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What is heads up! app? It’s the game The New York Times called a “Sensation,” and Cosmopolitan said “will be the best dollar you’ve spent.” Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game by Ellen DeGeneres and is one of the best games to play with friends! Now available to play through Facetime - where you can play with friends and family all over the world!

Do you love playing charades games? Heads Up! is just that, a fun twist on charades! Just guess the word that's on your head as your friends shout clues your way during 60 seconds of guessing glory! From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents - the game categories are endless and the fun is unstoppable.!

Choose from one of many exciting game decks like Harry Potter, Friends, and Marvel, or create a category all your own!

How to play Heads Up:
Pick a category - check! One player holds the phone to their glorious forehead like a headband, and 3, 2, 1! Go! Guess the words on the screen as your friends excitedly shout out clues. Got an answer right? Ding! Tilt your head down and keep on ruling this guessing game, you genius! Can’t guess what it is? Don’t stress! Just tilt your head up and skip to a new word! It’s that simple. So just download, grab a group of friends, and let the party games begin!

Cool Game Features:
- Play with friends, family, or hundreds of players at once!
- Draw a new game card simply by tilting your phone!
- Keep videos of your hilarious game play for your own amusement, or share them right to Facebook
- Like to play games on zoom? Take your Heads Up game online
- Diverse categories let you challenge your smartypants friends and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app!

With 40+themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop!

Card Decks include:
- Celebrities
- Movies
- Animals
- Accents
- Superheroes
- Characters
- And lots more!

Game night fans, your new favorite charades app is here! What are you waiting for? Download today!

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Heads Up! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Heads Up! Version 5.1.4115 November 2022

Why can’t you trust atoms? Because they make up everything! This update contains some new holiday magic. Happy playing!.

Heads Up! Comments & Reviews 2023

- Best way to spend $1.00 ever!

Me and my family are constantly bored and can never find a game we all agree on. Whenever we introduced something into the house one person always says something negative about it and we end up abandoning it. Yesterday when I purchased this game, I had to entice the whole family to even get together to play this game. When I finally succeed in doing so we tried out the accent card list and we immediately all agreed this was the best game ever! This game really brought our family together after 3 years of complete utter boredom! Thank you! I really recommend getting the game, it’s not only good for family but it’s also a great game to play with freinds!

- Customer Service, or lack there of and deck problems

I used to love this game. It was a weekly game night activity with my family. However, one day, the app would not even open before it crashed. So, as many people do when troubleshooting, I deleted and again downloaded the app. When downloading, it gave me the ‘family download’ message, and being the only option, I of course used it. When I opened the new app, I could not restore purchases because I “do not own the app.” I have tried everything I could, and having done so, I did what the app said and contacted them about the error. I have emailed probably around six times with no response in about a month. I have purchased 9 decks, some on one account and some from the phone I am trying to get them back on. I understand that they don’t family share, which is kind of dumb but not the issue. The issue is I spent money on decks to get on my phone. I cannot get them back and the “customer service” won’t even respond. I just want my decks back. I spent money on them and I am VERY disappointed in the app service department because they are NOT doing their job. IF YOU HAVE FAMILY SHARING DO NOT BUY DECKS OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY

- Disappearing decks and the purple question mark?

I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this app! I have bought all the extra decks they have offered and tried to get all the free ones when they are offering them. Unfortunately this last time when I was trying to get the free Summertime by Halo Top deck it was not working and then it disappeared :( Also there is a deck that showed up one day that is purple with a yellow question mark. When I select that deck it freezes my app to where I have to completely quit out of the app and reload it to make it work again. I’m just wondering if anyone else is dealing with the same issue? I LOVE this game with all my heart and my goal is to own all of the decks! The only reason why I did not give this app 5 stars is because of the disappearing decks. It makes me very sad when I miss out on a deck. 😭 Other then that, I highly recommend this app because I doubt the missing decks doesn’t bother anyone else besides myself.

- I have no idea what to put for the title so here’s this

The reason I’m writing this review is because I would like to state an issue that I’ve found with this app. I have noticed that the cards for the same packs keep repeating in the same order and I’ve found the app hard to enjoy because of this. I try to play to pass time and this issue is making me feel like I’m forced to spend money on different packs to have different options for the cards. If you could please add more cards to use with the packs that’d be great. I would definitely update my rating and my review if you were able to fix this. This app has great potential and is very fun to play in my opinion, and I’d totally understand if you aren’t able to fix this issue for some reason, but I’d totally appreciate if you did. Thanks for reading my review, and I’m sorry if I wasted your time and for the tough criticism.

- It’s ok... 😐😕

This game costs a dollar sure but is it really worth it? The answer is NO. Ok I’ll admit it’s kind of fun but this game constantly crashes. Also coming back to how the game costs one dollar, the facts are that it only gives a few decks I’ve seen more on ripoff versions for FREE. And if you want more decks you’ve got to pay 20 bucks in 15 minutes or else it costs a whopping 100$!! But anyways if you’re looking to buy a fun family game or a game that you can play with friends, keep searching. Oh yeah one more thing. If your a developer and you’ve took the time time read this far thank you, and also about the constant crashing, this happens when I have my WiFi on and when I have my data on my phone on. Just saying, in case you want to fix this issue. (And I’ll change the rating to 5 star if that happens ;) .)

- Love this game, but…….!!!

This has to be one of the best games for family/friends gatherings but I don’t like that certain decks disappear, even if you paid to have all of the available decks. Once I claim a deck, whether free or paid, it should remain in my deck library. I notice when I receive a notification that a new deck is available I can click on the notification and the new deck is added to my decks but then I go back to look for it and it is gone. For those of us who paid to have ALL the decks, you should leave the free decks there for us to enjoy. Making them temporary stinks, especially if we want to go back to play them. And if that’s not an option, provide the option to make them permanent so we can continue having fun.

- Don’t waist time...GET THIS APP NOW 😃😃😃😃

Ok so every Thursday me and my family (just my mom and brothers and sister) I said we should play sherades but then I thought of heads up! We played for 30 minutes we didn’t have a lot of time left, and we laughed SO HARD! We laughed so hard we stared laughing crying!! 😂😂 and one of them my brother said “poo?” XD I could not stop laughing!! , one thing that we look at is the packs , they cost money but my mom bought all of them cause she wanted us to have fun, if you don’t wanna waist your money, just use the top ones. Over all this is our family night game so I recommen this app so get it free!!!

- Need to fix some bugs.

Well before I get into the bugs I just want to say this game isn’t expensive to waste on my whole family likes it. Me and my sister were bored in quarantine and we want to play a game but all of my board/card games are boring, so I said “ do you want to play heads up?” She insists. I purchased it anyways. We kept playing it and really love it. About the bugs, are very annoying. First of all, when I open a deck and press play instead of saying “ Put on your fore head” but it just flip over, Second of all the screen sometimes went blue and it is stuck there, Third of all after a deck the camera froze. All of the bugs can be only fix if I restart my phone 2 or 3 times. It is really annoying, I was hoping if you could fix it give me some advice.

- Bait and switch

I’ve played this game on a few other friends phones and absolutely love it, so I decided it was time that I give it a download. After I paid the $.99, I was prompted that they were offering a sale on some of their other packs to play for $20. It was over a $100 value for just 20 bucks so I thought I was snagging a great deal! After I purchased the limited time offer, I was promptly notified that I had been charged $45 dollars instead of the 20 that I thought I was spending. After fuming about that for a few minutes, I still decided to play a few rounds so I booted up the game and selected a category only to get stuck on the “place on forehead” screen. I don’t know if either of these instances were possible bugs or glitches, but I’m very very displeased with how my experience has been thus far with Heads Up.

- LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF IT but I have one suggestion!

I’ll start by saying my spouse and I LIVE (went to type love, autocorrected to live, that also works, I’m going with it) this game, and we were super stoked to have the 90 second time limit! My suggestion would be to have the option to have a longer time limit...I’m absolutely certain that a chunk of your users smoke marijuana (legally, of course.....😑), and to be honest, the longer time limit is pretty darn necessary. I (I mean they...) would probably pay for it in an in app purchase, $1.99 sounds pretty good, just sayin’

- Great game, but the more you spend, the less it works

I love this game and have bought all the decks. I greatly regret buying them, though. The more you buy, the less the game works. I can’t really even access most of the decks I’ve purchased because the game freezes or crashes as I attempt to scroll down. Also, every time you buy deck packages, it comes with a lot of build-your-own decks. That’s fine, but the problem is you have to scroll through dozens and dozens of blank decks to get to the decks you’ve paid for. There is no way to rearrange, prioritize, or delete decks. There is also no way to contact support to tell them of these issues or ask for a refund, since the game doesn’t work.

- No features/customization. Constant annoying pop-ups!

The expectation when you buy a paid app is that you're *not* going to be inundated with a million little pop ups expecting you accidentally click/spend more money. the core gameplay is fun and I don't mind that they add different pop culture references behind paid additional "decks", but the 60 second rounds are far too short and there's no way to lengthen them. Worse yet, between every 60 second round is an ad that takes up most of the screen estate trying to sucker you into buying paid features. Very sorry state for the game to be in when you spend more time trying to click through the menus than actually playing the game. Don't recommend it all.

- Great game, but......

After playing it for two nights straight with the same people, we’ve been through all the free decks and can easily give clues to achieve correct guesses. Gets boring quickly. Now of course, there are lots of other decks that can be purchased, but for .99¢ each and with no option to just purchase all decks for a “discounted” rate, I don’t think we’ll be playing for much longer unless something changes. Don’t get me wrong, we had lots of fun the first night, but come on. Had to purchase the app and now I’m supposed to purchase each add-on as well. Sorry Ellen. Im not that rich. Wanna help us out?

- Lots of laugh

I love this game and its very addictive.i am a social worker in the foster care field and to alleviate our day my colleagues and I spend our lunch time playing this game. This definitely gives us a good laugh after stressful events. My only issue with app is that on my iPad once "it's times up" it automatically kicks me off the game which is very annoying. I have been using my iPhone but the iPad is better for the amount of people that are playing. Another issue the purchases don't sync the same in me iPad or iPhone don't know why. I hope this issue can be fixed. Other than that its an amazing game.

- Great Game—Bothersome Issues with Gameplay

Our family plays this game every night after dinner. We love it. It’s the only game I’ve ever paid for extras. But there are fixes needed for for some of the decks. For example, the contrast for the Harry Potter cards is too soft—for some weird reason the cards don’t used the rich blue background and white text. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Also in the football deck, a card erroneously lists the “Stanford Cardinals.” Its singular: “Cardinal.” When this card comes up, we suddenly realize that the creator of the deck doesn’t know college football.

- Used to love this game but the app never works

This is the best game, but the app hasn’t worked for months and I do every update they provide. Some of their updates even list out the exact problems I’m seeing and they say that latest update is supposed to fix the problem, so I’m obviously not the only one having the issues. But the updates never fix it and actually have made it worse over time. Wish I could play this game again!

- Can’t share decks?!?

I purchased this app for my son in order for him to play with his friends as well as our family when waiting in various lines. It is rather annoying to have to buy additional decks, but I was shocked when I found out that the decks cannot be accessed by my own family members on their respective phones. I had downloaded the Harry Potter, Marvel bundle and Star Wars decks onto my phone with the reasonable expectation that my wife, son and daughter would be able to use them as well. It is understandable that Ellen DeGeneres would want to make money, but it is terribly petty and unbecoming to be this greedy. As I stated above, it is reasonable to charge money for specialty decks, but unscrupulous to not be transparent wherein these decks cannot be shared whilst the actual app can be shared.

- Decks I paid for are gone & customer service app support won’t help

I’ve purchased many MANY decks over the years. I’ve tried downloading/redownloading & “Restoring My Deck Purchases” countless times on the App but nearly all my purchased decks are gone. They dissappeared, were wiped clean. The only option is to keep re-buying everything I’ve already paid for over & over to get it to stick. I’ve tried emailing Head’s Up App support numerous times w/ no response. They can continue to add new seasonal decks & do updates but they don’t have the decency to reply to paying customers who’ve helped contribute to this game’s profittable success. Can someone from support please kindly contact me!? I just want the game decks I paid for back (I have my iTunes receipt emails as proof!). Thank you.

- Great game but you need to fix this

I just recently bought the game and personally I think it is amazing. I bought a few of the packs and one of them was the write your own deck. It was working well but when we started to play after we got the word it wouldn’t go to the next card it was stuck on that card and we couldn’t get it to go to the next. That needs to be fixed whenever you can or we just do t know how to play heheh. Other than that amazing game I’d recommend this to everyone I know but pls fixed this asap or I would like a refund

- Lots of fun, but...

This game is perfect for family fun, coworker team building and all around holiday ice breakers. People of all ages can enjoy. I’ve essentially played so much, I’ve exhausted the decks and am frequently getting repeats. When I went to purchase more decks, the button keeps loading a price and never lets me buy. We were going to buy 10-20 (to even 40!!) more decks and couldn’t get it to load despite app, phone, data/wifi restarts. Oh well, still love this game!

- So much fun, only one complaint

This game is soooo much fun and it’s great for playing with friends, there is only one drawback to the costume decks (which are ¢99 each), there is no way to reset them! I have bought 3 costume decks already and created about 600+ cards on each but they’ve gotten boring since they’re quite old, and the only way to reset them is to swipe left on each card which would take forever. I just hope they add a costume deck reset button because it would be very useful and would compensate better the ¢99 we pay for each.

- Paid to get advertisements

LOUD! My phone is on silent, volume turned all the way down. I purchase the app, we had been having fun with a free knock-off so surely the real thing will be a blast right? App is downloaded. And I open it up. BLARING music tgat won’t stop. Why can’t I find some app settings button?!? All I want to do is make the sound stop or quieter. The sensory overload kept me from mentally processing what the app was doing or tried to do; until I read another review. Pay $2 to get a 25 minute advertisement to buy packs of cards; and per other reviews if you buy “all” packs, you don’t get all packs. WB got very greedy with this one, apparently digital gaming is killing their business for them to stoop to tactics like this. I used the report a problem to request a refund as the app didn’t work as I expected it to. I would never, no not ever, have expected to be subjected to a 25 minute ad, with no way to bypass it, in any game, much less one I just paid to download. This game re-taught me to read critical reviews; especially for pay to download apps.

- Fun! But...

I've had this app on my phone for 2 years now and have had lots of fun playing it w/family & friends. I've used it while waiting in line for concerts and it definitely makes the time fly in a very enjoyable way. The only problem I'm now experiencing is the inability to make my own cards. I've enjoyed that feature a lot and have written to the developers for help, but I have yet to hear from them. I will update this review when/if this problem is taken care of.

- Increase the game time

All is great in this game except the 1 minute limit on the game. I wish it was something you can alter, as in one minute you get only few answers. Especially if you take a deck where you have to act it out without words. That takes longer and the game is over after just a few questions. Also the one we play with kids. Same thing. They need more time to think about it and get really upset that it’s over so soon. It discourages then and they don’t feel like playing again cuz they feel like failures.

- App Crashes before it Opens

Let me start by saying, I love playing this app so much! That said, I have been unable to open this app since the update. This has happened in the past, but I have been able to troubleshoot it by restarting my device or making sure my IOS was up to date. This time is different. When I click on the game app, I get the welcome screen for about a half second before it crashes. I’m afraid to delete and redone load the app because I have purchased about 15 decks over the last 4 years. I’m getting no responses from the email support and I’m very frustrated. I love this game. It’s is especially great to play while social distancing. Now, I have to rate it 1 star because I can’t even play it. Total bummer.

- Really fun

This game is really a lot of fun and it’s easy for families to play anywhere at anytime as long as you have your phone,table,laptop or whatever your may be playing on. I saw a lot of people saying that it’s a rip off or it’s not fun and boring, but my family gets bored of games quickly, but we have been playing “Heads Up” for over 3 months now and we’re not bored! I do have one suggestion for you, if maybe you could make some more topics like celebrities and popular shoes\clothing brands. Thank you guys so much for making such a fun game!

- Heads up

I like this game because it is where if it is game night or something like that it is where you and your family can play it is like one person has the phone on there four head and then the other people have to acted it out then with the person who has the phone and if they did not get it right then it is on to the nexts persons turn also if you get one right you would put your face down then put it back up.

- New update.

Since the new update the game is freezing at the times up screen. I have tried restarting my phone and restarting the app multiple times. I have enjoyed this game for years now and hope this can be fixed. Just had another update and the same issues freezing at the times up screen. Please make sure that stops happening after updates. And yet again the app has issues after an update. This time the app completely crashes when trying to open it. Very disappointing.

- Disappointed

Ok say my Moms friends birthday was coming up so we had a party we were thinking fun games to play so my mom got the app and this is where it all started going down hill so we discussed to get the karaoke pack it was 1.99 so my mom said what the heck sure she bought and it was all songs that nobody knew so then we saw an Avengers one so we were like ohh okay so my mom but it for 3.99 and some of the questions was from D.C sand some of them didn’t even make sense so I wrote review to just tell y’all don’t buy and of the packs unless you like not common songs. P.s the game branded is amazing on the app and it’s free.


This is a very great game and when I played it with my friends and family, we were all cracking UP!!! This game is so super and since we all love it, we play it EVERY dang DAY!!! And on the every dang day, we play it till my phone dies😀😀😀. And also when I wanna do another deck, you have to pay. I’m not getting mad or frustrated, it’s just I wanna play the decks that you need to buy that you won’t get to play. thank you for listening inventor of this app. Ps:please reply when you get my point. Thank you 😊

- Great but....

Ok there is just a few things to adjust for one I’m a kid so I can only pretty much play the animal one 🤷‍♂️ and I’m not buying the kid one because that one is just meh. So maybe add another version and also i would like to be able to set the amount of time and adjust some things but overall if you don’t have anything to do and you want to kill time with friends then buy this. It still is great even without my recommendations because I play this when waiting for lines in six flags and it is just perfect.

- What happened ?

I first downloaded this game 6 months ago, and my boyfriend and I loved it. I wound up deleting it because we stopped using it as often, and just recently brought it back. I had purchased several decks and now they won't re download. Also, the constant ads before each round are ridiculous. Having to sit through a 30 second ad every time I play a round led me to just deleting the app again. Also, since it won't let me re download my decks, we've just been playing the free rounds, and more than a couple times I've sat through the ad, and then the app dies. When I bring it back, it says I already used my free round. Overall, very unhappy with how it's changed

- Allen is the best

I love your game it is fantastic my husband even plays and is silly which is really hard for him. He also has no knowledge of anything current which makes it all the more fun. When we first got married he didn’t know who Taylor Swift was. I not much better to be honest. But you bring happiness and fun to our home Thanks so much Ellen for being you. I couldn’t help myself I thought the name thing was hilarious. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

- Please fix this game

The game is mis-programmed glitchy or broken and needs an update or someone made a bad call in marketing!! We have been enjoying this game for over 5 years. We recently bought all the packs and noticed the app updated. The game no longer plays as it was originally designed. When you open a deck to play (on almost every deck), it plays the exact same cards as it did on the previous round. So we can no longer play and compete and if we enjoy a deck we only can play one round without having to skip the 1st 10-15 cards to get to new ones. Please fix the game! This has been a family favorite and we would love to see it go back to its original design. Also, since this is a family game, it would be nice to have the feature back that allows you to put away decks that aren’t being used or may not be appropriate for children (when we bought the multipack deal it game with several adult decks that we wouldn’t have otherwise purchased).

- Fun, but their sales are misleading

This is a fun game, but be sure to read the fine print and double check your purchases. I was just charged $10 for a ‘free’ Oscars deck that I got a toast notification about being free for today only and I used the toast notification to find it. Overpriced for a single deck in the first place, let alone the misrepresentation of saying it’s free when it wasn’t. There’s no way to contact the developer in the app, so if they don’t see this and correct the charge I will have to contact my bank to request a chargeback

- Best Game Ever

This game is easy to learn, fun to play with family and friends, and always gets a good laugh. I love how it records so you can always save the funny ones if you’d like. Honestly the best game ever! Definitely would recommend. The only thing is I wish they had some more free categories but honestly I use this app so much I don’t mind $ for some extra sets! The Just Kidding Cards are my favorite Section!

- Restoring Purchases is not Working

Deer Ellen, My name is Gage. I’m 11 years old and a member of family sharing with my mom and my dad. My dad downloaded BYOD (build your own deck) so I could download it thru family sharing on my own device. Ellen. No matter how hard I try. I am unable to download it to my device. My dad has even tried to buy it again but that didn’t work either. Ellen. I love how you play heads up! And I will be happy to give five stars when I can download or buy BYOD. From Gage .L. Simpson. P.S I challenge you to a game of heads up! ❤️💜

- Lack of privacy

Bought this for my kids because all their friends have it. I noticed at the end of the round, that it was displaying a live video taken from the selfie camera on the front of my phone. There was no option to turn it off within the game. Actually I couldn't find options at all in the game. I went to my phone settings and found camera access was enabled. I never got a pop up requesting permission. Lots of other pop ups trying to sell additional decks. And the game freezes up whenever you scroll. Overall I'm very disappointed. I don't expect glitch issues from a paid app. And I won't tolerate privacy issues.

- Getting an error message

I bought this app awhile ago and didn’t have any problems with it. I just downloaded it again (had removed it off my old phone awhile back) and for some reason, keep getting an “SKERROR DOMAIN” message whenever I want to restore my purchases or try to download a free deck. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the app itself throughout the day but I still get the same message. It says to contact them if it keeps happening but the developer website link just goes to the ellentube page??? I didn’t see anything about how to connect with someone other than to appear on the show, etc. Does anyone know how to fix this?

- Endless fun from this app

Idk, it’s fun to pass the time. When we’re bored me and my friends play this for literal hours. Some of the decks are a little hard but it’s fun when we actually know something in the category. Endless inside jokes from playing this game. One of my fave apps. It’s always annoying when there’s in app purchases but some of the decks are so fun I don’t mind paying the like two dollars for them.

- Love this ❤️

I just downloaded this app and I love it so much! My cousin was just visiting for 2 weeks and when we were bored we would just play this. It comes with a good amount of free decks and the ones that aren’t free are only 99 cents. I do have a suggestion for a new deck though. You could make one of the greatest showman. It would be so fun to try to act out and guess the scenes. So everyone that reads this... download this app!

- Great fun!

SUPER FUN AND ADDICTING GAME! My only concern is with the weekly changing mystery deck. I have had the same mystery deck for over a month know and don’t get me wrong I LOVE branded it is actually my favorite deck but I would love to try some new ones. Please let me know if I miss understood what the “mystery deck” does and I will be happy to give y’all 5 stars! If I was correct I hope you are able to fix it! Again love this game...I just want it to be the best, most functional, and fun it can be! Thanks!

- App runs great but support is horrible

My family and I play this game all the time together and never had an issue. That is until I upgraded my phone. It says that you can restore all of the packs you purchase in the app but that is not entirely true. You can only restore the individual ones you purchase. If you purchase one of their sale pack sets you will not restore those. I have emailed support numerous time and there has been 0 response. If you are going to buy things in this game make sure you buy each one individually so that you don’t have this problem.

- Used to be a five star game

I played this game when it first came out, it was an awesome family game and we had a lot of fun playing it. After a while the limited amount of cards got boring and repetitive, sadly the content included in the price feels more like a free to play game not a game you actually have to buy. It’s extremely annoying to want to play but have to purchase everything separately. There are plenty of apps like this one that are almost exactly the same but include more content and allow you to unlock other packs without paying money, and those apps are free.

- App Keeps Shutting Down

I played this game when it first came out and it was a fun, and the new packs have definitely made it even better. I also love that you can play a free round of a pack you don’t own if you watch an ad, but every time the ad ends, the app shuts down, and the option for a free round is no longer available for that pack so I just have to buy the pack to know how it is. Hope this gets fixed and I somehow get my free rounds back because I never got to play them. For that I have to take off two stars

- I love this game and it’s great for the entire family.

We have such a great time playing. There is a deck for everyone including each of our favorite shows. We play at dinner, we play at Disneyland while in line, we play for family game night. It’s so much fun and we always look for new decks. And for just adults it’s fun to see us all try to guess, just add alcohol and the silliness quadruples. Get this app, you won’t regret it.

- Love the app! Klondike not so much :(

We love playing this game! I’m up to 11 decks since I got the free Shake It Up deck yesterday. I followed the instructions 3 different times yesterday for getting a Klondike coupon and an Oops! error message appears on the Klondike website. I can call them Monday but want you to know that while I very much appreciate the free deck this is a frustrating experience with Klondike.

- Love the game, lost a deck

Love the game. Tons of free content if you pay attention. Would leave as five stars but I have to remove half a star since my Transformers Deck was removed (and i guess i have to round up since there are no half stars). Last time I was in the game, my Bumblebee deck “Dynamic Duos” was glitched and wouldn’t open. It was off to the side at the bottom of my archive and I couldn’t move it. Now it is missing. Was this deck removed from everyone that had it in their collection?

- Not for the family

I like this game but the biggest problem I have with it is just how hard it is to play with people who aren't just millennials or super on top of current entertainment and stuff. So few decks can be played by a wide spread of generations. Ive played with teenagers and they don't get most of the references. And Ive played with my parents and they don't get all the other references. Its too “pop culture-ey”.... I wish there were more decks that could be topics everyone might know... like more educational decks or something like that.

- Ughhh

A nice game but what annoys me is that you have to pay for like all of the categories! You already have to pay a dollar for the game do they really think that I am going to spend another ten dollars to get what seven more categories?!? It is really frustrating because when you first get the game you only get nine sets to choose from and the only way to get more is to pay. It is a good game and enjoy playing in but am constantly annoyed with the fact that I will only be able to play certain ones

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- Why 'Heads up’ is a good game

My crazy family and I L-O-V-E this game. It is so fun that we can’t stop playing. During Chinese Lunar New Year all of us were drunk and could not stop playing and fell asleep on the couch!!!😂 Even the kids came down from their rooms to see what the adults were doing and ended up joining in. We play this EVERYWHERE. My cousin who was ‘acting calm’ suddenly got up , bent over and started smacking his bottom. All of us stoped and looked at him. The person guessing thought that it was wiping your bottom instead of HORSE RIDING . This was the most memorable moment I’ve ever had. If you consider purchasing this app , I’m warning you that everyone will love ❤️ this game as much as I do

- Funnnn game!!!

Me and my partner travel all over the world.. and we get those low times where we’re drinking... everything is closed... and we have no service... no dice.. no cards.. and fortunately enough I have this game and it GETS US GOING! Definitely worth the 2 bucks.. even 15.. love every minute!


Heads Up, I love your game that I’ve purchased multiple decks. When I got a new iPhone I contacted your support team through email asking how I could transfer these purchased decks to my new device (because ‘restore purchases’ wasn’t working even though both devices are logged into the same Apple ID and both apps are connected to iCloud). I’ve received no response in almost 2 months, even after sending a couple more emails and sending a message to your Facebook page. I love the game but it’s such a waste of money if I can’t restore my decks. The fact that I haven’t received help from the support team after I’ve tried to contact you multiple times has been a massive let down!

- Times up screen staying on

This app is so much fun and I can’t stop playing it but recently it has decided to become stuck on the times up screen and won’t let me see anything past that I’ve tried re-downloading the app and even restarted my iPhone but neither of them have seemed to work Can someone tell me why this is happening and if it’s fixable?

- Not a bad app, but the Adults Only DLC is horrible

So the app itself is pretty fun, so much so that I decided to pay 50% off ($8) and buy the adults only expansion pack and it was a huge waste of money. All the cards seem like they’re made for 12 year olds.. the so called level 4 extreme adult is depict “brunch,” “Advil” and “lake.” I fail to see how one pays $8 for 4 levels of “adult” and receives such ridiculous charades on the so called extreme level. Definitely regret the $8 additional content.. All I can say is weak effort on that one.

- Great family fun!

Fun for the whole family, my kids luv it too, makes a change from games one plays in isolation to those around you, we all get involved.

- Terrible!

There are a few fantastic ‘Heads Up’ games already free with lots and lots of free modes to play. However this costs money and also has only 8 modes to play from and after about 2 rounds you run into the same cards! They say one mode has new cards every week but it has been 2 weeks with the same deck. Also has lagged a few times and haven’t been able to play. I do not recommend this - go download the one called ‘Charades’ for free

- Fix up your special

It’s ect annoying to be offered the blast from the past pack at $4.99 yet when you go to purchase it it’s $7.99. Please fix this Great game otherwise that I highly recommend

- Not happy

This app was really great until something stuffed it up I don’t know if it was the recent update or what but I’ve deleted the app and got it again and it still has issues. When you finish a game it does not load the score/answers and gets frozen then when u restart the game it has the same words in the set to give clues/ guess.

- Isolation Challenge

Perfect game for the whole family in these challenging times. Stops fights and calls of ‘He’s cheating’, because we know, he’s not.

- Limited time decks disappear!!!

There are limited edition free decks that are available sometimes. I got the Oscars and it disappeared. Same happened for the Chinese New Year deck and the Going In Style deck. Please fix this. Everything else is great except maybe the prices for additional decks.

- Heads up.

Despite this app being a fun and social game to play with friends or family - you pay for the app but then have to pay for packs within the app which gets ridiculous. You have bare basics and that is not fun to play over and over again. It shouldn’t be more to pay if you want to play games with different themes.

- Amazing Game but don’t make the mistake I did.

Look it’s an Amazing Game, but be careful not to send an instant replay of your hilarious but embarrassing game to a person that you don’t want seeing it. Overall great game. :)

- Build your Own Deck Issues

Build our own deck has bugs. When you try to remove old cards and create a new deck, the new cards don’t appear during game play, only the cards you thought you deleted! Please fix this bug!

- Glitchy

When I saw the reviews I was really excited but when I opened it it was glitchy and wasn’t working.

- Bug

This game overall is fun but I wanted to play it one day with my brother it asked me to face the camera to my friend i did but the game never started so I deleted it and re downloaded it and tried again but the same thing happened please help me if you can

- Waste of money

Such a waste of money and false advertising! I brought the adults only version and the most adult only word i found was “hunks”? $9 for nothing! When you buy the adults only version you expect inappropriate words! So so disappointed and deleted the app straight away! Wish i didnt waste my money! I actually liked the free version better.

- The best family game.

Competitive game, recommend this game for some family fun. 10 stars.

- Scam Warning do not Download this game!!!

I have downloaded this paid $15 for a pack of +20 Decks they charged me and I didn’t get not even 1 extra deck from the pack... They take your money and never give you what you buy for. This is stealing in a different way. Imagine how much they earn just by robbing like this, $15 x 100 people are $1500. Extremely disappointed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!

- Needs Updating

Lots of fun but decks need to be updated with new questions to keep it fresh. Also the new Avengers deck is rubbish! It has barely any variety with the same clues coming up again and again - not worth $4.50!

- Add full screen support for iPad Pro 11 Inch

I’ll admit, this game is really fun especially in parties. Every’s perfect, except...you have not added full screen support for the new iPad Pro 11 inch. Please update as soon as possible!

- Horrible interface

The premise of the games are great, building on celebrity heads and charades, but the app design is awful. Everything from being spammed with attempts to sell you more, to just simple design oversights, like not having audio controls. An app like this needs to be better to use than playing the traditional way with cards, and with the exception of having the video replay, it really isn’t any better. There is no reason to pay money for this app

- So fun for all my family

It is a really great game for all the family and just fun to play with friends

- Same cards

Repeats through the same 10 words, once you play a deck it doesn’t reset like act it out which should have heaps of other options but like I said it keeps repeating the same words in the same order

- Glitches and takes me back to my home screen

When I try to open certain decks, it just glitches and takes me back to my home screen. It’s really frustrating as I can’t play these decks

- Unplayable

The game cannot be played because it freezes as soon as you press “Play”. It has been like this since December. Updates have not fixed the freezing issue, contrary to what the developer has said.

- 5/5

Love this game so much!! Definitely recommend

- Not worth it

I bought this because I have played it with my friends before and had a great time, no issues. I downloaded it myself and I can’t get past the starting screen with the decks. Unplayable

- Please fix this.

It’s a fun little game to play with friends but mine keeps getting stuck on the time’s up screen. After that I can’t do anything so I have to reload the app if I want to play again.

- Cj

Family Fun for everyone at any age - we played on holidays and at friends homes- good times...

- Good concept the app never works

This game literally never works, you pay for it only to pay for more games that have no idea when you’ve tilted up or down and when you “place on forehead” it has no idea when you do. DO NOT BUY.

- In app purchase failure

I purchased the baby shower deck and its still not available in my deck. Please advise.

- Never works

So I pressed play and it began loading but after it finished it kicked me out! Please fix this or do something and yes I tried multiple times, turned it on and off, etc. please fix this or whatever! Thank you.

- Amazing app

I love this game so much great for the whole family I definitely recommend it I LOVE IT SO MUCH

- Got 12, anyone beat this?

Let’s start a forum on this.

- Constantly freezes

Such a shame that this game constantly freezes as it’s a really fun game when it works ! There are obviously bugs in the game that need to be sorted out

- Radzy

Awesome game! So many laughs. Heaps of fun! For an extra bit of fun play naked. We did🤣🤣

- Marvel deck

I think the Marvel deck should specify that it is from the comics and not the movies. I spent $15 on a group of Marvel decks and we didn’t know 3/4 of the characters so it was a waste of money. If we’d known it was comics and not movies we would never have bought it.

- Fun for everyone, but...

It's a good quiz game that is fun for the whole family, but some more Australian-themed questions.

- Wish I could play it

This app is super buggy, tried re-installing it twice and it still won’t work properly on my phone, just keeps freezing :(

- Words are too Americanized

Difficult for people where English is their second language and all terms are VERY American NOT Australian friendly!!

- Limited content

unless you pay more

- Laughs for hours

A very fun time

- Dont waste the bandwidth downloading this.

They supposedly fixed the bug that freezes the game after 1 round, it still freezes.

- Great game

It’s a great game and fun to play with everyone but I downloaded it on my iPhone and it cost $1.50 yet on Samsung’s it’s free? Someone explain?

- Utter toilet

Utter toilet. For $2.99 you get a few terrible choices. The rest, you have pay more for. I can’t even find a normal charades game.

- Omg it’s for free!

I always wanted to play this game but it costs money so I didn’t get it eventually u guys made it free! So happy!

- Boo

Shameless grab for cash You’re much better off writing your own cards and sticking them on your forehead

- New update has ruined my game night!

App won’t even open crashing and has ruined our game night not happy ad all

- Don’t waste your money

$1.49 for hardly any categories. All other categories are expensive. Don’t waste your money.

Payoneer 💰

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- Really good fun!

Super fun!! Better than catch phrase!

- One billion games played!

Got a new deck for free. I love this game! ❤️

- Don’t buy the packs!

The game itself is great but the packs are definitely not worth the price.

- Good👍

Good and fun game with friends. A really good ice breaker

- Let Down

Tried this for a girls game night. Differences between Samsung and Apple versions make it irritating. (Apple version Did bit have the same categories and Samsung got the app for free!!). Many duplications in the words being guessed from round to round. And the assortment of categories you get for the initial app purchase is super small. They want you to pay a lot extra to get more (better) “deck” options. Felt like it promised way more than what was delivered. Disappointing.

- Sad

Thought there would be more free games. What did I pay for…

- No Options?

What’s going on with this game? I used to play with friends years ago and enjoyed it. I just recently bought this for myself and there are very few options, to the point where it’s unplayable after a few rounds. You’ve already seen all the prompts. Terrible experience!

- App crashes repeatedly!

Used to love playing this game, but now the app keeps crashing. It opens the app for maybe 2-3 seconds then crashes ! Please fix this issue!

- Frustrating

App keeps closing. Can’t play it now

- Technical issues

I would give this game 5 stars it is so much fun, but it keeps freezing or closing. Not just my phone, on all family phones.

- Ellen had the best games!

Absolutely love it! My fav is the homemade decks!

- Great app

Kids love it and loads of fun to entertain with!

- Super Fun! Can't stop playing it!

This is an awesome game! I have no doubt sides to it! Me and my Mom, Dad, Brother And sister enjoy it lots! And it's made by ELLEN!!!!


I purchased the game, loved it. Decided to purchase the biggest add on. $55 After addon game freezing every turn. Deleted and redownloaded. Same issue. Doin same thing on my 3 devices. Contacted Apple. Denied Refund. Appealed. Denied Refund again. Apple told me to contact Developer. Contacted Developer. No reply. Contacted Apple again. Was told try to contact Developer again. I did. No Reply AGAIN. I am out $55 and their policy is No Refund. I don’t understand why I do not qualify for a refund. I have been with Apple for many years and spent a lot of money. I have never been treated like this. Do not get this app and do not pay for any add-ons. This app is not worth the money u will spend. HORRIBLE SERVICE

- Brent and Kyle rule

Brent and Kyle are the best players ever!!

- Re-purchase???

Uninstalled the game that I bought off the App Store for a while and when I reinstalled it, they want me to pay $27??? Kinda weird please fix that bug. Would like to get my money back if it keeps asking me to pay.

- Crashes suddenly

The app crashes before I even play anything. Also, ask for money for everything. Terrible software engineers, I guess

- Updates too often with bugs

Sometimes the app works great, but I went to play this a week ago and the same cards repeated each time you replayed a category. Still hasn’t been patched. It updates way too often to try to have fun themes which causes bugs to regularly be introduced.

- Awesome!

Love it!

- Repeats?!

I love the game, but after years of playing it’s repeat after repeat.

- Please fix!

I’ve have this app/game for a long while now and I’ve never had any problems with it till now. Every deck that I try and play on is repeat, nothing changes during rounds. Please fix this problem.

- embarrassing

The game has a shuffling problem. Ellen really too broke to get better app developers? Embarrassing

- Deck randomization is broken

After a recent update most if not all decks present the same questions in the same order if replayed.

- Isn’t working

Initially it was fine. Bought it a few weeks ago and had a fun night of playing games. Was disappointed in the lack of game options and prices for more but none the less would have given it about three stars. It’s been broken the last few days and even though I’ve shut down the app it continues to have the same order of questions with block busters first guess always being black swan followed by happy Gilmore and top gun. Please fix!

- Way too expensive

Bought this app as it says over 75 decks but after purchasing I realized that it has very few decks which are free… all other decks you have to purchase. I have one more free version (from different developer) which has way more decks then this app. I was expecting more decks that user can play without paying money for the price of app.

- Disappointing

It was great until they jacked the prices. Repetitive answers over and over again, but more money is what they want and what every page says. Just disappointing. Purchase the app just to purchase the decks. It’d be nice if we knew where all this selfish money is going.

- This game is garbage cause of triangle chips


- Custom deck

How do you make a custom deck in 2022?

- Doesn’t work after “place on forehead”

Doesn’t work after “place on forehead”. I shouldn’t have purchased it. :(

- Unbelievable paywall

This game used it be lovely, but something happened and now you get a grand total of 6 basic packs from purchasing the game. SIX!!! This game has a total of 10 minutes of playability that may or may not be fun because of the lack of choice. Everything else is $10 per pack which is unacceptable considering how this app used to be. DO NOT BUY unless you have a weird passion for acting out farm animals for 30 mins straight

- Cool

I like marble

- Extra Purchase

I paid the extra limited time deal. It said it came with 110 decks. The advertised price on the app said $20, the App Store purchase was actually $27, $7 not that big of a deal, but say it’s $27, not $20. Then after I purchased the decks, the is not 110 decks, there’s only 101.

- Horrible User Experience!! After purchasing decks, don’t see most of them.

I purchased the big bundle of decks and just get a random single row. Horrible Horrible UI. Before the purchase the user interface was better! So do NOT BUY the bundle for decks, it will ruin your usability!

- I love it but

I really love the game but it will only open for like 1 to 2 minutes and the my green goes black then goes back to my home screen I would love to play this game but it won’t work please reply back ps I am a huge fan of your game

- In app purchase

I really love the free pack of the app but the one you have to pay are not worth it Love it tho

- Doesn’t work

Game says “ Place on forehead” even after we have done that.

- Great Game for Friends, Family and parties.

Such an awesome game to play with friends and family! Couldn’t stop laughing.

- False price

It told said I had a discount on a pack for 5.99 but charged me 8.99 with tax it ended up costing me double

- Please in French

When we’re gonna have a French version?

- Happily redeemed “all decks for $27.99 CDN!”

Only to find another bundle for the marvel decks for cheaper… which were what I wanted in the first place… 😩 Thought I’d get the whole set to support but I’m not spending twice the money… How do I get a refund if possible please?

- Unacceptable!

I would rate less than 1 star if I could! I’ve had this game for a while, and have bought multiple decks. When I switched phones and re-downloaded it, I can’t restore my purchases! I want my decks or I want the money I spent on them back!!

- What a waste

Anywhere from $13 - $20 for a “deck”? You get a weird Ellen ad every time you open the app. The app constantly freezes (which means you have to restart with the weird ad). I paid $2.75 for the app and paid $7 for a “deck” and finally got past the freezing and when we would guess the answer, we had to wait for the timer to run out. Used to be so fun, now is lame and boring

- Big scam

Downloaded the app and only got advertisements to buy books! Game not even working Outrageous

- Free deck for 2.79$

So i got a notification to get a free deck! Yay! Click on the free deck and it asks for 2.79$ Love your game but fix it please!

- Great app but..

Amazing app, family and I always have fun with it, only fours stars though because Ellen doesn’t deserve more than that after her behaviour

- Get ripped and play this

Me and a couple friends took edibles to play this game. We have been playing for 2 hours straight. That and 5 stars.

- Badly run

The app itself is a fun game but if you ever have a problem with a purchase never expect any help. I’ve bought multiple packs and if ever I get a new phone or delete the app for space and reinstall I loose my purchases and nothing will restore them. Have contacted developer multiple times of the last few years and never heard back

- Good! But...

This game is really fun! I love it! It’s just that whenever I try to scroll through the decks, it closes the app. There’s a lot of other small glitches too. I didn’t have this problem before, a long time ago this app worked just fine, but now it keeps closing. Soooo, my suggestion is, if you want more people to get your game, try and fix some glitches. We want to be able to play normally! Thx

- When u spent $1.39 for the app, sorry there is more

Very bad app, u only have little cards to play with. If you want to play more category, u have to pay way more $. I d rather spent time on ad on there apps. Don't buy it.

- Not worth the $

Pay 1.39 to have the equivalent of a free purchase. They try to get you to spend anywhere from 5-20 dollars just to get enough cards to play more than one or two games.

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Heads Up! 5.1.41 Screenshots & Images

Heads Up! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Heads Up! iphone images
Heads Up! iphone images
Heads Up! iphone images
Heads Up! iphone images
Heads Up! iphone images
Heads Up! iphone images

Heads Up! (Version 5.1.41) Install & Download

The applications Heads Up! was published in the category Games on 2013-05-02 and was developed by Warner Bros. [Developer ID: 298372283]. This application file size is 196.97 MB. Heads Up! - Games app posted on 2022-11-15 current version is 5.1.41 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wb.Ellen.HeadsUp