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What is little empire online app? You will form your kingdom guard, conduct the archangel, mage, wolf rider and other unique units to protect your territories and fight together with the players worldwide in the game Little Empire, the epic 3D strategic RPG.

Developed and distributed by the top developer, Camel Games, Little Empire hit the top charts as long as it came to the market of mainland China, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and HK&Macao&TW. Now the brand new version has been launched in the market,. You will experience the splendid battlefield with the full 3D resolution gorgeous game screen.

You can develop your kingdom and alliance; assist to attack your enemies’ territories;
You can strengthen your domain and your castle; use tactics to overcome the strong;
You can practice with your friends and declare wars against your foes; challenge the angry dragon in the adventure alone;
Are you ready to meet more challenges on the way of conquering the whole world?

== Game Features ==
- First mobile game that using the most advanced skeletal animation techniques;
- More funs and surprises brought from the tactful formations;
- 3 different heroes to choose from, with different magic and spells. Also you can arrange two heroes on the battlefield together, one assisting another;
- 12 units reinforce and neutralize each other and with higher rank of your king, the units can be transformed to senior ones with peculiar spells;
- Hundreds of buildings can be dotted with and reinforce your own kingdoms;
- Legendary of the dragon slayer who defeat Medusa Dragon Dock and other bosses.

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How to contact Little Empire Online (Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited)?
Find this site the customer service details of Little Empire Online. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Little Empire Online Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Little Empire Online Version 1.26.202 July 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. 1.Adjustment on Hero Reputation, Honor, Hero medal 2.Adjustment on the level cap of technology, spell, exclusive spell, attribute of pets. 3.Adjustment and optimization on the attribute of equipment sets. 4.Optimized magic bond and some gems..

Little Empire Online Comments & Reviews 2022

- Little Empire

Game is to focused on grinding to death and should be an easy going game. The pricing on armor and weapons is to high adventures levels only exceed to 12 which is impossible to grind for gear. Glitches in the game, as well as poor content. Make easier and cheaper for us to buy. As well as making it more fun when it used to be back then. I lost my interest in this game and I’d played it for 3 years

- Fun game, but neglecting players

This company has made a decent game. The battling concept is unique and you can do various things with alliance members. However there is a huge problem with the game. As a lvl 1 you can practically unlock the end game armor for the heroes with enough grinding. This pretty much makes the rewards in half of the Adventure maps useless. Also there are many other issues in terms of the pricing for almost every item. All of this grinding and focus on the end game makes this game boring and most of the players quit because of this. The company need to focus on something other than the end game for once and stop milking it to death. Hell, add new troops at mid levels, give new content for the f2ps and they might spend money or tell their friends about the game. This game had a potential....

- I love the game

I really love this game I’ve played it since I was 8 and I’ve never had an issue with recovering my account and all the sudden I can’t but I don’t mind starting over what bugs me is the fact when I try to set my new account up and I type in my new name no matter what I put in it tells me that the name is already taken or has something that isn’t allowed in the name so I was wondering if it would be possible to make the naming part not so hard and with no restrictions on what characters I can have and how many plz and thank u.

- Still having Issues😢

You guy’s fixed it for me and when I opened the bag before the fragments I opened it and I can see all my presents that I haven’t opened and so then when I opened it, it just take me off the game and I have to open the game back again so I re-do it again and it happens again. Even in my other accounts. My accounts name is Warthunder101 I love the game and it’s really fun I have no other issues, besides this one thank you Little Empire your game is really fun and awesome.

- Updates or Feedback

This game is one of a kind. I am a devoted player for many years, but it seems as though over the past two or 3 years, Camel Games has intentionally abandoned its customers. Many of my alliance members and others to keep this short, have reached out to support desk a number of times over the last year and we receive no reply whatsoever. Camel is neglecting its customers and soon the game will end up dying because of it. Please, I’ve invested many years in to this game and I love it. Give us feed back Camel Inc. Do your job. People pay hundreds of dollars a year on this game. We demand for action. Please and thank you.

- Meh

Jesus Christ. This game is so boring after a while. I don’t understand why there is a limit to playing everyday, because it sure is great playing the Seal THREE TIMES A DAY!!! I would be okay with adding a system where you need energy to play the levels, not a WAITING GAME!!! I also hate how expensive everything is. It’s only worth buying the 680 mojo when you can buy it and get 4080 total. Literally every mojo price is a rip-off. I’m sorry but because of these factors, I can’t give you guys a good rating until these problems are fixed.

- Need to fix bugs

I’ve been playing the game for years and I love it. But recently in the past two days, there have been several bugs. Arena battles aren’t visible, game keeps crashing, making your own alliance isn’t available because it closes itself out. I don’t know what’s going on with it, but I hope it gets fixed fast.

- Iphone X.

You need to make the screen fit for the newer phones like the Iphone X. I know this game is old but its still playable. Maybe try getting more recognition and its alive. Also an update atleast every month or so would be great.

- Please lower the mojo cost of all items in the game

I love playing this game . Since I was a little kid I’ve been playing this game , but the mojo price cost is to much I always try to grind every day just to level up and get mojo or battle . It is very difficult to get good items so please if you can low mojo price on all items.

- RIP Little Empire

This was my all time favorite phone game since 2012. I have never been able to find anything quite like it. I have quit and restarted playing a few times through the last 8 years. I spent money and time. I met people and became friends with clan mates. Unfortunately, the devs have abandoned this game. The updates aren’t what they used to be, they don’t reply to customers. I think they have just moved on. Little Empire is dead and it’s sad. I’ll miss this game.

- HazeCokeGaming

That’s the name of my alliance I am still active and play everyday i am trying to bring this game back to life ! If enough new players start coming and showing devs we are here maybe we will have a HUGE UPDATE VERY SOON ! LETS GROW STRONGER AND JOIN ME MY NAME IS HazeCokeBoy203 and the Alliance is HazeCokeGaming

- Horrible company

Downloaded this game so I could give it a 1 star review, because this company, like many other useless developers uses fake ads with gameplay from other games (not even the same genre of the game they advertise lol) to trick people into downloading their game. Now any game released by this company I will rate with 1 star. Their marketing does more harm than good. The only way they counter these reviews is by purchasing fake five star reviews. Don't believe it. Lol these guys are terrible.

- Abandoned

Downloaded this game many years ago when it released. Occasionally I’ll download and login to check and see if the bot I set 3 years ago is still running, it is... The game hasn’t had an actual update outside of gear in a couple years, it does not support newer devices correctly and has many graphical issues on new iPhones.

- Register issues

I like the game but whenever I try to register it keeps telling me to read login. I just can’t seem to be able to register I have uninstalled and redownloaded the game multiple times and use different emails but it still does not let me register Please fix this

- Need Update

This game deserve new update! Im really enjoyed this game. Please make an update.

- To

I hope that there will be an Arabic language that will increase the number of players in the Arab role, all of them and providing multiple languages

- Can’t login

Overall I truly love this game. But I am really upset that I am unable to make an account and log into it. Whenever I go to register it starts off saying that it’s fine and I need to re-login. But then when I try to login it says that the account I just made doesn’t exist. I wish I was able to play the game but it just doesn’t let me.

- What happened !?

Was a great game till the Dev's stopped adding new stuff to it. Servers are constantly down. Feels like they gave up on it. Would really like to see this game back at its glory it once was.

- It’s impossible to come back.

Once you’ve lost all your gold and your equipment is broken you can’t use your items to strengthen your hero’s which you had to buy in game.

- Just wow

So spend money to buy mojo. That’s fine. Go to spend money in game on things requiring mojo and it glitches you out completely back to log in screen. Repeat this process over and over again. Utter garbage.

- New world

Please make a new world so new people can join

- The game is great, and so is the update.

Little Empire is exactly the kind of strategy game I've been looking for. It's neat, and intricate, and very fun. However, with the last update (which is beautiful), the icons along the edge of the screen are so big that I now can't use the arena, and everything past the third icon on the bottom is offscreen and inaccessible to me. Which includes the settings! The game has also been kicking me during, or after every adventure mode battle I have, so I can't use all the cool features of the game. I can only capture other castles, and do the tasks.

- Doesn’t work for iPhone XR

The problem is this doesn’t work for my device

- No music

Hi recently downloaded the game an there is no volume or any music idk why but I do have my volume up

- Game Times Out/Won’t Connect

I love this game, but lately it times out if I try to do anything at all. I can’t play the account I put 17 months into. So sad!!!

- Crash

After ios14 , game not work correctly, and crashes!!!

- Very good

I love this game thanks camel games

- New phone.

No cloud support to restore progress

- Ignore this game

Not worth your time

- dont have good support



Pls update the game

- Magnificent NEW scene! Awesome update!

I can't believe my eyes the moment I got the game automatically updated, surprised by the fantastic new login scene that made me doubt if I'd downloaded some other game by mistake. But this is just the beginning. After the fabulous loading screen, I was shocked by the brand new, fancy and gorgeous castle scene coming into me! That's the most beautiful equip game graphics on my phone that I've ever seen! The details are so real and the colors are so harmoniously delightful on my iPhone 4S! I showed this new version to my roommate and he downloaded it on his iPhone 5. Jesus it looked even better on 4 inch screen. Now I have to change my plan to get a new iPhone 5S on the incoming Xmas to have this superb game running on the superb screen. Amazing job guys!!

- Omg this is so fun

I love the new look but I would like more stuff new stuff like armor and spells and what not but most of all I liked when I could spend my mojo and spin the wheel I really liked that please bring it back or something like it I just don't want to spend like 9 mojo every time for a chest that gives you like dirt cheap stuff even in the gold chest I only get like 2000 gold or 5000 crystal please I liked the spend one mojo and spin the wheel for a chance to win cool armor and I feel like the wheel system is rigged it always gives you like 500 coins or 10 crystal and there's like mystical blades or what ever please take this into consideration sincerely, collumbo

- Love this game...

But hate the tech support. I've been emailing every couple of days with no response. I forgot my password, used the "retrieve password" option, and I never received a email about it. It's been over 2 weeks!! Up until this point I've been an active player, in an alliance in the top 50, and because you can't respond to me I'm letting them down and probably losing resources daily! I'm not pleased with this at all and am desperately needing help! Do your job! ------------------------------------- UPDATE: It has been almost two months, I've sent even more emails and I'm STILL waiting. You can't display a "Forgot Password" option and then NOT have it work! I'm so disappointed in Camel Games and even more upset that I can no longer play because your employees aren't doing their job! You've lost another loyal player due to your negligence! 😡

- New version feedback

I like the menu screen looks extremely good. The background n the champions. the castle details are also nice. The upgraded theme is overall a good improvement. But the champions n the battle system still the same. I can say the game looks has improve. maybe if the champions graphic went with the theme that be great later on. I think one thing that can make the game better is that give us a better purpose to get gold... I have 700k n nothing to do with it... like maybe upgrade weapons for our troops,or change weapons give us something where we can spend the money on. N also make magic spar easier to get so far I used more spar than mojos.

- New update review version 1.15.5

Graphics are great. Background dark color choices make reading words hard sometimes. Need to bring back the actual current point total in the daily task screen. Can't tell how many points I need to get to the next chest. Also hard to tell what is unread on the messages screens, not enough contrast like there used to be. And can we increase the size of the icons showing what armor I have equipped? Plenty of room to do it but the icons are so small it's hard to see what crystal I have attached to each piece. Thanks.

- Good. Needs push notifications

Awesome game. Really needs to implement push notifications for incoming attacks, new alliance battles etc. the graphics update is ok, kinda looks like early 2000's PC game. I personally preferred the cartoony graphics. The biggest need is for higher levels. It's super hard for level 40-44 to deal with crazy overpowered 45's. Make the ceiling 60-75 and you'll have a much better game. Also make spar and mojo more easily accessible. Right now the people with the deepest pockets have the upper hand.

- Dear Camel Games

I would like you to know that this game is awesome. Also i really want the following features be in little empire: First i want a donate feature... It would allow people to donate to their friends but of course a password is needed. Second mojo is hard to get and too expensive to buy... Make the the chance to get gears and mojo in lottery higher. Last but not least add more events and hot items in the shop... Cause it will make the game more interesting. Thank you.


Great potential. However some things that don't cost mojo, sometimes do. And vice versa. Mojo doesn't disappear but once spent it can't be used again. So why you may have 70 mojo you might only be able to use 30. Gems also appear to be a requirement to purchase or upgrade buildings but also sometimes don't say they are. Which causes people to spend gems without knowing. A lot of fun but needs to be looked over.

- Like the game but

It's a fun game for the most part, however it is completely unfair in some instances. For example, spinning the wheel for items is pointless. The wheel is populated with 15 items and sometimes 12 of them will be very good and only 3 will be worthless. Guess which one you are going to get. Every single time. I have played the games for hours and spun the wheel, no exaggeration, hundreds of times. I have not gotten a good item 1 time, even though they are on the board. It's not random. It's fixed, so you have to pay for items. That's ok, but then don't tell me I can win them in game. Just say, I want your money, don't lie to me.

- Good game, some flaws

From an addiction standpoint, this game is 6 stars. I never played much in the way of online games before LE - a few here and there that I would stop playing after a couple of weeks. I've been playing LE for 6 months now, logging on every day (you get extra goodies for that), and my enthusiasm isn't flagging. The pros: - Fun game play - Nicely set up social aspects - Works well at a variety of levels of commitment, both time wise and financial The cons: - The new splash screen is AWFUL. The game is not about big boobies. Hopefully that will get fixed soon. - Most players are great, but occasionally the dialog in the game-wide chat is pretty low. - Putting lots (lots is 100's of US dollars) into the game will give you a huge edge.

- Very Nice

The update looks good and keep up the good work. Been playing Little Empire for over a year now and always keeps me entertained especially during classes when I should be paying attention. Only problem I have noticed every once in a while is the game will crash on me and I will have to reopen it but other than that looks good.

- It's detailed

It's a fun, capturing and building your own empire. What makes them different is the that the way you capture a empire, you must use strategy to place your units and defeat them. I love this game, but two things I don't like is how I can't log in my other account from an andriod to this one. And another is the usual special cash. All in all, it is very builded and created. Fun to play.

- New update to 1.15.5

The recent update is "ok". Some of the graphics look nice. However, there are some color schemes that don't mesh well. For instance, the arena battles, you can't tell who you just fought or who you need to fight next. There is very little difference in the color schemes. I also noticed that the game lags a little more than usual on both my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

- Can't upgrade

I will update my review when they fixes de bugs. Right now I cant upgrade things that I know I can and even recevied the messages (when leveling up) saying that I can upgrade certain things but I cant. Example: I have 4 gold mines wich 3 of them that can be upgraded from level 2 to level 3 and 1 gold mine that can be upgraded from level 3 to level 4. I cant upgrade neither of them..What the ...? How I have one level 3?

- Laggy as always. Update made it worse

As I've mentioned every update thus far, lag just gets worse and worse and the game crashes for absolutely everything on my iPad 2. And little empire HD is even worse. What would take two minutes of account maintenance to do takes me 10+ minutes cuz I have to reload the game every 3-4 things that I do on the game. It just gets worse and worse and worse and if it doesn't permanently get better I'm leaving the game.

- Only app i play everyday

Best app ive ever played. been playing it since 2011 which i spent atleast 2 hrs per day on it so i don't miss the daily quests. did i waste my life on it? nope. ive made real life friends from it, improved my tactical skills and taught me to be patient. it just keeps improving and improving every update, where flaws were corrected promptly. the support team is all friendly. i couldnt stop wondering why this isn't the top app of all time. if they want to increase their customer base, they should improve their marketing effort. one criticism however, the ingame announcements should be proof-checked.

- Apps crashes!

after trying to buy mojo with itune,sudenly the app crash, until now i cant open the app, i try to delete the app and install it again, all i get is the same problem..always crash after trying to login..can it fix soon,thanks 👍

- Little Empire 1.15.5

I do like the GUI that has been implemented. However, runs a little slower on iPhone. I do have a suggestion for improvement. Perhaps adding a "Trade Resources" function strictly between alliance members. I.e Magic Spar, Gold, Crystal, Mojo, and Gems. I believe it would make a big improvement for Alliance Wars and Instance Challenges. U

- Egytain armor rip off

I was excite when the diamond chest came out for sale again however after purchasing 141 diamond chest I only received 14 frags and I'm not even close to fusing a new piece of armor for my bus. It appears to be that the odds are 10-1 and for the cost of a diamond chest (129 mojo) the new armor is not worth spending thousands for one hero. Camel needs to really work on the odds of the drop rate because no average person could ever afford the price the new armor carries with it. I'm seriously disappointed in myself that I wasted 400$ on chasing a pipe dream. Thanks camel I needed that

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- Grr

It won't let me sign up please fix

- Crashing

Is very fun and creative, but it crashes.

- Legacy

No usernames work u need to fix it it's really annoying

- Great

It's a great game and for a player that Dose not buy with real money you can still be up there as a good player , to many other games are ruined by elite players that spend real money to be good , this game is not as bad like that To get a starter package use RPMVAF and you will get a beginners package

- Does not support iOS8

The developer does not care about its customers feedbacks or complaints, never reply to mails or complaints. It's been weeks since iOS8 has launched and no update to the app has been done. It crashes erratically on iOS8 causing customers who had spend money on this game not being able to play at all! Ridiculous support!

- New update

Really enjoy this game. Very addictive. New version graphics get a thumbs up from me

- Update it plz

It's good but can u put adventure mode and gems?

- update

Quickly update...... Please

- 尚未完善

iOS 6 iPhone 5運行非常爛

- Update

Please update it fast

- Mojo

Cant get mojo

- Zeker

Dis game is vet coolllll



- Ừ

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- 给四分,剩下一分怕你骄傲


- Worst game I’ve ever played

This game has worse balance than csgo, literally not playable if you don’t login every day and repeat the same process to get pathetic amount of exp. if you picked the sword champion, congrats, your hero is useless cause the idea of this hero is to have damage and tank. But guess what, it got none. Played this terrible game 6 years ago, came back to see if they made any improvements. Nothing at all, dead game. The so called memory is complete bs. Have fun getting rekt cause these nerds stay on this game every hour to get ahead of you. Dead game, do not purchase anything.

- Love this game

This game has so much memory Love it 🌺

- Amazing

Great game but it doesn't let me log on pretty often

- Little Empire

Great game don't forget to use the invitation code SMOAPJ to get extra resources when you start off.

- Awesome but...

It crashes about every 8 minutes for no reason, please fix A note for camel games is make 3 new hero's, and make another portal called, a EMPIRE

- Little empire online

I LOVE the new version of little empire it's soo realistic it's so cool it's like one of my fav games a lot of people should play girl or boy you would love it just like me at first I thought it would be boring but then when I started it was AWSOME play now trust me

- Love it!!!

So far I'm loving the new visuals of this game.

- I like it

I like it but it seems to crash every couple of minutes... So can you please fix that. Thanks

- Best game ever

Very good game. Everything from graphics to battles makes this game amAzing.

- Cool but

This game is good but it always crash. You need to fix the crash. I cant play more than 5 min. It always crashing. Please FIX IT!!

- Good game

Good game


It always crashes on Me!!!! PLZ FIX

- Little empire

Le meilleur jeux sur iPod et cellulaire!

- Good but....

Just updated to 1.10 and now the app crashes once it loads to around 10%

- Umm...

I just updated to 1.10 and I don't like the new sneaky way mojo is being snatched from me... I'm out of gold and crystal, but I upgraded some buildings thinking "oh for some reason it's letting me upgrade without resources that's nice" then I look at my mojo and its at zero!!! You need to have a "are you sure you want to use your mojo?". Otherwise it just looks like you guys are trying to steal mojo so we buy more. I'd like my mojo back and then I will change my review.. Thank you

- Need a new update

I would like the newer update plz I had a better little empire on my old phone

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Little Empire Online 1.26.2 Screenshots & Images

Little Empire Online iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Little Empire Online iphone images
Little Empire Online iphone images
Little Empire Online iphone images
Little Empire Online iphone images
Little Empire Online iphone images

Little Empire Online (Version 1.26.2) Install & Download

The applications Little Empire Online was published in the category Games on 2012-10-23 and was developed by Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited [Developer ID: 1603183695]. This application file size is 162.49 MB. Little Empire Online - Games app posted on 2018-07-02 current version is 1.26.2 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.camelgames.little-empire