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It's the game The New York Times called a "Sensation," and Cosmopolitan said "will be the best dollar you've spent." Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show, and you can play with your friends!

From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents -- guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends' clues before the timer runs out!

Play one of the many exciting categories, or create a category all your own!

- Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time.
- Draw a new card simply by tilting your phone.
- Keep videos of your hilarious game play for your own amusement, or share them right to Facebook.
- Diverse categories let you challenge your smartypants friends and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app!

With 40+ themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop!

Decks include:
- Celebrities
- Movies
- Animals
- Accents
- Characters
- And lots more!

Game-nighters, your app is here.

Heads Up! App Description & Overview

The applications Heads Up! was published in the category Games on 2013-05-02 and was developed by Warner Bros.. The file size is 106.32 MB. The current version is 3.9.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Heads Up! Reviews


Always fun  Joeyg190  5 star

Easy to play and fun for all

Marlena Del Rey

Add greys  Marlena Del Rey  3 star

Please make a greys anatomy deck!!!!


So disappointed  mlmcguire  1 star

We played this game on my friend’s phone earlier today. I loved it so I downloaded it on mine. It opens the app but when I select a deck to play it cuts on me, no matter which deck I select. So disappointing :(


Heads up  keshiababy80  5 star

This game is so much fun. Fun for all ages! Highly recommended

👻 233

If y’all want to buy This app listen to me  👻 233  5 star

This app is so good 😊 when I went to Disneyland in Anaheim i saw people playing it in lines also I was too so if your waiting in line or wanted to play something GET THIS APP YOU WILL LOVE ❤️ IT


Great game but...  ukulu20  4 star

This game is fun & all but is there supposed to be sound during the video playback? Cos I can’t hear anything which takes away from the fun :( other than that, it’s a really addictive party game.


The best App  Lesbhonest_410  5 star

I love it!!


Restore purchases?  GiantsChick2121  3 star

It’s a good game but I accidentally deleted the app on my phone and went to download it back the next day and I don’t see any option to restore my purchases. I had spent like $15 on the various decks. I don’t think I’d continue using the app if there is no way to get the decks that I already paid for downloaded again. Shouldn’t it be connected to your Apple ID?


Great game with one MAJOR problem.  StarmasterSS  3 star

This is a fantastic game, very fun; however, the battery life usage is OFF the charts! I have had the app since yesterday and it's already in the last 24 hours has used 75% of my battery, with, get this, 1.1 HOURS on screen, with Audio! If this seems normal, my second most used app in the last 24 hours is Pinterest; I have used it for 1.3 hours on screen and only used up 9%!!! This app uses up battery WAY too fast. If you going to download the app I would ATLEAST recommend using it on an iPad Air or iPad Pro. (Something that actually has the battery power for this game.) An iPhone is NOT powerful enough for this. (I use an iPhone 6.) I hope you heed my warnings when you choose to download this.


Rip off  Rachill2013  3 star

After you purchase this app, you find out there’s only a few categories to choose from. Everything else you have to buy separately. That’s not cool :(


False advertising  Me21u  1 star

It said free! Not really!

western australian black mamba

Light it up  western australian black mamba  5 star

This game is lit


In app purchase failure  cPastudent2014  5 star

I purchased the baby shower deck and its still not available in my deck. Please advise.


Fun for everyone, but...  NichoJojo123456789  4 star

It's a good quiz game that is fun for the whole family, but some more Australian-themed questions.


So much fun!  Shitsoo  5 star

Love this game


Build your Own Deck Issues  ros_rulz  3 star

Build our own deck has bugs. When you try to remove old cards and create a new deck, the new cards don’t appear during game play, only the cards you thought you deleted! Please fix this bug!

Me maybe you

Ripped off!!!  Me maybe you  1 star

App Store said it was $1.50 but $6 was just withdrawn from my bank!


Great  Sahnsie  3 star

Love it

Plants vs zomeis 18

Limited time decks disappear!!!  Plants vs zomeis 18  4 star

There are limited edition free decks that are available sometimes. I got the Oscars and it disappeared. Same happened for the Chinese New Year deck and the Going In Style deck. Please fix this. Everything else is great except maybe the prices for additional decks.


Amazing!!  Gouldy084  5 star

Get this app if you want to have some fun!!


emi♡hohoemi_happy3 star

HEADS UP!ぜひCD化を!! 配信でもいいんだけどなぁ……


Kathryn SollySollyKathryn3 star

@yrotitna: @JanDubielEEX I agree having done the same all my working life but I have seen too many Reception & nursery teachers bullied…


Katie Dunnebackyounglibrarian3 star

@WOCInRomance: A gentle heads up, #WOCINROMANCE cannot contact any author on the behalf of any organization. If you see an author on our…


Teheheeh  SGAMATS  5 star


Create Nickname 1234567890 :)

I'm really upset  Create Nickname 1234567890 :)  1 star

I bought the friend's deck and it's not even there and it's still asking me to purchase it. Please fix this.


Can’t get into app  ElpheAI  1 star

With this update I can’t get past the title screen into the game! :(


Options  BugieFarmer  4 star

This game would be a lot better only if they had How I Met Your Mother!


Great game  Purple77ize  5 star

It's an iPhone essential


Perfect Group Game  Musiclover_12  5 star

So addicting! I've gotten all my friends into it!


It doesn’t work it says place on forehead I do the that and nothing! Plz fix this  king_of_05  1 star

By the way I have a 6


Love the game  Nickyangela25  5 star

Love the game so much


Lovvvve  Snake_Skin  5 star



Limited Time Longer Rounds?  timmc94  4 star

**With this update, there are now longer 90-second rounds! That sounds like an awesome idea and I can’t wait to try it with my friends. Why must this option be a limited time offering? It would be awesome to have more options — I’m thinking 120 seconds as well as a 30 second option — not to just have 90 seconds for “a limited time”. Oh well.** Heads Up is one of my favorite games to play with my friends as it’s always a ton of fun. I have purchased quite a few decks that match my interests and those of some of my friends, in an attempt to have a well-rounded selection for them to choose from… and so far it’s been really good, but I unfortunately think I need to purchase a few more to make the selection better as some of my friends can never find a deck they really want to play. Custom decks are amazing! My only complaint there is that you have to pay 99¢ for each one of them… and I’m not about to do that, especially when there are so many other decks that I’d rather buy than duplicates of the same blank DIY deck.

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