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Arrow Fest [Games] App Description & Overview

What is arrow fest app? It is time to control your arrows, pick the best gates, and destroy everyone on your way! Collect lots of coins and upgrade your arrows and income!

Try to reach a maximum number of arrows to kill all the enemies and giants!

Become the master of arrow control!

=== HOW TO PLAY ===

◉ Simple and intuitive game with easy-to-remember controls

◉ Just swipe to control your arrows

◉ Pass through the best gates to increase your arrows

◉ Destroy your enemies and giants to earn lots of coins


◉ FREE and EASY to play!

◉ Lots of UNIQUE LEVELS to play!

◉ Lots of ENEMIES and GIANTS to destroy!

◉ Lots of GATES to decide!

◉ Lots of COINS to collect and upgrade your arrows and income!

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Find this site the customer service details of Arrow Fest. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Arrow Fest Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Arrow Fest Version 8.818 November 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements. Thank you for supporting us by playing Arrow Fest, we welcome all your feedback!.

Arrow Fest Comments & Reviews 2022

- Fun game would love to see adjustments

So absolutely fun game to kill time with. At first I was annoyed by the guys stealing arrows and not giving you much coin. However, once you slowly increase your cash buff and arrows you get a lot of coin so now I try and hit all of the little aliens. The one thing I would like see added would be to lengthen the multiplier zone at the end. You don’t have to go past 7x multiplier but when you build up to 30k arrows and more it would be fun to see how far it can go before you finally run out. Create a record tracker and a leaderboard for who has gone the longest. Increase and welcome competition for people and keep the game satisfying and people wanting more. Because now that I have so many arrows I can make it to the end every single time with ease…therefore no more challenge or satisfaction. If you create a new threshold for people to reach with each time they advance their arrows and cash it would keep the game interesting and I would be oh so satisfied to see my arrows slay the aliens for miles on miles! Overall though fun game. Extend the ending and you have 5 stars from me 😀

- Broken for me at Level 120

So this game is actually pretty fun, it’s a super fun time waster and it’s fun to try to get the biggest arrow count by the end of the level, I have no complaints really other than the ads but that’s with every mobile game these days and so I just kind of deal with it. It’s only 15-30 seconds so it’s not a huge deal. BUT… For me, however, at Level 120 there is a boss level and I’m at the point where my arrow and money level are both well above Level 500. The boss has 414 health and for some odd reason that’s perfectly enough for him to make me fail the level YET I still eliminate him and earn the chest at the same exact time. Unfortunately it won’t let me progress and I’m stuck in a loop of replaying the level hoping I can find some way to pass the level but I can’t seem to find it. I don’t know how this can be fixed but at this point the game is basically unplayable and I actually enjoy playing this game and I would love to see this problem resolved. If you made the arrows shoot faster in combination with the amount of arrows you have at the end of the boss level, this problem would be solved because you would be able to shoot much faster guaranteeing a win. It’s a perfect solution considering you’re trying to get the highest amount of arrows at the end of the level! Thank you for your time!!

- Never uninstalled a game faster than this

Before my review begins I want to say I believe this is a very interesting game with an interesting concept that could easily help you to cure your boredom. However, the game has many issues that really hindered my ability to enjoy it. Let’s start with the absolutely ludicrous amount of ads I was getting during my personal experience while playing. Every two turns I would get an ad and many of them were not able to be skipped which really cause my experience to just be more boredom than I was trying to get rid of. Between the ridiculous ads each turn is laggy even when playing on 200mbps internet speeds. I do believe this could be a good game but these are only two of the issues I had while playing. The lag would make it impossible to avoid certain penalties and that combined with the enormous hit box on the arrows made it even worse. Like really, if I have already passed a -88 penalty and I move over to avoid the upcoming divide by three, I shouldn’t still be able to hit the -88. The penalties were too close to one another with the arrows being so large to really avoid every single one of them the way the game encourages you to do. Personally, I don’t believe I’ll ever play again but I encourage others to try it out and see how your personal experiences go.

- Amazing game for boredom

If you’re bored, or have time on your hands that you need to kill, then this is literally the game for you. It’s really good. Super fun concept, really great game design. Lots of people in the reviews complain about too many ads, but guys, there’s a simple fix to that. Turn airplane mode on, and no ads will be able to come through! That’s what I do, because the amount of ads is ridiculous in some of these games. So the reason why it’s only 4 stars? Because of the little guys in the middle of the track when your arrows are on the track. If you hit these little guys, you will get a minimal amount of coins (1 coin, 2 coins, etc) and lose 2 or 3 of your arrows. I don’t want to lose my arrows so I TRY to avoid them. But I can’t sometimes because the game makes them bunched up so much that I can’t, so I lose up to 50 of my arrows!!! That’s my only complaint, bye! ❤️

- Game gets easier the more you level up

First off, there really are only about a dozen short levels that keep repeating itself, with the same numbers and course layout. The only thing that changes is the background. On top of that, if you use your coins to start with more arrows or income, it’ll be nearly impossible to lose in the later levels! I’ve had this game for a week, and despite not playing this hours a day, I’m now at level 435 and start with 1,700 arrows. Sometimes I end the level with over 100,000 arrows, and lately I’ve been getting 1.5 million points(coins) per level. If I really wanted to, I can use my 112 million coins I’ve saved up over the past two days to get almost 9,000 more arrows, and probably beat the game by doing absolutely nothing. The seemingly unlimited number of arrows and coins, along with the repeated use of the same numbers and tracks makes for a lazy game design. I decided to give it two stars because at least the game is fun for a maximum of 30 minutes.

- Fun an addictive, but also a little unfair

So, I’ve been playing this quite a lot, I’m almost to level 200, when I noticed that as you go higher in arrows leaving the map, the amount you get doesn’t seem to match up, for example, I noticed in a REALLY good run where I ended with 5k arrows, I only got about 5k more than I did at 700 arrows. As it stood I had 114k at the 700 mark, and 119k at the 5k mark, if you were to just look at the “multiplier” row you see at the end, you’d estimate about 163 coins per arrow of you got 700 through at my level (about level 130 in coin earning), which means, I should have gotten almost 815k with my 5k stack, instead though I got about 24 coins per arrow, which is almost 7 times LOWER than what I got for less arrows. Again, it’s fun, but I’d prefer to see some consistent multipliers, or a clearer explanation of that mechanic because as it sits now, I feel cheated for doing REALLY well in a level vs moderately above average.

- Pretty decent app

This game is pretty good and pretty decent the concept of this game is about reviewing math skills and tying to figure out the bet route. Though people say there are too many ads but like I saw on another review it said you can turn on airplane mode so you have no ads and she/he is correct. It works perfectly. This is indeed a game for if you are bored or want to refresh your math skills during summer break. You are now probably wondering why I put 4 stars. Well it’s because it’s too easy, there is really no point. This app says for 9 and up but really I think it should be 4 and up. Please make it more challenging so it suits the ages of nine and up. Thank you for reading my review! I really appreciate it! Please fix this a bit!

- Too Many Ads

I like the concept of this game and I really wanted to like it. As soon as I opened it after downloading, I got an ad. At the end of each level, there’s an option to watch a video to gain more coins. Even if you don’t choose that option you are served an unskippable ad before the next round. There are ads between every single round and this is completely unavoidable even if you choose options that should not present ads. The ads are the same length as each level takes. That’s insane and ends up with the user spending as much or more time watching ads than playing. Get a better marketing team. Glad you’re getting super high impressions and conversions, but you’re not going to retain these people. No user wants something unplayable because the game is just using you to make money. At least pretend like you make apps for people to enjoy and not just to make money by forcing ads down our throats that are just as long as each round.

- Could have been fun

This game is fun for about five minutes, but the it becomes obvious that it has some serious problems, all of which equate to the game being way too easy. First, and most obvious, blue equals good (add or multiply) red is bad (subtract or divide). This alone makes it generally easy to plot your route through each level. Unless there are two gates of the same color, there isn’t a need to make a real decision, just go through the blue one. Why not make them all the same color? Also, generally when they are the same color, they don’t make you think, ie if it is subtract 30 or divide by three, I have to think about it, but if it’s -2 or - 60, It’s obvious. Also, the levels move fairly slowly, so there is a lot odntime to make the decisions. Also, the levels are really short. Also the coins become meaningless pretty quickly. Also, the game doesn’t seem to be getting harder the more I play. I’m 60 levels in and it’s just more of the same.

- Seems unfinished

The game is fine in terms of being playable for a short time. However, if you put your money into the two upgrades your offered(which is the only the only thing you can spend your money on) you will quickly make way more money than you could ever possibly spend since the upgrade cost tops at $12,500 and by level 30 I was easily making 20mil per round without spending any more or watching ads and had a ton of arrows to start each round. Most games have sort of a customizable thing going on like you can customize the track your arrow flies down, or make your arrow into a flaming arrow or tiny super hero flying through the air. Not this game, you will run out of things to buy very quickly. the levels also never really get any harder. It’s like someone got bored and just stopped developing it, said “huh, good enough.” And released it. I wouldn’t rate it two stars but it is at least playable and not a laggy mess so 🤷🏼‍♀️

- the worst.

This game is absolute garbage. The game is extremely easy and isn’t very well-made. The coins are useless and it takes forever to spend them. The game makes you want to get lots of arrows but it’s hard to when there’s a million of the target people. Sometimes you can’t even see the numbers because the little characters are in front of it. And each person you hit is -6 arrows. A round I played earlier had one of the little “army” of little people and so when you try to get an add on of arrows it shows up as a fail. Part 2. Adds. There are so many adds it’s unreal. Before, after, and whenever they could fit an add, it’s there. It’s so crazy because parents could get this for their kid, when they get an add a big red button shows up for “no adds.” and takes you directly to pay. Next thing the parent knows they are getting a PayPal fee for 2.99 because of a game. This is overall one of the worst mobile games I’ve played.

- Great game!

I love this game when Im bored I just get on this game I recommend it for others, Its so much fun when I am bored I just say you know what Im gonna play this, when I have to get off video games and Im playing this, I just say hmmm 1 more round then I keep doing it and I can never stop! There is sometimes ads but here's a trick turn off your wifi for any offline game then you will have no ads but if you do want to watch an add for a reward and wifi is off it won't work but that's fine for me I hope it is for you too!! This game is Soo funn😁! That's it for now I hope you enjoyed my writing and I hope you like my suggestion for the wifi thing have a good day byeeeee!!😊

- Developers Gave Up On Day One

This game has approximately 15 of playability. The levels never change and the upgrades take too long to even bother trying. After a few levels, the game can be beat without even touching the screen to move the arrows. I can set my phone down and run a level without paying attention and receive over 8 million coins per run. The reason I say the upgrades take too long to even bother trying is that the “max” upgrade is $50,000 coins. You can upgrade each level with the tap of the screen. Problem is that I have 180,000,000 coins. To spend all of the money I have, I will need to click the upgrade button 3,600 times. After playing one level and receiving an additional 8.4 million coins, I need to click upgrade 168 times to spend it all. This game is absolutely worthless and the developers are only concerned about ad revenue, which is utterly excessive and borderline cruel and unusual punishment.

- This might be, quite literally, the worst mobile game I have ever played

The title is not hyperbole, this is garbage, firstly, there’s zero fun to be had at any time, levels are 10 seconds long and so painfully easy that it’s almost brain numbing. Obviously the game isn’t meant for adults, but I wouldn’t even recommend a parent downloading this for a child. There are SO many ads, when you finish a level, when you try and upgrade stuff, and sometimes even at the beginning of a level, which doesn’t pause the game, causing you to fail, which then triggers another ad, there’s a huge red “no ads box” that’s on the screen at all times, and a parent downloading this for a young kid would probably see an adblock charge to their phone 5 minutes after the kid starts playing. Terrible ad campaign backed by a somehow weaker piece of utter garbage, it’s made solely to extract a pretty penny from young kids with their parents devices. I’d rather watch paint dry

- How on earth do people rate 5 stars?

Don’t get me wrong the game is fun. However…and this is an enormous HOWEVER, one play lasts about 5 seconds or so, and then you have to watch at least a 10 second ad after EVERY SINGLE PLAY. I get the developer needs to make money and this is a free game, but sheesh, how about you let me play 4 or 5 times per ad? To developer: Think about this; I enjoyed the game, but since I have to watch ads more than I get to play the game I’m going to uninstall, which means I won’t be playing the game anymore, thus you won’t be making any more money on showing me ads. Had you lessened the amount of ads, I most likely would have kept the game and played on a regular basis and you would have made a lot more money from showing me ads. You need to find a happy medium for people like me who aren’t ever going to purchase the game regardless of how many ads you show to try to annoy me into buying the game.

- Win by default

If you have upgraded your arrows to level 5000, you can win by default. If you were idling the whole time, you would have about 800 arrows left. In this case, I used pickaxes instead of arrows. With that 800 arrows, you would beat The ×7 boss. I also had an income at level 2500, so I got 2 million coins by doing nothing. This all added up and I eventually got 300 million coins. At this rate, the game is pretty much endless winning by absolutely any strategy. Winning by default, doing your best, doing your worst, and more! But you sometimes still don’t win by doing your worst. But, I would love to see an upgrade to this game. If you just added like mini-games, probably three of them, this game would be much more fun. I would also love it if you don’t just win every time from levels 150+. Hopefully everyone would enjoy this, including the Newbs.

- just fine

I killed about an hour with this game before I got bored of it. The only thing to spend coins on are adding arrows and increasing your reward, so you rack up coins very quickly, and you start off with so many arrows that the levels are no longer challenging. My biggest gripe is the process of unlocking arrow styles. Even though they’re labeled with a lock symbol and a level number, they don’t unlock at that level like you would expect, and the only way to unlock them is by watching ads. You can’t spend coins to unlock them and you can’t pick which style you unlock; it’s randomly chosen for you. This feature would’ve at least given me something to work towards after the levels got too easy. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not.

- Great game which easily fixable problems

I’m gonna be completely honest here I LOVE THIS GAME but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. At the same time I only seem to have two problems with it 1. When I pry to watch an add to get a new skin for the people/arrows when the add finishes the whole game freezes which makes me have to close out the app and open it back up. This in its self is annoying bug what makes it even worse is that it didn’t give me the skin when I opened it back up 2. So I’m almost to level 200 rn and I have so much money that i would have to click the upgrade buttons thousands of time to get rid of it all. I suggest adding a feature when you can hold your finger down on the upgrade buttons and if automatically upgrades and the longer you hold it the fast it upgrades. I do have a small problem which is the game will crash for seemingly no reason but it’s so rare that it doesn’t really bother me to much. Other then that this game is great. I feel like all my problems have easy fixes and if you fix these problems I would probably play this game forever.

- .

This game is actually really fun and if your bored and want to kill time to can play this but the only concern i have about this game is when you are spam upgrading something and you don’t click off it’ll actually have a chance to start the round while your upgrading other than that the game is really fun but it’ll just because annoying because every time i finish the whole round i get 1.2 million and i can constantly upgrade but it just keeps starting the round and i have to keep clicking slowly so it won’t start the round when i click the upgrade button but that’s my only concern so i’ll only rate it a 4/5 if you can fix that i’d rate it 5/5

- Worse game ever (oh. And so many adds it’ll drive you nuts)

Zero stars. Not 1. This game gives the illusion that you could make it to the end if you do everything right. Doesn’t matter. The obstacle values are random. I have done it all right hundreds of times and not reached the end. Some obstacles are ALL negative. And no way to avoid them. Total cräp. And adds will drive you nuts. They offer a x3 choice of coins attained at every level by watching an add. I decided not to watch them because it stops me from playing every 30 seconds. Guess what? You still have to watch an add. If you fail a level you have to watch an add. If you pay for no adds you STILL have to watch adds. Total rip off. Developers should be ashamed. There’s an honorable way to make money that doesn’t involve this kind of forced adds. I’m marking down this developers name and NEVER buying an app from them again.

- Just stop making games like this.

Games like this are just God awful. Ads show the person making the dumbest/worst decisions in-game so that the person who’s watching will think, “Hmm, that’s not the right thing to do. Let me install it to see how it should really be done.” And when they do install the game, the experience is just terrible. An ad after every game, an ad to get some bonus, basically, ads are everywhere. The only way to get some “enjoyment” from these games is to play them with wifi/cellular data disabled, as that will prevent you from getting ads. And people who are saying, “this game is one of the best I’ve played!” are just straight up lying. There’s nothing fun about watching a misleading ad of a game and downloading said game just to realize that the game is NOTHING like the ad. Companies/people like this need to stop producing trash quality games like this.

- Best game ever but I cant spam upgrade.

I have 10 million coins+ and I can barely use them, only thing that ever happens is that it just starts without me pressing the screen to start, I think it’s probably just a bit to sensitive and I do recommend fixing this when you get the chance. Please, make sure this doesn’t happen anymore and I do know this isn’t an explanation good enough probably to get this fixed since this is too small. But when you get the chance, please check the coding or whatever it is to fix this bug and make sure I don’t rapidly get too much coins and unable to spend them because the arrows start without me starting them.

- Short but fun

This is a really good game to play if you’re bored, and it does challenge your math skills because you have to think fast. There is quite a bit of ads though, but like someone said in another comment, an easy fix is to turn on airplane mode. This game is also pretty short, I leveled up the income so much that I get over 3,400,000 coins each round, and the arrows so much that I start with 1,000. I did all that within 2 and a half hours, and the levels don’t get any harder. I wish the levels would gradually become harder so it stays entertaining as you level up. Overall this game is fun at first, and if you (the developers) made the levels a little more challenging, I would give this five stars instead of three.

- Great Game

Great game, the only nitpick I have is that 1) I was on level 164 before the update with the different arrows at every level and I haven’t unlocked anything though maybe I’m not understanding how they work 2) can you please add a way to upgrade multiple times in one click instead of having to continuously click the upgrade button. Maybe you could add a way to do the max upgrades in one button or an input box where you could type what level you want to upgrade it to. The game is great overall it’s just kinda annoying having to click hundreds of times just to upgrade something.

- Just another cheap Cash Grab

This game may seem fun at first but once you get a few upgrades to your income and arrows there is literally no challenge and nothing to work towards. I went to level 60 and both my upgrades are at level 1200 and i dont even have to control the arrows to reach the end of a level.. the game has potential but every game that is similar to this that most people see on facebook are all the same, lazily made games. Want to unlock new skins? Watch an ad. Want to earn more coins? Watch an ad. How about for all these types of games, instead of implementing ads into the gameplay you add fun challenges and milestones to unlock new things. Make the levels longer or harder or make an endless mode, literally do anything innovative with these games instead of making the same, boring reskinned games.

- Ads….ads everywhere

Do you like ads??? Well if so this is the same for you. All you have to do is complete a level. It’s as simple as that. But don’t worry there’s more. Want more arrows after spending some of those coins you earn? Well you guessed it. You can watch a ad for more. Want a different throwing device? Well how about you watch a ad and hope the random chance gods gives you a cool throwing thingy. Look in all seriousness I know they got to advertise but at some point that’s all the game turns into. It’s more of a advertisement for other games with a mini game in the middle that’s supposed to be the game you downloaded. I mean don’t get me wrong the “game” can become addictive but you can only take so much of forced ads before it’s not fun anymore

- Glitches, Ads

This is a slight below average game on the fun level. I play this while Im watching a movie or doing something. The things that make it below average on the fun level is the ads and glitches. First, the ads are a-lot for a 10 second level. You either get it after u finish the level or after you finish the next level. Secondly, The glitches. Sometimes in a round, The numbers don't process. For example, I go through a 2x and my numbers don't change. Its mildly annoying since even if i re-open the game, It still happens on that level. And third, The most obvious if you’ve played this game before, Boredom. Theres no exciting features. Just a low-effort game shoving ad’s in your throat. Anyways, If your reading this have a good day, Goodbye.

- Lacks content

It’s a good concept but get boring fast. The amount of money needed to level up never changes. If you just upgrade your income a lot each round you can basically level up 100 times. I’m almost level 5000 on arrows and income. I feel like the main way this app makes money is through the amount of adds it has. The put so many ads in the game so that you’ll just want to pay $3 to get rid of them. A quick $3 per person who downloads it isn’t bad at all, but I don’t mind the adds, especially when it triples the money I get. So bring on the ads. I won’t pay $3. I’m nearing the end of this app because it not longer feels enjoyable. I’m level 5000ish on both upgrades and I’ve played this game for maybe a little over an hour. That’s how busted the economy in the game is.

- Fun, lacks basic game functionality

No pause button, upgrading arrows/coins starts a new run half the time because of how sensitive the UI is (very, very annoying). Lots of bugs with the game saying you went through zones that you never even got close to touching. I like this game conceptually, but the current version is buggy, theres probably only 15 levels that are just cycled through over and over, and the levels are all way shorter than they could be. Needs fixes in many places but they probably wont considering what type of game this is and who the target audience is (little kids who will click on the ads). Game also has performance issues (playing on iPhone 12 and getting 0fps every 30 seconds or so).

- Good game, couple suggestions

1. Whenever you watch an ad to unlock an arrow, the game freezes so you have to restart it, and after restarting nothing is unlocked. 2. It is extremely easy to accidentally click away from the upgrade buttons, and accidentally start the game. I recommend a separate menu for upgrades so this can’t happen. 3. Please add a “Buy Max” button for upgrades. When you have a lot of money, it takes absolutely forever to upgrade level by level. A “Buy Max” button would be very useful for buying all the levels you can for a specific upgrade.

- Same thing over and over

This game is fun for a while but quickly loses its appeal. The levels are very short and repetitive. The coin rewards given at the end of each level can only buy more arrows or increase the income cap earned per level. The coins cannot buy skins for the enemies or for the arrows. Those can only be gained by watching ads, EVEN IF YOU BOUGHT THE GAME. I’m currently at level 212 and I have level 1000 income and my arrow level is in the 800s. It takes longer to level up those categories than it does to actually play the level because I’m earning over a million coins per level. I think that this is intentional to slow the gameplay down. I would recommend as an app to play for a day and then delete.

- This is possibly the best fun I’ve had

I don’t normally review games. Never had a good enough reason to I guess. I do have 2 small issues. The first being that the shop is slightly difficult to use. (This ties into my second issue) when trying to spend any amount of money on arrows or currency there’s a chance the level will start playing. The second issue is that there needs to be more/ better things to spend in game currency on. I have the money upgrade up above 3k and the arrows are double that! I’m suffering from success! Great game otherwise.

- The BEST time killer

I absolutely love this game for being a time killer. Its a fun and simple concept that is great to pop open and play a round or two whenever. My only negative-ish feedback is that I wish the developer would put a 'spend all money on this upgrade' button because at the really high levels I literally cannot spend my money fast enough. I would have to tap hundreds or thousands of time, and it has really slowed my progression down. Give me a button that automatically buys all levels i can afford with my current money!

- Fun game but the reward x3 is completely not working

Fun game but the money x3 rewards at the end button is completely inactive/broken it worked only like 5-10 but the free upgrades at the start of the game does work and the free random arrows skins and free random enemy minion skins does work. I even see a play button but if I see it do like a refresh animation then touching does nothing for the rewards x3. Also after a few levels the game will freeze completely or go black screen after completing an ad and waited 20 seconds and no response then you would need to close the game then dismiss it from the multitasking screen then reopen then no rewards but game works again.

- Pretty fun

It isn’t a bad game so far. I did pay the 3 dollars to remove ads cause I like to support games that do that. However, most games completely remove ads, meaning that you can instantly claim rewards. I was hoping it would be the same case in this game but it isn’t. It is kind of annoying when I’m just spamming an upgrade button and the next thing I know I’m locked into an ad for a free upgrade that I didn’t really care about. That’s my only problem with the game, that genius placement of an ad that catches people like me who like to spam upgrades until you’re out of money.

- Love this game recommend getting it (it’s worth the 3$ no ad)

I’ve been playing this game for months and it’s been amazing I stopped playing it because they’re were a lot of ads and no way to get rid of it. In this new update they added the option to remove ads for 3$ so of course I did that and now I’ve been playing. It’s gotten to the point where every run I make over 1 billion cash so I would recommend the game adding a way to buy upgrades in groups. I would also recommend adding a leaderboard so I have a goal to get too thank you

- amazing for my 2nd grader and even my older children love it

I have 3 kids two are in 6th and 11th grade and one is in 2nd grade I love this game because it teaches my 2nd grader math and quick math because she has to do it in a certain like time this is a amazing game I would recommend getting this game and it doesn’t have ads every single move I have a lot of games for my children and every time they hardly move it’s a ad, it’s really annoying, you may get no ads but I honestly think you don’t need to pay for no ads because it hardly gives you adds.

- fun at first, boring 10 minutes after

I started playing and thought this game was fun! I had seen many ads but it’s really didn’t bother me. I was upgrading my income and arrows. The game was fairly easy so I easily got into higher levels very quickly. That’s when I realized the price of how much coins I needed to upgrade just stayed the same. I was on level 40 and I made MILLIONS if I got past a level, which I always did. I always tried to empty out my pocket but whenever I tried to spam upgrade a new level would start. I was on level 40 and both my upgrades were level 800+. There was nothing else in the game. I thought maybe I can buy skins for my coins and tried to find a market. There was none. I don’t recommend getting this app, it’s a waste of time and storage.

- Staralina Helped :)

So I had put up with all the ads I could take by Level 18 and was about to delete the game, when I read Staralina’s comment about putting it on airplane mode to avoid the ads, I stuck with the game longer! This made the button for higher coin collection muted- which was fine cause that gave me more of a challenge to build up my coins before upgrading my starting arrows! Very cool game :) I gave it four stars for the same reason as Staralina’s: I don’t like that sometimes you really can’t avoid hitting the people, especially the green ones with the chest.

- Could have been a fun game…

But there are too many ads. Mind you, I don’t mind a few ads. I don’t even mind a few ads I’m not allowed to just say “no thanks, let me keep playing.” What I hate is the pettiness of saying you’ll give me the option to watch an ad, and also a “no thanks” button, and then turn around and make me watch a friggin’ ad RIGHT after I hit “no thanks”. Either give me a choice, or don’t. If you want to make it a reward for choosing to watch more ads, great! But don’t give a reward for saying “sure, I’ll watch an ad”, and then make me watch an ad with NO reward if I don’t agree. That’s cutting your revenue MORE, because now I’m not going to watch any, because now I’m not playing this game… or any other games by your company. Fool me once.

- Anyone who rates this app more than 1 star is a bot

I cannot see how anyone can rate this game more than 1 star. It looks like the developers took one day to design it and then just launched it and only care about add revenue. After about 30 levels you make well over 10 million coins WITHOUT EVEN TRYING and all the upgrades for arrows and income are capped at a cost of 12,500 coins per upgrade tap. I currently have 265 million coins at level 64 which means I would have to tap the upgrade buttons 21,200 times in order to spend them all which is outrageous. The game seems meaningless and unfinished and the ads are after every single level which only lasts about 10 seconds so you’re seeing an ad literally every 10 seconds for a meaningless game.

- Gets boring fast, just an ad revenue generator

I figured this would be a math type game, and I’m always about little games like this to pass the time and challenge my math mental faculties on the fly. You quickly gain currency and therefore more power and “income” to gain currency quicker. By level 15 it’s impossible to lose, and by level 30 every level has an ad do you might as well take the multiplier ad. By level 40 I had 2,000 arrows and 2,000 income so I was never losing, and always gaining huge income. The point became just to see how much cash the game will let you have, and never ramped up in difficulty. Literally downloaded this yesterday. One of those niche games meant to be a quick development of an easy puzzle premise, and generate ad revenue. Pass on this.

- Ad Cash Grab

this game offers a very short burst of fun. i played until level 140 and the gameplay hasn’t changed. just the same couple of routes over and over again. the levels never get harder, you can literally not move your arrows and still get through the entire course once you’ve upgraded your arrows enough. this was literally built to farm ads. basic concept game with an ad every so often, ads for free upgrades, and ads for triple rewards. even when you buy the ad free version, it only turns off the random auto ads, not the reward based ones. oh and all the visual skins are unlocked by watching ads. TLDR; extremely repetitive, a lot of ads

- Upgrades

I am loving this game and I’m on level 203. But as of lately I’ve noticed that I’m getting almost 20 million coins to spend each level I complete. So it would be nice to be able to spend it all but it takes forever to upgrade 1 at a time with such a large amount of money. There needs to be an option where you can upgrade 1 at a time, 10 at a time, 100 at a time with each push. Please please please update to where you can increase more than 1 at a time.

- Would be interested but too many ads

The ad load is so high I just had to stop after level five. As a person who tends to pay to go ad free, 60-second ads after every single 20-second level are a pushing the limit of calling it “free to play”. It really feels like “free to watch ads and occasionally play a really short game”. I would probably like this little time killer for a week, but I can’t encourage such heavy handed ad use. If you want to ratchet up ad use after 30 minutes of play, I get that; the dev is here to make money. But right out of the gate is too much of a turn off.

- Mehhhh

So first I can’t upgrade any of the arrows because I have to unlock levels….. but as far as I can tell I have unlocked and nothing happens. Second…. Ad supported version you are bombarded with ads. That ok I’ll support developers. Ad free version still has ads though. Not necessarily obtrusive but it gives you the options. Third…. It’s kinda easy once you get coins you upgrade either the number of arrows to start or the amount of coins you get. Within about 30 min I now am level 1000x on arrows and coins and routinely adding 10-30 million coins with each play. Which basically allows me to upgrade to even more ridiculous “earning”potential. I shouldn’t be able to buy an hundreds of upgrades with each play.

- Don’t waste your time

I’m pretty sure the developers of this game didn’t even bother to play it at all. If they did, they would’ve realized a couple things which I will list for you below. 1. The game is fun for about the first 80 levels because you actually get to play the game, but after that you have enough upgrades that you don’t really even have to move. You just go straight down the middle and still beat the level max every time. 2. There is no feature to buy upgrades faster like a multiplier button, so once you get a lot of money, the game becomes and upgrade simulator where you spend 10-15 minutes buying upgrades one unit at a time before spending 15 seconds on the next level and doing it again. 3. There are far too many ads. Every 2 levels you get ad rolled, and you have to watch an ad just unlock the spear skins that yoy EARNED by getting to a certain level. All in all, I’d recommend downloading it if you have about 10-15 minutes to kill. If you’re looking for a game to play any more than that, then this is definitely not the game for you.

- The ad reward system is broken.

I always try to watch the bonus ad at the end of each level for the extra reward bump. Especially because you get forced to watch an ad no matter what, it’s just easier to make the choice and get the boost. Several times now I tried to tap the watch icon for the bonus and it wouldn’t register. A couple of them were when I was able to get the barrage of arrows to make it all the way to the last guy. That’s several times loosing the 100k bonus because it won’t. The cheaper reward works just fine but then I’m still forced to watch an ad. I enjoy the math and play aspect enough I would have rated it a 5 if it wasn’t for this major issue.

- Meh

I paid for no ads, because I was having fun at first. However, the content of the game does not go very far. Only 5 “challenge” levels that go by very quickly. The difficulty does not scale at all, so once you’ve upgraded your arrows past ~100 it almost immediately becomes boring to mow down the bonus guys over and over. This could be balanced by adding rows or requiring more hits to complete the bonus, making the levels themselves more challenging so I’m not ending the level with upwards of 5k arrows. From what I can tell it never needs more than like 650 to hit all the bonus. In short, it’s a very hollow game with a moderately interesting premise.

- No Replay Value

The first 70 levels or so are challenging— you’ve got to actually pick a decent path or you may not get all the way to the end. But by the time you get to +1000 arrows, it doesn’t make a difference. Also, there is no way to spend all the money you make quickly. Having to tap the arrow or income button each time I want to level up is tedious. Can you add a feature that spends money faster, like press the icon and hold or choose how much money to spend? Once my account is beyond 10 million, there’s no way I’d ever spend that by clicking over and over.

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- bruh

turn off your wifi if you dont want ads

- Fun time waster

It’s a neat little game and I don’t mind paying to get rid of the ads. I would like a way to buy more than 1 level of something at a time as after a while it gets hard to spend all the coins you end up getting, 1 tap at a time.

- Repetitive

This game is one of those games that has endless levels and there is no level of difficulty to them. You make loads of in-game coins…but you have nothing to spend them on. The levels are repetitive and lack a sense of creativity due to that. Downloaded and deleted within 24 hours

- Do you want ads? This is the app for you!

Do you enjoy playing a game for 5-8 seconds and then having to watch a 30 second ad? Download this today!

- Please remove the gameplay part

It’s annoying. You watch ads ads and every minute you have to move arrows left and right for 10 secs. Remove this dumb high school project of a game and let us watch ads nonstop!

- Boring pos

No challenge. Boring add generator.

- So hard in level 567890

Does this work it’s hard for that

- Not bad, but not a puzzle

Definitely not designed to be a challenging game. It’s decent for distraction and relaxation, but don’t expect the levels to increase in difficulty. They are incredibly repetitive.

- Don’t get

It’s just ads barely a game

- Bad, unbalanced, boring, and slow paced

This game is the most unbalanced, and slow paced game ever since they made the update which was too, unbalanced.

- Horrible las pausas

Muchas propagandas no se puede jugar

- good then not good

the first 20 levels are short and fun for what was promised. it’s a good time waster for when you can’t sleep until you get to level 21. when you get through the arrow flying you need to fight a boss that you MUST spend coins on to defeat and they get used up fast. i like the mindless arrow shooting but only the first few levels are like that and they never go back to it. also it hats up your phone a lot

- Don’t download

Boring, lack of fun after within 5-10 rounds and issues/bugs

- It’s scam

It’s a stupid game which has only a limited lever after that you have no option to kill the boss and you keep on playing the same lever without getting any option to beat the boss. It’s full scam

- Only ads

This game has only ads..

- Sucks penises


- Ad ruined the game

To much ad

- More ads than an infomercial channel

If you love waiting through 30 second ads every 2-3 minutes. This is definitely the game for you. Why bother watching tv infomercial channels when you can just install this vile slice of commercialized poop cake.

- Stupid game

Ads like crazy and levels are not even hard. Bots giving this such high stars.

- Too many ads

I get that they want you to purchase the game but holy crap…. Two to 3 ads for every level, no thanks

- Boring

Ads make it unplayable. There is literally no challenge here

- Fun game

It’s not bad

- Why I gave it a four Star

The reason why I gave her the four stars is because every time I’m done around there’s nothing to get out and then start a new round

- Ads Every 10 Seconds

Unbearable amount of ads. Do not install.

- Pubs

J’aime pas les pub

- Way to many ads

20 seconds of playing followed by 2 minutes of Adam 123490;:

- Ads no matter what

I literally paid to remove ads and still get and ad after every round. Easy one star.

- Stupid ads

Ads are ridiculous vs playtime

- Make harder levels!!!

This was fun but I now start with so many arrows that I can’t lose which takes away from the fun. Needs harder, longer levels. Also some harder math in higher levels

- More ads than gameplay

99% of this game is just forcing you to sit thru ads. Avoid this “game”.

- Can’t skip ads

At the end of every level you are forced to watch a long ad. Deleted.

- It’s all ads…

You spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. :/

- Too many ads

Don’t play this there are too many ads!

- Insane amount of ads

Ads after every level, super annoying

- Ads, ads and ads

Tiltle say all

- Too many ads

More ad time than game time

- Ads ads ads

Don’t care if you like the game first today just send you ads ads at the game concept is boring boring boring.

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Ads ads ads

30 seconds ads after every level.

- Should be called watch ads

Obnoxiously long ads and barely any gameplay

- Piss poor

Absolute piss

- b

don’t download this game cuz there are ample of ads even

- So laggy

It’s so laggy even when my WIFI is off and better yet you have to watch an ad to clam your gift don’t even waste your time.

- Advert disguised as game

Absolutely ravages you with ads, and the game is not that fun. It’s ok, but not worth sitting through a million adds. I’d give it zero stars if I could. Not worth paying, not worth sitting through adds.

- Too much ads, as always

Interesting game but deserves a 1 star for the ridiculous amount of ads. There’s also plenty of misleading clicks leading to more ads. Ultimately making this game a trash game

- Garbage Ad app

10 seconds of play. 60 seconds of ads

- Too bad

No possible to enjoy your play, just watching ads. Terrible, terrible, terrible

- More ads then play time

Play 10 seconds to watch 20 seconds of ad’s pretty dumb

- Je plate a mort ne jouez pas ça vaut pas la peine

Trop d’annonce

- Records you

Put your speaker to your ear while in the app there is static which means it’s recording on your mic

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Arrow Fest 8.8 Screenshots & Images

Arrow Fest iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Arrow Fest iphone images
Arrow Fest iphone images
Arrow Fest iphone images
Arrow Fest iphone images
Arrow Fest iphone images
Arrow Fest iphone images
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Arrow Fest (Version 8.8) Install & Download

The applications Arrow Fest was published in the category Games on 2021-06-07 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 275.02 MB. Arrow Fest - Games app posted on 2022-11-18 current version is 8.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: