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What is dip puzzle app? This is the most satisfying puzzle game ever. Select correct masks and dip different objects into color buckets. Try to match the requested shape!
Easy to play, hard to master.

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Find this site the customer service details of Dip Puzzle. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1502840748/dip-puzzle/contact

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Dip Puzzle Version 0.9.1817 September 2020

We hope you love playing Dip Puzzle! This version includes: - Minor bug fixes.

Dip Puzzle Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good, but easy

When I started playing the game, I was excited because I had played games similar to this on my computer. Specifically “Factory Balls”. So I was very disappointed when I saw how easy the levels were. But this was quickly fixed by the fact that there is a hard mode! I wish that the normal levels were a bit more difficult, but it is nice that there are easier levels if you like that. Overall, this game is pretty fun, and the levels are fairly quick so you can play whenever you just get bored and need something to do for a few minutes. My only issue then is that occasionally when you match the picture, it will look exactly the same, but you will have done things in a slightly different order. So then you have to start over and painstakingly go through every step trying to figure out what is wrong with how you did it before. But there isn't much the makers can do to fix that, I suppose. Like I said, it is a fun game for when you’re bored and I would recommend it.

- Come on...

Patterns are constantly repeated and the trick to quickly solving every level is very obvious , and is the same for every “puzzle” no matter shape, color, whatever. I grinded to unlock the “hard” levels. It seems like you need to watch all the ads to quickly unlock the “hard” levels but you can actually complete the number of levels it takes to equal the “free” coins you get from watching the adds faster than watching all the ads. That’s right, the game is literally so easy you can complete like 6 levels in less that 30 seconds! Also the ads that they force you to watch can easily be skipped by turning on air plane mode or re starting the app (yup re starting the app is faster than watching the ads). Although the app is fairly unique it is receiving 1 star because I could take a unique crap that would be more entertaining. Honestly you need to start paying your players if you want them to play this game and waist their time watching ads. At one point while playing the easy levels (should be called mindless levels) I fell asleep! No joke I literally fell asleep mid game! Honestly this review is probably more entertaining than the game is about!!! Aight that’s it. Look for my reviews in the future! I’ll make sure you don’t waist your time (;

- Fun until it starts over

I really could play a TON more of this game! After a certain amount of levels it started with basic puzzles again. No more challenging puzzles. I’d understand if there was like a level selection where you can go back and earn as many points as you can or if more levels were added every week or so, but it just loops without warning. I’d go as far as paying a buck or two if that meant more levels!

- Great, but....

This game is a great way to tease your mind with a bit of puzzling entertainment. I’m usually more upset about consistent ads every level but the game brings mind craving challenges that constantly change, so im willing to accept it for that unexpected thrill. My one large problem is how I earned enough gems to buy every rare but now I can’t buy higher level buckets. All these keys are starting to become pointless after you get to a point where gems are useless. The key game always plays an ad afterwards, and I don’t find that worth my time. Thank you though for creating this simplistic styled puzzle game, I am thoroughly enjoying it!

- Glitchy game

Game is ok. “Hard” difficulty isn’t really hard. Level 51 gives you a pattern but the wrong wraps to solve, so you have to watch a video to pass. Several times I was able to complete the puzzle, but the game didn’t recognize. I had to shut down and redo for it to go through, or watch a video. By the way, this game, like many others, seems to have advertisement constantly. The last thing is the 3 keys. When you get 3 keys, you get a chance to open 3/9 chests. Don’t worry about getting what they label as the “best reward”. You will only get it after watching videos twice to get 3 additional keys each time vacate no matter what it is always placed in the last chest you open. It’s rigged to get you to watch ads and help the game maker make more money.

- Fun, but..

I honestly really enjoy the app. The art style is simple, the gameplay is easy to understand, and the challenge stimulates your brain. As always with free mobile games, though, there are so many adds that it can get not only tedious, but incredibly annoying. Also I constantly run into a problem where I have made the design and the level does not continue. I know that the design is correctly matched because when I push the add to solve it, it just goes “oh, you solved it already. Let’s move on”. Also, the app has a very common tendency to freeze, where nothing will work and I have to reload the app. All around, it’s a fun game, but there are some glitches that need to be worked out.

- Cannot play some levels

When I first started this game, it was a lot of fun. But then I reached some levels that I could not pass. For two of the levels it was impossible to complete because the design you’re supposed to copy, it is impossible to replicate because of the shapes given. On one level, there was a black paint even though there was no black anywhere in the design to replicate. So I replicated the design perfectly but couldn’t pass. Another level, the colors in the design were white, brown and red. But I was given white, brown and PINK. Again, I replicated the design perfectly but could not pass because I had pink instead of red. I could not find a way to pass any of these levels. So I was forced to watch an ad to skip onto the next level.

- Gameplay

This game is great, I love it. I understand that there are a lot of ads after every time that you pass a level, but that’s not the end of the world, like if you don’t like that there are a lot of ads then get rid of the game or but the no ads thing, but don’t complain about it. You won’t die. But I had one problem that went away after the update, but I thought I would talk about... So before I had to delete the app because it was messing up so bad after the levels started repeating themselves. That’s all I have. I really love this game.

- Exciting and fun with a twist ending

So the game is actually pretty fun up through about the midpoint. Once you buy all the buckets with gems you try to unlock those with keys... but kicker is you can’t unlock them all... or at least I couldn’t, and I played all the way through every level (before the update) for 151 levels I feel like I’ve earned my 9 buckets. Now at the end since they’ve updated it, I’m back to basic level one designs which just feels lazy to me. On top of that the game has started glitching so if I try to take just the 50 gems the button won’t work I have to watch the ads and then the game freezes. Fix the bugs make it so I’m able to get all buckets by the end of the game and this would be a 5 star game. As it is, it’s not even worth the free download.

- Stupidest Game EVER

The first few levels are super easy. My 2 year old could do them, but there is an add after every level. There’s even an option to get 150 gemstone and watch an add OR get 50 gemstones and not watch an add. But even if you click on the skip add and only get 50 gems they still make you watch an add. The add for this game that you see on other games or Facebook claim no one can beat this level. They are right, but it’s not that it’s too hard to beat; it’s because there are so many adds and no one wants to watch adds so most people just delete the app before they get to that level. I spend more time watching adds then getting to play the game. Do yourself a favor and don’t download this app to begin with.

- Dip Puzzle

This game is very cool and addicting however the ads are annoying and you can’t really enjoy the game because there are ads after every time u reset or finish puzzle. And there is no way to just buy the ads away. At least I haven’t seen any. But I’m glad I didn’t because the game glitches. I’ve finished puzzles the exact way it shows. And it won’t register. So I have to watch an ad to move on. Then some levels glitch completely to where u can’t even tell what you’re supposed to make. The lines are distorted. And u can’t even go back to look at your work because everything I’ve done is distorted. The idea is 5 stars but the app is 2

- Too glitchy

I was really enjoying this game for about a week, the type of puzzle that this game presents is right up my alley. I love trying to recreate designs, so I had been really liking my experience, especially since I’ve been looking so long for a puzzle game like this, but once I got to level 25 (really not all that high in my opinion) it started glitching a ton. The game wouldn’t give me the stencils I needed to complete the puzzle and when I would select a stencil to put on the puzzle it wouldn’t even show up. It’s fun if you’re looking for a couple days of entertainment, but it definitely needs a lot of work.

- The reason why I went from a fan to a hater

When I first downloaded this game, it was they only thing that I played. Then in a few days, it stopped working. Every time I open the app, I see the home screen for the app, where it says “Dip Puzzle” on the top, a bucket in the middle, and a green button that says “Play”. When I press the play button, it takes me to the exact same page, but without the bucket. It very, very irritating, so I suggest you get on to fixing it useless you want your downloads to go down. All your app is doing is taking up space on my phone.

- Won’t play anymore

Love the game! Really great brain teasers but I finished a set and it showed a lock on it but still allowed me to play it then once I finished the last one it crashed. When I opened the game again I pressed play and nothing happens. Won’t let me play at all. Really disappointed because I enjoy the game a lot other than the ads playing after each level. Hope they fix it soon would like to play again.

- Needs some fixes, overall fun to play

Its a fun app that gets rid of your boredom. It has different objects you can design such as an egg, candle, a ball, or a face. The designs can be really easy or difficult. Overall its a great game, however there are some disappointing features. There is a lot of ads, one plays after each level/design. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal in my opinion it’s just a little annoying. The ads are bot long either. In my experience I used to be able to collect keys and after 3 i could pick treasure chests. Each chest had different amount of gems and one chest would have a special bucket. This feature no longer works for me, it just keeps collecting keys even though I exceeded 3 multiple levels ago. Recently the app stop registering that I made the design that was needed to pass the level. I am on level 113. Hopefully this feature gets fixed.

- Ok game, could be better

The game was fine even with the ads and such, basically all games are ambushed with ads every 12 seconds. However, my problems with this game is that it was over after a couple of days. The levels were all super easy and on top of that, the jewels were pointless after a certain amount. Some buckets aren’t even available unless you decide to watch an ad to get more keys and to get the bucket. Pretty much a waste of time to play this game as it is now . There is a lot to be done to this game to make it better. I think other reviews pretty much goes over it.

- big glitch

when i started playing it was fine but there were some levels where i would get it right but the game wouldn't let me move on and i was forced to watch a video even though i had it right. then recently there has been a big glitch where the covers don't make sense when i dip the ball with them on. the pattern they are supposed to create is completely different than what it should be. sometimes the cover don't even appear on the ball or go through it. also when this happens the picture i'm supposed to copy does not match with the covers i am given. another big glitch with this game that my friend is having problems with is that she can't even get in the game. on the first screen when she hits play it won't let her in the screen just stays the same. i was excited to play this game because it was like a game i had played when i was younger but it has too many bugs to even enjoy.

- A nice way to pass time

I've been playing this for a week or so and enjoyed each of the designs I ended up with. I like playing this, but I think I might have broken it because I've been trying to get to the level select, but at the start menu all that happens when I press play is the bucket in the background disappears. I'm guessing it's just a bug that hopefully will go away.

- Pretty good

This game is amazing!!! I finished all the levels, and it is very addictive too, but there are two problems... First, every level there is an add and it is quite annoying. I just want to play! Secondly, when I finished all the levels it sent me all the way too the beginning and I have to do it all over again! If you could fix these issues then this would be a 5 star game.🙂

- Super Fun!!

This game is super fun it is one of my favorite puzzle games! But every time I complete a level and hit the “+50” button it instead gives me the outcome for the “+150” button. Don’t get me wrong I’ll take the extra gems but it is quite frustrating to have to watch an add every time I complete a level.

- Awaome game but needs some changes........

This game is awsome but sometimes when i go to play the game it loggs me back into my home screen my phone does not do this so i am guessing it is the game please fix that and also every time you finish a level you wacth a ad maybe not after every one level there should be an ad i think there should be an ad every 5-10 levels to make this game funner for others who want to play this game other than that this is an awesome app you play please take my feedback and fix the errors Stay safe and Stay home 🏠

- Can’t Open (UPDATE)

I’ve tried downloading a few times; just looking for a little brain stimulation. But every time I try to download the app, it stops at 99% downloaded. The icon doesn’t have that “download circle” across it so I figure it’s good to go. When I try to open it, it immediately crashes. Would love to play, but doesn’t look like I’ll be able to. UPDATE: Worked this time. Can’t tell ya why, nothing changed except it decided to open. Played a few levels so I felt I should update my review.

- Glitch on Level 85

When you get to level 85 there seems to be a bug. The coverings for the ball don’t match up to the design that shows up on the ball. Even the colors you dip in don’t match. Love the game, but that level definitely needs to be fixed. I had to offload the app because I was able to skip through the levels in that chapter but then eventually the app wouldn’t open anymore. When I reloaded the app it brought me back to level 1. I’m back at 85 again and it’s the same old thing with this level.

- Bugs

Although the game is fun and mindless which is something I was looking for, there are a few bugs that are very annoying. First off, for some levels there are a few levels where you could reach the correct pattern a few different ways but only 1 really says that it’s correct. Additionally, past level 85 on the hard levels, the patterns are crazy and do not match the options, and through some trial and error you can complete the puzzles but they make no sense, as I’m sure the devs haven’t coded these yet

- Very easy, very repetitive. Chalk full of ads!

Let’s be clear, I ground out to the “hard” levels only to be disappointed by the ridiculously easy and super repetitive “levels”. I use this term loosely because you’ll never be on a “level” for more than 10 seconds (unless your an animal...how are you even reading this?) After each puzzle your granted not an option to continue, but to “collect rewards” by watching an ad. Most ad’s run for 30 to 45 seconds, and each puzzle can be fleshed out in 10 seconds tops. Your seeing a pattern now right? There’s a way around this, by closing the game after you finish a level, it negates the need to watch ads to continue. Ether way you don’t want to continue, because they’ll just throw the same puzzle at you but with different colors (BIG F>~ING WHOOP OMEGALUL) Still haven’t found a use for all these coins/gems they give you. Tl;dr hot stinky trash that hobos don’t even dig into


I dislike adds in games, but its okay. I understand thats how they bring in cash flow, but do not play an ad right when i choose not to play an add to multiply the level rewards!!! You go against what I chose and do not even multiply the level rewards??? At least play am add after a certain amount of levels. I like having the option to multiply rewards by watching videos. I do it alot. WHEN I WANT TO. I suggest have either or, but do not play an ad after i choose not to play it. Instead, play the ad right when I finish the level. Then let me choos if i want to play anither.

- Unplayable

Howdy, so a few years ago on Newgrounds I found a game like this and ever since I’ve been trying to find another one (not very hard, mind you) and then I saw this and was like ‘wow, I wanna play this’ so I downloaded it and I just can’t get past the elephant loading screen, I really wanna play this/ things like it, so if the bug isn’t getting fixed soon could I at least get a recommendation for something similar? Hope you find out why it’s broken, good luck I guess.

- Doesn’t always work

Three times now I’ve matched the pattern and not cleared the level. The first two I closed the app, came back later, and solved it the same way and it counted. Three strikes and you’re out. And while I get you have to have ads to generate revenue, putting them after every level makes the game unplayable. Especially when some of the levels are so simple and can be solved in shorter time than the ad takes.

- 🙄

why does this have almost five stars? there was absolutely no effort put into this game. why are so many recent “games” made for total idiots? this is advertised as a puzzle game and yet 50 levels in there is absolutely zero challenge. the first three levels are /literally/ just “tap to make the ball a solid color. congratulations!! do you want 50 gems or do you want to watch an ad for 150?!” on that note, many games award gems after each “level,” but this can be done without such an interruption to the gameplay. between every three levels there’s a “cup and shell” type mini-game to win either 100, 150, or 300 gems. this is so unnecessary! there are way too many “rewards” to incentivize any of it. this is very clearly a cheaply made, low effort ploy to make as much ad revenue as possible.

- Glitchy

The game is fun, but there are many major glitches that have proven to be quite the inconvenience. On some levels it gives you the wrong shapes/wraps, and on others, it doesn’t even recognize when you get a level right. It has gotten to the point where it won’t even let me enter or play the game, forcing me to delete it. I really enjoyed this game but it’s looking like I’ll have to find another one.

- Good game, but there r some problems

Ok so I love this game cuz it’s such an easy way to relax, but once I download it I can go into it once then close out of it and when I try to open it again to play, it kicks me out. I’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded this game multiple times and it does it every single time. I have an iPhone 11, but it did the same thing on my iPhone 8 too. What am I supposed to do about this problem?

- Slight Glitch

I LOVE this game. Great graphics and the hard levels really make you think. But now that I’ve gotten to chapter 8 of the hard levels it shows the same things for every level on each chapter and doesn’t show the levels I actually played. Even with the glitch I love it

- Fun, but too many adds

Like the title reads. At the end of some matches it’ll give you the option to watch an ad for additional rewards, and when I decline, I’m forced to watch one anyways. If they’re going to that, remove the no-thanks option and just give players the rewards. The bait and switch with the ads while depressingly common, is still just as infuriating to deal with.

- Glitch problem

I like the game and I finished chapter 17 and then it refreshed the game and when I press play after start up it doesn’t do anything. I paid money to remove ads and now I can’t even play it at all. After I unlocked all the levels I was going to let my daughter play them and know she is disappointed. Can you fix this problem?

- Ads ads ads then freeze

There are WAY too many ads in this game and it’s too easy to play to be worth spending any money on to get around the ads (if you could but you can’t) and even worse every other ad (so every other level) the game freezes on the ad and won’t let me close forcing me to restart the entire app. I have also had several times where the app redirects me to random websites. I will be deleting and staying away from apps from this company.

- Fun but problems

It’s really fun but there are some levels where I copy the exact image but it’s not letting me pass the level, so I have to watch an ad to pass it. It’s super annoying because I love this game a lot, but some levels don’t recognize that I copied the exact image and won’t let me move on :(

- Only play hard mode

This games concept is great, but there are so many adds about one every one or two rounds and the normal mode is easy enough for a two year old to get to level 100 we’re as hard mode should be the normal mode and normal mode should be the tutorial and if you want to reset the object to normal there’s a fifty percent chance of watching an add.

- Stuck

This game may be nice and challenging for other players, but I can’t even get past stage three without it bugging out and kicking me from the game. It told me to apply the cover, so I clicked the button and it stopped working. I exited out it of the game three times before it actually worked then I got stuck on the “next level” button. I exited out twice after that and I was sent to a black screen. If it works for you, fantastic! Not really working out with me.

- Good game, but big bugs

This is a great brain teaser for puzzles, but they still have some big bugs to work out. I very quickly got all the buckets and now with every key I attain the game does not let me continue playing. There is no “play” button, I have to exit the game completely and restart the app to continue to the next puzzle. While this is not a “severe” bug, it does get very annoying every two puzzles to completely close the game and restart it to continue.

- Kicks me out

I really like this game but sometimes it will load and then kick me out. I am also not a fan of the adds. Also the rounds seem to stay the same instead of getting harder.

- a bad....experience yet ok

First of all! WAY TO MANY ADS chill on them.....Then after that boom frozen.. care to explain? Game is way to simple make it a bit more complex this is a 5 year old game it’s so easy! Now on to the good things...One of em is it’s funny how easy and fun it can be my little brother loves the ga,e but he hates the ads! 😫😩😩 Plz make this game a little better (AKA) Getting rid of so many ads

- I couldn’t even play.

I’ve seen the adds for this game so I thought, “Why don’t I download this game and try it since it seems interesting.” So I downloaded it. Once it completed the download, I couldn’t even play the game. I opened the app but it just kicked me out to the home screen of my phone. I did not enjoy that so I deleted it. I kept on seeing adds so I downloaded the game again but it did the same thing. I’m really disappointed because this game looked very fun.

- Levels

I got to level 160 and the levels started over from the beginning I’m still moving up levels from 160 but they’re easy like levels 1-20 again but up until now great game lots of ads but thankfully you can skip them pretty fast

- Really good but glitch

I love this game so much I play it all the time I actually got it 2 days ago but today I got chapter 15 on hard level but I’m not sure what’s wrong but I think there is a glitch

- Great game

I love the game only thing I don’t like right now is when I got to this one level the game just freeze up after I pass it. So I closed it out and reopen it to solve the issue but it still didn’t work. I just would like for the minor bugs to be fixed.

- It was great until the end

I loved this game! Ads are annoying but that’s with every game so whatever. Only complaint, got to 150 something and it started over!!! I would have played this forever...come on developers get busy with more levels please!!!

- Good but seems to have some bugs

I really like this game and like having to figure out the different patterns. But I seem to have ran into an issue on some levels where I have recreated the pattern but it doesn’t advance me even though what I’ve done and the sample are identical.

- Very challenging

This is a great challenging game... however, I only gave it 4 stars because there’s been a couple levels that I duplicated the pattern, but it didn’t let me pass. Wound up having to skip the level. I took a screen shot of the 2nd level. Otherwise great!!

- Fun but has some frustrating issues

I really enjoy this game and think it’s a wonderful way to pass the time, but there are times where it just freezes or keeps loading and loading. But what frustrates me the most is the fact that I wanted to support the app and spent $2.99 to remove the ads, only to have the ads KEEP SHOWING UP and playing.

- Great game- TOO MANY ADS

I actually really liked the actual game but when you spend more time watching ads then getting to play the game, something is wrong. I even looked for a no ad option because I enjoyed the game so much but there wasn’t even an option to buy a version without ads. It’s insane!! Even though I really like the game I will delete it because of all the ads.

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- Excellent game!! 😍

My kids and I love this game, they have it also, they’re 7 and 10 - it’s well made and fun!

- Ads

Can I not have an ad I can’t skip every second round whether I chose the bonus gems or not. I get it’s a free game and ads are going to be a thing, but there’s plenty of much better free games available that don’t force me to watch ads more than I play the game. I got four dips into the second set and was bored as hell, and had already watched three full ads so gave up


I am perfectly happy playing these free games with add or having the option to upgrade what I’ve earned with an add. BUT EVERY SECOND DIP HAS AN AD. ITS LITERALLY MORE AD THAN GAME. Absolutely ridiculous to expect people to play with so many and is so disruptive and disappointing because I like the actual game part.

- Ads

Ads all the time! Every second dip you do there is an ad to get to the next level... Not worth the time. Spend more time watching ads than playing.

- Rigged

It’s impossible to get the ‘Legend’ buckets from the chest room without watching ads. It is actually rigged that you don’t find them unless you choose to watch an ad to get extra keys.

- Won’t even open!

Gets to the elephant on the ball icon then crashes constantly.

- Ads

Can’t dip anything with all ya ads mate literally can’t skip any of em may as well give up on making games it absolutely bull-shark. Unbelievable mate

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- No

Level 54 in hard mode is broken

- Wouldn’t Open

Downloaded the app and went to play it, but the game kept crashing/closing before it even loaded. Tried multiple times, but always ended up with the same result no matter what I did.

- Too much ads

You spend 3 times more time watching ads than game play. Even when you don’t want to see ads you get ads! Game itself is a copy of Factory ball which is free on the web without any ads.

- Just


- Sucks

Don’t get it too many ads The game is glitching constantly And you can even get stuck in the ads

- trash

it’s so trash the worst game i ever played =|

- Too much crash

When I open the app my game is always crashing

- Doesn’t work

I love this game I’m obsessed with it, but the new update doesn’t work

- Not playable.

Not able to play every time I click the game it crashes, I have tried everything to fix it but nothing helps.

- Hardly a puzzle

20 levels in I am yet to encounter a challenge. So far the only meaningful way you engage with the game is by choosing colours, since the “moulds” you use to make shapes on the balls are chosen to you. If you happen to have 2 at once, the answer is always to use both moulds no matter the order. Boring!

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Dip Puzzle 0.9.18 Screenshots & Images

Dip Puzzle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dip Puzzle iphone images
Dip Puzzle iphone images
Dip Puzzle iphone images
Dip Puzzle iphone images
Dip Puzzle iphone images
Dip Puzzle iphone images
Dip Puzzle iphone images
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The applications Dip Puzzle was published in the category Games on 2020-03-20 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 156.94 MB. Dip Puzzle - Games app posted on 2020-09-17 current version is 0.9.18 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.games.puzzledip