Overloaded! [Games] App Description & Overview

Just tap and hold to fill your bus with people!

Fit passengers to the limit!

New vehicles and cities are coming soon!

Super easy to play, hard to master!


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Overloaded! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-New Vehicles! -New Maps! -Bugfix!

Overloaded! Comments & Reviews

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- I really wanna play a better game

I really don’t wanna be a hater but I really think we could get some new updates! Maybe better people on your first try! I hope some of you agree with me! I wanna make sure everyone has fun tho! Ofc everyone should be happy but this is just not me if I think of me! I personally think of Commuters Thanks for your time! :) :D bye!!

- Thanks for the advice

It is some much better with no adds

- Endless ads

Do you like watching ads? If so then this game is for YOU! Kind of a fun concept although goes in the same direction of other similar games like Idle Hole where you just get stuck in an endless loop of upgrading different facets of the game. In between endless ads.

- Great game 👌🙂 but..........

It is a great game but there’s too many adds like when I try to change the vehicle it always brings me to a add

- Chafa

Este juego no da lo que promete nunca puedes jugar y no sirve para nada es una estafa

- حلو لعبةعجبتني شكرن لكو

حلو لعبة عجبتني شكرن لكو

- 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

شكراً على هٰذه اللعبة

- Catchy

It makes you want to play more

- Please Shut This Game Down

This game is such s scam! It practically doesn’t let you play at all and just does it for you!! It is very boring it makes me sad when fame adds look so fun but when you play the game they such like this one! 😡😭

- Infomercial or game??

Good game but there’s more ads than there is play time, will be the first time I delete a game due to the amount of ads it has

- So simple and easy

It is so simple and easy make it harder and to many adds

- ?

How do you play the first round?

- Adware

This game is nothing but adware targeted to kids. I highly recommend not installing it, and Apple, why aren’t you banning these as they violate the App Store policies.


This has to be the funniest game ever it’s very sad voodoo copied this game idea to make money

- Muy malo

Es muy aburrido y no entiendo la lógica del juego No me gusta

- Not letting me play

I only played one level and it played all the other ones for me. Hate it.

- 5 star review

This game is so much fun it takes away a lot of stress rate this game five stars and play

- uh oh


- Good


- More ads than gameplay

Please cut down on the ads. The game takes 10 seconds but we get a 30 second ad after every. Single. game. 🙄. I love the game, but the ads are too much.

- Calm down

I understand that you all are mad with games like this with many add but here’s a way to get no adds... JUST TURN OF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION/WIFI

- Read this😆

most relaxing Game in the universe😌

- Too many Ads

Fun time waster, however every level completed requires you to watch an ad.

- Bad game

I don’t really like this game the bus it closes by it self


If you turn your internet off you won’t have ads, I’ve been playing all morning and haven’t had one ad

- App has way too many ads

I love the app don’t get me wrong, it’s a great time passer and super simple. But there are just way too many ads. You choose not to get 3x after each round? Okay, we don’t care, here’s an ad. Want to play without getting annoyed by ads? We don’t care, here’s an ad. For the love of god cut down on the ads, I have always loved the concept of these apps but the ads are out of hand at this point. Make it every 5 or so levels you get an ad, not after every. Single. Round. Game companies like this would make so much more money if they didn’t put so many ads because people get tired of watching so many ads with little playtime in between. And 2.99 for no ads? You’re kidding me. You make way more money with ads than without and 2.99 would be a loss for you anyway? That is, unless you still have ads in the no ads package like most games of these do. Stop being so scammy and have less ads, it will bring in better players and more playtime. Uninstalling until fixed.

- Good game

This game is the best. Ecause it’s satisfying a bit XD

- Too many Ads

This game is very fun the Ads are extremely annoying and too many well it was fun while it lasted ten minutes

- Too many ads

Way too many ads

- Amazing!

Absolutely addictive and super fun!

- Good

It’s good

- Ads-Very boring

Game is extremely simple and you will get bored after the first two levels, the levels were just designed so you can get an ad afterwards.

- 1 star

There is too many ads for my liking it would be a better game with out all the ads

- Too many ads

The game is fun and super simple but you have to watch an ad after finishing every single level. There’s an option to her 2x the cash if you watch the ad but even if you decline, you have to watch a full ad regardless. Obvious solution is just always pick the 2x but I’d rather just not waste 15-45 seconds between every level.

- Ads

So many ads, makes it unplayable.

- Get rid of so many ads!!!

It’s a fun Game but it’s not enjoyable when theres so many ads!

- So many ads

Each time you play its like a 30 second round you gain coins however you can only gain those coins or move to the next round by clicking “claim” which then takes you to an ad EVERYTIME. The game is not worth that amount of time you waist clicking out of ads.

- Annoying

So many ads

- Super Laggy

Also it gets boring after a while. And adds. Wayyyyytoo many ads. Even if you pick not to watch the add for 2x cash you have to watch an ad. Stupid. Deleted

- Adds

To many adds

- Good game, too many ads

After every round it tells me to collect my money, then there’s an option for 2x but I have to watch an ad. What’s the point of giving me a decline option if I have to just watch an ad anyways??

- Very simple, freezes up

Very simple game- load up the bus to earn the moneys... But every few levels I won’t have the money to upgrade (at all or any more) and the start button will not start the next level. So have to close out the app and expense to keep playing.

- Badgame

Bad copy

- Really?

I get it’s a free game, but that just insane I have to watch an ad just to upgrade things

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- Just fk this fking game

Dont waste you time for this fking game with fking stupid ads

- Good Gmae

1. Very entertaining 2. If you don’t want ads, turn off the Wi-Fi 3. This is a good app if your bored / waiting 4. Nicely Put together I’ve enjoyed playing and I Love Lvl 67

- Scam app

So since we all have to pay for data on cell phones. Unless you have an unlimited plan (which I don’t) every time I click the “No thanks” button to double your score, it plays an ad anyways with no bonus !! If I don’t want to watch an ad then I shouldn’t have too !! Played this app for about 2 levels and then deleted it because of this trick ! Screw you developers !!

- Trop de pub

Trop de pub sinon le jeux est bon mais sa gâche tout

- Too many adds

After every level u get a add plus it was glitching because of how many adds there was

- Trop de pub...

Trop de pub...

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Overloaded! 1.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Overloaded! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Overloaded! iphone images
Overloaded! iphone images
Overloaded! iphone images
Overloaded! iphone images
Overloaded! iphone images
Overloaded! iphone images
Overloaded! ipad images
Overloaded! ipad images
Overloaded! ipad images
Overloaded! ipad images
Overloaded! ipad images
Overloaded! ipad images
Overloaded! Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Overloaded! Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Overloaded! (Version 1.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Overloaded! was published in the category Games on 2019-08-19 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 209.68 MB. Overloaded! - Games posted on 2019-11-25 current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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