Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Create, edit, and collaborate on the go with the Google Docs app.

Work together in real time
* Share documents with your team
* Edit, comment and add action items in real time
* Never lose changes or previous versions of your document with version history

Create anywhere, anytime—even offline
* Capture spontaneous ideas on the fly
* Get things done, even on the plane, with offline mode
* Save time and add polish with easy-to-use templates

Search Google right in Docs
* Use Google Search without leaving your document
* Search all of your files in Drive, right in Docs

Edit and share multiple file types
* Open a variety of files, including Microsoft Word files, right in Google Docs
* Frictionless collaboration, no matter which application your teammates use
* Convert and export files seamlessly

Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business
* Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more
* Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee
* Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization

Permissions Notice
Camera: This is used to takes photos to insert into documents.
Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into documents.

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- Wish i had this when i was in school

The ability to collaborate at work, share with my wife, daily journal, or even make a bucket list. The options have been endless for me and i dont know where id be without it. I used to keep notes on apple notes but those had shoddy backup reliability and often would be lost when i update my phone. Such a life changing product

- Great

Helps me a lot

- Very Helpful and Impressed

Couldn’t have been done any better 😎

- Great product

Google Docs makes running my business easier.THANK YOU!

- Where is the edit button

I’m experiencing difficulties editing , but otherwise it’s great!


I love this app!

- Is really useless

worst app ever

- Great

It helps me with my schoolwork

- Very Useful

Using this app to help my children and communicate with my staff during these times where we have to work from home and submit school online. Thanks 🙏🏽🤗

- Google Docs Rocks

Love Google and how user friendly all the programs are!!! Especially right now with distance learning.

- nice


- Love it

It’s great place to keep your important documents

- Love

I am a actor and I use it all the time for my teleprompter it is awesome

- Awful design

The fact that when you type it doesn’t go smoothly with things you typed before is awful. The way this is made is just horrendous

- Great, I loved it

The fact that you can make a file folder with NO INTERNET is just the most amazing thing ever. Good job, Google Docs!

- Won’t even open up

I have to do schoolwork and my google docs won’t even open

- Dear google

You don’t know how much this had helped me from not being able to pay for word to being able to using google docs and being like ir even better than work

- Not that good better on computer

It is not that easy for me to type on a iPad and it is a little easier to type on computer. But if you don’t have A computer I recommend you get this app

- The best of the best

The best of the best

- Useful

Finally using this app and very easy way too

- Night mode please

I love the app but please offer a night mode. Some of us like to work at night and the constant white light is taxing on the eyes.

- Buena


- Docs is stupid

I just say that Docs is stupid because I’m mad that it didn’t let me highlight or chance the color, and it froze.

- Rlly helpful

I use this for high school projects all the time! It’s really helpful tbh!

- Love it 💌

One Word Amazing Thank You Google

- Super Useful... And FANTASTIC😃

Google docs is such a wonderful app for anyone who writes essays or reports often (like me!). It’s super helpful when I have something that I have to type. I even use google docs to write stories or songs! I can get very creative with fonts, colors, and more, which makes the app more interesting. The fact that you can also work on the same document with multiple people is astonishing! My friends and I always use google docs together. It’s so fun! It highly recommend this app. It has fantastic features!

- Awesome app.

Gets the job done!

- Amazing!!! 🤩

Google Docs is absolutely amazing! Whether you’re typing a school essay, or just writing a story for fun, google Docs is always #1 pick! It has all sorts of different fonts and font colors, and you can share it with your friends. Can’t believe it’s free! Highly recommended!!!

- Geez

I’ll keep this short, it won’t even let me sign in

- Great, convenient & simple

Great simple app and it seamlessly links up to my g-mail!

- Love the notifications

So nice to be able to stay in contact with my daughters teacher while she is not in school so that she can stay up do date.

- Great!

This is group for students. Especially, when there’s group project like PowerPoints, presentation and study guides. I love it

- Go USA

Thank you 🇺🇸💪

- Split Screen

so i've been using google docs for a bajillion years. when i started at my current school, we got notability downloaded on our ipads. now, after a little bit of time playing around with notability, i discovered its split screen function. i know it's a little unfair comparing notability and google docs considering the two apps are extremely different in general, but i would really, really love it if google docs had a similar split screen function. i spend so much time switching between documents on my ipad that it just gets annoying and i end up losing my place or whatever. it would just be rather handy to be able to have two things at once. thank you!

- Great app!

I love this app and it makes writing papers for school so easy! 5 stars for sure!

- Ok

Are use this app to write notes for work I am a case managers and write lots of notes. This app does not work seem less . It has lots of glitches, for instance when I use speech to text it copies what I say twice, then I have to go back and erase. It does not save a temp let so I have to go back and down load new temp lets that are blank. Some of this may be user error but I have experience lots of other problems trying to go from word on a desk top to my apple tablet, I have been struggling with it for several months now honestly wish I would have Baugh a two in one tablet not my I pad. Very frustrating. Cory

- Awesome!!

Awesome helped me do my homework during School break

- Good-ish.

Like the format and easy to use. Used to use Microsoft Word but love this way more.

- Just a suggestion

You should add a place where you can share your doc with EVERYONE, like a public tab, where there are trending docs, or views on docs, and that kind of stuff, for people if they want to share a story with people or something like that Other than that, perfect

- When I Write

When I write, I need something I can use anywhere. I have all but abandoned MS word because google docs is simple, and easy. It’s much quicker and it’s there whether on my pc, Mac, phone, or tablet for when I get that lightening bolt of inspiration. I also access all my docs in one place wherever I am. Thank you google.

- Google docs

Very reliable but, not as good as the computer!

- Iviana

Good for when you need to type and don’t have an computer and it faster

- I hate it

This is the worst

- Docs

Google Docs is great! I love using it! But my only problem with using it on the phone is: when there is a lot written, it’s really laggy.


would be five stars if it had nightmode.

- Great for school and work

I use google docs on a duly basis for work and my graduate school work load. I really appreciate being able to view my documents through an app I can access on my phone and iPad. I am able to use all the features on the app that are also available on the computer. For instance configuring a table and changing the font size, color, and style. This app is user friendly and updates your material automatically in the google cloud. I highly recommend this app.

- 😘😘😘

The best app

- Don’t recommend at all

I used Google Docs for many years, and suddenly it just stopped working well. Google Docs automatically deleted many of my files, and I am not able to use it across multiple devices. If I make a file with my IPad, then I am not able to see it on my laptop. I would not recommend this app.



- Docs

So helpful

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- Pretty Good!

I found this app okay for working on school work but it took some time to get used to doing on the phone. If you get this app and you are used to working on a laptop/desktop then I would not suggest this app to you.

- Should have an app like office

You guys should have an all in one app like how Microsoft has the office app. It would make way more sense.

- Very Organized! But some flaws

I like how the app is very organized I used the app to make a schedule. It’s made my life easier. I also wrote multiple story’s but it only works with a certain iOS which I find is not fair for people without that iOS . 4 stars

- Love it

Strongly recommend it

- online school

easy to work on my online school

- Fonts

I love the fonts they are super awesome

- Excellent

Excellent application

- Good


- Han

Me like turtles. Dey cute little bas.erds I like to right about turtles I’m 10 years old. Sinisterly turtles

- Amazing App

This app is great easy to use and very clear and organized

- Amazing

It’s the most useful app ever

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- Himmmmmmmm


- A little suggestion

Very good app, a lot of convenience. It would be much better with a doodle function. Sincerely appreciate it if adopted.

- Awesome!

I’ve been using google docs for a while now and it’s really easy to use and print your documents. I also like that it saves automatically as you type.

- Pretty good :)

So when im working on my computer and docs randomly crashes (my computer just closes random things) it saves automatically which is amazing if you can figure out how to on word! :)

- Amazing

I literally love this so much I have it on my phone and I was able to get a group project done so fast

- Best

I am loving it because it is so helpful for my family and school

- Dark mode

Its been 6 months, still no dark mode??!

- school work🙄


- Very cool

This app is very good!

- Overall a CRAPHOUSE

Super glitchy please update RATING: 0.1

- Not working

Want to watch go pro footage from an email will not work super annoying and inconvenient

- Google docs is awesome

I love google docs it helps me with my school work it saves without even needing to do any thing I love it so much and I really think you should get it

- found a bug

I absolutely love this app, but i found a bug. I use voiceover and whenever i press delete on the keyboard it says “ selection deleted “ this makes editing very difficult and confusing.

- Google docs is the best!

Google docs is very good for schoolwork nothing needs to improve and my favourite part is that you don’t need wifi! I love this app keep it up!

- Great!!

It’s great for school and I love the organization. It’s good to use for essays and writing.

- Dark Mode Support?

Honestly, I strongly believe that a dark mode would be really useful in the mobile version of Docs. I am often up late working on essays and presentations and other things of such nature and the harsh white is really hard on my eyes. Other than that, I absolutely love Docs. It’s easy to use, easy to run, and you can do just about anything!

- Work

Work only

- A great offline and online resource

Easy to use and access. Great features and add-ins.

- Why can’t you see assignments created in google classroom?

We use google classroom for literally everything and Im extremely disappointed that I can’t access docs made in google classroom.

- Great


- Just amazing

Its an amazing app! I can co-write with my friend across the country in real time, allowing us to really connect. Best thing since sliced Bread! Would be great to use for work from home!

- Hate it

Google Docs is automatically changing things as it downloads them. Like putting today’s date in instead of leaving the date that was there. It also screws up Word documents. Uninstalling.

- Docs

I’ve very much have had a great experience using this document to make mine up with

- worst in the world

Please stop the stupid function, useless. Google making the world worse and worse

- School

This app is good for school

- Functions

It works, but any formatting and ease of use are butchered. More useful for viewing and checking for errors than anything else.

- The worst app ever.

I am doing my homework and every single time i got off of google docs and came back on the WORK deleted itself. I HAVE HAD to retype my work 4 time already. Every time it does the same thing. I’m sick and I’m tired. I’m done with this app.

- Garbage

Shit system

- ummmmmmmmmmm

i downloaded this app just bc i was too lazy to get the computer....... also make text boxes

- Very difficult to access

Frustrating trying to pair with an email account.

- Excellent way to mAke documents

I like to use my microphone to type for me. Time consuming is a big deal for me and gets the job done

- Pratique

Très pratique et utile; pour rédiger. Le plus génial c’est le fait pour pouvoir l’utiliser hors ligne.

- It is the best

The best I can walk and do work cool

- Spell check/removing

Google docs is a great option for editing and spell checking your work although I recommend intending to fix the spells check for the subjects who don’t know if the spell check is wrong. It may be great that you can have your partner in school help you write your story/assignment but sometimes the people start to wreck your assignment if they feel as though you have mad a mistake or “failed”. This is just my opinion but I think that the original owner of the doc should have the choice to be able to kick/remove the other person. Over all google docs is a great writing app I write absolutely everything on and there may be some minor touch ups but other than that google docs is suitable for all ages and all occupations.

- Great... ish

There aren't any bugs in this app, but please add the same features that are found on the google docs website (also stop forcing me to use the app when I try to go onto the website version; hanging indent and a few other functions don't work in this app and I can't access them since I am forced into not using the website version).

- Chat

Google Docs is very efficient and effective for getting work done without a computer. If you could add the chat feature, that’d be awesome.

- fix

i can't even open the app

- All in all good

Good app, hard to re size images and font is not very trendy

- 👌👌👌

That’s all I have to say

- Works amazingly for iPad

First of all, it’s amazing to share to your teachers because of coved-19 where you have to stay home. I would recommend and students to download this app as it’s great for your work!

- Nope


- Lose everything

It never asked me to sign in before so it was just on my device no back up. Now in the new update it forced me to sign in and I lost everything

- Google Docs

This app is fantastic, would recommend

- .

I like food

- Good on computer not on phone

The app works amazing on the computer but it isn’t loading on the phone when I try to put in another account.

- Nx

Rất tuyệt

- Best app ever!!

This app is very easy to use on the go if you need to fix a document or create a new one.Best thing is it all saves to my computer because I’m signed in on my account so if I don’t have my computer with me that’s no problem.... I really recommend this app to people that are on go all the time!.

- Need more help.

Although I found the document quite quickly, and value the accessibility, I still need help to navigate my way through. In order to maximise the features, I would appreciate an introduction.

- Wow

Good game to play with your school

- one word

Wow this app is just wow it helps so much for school and has parental control i love this app i told all my friends about it and now they know and are telling the whole school i go on this app every day and never get off my eyes are glued to it for 24 hours or until it my ipad loses charge

- N

Good app

- Great App

I’m able to type letters and other documents using my phone! So convenient.

- Who voted it down

I just wanna make the stars perfect

- I like this app

I like this app

- Good, but annoyingly laggy on ipad

Love the accessibility, richness of features and ability to share easily. (Am using it to write a novel with a co-author.) However, it is so laggy both online and offline with an iPad that I have taken to copying the document into another app, writing there, and then transferring when I am done. Give; it is meant for on the go writing and editing, it sort of falls down there. If your main access is on laptop and desktop, you are probably ok (and so have I) but too difficult for those travelling light.

- Google Documents

This is better than any other document processor. It’s easy to use, saves as you go, accessible from anywhere. Makes life so easy and worry free.

- Not as good as the web version

The app is awful and makes no sense, the website however is very good. Please make the app more like the website.

- Great app wish you had the option to work offline on laptop

If laptop is not connected to wifi I can’t access my work

- Getting better

Still not a replacement for full Word features on a laptop, but certainly does the job for simpler editing and typing tasks.

- So good👍👍

This app is so good cuz you can quickly change things

- What a refreshing change!

I got very tired of using Microsoft Word on my iPad. Too much nagging and way too many restrictions if you don’t wish to pay a fee. Not so with Google Docs. Easy to use, friendly and has the ability to share documents quickly and simply.

- Why download another app?

The app doesn’t have anything wrong with it, I just don’t see why you can’t edit on the site. Pretty stupid.

- Best App

This has helped me so much with my schoolwork and homework. I have been using this tool for 3 years now and no lag has occurred

- Ok

It’s fine

- I accidentally did five star spell supposed to do 4 stars!



I use this for school projects and story writing SOOOO GOOOD

- Docs

It is really good for communicating with others and also good for writing things on it.

- Crashes and lags

Ok, so I have a massive document that I’m always on, if I can actually try to type without the app crashing first the lag is so severe that I’m typing and it takes up to ten seconds to respond for each letter meaning that I will have typed an entire sentence before it actually does anything and then it might just crash anyway before it loads. Although this problem is only really for one document that has an obscene amount of pages it is really annoying since it’s my main document.


I LOVE this app because I made lots of stories on this

- yet dab

my dog died trick

- Great 🤪😀

Good and easy to use with modern font and application easy to apply. Would highly recommend for anything from creative writing, Notes and even essays

- Down Graded from Computer

Can’t paste, controlling is annoying and It’s got barely any thing from the computer version

- Functions

Should make a function that allows you too bookmark a spot. I find it difficult to know what page I am working on and then when I leave the app for a certain amount of time and reopen, it takes me back to the start.

- Good


- Really handy.

I have been using docs for ages, either for school or personal writing, right now I’ve been trying to write a book and I used to really struggle remembering notes and ideas I had, ever since I installed the docs app on my phone it has made writing notes and story’s while I’m on the bus extremely easy.

- Folders!

It would be really good to have a folder function That wasn’t just a link to google drive

- one of the best apps

this is one of the best document apps i’ve ever owned and it is the best real time editing app ever. i am also a big fan of your other apps like drive and youtube. 👍

- Hot diggedy docs!

Google docs is the only google product I use, trust and recommend. I do not use its search engine. I use a far more trustworthy one. However, google docs is revolutionary in the simplest of ways. I can’t believe no one has come up with this (in the public domain - this type of system has been in use in universities for decades, but without a GUI (graphical user interface) and required knowledge of some basic “coding”. Google docs is an excellent tool! It has revolutionised file sharing and text editing for collaborative projects. I am able to work on and offline. I am able to share and modify the content of my collaborative writing projects, efficiently, simply, easily. Notes, annotation, comments; are among the many tools in this versatile app. Google. You finally got something right! You allow your users control over privacy. A first for a company that makes a living selling our information to third parties for a tasty profit. The marketing of the search engine was a stroke of marketing genius. But I am happy to say that there are people who are going back to the old ways of shopping for search engines before this company marauded the market. Google docs was a pleasant surprise! Well done! I am co-author and edit entire novels, articles and blogs with this tool. My co-authors have complete access if it is a 50/50 collaborative work. Or I can decide what level (if any) of access other users have to my work. So far it’s five stars from me. And I’m not easily impressed. Thank you for creating free software that is of benefit to creatives and not just share-holders. Keep this app alive and you’ll retain many happy customers... let it die and watch the altruistic world of open source work its magic in the form of a replacement program that offers what docs does, and more. Keep up the good work with google docs! As a writer and a creative, it changed my life! That’s a big statement, but true! Five thumbs up (my hands have mutated extra digits for the sole purpose of rating apps and typing faster on a smart phone)!

- Easy way for using multiple location

Easy way for using multiple location. No ad

- Jessie

I like haw I get to do so menei new things

- Don Scott

Very easy to use

- No Pen or Drawing support

Please allow for drawing and signature feature on iPad.

- App

This is so nice for me. Thanks

- Amazing

Cannot belive how easy it is

- most stupid app ever

UGH. THIS STUPID THING DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY AND IS SO FRUSTRATING! 1) It glitches and recently it refused to let me open a doc which was an important assignment for school. Luckily, I was able to open it on the safari version and continue working on it. But still, regardless of the fact that I modified it and made a copy, it still wouldn’t open on the app version. I have had to delete and reinstall it multiple times. 2) Whenever I’m in a group document, nothing I do can be seen on my classmate’s screens. We all tried restarting the app and my friend eventually completely turned off her iPad, but it still didn’t work. 3) What’s with the lack of fonts and tools? This app is so lame. There are barely any features. It is nothing compared to Word. And not to mention it’s difficult to move and crop photos. Seriously, how hard is it for Google to make a decent word app? So please Google developers, actually put effort into your applications. This app is truly mediocre and I’m sad its actually required for school. Disappointing.

- Horrible. Did not save.

I worked for 2 hours completing an essay/document. Pressed the tick which is “done/save” Went to look at the document again. And the whole document is gone. Nothing saved at all. I understand why so many people left the google drive after their last scam/tricks.

- Not all docs

Overall this is great and I use for lots of things, however when I create a doc on one electronic the other electronic does not have my doc anymore!!!

- Mrs disappointed

Downloaded app so I could edit google documents, but unable to work out how to edit doc

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- Convenience

I can write my book at where ever i am, i like the editable and automatic saving

- I can’t say thank you enough

Five stars?? more like all the stars in the sky! I really am grateful for the GREAT service provided, so much so that I subscribe and pay in any little way that I can. No they have not paid me to say this (yet ;)) but there’s a reason that google has been trusted by hundreds of millions of people.. think about that! Always and forever -G

- Confusing

Disorganized platform

- Lots of rumors

I have to get rid all of the rumors detect & spread around my computer which I haven’t seen before.

- Helpful yet Annoying

At my school we have google chrome books so of course I have to use this app. It is very helpful but it can be annoying. I wish there were more options with the fonts and colors. I prefer word or pages over google docs. However, this app is very helpful and is easy to work with once you get used to it. I have to say my favorite thing about this app is it saves automatically because I am very forgetful and that makes it easier.

- Comment

It was too complicated I couldn't save the file it is not user-friendly the design is horrible

- Good for everyone I’m not a bot

Good for essays lyrics and keeping track of ideas

- It’s my everything

I keep notes, write all my books, I’m on doc and drive all the time. It’s one of those apps you can’t live without.

- Horrible

Why cant this just save automatically because i wrote an essay that took me an hour then I went on Schoology to go check something and all of it was gone.

- Writing

I think it is good because you get to insert cool pictures and right facts about a animal or something you want to write about and it will save it just for you and you can always check you righting and see if it good like you can ask your parents for them to check your writing and stuff like that that is why you should get this app so diliver to the cloud and you have it!!!!

- ᴏᴋ

ɪᴛ ɪs ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴛᴇʀʀɪᴠʟᴇ

- What’s the point if you can’t edit?

I can maybe get a doc to load but when I try to write or edit it the app crashes.

- Buggy

I completed an assignment while a document was in Word format. I tried to convert it into a google doc, but instead was greeted by 2 blank assignments. One blank word assignment, one blank google doc assignment. Tried to go back into the revision history of the first doc, but wouldn’t let me see it.

- A

Its so amazing i love it because its cool and let me work

- I can work with this

It’s good 👍

- ...


- Good

Google docs is good and all BUT MAKE IT SO YOU CAN DRAW

- No documentation

I am sailing in Colombia and downloaded app, but everything is in Spanish and no documentation to tell me how to change to English

- I love google docs because I can write stories.

I like google docs because I can do math homework.

- 5 stars

amazing app.

- Da perfect app

This is the best app of typing!

- Google Docs


- Great

Most innovative

- Absolutely Essential Tool

This is one of the premier apps I recommend for anyone in school or in a business setting that requires any type of digital documentation. It’s great for writing essays, forms, you name it. It’s easy to use, easy to switch between the tools, everything is set up perfectly. You can even add people to a certain document if you want to collaborate on a project with someone. I love it. It’s really changed my life.

- Awesome.

Amazing app to communicate with other people. Good for collaboration.

- It helps

It helps me with my online work so my mom can send me what I need to do

- Garbage

Absolute trash. Incompatible with other google products.

- Love

I love the app

- Lili B

Docs are great for sharing and forwarding documents . Pages have more options on the phone. However We appreciate the tool Docs.

- Perfect

Flawless app

- Bug

I love using Google docs don’t get me wrong, but there is thing that it kicks me out and this happens like every 4 minutes

- Please fix this

I use Google Docs for everything--school and personal use. I love it however I do find one thing very annoying. When I try to cite MLA, the indentation is on the second line of the citation. Whenever I try to go in to fix this it does not let me indent that line alone, it indents the first line which is not what I want. This has always been a struggle and I understand it trying to be "smart" and do what they think we want to do but it's very frustrating when it won't allow me to do "out of the ordinary" formatting. Please fix this!!

- Great place to create/ store documents!

Google is the best. DOCS is quick, easy access to all my documents from any device. Great templates for quick document creation. Wouldn’t think of using anything else.

- What happened

All of my saved papers has disappeared!

- Blob fish gurl

Bleh bleh I lobe tis appppp bujrrrp

- Weak editor that’s frustrating to use

Doing simple things like saving as pdf or downloading files or removing line breaks are either impossible or take long convoluted processes. It works ok and it’s free so that’s good

- My daughter uses this and loves it!

I am so happy that my amazing(kinda)daughter can do her work and spelling sentences and I give this a five star review.


This is the best app ever you can type stuff and then just shut it off and it saves right after you shut it off its just amazing and you can even use it for school! I recommend you use it

- Great app

It’s really good when I have to do essays for school.!

- Dark mode

I love google docs, I use it for school projects, mainly creative stories, there’s just a few problems. We should be able to completely customize the page sizes. We should DEFINITELY have a dark mode option. Also, I’ve been trying to delete files that aren’t mine, but they keep coming back.

- Imágenes

No me deja cambiar la posición y el tamaño de las imágenes

- Garbage

Just use microsoft word, it’s so much better.

- Not as good as the computer version

I use Docs on my computer a lot of the time, but I have it on my phone in case I get a book-related idea when I don’t have access. I find it a lot easier to navigate on the computer. I’m currently writing a book about three cousins who are good friends and one of them has a diary that they all write in. They each use a different color to write, and one of them has a custom font color. I can’t access that color on my phone. Maybe that’s because I don’t know how (I get really annoyed when I’m reading a review and the person says that they can’t do something when they just don’t know how). You also can’t search for fonts on here. I downloaded a font identifier app to see what font the Harry Potter books are written in, and, after finding out that the text is in Adobe Garamond and the chapter titles are Able New, I proceeded to attempt to change the fonts in the book I’m writing to those fonts. Apparently, Google Docs does not have those fonts. I was not impressed. But other than those, I don’t really have a problem with the app, though it is more comfortable and efficient to use my computer. Also, I think the pages are different on different devices, because while I always have the chapter titles/numbers at the top of the page, sometimes I log into Docs on a school computer and they’re in the middle or at the bottom, which is annoying.

- Great App

I was able to completely redo my resume using this app and the reason for the download. I used the template and just changed it up some to satisfy how I wanted it. It was nice to quickly download and type up to be emailed out when it was something needed quickly. I’m sure I will find many other uses for the app and highly recommend it!

- Author

I love this tool I can store all my manuscripts and have everything saved without loosing any...

- Work on the road

Google Docs allows me to on documents while on the road! Thanks google

- Deleting

Make it easier to delete files please. Its frustrating having to go through so many steps just to delete one file. There should be a group deleting option.

- Great App

Love this app.

- It is great for use!

I used it for about 10 years great things to use and do definitely more than 5 stars

- Works

I use this at school and it works

- School

THIS helps ME WITH MY work! I Love IT!!

- It’s great

I love that it automatically saves your work. I also love that you can edit and work on projects offline. 😍♥️😀😘

- This is the best writing app ever

This app is one of the best writing apps I have ever found. I knows what I am thinking and I will never uninstall it

- Google Docs

Extremely good app design, functions wonderfully, don’t have to ever worry about losing work since the auto-save literally saves everything, so its great. Would highly recommend. WAY more functional that MS Word on mobile. 11/10

- Good

Very helpful for studying

- Joy sidhu

This very good I like to use


This is very organize and easy to work with.I love it for school projects

- Very good

It’s very organised and easy to work with

- Hey

Where’s my review I’ll have my lawyer on you

- Noel Gabrielle

I love the options and the ease of ability to manipulate documents! I’m still learning, but every new page leaves me with something new, especially when dealing with photos! I found it so difficult switching from Microsoft to my iPad, but not since finding this app!

- Great for small business

I have a small business and didn’t want to purchase a licence from Microsoft. And using Google docs is how I manage all my documents. Easy access from every device!

- LOVE♥️

It helps me get so much of my school work done

- Voice and word recognition not 100%

There is no dictionary capability to store unique words that are repetitive because they sound too much like another word. Example please override the word songs with Psalms

- Near perfect

I love this app! It allows me to work on stories wherever and whenever. The one gripe I have is a lack of a tab key, though nine spaces is an alright replacement. It would require some extra programming, but that would be enough to take it to five stars easily.

- Could be better

nice app but could be better, they should add a way to work on two documents at once and make it more like the desktop version

- Love Google Docs

It’s so user friendly and intuitive

- Amazing, even better if updated to iPadOS

Please add a dark mode



- Docs

It was always helpful

- Sucks

Sucks don’t gt it

- Good

This is so fun😋👍

- It is good

It is good

- Amazing, even better if updated to iPadOS

Could you please add a dark mode?

- Enh, it’s alright

Better to get it on computer. It kinda stinks on mobile

- Oh yeah yeah

Oh yeah yeahits good Dje

- Review of google docs

I love being able to access all my work from home.makes everything a lot easier

- Ok

The deed is done

- Amazing

Google docs is amazing!!!! I use it almost every day in school

- Découverte

C’est parfait je peux faire des documents à partir de mon iPad j’ai l’intention d’apprivoiser ce traitement de texte plus en profondeur. Pour l’instant je l’ai trouvé assez simple pour trouver les fonctions de bases.

- Super convenient, but it could have more features

Google Docs is great for writing basic documents and being able to access them on any device is an incredible feature! If you’re interested in creating documents, such as brochures, or being able to edit fine details, such as adjusting borders on tables, or creating unique text boxes, than Google Docs cannot compete with the ease and amount of features that Microsoft Word has.

- Très difficile de trouver un document enregistré sur iPad

Je déteste votre système de classement et de récupération des documents

- Google is always creating comfort

Great tool! Free of cost and so useful stored on the drive and also offline editing features! A brilliant tool for students business owners and professionals. Thank you Google & Alphabet Inc

- Can’t use properly using iphone

Text won’t load properly and it’s hard to edit using iphone

- Love it

This app is amazing for writing and school work! 10/10

- Amazing

So handy So easy I use it all the time. I would definitely recommend this app!

- Organized, easy to use, but needs a dark mode!

When I use it, my IPad drains of battery quickly because it is so light. If i lower the brightness, I can't see anything. Please add a dark mode! Otherwise, great app, makes your files easy to find and access.

- Great, but blinding

Google Docs has come a long way and is now my preferred way to collaborate with others on something (I still prefer Pages if it’s just me typing something up), but I’d really like to know how it happens that one of the world’s largest tech companies—if not the largest—can’t update its apps to support dark mode within a month of it being an option. With nearly all my other apps being beautifully dark and thus calming on the eyes by now, I’m tempted to reach for my sunglasses every time I have to open up a Google app—the sole exception of YouTube included since it seems to want to revert to blinding white every few weeks.

- Sam S

This app is excellent and am enjoying it immensely! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

- The file closes every time move away from the app

Comparing notes from a file in here with another in safari, I keep having to reopen the file here. Not loving that.

- Gets the Job done!

This is a great app, period. What are people complaining about? Viruses? Unless it had glitches or viruses before, they fixed it. No glitches for me. And, as the title says, it gets the job done! We use google drive at school for almost EVERYTHING, and the best part about the app is that you don’t need wifi for editing your work. I can edit my stories at home, and I don’t need to worry about loosing my work with Google Docs. I didn’t give it 5/5 for no reason. 👏👏👏

- Great app on I phone and I pad

I can use my docs from any device and makes studying much more efficient

- Good boy

Ian cool ;) just like this app

- It’s great for school

I love this app for school just wish it was easier to add pictures and place them were you want

- This sucks

This app is terrible don’t download it unless you want viruses on your computer

- Amazing


- Love it!!!❤️💕

i love googles docs cause it automatically saves 🦋😁

- Helpful

It’s very helpful with school work and work

- Good you should get it

It’s awesome google your the best now in school it just makes my life easier 😀

- Awesome

Awesome app to Connect with your friends

- Very sexy

Very sexy

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- Work gets deleted

I don’t know why it does this but I’m really angry because I have to completely copy and paste 90% of my work onto Word document in my college. And it’s been doing this for a while. Since November I have been having do deal with this, and I thought it would get fixed too. But no worries I can use Word document now. Thank you for your services, they have been helpful enough. Please stay safe! 😊

- Good

This was good that is all I am going to say

- Not very collaborative

Very difficult to share documents with other people. Version control is an absolute nightmare. Otherwise imitates MS Word, which is a better package.

- Gooooood

It’s great and if you think it’s bad then you need to get a life

- To do work that is related to each other

It is hard to do work when there is related document

- So

useful 🙌

- Too many crashes

It is a very good app however every time I am on a document for like 3 minutes, it crashes, sometimes deleting all of my work! If this can be fixed then I can put it up to 4 stars but not until this has been fixed.

- Some things

I like google docs and stuff but I would give it 4 stars and possibly 5 stars if you did this with not just drive and docs but every Google app and put it into something called Google All. You would have stuff like YouTube, Google, Chrome, Docs, Sheets, Drive and any other Google Services or programs right from that app. Also, please make a built in Ad Blocker for Google Apps. Call it Google Adblock or just Googled ADB. Make it like Adblock plus, allow the user to turn off acceptable adds or your form of non-intrusive ads but first time install enable on default. Also put on some kind of aggressive mode on default that tries to block ads that are malicious. Works best with AAds off but works with them on, just doesn’t catch as many. Great for security and privacy. Many people randomly get a drive by download from ads.

- Unable to download

Unfortunately my sons iPad is an old version and so I cannot download this app for his school work, this is disgusting of the people that made the app and apple corporation who forcibly make people have to upgrade there tech to run stupid apps completely unacceptable and the tech should easily run and work properly no excuses

- Vaya 💩

I had finished all my work, I went out off the app and came back, went I came back, all the work I had done was removed of the google docs, absolutely disaster.


Sending assignments is a nightmare on the app, I would speak my mind further but this should be a family friendly environment. 1 STAR IS 1 STAR TOO MANY

- Good to work with Google Classroom

Although it is good with drive and google classroom it is extremely hard to work with and it doesn’t have a simple text box feature. I would suggest sticking with word.

- Please

I want a out of this world game not good game ha ha this is riding


This is very handy! I use it for a lot of my homework and it has worked great 👍 I have not tried it on IPad so I’m trying it right now but on Laptop and PC it works wonders! I am also very happy to say that it never crashes on Laptop or PC and it is a very affective way to write letters and stuff! So I recommend it to all people a specially those at work!

- GC

Am using this for Google Classroom to send my work. Very useful and simple to use!

- Sean Watford

A really great app , so handy for sending invoices and other paperwork whilst on the go !!

- Google docs

I’m writing a book and can’t carry laptops with me and it is really handy plus it auto saves Love it

- Docs

It is perfective

- Good!

Easy to operate and lots of functions

- Document not opening

Every time I click on a link online it takes me to the Apple App Store and then tells me to open app which then doesn’t show up the document I am trying to open

- How do I access documents on here ?

I seem unable to access documents shared with me despite being signed in

- Docs

I love this app and it can be used by schools

- Boy 👦 d’un côté

Je BBC du temps et je suis

- Constantly freezing.

Like a free app in its functionality constantly freezes.

- Great for last minute homework’s 😂

Saved me soo many times

- Doc App

Was working well. Did an update and now it won’t open. Keep trying to update but won’t do it, just won’t work 🤔😥

- Slow

This apps slow af and has stopped working I need to do my college work on it so can it be fixed thanks

- Not running smoothly

I am not sure how it works

- Sometimes cannot copy text !!

Please fix. Thanks !

- G docs

Izza madness

- Docs

I use this for all my scripts it helps me learn all my lines I recommended this app

- Really good

It’s gonna be the next word really good and functional

- Used to be great, now frustrating.

It used to be that on Google Docs I could be editing a document, then go onto Safari, look something up, and come back to a document. Now if I click onto a different window, my document is closed and it goes back to the home screen. This happens every time, even if it is only for a few seconds. Especially frustrating on larger documents! Also, the app takes a long time to load larger documents. It would be great if this could be sped up.

- Stay the same

Has a hammer ever changed its shape while you’ve been using it? If so, how did it affect your performance? In this “ever-changing world”, do we need ever-changing tools?

- Great app

Very easy and helpful & totally free


Easy to use and accessible to everything!

- RIP Microsoft Word

After 20 years of using Microsoft Word and paying for expensive licenses, I can finally say: RIP Word. I'll never use it again, and neither will my kids.

- Does a great job

Being edit the same documents on PC, phone or tablet from any location. Brilliant. How did we do without it.


With this you can work anytime anywhere

- Amazing!!!

I love making documents for everything school, work and at home! I really love it!

- I’m very happy

Docs is so easy to use and extremely handy,I am very happy with docs.😁👌

- Be careful

Doesn’t see files from google drive, started files and offline. I just wasted my time downloading.

- Very good app

Very good app to make documents

- Where is info from Word.?.

Why info typed in docs on word not appearing in google drive?

- Doesnt stay open

Since the latest update a day ago the app doesnt stay open more than a few minutes before crashing and closing

- Fantastic

I love how I can access my work from different platforms anytime anywhere. Would recommend this over Word any day

- Slow

Good and useful tool to work on documents on the go. However it is super slow. This is probably due to the fact that you’re editing document that is online, but super uncomfortable.

- Deleting my work

I used to love this app for storing documents I needed to access on my computer and phone. Over the past couple of weeks I have to keep restoring previous versions of my work as when I click edit it will delete some of my work. Tried getting support for the issue but they’ve got no clue what’s going on. I now use a different programme all together.

- Great app

This is the best app I use for writing articles. I can access it from any of my devices at anytime.

- One word


- ✂️

It is quite glitchy still. The bug update did not help. Use on computer not iPad or phone

- writing for anything

the perfect tool for writing

- Appreciation.

As an author, l write short encouraging messages to various people, and the fact that I can have access to my documents on my cellphone at any time is amazing. Thanks.

- Locking up since last update

I have the latest version iPad Pro, with an up to date iOS. When using docs over the last few weeks, it repeatedly freezes up. Only way to resolve the issue is to shut it down and restart the app. Works for a while, and then happens again. I’ve not had this with any other apps on my ipad. Clearly a bug with this Google product. Cheers M

- Grrrrrr


- Writing - Maree K

I have been able to share my story and homework between my school and personal account and have been able to write on my phone and laptop. Love this and highly recommend it. #recommend #googledocs

- Great app!👍

When I began using this app docs it was so boring for me. I had to do so much work on and I learned more and more!. So now I love it don’t stop making your magic!.

- E

Not funny didn’t laugh

- Freezes on iPad

Freezing and crashing on iPad

- Easy peasy

So easy to use, loved it!

- I Love this program

I write every day and this the platform for it. I love that I can see, edit and create new work logged in on any device, from anywhere around the world! User friendly and free. Thank you

- I love it

I have this app on my chrome book👩🏼‍💻 and it is amazing but it is taking a really long time to download and I have been waiting for nearly 3 hours and it is only on 4 quarters of the way so I would like if if you could boost the rating of the speed that it downloads if you can so that would be amazing!!!!!

- Crashes

Application always crashing.

- Data losses

There are several experiences in loosing more than 3 documents from this application. I trusted the application to save eight hours contribution in each file automatically. This problems have happen within two weeks and recently yesterday.

- Afkenchurr

I wanted to be kind and give 5 stars ...coz wotnot😂🤘🏽

- The perfect writing tool

Originally, I used pages to write my things and I still do write stories on it today. Then, one of my friends introduced me to a program called google drive, which was amazingly useful for some of the things I do. But there was one problem about it, I could figure out how to write on it. I searched through the whole app, and then in the corner I spotted, google docs. It became such a useful writing tool for things that I want to share!!

- Wow

This is the second time I have reviewed this app. Last time a gave it a four but this time I say 5 all the way. Please get this app. The little kids who review this don’t know what they’re talking about. This app is not designed for 30 people at once. GET THIS APP ITS LIKE A LEGEND

- Amazing but needs touch ups

I can collaborate with friends, family and chat. But the only obstacle in my way, is that on settings, you can set the app to allow ALL contacts see. I have school work on it and some is kinda private. I like keynote more because you can link things together!

- Don’t interrupt me next time


- Google docs review

I am giving four stars as I wish it was a bit more easier to access like highlighting and like use your finger to highlight on an iPad and other effects like underlining and bolding the text. Other then that I love using google docs :)

- Story


- Google Docs

This is a brilliant editing tool for writers and publishers . My book could not have happened without it.

- Ratings

Ok, not as easy as Word, but still a great app!

- I like it

It is awesome

- Soo Bad

I mean, it’s okay, not so bad, but still. Whenever I accept something from my teacher, it just glitches and restarts itself. it take 5 minutes to accept one change. Please fix it.

- YouTube

I I love this app and I use it for YouTube

- Review

It’s ok. Could be a little bit easier

- Almost Perfect....

With large documents, eg 85k words, there is a very annoying lag when typing. I’d also like to see a feature where returns you to the same place in the document when you leave the app. I love that I can send a link to people instead of a whole file. They can read, leave comments, find chapters easily. Thank you for having such a fantastic product for free.

- Error

Problem in opening file. Couldn’t open file pop up every time you are trying to open file

- Dank

Absolutely dank

- Thank you for this app! Jk

Thanks so much google for making a app for everyone to use, jk slides is much better than this and I don’t even know why anyone use this app Sorry about this but just make it that you can save this to your camera roll anyways X Viper X

- Vsco check


- WOW🤯🤩

This app is amazing.I am about to go to high school and this is great for my assessments.It is amazing though it may have a bit of a lag, it is alright.

- 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Helpful👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Helped with all my work got to go bye 👋.

- Why do I have to download this

Why do I have to download this to visit the site? This is stupid

- Frustrating

This app is really frustrating: it doesn’t sync properly with my documents on my laptop, often taking days to register updates made on my laptop across on my iPad. Extremely frustrating.

- No copy and paste option on ipad

I cant copy and paste on google docs

- Jo

Sooooooooooooooosooooooooo goooooooooood

- Is good

I make a meme on this

- recommended (everyone has different views)

it has good if you were to write any essays or plan things in general. Docs saves all work and written changes that have been made. great system overall but be mind full that anyone can have access over it when they know your password and details ect.

- Fantastic

Always fantastic to use and makes life better every day every time

- Jgiifnfhuc

The app is so good i can put everything on it

- Bob

This is a very good program keep up the good work

- Help

I forgot my password and nothing is working

- 1 thing


- Recommended

Hello google, I was doing a speech in front of my entire high school, I’m in year 7, and I was doing it with this girl and it actually got me my 1st girlfriend bc we worked on the speech on docs. I got a full on kiss. If you use it too then u might get a gf!

- Doesn’t work

My word document loads forever but never opens. What’s happening? How about a loading screen, guys!

- Can’t add a folder

This app does not enable creation of folders. I’ve followed the instructions on the support page for iPhones & iPads and the option to add a folder via the + button does not appear. Please fix for a higher star rating.

- Resume

It’s not excepted file too big

- Self Published Author Eathen Carruthers

I have been a Self Published Author of History for just over 3 years and I discovered Google Docs only 2016 it is a amazing app in the sense you need to save your documents it saves them automatically So you can go back to them whenever and also you have we’re ever you go for printing purposes you don’t have access to a computer Google Docs is on your phone it’s just handy and simple Just love it Eathen Carruthers, Author

A.5 @Screencastify videos sync to drive & embedded in Slides @FlipGrid Ss can use whiteboard feature to share/show…

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Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share 1.2020.10202 Screenshots & Images

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share (Version 1.2020.10202) Install & Download

The applications Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share was published in the category Productivity on 2014-04-30 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 181.83 MB. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share - Productivity posted on 2020-03-11 current version is 1.2020.10202 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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