Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Create, edit, and collaborate on the go with the Google Docs app.

Work together in real time
* Share documents with your team
* Edit, comment and add action items in real time
* Never lose changes or previous versions of your document with version history

Create anywhere, anytime—even offline
* Capture spontaneous ideas on the fly
* Get things done, even on the plane, with offline mode
* Save time and add polish with easy-to-use templates

Search Google right in Docs
* Use Google Search without leaving your document
* Search all of your files in Drive, right in Docs

Edit and share multiple file types
* Open a variety of files, including Microsoft Word files, right in Google Docs
* Frictionless collaboration, no matter which application your teammates use
* Convert and export files seamlessly

Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business
* Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more
* Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee
* Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization

Permissions Notice
Camera: This is used to takes photos to insert into documents.
Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into documents.

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* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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- Resume 2019

Not sure

- Envelopes

I wish this program would let me make envelopes

- I love this app but not on mobile

As a student, I find myself using google docs pretty often. On my computer, Google Docs is amazing and is the only program I use to write. But on my phone or iPad- it’s atrocious to use. The background makes it extremely difficult to even see my page, so formatting is legit impossible. Accessing the options bar is weird and janky, and it’s also hard to get anything done. I would suggest keeping the upper menu completely the same as it is on a computer, and definitely implementing a way for the user to observe the layout and the formatting easily. The fact that the background is the same as the paper itself makes incredibly difficult to work, so I would also suggest changing that feature. Thank you luv ❤️😌✨

- Bad

Oh Microsoft word is much better this trash is nothing google cannot be trusted

- Never force me to review an app

Never force me to review an app

- Blancadeniz

Best way to keep all your documents saved

- Suggestion

I’ve been using the app for years and ever since I’ve downloaded onto my phone there’s always been one thing bothering me constantly. It doesn’t have a dark mode. I strains my eyes, especially at night when I’m trying to write down things before I forget the next morning. Please add a dark mode next update!

- One small nitpick

I like this app! It does its job well. My only minor complaint—and this is very minor—is that it would be nice if I could use the “Look Up” option on individual words when I’m typing a document in this app. When I’m texting or drafting a post for social media and I want to double-check the definition of a word, I can select the word and choose “Look Up” to get a definition of it; but I can’t do that in the Google Docs app, so I have to exit the app and open a dictionary app. This is a minor inconvenience, so I don’t mind it, but I feel like it would be a relatively easy thing to add in an update, so I thought I should mention it.

- My favorite typing app!

I am a young teenage writer that wants to be a successful author someday. Well, this is the way to go! I love this app so much. Make sure to save your drafts. The app (on mobile) crashes sometimes but it’s okay. Have a nice day!

- Crashes

After every edit it crashes. Poor programming

- Works great

Love it

- Yes

Please buy

- Reliable

And convenient. My fav writing tool.

- Doesn’t need an app

I used to use Google Docs when it had a mobile site, but now that I’m forced to download an app I will never use again.

- Swag

It’s epic, works well, stop asking me to write reviews

- um

Isn’t this just a copy of google slides?

- Deleted my work

It deleted ALL my stuff

- Hrhwsh his

Disjunction namskckejjsnxnrjsisbfbd

- Great but

It’s great but none of googles apps provide free google support via a live chat texting form.

- Pretty Neat

I use this to write short stories and it’s easy to carry around and use but some other people have been saying this too but it crashes sometimes on me and it’s not that aNnOyiNg but I mean it just kills your vibes and just makes me die inside a little but besides that it’s pretty neat.

- Love this app! It’s perfect!

Google docs is so nice when your trying to make a book! I am making a book and it is so helpful!

- Ya I love it

You get to write anything you want amazing!!!!

- So efficient

If i want to type something I can do it on my phone and it saves automatically so I can just go on my computer when I get home and print it or work on it more if I have to

- Not opening files

Was working fine but now everytime I try to open a doc on my iphone8 it shuts the whole app down

- Love what you have done with the place. Jahajaha

I love you. Keep up the good work!🌎🌏🌍

- Love it, a must have for aspiring writers

I’ve been using google docs for as long as I can remember. As a writer I find this app refreshing and easy to use and figure out.

- It’s perfect

It’s perfect

- Google Docs

Google Docs is what I need. It not only is available on multiple devises, but it also saves space on my personal laptop, phone and iPad. There are many positives to Google Docs. It’s great for me!

- Writing on the go

As a writer ideas pop into my head and I want to capture them as soon as I can. Google docs takes that idea a step further. I can start different articles, poems or stories and seamlessly add new ideas to keep me in the writers flow. Currently, I am working on a project with two other people. The collaborative nature of Google Docs provides us the the opportunity to read each other’s work, edit, question, prompt, etc. without even being in the same state.



- Website

I am making a website and it is going good :)

- Not really good

Personally I don’t like it due to that the site doesn’t work on pc and features on pc aren’t available on mobile like resizing a image please fix this

- Helped with school

I would’ve failed without it

- Invaluable

I am a freelance journalist, and use Google Docs on the go daily. I would not be able to do my job with such ease without it!

- Stephen and I kinda approve

So I use google docs a lot and it’s a great thing and all, but I’ll be in the middle of writing and it’ll just stop working and I’ll lose half of what I wrote, like, CAN HOSUH MEET IVU ONE TIME?! Yes I write fanfic-


I was trying to use my Google Docs app but it wouldn't open and kept crashing. It’s always worked before so I thought it was just a glitch. I came to the app store to update it, and after i did, it would still not open. I deleted and reinstalled the app but that didn't work either. I also shut off my phone but nothing changed. I really enjoy using Google Docs, and I hope you can help fix this so I can change my review!!!! PLS HELP!

- New Update Issues

Not really sure what is happening but I have had a rough time using the app on my iPad. It constantly freezes. I have to close it out and reopen every few minutes. Ive never had this issue before. What should have only taken 45 minutes, has turned into a 3 hour project because of the crashes after this latest update.

- Cool!

I love writing in fact I’m an author and this app let’s me write down ideas for books! Absolutely recommend it for everyone that loves writing!

- Incredible

I can’t ask for more with Google Docs! I absolutely love it.

- Does not work

Cellular data will not turn on for the Google Doc app, thus not letting me create new docs.

- Such A Simplistic Tool, Another Glorious Google Gadget

I highly recommend this app, it makes writing Documents,Stories,or anything else so easy, you can add pictures and audio. It’s free as well, I’m what you call an internet author who writes non-profit stories for others to enjoy, I just have to make it into a link and Boom! Simple as that, it may be a little difficult for some people to use which is why I wish they had more official tutorials, but I can’t complain, if your looking for a place to write from your heart, try doing it here -The Dockside Diesel on YouTube

- love docs

i've been using docs for at least 7 or 8 years. if not more.

- Too much space

My iPad has so much space but not enough for me to download it

- Thanks

XX red

- 👍

Does what I need and has really cool features. Free and keeps my files organized.

- Super great app

I love! This app! You can so many

- Yuh


- User friendly and great for collaboration

Love Google Apps!

- it’s fine but why do u have update all the time

it’s like any time i wanna use it, it has to update like can’t u just make a good app so you don’t have to fix bugs all the time...

- deleted my whole doc

it deleted my whole doc with no version history, i'm furious. usually it's decent but this is unacceptable.

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- Make folders!!

Y’all should make it so we ca create folders to put documents in because I have ten thousand different documents and need a better way to organize them!

- C’est bien

Honnête j’aime bien Google doc mais ma raison de cette avis c’est que les derniers nombres finissaient par 999 alors je devais écrire quelque chose

- Awesome App!

This app is the future version of 2030 :)

- 3 stars

Because it is super helpful at coronavirus but it takes a lot of storage tho

- don’t get


- Ryan D

Good app only problem is the someone is accessing it with developer tool possibke

- Beep


- This app was great!

Google Docs has allowed me to edit/Write professional style essays and has been a game changer for my homework. It has everything you need to write well and efficiently. I would recommend this app as it allows you to read and edit on the go. It has a easy and efficient structure for those who want to write, it’s easy to navigate and does what you want it to. I Would recommend this to anyone and hope you can enjoy it.

- My charts and tables open as pure black pages

HOURS of work illegible. So disappointed. Shouldn’t have bought a chrome book. Money down the drain.

- Pourrait être plus complet

Si d’autres fonctions pouvaient s’ajouter comme recopier un texte et le sauvegarder sur un autre nom ,ça serait déjà beaucoup mieux.

- I don’t know what to tell you it’s just good


- Problem with saving

On mobile devices I realized it does not save like PCs. I opened another file from somewhere else while doing an assignment and none of my work got saved since I did not back out and let it save

- Poor iPadOS support

Does not support the magic keyboard very well. Still optimized for touch. I deleted and just used the online version in safari. I would give it 5 stars if they add true support for Magic Keyboard

- Keeps closing

It keeps closing while I’m writing and it’s really irritating. Please help.

- Love this app

This app is really great for lots of things like work, school projects, making a business. I love this app!

- The best

Love docs, saves automatically, and has everything you need when it comes to writing assignments.

- Cool

Hi it is cool

- Google docs review by Liam

Google docs is so convenient for me because I can download it and be able to write as much as I can without worrying about storage

- Please read

The app itself is very bad and missing many features. You cannot copy and paste images so you have to use your camera roll. You cannot organize things properly. I will say though that if you delete the app and use the online version is definitely five starts. With the online version you get trackpad support and all the features incliding copying and pasting images

- Appreciation

I know I can always count on you for your kind support. Thanks


This app is so helpful and it really can do everything that you need it to do for you I use this for a lot of my school work and it’s pretty amazing if you don’t know if you should get it I’m so happy it’s free and you should get it it’s really just .... well great I don’t know what else to say it’s great.

- Great!

I have used google docs for so long and it is so reliable and so useful! I love how it saves automatically!

- Good but somethings are glitchy

I like it, but I’d really like it if there was a way to organize docs into folders so I could have a separate folder for each class

- Great app

I kinda wish you weren’t limited to 15 GB of space without paying money, but other than that it’s very convenient and has many features to work with.

- Pop


- Normally a Good App, But right now it’s terrible

The latest update that this app has is terrible. It takes forever to load, I can’t highlight anything, it keeps kicking me out of the document when working on etc. This needs to be fixed

- Not well thought out

I can’t not find how to do a signature this is a confusing app

- Good


- Very helpful

It is great, It is mostly for schoolwork😑 and it needs no wifi to use it like other apps!!! In my opinion it is ‘five’ stars ⭐️

- Garbage app

Won’t let me write again if I close the tab on my phone

- 🤮🤮🤮


- New Update is Amazing

I hope someone at google sees this but the new update for docs on computer is so amazing and whoever had the idea for it deserves the highest promotion ever. This the best update and it makes everything so much easier and google keep doing what you’re doing, such as updates like these.

- Thank ya

Hi sorry I’m just wondering what y’all mean. Thank you very sorry for the late response. Hi love ya too much for me.

- Good

It’s just good :) 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Problem

Whenever I want to delete a google document on my iPad, the bottom bar would say that it was deleted but the document would stay on the recently opened page. Can you please fix this? (Same problem with google slides..)

- Very good!

Thank you so much for making this. It keeps me organized since we use it a lot at school!

- It saved my soul

I am not bored anyways woohoo 😏

- Closes app for longer documents

I’ve been using Google since 2018, and it has never let me down. This app is great, it's just that for longer documents, such as ones with 20+ pages, the app will restart every time I close it. This is especially annoying when I have to exit the app to use a thesaurus or do some research. When I open the document again, I have to scroll through 50 pages which load slowly to get to where I was. Other than that, this app is great, and I recommend it :)

- Amazing

It’s amazing I luv it it’s beautiful for school whoever made it I’m so proud of you and thank you

- Making documents available online

It doesn’t have the ability to take my documents in their folders offline

- Lag

It’s really laggy

- At holp ma at homework


- Ewww🤮🤮

This app is Terrible it won’t even let me share with my teachers the crappiest app ever

- The input delay is stupidly bad

Title. I have an average of a 1-2 second delay after pressing a key before it actually types. This happens on no other application. It’s one saving grace is it’s ease of use and the fact that it works with word documents too

- Good morning I


- Love! But for Mobile..

Love it! But can we please get columns for mobile google docs like on pc? I really need them for organizing school work. And my parents use the pcs all day

- Hate it

I hate this

- It’s a part of school so it’s bad

It’s a part of school so it’s bad

- I like very much this App

First time I used this app to edit a French text. This is an amazing experience for me. Thanks for Google.

- Cool


- Mostly great

I love this app and have been using it for years. Generally it is really good, though sometimes slow to update when I change back and forth between documents. My major annoyance is that I cannot open two versions of the app at the same time, as you can with many apps. I can't have two different documents open in two separate windows so I can work on both. It drives me crazy having to switch back and forth.

- Immediately crashed after downloading

Then when I reopened, it asked for my rating. What rating did you think I’d give it?

- B

Won’t load videos

- Wow

There is a few annoying problems here and there but overall great app for pc and iOS However I would like to see a few iOS changes to make it equally good as pc editions

- Real bad.

Absolutely abysmal way to use a great service. Google Docs on the web is one of the most useful cloud services out there, but the iOS app is barely functional. Has only a sample of the features available on the proper version, and what is here doesn’t work well. Input lag when typing, formatting issues, broken text selection, the list goes on. This app is particularly frustrating on iPad, because if you have it installed, the web version will keep kicking you out to the app, while the Drive app won’t open Docs on the web, forcing you to use the app. A disaster.

- Bad


- Can’t send a file

Can not send doc.x. File from my phone. I wanted to send to one of my contact

- Feedback

Would like to see connection between the docs and messenger

- Never ever

I will never go on his app again because I was writing and writing because I love to write or type then I got kicked out by someone named “Evan” he was outside my front yard chasing and killing things it was so sad. Then he saw me looking and he said “ come here it is important” so I went outside and he told me to close my eyes and he kidnaped me! I was soo worried my friend saved me and I deleted this app because getting kidnaped is my biggest fear!!!!

- Discussion

I cannot use the discussion chat. Trash

- Who made this oh wait it was google

Basically another genius app from google

- Well done Google docs

Google Docs, you are an amazing program thank you so much. So robust, so strong, you never crash, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. Thank you so much and it’s a free service so you are leaving Microsoft for dead. Well done Google docs

- Ouch

This app is painfully laggy when there are more than 5 people cuz 4 a school task I was frozen on screen and my friend pressed backspace once and it deleted half of his work. Please fix this google.

- Hgggggggggggagggggggg I hate this!

Agghhhhhhhhhh AS YOU CAN HOPEFULLY SEE I AM VERY ANGRY! mHM this app is so bad! It is glitching all over the shop! I CANT FINISH MY ASSESSMENT because it is sooo dumb! THANKS TO YOU I HAVE NOW FAILED YEAR 10. NO ONE GET THIS APP! it even had the audacity to DELETE ALL OF NY GOOGLE DOCS so now I can’t see them! THANKS A LOT GOOGLE DOCS. I OFFICIALLY HAVE A PURE, NEVER LEAVING HATREDFOR YOU. IF ONLY APPS LIKE THIS COULD DIE IN A HOLE. Lots of love, Googledocslover101

- Hayley Dowsett

I love Google docs so easy to use and is convenient

- Bootifull


- it works..

I’m a lyric writer and it synchs fast across all my devices, whenever an idea comes it’s all there on the nearest one.. would be hard to live without now

- Hi there are we

Hi I just made it home

- 100%% ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Loooove this app! So fun, easy to use and usable for school AND home. I recommend this app for students, teachers and basically ANYONE that wants to just type out anything. Google docs SAVED my online learning! <3

- Documents

Docs is an app I really need, for literally everything to remember stuff plan projects write my story, chat with friends do all my work and share them! Without document or docs I will be a disaster that’s why I rate 5 for this AMAZING app!, 👍🏽👍🏽

- Yeet


- Amazing

Docs is an amazing up I can literally use it anywhere and it is so easy to use. I love the app and I also like how we can switch accounts so that we can have different documents for our school/ work/ personal life. The only thing is that I print my documents at my work and I have to convert every file to a PDF otherwise it changes how my Google Documents look when I have the hard copy. Other than that it is a great app with a lot of versatility.

- wow

i totally reccomend this app for teachers, students and workers needed for their assignments. there is never any glitches and it works wonderfully without an internet source, meaning you could always do your work. Google docs allows me to be creative and arrange my writing, create graphs etc. Google docs also runs smoothly with free writing assistant Grammarly. i hope my message encourages you to try it out and believe what im trying to say about this remarkable app. keep up the good work google. 👏🏻👍🤗🤩

- Wonderful app!

Wow! This app is very good and it has a lot of features such as bullet lists (digital), bold writing and plus, everything works really well! The Google company constantly adds new things to this app! Thank you!

- Well......

You try to take a photo but if you are on computer it’s soo hard anyway no matter what apart from that it’s a great app

- Underrated

Why is Docs so hated? I bet the people who gave 1 star can’t create a platform any better than this.

- Confused

I accessed this app in order to work on a document sent to me and now I am totally confused re new email etc permission etc

- Easy to use and find files on my phone

Handy little app. Simple and easy to use

- T

Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

- Google Cannot Be Trusted

Google: A Spy For The New World Order!

- I hate it

I hate it but it is what it is 😮😮😮😮

- I love this app!(Dog shine, pls don’t hate)

Hi! This is app is so cooL! I love how you can use different fonts and insert your own pictures. This comes in REALLY handy when I’m doing school work, It’s very sad to hear that people like Dog shine hate this app.Dog shine said it’s very laggy and doesn’t work but I think it’s just because her device is old!! I love how you can send it to other people! Well Ye I ran out of ideas to say but I love this!!! Please don’t get ride of this app!!!!!!!! ~Lucia


This app is way better than Microsoft Word, because the documents are automatically saved, you don’t need to press any button. But it’s best to use Google Docs on PC :)

- I do not like this app

I do not like this App

- Reccomended

This is just awesome, it’s simple to use and doesn’t require internet you can edit and meet up tougher with someone to type work, l wouldn’t imagine my life without it

- Great capability sharing docs across devices

The app on each device has its own differences for how easy it is to do things. But overall I love this for ease across Mac, iPad and even iPhone at times

- Docs

Really helpful

- Amazing app!

I actually use it at school and at home, and it’s absolutely amazing! I don’t know what I would do without it! Plus, you can use it offline, unlike many other apps like this one. Once, I was doing online learning school, when I couldn’t do any work because there was no internet. Docs saved me because... well you know. 🤩🤪 I highly recommend getting this app,!! The only thing/ problem is that, well, there is no problem. An that is a problem because there’s no point in writing this thing cuz everyone would say this apps great. 👍 100%!!!💯

- Open Doc????

Never does it open straight away, always says you need permission to open. Although it was emailed to me to read. Can’t be bothered with apps that cannot give you direct access like adobe can.

- Great app

I have been using this app for a long time and I am pleased to say it has always worked and usually never glitches. I love this app but I wish there were more templates to choose from.

- Docs review

I use google docs heaps during school and have been using it even more during quarantine it does sometimes ask me whether I want to undo my work though 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Amazing access

I love being able to continue my work at home , at work or in the car by using google docs (work can be accessed on my laptop at work the continued on my iPhone ) .


Great! But glitches

- Google Docs

It’s Ok Just takes a pretty strong data device

- Please support the mouse and trackpad

This app is amazing but i would like to have a more desktop experience on my ipad pro since it has a trackpad with the magic keyboard. Please allow me to select a paragraph or words like a desktop.

- Its ok

It sometimes doesn’t let you export so you should fix that.

- best writing app

it gives you good fonts and different tool(★^O^★(★^O^★)

- So good


- Great app

Google docs is great way to communicate, study and to work. 100/100. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing to access an app where they can just type the day away

- This app is best for writers

I certinally reccomend you to download this app it is best for writers. But i hope we could make files in it and orginise it like that.

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- Dependable

Great dependability.

- Love the app, but I wish there was Dark Mode!

I like that Google docs is easy to use for writing assignments or anything else, and the app doesn’t lag very often. The only thing I wish was different is that it would have a Dark mode that would automatically switch with the rest of my phone. The white light of the screen can seem very bright at night, especially if you’re on Dark mode anywhere else.

- Quirky but works

The app is pretty good, but the UI to create a doc is not intuitive and editing a doc after sharing it is non intuitive. Took me a minute to find the circle at the bottom right is how to create a doc, when other buttons are at the top. After sharing a doc that I created, then it’s like the doc went into read-only mode and I had to shut the app and re-open to edit it again.

- New User

It’s good thing!

- Fair enough for crossing streams

Running a Alphabet product on Apple product didn’t summon any demons, but the PC version is way easier. Yeah I mangled the movie metaphors. Slime me.

- dark mode !

please add dark mode!! it’d be super helpful working in dark settings.

- Nom

Gracias Bon d

- its really great

i had this on my phone and thought i couldnt get it for my tablet, now i can meet up with friends and we write all of our made-up stories together. i use this to write my made up stories and now i can see it on a bigger screen and fix my mistakes.

- If you use Docs, get it

Works really well and a great way to do work on the go! I could not get nearly as much done without it!

- Good App!

I think what I really enjoy about this app, is that I can share this with a peer to edit it with me, so that’s great! One thing I think would be a big help would be for them to make the tools as easy to use as normal word documents!

- Search and dark mode

Two features I’ve been waiting for: Universal search for specific docs (pull down on home screen, typing doc name should show results) Dark mode.

- I Love This App

I had a very hard time with myself until I found Google Docs. I myself am an author (yet to publish anything because I still don’t have a good publishing agency). Google Docs is so much easier to use instead of writing, especially for left-handed people such as myself. I would write an idea down in pens (I only carry pens) and then It’d smear. I wouldn’t notice cause I’d be in a hurry, but when I forgot it later, I couldn’t even figure out what I had written. 10 out of 10 for me

- Thanks

I like google docs

- Docs

This is an easy to use and very helpful app

- Custom colors on mobile

Would like to be able to create custom colors/access existing ones created on the web browser on the mobile app.

- Hellollcc

C. Question veHello pppo 😏🥳😟🥳🥳🥳

- Love LOve LOVe LOVE ..Google Docs 😍

It was quick and user friendly!

- Great Program!

Overall, Google docs works very well for reports and other similar things. I’d recommend Google drawings though for graphic design and other things of the like.

- Transferring



So easy to use, even a baby could do it (or my 17 year old brother). :)

- Awesome

This is great. So accessible and convenient.

- Good, but could use some work.

Google docs is overall a pretty good app, except one thing. Not sure if it involves google classroom but whenever I turn in a piece of work, I go back into the original doc and it says view only when I clearly am the owner of it. I hope google fixes it and maybe allow mobile users to add fonts since it would be awesome. Besides that point, it’s very useful to write drafts without actually, you know, writing it. Also if you could do this but when I insert some kind of picture into the doc I hope I could possibly drag it all the way to the corner. Of course these are just small features that you don’t have to incorporate into this but they just make it more enjoyable for the writer/student/teacher/others. The google classroom issue is the only real complaint about here. I really love google docs as a student and this is my favorite app to use while writing. Love you Google Docs! :D

- Cost me a grade

I was doing an assignment for summer school but I had to stop to take my dog outside, I come back and my computer turned off. I go back to the “automatically saved doc” and everything I wrote is gone. This app is trash and whoever designed it is a clown, now it’s due in 30 minutes and I have nothing. I would like y’all to know that I’m using word from now on. Fix your trash app!!

- Convenient and Easy

Google Docs is a great Cloud app that allows you to easily access saved documents. Convenient when you work on the go!

- I’m doing this cause I’ve got nothing else to do

I like your logo and that you didn’t call your app google DOCUMENTS. I also like the lobster font (although I don’t know how you know what a lobster’s handwriting looks like). You also don’t lose my papers, which is kinda nice. So, yeah, thanks.

- Hero

I love it you dig

- Great app

Great app

- Amazing too

I love that the docs are always there, easily organized and shareable. Love it!

- best app ever

i never write reviews for anything but i love google docs without it i wouldnt have written my take on all the Shrek movies in detailed form and i thank you for that dm me if interested on hearing my review of shrek the third

- Very user friendly

I like the ease of use and reliability of the app. I am able to write out documents, save them, and edit them. There is also a lot of memory included.

- Not intuitive interface iPhone

This app is so hard to learn on the iPhone. Not intuitive at all. I have to google how to do almost every function. For example, I was sent a document that I opened in google doc, I wanted to mark it up with comments but couldn’t figure it out. So I went to google and learned that wasn’t a feature. Learned that I have to use typed comments, fine. So I go through and add comments. Now I need to send it back to the original sender with the comments, but when they open it, comments aren’t there. Back to google, trying everything google suggests but it doesn’t seem to be a function on the iPhone. It’s almost pointless.

- Function

I really enjoy using Google Docs— it can be mobile or desktop which gives me so much freedom to do whatever I have to do either at home or on the go. My only problem is that the layout and accessibility to certain functions are very hard to get used to or find.

- good

convenient, well made, free. very nice app; I have no complaints.

- Good.

I’d highly advise it, very useful and intelligently designed. Works for essays, job reports, fictional writings, etc. etc.

- I like this app


- Epic

I can now make a object show and be epic! 😯


Love it.

- Needs to work out some glitches...

Free-awesome. Convenient-wonderful. Glitches...infuriating. Please, improve sync-friendliness and other annoying aspects of this otherwise great service. You are Google corporation. You can do this. Otherwise, much more user-friendly than overpriced, obnoxious Word, which reeks if “entitlement issues” of still thinking it’s the only bully on the block.

- New update BROKE!!

I’ve lost documents out of one folder!! WTH?!?! I have everything else though!! :(

- hauqj


- Giving credit where it is due.

Keeping it 100% docs. Good job team. Love the effort you guys are making!!!

- Good to have.

It’s nice to have a free duck that you can see on your phone or computer PC that can save your writing materials.

- Handy Word Processor and Great Tool for Working with Others

Very helpful. It is super nice to be able to work from anywhere with your team all the time.

- I I am so

I can but gym my rbfgeedgdggfbbbrbrbbrf

- This app

Will not let me opt out to stop receiving emails

- Gas


- My butt hurts

It’s itchy but um this app is good

- Great App

I really love Google Docs. As a student and writer, Google Docs makes it easy to work on papers or novels wherever I’m at. If I have five minutes, I can even use my phone to get a little work done. The only thing missing is a Dark Mode. As a busy person, I often use Google Docs late at night, and the blaring white is painful on the eyes. But, other than that irritation, I really think the Google Docs app is awesome. I use it all the time, and I absolutely love it

- Poop


- Google got this one so right,

Simple, intuitive. I think Google nailed the most navigationally critical actions and nailed them tap-dead center. I like intelligent accelerated results. Guilty as charged.

- A little thing that bugs me

Overall the app is great but when your searching for info in for example chrome, you switch apps but when you switch back to Docs, the whole app just reboots even if you were off the app for a very small amount of time. I hope you guys can fix this problem.

- It’s awesome

This app is really great for everyone

- Docs

This app is a lifesaver, I love it. I use it for school and personal projects. I don't know what I could do without this app.

- So good

I love it it is so nice and very organized now I can have my on bieness

- Have changed my whole life, from studying to working.

Fits perfectly with my needs on remote work

- Freedom

My documents follow me everywhere I go. It’s like having a photographic memory!

- I would rate five stars but this needs attention

Quick suggestion: there should be a filter option of “ last created “ so you can look back at what you’ve done in the order it was created

- OMG 😱

It’s sucks with phone eww it sucks

- Awful on mobile

Very hard to navigate

- It sucks on mobile

It sucks on mobile it’s super hard to use and half the time does t even work offline

- First time user I like it

I really liked this app

- Super annoying

Can never get it to do what I want 😡😡😡😡😡 유ㅡ유



- I love it but one suggestion

Google docs is my ideal writing tool for almost anything but being able to add fonts would be nice because then you can use a special font to display that something is in a different language and the narrorator is translating it like in how to train your dragon or make a custom font for a special hieroglyphics type thing anyways it’s a great writing tool goodbye

- Fantastic App

Love it! Easy to use and I highly recommended it to everyone.

- Lags constantly.

I can barely make it through a simple worksheet for school without wanting to rip my hair out. The typing lag on both this app, and on the chrome website is terrible. This needs to be addressed as many rely on this application to do school work during the pandemic.

- Nice

I use it for school it’s cool

- Good

Really good app that is really good

- Good

Helps with school and a story I’m making

- God


- Great app!

This app helps me with all my work/assignments :) I would really recommend this if you prefer typing over writing.

- Awesome docs

I like the docs it’s one of my favorite googles in so ya. I like Google sheets I like Google drive I like Google slides all those other googles but this is one of my favorite googles.

- Awesome

Love this app

- Nearly Perfect

I use this app all the time, it easy to use and makes writing on the go much more accessible, even offline. The only thing I ask, is for a night mode. That would make this app perfect.

- Terrible for my work so here is a break 4 u!

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- Help me pls

Great app but can't get it to work keeps glitching

- thanks google

google is great, the mobile interface is GREAT thanks <3

- Great


- Nsljked ke d

Perfectly fine. Don’t know y I bother downloading it, I can use it on computer just fine lol. I’m just to lazy to turn on my computer and stuff. So it’s helpful to have the app.😌

- it bugs

idk why but google docs has become so slow and when i type it’s like in slow motion so please fix this bug it’s annoying

- Amazing

Amazing app

- really great app

Even though my schoolwork is constantly changing google docs is a great tool to use, it always saves documents and interacts with your drive very well

- App is very buggy

Wont allow me to share my work with my teacher

- Idea

There should be a night mode or something

- Great app

It’s a great app and you should definitely get it

- Snoopy

No reason this app needs to know my birthday and gender. Sorry.

- Oof

Google docs is good but I don't think I can take pictures on iPad and the update time is really late.

- So bad

It so bad it as so many bugs and the new update brother so many more my opinion it is bad. ‘-‘

- Amazing

Google docs is an amazing app and I see no problems other than one: I don’t know if it’s something to do with my iPad or something else, but whenever I have two different things opened(iOS 13 iPads can have two different apps open and on screen at once) it takes forever for the keyboard to react to me touching it and type. Again not sure if that’s just because of my iPad, but it’s an overall amazing app

- pretty ok

pretty ok

- It’s pretty good

The only complaint I would give is that there is no option to manually search for a word/sentence in the doc like I can in computers (no option for Ctrl+f)

- It’s great

This is wayyyy better than word promise

- Awesome

Awesome for school projects!

- Ew

It reminds me of a Karen who just got the wrong Starbucks order


bruh y’all spellcheck DOES NOT WORK, it’s annoying bcuz I have to go back and rewrite the words I misspelled bcuz ur guys spellcheck doesn’t show what I wrote wrong. It’s been happening for god knows how long. FIX IT

- Good but

This is a good app and very useful land VERY organized but why can’t people just write on real paper BTW I am a kid writing this

- Pain

No dark mode


I can barely do anything on this app. The controls are garbage.

- Great app, very useful

I use this app when I’m at home working on school stuff, this helps me get caught up on my work. It’s free and it’s there when I need it the most

- Worst app

The absolute worst app for mobile. Hard to use, confusing, unorganized and all around bad app. Hope you can make some changes to the horrible UI

Libertex 📈

You can learn how to earn on the Forex market! Become Libertex client and practice trading on financial markets without risk. Get Free Forex Course!

- Meh

Ok I guess if you’re into that kind of thing

- One tiny issue

Generally speaking I love the whole google suite, and the apps work really well. My only issue with the app is that when you delete a word (either by highlighting the word or just backspacing until the letters are deleted), someone has decided to make the app delete the spaces around the word too. So for example if I backspace through a word because I’ve decided to write a different word, I’ll often end up with an error where it’s deleted the space without me realising. Please fix this! It’s so annoying!!

- Printing

It’s very hard to write and print a document on a iPad ,but I was able to do this with Google docs Thankyou

- Amazing!!!

Google Docs has been amazing for me! It has been extremely useful for a variety of things. I’ve seriously had zero problems, it’s been incredible! I love it so much.

- Such a simple, responsive process

Have only used this once, usually use WORD. This system is much simpler, accessible and effective.

- There nice

Google docks is a good app to edit documents and also for google classroom and presentations.

- Excellent

An amazing app that helps you get work done simply and sufficiently is all I need that’s why it’s a 5 star review from me hope you like it as much as I do 👍👍👍Definitely a recommendation. 👍👍😻

- Good for school work!

I found it is really helping me for school during this time!

- Really good app!

I’ve been using Google Docs for a couple of years now and I’m still very happy with how easy and nice the app has been to use. I can quickly create notes and essays between different devices on the same Google account. Especially useful for school and writing.

- Great!

It’s easy to save docs and is just great for writing down important stuff

- Don’t get

This app made me crack my phone (no joke)because of how bad the software was. I would like to get some money so I can repair my phone. I use this app for school and it’s really poor on how the software is.

- Really good

Has helped me a lot during lockdown very useful and easy to use

- Mah Review

Is good is helpful is fun

- Bad

When using this app for my school work (I’m in university) it crashes and is very frustrating when it crashes because you do not know when it has saved

- Opis

Jest ok

- Who


- Documents

Excellent and so easy to use can not fault

- Great app

This is a great way of keeping notes

- Some technical issues

This would have been 5 star, if it weren’t for some technical difficulties that I have with the app. For example, I am on iPad and I can’t select more than one word. This is especially annoying if a want to canopy a part of my work but I can’t because it does not let me select more than one word. The other thing is that I can’t add an indent. The only way to add one is to count a certain amount of space bars and even then it does not look quite right. Please could you help fix as I have my GCSEs coming up and as it is lockdown I am having to work online.

- Poo

Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is the best pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you could ever have.

- Brah

Dis app is so sick brah

- If you like this app you’re a 50 year old crusty dusty dinosaur

Trash mate keeps crashing I’ve lost all work multiple times hate it it’s horrible

- Very handy

Easily accessible even online

- Dark mode

This app is overall great, the only thing that would make it better is a dark mode. I’m on it quite late at night usually, and the brightness isn’t great. Apart from that, very helpful!

- Mhhhhhhmmmm


- I want peace in quarantine

Not homework

- Happy to use

User friendly

- it’s slow

really slow when editing

- Hello


- 😌💅🏻

I like cheese.I like shrek.I like Melanie Martinez.I like TikTok.I like my friends.I like google docs.Its okay 😗✌🏻

- Cv

Can’t upload my cv anywhere

- Funny Bee movie

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.

- Useful app

Useful app which works well on my iPad

- Using docs

I have been using docs a lot and worked perfectly fine and now it is atomically deleted stuff

- I like it

But it is not as good as on desktop

- Incredibly easy to use

This system has many wonderful features, not the least of which is that relative nerds can use it and don’t get shut out. Perhaps the only criticism......”print” is not so obvious. Export first.

- 10 stars

Amazing but the last update was appalling

- Best app ever

I t was so good it was the best I like it thank you Mec

- Quality of life changes

No major complaints so far but a little quality of life changes could make this a bit better: (i am using an iPad to use Google Docs) Please make the option to toggle the print layout either completely on or off. What I mean is that when I open a document it always has print layout off, and when I turn it on, it will turn off automatically once I exit the Doc. I personally like the print layout toggle to be on by default as I can see when a page ends which is useful when I want to export a doc in PDF format. It is just a bit tedious having to constantly toggle the Print Layout function. Secondly, there should be a display for page number when I am in Print layout mode. There should be an option to display a word count somewhere in the screen (preferably at the bottom) because it is very tedious on an iPad to constantly check the word count (especially when we have character based assignments) when we don’t have shortcuts.

- Best app


- Slow and glitchy

So slow and if you put a picture it under the number and you put your next number it goes straight up

- Amazing!

So during quarriintine it means we’re not going to school it’s just perfect to complete all my work on!

- Docs App

Very good, much needed, very user friendly, very helpful, intelligently constructed. Stay safe

- Revelation

I am still pretty much a novice, but I love this platform for taking, notes, importing documents and files etc. Really is a godsend wish I had access to it when I was doing my degree.

- Helpful great app

Hello, it’s very amazing app , easy to edit , have templates to guide for writing letters, cv etc .

- Perfect for online assignments but there are some glitches

If you are looking for an app to help with online school assignments google docs is the right place to do it. Just be aware that there might be some glitches from time to time but it should help

- Hate, hate, hate it!

Do not use it for anything because it takes over your google drive!

- Rubbish

How do I delete? And why can’t I just open something to read it. V frustrating. Stupid account


I love this app, i use it all the time and it’s very useful, but it would be a lot better if you could sort all of the documents into folders. As i’m in school i take different subjects so it would be good if i could have folders for each subject.

- Review

Makes life just a little bit easier with managing documents

- Works Perfect!!

Every thing is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Getting me out of the media?!

I don’t why? It all ways gets me OUT? Whenever l am in school and l have my iPad it sometimes logs me out ;( ?



- Good, but 1 minor concerns

Google docs is a very good app, but it has 1 problem. it is very hard to move images around, because first you have to go to ‘wrap text’ and move it. Once, I even found it hard to move the pictures to where I wanted them to be. I did it in the end though. Good app over all.

- It’s a must

If you want perfect 👌 emails use Google docs

- Amazing


- can not open and close automatically

i can not use at all in my iphone every time i try to open the app, it close automatically

- Amazing

So useful

- Google docs

Google docs is amazing. At times like these where most people can’t go to school it is what most people use. You can organise you docs really well. You can share them. You can put photos. Google docs is the best!!

- Amazing!

I love docs! They are great for big documents! Sometimes when I exit and renter the app (without closing the document), the app crashes and restarts. This is only annoying, but my document still saves. This may happen because they are such big files. Anyway, it’s no stress.

- Google docs

This app is good for work, but what annoys me is that when your writing in a specific font, pressing return will cause it to turn back into Arial, the original font. Also, changing it to, say, Animatic SC, and then changing the size, it will then go right back to Arial. Please stop this from happening! It is plain horrible and super frustrating!!! Also, maybe make a little bit more fonts, because not a lot of them are very interesting and presentable! Sorry for this, but it is all true.


It's perfect 👌! I use it in school and at home 🏠 for out school work because of quarantine :c BUT the app is AMAZING DOWNLOAD IT NOWWWWW

- NO!


- Tree


- Amazing but...

Docs is good but it is hard to tap on links

- bad


- Love it

It great to do school work especially when it quarantine right now it really easy to put or type your work in and if you need help or give feedback you can click on it and can help you. Have a good day guys!

- terrible

just rlly bad

- Not really my cup of tea, not great for use on iPads

The controls and set up of this app would be great for a desktop application, but not for mobile devices such as iPads, which I use. It’s jumpy, inserting and moving around pictures can be a pain, and it can get some pretty bad glitches, along with sometimes crashing and not saving my work... It honestly just feels like a desktop app scaled down for mobile use, which I guess is okay for occasional use, but not if you need a good app for frequent use for schoolwork or hobby writing. I don’t recommend it if you need an app to use frequently on your mobile device. We use it for our schoolwork because it DOES have some easy sharing/group editing features, which is why I’m giving it 2/5 instead of 1/5. Sorry, it’s just not my cup of tea. It doesn’t really feel very well done, in my opinion.

- Nice

Very convenient

- Edits nicely, not sure it sends well.

Edits nicely, not sure it sends well. The tendency of google drive to open google docs rather than Microsoft Word, when it’s available, isn’t the best. Options please, googameistro.

- So trash

CANT YOU JUST MAKE A DECENT APP?! EVEN WORD IS BETTER THAN THIS AND NOW I HAVE TO USE IT FOR SCHOOL,CANT BELIEVE THAT GOOGLE WANTED TO CREATE SUCH AN APP. I wanted to move a picture in google doc for my assignment and it keeps popping up the keyboard. How am I gonna hand in the assignment now? Thank a lot google. You just made me get an F for my assignment. And now, I have to edit it in the app and not the website. It’s simply trash now

- This app

This app is the best and the fact you can use it offline is incredible like I am speechless

- Worst app

Not satisfied with it

- good but bad

it deleted a whole file of work butit would be great if i could get it back

- A very annoying bug

There is this really annoying bug that basically makes files impossible to work on It involves word files, and if you copy them and work on them and go out of the file, the file will say and error occured’ and you can’t go back in and edit again, which is really annoying and must be fixed. There is also a bug related to this which makes the whole page shift and typing past that line will result in the words being invisible but still there. I lost a bunch of my work because of this - please fix

- No dark mode

It’s great. It has all the features as far as I can tell. But I don’t want to use it too much, because it hurts my eyes! All that white melting my eyes. Please add dark mode support. Would also appreciate it on the web app. You’re google. You can do it.

- Danh gia


- New update causes crashing

Ever since the recent update, the app will not open and crashes immediately upon opening. Please fix this.

- This don’t work it bad

Ur app is bad

- Great

This is the best app i have ever got. Please get it it is great for class work and just storing ideas writing and for projects. Thanks for reading

- Just amazing to have cloud store document

I get use to this google document when I forced to switched from Microsoft word to G- doc. Eventually, I stared to like this and now it’s my full time tool to do my personal work as well as the studies . I am a blogger also I have back pain so I can’t sit long in a place so time to time I switch my work from laptop to mobile phone or tablet . I am a rider who love outdoor camping so I can do my work wherever I want . This is simply amazing.

- Yes

it’s good

- Big Wow!

I can compile menus everywhere! Very smart move!!

- Maybe recommended

This app was good but it kept saying I don’t have this app and now it won’t let me open it I thought it was my old laptop but I tried again on my new laptop different type and the sa,e thing happened

- Nhìn chung là cũng ổn

Okie cho 5 sao

- Please read this for an honest review.

This app is great on computer, it has lots of tools, fonts, sizes and it even has a define catalog and a correction, AUTOMATICALLY. However downloading this on iPad? I- This app on iPad has the most confusing controls and most of the time you will not find the font button so don’t even try with that, Overall, not very versitile.

- Docs

It’s good

- GeT tHiS aPp NoW!

This is an amazing app

- Good if you have a newer device

I don't see anything wrong with the app, it's just that I have an older iPad and it is starting to not let me do anything on it

- Love it!

I love using google docs, I haven’t found a problem with it before, it’s easily accessible on all my electronics and it doesn’t take up storage on my phone. It’s also just really easy to use and you can work on documents without internet! But do you think you could make a dark mode? That’s pretty much my only advice.

- Honest Review

This app works great on a computer but the iPad version has very little functions and can be pretty confusing to use. THIS APP IS ONLY GOOD FOR COMPUTERS! You can do many things, online learning, work together, presentations, etc.

- Works amazingly for iPad

First of all, it’s amazing to share to your teachers because of coved-19 where you have to stay home. I would recommend and students to download this app as it’s great for your work!

- Nope


- Lose everything

It never asked me to sign in before so it was just on my device no back up. Now in the new update it forced me to sign in and I lost everything

- Google Docs

This app is fantastic, would recommend

- .

I like food

- Good on computer not on phone

The app works amazing on the computer but it isn’t loading on the phone when I try to put in another account.

- Nx

Rất tuyệt

- Need more help.

Although I found the document quite quickly, and value the accessibility, I still need help to navigate my way through. In order to maximise the features, I would appreciate an introduction.

- Excellent

One the greatest apps I have used for this kind of purpose.

- Impressive App

It’s absolute worth my 5 star review.

- Star girl 123

Amazing app helped me so much

- Good app 👍👍👍👍

Have being using google drive and other google app for years. Google drive very easy to use, am always at rest knowing that all my data are stored and can be access anytime. Thank you google.

- Good app

Very friendly and good for use

- Search tab/functionality

Cool from google. Mobile friendly too

- Fantastic word editor

This is my favorite document editor both for personal use and collaboration

- Great app

This is the best so far. Keep it up

- Best Freelancer Tool Ever

Great App, And thanks for making it free for all.


I observed to my dismay that I cannot check the definition of unfamiliar words while working in the app using the default Apple system dictionary. I would usually have to leave the app to use a different installed dictionary app. I could check definitions of words while in other apps why not this one? Apple default system dictionary is very useful and comes in very handy. Please fix.

- Google Docs

I have been enjoying the app so far.

- Sharing issues

Can’t share pdf file to email or other platforms

- Crashes

It keeps crashing unexpectedly be it online or offline, it's really annoying you guys need to fix it.

- Nice


- gdoc to doc file

It’s hard to convert from gdoc file to doc file

- Best

Una too much!!!

- Best app

Absolutely the best❣️😌

- Nice apps

This is nice

- Osahon

One use and you’re hooked! It’s the most efficient word processor ever. Automatically switch between this app and your pc ( no installation needed). Since I started forwarding word processing links, everyone at my office is now hooked on Google docs. You can even save and send your documents in all sorts of formats required. Never thought I’d ever find mobile word processing this easy.



- A collaborators dream

Fantastic for collaborating. Use it all the time and it works great.

- Google Docs

An amazing product everyone needs

- Google doc

Super duper

- 5stars all the way

Makes collaboration soooooo easy. Thanks for this google.

- Good


- Review

What it and good for now

- Nothing better

I came across this app after using it for years on my pc. Mobile is even better because you can edit and comment on the go.

- Cool app. Good external storage.

Coool App!


I can access my documents from any device anywhere anytime. Thank you Google.

- User friendly

Templates make working on specific document type easy.

- The only word processor you need

Google Docs covers the whole spectrum from ideating to finally shipping your drafts to your editor who can join you in the document and leave trackable edits. Been using the tool for three years now and I have never been troubled by a bug. Best part is that it’s free. I don’t see why anyone pays for any of those word processors that supposedly allow you write better. From one writer to another: this is the only word processor you need.

- Fantastic app

Fantastic app

- Difficult to find fault with this app

It is one app that is almost without fault .. no ads and with sync capabilities. Easily recommends itself as first amongst equals

- Prof M K Othman

It is a very good application, after changing my phone from Blackberry to IPhone, I found i couldn't do what I was doing with my Blackberry but this application has closed the gap

- Google Doc

Very good

- Very good

Very good I recommend it for all, it makes it easy to locate all your files.

- Excellent

Love it... makes it easier for me to locate all my file

- Very poor

The app can't load features of thwart Microsoft word comparability mode and it can't contain some little graphic design

- Handy

Fantastic app, really simplified my life!


Well google doc is surely the best. I could store files online and use them wherever I needed to with any android phone or Computer. It is great, I recommend you use it 🤓🤓🤓

- Great App!

Still one of the best Google apps I've ever used.

- An App definitely worthy of Applause and Endorsement

As an Accessibility-dependent user of the iPhone, I salute the accessibility of this application! Commenting from the blind man's point of view! So imagine how much more of an amazing experience it would be for a "regular" who dares to become a user!

- Great app! Love it!

Great app!

- Very Valuable app

Since I installed this app on my iPad, storing, accessing and uploading documents and pictures have become so much faster and easier!! Thumbs up to google

- Erpobas


- Great

Enjoying this

- Must have app

This is a must have app for all iPad users, free and very simple with preloaded fonts. Works with bluetooth keyboard and allows printing. Integrates with google drive easy for those with android phones can continue from where you stopped on any device. Google never disappoints

- NICE!!!

I love the user interface and its simplicity. Quite straight forward and intuitive.

- Great

I gave it 3 star cos it's straight forward. Still finding it difficult to get through my office mobile.

- Ryback Mickey

Awesome app to have!

@MR_karar1 اني افتح الملف بهذا التطبيق واخزنة بشكل ورد ويتحول

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Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share 1.2020.26204 Screenshots & Images

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share iphone images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share ipad images
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share (Version 1.2020.26204) Install & Download

The applications Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share was published in the category Productivity on 2014-04-30 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 186.83 MB. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share - Productivity posted on 2020-07-09 current version is 1.2020.26204 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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