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What is hand strike app? Are you sure about two hands better than one? Lets meet with a hand capable of everything?


Grab bad robots from their heads and interract them with anything placed in the environment. It will be fun to poke your nose into their business.

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◉ Lots of fun content for FREE!
◉ Super easy to navigate!
◉ Freedom in how you approach levels.
◉ Choose whichever trap you want!
◉ Hilarious animations and face reactions!
◉ Fun weapons and glorious hand skins at your disposal!

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How to contact Hand Strike (Rollic Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Hand Strike. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1559046720/hand-strike/contact

Hand Strike Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hand Strike Version 5.8.302 July 2022

• Bug fixes and performance improvements We'd love to hear your feedbacks, many thanks for playing Hand Strike!.

Hand Strike Version 5.8.128 April 2022

• Bug fixes and performance improvements We'd love to hear your feedbacks, many thanks for playing Hand Strike!.

Hand Strike Version 4.915 February 2022

• Precious skin and weapons are waiting for you at Valentine's Day event! We'd love to hear your feedbacks, many thanks for playing Hand Strike!.

Hand Strike Comments & Reviews 2022

- It’s fun and good as well but just one thing

So I downloaded this app then played it a bit but one thing that made me not happy is the fact the the developers didn’t put sound so I want sound developers please? :)

- Cool game

Awesome game I love it, it has a little bit of ads after two to three levels which can get annoying but other than that it feels like the creators put effort into the game

- Awesome game would recommend

I love this game so much is probably my most played games developers if you could add a wedgy that would be so funny but overall this is an awesome game I hope you keep updating it

- gg

Thank goodness for you and my family this is so much easier to be with me than you and your dad are good with me too I don’t

- Nihilistic and Evil

In this game you torture people level after level. It dehumanizes and desensitizes kids to do evil things. You rip off arms while people cry and cut them into pieces and hang them. You can run over them with vehicles or drown them through water boarding, at higher levels you can do this in worse ways to even more people. Shove them in a dryer and turn it on to kill them. If you are a Teenager that thinks this is just a game please make the right choice and remove it. This game makes evil things acceptable and should be completely removed. Shame on you developers for creating this. No morals whatsoever.

- I want to murder gangsters

Literally the best game in the world I love it I would give it six stars if I could great job guys I think this is your best game yet keep on making great games.

- Bubble boy

It’s a really good game and I think his refund but if you sold it I made fun you get the idea but it’s kind of weird looking but I think it’s a good game

- Horrible

Evil black guy and punishing white hand… not trying to be “that guy” but seriously. And it’s not a “it’s just a game” comment to justify it. You can tell by the voice and even the lips that he is a black guy. I can see if he had on a black ski mask or something but no the brown clearly shows that it’s supposed to be his skin… we have to do better

- It’s ok

I love the but the levels repeat over again and again so can you guys please add more levels and more powers. thank you. Be safe everyone happy new year 😀😷😄❤️😷😎

- This game is so funny I like this game a lot

The screams I funny and the ragdoll physics are funny to I love this game so much I recommend that you played this game

- Horrible game

This game clearly has bots typing reviews. Look at their names lol. Anyways this game is awful because it’s teaching young kids that this extreme brutality and immorality is allowed. This is such a violent game and I can’t imagine any sane person playing it. It’s probably designed for sick people who like torturing others. Get this app off the App Store.

- Completely inappropriate ads

There are absolutely inappropriate ads for a game that’s rated ages 9+. You as developers should be paying attention to what’s popping up while children are playing an app that you created. Please do something about it as I am not the only parent with these same concerns.

- This is a great game

If you downloaded this already it’s the best if you not you should it’s a game that you can play when your BORED AMAZING RIGHT!!!?!!?!?? ANYWAYS ALWAYS 5 STARS LOVE IT

- I downloaded it and immediately regretted it

I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun. I regret downloading it. First of all your basically abusing an innocent person. It’s just straight up a bad influence for children. Honestly I hate this game for that one reason. Y’all are clowns for making this 🤡

- This game is hilarious

This fame is supper funny and I’m not saying mass murder is funny I am just saying the ways you kill them are funny

- The best game ever I love it I wish I could rate it more but I love this game it’s super fun

I don’t know what to put know

- Very good game but l would like it if you could put the person down 😃

Very good

- very nice and cool

i rlly like this game the guy is so silly but i would like 2 request more screaming and yelling sounfd because thay would be very funee and i would enjoy this game even mord thank you and goodbyd oh also i would like 2 rewuest more skin colors 4 the hand bc not everyone is white thank you

- Good game

Not bad but when you get your finger off the hand it will not stop fix that

- Its good but

Its fine but the next day I played it It made me go back to the first lvl

- Fun but issue for me

I HATE vibration. So PLEASE add the option to turn haptics off. It would mean so much to me :) thank u 😊

- Love the game!

I love it when you can do the punching thing. And it’s fun to kill bad guys

- So sad

I know it just a game but there face is so sad and there is no sound fix it pizz

- Fun game

This game has a variety of ways to kill the person mic thingy Idfk. Have a great day


This game is so good because there is lots of stuff to do and it halos me relieve stress when I come home from school! What an amazing game!

- It’s fine

The games fine

- To rolic games

I love this game and how many ways there are to kill people

- Awesome and funny

Thank u so much for making this, this clears off my boredom

- Just why

It is very sad to see the robber screaming in pain when the robber didn’t even make a move yet maybe you could’ve just put the robber doing something bad before he screams in pain

- Fun but I do agree

Why would you do this. This should be 17+ ps a am not a Karen

- Absolutely amazing

This game releases all my pressure from school and homework definite recommends it

- It’s cool

Ok so I’m liking it but I’m hating the ads that come up every time I finished beating him up so please make ad free free

- Donload

I like the violence in the games the violent parts my favorite like the dinosaur in the game

- How amazing this game is already

This game is awesome thanks for making it

- I don’t like it

I don’t like it because I just bought this game and when I play it feels like my killing someone like on the second round I hung him and started punching him that’s just not right 👎👎👎

- Thanks for making this game I always wanna to kill bad guys

Great bud

- This is a great game

I’m only on level two but I love this game

- Cool

I just looked at the images and I know it’ll be awesome

- Hand Strike

I’d say this game really calms me down

- To sad

it is fun but when you hit the red person with something he cries so it’s sad for me

- Freezing

When I open the game it just freezes before I can try to play it for the first time please fix that

- For creator

Why would you make a game like this when u would kill INNOCENT people can u change the person design or something or something it hurts my heart that u have to MAKE A STUPID GAME ABOUT A PERSON KILLING A INNOCENT PERSON like why pls fix it pls do it

- Emma loves this game

Oh my God thanks for making this

- This is gruesome and I’m 10

You kill innocent people and the hand gives a thumb up I will never play this again

- To many

I like the game but to many adds

- Ew

You are traumatizing kids and this is just weird he’s black ripping apart a person you’re just trying to make this racist

- Fart UwU

I can’t believe this game is so good

- So sad

Why would you torture a cute little guy for fun. It’s so sad and wrong. Please don’t play this game unless you want to give carnege to a cute little man

- Why I give this 2 stars:

This teaches me how to murder people.. It’s fun but I find it disturbing for some reason..

- ???

It was fun then the screen went black after level 30.

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- This game is appropriate for kids above the age of 12

Before you get it look at the age it’s for don’t just randomly get it for a five year old use your HEAD. ..

- Minor bug

This game is good but one minor bug, some times when i win the stage (most often) i get no winning screen and I have to refresh the game

- Fanatastic

Someone said its inappropriate for kids cuz the character was hung. WELL ITS 12+! WHADDAYA EXPECT! Only play if your 12+ but either way fun game. So much little fun moments, absolute coolest game ever.


There is a glitch where it won’t let me continue because i can’t watch an at or press no thanks Please fix

- Not appropriate for kids

My son is 5 and was playing this and I checked on him to see how the game was and the character had hung himself… NOT ok at all app has been deleted DO Not let your kids play this!

- This is bad

Ewwww so ugly this app is not good AT ALL I delete it I hate it not ok DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME😵😵😵😵😵

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- Epic

This is game is super fun and I very like the cartoony style and the guy adding salt meme on the lion.

- It’s ok

It’s ok I guess but kinda hard

- Nice game!

I really like smashing the people in the fences it’s so satisfying!

- aaaah

uhhh i dobt feel so gud

- It’s hard

Oh my god it is hard

- 😡

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Hand Strike iphone images
Hand Strike iphone images
Hand Strike iphone images
Hand Strike iphone images
Hand Strike iphone images
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The applications Hand Strike was published in the category Games on 2021-07-28 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 365.35 MB. Hand Strike - Games app posted on 2022-07-02 current version is 5.8.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.HookGames.HandStrike