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Hair Challenge Game Description & Overview

What is hair challenge app? Are you ready for a massive Hair Challenge?
This is an adventure in which you have a super long majestic hair! This popular hair runner game is perfect for you!

Do you hate getting a bad hair cut? So do we! Especially in this super fun Hair Challenge game!
Pick up weaves of any hair colors as you walk the runway. Watch out for the scissors, blades, and all other sharp obstacles to keep your gorgeous hair from getting cut!

Did you not like your hair color? Or need a makeover? No problem, because this is a hair salon runway. Put your high heels on, pick yourself up a colorful hair dye, and start running on the roof!

Oops! Did your hair get cut? No worries, hair salon at the shop awaits for you! Go visit the hair shop to choose any of the fabulous characters, hair dyes, and hair accessories to unlock and start your cool walking game.

Forget about all the other top free games and popular games! This is the best hair runner game, challenging but super fun! So come join the community and play Hair Challenge now!

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App Name Hair Challenge
Category Games
Updated 04 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 918.74 MB

Hair Challenge Comments & Reviews 2024

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All you need to know.. Hi, my name is Crystal and I want to tell you all about this game. I was looking in the App Store for a new game and I saw this. I looked at the reviews and all it was saying is how laggy the game is and how the game has lots of adds. I wanted to see how laggy the game was and how many adds there were. After I played the game for a bit, I realized that you can easily fix one of the compliments about this game. To many adds. If you don’t want the adds, then just put you phone or iPad on airplane mood while playing the game. NO ADDS! It’s that simple and the game is not REALLY laggy. I was playing the game for almost a hour and I only had one small little lag. This game is really fun and entertaining. Please trust me on this one. Get the game and when your playing it, put it on airplane mood. It’s a good game. Ok... well I think this is all you need to know about this game. 🙂 I hope you have a good rest of you day/night! Bye! 👋

Don't understand the other reviews. So the other reviews say: bad game! Or, keeps glitching! Of course I don't know what's happening on their device, but for me, there's never too many ads, and the game never glitches. I play on iPad so that might make some sort of diffrence? I'm not exactly sure. This game does have its faults, of course. For example, ugh the upgrade for the magnet is to expensive!!! Plz food that, I understand that it is op if it is TOO cheap, but still, it's SO EXPENSIVE! Now, my second problem. Why do you have to watch an ad 3 TIMES for a skin?? I feel like that's a cheat and I don't want to spend my time watching 3 ADS. I want to play the game!!! Now the last complainant is sort of a tip for players. So the ponytails: like I already said, you have to unlock them with 3 ADS. I think the ponytails are worth 3 ads, though, because there is a glitch that makes them sort of op... See, if you cut your hair on the saws, it becomes shorter, as you already know... But with the two ponytails, if you only cut one, then the other one will stay the same! I think it only works on the ponytails? It probably works on any 2 one. Anyway I hope this was helpful in helping you decide to download the game, update the game, or to give you a nice tip! (Lol this is my longest review yet)

Love the game but some problems... I enjoying playing this game but to claim a “free” gift you will have to watch an ad. All the time ads pop up! How is a gift free when you have to watch ads? No idea. For stuff in the shop there are some things where you have to watch three ads to unlock, I tried unlockingsome stuff and after the first ad ended the game would freeze and when I re logged in wouldn’t count the ad I just watched. I have also been stuck on this one stage for a while, there are these walls that kill you. At one point there is that wall blocking my whole path. I can’t get passed it. There are some situations where it said my final score is 200 but then it moves my hair and goes to 195. Very misleading, happens a lot. Over all I enjoy this game but there are some issues with it that I would love too see fixed.

Not worth your time! Inappropriate!. Sometimes when I see ridiculous ads online I download the game to see if they really are that bad. And this one is! It’s WORSE! Most of the reviews on here say “wow this game is so entertaining!” or “I love it SOOOO much!” I have no idea who write those reviews but they obviously haven’t played the game. The original ad was this guy yelling at the girl with the hair saying that she was stupid and he could do it a lot better. I don’t even know why I downloaded the game after that point, but playing it I knew it was mistake. Between the gameplay the girl would do some very strange and inappropriate dances, and it would tell you which clothes were “hot” and “trendy”. As a girl, I found this game very offensive, and I felt that it game off the message that to be pretty you have to be all skinny and perfect. The game itself is pretty boring and a bit disturbing. There are a ton of ads, and it’s pretty hard to play because of the lag. Please don’t download it, it’s NOT worth your time!! Edit: when I was leaving the App Store something caught my eye. Most people don’t read this, but it’s the part where it tells you what data the game tracks. And I think you should look down there because it might change your mind about this game...

Horrible game I can’t even play it. When I’m on my home screen and click the app it starts to load and blacks me out and sends me back to my home screen it’s really frustrating and I haven’t been able to play it once I don’t suggest getting this game I don’t know if it’s just me and my Internet or if it’s the game I don’t think that’s it’s a good game because people have written reviews about inappropriate stuff and the characters on this are quite disturbing they’re all skinny and perfect nobody’s really that perfect and if a young girl was playing this say they wanted to look like that and felt insecure about their selves not being that skinny and perfect so I don’t think this is a good game so please do not download it it’s a piece of trash!

Fun but has one MAJOR problem. So i started playing this game because my friend said I should and at first the app was great and super fun. After a week or so of playing it nonstop ( I was addicted to the game ) I started having a glitch. So basically what this glitch was is that when I would start a level it would slow me down and when I tried to move it was like frozen for a couple seconds and then it would move me not where I was trying to go . So if I tried to make my character go left , it would wait a few seconds then make my character go right into the obstacle. At first I thought the problem was on my side but I realized that I had great Wi-Fi and all my other game apps were working just fine. Please fix that on the game! But besides the glitch I think it’s super fun because there are VERY few adds like I used to get like 3 adds an hour on mobile games but now I have like 20 an hour this is one of the games that has very few adds! Overall please fix the glitch , overall it’s a pretty good game

Do not get. I hate this game i can’t even play one round without it glitching a lot we’re to the point I can’t even move. I got this game because my best friend she said it was a good game then when I tried it out it was really bad I don’t know why there are so many good reviews this is an awful game you can’t even play the game without it glitching 60, billion times so if I were you do not get the game. Also for some odd reason there’s a bunch of ads and because of all the glitching an ad I have a 60, billion times so if I were you do not get the game. Also for some odd reason there’s a bunch of ads and because of all the glitching an ad I haven’t been able to play one round of this game and I got it two weeks ago. And I don’t think there should be somebody like hot girl yes or stuff like that I think you should say cute or something like that could make some of us feel bad about our bodies. So this would be an OK game if there wasn’t as many glitches and if there’s less ads .

Not bad but the ads…. This is not a bad game. The only thing is all the ads. There’s an ad after every round/level. A lot of them are repetitive and annoying. I know with a free game comes ads but that doesn’t mean you put one after every single level/round. My advice for making a game is don’t put too many ads or people will stop playing it. The actual game is good but the only thing about the game is when you go to dress up your character it categorizes the outfits. In my opinion, I would rather pick my own outfit and think it’s pretty rather the game telling me. When you’re dressing your character your character also does inappropriate dance moves. Sure, some of the levels are kind of repetitive but each one is longer and a little harder. Overall I think this is a good game. It is a good game to play on long road trips or when you’re bored.

Good game but a few things need to be fixed. I love this game but there is some things that need to be fixed . 1 thing is that the game has to many ads and it gets super annoying. The 2 thing is that when your playing the story after like 2 mins you have to watch an ad or do some levels . 3 is that it will glitch some times when your trying to move your character. 4 is that you would have to watch 3 adds to get something you wanted from the shop.5 is that the pets don’t even work. The good things about this are that it is a really fun game and at the end of each level you play there is a hair meter that sees how long your hair is so you can try to reach your high score. You can play bonus levels and at the end it gives you diamonds! You can play the stories on the game to and it’s fun although not each level of the story is long . This game is really awesome and I do recommend it but there is just thing s that need to be fixed . Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope it gives you a tip of the game before you start playing! Also hopefully they fix these small things.

Waste of your time. It is horrible like I can’t even get on it like it always kicks me off and I want to play it but it won’t let me in so I would rate this more but you guys can’t do a good job of keeping it up because I can’t get on this so I don’t know how good it is but from the thing that I get to it’s a one star rate and I just noticed that on this person is right the one that’s saying it’s worth it’s a waste of your time because you don’t have time to be downloading something that you can’t even get on so I’m giving these technically a shout out and saying you’re giving them a good review you’re the one you’re the best out of everyone in this cause I see three stars I see five stars I see four stars but none of those are true because it’s not fun and this girl Olivia she’s being dumb because it’s not five star I forgot what it is it could before I don’t remember what she did but it’s not that it’s one star I honestly think it’s zero star but then I wouldn’t be able to give a review so zero don’t get it it’s a waste of your time

Great game/ I have a suggestion to the game. This game is great when you have anxiety or you need something fun to do. You can play for hours and hours and hours, you get board after 2 hours of playing. The suggestion they should put in the game is when one side of the hair gets chopped off and the other is longer you should get the coins for both sides. Just say, the left side of the hair in the ponytail hairstyle is shorter and the right side is longer and you get to the finish line and they measure the hair you should get coins for both sides of the hair. Also The owners of the people that created the game need to have new places and they should let the people pick out the hair color and clothes color. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do. Lastly, this is the BEST hair game in the World that is free!

I have mixed thoughts on this game. At first I absolutely loved this game. As I started moving up in levels though after every level it played an ad, now usually I would exit out of the ad and move on with my day, but only problem it wouldn’t exit out of the ad. The ad it showed an x but that didn’t work. Which meant have to exit out of the whole game and get on and have it reload and then I find out it didn’t give me my diamonds or counted the level. So I can’t move on in the story mode. In the story you have to complete 2-3 levels, so it’s kinda hard if no levels are counted as done. I do play this game a lot though. It’s still kinda fun. Sometimes though the ads drives me crazy, sometimes I get so so so so frustrated with the ads that I have to just put done my phone and leave my room. I will say I have read more reviews on this game and it seems like people don’t have this problem with the game showing ad after ad after ad. This is just my experience with the game. Thank you so much for reading my review and have a great day.

Hair challenge is awesome. I love hair challenge because it is a very fun game because you get to get super long hair you can gets high scores there’s so many scores you can get you shouldDownload it now it’s so fun your hair gets to grow and grow freely and you could get different color hair and get new characters so playlist now if you see the ad download it it’s a very fun game you should try out it is awesome I love this game you should download it nowI love it it’s so fun it will be so relaxing for you to try it out it’s so fun you could get so many high scores like 300 or 14,000 I think I just started this game it’s so awesome I love it you should play it unlock the characters and make your hair grow freely it will be so long it’s so fun but watch out for the slicers you can cut your hair and it might go on too short so be carefulEven this game is really fun you should play it now play it now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now it’s so fun Play it right now it’s so fun

Keeps LAGGING!. This game is pretty fun and I kinda like it but but but it just keeps lagging and I can't even play it. Like I'm just walking and getting tto the end and it just stops and I'm trying to make my character move and it won't. Like it also has too many ads and when I press the ad thingy to get some kinda prize, it just keeps saying ad is not ready! Even thought I never even used the ad thingy before. But the lagging is def the worst problem and I even redownloaded it and checked my WiFi but it just WON’T let me play it. I gets stuck at least 3 or 4 times EVERY TIME I PLAY A LEVEL. Please fix thing problem because I’m sure this is a really fun game and I’m kinda sad I can’t enjoy it :’(. Last bad thing is the spinning thing is kinda pricy and 600 gems is just a bit too much. But that problem isn’t so bad because then you can actually play the game for a long time instead of just finishing it in a day. Just lower the price little bit and maybe it’ll be a tiny bit easier. But the good things are that I like how it’s fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this app to only some people who are more patient and don’t have a bad temper. Have a great day/night and thanks for reading my review! ヽ(´▽`)/

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️◼️ (please read). although I only rate this game a 4/5, I would recommend to anyone who wants to burn through some time. I would say that this game is fun, but only for a little bit. at some point in the game, it set a high score for me. since the objective of the game is clearly to beat your high score, I collected even more points (aka hair) the next round to beat it. the thing that annoyed me was that, no matter how much hair I collected, my score would never go above the one I got in the first place. i know for a fact that I collected way more hair than I did previously, so I’m guessing that this game is sort of rigged. this is why it became boring. what’s the point in playing if you are never going to feel accomplished by beating your score!! to anyone who is reading this, don’t let this bug stop you from playing this game!! it is fun overall, but the bug just needs to be fixed. Thank you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nice app, but needs a few updates.. At first I loved hair challenge and though it was good and loved getting the prizes, I was hoping to get to 1000 levels one day. But now that I got to lvl 100 the game isn’t as good as it used to be. I came here from Tiktok btw. The things I think should improve are the levels and outfits/accessories. First of all, most of the levels are the same difficulty and map so it can get very boring. I recommend making some levels easier than others while other levels are harder. It would improve the gameplay a lot. I also recommend adding different places to go like a jungle or something after beating like 100 levels or something. I’m the kind of person who likes unlocking new and unique things during gameplay so I would love that feature. Next are the outfits and accessories. I noticed you don’t really unlock many mystery accessories or outfits by playing levels and rather have to watch ads to get a mystery accessory or outfit. There’s not much of those either. The rest aren’t even a mystery which bothers me. Thanks for reading! - anonymous

I love the app 🤩🤩. It’s crazy to me that people are reading this, but I think this app is super great. I love the way that you can change the hair and the color and the character but also I love the graphics that is the best part to me. It is 100% kid proof and parents. You should really buy this app because it is super Duper Duper fun..🤪but I don’t even get a four star review because there are ads and I don’t like ads but I really like this game. And I hope there’s more and more updates. I’m sorry if I spelled something wrong, but this is the best app ever and U should get it.!!!!!!!!!!!🤩but I have a tiny phone. I also have another device are use to play on this but my tiny phone📱 the screen is so tiny I can’t really see it. But if you have a regular phone. Or tablet this is the app perfect for you by.

Love it! One thing…. I love playing these levels so much and I love all updates! Well, except one. I don’t really like the story feature. It seems kinda thrown together and it seems like someone took five minutes on it (besides the character and background designs, those are awesome!) I really just want to play the game, not the lazy story. I’m not trying to be rude, but the story just seems thrown together quickly. In the very beginning when hair challenge girl is talking to Mrs. Pauleen (or something….) their arms are weirdly positioned and hair challenge girl talks to herself in front of Mrs. Pauleen. Also she says no one talks to her directly after Mrs. Pauleen welcomed her to the school. Also no other people are in the room except the other girl she talks to. So I wish it were just the levels, like it used to be. Over all, amazing game but one update that I’m not so pleased with. But I’m glad you have to choose to continue the story, thank you! And thank you for making this awesome game! I hope you continue to create great games for us! 😁

The worst game to ever exist. This game is the worst because it’s always glitching and it keeps kicking me out so I go back to my home screen I started to like it at first but then now I’m getting really annoyed that I can barely play it it is so annoying you should not download it unless you want to keep having to go to the front and also it is so dumb because like it makes people think that to be beautiful you have to have long hair that is not true people are short hair and no hair still so beautiful so this game is not for children under six so I hope you all read the whole thing because if you did I really want you to read this because don’t let it if you do get it you should probably read all the reviews before you get it because a lot of these are really good ratings and some of them are important stuff like this one but thank you for listening to what I have to say you are so amazing Love Zoey

Ya’ll angery. Idk. It’s not amazing it’s the best app in the world is my second but I love it I can’t wait for that I love everything that happened to me it’s just a game but I think it’s really nice and everything that you’re saying why are y’all angry about just the ads persistent in what you say I say that it’s a good game and it’s not horrible and I would never delete it and one secondAwesome it’s a great app I think that would never say lagging better than what you think hair challenge is awesome and I think that you would read it at five because it is awesome and everyone might say it’s horrible but I would say it is awesome and you might find yourself liking it in two seconds more because I know that you love that game that you don’t just deleted you might say change your mind A great app that’s my reward by areas of five

I gave five stars because. I gave Five stars because I really like it to get to collect it and then you get to make your money you get ads and I like the ads because you could get new games but the ads like they make you so you cannot go back to the game like I how do you say interrupt what you’re watching I don’t like it so if you guys deal with ads or games like ads can you please get the ads away from everything I don’t know if the ads or some thing that you guys need but I don’t like it so I really like this Because you get to collect your money diamonds and if you want you can you please and make some more games like this like houses but you get to collecting or money in the gamesAlways can you please make more games like houses because the collecting is just like this game is just like getting houses or making your own house so can you please do whatever you could do and yes thank you have a great day and chill.😘💕❤️.

It’s Not The Best. I got this game because I wanted to try out those annoying ads games and it did look like the ads but there are some things that made me give it a 2 star. First which is expected with these type of games is the excessive amount of ads. Too many ads to enjoy the game. Second this game seems to be just a loop hole of the same thing over and over. As the levels go on it just seems to be the same thing in a different order. Third is once again about ads and how money hungry it the game is. When I try to get new characters, hair, and accessories I have to get lots of gems and for most of the others I have to watch ads that don’t even work for me. This game gets boring fast and I don’t recommend getting it if you want a game that has a purpose. It’s a game for passing like 15 mins in a waiting room at the doctors but other than that there’s no other good features.

Pretty decent for a mobile game.. I know that this game is probably a worn-out cash grab with bright, fun colors used to capture the attention of snobby kids. Some games have just a play feature, unlike this game. It has a story mode, which is your average cliche of a high school live story trope. This game prioritizes… hair growth? The game is simple, tap and hold to run, run in-front of these wig-type hairballs. If you do, your hair grows. Pretty simple. Another thing is the cosmetics. They do absolutely nothing at all. Its just there. In some levels, you can gain access for “ A chance for super-rare item” for an ad. The thing is, if you decline, you can easily get the “super rare” item back by just three ads. On the topic of ads, can we please talk about the utter, literal hoard of advertising? every single way I turn, an ad. I respect the hustle, but you have got to start listening to everyone. Even if it is an army of eight-year olds spamming “bad game too much ad” So thank you, but no thanks.

Why y’all mad abt the ads?(PLEASE READ). Ok well on the game it’s self is perfect and even better for me I only get one add per like I dunno maybe every 5-10 levels ! There’s like no ads but people see it’s lagging welp not for me it lags every like 6 levels tbh the only reason I got rid of it was bc it was taking down a lot of storage >:PP now that’s the only thing I hate abt this app but anywAy the game is so so perfect and if you need a new app to play at night or in the afternoon this is the best game to pick!!!!and do NOT say that I have never played this game bc my last high score was 305! And I know that! Anyway I might get this game again if my mom gets me a better phone! Anyway sorry for the long chat but I love this game so so much ty to whoever made this game!!

Great but some little suggestions 😊. First of all it’s my favorite game besides roblox if I don’t wanna play roblox then I play this 😄. But... 3 ads for 1 item? That’s a lot every time I finish a level it plays ads. I mean it’s ok but there are a lot of ads. I also love the freeze mode feature it helps when there are a lot of obstacles I especially love the hombre hairs it looks Beautiful the app is wonderful but The only problem is that there are so many ads also I read in someone else’s review that they can’t go backwards end it supposed to be like that if you miss the hair too bad cuz’s going backwards is basically like cheating so if that person is reading this then you you know the answer but this app is great!

Great game just a couple little things. Hi I am Olivia. Please read the whole hinge even if you think it’s long it will help you see what the game really is like thanks! 😊 I think this is a very fun game and you can design your character and it’s super fun. Over the time I have played it I have only noticed a few things; one, there is a little to many adds like after you do every round there is almost and add every time and I also think when you get double or triple coins I don’t think you should have to watch an add every time. Same with the hair styles hair color and accessories. If you want one of those you have to watch 3 adds for the one thing. Like say I want the braid style I have to watch 3 adds just for that 1 style. Another thing is at times it will be kinda glitchy. Like if I move my girl left she will keep going straight. It’s not every time you play it’s just once and awhile. After reading this you may thing it’s bad it’s not it’s super fun these are just the few things I think should be fixed! Enjoy this game!!!!!! Editor: Hi Olivia! Yes there are many adds. We will most likely in the next update make it so that when you get t he stuff you just pay for it with coins. We will also in the next update fix glitches. Thanks for the feedback! I hope you enjoy the game and keep watching out for updates!

Well…... At first I loved this game! At the very very first, I was sad bc we play 5 levels to get a gift but we have to watch an ad to get the gift!😣and I have read at least 50 reviews from people who hate ads so we work so hard and we have to watch an ad to get a gift🤬🤬! Then the ads got shorter and I loved the game 🥳yay. It was great and I have all the hot and all the trendy everything. Not all the star everything tho. Anyway, so yeah. But now I’m angry😡😤😠for one thing it doesn’t give me gifts! ok, I do have the trendy everything but what about diamonds!? I finish the fifth level and the music for the gift plays but 0 gifts! It takes me straight to the shop!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡second the GLITCHING. When I skip a day of playing it, it’s so glitchy and I hardly get any hairs! That equals hardly any diamonds! If you don’t fix this in the next five updates I will delete this and never look into it on App Store again.😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭🥵🥵🥵😳😳😳😠😠😠😤😤😤😢😢😢😫😫😫😖😖😖😩😩😩😣😣😣☹️☹️☹️ btw this is a secret file that only people that haven’t played the game or creators can read. Thanks for reading, Natalie

It’s ok.. This game when I first bought it I played level one and I had to say it WAS fun and addicting!👌BUT… after a while I realized there was always ads all over the place once you beat a level. I mean I was fine with that because I would just leave the game and close the page and come right back and it would automatically take me to the next level. But then later on when I needed to watch an ad to get something like for example getting a second chance because I fell, well the ad would glitch or something and it would keep repeating it over and over which was really annoying so I would have to leave and come back and I never got my reward, which MEANT I watched that ad for NOTHING!!😩😡😡😡 And it always lags and freezes all the time and I KNOW it is not my iPad😤PLEASE FIX THIS DEVELOPER!!

Good game!. It’s a good game overall and addicting! It’s also a no Wi-Fi game so that’s nice for when you’re on a boring road trip. I also noticed lots of new stuff, since I haven’t played in a while. I recommend this game; I really do! Then why not give it 5 stars? It’s pretty buggy, it needs a lot of bug fixes. With the rolling hills thing, I tried to complete a level but it completely froze my game. I restarted it 5 times and it happened again!! I can’t move on from that level bc of this. It’s so annoying! Please fix your game! This has happened many times on the rolling hills and ice skating one. My character would glitch off or freeze on the screen, but never make the level impassable. I’m on level 122, and I can’t get past it because of this. Please fix the bugs!

Good but…🐶. So I have a friend at school and she has hair challenge on her phone. She told me about it and I started playing it on her phone at the end of the day. And I decided to download it on my iPad so I can play it at home. I play this game 24/7 and I love it. Just a few minor setbacks. Such as: Super laggy, every time I click save hair or second chance when the add pops up my screen turns black so I have to restart the app, sometimes when I open the app it doesn’t even turn on. But on the other hand hair challenge is a super fun and entertaining game. I do have some requests though. 1: please make pets. 2: make more skins. 3: fix the laggyniss because it is really annoying. 4: make more hair. And 5: MAKE MORE LEVELS!!! anyway that’s my review and I hope this gets read and they stop the laggyniss. Bye have a great day 🐶

Hair challenge review MUST READ (and editors please read as well). HairChallenge is an amazing Game. it’s really fun entertaining and I love it so much!! There is 2 things about the game that really bother me. But it’s not ads or inappropriate content, It’s that the hair on the people when you lay down and you have to measure how long the hair is, the hair moves up. It’s very annoying and aggravating because I can’t get my high score! The second thing is when you look closely on the hair at the top it looks like a Bob and then a bunch of hair attached to it and for me it’s very disturbing because the graphics is not very professional. If you could maybe just think about making the graphics like it was when it was first invented I would really really appreciate it and you would probably get way more downloads! Overall this game is amazing and very fun. editors if you could please maybe write to me back I would very appreciate it.

Good game just a few things. Hi I’m Laney and please read thank you! So in my opinion I think that overall this is a great game to pass the time but there are some problems. So first off whenever my characters hair gets to long it goes off the screen and I can’t see where it’s going or where it’s getting chopped off, so maybe you could zoom out the screen a little bit when it gets to long but not to far out obviously. Next off whenever I fall off of the edge a little bit and then try to bring myself back onto the floor it bounces me REALLY high up and it’s kind of annoying so maybe you could fix that. And then the last thing is whenever I have super duper long hair it’s gets chopped and I get really mad that’s all so thank you so much! 😊Hopefully I am not complaining bye!❤️

The only thing I have left to do. The first time you have a chance at the top is the second one you get to go in and get a job at a restaurant and you can go in there for like five hours or so but then you’re going to be in a different restaurant so I think you’re just not getting a job because you’re going out there and you’re going out to the bar so I think that’s the way you want it and you want it to go and then you’re just not doing that so I don’t think you’re doing that anymore so you don’t have a chance you want you don’t have any other options and you’re just going out to the other person you want you just don’t have any options you want you have no other option and you’re just trying not trying and understanding you understand what you need and that’s all that is the way you don’t know how you feel like you’re just not doing that.❤️❤️🍄😘🐸⚾️⚾️👯‍♂️👯👯‍♀️👩🏿‍❤️‍👨🏿👩🏿‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏿

There are a few things..... I really like the fact that the game isn’t completely cursed like some of the other games which look as if they were made by somewhat of the same developers. I only have really one thing that bothers me, and I know it sounds like a dumb thing to complain about and I’m sure it wasn’t intentionally made to look like that but when I saw the add for this game (and the first picture) I noticed that the yellow obstacle which supposedly comes down to cut your hair, in in the shape of an ACTUAL blade now the reason this bothers me is because (as a person dealing with suicidal problems) most would recognize that shape because it resembles a small blade which most people use for self harm. I’m sure you know what I’m hinting at and if that could be changed just a little bit then it would get a five-star rating from me

Ok... maybe recuce ads. Ok... so, i think my only complaint is the ads. I want to enjoy it, but just a touch to many ads. Like, like, to get a lot of the rare stuff, you have to watch 3 ADS! That sould only be 1 ad guys. That doesn't make any sense. It would make more sense if it were only 1. Otherwise good game but i would like a pet to run around to collect some hair for you. Like, a cat or a dog or even a bird. i think that would be really cute and helpful. And i think it would be really cool if you could customize and make your own hair. That would be cool. I would like less ads and i would like the things i already listed otherwise really good game i recommend this Edit: what is going on with the Sophie and Brad notifications? I have literally no idea why they're doing that. Why are they doung that? Developers,please answer all my questions and tell my WHY the do Sophie and Brad notifications because that's actually kinda weird to me. Thank you bye!

Great game but one thing 👍 (read update 3). Ok so I loved this game and then they updated it pretty recently. So now the game has multiple paths you can take which I kinda like and now you can get more then 125 length. The only thing I don’t like about the update is they updated the characters and now their body’s are weirdish, and the clothing is not as nice, but the worst part is their faces are really weird now. Not that good :(. I would like if you could change the people back to the old ones thanks! 4stars Update 1: They updated the levels and now they are WAY to hard please change this I don’t like the game anymore :( 2 stars Update 3: Hey it’s been a year just gotta say this game is amazing now and I love the seasonal updates. Also the leaderboard! They even have a storyline now! It’s really fun! The only thing I would say is that there’s a lot of adds and that the characters are lacking diversity. Besides that, amazing! 4 stars!

Things to know before downloading the app. The first thing about it is that the mascot of the app you don’t actually get hair like that and you don’t actually get a dress like that and you don’t get the face like that you get it a different cartoony way and IBut I don’t like it because you don’t get it add free you have to buy add free and the second part of it is ads ads ads every time you at least go off like one of those clips there’s an ad and you have to watch ads for something secondly how about you have to win another game for the second thing or more coins diamonds what I called them I do not like this game this is a total failure I’m not trying to be a Karen but really someone should call the manager! 👿👿👿👎🏽🫵❌❌

Love this app but.... Hi my name is Brea and I love this app and I’m on it all the time and I level 25 I had problems on but I updated the game yesterday and that got fixed and so now I’m on level 36 just sitting at my house on my bed playing the game because I was bored and so then I get on level 36 and it will not let me collect any of the hair I trued will all of my characters but still won’t let me collect any hair to grow out my Characters hair and I know it’s not my Internet because I just watched three adds to get a new character and I have seen a few comments about 3 adds being to much and I think that it is to many adds as well and that maybe u should make a make your own caterer and that be the three or possibly even five adds to make your ownCharacter and customize her outfit but yeah so if u could get that glitch fixed that would be awsome thank you for taking the time to hopefully read this review

12+? Erm… doesn’t seem like it…. I haven’t wrote this review as recent as I should have. On thanksgiving, one of the children got this downloaded on her iPad when she was being nice by sharing. She gave it to another kid who was at one of my relative’s house. I approved this game thinking that it was trying to be downloaded by one of the children. Since they’re responsible (and I was talking to relatives) I skipped reading the reviews and details like I usually do and I just approved. But after that I actually checked the game. Their were girls in inappropriate outfits and I think it is unacceptable that games like this are still on the App Store. This is sexist and a disgrace to all women. I hope apple realizes this soon enough and removes all games like this. I do not think any children should be downloading this. Girls or boys. Please keep this in mind when letting your children download things or letting them give their devices to other kids. Unless you know them well (which I didn’t) you don’t know what they have been taught at home and what they’re capable of. Goodbye.

It’s ok but... Ok when I saw the ad for this game I thought I ought to give it a try it was fun until they created the story part of hair challenge girl a story about her moving away from her home city and the reason I didn’t like this part was because every two choices you made you have and you would have to complete three levels to get to the other ones it wasn’t even two choices you barely got to make choices in there I made zero choices all she did was tell me what to do and then when the chance came for me to make my choice there was this thing that said complete three levels to do the rest and it was really annoying because I haven’t even made one choice yet and when I did make only one choice there was another one that said that it was three levels to go on over all don’t try the story mode really annoyed me the overall game I would say a 3/10

Great app!!! Thumbs up 👍🏼. Hello! This app is so fun and very entertaining! But let me say that sometimes when I get in the game it starts to glitch. Like when I first join and it says to play it won’t show the button and it will show my characters hair floating in the air. But I don’t know if anyone else sent a notice about this already. One thing I LOVE about the characters is that if you look closely, you can see their nails are painted! I find that very cool! Also, if you closely again, you can see they have bracelets on depending on their outfits! Like my outfit is the pink crop top and the cheetah pants. And the bracelets are pink, green, orange, and what looks like blue or black. But anyways I think those small details are very cool. One thing I would like to see in this game is custom hair. Like there could be a button that says you can make your own hair! Like colors and curls or not and braids. Because their hair can still grow if their hair has a style to it! Overall, I think this game was a super smart idea!!!! I love it!! Definitely 5 stars! ✨ ⭐️

Good game. this game is truly amazing if you don’t have this game you are truly missing out it is amazing you have to try it this game it’s like a perfect year I’ll explain it to you you have to walk like it’s kind a like high heels if you have that game you’re also missing out because that’s an amazing game so it is perfect and you have to like walk and then there’s like different hairs and like there’s different colors of hairs and it just makes your hair longer whatever you have and like how long your hair is at the end you have to like put back your hair like she falls backwards and then there’s like hair that goes down to a number and so you have to and whatever you get that number it is how many diamonds you get but you could also add it like you could I get 45 I am like I’d like more so this is an amazing game get it please and yes

Hair challenge. Hair challenge is my absolute favorite game other than Roblox. This game has never lagged for me! I’ve had it for a week and a half and it’s amazing!!!! I want to say that the fever mode needs some work... I don’t know if this is just happening to me or if it’s the same for everyone. Any how, the fever mode lasts for two seconds and then turns off. I WATCHED A WHOLE ADD FOR THAT. I have tried 5 times and it’s the same every one on them. The other thing is why are all the eek on literally wearing bras?!? I have to use the original one that you start with because I personally think it’s very inappropriate. If you would please fix these things the game would be five stars. By the way, I don’t know if on the fever mode was meant to be that short, but if so, this needs to be fixed. One other thing-yes I’m needy-sometimes “my hair” is clearly in the 75 box let’s say, but the game will say, “ Nope you got 70.” This needs to improve if you want people to rate your game 5 stars. Also if you would please respond to this that would be great! I just want to know you have seen what I think about your game. Thanks so much for creating the perfect game for me to play! It’s amazing! You all are so creative! I’ve never seen a game quite like this. Like Among Us has been copied so many times, and you did not copy anyone’s game! Thanks again.

DELETED AFTER 1 SECOND. First of all, why does it want to track me? I am 8 years old and tracking is complete danger. Second of all, why is everyone like “ooooh this game is so fun I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!” and “This game is amazing good work ❤️.” When it is not ok to have kids play this terrible game. Third of all, why does it have inappropriate dance moves like twerking and shaking the girl’s tush? Not even 12+ should be playing this inappropriately. Other kids around the world if you’re interested in reading this then please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT IS EQUIVALENTLY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME😤! (P.S Please do contact your parents or a legal guardian to delete this game right away! I have also heard about the original while I was playing games it was about this boy saying that she was ugly and he only cared about her hair but the dumb thing is she was trying to grow her hair long so she could impress him and live happily wrong after.)Yeah so I don’t recommend downloading this app on your mobile device...

This game is . . . REPETITIVE. This game is a pretty good game, although it is repetitive it is still fun i have gotten over level 200 and it got kind of boring after that. so after i got over level 200 i deleted the app because i didn’t like the repetitive aspect. then i downloaded the app agian to hive it another shot and i do like it alot im now on level 24 and since i dont have all the items it is pretty dun and i enjoy!🥳 please read this part!!!!!!!!! so this game has a lot of adds!!! well because of the adds i just turn on airplane mode airplane mode works fine dor the add problem, and also what other mobile game has adds that arnt a problem (Roblox) for example Roblox doesnt have any adds (thx for that Roblox) also read this part this game can have so mild suggestive themes like it show that you can only be skinny and perfect for guys, (even though you dont wlk up to a guy at the end of each level) and as a girl whos hair soesnt grow fast i find that affensive. so please game makers make some more characters that are not skinny or “perfect” just make them like regular people you see walking sown the street and make the characters just feel like regular people! maybe if u changed some of that thx!!!! thx for reading my review if you finished reading my review you get a 🎂 yay u got a cake!!!

meh. so this is a fun game however the lagging is VERY annoying. i’ll exit the app and when i click back on it, it will still lag sometimes even worse. the app sometimes closes on its own. i actually paid for ad free(ads after every round got VERY annoying) and think it’s unfair i still have to watch ads for prizes or if i want a new hairstyle. i think it’s be better if we can buy it using coins. also the levels are VERY repetitive. I play the same layout at least 100 different times. i think the levels should get more advanced as you complete them. i think that will make the game even more fun. also it DRAINS my battery. like it is insane how fast my phone will die from playing this game. and i only started to notice how fast it drains while playing the game. i feel like the game can have a lot of potential, it just needs a LOT of work.

Good and love it! But. . .✨✨✨. I love this game it’s pretty addicting and fun but it has a few problems. 1.I was just doing a level when all of a sudden I jumped really hight I failed then it didn’t happen again and it does it every so often please fix this 2. Can you be a little nicer when people who play fail because it goes YOU FAILED! it makes some people feel bad sometimes 3. When I’m playing after a level there is a random add then I press something like a upgrade that takes a add right after the random add then it’s says add not ready 4. Some thing aren’t working! I accidentally cut half my hair off then I pressed bring back hair or whatever it says then I watch then my hair was THE SAME! Please fix these bugs and other things once again this game is very fun but please fix these! 😁😁✨👍

Could be better. First- Great game. Fun levels, great concept. The gameplay is fun and the events are very cool and give great rewards for playing in. Overall it’s very great but I have one problem. The front hair. When you see all the hairstyles in button form, they look amazing. The default hair is very nice, so you decide to watch the ads to unlock more hairs. You see the front hair of the other ones- you keep using the default. The messiness and stringiness of the other hairs makes it look less attractive and makes people not want to use them. The other thing is the models. I feel there should be more diversity rather than just a clothing and eye change. It would make a big difference if you could pick your skin too, or make models with different skin tones. If those two things were fixed, this game would be amazing and way more aesthetically pleasing to play.

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD!. I started to like it but it’s so inappropriate you don’t even know personally I don’t mind it because I’m just 9 and I don’t even have a shape but those little weird inappropriate dancing makes you think that being skinny is the only lead to beauty another problem that which I have no idea if it just happens to iPhone people but my phone gets extremely hot while playing this and this makes you sweat a lot and your body gets hot that’s which the more you play the hotter it gets and if it gets to hot it gets to the point we’re the iPhone gets slow and there can be a warning that your phone is super hot if that happens just put it in the freezer for like some minutes that’s why I removed the game although the game itself is kinda addictive that’s also a bad thing the more time you play how I said it gets your phone gets really hot so after all I like it but wish it isn’t a bad game.

I love this game!😍👍. I love this game so much I think the harder gets the more fun it is I love the really hard challenges and I love that at the end the hair like gets measured And one of my high scores was 350 and I never beat it it just seemed almost impossible but I just kept playing the game because I thought it was fun one of the things I kind a like is the story but I also didn’t like it because it just interrupted you in the middle of where you were playing not like in the middle of the game but like after you done with like a level you just like teleport you there if you did the correct amount levels but I also think that you should create the whole story before you post it in a game because then people are gonna be like I want more story or why would you post a story if you haven’t finished it so if that was your whole story at first and then you want to add some more story on that sounds good if it’s just like part of the story and you’re adding more on later like why would you do that why won’t you just make the whole story first anyway I think your game is lovely I love it thank you so much for making it thank you for reading my note and everyone else’s thank you!👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Great game but…. I think the games great and everything but there are some things about to that I don’t really like. I got some help from my friends. All my friends have this game but there are some things that could be changed I don’t know if this is a glitch or not but I’m pretty sure it’s fine my high score is one hundred and twenty five and even when it’s a hair level and there’s so much hair to collect I still don’t get a new high score even though my hair went over my high score I’m pretty sure this is just a glitch and I’d like you to fix it. I don’t think this is a glitch it’s probably a one on one thing because I had loads of hair and then I went over a chain saw and It flung me up in the air to the end I’m either very lucky or this is another glitch or has it happened to you to? If your reading this I really think you could fix these minor issues and if you did I’d give you five stars (keep in mind I love this game) sincerely from hair challenge lovers x

It was so fun but now…. I had this game a long time ago and it worked really well, but a while ago i went on a trip and i re downloaded it because it was fun. Lately i keep on going into the game and when it loads it works just fine, but then when it is finally fully loads it cuts out and takes me back to the Home Screen. I dont know if this is a bug but it is really bothering me and i hope u can fix it 🔜:D

REALLY GOOD!. I rated a 4 star because it was really good until I got to level thirty. It made me trip over and fall when you could easily walk on it. Some people have been saying there are “glitches” but it was level 30, not an odd number, exactly halfway through the level, on the level you earn a prize. I have no idea how to fix this because idk how to change levels so I can actually play, so please fix this glitch! Other than that it’s a great game and I would definitely recommend. If you are under 10 years old maybe not, because some of the clothes are inappropriate.

It’s an… ok game?. Hi, I got this game because my little sister downloaded it and played it. I noticed on her IPad, it was a lot less laggy, even without wifi. Mine, on the other hand, makes my whole phone laggy and it’s becoming very annoying. It also drains my phone battery. I can go from 50% to 20% in less than 20 minutes. Another thing I want to talk about is having to watch three ads just to get hairspray, skins and cosmetics. This is ridiculous, since there is an ingame currency consisting of gems that you can collect after you complete a level. Having three ads and then random pop-up ones is just annoying, since I’m collecting gems for basically no reason Also, I just wanted to point out that in level 75, there’s a glitch that makes you fly up in the air after walking on the bumps Thanks for reading my review and I hope to see some changes in the future

Great but can you add more please. A really good game and I think that I should keep playing for longer but I’ve already got everything and now I can only get money and I can’t buy anything with the money so could you just add more like characters or like hair or accessories thanks

Nice but not nice pls read. Ok, so I like it- the gameplay is awesome 👏! but some problems. 1st- the ADS! Plsss just stop them who cares about you earning money 💰! We need fun WITHOUT those annnnoooyyyinngg 😩ads. 2nd- it’s reallyyyyyy glitchy 🧐and sometimes it says ads aren’t available when I want bonus characters or levels 🥺- and I can’t do them ☹️:((((( So that’s alllllll sorry 😞 for the bother- i like how you changed the characters faces ~ no offence~ but yeah. The characters are prettier now! Also one more thing. Plsssssssss make less cutter thingys! It’s sooo hard with those around. I have rapunzel height hair, and snippet! it’s all gone short 😭 in one second! But I still like 👍 it. It’s challenging! Soooo anyways good gameplay 👍 Thank you, goodbye 👋 💚💙💜💖 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amazing but... This app is amazing! Me and my cousin play it all the time but we always get annoyed about how laggy and how much adds there are. We really want the lag fixed the most so you don’t have to fix adds because we know it’s how you make money but the lag needs to be fixed it’s so annoying. Thank you for making such a fun game I really hope you fix the lag ~ Lauren

Good but Bad. I love playing this game with my friends because it is so addicting and fun! But I have a high score and I can never ever bet it and the game purposely puts really easy obstacles at the start and really hard ones at the end, so when you have heaps of hair a metre before finish line you lose most of your hair and never get a new high score! 😑

Terrible, so glitchy.. I have seen my friends playing and loving this game, but after I downloaded it and opened the app, it kept glitching me out of the app. This was a complete waste of time and I would not recommend, very disappointed.

Sorry but… it’s not the best. There are always ads so they can pay to keep the game up and running instead of making it cost a bit to buy it, except it also gets very boring because of all the ads and I don’t know about everyone else but once you get to a higher level it glitches even more. Not my favourite game, but I’ll still give 4 stars because it is quite fun just could have a few improvements.

Cl4mzyEli. This game is super fun and easy to get addicted to😜I love this game and could play it for a week straight😍my favourite part is that one you finish it people cheer for you even if you didn’t do that good and it makes you feel happy😃 I would definitely recommend this game but the thing is that if you want extra money or diamonds you will have to get through an ad and when I go to press non extra diamonds or money GUESS WHAT…..ITS AN ADD so if your the type of person who doesn’t like adds I don’t recommend this to you thank you for your time bye😘

Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it but one thing. I know this game is such the best you can get sick skins that rock and hair color and other things but the only down part is you need 3000 something to get skins hair color hair styles and other things but I think this game is awesome pls keep this up with other apps you should make sure people enjoy this game this game is awesome and other thing people who white a review for this game put in lots of big words and more sentence ty if you can make the number you have to buy the skins and other things lower like 2000 From Natalie

THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I loved this game and I would play it for ages- that is until it came to the adds. More times then not when I’m watching an add because they always come up when you’ve done the round the add glitches. Like The x button isn’t working and the add starts lagging really bad and the only way to fix it is by swiping up, however when you do that, you lose all the progress you had just made in that level! I had just got a new high score, when this happened and now I’m really annoyed because I have now not got that high score and have to redo the level. Please fix this because I am VERY annoyed because this happens VERY often

Awesome but one thing. I love the app and the styles but there’s only 1thing that bothers Me. There are to many adds. Every time you finish the level it brings you to an add. I don’t know if it’s just my iPad or if it’s the game because whenever I press the cross/close it just brings me out!

3 stars!!. This is such a great game. Never lagged since I got it so that’s 1 star. The second star is for the fun and challenge of the game. The 3rd star is for the amazing and different characters and styles. This app lost 2 stars because isn’t it meant to be 4+ but the way they dance is a little inappropriate for people and kids under 12. It’s fine and stylish for over but this isn’t right, a kids game being INAPPROPRIATE! And the second reason is because they should add more! Download this app but please supervise your child while they play it

Amazing game. I really like this game, and for those people that think it’s super girly I don’t even know what that is that’s just sexist in my opinion. It’s a great game when your bored and when you don’t know what to do! Beating your high score is a great challenge and it’s a game where you have to beat yourself more than others. Overall I think it’s a awesome game.

Good until .. don’t download. It was a really great game and I loved it it was one of my favourite games and I love how you can stop and not just keep continuing growth but then the new update came out and I lost everything like my characters and hair that I had watched 3 ads for was all erased and the new girls are weird and the game kept glitching for me I eventually deleted but decided to give it another try and was worse so don’t download it is now just so much glitchy great jobs to the creators for making this game just a few improvements sorry I don’t want to be a Karen I also just downloaded the game again to give it one last try and it is absolutely terrible with the new update her hair doesn’t even blend in and it just stays in the same which looks disgusting also the girls look depressed and dead inside please fix this

Not bad😕😶. The game is good and I play it 24/7 but but there is a few things I’m not happy about. The game is extremely glitchy and every time I beat my high score the level resets itself and I have to start again, and when I get off the swing the game glitches and I fall off the edge. I’m not happy about it and Rollic games needs to fix the bug in the game

I used to love this game but…. I used to love this game but It has become bad in its recent update. Don’t get me wrong, this game was extremely fun but I don’t like the new update. It lags on my device when it didn’t used to do, and I just don’t like the new design and parts of then interface that have been changed and added. Please change it back or do something to fix it.

Fun but one big problem. I love this game it’s free and it’s good to play in your spare time but my brother got this game and there was only one boy there needs to be more boy characters games like beauty games are sometimes sexist about theses things about not having more boy characters this is a great game but please add more boy characters

Amazing game plz read developers. Amazing I just got it and it is epic. 1. Can you make the adds a bit easier plz? 2. Plz change the faces of the characters they are creepy in my opinion 3. The adds. Even tho I pointed out all these things, they are small so it is still 5 stars

Amazing! But a bit glitchi 📶. This App called hair challenge, is really really good but if I could make a change about this app program, it would be the glitching. It is a bit hard to play when there is a glitchy bug in the game because I keep getting chopped. I’m going to go to the positives now. I love this game because it is really Stylee and I really like it, and it is really fun to play. For all the people that keep getting ads, I suggest to turn off your Internet and then play there I haven’t actually done this idea about the Internet,But you can try to do it yourself. Overall I really love this app and I would rate it a 4 only because it is glitchy and it has a few ads. Thanks for making this game I hope heaps people enjoy it! ❤️‍🔥

Barely got to play. First I got to download it on my iPad and it only worked for that one afternoon and then the next day I went on it and the loading bar got to a certain point and stopped loading it wouldn’t work I even tried updating it but still never worked and then when I got a phone I downloaded it again the same thing happened and I was just like I honestly don’t care anymore but it worked on my sisters iPad but yeah I don’t know if its just me but yeah

I love this game but,, I don’t (pls read). Once I downloaded this app, I was playing it for hour’s!! It’s very addicting (in a good way) but there is just one problem… THE ADDS!! I understand that most games have adds but, there’s just to many!! Most of the adds are inappropriate for 12 and under so I recommend that you should change this immediately. It is a very fun game but, I don’t because of all of the add’s. And 2nd this is a very fun game because, who would have thought a running / hair game would be that fun!! Thx for reading!!

Pretty good but there’s a problem. Today I was just playing this game, as usual. But, I couldn’t help but notice that every time I play, it glitches and takes me out of the game at the most random times! It glitches especially when I’m about to get a prize, but mostly when I have to watch an advertisement to get a reward in the game. Other than that, there are a lot of inappropriate adds for other games. Everything else is good.

Good but can annoy me. I love this game and play it all the time but the problem is that there are too many adds. There are adds after every round and if you sometimes play hair challenge story you either have to spend a lot of hair scores or watch an add to continue every minute. Over all I love this game and it keeps me entertained, I would just stay amused if there were less adds.😺

Good game but a few issues. Since the update iv enjoyed playing more, however once you have finished your run and your seeing how long your hair is it glitches out and takes 3 number levels off your hair when you can clearly see it was meant to fall 3 numbers levels down, trying to beat your high score is becoming harder because of this. please fix this because it’s not an accurate score.

LOVE THIS GAME!. Hi, I really like this game and i highly recommend this to people who love to have high scores I really Like this and really think this is nice, there's also never any ads I won’t say there’s never but most of the time there’s are but hardly any ads i love this but pls upgrade it because its been like this for a while and I really want to see a change!

Am rating this 5 star for people to see. At level 26 it's rigged whenever you try to complete it then it will give an add that doesn't even work and it becomes very laggy so you can't get long hair it's taken me 2 weeks and I'm still trying 😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Can u do better?. First things first when I saw the add of this I instantly clicked and had to get it. I had to wait a wile for it to load I tapped on the app and then waited for 10min probably to just get in the silly game🤬! I started to play and I glitched straight of the run way I was so annoyed but i didn’t give up for about half an hour.I deleted the game I had got the game back like 5months later I tried to go into it but again it glitched me back out! I didn’t even get to see the starting line!

Amazing 🤩 but two problems... So I downloaded this app and it was so fun, but then the ads started to be popping up at every level, two reasons why I don’t like this is because they are the same add every time, and they are very inappropriate. Second problem, the avatars. So the avatars are very inappropriate with the clothing, the clothing does not cover parts that need to be covered. And all the avatars are, are like skinny girls, they should add more boys and make the avatars have different body shapes. Cuz not everyone is skinny and pretty.

There is an inappropriate glitch and a bug I think. Okay so I just hopped on to the game and I dk if my iPad was lagging or anything like that cause the last time I was checked it was perfectly fine now back on topic soooo while the little girl character is walking her pants look like it’s go a rip or something cause u could see her little u know and could that be fix and also I updated the game and it’s apparently it’s now Halloween so it’s got that little Halloween profile so I was wondering if u could fix that too thx

Could have been good if.... This is a fun game but I only give it 1 star ⭐️ for the following reasons. Firstly there are adds after EVERY SINGLE ROUND, that gets me and I know MANY other people very frustrated. Secondly unlike in many of the adds you do not get rainbow hair, it just changes colour completely instead of adding the different colour on the end of what you have. It’s not a major problem but it definitely would be a cool feature. Thirdly it glitched SO SO MUCH. Whether it is glitching out or lagging it ruins the game. I thought this was just my internet but ALL my friends that play this have the exact same issue. It’s no fun when you have to restart the round every time you glitch out or having to watch an add twice to get a prize because the game glitches out the first time! This is very annoying especially as I would have LOVED this game so much if it didn’t have everything I just listed. I would recommend NOT wasting your time in this game unless these problems are fixed.

An Amazing Game!!!. An amazing game, so addictive. Lots of people usually complain about ads, if you don’t like the ads just turn your wifi off, simple. Overall an amazing game, I’ve never found glitches or any problems with the game. Highly recommend downloading👍

RIP OFF. This is basically a rip off of high heels but it’s made from the same people so I can’t sue them Firstly the ads! 😡😡😡 it’s so annoying and the ads are usually very inappropriate for little kids and is absolutely everywhere Secondly the skins are ok but when you get to the bunny bikini it’s pretty inappropriate and when you wear the outfits most of the time it’s doesn’t work Thirdly they haven’t realised that the hair colours are boring the only thing cool about them is the blend. Fourthly I wish you could compete with other players to see who can last better and who has the longer hair because it’s boring just trying to get a new high-score when you don’t wanna because it’s really hard to get there in the first place Fifthly make it so you can do something after you get the biggest high score or at least get a secret item I got to the last and biggest high score and got nothing but “would you like to buy our other game” “HIGH HEELS” I can’t say six Ly so yeah make better updates the updates are getting boring and worse and soon are getting tiring please do better Finally make the game better in general lol more skins better quality more action more story make a reason why you want your hair long maybe to impress your friends or to make a bully jealous please do better.

It was fine before... So, dear developers. This game and it’s continuous updates, are getting super annoying. There is ads all the time, and why add an update with all these weird frizzy hairstyles, and walks, and you have a glitch where everything on the levels is messed up and out of place. If this is an update, I’m disgusted and will be deleting. Why did you make the score prizes less? It’s so had to get 300 gems already to unlock characters and why would you watch 3 ads to get one. There is one more glitch I’d like to address, phone case DIY’s ads music keeps playing in slo-no when I’ve watched some ads. Sorry if I’ve offended you, but you should work on your games. Overall? 1 word for you. Horrible! And sorry if this is a mean review but reviews are your opinion and this is mine.

It was so much fun… until…. So basically I loved this game it was so good and so much fun to play. Until I got to a level. I completed it but I seemed to not be able to get of the level I have repeated it about 20 times hoping that next time I will be able to go to the next level but still nothing. I have checked most days to see if here’s is an update and maybe that’s the reason why I haven’t been able to move to the next level but there is no update available. Aside from that the game is so so much fun. I think that their might just be a glitch with my phone so I definitely recommend getting! But please look into fixing that if others report it too!! Thanks.

My review. Hair challenge is great and addictive. But there are so many glitches. Another thing is the outfits, hair and accessories. You have to watch ads to get them and half the time the ads are not ready. When you only have one chance to get an accessory or outfit or a different hair you need to watch an ad. And when I go to click on the ad I can’t get the item because the ad is not ready! This needs to be fixed.

Amazing just one problem. When I saw this game I begged my parents to let me have it. When they finally agreed I was so excited. This was a little while ago so the new update wasn’t out yet and it kept crashing on me and I just stopped playing it for a while. Then one day I don’t know why but I just wanted to get on again and try it out. I had such a big surprise and I was so happy. But then all these inappropriate ads started coming up so I got my mum too buy it for me. But now a glitch keeps coming up where when I want to play a new level after I’ve collected my gems where it freezes and doesn’t let me continue playing so I have to double click my home button and go into the app again and that happens every time. I will keep playing it though because I’m on top of the leaderboard and I don’t want to loose my high score. Can you please reply to me and fix the glitch. PS. Great game love it.

Great game but….. This game is like one of the best games I’ve ever played! However, when I reached around level 32 (right now I’m on 34) it started glitching A LOT! I just updated the game now, and so this could be a possible solution. Also, I am sure I beat my high score (305) but it keeps taking me to my original high score and not setting me a knew one! This has happened around 10 times! Again, I recently updated the game and so this could be solved when I play again. But definitely download this game. It is awesome! Hope this helped

Entertaining but needs improvement. This game has kept me entertained for a long time now and I haven’t become sick of it either. My negatives are that no matter how much hair I collected/ my certainty that I’ve beaten my high score, it will always give me same result- (my highest score so far). The courses although they sometimes vary, can also be quite repetitive- I’m on level 304 and have completed the same course multiple times. The adds are also quite painful. Other than that a very entertaining to keep you occupied.

So addicting !❤️. I started playing this game a month ago and I’ve got literally everything in the game all the skins all the hairs and stuff and hats so I really would like for you to add more stuff because now it gets boring , I also want to like have duo races and race with friends . Also it would be nice to have friends on the app where you can trade stuff and do challenges together. But I still love this game even if I’ve been playing it’s for like a month.

So addicting! ❤️. Hi… So yknow how u just made an update right? Well at first I thought this game was pretty boring. Well turns out I was wrong! Ever since u put in the new update I have been so addicted to this game. It did turn out a bit challenging but I like it anyway, u just can’t hate it! I love how realistic the characters look and how u put in like, sooooo much more hair. It really helps me get new high scores, mine used to be 125, now it’s 305! I do have a request though, pls make more characters and hairstyles! All in all, hair challenge is a great app! ❤️❤️❤️

Bad beats good. It’s sometimes annoying but, it’s not stupid. Just it glitches me out so, if you can just fix the glitch. Then it’s equally good and bad. I give it a 2 not a 1 because I am on 185 and it’s really fun 🤩 (not with the glitches). But, when I watch one ☝️ add then I try watch another one it doesn’t let me get it even if I have full bars of Wifi. ( bit sad 😢) So I wait the next day to get it.I would give it a 5 stars if you let us watch 3-4 adds to get something and if you fix the glitch. That is all my problems. Recommend for people who love adds and don’t care about glitches.

So many ads. Overall the app is great and enjoyable, but after every level you play there is a ad… it can get annoying and it makes the game less fun. The game is very fun though but sometimes the obstacles with the spiked wheel, it chops off my hair even though I didn’t touch this, I’m not sure if it is just sensitive game play or something but it just confused me multiple times. Thanks for reading and yes, I recommend this game 100%

So ⭐️🌟⭐️fun but…. Don’t get me wrong I love this game but.. For starters it is very laggy and doesn’t let me play and it crashes a far bit. Every second time I watch an ad it crashes and I have to hit the home button twice and reload the page. It is annoying because I lose my score and sometimes it’s very high. Once I lost 600 points because it crashed and didn’t even save it as my new high score. Sometimes it will lag mid game and I keep holding the screen and my hair always gets cut. But other than that this is a great game and the leader board is so addictive and overall it is great but if you could fix those couple things it would be great. From Addicted User

I Like the app but…. Don’t get me wrong i still like this app and i did find it kind of addicting i guess but the update has kinda ruined it for me. The look of the people now are kinda just ugly and the levels just look weird and i don’t particularly like it. I’m no hater like i’m glad I could get past the score 125 ( No matter how much I tried I couldn’t get past ) but I really don’t like the update. Sorry. Still a great app though. Just my opinion. 🙂

✨🌹🥀Amazing game but 2 problems 🥀🌹✨. I love this game😍 and once you download i you get addicted to it!😱 when I first downloaded this game 🎮I couldn’t concentrate on my schoolwork 🏫 so when I played this game🎮 and did I but at a time I got the work done ✔️. Anyways me and my sister love this game! We love 💗 playing this and pretending to verse each other 👧🏽👩🏽 we recently got the new update and it’s AMAZING 🤩 I was reading one of the updated description (the one that I started playing on)👈🏽 and it said you could play multiplayer but I did not see anything to do with multiplayer. The last problem is with my score 💯 my high score is 295 and when I a hundred million percent sure I beat my high score it just takes me back to my original high score. Anywho this game is great 👍🏼 continue with the updates ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍🖤

Great but….. I love this game. Like i will honestly play it for 10 mins not stop but there is one problem. Whenever i play it glitches and either kicks me out of the game or just freezes. I know there was recently an update including bug fixes but please fix this bug because i cant even play.

Great game. Okay I love the game but there are some things that I don’t like and like if they could add a mod where are you can Play with your friends online and for me sometimes it gets really glitchy and it’s really annoying especially when there’s a razor it’s gonna chop the hair but it is a great game and I definitely recommend it I can played for hours and never get bored plus you don’t have to pay any money to get it in the first place💵❌🙂

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Hat.... Overall I’d say this is one of my favourite games on my iPad the only thing is that there is a really offensive native headband that you HAVE to get witch I think is really stupid and just WHY? I recommend to the creators of this game to remove the headband out of the game.

Not a good game for kids. This is a good game in all but there are so many inappropriate adds and plus this game is 4+ and there are probably a lot of kids playing this game so I think you should get rid of the inappropriate adds but everything else is okay but it still is a ZERO I just put a one because it wanted me to

This is my FAV GAME. It’s my favourite thing I love it so much I just started playing it but it’s so satisfying

Eww. Theses girls are very cute But I have 11 year old girl named Gemma And she said to me one day look how hot these girls are I wanna look like a them some day And it’s just unnatural! And than I thought it would stop but than I heard my my girl talking to her friend saying oh every boy would love to have sex with these hotties!!! And than one day my girl is 14 and looking at pron, Now I’m 32 and this is still going on for Gemma And now I have a 1 year old baby boy and I don’t want history repeating its self Never get this Gemma is 29 now and still struggling with her past never get this! Single mom Amy

Crash. I cannot enter the game! It crashes every time!

To many ads. Fun game but every 5 seconds there’s an ad and I can’t play because of them 👎🏻

good ig. nice !

Love it. Great game again by Rollic-Zynga

The best game. I think it’s the best but still there is too many ads

New characters look. Hate there new look i can’t stand looking at a disformed barbie doll please bring back the old version

Fun. Good game

Don’t get it. This gameKeeps on kicking me out

Trash. I was playing this game and suddenly it brought me back to my Home Screen. When I reopened the game it made me start over! I deleted this app. Trash. Don’t waste your time.

Dumb game. Super bad an dumb game so much ads and will kick me out every single time

Very Laggy. The game is Okay but it is too laggy and it keeps on kicking me out to my Home Screen. Please fix this.

Won’t let me play. This game is so lame. It won’t let me play. It keeps kicking me out to my Home Screen. FIX THAT. I know this game does not deserve a 1 ( even though I would put a zero)bc I had this before so fix it

I Love this. I Love this game so much

Hair challenge. Make your hair longer!

Won’t let me join the game. Whenever I try to get into the game it puts me back to my Home Screen you need to fix it ASAP because I really want to play the game I think it’s a bug please fix it!

Girl idk. The app keeps closing on its own and it’s really annoying 😩

Hair challenge. Bro I don’t get this game

Culturally Hurtful. We were very disappointed to find an Indigenous Headdress as a “trendy” item in the game. Many Indigenous communities, including our own, have worked hard to try and bring an end to the trivialization and diminishing of cultural practices. You may not have realized but we would be grateful if it was removed.

I dislike this game very much. It is very horrible to play and it teaches kids that they have to be beautiful to be liked i hate this app don’t download it is just horrible for people to play such a sexist and dumb game

Disappointing. The app makes girls look like Barbie dolls and that is not what girls are😤😤😤

ADDS. I am not AND I MEAN NOT patient so when there is a add I leave the game because I’m so impatient. It’s a good game, but I hate the ads.

It’s a great game!. This game is amazing!!!

Laggy very laggy. When I tried to open it,it got me th the Home Screen but the bar didn’t fill at all horrible game DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Can’t enter the game!. My problem is I had a bug that kicked me out of the game and when I tried to go back in I wasn’t able anymore!

Toooo mannny adds and other people say it’s inappropriate. Ok I’m getting max at people because they say “OHh WELL ThiS APp iS NoT ChILd AppROPRIATE”, oh yeah and wayyyyy wayyy WAYyYyYyY tooo many adds and why is it not for no internet this app is horrible and people who say it’s inappropriate I don’t get how that’s a fact but whatevs

New update breaks it. New update and now the app won’t load past 90 percent otherwise fun minus too many ads. Would give more stars if it worked.

Offensive “headdress”. The native headdress hat with the feather is ridiculous and should not be in this game

Girls can be beautiful. The vibes of this game to me is kinda like all girls have to be perfect like the goal of this game is to keep your long hair but girls can be beautiful with short hair or no hair GIRLS CAN BE BEAUTIFUL TO!

This app was great love it. I love this game it is so incredibly easy and fun for everyone. The only problem with the game is that it absolutely SUCKS. It’s horrendous NO ONE SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME I HATE IT IT MAKES EVERYONE FEEL LIKE THEY ARE BEING

Hair challenge. Great game. Love it!

Good game. It is taking so long to lode and as soon as it lodes it kicks me out so that is really anying

Kim k. Who is better Kim k or khloe

Hair Challenge. I HATE this game, it’s so annoying when your hair is so long and then it gets cut, But it’s pretty satisfying. I recommend not to get this game but we all have difference recommends, and if you do get this game it’s pretty hard but DON’T GIVE UP.🤗

Ads. There are a few ads and it is kind of glitchy

okay so,. This would be a 4 star game is these were fixed or weren’t in the game: #1 = there are women in tight dresses and they wiggle their hips from side to side and this is highly inappropriate. There are also girls in very high crops/bras which is also highly inappropriate. #2 = there is an indigenous headband in the “ trendy “ section and I find this very racist. #3 = the obstacles that you have to dodge In order to win makes it seem like you need long hair to look nice. I feel, that all of this needs to be updated, or changed. -someone who cares

Don’t work. Every time I download the game it’s logs me out doesn’t work

This game is amazing!!!!!. It’s soooo fun i can not stop playing

Fun but the adds. The title is pretty self explanatory

It is so glitchy☹️😡. Please fix this

Glitching. It keeps exiting the app, glitching out

I hate this game. It’s not letting me play the game

The new anime characters are freaky!!. They probably change it because anime is SO popular rn but not everyone likes it This just makes me disappointed this was my favourite game to play in the car but now I can’t even look at it

Fine fine. This game is just fine.I had completed lots level and this game was doing good.but than it was awfully creepy.i don’t like this game. But it is okay!

Personal opinion. It wouldn’t even let me on the app please let me be able to play it shows the elephant jumping on the ball then it kicks me to my home screen please fix this!

Still ads after purchased the “remove ads” $3.99. My daughter enjoys this game but is frustrated by all the ads even after I purchased the “remove ads” option :(

Inappropriate. There are a lot of inappropriate things about this stuff. There are women in very tight short dresses where they show you need to doge obstacles so that they don’t wreck their long hair which they make seem like you need long hair to be beautiful. They also make those women in the game wiggle their hips from side to side so that is one of the many things about this game that you might start to pick up on and do it without noticing. PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T GET THIS GAME IT IS SO DUMB! Thank you -Someone who cares about how you feel about yourself 🙂

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I kind of like the game!. So I have this game before too and I love it when I was six years old but I am 10 years old now! So yeah it’s been a few years now I can say I kind of like the game, but not really because I think it’s boring because every single day just keep messaging you saying please play my game! All the time I do not like it! And I have to play with other strangers! I don’t want to. It’s so boring and I don’t like it because when I’m trying to sleep, it’s like time to play the game or something like that at 9 PM! When I am sleeping, just saying for me to go and play that game at 12 PM! Like, no thank you! I don’t like it. I do not like it, and I didn’t know that you had to be vs auto strangers! Why this game I’m just giving you a only. 3!Because I don’t care.

The New Update. The new update is creepy, the characters are so realistic looking. To be honest, I always thought the characters were unsettling. The game is actually kinda fun, today I beat my past high score (125) to 180!? And then that high score turned into 240 I think. So basically the hair can grow longer. Now I am going to talk about the hair. So with the new update the hair look all tangled at the top. And I got this curly hair, and it pretty much just looks like braids. ALSO, ADD SOME NEW HAIR COLORS. I really want a hair color that had one half like one color and the other half another. I know the have this but the are combined so it just looks like pink streaks in yellow hair. 🙄 Ya that was my confusing review.

10/10 game 🤩. When I’m playing this game, my anxiety goes away! I don’t know what this game does but it majes me feel so much better. When I’m doing homework, I will play hair challenge and not be so stressed out while doing homework. One problem though... I HATE when u are almost to the end and then u feel the phone vibrate and then you lose all of your PROGRESS. in other words this game is a 10 10 game idk how u would not want to download this game!? When I first saw it I thought, “ well it looks fun I have been playing this game since it came out! But BIG shout out to the creator, keep up the good work and if your reading this download now for free! 😁

No.....not really. I’m not sure about this game. I saw an ad about it and I was like yeah okay let me try it. I read the reviews and it seemed like a pretty good game. I liked it for the first few levels but..... the 3rd level the ads started. I was like okay there’s one ad then the fourth level another ad the fifth level an ad and so on. When I read the reviews it said this game was amazing not to many ads. No.... they were wrong, if you like ads go ahead and get this game but I recommend not too. This game is also really laggy I thought it could be just my phone but no. I asked my friend and she said it was laggy and I asked my cousins and more friends and they said it was laggy. Please creators I’m not saying this is a super bad laggy game I just am asking please try to fix some of the bugs. Alright i guess I’m done...

Great game, bad performance. i am in love with this game i haven’t been able to stop playing it everyday the only problem i have with the game is that it has some bad lag spikes when moving past the saws and blades also i’ve been playing on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and playing for only about 5 mins gets my phone very hot and then the game starts to slow down i’ve also experienced crashing on iOS 15 and major performance issues also the levels are starting to feel really repetitive so if we could get some new levels maybe even bonus levels without the saws and stuff but overall great and addictive game!!

Amazing game, but I gotta say.... Okay so this game is AMAZING it’s fun and satisfying and just awesome. But one stupid thing is, I was concentrating on timing when to run over a tile to get a magnet. I started to run and then, BOOM! Ad. When the ad was over, (thirty seconds later 😠) I had fallen THROUGH the tile and had to start all over again. Its a fun game, but two more things: one, I wish you could design your own person and two, some of the ads are SO ANNOYING. Like, almost EVERY TIME I play, there’s ads for PROGRESSIVE! On a KIDS GAME! ALL THE TIME! And the ads for Progressive are all like, “tap to fly over the rainbows!” and blah blah blah. So if you can do anything about these things, I will give this five stars!

It’s very good but one of the outfits have a bug.... Ok so overall I think the game is pretty good! I play it when I’m bored and I think it helps with boredom. The reason why I’m writing this review is because there’s an outfit that make you look l8 a literal GODESS and it’s glitched because it makes this little cylinder thing on the characters face, which I was pretty disappointed about cause that outfit is one of my favs. Not to mention the overload of ads every time you finish a level, I get that the game has to make money but I think it would be better if it had an ad maybe once every 2-3 rounds. These are only suggestions and in no way am I saying it’s a bad game.

It’s a good game, besides one little misconception. This game is fun to play when you have free for example if your doing stuff like waiting to get your hair cut, a car ride, a break in school/ a lunch break, a little bit of time before bed, etc. I am busy a lot of the day but when there is time for a break and I feel like playing a game, it’s this one. It doesn’t take long to load, and there aren’t a bunch of adds that take waste time. I totally recommend this game. But there is a point in the game when you get onto the swing, if you miss the first wig even if you go through the others it won’t pick them up. You have to go through the first one/ones to pick up the rest. Other than that, it’s a totally playable and entertaining game.

Facebook Clickbait. I downloaded this out of morbid curiosity, just to see exactly how crappy the real game was. I wasn’t disappointed; the controls are super clunky, and swiping left or right to move your avatar sometimes doesn’t work. It lags horribly, and you’re lucky to get those satisfying moments like you see in the advertisement. Speaking of ads, those don’t work half the time either. It’s irritating when you’re trying to unlock stuff in the shop, or get a power-up for free. This last one is just a mild nitpick, but the game could do with some better looking character models. These look like something out of a cheap rip-off Barbie movie you’d find on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. I know this is a free mobile game, but come on….it looks like crap, runs like crap, and could use some patches or other updates to make it run smoother at the very least.

Attention! Please don’t get!. Hi my name is Madison, and I gave this game five stars because I needed your attention Ok so it all started when I was in my room with my sister and I saw this game and I didn’t read the comments or whatever you wanna call it and I regret that.. I started playing for a while then a ad comes up and it’s a shirtless GIRL and two boys on the side drooling. So then I was. Gonna delete the game and then another ad comes again and I see a naked boy in a closet and a dad or a grandpa is looking for him so this is pretty much the end Thank you for spending your time reading this But don’t get it bye!

The worst game to ever exist. This game is the worst because it’s always glitching and it keeps kicking me out so I go back to my home screen I started to like it at first but then now I’m getting really annoyed that I can barely play it it is so annoying you should not download it unless you want to keep having to go to the front and also it is so dumb because like it makes people think that to be beautiful you have to have long hair that is not true people are short hair and no hair still so beautiful so this game is not for children under six so I hope you all read the whole thing because if you did I really want you to read this because don’t let it if you do get it you should probably read all the reviews before you get it because a lot of these are really good ratings and some of them are important stuff like this one but thank you for listening to what I have to say you are so amazing Love Zoey

Spring Update Glitch. So, I just wanna say, the reason I gave this game five stars is because I absolutely love it!! However, I’m pretty sure today they added the spring update and it was really cool at first earning all the items and stuff, but then I realized that once you hit level 583 (which I did) the game just wouldn’t work. Like I couldn’t even move or anything. And I know that this wasn’t just me glitching because once my friends also hit level 583 the same thing happened. PLEASE FIX THIS!! Again, amazing game but there’s a glitch that needs to be fixed before the spring update is over :(

Pretty good!. This game is really fun, I like how it gets harder and harder on each level and that you can buy girls and hair colors and pets. But there are a few things that I don’t like about this game. Well first of all, there is an add after every level. It makes since that there are adds you can watch to get stuff, but not after every level. Maybe after every three levels. Also, the game is really glitchy. At first it wasn’t, but now that I’m into the harder levels, it’s really glitchy. Like, I’ll be running into hair, not a blade, and it will still cut my hair. I know it’s not my device because none of my other games are glitchy. Ok that’s all. It was a pretty good game until the glitching. Thank you for your time😁

Kenley. I love this game and it’s super fun and entertaining! There are couple things that could use some work though. There are LOTS of ads, like after every round! (So if maybe there could be a bit less I’d appreciate it! ) And one last thing, it’s often very glitchy. Like every turn or move I make I often freeze up and loose all my hair Bc I ran into something Bc I was frozen! Then I usually give up on playing the level Bc I’m always freezing up!! But please don’t thing this is a bad game, as I said before its very fun and entertaining! It just has some bugs that need a bit of work. If you could please look into this it would be great! Byeee!!

I love hair challenge but….. I love the Hair challenge game it’s probably one of my favorite games.. I love how we can get new characters by new levels! I love the concept of the hair challenge story and where all the tragic to fun events happen! But the only reason why it is disappointing is when I go into the game and it lags so that makes me delete it and start over from level 124- level . I just wish there is not bugs or any mishaps that makes us start over! But overall I love hair challenge it’s a very good game to play in your free time! If you haven’t download hair challenge… please do it now I know that from the second you play it you will love it! Thank you🤗

It’s okay. it’s in general a great game but when you get to level 84 every time I have to delete it because even when I power off my phone and when I exit out of the game fully it just shows blue like the sky and it does not let me move or buy anything so I can’t play unless I delete it and then if I delete it again it only lets me play till level 84 and then it does the sky thing I would give it a five stars if it did not do that but I’ve been playing for almost a year now and every time I get to level 84 it does not work and it says I’m at the end of the level when I’m not so I think this would be an overall three stars but if there wasn’t the glitch then definitely five stars.

So much problems!. When I first got this game it was really fun, but after a day or 2 of playing, I’ve noticed some pretty annoying problems. First of all, it so laggy to point where I can’t even play the game! I was just playing, and at the end of the level it glitched and all my hair got cut off! Secondly, the maximum is 125. The game shows that you can go to long lengths and there is no maximum, but every time I play I can’t pass 125! It’s literally impossible because once I scored 130 but the game said I scored a 125, and it happens ALL THE TIME. Lastly, the game has so many ads, like a LOT of ads. I’m not the person to get annoyed by ads, but after this game I am. The ads come in between your levels! It throws you off! So don't waste your time playing this game.. it’s truly the most glitchy game I've ever gotten!

Best mobile game I’ve ever played. I love this game so much! It never really gets boring, There is a leaderboard, a shop where you can buy in game items, it measures your hair at the end and updates your high score, and overall the game. Very many different levels, I’m level 340 and I have never been in the same level twice. I enjoy dressing up my avatar and unlocking new hairs, but only a few complaints and requests: Now that I have unlocked and bought all of the available items I feel there is not a goal anymore. Which makes it a little less fun. And also a problem with the leaderboard: It hardly ever allows me to change my name. I’m not sure if there’s a trick to it or anything but yeah.

Love game!!!!!!! ❤️😍. Hair Challenge is one of my favorite games!! It’s levels are challenging, but easy enough that you don’t give up. Usually. (Lol) The only thing is, they have that “Story Mode”, which is very fun and interesting. But they have so little stories on it. Honestly I was looking forward to more stories, but it is taking FOREVER. I’d like for there to be more, if they are going for an Episode type as a side. But anyway, great game!!! I think it’s cool how they measure your hair at the end, honestly. Also, there are some times where there are big patches of hair, but I can only get a few because there aren’t any magnets. 😭 But still, GREAT GAME. I totally rate this game 5 stars.

Nice Game! Fun and not Annoying. It’s a fairly fun game! On my iphone I have a high score of 1k+. It gets sooo addicting positively. The levels get harder sometimes, but some are a repeat but with a little spin. I like the game and it doesn’t have too many annoying ads. It’s a real nice game and I recommend it to anyone who just wants a good time and a distraction from the outside world who wants to play a pure game. It has a storyline, but if you just want to continue playing just the game, you can stop playing it completely by skipping it. I like it, and I look forward to more updates!!

This is great but…. I love this game. Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I’ll play this game and I no longer get bored. But, they recently added these caution lasers. How are we supposed to get past them? Every time I try to look for a clue to get past it, I can’t find it. How are we supposed to get past the caution lasers?? It’s really confusing, and not helpful at all. I don’t get why it was added, but it could be a little better if you at least added clues. I have to watch a 30-1 min ad to get a second chance and to get past the lasers, which is not helping. I tried to fit through between the lasers, but I can’t. How are we supposed to get past it?

Best game ever! But just one problem... Hi, I downloaded this app today and it’s sooooo fun! 😃 there is a lot of hair colors, hair styles, and you can customize your character as well! It’s super fun but one thing is when you want to get a style for your character or hair.. W H Y do u need to watch THREE ADS for a style?? You don’t need to watch 3 adds for 1 style for your character.. Also, when you reach the end and see how long is your hair for example I got 60, IT SHOWS AN ADD! You didn’t need to put an add at that part unless you got a specific reason for it, sometimes even when I die this happens..Please put less adds in the game and I would be appreciated by that, thank you for reading.

Hair challenge. This app is Amazing! You can change your hair color, change your outfit, and even watch adds to get rewards! The only problem with this game is whenever you get finished with the level you can’t go back and do that level again unless I haven’t figured it out yet. Also after you watch adds to get rewards the game glitches a bit but all you have to do is close out of the game and log back in! This game is so fun to play! I could keep playing this game all night long! Get this app!!! Plz!! It cures my boredom so long! Get this Amazing app now on the App Store!

Far too many ads!. There’s an ad every second in this game. Literally! If you die during the game? Ad. When you finally complete the stage? There’s an ad when they show you the hair results (how long it got). Then there’s an ad to continue to the next screen to get to the next stage. When first downloading I would just close the app out because these are multiple 30 second ads! That’s an entire 1 minute and more of ads per a 20 second gameplay! Now, when you close out the app to avoid the ad, your data does NOT save! You will still be on that same level. I tried it multiple times. Unless you watch those ads you will not advance. PLEASE do not waste your time as I have. Some of the 5 star reviews are clearly paid. ALSO, it’s tracks DATA! Any and ALL data! Big red flag! Almost everything you do on your device with this app installed WILL BE TRACKED.

Just Listen 🤟🏼.... Hi I am Isaiyah!, So from the ad it seems like catfish , I downloaded the app like 2-3 months ago so I have a lot of experience and I'm not just in here to write something and not have an explanation for anything , I put effort into this message and I'm not just saying this to say this so , on the ad from another game , I saw that there are stacks of hair , and there's a magnet just like this one (🧲), and when I played the game from 2-3 months when I first bought it I didn't see it and don't know when I will or whenever I will , just was a concern that's all , STOP CAT FISHING YOUR AD'S IF IT ISN'T THE SAME EXACT THING AS YOUR " ACTUAL " GAME THEN DON'T MAKE OTHER GAMES SPONSOR YOU?!

Great app except ads. I will be playing a game it’s very fun very fun I really like the game except the spinners that cut off your hair go really fast so you can barely get anything 2 i’ll be playing a game yeah but at the end of a game every single time you get a add it’s very annoying but besides that very fun game you can sell the spinners can’t get you but they move so fast that they usually cut your hair you can get accessories and people much more but I do think it’s a little much that you have to pay 3000 for a new person but there is sometimes glitches I’ll be playing a game and she will glitch to the other side it’s kind of weird and it’s pretty fun I recommend it but you don’t have to play it love the game very fun

Not FULLY worth it.. Hello, my name is Jayla. I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun, entertaining, and “stress relief”. Well, no. I am giving this a 2-star rating because it is fun, but not the fact that it is sooo entertaining and well, stress relieving. The adds for this exact app make it look fun and never make a mistake whatsoever. When you download this game, you can create your own stress. My 17-year old sister actually created so much stress from this game, she didn’t focus on her sleep. This game can be extremely stressful due to the fact that when you get so much hair and then you find yourself in front of something that will cut your hair, you can’t move backwards, and you then just realize, “Ugh, what did I do?!” And create stress. A little something i would add is the feature to move back and try not to put the cutters so close to each other. Thanks for reading this.

being appropriate. I wouldn’t say it’s the best I would just say it’s not appropriate for like little kids like if they’re 5. 7 6 just be a little too much for them I think it’s a really good app for older kids like if they’re 1316 maybe I don’t know if you’re an adult so what’s really going on is really so you would just so it’s a game or you have to move around and try to find hair that you collect and then at the end there is a power boost and it shows you how long you get and then for the first one you have to try to get past your high score that you very first Scott and so yeah that’s my review thanks for reading my review thank you

This is a great game but one thing…. This is a great game but the only thing I don’t like is how much it costs to get a new hair color! It is 3,000 diamonds and I only get about 40 diamonds every round! Other than that, this game is FANTASTIC and I really enjoy playing it! There is no ads unless you make them come up by pressing an add button for accessories. I never really cared about my hair color or style in real life but in this game, I really find it fun to end with a different color every time! This is a wonderful game and I hope you download it to your device. Have a good rest of your day. God bless you!

Suggestions. This is the best game ever although I have some suggestions. Instead of the swing they take their hair and tie it over the line and hang on like Tarzan? And also at the end they pose and swish their hair around before measuring it. I was thinking when there’s a drop, and they fall, they use their hair to climb up, but here’s the catch. You have to tap super fast in a few minutes or else she’ll lose her grip and fall. I think you should also add a multiplayer function so you can play with a friend. That would be fun. And these are my suggestions. Bye! P.S. the multiple ads are very annoying

It’s pretty good💜. So this game is soooo much fun!!! I love it and I only have a few complaints. So to start us off, I’d like to say that there are a lot of ads. After every two levels I think I’m finally going to earn my gems but there’s always an ad. I understand that adds are to make money, but there is just WAY to much. Ok so next I understand that it recently changed a bit, but the graphics are kinda bad. I LOVE how the obstacles look but the characters aren’t as good. Overall tho I really do like this game! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an app to entertain them! 💜✨🧞‍♀️

It’s really fun. It’s a fun game to play especially on a car ride or when board and it only has a few adds during the time you are on the app but if you don’t like when it is hard to not cut your hair or hard games then don’t get this app If you do then I definitely recommend it for you I think it is a perfect game and there is no need to update this game rite now so don’t worry about any thing wrong with this app because it is a great app for me so if you end up updated this app great but just now that it is a great app so don’t worry about if it needs updates or not because it’s a perfectly fine app

Reaaaaallly Lame. This game is really lame. See I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it lol. I understand these games. A lot are similar, like the coin one, and the people running, where you have to move right or left to add to or subtract from your score. However this one is almost impossible. Even if you move right or left your hair is trailing behind you so you can’t control which direction it goes. So if you move left your hair is still moving right and the razor or whatever is coming will still cut it. Plus the whole goal is to make it to the runway on the end where people will clap for you and then you lay down on your back, throw your hair over the side of a cliff and measure it? The whole entire concept of this game is just ludicrous. Whoever thought of it should be fired. I deleted it within about two minutes.

Surprisingly good, but kinda dark…. I like this game and the developers because it’s not greedy! Thank you so, so much Rollic Games for making this amazing app! But, the reason that I call this dark is because your character can get electrocuted and can fall off cliffs. Ummm… yeah it’s kinda dark for little kids, but they might laugh at this because all little kids that I’ve met laugh at this stuff now, but I’m just sayin’. Also, in one of the ads, it shows colored hair, so how do I get that? It is either false advertisement or I just unlock it in a different level. That’s what I think, but it could be something different. Anyway, I do recommend this to mainly girls, but boys can play, too. That’s all that I have to say about this game. Stay safe! Signed, your fellow happy gamer.

Awful Game 😭🤢. Hello, I hope everybody is having a great day but I have to give to give a bad rating because the game itself is teaching kids and others that you have to be hot and skinny and trendy and have pretty hair to be beautiful, and that is not true, everybody is beautiful in their own way. The other reason and main reason why I deleted this game immediately after I saw it was because the ads. They just ripped my heart out and made me horrified, the ads on this game are so inappropriate even for adults, and it shouldn’t even be a game because of it. The ada are so horrifying and terrible I almost cried and prayed right away because I felt so bad for being able to see those horrific ads I saw. I’m so sorry for this bad review. But it had to be said. I loved it at first but it’s so terrible, please fix this and MIGHT be considering to get it back, but I don’t know if I can trust it anymore. 😢 Have a great day everyone!

So fun just a few things. This is an awesome game but there’s just some little things that make it bad but it’s still really fun you have to watch quite a few ads to just get one thing and it’s kind of annoying no offense to the game or anything or to the person who made it but and it’s sometimes really glitchy and it really lags a lot and it’s kind of kind of gets annoying so if that could be fixed then I would love this game even more than I do now although it is really funny and it’s very satisfying to see see them just lose their hair when it gets cut off or they fall off the edge overalls are amazing game it’s like some feedback please thank you

Changed my life 💅🏾/It’s cool ^^. I just played one level and when I checked the Queens I git all of them 🤪 then Nicki Minaj came over and said I’m the 2nd queen of rap 👸🥰 then I become one of the queen characters and had long hair I was also become a Kardashian.I was also friends will all of the celebrity’s in America! :UPDATE: I saw reviews that were exactly the ones that I wrote from 3 years ago so that’s probably why I typed that review. Anyways this game is fun! And if your wondering no none of that happened in my latest review. But this game is fun! I like the hair colors accessories etc.. so yeah I suggest u to play! My recommendation is…..If you like dressing up characters and like making long hair then this game is for you!! ^^

good but…. pls read it all🥺 ok so i’ve had this app about a week, and it is really fun, but i’ve had some problems with it. first, levels are SUPER repetitive, which gets boring. also, sometimes i randomly go up in the air and i miss points and stuff. another thing is that my hair gets chopped off when it doesn’t really make sense that it’s getting cut. also, the girls are honestly kinda unattractive. plus, if you get a hat or bag in the run, you have to watch an add to actually keep it, which is pretty lame cuz there’s enough adds already. finally, the loading screen when you open the app takes FOREVER. so yea it’s fun but there is a ton of stuff that could be better. thx for reading

Really good game!. This game is amazing, it’s got really cool avatars, cool hair colors, and you can even put your hair is styles! It could be straight, kind of curly, in a pony tail, and more! And you can also get accessories for your avatar while your in the round, too! And they don’t make the app impossible, but they don’t make it easy. And the adds aren’t that annoying. Or at least not too annoying to me. And in the round, you can unlock new accessories, and hair colors! But from end to beginning, this app is just really thought through, and very fun, a bit addicting too. So on my account, this is an amazing game, and I think you should really get it. Thanks for reading! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

😒. This game is fun but has bad messages that would upset small children(probably why this game is rated 12+) The messages are 1. The only way you can be pretty is to have pretty hair etc. So basically the game says you can only be pretty by having pretty hair, being skinny, and wear pretty clothes 2. Sexy dancing. So after playing rounds you watch an ad then are taken to the leaderboard on the right and if you look to the right you see your character-DOING A SEXY DANCE. 3. Bad example. So like I said, this game says to be pretty, “have pretty hair” and they mean it. They made an ad of a guy yelling a girl because of her hair. That’s like a Pepsi lover yelling at a Coca Cola lover because they like Coca Cola. Never do that. Differences are fine. That’s what makes the world work Thanks for reading! Please read this and this is Evan signing of! Also! The clothing categories are hot and trendy? WHAT

Please read, and buckle up. It's Mario cart review time.. Hello! This is my review. Now people reading, this is just my opinion. Please don't be mad or angry if my opinion isn't the same as yours. But I have a few things that might need. •the braids! They aren't even braids. It is just curly hair. •the power ups - honestly, I think there need to be more. •competitive modes - I think there need to be online competitive modes. But, I know that is hard to do. So, I understand if that doesn't happen. Also, we need more stories! The storyline just got good when we lost stories! So, please, more stories! Other than that, it is one of the best games I've ever played! Have a great day! Bye!!!!!

There is a problem. There is a problem there are so many adds it is annoying it is also very laggy even my friends say it’s laggy pls fix this😊 the adds are not the most appropriate adds especially not for kids some are for erasing girls and guys clothes and the get almost naked but it is also pretty fun and challenging also with the game I looked at some of the reviews and they said they don’t know what to do with the diamonds and there is nothing to do with the diamonds but when you first start on the bottom corner it say shop and you can go in there use the diamonds to buy new girls and accessories and new hair

update!. ok so hear me out. the game is great!! but ever since the update i havent been able to enjoy it much. first off, when the game updated, when i chose different hairstyles, for example, the ponytail, you could see like, the “stray hairs” standing out, and it just doesnt look pretty anymore. i also think the faces on the characters need a little more work, but i really like how they fixed the proportions and the new animation is awesome. i think you should lower the prices of the items in the shop, 3,000 diamonds is a lot imo!! high heels has WAYY lower prices. the game is still enjoyable, but i would really like it if you fixed these things!! thanks, ill update this soon when i get a response!

Favorite Game!. This game is one of my favorite games, mostly because it’s fun and you barley get any ads! I’m glad they changed the dance for when you go to dress. That was so inappropriate! I don’t know why they changed the people. Well I love this game so much, This is totally a 5 star! if you don’t have the game yet and are looking at this review, I totally recommend you download it! I play this every time there is a long drive to somewhere. Once I drove for 6 hours and all I played on my iPad is this! As I said, if you do not have this game yet and is looking at this review I highly suggest you get it. Thank you so much for reading this! Have a good Day/Night!

Before the Update, it was the best game ever. (Please read all even tho it is pretty long) My best friend told me about this game and we started competing, about higher levels, more items, gems, etc. when the update dropped the game started glitching A LOT and everything became low quality Instantly. If I wrote this before the update, I would strongly encourage you to get the game, but now, (if you are reading after July 30, 2021) then you should not get the game. Or if you already have it, I really don’t recommend updating it. They made the avatars Fatter, and their hair got really messy, the colors got messed up and so did the hairstyles. If I wrote this before the update, I would strongly encourage you to get the game, but now, (if you are reading after July 30, 2021) then you should not get the game. Or if you already have it, I really don’t recommend updating it

Welllll. I love this game its really fun to play and i use it for a few times a day, But…. I decided to delete it because to get a new game i wanted i needed to clear up some storage. So i deleted the game because out of all mine it definitely was not necessary to have and got the new game. I got more storage so i got the game again so i could play( mind you i had 3 million diamonds and my high score was 130!) anyways… i go to play the game for the first time again and all of my diamonds are gone and all of my highscores to. Not only was this pretty annoying but i worked pretty hard for most of that stuff and i know that its half my fault for being the one who deleted it but lets be real its not necessary. Other wise this app is good just dont delete it.

OMG 😱 16 STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!. I love this game so much it’s so fun! It’s so good and I like the new progressive bonus lvl! It’s so fun 🤩! I play this game,like 16/5(I can’t say 24/7 because I sleep 🛌 and stuff and I don’t play especially when I’m sick 🤒) 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️! The app is the BEST GAME EVER WOULD RATE 16 STARS HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯! I wonder if you can add more accessories alos thanks for toning down the ads it helps a lot even though I mostly turn on airplane ✈️ mode! If you read to the the end of this,then YAY! You got a cookie 🍪 and a 👉🏽🎁 gift! Open it! 👉🏽🎁 you got a pet monkey 🐵! 🐒🐒🐒! And you get another gift 🎁 open it 👉🏽🎁 yay! You get a 🛴! Yay you get a scooter! And you get some popcorn 🍿! Enjoy!

This game is AMAZING. Ok so yes this game does have a lot of adds (which you have probably heard from the other reviews) BUT most of them are for 3x the amount of coins you’ve earned from a round or to get something that costs 3 adds. 80% of the time when you finish the round an add will pop up but they are normally skippable. Besides the adds this game is extremely fun and is playable off of WiFi. If you play off of WiFi you also don’t have to watch adds in between rounds which is great! WARNING this game is very addictive and you might play 159 rounds in 24 hours like me. But overall this is a fun and good game you should definitely get! Have fun playing!

Not Bad But To Many Adds!😵‍💫. This game is great in all and I love this game! I like: the game has retries, different hair colors, different characters, different SUPER CUTE accessories, and that it’s a mystery to see who you will unlock next! There is 1 thing I most HATE about this game it’s THE ADDS! The adds role in every time I’m don’t with 1 round of the game! It’s CRAZY! When I play a game I don’t think about the adds but once I see an add after 1 round of my game, my mind just goes blank! I can’t stand how many adds there are! I want the people who made this game to cut down on some adds make it where you can play at least 3 rounds without an add. This game would be better if you could play the game and not have to worry about adds. I know that A LOT of people complain about adds but ME I CAN’T STAND THEM! I’m sorry I wrote this complain but I can’t help it. Again I’m sorry. Please improve this game. People who want to get this game please read this it’s not very bad like most of them but it’s at least I could help say how to improve the game. Please again cut down on some adds, THANKS!

Great but..... Usually I'm not the person to write hate reviews, but this time I'll make an exception. This game is so fun and addicting!! I love how fun it is and I play it every single day. But what gets me is the ads. There are WAAY too many ads. It drives me insane!! If you want to collect an item or new hair color, you have to watch an ad. After every level, you have to watch an ad. And the worst part is, it's usually the same ads EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I can't even explain how many ads I've watched while trying to play a peaceful game of Hair Challenge. Now, this is probably what we get because the game is for free but still. If you don't like ads, I don't recommend this game. Can you please fix this? Please!! I would appreciate it so much!! Other than that, the game is superb. Love it! Thanks for reading!! <33

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 25.6.1
Play Store com.Upperpik.HairChallenge
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Hair Challenge was published in the category Games on 01 April 2021, Thursday and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This program file size is 918.74 MB. This app has been rated by 390,746 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Hair Challenge - Games app posted on 04 April 2024, Thursday current version is 25.6.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.Upperpik.HairChallenge. Languages supported by the app:

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Cash App 16 October 2013
ChatGPT 18 May 2023
Reddit 07 April 2016
CapCut - Video Editor 14 April 2020
Gmail - Email by Google 02 November 2011

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
Terraria 28 August 2013
The Wonder Weeks 30 May 2012
Bloons TD 5 15 November 2012
HotSchedules 30 October 2008
AnkiMobile Flashcards 26 May 2010

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