in five nights at Freddy’s four they don’t have all of the characters I think this game needs more characters because it would make sense then it would actually be a real more challenging overall this is the best five nights at Freddy’s game and it’s pretty good to play and pretty addicting but the game could use a little bit more of animatronics now and then I hope this helps

Great! But I have some suggestions. This is one of my favorite games I have on my phone, but I think there to be more to it. My first suggestion is maybe add some more animatronics (More withered animatronics, SL animatronics, glam rock animatronics, etc.) My second suggestion is maybe add some more cams. I think there should be at least one camera of at least one room from every fnaf. And maybe add more animatronics on cams a lot because they only animatronics I see on cams are Foxy, Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle, Phantom Balloon Boy, and Trash and the Gang. It would be great to see more animatronics on cams. My last suggestion is add new challenges. I have some Challenge ideas: ‘Fox Attack’ ‘Bird Attack’ and ‘Bunny Attack’ are some that are just like ‘Bear Attack’. Thank you for reading this if you did I’d love to hear a developer response! PS I really like your games

Great Port but controls aren’t the best. Personally I love this game and definitely think it’s worth the $3 price tag. It comes with everything that the original pc version has including cheats you can buy.(In my opinion that isn’t really worth it). Obviously this game has a lot of controls and I think it’s great that most things to control are through a button in the top right corner, however some controls were poorly made for mobile and need some sort of fixing. First of all the flashlight button isn’t the best, it is a little icon in between the mask and camera that sometimes is a bit difficult to click, also sometimes golden Freddy is really difficult because you have to click the mask/camera really quick and the buttons aren’t the best so sometimes it takes too long to get on the mask/camera which causes me to die to him. Another thing is Nightmare Marionette. To avoid her you have to keep a mouse off her buy dragging it away or tapping somewhere where she isn’t, it sounds easy but it just doesn’t work great. Other then these minor problems which will probably be fixed in time, it is still a great port and tons of fun to play.

For Scott. Scott there is a fan game that u have to pay for its Zoolax 1 free please take it down people think it’s better then your games I always respected your work I always make fan art of characters Also please put on better characters on UCN cus old man consequences and helps and trash and the gang and phantom Freddy and phantom BB they don’t even kill you please do this I have always admired your work also I know the entire backstory and please make some free my family doesn’t have a lot of money and I know all the afton deaths and I even know why William Afton killed all the 6 souls please make more fnaf games

Maybe a glitch? But I still adore it!. So let me tell you. I love this game as well as this entire franchise, and I’m so glad that this game was able to be transferred to mobile, but it still might be rough around the edges. I was playing the challenge creepy crawlies 2, when withered Bonnie jumpscared me. Now that’s not the problem. I understand that this game is hard and that I’m not very good at it, but I had my mask down almost as soon as I flipped down the monitor and as soon as I heard the static that indicated he was in front of me. There should have been no reason for him to kill me like that, even if he was on 20. I’ve put my mask down later than that and he hasn’t killed me before. This might just be a one time thing, or something that might reoccur, but even then, this game is amazing! Sure, it has other design flaws, but I’m the end, it’s still a blast to play. I would highly recommend buying this game, as there are so many combinations that you can make with all 50 characters, it’ll take awhile to get bored from it! (I don’t even think it’s possible to) Even if you don’t know any of the lore, it’s not important to the game, and will still bring you lots of fun!

Pls read this Scott, or anyone really. I love the game, but I’m scared of anyone but the thiccen (toy chica) and Chuck-e-cheese (toy Bonnie). Reason is even with sports and anything, I just forget and... yeah... but the characters you need to put your mask on with, simple to survive till six am (right?) well it’s easy with the thiccen and chuck-e-cheese but with broken bunny boi it’s not easy, by that I mean withered Bonnie is hard cus as soon as you see him, you have to put your mask on. And I was not quick enough... and... you know... also SCOTT, I know you had nightmares developing the first game, but about who... BONNIE saying “ITS ME!”. Anyway j wrote this at like 12:30 am so I am bored so ima play some Roblox fnaf role play, or bird role play. Well whoever reads this, Thank you for taking your time to read this far 🙂🙂🙂

Good game. So what I have to say about this game it’s just a really fun game I’ve been a fnaf fan for a really long time I actually bought every single fnaf game on mobile I’ve even saw people play ultimate custom night and I’ve always wanted to play this one too but some time before I could not download this on mobile because this was not available but I was sad I could not play because it was only a computer game but now I’m very happy I’m now able to play with game on mobile and you guessed it I already bought and I already love this game I really love these fnaf games that Scott made thank you Scott for these wounderful games and hopefully you will make more so I really love this game so much this is why I give this game 5 stars I would totally recommend this game to play on you’re devices

It’s amazing but 2 problems. I love the game it’s fun it’s entertaining but there is some things that Scott should add 1.Funtime Freddy is missing, like the weirdest fnaf characters were added but not Funtime Freddy!!! Please add Funtime Freddy 2.Guides and warnings. First of all maybe when we start the game there is a practise guide for every character so we can learn it quickly and also Funtime chica is not that good for other people because lots of people in the world are extremely sensitive by lights and chicks lights are very high I’m not saying that she should be removed but I’m saying that maybe Scott can make a warning that chica is coming or make the lights a bit lower. And that’s all I’m not complaining about anything only these stuff I love the game so much I play it 24/7 and it’s probably the best fnaf game that Scott has made!!!!!! I LOVE IT BUT IF YOU CAN MAYBE TAKE THESE ADVICES—— add Funtime Freddy and warnings for flashy animatronics and a guide But still the game is awesome no matter what Love you Scott 💗💗💗

Amazing!. So this game is super fun. And if you like calm and peaceful story’s then listen to Mr hippo. I highly recommend this game for people that are new to FNAF to see pretty much every character the phone guy is back for round two. But I think Scott should add back many more animatronics so this is pretty much about having every animatronic come for you some don’t jumpscare some help the others jumpscare some go through the vents and ducts. And I honestly did not know where one of the vents were and I found out the vent was at the bottom right and the other vent is infront if you and you are going to find the doors and you can choose what character you want and you can choose the amount of aggression. And anyways have fun spending time with your family we miss you.

I lost all my Progress! But Still a Good Game. Here’s some background: Okay, Today I had just Hit the score of 2000, I was really Happy, Blah Blah Blah, Then I was trying to download another app, I restarted all my Apps To see if that would help, It didn’t, Fast Forward to 9:37 PM (The time I’m writing this) I was Bored, And I went Back on, When It said “Adjust your Volume until you hear the whispering” I knew something was up....So, I went To score, And To my Surprise, It said “high Score: 0” And I want to ask a Question, Is there any possible way to get my Progress back? Edit: There is also A Glitch with Foxy, If you chose Foxy on 20 (Not sure about any other numbers) Just foxy, No Bonnie, If you Check on him, The game Glitches, He Acts Like you haven’t Checked on him once throughout the whole Game! Even Though I’m fine with this, I just wanted you to be aware of the Situation

Might already have been reviewed and might be and over reaction but oh well. So over all great spooky game no major problems but here are a few minor tweaks I personally think can be made. 1 toy Bonnie never seems to come put toy chica on level 1 they are coming for you, put toy Bonnie on level 5 he attacks once and rarely twice either make chica as rare as Bonnie or vice versa chica as rare as Bonnie. Next up power, my lord it drains so quickly I feel like I’m on cams for a minute and I’m at 50% power make power go down quicker or more power in general finally this might have been said before but Nightmarrione is weird it’s a tap and click game I see how u put the courser but still. But as I stated before great spooky but not to spooky game

A truly Amazing port!. Clickteam you have done it. You have ported a game with 15 controls that was made exclusively for PC onto mobile devices. It is absolutely insane how well this game was done. All the testing and programming must’ve been a absolute pain but you guys found the best way to do it! For those who love multitasking. Horror elements. And using strategies. This is the absolute great game! There are some small problems though. Like the flashlight note fully working when you tap on it. Sometimes i have to double tap to get it to work. Maybe put it in the bottom left corner? Because another problem is when I try to turn on the flashlight sometimes I accidentally shock scrap baby in my office and it can be annoying. Also when you are in the cameras you can only close 1 door at a time. Please make it where when you press the left and right door at the same time that they both close. Rather then the first door your finger tapped closed. And Maybe add a option in the settings where you can adjust the game quality. Some images in the game seem low resolution to the point where the pixels can be seen. But stuff like this was expected. I mean this game wasn’t made for mobile. I so glad you found a great way to port this!

Prize counter plush animatronics aren’t working.. Hey so whenever I turn on an animatronic that requires you to purchase their plush from the prize counter, I always do but the animatronic doesn’t go away. I purchase the plush and check the camera, and they are still there. Sometimes they leave me alone even though they are still there on the camera, but it makes it hard to know when the next time to buy the plush is going to be if they are always there. Sometimes I buy the plush and they still jump scare me! Please fix this, it’s just a minor bug on mobile (this bug happened with all the plush counter animatronics) thanks!

Controls are strange. Overall the game is amazing I have a lot of fun playing it however the controls are a bit wonky I try to click cams I have to click it twice or three times to open them the mask messes me up I click the mask and it takes me a couple tries but the time I finally get the mask on I’m dead the cameras are ok the doors are good enough however when I click foxy when I press +1 percent power I click the vent behind him and don’t notice it and I lose all my power when I also try to click the mask it sometimes randomly closes the left door same with cameras I open cameras and don’t notice that I close the bottom right vent and slowly lose power overall the game is great the mechanics are ok everything is fun just that the controls are a bit buggy anyways that’s all I have to say this is a good game ngl

Needs MAJOR changes. I love the pc version of this game but the mobile version is lacking. First of all the buttons are extremely hard to press I have died countless time to golden Freddy simply because I could not pull up the mask despite clicking the button 2 to 3 times. The flashlight is also very annoying to toggle on and off. The challenge menu is also extremely broken. You can almost never click on one of the challenges first try and when you come back to the menu after failing a challenge you have to select another challenge go back into the challenge selector and select your original challenge in order to get it to work. That’s the majority of the problems with this game and the mask one makes the game borderline unplayable for me it comes down to being able to press the button instead of the reaction time of seeing golden freddy

Great but I have a few problems. This game is SO MUCH FUN! I have played all the fnaf games except this one but now I’m in love with it. Put there is a problem. When I use toy Freddy, I can’t open the door on the computer screen. So I lost 20 power before I gave up trying to shut the door. Got the first cutscene in great graphics and English text! I really love this game but I was wondering if you can add a feature we’re dd says who she added? When she appears I get Jumpscare almost immediately. Can you also add Funtime Freddy? Thanks for making this game Scott I love it and suggest this to everybody who loves a good scare. My friend got it too and LOVES it!!!

One suggestion...... Great game first of all but i have one suggestion that would be really cool a way to make custom challenges. Imagine you have this game and you want to make your own setup of animatronics to have you or your friends play but you dont want to have to select all the characters again there should be a way to save the selections you chose and create your own custom challenge that you can save and can play whenever Great game and very fun just i think this would take it over the top Also is it even possible to avoid nightmarionette in this cuz ive tried many times but nothing works :|

Good port, but there’s a couple problems. As the title says, it’s a good port of the PC version, everything is there, even some cheats that you can buy, but there’s a few problems The controls are weird. Often, it’ll take me a few clicks to hit the camera or the mask because it’s so small. The buttons in the cameras for the vents and doors are also a bit small. Some animatronics are impossible to deal with. Yeah, you heard right. When Afton attempts to attack, its impossible to block him because you can’t turn quick enough to close the vent, and opening the camera to close the vent THAT WAY is too slow as well, making it impossible to win if DD decides to add him in. Suggestions: Either let us customize the controls, size, position, everything, or scale them up so they’re easier to hit. And put buttons on the screen when not in the cameras for the vents and doors. It might add a few more buttons leading to less space, but I feel like it’s needed to block off some animatronics.

Ballon Boy Bug. I love FNaF and glad your remastered all of them and ported them to Mobile. Mostly UCN but there is a bug that i found when enabling Ballon Boy. Everytime i put up the camera and look down real quick he is there, so i shut the vent pick up the camera look down again real quick, he is back. He wont even leave, he just stays there. You open the vent back up put the camera up then down again real quick. He comes back, its a very annoying bug but other than that the game is perfect. You guys made it more easier for me now that i have cheats on but its still challenging. If it matters im on iPhone 7. Anyway thank you Clickteam for all you have done.

I love this game, but cmon!. I love this game, but it’s just too hard with specific characters. It’s so hard to hit the flashlight button, so you end up dying to Nightmare Freddy, or a vent animatronic because of Phantom Freddy. Also, Nightmarionne. (I could care less about spelling his name) He’s the biggest problem in this game. On PC, you can just hit a key to shut a door, or hit enter to skip el chips ad, or C to catch a fish. On this, you have to tap them all, and it’s extremely hard to stay away from him. You are literally having to drag a mouse cursor around to keep him from attacking, while also doing other things. I’ve only been able to beat chaos 3 once, while I’ve beat every other one twice. I can’t get a score higher than 9600 because of him. Fix him. Make it so he can only have one position to attack you, or make his speed to attack literally divided by 15. Then, I’ll change my rating.

Fnaf will have 5 stars forever. I have always loved fnaf, and thought it interesting even as a 8 year old. I even bought the guide later on, the Freddy files, and always enjoyed looking at the lore and speculation. I lost a little interest in fnaf and got it back after getting fnaf vr help wanted. Then I got all back into it and was amazed at how many games there were when I checked back in. I convinced my dad to let me get ucn and have loved playing it ever since. It’s a really good port and has all of the secrets and Easter eggs, like the intermissions, golden Freddy, and old man consequences. I love fnaf and everything scott cawthon had done. Thank you scott and click team. You always come back.

One of my favorite fnaf games. I LOVE ultimate custom night, you literally can have all the characters except a few. For some reason like four days ago I was playing it,dee dee came up and I thought it was normal cause it she usually comes but like a minute after she came back or even less than a minute and again and again until I got jumpscared. I love this game SO MUCH even though I wish it had lolbit,Funtime Freddy, withered foxy, and withered Freddy (those are some of my favorite animatronics). I have almost all of the fnaf games and I probably think that this one is my favorite🤩🤩

It a really good port but that mouse cursor 😡. I really like this port of UCN it run good and have seen no mistakes, but that mouse cursor that thing is so annoying in 50/20 mostly cause of nightmarionne, if you get the game you’ll see that the cursor and him are your enemies it’s making so hard for me to beat it and how it also make it hard to tap on thing because you rely on the cursor, if I want to skip an ad it takes a while for me to tap and by then nightmarionne got me and btw he moves way too fast! Anyways the game is really good like I expected the animatronic work great and it’s just like the pc port. I really hope ClickTeam sees this and all the other reports of this problem I feel ClickTeam did a great job but please make the mouse cursor more fluid and easy to move and make nightmarionne less op just saying :)

Please take this away!. If you die to mr hippo then he tells you a very long story and I find it very annoying because I just want to play the game and his story comes on! Yeah it’s a cool addition but it gets a bit frustrating after a bit. Please remove this story after you die from mr hippo! Another issue is nightmarionne, it sounds easy not to have your mouse over her but on mobile is you check the camera to do something she just pops up! It’s almost impossible to check the camera with nightmarionne. Another thing is the flashlight. It’s right in the middle of the mask and camera and it’s very small and hard to click. The game is great but these issues are not so great.

Best FNaF game I’ve played! (Actually the only one). I got this last month (as of June 22) and I still play it. This is an amazing game. My set is usually Mangle, El Chip (sometimes Toy Chica or Toy Bonnie) Rockstar Freddy, Helpy, and Balloon Boy. I also wanna know when Ultra Custom Night is coming to mobile. I’ve seen FusionZGamer play it and it looks so good! I really wanna play that. Or if it’s coming to mobile at all. But I really hope it does. But, there is a problem with Chica. It says “While Chica doesn’t care if the music box is wound up, she can grow tired of the selection playing. When the sound of pots and pans stops, you only have a short amount of time to change the music”. I change the music when the sound stops and she kills me. I am very confused about this, It said she doesn’t care if the musicbox is wound up. So I don’t wind it. But she still gets me. Also, please make voicelines for Freddy, Bonnie and Chica. I really want those voicelines added. But this is a great game! Sorry you had to read all of that

Good Game, Broken UI. I got UCN a few days ago and I’m having a blast playing it, except the UI is bugged and broken for example when muting phone guy over a door the UI will overlap and close the door while muting the call, or when pulling for flashlight it sometimes bugs and does not let you turn the flashlight on/off sometimes or when pulling your camera/mask it bugs and does not let you and may take a few tries, or another glitch is whenever your changing a challenge it won’t let you click the specific challenge that you have been playing or you do click on the challenge you want but the menu of challenges is still on the screen and your forced to click another challenge and redo it over again. Other than that it is a great port and I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

Nightmarione’s mechanic. Okay so in the PC version you already had a mouse cursor to work with in the game because it’s a computer obviously; right? That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense if why you have to have a mouse cursor to control with in the game when you’re already using touchscreen since it’s mobile. This just makes things more difficult and harder to use during the nights because every time I click on something that I have to use for other characters in the game the mouse cursor follows my fingerprint and then I have to swipe it away so Nightmarionne doesn’t kill me. In this new mobile version it just screws everything up especially in 50/20 mode!!! This is why the PC version works better for this specific mechanic. Clickteam if you ever read this; is there a different way you could do it so it’s not so difficult🙄🥵

Let’s add a new problem to the night!. So I love this game in general but I thought we are forgetting some key characters like candy cadet he is in the office and speaks but it doesn’t trigger anything so like what if there was a number to put then he was in if you put zero he wasn’t there and he could have a destraction like candy on the screen like the minireenas or maybe do a crossover like a new office for events I don’t judge what event it’s fine if you don’t add any of these features and maybe when DD pops up you could actually vote for a crossover animatronic or office maybe some more phrases for the animatronics other than that Scott, you have done a lot and I respect that your making people happy and have fun fun fun fun fun!

Add. If you can, then add other animatronics that aren’t included like Funtime Freddy, Plushtrap, Jack-O/Chica, Biddy babe or the little ballora dancers like you put nightmare Chica, shadow Bonnie and the female version of bonbon also I don’t think bonbon is even in the game but if he is then why put bonbon and not his partner (Funtime Freddy) same goes for the Jack-O animatronics, circus baby’s and ballora’s helpers and also you don’t have to but if you want to you could add the new security breach animations (they could turn into the ruin animations when there about to attack you or when really mad) and with that also some more challenges like “surprise” or “listen” thank you if you finished reading this.

Good game, but extremely small hitboxes. The game itself on the pc is definetly a 5 star, but it has some annoying downsides on this mobile port. I’m not sure how it is to play on iPad, but on iPhone it’s so hard to press the buttons, like really hard. The button hitboxes are unreasonably incredibly small. The freddy mask and camera hitboxes should atleast go out a little bit, but instead they put it right on the gui so you can easily miss and press UNDER it all the time. The flashlight button also feels impossible to press for me. You have to press it exactly in the middle... how does that make sense? Cant press at the bottom or top of it and it wont work. This makes the game extremely hard when you have to click a bunch of things quick. So, please, just make the button hitboxes bigger. It shouldve been obvious that if i click under the cam that i meant the cam. Flashlight hitbox is also way to small, it feels that is has to be pressed in the EXACT spot somewhere on the icon

Uhhh…. Listen this game is amazing! But I just have to state one thing: the jump scares are jokes. Listen I’m not a hater or anything, I love fnaf! And I’m sure you do too. Cause if you don’t then why are you reading this review? So again most of the jump scares are just a still image of the character that you’re being jumpscared by. The fnaf 1 crew, toy Bonnie, toy chica, the mediocre Melodies characters, and the nightmares are the only ones that have real jump scares besides nightmarionne and nightmare mangle. That’s 18 out of the 50 characters that have actual jump scares. So, Scott if you are reading this, maybe make the jump scares less of a joke and give some of the characters that didn’t get to speak voices. Not even Freddy Fazbear talks. The main character of fnaf doesn’t even have a voice besides his laugh in fnaf 1

Fixing but amazing. I love this game a whole lot but if there is anything that need to be fixed is more stuff I suggest on putting the full version on pc and mobile so we can experience more animatronics and also the clicking thing the flash light is really hard to click sometimes so it is easier if u put the flashlight icon a bit bigger and putting on the Freddy mask for the toy animatronics and add more withered animatronics and also golden Freddy circus baby and nightmare mangle golden Freddy is a good character just to fast I put on the Freddy that is when he comes to jump scare me and circus baby and nightmare mangle they are on the right hallway I buy there you but they still get me anyway there are some tips hope I was useful and also one more thing if u want the full version go setting then add a buy icon so at the end u will see full version for 4.99 so there is going to be about 400+ if u get the full version 50+ if I only download the mobile one thx I hope it was good and useful have a great day/night🥳

UCN. hello, this game is truly amazing and so fun it holds so much lore and its so fun the new update making the buttons better was truly amazing for mobile i really like this game but there is one problem Mr. Hippo i was doing challenges and putting random characters on and i died to Mr. Hippo and i decided to just get off then i got back on after almost a whole month and bam Mr. Hippo appears it is funny the first few times until you die to him more than about 5 times i love the lore he wields and his jokes but it gets annoying quickly maybe make it where you can skip it or choose if you want to not skip it. Please take my idea it actually gets pretty annoying.

Really good but one bug. I’ve always loved FNAF ever since I was a little girl and when I got this i was sooo excited and it scared me a lot but there are some bugs. So when you go in and you have picked which animatronics you want when you go into the game it turns on JJ and when you go into the game and you didn’t turn her on she turns on a new animatronic and once you go back to the main menu she’s not on and another thing sometimes I couldn’t here any of them and when I did it was too late for me so please fix that last part cus I’m not sure if JJ is supposed to do that so definitely fix the last part and I hope this was helpful

A review to sport want it. This is a report to sport want it you think the controllers are trash will you know what I think is trash your face so I feel like you should just stop writing bad comments about this greatest game in history you got a chew so many freaking cool characters and also if you think the controls are trash you’re great I don’t see why you have such a problem just putting on the Freddy mask or losing the freaking Marinette and also there is no nightmare Marinette so you can shut your mouth for and get out of this game and you can delete it and then you can never write a review again how about that how about that for a review now I will see you later sport wanted🕹

Good and fun addictive game but minor problems too. This game is absolutely fun and enjoy playing the game. There’s so many things to do in this game, but the minor problem is the buttons. It always has some sort of delay, which causes problems during the game. For example, to avoid Golden Freddy, you need to put on your mask or monitor. I always use mask. When ever I try to use the mask, it doesn’t work half the time. So I have to spam the button but it’s already too late and Golden Freddy kills you. I learned how to adapt to these situations but I would like it fixed to make this game easy and not tedious. I hope you read this review. I’ll still give it 4 stars just because it’s fun, really fun :)

NIGHTMARIONEE IS SUCH A TROLL FIX THIS NOW! 😡. Nightmarionet or nightmare puppet is so annoying and impossible to deal with try shining your flashlight no nightmare puppet is on the rectangle and it is impossible to get rid of phantom Freddy and nightmare bb another thing why he is annoying is because when you try to click on the wet floor sign on the left and nightmare puppet is there he is gonna end your run and when you try to do old man consequences mini game on the left nightmare puppet blocks it and will kill you and when you try to stop helpy he will literally block him making it impossible to tap him to avoid getting an air horn to the face seriously this will also be a big problem with 50/20 mode so please fix it where night mare puppet can’t get close to wet floor signs or near the flash light box this is an issue because if nightmare bb is there and you need to get rid of phantom Freddy but you can’t since nightmare puppet is there and you will shine nightmare bb is gonna end your run so please fix it so nightmare puppet won’t cause impossible challenges of getting rid of animatronics

Read all please. So this game is very epik but......... it kinda looks skinny on mobile and I don’t really like how you post games later than computer. Like if I wanted five nights at flumtys then you would post 4 years after to mobile then computer. This is a really fun game so I rated it a 5 star. I don’t know how to use the sound thingy yet to track animatronics. Also it is very hard to use Freddy or jack-o-chica and jack-o-Bonnie. I also don’t know what to do with nightmare chica with its mouth open still learning. Animatronics look amazing by the way. If your scared like me use the animatronics helpy, toy Bonnie, golden freddy, trash and the gang, toy chica, balloon boy, jj, old man consequences, phone guy, rockstar Freddy, Funtime chica, and rockstar foxy. Hope you enjoined my advice

Creepy, cool, but pretty weird..... So, I just got this game, I adore it, totally should download it, but, since I am brand new, I only have default office. But, when trying to get a high score of 2000, my office was completely different, it was the office you get for 5000 points, the fnaf 3 office, but I didn’t unlock it, and I was terrified, and this is actually what I said: “Why is the green... WHY ON EARTH IS THE WATERMELON DUCK HERE!?!? Is this what happens when you add Phantom Mangle?” And I started panicking like something was gonna kill me, so I left and started over. If you can, please explain why this happened. Thank you!

A bug I think. Hi this is my review I just bought this game like 5 hours ago and I been playing for like 2 hours max but every time I would play my battery would go down which I know the battery is supposed to go down when you use the monitor but even when I wasn’t using to and when my fan was off idk if it’s a bug but I hope it gets fixed soon but it’s fun to play but gets annoying when my battery goes out even when I’m not using my fan or monitor and I think the time is a bit off but other then that it’s a fun game kind of recommend to buy

Good Port.....sorta. Forever i have been wanting ucn to be ported on mobile and now i get to play one of the best fnaf games, but there are problems that weigh it dow, 1. I HATE THAT FLASHLIGHT, sometimes the flashlight works and its no problem, but then for some reason i have to flick on the flashlight basically the same amount of times i have to get withered foxy out of the hall in fnaf 2, 2. Press E to help the challenge buttons, sometimes when i died in a challenge and i tried to to redo it, it decides that when i click on the button like bears attack 2 or creepy crawlers its gonna get rid of the challenge so i have to re open the challenges then for some reason it decides “oh hey, wanna open the challenge, well then to bad u have to choose and different challenge then click on that challenge again”, its really annoying, 3. This is a minor problem but getting rid of fredbear’s easter egg in the game when u try to death coin golden freddy, instead of getting fredbear u still get jumpscared by golden freddy, not fredbear, if these problems where fixed a bit it would change my rating from 4 to 5 but with these problems it kinda drags the game down.

Fun to Play but Still Needs Improvement. I was very excited for the mobile port to come out and I find this app very enjoyable! The little buttons are really cute and for the most part the game is playable. However, there are a few things that need fixing: - The cursor shouldn’t even exist for Nightmarrionne. I feel like he should only be triggered by tapping him. Sometimes I’m just pressing a button and he goes crazy despite the fact that I’m not even looking in his direction. - The doors should have specific places to hit them that don’t interfere with other actions such as tapping Bonnett’s nose. A lot of the time the doors open just by doing other tasks. - The sound quality is a bit weird because I hear a lot of tiny staticky noises in the background. There is also a grainy quality to the graphics but this is UCN we’re talking about and I know it’s a game that is physically impossible to be full quality even in its original form. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to polish these things. That’s all the little suggestions I have. Other than that, I really enjoy this game I appreciate that a mobile port was made so it can be played on the go.

The best game ive seen. So since i was 7 years old i wanted to get this game so badly but now i am 9 and my mom got it for me and i was so happy and this is the best game i've played like you can customize 50 animatronics with the max difficulty bieng 20 and i've tried 50/20 mode it is so hard on mobile but they should make games like this or like just put it up for free and the best part is that you don't need internet to play Ultimate Custom Night it is the Ultimate Custom Night and when i grow up this game will always have a special place for my heart in my pre teen hood

Amazing game but some issues with some iphones and suggestion. I am playing on an iPhone 11, so instead of a home button I have to swipe up from the bottom of my screen to go to the home menu, the annoying thing is the flashlight button is nearly impossible to click sometimes because whenever i try to tap it my phone thinks I’m trying to go home. My suggestion is to make the button bigger or be able to move the controls around wherever I want. Another suggestion is a deaf mode so I could still play against characters like ballora, Afton, molten Freddy, nightmare/ fredbear etc. with the help of sound cues, so maybe there could be an icon Indication in the corner to help with that

This is an amazing app. Just one little thing.. I love how u guys made this in to a phone game. I’ve been waiting for this and a big Fnaf fan. But with the whole controls thing. I was wondering if u can add an option to use a Bluetooth mouse to click on the controls just to make it more pc like. It would actually help if u made it like that for all Fnaf games. It’s just the cursor on UCN is a little hard to controller and a Bluetooth mouse would just make the game perfect. Just want to say that it’s the only problem otherwise this game is great. Thank you Clickteam and Scott Cawthon for making this franchise even greater.

Make more. Hello Scott and developers this is one of the best games ever but I would like you to add a splash trap and maybe One more player for the second one maybe withered foxy that would be amazing.I know you’re making another game you should make more games but instead fan made characters for the game. But I have one complaint it’s DEE DEE she’s just so annoying what I think you should do is make her more annoying. And I think you should add nightmare Chica and maybe shadows and I think a lolbit can kill you too and maybe make her selectable character do you weigh I love this game and you should definitely make more Love earthworm sally A TRUe fanf fan

Needs a lot of changes. I love this game, and I would be impressed if Clickteam can port this mobile, but I’m not. There are tons of mechanics and bugs that make this game harder than it was on PC. First: there are a lot of times where the buttons like the flashlight and OMC are really unresponsive. Animatronics such as Ballora, Afton, and especially Nightmarionne are even harder to deal with because of the touch controls. Nightmarionne needs a new mechanic because the cursor thing is impossible to manage. Second: I think the doors would be better to control with hot keys on the UI just like on the cameras. Third: The mute call button has caused me to accidentally tap on something that screwed up my strategies. The biggest problems with this port are mechanics and UI placements. I know this was a challenge for Clickteam to port, but a problematic game is not fun to play.

Please remove this. I remember playing this game quite a long time ago it was really fun and a really good game but then i got a new phone so when i had money to buy the game again i could get the game. When i played it for the first time in a while i hated it i didn't like the new controls that are on the screen, i liked it more when there wasn't buttons on the screen to close the doors i liked it better when you had to tap on the doors and i know there’s a setting were you can make it tap the doors but you still have all the controls over the screen please add something in the setting so it can go back to the default controls. Thank you

Good but audio, and responsive issues. The port is fantastic, but some of the buttons are very delayed or have no response at all, I have a high score of 8000 already, but sometimes when I flick back from the camera and press the Freddy mask button, it doesn’t pull up so I die to Bonnie or golden Freddy, also sometimes when there is a lot of stuff going on, the audio will just stop. Like 50/20 mode for example if ballora, bb, toy Bonnie, and ennard are all making noises at once, the audio just stops and it’s annoying because I basically have to give up the run. Other than those two things, the game is amazing, keep up the good work clickteam.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! But a few recommendations.. Ok so fnaf is great and I still love it to this day and there are great challenges and my favorite is springtrapped but anyways a few recommendations: make the jumpscares better I don't find myself getting that often, more voicelines please add more Scott I find it kinda awkward Freddy Fazbear and a whole bunch of characters don't have voicelines so Scott if you're reading this please consider adding more voicelines, put the secret characters in the original roster I mostly want this because I have no Idea who Dee Dee added and I die to plushtrap or nightmare Chica. Scott please add these things to UCN and again fnaf is great and I still love it to this day.

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Tried to get it for so long and I finally got it and it’s the best. Ultimate custom night is the best of them all I was going on to game jolt and failing to get it on iPad Air and when I finally went on App Store I saw it also I have the fnaf games such as fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 sister location fnaf pizzeria simulator and now this it’s the best

I am in love with this game :). I had tried the game out to see what it would be on iPad because i don’t have a computer so I watch you tubers play it like markiplier, 8bit Ryan and Dawko. The game is challenging to me so I just put easy characters. I would wanna still try out the pc version of it but I do like it. I am glad that this came out because I have all the other fnaf on my iPad and now I have this I feel like I can do what I want. I have finished most of the fnaf except the pizzeria simulator because the nights are hard to do and I can’t beat them. That’s all of it. I love the game I would rate it 9/10 for being fun, hard and exciting.

This dang hippo. I was playing this and I put in all the bots that were in happy frogs gang right. And I died from the hippo and now I cannot get out of the game over voice line thing. 😡😡😡

?. When ever I go into the game I choose a animatronic I have no volume my volumes on max and I can not hear a thing and it’s with the other fnaf games pls help

Dear Scott. Hi Scott I really love this game but could you add more characters I miss funtime Freddy a lot but the games awesome could you add more characters when new games come out thanks - A Fnaf Fan

Missing animatronics. Ok so there are a few animatronics missing Ft Freddy / bon bon ::::::::Withered Freddy :::::::Withered foxy ::::::::Shadow Freddy::::: Jack o Bonnie. :::::::Phantom chica ::::::Phantom foxy ::::::::Nightmare foxy Roxanne wolf :::::I guess glitchtrap and vanny :::::::Glamrock Freddy:::::::: Moon animatronic :::::::Sun animatronic:::::::: Service robots:::::::: Bidybab (Most of these are from the internet some I had to find out myself) ::::::::::::::::::::DD summons: Lolbit :::::::::Bonnet Minireena ::::Shadow Bonnie/. RWQFSFSFASXC.-(Pain) ::::::Plushtrap Nightmare chica ::::::Easter: fredbear :::::::: EDIT:::::::::::WHAT I WOULd LIKE: So I really really really really would recommend putting security breach on the mobile because Nintendo would be to much. My neighbors do have a play station but I won’t be able to play on that. (Even tho the youngest child likes to watch me) And I don’t have a pc so. :( :( :( :( :( :(

A little glitch. Hey Scott, there’s a glitch where you complete a night and then a black screen appears and there’s no way to get rid it but if you wanna get rid of it you need to play it tomorrow or delete and reinstall the game pls fix this Scott!

Fanf is just So good. Thanks for everything Scott, I have love the whole fanf franchise since it came out and ultimate custom night is the perfect last game thank you for everything. PS Don’t cair about the bad reviews, it’s just sad 7 year olds dying to Freddy.

Scariest game ever made. This is SO scary whenever I ran out of power I will run to a different room in my house Count to a minute and come back to see if I’ve died. Very good game tho

One small problem. The game is great. Lots of fun too, but it has a slight problem. When you go to press some of the buttons, for example the flashlight button, it doesn’t turn on/off straight away, you have to click it multiple times for it to work. As well as when selecting the different challenges, the button don’t work immediately. Other than that, the game is fantastic!

Has a bug. Hello I really like this game I deleted it because I wanted to get another game now I want to get it back but it’s not downloading please reply as soon as possible I really like this game though and same problem with number 6 5 nights at Freddys please fix because I really want to get this games I I’m not hating thank you

Rigged At One Point. I love this game the replayability, voice lines elements, etc. but whenever I try out 50/20 mode I keep getting camped by Nightmare Balloon Boy and sometimes get camped by Nightmarionne. Please fix this issue it ruins the game for me.

Awesome game. First time I found out that this game was a thing, I was on the App Store as fast as I could have gone, really cool game.

Amazing game. Best game ever and I have been waiting so long for it to come on to iPad for me no glitches whatsoever I think that you should by it!

Good game but I have some thing suspicious going around. So I really like playing fnaf but in UCN I have found plush trap Jumpscare me and then I realised that I saw plush trap 😱and I did not see that omg

What can I say but. OK SCOTT CALM DOWN YOUR GAMES ARE AWSOME. I have ultimate custom night, fnaf 1 and fnaf 6/pizzaria simulator. All I have to say is your games are awsome. Oh and I almost forgot I’ve got all the fazbears fright books. THANKS SCOTT. If u h8 it I h8 u

Toy chica. This game is very good but while I was playing around with the fnaf 2 animatronics and toy chica appears sometimes when I put the mask on she still kills me even when she just starts appearing this is pretty annoying so please fix it

Mangle. I think you should re-read mangles fact sheet. It refers to him as both a boy AND a girl using a he and a her. It’s very confusing, but otherwise the game is fantastic!

Hard my brother can’t do it. Why is it so hard to get 2000 points to unlock a new office I’m talking to you game creators make it a bit easier or I will report the game and sue you make it a bit easier My brother is 13 and he still can’t do it

Where is Funtime Freddy. I love this game it is so good but where is Funtime Freddy I really like Funtime Freddy but he’s not in the game can you please add him thank you and Bon bon to of course

More power!. Ok. My only request is that the power runs out less quickly! Otherwise it’s a really good game and the Easter eggs are great! Speaking of Easter eggs, here is how to get all the Easter eggs (that I know, witch is two. Soooooo... two Easter eggs...)*** 1. Set golden Freddy to 1 and everyone else to 0. Get the death coin* and then wait for G Freddy** to spawn in your office, then use the death coin! You will get a G Freddy jumpscare! 2. Similar deal. Set old man consiqenes (yes, I know.) to 1 and wait for the fishing mini game. Catch the fish and BOOM! Easter egg. *the death coin can be purchased from the prize counter for ten fazcoins. ** golden Freddy. *** I made this for people that don’t know how to find these Easter eggs but have the game.

It’s possible. I finally beat 50/20 mode on mobile

Worse than a rickroll. SERIOUSLY!? Adjust your volume until you can hear whispering? I got trash and the gang rolled

GREAT BUT... Hello! I absolutely LOVE this game! But.. Personally I think maybe a couple different characters could be added because I have almost finished every character but other than that great job!

Old man con.. So I was once bored in this brilliant game and decided to do that old man consequences secret, When it happened I tried to move myself (that red bear thing) to the fishing guy but it glitched me straight into the lake and ended my run. Is it okay if you fix this glitch? (If anyone does not understand, there is a secret where if you put Old Man Consequences on only 1, just wait until he appears and catch the fish, then there will be a white freddy flash and you will end up as that red bear thing)

Amazing! (Except Nightmarionne). UCN has always been one of my favourite FNaF games, and now that it’s on mobile, I don’t need to memorise half the keyboard anymore either! So I’ve never exactly been a huge fan of Nightmarionne, but going against him on mobile is a total nightmare (no pun intended). The cursor is extremely hard to move and he seems to appear at whichever door I need to shut as well as the mask and monitor tabs. The only actual way I can avoid him is by keeping up the monitor, except that triggers lots of other animatronics. This is just a suggestion, but instead of having to move a cursor away from him, it would be much better if the player needs to be careful to not tap on him when he appears, which would be an easier option on mobile but doesn’t decrease the risk of being jumpscared too much. Also, with the special tools such as global music box and heater, can multiple be used at once? Because I seem to have trouble turning on more than one. Otherwise, amazing game, I can’t wait for Security Breach!

Absolutely amazing but a couple things. This game is 10/10 but a couple things where is the light to the door and also where’s withered Freddy and Normal golden freddy? And phantom chica and foxy also where’s nightmare chica it would be amazing if they were added in besides this is a amazing app I would highly recommend.

YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!!! 5 STARS RATED!!. You have to read this PLEASE, PLEASE add ultra custom night, better than ultimate custom nights, more people would play it than this game because there are more animatronics!!! Please I’m begging you! I love this game. Thanks for reading if you did, bye

Good idea. Adding most characters to one game all together is really amazing and i belive you did a awsome job the same jumpscares and everything! I think this is the best thing and way that you can make all the games combined

To Scott. If you are reading this Scott I just wanted to say thanks for making fnaf autimate costume night. When I put rockstar foxy on 20 dd just keeps popping up and I keep getting jumpscared.

Greaght game but one problem. It’s an awesome game but I don’t get any point no matter what no points and also it just glitches sometimes? 🫠

Well.... I’ve just got the game but there's... A LOT of glitches like sometimes i dont get my high score and once i was in the second office when I didn’t unlock it and when i try the old man consequences Easter egg but it mostly just says game over when i try to talk to old man consequences... that said i like the game so far and i hope you fix these glitches.

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE. It’s true not many developers would read reviews and update the game, but you guys ARE THE BEST thx for the update.

I love this game but. Mr hippo was a funny some could argue the best character from fnaf ultimate custom night but when u die to him multiple of times it can be annoying and a big mock but other wise this game has everything pressure, scary, funny, action. I LOVE THIS GAME BUT FIX MR HIPPO!!!!

Better than the actual game itself. Probably the best port I’ve ever seen there is definitely a reason they took 2 years to port this Well Done Clickteam 👍

Nightmare Glitch. Hey I think this game is good over all but I’ve encounter this one glitch that involves nightmare. When I do everything thing you need to do to get rid of him, he jump scared me right after. Please fix this glitch cause it makes it really hard to do certain challenges.

Just like the PC version but.... I loved this, I am so happy this game was ported to the mobile. Only a couple of things I think needs some work. 1. For the flashlight, it works but the button sometimes doesn’t operate when tapping it and you have to tap it multiple times to work. Same thing goes for the monitor and the Freddy mask. 2. Some graphics are good, some look real crusty and pixelated, I’m not sure if that’s something on my phone or anything, but it would be great if those graphics were consistent between each thing and not seperate. Other than these things, great game and I’ll recommend these to all my friends and to anyone who reads this.

Absolutely Fantastic!. Woah, Scott, You've definitely made an improvement! And a BIG one! 10/10 for you! 🥰🥰🥰 I really like this game, so I'm gonna give some tips to people! :3 Here we go: Freddy: When you first start the night, don't check the cameras yet. Wait at least 7 seconds, then open the camera to Camera 1(Left hall). If he is there, do not worry! Wait until he gets 2x closer to your door or when he gets a bit closer, turn the camera off and close the left door! Bonnie and Foxy: No problem at all for him! He shares the pirate cove with Foxy, alright. But, you've got a tiny figure of Bonnie/foxy on your desk. Check the figure first when you start the night. If the figure is Foxy, open camera 5 and check on him regularly(ONLY IF THE FIGURE IS FOXY!). But if the figure is Bonnie, DO NOT CHECK CAMERA 5 Because he will be there and screeching. If you look at him stupidly for a while, than he will disable all your cameras, so that whenever you want to look at a random camera, its all a wired flash and you can't see anything. Chica: She'll always be at the Kitchen(Camera 4), the camera with absolutely nothing you can see but only hear the audio. Try and hear the sound of Pots and clanking. Then, wind the music box. If the sounf of Pots and Clanking suddenly stops for a while, change the music box's music quickly, otherwise she will come for you and jumpscare you, which will eventually end the night. (I'll add more when I can, hope this helped!) -ItzGamingKiki

Really Good Just One Issue. This is a very good game overall, my only issue is that nightmarrione is too hard because the cursor doesn’t always work properly. Apart from that Really Good!

Backbone doesn’t work. When I got this game I was exited and when I tried to play with my backbone it wouldn’t work.

WOW 🤩. This was the first game that I downloaded and I LOVE it! I think how nightmarionne was done on mobile is 👍. And when someone gives it a bad review I go and stab myself I love it that much! Gg, Scott, gg.

To scot please bring out fnaf world. Scott I absolutely adore the fnaf games and the only one thing I really want which would make my day would be for fnaf world to come out on mobile thx hope u read this

Vanessa, glam rocks and glitchtrap.. forget about them all! we need the old souls to come back. Freddy. chica. Springtrap. foxy. Bonnie. everyone from fnaf 1-3. we. NEED IT. my bad if you don’t listen. but it’ll get you ahead a lot.

We are missing some animatronics. We are literally missing lots of animatronics Funtime Freddy and others

Game is really good,. Please make it so if we purchased the plushy’s in the prize corner, they sit in our office desk and also where you buy the survival kit you can purchase them there. Also add customise office so we can customise are offices Thank you so much Scott

Please make more. I’m begging u to make more fnaf I finshed all of them and I such a big fan and it’s sad to see fnaf fade away

Best horror game in my opinion. So I absolutely love this game you can experiment with other animatronics from other FNAF games and you can have fun but also get scared at the same time which is really fun so I recommend this app

Ultimate Custom Night. I just love the game, I love playing it on computer, but on mobile, now I can play it where ever I want...thanks so much! And now that I can play it, I can Play with friends! :) (not really play with friends)

Ive got a question. If you’ve bought the app then you delete it and get it back will it cost money? Thanks clickteam!

Not meant to be critical. This is an awesome fnaf game. I love how it takes time and practice until you can get to at least 3am when you set them all at level 20. I would’ve liked it if there was some story to it and specific levels because I think for some people, it can get easily boring. I’m not saying this game is boring though, I think it’s great. PS. PLEASE ADD FUNTIME FREDDY!

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bro made my lungs out. so i add some animatronics and it was peacful and no one came till 5 am… they all came at the same time .. SO SCARY😭😭

Great game. Good game for any fnaf fan lots of good characters returning from past games good game play, the challenges are harder the more you do them but not impossible.

I LOVE IT. This game it’s just...so GOOD

Question. How do you play the game I don’t know how to get the animatronics to go away

Master piece. Amazing and the jump scare’s amazing but DD NO I CANT STAND HER VOICE KILL THAT THING GET RID OF HER over all just amazing

Button does not work. Everytime I try to put the mask on the button is unresponsive and does not come on.

2 characters. 1: ballora is pretty much impossible because your phone won’t help you detect which side she is on and you can even move the camera fast enough to close both doors 2: nightmarionne: this one isn’t too bad but his hit box is brutally ridiculous compared to the pc ver.

Challenge ain’t right old friends needs ennard. …

Great game but.... Ok I really like the game but when golden Freddy comes he always jumpscares and I’m not fast enough to put on the Freddy mask or go on cams! So could you PLEASE make golden Freddys jumpscare more delayed please thank you

Awesome. The game is insanely well done I love it so much, you should make an ultra custom night on mobile which includes pretty much all characters in every fnaf universe.

Add some more characters. It’s really fun but not all the characters are in the game and it would be better if they were

Character problem. I am like 😵when I found out about this game I was like🤯my fav person...glitch trap. Like I love how you made the Aston family undead it is so cool!one day can you PLEASE make it free I really want ALL of them so bad but my mommy won’t let me😭by the way this is her child speaking.and I am eight😀I know the lost children’s name’s...Susie,Gabriel,Fritz and Jeremy.and aftons names.William/purple guy,Clara,Elizabeth,Chris and Michael.ta da!thank you so much for making this game!😁

Mods for mobile coming soon?. In my opinion, i think this game is really good. But i think it would be much better if it had mods for mobile.

Best. Best game ever played

Ez with harmless guy. Ez pz lemon

Make FNAF World. I would really like it if you made fnaf world for mobile

Good game but I have complains.. The game is good but my phone is small and it’s hard to naviguate. Thought that’s a “me” problem. Ballora is annoying on mobile. The game gets repetitive after a while. Also this game is free on pc but not for mobile which is weird… This game is still UCN so if you like the game you’ll get a kick out of this although there are better ways to play this.

Amazing!. I love FNAF and all the games. I honestly think that it is literally the best, thanks to ANYbODY who read this, goodbye

Has a minor mistake. Please add a quick door closer, like the one on the cameras. Without it, it is almost impossible to even beat 25/20 mode. Please add that. Please respond

SO GOOD. I love this game But there’s one thing when you get jumps scared It takes about ten seconds to see game over but still awesome game

One question. I love this game like all the other ones but why isn’t my boy Funtime Freddy in this? Please make a update where he is in this plz

Did you notice?. If you look at Freddy,Bonnie,Chica, and foxy it spells out 1987

I jumped. I farted when I got scared ._.

Black. Too black

It's a good game. It's so fun u know what to do

Very good but. This game is one if not the best fnaf game but still i hate when Mr hippo kills you because you can’t skip what he tells you after and it last for nearly 3 mins if not more so if this could be fixed i would give it an 5 star

It is the bed. Every thing is perfect

UCN. I Think This Is The Best Mashup Of All Time! Clickteam Did The Right Thing For The App Store! The Story Of “William Trapped In His Own Hell” Is So Good! It Is Possible To Beat 50/20 Mode On This And I Think It Deserves A 5 Star! So Keep Up The Good Work Click Yours Truly, Zane

Amazing chefs kiss. This is one of the best five nights at Freddy’s game ever I love all the Easter eggs. This is the first one I got. Thank you so much Scott we will miss you.😢

Great. Great so fun and offline but there’s no Whitered foxy and nightmare foxy and lolbit and a lot so pls add more

Great port!. Works amazingly well, and 50/20 mode is still hard, maybe even harder. It’s gonna be fun being able to play UCN on the go.

Refunding ucn. Refund game

Plsssssss. More robots pls

Where’s Lolbit..?. Why did you delete Lolbit from the game..? To be honest Lolbit is my favourite character

Add fnaf world to mobile. Please add fnaf world to mobile I really wanna play it


The game is great. I like how 50/20 mode is like the ultimate challenge but does nightmarionne have to appear after 0.00001 seconds of my cursor being over him?

Very fun. So fun to play with friends and make challenges but plz add withered Freddy withered foxy nightmare foxy roxy the new Rockstar freddy Monty flaming springtrap sun and moon guy vanny plush baby shadow mangle Funtime Freddy and endo skeleton. Good game

I have a question.. I put rockstar foxy to 0, and his parrot always come in and I tapped it and it was him, why does this happen?

Awesome. I love that you put all characters in it but make fnaf 7 and make it free

I LOVE THIS. This game is to good download it it’s sooo good I love FNAF thank you scott

Best game. In my opinion one of the best Fnaf games I have EVER played in my life

Time to add more characters. Ok I have the list here, Funtime Freddy, the minirenas,circus baby’s cronies(don’t remember what they where called),lobit,the endos, a bunch of the phantoms,fnaf 2 golden Freddy,WOW UCN LEFT OUT LOTS OF CHARACTERS,bon bon, bonnet, jack-o-Bonnie, plushtrap,and a LOAD more. Fnaf? Why? These characters are being left out. They want to kill you too.

Unauthorized charges. SCAM APP.. I am sure this app is a scam. I do not have this app in my subscriptions yet you are somehow charging my bank card. Due to this not being in my subscription list I have no way to cancel through Apple, so creators of this app, how to I cancel/block you from charging my card again? As I said previously, Apple is no help as this app is not in my subscriptions.

Hi Im Sigma. by shaneel

UI. Can you guys add an option for the old UI options like the flashlight instead of the big button

My true opinion to this game, and one question.... It is understandable that the game graphics has to be toned down due to device capacity or capability, but I believe that you could have done so much better optimizing the graphics to make this game a lot better, I do not care if it takes up 1GB of my storage. So far I have not experienced any bugs at all, which is a good sign. This game is very enjoyable and can be very addictive (I offer no guarantee regarding other player’s satisfaction). All in all, this game is very fun and I can see myself playing this game all day, I will give this a 5 out of 5 stars. However paying CA$3.00 for this game feels like a money grab, not gonna lie. I know you do not want or like to respond to feature requests, but I am going to ask it anyways because I am a disobedient person (that was a lie, I was just curious): Since iPadOS today is mouse supported would all the Five Nights at Freddy’s games be also mouse or trackpad supported as well?

Amazing. Awesome game it is just so GOOD!!!! Thanks so much for making this game Scott 👍👍👍👍

GREAT but... The game is so fun but for some reason it wont open now , I click on the app and it’s just a black screen

My first FNAF game!!!. This is my true opinion.I think the game is great but I wish they added all the characters because I love foxy and there is only one version of him which is FNAF one. The second reason why I like the game is they added most of the characters!But the thing is that they didn’t add the normal animatronic movements as they were in all the games. I give this a four because it’s good for a first FNAF game so you can learn about the characters but like I said there not the og movements. Anyways have a good day!

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SO MUCH MADNESSSSSS I LOVE IT!!!. I love the madness in this game! This is so fun. I love making up my own challenges and all sorts of stuff. I gave four stars because the graphics are a huge step down from the old games. First off, instead of withered golden Freddy’s jumpscare being animated, it’s just a solid image of the old golden Freddy jumpscare with a black background under it. Another example is that sometimes when I shut the doors in the room and then mover around, the doors will move with me. Very very strange. Not bad just a bit of strange choices of graphics.

Could you please change/fix this?. Hi Clickteam LLC, I have a short and simple request for you. I am playing through the game and I have to say, you have made the most perfect mobile port I could have ever asked for. Their is one thing, though. The buttons feel a bit clonky. Sometimes you have to tap twice to get it to work effectively. Other than that, you guys have made my dream of a UCN mobile port to life. Thank you so much.

Grate game, but I have some suggestions…. First off, I guess it would be a lot of work to animate every single jump-scare, but half of them are just PNG‘s that move around a lot, maybe animate a couple more in your free time. and secondly, would be great if you could have a radar map cheat like in the other games, and I get that would make it too easy, so make it so if you have that cheet on, none of the others are available. all in all it’s a great game and I would definitely download it, it’s worth the $2.99

It so good. I can play it every where and I don’t have a problem maybe it’s glitching for u but not me or ma be u don’t like it which is ok practice with one then I do a lot more and I get help with my friend he know a lot he is smart and I get help from him which helps me and maybe if u know some ppl who knows how to do this u can ask them Questions it’s really fun and who ever mad this spend a lot of time into this so thank u and thank u for reading this N.B

BEST GAME EVER. When I got this game I played it almost all night I was playing and my friend wanted to see so I let her and I love this game so much that I know all of the characters my favorites are Funtime chica nightmarionette ballora Bc she is so calm and last but not least shadow Bonnie and the graphics are amazing I have fanf 1 to Sister location I love this app so much I recommend you get this you don't have to if you don't want to

New nightmares 🐤🦊🐻🐰. Please add withered freddy he would need the mask. Please add withered foxy he would come in the office and you would need to shine your light at him then add bon bon and you could only select him in the 2,000 point office and then also there would be Funtime freddy when he pops in go on you monitor and play the audio oh also your monitor would be able to play audio that’s what I would like to see in the game please.

More animatronics please :>. Me and my brother thin that the game would be a lot more fun if there were more animatronics! Of course we love the game, but we would love it even more if there were more animatronics, Such as jack o- Bonnie nightmare Chica, nightmare foxy, withered Freddy, withered foxy, Funtime Freddy, spring Bonnie , and fredbear! If you read this please consider it, I think a lot of people would love this update, and mabey a update where you could walk around! I love those types of games..!

Buttons size and placement. The game is fantastic one of the best fnaf games out there but the placement of the flashlight is horrible it’s right in the middle of the monitor and Freddy mask most of the time I end up putting the mask on instead of using the flashlight which has gotten me killed from nightmare Freddy multiple times. A way they can improve is if they give us the option to adjust buttons size and to move the flashlight. But otherwise good game!

Excellent port. The mobile port for UCN is incredible. The controls are easy to pick up, and the game runs extremely well, and I’m using a six year old device. Every option that is in the PC version of the game has been thought out well and added seamlessly to this port. The only bug I ran into was having to change the selected challenge twice to get to the challenge I wanted. Great experience, 10/10! Worth 3 bucks, no doubt

Great game, just some bugs and control issues. I’m a game reviewer who just so happens to adore the entire FNaF series, The whole game is amazing with everything included in the PC edition but the flashlight and mask sometimes mess up. The mask sometimes takes 2 clicks (which isn’t too bad) and the flashlight sometimes needs a few clicks to turn off and that usually kills me when conflicted with Nightmare bb and Phantom Freddy (rip). The graphics are great for a mobile app but sometimes characters break (Usually DeeDee and Rockstar foxy) where they just stand there? Weird. Overall good game!

I love it but I have questions. I love fnaf and this game but I'm a little confused how other people of a lot of charaters and I don't and it's only one page is like only a lot of charaters for computer? Because I really wanna go against other charaters and not the same one every time. It kinda scares me but it's worth it kinda. I love beating the nights I just can't get to the third office that's why I want more charaters so I can choose my own way of getting to the third office. And so far that's all I have.

Just a minor problem.... I really love this game! It’s worth the money, and I suggest that you buy it. But whenever I want to do a challenge, I can’t click on any of the characters or else it will reset. And after every game, it has the challenges screen popped up. I have to click something random because it won’t let me do the challenge I just did, and it can be annoying at times. Other than that, great game!! :)

Great Port but a Slight Glitch. Okay, this port is great but the camera door buttons and flashlight button are way too small, but you’ve probably heard all that before. My main focus is a glitch with Nightmarionne. So, I turn on Nightmarionne and try to die because of voices (I’m a theorist, shut up trolls) and when I die I hear nothing. Not “My Grandfather’s Clock,” not his voice, nothing. So I boost the performance thinking that would help but no, still nothing. None of the other animatronics did this. So this needs to be fixed, especially when Nightmarionne is the face of the app, literally.

LOVE IT OMWHEIWMSNE. I love FNaF, Ive been in it since 2014! I love that in custom night I can play whatever character AND hear the voice lines. Now I am sad that it doesn’t have ALL the characters (not on my device, I’m using an iPad to play this) now putting all the characters, finding voice actors for the characters, AND adding their jumpscare, etc is a difficult thing to do so I understand why all of them aren’t in there. But other then that it’s a great game!

The game is amazing but. . .. I’ve played this game for several hours on end and there’s only been one major gripe that I’ve had with the game and that is the fact that you can’t even use the endgame UI, when nightmare puppet is on screen, because if he is overlaid on top of the AI, the game will just kill you. This has been by far very annoying on my road to 50/20 and I still haven’t been able to conquer it, but it’s just because I can’t even use the on screen UI could this possibly just possibly get fixed?

Thank you.. Scott Cawthon, I love this game. It’s the grand-finale mashup for the classic FNaF games, and it’s mostly perfect! Of course, there are some things that I don’t like about the game, most of those problems being the absence of: -Withered Freddy -Withered Foxy -Most of the phantoms -Nightmare Foxy -Jack-O-Bonnie -Funtime Freddy -The Hallway from FNAF 2 -Left Vent from FNaF 2 But of course, the absence that ties it all together: -Exotic Butters These problems should be addressed and resolved, but since the movie will be your last FNaF-related project, I have a feeling that the Faz-Fans will (and have) deal with these absences in Fan-games, the example being Ultra Custom Night. Nevertheless, I adore this game and miss you, Scott Cawthon. Don’t change. And finally, WHY DIDN’T YOU CHANGE THE NAME TO RAGLIN? With grace, Michael “Mikey” Afton Schmidt

Great but one issue. I play this on pc through steam and wanted to get it on mobile to play it on the go, everything works and the game is fun but the main sound effects and in game music don’t play. It’s just quite with no sound. I’m sure it’s a glitch or something. In the main pre game menu when you choose your characters the music and sounds ARE there, but when I get in the round, they are not. The camera doesn’t make a sound when opened, you can’t here dialogue, or any background music.

The best game ever. This game is the best game especially I got it on the first day I got five nights at Freddy’s six and Ari keeps asking me do you have a ultimate custom night yet but she left to go to Grandma and I got the game when she was with her grandma and Ari keeps asking me and I’m going to surprise her with me with the game. Anyone that wants the game tell your parents look at this review so your parents can probably say yes or no.

I Highly Recommend This Game. So I highly recommend this game it’s just like PC, but I think some of the comments should be read, there are so many more characters that should be put in this game, and I was thinking maybe there wasn’t enough places to put all of them and everything but I suggest that UCN 2 is made or this makes a major update, I’d totally buy UCN 2 and I’d love to see more characters, thank you.

Love this game, but I found a weird glitch. I was playing UCN and completing some challenges, I backed out of the game because I’m a scaredy-cat and played other Fnaf games, when I wanted to play UCN again, everything got reset, I had 3000 record, now it’s a cero, I don’t have the SL office anymore, heck, even I don’t have my power ups, even got the troll of adjusting your volume, (which I fell for again) I don’t know if it’s my iPad (if it is I’m sorry for wasting your time) or the game, still enjoy the game 9.9/10 (for that glitch, maybe)

Amazing but.... Ok so I’m really happy that clickteam released UCN for mobile...but there are some features I don’t really like about the game. Like the UI in game I kinda don’t like how we have to tap on the doors to close them and I don’t like how the flashlight is in the middle of the monitor and mask bars. And the UI on the menu is kinda annoying like I was kind of expecting it like in the original UCN on PC. Also some buttons aren’t really responsive on the menu screen as well. But despite all the negative features the gameplay is amazing!

Afton and The ducts. So right now Afton is pretty hard and it would be better is there were buttons to where you can close the door without having to tap it. Example is when I am doing 40/20 I always end up dying to Afton and can never get by. PLEASE DO Clickteam. Edit also please make the audio lure in the ducts more effective because I still die by them when the lure is there and not even at the office and yet Ned bear still gets me. Edit 2.0 can you make the flash light like the fnaf 2 flash light

Love it, but can’t get high score over 7200. Trust me, I love this game whether it’s on PC or mobile, just every time I try to get a new high score over 7200, I always die at 3-5 am and it always brought a little bit of rage into my whole body, so I have a feeling that playing this game would sort of be easy on PC, especially with a lot of YouTubers completing 50/20 mode, I always wanted to be a part of them to beat 50/20. So I have a feeling that I’m never going to beat my high score or beat 50/20 mode. :(

Deserves so much more than five stars. As from the title this game is the best. I love that it’s a mash up of all the games. There’s so much lore involved that I can’t keep my story straight. There’s no major bugs or even small bugs that I’ve found. IT DOSENT EVEN CRASH. It’s so much fun and terrifying. Although I will say it is sooooooooo hard sometimes. If you download I recommend you take it slow and easy. I want to say more but I think I might spoil so keep up the good work and I look forward to the next one.

There is some things I don’t like about this game. There is not all of the animatronics like there are no wither Freddy wither foxy there is no normal golden freddy from FNaF 1 there are no Funtime Freddy and there might be more animatronics you need to add this is no a animatronic but it would be cool if you can add purple guy and there a no phantom foxy and you have night mare BB but there are no plush trap and no jack o lantern Bonnie and it might be cool if you add glitch trap but you don’t have to add glitch trap but pleasE add all of the animatronics it dose not feel like últimate custom can you update this PLEASE I would love if you add all the animatronics.

Epic. But some bugs.. Great game. It’s an amazing port! I’ve been waiting for a mobile version for a LONG time. But one bug is some buttons are unresponsive and I keep accidentally close doors and turn on the fan when I don’t want to. Plus, the flashlight button is hard to press, along with the mask button and camera button. Despite these bugs, I LOVE THE GAME!!! I would definitely recommend this game to someone I know :)

The game is a big funny. I got back in the game because of the memes, so seeing this game having a mobile port got me very hyped up. The game runs great, but there are some stuff that could use adjusting. For starters, the cursor gets all over the place where you tap, and you can die instantly. Maybe you can add the ability to use two fingers for the cursor and the other stuff. Also the buttons for the mask and camera are sort of small, so please add readjustable ui. Overall the game is great and i'll be waiting for the fnaf movie!!

Awesome port, needs some fixing. Super hyped this is here! Huge thanks to ClickTeam for bringing this over, but there would be a few things changed. First, selecting characters can be so slow, maybe make the speed of upping or lowering a character. Second, nightmarrion can be a bit weird, but it’s fine, and lastly when selecting a challenge, you can’t view what the characters do, and selecting a challenge sometimes won’t work and I have to exit the challenge and go back. Other than that, AMAZING!!! Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this! Thanks for a great port, minus the bugs. :)

Amazing but one problem. I started off the night with every animatronic set to 1 but not even two seconds after I check on toy Freddy, I get jumpscared and lose—the second time I tried I started the night and nightmare bb was already in my office with phantom Freddy, I shined my flashlight and died- not even 10 seconds after I start the night They are very aggressive, even if they’re all set to 1 I don’t know if that’s just how it is or what, but it they are way to aggressive for them to all be set at 1

Amazing!!! 👍. It’s a great boredom cure! It is annoying though when people do complain that it’s “Too hard” or “A waste of money!! I demand a refund!!” But it is purposely. I do wish FT. Freddy was in it, but I am happy that they proved that FT. Foxy is truly a Male/Boy. I’ve also gotten Lolbit, Nightmare Chica, and the Minireenas because of Dee-Dee! I really enjoy this game and Scott’s many other creations! As a huge FnaF fan, this game is truly amazing and a great addition to one of the biggest horror game series. -Kali!

Great but one complaint. This game is great with the fact that it brings back all the animations. The only problem with this game is this annoying glitch where I have to press the camera/mask button multiple times before it works; which can be annoying if your doing a hard night and makes the game unplayable. The game itself is great and the pc version is a 10/10 but this needs to be fixed in order for the mobile version to be good.

Really good. Just one thing.... I like playing this game. The mobile port is really good and smooth. The controls, however, are a bit hard to use. I would recommend adding Bluetooth keyboard or controller support. I honestly think it would really help. Also, I would really like it if we could edit the button interface so that if we want to put the flashlight controls in a different spot, we could do that. If this patch could come to the mobile version, I would be over joyed! Also, controller support would also be appreciated.

This game is great but pls read. So cool i love its cool that dee dee can add characters from outside of the game 🤩🤩🤩 i am a simp for five nights at freddys and i am starting to lose my friends cuz all i want do is play this game and i also get friends from playing this game so yeah i wish they had glitch trap in this game cuz he is my favorite character for example i where bunny ears to school cuz i love glitch trap so much even tho i am only 9 years old;)

Great game! Controls are poor.. When trying to select what challenges I want to do it is difficult to click go, and to click on the challenge as well. When I try to click the “go” button to start the game it makes me click on something else because the buttons are poorly placed too close to one another. Putting the mask on and using the flashlight is also pretty difficult to use. Other than some controls, the game is fun to play!

Love the game but.... So I know you put the thing we’re you’re going to buy $4.99 for the unlimited faz coins and power so wut I wanted for you to do is make this for free so we can be free because I have all fnaf games so i think Scott might already have enough money ok so please give some more free games and I like all the fnaf games so yeah I am giving five stars because i made you a chance for free fun.

Phantom foxy pulls down my monitor for a whole minute👎. So I’ve played every fnaf game in the series but this one is old school five nights at Freddy’s technically with all the animatronics from each series it’s really fun though there’s only one thing that there is to this game that I thought was weird it’s that phantom foxy literally pulled my monitor down for a whole minute and I couldn’t watch Freddy on the monitor and I’m jump-scared by Freddy that’s the only mistake so you should still play this game

Fun but needs more. I love this game! I can’t stop playing it! But there are things that need to be added, such as more characters (phantom foxy, Nightmare foxy, and a lot more). I really think more needs to be added. And I’ll give you a tip, Some animictronics are really easy, Some are nightmarionette, Happy Frog, Rockstar Freddy, Withered Chica, Withered Golden Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, Nightmare Freddy, Orville Elephant, Mr Hippo, Helpy, Trash and the gang, all shadows, Nightmare Balloon Boy, And SpringTrap. Thats all I’m telling you but there are a lot more easy ones. Well this is what I think!

Awesome!. So first of all, this is the best game of the entire franchise! And everyone is here! Except for pan and Funtime Freddy, and a bit more... But that doesn’t matter! It has a lot of ways to challenge yourself, and it has challenges too! Like, phone guy is a challenger!? Also every animatronic has a certain skill to avoid getting jumpscared. Like for Funtime Foxy you have to put your camera at the right time when the show starts! And they even have voices! I’m really happy that this game has all the stuff I been waiting for!

Please fix. Every time the hippo jump scares me the game says game over and then the hippo pops up I swipe the game away because it didn’t allow me to get back to main menu so when I swipe it I renter the game same thing happens again so I restart my phone renter game same thing happens again so I deleted the game then reinstalled it again finally it worked now it happened again only way I can play is by deleting my highscore which is 5600

Honestly... This game is awesome, although most of the characters from the past games don’t act as genuine as they used to (except for the fnaf 2 animatronics) it’s still a load of fun, and it’s basically fnaf 2 plus a hell of a lot of extra characters which make it fun and a far better value than fnaf 2. While the pc version is free and this one is $2.99 the controls and optimization are really good and it’s okay cause it costed money to do those stuff. Nonetheless I would have appreciated a “lite” version featuring less Animatronics for free.

Ok, what?. First, to everyone complaining that it is dark, YOU NEED TO RESET VENTILATION. thats why ots dark or you need to upper ur brightness. Anyways, now for the review. .I just opened the app and i just died? The time was 0.00.0 and mr hippo was telling his long as crap story and I restarted it and the same tine happened. So i did it again. Dead. Again. dead. I am so confused. If developers even care about their players then thaey will fix this. 3.3/5 stars PLEASE IF ANY OTHERS HAVE GOT THIS GLITCH PLEASE MAKE A REVIEW ABOUT IT . pssst… hey. over here. a bit closer… *BASS BOOSTED BWOMP*

Cool… but fix this bug.. 50/20 is impossible because of Chica. Even if you keep the global music box on, and you change it at the right time, she jumpscares you. Also, if you spam change the music, it works for a few seconds but she jumpscares you anyway. Either she is the hardest animatronic to beat out of all of them, or she is legitimately impossible to beat and your game is bugged. But hey! You probably aren’t even going to read this anyway. Every game developer ignores the reviews, right?

Small improvements. I feel like the game is really well made I thank Scott Cawthon and Clickteam fore making this compatible on a mobile device. Overall it runs well I would personally like it more if it was easier to use the flashlight. Other controls are very well. The cutscenes are funny. And the graphics are outstanding. I love the great work they put in.

Awesome game but controls need updating. Okay so I really love this game and it is awesome that it can to mobile, but it does not work as well on the newer IPhones and does not really have great controls in general, the mask it super hard to put down on mobile, there is no way of beating Afton unless you are on the cam or facing the vent (Unlikely) Also the flashlight button is right on the slider so it is super hard to press and some buttons do not really respond. This is a great game, and it would get 5 stars with a bit of a update on newer phones. (BTW, even when I had a older phone it still was hard to play)

Love this!. I wanted to get this game because I’ve heard it’s good, it really is and I love it! I haven’t played it a lot but I still like it. But there’s one bug, idk if it’s my phone or the game but every time I get jump-scared/killed it freezes for 5 seconds and then I barely get to listen to the voice lines. But besides that it’s overall great except the fact that sometimes new characters join, I don’t really like that feature. I hope this helped for anyone who was thinking of getting this.

Ultimate game! Despite some minor flaws. I absolutely love the mobile transfer of this game! But there are some issues. I’ve only played a tiny bit of the game so I haven’t been able to cover all the glitches, but one of the glitches is Chica automatically jumpscaring you when she grows bored of the music playing. Also the flashlight doesn’t seem to work when you tap it the first or second time. But besides those difficulties I’m loving the game so far!

Truly Is The “Ultimate” Custom Night. They Brought Ultimate Custom Night To Mobile! How Cool Is That Now You Can Experience It On The Go With A Complete set of animatronics from the past sets you also get to unlock offices and You Have Challenges! And The Higher Score You Get You Can Earn A Cutscene Being From Samurai Freddy Or Toy Chica: The High School years which has some lore in them this is a great port and I Hope To See Five Nights At Freddy’s World Come To My IPhone 8 Plus! Because I’ve never played it and it looks spectacular. Keep Up The Great Work!

Good and I got a suggestion. So as the title says, I think you guys should add new cheats, yes there’s already 3 cheats like all other games but it is a good idea to at least consider, how about radar map returns, secret animatronics added by XOR are added at the bottom with what they do in the description, and unlimited power ups, ok maybe not radar map there’s too many animatronics but add if you want

Good game but upset...... The game was awesome when I got it! I was so excited when I had gotten my first office, it was the sister location. I know you need a low score to win that, but I’m not that good at the game, so I was very upset to the game suddenly just.........had gotten rid of it. I don’t know how to explain, but that’s basically what had happened! It’s gone now, maybe somehow it’s part of the game. If it is, I would really like that changed! It was just gone, I am making a big deal, but still a little upset.😕

Holy sh**** they finally made this on mobile.. I’m probably the #1 9 year old FNaF fan. I loved the games but I always wanted UCN! I have a Mac book pro so I tried installing steam (it didn’t work idk why) so I just...went on with my life XD. 5 months later: SO I BE SCROLLIN TROUGH THE APP STORE AND I SAW THIS SO I WENT CRAY CRAY BOI. Since it’s 3 bucks my mom did not buy it. I was all like 🤬😭🤬😭 but then I got 50 dollars (that’s a different story for a different time) so I got UCN and I immediately got addicted. Wow such fun. Plz buy. (Anybody get that meme???) *cricket noises*

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.5
Play Store com.clickteam.ultimatecustomnight
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Ultimate Custom Night (Versiyon 1.0.5) Install & Download

The application Ultimate Custom Night was published in the category Games on 28 April 2020, Tuesday and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This program file size is 208.33 MB. This app has been rated by 5,202 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Ultimate Custom Night - Games app posted on 28 October 2023, Saturday current version is 1.0.5 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.clickteam.ultimatecustomnight. Languages supported by the app:

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- Minor fixes and improvements

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