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Logic Puzzles - Clue Game Game Description & Overview

What is logic puzzles - clue game app? Welcome to a brand-new logic game from the developer of the prominent Sudoku.com and Nonogram.com free puzzle games. Dive into exciting stories with cross logic puzzles, challenge your brain, and unravel mysteries!

This fun yet challenging brain puzzle game with simple rules may help to strengthen logical thinking and deductive reasoning. Try to solve all the smart riddles grouped into thematic stories that are sure to delight. Help Detective Grapes investigate a necklace theft, participate in vacation planning for a young couple, or even go on a space expedition. You will find many mind-bending stories with varied plots and tricky solutions. If you are interested in solving logic problems, play this engaging game and have hours of fun!

How to play a logic puzzle game:
• Each puzzle contains several categories and an equal number of parameters within each category
• The goal of these brain teasers is to match all parameters in the grid correctly
• Each parameter can be matched to only one other parameter in each category
• A logic grid puzzle is solved by making conclusions based on a limited number of clues
• Read clues and put ticks in the table accordingly
• Rule out incorrect options and place crosses
• Use reasoning, elimination, and pure logic to fill the remaining cells and deduce the whole brain puzzle!

What you get:
• Easy to learn logic grid puzzles
• Tons of free brain-teasing logic riddles for you to enjoy
• Unique puzzle pages grouped into various entertaining stories for every taste
• Hints to help you reach the goal faster
• No time limit, take your time and focus on the details playing cross logic riddles
• Top-notch quality from a top puzzle developer!

Try Logic Puzzles now, put your gray matter to work, and have fun!

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App Name Logic Puzzles - Clue Game
Category Games
Updated 03 March 2023, Friday
File Size 151.96 MB

Logic Puzzles - Clue Game Comments & Reviews 2023

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So bad. Don’t do it.. This “game” is completely ridiculous and nonsensical. Definitely won’t be around long. It’s clear that it’s all about the ads and the “developers” are not interested in gameplay whatsoever. There is legit more time spent watching ads than checking the mind-numbing boxes from the idiotic attempt at so called clues. It’s awful! Definitely do not do it. Or go ahead and try it and after experiencing it’s nonsense first-hand you’ll delete it too. I was hopeful that it would be a kind of riddle/mind teaser/ who done it type of game but come to find out… well I’m sure you understand my opinion at this point. Just save yourself some wasted time and don’t even.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. If you want to download a logic puzzle app, this is not it, because it forces you to play an entirely different game for WAAYY longer in order to play the game you are actually interested in. Don’t waste your time. ALSO, why is the rating 4.4 if there a SO MANY bad reviews with the same complaint?? They just want the downloads and the first few plays, they’ll get their money that way. Very frustrating. The world needs more honesty. If it sounds too serious of a compliant for a free game, it’s because this behavior only shows the true nature of the money-seeking big companies. Kinda sad when life is hard enough on its own and all you’re trying to do is have fun exercising your brain.

Rate it. I personally love this game, i love having a game to really set your mind and get it going. However, i feel the amount of adds are unnecessary and the ratio between keys to puzzles, i love the idea to get keys to advance but the fact that you have to get 30 keys to open the puzzle and you only get one key each 100 points on the additional game. i believe reducing the amount of keys needed to advance would cause this business to go up and have many more players playing the mind teasers and not just deleting the game because if the game to get to what they would actually like to play. I rate this game a 3. bearly i would say a solid 2 not a solid 3 again love the teasers but i’m not loving the way to get to them. thank you! ;)

Not a fan of the blockudoku. Just like the other reviews, I didn’t download this app to play blockudoku. I wish they would create more challenging levels that weren’t locked behind a completely different game? I understand they want to add challenge to the game and make it so we don’t beat the game too quickly, but forcing us to play a ridiculous amount of a game that we don’t want to play is not going to make us want to keep this app. The key ratio is very imbalanced. Maybe we could earn keys from doing daily challenges, events, or from logging in every day in a row. I think we should only need about 10 keys to unlock the next level and they should get increasingly more difficult. My opinion is to get rid of the blockudoku all together, we’re here for the logic puzzles. The rest of the game is good. The actual puzzles are fun and I like the daily puzzle & events. I enjoy the other apps from EasyBrain so I’m willing to stick around in hopes that the creators listen to our reviews and make this necessary change soon.

It’s fun, but…. I gave three stars because I like the logic games and I like the games from this developer (Nonogram especially) but I didn’t download this to earn keys playing a different game than the one I actually downloaded. And why is there a need to earn keys anyway? Why deviate from how you typically operate? The formula wasn’t broke, it didn’t need fixing. People play games for fun, sometimes for a challenge, but definitely not to be forced into playing something else. Please consider removing the blocks for keys feature. When I like games, I pay to remove ads (I paid for Nonogram). I wouldn’t pay anything for this game.

Disappointed. I love logic puzzles & finding online ones that are challenging enough is not always easy. No problem with the logic puzzles here. The problem is about 10% of the play time is on the logic puzzles. The rest of the time is split between earning keys to unlock the puzzles and watching those idiot save the king ads that go on and on and on. As a result, I am deleting this app and will look for a game that actually delivers what it advertises to do. Why turn people off like this? I get some ads for playing a free game, but it should not be 4 times the game playtime. Every review I see posted basically says the same thing I just did, yet the supposed overall review shows 4.5 stars. Cannot imagine how that is possible.

Too much work to even play the “logic” part. You can play 5 levels of the logic puzzle, after a ton of attempts of getting enough keys, usually in 30,60,90 or 100 increments. Getting keys takes a pretty long time considering you’re only getting 5 levels of the game you actually downloaded the app for. I don’t mind the block game to get the keys, so long as that wasn’t the main component of the game. This is mostly a block game with a “bonus round” of logic based sudoku games. So I’m pretty disappointed overall. I wouldn’t suggest this game to others. Kind of a joke that it was added to say that the Tetris is a “break” from the logic game when it’s the main aspect of this game…

Definitely could use improvements. To start out, the pros vs cons weigh at about 40 vs 60% but most of the cons are gameplay related. Pros: •The app is very cleanly made and everything works as intended. •The game gives you a free daily level which is very nice and even better is the ability to go back and play previous daily levels you missed. Cons: •The puzzles themselves are VERY easy. •Very aggressive ads, you will very often get an ad when you click on a level to start it and then another after finishing the level. I can understand one or the other but both is insane. •The packs of puzzles require getting keys through a block game that takes significantly more time to get enough keys than the actual puzzle packs take. •The puzzles have a life mechanic meaning you are penalized for pushing the incorrect button, but on top of this it then puts the correct marking in the space afterward. Puzzle games should not have a life system, it doesn’t work and makes no sense. The game could definitely be improved but some work would need to be put in.

Must “unlock” the real game, by playing a dif game?. I wanted to play word puzzles, that is why I downloaded this game. The storyline puzzles are very beginner, but will get more difficult in time I hope, but I won’t actually know because I’m still playing a stupid block game to unlock more word games. I played all the daily challenges from the past months to get my word puzzle fix, but I did them all. So I’m probably going to delete this app now which is a shame because I usually like this developer’s games and I had fun solving the daily’s. Suggestion to developer: please do away with the block game and unlocking levels entirely. You can have the puzzles follow a storyline if you really want to, but give the user the ability to choose the difficulty of the puzzles. This way someone who wants a challenge can have fun as well as those just starting out

Logic? Great. Block sudoku? No.. Seriously, if I wanted to play the block sudoku game I would have installed it. Spatial games like that are not my forte, at least if there was a choice between block sudoku and regular sudoku that would be less painful. Also the rate of keys just is frustrating. And I’m still on the first story! Daily puzzle and events are nice though, so points for that. There are other logic puzzle games doing a lot better without these crazy other-game requirements. :/ Edit: Big improvement would be the events and daily logic puzzles granting keys. One key per puzzle. I promise it’d make me about a million times happier.

Issues with ads, next level requires too many keys. I play both this and this company’s sudoku. Sudoku ads I have no issue with whatsoever. However, when the ads play on the logic puzzle game they make noise so if I’m playing the game in any public space it makes it quite awkward. I also have put the game on silent in an effort to have the ads not make noise but it doesn’t work. Another issue I have with the game is getting to another logic puzzle. Fortunately, I am playing while there is an event which allows me to play unlimited puzzles. However, to play the main game, I have played several of the bonus game to collect keys and only have 11/30. To require that many keys for the next level is ridiculous. I’m not sure how much I’ll play this game I may stick with sudoku until the creators figure out a way to make levels more accessible.

Agree it’s bait and switch. I thought the logic game sounded interesting because I love puzzles AND mysteries. However, I agree with another review about having to earn so many keys by playing a completely different type of game that I have no interest in at all simply to advance to the next level. Like another reviewer mentioned, I had to play the game I didn’t like even longer than I had the logic one and still only got 6 keys. Then when I realized I needed another 24 keys I thought well this is a waste of my time. If you ever decide to offer a logic game that is truly that, I’ll gladly give it another go. Too bad, because the logic game was fun.

Love it, but slight problem. I genuinely love games much like this one, it makes me remember things a lot more, I have a problem with remembering certain things, especially ones that are extremely important to remember. However, I had found myself recently getting some errors. By errors, I mean that it glitches. These glitches are a serious problem for my ability to play the game. The glitch that has occurred to me most commonly was the fact that if you press on one of the squares with the x or check marks, it registers it as it’s opposite and takes away a heart. It’s been going on for awhile, and another factor about this is that the only way to fix it is to close the app, which means the one puzzle you are on will lose all of the progress on it.

Fun but…. This game is fun and challenging but there’s an ad after every single level and it’s really annoying. I know ads are needed to keep the game free, but if they could ease up just a little…. I’m still going to play despite this massive annoyance because I enjoy the challenge of the clue game but my goodness, it’s too much. And it’s always the same 3 ads, at least switch it up if there’s gonna be one every 6 minutes. I’m not downloading anymore games lol. It is time consuming to earn keys which I guess is part of what makes the game challenging but fix it lol the clue game is already pretty challenging. Or add more mini games to earn keys, that might be fun too instead of the same mini game and having to spend most of the time getting keys. I’d rather spend more time figuring out the puzzles. Just some thoughts I had! Thanks for reading.

Look I get it but there’s a thing as too much. A free app needs to be able to pay its developers, it’s publicity team, its workers, so they do it through ads. That’s not my problem. My problem comes when I open the app, realize I don’t have any background noise, exit it out to get a song playing, open it back up, and get an ad. Kind of annoying but fine. I then try to start the sudoku thing so I can get more keys to try to solve the puzzles advertised to me and I get more ads. I haven’t even played a single level or even attempted a level during that one experience and I’ve already gotten two advertisements. Now I did try the app before I gave up on it. And I enjoyed the 5 or 6 levels I got through before I had the experience described above and couldn’t take it anymore. So, I get it, and I sympathize, but I can not take the amount of ads I got to try and play a level that will allow me to play the level I’m actually interested in playing.

Hoodwinked. I love the mystery game and having to figure out who the murder is, HOWEVER, the fact that you have to play blocks to get keys is what turned me off and made me uninstall. I don’t mind getting keys to unlock to the next level but honestly giving 1-2 keys to get to that stage isn’t worth my time. It would of been cool to use the blocks and they give you the exact amount of keys you need to progress. It would take somebody a week maybe to get to 30 keys. Then the next level you need 40 keys. Respectfully, no thank you.

This game is run by liars!!!. As everyone is saying, this game is blockduku where you get only a bit of the game you actually downloaded, as a “treat”. I got to play 3 logic puzzles before getting locked behind a blockduku wall, a game I already uninstalled weeks ago because I find it boring. If I wanted to play blockduku, I would still have a blockduku game. And on the reviews the team keeps lying about having it to “add a challenge”, I don’t for a minute believe they’re actually this dumb, blockduku is not harder than a logic puzzle, just more tedious. We’ve seen them respond to this complaint dozens of times so you can’t blame lack of understanding of the issue anymore. If you just want to have a blockduku game that’s fine, but you’re lying about it and that makes you a group of terrible people.

Could be a good game. This game has the potential to be a really fun challenging game. What absolutely kills it for me is that you have to play an entirely DIFFERENT game within this game to earn keys to unlock the next level and move on to play the logic puzzles game. Yes, the one you thought you were getting when you downloaded and installed this game. It takes so long to earn the keys in the blockdoku game to play this game and that is a deal breaker for me. I just deleted it. I don’t want to play the blockdoku game. If I wanted to play that game, I would have downloaded a game like that. I wanted to play logic puzzles, the one you’re advertising. It’s very misleading because you don’t even put any pictures of the game within a game on the App Store. I wouldn’t have downloaded this game if I knew the set up was like it was. Just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me and not really worth my time.

Hostage to ads and other. When you actually get to the logic puzzles, this is fun. Bet deleted app because you are held hostage with ads which last approximately 15-30 seconds (before and after every logic and block puzzle). In addition, in order to actually play the logic puzzles you have to spend hours “earning keys” in a block puzzle. There is no other way to earn keys as far as I can tell. This is advertised as a Logic game but you spend 75% of the time or more playing block puzzles. I am not opposed to earning keys but there should be more and quicker ways so that the player is actually doing logic puzzles most of the time. You should earn keys in the daily logic puzzle and special events. Unless this is remedied, I don’t recommend this app.

Ads are tolerable, but they don’t tell you about the block puzzle. Okay, we’ll start with the pluses: -ads are skippable after about 5 seconds and nearly always muted (BIG plus!) -I never encountered a puzzle with typos, or not enough clues Downsides: -in absolutely none of the ads for the game or the screenshots do they tell you that you have to play the sudoku-style block game to earn keys to unlock the logic puzzles Personally, I don’t mind a game that has two different modes, or an earn-to-play setup…. IF the game you have to play is interesting enough. But the block sudoku game gets really old, really fast. Also didn’t appreciate the way it got sneaked on me. Deleted it after only a few days. Sorry, guys. Maybe if you had multiple little mini games to earn keys, I’d stick around.

Disappointed. I absolutely love other games by this developer, so when I got an ad for this game I was excited to try it! I already had another logic puzzles app but deleted it and downloaded this one, because I trusted this developer and thought it would be a good game. It has daily puzzles just like a lot of their other apps, but they’re pretty simple and bare-bones. I started the story mode and they were all incredibly easy and boring. Then, the really disappointing part. In order to actually play the logic puzzles, you have to do another, weird, puzzle game. A million times over, it felt. The game’s mechanics were never well-explained. So, not only was the game itself annoying and misplaced, it made no sense. The gameplay for the logic puzzles themselves was a bit odd too. It has the same switch mechanic as Nonogram does, but that doesn’t really fit for logic puzzles in my opinion. Luckily, I was able to redownload my old logic puzzles app and get my progress back. This experience makes me hesitant to try other games from this developer, which makes me so disappointed.

Kinda bait and switch. I play easybrain’s sudoku game and absolutely love it and need to go give it a great review. My issue with this game isn’t with the logic puzzles or the fact that you have to earn keys to advance to the next set of puzzles. My issue is the ratio of logic puzzles to obtaining keys. It takes at least 30 keys and at 1 key per 100 points that takes also by playing a game they already have. At the end of the day you are playing their other game Blockdoku more than the logic puzzles themselves. This is my issue. I have to play an entirely different game more than the actual game itself. It’s due to a lack of skill but number of keys. If it were say 5 keys that wouldn’t as bad. But 30 keys means you need 3000 points just to unlock the next level. That’s a lot of game play of an entirely different game in order to play the actual game. Especially when I can just download the actually Blockdoku game from them. The least they could do was to make mini logic puzzles to earn keys to play the bigger ones. Or have a way to earn keys based how quickly you finish the logic puzzles or or how many mistakes you did or didn’t make. Getting the keys was tied into playing logic puzzles it would good. Until that’s fixed I’ll stick to Easybrain’s excellent Sodoku game. I do highly recommend that game

Pretty good, but…. So I’ve had this game for a couple of months now and it was great at first. I love logic puzzles, so being able to do some on my phone is great. However, after completing some of the logic puzzles, I had to earn keys. It took me to the Blockdoku game and at first it was actually pretty fun. However, you need to earn like over 100 keys to move on to the next set of logic puzzles! I feel like this is way too much because after spending a long time playing the Blockdoku to earn keys, I only get to do like 5 easy puzzles! Also, it gets really boring after a while so I suggest adding different mini games instead of having the same one every time. I feel like it’s not worth spending around an hour or more doing the other game, just for a 5 minute experience. Also, for the ones that you have to earn more keys for, it doesn’t even give you harder or more puzzles, you are just earning even more keys for the same experience. You can have people earn keys, just make it WAY less, because at the end of the day I’m playing way more Blockdoku than I am the actual logic puzzle. Please take this into consideration!

Bait and switch - blockdoku not mentioned in developer preview photos or description. ***PSA for others who downloaded this game to actually play logic puzzles: two logic game apps that are actually logic games are Gismart’s “Cross Logic Puzzle Games” and Twin Wizards’ “Logic Puzzle Daily”*** My review: I should have read the reviews prior to downloading, not just the creator’s preview photos and description of the game. If this game is going to be >99% blockdoku, and <1% logic puzzles, then this needs to be noted in both the preview photos and the description. Since this is a logic puzzle game, it’s almost comical that most of the reviews are about disliking blockdoku. The developers continue to respond to reviews and apologize for people not liking blockdoku, but they do not indicate that the blockdoku will be changed or removed, and don’t update their posted information about the game. I love Easybrain’s nonogram app and sudoku app, and unfortunately downloaded this game based on an ad in one of those two apps. I’ll be deleting this as I don’t need to keep an app that is not even remotely what I wanted or thought I was downloading.

A block game with some easy logic puzzles on the side. The logic puzzles are very easy, they almost solve themselves. It’s easy to miss-click as well, since the game doesn’t let you fill out the chart on your own before submitting—it corrects you as you go. After I completed the first set of puzzles, I was met with a block game that you have to complete many, many times in order to earn “keys” that unlock more logic puzzles. In the end, this is more a block game than a logic puzzle game…very odd bait-and-switch. So considering the difficulty level, gameplay mechanics, and the obscene amount of time that needs to be spent on the random block game—I wouldn’t recommend this one.

More ads than play. I loved playing but you get an ad, and that’s fine. I can sit through it. The game is free, and they need to make money. The thing is, you sit through one 20-30 second ad, think it’s done but it’s not. You hit the above-right arrow, it takes you to download the game in the ad, then you hit “Done” and the arrow pops up again, so you click it, to be taken back to download it. AGAIN. Then there’s a 3 second countdown for the “X” and then, FINALLY, you get to play…only…another ad! So really, it’s like 40-60 seconds worth of ads every time you run out of moves. It is more ads than play time, and I actually did well. I can’t imagine those who aren’t playing well. Forget it and forget you. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Its goes to fun to disappointing. So you have to yeah solve puzzles. Yeah it’s fun at all but then I have to play this block game just to unlock some levels like that is really stupid. I don’t really understand that one that does that’s just dumb. I think this should definitely be updated. Don’t need any keys to to do other levels and stuff because it’s just dumb if you’re making me yeah yeah first of all it’s like you know free keys. But it’s stupid, why cannot just play the second stage with owl have an appointment this block game it’s like can you like get rid of it maybe Ps. I used microphone so any misspells are just ok

Why so many ads?¿. I don’t have an issue with the game play. There’s sort of an issue when it comes to the bait and switch on the game because they introduce the game to you as a puzzle/logic game where you have to “solve mysteries” but you only get that if you play their sudoku game over and over again to even gain access to those puzzles. The other horrible experience I have is the fact that in between EVERY game you play, whether it’s farming for keys or actually doing the logic puzzles, you’re guaranteed not just one but two ads, and I mean, EVERY, SINGLE, TIME. Completely turned me against the game. I won’t be using this app anymore, as you spend half of it failing to watch them save the Royal King.

Had to stop bc of glitch. I really enjoy logical puzzles and thought it started off slow. Then the ads started. When the game starts, when the game ends, Once you see your score, basically every other “page” is an ad. Ok well, at least they are fast, right? But then next you have to start playing another game within the game to acquire “keys” to play the game you actually downloaded. But you end up having to play the game you didn’t download a LOT. It’s trash and you’ve been made aware of it for months so apparently it won’t change. Lastly, I was playing this block game sometime after level 5 of 5 and there’s a glitch. There’s no space left in the block game to put the last piece; but it doesn’t gray out and say game over. It’s just there. So I guess that’s my cue to delete. TLDR: The ads are a lot and the block game is a LOT, but also within the block game there is a puzzle with no solution.

Please change the mini game. I play the “spot the differences game” from the same company and just recently found this one. I like logic puzzles and I enjoy the previous game from the same developer, so I purchased the ad removal package, only to then find out you have to play this weird Tetris/sudoku hybrid game in-between logic puzzles in order to earn keys to play the main game. I do not enjoy the mini game at all. I’m sure there are some who do, but I would be willing to play it if I only had to play a couple of quick rounds in order to continue playing the logic puzzles (though I’m still not sure why the logic puzzles need to be gated behind anything?). In its current iteration, I get roughly 3-5 keys per round. To unlock episode 2, you need 30 keys, and the cost to unlock just continues to increase after a few episodes. There’s no way I’ll continue playing if I’m forced to continue playing the mini game this much - the mini game requires more time and effort than the main game. Based on the other reviews I’m seeing, I’m not alone in these thoughts and I hope the devs take this into consideration. I’ll happily revise my review if something changes, but for now I can only give 1 star as I barely get to enjoy the main game at all.

Great fun game, but really disappointing.. I got this game and was really excited. I started playing it and had so much fun. It was the absolute perfect game to play when relaxing or at the beach, and I was really excited to play it on vacation. After finishing the first level it told me I had to ‘get keys’ to unlock the next level. Levels need a lot of keys to unlock, and you have to play Blockdoku to get them. It’s really frustrating and doesn’t give much keys even if you played really well. I’ve heard this is called Bait and Switch. I already have Blockdoku, but this was just really disappointing to me as I was really excited to play. I don’t understand why they have to do this, can’t they just do what’s advertised? They honesty ruined it for themselves. I love the advertised logic puzzle part of the game but you don’t play it much at all. I do not recommend.

Makes you play a different game to play the actual game. I downloaded this game to play the logic puzzle. I finished the tutorial very fast and wanted to play more while I was in class. I then learned that you had to get enough keys to actually play the game by playing one of those stupid fill line/square to get points to get them. I didn’t download this game to play one of those, I already have one downloaded and if I wanted to play that that’s what I’d do. I wouldn’t even be that mad if it was only a couple keys, but each key requires 100 points to get, and the first chapter requires 30 keys and every one following raises the requirement by 10. I didn’t get this stupid game to grind a puzzle game I didn’t want I came here for the puzzles, make it about the puzzles.

Ads…. First off, I did like the puzzles. Was bummed when I went to start the next one and I had to play a different game to get keys. I know for a fact that I’ve spent more time playing the 2nd game more than I played the first puzzle. And the ads. An ad when you start a new level, and right after you finish the level. So if you’ve done 3 levels, you’ve watched 6 ads. I wouldn’t have minded the ads if they were more spaced out like after every 2nd or 3rd level. Started off with a good impression but I don’t think I’ll bother with this one.

Adds. Adds Update 1 : thanks for the copy paste respond , I advice you if you care about users to pick the time of ads to not be in the middle of the game or not that too much annoying , I already delete this game after suffer with this despite I came to the game by ad , so u think you spend money on marketing without return due to this ,hope to fix it for your side !! —- Update 2 : Thanks for respond this time without copy paste , and when this happens what you promised then respond to me , and then I will down the game and try it and if I found there is change in ads way and not annoying, then I will change my rate , until then please focus on actions not words promises to care about “ user experience “ Thanks and wait for “ the changes” not words , best

Main game is locked behind another game. I like the logic puzzles & I don’t mind the ads. The blockdoku is the issue. I’ve played it before & deleted the app in 5 minutes, it’s just not for me. So to my surprise all of the levels(except for events & daily challenges) are locked behind a “mini game”, of which I don’t really like. That’s not the biggest issue, the problem is the amount of keys required to earn an unlock. There are hundreds of levels each with an independent key requirement(the lowest I seen was 30, but it quickly ramps up to an average of 100). You have to earn 100 points in blockdoku to get 1 key. Maybe it’s because I’m uninterested, or I’m just terrible at the game because my high score is 388 & that took a lot of time. Not a fan, & it’s one of those apps where the ad shows a cool feature you’d love & presents it as the main game. I figure they do this because it takes more time & effort to create logic puzzles, but the community can assist that on easybrain’s site with a section allowing community created levels & just going through to select really good ones.

Def bait & switch- misleading its sudoku actually. Totally agree with the reviewer who said it was a bait and switch. I download it strictly for the LogicPuzzles. Then to continue playing those, you have to play the sudoku game and way more often than the actual puzzle that is advertised for download. In addition, to play the sudoku, there’s constant disruption by ads. If what got me there was the logic puzzle, and I seldom get to play that, there’s no way I’m gonna suffer through ads just to be able to play a game (sudoku) that I’ve never been interested in- terrible sales tactic. The games that bombard with ads and get you to pay for ad-free only manage to do so by actually getting you hooked on the game you were interested in that prompted the download in the first place.

This is called bait and switch. The game is advertised as a logic clue puzzle game, they don’t tell you that you have to earn the actual game by playing a blockudoku game that is much too demanding of the player (100 points=1 key, each block placed = 1 point, 1-5 points earned per place with a 9 point bonus per each 9 blocks cleared in a line or box, which a multiplier for streaks or combos). My hope is that the devs listen to the player base and either do what’s right and remove the blockudoku that nobody likes or reduce the points required to get keys (100 is too much, maybe 50 or 25). If you’re going to make me earn the game I actually want to play, either advertise it as a blockudoku game too, or acknowledge your intent to bait and switch the audience. It’s a pity because the game could be good without the blockudoku that you need to remove, thanks 😊 and I don’t care that the devs don’t intend on removing it, nobody wanted a blockudoku game with the same 8 block forms, we wanted the ACTUAL LOGIC GAME. Do what’s right, remove the blockudoku.

Way too many ads. The puzzles are very easy, however, I’m at the beginning chapters. I like the daily puzzles and I didn’t mind the additional mechanic of the repetitive sudoko-ish shape puzzles. It was the number of ads that made me delete the app. It was an ad when you completed a puzzle and an ad before you start the next. Usually advertising the same 2-3 apps. I feel like I spent more time watching ads than playing. And I don’t mind ads - I get it’s a revenue source for the devs for a free app and I support that. It was the number of back to back ads that I couldn’t skip that made the game unenjoyable for me.

Just Let Me Do The Actual Puzzles. I really like the grid puzzles, their fun and not to hard most of the time. But like other people have said to do the main puzzles you need to do a boring game about making blocks turn into 3x3 area. It’s really boring, but it’d be fine if you only needed about 10 keys to do the next level. But nope it takes 30 keys to unlock the next level and gets progressively worse. It got to the 100s after a bit and the puzzles only give you 1-5 depending on the amount of points you get. Making the puzzles really grindy. I simply want to play the grid games that was advertised and not some boring block game. Other than that the grid puzzles are fun and I’d give this game 5 stars if it was easier to play the main ones.

Not the worst but not the best. First off this game is terrible because you have to get keys to unlock puzzles and you have to get an absurd amount of them and every time you open the thing to get keys they make you watch an add and the same for when you open the app itself the only good part about is the logic puzzles and still those are not the best. Dear developers thank you for taking my review into consideration, it means a lot that my opprimions has the opportunity to change a few features of your games

Fun but frustrating. I was excited to find a logic puzzle game that was user friendly interface, and had daily challenges. However, in order to play the different cases within the logic games, you have to play a different game of aligning blocks (that isn’t well explained) in order to obtain keys to play more games. It’s incredibly difficult to obtain keys. Let alone, the block alignment doesn’t have anything to do with the logic puzzles. Frustrating, and I hope they redo this portion to at least have short logic puzzles to solve in order to obtain the keys.

3 stars for layout…. So I love these and I like that they’re difficult, however I don’t like the layout. I really wish they’d add a settings menu so you can see the clues on bottom and the puzzle on top. But that was about the only thing I’d change other than, I would also prefer that you can check your puzzle for free rather than using a hint… I can understand if you would need to use a hint to find your error but I don’t wanna get halfway through to find out I completely messed it up… I like checking occasionally to make sure it’s still good.

Bad Blocks. Genuinely this game would be fine if the key requirements weren’t so ridiculously skewed. You have to reach 100 points in the block game for a SINGLE key. Later levels can require up to 140 keys! You have to achieve 14,000 points to unlock ONE set of five puzzles. FOURTEEN THOUSAND POINTS. That means if I have an average of 500 points a game, I would have to play 28 games of blockdoku. For FIVE levels I very well may blast through in a few minutes. Others cost far less keys but that does NOT make up for the ridiculous amount of keys needed for each subsequent level. I downloaded this game to play logic puzzles, not blockdoku. At this point I’m spending 90% of my time on blockdoku just to get the ridiculous number of keys so I can move on. Either lower the number of keys required or increase the frequency of keys earned. I do not care that you think the blockdoku adds to the game, because at this point it does nothing but subtract from the experience. Fix the key balancing. This is ridiculous. You clearly haven’t taken other reviews into account.

Blocks? :(. I love the logic puzzles. The block game takes so much time to do though.. and after doing it 100 times it gets so boring. I like the concept though! So maybe add different mini games other than just the blocks. Like a sudoku mini game, every game you complete you get keys. Or anything to add some spice you know. If not, maybe the quantity of keys earned should increase as you go further. Like once you get to levels you need 100 keys, it takes less points to get keys. The block game just gets mind numbing, I want logic puzzles to make my mind work or engage a little aha. So much potential with what could be added- I feel it could really keep your audience on the app, rather than them eventually getting bored or tired of block game and using the app less or not at all. I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and the logic puzzles still haven’t gotten harder. They are just consistently on easy mode, maybe they get harder as a I progress but it take so long to progress when you spend a whole hour trying to get keys to do 5 levels :(

Bad quality. Many other people have mentioned blocks but there is also a problem with the clues! They don’t give you the right amount of clues which in later levels leaves you guessing and using lives because it doesn’t provide you with the basic necessities to solve the puzzle. Back to the blocks I didn’t mind it at first but as many other reviews said there are too many keys required to get to the next level. It was a good idea but overall just a bad game except for the daily challenges.

Make the game you advertise.. No one wants this “blockudoku” garbage. I understand you don’t have enough puzzles to fill a whole game so you just pad the game time with useless unrelated “logic puzzles.” Either make a cross logic puzzle game or don’t. Other apps do it better anyway. I do not like these “puzzles,” and if I DID, I would download an app full of them. No one asked for this and you’re being incredibly scummy by advertising a completely different app. 75% (or more) of the game time is not even the advertised puzzle. I will not be downloading anything from your company again. I don’t intend on making the same mistake twice.

Gross ads. The puzzles are ok, but some of the categories are so similar it’s hard to keep track. One puzzle has numbers of a train platform, as well as numbers of the train which are all below 10. Other puzzles have categories with difficult to pronounce alien names that are too similar. Other puzzles have categories that are way too obvious, you don’t even need to read the clues to guess which museum is in Germany and which one is in Japan, based on the name. They key system, as others have mentioned is too skewed. You never get the shape you need. And the ads… One game ad shows up way too often and it’s totally disgusting! A woman’s behind with pustules and maggots and boils… I’m so tired of looking at it, it makes me sick. I think they made a game so disgusting looking that it’s only purpose is so you’ll buy the ad-free version of the game you’re playing just so you don’t have to see the nasty ad anymore.

Block game…might delete the entire app.. I love the logic puzzles, they keep my brain busy and are fun to solve. My main issue (just like everyone else) is the stupid block game required for keys. I hate it. It’s boring and doesn’t give you enough keys. I downloaded this game for the LOGIC PUZZLE, not the block game. If you the developers want their game to succeed, get rid of the block game, or at least add a different type of way to earn keys. I’m now at the point where it takes me 100 keys to unlock one logic puzzle, and I’m definitely NOT doing that. Im only keeping the game for the daily puzzles, but even that might not be worth keeping the game for. Probably going to delete soon, do better developers.

Takes forever to get keys & there’s way to many adds. The puzzle themselves I like because I do have to think on them. I hate how it takes forever to get keys to unlock them though. If the ratio was changed it would be better. Additionally the amount of ads is just ridiculous. I have to watch an ad after every single thing in here. I will probably be deleting it for that reason alone. You have to watch an ad to get to the game for the keys. Then to get more keys watch more ads. Just insane. Don’t recommend

Too easy and too many ads. So far I haven’t come across a single logic puzzle that was at all challenging, there are some basic features that are missing, in other logic apps, once you have all the answers in the main blocks they don’t necessarily make you fill in the entire grid because it’s duplicate information…. This one does, but I can live with that… it also doesn’t let you cross of hints when you are done with them. I don’t normally complain about ads, the developers need to be pie I get that; but this game takes it too far…. The puzzles are super quick and easy and then I get 2 ads in between each one…. I spend more time trying to click out of ads than playing the game. I’m giving it 2 stars because it doesn’t look super trashy and gross.

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Could be ok but too many ads. The game could be fun, it has a clean interface and logic puzzles are cool. However it could do with some visual improvements: you can’t enlarge the text or zoom, and there’s no dark mode for night play. However, worst of all, there are far too many ads. Each level takes seconds to compete because the puzzles are pretty easy. I assume they get more challenging - but you have a 30 second unskippable ad when you start a puzzle and again when you finish a puzzle. You have a minute of ads for every 10 seconds of gameplay. Then you realise you need keys to unlock the next set of puzzles but you get those by playing some other different game which has a bit of a luck element to it (ie it’s not a logic game). In the end, there are more reasons to delete the game than to keep it.

Like it but font and boxes are too small. Please increase the size of the font and the boxes for the logic puzzles. I don’t mind playing to get keys but the no of keys required is too high. So the time spent planning the blocks game far exceeds the time solving puzzles.

Good concept - too many ads. This has potential. I do enjoy logic puzzles however it’s hard to enjoy the game when the ads last longer than a game.

Good but different game. It’s good and entertaining but having to play a completely different game to earn keys to unlock the next case is annoying. If I wanted to play a block crushing game I would’ve downloaded block blast.It’s annoying when I hop on to play some logic puzzles and having to play a rip off block blast.

Ads excessive. It was okay and I didn’t even mind the Tetris game to get keys, but the ads were so excessive I had to delete it

Great game:). i like this game, i never knew how much fun these kinds of puzzles are the only issue i really have is that it takes too much time to get keys to move onto the next set of puzzles. if it was only 20 keys to move on, it would be better. it just takes forever to get 100 keys i would definitely recommend this to my puzzle loving friends :)

Nothing but ads. More ads than gameplay

Bad. It was okay but not a very good game

Unplayable unless you go ad-free. Great game, but absolutely unplayable unless you go ad-free. So many ads, such long ads, and doesn’t even matter if you download the app being advertised, still just get more and more ads

Disgusting Ads ruin the game. Game is great, but the ads they run are so gross, pimples and pus and skin disease games 🤢 had to delete

was fun until i saw…. the keys. wow you complete one chapter and its fun then you have to play this stupid,boring game to get keys for the next. it’s annoying and it would have been a fun game if the keys were gone

Ads Simulator. You need to watch 2 different ads just to play one puzzle (one before you can play and one right after you finish it)

I have reach the end. I love this game but I have reached the end and there is no more puzzles except the daily ones. When will it get updated 🤔

Adsville. Too many, long ads. No thanks

Not about logic puzzles. Most time spent playing a biased block puzzle game, endlessly. Had to remove as I wanted to focus on logic puzzles.

Too many ads!. Wayyyy too many ads

not good. the start was good but then u need keys to unlock stories by playing a puzzle thing. hate it.

Why am I playing Blockdoku?. Why am I playing Blockdoku?

Cool game..TOO MANY ADDS. I enjoyed this game but theres too many adds this made me delete it. Aint no body got time for that ✌🏼

Logic game. I agree the font is too small and you can’t enlarge. I enjoy playing the logic puzzles but spend most of my time watching ads and playing for keys. I wanted a logic puzzle game not a brick game.

too much for keys. please remove the block game to get keys I WANNA PLAY YHE LOGIC GAME NOT A BLOCK GAME 😤😤😤 what’s the point???

Good brain workout. You need a third option for possibilities- I would suggest a dot- place the dot into spaces where probability is a possibility as sometimes there are random factors to be considered- when you are sure then you can replace the ‘dot’ with either the cross or tick- I always do this when working out these puzzles in hard copy!

Too many ads!. As other reviewers have already stated, there are way too many ads. One at the start and end of each level and cuts out podcasts I listen to while I play. Deleted after a few levels because of this. Will look for an alternative with fewer ads and interruptions.

phone restarts and loses progress. Honestly, I love this game, perfect blend of solving game and the little key puzzle part. Although there are many ads, I don’t mind them. The only part that annoyed me is that my phone just died and I waited for it to restart for me to play again and it took me back a couple puzzles! I lost my progress :(

Lame and simple and not as advertised. You have to play a different game to earn keys to play the logic puzzles as well as suffering through endless ads. Deleted in less than 10 minutes due to just plain boredom. If the primary gameplay is Blockudoku maybe you should have called it that instead! In my country we call people like you FRAUDS. Your ads are FALSE ADVERTISING. If you lie about that, what else are you cheating people with?

Not what I was expecting. Logic puzzles are fine, but the block game to score keys to progress to more puzzles is totally boring. Deleted! I received a response saying they don’t intend to remove the block game. Gotta say I’m rather tired of games that advertise one thing, but provide something different. If I wanted a blockudoku game, I would have downloaded one!

key game. the key block game takes too long to get the keys needed to play the reason i downloaded the app. if you already have a blockudo app why do you feel the need to shove it in here? if i wanted to play that i'd download that app.

After everything you do you get ADS. Literally everything put less ads and I make the rating higher too much ADS

So many issues. 1. If you can’t afford to make an app without having an ad after every single round, maybe app development isn’t for you. 2 They give you no hints, you have to watch an ad for every hint 3. A lot of the puzzles can’t be figured out without hints / guessing

My parents got hooked on this game.. Great game. Reason: my parents got addicted to this game when they started to play it on my device and so they downloaded the game for themselves to play. What I want to happen: Make more ways and easier ways to get keys or make block puzzle 1 key = 50 score instead of 100

Good game but things can be improved. This game I usually play on the train or during a boring activity and enjoy it but there are definitely things i would like to have changed. First of all, there are way to many ads. I just finished a level and there was an ad and when I pressed on a new one there was another add and they are usually for the same game/game style or are even the same ad. A lot of puzzle game such as Picture Cross, Gardenscapes and Royal Match and there are no new ones. If there are going to be a lot of ads please make them a bit more diverse. Secondly I do not like the fact that you have to earn keys to play. The only reason I can actually play what I want and what I want downloaded the game for is through the daily puzzles. I really dislike the block game and that may just be my opinion but i’m sure a lot of others do to. Again, if you aren’t going to change it at least make them different each time. When i do play it is enjoyable but these thing just make it a little less enjoyable. Thank you.

Doesn’t require any logic!. So basic.

Ads. More time watching ads than completing the puzzles.

Not the game it says it is. I just want to play the logic story game but to do so requires hours of time p,among other games to get keys. Truly stupid. Deleted.

Way too many ads. Soooo many ads I couldn’t even play. Terrible.

Could be great. This game could be great. But way to many adds and the start from the get go so you don’t have enough time to enjoy the game to even consider purchasing a no add pack. After you finish a round which takes about a minute at the start you there is an add. Then when you go into the next level there is another add so about 3 minutes of adds for every minute played. Like I said could be great but stop with all the adds!!!!!!

Too many ads. This game could be great, could be addicting but there is simply too many adverts and too often. They go on for too long, sometimes longer than the puzzle takes to complete. Keys are difficult to get, they take too long to collect (days at a time) for a group of puzzles that takes less than half hour to complete.

TOO MANY ADS. Ridiculous!! A level takes about 5-10 seconds to complete in the early levels yet we are tortured with ads between each level that go for 2-4 times as long. Deleted Bye

How many levels to this game?. I like this game. The constant ads are a bit annoying. How many levels or stories does this game have? How constant are the Events? Does the app need to be updated as I have no more ‘stories’ to play and when I play the block games it’s not adding to the score

I like it but theres some ads. It’s a very good game very addicting, there’s a daily puzzles as well as the actual story I love it but there’s a lot of ads.

Good BUT... It was good but something that annoyed me was the games to get the keys. 300 keys to unlock a 5 level part is not fun, especially the fact on how long it takes to get the keys. BORING BUT FUN FOR 5 MINUTES

Ripped off. I completed all the original puzzles then paid about $5 for additional puzzles. Some of them are ones I had already completed originally. Poor form.

Too many ads. Way too many ads Don’t bother downloading.

Don’t expect to play Logic Puzzles for the Logic Puzzles most of the time.. When this game tries to be the game it’s named after, it’s a pretty solid time! The interface has more effort put to it than usual logic puzzle apps and the puzzles themselves are fine. Though there are moments where I often thought I was ticking or crossing something out when it was switched the other way around and that was the only qualifier for when I made a mistake that costed me a heart, which I found more unnecessary than not. Plus, the hints given are often way too easy. I frequently completed puzzles perfectly without having to read every hint provided. The results showed that Easybrain were punching under their weight as puzzle developers. However, the biggest issue to this game lies in when it’s not even trying to be Logic Puzzles. You are hardly given enough puzzles to play to begin with. Once a chapter in the game is over, you have to collect keys to play the next one and you collect keys by playing Blockudoku. I’m serious, the vast majority of your time spent playing this game will not even go towards the logic puzzles. Instead, you’ll have to grind through this Blockudoku "side-game" several times before you even get close to having enough keys for the next chapter. That is a miserable excuse to bloat your game's runtime just because you never wrote enough logic puzzles for an actual game and a desperate ploy to make you think it’s worth downloading their cheap, bare-bones and incredibly basic Blockudoku app instead. That’s what turns an otherwise decent and promising app into an insufficient, lacklustre and sorry excuse of a scam.

Way too many ads. Crazy amount of ads. Can’t even play the game for long enough to see if it’s worth paying for. Ridiculous.

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Takes forever to earn keys. The logic puzzles are good, but you need keys to unlock them and to get keys you have to play a bunch of Tetris-like games. It’s takes forever to earn keys. If I wanted to play Tetris, I would’ve got Tetris.

Good Games but…. Update: I’ve been reading many comments on the game and this next comment is directed at the developer. Everyone stated that they hate the keys part and the ads…I understand the ads and you can get rid of them with the purchase which I’ve done however you always say that you’ll take the keys into consideration but you never do anything about it. I’m so disappointed I purchased it before I got to the keys part. Old review: I paid for this game and love the grid logic part however needing keys to progress to the next level is awful and takes way to long. You keep spending time answering so many people regarding the stupid keys/block puzzles. Your time may be better spent removing them so people can get to why they downloaded and possibly paid for the app. Almost everyone hates the keys portion, you’d get way more positive reviews if you’d eliminate them. I wish I got to the keys part before purchasing the game.

Jeux trop bien Je trouve que c’est amusant franchement ça travaille la logique. Je vois pas les mètres mâle bébé dnwnndksndhfkdndjdjddndjdnxnfjjhg

Annoying. It's fun but you have to earn keys in order to unlock new chapters and getting the keys take a lot of time 😟

Too many Ads!!!!. This would be a fun game if it was not for the ads. Annoyed that you make the ads long and try to use every trick to stop people from getting through the ads quickly. And no I am not paying to remove the ads. I just won’t be playing anymore.

The. The

Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads. Don’t waste your time. 15 seconds of play, 30 seconds of ads.

Way too many ads. Come on, I get you need to monetize the game but an ad after EACH puzzle is a bit much and greedy, don’t you think? And a whole $7 to remove ads is too high. At that cost, you could just pay for a better quality game app. Not worth the time to download this.

Way too many ads. The game as potential to be fun, but having to watch an ad when you finish a level and then again to start a new level is stupid. Quitting based on spending half my time watching ads.

I Give Up. I enjoyed the logic games a lot! I even enjoyed the Tetris-y game, which was fun *if I wanted to play it on its own*. After a while though, it took so much time to get through those games, I was only getting to play a story once a day. There’s never any story justification or reason for the other game “to get keys”. It’s just a way to limit progress through the game. It would honestly be ok if it didn’t take so long - a bad game might take a few minutes and give you one key. I need about 350 to fully unlock the next story. The dailies are ok, but I should be able to go through the main puzzles without having to play the Tetris part exponentially more than the part of the game I want to actually play.

Get rid of the keys. I got the game for the logic clue puzzle not to play the annoying block game to Get those stupid keys. It’s extremely annoying!!! Regret I paid for it!

I like it.. but the keys just ruin it. I’ve played this game for a bit and it’s a lot of fun don’t get me wrong. I just don’t understand the keys. i’ve read through some reviews and you say it’s an essential part of the game for unlocking new levels and puzzles.. But shouldn’t playing the last level already do that? Last time i’ve checked that’s how most games work right? Like i’ve had this game for maybe 2 weeks? give or take and i’ve only just been able to finish the 3rd chapter of the first story. It just feels so frustrating when i’m having a lot of fun playing the game i had wanted to play when i first downloaded it, and then i have to spend days getting keys just to be allowed to play another like 5 levels and the progress starts all over again. Not to mention that the amount of keys you have to get starts to get so high it really just takes away all the fun out of what could honestly be a really good game. I hope you guys start to listen to people about this cuz it seems im not the only person who has a problem with this. Not to mention the daily challenges just really aren’t the same as when there’s like a story you’re following. You guys have a great game that I thoroughly enjoy but those keys almost ruin the whole thing

Don’t bother with this one. App doesn’t save your progress. Ridiculous amount of ads, the ads are extremely long, no quick way to exit them, they pop up randomly while working a puzzle and after every puzzle completed. Puzzles too easy, take less than 30 seconds to complete. Total waste of time.

Fun game but still has many ads after you pay. The game is really Fun ! But paying for a week to try without ads it still has many ads to play the full game. Also just ads to buy everything for the game constantly !if I pay for a game I expect to be able to play ad free!

Easy Level throughout. Would expect difficulty level to increase through the puzzles. They are all roughly the same which I would say easy. Great app if that’s what you are looking for. I will be seeking out something that is more challenging.

Mini game overkill. Too much having to play the “Tetris” type game to get keys to unlock more of the actual puzzles I downloaded the game for. I don’t mind playing a bit of a mini game to unlock the next set but it’s a bit much.

Misleading. Ok I love the main game, but if you want to unlock new levels you have to play a side quest for points. It takes forever to get points.. it’s like the developers were fighting over which game to release so they included both. I just want one game. Disappointing

Get rid of the block game. Ok game. Kills some time, but that block game to get keys? Tedious and annoying. I gave you money, make for a better system

Eek. Way too many ads. Unplayable.

Too many ADS. Games are great and really tease your brain but there are waaaaaay too many advertisements. End a game get an ad, start a game 2 second later, another ad.

Lowkey bias. It’s strange to ask someone to write a review after completing the first level in the game but I’m already giving five stars because this company has yet to let me down with their puzzle games. They’re Daily Puzzles is executed well, will come back if my opinion changes

Love this game, but…. There’s an error on the Sep 11 puzzle, statement 4.

Just plain fun.. Fun, fun, fun.

Shape puzzle. You spend 5x the time playing the shape puzzle to earn keys to even be able to play the Nonogram logic puzzles. Ridiculous.

X versus check mark. There should be a better way to insert positive or negative answer. It could be done by tapping twice instead of selecting x or check mark. The 3rd tap could remove them if we made a mistake.

Same nonsense. Ridiculous… okay Tetris to unlock keys so that you can get to the other levels… but did I download Tetris? No. I want to play the game I downloaded NOT Tetris.

Too many and. Can’t do anything without ads

Downloaded for the logic puzzles…. … kept it for the block game.

I don’t get it but fun. I don’t

Not challenging, constant ads. It was an instant erase type of game.

Game Review. I’m sorry really fun for the first level but you have to get so many keys and it is super duper time consuming

Review. Good thinking game

More adds than game play. I’m about 5 levels in and there are two adds for each level.

like the game a lot but…. i love the game puzzles but i don’t like the amount of ads. most importantly i HATE that i have to play a whole other block game to get keys for a new level. like i just want to play the game i downloaded

Too many ads. Good, but frustrated with all the ads

Way too many ads. You’ll spend more time on the ads than on each level of the game (levels are very quick). And each ad requires multiple interactions- tap the ad fast forward button, then tap the x in corner, then watch a 5 second countdown in the corner to tap another x, then a pop-up window opens, then tap the x in the other corner to close the pop-up window, then tap another x, and hopefully it will take you back to the game. The ads shouldn’t be more work than the game. *Deleted - not worth it*

Multiple ads between each level!. Do you like waiting 30 seconds between each 45 second long level? Do you like tapping buttons following exactly what the instructions say, with zero need for any critical thought? Do you like sitting through MULTIPLE ADS between each absolutely tiny, meaningless section of a level? Then this game is for you!!!

Not impressed. I downloaded the game to play and I spend more time watching ads than I do actually playing. Then add the fact I have to play another game to advance and unlock keys. Will be uninstalling the game.

Ads. Fun game but WAY too many ads for me

Good game. I love this game the puzzle are fun But I hate the block game to get kes its take forever and puzzle are done in around 15 minutes

Meh. Puzzles are too easy and ads are too long/take too many taps to close

Very easy puzzle with mad ads. Too much ads for very easy puzzle. Not worth

Listen to your reviews. I seen someone else had complained about having to get keys to unlock levels and you said you’d take it into consideration in April just kinda wondering if that’s actually gonna happen or not cause it ruins the game in my opinion

Have I reached the end?. I have enjoyed this game, but may have reached the end. Can’t load anymore keys, and there are no new puzzles available to solve. Huh?

Puzzles too easy. This is fun and reminds me of games I played as a kid. But most of them are too easy, my 8 yr old can do them too.

Too many ads. Game is good but after every single game there is an 40secs ad. 30 secs normal ad and then you need to wait another 10secs before you are able to click on x button. Not worth the download

Ads are longer than the levels itself. This is a good game to get you thinking and occupy the time. Unfortunately, its ruined by 30 second or more ads that plague it. What makes it worse is that after finishing a level, and ad automatically plays, you wait for it then close, it takes you back to the game to go to the next level AND then plays another 30 second or more ad. That is atleast a minute of your time with ads compared to 30 seconds MAX that you spend in each level. I want to play it but its just too much and I feel its not worth it. I want my time in the game than the ada itself.

Fun but not worth it. I really enjoy this app but with TWO ads after every round now that’s a tad ridiculous! Who the hell is willing to keep this? Do better.

Not enough puzzle time, too much Tetris. I really enjoy the actual puzzle game but it’s annoying that you only get one game a day that is over in 5 minutes. The mini events are few and far between and the Tetris type game to earn keys takes forever to earn enough keys. If I wanted to play hours of tetris I would download a Tetris game.

Too easy. Would be great if the levels got progressively harder but they don’t. I eventually got bored.

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I love this game but it needs 1 change. I love the actual layout of the game and it’s honestly interesting, BUT I wish there was a better way to get keys, it takes me ages to even get to the second story, 40 keys is a lot and honestly really hard to get and not even that, the amount gets bigger every story. I just wish there was an alternative way to get keys, maybe different games to offer.

Just Let Me Play Logic Puzzles!. This game does include logic puzzles, which is what I chose to download it for, but they’re locked and require keys to open. The keys are acquired by playing a separate game about fitting tiles into a grid. I’ve played the tile game six times now and am just now close to the 30 keys I need to open puzzles. I don’t want to play a game about fitting tiles into a grid; If I wanted to do that, you know what I would download? A game about fitting tiles into a grid! Just let me play the logic puzzles in an app called LOGIC PUZZLES

Definitely makes you think. This gives you true challenges to think of and it definitely is an amazing time killer as it is very easy to get stuck playing. I recommend for sure but I also recommend you pay the $4.99 to ensure its ad free cause the ads are very frequent and annoying.

Idk. So basically there’s only like five rounds per episode and they don’t give you enough clues.. also when you finish an episode you need like ninety keys to unlock the next one. It takes you like five hours to get there because to get more keys you play this block game and it only gives you around two keys. It also has ads every two second so I don’t recommend you play this, but do of your own free will.

Great game but the mini game is to hard.. This is a nice calm game, but when I got to the puzzle I need thirty keys, the mini game is super hard it seem the odds are stacked against you! About every 50 not hundred we should get a key and the numbers should be lowered. Idc about adds, because the game is great no bugs it’s gonna be perfect someday. I normally take weeks to write a review, but this game is so good. Please devs make the mini game to get to the next level easier. Thank you if you do.

Game great if you pay to remove ads. I love this game and logic puzzles are easy enough to read with my dyslexia. However, I noticed today (few days after download) the ads started taking over the main controls on the bottom of the screen. They won’t move even with reboot. It wasn’t that expensive to remove the ads, but I shouldn’t have had to. Would be 5 stars if the ads weren’t such pests.

Not what I wanted. One, there’s a LOT of ads. I got one after completing one level and then after clicking play on the very next puzzle. Two: none of the ads or screenshots show that you have to play a completely different logic game to unlock the next pack of puzzles that’s like Tetris sudoku. You could easily play more of that game than the Mai logic puzzles you unlock! Not what I want to spend my time on.

Tired of farming keys. The actual logic game itself is great. I absolutely love it. And initially I liked the mini game of blockduko….that’s when it was only a few keys to unlock the next puzzle. Now I spend all the time playing the dang block game so I can get to the logic puzzles. Incredibly frustrating. Maybe set the key unlocks to about 20-25. Also the events, while few and far between only give you a postcard upon completion. This would be a great spot to give additional keys for completing the events if the devs insist on keeping the amount to obtain absurdly high.

Fun but TOO MANY ads. It’s fun you get to use your brain to solve the puzzles. After each chapter you need to get keys. But when you are getting keys is back out you need to watch a ad to get back in. There is an ad every 45 seconds when you’re getting keys. You need to get so many keys just to get to the next puzzle. There is no ads in the puzzle though. I would recommend this game but remember there are A LOT OF ADS.

Play this game if you hate yourself!!!!. I just got this game earlier today and got to play ONE CHAPTER!!! THATS IT!!! 😡The point of this whole game is to solve riddles, but you have to get keys to play each chapter. In order to get the keys, you have to play a block game. This block game is crappy and it barely gives you any keys each time you play it. In order to get the amount of keys need to play the next chapter, you need to play this STUPID block game over and over and over again. THE AD FOR THIS GAME LIED!!! THEY SAID THAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT SOLVING RIDDLES, BUT IN REALITY, ITS 99% OF THAT STUPID BLOCK GAME!!! I would NOT recommend playing this game!!!

Easy logic puzzles but keys?. I’m a big logic puddle fan and find these interesting enough to be diverting but not as hard as I would like. However, what I was most interested in was the mystery aspect, and I was unhappy so see that locked behind some sort of key earning other game. I don’t play that block game, and have no idea how to reset it after I messed it up on my first try. Will it automatically reset at some point or can someone tell me how to fix it?

Ads much. This game could be more fun to play more often if there wasn’t so many ads. To have to watch an ad after every puzzle or any button you press when you enter the app is really annoying. It’s certainly does not make me want to play the game if I have to wait for an ad to finish. Then waiting for an (x) to pop up to exit the ad takes longer than it should. I know I can purchase the game to have less ads, but how am I gonna know if I’ll enjoy it enough to buy it if I can’t even try the free version.

Bait and Switch. Do not get this game. You may believe you are installing a logic puzzle game, but you’re not. I absolutely love the main game and the user interface is perfect. I didn’t hesitate to pay the $5 to remove the ads. But, after you get through the first couple starter puzzles you are immediately LOCKED out of the next level until you play a completely unrelated and mind numbing “block game” which you must play, cannot get around, and must win 30+ times to earn enough “keys” to unlock the next level of game play. No way around it. Devs: I didn’t download, install, and pay for the block game. I wanted the logic puzzles. Instead, I get to play the block game for 30-45 minutes to collect enough “keys” to unlock the next level of the game I paid for. I requested a refund from Apple, but frankly, regardless of whether I get a refund or not, I’ve uninstalled this and will not re-install it.

“Keys” game cheats!. I liked Soduko and Killer Soduko, so I decided to try this one. It’s disappointing to see that it’s designed to cheat. You earn keys to unlock levels by playing a game similar to Tetris. You get pieces that come in different shapes and positions, making about 40 configurations. It would be cool if these were random, but they are not! Out of 40 or so possibilities, you will get the only ones that won’t fit! You get three at a time, and if you can use anything except the 5-segment-horizontal-line, you will get two of those! STOP DESIGNING GAMES TO CHEAT!!!

It’s actually blockdoku. I play the sudoku and nonograms which are really fun. It’d be nice to set the difficulty like you can in those games. I play blockdoku for 10+ minutes to solve the 5 logic puzzles in less than 5. They’re too easy and sometimes the next hint literally gives away the rest of the puzzle easily. I’ve noticed all the reviews in JUST what I scrolled to went back to March 2023 and this game has yet to be fixed. I paid to get rid of ads just to play a different game.

Main game hidden behind another. I have a lot of EasyBrain games, I love their Nonogram, sudoku, word search. I’ve spent hours on and have purchased ads free versions of many of their games. I was excited to see they had a logic puzzle. I already play one type of logic puzzle from a different developer. I was really frustrated to see this game is locked behind another game. Their blockado game, which is a game I do not like at all. It’s really frustrating to realize you need to play a game you don’t like to get to a game you do like. I’ll be requesting a refund and deleting the app. It’s a shame.

False advertising but still a good game. I love logic puzzles and all of easybrain's games so when i saw this I got really excited. Unfortunately the majority of this game is playing blockdoku which i do like but that wasn't what i downloaded this game for. Overall I do like it but for any of the developers seeing this maybe just advertise it on what it actually is.

Fun, but…. This game can be fun, but it’s not really like the ad. It looks nice, but you have to play another boring minigame to actually play the game in the ad. Also, there are so. many. ads. After every game (minigame or not) there is an ad! You can pay to remove the ad, but if you don’t do that, then just delete the game. The ads aren’t long, but they’re annoying. Maybe put less ads and this game would get 4 stars!

Falsely advised!. When I downloaded, I thought that this was purely a logic games with a couple of ads and possibly a few other challenges like in their other apps, but when is ads for games ever really telling the truth? The problem with this game: it’s glitchy, not the game promoted, and the puzzles themselves were dull and didn’t increase in difficulty no matter how far I got. Respectfully, these three reasons combined made this game excruciatingly boring. Overall, this app was not for me.

game fun to play.. really???. I think the game is fun to play because I ammm…. Gifted and I go to gifted class in school and I play this game I wish I could give to 5 star but you have to get a little bit better.. maybe no ad game?? Or.. is this a no WiFi game? If not make it a WiFi game I’m not trying to force you to do it but… maybe do. Thank you!

Couldn’t even play it a day. Hated this app I couldn’t even play one day the ads were so long I could only play the worlds easiest logic puzzles before my “keys” ran out and then I had to play an entirely different time consuming game and even then after 10 min I didn’t get enough keys to go to round 2 so then I went to play the game again and oh shocker another 5 minute ad so I jumped out and tried to do the daily challenge and OMG another 5 min ad so I just deleted the whole app their are less irritating logic apps. I owned this one for maybe a half hour at most

Not as it seems. When reviewing the game it seems like it will be a word puzzle logic game. While it does have the word puzzles, you spend the majority of your time playing fit the blocks. Not really what I was looking for when I downloaded a game that appears to be word logic. This wouldn’t be bad if you didn’t have to find 30+keys in order to open a new chapter. Maybe reduce the cost down to 15 maximum and it will feel more like a logic game instead of a puzzle game.

Actual Puzzles locked behind different. The actual logic puzzles are potentially fun and interesting, but unfortunately after the first 10 puzzles the game forces you to solve those boring block sudoku tetronimo type puzzles in order to unlock “keys” to play the future levels. This is like if halo made me play 10 levels of Mario to get to the next level. I want to play Halo not Mario. I can’t rate the actual puzzles themselves since I wasn’t able to get to more than a handful of them.

They keys are not fun. I love the logic puzzles, but having to do 100 Tetris puzzles for what I thought I was buying is not acceptable. I’m stuck doing the blocks instead of the actual puzzles I want to do, on top of all the ads I have to close off. Can you just make an app with no ads and the puzzles that are advertised? It’s getting ridiculous, we just want to play the game, that’s all.

Awesome but I hate ads. Thanks to ADHD I spend lovely amounts of money on games I stumble upon and obsess over for a couple weeks simply because I’d rather scream my head off than watch adds every two seconds. This one was a bit more expensive than other games. However, I do really enjoy this game and I love the mini game you play to get keys even more than the actual game lol. But hey, whatever works (:

Don’t even bother. The actual mystery game is fun but the ads every 2 minutes and the block “mini” game really ruin the whole experience. I have no idea how this game is top anything on any charts, just go through the hundreds of reviews complaining. The block game literally becomes the only thing you do in the app, especially with the enormous amount of keys required to unlock the actual mystery boards. Not to mention the fact that you get 1 key for every hundred or so points, it’s ridiculous. If bait and switch could be anything, it would quite literally be this game. 0/10.

Too Many Ads, Not Enough Logic. The logic games themselves are so good so I’m sad I had to give this 2 stars :( The amount of ads is insurmountable. They are the glitchy kind that sometimes just won’t close. I would stick around despite the ads if I wasn’t forced to play some weird Tetris shape puzzle game far more than I actually get to play the logic puzzles. Uninstalled. I will reinstall if the Tetris stuff gets taken out or the ads are reduced.

Too many ads!. The free version of this game has way too many ads. An ad before you do a puzzle and another ad after you complete the puzzle. When the puzzles are quick and easily solved, that makes a lot of ads in a short time. Yes, I could pay $4.99 for ad free, but quite honestly I can’t bring myself to pay that when I have yet to get far enough to have challenging puzzles because I’m so frustrated with frequent ads.

Eh. It combines 2 fun games, block puzzles and cross-logic puzzles. However, it is so annoying to have to work and pay to play the main game. If I wanted to play a block puzzle, I would go play it. I downloaded this for the cross-logic puzzles. On top of having to earn keys for the main game, it also makes you watch ads! Constantly! Now, because I’m tired of working for my puzzles and watching ads, I’m deleting this and downloading a different one.

Too many ads. This is an excellent game, but having to watch an ad before and after every single gameplay is too much! It’s so frustrating when you’re trying to earn keys and have to watch ad after ad instead of being able to just play. Get rid of the ads and you would have a much better program.

Fake ratings?. At first I didn’t understand how a game with so many bad reviews could have such a high rating. It makes no sense, this game isn’t what was advertised and everyone here clearly notices that so how does it have a 4.5? Then I remembered the existence of bots. This game is not what was advertised. It’s just a way to make us play some other game. So there is no way it should have a high rating unless somehow they’re manipulating it. Would give this negative stars if possible. I don’t even know how to fairly review something that was obviously made as part of some scheme.

Not a bad game, but too many ads. I get that you guys make money off of ads it I feel like I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Maybe instead of making people watch ads both before and after playing you pick just before or just after

By, but…. I enjoy the puzzles but the earning of stars to play the next game is monotonous and adds nothing to the game play it frustrations. The number of adds one must endure is a crazy amount. Especially when you are dealing with the ridiculous number of stars you must earn in order to play the next level. I am in the process of deleting this app. I do not recommend it and it’s a shame. The puzzles are fun and engaging, but that earning of stars nonsense is tedious at best. Thank you but no thank you.

Game is great except for two minor things. This game is fantastic. Some levels are super easy and it just passes time but there is the occasional level that actually makes you do some work and think. Love when it takes a little longer to work through. However, my two complaints are: 1. It takes too many keys to unlock new levels. It takes me days to unlock a new set of just 5 levels that I then blow through and am out of levels for days again. The game you have to play to get them is fine and enjoyable, but the logic puzzles are what I’m here for. 2. There desperately needs to be a dark mode!! Other than that, game is fun. But it could definitely be improved.

A little misleading. What they don’t show or tell you is that to unlock the next chapters you have to have keys. To get keys, you have to play a Tetris type game and earn keys based on your score. The number of keys required for each chapter is too high. You end up playing the Tetris type game more than you do the actual logic puzzles. A little upset that that wasn’t mentioned or shown. Probably will be deleting.

Endless ads. The game itself seems like it one okay - IF you ever get through all the ads! It takes a ton of “keys” to unlock the next level and add before and after every opportunity to gain a key and at every single step in a level… The number of ads are ridiculous. In two days I didn’t even get far enough to unlock the second chapter because I got sick of all the ads. And I’m not paying $5 to stop ads in a game that I can’t even decide if I like enough.

Bad logic puzzle app. The only good things about the app are that it has a nice appearance and is easy to use. All of the puzzles are too easy, and there's no option to select different difficulties. The story mode puzzles are insultingly easy, and then they also require keys to unlock, but it takes too many based on how many are actually earned from the block puzzle mini game. I got this app to do logic puzzles, not the mini game.

Blockudoku Keys. If you have to keep the Blockudoku game you need to seriously rethink the amount of keys needed. I want to play a word logic game. Not everyone is into game type puzzles and you will lose players if you don’t listen to your reviewers. That is why we take the time to write them for you. I don’t mind playing a mini game to unlock further levels, but don’t make it where it becomes too time consuming to get back to our main download, the WORD LOGIC game.

Such a joke. So you saw this game in an advertisement and you decided to give it a go because of the neat “logic puzzles”. They seem unique in comparison to the average block placement games you constantly see. Well, let me be the one to tell you, this is a block placement game. You have to ear keys by playing a crappy Tetris knockoff in order to play a single level of the actual game. Oh, and by the way, you’ll get at least 5 ads in 10 minutes of play. It’s terrible, it really is.

Good game but some problems. I have a couple other easybrain games downloaded, and i love them but i spend more time playing the tetris game to try to get keys rather than playing the actual game, the game might aswell be called something else rather than logic puzzles. I think each game should be atleast 15 keys so that you only have to play twice to unlock a new level.

I now remember why deleted this game the first time I downloaded it.. I saw an ad for this game and it appealed to me. I remember playing it before like a year ago but I couldn’t remember why I deleted it. After playing it again for less than 10 minutes, I now remember why. It’s like they don’t want you to play the game. Every little thing you do is followed with an ad. Also to play the main quest you have to do these tedious puzzles over and over again just to unlock enough keys to play the main quest.

Poor version - look somewhere else. Puzzles are easy. Adds pop up on the bottom obscuring the toggle switch. If you’re finger slips, you’re automatically marked as wrong instead of waiting until the end to submit. Adds before and after game play. You need to play a ridiculous Tetris wannabe game to earn keys to continue with one set of stories. There are way better versions of this game out there. Ones with fewer adds, no adds that OBSCURE game play, and don’t divert to other types of games so that you can continue the gameplay.

Wanted to enjoy. I don’t mind playing free games with reasonable amounts of ads. I played 2 levels and had 3 ads. I made an error (see below) and had to replay one of the 2 levels. An ad per level is too much. Also, I dislike having to toggle a switch between the check mark and X. I prefer apps that allow multiple taps of a square to scroll through the types of markings. If you forget to flip the toggle it counts against you and you fail the level… leading to more ads before you can replay the level.

shockingly disappointing. for a logic puzzle app, i’ve only been able to play about 7 puzzles in the two days since it’s been downloaded. after finishing the first five levels, which are so easy they don’t even feel like solving anything, the game lets you know that in order to keep playing you need keys. how are these keys acquired? surely it must be through logic puzzles. wrong!!! instead this stupid app makes you play a completely different (and quite boring) game to get keys. one key every hundred points might i add. it takes 30 keys to unlock the next chapter and after playing for almost an hour last night, i only managed to rack up 7. overall, this app is terrible. if you hate logic puzzles and really like block games, this game might just be for you! otherwise, take your time and your thumbprint elsewhere.

Ads and Block Puzzles. In between the ads and the block puzzles, I think I spent maybe 10% of my time doing the actual logic puzzles. There are ads after doing EVERYTHING. Press the menu button? AD. Finish the block puzzle? AD. Start new block puzzle? AD. Leave app to answer text message? AD. Ads don’t bother me but Jesus I can’t even play the game! Also I downloaded for LOGIC puzzles. Not BLOCK puzzles. Ridiculous. Don’t waste your time. There are better logic puzzle games in other apps that don’t give you the ring around.

bait. okay this game is fun in all but there’s a lot of things wrong with it. like every time i click a button there’s an add. and i’m not gonna pay to go add free or anything. i’m already done with one add, and then i click another button there’s another add. stop with the adds or else things are gonna get worse. next is about the levels. why do we need to play another game to earn keys?? the whole time i’ve been playing this game i have only been playing a block game. and every 100 points is a key. and you need 30 keys for a new level?! that’s 3000 points. i’m sick of wasting my time on that. the point of the game as shown in your add is to solve puzzles. not put blocks together. lastly is the levels. back on my second point about keys. we shouldn’t have to use 30 keys and play a different game for a new level. we shouldn’t even have keys. we should we able to play. since that’s the point of the game, right? the point of the game is to solve puzzles! not blocks. it’s tiring to play another game and only after that when it’s done i have to play a game for the entire time that’s not even the name of the game. please improve the game.

HATE Key System - Paid For Ad Free. I can’t stand the key system. I paid for the ad free version as I love these types of puzzles, but the mechanic of playing the same tedious mini-game to earn keys to unlock additional levels is maddening. Paying for ad free does not unlock all puzzles automatically. Absolutely kills the progression in the game. The puzzles are fun but I cant see myself sinking so much time into the keys puzzle to keep unlocking more difficult puzzles. There’s only so much difficulty found in the daily or monthly challenges.

Halfway misleading. The puzzles are great and a good mind teaser. Unfortunately the game doesn’t just let you keep plowing away at those like other games they’ve made. You constantly have to stop playing the main meat just to earn keys in a mini game. This is also fun but not what I downloaded for. The daily and events are not behind a lock that you need more and more keys for but they’re gone once you’ve done them. It’s just not what I expected when I downloaded this app.

so many ads. This is crazy there are so many ads: the games are easy and by the time you solve ONE piece of the puzzle you are forced to watch 15 second ad. More ad time than playtime . Deleted right away. Edit in regards to developers response: make the full game paid in the shop instead of falsely advertising it as free if you are going to suggest the only way to make it playable is purchasing the full version. Terrible customer service in regards to every single complaint . The base game should be AT THE LEAST enjoyable without making a purchase .

Still Ruined. This game used to be fantastic. Nothing but logic puzzles. Then they ruined it by putting in these knock-off Tetris key games. I’d hoped that they’d have taken those out since then, but they haven’t. I appreciate that you can do the special events with just puzzles, but the fact that you have to do the key thing to play the regular game is unacceptable. And you need 30 keys but only get 3 at a time? Not worth your time. I played it for about 15 minutes and uninstalled.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.1
Play Store com.easybrain.cross.logic.puzzle
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Logic Puzzles - Clue Game was published in the category Games on 15 February 2023, Wednesday and was developed by Easybrain [Developer ID: 1190815537]. This program file size is 151.96 MB. This app has been rated by 21,772 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Logic Puzzles - Clue Game - Games app posted on 03 March 2023, Friday current version is 1.0.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.easybrain.cross.logic.puzzle. Languages supported by the app:

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Logic Puzzles - Clue Game Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Performance and stability improvements We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Play Logic Puzzles, put your gray matter to work, and have fun!

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