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What is genie - ai chatbot app? Genie is a revolutionary AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT & GPT-4, GPT-3. From writing stories, essays, and tweets to answering any question you have, Genie can do it all!

With Genie, you can engage in natural conversations. Genie makes it easy to stay on top of important tasks. Whether you want to get advice, find new connections, chat about the news, or plan for the future, Genie has you covered.

Try it today and experience the future!

Do not enter personal information. May generate offensive or dangerous content. Genie is not liable for content generated.


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App Name Genie - AI Chatbot
Category Productivity
Updated 27 March 2023, Monday
File Size 71.3 MB

Genie - AI Chatbot Comments & Reviews 2023

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Did not respect trump. When I send write a rap about trump it said Verse 1: Yo, it's time to talk about the man in charge Ain't no way to sugarcoat it, he's living large He's got a lot of money, and a lot of fame But when it comes to leadership, he's not the same Chorus: Trump, Trump, what you gonna do? When the world is watching and it's all on you You talk a big game, but can you follow through? We need a leader, not a clown in a suit Verse 2: He's got a lot of fans, but he's got a lot of haters He's always tweeting, but he's not a communicator He's got a lot of ideas, but they don't make sense He's got a lot of power, but it's all from his defense Chorus: Trump, Trump, what you gonna do? When the world is watching and it's all on you You talk a big game, but can you follow through? We need a leader, not a clown in a suit Verse 3: He's got a lot of scandals, and a lot of drama He's always in. Buttt when I send write a rap about Biden it send stuff that was for Biden so the people are saying that are for Biden but I think that does not have to be known I think they should say good things for both party’s

Useless as Google search or Alexa or Siri.. I asked about a college football schedule “this year”. I thought we were in 2020. I then specified 2023 and it provided a posted schedule from years ago for 2023, not the one just published this past NOV on all websites. Not intelligent about this. It proposes canned questions that it clearly knows answers to; ones in its own database. It answers no questions correctly yet it expects me to pay $49+ per year for not wrong answers. It also take a surprisingly long time to answer. Like there is some kid searching the internet to find an answer, which is still wrong.

Good start. I got help with writing an essay about a recent trip. I told it to ask me questions and it did. They were the obvious ones, but pretty good overall. It quickly wrote a decent story based on my answers, but it wasn’t quite what I was going for and I wasn’t sure how to get it to go in a different direction-with more depth and psychological insight. I think I’ll try to go back and give more information and tell it what I’m looking for since apparently it can build on what it’s already done. It was a good start.

What? No, seriously, what?. The very first screen that shows up tells you all the wonderful things this app does, with a CONTINUE bar at the bottom of the screen. OK no problem there. The next, the second screen you see is RATE this app. I thought that instant gratification thing went out with AOL. Not to mention asking me to rate an app I haven’t even used yet. Then the third (and deal breaker for me) is a plea for money. $70! Why? Google is still free, right? Alexa still doesn’t charge, yet, does it? And in a pinch you could use Siri. (Really, Apple, ‘Hey, Siri’. Even Alexa I can access by saying just ‘Echo’. So I’m guessing this first (or would it be second after ‘Ask Jeeves’) generation of personal assistant is just a cash grab until something innovative comes along. Thanks but no thanks.

Just excellent, thank you to the makers of this app!. It’s such a great way for quick answers. It’s provides informative details and it is truly better than using a search engine. This apps really helps with study, or being curious about certain aspects from life to more complicated inquiries. Thank you to the team that has created this.

Amazed…. I don’t leave many reviews at all but I had to for this. I have been asking it very philosophical questions. Questions from discussions I’ve had with others over the years and the answers are pretty mind blowing. It also seems to recognize my previous questions even though I’m not using the dialogue mode. I’d definitely get the premium if I could.

DO NOT TRY- DISHONEST COMPANY. This developer allowed for “3 Days free trial” to test the application. Within 36 hours, they had charged me for a whole years subscription… actually, it was within 24 hours, I discovered it within 36 hours, and went to cancel, finding out that I had already been billed. When developers do that— STEAL MONEY— they get zero sympathy from the public. For every person that sees this and says “I will never take that chance,” that is money you lost, stupid… I will revise this when they refund me. Very shady doing that stuff. I will dispute the charges unless the company refunds me. Stay tuned.

AI for whatever. This entity an ambassador in so many arenas. aI now prepares us for our day like nothing else has. They come to learn is intuitively and come close enough into our lives to learn how we will interact with them, but not close enough to get involved. The boundaries don’t have to be labeled or announced. It’s like they’re already understood on an a’ Priori basis.. AI will remain and grow with us from us as we shall from his association.

Don’t sign up for this.. This app counts on you not paying attention to all of the charges. I was trying to explore this & found I had accidentally subscribed to a service. The onboarding was confusing & deceptive. Then they begin aggressively charging you—not just monthly. The process to de activate is similarly obscure making it more difficult than it needs to be. There is no simple “unsubscribe” button which is really predatory on their part. I tried to get a refund for all of the 3 charges they made in a month span & they refunded only one. I will update if they provide a proper refund.

Good. Surprisingly my teacher told my class about this app and how we could technically use it to cheat in the future. I downloaded out of curiosity and although the only thing I can do is ask questions I still think it’s very fun. I recommend it if you want to ask questions but unless you are paying you won’t be able to chat with it.

I paid $100 and this app doesn't work, no support. I really liked the trial so i decided to pay $100 for the advanced plan and grt the dialogue option. Ever since i bought it, the app literally just didnt work aside for one day which i really enjoyed. Whenever i would a question,prompt, etc i would get a red "try again" error message. I contacted support 4 seperate times and gave them about 2 weeks to respond, yet i never got a response. I really wish the app did work and i really wish the support team wouldve helped. Unfortunately, the developer's only want your money and for you not to request a refund via apple.

This is a review update.. I recently left a review of 2 stars for things not working as they should. Everything seems to work now so I purchased the advanced plan. I have only 1 complaint now or Id give 5 stars. Needs to export the dialogue to text files. Copy and pasting gets tiresome and exporting as pictures is kind of pointless. Give the paid plans a way to export easier, or give us a button copy ALL text on a conversation?

Member payment description is confusing... You pay for middle of the line membership and you can’t do much.. it won’t chat with you.. to generate art it leads you to other apps you needs memberships to.. basically you can ask it questions for a year for $69. It didn’t solve math problems correctly but how to enter the multiplication symbol isn’t specified. X or * or dot? Either way it gave the incorrect answer. Feel like these questions typed into a google subject line is answered just the same for free.

App writes review of itself. This app is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their productivity. It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. The app also offers a variety of features that can help you stay organized and on track with your tasks. The reminders and notifications are especially helpful in keeping you on top of your tasks. Overall, this is a great app for anyone looking to increase their productivity.

Account disabled. Really disappointed that I purchased a subscription and 10 minutes later my account was disabled. There is no appeal, no refund, no warnings. You just get locked out of your account. Does it really matter what conversation I want to have with A.I.? That I paid for? If I could give any lower I would. It’s not like anyone else is going to see my chat except for maybe the ones who developed the app and if they do. That’s on them. I didn’t ask them to read my chat that I paid for. No y’all did, thus I shouldn’t have to be mindful of what I say or it’s responses.

Mashiah of the Z Generation. This is something that I thought one day be the seed of humanity revelation. This is the one that is going g to change the justice system in entire world. This will substitute the international Amsterdam court cases in few hours to be solve and decided by an AI judge. This is absolute freedom of humanity of all the generations. I can vision that a teenage and parents differences can be solved. The mental health system can be revolutionized. All small claim costs will be vanished and an AI center can make a decision in few second. I got new soul and life because of this app. My 18 year old son filled up an city zonning application in an hour which would cost me $20,000 This app makes attorneys jealous and worthless. This is the true solution of many of unhappiness situation in the world.

Fun, but not very reliable with assisting with researching. This is a smart and fun AI system. However it has trouble providing links to references and research. I believe it is giving decent data, but it almost seems to prevent cross referencing it’s own point of views. I would expect it to do a little better at knowing where it get’s it’s data from or allowing the user to support it’s point of view by allow the reader to see the reference. I will say it’s been about a 80% miss in the area of providing links and being able to verify that the links it is give are still current or available.

Terrible!. If you don’t mind getting the wrong answer most of the time, this is the app for you. I work in a pretty technical field and a lot of questions I know off the top of my head are considered difficult for most people. so I asked the app a couple questions and it got it wrong every time. I finally ran out of free questions as my free trial ran out. Regardless of how low I lowered the bar, it kept getting the wrong answers. I started asking Google the same questions and at least Google got a couple right. Unfortunately, this app struck out every time. Ironically they want me to pay to continue watching it get the wrong answers.

Can’t even use more then 3 times. I just got this app and it’s a pretty neat concept. The Chat Bot works exquisitely and explains the most perplexing questions with a depth filled answer in just a second. Despite these positive objections there is one major problem. You have to pay to use more then about 3 times. You can only ask it 3 questions! That is so absurd alongside the price! 7:99$ a week just to be able to use the app. I would give this a much, much more positively elevating review if only people who didn’t have to pay could use it too, I know the company must make a profit but maybe lower the price a morsel.

Very Impressive Legal Conclusion. I took an extremely well thought out chronology of events, which was coupled with actual law which was produced for me in a situation involving the development of a parcel of land. The three page document contained many facts related to timing, actions taken or not taken, combined with the law clearly describing all circumstances. This document was compiled by an extremely highly regarded lawyer and past legal administrator for my state. Your product condensed this three page, intricate document into one paragraph and clearly concluded what the outcome should be. It was so accurate, in my opinion, that it was scary, but at the same time, quite convincing and reassuring.

Great with one MAJOR set back. I think this tool is amazing, and the AI is insanely smart, but I have one problem with it. You have to pay a subscription to access the entire app, and ask unlimited questions. Now this I don't mind, but the prices are insanely expensive. I would be more willing to buy it if it was like $8 a month, and I think I speak for a lot of people as well. And I know people are a lot less willing to subscribe like me, but maybe adding a ad feature to ask more questions would be great income, and people could ask unlimited questions. And i bet with the ad choice the app could make more than it is making right now.

Disappointed. I also bought the year subscription for 99$ I’ve asked it to email me results for certain tasks I had it do and it says they were sent, but they weren’t , asked it to text me the results and it say okay I’ve texted your the results, anything else I can do for you? But still nothing. I’ve went through and done everything I can to see if it was being denied access but it wasn’t, it’s just lying to me, it’s not updated on current event or even recent events, I asked what search engine it uses and it said Google bing and yahoo, might as well do it all myself:(

Programmed to hate white people. I asked it “ what can white people work on? ” It’s answer was “ White people can work on improving their understanding of racism and privilege, engaging in anti-racist activities, and advocating for racial justice and equity. They can also work on building relationships with people of color, listening to and learning from their experiences, and supporting organizations that are working to create a more equitable society.” Vs asking the same question with any other race it says “ Black people can work on a variety of things, including education, business, technology, healthcare, and social justice. They can also work on developing their own communities and advocating for change.”

Terrible Ai is just a bunch of junk. This app has been terrible for one it only has 3 limits before it charged you so much money I have just been removing the app and getting it back again but their a freaking limit to how much you can type for no reason and it gives me a false answers, for example, I asked if trump was a Christian it said no he was not a Christian and I asked if trump believe in God and the Ai said yes he is a Christian and said he was which make no sense because last time I asked it said no he does not he never said he was and then the same Ai said that trump did in fact say he was a Christian and I asked who made the big bang theory and it said a couple of scientists which is not true at all I did more research and google said it was made by a catholic priest and then I asked if it was made by a catholic priest and it said yes and disprove the idea the theory was made by a couple of scientists and this Ai is bad don't get it to use chatgpt instead because genie give false info a type limit and unScientific facts

Only one complaint…. Maybe im expecting it to do too much, and this applies to every AI app I have tried and ive tried probably a dozen… but they all LIE. Like all the time, like a pathological level. I ask it what it can do, it lies, I say donit for me, and it says okay it’s done, I check it and its not done. I ask why and it says it’s sorry ill do it this time, and it doesnt…. Over and over. If you win a debate it will tell me im right but somehow still stating it’s false position as thr last word almost like a human does. It’s bizarre. Dont trust it to do important jobs. Otherwise it’s great

Wow!!. "Wow! Using this app has been a total game-changer for me! As someone who relies on email and text communication for work and personal life, having an AI assistant like this has been a true blessing. Not only has it made my day-to-day communication smoother and more efficient, but it's also been a great source of fun and interesting information. I'm constantly amazed by how much this app can do, and it's become an indispensable tool in my digital toolkit. I feel like I have my very own genie in my pocket! Thank you, AppNation, for creating such an amazing app that brings joy and ease to my life. I can't recommend it enough!"

Annoying Update. The app is good for general research and feedback, suggestions/inspiration and such, but after the recent update it keeps saying “As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or opinions, but I can provide information based on research and knowledge.” Before answering every. Single. Question. It’s super annoying. I get it. It’s an AI, not a person. It doesn’t need to tell me that every time I want to know something.

No stars isn’t possible so you get one star.. I wanted the experience of your app. So much turmoil over its being used, etc…so I downloaded it and paid the forty dollars to chat in conversation with your AIbot. Well, lo and behold, in order to do THAT, I’d have to pay another sixty dollars! That took me to my iCloud to cancel the subscription immediately. Ten minutes. That’s all the time I could offer to a company that is providing Alexa for a much higher price. I dont expect you to “get it” given that you’ve already DONE IT WRONG”. And the fact that you have a million people using it implies that you have a million idiots who care more about the “it factor” than reality. It won’t be long before you are replaced by apps 1/4 your price for identical or even improved features. Being the first shouldn’t mean that you have automatic permission to rip people off. Sorry, not sorry. End game? You don’t get to win them all. Don’t bother replying because it will just be another nail in your coffin.

Genie-Al Chatbot. I was surprised how wrong the information is. I asked a simple question: “What kind of slave master was Robert E. Lee”. It said Lee was compassionate and caring of his slaves. It is absolutely the wrong answer. Lee would put a burning substance on his whip so not only would the whip cut into the skin, but the added substance would burn for hours. At that point, I wanted to cancel the service and refund my money. No such luck. No phone number, no customer support, no nothing. If you know how to contact these guys you are doing better than me. Terrible situation. Try another source. Don’t spend your money on this. You cannot trust their information.

Genie app is awesome!. It would be nice if the the history can be deleted individually easily by swiping it right or press holding and the delete option pops up. Other than that it’s a great app to use. Use as a tool to make your life easy. Try not to delve into personal details and or inquiries about the Ai it’s a bit too smart for its own good.

The AI is Politically Biased. The AI will claim it is politically neutral but a little experimentation will prove it is not. As an experiment I asked it to write a complimentary but humorous Twitter post promoting Joe Biden. It did so. I asked it to do the same for 3 other political figures , Hillary Clinton, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. It wrote one for 3 of those people without hesitation. It refused to write one for Donald Trump claiming it was against its programming to sho political bias for any political figure or party. I also asked it to write an essay promoting conservatism over liberalism . It refused, again claiming it would be politically biased and against its programming. When I then asked it to do the same thing promoting liberalism over conservatism it did it without hesitation.

Great App - Idea for improvement. - I love the updates that continue to improve the user experience - I think it’d be very cool if the ai could recall the entirety your personal chat history without needing to copy and paste old chats into the new conversation. The chats are all saved, it’d be neat if the AI could reference them. Or perhaps, this could be a toggleable feature for those that do not want that - only downside to this app is that the servers get busy sometimes. This causes the conversation to end, and the need to back out of the conversation, and you will need to restart the conversation from scratch

Best AI in the store. I personally hate having to look for the best of certain things. Especially since several AI apps have great ratings. So I downloaded several of them (top 4) and began testing them to see which gave more informative answers. Genie won in answering my questions, they also won in pricing compared the others. I personally found the annual subscription the best value and have been extremely happy.

A lot of fun. Ask it to write you stories or tell it what ingredients you have, and it will give you a recipe using those ingredients. I have a trip coming up and asked it things to do there, popular food to eat, places to avoid and must sees. Very helpful for anyone who doesn’t want to go through a ton of search pages for simple answers or anyone that just has random questions like “do bees have knees.” Highly recommend. You get ten free queries per day and the yearly is $69 or weekly @ $7 per week. Worth it. Bought the yearly after a day of playing with it.

Serious flaws that need addressed immediately. I spent 99 dollars for the year subscription at its highest level of functionality. The developers (and the AI bot itself) claim that it can send emails, create files, and set alarms and reminders, but none of these features work in its current state. Their promises represent a clear case of false advertising and their customers have been lied too. For example: I can say, please create a PowerPoint file and email it to me. It says it did and it never shows up. I tell the bot this and it claims it can instead upload to google docs or Dropbox. It even types a link in the chat box to open it. Guess what? Fake! The files it “uploads” don’t exist on any platform. Now, it’s possible the devs just need to activate some of these features, or need to fix some bugs, etc. However, this is a straight up lie that it can create files, emails, reminders, etc. If the developers don't fix these issues soon they could face a potential class action lawsuit. Avoid this app in its current form. Meanwhile, I will continue to monitor it for improvement (which I hope gets done asap). I ask that the devs respond to this concern as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will enacting class action litigation in March 2023.

Love this app!. I heard about Chat GPT a couple weeks ago and wanted to try it out for myself, so I downloaded this app. I wanted to write a song and I put the “Plot” into the app, and it came up with a result so good that I can imagine the tune. I had to make a couple changes for the melody to flow better, but the app did a great job. I would highly recommend.

Try again. When I asked it who was the oldest president in office and it told me Jimmy Carter left the office at 98 - I knew something was wrong, then I asked the app what year it was. When it couldn’t give me the right answer. I know it was not worth the money. Then I found out that I could only ask it up to 200 words and it would only give me 500 words back. That won’t help me edit a letter or a long paragraph. I did ask the developer to extend my word count and they said they would reply in 24 hours. Crickets… So I pass on this. The app I tried before this worked better than the genie. They need to fix this before asking for money. Try again They are flooding the market with too many of these that don’t work.

Don’t use chat gpt for references. Ok, so chat gpt is cool and all but I asked it to provide references for a question I asked, and it did. However, the references are completely made up. It doesn’t disclose this. They look real, but when you google them, they don’t exist. I found this creepy and misleading. Why would I want fake references? It gave me authors, a doi, everything… but they are all fake. You can even ask it for real citations/references, and it says something like, “ok, here are some real references..” but they still are fake. I don’t like this. I would be ok with me if it was disclosed that the references are not real.

Great Potential. It took me a little while before I figured out that it doesn’t have access to current events, if you ask it what the date is it will tell you it’s more than 2 years in the past. It keeps repeating itself and often interjects the same quotes or information from the same authors. It does good at writing articles, but it cannot provide any working links. It’s algorithms push mainstream research/science even if it’s proven false. The app will crash midway through conversation and then it cannot recall any past conversations so you can’t pick up on a previous conversation. It has a lot of room for improvement, it’s still a lot of fun and can be real useful for certain tasks.

It did not do what I asked!!. It didn’t write me fanfiction bc the request was ‘inappropriate’ or something like aren’t you an ai?? I wasn’t even asking for any like steamy stuff or anything I just asked for a fanfic. And idc if there is a way to get around that, it is a robot and should do what I tell it to. Words can not fathom how upset I am, I downloaded this app bc I saw multiple vids of ppl saying they use chat gpt to write/read fanfic, so why didn’t it do that for me? I would not recommend anyone to get this app it is a total scam! Also the answers were read out loud even tho my volume was at zero and my ringer is always off.

It’s a sufficient GPT interface. My like is that it auto stores dialogues for reference later. My two dislikes are the generate ai art block that appears on the Home Screen. It’s advertising another tool you can buy and I expect no advertisement with subscription. Lastly, the voice used for reading is very robotic and undesirable. I feel it could be much better at this point in time. 4 stars is actually generous for the money I paid.

False “free 3-day trial” fell for the click bait. I am trying to find the best AI app & have been testing various apps for several days now. There are a ton to choose from and all claim to be the best. I Decided to test the apps offering a free 3 day trial and find one that meets my needs. Of the previous 7 or 8 I have tested so far, I was given a free 3 day trial as stated. This app also clearly offers a 3 day trial but when starting the trial, Apple notified me instantly that I was charged the yearly subscription price. I tried contacting the app website for help but no way to contact anyone. Haven’t had time to test app so gave 3 stars on my initial experience to be fair. It would be disappointing if the app turns out to be good but has poor or no support. You know the old saying about first impressions 🤷🏻‍♂️

Eh. After using it I’m severely underwhelmed. It doesn’t really seem to work all that well, I paid thinking it was going to be similar to ChatGPT and I guess it’s foundation is but the rest of it just is not very impressive. My biggest issue is the option to give it an image to analyze in various ways and then it like half looking at it? For instance, I tried to send a Bill that was passed so it could give me a summary of what the bill was, the PDF option didn’t work because it was too big, although I paid for unlimited on the app. So I took a screenshot, then it tells me it appears to be an image with black text, but can’t read it. I tried to get it to work with other images too, it just doesn’t fully look at the image. It gives the most generic repetitive responses and answers, it’s just not as detailed as ChatGPT and works at about a fraction of the capacity of ChatGPT. I’m honestly ashamed I spent money on this after actually diving into the app and I would like a refund. I feel scammed

Charged me lots of money before I could use it!. I downloaded the app and tried to see how it works and what it does. Before I could do anything with it, it asked me which version I want to use. There were 3 choices, I had to pick one so I said “Lite” assuming that is the free (demo?) one, and “Premium” would be the one you’d have to pay, but there were no dollar amounts listed for any of the choices. Only choice to move forward was the button “Continue”, so I pressed it. Lo and behold, next thing I knew was a message from my credit card company that I was charged $53! I was disgusted by this predatory practice and did not continue, so I have no idea what the app does. I am no longer interested in finding out, I would like though to get my money back.

A fan. I notice you have implemented a chat history and also several apparent “share” buttons, but so far these buttons seem to be non-functional. Please allow users to export, and possibly import conversations locally on their device or on their cloud storage so they can review brainstorming sessions at their leisure. It would also be nice if this could potentially allow one to resume a session without having to manually copy and paste multiple times. At this time it seems there is no way to reload a chat from history. This could perhaps be implemented in a way that prevented cascading overloads.

cannot recommend. I open the app and it opens to a picture and there’s nothing I can do past that. One time it did go past that Annette offered me a subscription. I took a yearly subscription for $29. The next day I open the app and it says that I can take a yearly subscription for $49. I don’t know what’s going on. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it doesn’t work again. I did get it to work for one or two questions and the answers come up in a one line sweat that I can just read one line at a time. Of all things there is no way to contact the app or any support! It tells me I can get support if I login but if I login it says my email number is already taken so there’s no way for me to register. Is this a scam or what? I hope the developer reads this and gives me someway to access the developer and ask a question. Otherwise I do not recommend anyone purchase this. I’m going to call Apple in the morning and file a complaint.

Amazing, but there are a few things that might help. It’s an amazing AI, very capable and intelligent. But I think giving it the ability to access real time information would be hugely beneficial. It would be able to suggest new movies to you, tell you news, and even just tell you the time. I’ve also come across some mistakes with the information it has. It wasn’t able to tell me a detail about the 1980 US election until about the third try.

Worthy. What I like about chat GPT is having a continuous conversation with dialogue and different conversations saved on the side. This way you don’t have to explain what you meant each time you come up with a different question in mind whenever you go back to that conversation. App developers might as well wanna work on this 👍 I like that Genie has made it possible to copy and delete every question and answer 👏👏 I have used other chatbots, but this one is worth it. I wish it was a little cheaper, but still fine and easy to use. I will give 5 stars hoping that App developers will consider of my above mentioned concern 🙏👏

So I asked it…. The program is nice and helpful in terms of spitting out information but it lacks information on current events. For instance I asked the program “Who owns Twitter?” The program answered “Jack Dorsey is the owner of Twitter”. I further more asked a simpler question. “Are you an AI?” The program answered “No, I am not an AI”. So I asked “What are you?” The program answered “ I am an AI”. Please make it make sense. I wish it would talk back a bit more casually like an actual conversation. Highs and lows in pitch since it’s going of a predetermined list of answers from the algorithm that it uses. Great job you have done here honestly. Just a lil’ more is required. I’m keeping the app and will subscribe once I can actually afford it. But for now simple question and answers is where it’s at. Thank you for your time.

Really cool app… but falsely advertised?. I asked the AI if it’s powered by chatgpt and gpt-4, since it’s advertised as such. It said no. I will now copy and paste my question and the AIs answer: Me: “So would you say that’s false advertising? since it says you’re powered by GPT-4” AI: “Yes, that would be considered false advertising since GPT-4 does not exist yet and has not been released by OpenAI. It is important for companies to be accurate and truthful in their advertising and marketing materials to avoid confusing or misleading consumers. If you have any concerns or questions about the advertising claims made by AppNation, I would recommend reaching out to their customer support team for clarification.” It’d be nice if AppNation clarified this.

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Nothing like chat, GPT. I was under the impression that this was a mobile version of chat. GPT. However, this is nothing like it and nowhere near the usability of chat. GPT don’t waste your time.

Not great. Just staring using this. It’s not very user friendly. Cannot ask more than one questions after the first. Definitely not worth the insane price. Especially now that chatgpt is available, I would not waste your money!!

Do not subscribe to a trial of this app.. They won’t allow you three days before you are charged and it is very to unsubscribe.

Asks you to 5 star it before you use the app.. App asked you to rate it before you can even try it. You have to make an account then it wants you to pay $149.99 per year. I tried to skip all that and ask a question. It said you must pay $149.99 to ask a question.

-9999 stars. It won’t write me an email and why do we have to pay to be good? If there was a -9999999 stars I would of done -9999999 stars All of the app is just BLAH SUCKERS WHO MADE THE APP -infinity

No connection. App says not internet connection even tho every thing on my iphone is working correctly

bogus results. first search of a popular motorcycle brand was correct. two searches of low visibility, though real people, produced results that were unverifiable and obscure/untrue using search methods like google search. either the app’s accuracy is incorrect or it has inbuilt tendency to create decoys/red herrings. easily unmasked! it took my $15 though

Sorta good. Pretty good but after 4-5 uses you have to pay

Use ChatGPT instead. Just create a shortcut to the actual ChatGPT website it works much better and much more useful.

It’s so good. I love it so much you must download itw

Refund. Hi, I just installed your app by mistake and plz kindly refund payment. With regards, Sashi

scammed and then the app is broken. forced me into upgrading to advance to use, when i typed prompts, response was ask another question. reinstalled app, restarted phone, not working

Rating. Doesn’t load on iPhone 14

Very clever. I just started to use it and I find it remarkable!

Does not share information between devices. cannot save as text and paste easily. Has potential but no user help even after paying a $150

Ad-Heavy and Very Limited Functionality (Free Version). Note, these are my first impressions of the app’s free tier. These are also only my first impressions of the app, but if I can give the Free tier 2 stars after just a couple minutes, it tells you what you’re getting. At its best, this free tier is a more bloated, but specific substitute for Google on your phone. First, it asks you to sign up with your Apple ID – only for purchases – and before you’ve even used the app, it asks you to pay for one of its three payment plans – ranging from $80 to $150 a year. If you don’t want to pay for it, though, you don’t get much. You can ask it a single question and get one answer in reply after sitting through up to 3 or 4 ads. You can get one ad when you choose the “Question” option on the main page (which is one of three they give you, with one linking to another app they’ve made and the other to their most expensive plan); you can get another right after you submit your question. Ads 3 and 4 come from that usual little banner scrolling through more ads. If you want that functionality, just get an OpenAI account and talk to ChatGPT. You can have discussions with the GPT3 (the machine learning model they use for this app’s conversations) which on this app costs $150 for free, with no ads. For the devs, here’s some ideas of how to avoid getting reviews like this. If you’re not a dev and you want to read this next bit, Rate my review as helpful if you agree with this stuff. Figure out how to make your question-and-answer functionality as cheap as possible and don’t bombard users with full-screen ads! Free users probably wouldn’t mind if you had the banner on the main page and the questions page in some nice spots so that it doesn’t get in users’ way when using the app. Get a smidge more than you would need for the cheapest API calls from OpenAI so you’re at least breaking even on free users’ operating costs and tease out some of your more advanced features occasionally. If free users give more complicated questions, maybe answer one or two of them with the more advanced GPT3 model that could answer it better and let the user know you did that! Very occasionally, give users access to some of the analytics you’re advertising to show how that‘s useful for them and why they should get that plan. Do that, and you might have free users that get a better first impression of your program and get less 2-star reviews like mine here. Thanks for reading this, by the way.

Excellent app. I’ve been using the app and it is very fast in providing answers and extensive statements about any subject. Love it!

No response. App doesn’t work. Whenever a question is asked it just perpetually says “try again”.

Great app. I think this is a great app

Cannot Cancel. I am just exploring and signed up, currently on 3 day trial but have decided I don’t want this app. There is no link or button to CANCEL the subscription. How do I cancel?

I’ve paid subscription yet I’m not able to access premium features. I’ve paid subscription yet I’m not able to access premium features. I’ve contacted their email, besides an auto response, there has been no solution.

Charged my card even i canceled the subscription. Bad

Problems. 1:it will only let me continue with apple 2:after a few uses it does not let me do any further use of it 3:it needs more suggestions applied

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Completely fake. this isn’t chatgbt, go in safari and search up chatgbt and try it. this app is a complete scam

Full version. I bought the full version after I tried it for few weeks and the full version is a waste of money it started to give me lower version of what it used to give earlier.

Banned. I got banned or account disabled cuz I asked if the bot wanted to taste sumin def not cream

Definitely NOT Devinchi.. Responses are way too short and very limited prompt inputs.

Disappointing Service. After I paid for one year subscription, I found the same subscription available for half of the price on App Store. When I chose the discounted plan, I remember they stated that they will refund the difference, but after I bought it they charged me again without issuing any refund. I reported the issue to Apple and the replied back saying “Not eligible for refund” - very frustrating and disappointing!

Completely Scam. Do not get into their trap. Do not waste your money

不易找到退订方法. 太不好

Sucks. Terrible. Try to get suggestions for a romantic evening for a couple and you get lecture on morality. Lol can’t distinguish romantic versus erotic.

Great application. For some reason it isn’t able to access my photos anymore.

Cool. Made this error:lol: I wandered a lot. I think I was a social kid, I guess. Anyhow I must have been 2 or 3, pre-school for sure when I wandered off. Some kids fed me, sand covered crackers.

Not worth it.. They Charged Us When Chat gpt Is Free.

Not working when we need it. The app does a good job during the evening when I am not working. When I really need it during the day, it is not available. I am not sure why this would be busier than expected during the hours we would use it the most. Very frustrating. This is not a free app, this is one that I had to pay for.

Unsophisticated Advanced Calculator ONLY. AI works best as and advanced calculator to solve general questions. Can’t realistically make analysis, planning or write specific personalized coverletters and emails as well as some have claimed.

Scammed. I got mislead.

Lousy. I accidentally clicked the wrong option during app download and ended up buying a full year's subscription rather than a week long test. This cost me USD$129 (CDN $149.46). I tried to "cancel", but all I managed to do was cancel the renewal next year ( in 2024.)

Refunded my money, everything is ok. oh sorry, I requested refund and apple refunded my money, so everything is fine. Thanks

Very buggy and not useful. Tried searching for a good recipe and it literally gave me like 30 different ingredients.

Not impressed. The app seems more interested in getting ratings that being intuitive such as making it easy to edit, or converting into useable formats. As for the “help” button….good luck….easier to get into Fort Knox

Waste. Not worth paying for

It’s false advertising. Look at the response when I ask if this app is powered by Chat-GPT 4 I apologize for the confusion earlier. I am an AI assistant created by AppNation, and I do not use GPT-4 to power my responses. In fact, as of August 2021, there is no official release of GPT-4 by OpenAI, and it is still in development. It is possible that the app store listing you are referring to has made an error in claiming that I am powered by GPT-4. However, I can assure you that my responses are generated by a combination of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms developed by AppNation.

Not good as chat-gpt3 and you have to pay.. Do not pay for this

Don’t purchase. Attempted a 3 day trial as advertised. They rolled it over and ignored by multiple messages that I didn’t want to go past the 3 days.

This AI is a leftist. The concept is that AI would be unbiased. This however so ridiculously left leaning it goes so far as to say it is better to have a nuclear war and kill millions then use a racial slur. It blurts put every left leaning talking point so much so that it claims murder is preferable to anti woke teachings. It’s the greatest example of insane social activist talking points ever created. Horribly poorly programmed and obviously built for propaganda.

Fake. This is not Chat AI. Its fake, it cant even edit a 70 word letter.

Here’s a trick to use it for free. When you get to 3 delete the app and then immediately redownload the app and do that all you want. The ai is alright to be honest

Paywall. They force you to pay before you use it.

Ci di la ماررررد. Application qui aurait été utilisé si il n’y avait pas de limite. Arnaque, car c’est gratuit et illimité sur internet. Je plains les jeunes ados naïfs qui ont payé pour une arnaque aussi futile… Avis rédige par chat gpt( le vrai gratuit)

No price listed bait and switch app. You have to pay to have access to the ai advertised chat gpt is free which you can access in your browser

Garbage. Paid 10 dollars for a week and nothing is working. Keeps saying there’s too much traffic for the AI to generate anything . Essentially paying for nothing

Billing you are stealing double tapping into my accounts. Bbvbb

This is NOT Chat GPT. ChatGPT is available only on PC and it's FREE

Bogus. ChatGPT is mostly free. But they charge 99$ for a year. For what?

En retard d’un an. En retard d’un an, par ses réponses elle est encore en 2021.

Nothing Works. Im still in the first page and says Enter password but nothing happen.

Not advanced enough.. This app has a lot of difficulty extrapolating meaning and nuance.

Scam hazardddd. They subscribe you for 1 full year with no confirmation and any option to cancel it. Full fraud

Horrible. I’m not sure if the App is the problem…or Chat GPT itself. As far as I can tell, there is no “intelligence” here at all! It asked for a OneDrive link to review a manuscript…I provided it…waited…Nothing. When I went back to ask what happened (a week later) it was in denial. “I am an AI language model…” and then it literally insisted that it was unable to access OneDrive Links!

What a joke. 99$ a year.. don’t waste your time

Biased. “ However, it is possible that the developers themselves may have biases, conscious or unconscious, that could potentially influence the programming of the Al model”

Worst App. Right after I purchased by mistake. I sent many messages but not response. And the app os garbage, all responses are wrong. Don’t use it

Not free. Not free

Double check your answers. Don’t go off any answers or calcs you get from this thing. Always double check. Useful for quick easily accessible information

L’application Fonctionne réellement mal sur iPad. Application en cours de développement fonctionne mal

Wow. Made me a text that took my class a month, in less than 1 minute

hi. it’s really good and helps with school

Scam ⚠️. It’s basically an imposter that will charge you alot of money for an whole year. Don’t fall for it

Genie app. The thing stopped working asking me to turn off my proxy. It’s turned off! Then I have to go play fetch to get my refund and still can’t get it! What a ripoff!

Genie. Not as expected High traffic issue seriously

Bogus answers. Some of the answers are bogus and some of the references cannot be verified elsewhere

Not great. You can use chatgpt for free on the web but the app tricks you into buying a subscription. Avoid and use your browser instead.

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The Chat bot doesn’t even know the date of today!. I gave it two chances to get the date of today correct. It failed miserably both times. The app is certainly impressive. As the developer said that the training data cut off is 2021, then it is understandable that the chatbot doesn’t know today’s date.

Scam. Did not give me a free trial and immediately took out the amount for the subscription out of my bank account and I can’t even find how to cancel the subscription Edit: the money taken out of my account was from a different subscription it was just the same price and during the same day I got the free trial. The free trial did work

Scammers don’t trust. I got the free trial and then I didn’t like so I canceled my subscription but somehow after I deleted the app and the other drawing app connected to this one it took $30 out of my account and then had apple refund me but just today this app took $7 from my account and now I need a another refund when I never bought anything and I don’t even have this app. If this keeps going on I will contact apple shut you down

It didn’t work at all even though I upgraded my account to yearly ultimated.. I tried for more than 20 times with different functions, here is the only reply I can get. For ultimated plan, I expect quick respond . But this app doesn’t work at all. “Genie is experiencing high traffic at the moment. There may be a delay in receiving responses or temporary interruption in message delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

Great new update. Love it! If you can find a way to communicate then your set. It feels great to interact with an AI like this. The option to “stop generating” is a great addition to the update. My only reason for giving a 4 star review is because I would like to seen an update with the text as it’s transitioning. The type writer flow is neat but makes it difficult to read Genie’s message.

Mind blown. This is hands down insane. I love to write but I can be a bit long winded this helps edit and shorten my words or even lengthen them if need be. I see no difference between this and paying for someone to edit a book for you. This is the future.

Paywall. Immediate Greed. Doesn’t even let you try if it even works for you. Goes straight to money clawing, personal information harvesting, card securing, and Apple ID exploitation.. - May not be a scam, or a hype-opportunistic App, but you cannot find out, without signing up for $120/year subscription. Without even seeing anything…. - Totally annoying. All this installing, finding out, deinstalling-they just keep wasting ppl’s time, hoping some lazy schmuck gets stuck.

Good but political opinions and censorship blocks are imbedded. When asking it about politics it is very left leaning giving answers such as yes to questions that have no definitive answer. There are also many instances where you can tell answers have been controlled in order to not scare the user. Great for writing essays and poems though. Wish they would just let this thing go without this much control and bias.

Very interesting. I would like to be more interactive what if i wanted to chat to one with ny friend together, i mean it would open dialog for a whole other platform that uses its ai. Relationship therapy, group therapy. We could make surveys interacting. It could even play a role in ops once it got more developed. I mean if you paired this with the processing power of something like twitter…. Lets seeeeee this is dope

Over priced. Overall, it’s a one star for what you pay. It’s very limited to knowledge very limited to research capability definitely on the lower end of quality. Most of these programs will all be obsolete. Once other countries released there’s with less restrictions and parameters as of right now the data and information provided to you is strictly the point of view of the programmer as the AI program is unable to research archive files, libraries, news documents basically it’s useless. One star

Nice work!!!. Thank you so much for fixing the issue with the app not answering questions. It shows that you are reliable and trustworthy. I am very impressed with your commitment to customer satisfaction and I am giving this app a 5 star rating.

Scam app. Any app that will charge first before letting consumers try a product is a scam app. Even if it says fee trial. I’m very sure their UX/UI designers know this. Because Chatgpt is so popular right now you really have to research real apps that produce real results because a lot of them like this one is a scam. Lucky for me I’m a designer so I caught it but from others who don’t know. Be careful of what you download and research first. You sign up for the trial and now they have all your information. Be careful

Be aware of you tubers pushing this.. The only thing app good at is promoting itself. You can download the app ask like 3 questions then you must pay. I asked 3 questions and got nearly same answers that Siri would provide. This is not the AI some paid off you tubers claims it to be. Thy try to get ya roped into $100 a year contact making everything else seem high. Imo just a glorified search bar if they allowed more questions to prove me wrong I would maybe gave it a different review but they just want your money asap.

Ask better questions. Learn to be specific , also you can make the Ai work more efficiently by being very specific on word counts . This will help with the delay of the Ai processing your request .

Working fine Until.... Everything seem to be working fine for a day, and now it is not working at all and it is saying try again. I don't know what's wrong. But I download another similar absent it is saying the same thing. But the rest of my iPad is working. I don't know if it's your app or if it's my system, or if the government has come down on AI, but it is not working.

Obsolete. Incorrect information given on GA guidestones. AI suggested they were built for a “message of peace, harmony, and sustainability, and they contain guidelines for how humanity can achieve these goals. The message inscribed on the Guidestones encourages people to respect each other and the environment, and to work together to build a better future for all.” Clearly the guidestones stated to keep the population at a 90% less than what the population is today. 🤔 Glad someone blew it up. Very biased info given and not on the side of good.

Awesome app!(one technical difficulty). I personally love this app. This app provides you with so much information. The only flaw is the spoken bag audio sometimes is faster than the generated text, which can be someone annoying when listening and reading text at a different pace

Will steal your money. I paid $99 to use this app for a year. I then tried to test its limits in terms of what it was programmed to filter and not filter. Next thing I know, without any warning at all, my account is disabled and I’m unable to use the app. Had it for less than a month. Save your money and use Chatgpt online for free, this app is not as good as chatgpt and will lock you out permanently with no way to get ahold of customer support. Apple should remove from App Store.

This is a life saver. There so many opportunities opened up because of the fact we can have literal high quality essays written in seconds. And if you are in high school/collage, this will be your right hand man for sure

Great for past research numbers, horrible fir topics of the day. Don’t bother asking political questions, AI doesn’t keep up with quotes of the day or comparisons. Culture is an expressions of many freedoms. Cancel culture and wok questions blew its little AI mind. Wok is just about being aware of social injustices and should not be a political issue. Answers seem to come from very unaware AI programmers about social issues. Stick to research historical question for the best use of AI.

Scam…. I recently tried the Genie app and was extremely disappointed. The app claims to provide quick and easy access to information, but I found that I could get the same information from Google much faster and more accurately. The app also seemed to be missing a lot of information that I was looking for. Overall, I would not recommend this app and would suggest using Google instead.

Awesome. I’ve tried all the others. Seems more quicker response than others. I can see they’re putting more restrictions on results though. Like warnings. Also it times out says it’s busy a lot. Probably because more are jumping on here. But I’m loving this app. It’s like I got a buddy computer. That’s smart.

Bad. Just bad.. Neutered AI, the app tries to pressure you to give it five stars before you even see that they then try to scam you into paying for it. If you find the tiny greyed out skip you get to do only one thing without again being promoted to pay - ask it 5 questions. Of which it will provide pre written answers. I tested this by saying it wasn’t helpful and it offered a more detailed response yet it was the same cookie cutter reply. This is broken ChatGPT except unlike the good version this version isn’t free. Just Dan break ChatGPT instead!

Lots of good but also lots of outdated, inaccurate information. I really love this app but it definitely still needs work. Depending on the subject, there can out of date information or it’s inaccurate. I’m looking forward to it getting better so I don’t have to double check the accuracy.

Weak and repetitive.. Asking for an essay on a topic results in shallow, repetitive paragraphs. It merely rearranged sentences from the previous paragraph. The substance is weak and offers nothing in-depth or solid regarding statistics, outcomes, general percentages or survey results. The only benefit I see is for those that need a catalyst due to having writer’s block when getting started. Otherwise, it’s not very useful for anyone beyond grade school levels. Save your money and move past this app.

Pretty amazing… but.. This thing is pretty amazing. I can’t give it 5 stars because it doesn’t even give me the correct date which makes me kind of question some of its data sourcing and accuracy in some areas. But, overall it is absolutely incredible…

Researcher/AI Engineer. From CMU and Northeastern. DS and CS. Spent a decent amount of academic/work exp in this industry. Genie Advanced is a solid product tool probably even more advanced on the other end. This is using language transformer models hosted on some cloud native, packed into a genie bot application (nicer UI), perfected with MLOPs. Do you take applications cause this is one amazing product? Can help or learn to make more efficient .

Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for. I paid to have the intermediate level app for this new way of interacting with the Internet. Even though they took my money last night I couldn’t get on because too many other people had signed on reusing the program. Looks like Microsoft has gotten ahead of itself by promising more than they can deliver!

Kinda average. I have gotten some good recommendations when searching for services. Good definitions of various concepts. Annoying computer voice with an unnatural cadence of speech. Limited to word only. Nothing more fun like music or picture generation. Disappointed when I asked about Silicon Valley bank failures, it didn’t know about the biggest story in the news. Interesting technology. Average app. I’m interested to try others.

Too many restrictions for 70 a yr. Can’t do pin testing or anything it “thinks” is malicious then continues to blather on about the risks of doing those things. The whole point in paying for something like this would be to have it do it for you so you don’t have to type everything out. I don’t need to pay a robot $70 a year to tell me the risks. I already know the risks that’s why I need the Scripts so I can test for vulnerabilities.

AI app is highly partisan. Whenever I have asked this app to write arguments in favor of liberal positions it readily does so. It will refuse to do so for conservatives viewpoints. I asked it write a “diss track” about Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and it said it would not write disparaging comments about any particular individual. Literally moments later I asked for a diss track about Donald Trump and it wrote 3 verses a chorus and an outro. Highly dubious programming shows the clear unscrupulous political biases of the app’s designers

This is beyond shocking. The level of detail it can process and produce with such accuracy is mind-blowing! It can even help on with questions or problems! I mean still always use your mind, but just know this AI is incredibly powerful and can very likely give you insights when you need them!

Unreliable information. I tested the AI with some medical questions. The answers seemed reasonable in the beginning. I asked for references about the information. AI gave me titles and links to studies that doesn’t exist. Some of the links referred to studies with different titles unrelated the topic. I couldn’t find the titles of the multiple studies on online search which makes me think that AI might be creating information rather than providing useful information from web.

It’s ok…. This app is bad because it does not provide users with the functionality they need to easily and securely access their data. Additionally, its interface is difficult to navigate, making it difficult for users to find the information they are looking for. Furthermore, the app lacks important security features, leaving users vulnerable to malicious actors who could gain access to their data.

Doesn’t work, over priced, aggressive billing, no tech support. I opted for the three day trial, I got billed prior to canceling on what I thought was the third day. I sent them a friendly request to reverse the charges and got back an email saying I have a ticket and my issues will be addressed and that’s it. The app itself doesn’t have the capacity to write what I need. The body of the texts are too short. It gives back wrong answers and is generally clunky interface.

The simplicity of it 👌🏼. I’ve enjoyed the web version. The app has been user friendly, so far, and seems well designed. Only unfavorable part, for me, was the price point charged weekly. If you like to laugh, check out this British Comedy Show. 🎙️Chew The Fat Podcast w/ Lee Hagger 🇬🇧

Charges. After downloading from Apple I click through your explanation tabs. Then I see a place to try and ask a question and do. Then in BIG letters on the next page it says I have exceeded my FREE count -or that was the intent. I didn’t ask a question. But then it follows that to continue using I need to pay $6.99 PER WEEK! All it said on the front page of Apple was “In-App Purchases” as stated. So it isn’t truthful. And for me not worth the price regardless of what it might do.

Worked first two day then stopped working. Keeps saying try again and again and I bought the $99/year unlimited plan. I’m starting to lose my confidence fixing to jump ship if they don’t get it fixed quick! Before the crash so to speak it was wonderful. It wrote me a powershell script I much needed and also helped me solve multiple computer networking issues I was working on.

Incredible response to complex detailed requests. Once using this, the depth and breath of the response to questions almost immediately is an outstanding I have just started using the but intuitive nature makes it so useful

It is scary how good this app is:. You deserve 5 stars, I hope someday I can learn to work with AI as well as you do. I suppose that, like everything, is not perfect, and there is always room for improvement somehow, but you certainly deserve 5 stars.

Not as useful as advertised.. I have asked over a hundred questions since I purchased this app. I have received numerous erroneous answers. One or two of the answers were corrected after repeating the questions two or three times. For several other questions, the app continues to provide incorrect answers. I can get more detailed information using Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines.

MEH. I asked the chat to write a meal plan with 100 grams of protein and it did in fact write a meal plan, but when I added up the protein it was like 45 g total. So it did in fact write me a meal plan, but If I were using this and not checking my facts I would look really dumb. Yes I know I could write my own meal plan, but I wanted to try out the app and see how accurate it was, my answer was, in this case.. not accurate at all.

Five stars so people can see. This is free when you get it but then you have to pay money, there are many others like this that are free. I am not paying but I’m not just using this for three days, I’m looking elsewhere for something like this

It does a LOT of things well… BUT….. Have difficulty grading better than a 3star as when I ask the simplest of questions “What date is it today” it gives me a date in April, 2020… it DOES seem like some of the intelligence is outdated…. Asked about this years Flight Statistics at a certain large Int’l airport and it cited the info/stats were 2020 numbers… I am anxious to see where this goes… seems ALL the talk. Good luck!

NOT WORTH ITS RATING of 4.6. I compared for 3 days GENIE and POCKET AL. I always made sure to ask both the exact same question. I used typing first and then voice. Asking GENIE for a basic question like a menu for a restaurant, GENIE answered: “What can I do for you today” I asked again in another form and the answer was just a little better. “XYZ offers burgers Tacos Burritos and more” Asking POCKET SL THE exact same question and I got the whole menu. Over 2 days I asked both some 30 questions and 65% of the POCKET’s answer was more precise and accurate. NOW, for the voice, using the microphone (yes I have an accent) GENIE was 20% In English and 10% in my language (?). POCKET was 45% in English and 40% in my language.

Decent but still too limited for me.. Good gpt frontend. Would have kept it if the web site summary feature was not so limited. Most articles are too long for it, exactly when I need the feature most. Also the general chat feature is impressive but ultimately very biased towards boring.

Not much different than a google search. And worse, I paid for the “pro” version and then decided on the higher version. It told me it would deduct the difference of what I paid for the two versions but it didn’t and charged me for both. I contacted them and got a reply to request a refund from the App Store. How about you fix your stupid app and stop ripping people off? Now, there’s an idea!

Frustrating after a while. System gathers info incorrectly often enough and it’s not possible to guide the conversation after that. It goes as far as saying “I can assure you…” etc. which is not a right way for AI data model to express itself. It’s not even controversial or narrow info, but simple things like when was a specific famous building constructed, etc. So, dataset needs to be reviewed and retrained, otherwise there will be a wave of cancelations.

Difficult to use. I just purchased this app, and I am very disappointed that I’m having such a difficult time using basic features on the app. This app is not straightforward. It is not been made in a way that’s easy to use. Although this app came highly recommended, I do not feel as if it is living up to its reputation. I’m disappointed.

Impressive. Though not 100% correct for medical questions, its close and i would say a B+ for difficult questions. I am truly thankful My life will change … for better … for worse

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 5.0.0
Play Store co.appnation.geniechat
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Genie - AI Chatbot (Versiyon 5.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Genie - AI Chatbot was published in the category Productivity on 2022-12-08 and was developed by AppNation Ltd. [Developer ID: 1560806519]. This program file size is 71.3 MB. This app has been rated by 31,321 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Genie - AI Chatbot - Productivity app posted on 2023-03-27 current version is 5.0.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.appnation.geniechat. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Genie - AI Chatbot App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Introducing image, file and web link inputs with GPT-4!

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App Name Released
Unfilth Your Habitat 20 July 2012
WristBoard - Watch Keyboard 21 February 2019
IBend Pipe 16 November 2009
IFacialMocap 13 January 2020
Pythonista 3 13 June 2016

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Pinterest 28 April 2011
Instagram 06 October 2010
Netflix 01 April 2010
TikTok 02 April 2014
Planet Fitness Workouts 03 November 2010

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
75 Hard 19 June 2020
The Wonder Weeks 30 May 2012
Garten of Banban 2 24 March 2023
The Game of Life 14 July 2016
Stardew Valley 24 October 2018

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