Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share

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Create, edit, and collaborate on the go with the Google Docs app.

Work together in real time
* Share documents with your team
* Edit, comment and add action items in real time
* Never lose changes or previous versions of your document with version history

Create anywhere, anytime—even offline
* Capture spontaneous ideas on the fly
* Get things done, even on the plane, with offline mode
* Save time and add polish with easy-to-use templates

Search Google right in Docs
* Use Google Search without leaving your document
* Search all of your files in Drive, right in Docs

Edit and share multiple file types
* Open a variety of files, including Microsoft Word files, right in Google Docs
* Frictionless collaboration, no matter which application your teammates use
* Convert and export files seamlessly

Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business
* Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more
* Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee
* Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization

Permissions Notice
Camera: This is used to takes photos to insert into documents.
Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into documents.

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share App Description & Overview

The applications Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share was published in the category Productivity on 2014-04-30 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 166.75 MB. The current version is 1.2019.14205 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Reviews


G  Atarah2280  4 star

This is really convenient but, I can’t get the right format so I just adjust when I print. Worth it especially for students.


Google docs  tete53324  5 star

Google docs is the best thing ever even if u don’t have a computer u have a phone u can download it on your phone and still be able to do an essay paper


Yes!  FirePraiser  5 star

I cannot live my life without this app!


Docs is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! I can write anything I want any time!!!  Vkffx  5 star

I just put the review on the tittle....Oops...


Why didn’t I do this sooner.  Kamilz  5 star

I can watch as my friend and I, type our ideas and responses alongside, a line apart just as we hit the keys. Wonder if there is limit on the document size.


Love it!  Lkmuir  5 star

Docs is so easy to use! The kids in our family use it in their schools so we can use it to share.

Kireana Myrin

STORIES!!!!!  Kireana Myrin  5 star

I don’t know about others, but I love writing stories. I’ve been writing a certain story for 7 years. But google docs helps me put all of those stories into words. I’m glad google docs exists. It’s helped me write so much. So yes, google docs is simply amazing.


Great for last minute school projects  tallman2252  5 star

If you forgot an assignment due in English, google docs on the iPhone helps you finish it, and then you just print in at school.


Google docs is a life changer  ggggggguuuuuuyyyy  5 star

I use google docs in school and I can use on my iPad and phone when I am on the go. It saves automatically. You can use spell check. And you can share the doc for a group project

booshie chic

Good  booshie chic  5 star

I like how it’s offline ✅

unicorn pooooooooooop

Awesome  unicorn pooooooooooop  5 star

It’s a great app

NASA Backyardigans

Safe place  NASA Backyardigans  5 star

It keeps it back up on the internet and can work a assessment on my computer and then work on it on my phone and everything is in one place but u wish my school i go to do g- suit not Microsoft


My favourite app  sanneodd  5 star

Google docs is amazingly smooth and efficient. Definitely one of my most used apps.


Ok  🥺Gmiles  1 star



Using Docs  Hisfirend  5 star

I use docs to journal in as well maintain a prayer list. I can use it across multiple devices which is easy and convenient.


Lag  DarcyDaNoobster  4 star

When you present if you go to the next slide the transitioning is really laggy but I like how you can make your own folder and put it on view, comment and edit so people can’t access the doc

Ya mum did it

Google Docs  Ya mum did it  5 star

It's good

nickname abbzz

Basic and works well  nickname abbzz  4 star

Good to see a decent free product.


It’s Okay  ____happy  4 star

When you are collaborating with others it can get a bit delayed. When you add people you have to search them like crazy!! Something is missing though, I would like to get notifications when someone is editing my work. I am known as a very organised person. To me? Well it’s okay. They have folders for that but I would like to have tags. Otherwise as I have’s okay


Google spying is too creepy  0belia  1 star

Google data collection ethics seem to be quite poor.


Google docs  lllpatti  4 star

Works pretty well, but frustrating sometimes when documents appear to be missing.


Hi  Victorc933  5 star

It’s goooooood!!!


Increíble  O5533859a  5 star

Me parece una herramienta maravillosa, donde se puede hacer muchísimo. Realmente feliz con ella!


Mejorando cada día  Sublimespectrum  5 star

Van excelentemente. Me gustaría la función de comparación de texto en paralelo o que incorporaran sus increíbles OCR. Sigan así!

D_S 13

It’s fantastic, but…  D_S 13  4 star

Best write tool I could ever dream of! I do have some concerns about the find and replace option. When using the app, the extension doesn’t properly search the document for keys words, phrases, or sentences.


Can’t open!!!  galyinrose  1 star

How many times must I request access?! Even after the request is granted, it still takes me back to the initial request page....

Shimmer Wolf ❤️

Great!  Shimmer Wolf ❤️  5 star

I love this app because I use this for all my projects and the main thing I love about it that it is comfortable to use on phone and computer.


Amazing!  WorldBuilder2006  5 star

Since the latest Doc update, it is way easier to do work and works very smoothly. It has everything in it you can imagine of. THE MOST RECOMMENDED APP!


It’s a file cabinet  pupi1961  5 star

I like that I can always open this site anywhere anytime and find my documents

Dis Pretty Noice App

Noice  Dis Pretty Noice App  5 star



Google Docs  gsisy  5 star

Google Docs is great for making documents

Jordan Keane

Amazing  Jordan Keane  1 star

I was writing a doc when my dad came in and hit my mom. I thank this app!!!!!! She deserved it she deleted Fortnite. My dad is so EPIC


Simple  SPARTAN-047  5 star

Quick and easy to use for all my assignments and college work when I need to. I use Pages but it's not always compatible or convenient if I go to Windows.


Poor  gshjdbg  1 star

After doing document and send to print... google question requiring yes please or no thanks CANNOT be removed from document rendering it useless and a waste of time energy and ink.

Awful on an Ipad  1 star

While the intention is great, the app is unfortunately terrible on an Ipad: formatting issues, conversion from/to other formats issues...but mostly, past a certain word count, it crashes all the time.

Hesham Shokry

Really useful  Hesham Shokry  5 star

And flawless

Michael Earley

Really productive app  Michael Earley  5 star

Google docs has become a very useful application for collaborating on documents.


Shem  Sihii  4 star

Fantastic app

big boy on campus

Fantastic bloody jaysus  big boy on campus  5 star

Good lord this is tender

Fahad Bey

User interface design process discipline!  Fahad Bey  1 star

I am sure you have lots of techie abilities but UI design I am afraid to say is not one of them. If you want to know more I will happily run a session for you. I bet there are lots of people who agree with me, both outside and within Google. There are a number of possible explanations for this failing, and it would be interesting to discuss which ones have most explanatory power. All best wishes, James Fairhead, Lecturer in Innovation and Marketing, University College Cork, formerly Innovation and Design Management Research Fellow, London Business School

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