Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share download

Create, edit, and collaborate on the go with the Google Docs app.

Work together in real time
* Share documents with your team
* Edit, comment and add action items in real time
* Never lose changes or previous versions of your document with version history

Create anywhere, anytime—even offline
* Capture spontaneous ideas on the fly
* Get things done, even on the plane, with offline mode
* Save time and add polish with easy-to-use templates

Search Google right in Docs
* Use Google Search without leaving your document
* Search all of your files in Drive, right in Docs

Edit and share multiple file types
* Open a variety of files, including Microsoft Word files, right in Google Docs
* Frictionless collaboration, no matter which application your teammates use
* Convert and export files seamlessly

Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business
* Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more
* Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee
* Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization

Permissions Notice
Camera: This is used to takes photos to insert into documents.
Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into documents.

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share App Description & Overview

The applications Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share was published in the category Productivity on 2014-04-30 and was developed by Google LLC. This application file size is 177.71 MB. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share current version is 1.2019.46202 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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umpa lumpa dupadi do   5 star

Joe was here and he got mad. Yes he was here

日本語の二年生   3 star

Google did me wrong at the worst possible moment. You know how we all rely on google for turning in class assignments? Well... IT DID ME WRONG AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT!!! I take AP World History and had something due today and couldn’t get on it until this weekend but this week it was updated for a big fix that has going on for weeks now that is still going on!!! The app crashes at random times whether it’s long or short periods of time, and this week it’s gotten worse to the point I can’t even see my cursor when I type on my phone anymore and whenever I try to exit out of the page to refresh, I suddenly see two icons of my own account that was recently on the doc and and still see the cursor I recently used on my doc. I was copying and pasting my work from one box onto another but suddenly no matter how many times I double tapped on my screen, I couldn’t paste, forcing me to restart my phone and try again and once I got back on my doc, I realized I never pasted my paragraph back on the doc and now my work is lost until I can get on a computer tomorrow and search my version history and revive my lost work!! Sad to say, google can’t be relied on for everything especially when it’s been having a problem that gone unnoticed and unsolved for over 2 months now.

Dexton Petersen   5 star

Good app. Google docs helps me create what I need, docs helps correct spelling and grammar. I also love how you can change the faints and sizes. It me alot and I’m only 11. This is a great app

scorpion king writer   5 star

Awesome. Works great and lets me write my books without trouble. I love it. Absolutely perfect!

KecinShuman   5 star

Love it. Very useful for me for sharing docs from my laptop to phone 😊

themasterofv on youtube   5 star

Very good. Me like

shaniawise   5 star

I love it. It’s amazing

dancingcrane   4 star

Indispensible. Use it I need this app desperately but I need it to have a Table of contente on mobile. all the time. Can’t live without it!

soitts   1 star

Not good. It never lets me open documents and it’s not very user friendly

all star🤩   5 star

OMG OMG OMG😍. Hello I'm just here to say that this app is amazing!!! I use it for school,work, and just to write and i can do it all from my phone and if theres no wifi its ok you can still type and its just amazing and I recommend this app for everyone.🥰🥰

queen izzy star   5 star

A 3 ya old. I use a scol...

maxtheminecrafterlegend2835   1 star

TMI en hey I will call your phone I. Egegnhygubniinmimomojnjubuvg flexed this cycuvif was a good day for ghhhhhhh

mmllknojjnggfjgcd   5 star

Love it. All good love it

AMT Jr   5 star

Great job google. A real helpful asset for multiple uses in home, school or business!. Very useful for home, school or business.

Oakfheif   1 star

Cannot save photos, nice work.. When submitting photos, it seems to show up; however, when I transfer it from a Google Docs file into a docx and then submit it, nothing shows up. This is infuriating to a point I cannot fathom, no matter what I do, even if I send in the photos again on the docx. Seems like Google and Apple cannot get along. This version is very pitiful on mobile, but the application does work on your usual desktop.

Ariel2903   5 star

1000000. This is the one millionth review

你刚看到你   1 star

用不了. 显示网络没连接

Beba Webba   3 star

Change Some things. You should add tge face that you can Draw and edit

andreaeborrero   5 star

Google docs review. Love this have been using it from middle school now and now I’m a freshman in college.

DickRunn   1 star

Docs and iPad. I just can’t seem to have Google Docs work well using my iPad. Very slow and difficult to operate.

walter🙏   5 star

love it. google docs

fuhgvbkn   5 star

A Great Improvement! Esposito‘s continues to raise the bar!. esposito‘s Kim Esposito‘s keeps

Danonabike   4 star

Great app to write documents across devices. The only issue I've had has been difficulty scrolling on larger documents. The bar on the side becomes sensitive and it's hard to make a small movement.

vfrggrgr   5 star

Thank. Thank you so kids for that

bbb b56   5 star

Love Google Docs!. So easy to add photos from my phone or computer. Love being able to work from anywhere and the autosave. So many things are great. Only thing I miss, being able to set text boxes to move them around easily and format.

bettyjane72   5 star

AWESOMENESS. I can write on the go and send it to my professor right from my phone!

wdjdxisieenrfid JRMS STUDENT   5 star

Google Docs is truly magical. i just remembered that i have a project due tomorrow and installing this now is perfect! I love this app and it’s helped me catch up on all of my school work right from my phone. Google docs has really helped me with my education 10 out of 10 and i would highly recommend this app. My grade has raised because i have been working on my school work on this app and I made the high honor roll for my school and it was all because of this app! I love this app and you should truly consider downloading it, it’s just so helpful to have!

game revierwer   5 star

1mill. Let’s get the reviews to a mil!

ToxicMass   1 star

Epstein didn’t kill himself. You heard it here folks.

child use   5 star

Love it. My children use it all the time

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jorja coolade   4 star

Organized app. Love this app so so organized 👌🤟👍

ghdgfhfhfhfhffhfhfhfy   1 star

I need help. It’s not letting me do anything

Doumm el plomo   1 star

Mardee. C’est de la marde

dabsalot_17YT   3 star

Meh. I’m don’t usually use it so it’s ok

鹿角o   1 star

Deleted all the notes I wrote. The notes I wrote for my project just disappeared and unable to redu?! Guess I’ll just have to work on them overnight. THX GOOGLE FOR NOT LETTING ME SLEEP.

Taniacg03   2 star

Pas possible de séparer en dossier. J’aime pouvoir organiser mes documents et je ne peux pas le faire.

Rebecca Afriat   5 star

Poop. Poop

Shelfo   5 star

It’s great. Love it

hiebbiggehjvbjegvf   5 star

Excellent. It’s great but why is the age rating 4 lol should be 7 but it’ great. 👍🏼

Lancinator13   1 star

Don’t trust it with anything important!!. I have been working on a novella for the last month or two, and it worked great until I just tried to access the file. “File Error - cannot open” The only saving grace is that I copied and pasted it into an email to a buddy yesterday, so I didn’t lose too much. This error lost me at least two hours of typing. I’m very unhappy and will not trust this app again. Before the document was lost, the app was acting up. It was getting hard to edit things, copy and pasting was erratic, and I had problems copying the whole 80 page document. Don’t trust it with anything important!

uh kbjh   5 star

Wow. I woke in like I’ma write a story I come on this app and wow it has I need

snowyy1234   4 star

Hi. Good but no indet key

abiud zerubabel   5 star

You have so good application I give you 5 star my. Your so good

Threekicks   5 star

Helps with school. It helps with school work and to organize list and so much more! It a very good way to organize!!

Buyairdragon   1 star

Never used it. Never used it

Toke Morley   5 star

Proper. I can access all my documents from one place I love this app !

wonbyyyuyy420   5 star

Yes! I love the App Store. Yaaaatokkkk

sbnutdvjjm   5 star

Awsome app great for schoolwork. Yay

ilkajjjjj   5 star

Great app. Love this app so much! Def recommend 10/10🥰✌🏻

Aaaaaaaasaass   1 star

Getting permission for each docs. For opening each document I need to get a permission which take for ever

Edmonton reviewer   5 star

Useful. Very useful

😂😛😋😉😁   5 star

^_^. Ok

acinamatata   4 star

Good. I think it is very good but it is hard to type also it is good to look over documents on mobile but if you are on a computer or laptop then I recommend this 100%

Yoyohihi YT   5 star

Great app!. I think this app is just amazing. The people at Google and others made this app just perfect for what I, and many people are looking for.

ttytyrurgcgd   4 star

I can’t type. I can’t type it’s not working

lord farquaad II   1 star

Joe MoMA got em. Why are people looking at reviews for a writing app

Hdhwijxhx   4 star

It’s pretty good. I like it, I use it for school work and taking notes for exams

InnocentLittleKiddo   5 star

Very helpful!. This is very useful for school projects and just to write in general!

katie1241   5 star

I LOVE IT. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤩♥️♥️♥️♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩🤩🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️♥️🤩♥️♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩♥️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Fire arts   5 star

Perfect. I could make stories on this all day! I’m actually working on Fire’s Wings right now! Love it especially when it comes to my teacher!

Advertorial    5 star

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jakquwbx   1 star

Sends blank. Every time i send a document to someone with pictures in it it comes up blank. No good for pictures

unicorn girl253   5 star

Great app!👍. When I began using this app docs it was so boring for me. I had to do so much work on and I learned more and more!. So now I love it don’t stop making your magic!.

Bebdndnd   1 star

E. Not funny didn’t laugh

Nickk090   1 star

Freezes on iPad. Freezing and crashing on iPad

Ceda nakon   5 star

Easy peasy. So easy to use, loved it!

Young Adult Author   5 star

I Love this program. I write every day and this the platform for it. I love that I can see, edit and create new work logged in on any device, from anywhere around the world! User friendly and free. Thank you

mune.Jya&weorgia.gisely   3 star

I love it. I have this app on my chrome book👩🏼‍💻 and it is amazing but it is taking a really long time to download and I have been waiting for nearly 3 hours and it is only on 4 quarters of the way so I would like if if you could boost the rating of the speed that it downloads if you can so that would be amazing!!!!!

skywalker7169   1 star

Crashes. Application always crashing.

Bitty999999   2 star

Data losses. There are several experiences in loosing more than 3 documents from this application. I trusted the application to save eight hours contribution in each file automatically. This problems have happen within two weeks and recently yesterday.

cecilia_100805   4 star

Afkenchurr. I wanted to be kind and give 5 stars ...coz wotnot😂🤘🏽

Sophia2345   5 star

The perfect writing tool. Originally, I used pages to write my things and I still do write stories on it today. Then, one of my friends introduced me to a program called google drive, which was amazingly useful for some of the things I do. But there was one problem about it, I could figure out how to write on it. I searched through the whole app, and then in the corner I spotted, google docs. It became such a useful writing tool for things that I want to share!!

REVIEW MAN😀   5 star

Wow. This is the second time I have reviewed this app. Last time a gave it a four but this time I say 5 all the way. Please get this app. The little kids who review this don’t know what they’re talking about. This app is not designed for 30 people at once. GET THIS APP ITS LIKE A LEGEND


Amazing but needs touch ups. I can collaborate with friends, family and chat. But the only obstacle in my way, is that on settings, you can set the app to allow ALL contacts see. I have school work on it and some is kinda private. I like keynote more because you can link things together!

jimmy/Edo   5 star

Don’t interrupt me next time. Ok

Jayyy147   4 star

Google docs review. I am giving four stars as I wish it was a bit more easier to access like highlighting and like use your finger to highlight on an iPad and other effects like underlining and bolding the text. Other then that I love using google docs :)

Queen Galaxia   5 star


Mikedebike   5 star

Google Docs. This is a brilliant editing tool for writers and publishers . My book could not have happened without it.

lashaeh   4 star

Ratings. Ok, not as easy as Word, but still a great app!

👮🏻‍♂️👮🏿‍♂️   5 star

I like it. It is awesome

cluocluocluopoopoo   3 star

Soo Bad. I mean, it’s okay, not so bad, but still. Whenever I accept something from my teacher, it just glitches and restarts itself. it take 5 minutes to accept one change. Please fix it.

ljking itb   5 star

YouTube. I I love this app and I use it for YouTube

Sebsachi   3 star

Review. It’s ok. Could be a little bit easier

Superfoxx   4 star

Almost Perfect..... With large documents, eg 85k words, there is a very annoying lag when typing. I’d also like to see a feature where returns you to the same place in the document when you leave the app. I love that I can send a link to people instead of a whole file. They can read, leave comments, find chapters easily. Thank you for having such a fantastic product for free.

binuukt   1 star

Error. Problem in opening file. Couldn’t open file pop up every time you are trying to open file

🅱️ig 🅱️🅾️🅾️ty   5 star

Dank. Absolutely dank

......wombats   5 star

Thank you for this app! Jk. Thanks so much google for making a app for everyone to use, jk slides is much better than this and I don’t even know why anyone use this app Sorry about this but just make it that you can save this to your camera roll anyways X Viper X

chickenniggetlife   5 star

Vsco check. Oof


WOW🤯🤩. This app is amazing.I am about to go to high school and this is great for my assessments.It is amazing though it may have a bit of a lag, it is alright.

peter age9   5 star

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Helpful👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Helped with all my work got to go bye 👋.

Someone/yes   2 star

Why do I have to download this. Why do I have to download this to visit the site? This is stupid

Jriepe96   5 star

Absolutely Love Google Docs. I’m in school and having google docs as a resource is the best thing our generation gets to experience. It’s a fantastic learning device that makes writing and correcting grammar very easy. I also love how it’s connected to your computer so you can use both your phone and your computer, or whatever device you choose to experience the gift of google docs with. Google docs also connects to all of the other google apps so you can submit things to google classroom, and even keep slides on this. Google docs has been so great to have grown up with, and I can’t imagine having to type an essay without using google docs, 5 stars, would recommend.

-------AGM-------   1 star

Acentuação não funciona corretamente. O acento agudo ‘´’ não funciona corretamente nos teclados externos, da Apple ou de outras marcas. Sempre que é digitado o aplicativo registra um apóstrofo ‘ juntamente com o acento agudo - a palavra digitada fica assim: “imagin’ário”, dificultando muito a escrita. O problema já foi reportado várias vezes ao Google que até hoje não corrigiu.

chubby milkshake   4 star

Love it. I have a few things to ask. I love this app and so helpful but I can’t do all of the stuff I need to do on it than a computer. Like add on and much more

mobile google soc   1 star

Not able add row. Not able to edit the doc

A_M_J_95   3 star

Dark mode. Why is this still doesn’t have dark mode when it’s a google app and google was the one to start the dark mode trend?

moemitzi5356   5 star


how aboutnthat   5 star

Hat. It was quite easy to get through the fonts and instructions. I would tecommd this app.

Udell69   5 star

Live It works very well. Love it.

Therealhjhhsjcosj   4 star

heheheheheh. and i oop-!

nickname4555555557890   4 star

Review. Google docs is very useful for getting projects and work done. The only problem is that on a mobile device you cannot edit picture sizes; you can only do that with a computer, as well as cropping images. Please fix this!

Sylvis Rose   5 star

Docs. VERY helpful for school.

Kallie 💮🥺   5 star

Helpful!. As a Wattpad writer, I find this very helpful. Here are some reasons why. 1. It helps me plan things for my story 2. If I need assistance, or If I need to rethink, I can come here and write my ideas to reassure myself. 3. We use it in Elm Park Community School all the time, and my class loves my stories! My journey of a journalist wouldn’t have been possible without Google Docs.

Longnose22   5 star

Superb!. Por Year’s

send this   5 star

Use this a lot, it’s simple, no glitches. I like the simplicity of this. I don’t do anything much, a few notes, letters, etc

Bria :}   5 star

I love this!. I love this app! I love how you can write anything! I also like that you can write about work and do projects!

MG_7   3 star

Apple Pencil. I love Google Drive, etc. Even when it crashes, frequently. However, my biggest pet peeve after so long is that it is not compatible with Apple Pencil. Come on. Even Microsoft Office is. Microsoft, the OG Apple rival that almost put Apple out of business. Ugh!

Kibbyku   5 star

Awesome. This is awesome

urmoman   5 star

No. No

Mwa💋   5 star

Google docs is amazingggg. I love this app! The ease with which I can edit old drafts and create new documents is unbeatable! And directly from my phone as well!!! I love the fact that it auto-saves all the documents so that nothing gets lost. I recommend this to anybody and everybody! #replaceWordDocument!!!

jlpsmsggws424   5 star

Google docs is amazing for my school projects. It is amazing and it’s super easy to use for righting drafts and books. For skits and work in class I use this app every day for more then 1 hour it is awesome I have no things to change about it .

Im An Author   5 star

I Love Docs. I use docs ALL the time and when my computer isn’t with me I can just bring out my phone, ❤️.

Chrissy3607   3 star

No watermark. It’s a big pain to put a watermark in. It’s 2019 Google. Hello? Are you there? You have so much potential to get docs in the ranking with Word.

pinktaekwomdo   4 star

Good. This application could use a little more art themes. Maybe like Word by Microsoft it will later have art added?

turner 6000   4 star

Did you Google docs. Spell correct and grammar correct does not work that well. My wife’s name is Patti they keep spelling it Pati! I have never spelled it that way!

pepefrankwong   5 star

先赞后用。. 现在后用。先斩后奏用意?Shins on hold

🎶band nerd🤓   5 star

Awesome app!. I use it for school allll the time. This app is also very easy to use.

EllieMarcelli   1 star

Printing from an iPhone won’t work. I can’t see how to print from an iPhone; I couldn’t get it to print on a pc at work either so I thought I’d try from home. Fairly useless if you can’t print anything out. Don’t waste your time with it.

hailz66   5 star

Review. This app is so awesome to have on my phone to keep up with my schoolwork or to write stories on. Google really is the best

writing girl 105   5 star

Wonderful for editing. I love Google Docs because it has so many features that are really cool, like inserting drawings and having a dictionary handy for you. Also, it allows you to access pictures from your account or directly from the web. One thing that is the best about docs is it immediately saves your work without any save commands. I definitely recommend Google Docs.

aliyah tate   1 star

Boo. Booooooooooo

the boi who rates   3 star

Oof. It won’t let me crop my photos >:(

HHLJ12   2 star

Frustrating. Keeps changing format once I leave page

yomomknowdawae   5 star

School. I’ve been using this app since grade 3, and it’s simple, and great for school.

drantou   5 star

Hoi. Lol idk

YouAreAPirateLazyTown   5 star

Awesome. It’s awesome

muh3odieukeidseijd   5 star

Awesome. Omg its the best app ever try it you get what I mean and it keeps all my school work ogernizd

Peenuis   5 star

Incredible. You might not believe me but it’s that good 5 stars! I use it for school and it’s amazing to play around with. It is so amazing and very useful. I use it 3 times a day every day... It’s incredible,and that’s how good it is. You might not believe me but get the app you won’t regret it one little bit

google docs is good   4 star

Google docs is pretty good!. I would say it’s very good website for school work put on a iPod and you don’t have it downloaded it takes a long time for me but it’s a very good writing website!

Flaminggringos   1 star

Absolute garbage. I’m utterly ashamed to say I existed at the same time as this absolute waste of space and time 0/10

ppppppewds   5 star

Extremely efficient. Very organized and perfect for school work. Definitely a five star rating. Love all the features and there’s no wifi needed!

poppy123star   5 star

Awesome App!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Awesome app! Helps me get my things organized at school!! 👍🏻

Major.HZ   1 star

Browser version is better. When I open a google doc in the app, I just cannot see the separate pages. Obviously the browser version is better. So what’s the point of making an app?

the reviewer is MAD!!   3 star

Google Docs is 👍. Google Docs is good it’s just like the website, but the only thing I would suggest is to make it available to everyone who doesn’t have wifi and sometimes the app says I have no internet when I have full bars.

greasy guy 66   5 star

Good app. Greasy app

🙋‍♀️🤳   5 star

Very good. Very good and nice

timelesslyyoung   4 star

Multiwindow Support. Wish I could open multiple windows on iPad 13

Viccao123   1 star

Terrible. It is so bad it is so hard to use unlike the website

MylesWiebe   5 star

Useful. Highly useful for creating slideshows, documents, and other office and school type work.

cheekynan   4 star

dark mode. good for organisation but 1. please let me move my folders easier :// it’s a pain 2. add dark mode u cowards

vsc0sksks   4 star

Thxxx. Thank goodness for google docs🙏🙏

sahilsimba   5 star

Great. Very fast and durable website love google docs

ava and jess on youtube soon   1 star

Why. So stupid

aerolover11   5 star

Love. Honestly gets stuff done and that is all you need you can use it on the go and it is free

sanudadjejnxjc   5 star

Read below. This app is good but google has their own phones why do you guys use apples phones for your pictures 😂

spini7739   5 star

Bruh. Lol

rufuspipilu   5 star

Very good. Very convenient, easy use . Like it very much.👍👍👍

Canadiankid9   4 star

Indispensable but a little buggy on iPadOS. Cut copy and paste is working inconsistently along with general lag

Leandro R. Santos   1 star

It doesn’t work on IOS13. You didn’t add support to IOS 13. You need to fix that.

mp290300   5 star

Love It. Great app! Easy to use and very helpful.

Game Vibration   1 star

App opening automatically. I use google docs all of the time. However please give us the option to chose between opening a document in the app or in safari. It’s incredibly annoying to try and open a document in safari and getting completely redirected to the mobile app.

Dodo0004   2 star

Horrible app. Deleted my work and lagged every minute.

_Bubblegum_Girl_   5 star

Good job.. The title says it all.

Fu_fundth   5 star

Google docs. I find it very useful app as also I can share it in all my devices.

sapphireddragon   5 star

SOOOO COOL. I love how they make them look good

Brimfoo   5 star

Good App. It’s a really good app and I use it all the time. The only things I would want to add would be the ability to upload your own fonts, and the ability to put documents into folders to keep track of things.

baheer you commenter   5 star

It’s so very simple to use. I mean it is so cool to use because it is like a simpler version of Word and like a billion times better because thanks to the developer.😀😀😀

dphoenixt   1 star

Keeps shutting down. Frustratingly keeps shutting down when I tried to open my document to edit. Deleting this program.

mike-stranger things   5 star

Awesome!. I use this app for school and I find it awesome how I can see what my teacher wants me to change/Improve witch is pretty cool and during class me me and my friends can work on our project 5/5 would recommend

Mehhhhh8   5 star

Two Clicks. Bam.. This sharing feature is very useful and is a prominent feature of google docs. Two clicks. Bam. Peers, teachers, parents, home schoolers, friends, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, engaged/dating aunties and uncles, grandmas grandpas great grandpas, great grandmas, great great grandpas, great great grandmas, great great great grandpas, great great great grandmas, great great great great grandpas, great great great great grandmas and ancestors. Two clicks. Bam.

Zac .D. Martin   5 star

Nice. It good

KevinPigeon   4 star

Functionality great, system could be better. The word processing interface is great, has everything I need for note taking, export etc. Only woe is that the filing system is arduous. To save a document in a particular folder, I need to enter the Google Drive app, which is time consuming on a tablet device. Would love if the files came up in Google Docs rather than just Drive.

marynn16345   4 star

Tabs and Pen function. Please google enable tabs and a drawing function!

CharlieDaddy   5 star

A good app. I’m a big fan of the app because I can use it on all computers and iPads to do school work and projects

JM00005   2 star

Glitch.. In the beginning, or rather when I began using this app, it was great. Since that time it has become increasingly more unstable. It glitches, shutting down mid-typing and then doesn’t even save the work (even after I’ve clicked the ‘done’ tick. It happened repeatedly in the space of ten minutes and I have rewritten the same sentences too many times. I’m hoping there will be some updates to this as soon as possible because I have been predominately using this for my work on my laptop and as it’s collaboration work it’s imperative to be used on google drive until the project is finished. If it continues, I can only recommend switching to OneDrive (I use this for my other teaching job) as it does not seem to have this issue.

Sayuki79   2 star

Eat me please Hgags. Ahaha. A ha ha ha h as a jab ahah au vaahavvahwhiivwfivdw hiqvhiqgq a h ah. As h a a ha ha. A ha ha a ha a auahaha hahah hahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha ahhhh aaaaa aaaa aaaa aahahahahahahahah. Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhh hhahhhaaaaahhhhhgha ahahagahaga more yes more AHH!!! AhahahahahahaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaahhahahaahgagagagaggagagagaAhah jdjdjsnjsbd ahhha ahaha hahah Akan ahhhaaaaagahagagaggaggghaaagghhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahh LoL hope ur happy that I spammed u guys!! From 37 Blackburn Street, America (California)

1234 no good   2 star

Shutting down. It keeps getting closed in middle of my edit every time. Frustrating!

E reviewer 264   2 star

Weird Glitch on my iPad Air 2. I used to love google docs, but now, there is some glitch when it it in the background app section of my iPad. When I close the app (go to the homescreen) but leave google docs in the backround apps section, when I go to the app, the screen will turn black and the only way to fix it is to remove the app from the background apps and restart the app again. Can you please solve this problem? If you could I would give you five stars.

TreeHuggerDreamer🌳💙   5 star

The best. What the title says if that’s enough

notoin   5 star

Epic. Epic

ATrainRideAway   3 star

CRASH BANG. I love this app. I do all my writing on it and it’s great to share with my friends easily and write on every device. I swear by google docs. I have easy spent weeks worth of hours on this app. But. It crashes quite frequently and it seems to be getting worse every time it updates. I keep hoping an update will fix it, but it’s really struggling as my doc gets longer and longer. Also, I would LOVE it, if it would open at the place I last closed it, rather then having it crash for the forth time that afternoon and having to go through a 200 page doc, back to my spot. Urrrrrrrrgggggg.

noco2233   5 star

Useful app. Convenience and easy to use it

Anonn13   1 star

Haha. I just love this app it makes my life easier and more convenient I can do work anywhere even if I don’t have wifi

bbbbbbbbdhdudj$jjdkejjchdhd   5 star

Amazing app. Best app ever , I needed to use notes but it wouldn’t update so I downloaded docs it is free no money need and is a quick update like 2 min how good I give it 5 stars 🌟

horsegitl1313   5 star

It’s really good. Do recommend

sak b08   5 star

Docs. This is a great app to create pieces of writing at home. I have written two stories now and will be writing lots.

djvpty   1 star

Horrible. What a waste of time! Don’t bother people

Dykxykykx   2 star

Difficult to use on mobile. Confusing on mobile

Lownsalambo   1 star

Doesn’t work. I go to open one of my documents, and as soon as I try to edit it, the ENTIRE SCREEN freezes.

Sharp!e   4 star

Suggestion. It’s a great app, but I suggest adding a split-screen function that would enable you to open multiple doc’s at once. It may come in handy for lots of people:)

Nitroplays   5 star

Google docs. The best google and document app I have ever used!mind blown exploded

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