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What is kingdom rush: tower defense td app? Charge into the action in the best Tower Defense TD game ever created! Welcome to Kingdom Rush!
Kingdom Rush is the first installment of the award-winning offline tower defense saga, loved by millions and earning accolades from gamers and critics around the globe.
Use your strategy to defend & guard the kingdom and its castle as you crush the forces of evil. At your command, you will have a vast arsenal of epic towers and spells! Command the mightiest heroes and lead the greatest army in Linirea to victory in this epic offline tower defense game that will keep you hooked for hours!

Fight on a castle outskirts, forests, mountains, and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower tests and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters on this adventure to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness!

Kingdom Rush game features:
-PLAN YOUR STRATEGY! Choose among very different tower styles. Clash against your enemies! In this TD offline game, you will need to think about your strategy!
-MAXIMIZE YOUR ARMY'S POWER with 18 tower unique abilities. Rush and test them!

-13 MIGHTY HEROES who will help lead your troops to victory!
-COMMAND YOUR ARMY into action and watch them engage in hand-to-hand cartoon combat! Clash the hordes of enemies!

-OVER 50 UNIQUE ENEMIES from Goblins to Demons each with their own unique attributes! Fantasy TD at its best!
-MORE THAN 60 ACHIEVEMENTS with easter eggs to discover and challenges to overcome!
-EXTRA GAME MODES that will push your TD battle strategies to the limit!
-INTENSE BOSS FIGHTS with the Kingdom’s greatest threats, going head to head with your allies!
-IN-GAME ENCYCLOPEDIA with useful information from your towers and enemies alike! Use this to plan your best strategy and clash with your enemies!
-PLAY OFFLINE! Test your defense skills even offline as the battle action does not stop even if the internet does! Enjoy hours of tower defense gameplay anytime, anywhere!

89/100 Metacritic score!
"Probably the best true tower defense game. It's funny, it's polished, and it's hard as balls." - IGN (Editor's choice 9/10 "Amazing")
"One of the most engaging TD games we've played..." (STP Score of 4 out of 4 "Must Have")
"Kingdom Rush can be filed in the thin folder marked "games that are pretty much perfect"
"This is one kingdom you'll be in no rush to escape from" -PocketGamer (Gold Award - Score 9)
"Kingdom Rush proves that the defense genre is still alive." -148Apps (4.5 Stars out of 5) Editor's Choice
"TD with a Touch of Excellence" (4.5 stars out of 5)
#8 at CNET's Top 30 Tablet games.
#7 at IGN's Top 25 Mobile games.
Command your troops and towers to protect the kingdom! ! Play the epic tower-defense royale Kingdom Rush game with your defense strategy!


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Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD Version 5.6.2303 June 2022

Small bug fixes and improvements..

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD Version 5.6.2117 January 2022

Small bug fixes and improvements. Old save game migration fixes..

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD Version 4.220 October 2021

Small bug fixes and improvements..

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD Comments & Reviews 2022

- The Best TD Series On Mobile!

Kingdom Rush is one of the most impressive games I have ever played. It combines the best aspects of various genres to create an amazing experience all around - the depth of character and fantastic story of traditional RPGs, the side-scrolling action of classic adventure games, and the tactical depth of long-lived RTS titles all wrapped up in a neatly packaged tower defense game that will keep you entertained for hours. The vast cast of characters you have at your disposal will keep you engaged throughout each different level. Different classes of heroes allow you to refine whatever style of gameplay you want, and the leveling system rewards you for investing time into these useful allies. Optional levels of difficulty provide a great sense of progression and replayability, and the entire game provides a rewarding experience for gamers of all kinds. In a world filled with pay-to-win games and ad-ridden time sinks, Kingdom Rush stands out as a stellar example of proper gaming enjoyment. Highly worth the initial investment of a few dollars, you have the choice to enjoy extra power-ups for the price of some of your time watching ads. Or you can invest in a powerful new hero to use on the battlefield - but no matter your choice, rest assured that Kingdom Rush will never force you to do so. The game is playable, and completion is perfectly achievable without spending an extra penny or watching a single ad.

- Great,but a few things need to be tweaked

The game is peer good, the towers and the enmities have a good design and concept. Also the gameplay is smooth, no bugs, but here are some bugs that need to be changed -There need to be more rounds for some levels/the escalation doesn’t fit the round (like the ex levels after you finish the campaign need to be a little, A LITTLE! easier or there needs to be more rounds) -All of the ex levels recommend 50 stars for them, even though the max amount of stars you can get in the campaign is 36 (note you can still play them) -Some upgrades don’t seem worth the amount of gold it’s worth(like the ranger and sorcerer upgrades) -There should be a way to unlock some hero’s, not all of them but at least 3 of the premium ones, maybe after every level you get something that you can place into one premium hero of your choosing and after like 30 of those you unlock the hero (normal levels are worth 1 of these while ex levels are worth 2) -The endless mode is to hard in the beginning, maybe tone it down for a little bit -Just a nitpick of mine, but can I request a sandbox mode where you can test out strategies and towers, you don’t lost health, you have infinite gold, and you can spawn in enemies of your choosing -The encyclopedia for the enemies don’t show there weaknesses or strengths This is all, thank you for reading and possible considering my points.

- A literal masterpiece.

Kingdom rush was my first game when I had an IPhone 5s, about 6 years ago. I used to play Balloon Tower Defense 3 at school on the class computers, and when I found a similar tower defense game on the phone, I was hooked. I’ve played all of the Kingdom Rush Games, as well as Iron Marines, and I think the 5 dollars for this game is so worth it. Some levels are difficult, but not to the point of pay-to-play. I love this game series because Ironhide, unlike most game developers, really cares about its community and not the profit it makes. Honestly I’m shocked that this game series hasnt received as much attention as it deserves. But recently I feel like KR Vengeance, as cool as it is to play as the baddies and see the penultimate return of Lord Vez’nan himself, feels off. The devs are starting to go to the “pay to play” end of the spectrum, and when you have to pay for towers as well, it just seems unlike Ironhide. TLDR; never change, Ironhide. Your games are freaking amazing. :D

- The Greatest Tower Defense Series Out There

I first experienced the original Kingdom Rush game on the Ironhide Games website several years ago. I fondly remember the hours spent placing reinforcements, sending meteor strikes, and raging when my defenses finally fell. My classmates and I would compare our progress, racing to see who was the best at the game. Although it probably wasn’t wise of us to play during class, I am grateful for the experiences this game has brought me. The Kingdom Rush series is the greatest tower defense series on the App Store, and debatably, the best online too. It’s sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, improves upon what makes this game so amazing, memorable, and loved. Thank you Ironhide, thank you for the wonderful gaming experience that is unlike any others. I will be purchasing Origins and Vengeance soon, I know I’ll love it. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys fun, simple, and yet strategically challenging TDs. 6/5 stars.

- Best tower defense game ever

I remember when I first played KingdomRush it was a flash game that I played through armor games and it was instantly my favorite flash game ever and I played through the entire game at least six times before flash got discontinued and then I found it here on the App Store I think if you’re anybody that enjoys tower defense games it’s one of the best it has a unique art style and variety of towers my favorite being the archer tower that’s made of a tree I’d suggest this game if you’ve played balloons tower defense over the years they’ve come out with more and more sequels I think they have four at the time of writing this so I haven’t gotten the fourth one yet this game also has a lot of replayability as you probably noticed since I’ve played it six times through and now about two times through on my phone

- Amazing game for free.

This game has so much stuff you can do and is so long that it is amazing that it’s still free. Sure, some hero’s are locked behind paywalls, but even without buying anything it’s still entirely possible to beat the game while still having a ton of fun and not spending money. unlike other free games where it either becomes a nuisance to beat after a certain pint or is nearly impossible to beat without spending money, this game lets you do almost everything you want without having to spend money. An amazing game in general, especially for free. Would definitely recommend. Only thing that makes it annoying for some people is it is pretty difficult if you don’t have a strategy, but if you know what to do, this is the best free mobile tower defense you can find.

- This could be the best mobile game I ever played

I’ve been playing this game for around two days and it’s absolutely amazing it would be so incredible if they could add a sandbox mode were you could add any tower and any enemy that you want that would make the game 100 times more better so then not every two seconds I need to start playing one of the missions but overall this game is super fun you have all these towers and all these enemies they definitely shouldUpdate the game more often so then people will start playing in more they should also add it on various different platforms but overall this game is super fun but we need a sandbox mode and there should also be missions and for those missions that you complete you get a new hero that would be amazing but overall this game is really good.

- Fire!!!!!

I’ve played all the Kingdom Rush games with the exception of Vengeance, they’re all more or less fun and I wouldn’t rate any of them less than 4 stars. But this one is still the best, I like the towers better, I like the bonus missions better (although Frontiers is a close second in that regard) the enemies are better, the maps and their exclusive abilities are better, basically although this is a fairly old game, it’s arguably one of the best, it’s insanely fun and you can play it offline which is pretty good when you’re travelling. If you are still in doubt let me tell you, you don’t need to spend a penny to have fun or make progress, it’s always a fun game and feels like a brand new experience every time I start the campaign again. Get it, you won’t regret it.


The rotten forest is so hard how do you aaaaggghhh. All in all I’ve been playing this game for a long time and no matter what I enjoy it. EXCEPT WHEN THE SOLDIERS DONT ATTACK. Sorry just mad cause I just tried rotten forest for like the hundredth time and failed... that place is different and more difficult then the others so please add some more ease. Maybe remove half of the husks since they don’t drop money and they’re just tanks Edit: make an achievement called : “...who are you?” Description: get to round 100 on veteran mode on infinite mode and another achievement called: “impossible you’re suppose to be dead” Description: get to round 1000 on veteran mode on infinite mode


Beautiful. Amazing. Strategical. Free. ( mostly ) This game is great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 But can you PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZadd a sandbox mode where you can play endlessly without ever losing hearts and make it so you can choose if you want eternal GP or earned one and stuff. And make a thing where you can choose how many rounds you want and what enemies to show up on that round and all that stuff, because I've always wanted to play a round that only had like, THOUSANDS of goblins coming at me and satisfyingly poping them with the bombards 🤩 it would be great if you could add the but everything else is just. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ perfection

- The ONLY Good Game on Mobile

So many mobile games these days are trashy monetization filled garbage festivals designed for mentally damaged giraffes. HOWEVER, the entire Kingdom Rush series is the best thing to ever happen to mobile gaming. Some of my best memories are from playing the Kingdom Rush games and 12 year old me staying up late for hours on end just trying to beat a particularly difficult level. Folks, if you haven’t checked out this absolute beauty of a series, please do. Whoever is making these games deserves to live long and prosper and maybe became president (collectively) some day I don’t know that’d be pretty awesome. 11/10 best mobile game ever and I can’t emphasize that enough.

- Great game, but sized all wrong on iPad?

I’ve been playing Kingdom Rush for a long time, and always download it again with each new device. And it’s worked great all along... until now. The latest version on my 2018 iPad 9.7” acts like it’s only sized for iPhone, and the game play screen doesn’t fit the available screen space. What’s worse, the game play area is bigger than the window, so it’s impossible to see both where the troops enter and where they’re trying to go without scrolling around during the game. This is *not* ideal. If the game had always been this way, that’d be one thing, but it wasn’t. If it used to be possible to fit the game window to the screen size on iPad, why isn’t it now? Hopefully this can be changed in a future version.

- The best out there in its class unfortunately

I love this game. It’s dynamite and dynamic. It has all I want minus some small adjustments that so far in the genre/type it’s in the forefront of. I want more games like this with better micro animations and funnier bad guys. I was engaged in it extremely until i beat the main campaign. After that the leveling and gameplay kinda flattened out. More maps please. Weirder and more varied bosses and challenges! Just also give us a better range of free champs. Feel freee to keep the pay for ones OP but at least give us half or more what the PC version has for variance and upgrades. Anyway solid game needs more maps ttyl <3

- Flawless.

I had a hard time finding something bad about this game. I played this in on my iPad and I got hooked quickly. This game brings an intriguing story, fun gameplay and lots of different possible strategies, with decent difficulty as well. When I was done with the campaign, I thought it might get boring, but no, many different side stories with separate paths popped up. This game is far from pay to win. In fact, All you can buy are some gems or heroes, and gems can only be used for one-time use items, and all the levels are possible without them. I beat all the stages with starter hero, and you really don’t need the paid ones. My only problems were one, the iron fist badge on certain stages were way easier to get than the heroic, which should be vice versa. Second, when I use the big boy, the plane has to fly on screen to drop it, and you can lose during that time and have the item go to waste. This is my favorite game of all time. Thank you, Ironhide.

- Amazing Game

This is by far the best game app I have on my phone. I was introduced to this game by my brother, who suggested that I download it before a very long cross country flight. I’m so glad I did! It’s the only game I can play in “Airplane Mode”, which is a great feature for me. The game itself is interesting and fun. Instead of being some crappy turn based money grab, it’s a real game you can play all the way through. Just like the old console days. The animations and soundtrack are wonderful. And it is really challenging, without being impossible. Thanks for the best phone game ever you guys! Keep these amazingly fun games coming 😊

- Love this game, but they could improve the way it’s played on iPhones

Let me start out by saying I five starred this game for the iPad. It takes up a lot of memory because it doesn’t rely on WiFi or data, but it’s worth it! But on the iPhone, you can not see the whole map and that impacts your play. A zoom feature would help. Most importantly, when you add your support troops, if you touch the screen the least bit off you can restart the game!! This is a game that once you are in it and have your rhythm going you know what your next step is, so your fingers are already going. I’ve accidentally re-started my game so many times I’m ready to delete this.. . If they could fix that one thing I would five star this for iPhone also.

- Good but some things to change

The game is good smooth storyline but the extra levels can be really tricky I tried few of them they are really hard they need to be a little bit easier I have trouble beating the extra levels and for me there is a bug where here the music or the voices of the towers I really love how you can watch a add for 100 gems and overall it is a great game the other games that you make cost money and I don’t really like that and the game has great deals for heroes I love when the final boss turns into a giant demon the game is very good 10/10 REALLY GOOD GAME

- Hilariously Addictive

Fun little game! The more you play the more you want to play. It’s the only game I play, that I laugh just as much as when I lose as when I win. It’s hilarious when I get overrun by a horde of monsters. Wish the entire scene was visible on my iPad but that just a minor inconvenience. Wish there were some instructions I could read so I’d understand all of the symbols and icons. I suppose that the game’s teachable purpose (figure it out as you go and don’t get frustrated, just have fun). This game has definitely helped me to conquer cabin fever.

- Really Not A Good App

The gameplay is boring and unoriginal (I understand that is the charm but come on, create something new after 12yrs). The interface during gameplay is slow to react and hard to manipulate, which is annoying given that those are the only controls. There are no options to adjust control settings (opacity, size, color etc.) so you’re stuck with tiny little buttons that aren’t very responsive. Small hiccups and glitches when using abilities create artificial difficulty which limits your adaptability in certain situation (ie. When u need reinforcements in a particular place on the board at the right exact time). Overall there are many tower defense style apps are absolutely superior in nearly every way, don’t waste your time on this app lol.

- Hey it be cool if I get I response

This game is amazing and every other game to they have made this probably the first game I ever got on the App Store literally a master pice where you can not spend a dime to have advantage over another person and not ridiculous filled with adds the story’s great and the towers are fun and unique. Now getting my first job I can always spend the I work for to get all the cool hero’s and I wish next game is td. Boss are great, the enemies and towers are great, game on normal difficulty is still a challenge but is so fun and a great game to play during break.

- I never write reviews

I also never have had as much fun on a mobile game as this one. No ads, insanely non intrusive micro transactions. You get the premium currency, gems, really quickly. I believe I got $3-$5 worth on my first day. The only other micro transaction are the heroes, all of which are the same or worse than the ones you get for free. This is the only mobile game where I felt indebted to the developer for making such a great game, and spent money on it out of gratitude and respect for the devs. Great work on this, wish I found it sooner.

- Awesome game!

This is a game that i played, and adored as a kid. I recently redownloaded it on my phone and I can say confidently that I didn’t just see it through rose tinted glasses, it holds up extremely strong to this day, I highly recommend this to anyone on the edge of buying it, there are no ads except for one, which is optional and it just gives you some gems, and there is nothing that you have to pay for, there are extra heroes that you can buy with money but they are optional and you can beat the game easily without them.

- Please make the heroes free!

As everyone with taste does, I love this classic. It’s been free for years now on the App Store, but it’s been so long since this game has been released…so long, in fact, that the original platform of its release, a flash game it was, is dead. It’s time to offer the paid heroes for free! I don’t know anyone who would pay for these now, except for old times sake, but even if people are still spending the money Ironhide should give up the cash grab for a hot sec and offer it as a courtesy to it’s oldest fans.

- Great, but one frustrating thing…

Great game all around, free, fun, entertaining, but the one problem I have is a small, but really annoying one. The pause screen. On the pause screen, there are three, main, big buttons. Quit, restart, and X, which closes the screen. If you accidentally tap restart or quit at all, there is no confirm pop up, it just instantly restarts or kicks you out, restarting the WHOLE level. It’s an easy fix, I imagine, and I don’t know why this isn’t in the game.

- Frustrating once first 12 levels are done

Once you complete the main part of the game, which is the first 12 levels, it gets impossible to do any more levels. The bonus levels say that “50 stars are recommended” because they are really challenging. But once you complete the first 12, you can only get a max of 36 stars, or 3 per level. So you can’t get enough stars to complete the other levels because it’s wayyyyy too hard. I don’t understand why they would set it up this way. I really enjoyed the game before that, but now I can’t beat any more levels and it’s so frustrating.

- Perfect game

alright, I’ve played Kingdom rush and KingdomRush frontiers for around 3 years. I find the original the most difficult one, and the extra, non-campaign levels are an added challenge. I love the free heroes, the special buildings, and all of the tower upgrades. I’d like even more levels and a whole new range of enemies, but I know that takes time and ends up in the next game. I hated the few KR Origin levels, definitely not worth the cost of the game. The first two provide plenty of a challenge, and I’m very satisfied with them.

- Good game but glitches

Great game to play in your free time and also requires a good amount of strategy and skill to play. The gem system is nice too making the extra powers not to hard to get and removes the pay to win aspect of the game. The problem is the glitch where when you tap the reinforcement button it can bring up the pause button and if you are placing the troops in the middle of your screen you will probably restart the level or quit is which is pretty frustrating especially when near the end of a hard level. Other than that the game is great.

- A Classic

This is one of the first games I bought when I was a little kid. I re-download it and beat it again every now and then. Even though it was so many years ago, it feels like I’m playing it for the first time. It’s still immensely fresh and jam packed with content. This is without of the doubt one of the best games on the app store. If you like tower defense or need to kill some time on the toilet or on public transport, you can’t go wrong with this amazing strategy game.

- KingdomRush

This game is all out fun to play if you’re good at it. It’s fun, and it is not too hard to play so it’s good for beginners to try. If you complete the story mode you don’t have to worry because there are so many other levels that you can play to test your skills and you will have a harder time doing that. If you do somehow completely finish the game, consider playing it’s counterpart KingdomRush frontiers which is the hardest game in the series of 4. These games are fun and will keep you playing for quite a while!

- Love this game so much

I have been playing these games for about four years now and I finally decided to white a review, I love all the KingdomRush games so much but the first one has got to be my favorite I love all the towers and enemies. The post campaign levels are amazingly designed because they are hard but not impossible (even pandaemonium is possible somehow) I don’t know if I will ever stop playing these games because I love them so much thanks ironhide!

- Don’t spend money on it!!!! You’ll lose it

I’ve spend about $30 dollars on the game cuz I genuinely enjoy it and have fun getting all the achievements HOWEVER the game has crashed on me three times whenever I use the coins that I purchased, the money I spend is gone and the reason I decided to write this review is because I spend $5 so I could get some more coins and literally the last enemy would not die he kept walking towards the end even though his health bar was empty, whenever I clicked on the enemy his health would start dropping but he never died so I lost the money I spent again, Trust me don’t spend money on this game

- One of the best TD games I have played

This game has a good balance between challenge and enjoyment. It is very fun, even on multiple replays, and I am quite tempted to purchase the sequels at some point. The only particular reason I am negating a star is because the screen does not go to sleep when I have the app open. I have on multiple occasions found the screen still brightly shining, draining my battery. I am sure there is a reason for this, but I think it could be implemented better so as to avoid this issue.

- Let me back!!!!!

I bought this game awhile back and I was hoping to relive some memories when I click the I cloud thing a ma bob and I realize it’s not able to redownload this app. I was close to furious. I paid for the this game right when it came out on the App Store yet I’m not able to replay it? I really hope you guys see this cause I loved this game so much. It got me caught on for hours. This game is very strategy. I don’t think it’s possible to play to win? I’m not so sure. But anyways please let me back in on thus game and please ironhide let me back in. Please see this.

- I used to love this game but the bugs are too frustrating now

I’ve played this game for years and always loved it, but now, on my iPhone 8, every so often when I press the reinforcements button I instead get the pause dialog. If I’m trying to place my reinforcements quickly, I will find that I am pressing the quit button instead and my game is suddenly over. This is very frustrating and happens quite regularly. At first, I thought that my other hand was accidentally brushing the pause button, but I have since become very careful about where my right hand is position and found that it still happens. I hope this bug gets fixed in a release soon as it is killing my enjoyment of the game.

- One complaint

Hi I just have one complaint and that is that Z champions and dark archers are just like standing back and my soldiers can’t reach them so I have to move them around and it’s just kind of annoying. Otherwise I think that the game is perfect. I hope that you might increase the range of attack for the Barricks because otherwise the dark archer is in champions just head back and I have to move my soldiers and heroes so yeah. Thank you

- If you like Pay-To-Win this game is for you

Pros: - Fun, creative, and overall well done graphics -Initial Campaign is really enjoyable and engaging experience -The in-game dialogue is a nice small detail Cons -Addition of shop items that grant players new abilities negatively changes the direction of the original game from strategy to how much money do I have to spend in order to beat this level -Post-Campaign is not nearly as enjoyable or engaging experience as the initial campaign, as enemies/waves seemed to be designed with the shop items in mind and part of the strategy -the behaviors of heros seems largely inconsistent and unreliable in that heros won’t default to attacking any enemies that walk near or past them OVERALL: Having originally played this game on the computer in my youth, this game seems to have lost sight of what made it charming from its initial release, and with the addition of pay-to-play features takes away from the quality and overall satisfaction with playing this particular game.

- Best tower defense game ever

Best game ever, I love the strategy you have to use it win a specific battle, but I wish they could add a third special ability like freezing a hand full of units on the screen, or a poison spell that weaken enemy units health. It would also be cool if they cloud add a online multiplayer, which two people will try to survive more waves than the other person and if you win you get about 500 gems. All in all I think this is a good game

- Git gud scrubs

Most of the reviews I’ve seen is difficulty being too hard but I’ve beat the game and sure there are stuff u can pay for but you don’t have to I think it’s because I played the game at easy because I was 9 at the time but it’s not that hard if you are going to spend money I recommend oni And NO THIS GAME IS GOOD THEY ARE MOT CASH GRABBERS THIS IS A GOOD GAME I SWEAR they put effort heck the one thing coming close to this is Roblox tower defense games.

- Used to be a great game

If you’re using this on an iPad or other device that has the correct screen size to display the full playing field - you’re fine. 5 star game. However the narrow display of my iPhone X means I have to scroll the screen to see everything. This basically makes it near impossible to play the game at the highest capability because you can see all the enemies on the field. They should have adapted it for screen sizes. Boo. It used to be my favorite tower defense game on my iPad but now on my phone it’s nowhere near as good.

- Great game but has some annoying issues

Really fun, challenging TD game. But it has one big thing the developers really need to fix: Games don’t save, so if you exit the app, even if you are one wave away from finishing a level, you will lose all of your progress and there is no option to “resume game”. This can be super frustrating. It has happened a handful of times and every time it happens and I feel more motivated to delete the game each time it happens. With that issue fixed, this game would be amazing

- Reliving old memories

I remember when I was in elementary (I think) I saw this game on the computer in some website like armor games or max games. I loved the game and would play it everyday until I finished the game. Around middle school I couldn’t find the game anymore and I couldn’t remember the name. Now in college and I saw this in my App Store and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was still just as good as I remembered it!!! Thank you for the amazing game and good memories!

- Not a cash grab

People complain about not completing the game without spending money well they are wrong and many tutorials outside the game are also wrong I have been able to complete the game on the hardest level without using any gems or spending a dime. Love the game and love all the other games from this developer. One recommendation I hope you add in later games, more fun little Easter eggs

- Extremely fun and strategic

Kingdom rush is a ton of fun and takes a good bit of critical thinking to figure out how the battle will unfold. Different towers have different uses that all need to be considered based on the map and the enemies. Overall, it is a great game for passing the time and a must have if you like killing things in a methodical and well thought out way. Or you could just spam bombardiers and that works just fine. 💣

- Redundant Review

What can I say that several others haven’t already before me? I remember seeing this game on Armor Games’ popular list. I thought to myself, “eh, what is this? It looks whack.” Then I tried it. Once I did I quickly become captivated by the fun gameplay and charming art style. This was a fun game I got to enjoy for 0.00$ no less. Ok what I’m trying to say is that it’s great and totally worth it. It can be as hard or as easy as you want it. Yay.

- Kingdom Rush

I’ve been playing this game for about a decade or so (since it was first on their “armorgames” website) and I still never get tired of this game. They brought the exact same feel from the computer to iOS and yet made it highly compatible with a new touch system. The other installments of the game are also great, and I plan on playing them all for many years to come. Great game!

- Pay to win after campaign

Finished the campaign in a couple of hours (way too short) and it was pretty fun, but then the challenges afterwards were insanely difficult even on beginner mode, almost like the game wants you to watch ads for more bonus gems and then spend it on boost items that won’t even help much, and then when you lose you repeat the cycle and get them more money. It’s literally becomes impossible to win without spending ridiculous amounts of gems. A game with great potential thrown away for greed. A game you’ll uninstall after a couple of hours

- 5 stars

This game can be difficult if you’ve never played any tower defense games but even then it’s a different feel to the game. This game starts off slow but as soon as the basics have been laid down the heat is instantly turned up. Soon you’ll have to start replacing towers because a group of incoming enemies have armor. There are several variables and you will need to figure them all out.

- Fantastic

This is one of the first games I got for iPhone way back in the day. I still come back and replay it, as well as the rest of the series. I could go into great detail about how the flavor inspired me, but you’d probably care much more about the gameplay, which is also stellar. I’m doing another kingdom rush series run for the 10th+ time, and it holds up. Play this game.

- AWESOME GAME! Just really hard

It’s a really great game but the towers are very hard to upgrade, making any maps harder to beat. Any high defense troops usually ALWAYS make it to your side and you lose hearts. The only fun part, is BLOWING UP DEM LOW LEVEL TROOPS! It’s awesome seeing random troops blowing up in this game! Anyways, I hope you read this and maybe make it easier to progress. Maybe make tower upgrades easier? 🤔

- My all time fav

Kingdom Rush has continued to entertain me for years. They have taken the tower defense concept and made it into an easy to learn but hard to master game. I continue to find myself replaying levels and have still yet to 100% complete the game. Unlike other games, I have never gotten bored with this game. It’s best feature is it is not at all a pay to win game. There are in game purchases but are entirely optional. A+ game.

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- My favourite IOS game of all time

This is an incredible work of art. I love this game so much. The gameplay is very fun and challenging. The enemies are varied and well thought out and the towers all have their own use and purpose. The best thing though is the love and attention to detail put into this game. You can tell the developers are really passionate and it shows in every way. From the mini Easter eggs hidden in all the detailed levels, to the voice acting with popular culture references, there’s just so much thought put into this game. Play it!! 10/5 stars

- Good but...

To easy to accidentally quit mid level, menu pops up easily and quit or restart are massive full screen buttons with no confirm message. Could be 10 minutes into a hard boss level and quit within a second because of the silly menu. Half the time I’m using a power or upgrading a tower and it pops into the screen for no reason. Really need to fix this or add a “are you sure” with a smaller button.

- It is an amazing game

I think the game is an amazing game it is very fun and I never get bored of it. It would make it better if you could fix up the option where you can quit while playing and it is very easy to do this accidentally I have already done this. Also this would be very annoying for someone who had their only chance and messed it up because of this feature but other than that I think it is a good game.😀

- Challenging strategy

Great game all round. Well done on the gameplay and difficulty. Took me 3 months to finish entire game and all challenges on hard. Is one levels were nigh impossible, and I needed some help from you tube, but very satisfying overall. Small note, the achievement “free fredo, help fredo escape” is a typo: the characters name is Frodo. - with an ‘o’.

- Addictive and imaginative

The graphics for this game are very fantasy alike and create an atmosphere to a different world. The game mixes well with the story and it is a fun strategy game. For those who say it is harder on later and you need to spend money, it actually depends on your decision and skill. Very amazing game and I look forward to future developments.

- Need Multiplayer

This is a very enjoyable game and I liked it very much , but there’s a limit to what u can do after u finish campaign and such. It would be nice to be able to play with ur friends or random people. (Please this is the only game I enjoy on my phone)

- The best game ever

I love the first game of KingdomRush. I started playing the other one and they were EPIC!!! Ironhide, I love ur games, they are the best ever, the graphics are so clean. Just to say, I really want to play Iron Marines but I can’t because of the cost. Pls can u change it to free and the other games. Thank you

- 5 star review

The game was fun on the first levels and still is making itself better and better each time I play it. I hope others feel the same fun as I did. 👍😍

- Wow

Ok first of all this is a game you can play offline, hell yeah. Second the game has a good difficulty system, very useful. And last this game deserves a 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 because it’s a game you can play and not get sick of for AGES.

- Good but..

When the boss gets to the end and you use the heart in the box 2 times the you get to 28 lives and the boss costs 20 and still I die please fix it’s really annoying thx

- Towers and heroes

This game is absolutely awesome but one thing it lacks is hero’s and the towers variety. Some people don’t want to pay just to get good u know and there’s only 3 towers and when u upgrade the towers nothing changes, it just has a cooler look or extra damage.

- Best Game

I used to play this game as a kid, and 10 years on I still play them, they’re so addictive and last for ages with all the different levels to complete

- One problem

All the kingdom rush games are my favorites. But on the iPhone 13 placing reinforcements or the thunderbolt near the iOS multitasking bar is very troublesome.

- Amazing!

This game is amazing, pure and simple. Easy to play casually or constantly, gems are easy to get but not too easy to take away and thrill and I love the little characters!

- I just finished the game for the third time

This was my third run of this game my first on my new phone

- I didn’t wanna exit

Great game, however on the iPhone X playing the game the fast hand movements tend pause the game and with the same exit the game when almost finished a level.

- Awesome game but

Love this game, been playing it heaps, but I currently stuck on the dark tower level, not that it’s too hard but when I have to un-curse my towers seem to keep pressing settings and restarting the game. Other then that problem love it

- Best td game ever!!

I have loved this game since I was six and I still get hit by a wave of nostalgia whenever I play it. Highly recommended

- Great game

Engaging gameplay, plenty of levels, and a distinct comic-book art style. Strongly recommend

- Glitch

I love this game but it’s p*ssing me off. The restart button keeps popping up randomly mid game when I’m not touching anything near it. I will be trying to upgrade my tower it will pop up and I will accidentally click it. I just lost over 2000 gems cause of this. At first I thought it was me but it’s definitely a glitch.

- pay store

I wish it just cost 20 bucks or something and didn’t have the pay to win store built in. Stopped playing when I saw it because at some point the game will be structured to make you want to pay.

- When console ? BIG VERSION

Great all round console n you got it highly recommend Rts/action game just play on veteran from start trust me

- Perfect

You won’t find a better series of games on the App Store.

- Why microtransactions

This game is good but can't unlock everything unless you pay for the hero but other than that this game is an awesome travelling and strategy game

- Review

I think it is really good for lots of ages and helps the mind grow!😍

- Amazing

Really good game for offline gameplay and keeps the player engaged.

- Good

I love this game I just can’t stop playing it

- Great game overall

Wish there was a way to upgrade hero. Apart from that, great graphics and mechanics

- This is AWESOME🤙

I’ve literally only just started playing and I’m already addicted. So fun!

- Download now

Bruh, this game is hella fun great strategy and cool tower paths, but they should make the other heroes not pay to win.

- This is so fun!!

If you love tower defence games and upgrade games, you’ve gotta play kingdom rush!!

- Amazing

One of the best tower defence games I have ever played it is fun, well rounded and highly addictive and it is free!

- Very Fun

I like this game because it’s extremely fun 😀

- This game very fun

This game is good for if your bored but it’s a very fun game for how simple it is.

- The best defense game

Simply extraordinary game that I have played

- Whoop

This game is probably the best app I've ever played before on my iPod!

- Good

Good fun but it get hard so fast even on the easy levels

- Kingdom Rush

Great game but I’m fed up with accidentally pressing restart or quit because of the slide pause menu 😑😑

- Good

Amazing Harder each time

- The best game ever

This game has good graphics and great characters in the game.

- Love the game and the franchise

Keep I up devs

- Best game ever

I love the houses that you make

- This is a hard game

This is a hard game

- Game is so addicted

Love this games

- Too good

Game of the century

- Love 💖 it

I love this app. It’s addicting

- KingdomRush is the best game

It's fun easy and amazing 👍🏼👌🏼😍

- It is the best game ever I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Nielo

Not far enough in to it yeti

- Love it

I love dis game

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- Love this game, I keep coming back to it

I keep searching new games all the time. In a busy world it’s hard to find a new game I can invest time into and really enjoy. This is a game I find myself re-downloading every couple of months. Would have to say it’s the best TD game I’ve played to date on mobile.

- Finally

I’ve been trying to find this game for 15 years after I played it on my mom iPad when I was five.

- Ok?

It’s great but bruh… when there’s a guy close to the place you’re supposed to defend and you place soldiers to block that enemy they don’t do that, I just lost an almost perfect run because of that

- One of the Best TD Games Out There.

This game is so fun because of the ammount of things you could do. Like you could build a mitila an archer tower so much more. I used to play this like all the time in highschool. Whenever i got home from highschool i would turn on my ipad and play.

- One of the great’s

I remember playing this on one of those flash websites and I’ve been trying to find it ever since but couldn’t find it played it on my mom‘s computer at her work and I never stop playing it now I finally found it and I feel like I’m a kid again

- Game breaking quit and restart option

This game requires very busy thumbs in the later stages, the game makes it so that if you swipe near the edge of the screen a giant QUIT and RESTART option fills the screen. I’ve wasted so much time playing through a level just to accidentally hit the quit button with no “are you sure” option. Pathetic game breaking problem, I can’t rate it low enough.

- Very good keep up the good work iron hide

Sadly ripoff games are trying to take over

- Good game but not genuine

Game is good to play but the difficulty will increase geometrically after you finish the main story line. Then it is not possible to win until you pay a lot to buy gems and onetime tools. If you retry, the gems and tools will not be returned. This becomes a pay to win game and I can feel the greed from the team for money

- Increíble

Este es sin duda mi juega favorito. Lo jugaba en flash cuando tenía 7 años.lo termine y todos sus otros juegos con un total de 280 horas. Much as gracias Ironhide

- Game crashes all the time

I have an iPhone 12 so it should run perfectly fine but it crashes immediately, don’t download it’s awful.

- Meh

Game is okay super short think there is only 12 lvls and only a handful of elite or whatever they are called lvls. Gets kinda boring after an hr or so. REALLY needs more content

- Fun game, however...

Rated 3 stars because the mobile app of this game is rigged to be so difficult on specific levels in veteran mode, it's either frame-perfect inputs or a ton of items. (Items cost gems and gems cost time and/or money. Total off-topic fact.)

- Came back to an issue

I adore this game and franchise but after I came back for some odd reason certain characters I paid for have a question mark on them and when I click on them they say “can’t connect to App Store” I don’t know what’s going on so could you please help me with this problem

- Nuts


- Great game

Pure nostalgia

- Racist Asian imagery

I really liked the game until I noticed the racist Asian character with slanted eyes and buck teeth and yellow skin. I immediately deleted it.

- Awesome Game

This is a super game

- Simple yet fun

Exactly what I needed. A simple game with many features of leveling up troops, warriors, getting different defends gadgets, etc. Love it

- Move the pause button

Please move the pause button, it’s too easy to accidentally tap ruining the game experience. Please fix.

- Must have

This game is just so good, the towers have so much variety and advanced mechanics. The music is great too but I think boss music should have some more variety. The game does have micro transactions but it’s not mandatory to beat the game 100%. There is so much to do like iron and heroic stages and endless mode. And the best part is that you can play at your own pace. So yea this game is great. And if you enjoy it consider getting another game from iron hide. (Except KingdomRush vengeance)

- Idk

Nostalgic for me! hahaha it do be fun.

- Fun

Only problem is that when you leave the game, your progress within the level resets. Other then that, really fun.

- From my past

I discovered this game many years ago from a friend of mine, I loved it so much back then and forgot about it. When I found out what it was called I got so excited and I’m so glad to see it still up and running after all these years :D Great Game!

- Best few dollars you’ll spend

The game simply slaps

- Best strategy game for me!

I really love it, it’s really fun to play!

- The price is right

An excellent game at an awesome price. The difficulty ramps up beautifully. Always challenging and fun. Gorgeous graphics and huge variety of towers and enemies. Love it.

- Awesome

I played this game like 1 day ago and it’s already my favourite mobile game

- Great game

Reply fun

- I love this game

Its literally 2021 and im still playing since 2017 and i loved every moment of it

- Better than a tower defense

This game takes the idea of a tower defense and expands upon it in the coolest ways. Instead of creating annoying mechanics like invisible enemies and how many towers you can fit in that spot, this game adds armor/damage types and your own troops. On top of that, the game is incredibly balanced between the 8 different towers, although Big Bertha is not quite as good as any of the others... otherwise the game is truly excellent in fun and difficult and really stands out as different from any other tower defense.

- Wonderful

A great game with many difficult challenges and lots of fun.

- Kingdom rush

Amazing game love and make me I little bit smart every place of a pick and fun to play and also offline that’s also what I love about it keep up the amazing work

- Wow!

Love it, so addicting, SO fun!!

- A great game

This game is one of the best TD games. I’ve played this game for years if you don't give this game a 5-4 star you obviously don’t know what great games are.

- The best KR game to date

I have taken the time to play all of the Kingdom Rush games and I can say that this is by far the best one of the bunch but I will say, Ironhide Studios please make a saga version of KR which combines all four of the existing games into one with maybe a new fully fledged game in theie as well kind of like what Blizzard has done with Warcraft 3 and all the expansion packs. Hope all will agree with me.

- Amazing gmae

A reviving game, probably the best tower defence game I’ve ever played

- Great fun!

Fairly simple but surprisingly fun!

- This game is cool

I rate a 5 stars it’s the best

- Awesome

Never spend so much time... years on a game!

- Kind of off putting

Going back to doing the challenges feel like the player is being punished for beating the game, I bought a hero only for the game designer take it away from me ? If I knew that Challenge levels would take my hero’s away I would not have bought them. Also all the upgrades on the skill tree being taken away as well ? Feels as thought they don’t understand how to make a game difficult so they just take away from the player which isn’t how a good game becomes difficult, the dlc levels do difficulty perfect why didn’t you do that for Challenges on normal levels ? Stop taking away enjoyment from your players and put a little more thought into level design

- Kingdom’s? Rushing? You got it!

If you like kingdoms and rushing then holy cow this game is for you. It has both of the titular ingredients in ready supply.

- Love it

I play this this game on my moms phone and I love it.

- Flaw

The changing to sheep ability, the sheep is still tanky and everything stops targeting it letting it keeps going. Happens every time.

- Awesome

The best tower defence game in the history of mankind. Been playing for years, beat the entire game on veteran, and I’m still coming back to play. Music, level design, UI, difficulty, and variety are all 10/10. Probably my favourite game on mobile. This is a MUST buy, although I don’t recommend buying the heroes, you don’t need them and they’re WAY overpriced.

- Meh

Good concept but stupid hard early on. They want you to spend money to upgrade. Terrible.

- Best app on iOS

Ive been downloading apps since 2010 and this one, of all genres and categories, even in 2020, stands out as the one ive used the most and have gotten the most value out of, hands down. Fringe pop culture references: check Heart-pumping action/strategy: check Formidable challenge: check Replay value: 10/10 Art and animation: 10/10 Music and sound: 10/10 Gameplay and mechanics: 10/10 The overall classic-ness: 10/10 I dont give overall 10/10 games out often, and ive only given out very few, but this is one of them.

- More games please

More strategy. Less cartoons.

- Super jeux!!!

Simple et efficace

- The OG’s always the best

The best of best td game ever🥇

- Fantastic Tower Defense game

One of the best tower defense games out there a must play for anyone who likes the genre.

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Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD 5.6.23 Screenshots & Images

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD iphone images
Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD iphone images
Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD iphone images
Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD iphone images
Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD iphone images
Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD (Version 5.6.23) Install & Download

The applications Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD was published in the category Games on 2012-06-28 and was developed by Ironhide S.A. [Developer ID: 558612918]. This application file size is 138.78 MB. Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense TD - Games app posted on 2022-06-03 current version is 5.6.23 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.armorgames.kingdomrushiphone