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What is war and order app? Orc Knights, Elf Sages, Dragon Riders, and other incredible warriors are waiting to fight for your empire! Raise a massive fantasy army for HUGE, spectacularly animated battles! Axes fly, dragons roar, and fireballs sizzle as you clash with enemies from all over the world in real-time. Call on your allies to rush to your aid on horse- and lizard-back. Repay them with your undying loyalty as you take castles, slay ogres, and stake new territory as a tribe! THIS is the game you won’t be able to put it down as your screen lights up with constant new battles, chats, and upgrades!

You must battle to become more powerful than any king in history! But you can’t do it alone. It’s up to you and your allies to unite the fantasy races like never before as you conquer an endless world of empires and imagination.

• Recruit and train over 30 unique soldiers.
• Construct and upgrade tons of buildings for new soldiers, buffs, and resources!
• Research new technology FAST for cutting-edge tactics and weapons!

• Friend, feud, and chat with players from around the world in real time.
• Help each other build and expand your cities faster.
• Rally together to take down enemies you could never face alone!
• Share and expand territory to enjoy exclusive buildings and bonuses!

• Sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PvP matches!
• Build your force to leviathan proportions!
• Engulf other lords' castles as you expand your territory.

• Attack other player's castles to plunder their resources and climb power rankings!
• Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, from man-eating Ogres to massive Dragons.

• Take over the Royal City to rule over the realm with unheard of power and privileges!
• Explore unknown lands to find elite resources, ancient ruins, and more surprises!
• Grow your alliance territory for richer rewards and resources!

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【Composite Boost】&【Premium Rewards】
Duration: 7 days
Payment: Deductions will be made through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
Renewal: Within 24 hours before your subscription ends, your iTunes account will automatically process your fee and renew your subscription for another cycle.
Cancel Subscription: If you wish to cancel your subscription, please go to your iTunes/Apple ID settings and manually cancel the automatic renewal more than 24 hours before the end of the subscription.
iTunes Account: Each account can only subscribe for one lord. If you have subscribed or wish to subscribe for another lord, please cancel the current subscription first or switch to another iTunes account.
Free Trial: Each iTunes account has a 3-day free trial period for the first subscription, which will automatically renew upon expiration. Payments will be made from the iTunes account.
Each Lord has only one free trial.
Cancel Subscription: If you wish to cancel your subscription, please go to your iTunes/Apple ID settings and manually cancel the automatic renewal more than 24 hours before the end of the free trial period.

Terms of Service:
Privacy agreement: http://www.camelgames.com/privacy_policy.htm

Standard Apple Terms of Use (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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App Name War and Order
Category Games
Updated 26 April 2024, Friday
File Size 663.48 MB

War and Order Comments & Reviews 2024

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Unstable. Shortly after the last up date I started having problems with game loading and exiting completely. I would have to hit the exit button manually and or retry to enter the game. At first it was just randomly but then became a every day thing. I exited the game 1 week ago before going to sleep woke the next day and the game would not load. I tried multiple times. I reset my router deleted the game reinstalled tried accessing on WiFi and 5g but the same results. I even tried loading the game on my iPhone instead of my IPad but same thing happened. I contacted customer service and they told me everything I had already done. Then they wanted a video of what’s going on. I sent it. I got another message saying the same thing the said the first time. I spent to much to level up faster and made it to level 30 and had 4 other castles to. I’m very disappointed in customer service. I would not of purchased so much if I thought this would have happened, what a waste of time and money. And yes my account is doubled binded. It’s still there but I’m sure everything is gone now after being locked out for a week.

Completely obsessed. I started playing this all because a co-worker of mine was playing and I thought I’d check it out. I have never played a war game so I wasn’t sure if I would stick to it but 3 months later I’m still obsessed! I play every single day, multiple hours a day. This is unlike a lot of war games seeing as tho you can do everything in the game without playing any real money. But heck, even if you do spend some of your own money you can get a lot for a little. I have built a lot of friendships and enjoy playing with all the different people you meet. The different events that start at any given time (and happen often) are a lot of fun to participate in. It keeps the game fresh and fun. The only thing I wish was different was how long some buildings take to upgrade. I’m about to start castle 18 and castle 17 took 3 days. I’m sure c18 will be twice as long. That’s the hardest part of the game. Waiting. But if waiting is my only complaint then I think things are going alright. If you want a game that you’ll get hooked to, check it out. I promise you it will not disappoint!! -Aeronwen’sRage Realm#629

This game is pay to win and the Reviews saying otherwise are fake.. Pay to win is not a term that is exclusive to games where a player NEEDS to pay in order to do well. Pay to win means that those players who spend more money, have a clear cut advantage over other players in the game. This game is the latter and is as bad with pay to win as any other game out there. I’m disgusted that this game is advertised directly and explicitly as NOT being pay to win. In my opinion this is false advertising and should be punishable by law, but sadly laws have not caught up with tech in this regard. This game is well put together, offers exciting content and features, and will take you years as a free player to catch up to the kid who spent $100 on gems and resources. If it weren’t for the game being touted as “NO PAY TO WIN” all over Insta and FB, then I’d maybe give it 3 stars AS A PAY TO WIN GAME. However this isn’t the case and in my opinion deserves less than 1 star for deceit and outright dishonesty.

So very frustrated. I really love playing this game and I’m willing to spend some money in support of the developers. This is not really a pay to win game, but still it helps to spend. I’m frustrated because I did spend money and now I can’t. The mantra from cs is use the original device; I’ve said multiple times this is the original device. So no help from customer service and no idea what to do to fix the situation. So when things work, this is a great game. When things don’t work, there is NO SUPPORT from customer support. This continues to be an issue. No other answer but an unsafe log in environment. I have no idea what this means. I have no idea how to change it. The device I use is the original device. Continued advice to use the original device is not helpful WHRN THIS IS THE ORIGINAL DEVICE. Either fix it or say you can’t fix it.

The best game I never looked for!🥰😉😁. I wasn’t even looking for a game, but this game popped up and on nothing but chance, I downloaded the game just to check it out! That was a month ago, and I haven’t put it down yet! I don’t usually play games like this one, but I can’t seem to stop playing, even when there’s nothing for me to do in the game because I’m waiting for things to get done, I’m still checking every few minutes just to check! I don’t know what it is, but this game is definitely one of a kind! I know because I have played games like this before and I never cared for them. Which is why I never expected this game to measure up! Boy was I wrong! If anyone should find this game, DEFINITELY give it a chance.I’m really glad that I gave it a chance! 😻🤩

Problem with spending money. So I decided to buy a few things from the store, but after buying said few things it told me (when wanting to buy one last thing) that a problem occurred and that it could not connect to the iTunes Store. So I decide uninstall the game and reinstall it to see if that would fix it (btw I think the reason it was having problems connecting to the iTunes Store is because it still haven’t completely processed my other purchases yet). Now when I try to buy something it tells me that the system has “detected abnormal account activity” and that I temporarily cannot make any purchases. Maybe it has something to do with me uninstalling and then reinstalling the game and I’m sure you can’t really fix, or shouldn’t change, the “problem. Just thought someone should know so I wrote this review.

Poor customer support to a paying customer. I have been playing this game for over 5 years now. I have enjoyed the game and the friends I have met. I have spent a LOT of MONEY on getting to castle level 38. Then, one day, I couldn’t sign in to my account. I contacted “customer service” (reference #EDPQBJ). It took days to respond, and during this time, my shield dropped and while awaiting for the company to get my account fixed, I was attacked multiple times and lost my troops and all resources. The did get me back into my castle, but will not do anything to assist in my losses that were caused by their game and their slow response. I will no longer be spending hundreds on a game with no loyalty to it’s paying customers.

What game is in the screen shots. Honestly I only played the game because of the gameplay in the advertisement and they do have a couple of the type of siege defense but not even close to what I was lead to believe from the commercial the game is alright but the best part you cant play because it takes for ever to upgrade everything and then upgrade your castle just to unlock 3 more levels and the best mini game they have infinite war you can only play once a day and you can buy only seven more tries a day I really just wait for my free try and the test of the game is just farming with no story you guys should make a game with only those mini games I bet it would do good on the Xbox store i would definitely buy it

I really hate games that look good in ads.... But fail to deliver in game play. This is the same sad war game I played three years ago with the theme changed to medieval times. I give this one star because the ads were incredible and got me really wanting to go out into an MMORPG to collect wood, and kill bears but alas, it’s the same old upgrade building A to upgrade building B in order to upgrade a central building to get better troops. Eventually, I imagine, I’d have to pay to upgrade my troops to a higher and higher level. Games like this always pitch themselves as “no pay to play” which is accurate if you don’t want to be competitive and actually have a chance to defend your base or castle or toilet seat. It’s all garbage and it’s an outdated game engine which gets used over and over and over again. This is why the only two games I play on my phone are CSR Racing and Puzzles and Dragons. One gets me super cars and the other will keep giving me free stones to “buy” spins to get better characters. Sure, both take some time to advance and get better cars or monsters but then again I haven’t paid a dime to be competitive in either of them.

5 stars, should do 4.. I love this game, I’ve been playing it for almost two years now, maybe one and half. Everything about this game is epic. It is hard to grow without an alliance but it’s easy to find one. People get zeroed and get very angry, it’s fine, keep building and learn from your mistakes. Pay to win is not a thing in here, it does help speed it up but doesn’t make you any better, just faster at being better. The reason it should be a 4 is the alert system is not great. I have had a shield drop, get hit 1-5 times and not get notified a single time until I long in and realize my troops are gone. If the notification got fixed it would be a perfect 5. Thanks.

Unless you want to drop lots of cash, avoid. At the start, you don’t really need to pay to get ahead. You can make lot of alt to feed resources to your main account, this will literally take away any free time you have in real life. The longer the server is up the more separation between paying and non paying players gets. Where a top alliance can beat out the other top 2 alliances and dominate, (these tops seem mostly to be Japan players) this sort of kills the realm as they hit lower alliances, rotating to let them build a bit then wipe them out again. Then once the realm grows, void wars happens where a much older realm gets to come in and completely wipe out just about everyone. This game is a pick on the weak pay to play game. Where you have to pay $100s a week just to keep up with the top 100 people on your realm, all that down the drain once void happens. Avoid if you don’t want to waste money.

War & Order. This game is a game of Alliances & some $$$ - depends on how fast you wanna grow. I played Game of War for almost 3 Years & got tired of the game developer not caring about its gaming community (GOW gives you worthless items that are irrelevant & useless). I went looking for a New Game & different developer. War & Order is the opposite of this & that is a plus to a new player searching for a good game. Who doesn’t mind spending a little to be competitive. The items in this game are used & don’t sit around being stockpiled & useless like (GOW). It’s a World based game. Players from all over the planet. Friends made & battles won. I’ll give it 4.5 Stars. Would’ve given 5 but Elite teleports aren’t cheap enough IMHO. There’d be more Alliance wars if the Elite ports were more affordable. That’s my only complaint. Other than that I’m playing it cause I can. Thanx & Rock On, JackylMeOff Realm 647

Multiple accounts. If I can give this game a negative star I would. They allow you to create multiple accounts and create different alliances . So if you start out, you better join an alliance quick and don’t try to start your own. If you attack a low level alliance thinking you might gain land or experience your not,that is usually a bot account for someone higher in the game. They use the low level accounts to take up the map and gain all the resources, then attack you if you mess with there resources Join an alliance and don’t go on your own until your over level 20. Thought it was a cool game to start but it’s not. Started the game with a group and wanted to try it out, once we attacked someone at the same level, other gamers got mad because it’s there bot account and sent there main account for a different alliance and is literally 10-15 levels higher then you to attack everyone. I’m surprise the game lets you get attacked by someone who is that much higher. I’ll make sure not to put any more money into this game.

Made for people who spend $. I played this game for over two years. At first it was fun. Later in the game all the lower castles that joined an alliance were booted out and made to join a sub alliance. Once again my castles grew in the new alliance as well as the farm alliances. Through spending money I was able to grow my castles, however the higher player pretty much control the game, not Camel. They decide who stays and who gets booted. Then a realm merger happens and again had to fight to get into a strong alliance. Now it’s pointless, the higher players control the game and everyone under them. They threaten to boot people out for not following their rules, which are again made up by them. I’ve spent money on this game and put in a lot of work to grow castles only to have them burned by higher level players who clearly take advantage of weaker castles. In the end, the players that control this game leave many down right angry after being burned out. It’s become a part time job signing on all accounts and following all the rules. Again, it’s no longer fun to play so don’t waste your time and money because you’ll be at the mercy of higher level players and their rules. I’m transferring all my accounts to another player and deleting it from my phone forever.

Disappointed. I left a really great game GOW to come here because the greed with so many updates, made it impossible to compete. I see this game going in the same direction. Teleports are key and we’re plentiful there making it possible to move freely and play. Here, it is just the opposite making attacking for newer and not top level players, impossible to compete. Most large players get their power from hitting their multiple farms or other farms. Ugh. Making it really hard to grow. There should be competition at all levels. Also you send an inquiry to the game and never get a response. Plus why not allow players to go to any realm they want to join friends? Hope to see some positive changes and enough w Facebook, I am not a member nor plan to be yet a lot occurs if you participate. I did not join Facebook, I joined here.

A waiting game. This is a well put together game, basically like many others. Once you get past castle level 6, the build time gets longer as you progress to the higher castle levels for each building in the castle. It will take a non-paying player a good month to progress thru castle 10. With that being said you need gems to keep your VIP active, buy shields, and other critical items to progress. Of course a few gems are granted and gifted in the game play, but no where near the amount you need for the basic items like the VIP option. Gems are offered in purchase packs, but the packs are not worth the purchase price. They are minimal items compared to packs from other games. Other than the real long wait times to heal troops after your attacked it is playable for free, but barely

Poor customer service. I am very frustrated with Camel. Due to one of their glitches my shield dropped and I lost a great deal of troops which is equal to a couple hundred dollars. They take weeks to respond and request such information as 2 week old battle reports even though I have supplied them with the date the glitch occurred. Strange enough...only the battle reports on that date were deleted from my account...and no I did not delete them. You invest time and money in a game and the cannot even show their customers enough respect to respond to issues in a timely manner...and then to request I provide them with info that they are fully capable of obtaining themselves. Very dishonest business dealings. I will be contacting apple to lodge a complaint...as well as the better business bureau. Shame on you Camel. Your customers deserve to be treated better then this.

4 Year experience. I have played this game for 4 years. Off and on. I will say this game is probably the best strategy war games on the mobile phone. Communication and tactics is very important but patience is the true key. Reason I give 4 stars because spenders is real and within the first few weeks you will have a dude with full T8-t10. Maybe t8 if lucky. Now there a new era of sellers in the game. When you first start the world chat would be filled with sellers the game is dying but still fun and still has a chance unless WAO become strict of sellers. Spenders will always be there just find a good crew and stay active.

Burn castles and get rich rewards beware of late night revenge attacks.. Very addictive game , very similar to game of war and new final fantasy game, has better graphics and animations but a little less intricacies on strategy and game dynamics. Overall a definite replay able game. Game slows down when you hit the higher levels but will keep you on your toes with cross realm battles and weekly events with your alliance friends. Recommend game designers add marketplace for every player to trade for hard to achieve items/loot. Also would like ability to let players change realms at any progression you are in game, and see more consolidation of low activity realms into one so players have many opponents to face instead dyiny realms with few active players

Domination and No Room For Growth. The game is dominated by a few select individuals who will attack anything and anyone they can for no reason. They will wipe you out. You can’t even sleep at night without having to worry about whether or not your castle will be standing still. The only way to grow is to pay for shields to protect yourself. The game allows for level 38s to attack any level they can even smaller castle level 10s who don’t stand a chance. What is the point of playing a game when you can’t even grow because you are continuously ravished by certain groups and individuals taking out all your troops and resources? I do not recommend this game. In my time of playing I have seen several good players come and go and accounts get exchanged and sold. Nobody wants to stay and play because there is no point. You will just be food for these players. If I could I would leave 0 stars for this game.

Facebook login won’t work.. When I try to click the swap account Facebook login Nothing happens as if it is just not receiving my request. It was working fine a few weeks ago now it is broken. I have found a work around to uninstall the app, completely, and reinstall. But this is very annoying. To have logins that don’t work on a real time strategy game… defeats the whole purpose of it being real time, please forward this issue to the bug teams and fix with an in game “clear cashe” or “reset” button . Don’t respond with a “ We recommend you bind two accounts” that would be equally annoying as if players don’t have more than 1 castle. Get with the program. Fix the logins that are supposed to work. That won’t fix the problem it creates a new problem with creating multiple Facebook accounts. Who wants to do that? Don’t give a dirt bag response and fix something that was working or give me an explanation to why it suddenly is broken.

Could be better. Played this game for 4 months or so before finally quitting. Don’t get me wrong gameplay is very fun and rewarding and I loved being a part of a top 3 alliance (BAB FOREVER) and uniting to destroy the number 1 alliance. The main downside and it is a big one is the game nearly forces you to pay money to gain advantages. Normal attacks are nearly useless later on against big targets it gives the enemy too much time to respond and defend which leaves one option: speed your attack, which costs gems which you can get throughout the game SLOWLY but you can also buy in one of about 35 diff packs they sell. Also all building levels can be purchased with gems, and troop recruitment and every speed up you can imagine the list goes on. So the only way to be relevant in any way is to spend money. There needs to be a balance so people who don’t want to spend 500 dollars a month on a mobile game can stay competitive. You can do better camel.

Chaos after realm merge .. The game itself is not bad though if you wanna grow you need to either be a huge spender or joining an alliance and be a dedicated member , growing alone is very hard especially when you are playing in a realm with lots of Chinese and Koreans that are constantly cheating or spending! But now that 3 realms have been merged in to one realm as ream # 187 it’s even harder to grow ! Now we have to fight over lvl 2 and 3 gem mins where we didn’t even think of them as worthy of attention , rss tiles are scarce and won’t answer the need of us anymore , it’s hard to grow without gathering and or spending .we are constantly fighting over territory , the first big alliance wanna have big territories even for their farms! Some alliances have merged together and now harassing small ones , many of my comrades and friends have left the game because they got zeroed because the other alliance attacked us with 55 members after Kill Event ! Everything is a total mess , an alliance got wiped put and its members are now joined with the big 3 or scattered around the map .and recently after this newly update my own castle and some of my friends have been randomly teleported to the borders of the alliance ! What on earth is this stupid thing ! It’s ridiculous! That’s why i gave a 2 star ! Please fix these issue .

Don’t Play. I am quitting War and Order after three years of playing. I think the game is ruined by how much azurite you need to advance, the pony events, and the zodiac event. Once you reach castle level 30, any and all upgrades cost azurite. Without purchasing azurite, it will take months or years to reach higher levels within the game. To have any success at all, you must spend or you will be killed in this game. A person that has a castle without a shield or purchasing a shield will lose everything they have worked for in a few minutes. I remember the initial joining of war and order, before they kept adding all these events that required money to spend, and the game was better for it. Adding castle levels 36-40 ruined the game. Also, war and order is global game and within your realm you can meet people from all over the world. Unfortunately, I still found a lack of diversity in this game, a lot of racism, and no response when dealing with racism from the developers. It’s against WAO policy to attack others based on race but nothing is done to uphold that policy. I really did enjoy the game in the beginning and the only reason I stayed was because of how much time I dedicated to my castle but now I can walk away without a second thought.

Scam, don’t waste money. This is not a war game, it’s a farming game with a slight battle component. Oddly this game is totally set up for their worst customers. Basically you have a bunch of people that create like 12 accounts and they just sit and farm all day, no amount of money will get you ahead of people that spend no money and farm. You should get ahead a little if you drop a couple dollars but you don’t. Also your in box is always full of people trying to sell you resources or farms or everything else. It’s like spending you day at a used car dealership getting 50 people trying to sell you stuff all day. So inrealm 1550 where I was, you had about 1000 active accounts of those accounts only like 40 people were playing the rest were farms or trying to sell you something. I’m not sure what the actual point is, but if you play don’t waste any money, just create 12 accounts and play for free

They take your money but if someone scams you they won’t Help!. Hello I am from realm 1324 and I’m here to put corruption. A guy named ottoman that you will see in pictures below hacked and stole my alliance leader’s 6 accounts and our ransomed our alliance r5 leader role back to us. We got our alliance back but it cost 💲50 dollars and has yet to give us back those six castles ranging from c33 to c19. We have proof which is posted here and have yet to get camel to help in anyway! Please any suggestions or help would be amazing as this is totally unacceptable.. I was responded with contact camel4u but the issue is we have done this in fact 200 people from the realm have done this and nothing has gotten done😞 you would think after 200 emailed them and complained they would get involved but clearly as long as they our getting our money they do not give a sht

Real testimonies. I’m a player in the newish realm of 830. I’m real, Cali is ablaze in wildfires and Korea is building missile bunkers right now. I’ve been playing for about two months now. I’ve been failing because my alliance doesn’t play 24/7. I decided to read the reviews for this game again and it all lines up: if you’re not running either a click farm (google it) or spending hundreds of dollars, the only way you can succeed is finding an alliance that is constantly running. The odds are so small. There are more duplicate castles in here than there are coffee stands in Seattle. So really, you need all the time in the day, your paycheck OR a couple hundred cell phones to keep up. I’m not saying ignore the five star reviews, but this game is fishy and creepy. But there are some humbling humans in the realms. Somewhere between the duplicates.

Good but one thing (more than one). So I like this game except I have one problem. In my first account, I sent my whole army to defend an alliance flag. I was kicked from the Alliance for no reason and there was no way to get my army back. So, I deleted the game. I got it again months later and I have a lvl 10 city and have unlocked tier 4 soldiers (highest for lvl 10 city) but I have learned to not reinforce anyone. I think you should be able to set the territory tax amount higher or lower than 15%. I also think it should be easier to get an alliance castle and it should be were a leader isn’t demoted until 20 instead of 3 days, since the leader could be on vacation or something. I also think there should be more than two races per soldier category. It should be more than the current two races per category. I am listing the current races per soldier category(Infantry: humans orcs, cavalry: dragon riders and horseback, Archers: humans and elves, mages: humans and elves. Also make more monster types there is only like 4. I’m also only on tier 12 monsters and they are way overpowered they defeated my whole army of 20K men 1-4 tier, and my dragon was part of the army, and it was only a Cerberus thing. By the way my in game name is Micenia.

Terrible company and customer support. Where to start... absolutely terrible company with even worse customer support. Firstly you’d be lucky to get a response and then if you do they will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to rectify any problem you may have. Case in point: a very mentally unhealthy person has been harassing my son for weeks, extremely explicit messages have been sent to him, name calling, threats of violence etc. after we blocked the deranged human he and his alliance continuously began attacking my sons castle destroying everything he has worked for and completely ruined his experience. He can’t even play the game anymore. People like that ruin the game and shouldn’t be allowed to play, plain and simple. But “ camel games” did absolutely nothing. Nothing for threats of violence on a child, nothing for complete abuse of the game that ruins user’s experience. And when you think about it, companies that operate like that don’t deserve anyone’s business. We will most likely be taking legal action as we feel this situation from both the mentally ill person and the enabling company have crossed the line. We will also share this with Apple, the App Store, app journalists and people who report on similar situations in a hope to bring more attention to situations like this in an effort to hold these people and these companies accountable.

Poor matchmaking money grab. I want to start off saying I love this game. It is however a long term money grab machine. Players populate a realm, level up build armies that take weeks, months, to build and requires multiple accounts to advance at a proper pace. Then you hit level 30 and there’s a huge paywall. A new resource that takes months to acquire to upgrade. Meanwhile you and your alliance killed off all the casual players so your realm gets merged with 3 other realms in the same position. Now there’s two outcomes. Your lose a year+ if work or you work together. Even if you work together your cross realm event matchmaking is dominated by Chinese realms 2–3 years older. Devs favor Chinese players and region lock it so Chinese players get unified realms. Non Chinese players have multiple time zones and language barriers. Their primary market is China. Anyone outside of China should avoid this game.

The Little Guy. War and Order is one of the best games out there but could use some improvements. It is geared toward the high spenders which can ruin the whole experience. This is the biggest complaint I hear after playing over a year in different realms. I know for Camel they want to make money but if you make the game more team oriented where one big spender cant dominate the realm then most people quit Camel is missing out on all the small spenders who would spend more and play longer and more people could enjoy the game for long periods of time. I would suggest either make a new game similar but is team oriented or change existing game so attacking would need more than one big player to cause damages also I would tier the defensive losses . Right now on defense you don’t lose anything below your hospital level. Make where defense can lose up to say 25 or 30 % after multiple attacks For instance on second attack you lose 10% 3rd attack 15% up to 25% I believe this would encourage more attacking but after 25% you don’t lose more so not all troops can be destroyed

Horrible customer support, lost account, better games out there. First, you have to spend money to get yourself into position where you aren’t being destroyed everyday by bully players. You can play for free but you won’t last long and it will be frustrating. Also it is very easy to lose your castle, the bind feature is glitchy and I lost one of my two bases. I sent 10 dollars on that base and now I can’t access it. I’ve emailed the developer with no response and messaged them on the internal game help line. I got an answer back a couple days after submitting and the guy asked for my info in the original email. So now I watch my unattended castle get hit and burn without being able to get into it. Goodbye $10 bucks I guess. Glad I didn’t spend thousands of dollars like some others in the game.

Designed to make you spend thousands (if you have the cash). This game’s community element made it very enticing and what kept me playing for the time that I did play. To be competitive, you HAVE to spend money. As a new server progresses, you can’t maintain growth in a high level castle without spending AND creating 5-12+ farm accounts which you send gather troops out to gather resources. On top of that, there is a massive RNG element to how you spend your money. Don’t believe me? Get roped into playing the game by an ad or a friend like I did and find out for yourself hundreds of dollars later and hundreds of hours wasted for essentially gambling. Games like this are irresponsible and take the loot box model to an entire new level. I enjoyed playing while I did, but if I could go back and time and tell myself to never play War and Order, I would do it ten times over.

Spenders and game play. There are a few issues with this game. I understand there are always going to be some spenders, but this game is geared towards getting all of the spenders together and kill the rest of the world quickly. Seems to happen a lot. I’ve been in 3 realms and they all were pretty dead after a short time. They also have zero control over content of the game. If you have kids, don’t let them play. There are predators here and reporting them does no good. If you spend money, camel is willing to let everything slip by. I enjoyed some of the game for sure but there are a lot of flaws still that really make it hard to enjoy it in the end.

Howdy! So I have one update I’d like to see occur. Obviously the game wants to be ease of user experience, hence the shaking of the phone to collect all the production stocks that are currently available to be collected, so this is kinda in that realm of ease. It would be beneficial if there was a “collect all” button in the Packs-Resources tab. It’s getting to the point there is a lot to “collect”, so a button to collect all of the packs in the resources section would be great. But I’ve Been playing this game for a long while now, and it has been more than fun!! The attention to detail and artistic talent gives it 5 stars alone, and this idea doesn’t diminish my rating of 5 stars, it would just be an idea. Thanks!

Used to be fun. I used to enjoy this game, but the greed of the designers has gotten out of hand. A recent reduction in ability to obtain scrolls (needed to advance in research, technology and upgrades) has greatly diminished the enjoyment of the game. Shame on you Camel! Avoid this game if you don’t want to waste money. This game takes “pay to play” to a whole new level. Some may blast me for this, but know this before you criticize. I have played for over 3 years, have a c38, eligible to be a c39 and am one of the top players in my realm. My castle has survived 2 realm merges and in a dying realm currently (1072). Camel has not increased the enjoyment of the game, only added “pay to play” events that people with bottomless pockets can afford to play. Player beware, before downloading this game.

WAO review. I’m new to these kind of games; but I do have to say this one shows incredible promise. After coming from Game of War: Fireage that used to be a fun game, but has ended up a dismal mess, mostly in part to Machine Zone’s greedy tactics and the constant daily changes to the game. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen here. The graphics here are wonderful. The layout seems similar to GoW, but thankfully less of a mess with endless things you have to do in that game. I hope here it will always be simpler and easier too maneuver. I like the concept of this game better all round. Though I wish when your army is out after attacking monsters you’d be able to keep sending them to attack other monsters instead of waiting to have to go back to your city first :-(. My main concern is that this company hopefully will listen to their customers and not just race through going ahead and changing the game too quickly. More value in the packs are needed .... the prices are ok but you DON’T get much in the pack 👎🏻. All of my teammates here in this game are all from GoW and they have been sickened by MZs lack of listening. So far War and Order is a very cool game . Worth checking out , (RBU) Twanggg / realm 517

Game crashes on Ipad multiple times.. The game was enjoyable and fun in the beginning, but after 4+ years of playing and multiple updates over the years, the stability of the app has been compromised with constant crashes during events with alot of players on at the same time. Spending $$ to stay competitive has become less of an attraction over the last few months as losing troops when attacking or being attacked coupled with the app crashing when time is paramount to quick response, just isn't worth the time to continue. Reinstalled the app many times and even tried different locations for internet to no avail. Its a good game if they would bother to fix the stability of the app on the iOS platform. There are multiple redirects in the software that causes iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 to crash. Short of spending $1000 dollars or more to upgrade devices, it’s not worth it when you need to spend to stay competitive. Castle skins updates have also been “coming soon” for over 4 years now and the constant SPAMMING of the realms automated notice on virtually every screen, even after closing it is super annoying. Not to mention the fact that every time you use artifact crystals to upgrade.... they redirect you to try and sell you another pack.

No different than any other game. I installed and started playing because of the ads that popped us saying that you can be successful without having to pay. Well turns out this game and their sister game Age of Z are no different than any other game of this type. Players that buy gems will end up ruling the server making it impossible for you to grow. Many times I have been rallied on where 8 large armies attack my single army. The alliance system is nothing special either. Once a server gets to a certain point it ends up with 2 or 3 very large alliances built on the gem buyers. And everyone else is left to be attacked. You will then have to choose between starting over in a new server or stop playing. For me I can’t see wasting my time in a losing battle. My final thoughts. Unless you want to spend real money don’t bother installing!

Fun, addictive, expensive. This is one of the most fun games, it is dynamic, it has a lot of variety, and allows for real connections between people from all over the world. One of the most fun aspects is the ability to kill the people you dislike. One of the most frustrating aspects is the possibility that you lose months of work in a second of carelessness. And, while there are many options to advance without cash, everybody gets sucked in to spend. Why 4 and not 5 stars ? The customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. The minimum reply time is 3 days, maximum is infinity. If you lose anything because of a game bug, they fix the bug, but don't return your loss. The fact that millions of people play, on multiple servers, for years (despite the horrid customer service) is proof that this is a very good game. And new features are constantly being added.

Insanely better than I was expecting. I have previously played IOS games of this type, and they usually fizz out because of inflation, and I’ve been playing War and order for a few months and I’m not gonna lie, it’s awesome. I love the way the game visually looks, and I love the sense of comradeship that you get while hitting enemies and growing. I haven’t spent much, just a little in the beginning since I had it, and a few bucks here and there for the developers who seem like they’re trying hard, thanks guys, but even though I haven’t spent much I’ve been super active and I’m pretty good in my realm 535. I really enjoy this game, and if I were to change one thing, it would be the number of elite tiles that pop up, in a crowded realm there’s a lot of resource hungry people, not saying it’s impossible to get resources, but it would be a tad bit easier if there was some more floating around! -(TRA) SantaScent (Realm 535)

Game of War copycat. Same thing in all these type of “games” These are not games! They are psychological money pits. I played Game of War for years. Then went looking. Found this one. Started playing. Spending a little. HERES THE KICKER. The price structure is progressively higher. You MUST buy the smaller packs to get to bigger and more expensive packs. NOW THE GAME: to functionally play you must be in a very active growing alliance. In one of the top 3. Then you quickly need to get to level 25. That’s where you build T9 troops. Those troops trump gear, other buildings research, etc. However to get there is very costly. I’ve been playing and building for 6 months. I am maxed at level 20. HAD 600,000 T6 & T7. Went against player with 150,000 T8 and I got wiped out. Had a level 28 hit me with T9 & T10. Lost 100,000+ troops per hit. I have played in two realms and each as predictable as the last. THIS IS NOT A GAME- ITS A MONEY PIT.

Love this game one thing. I absolutely cannot stop playing this game one thing I would love to move my bigger level castle to a different realm with out losing all my progress because I’m getting bored of my old realm because everyone wants to kill one another and I’m starting to hate it so I have an idea where we have realm teleports but we can only get 1-3 in between those numbers per castle please they allow us to move to different realms Well keeping our progress but here’s the thing is we can only use them once a year in a I real life year it would bring people back and more people to play

Please read! I love this game. Ok so it is going to sound like a rant but I hope I can provide some unique point of views...first off I love WAO! Really love the changes since blizzard took over I’m coming up on my 10th month and second realm (previous played 832 now in 1004) but I have a few things that nobody really talks about...the bullying is quite disgusting and there is NO repercussions at all for disrespectful players I think if that was better monitored instead of rss selling people would quit far less! And would really fall in love with WAO Second! Spending: I think there should be something of a spending limit...not horrible but for example in week one of my realm there was already a C 24 Castle and that’s not really fair and quite discouraging for non-spenders or puts unreasonable standards on others now one player has a 26 and is going to end up smashing the rest of the realm 😓 Third I’m not even going to start on the translation issues that’s a letter in itself lol😅 I really hope somebody reads this and hopefully provided some decent insight regards: 1004 (ITV) Diosa😘

Slipping towards GoW’s business model. This was a once great game that you could have fun with and get by without breaking the bank. It has of late descended into the GoW model of “its money that matters”. By this I mean that they put out too many new features without fixing the bugs in the existing features. The packs, while still affordable, give you less per dollar as the pack cost increases. Usually if you buy a pack that costs twice the smaller pack you would get 2-3 times as much, but not here. The items given don’t double as the cost doubles, and that trend continues all the way up to the $99 packs. The lag is also horrible and there is no apparent way to voice your concerns to the developers. The “help” link is a farce and it takes you to a web page that never seems to let you put a comment in without getting a timeout error. It’s truly frustrating!! 😤. There isn’t a way to not feel cheated when all you worked for is gone in a few seconds.

(Revised rating) +3 Stars. 3 years ago this was a 5 star positive report. Great game.. Not anymore! (Update): Good news is I got both my “lost” accounts back this morning. I did everything they asked and nothing worked. I did the help support from my working main and again provided responses to their requests (proof of payment) I’d numbers of lost accounts.. this morning I’m found them all bound (4) to My Apple Game Center. A cumbersome support system that seems staffed only on Asia /pacific time zone. This week I lost access to 2 accounts bound to my Apple ID. I have followed Camel's recommended process to restore and nothing. I have written to Camel vis their online game help and via direct email... nothing. There are hundreds and thousands of us in the same situation... read the reviews! See the decline in their IT quality and support. I have 3 other accounts that I can still use, but my investments in the other accounts in down the drain. Do NoT down-load this game until,this issue is resolved. You will be throwing money down the toilet!

Your basic pay to win. The game is fun to play, if your a pay to win kind of person for average players just looking to kill some time this is not the game for you. People spend big money to build big castles and then they spend their time attacking small castles so they get better stats. So if you don’t pay you lose. Also the notifications for attacks and scouts do not work most of the time I was attacked over 100 times and not one notification and when brought up with tech support they do nothing to fix the issue as this has happened to me twice and they will not return troops or resources that you have paid for so they basically rob you to get you to spend more. They seem to favor big alliances in this way. When they make a suggestion we get an update but as I am in a small alliance with not many spenders they don’t seem to care. Whenever I have an issue with something in the game and report it they don’t care and brush it off as my fault that it happened and their game is perfect but then maybe a week later we will have an update with a fix to my issue I had with no compensation for me and if you ask them about it your ignored. I wouldn’t suggest this game to anyone or any of Camels game period this company is run by crooks

I dig it. Cool game, similar to dark fate and a few others where development stopped and had a ton of us move to this.. another pack pay yo win of course but you can still move along decently.. if you don’t want to get raped I recommend at least 3 to 5 farms because like about 90% of these platforms where. Resources are essential.. although many war games in the past had the capture the leader deal , this one is basically troop loss but that replenishes rather quickly.. we get to do more with our team alliances which make things much cooler.. I’m still wanting to see regardless of power but to have some sort of roll with the dice of some sort that could give that wild card in a fire fight an edge.. it’s worth giving this game a shot.. try it out ... thanks — Freakbox Detroit punk..😎👍

Be Aware:. If you play this game, as it is addictive, it is also a huge stressor with trolls and harassers that is hardly monitored nor resolved by the developers, maintenance and security crew. Many players along with myself are very annoyed and fed up with the heavy harassment that this game seems to produce. Beware not good for young children or even adolescents. There are many adults on here that scout out people LINE info and social media info and I heard of players having there children stalked by grown adults taking this game so seriously to go out and harass players. Please be careful. Other wise it’s addicting after you block 75% of the players. But then they all just end up ganging up on you. Almost pointless to keep playing🤣but I find myself still playing.

Really pulled me in... the beginning. Maybe it’s my fault I got swept up in all of the “click here’s” and boom before I knew it I was at level 5 within the first hour of playing. Into the second day, after all of the welcome prizes go away, there is time to wait while items are building or being researched. You have to join an alliance pretty early on, but can’t communicate until level 8 in chat. I worked all the way to level 11 in those 2 days, but had only forged one item. Could not get any other supplies until castle level 10 - but after level 9, it’s open for battle. Maybe I did something wrong. Instructions not the most clear or maybe I clicked away from those in the beginning - either way, felt pretty limited and lost so I deleted the app. My alliance was communicating, but I didn’t understand a single thing they said. Take it slow in the beginning if you download. Still a fun game.

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Good game for big spenders. This game loves your money. I have seen people spend thousands on this game. It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but you have to spend a lot of time if you do to want to spend Money. Made many great friends from all around the world. The developers really need to do something about Azurite, especially for players above c35. It so slow and hard to get. They need to open a second mine at least 😀

Takes while to get head around …. But then it’s really enticing

Great game if was not money driven. When I started the game it was incredible to grow and fight with friends side by side. Unfortunately the game is making harder and harder for players to have fun without spending thousands of dollars. The last updated released decreased massively the chances of low spenders to grow and the company did not even mention in the notes. If you want a game to relax without spending, do not download this.

MONEY GAME.. do not download this game if you can not spend enough to compete with others. money game . all about buying gems pack. it is very interesting game i liked it. but disappointed (money game) put money in and will be able to compete

War and order. Best mobile game out going 4 years strong, and I’ve re-downloaded it on every phone I’ve had. Love it!

A buggy delight. This game is extremely fun and I recommend it to all but if you play long enough you will encounter many bugs. Most are not game breaking so it’s not an issue. My greatest word of warning is to no longer use Facebook for farm accounts, they get deactivated and the support team appears to be unhelpful in their recovery. The game could be better with more support to farms. It’s impossible to play realistically without them and yet it’s quite difficult to have many and manage them. Definitely an area that needs to be improved.

Pay to win now. Used to be fun but the business model is to focus on the players that are willing to spend thousands. Impossible to survive against those players, the imbalance in power is too much. You can try to compete by having multiple farm accounts, but who has time to manage 10 accounts that are likely to be raided if you don’t empty the resources twice a day. The realms are full of abandoned castles after 1-2 months because people realise they can’t compete unless they spend 3 hours a day running multiple accounts.

No Honour or Loyalty. Don’t waste time and money on this game. When they stuff up an update with their incompetence, it won’t matter how long or how much money you’ve spent, they’ll ignore you for as long as they can, hoping you’ll give up. Then offer you peanuts to make up for their mistakes. These guys have no honour or loyalty, and are just after your money. If only I could give less than a 1 star rating.

Pay to win garbage - Stay away. Blatant pay to win game. There is no customer service what so ever. This is not fun unless you spend real money on the game. The developers don’t care they just want your money. People blatantly sell accounts and farm alliances on world chat and the developers continue to do nothing. The amount of packs and benefits you can buy is ridiculous. Please save your time and money and choose another game. Honest review from someone who refuses to be a cash cow.

Lost account. Four days now no answer on my lost accounts

Jim. I love the 3d ish game graphics take a short time to get used to but definitely different from the norm makes game more interesting to watch & enjoy👍😎

Great Game!. As most good games, it’s very addicting, but for something you play in your phone, the graphics are good and the levels within levels keep you interested. Once you get you’re feet wet and understand what’s going on, there are countless others you can work and fight with (or against).

Cannon fodder. Entertaining game, enjoyed the beginning but the entrenched players whose castles are more powerful than you can muster even with help will just wipe you out. You can have 100k troops and they will bring 1million and hit you time and time again. The game should have some fail safes to enable castles of even rank to fight each other and thus grow.

It took 60 seconds to download and 10 seconds to delete the game. Personally I don’t like the type of games which waste your time by forcing you through guided clicks to farm resources instead of real immersive action and strategy.

Cheers camel. To the creators of this game cheers for nothing for the past 3 years I’ve played and spend tuns of money it was fun but since I’ve moved to realm 1324 I had my Facebook hacked and camel support will not help me get my castles back.

Pretty ADDICTED RN. I reckon it’s got the same concept as clash of clans but better. There’s more complexity when building your castle. I started yesterday and I can pull myself away from my phone

Used to be good.. After an solid 3 years of playing this game I would say I have some solid experience for an review. The game used to be good and playable up to 2 years ago, now developers are just driven by greed keeping extreme spenders getting new stats and stuff weekly creating an massive gap between non / low / mid spends. They keep removing farmable items and creating events only viable if you spend greats amounts of money, ( car loan amounts ). 3 years ago I would totally recommend this game, on todays conditions all I can say don’t even download it and thanks me for saving you time, money and fun above all that you will find in another game. Best of luck in your gaming endeavours.

The game is really good but .... This is an amazing game to play and very intriguing. The real problems lay in the alliances, where paying members expect to have all power over players who pay little or no money to play. By the time the Realm Wars start, the majority of players left are big spenders. Enjoy the game, as it is a truly good one.

So much more than you think. This is not the sort of game I would normally play - I’m not into battles and strategy, or world domination. But although this game has those features, you don’t have to play that way. There are plenty of players and groups that are in it for the community and joy of playing, without having to be bloodthirsty. I’ve become completely addicted, and look forward to playing every day!

Locked out. This is a great game, however, when you use a email to ‘bound’ your account, that is not what you use to go from your main castle to your second one. But there is no clear instructions. So now i cant get back to my first castle, so i have lost a little money and time. There is no contact support for help, only a automated system with per filled out questions and answers. There is no customer support. The email they send you to bound your account is a non-reply address. So very angry that i cant get help or back in.

Can’t even login for hours on end. Can’t login and get generic responses from war and order about issues. Multiple events happening at a time and completely ruins the effort put in leading up to it. Try to blame it on providers yet it’s nationwide. Responses aren’t even thought through, they just reply with basic generic responses and can not even compensate for time lost while they can’t fix their server bug at the same time letting accounts from other countries work towards the free rewards and continue to go way ahead whilst stopping some for hours on end.

Fun and engaging. I have played this game for a long time and it’s been fun. Made heaps of friends and fought many battles. It’s not as pushy on the payments and in game real money costs as several other games which is good and should continue to be like that. The game mechanics such as real time combined battles and accurate timing on marches make it really fun as you try and pull off perfect mass attacks to wipe out the defending forces and cause a serious hurting. Nothing in this game requires you to spend real money as you can do most things with pure effort. Even when you are against pure spenders. A good size time attack can undo all their spending work as it combined Attacks nerf the power difference of spenders. I would highly encourage anyone to play this game. Just don’t get mad if you get zeroed ;). One thing that I would probably ask camel to change is add an additional cost to SOS attacks. It is fairly one sided if you become the target of an SOS and some people have left realms when SOS attacks became pretty common.

Looks great. I’ve only just bought this game and haven’t played it yet but it looks great, looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

DO NOT GET THIS GAME. This game stole clips from laser beams video where he played a completely different game without him asking and put it on a add to make it seem like there game is actually good but it isn’t it’s complete garbage. This company have ripped off a really good YouTuber which now makes his image look terrible to thousands and are so untrusworthy. I hope there whole company completely goes off rails and every single person working for them goes broke and homeless. They are a bunch of lying jerks who even made a hundreds of fake reviews to make their game seem better.

No Alerts on Rally. What’s going on ? After update all alerts failed to alert, no sound no nothing until you pop in game then it shows you have been missed either attacked by someone or rally all dead silence on the phone. What is the point have running background refresh when nothing is working ?

Feedback and review. This is a very enjoyable game which you can play solo or in an alliance with real people online. It becomes addictive instantly! Features that would improve the game is when you are scanning around the map it is hard to go back to your own castle - a “home” button that took your u straight back to your castle would be very helpful. Also it would be better if you could zoom out more when scanning the realm. From player: SprinkleDust realm 668

Lost access. Love the game and have been playing for some time now, but recently lost access to my castle ? Have tried to speak to Devs but not getting a response....

Good fun. Good game, really enjoy it so far. Need to be able to have more things on the go at once.

Will not load / unstable. Have been trying to play this for three days and the game refuses to load, seems the servers are always down. I’ve restarted phone, cleared cache, tried multiple connections and also tried downloading on my iPad and have the same problem. iPhone 13 pro and iPad Pro - take the game off the App Store if your servers can’t handle the capacity

No good. The game always have problems with creating a private message or creating a group chat. When you have problem with account the reply is so late. It’s becoming too slow. I hope you improve your game because many people are already using this app.

Account Log in issue with iOS. My two major accounts bounded to iOS has disappeared from two days ago and there no exact method to recover it! They emailed to remove the app and install it again but this only has worked with few members. I am playing this game for the last two years and it was very fun but this issue caused me to loose all my efforts, money and top level city. So if the issue does not get solved as soon as possible, then I do not have any hope to continue this game!

Best fighting game!. Best game ever. Great graphics and stunning fights. I like how you have to level up to become stronger, and even you castle becomes grander. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves fighting. Thx devs for a great game

Not able to sign in for over 9 hours. Not been able to sign in during one of the biggest events; strongest load, undead and savage lands. Contact support and get a generic response full of holes saying, “oh it’s your phone provider”. Give them proof that it’s not and then they change reason. I’m a paying customer and feel ripped off. The devs should have taken the servers down instead of letting others jump ahead while others can’t get on. Ask them about compensating those affect and they say they’re not even sure how they’d work that out. Sorry, but they have all the information on peoples accounts. You can see whose not been able to login. I’ve wasted VIP’s and gather boost. Can’t get my alliance quest so I’ve lost those also.

Not recommended for children - gambling themes and paywalls. Azurite and the brick wall that not having any creates, in game makes this game a punishment grind. Brilliant design, wonderful graphics and in game mini games and challenges are spot on and always changing. But the azurite resource being so incredibly slow, or hidden behind a pay wall of ptw in app purchases is highly frustrating. This game is like pretty gambling, with innumerable forms of currency to bamboozle you. Not recommended for children.

Good game. For a phone. I do enjoy it, but I am not able to spend real money so feel I will take for ever to progress through the levels and may even get stalled completely at some point.

Does NOT work on Apple. The game gives you the option to bind your account to your Apple ID, then takes money for in-app purchases. After a while you no longer get access to your account and the company ignores requests for help suggesting the problem is because the account was linked to Apple ID. It’s a scam.

Great game. Really enjoying game and especially like that you can put troops in the Fort and not get zeroed in one hit like other similar games. If costs stay down then will be a long term player. Thx to developers and the war and order team. Hope the bosses buy you guys a beer or 2.

New kingdom platform. I have only played for a few weeks but I find the fluid control and vivid graphics very enjoyable

Very Fun but Unstable game. There are thousands of games like this but I have to admit War and Order did something special. I really enjoyed this game more than I ever thought I would, and would daily pop in for a game and chat. The community is great, I was part of a amazing alliance full of friendly people from all over the world. I even became a deputy before retiring. It was great, the game drew me in but the community kept me backing back. Sadly the game is really unstable, crashing at random and often up to 3 times an hour during events, as such fighting monster or lingering too long on the world map. One day after nearly a year of playing, it crashed and I’ve never been able to reopen it. I deleted it and started again but that didn’t work ether, it might be something on my end but a lot of players pointed out its frequent crashes. I miss my Alliance and I never got to tell them peace out before I left. I wonder if my old account is still there somewhere. I’ve tried multiple different things to get to working but I’m unable to even open the game let alone access my old file. It’s just all gone Ps To Boss, Bella, Navar, and all the gang. It’s me MaddieMadness. Ni Ni Ni to you all and while I doubt you’ll see this, I hope Wal continues to conquer. Peace out. your friendly friend Maddie. I miss you all

Yep. Overall a good game, but loses a lot for me when construction pace slows down. Also I wish a game would come out like this without in app purchases

Good game. Been playing for a few months now, only problem I have is only being able to have 2 castles in the same realm linked to game centre

Attacked 20 levels higher. At start it was okay but after 3 months playing I keep getting attacked by players 10 to 15 levels higher. Months of accumulation resources to upgrade becomes impossible to play long run. If you don’t have money buy resources don’t play, it’s game when you reach level 15 you get attacked by random people and can’t move on unless you pay.

So far game is ok.. Just new to the game but I'm enjoying playing. Coming from a game that hard gone crazy with update and the costs to do them, it is nice to be able to play and enjoy the game without the over the top costs. Love the monsters in this game. Translator could do with a lot of improvement. But so far the game is engaging. Facebook log in issues are now being experienced. If you are new to game use gamecentre/google to bind your accounts as Facebook logins are unreliable Need to downgrade review again remove plunder limits you are hurting honest players

Ridiculous. 200 gems a day ($50 a month) just to get a second builder to help me build my 500 things lol When did it become normal that you need to throw $1000’s at a game now? What happen to $5 here and there. This game has sooooooo much content, it gives you gifts/rewards for EVERYTHING you do, so u think it’s great. Then you start to realise all those gifts are really doing nothing at all. Not to mention all Areas are just full of Whales (big $$$$) so unless you get accepted by a good Alliance(doubtful being new), you will just get smashed and not enjoy the game anyway!

Best game. This game is a great game but some people still cheat and selling and buying resources as upgrades their castle which is not really fair

(DAB)Boomeranga #523. The game itself is good but the cost of playing is going to go beyond the reach of a lot of players. War and Order is one of the better games as far as costs go so far but I can see the price escalate as you progress. Keep the cost of playing down and focus on rewards, you will find that players will stick around.

I thought this was a great game, until.... ... well, until I found Infinity Kingdom. I played War and Order for months and I was very happy playing it. There must be a 1,000 of these game, but War and Order seemed to have that little bit extra. Compared to Infinity Kingdom, however, this game seems a 100 years old. Infinity Kingdom has full narration, animated battles, in readable graphics and, well, go see for yourself. No, I’m not affiliated with the any game makers. Just helping my fellow gamers find the best option within the millions of games out there. Happy gaming!

This game says no to pay to win. Advertises “no to pay to win” then immediately offers in-app purchases, I’m not against spending money occasionally to get ahead but you cannot mislead people with Facebook adds saying you’re not a pay to win game when you clearly are.

Great game. So far I have been impressed excellent graphics,good people playing I have played other games like this,but never I have I found one that takes action against the cheaters stealers and those who harass fellow players congratulations War and Order for a great gaming experience .Realm 271 Dagswardogs ,thumbs up camel great game,I spend way to much time playing this game

Great game but....... This really is a good game - but without a sizeable bankroll you can’t do much. This is definitely pay-to-win with many people (usually Chinese and Russian) spending vast amounts of money - in the thousands. Corruption is rife also with materials being sold in the game using stolen credit cards easily obtainable. If you can get past that..... play - but at your own risk

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Annoying. This game makes you need to constantly play, you can get attacked at any time day/night and it’s really annoying. I have my settings adjusted so that only one of my accounts notify me of anything but yet every single account I have has to send me notifications throughout the day (you need multiple accounts on this game to grow fast) It doesn’t let you live your own life in peace, I wouldn’t get this game again if I knew.

Don’t start. Unfortunately this game is set up so a few bullies can spend some money and terrorize new players. The only way to defend is spend money for shields.

Deceiving. The advertisement for this game is nothing like the actual gameplay they make it seem different to get people to download it. Don’t waste your time if you’re looking for gameplay illustrated in the ads. For that I delete it and give it a 1 star.

Was fun. Game will not load. Crashes every time To bad. I enjoyed playing

Don’t bother. Camel is a terrible gaming company lawsuits and all. Shutting down servers

Change you add. You stole a YouTubers video and it wasn't ever your game

Horrible game made by horrible people. Don’t download this, its nothing like the ads. They steal content and market it as their own. The low life losers responsible for this steaming pile of garbage can’t do anything right.

Best game you can play. I have been playing this game since the first world servers dropped.. Best game on the App Store by far. Lots to learn and game is very strategy based. Great community and team playing. One thing to note is you can play F2P but you have to make sure your part of a good team and you will need to wait a while until you cna be competitive. But like most games like this you have your big spenders usually they are spread out between the top 2/3 alliances. Game is heavily favoured for spenders. That you will never catch up to.

This game is a lie. Hey devs, you should be ashamed of yourselves! What kind game is this? When I saw your ads for the game that looked actually decent, I thought “finally, a big mobile game that’s not just another milked out clone of clash of clans” So I downloaded it onto my phone, opened it up, and then what do I see? A clone of clash of clans. Wonderful. Then I gave it a chance, I played for a few minutes, expecting that the advertised content would show up, and guess what? It didn’t. You guys are really the scum of the earth. And then I heard you were stealing content from other games, and youtubers. Wth is wrong with you guys like isn’t this bothering your conscience? Honestly I would rather get a job giving lethal injections to kittens than work for your company. Lying to everyone like that isn’t okay, someone needs to sue you and take your game down. If I had three wishes, one of them would be for all of you to be restricted from having any games on the App Store or Steam or google play or physical copies or anywhere else games are sold/installed. Please delete this entire game.

Game is almost there. The best way for this game to actually be good would be to double the speed of building. And do a world buy in. The big money spenders can ruin a world if they choose. Plus the big money spenders also win all the loot to boot. And get rid of second account farming. To play a game do you really need to create a farm account.

No support. Unable to contact support for help. Game not allowing me to do anything.

Dumb. This game stole footage from a youtuber called lazerbeam and never gave him credit and the lied about the strategy and stuff they should get sued. And this game is nothing special it is like any other game like rise of kingdoms and last shelter this game is bad and lied to everyone and stole footage so don’t download it and play something else like rise of kingdoms and last shelter garenteed way better than this game. And it lied about the best stragety gam so ya kill the devs and sue their family

Best online game of 2023. This is the best game of 2023, it has everything you want in a game. Challenges, strategy, excitement and if you don’t want to you do not have to pay a penny to play. I do recommend spending a little money in the beginning as it will take you awhile to reach level 10 where the fun really starts. Highly recommend - AAAAA++++++

Trop long. Les temps d’attente pour les constructios sont trop long. Les constructions prennent 20 à 50heures voir plus juste pour jouer c’est abusé, faut vraiment accélérer le temps de construction pour que le jeu soit plus fun

Cool. Cool

Nothing like the ads. Just like most games now, nothing like the ads portray. Just another copy of a copy of a copy. Don’t waste your time.

cringe. cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe

Bait and switch. The pictures have nothing to do with the game If the devs are liars how is apple not vetting this And letting this happen it’s a generic game that has NOTHING. To do with pics and videos

Fake ads, if you are here clicking ads don’t download it. It’s nothing like ads.. Fake ads, if you are here clicking ads don’t download it. Game is nothing like ads.

Thiefs!. This company will constantly double bill you. They will never respond to email or lie and say you made two purchases. They are crooks!

Playing for 6 years. I’ve played from the start. I am addicted to the game but must say updates are cash grabs and useless (battery eating) animations. Our realm has been waiting a year for a realm merge and because it hasn’t happened the best players are selling their castles to buy castles in a better realm. Wish I wasn’t hooked.

Decent game. Only have 5-10 hours of play time. Seems alright so far but it’s not what the ads show so far. The ad shows a first person/over shoulder active defence game where you can aim yourself and shoot monsters as they approach your gate in a type of line defence game. So far this is a cross between regular tower defence and general real-time strategy game. Maybe it unlocks as a game mode later? Fun little mmo either way but if after 5 hours it’s still not seeming to be the advertised game. Too bad the devs don’t acknowledge this aspect and just tell everyone “ it’s artistic representation”.

Superbly good looking and fun. Good graphics. Not as good colours as the preview screenshots. Beautiful design, user experience interface etc Win without paying is absolutely possible if you are patient and pick your battles Cool features Fun looking battles Very thought out alliance system technology and buildings for alliances

Great. The game is great, interactive! Can't put it down. Only issue is it can be one sided

Theives. These people can’t even make proper advertisements they had to steal a video on YouTube of gameplay from a completely different game.

Worst. Steals youtuber lazerbeams content illegally and lies on there adds about gameplay and that it got voted best strategy game of the year

Azurite drop rate. This game is horribly catered to P2W players. The azurite drop rate is disgusting. It takes 6 months of IRL time to go from castle 35 to 36. Makes me want to quit the game.

Army assault. I feel like im the only that cant do army assault….can’t even click on it smh Can you fix it???

Meh. Very time consuming game which would most likely add extra stress to your life.

This game is terrible. The ads are such lies don’t get this game bleeping sucks

Fun. Oodles

Don’t give them your money. Please do yourself favour don’t give any money to those developers, and specially that their customers are being robbed of time and money without any reason . Developers remove accounts from game , ban it without reason. On rumours. No proof of any wrong doing it’s ever provided to person that had those accounts. They chat ban accounts when people did not say anything wrong. You contact them they say that there is no chat ban on account and yet it is muted on game. Game lags and crashes . You will never get satisfactory answer from customer service , just automated responses to any problem in game. And fixing any problem that’s joke , it’s never done .

Persons. This game has its perks but I ain’t no hater. Its wicked 💯🎮🦾✅

U steal you tubers content. This game is horrible and stole lazerbeams content for there ads btw lazerbeam is a YouTuber #code lazerbeam

Pay to play. Whole screen is buy buy buy packs I get everyone wants to make money but to put it right in your face says something. Screen so cluttered with it hard to make out what’s important in the game .

Upgrading castle is very slow. Upgrading of castle took to long and makes it boring because can’t play levels further without upgrading, which took forever and make you loose interest in game.

Love it. This game has fake ads but it’s actually quite good I’ve been playing for about 3 months

垃圾游戏. 骗人的游戏,看广告才下载的,结果这是什么游戏?

Decent. Definitely pay to win. Anyway after the last update I can not longer kill lvl 28 unbuffed. Nothing changed other the game reloading this morning.

Remove plunder limit!. The plunder limit change has ruined to me what was my favorite game of almost two years. I was a happy spending player till this point. With the limits now in place if you download this game you will be looking and at least 4 years to get to a level 35 castle. It will pretty much force you to spend money on rss now instead of you full time farming for it. I’m highly disappointed and truly hope you all listen to the community on this one.

Sos sucks. Remove sos attacks then would be more fair for everyone

🤙🏼 good. Good

Pay et tu seras peut être bon lol. Ne perdez pas votre temps avec se jeux j’ai mis 3-400$ en 1 mois et je ne suis même pas top 10 dd mon royaume lol trop de personne pay beaucoup

Aspen. Omg good game get plz

Bad. Thought this was a cool war fighting game and yet it's just another clash of clans. Fake advertising, don't download.

Lots of fun. This is a game you can enjoy without spending a ton of money. Or without spending any if that’s how you want. Meet people from all over the world, and start some friendships. Give it a try

Not impressed. It’s a cell phone game but they want you to pay hundreds of dollars to enjoy the game. Strongly suggest do not download this game

Camel blackmailed me. I have been playing this game for two years and spend thousands of dollars on it , on 27 April i found a 10$ purchase which I didn’t make so I reported it to apple and asked for a refund. For that reason Camel took away all my gems around 20K which I bought for about $200 +and they asked me to buy a $10 pack to compensate them for their losses to be able to get my gems back and I should be careful not to request for refunds next time . This is vey un ethical practice taking away the gems I purchased from you. I was blackmailed by this cheap developer over a $10 issue . Unfortunately apple didn’t do anything about the whole thing . PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THIS APP DEVELOPER AND NEVER SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME .

The Fall of WaO. Used to be a great game. So many people and alliances, working together, waging war, the only game that has an attack to bypass the rally cap… Now each realm is filled with more people capping territory and creating farm alliances to sell it to others, than they’re are real players in the game… completely unbalanced Not to mention so many things have been added just for money grabs. All war games are like this but this goes beyond now.. If you’re looking to relive your warring days … don’t, it’s a huge disappointment. Leave the past in the past and spend your money elsewhere

Army assault. My army assault is missing?any way of fixing it?

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I need your help. I like your game quite a bit after playing GOW and Mobile Strike the last few years. I don’t feel your game is a endless money pit and I thank you for that. My only concern is I wish you would consider longer lasting shields. We’re leaving for vacation soon and will be gone 10 days and I have no way to protect my investment of time and money. Current shields are 3 days. I’m not comfortable giving someone I don’t know my log in information to shield for me. In other games I’ve seen accounts stolen that way. Well that’s my input. Thanks for a awesome game

Addictive. This game is very addictive and one thing I like I they are constantly making small tweaks and doing small things usually for the better one thing I wish could be changed is I would like to make a chat my favorite that way it couldn't be as easily deleted and so it would keep my favorite chats at the top. Would be much easier to save alliance chats that are important and later when the need for that particular chat in no more than could take it off favorites I would like to see this thank you camel gaming you all are awesome keep up the good work

Infinity war update. Relatively new to the game, but with this new update I find it really hard to compete with the players that spend tons of money in the game. I like many others used farms to help us progress through the game. Currently in our realm we have a big power balance issue in which the big spenders are in one alliance while the rest of us are playing catch-up with our farms. This new update has ruined the playability of the majority of the community making it very hard to compete the players who consistently purchase packs. I am sure i am not the only one with this issue, If you remove the update, I’d gladly place my rating to 5. I really enjoy this game but it is now becoming stagnant with the slowing of progression because of this new update.

It really is a PAY-2-PLAY game. First, I love this game, it’s fun and very addictive. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to to a higher level without spending a lot of real money. I have 6 castles (4 level 19 and 2 level 23), to get even to this level I’ve had to spend more money than I care to think about. This is all for naught because there are level 30+ big spenders that use you as farms and prevent you from leveling up unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars. I’m still going to play, just not as much and I’m not willing to keep pumping money just so I can feed the heavy hitters with fat wallets.

Getting to complicated. I am not new to this game I have played for many many years , every time they do a update it slows down my devices. And unless you can buy a new device every year or so your system starts to crash . A it’s getting to the point of not being fun , unless of course you can spend $100 or more each week to keep your castle tip top shape for constant battle . The world chat here is another problem, if someone thinks your trouble they will attack you and spread it around . Even if your not and try to defend yourself that makes you guilty also and then everyone attacks you then your spending $$$$ to keep up . Safe your money.

Quitting. Most verbally abusive game I have ever played. Would definitely not let any person under the age of 16 play. Game is overrun with Chinese players, who thrive on being verbal abusive. In world chat, the Chinese are abusive, racist, say sexually disgusting things that make you cringe when you read it. I am an adult and have never been exposed to this kind of verbal sexual abuse in my life. Game also caters to people who name their alliances after ISIL, Al Qaeda and terrorist leaders. Don't bother complaining about anything, because nothing will be done. Huge power ability inequality. The Chinese control every kingdom and literally make it their goal to destroy every tiny alliance. As the leader of the Chinese told our alliance, "we will destroy every alliance in this kingdom until we own the whole thing and it is just for our use." People are quitting left and right. If you want to play an abusive, terrorist supporting game that will make you cringe with disgust..low load this. I will not spend another penny. Once my castle is wiped out by the Chinese(probably within the week), this game will be deleted. Played GOW for years...loved it...could never say that about this game.

The game is pretty good but there’s only one problem.. I gave the game a four out of five stars. As the title says above. Yes this game is very good but there’s a huge problem. It freezes for a few minutes especially on the loading then while it is logging me into the game itself while on the loading screen. It crashes idk if I am the only one who have this problem or not but I know this happens to me on other war type games like “Empire of Fire”,etc. Anyways please fix issue and everyone who plays these type of games please be ware of hackers, and scammers alright everyone. I just want all of you guys to be extra careful when playing online games. Thank you everyone for reviewing and taking your time reading my review on “War and Order”.

Pay to Play and no tech support. In a push to make more money, they have combined 9 realms into one. The money players are trying to purge the smaller alliances to gain territory. Resource tiles, monsters, and everything else you need to play the game is being stolen by the bigger alliances due to not enough to go around for everyone. I’ve had two friends, lose three castles due to their mistake. They were bonded, sent proof it was their accounts and never got them back. You get an automated reply, if you get a reply, and that is as far as it goes. Mow KE(kill events, are every two weeks. We do the same thing for two weeks, then repeat. It gets old. I wouldn’t waste your time unless you have money to burn.

Good layout, great graphics. Many of the problems of similar games have been smoothed out in this one. Don’t be fooled, there is definitely a spending component, but high-dollar investments seem less common in facilitating regular game play than in other similar app games. My favorite part is the graphics. Some of the night views are really beautiful, and the various types of soldiers and avatars are detailed and very well done. Four stars instead of five due to their chosen advertising that they aren’t a pay-to-win game. It is. It just costs a little less than some.

The game is good so far (update). I’ve been playing for a day or two, I’ve not noticed any issues I’m worried about, and expect the game to be fun For the long run. I also expected it to be some sort of cash grab but it wasn’t. I like the game so far. Good job *UPDATE* the game has one thing that will be great if added. Can the translation also translate the Alliance Notice, I’m in a alliance that does not speak the same language as I. And I’ll be very convenient if the auto translate also translated it for better communication between every Alliance member.

Are you kidding me. I’ve spent hours upon hours and my own money building my castle up to a castle level 29. Then Camel made a mistake and you can’t use your Apple-bound castles anymore, so they told me to uninstall and reinstall the game - so I did that. I find out that my castle along with my c22 alt are gone forever now. I’ve tried emailing them and going through WaO support and they won’t ever answer or help. I find that terrible and disgusting. How can they have someone like me who’s spent so much time and money and then blow me off. I lost my 2 best castles because THEY made a mistake, then THEY made another mistake by telling me the wrong directions to fix the problem. Now THEY won’t respond to me - a customer. I’m beyond mad and frustrated

Absolutely the worse costumer service. Don't bother spending money on here. I spent 4000 usd on a realm that hasn't even been open a month and my account got hacked. I sent a request through camel to get my account back and they told me that you can't "hack" this game... well I sure as hell didn't share my account information with anyone so you tell me how they got it. They ended up telling me to make a new account and that they would transfer it over. I did that and sent them the new information of the lord castle like they asked. It has been 4 days since then and camel refuses to contact me what so ever after I sent them the information. What kind of business owner would treat a spender like that? Also I guess I'm just out the 4000$ and some thief gets away with a felony.... literally a felony.

Pay to progress game. Don’t bother unless you gots lots of money to burn.. The game has went from being able to progress by playing a lot, to only progressing by spending a lot. Rewards were significantly reduced, and shifted to every event costing money to be competitive. Recent update has ridiculous requirements, where if you don’t buy upgrades it would take forever. Which by that time, more updates would have come along and you will always be way behind. Basically pay lots of Money to progress. Save your money, buy a console system instead, will be waaaay cheaper. Thanks a lot to camel, greed has overtaken you. I am quitting after 5 years of playing, thanks to your latest crap of an update.

Suggestion and review. After playing so many games with this same concept, War and Order is far above the rest. The addition of having a beast is fantastic and the ability for the alliance to synchronize a hit is brilliant. I even enjoy watching the battles where other games show a burning city or no returning army from all of your efforts. Suggestions- I would like to be able to see a players power when I select the city without selecting their player info. In battle, those few seconds will count. I would also like to be able to see an enemy’s hero as well as their armor set up. This, too, would change what type of troops the owner is focusing on with higher armor for defensive play vs offensive. Having the presets for the armor is a big reason to be able to change between offensive armor and defensive, not just production and training. Mystique175 - Realm #582

Deceiving This is what happen and you judge. I play this game for long time , I interest it’s strategy , but if you pay or not it’s what they care about , (of course they say it’s free ) , but you never compete who pay. “ You need 2 years minimum to reach strong level if you didn’t pay” Then if you be a patient regard all what I mentioned , they threw your efforts destroy your work for 2 year and send you and your friend like a sheeps to join another region where you forced to defend yourself with paying , it’s very very deceiving , I am disappointed , those who deceive people really I hate what you do , you don’t deserve any respect for wasting my time and at the end you destroy what we build just to increase your money income , you shouldn’t make it free from the beginning , 😡😡😡😡😡

Love the Game! (REP) JustCallMeDaddy Realm #680. This is (REP) JustCallMeDaddy from realm 680... I love the game👍🏻 the battle system, and the difference between time attacks and rallies is super awesome!! I only wish the times to build things would not take several hours, to days, to a week or more! Kind of makes you lose interest in the game, when you have to wait a week before something upgrades... makes you feel like your at a stand still that whole time on it!! But overall the best app game out there!

Second Time Around. I’ve just recently redownloaded this game after accidentally thinking I was downloading another game. Needless to say to say I have feel In love with this game all over again. Just wishing I could build my kingdom a little faster, without having to wait as long so I can really get into some action faster. Also somethings could be better explained but that’s also the reason for the alliance even once you join one it’d be better to at least teleport me near them. Thanks again really enjoy the game.

This is a pay to win. As other reviewers have mention, this is a pay to win game. It is a money pit. The more you spend, the stronger you are than other players. This is NOT a strategy games when the sole strategy is based on who can spend more money than the other players. They also have developers playing where they have like unlimited speed ups, unlimited gems and unlimited resources. Pay to win players can produce millions of troops. They also have tons of accounts all around the map. They bully all the lower players so they can never progress. Won’t matter how much you spend or harvest, it will all be gone the next day. There are tons of other games exactly like this where pay to win dominates the whole server and they mock you so that you cannot do anything about it

War and order. Good game very addicting . must spend money to keep up.. some big spenders ruin the game... (realm 524) had a guy in there buying rss from other players and the average castle level was 16-20 and he was already at 30 and he would go around burning everyone so they couldn’t build up... made me quit that realm .. i restarted in 579 and it’s much better but i wish we could transfer our castles from realm to realm for a certain amount of gems or something .. also the armor glitch /bug took way too long to fix

Realm 254. Pay to play is the only way you can truly compete. I’ve been playing 3 plus years and this game is all about money. All events are based on it with exception of territory defense and EA. I have spent thousands of dollars and many in our realm have also, in the end they have castles that are lvl 40 castles and to get to this lvl you have to spend 100k or be a developer like many players think a lot of these larger castles are, just to keep the middle of the road spenders spending. The game is very unbalance since the castle update 6 months ago. The game used to be fun but now it’s filled with ads to buy more, and lots of events where you can only compete if your spending. Look else where. RIP WAO

Addictive game. It’s a supper fun game but it’s not what the ads make it look like and it’s takes time be patient you don’t and can’t know everything and do one it will take months . The downside to the game is lag ! I don’t know how many times I’ve lost troops or my fame has been attack and I can’t do anything because or lag and the other problem is you have to pay a lot, a lot a lot if you wanna be number one . There will be struggles along the way but I recommend it always remember your gonna have to spend time on it.

Do not recommend. This is 100% pay to win game. I invested days worth of playing and got seemingly nowhere. This game has massive clans that attack smaller players all the time. You have clans that start of farming clans so there is absolutely no way ever to retaliate. I was having trouble with a clan attacking me so I payed to move my castle.... Wouldn’t you guess that I run into the same problem where I moved to next. You have to shell out big bucks if you wanna make it in this game. It’s well developed and fun, but the overwhelming majority of it is waiting for upgrades, or troop promotions. I would not recommend this game, and I’m sorry I even downloaded it.

Castle resellers and scammers. The games is filling up with people that level castles just to sell them in world chat. Second, you have people that will sell resources. Thirdly, which is the best, you have people that will manage your castle for you for the low low fee of 8$ US per month per castle. All this real money changing hands is of course against company policy. But it's one of those rules that they don't enforce. I the report illegal transactions with screenshots, but the company does nothing. What's the point of rules if your not going to enforce them. I'll update my review when I see people getting kicked off for rule breaking. I won't hold my breath though. Update.. I've reported dozens of accounts selling castles, resource sellers and castle management services but, Camel refuses to do anything.

Great game! Most read before reading other reviews. If the developers didn’t make the game have so many in app purchases the developers would get little profit because of there power bill for all the servers and + the cost of server maintenance and the cost of expanding and buying new servers so it’s easier for others to grow if you join a old realm don’t complain that your getting over ran by higher levels there are like new realms every week I’m sure you can find a new one new realms give you a better chance in becoming a Great Warrior.

Lies!. I am SO SICK of seeing ads on Instagram that are totally fabricated animations which have nothing to do with the actual game. If you came here because of some cool animation that made it look like you could set up huge battles and watch how they play out, that is ABSOLUTELY NOT in the game. It’s just like all the other pay to win kingdom building games that have no action, just about how long you’ve been playing and how much money you’ve spent and then you have a more powerful kingdom. I’m surprised more people don’t come here from the Instagram ads and then give a one star when they realize it’s a total lie. So disappointing. Have you ever considered making a game that actually looks like what you’re advertising?? People click on it so it must be fun, right? Try actually making it!

Love this Game. This game is by far one of the better war games I have played. While similar to clash of kings, I find it more entertaining and a lot of great people in the kingdom. I tried playing final fantasy but that game became way too expensive. This game if you do decide to purchase packs they are never to expensive. I am totally hooked on this game and have pushed all my other games to the side in favor of this one. I highly recommend this game. You won’t regret it 😊 The RedQueen

Needs work. Kingdom chat will only allow you to input two comments then it says you have put the maximum amount of comments for the day or for the next few hours that’s kind of silly! Alliances in this game are super super fussy and will not allow you to join and grow, they want you to invest a bunch of time and money before Joining their alliances you have to be a level 30-34 just to join that’s ridiculous! The game in kingdom view looks a bit too cartoonish, the inside of your own city looks pretty amazing and the characters are pretty nice looking but to do anything in this game it takes money for the most part and or a lot of help from people who do not want to help anyway so it’s mainly a money game! More to come later!

Great. I’ve been looking for a game that similar to game war and as of right now so for this game has meds straight Tereus reason why I’ve got out got an off game of war is because it became too over powered base base of someone paying with their own money at least this game you can pay with your own money but that achievement doesn’t achieve as much is a game of war would’ve so the game is still just as fair you have a lot more players who are as low rank to have equal battle game overall as of now seems better so far

Communications need improvement. You can only speak in global chat 3 times a day and you can only private message people a few times aswell this is very annoying when trying to reach out to other alliances or have friendly conversations or even trying to have a one on one conversation with someone in my own alliance you have got to make it to where there is a cooldown on spamming messages of like a minute but dont make a limited number of messages a day thats beyond ridiculous

Great game, but.... Their customer service is HORRIBLE. If you get locked out, be ready to supply the day you created account (like who writes this down) all the levels of each building, first and last receipt of purchases, your VIP level and more and more and more. They will argue minute details. They tried to claim my last login date wasn’t the date I got locked out. Ummmmmmm. To be continued. I’m still locked out. Shield dropping in a few minutes.

(UMS) Allison325. I looove this game. It’s so addictive and so fun. I love meeting new people and expanding our alliance as well as my own castle. This is a strategic game with lots of options to manage your alliances as well as personal territories. There’s even a translator within the group chat to help make friends all over the world. I enjoy the interactive maps and different quests. My only suggestion at this time is to passively use another system for translating so that communication across different countries is a bit easier. Otherwise, thank you War and Order 😊

Deducting benefit points now?. After today’s update I’m getting a message on my account that they will begin deducting benefit points from my account every seven days?! With no more explanation than that. What??? Been playing for 9 months and have spent quite a bit, but I let my monthly gem pack expire a few days ago and now this? I don’t even know what this means... I have two level 26 castles in two different realms, my own farm alliance and many sub accounts but maybe not for long...

Don’t bother. I’ve played many “build your city/castle and fight other people” games. This starts out good but then the developers being greedy force you to buy packs in order to get resources and equipment just to be able to keep up. Otherwise you will lose countless hours and money to try and keep relevant in the game. Constant crashes and devs don’t help with lost accounts due to them having crap servers. The list goes on and on. I’ve played this for a few years on and off, not just a few hours...

Camel supports cheaters!. They talk about fair gaming but they selectively enforce. If you want to drop a couple thousand into the game - they will look the other way. So big spenders - if you want to hack or bot go ahead! (even when presented with the screen shots and proof they will ignore it so if you get upset about it don’t waste your money or time reporting it). So big spenders - cheat away! This ruins the gaming experience for all. I never minded spending my entertainment money on the game - but I played fair. So If you aren’t willing to spend a LOT of money - Walk away because the big spenders also cheat and destroy realms. It is a pretty cool game and would be a lot of fun if they were serious about fair play. Sadly they selectively enforce. The company lacks integrity.

WAO. I played for 6 months. The game starts off really fun. There are a bunch of different alliances, like 30, and everybody is pretty equal. Then the pay for play alliances start to grow faster. Entire alliances are wiped out, people quit, alliances merge, etc. Before you know it the entire realm is made up of only 2-3 alliances and the rest is nothing but farms. Then the game becomes very repetitive. There are only one or two alliances you can attack and the rest of the realm is a graveyard. Then you need money to buy gems to port for the fun events. A realm with only two alliances is not very fun.

Sad but true. This game could be a lot better, but it is what it is. Also, you can’t contact support and expect them to get back to you. I’ve tried 3 times and not one response. You basically sit in one spot because they’re too much of a tightwad group to allow you to access elite teleports to move around. The devs actually listened to us in my other game and put together a teleport pack so we could move around more often or as needed. Nothing drives me more crazy than having to sit in one frickin spot. Where’s the fun in that?! Overall, it’s fun, but everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is very tightly regulated…or have your wallet handy 🤷🏻‍♂️

No Support. I’ve played similar games Hobbit Mobile Strike both had better support. I lost my account meaning money and time. Have tried contacting 6 times with one response only to have request disappeared. I requested response to my email so documents could be sent but only only option seems their crappy help link which fails to work most the time. Don’t waste your time they want your money and could care less about you.

Excellent Fun and Hard To Put Down. I’ve downloaded countless mobile games, and none can compare to this one. There’s so much depth to it, and no matter how much I want to quit and uninstall the game, I always come back to it. One of my favorite aspects of this game, is that it runs in the background. You don’t even need to be connected to the internet but your buildings will continue to build, your troops will keep recruiting, etc. you don’t even have to have the app open. Overall great fun and awesome multiplayer experience. Would recommend to anyone interested in strategy, MMO, and action.

Great game and futures. This game is great!!! Love the action and the capabilities. Don’t feel pressured to purchase, can play at my pace and with plenty to do. Packs are low cost which helps immensely!!! Would like to see building level “marker” turn from white to green when next level requirements have been made. Also, would really like to have some definitions of terms and explanations available, eg. what is HP and how does it help or interact with power and attack numbers,etc. Hope this helps, really loving this game!! (RU7) LordMacGregor, Realm 612

Addictive game. I spent several months playing this game trying to build a strong Castle following the daily doll activities of the software. The ads are fake publicity, there is nothing in the game similar to what is shown in ads. Most of the activities are designed to create addiction and use your competitive genes to drive you to spend money. Invariably there are several players that spend hundreds of dollars per month on the game and sometimes act as bullies of everyone else. It is a war game, so i guess that is what you should expect. You will meet some interesting people in their community. Overall, i think you should look elsewhere before you get hooked on this andwaste several hours of your life.

Bad game support. I had 20 days left on my 30 day membership and on April 5th apple play charged me without my ok another 30 day membership. I canceled that charge within hours of being charged, the next day I received endgame game message saying something about an illegal third-party purchase. They took my 3k gems and the rest of my 20 days previously paid for membership and that also ended the benefits from having a consecutive membership without any interruption. I explained that them what happened the first time and they gave me 1.8m stone for essentially taking 23k gems from me. I tried getting back my gems and membership three me time with no success. I know I’m not the only one that’s spent real money on the game but no more I am done with Camel and will spend my money elsewhere.

Fun but too many upgrades needed. This game is really gun, i love playing all the battles. That being said i hate how it locks you from playing more by requiring you to upgrade your castle and wall. I just want to play the battles. I would give this a 5 star review if i could just go through the whole game without having to wait 3 hours or spend 5 dollars everytime it restricts me from continuing. The game reminds of bloon tower defense that I used to play. Why cant i just keep going on to more levels without all these dumb requirements. There's too much going on, just make the game simple, its a mobile game!!!

Great game but a few suggestions..... I love this game. I play it hours every day. It’s great but I have an idea about the lord customization. I think you should be able to create a unique look for your lord like in the sims. Also I think that when you should be able to get Castle skins as rewards in the kings road and other events and quests. I would be very happy if you would consider these ideas. Fellow Lord, Jody

Gamers Opinion. I have played many games e.g., mobile strike, KOA, Clash Of Clans etc. I have taken breaks but eventually find myself downloading WAO again. I like the graphics, characters and it has the right level of options without feeling too overwhelming. The updates seem to attack the critical issues and the home screen is now very user friendly with the tab bar on the left hand side. My suggestion (with all games) is to find a like minded alliance and have fun. Happy gaming friends 😊

CAREFUL !! CAUTION !!. Let’s hear it guys. I have so far spent more than $20,000 on this game only, I have a c35 and have been playing this almost 6 months now. You can easily estimate that it’s a huge amount spent on the game. What’s more surprising here is that inspite of being spent money, they won’t even resolve a simple problem for you in the game. It’s been almost 6 months I have been asking them to help me reset my PIN account after giving them all genuine information. Guess what? No help. If this the case for a spender, forget what you might get as a non spender. TRUST ME after sometime this will become like a mental harassment Ponzi scheme for you as support won’t even care. BE CAREFUL BE WISE to spend you money and even time somewhere more peaceful and appropriate. That’s all I can say.

Lost accounts. All IOS players lost their accounts and have been unable to access the accounts. I’ve reached out to Camel and so have hundreds of player and yet no response this is very unfortunate. Check the Facebook page and you will see what I’m talking about plz don’t download!!!! The response that I’m getting when trying to switch account is This account isn't bound to a game account I’ve sent pictures to you camel over five days ago and still no response lol.

War and Order review. The game is great, if grindy, but is still very enjoyable. I normally play the game in short bursts throughout the day when I have time. I wish, however, that leveling up was a little easier. I am currently level 26, and have been at that level for a long time. I also wish there was most strategic mini games, which is some the game does well. There are many great features about War and Order so do check it out if you want a game you can be committed to, as it is not just a clicker game.

Game is falling apart. I have been playing for over a year and overall the game has been decent. It is a pay to play game like others have said but it less so than other games of this type (Game of War, Mobile Strike, Final Fantasy). The problem is the developers are starting to get greedy and they are taking away things from the players that we have spent time and real money on, all in an effort to make us spend MORE money. I spend on average around $200 per month on the game, and that is middle of the road for my alliance. I have had fun up to this point but I am sure my account will now fade away because I refuse to spend another dollar until they give the players back what they took from us.

Laggy Servers. There is two things you must all know before playing or spending money on this game. 1. The customer service page is the biggest joke, half the time they do no respond or the page you use to submit the complaint doesn’t work. When does work they say they will help and never hear from them again. 2. This games uses there laggy servers in there events and do nothing about it. I have never played a game that continues to pump out content and don’t fix there broken servers. It makes it unplayable, causes you to lose gems and troops and so on. These developers do not care about you or the customer they want only your money. It will all come full circle one day. Do not send until they fix this issue !

Awesome Game. This is truly a great game. If you like war based strategy games this is definitely for you. Way more advanced that something like clash of clans for example. It isn’t so much pay to win too which is good. If you put the time in you can be very strong with little to no money used. The ONLY thing that needs improved on this game is the translator. It is so frustrating when you can’t understand people. Please fix the translator. This is definitely a 5 star game but the translator needs fixed. That’s huge. Other than that zero complaints.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.0.88
Play Store com.camelgames.superking
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application War and Order was published in the category Games on 06 April 2016, Wednesday and was developed by Hong Kong Ke Mo Software Co., Limited [Developer ID: 1603183695]. This program file size is 663.48 MB. This app has been rated by 45,336 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. War and Order - Games app posted on 26 April 2024, Friday current version is 3.0.88 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.camelgames.superking. Languages supported by the app:

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War and Order Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed some online problems and optimized the system performance.

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