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Text or Die Game Description & Overview

What is text or die app? The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters!

As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten!

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App Name Text or Die
Category Games
Updated 02 February 2024, Friday
File Size 322.67 MB

Text or Die Comments & Reviews 2024

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Don’t download this game it’s not worth it. This game is intriguing and yes it is fun but it’s not worth it as far as I can see, there is a lot of ads and half the time I put in something correct, it says that it’s wrong. For instance, one time it was asking what a position in the army was; what is one of the positions of the army. Well I responded with squad leader. There are many other incidents, but this is the most recent. Especially when there is the special games that you get after every game you play and you have to pay 100 to play it, I have to watch like 4 ads each time to actually win ,because I keep getting them wrong even though I actually got it right. Guys I’m just informing you that it’s not worth it. If you want a fun game this is it, but you better be expecting a lot of ads and a lot of mistakes because they obviously don’t know right answers. I am the type of person to get mad and rage over games, sorry for that but trust me, this is a whole other level of rage. It is like they try to make you angry. If you have anger issues I highly recommend not to get this game. It is nothing but a disappointment

Word Game Seriously Needs a Dictionary. By now everyone realizes these fake multiplayer games are only played in single player against bots that are so braindead the player is practically forced to win. Kind of scummy to imply the game is true multiplayer, but not the end of the world if the game is fun. What really makes this game painful to play is how obvious it is that it was designed by non-native English speakers. This is a simple trivia/word game where half of the time you’ll give a correct answer that the game will not recognize. Other times, answers that are two separate words or just not real English words will be input by the bots - those answers will be scored correct. If you look up the developer, Rollic Games, you’ll see they’re based out of Turkey. I’m all for developers in non-western countries working in the games industry, but perhaps they should not be designing English language word games if their staff are not actually fluent in English. This game could actually be worth playing if the scoring system worked consistently and you could play against other real people, but as it stands even as a free game this simply isn’t worth anyone’s time.

Annoying. This game is an excellent idea. When I’m actually playing the game it is very entertaining. Unfortunately the execution is ruined by ads for me. If I were to play this game for an hour, at-least 30 minutes of that would be spent watching ads. At a certain point it feels like more ad than game. The worst part about it is this game seems to be designed to be a casual game. It’s supposed to be a game that you can just pick up and play real quick. If I were sitting in a waiting room and started up this game, it would most likely be with the intention of passing time. An ad every 2 minutes is not helping with that. I’m tempted to close the app every time an ad pops up because I probably saw one 2 minutes before. This game will use any excuse to give you an ad. You could be in the middle of a game and it will give you an ad. I would say this would bother everyone one you’re playing with, but I’m pretty sure those people aren’t real people. So there’s another turn off for this game. Great idea but terrible execution so far.

It’s Okay. I like the game. It gives me something to do, I learn stuff (if I can remember it) but there are a few issues. The first one being that the answers aren’t always the same as the real life answers. For example, the question was name a flightless bird, and I did. When the round ended (this was an event) it said that chicken was an answer when infact chickens can fly. Which I guess might be a minor mistake but this happened to my friend when I was thinking of words for her. Except it was a different word, I can’t remember. My second issue is all of the ads. I get that you can get money from them and that you can have rewards that you need get with ads BUT I have never seen so many ads on game. Multiple times when the round ends and I don’t want to triple my reward, it still gives me an ad. Recently I was in a timed event and the game randomly FORCED a e to watch an ad which lost all the time in the event and the other person won which made me have to watch an AD AGAIN so I could do a rematch and so my progress wouldn’t get lost. In over all, WAYYYYY TO MANY ADS, and get your answers checked.

Do not install.. Text or Die seems great in concept, but it is just like all the other mobile games out there. It still needs a lot of work. For example, the game should let you play against actual people instead of bots (possibly by creating a time limit mechanic). Their answers will become more realistic and the game will become much more challenging. Some people may even learn a thing or two. Some of the answers are incorrect. For example, the “Name a Billionaire” question doesn’t accept Jeff Bezos, but does accept Jeff Bezoz, who is not a real person. The “Report Missing Answer” feature is useless. I bet the developers have never looked at the reports. You could also save the ads for unlockable content and the end of games. For example, just this week I was playing a game before a one-minute unskippable ad popped up. I grudgingly waited until the end of the ad before no X popped up and effectively soft locked the game. I instantly uninstalled the app. At the end of each round, a grid pops up full of unlockables. I had had the game for a year and not once did I find an unlockable. The character select screen could be a little more diverse. There is only one woman. They could add a customizable system where the headwear, clothes, hair, and even skin tone, could be customized. In summary, the game is far from good. I uninstalled the game - and you should, too.

Has amazing potential. I just got the game today and it’s pretty fun. There is only 3 problems I have with it. 1 ads. The ads are very annoying. It will ask you to watch an ad to get extra coins, which is fair, but if you choose not to it makes you watch an ad anyway. Why put the no option if I’m gonna watch an ad anyway? 2 answers. I understand that the devs can’t get every single answer for a question, but I still think it should try to include some things that still answer the question. Like dinosaurs for animal questions. I got a question that said something like “Name an animal that starts with A” and I answered Allosaurus which answers the question. It said it was wrong and cost me the game. 3. players. Are the players even real? They can be from countries that don’t speak anything close to English like China, and answer correctly in English. I mean, there might be a few real players like when I came across one that spelled Target as Atrget but that was only one time. I personally think there should be more real players and not CPUs.

ads and glitches ruin it. this app popped up randomly on my phone one day and it looked pretty fun. i got it and was addicted. but what got super annoying were the glitches and billions of ads every single minute. i felt i spent more time watching all the long pointless ads than playing the fun exciting game. it’s really sad because the game is so interesting and addicting but the ads completely ruin it. they are too long and there are too many of them. every other second, you have to watch FIVE 30 seconds ads before you can get back to the game. the game glitches pretty often as well. the worst is when the ads glitch. you are left looking at the stuck ad, wishing u could just go back to playing the game. most the time you have to exit out of the app and get back on, losing everything. please fix the glitches and cut back on the ads. i get you want to make profit off of ads but you are losing people from the annoying ads. i would only recommend getting this app if u prefer watching ads rather than playing a game. other than that, total waste of time.

Too many ads. I understand you gotta make money. I understand you got kids to feed and bills to pay. But these ads are so frequent, most of em require not only the 30 seconds, then another small wait on a new screen, you tap the X and it brings you to the store anyway which is a disgusting practice. Then after this screen you have to wait AGAIN to finally close the last screen to type, wait for it, wait for it….. 1 Word. I’m serious the ads are so common you actually spend more time watching them than actually playing the game. 4 bucks to remove em but they also locked character customization behind ads too. It’s not like their worth getting anyway with such creative characters such as: Fireman, Policeman, doctor, businessman, random lady or man, skateboarder. That’s the best you could come up with and you still had the gall to lock it behind 3 ads per character. One last thing, the complete lack of any and all sound including music and even typing noise is a joke especially with the ad problem. They made no effort to make any music or even put in royalty free music. It’s just sad, sad seeing people stoop this low. You have a great game here you just won’t let me play it.

Please take away the feature where you can’t watch ads to get stuff. I hate it.. I love this game, I play it a lot in my spare time and I would say I am pretty good at this game or I might just have beginner’s luck. Besides the point I have come upon a common issue that annoys me. In one of the questions it said “name a Nintendo game” do I tried to put “The legend of Zelda” but I accidentally submitted “The legend of Zelds” I told myself not to be upset because I could watch an ad to get it put in correctly and still receive points. Nope. It didn’t let me watch the ad. I would say above the keyboard instead of have the return button right next to the backspace button, you move the return button to the middle of the screen so you don’t misclick and have a crisis like me. I think instead of the ads you can pay coins for spelling errors. I like this game but it definitely has room for improvement. If you read my whole rant, thanks I appreciate it, but this game won’t have a higher rating till I see these problems fixed.

Fun but not really for kids or people that are under 10. Ok so this is a really nice game! I love this game so much. I’ve had it for a month now. The questions are fine but not all of them. I’m 7 years old so somone of the questions like the ring of fire and actors are a little too hard for me because I don’t know what is is. Over all it’s a wonderful game but like when I write my name in game it’s all in capital idk why maybe im crazy or somthing lol. I really hope you make some questions that don’t involve movies,shows, or actors because some kids don’t know what it is and not everybody knows what it is. But it’s a little bit violent too with the bomb from the cannon. And the game can get a heart attack from this game. Also if I have bad English spelling I’m sorry. I hope I’m not being a hater. But I put on airplane mode so no adds come but adds come! Too many adds. And in the bonus rounds I am so high and the water just rises like 100,000 feet so the game is cheating. Also it asks about differnt counties that I’m not from so I can’t awnser!

I think this game needs an update an doesn’t have all the right answers. The reason I gave the game a 1 star rating is number one the bots put outrageous answers so u purpose have no way of catching up not once then next comes the spacing u can’t even space which confuses people which makes the players loose then one time I put for breakfast drink chocolate milk it was wrong some how then it said animal with l and I put liger and it didn’t go thru “if u don’t know what a liger is look it up” then I put for a girl name with t tiyah it didn’t go they just because it thinks it is spelled wrong people spell that name different that makes no sense that it is wrong then some of the questions are just way to advance I understand it 12 and up but then again some school haven’t got there then there might be kids who don’t understand these questions as well also sometimes when I enter an answer it will log me out the game as if it didn’t want me to win and this phone I have is new and it never did that with any game until I got this one all I’m saying is there are a lot of flaws that really need to be fixed pretty sure a lot of people have the same issues and I think the creators should look more into these issues please and ty I don’t think I will be playing this game anytime soon anymore sorry but hopefully u understand.

Good games few problems…... I think this game is a really good game but I have a few problems. Number one, when I start playing the game is fun, but it asks you questions like, “What’s the character from the movie the Lord of the rings?” and some people have never even watched that movie, so it’s not fair. Other people can’t get it, especially if they’re on a really low scores. They’re gonna have to ask like their Alexa but some people might not have an Alexa, so they might actually lose just because they didn’t watch the movie. So can you not do things like movies because some people haven’t watched the movies. Number two, sometimes when I’m playing the game I spell it correctly. I say something that’s actually true like, let’s say maybe a country in Africa I say a country in Africa and I spell it correctly, I like a double check I spelled it correctly, and then like it says the whole word is not correct. Can U just make sure to check or double check the word is correct because some people might actually spell the word correctly and say the correct word but then it just doesn’t allow it. Number three, skin color. Why do you make one girl character only have one color of skin why can’t there be two or three maybe different shades of skin, so I can see my own. Anyway thank you for reading my note and everyone else’s have a good day!😃

Missing Answers. This has been a very enjoyable game; however, there are a lot of missing answers at the higher levels. For example, it asks for a common Christmas song, but none of the Christian songs are included (like “Silent Night” or “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”). They ask for a common landmark in NY, and instead of “World Trade Center,” the answer they’re looking for is “1World Trade Center.” They ask for a common/popular waffle restaurant in the US & wanted “Waffle Bus” instead of “Waffle House.” There was even one answer, I can’t recall it offhand, that wasn’t accepted because the answer they were looking for was a misspelling of the correct answer. You can watch videos to correct some of these, but after the 3rd or 4th time you should have had an answer right but didn’t because they were looking for the wrong thing OR didn’t have an actual answer that should have been correct, you begin to lose patience for it. In lower levels & on actual multiplayer mode, the game has been quite fun; however, when you’re just trying to progress & are playing the campaign (or regular AI tournaments), you begin to run into the previously described problems around Tournament 14 or 15. I’m hopeful that this can be fixed since I paid the $3 to play without ads, but that may have been a waste, as I will not continue to play if I continue to lose due to discrepancies on the programming side of things.

Make the ads stop. If you have stuff you can have fun playing the game having a wonderful day until the end comes then you're like oh great oh wow I don't even want to play this game anymore I don't even like them anymore as Bella just delete it off my screen so I want to delete off it's gonna be sad if you really wanna play the game do you download it again and when youDownload it again you're gonna be sad that there's gonna be more ads and I'm gonna be like oh come on I don't knowAds can I come up next in like five seconds and I like so I feel like you should play this game but if you're like really really really bored of hours than you should never ever play this game or other games I have ads in it if you want to I'm thinking it's like this game is like a really really really fun game we should play this only if you like ads or if you just wanna play the scam just I don't care about the hours I'm just chilling

I don’t give app reviews…. but I just played this after reading some reviews, so I decided to write the truth on what this robotic non online game is. Firstly, when your typing a custom name on the main menu the “Play for Cash” scam button shows through the keyboard as I was typing. Secondly, going into a game it says searching for players and loads in random playermodels with names that seem like other players, especially because used an ability; but on the other hand, all of the “players” that loaded in could not come up with words past six letters. Either I was really lucky and got the dumbest players on the game to instantly load in; or they haven’t been able to get that to work, if they bothered, so they used bots before implementation. But saying that it loads players in when it’s not a real person, that says nothing good about this game. Also I’m pretty sure that if I have the “OpPuRtUnItY” to watch an ad and collect more “PoInTs” from it while other people are loded into the game and they just so happen to not all pick the ad, kinda stirs the pot more. Not gonna lie I went in expecting a better experience than the ad, first dumb one I’ve clicked on in a while btw, I was actually expecting this good idea to be implemented well; but this just a plain as day cashgrab.

Too Repetitive. Interesting and fun the first few hours but then it becomes boring and pointless as the same questions and categories repeat themselves endlessly. I am not even sure that each opponent is an actual human bc I believe many times users are playing the computerized opponents built into the app. Also, the game in several cases rejects many very, well-known and valid answers. I loved it at first, but will probably delete soon bc I’m tired of seeing the exact same questions again and again. I paid for the ad-free version bc the degree of advertising between game sets is absolutely BRU-TAL!!! If the developers add many many more questions and categories, I’d love this and would give this app an A+. Developers should also add a format by which users can invite others to play and can communicate with other users. Adding sound effects to the shark scenes would also considerably improve this app that has so many possibilities but definitely needs the aforementioned programmer tweaking and other sufficient updating (the app dictionary, for instance, is inadequate).

Seriously…. Hello I just put 5 stars so this could be seen, but I would really give this game one star or maybe 0 if I could. When I got to a question that said, “Name a city in Europe.” Someone put, “Rome” even though that is the capital city of ITALY. Italy and Europe are not even the same continent. FIX. THIS. NOW. And another answer that doesn’t make sense to me is, on the question, “Name a board you can write on.” Someone put, “chalk” Chalkboard would make a lot more sense. Another issue with this game is, sometimes when I am in the bonus round, the “Second Chance?” option is gray even though I have good Wifi and I am right near a hotspot. Also when I put a right answer with the correct spelling, it counts it as wrong. For example, once I put the answer “Bell pepper” for the question “Name a type of pepper.” I have submitted multiple requests saying “missing answer” and still nothing. I’m not even sure if they check the entry someone put and actually fix it. I understand this game just came out but, seriously. Someone has to fix this. Also, I apologize for the long review.

Please fix the bugs. It goes without saying that this game is fun, however there need to fix the bugs that keep the player from fully enjoying the game. When passing a level, and having the option to claim an costume “upgrade”, the “claim it” is grayed out and cannot be selected. Therefore the only option that is available for selection is “lose it”, in order to continue in the game. Unfortunately, I have had to select “lose it” on the last 5 costume upgrades in order to continue the game. Please fix this annoying issue. Another problem is on the bonus rounds, if you miss an answer, the option to “try again” is grayed out, which again means you cannot select it. Additionally many answers, that have been submitted, have erroneously been counted as incorrect. For example, for the question, “cities that have hosted the Olympic Games?” I submitted Stockholm as my answer and it was counted incorrectly. The Olympics were held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912. Another question, “name a continent?” I submitted Antarctica. This was also counted as incorrect, which is clearly in error. Please update the vocabulary and terminology so that game play is factual and accurate. This has been extremely frustrating when I end up losing the game because of this games inaccuracies. Please fix these problems ASAP.

Infuriating!!!. This game was really fun… for the first 20 levels. After that, it got so hard that I had to Google almost every answer if I wanted to have a shot at not dying in the first round. A couple of hard questions is one thing, but it was literally almost every single question in every single round! And I consider myself very well-versed in language, science, animals and geography. I have 2 Bachelor’s degrees and got straight A’s in middle and high school. I’m not just dumb, I’m pretty good at regular trivia games. But no, I don’t know any World Chess Champions off of the top of my head. But my biggest problem isn’t actually the difficulty. It’s the amount of missing answers once you get to the harder levels. For example, apparently Night Gowns aren’t something you sleep in. Apparently Garland isn’t something you hang on a tree. A mailbox isn’t something that uses a key. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but there are WAY more missing answers now than there were in the first 20 or so levels. Not only are the questions harder, but half of the reasonable answers are considered incorrect. It’s INFURIATING and I’m deleting the app because of it. Don’t waste your time!

Child this game. I have so much to say. OK this is a really fun game but the developers seriously need a dictionary. I’ll play this game and I’ll type in things that are grammatically correct and spelt correctly and it will say that it’s not a word but when the bots put the exact same thing they get points. And when you choose a category to play the bonus round I hate that it makes you watch your ad for every answer that you put in, this game would seriously be the best if I didn’t have 10 ads per game. And one other thing that I hate about the bonus round is that you could be all the way at the top but if you get one answer wrong you die. And I like the little boxes that I have to use keys to open but at the same time I really don’t like them because all of the boxes have 30 coins in them and you have to watch the ad to get the prize that’s at the top. One more thing is when you want to buy blocks or skins or hats however many times you buy something the price will keep going up, you guys seriously need to change this and every time you click report missing answer nothing happens. You guys need to seriously work on that, I’m sitting here trying to play the game and I put in a totally correct answer and it doesn’t work.

Good Game just a few problems. This game is awesome but I have some problems with this. Number one, This one is about the typing. So Basically when I type something correct it sometimes say that I am wrong like for an example, it ask me like what place does chinesee language came from and I say like China and it says like something else so I have to double check it and it is correct so I don’t get why those happen. Number Two, This one is about the characters so basically like there’s only one girl with like only one shade of skin and like like my skin is not that dark so like I want to make like a little lighter or like a tannish because it’s like only one girl who is like have the dark skin my skin is not that dark so I just want different tones on the girls. Number Three, This one is about the questions,So basically about the questions they like they asked the questions like of any movie and like they asked questions about it and like sometimes peoples don’t know the movies and they just have to like guessed it already or ask Alexa but what happens if you don’t have Alexa so like have to guess and what happens if you are in a plane and you have to guess or unless you ask an adult but the movie..what happens if the adult have not watch the movie too. Those are some reasons and Pleaseee pretty pleaseee have a nice day☺️

Major problems switching in and out of ads. Don’t know if this an ad server issue or if your app isn’t coded very well going to ads then back to game play. I suspect it’s your app because this is an issue I just do not have in other games. It has happened repeatedly where the ad shows the “x” to close it and get back to the game but it freezes when I tap the “x”. The other issue is this game burns up my battery So Fast. My phone starts heating up after just a few minutes of game play but only after an ad or two has played. Call me paranoid, but it’s almost like my phone is fighting off attempts to get information out of it. Maybe from crappy coding that leaves a door open for hackers or whoever to exploit after the game-ad-game exchange?!? Fix please. Lastly, if you need a native English speaker to review/edit some of the answers, let me know. “Name a fruit starting with B”: my answer- “blackberries” Your game- Did you mean “blueberries?” No, actually, because that’s a legit answer, but because it was a close game, I watched the dumb ad to get the 11 letter answer instead of nothing. But you should really add blackberries and boysenberries to your acceptable answers

Text or die is a good game, problems needing to be addressed. Hello! Today I am writing a review about Text or die. It is a great game and I play it a lot! But there is some problems. #1 Ads: Normally in a children game like this you wouldn’t expect too bad of ads. But with this one the ads don’t show any bad stuff. I get an ad at the bottom of my iPad and it says “Forbidden Desire”. It’s 17+: I don’t think that’s appropriate for children to look at! Number 2#: The questions. It asked a Nintendo games and I typed in “Donkey Kong” and it said: “Report missing answer”. Donkey is a Nintendo game! And I typed in: “Kirby” with the same subject and it didn’t work! I mean I must be blind but Kirby is DEFINITELY a Nintendo game. Number #3: Graphics: I mean seriously. At least put a face on the characters? Please? I don’t complain about graphics, but at least put a face on the characters?! Number #4: Too many males. I mean there is ONE female character but then ALL the rest are males. Please make more female characters? Thanks for making this game. I have many fun experiences with this game. I recommend this game to someone if they wanted it.

Absolutely terrible😐. If i could, i would give it 0 stars. First of all, yes, it sounds fun when you see it on ads, but when you get it, it’s not. First of all, it would ask for a phone brand, ( Apple, etc ) so i would put in T-mobile, ( this May be a glitch ) but it said i was wrong. It would do that with all my answers, food, pets, phone brands, places, so i would never win. AT ALL. It may just be me, but as all mobile games, the skins are UGLY. no, I’m not saying “oh, i didn’t get the skin i want, that’s why there ugly” it’s because first of all, ugly hats, and the thumbnail for the game seems way funner then the actual game. The game would be fun if it gave you certain letters and not just your keyboard. The ads make it cooler then it is. They put to much money in the ad then they did for the actual game, they make it seem like it’s so easy when it’s actually a huge struggle, it’s more of a struggle then losing something. and there are way to many ads. There are so many ads, it’s like your playing a game called “play those ads!” If your somebody who likes to use there brain and there spelling, i would recommend, but if you are inpatient, hate ads, gets upset at games easily, can’t spell the best, then don’t, i mean really don’t, download this app.

GIVE US MORE SKINS. So I’m the video to get the game there’s a skin you cannot unlock. And When I’m playin I’ll notice a that same blonde girl playing and I know it’s npc’s so it’s fine but how come we can’t have their skins?!?! I also want to say you should have a default boy so if a boy is playing they shouldn’t have to be a girl. And some of the answers are incorrect, you don’t ever look at the reported missing answers, so please HELP US OUT. Rat snake was not an answer to “name a snake”. Good game after that! It helps with spelling sometimes, and I’ve deleted it a couple times but I have always installed it again! and you could add a lives function that lets you have three hearts and when you get in the water it adds three blocks, it would help. Give us those npc’s skins pleeeeeeeaaaaaasassse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And some of the questions a four year old wouldn’t understand bc they are kind of dirty, like “name a beer.” And y’all should add more answers. And waffle BUS?!? What the heck y’all its Waffle House are y’all idiots? (You can tell I’m from south Mississippi because I say y’all a lot lol) Love y’all - Lucy

Sussy game. I highly doubt that this game actually connects you with other players. It is the illusion of interactive gameplay while just setting you up against very basic answers that provide no challenge whatsoever. Think about this: how is it that every time I answer a question, there is 0 wait time for the other players? Am I the last person to answer every time? Assuming other players watch ads to get answers they spelled incorrectly, this is impossible. There is no way the game could be set up to include these players in the next round because they cannot answer that next question until their ad is over. Also, absolutely every single game there is someone that ambushes with cannon balls. If this were just a common strategy, multiple players would do it and everyone would be out the first round. If the game sets it up so only the first person to do it can, there would be ambushes round after round. This is not the case. If you like spelling words into the void, go ahead and play, but if you want to play against real players, don’t waste your time here.

Great game, just a few problems.. I love this game it passed time and I love to playing when I’m bored but I do have some suggestions of things to fix, #1 Update the apps knowledge, for example I put stop sign when the question was what made you see when you’re on the road and the letters turned red and there was a note saying report missing answer, also when it said name and art tool I put paint pens and the same thing happened, I double check my spellings and I’m sure my answers met the question. #2 there are way too many adds, sometimes it gives you an option to get something extra by watching it I had you say no and it gives you an ad anyway, I find it very annoying especially when I’m trying to relax while playing this game. Lastly (this is more of a suggestion than a problem to fix) but I think you should be able to Play with actual people and not just robots and have A way to play with people you know that also have the app. In conclusion this is a great game but the app needs more knowledge and way less ads. - Thank you

Fun at first…. Ok so I have tried to send a review SIX TIMES now and each time it’s been rejected. I just deleted Text or Die from my phone because the game is not fun anymore. The first problem is the avatars. I know it’s not the biggest issue, but this game is totally sexist. There is only one girl avatar. I am a girl, and the avatar does not look like me. You have probably won all the other skins, but I just click ‘lose it’ cuz I mean what’s the point? Second, there are waaay to many missing answers. The game said that green peppers wasn’t a pizza topping, Lamar Jackson wasn’t a quarterback, scintillating wasn’t a word, and man you many, many others. There are so many I can not remember them all. Lastly, the topics. Just a few minutes ago, I got the topic, “Name a popular name of lager.” I mean what? This game says four and up. How is a four year old supposed to know what that mean when me, a twelve year old can’t think of one. My parents don’t really drink, so it’s unfair. I have tried to tolerate these issues, but it has gone too far. It is your fault and now you loose my. Business.

Warning: 17+ ads. My daughter loves this app (she plays it on my phone) and she and I have played it together — I’ve called out suggestions or helped with the spelling. The ads were so obtrusive that I decided to pay for no ads so my daughter could spend more time with the game. Tonight, I found the app open and played a few tournaments myself. There are still ads if you want to gain an extra life. What I was not prepared for was the 17+ ad that played — a woman answering “truth or dare” questions from two men on either side of her, ending up with her choosing the “dare” and taking off her clothes and then you have interactive choice of whether she would take off her bra or panties next. The next part of the ad shows a beautiful woman in her dressing room with the text, “My girlfriend invited me to a BDSM party and I have to look beautiful.” Then there are outfits to choose from. I never anticipated that this app I purchased — as a fun reward after getting ready for school and before heading out the door — would advertise provocative, sexualized ads. The “Text or Die” app is listed as 12+ in the App Store, the explicit app advertising is listed in the App Store with a rating of 17+. I took screenshots but cannot upload them here. I am very disappointed with over-sexualization of children and the app developers being more interested in profit than producing safe, enjoyable content.

Needs work but ok. So for the first three days I played this it was so fun. Then I started noticing that each player was from a different country. That was fine but then I kept on seeing the answers in English. I mean there were people from like SWITZERLAND who were speaking in English. I mean some people in other countries know English but not every single person knows English! I also saw when I was downloading the game I saw a video. In the video it showed a player and they needed to write a President in the US. The player answered trump and all the answers were showed. Then I got that same question and I answered Obama. When I saw what everyone else wrote it was the same exact thing in the commercial!!! Then the final thing is is that whenever you play one round there is an ad that comes up. You also can ambush people and get hints on the answer. Each time you do this an ad will play. What made me realize that the players were actually bots was that after you were done watching your ad and do what you do, they would automatically go to the answers. I mean if these were real people and they had an ad you would wait for at least a minute. All in all, they need to make actual people. But this is still a really fun game(sort of). I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to compete against anyone.

This game needs a LOT of work. This game when I saw it I loved it but when I started playing after 20 minutes I was already mad. Here’s why: When you type something in it takes off spaces. Like when the question: “Name one of the seven wonders of the world.” comes around you would think to type Pyramids of Egypt. Witch sounds right. Right? No because it takes of spaces and it comes out as pyramidsofegypt. Another thing for all those protective parents out there this game has a lot of ads. Every time you finish a game or a round it gives you one and these ads are not for kids. And one more thing if you type in something that totally answers the question and it’s a one word thing it has a chance of it not being counted. It asked me what games are out there? I put wobbly life. Witch is a game you can search it up. If there’s going to be a game like this then it needs to be on top of everything that is popular and not. That way people can put the things that they know and then this is an actual game. This game doesn’t even deserve a 1 star review not even a half. Try it for yourself and then you’ll understand this. My only advice to the game creators is I love the concept of the game but you guys can’t just throw it out there and not update it. You guys need to be on top of EVERYTHING.

SO many missing words. The game is decent, but there are so many missing words that the game is slightly against smart people. For example, for an animal that lives in a lake I put mallard duck and it said I was wrong. For an animal that lays eggs, I put a goose and it said it was wrong. For an animal starting with L, I put lesser white-fronted goose and it said it was wrong. For a flightless bird, I put the elephant bird(now extinct), and I still got it wrong. For an animal that lives in Australia, I said inland taipan and box jellyfish(I got the question twice), and I got it wrong both times. When it asked for an island in the Caribbean, I said Hispaniola and it said it was wrong. Many more possibly exist. Pls improve the words that will and won’t work, thank you, as even though this is a fun game, these errors make it less fun and I may delete it and just play Wordle if these errors aren’t fixed soon(I am willing to wait 6 months-a year as it will take a while to apply every animal name applicable to each animal-related question that cold use those animals as well as broader categories). If this error is fixed then I will rate it 5 stars and keep playing. Also I reported all of these as missing words, and I got the lake question again and I put mallard duck and it still didn’t work. For even basic things, such as light bulbs, I put compact fluorescent and it didn’t accept it.

Potentially Amazing Game in Need of Serious Work. It’s worth stating right away that I liked this name enough to purchase the ad free version (otherwise you will be inundated with tons of very long ads even in the middle of gameplay) the frustration comes in that this is a game based on vocabulary and thinking of a longer word fitting a category than your opponent. It would be understandable if obscure answers were hit or miss but things like “Name something that lays eggs” and “turkey” is too out there to be considered a real answer? Or “platypus” for “name a creature with webbed feet?” even though that answer worked yesterday? I will gladly update my review if it seems the “submitting missing answer” button is actually being utilized and the app gets better over time because currently if you’re going to be trying to put in long enough answers to win you better expect 2-3 times per GAME of an answer that is definitionally correct being rejected by the game. It’s extra frustrating when it’s categories like “name an NFL team” when someone clearly hasn’t taken the time to input ALL the nfl teams with their full and shortened names as answers, like YOU picked the question Text or Die and it has a defined possible amount of real answers. Just frustrating.

Awesome game just a few problems…. I love this game, it’s really awesome! But I think they need some more girl avatars, most of them are boys, if they fixed that it would be great 👍🏻, they also do have a lot of ads, which is annoying, and the bonus game isn’t really a bonus, it happens after every round, and you don’t get a choice in playing it or not, if they gave you a choice or just made it so it wouldn’t play after each round, I’d love that, and i think it would be much more fun, also the blocks that you unlock are really cool, like the silver, and its pretty hard to play, but that’s the fun in it! And you look for the longest word you can find so that you go higher. I love this game, its a really smart game. I think the makers of this game did amazing job on this one. And the hints are really useful sometimes. And the extra 5 blocks are sometimes the thing that help you stay alive in the game, and the pirates that attack your enemy sometimes is very needed to help you win. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 also to the makers of the game, ‘thanks for making TEXT OR DIE!’ And thanks for reading!

Good but needs Real Multiplayer Option. This game is basically like the ads, it gives you a prompt & you type a word that answers it. It’s overall fun and I play it weekly, but there are a couple things I that annoy me. 1. Being no “real” multiplayer options. I know this because I can still play with the same people, even when I’m off wifi/data; and how are they able to go ahead to the next level if they didn’t decide to watch an ad for more coins? I wish there was a real online option with random people in your country (for language purposes) or worldwide options. No options for ads during the game obviously. That would probably draw in a lot more players & would make this game a 5/5. 2. Annoying ads. It’s like, every other round, but if you just turn on airplane mode or disconnect from your wifi/data you can skip the ads. But if you don’t wanna, they’re all 5 seconds and you can skip them if you want (until you’re watching one or a booster.) Anyways a solid 4/5 and I highly recommend y’all look into multiplayer option for next year

Surprisingly fun..?. Honestly, this game surprised me. Whenever I download dodgy looking mobile games (like this one) I always expect to delete it within about a day or two. They're always jampacked with ads, boring or outright stupid but this one is different. For starters, the answers to the prompts are surprisingly updated to the current era of pop culture. With these types of games, they are 9/10 times outdated as heck. For example, the prompt will be "Name a recent hit song." and the answers will be along the lines of Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Not this game. This game is so recent and meta that it almost feels surreal But it's unfortunately still a mobile game.. Which is why it's 4 stars. I understand for profit, mobile games must include ads. But this, it's too much. Ads are EVERYWHERE. Fortunately, I've played a multitude of mobile games in my life that I've been somewhat desensitized to ads and I don't really mind them anymore. But to those who are easily triggered by a flurry of ads, well, this may not be the game for you. Additionally, English major nerds will love this one. It's a great game to practice your writing and to sharpen your vocabulary. It's also a big help when it comes to spelling. The feeling of defeat when you misspell will ensure you won't forget next time! All in all, this is a 4 star game, 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞, 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬.

Needs more female characters and less ads!. This game is really awesome and it teaches history! It’s just one thing about the avatars, it needs more female characters! Seriously, it only has one female character and the rest are males, I got really annoyed by this and I had to use male characters and some females playing this app and reading this might agree. Another thing too, ADS! I’m not truly annoyed about this but every time a round ends, even if I don’t choose to get a ad, I get one anyway. This also annoyed me too, every time, like I said, a round ends, a ad tells me about some royal family and somehow turn to queens, or making makeovers for an Radom woman in the ad who basically “ needs a man “. I get it, mostly all ads do this to make money but also that can you make it that only if the player chooses to get a ad, like getting another change in a round or getting a avatar, they can but if the play does NOT choose to get a ad they could NOT get one? To be honest with you those are the only problems I have of this app, it’s really great ad I recommend it if your bored. Thank you for reading this!

Extremely Annoying. Listen, I am fed up with the amount of ads I get after every other question. And also at they end of rounds where it offers you the key and these box things where you can get a hat, at least give a chance for the player to win the hat, I know it’s rigged to where it will be impossible to get a prize from the boxes and I know that because I have been playing this game for a long time and I have NEVER won a hat from the boxes with the first three keys they give you, you have to watch an ad to get another three more keys and maybe then you will win it- and I think you should at least give a chance for the player to win a hat because you literally have to watch an add after declining to watch an ad for more keys. And I just read a review that suggested a great idea, to have other REAL PEOPLE playing against you and for there to be a time limit or something. And there are lots of missing words, sometimes when I answer and I know for a fact that it’s correct, it just says incorrect. And of course there’s the report missing word button, but we all know that they will never add those words. And I know that this is just one of those extremely low quality games that just want money, but at least try to make it enjoyable.

Answers need updated and wayyyy too many ads.. Looking at all these reviews it seems as though this will be in vain as there is countless reviews saying the same thing, but oh well. Deleted the app because too many times I put an answer I know for a fact is correct and it says it’s not an answer. For example, Patrick Mahomes apparently isn’t a top NFL quarterback, Greys Anatomy isn’t a popular Netflix show, cowboy boots aren’t something you wear on your feet. The list goes on and on. I’ve pressed missing answer probably a million times and it got old having so many obvious answers not in the game. On top of that issue that despite the many reviews stating the same problem, still hasn’t been fixed; there is just way too many ads. Almost every time you type an answer you’re watching another ad. It got to the point that I’d turn my phone on airplane mode just to play. Granted that’s almost every app nowadays it seems like, “let’s put as many ads as possible to force them to buy the ad free version.” All in all, the negative reviews are accurate, don’t waste your time with this game.

I both like and hate it. Magmell333! You can get rid of ads by turning wifi off! Its not their fault. It wasn’t the company’s game. You really need to calm down about it. They just put in random ads. Plus usually a kid is too focused on a game to look down and say “Oooo I want this!” They just want money for the company! They don’t choose every ad. They just say “HEY! We want money! Get us money!” They really don’t mean harm. Anyway I was playing an animal round. It says which animal is commonly pets. I typed in “TURTLES” and it said no. Then it asked me did you mean “TURTLE”? I was so mad. I only got like 150 coins. I am really upset. I also struggle with typing a lot. I mess up things but they say “did you mean this?” when I mess up. I turn airplane mode on and my wifi off for no ads. I think this is unfair. It is SOOOO easy to just correct it. I also was playing today and it said “Name a city in Italy.” I am 1 just a 10 year old and 2 not from Italy. WHO HAS THIS JUST IN THEIR HEAD WITH THEM ALL DAY!? I put “IDK” and failed. I just want no bots too. They are really stupid and annoying. ANYWAY... bye! (More for magmell333) if you don’t want children seeing it, then get rid of the app(if you own kids). You might see more bad advertisements later in.

I Don’t really recommend this game yet. First of all the bots put in answer that make absolutely no sense for example it was girls names starting with i and one of them put it or should I say It, it is not a name so I’m not capitalizing it. Second, some “almost all” of the answers I put are wrong, example when I put Afghanistan on countries in Asia they count it wrong and when I put “It” on girls names starting with I it is wrong even tho the boys get it right by putting It, and on breakfast drinks I put chocolate milk it counts it wrong Lastly on countries in Europe I put Macedonia “if you don’t know what Macedonia it look it up” but Macedonia is a European country and it has yellow and red colors on its flag. Third you can’t change your platform color or your profile and barely any questions. And lastly why when you push the space bar there’s no space that goes between the words which make me think that I don’t even push the space bar which is probably the reason why the two word answers don’t even count. If the owner of the game reads this plz comment on it and fix this.

Overall Great Game. This is a pretty great game, but flawed in some ways. 1.)More female Characters. I like this game a lot, but I feel like there’s some “Character Flaws”-literally. There are hardly any Females so I’m stuck using the default one. As well as this, I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any WHITE female characters which is annoying. 2.)Adds. They aren’t bad, actually, if you disconnect from WiFi. But there’s a price to pay. It won’t allow you to watch adds voluntarily when you’ve had your WiFi off before you get the option, even if you turn it back on. 3.) Clarification. I don’t know if it bothers anyone else but when it says things like “top Grossing game,” but I find it confusing. It might mean engrossing, not sure, but could you guys do something like put up a slang board on the “home” place to tell us what these abbreviations mean? Other than these flaws, though, this is a 5-star game in my opinion. The last 2 recommendations are just things that I think would be nice, but the first recommendation -Characters- would be especially appreciated.

Facts. 1st this game is amazing, but needs some changes. The first thing is adds are constantly popping up and it drives me crazy. To be honest it makes me so angry!😡. It is not fun just to sit all day watching adds when you really just want to play the game. 2nd when I write something the space button does not work and then it makes me feel like a made a mistake and it is hard to go back and check when everything is smooshed together. 3rd when I type something in and it is the correct answer the game counts it wrong. Like say it asks what is one island. I would write my answer then island after my answer and the game counts it wrong. Now this is an amazing game, but it needs to make these changes. Please make the few changes of very few adds, being able to have a space, button, and being able to put whatever the word of the question is after your answer. I love this game. ❤️. It can get on your nerves though. Just to let you know the adds are the biggest problem.

READ. This game is decent but I have a few problems so problem number one is that I got a question that said choose a religion like Say a religion and I chose Jewish because I’m Jewish and so they said that it’s incorrect and I should get offensive because I’m Jewish and so if you guys could work on that like work on answers that would be great problem number two is ads way too many ads I mean like I know you guys like the money but you guys are over exaggerating problem number three is some of the ads are a little inappropriate because there’s one with like boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls and I’m too young to understand that and so I needed to make this report about that problem number four is I wanted to change my avatar but there was only one girl avatar which was the one that you start with and I think that it’s a little mean that there is I basically only boys so if you could make some more girls that would be like awesome. This is why I had to give 2 stars sorry. But I really hope that you guys could make some of the suggestions happen, thanks so much! From: Bella

The game has issues...😬. Okay so, this game is not bad in itself. The general idea is fun, and so is the app. I just downloaded it and made it 1 round (which has 3 games in itself) and I had to watch 5 adds! 5! I understand you need the adds to pay for production costs and all that but is there a possibility you can change the add timing to ONLY after a game? By after a game I mean after the tournament or battle against other players. The adds are really annoying. I would really appreciate if the add amounts could be reduced. On top of that minor issue, the game is kind of glitchy. I was playing and it just completely froze AND kicked me off. The game sometimes freezes in the middle and I have to exit the application which is extremely frustrating. Other than those two issues the game is great 😍. I would really appreciate if the creators of this game could fix those issues. I really like the game and am willing to overlook the issues for a while. I hope you can fix it because this game is really fun. Thank you and have a great rest of the day. 😊😍

How good it is and try to win. This started good because I win🥳ty for that i loved it and so if you lose the matter start to make you win😁😀😃😄so always try just play it and you can win the game you can win the one you win but I cheated starting on The help button So you can cheat just like me so try your best everything Just your best in the life this is awesome I love you guys you guys are the best you treat me like a princess and you’re the best you guys like in the king and queen😭 this makes me cry and sad also try your best and see your best always you can do that for your days and life you can cheat you can do everything you want just do it believe in yourself believe in myself and you are gonna do what you’re gonna do😭😁 Love you guys maybe you guys would treat me good just like that are guys who are like a princess if you treat me like a princess I will change you your life your day everything you will be the princess you’re a real prince you’ll be a boy you’ll be girl you’ll be what you want I love you guys bye

Good Concept. This is my first review ever. I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS, but I felt compelled because this game has potential. I love this game, but I quickly got bored because: 1) I can’t help but think I’m playing with bots every single time because there’s no time limit. I’ve literally gone back to the game after hours away or I'm stuck in a super long ad and I continued like I never left. Also, you can just google the answers and win every time, but where’s the fun in that.. 2) You need to add more questions and answers to your database. I’ve played less than 30 times, and I already ran in to the same questions more than 4 times. For the answers, there needs to be more consistency. Sometimes my answer is plural and I get it wrong, and sometimes I see the other opponents give an answer that’s plural and it’s correct. Also, some of the answers I see these bots put should be wrong but their answer is acceptable. 3) You need to limit that pirate attack thing. You can literally use it until you win. It takes 3 attacks at the beginning of the game to win, all without answering the first question. Overall, the skins and platforms are cool (nothing crazy) but it's not as important and motivating to me as actually playing competitively against real people. Ads are ads which I gladly paid a few bucks to go away. Anyway, I really hope the developers see this and make the necessary upgrades. 🙏🏽

Subpar trivia game. The concept of this game is fantastic. Random trivia questions that aren’t overly complicated. The competition element is fun and the character/unlock features are fun. But that’s where the fun stops. In just about every instance I named something that the questions ask for, spelled it right, and got no credit for. In other words the answers to the questions are extremely basic. I am going to stay as objective and respectful as possible. Here are some instances; “Name something you recycle” I put oil because oil gets recycled all the time. I spelled the three letter word right but you don’t acknowledge this as true. Huh? Second instense; “name a landmark in New York Ciry.” I said broadway-iconic. And it is in a specific location. This consistently happened. I would name something and spell it right and not receive credit because…? I think it’s because this game is created by people that are quite young and haven’t experienced the known world. If you claim to be intelligent this is not the game for you. Think I’m wrong? Prove it! I will list more instances as they come. Instance: “name a firework” how is an m80 not a firework? Instance; “name a type of fuel” I answered E85-how is that not a TYPE of fuel? Last but certainly not least. Name a country the uses the US dollar as its official currency. I answered the obvious United States of America. There is more than one United States. And with that I deleted the app.

Good game but flaws. First, the game concept is great, especially if one likes word games and thinking quickly. However, the ads are very, very long and you have to watch one almost every turn, not at the end of a game. This is one of the few games I would pay for to avoid ads, but it isn’t an option. Second, there are many examples of phrases that are common responses to the topics but not in the game’s dictionary. One example is to name a word game. I answered Scattergories, a very well known game, but it wasn’t in the dictionary and I got no credit for the response. Another great example was name a water craft. I answered submarine but it wasn’t there. It makes me wonder how smart the competition is. Lastly, I saw a comment that some categories are unfair because not everyone watches certain movies, etc. I have that happen from time to time but it makes it more challenging. I would suggest that there be a mixture of categories from different time periods and eras of pop culture. I got a question today about Lady Gaga but I haven’t seen any about the Beatles, for example.

Potentially great game held back by ads and answer logic. The premise of the game is quite solid and fun. The problems begin as you play though, because even if you do well and “earn” something, you still have to sit through some of the worst ads I have seen in a mobile game. Sure, the apps being advertised as the same games you see in other apps, but the length of the ads you are forced to watch here as incredibly long. Also, do to the nature of needing to watch ads to actually get things, there is no point whatsoever in paying for the ad block option. The next problem is with the questions and answers. The app seems to be using a data collection model to source replies and it has flaws. For example: one question was to name popular dinosaurs. I entered “tyrannosaurus” because it’s a long word and a popular dinosaur and failed my match. The response they were looking for? “Trex”. It’s just things like this over and over again. I think the developers could fix this app and really make it a great trivia-style app, but it’s just not worth your time at this point.

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Only Americans should play this. This app is the most stupid and racist app I have ever seen! Most of the questions are about America, which I think is stupid because I live in Australia so if Google didn’t exist I would have lost every single round! Also one question I found was “What is an animal that you might find in Australia” THESE IDIOTS ONLY EXCEPT NATIVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😾😾😾 So something like sugerglider which would be an instant win was not excepted! So all I have to say to these obnoxious pigs is 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

American-centric, missing answers, bots. So much potential! But: 1. The questions are focused around America as if we all live there. Like, nitty gritty questions that the rest of us can’t answer. 2. It won’t accept Australian (English) spelling of words as opposed to the American spelling. Again, there are other countries out there. 3. It’s clearly not really multiplayer, or the players wouldn’t conveniently be available no matter whether I decide to watch an ad in order to get a second chance or select a suggested word. Just boring ol bots. 4. Soooo many answers are missing! I even googled a couple of them afterwards, wondering if I was losing it, and nope.

This game had the chance to be good.. I initially liked the game, but after a few days playing it I found some major flaws that have me really wanting to delete. It’s very obvious you aren’t actually playing against other players. The amount of adds is astronomical, almost after every single question! And always the same stupid adds again and again. This is so focused on Americans, needs more diversity. The range of answers is so limited to what is quick and easy and not only what suits the question but having it be a little longer a word. Example; I had a question “name a part of a ship” I answered ‘bulkhead’ nope. Not correct. Another one. “Name an animal with webbed feet” said ‘frog’ no apparently according to this game they don’t. So you have to answer but also needs to be vague enough it might be on the creators list. Also the CP seems to get super random answers correct. “Name an Australia animal” they answer ‘elephant??’ If you don’t know that that is 100% incorrect you need to open a book or two. Great concept, but needs more work. Also I’m not sure what the point of the coins you collect is?

Needs MANY improvements… please read on!. Text or Die has a good concept, but VERY poor execution. Although I like playing this game, Text or Die needs some major improvements. First of all, the skins for your character are male dominated, which is sexist. There is only a handful of character options as a woman! This is very sexist and MUST be fixed. Secondly, some of the questions do not relate to everyone, for example, name a US state, or name a US courier company! I’m not from the US and I find it difficult to answer questions like this. Additionally, it came up with a question saying “name a Katy Perry song”, and one of the AI answers came up with Deja Vu!!! Continuing on, when the game asked “name a snake”, I wrote “red belly black snake”, yet it told me I was wrong! Finally, there are C O U N T L E S S ads on here which makes it extremely frustrating to play!!! Bottom line - don’t play this game unless you want countless ads, false information, unfair questions, and sexist content.

Good Concept but poorly made. This game is about trying to write the longest possible word. The thing I find most annoying is the developers need for money, there is an ad every 5 seconds which makes the game practically unplayable, You can’t even turn on airplane mode because it will say that you can’t play the game. There is a feature to summon pirate ships with an ad that makes everyone drop down 3 blocks, with this you can watch 3 ads and instantly win the game The worst part about the game for me is that half the questions are about America. As someone who lives in Australia I know little about American sports

Needs a lot of work. Great concept and a fun game to play but there are not enough question categories, just keeps repeating the same few over and over, I’ve had the game for four days and I’m already finding it boring for that reason. Too many correct answers are deemed wrong so many more possible answers need to be included. Also, I’ve seen words spelt incorrectly by other “players” and they’ve been accepted. Like many others on here and most of the world, I am not American, I wouldn’t have a clue about sporting teams, shops or even landmarks in your fair country. This could be a great game if more thought and research was put into it. I wrote Sydney Harbour Bridge with a U, which is how it is actually spelt in Sydney, got it wrong because Americans spell harbour without the u - harbor.

The game’s not educated. I have been using answers in extreme and have been getting them all wrong, everything has all been based on American ways, so if I spell the way I live and have been taught to write I get it wrong. It’s not my fault for not living in America and knowing all the presidents and states. This game has potential and I’m just being nice giving it two stars, just fix on it. Another pointer I’d like to give, is to actually give it knowledge, because typing a real body type with many amounts of letters, and not saying it’s a real word or not right when it is, is actually kinda stupid. Just saying.

Great Game that needs improvement. Although I had to pay to remove the adds because it was getting ridiculous, this game is actually quite fun. A few areas for improvement though: - More inclusivity in international brands and sports teams and - larger variety of questions, for ive lost count of how many times it’s asked me to name a fruit or vegetable -option to play with a friend - also there’s a glitch if you play the bonus game, sometimes when you make it to the top nothing happens and you have to restart the game

Started Well, Finished Badly. Enjoyed the game for about a day, thought it was a good mental workout. First problem started with answering ‘Something you’d have at Christmas’ with ‘roast potatoes’, I understand it might not be culturally inclusive but the response was ‘did you mean Sweetpotatoes’? lol no, no I didn’t. Answered ‘aspirin’ to be told ‘did you mean ‘asprin’’ which is not a word, anywhere in the world. Answered Jeff Bezos to be asked ‘did you mean ‘Jeff Bezoz’? Again, not how it’s spelled and I could’ve fixed these errors by watching an ad so maybe it’s a horrendous ploy to get you to watch more ads so they can make more money but sorry game you’re being deleted and I’ll never reinstall you again. Ads were just about bearable but if you’re gonna spell words wrong what’s the point in even trying!!!!

Needs more inclusivity. This game could go from being average to great with improvements. It’s fun and there’s a large audience for trivia and competing, but there needs to be more inclusivity with names and other countries top answers. Maybe look up statistics and big brands that could also be answers, rather than USA based. Or contrarily, if including USA teams, why not include other countries teams as well? For me, an Australian, touch football not being recognised as a sport is pretty annoying. Same with big brand cereals not being recognised, like Nutrigrain. Annoying enough that I wrote my first app review. Otherwise, it’s a fun game. The ads go pretty ham though.

Text or die. Text or die helps people spell and LUCKLY if the game thinks you miss spelled it you get a 2nd chance if you watch a 15 second add. I am very happy I downloaded it because I can see improvement in my own spelling. And it helps you think quicker and quickly because there is no timer but you still know it straight away I can’t explain why it helps you in that category but 100% download it now for free!

Broken ads. I really enjoy playing this game but whenever I click to get a reward for watching a random ad, rather the ad actually playing normally. All it shows is the link to hit to download the app via the App Store and there is no way to actually get the reward or go back to the current game you were playing it gets stuck then you have to close the app and reset it to actually play the game cause the app brakes and just gets stuck on a broken empty black screen with a weird silver white empty lined out box in the middle

Fix pls. I like the concept of your game although it was poorly executed. Firstly we have WAY to many ads. Ads should be a choice like I’m happy to chose the add when I want a pirate attack but I don’t wanna be getting ads when I get a question wrong. Secondly all the questions are based around America, like I live in Australia and I wouldn’t have a clue what a popular shop is in the U.S. Thirdly it’s WAY to easy, like I am on like the 6th background thing and it’s still as easy as the first round I ever played. I think you should make it that every background it gets harder. Fourthly, this is just a short thing but I think you should make bonus rounds optional and then the question should change. Finally, this is something that people who don’t live in Australia would probably be like “whatever” but to an Aussie this is a major problem. I had a question that said “name an animal you might find in Australia” and one of the answers was ELEPHANT!!!like come on you gotta put some time and effort your game. Like you have to have research done to make a good trivia game. Overall good idea, terribly layout. Pls fix the game

Unfair game that needs mega updating. As I have read from several reviews from not to long ago and that I agree with myself, HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW ALL THESE THINGS ABOUT AMERICA!!!!!!!!!???? America is one country in the whole world and you only have country questions about America, it’s not fair to players like me who don’t know much about America let alone a popular shop in America. I get that people are proud of their country but if questions about countries are in there you should expand the country’s and not put specific things like most popular shop. Also some questions say they are wrong when they are right I know they are right because I double checked spelling and searched up weather it was true or not, like an animal you encounter in Australia or a country in Europe. I live in Australia for goodness sake how could I get it wrong!? There are also way to many adds and the game is not worth spending money on at the moment. Please address this you have quite a few recent reviews complaining about this to. Thank you

Ads and wrong answers and lots of stuff about America. So I played this game a couple of weeks ago and a question came up saying name a U.S state in America and whenever I finish a question wrong I GET ADS! And it’s kinda not fair that the whole topic is about America and Europe can questions base on the emoji that has ur country on urself or something and another question saying name a fruit or vegetable starting with B I wrote Blueberry and I got it wrong how and maybe u should first research or read books to make a game a trivia game and do questions base on ur emoji country on urself or something and people who write 2 letter words are kinda weird like all people wrote 2 letter words in all the rounds it is kinda weird and pls fix ur game. Thankyou for reading or understanding.

Ninja warriors game review. This game is awesome it makes you smarter while having fun questions and fun locations to be in, I love this game it is so awesome to play, when I am on my iPad this is one of the things I play most. I really recommend this game if you are looking for something to do or looking for an amazing game. This game text or die is the number one game you can find in my opinion, you should get this game.

Good concept but would not recommend.. Agree with all the other points of feedback like too many ads, obviously against bots and too many American specific questions (why are there so many different specific American sport league teams related questions???). To add another example of it being ridiculous and not catering to players outside of USA: They said I spelt Sydney Harbour Bridge wrong and asked if I meant Sydney HARBOR Bridge. The bridge is in Australia, I don’t understand why the ‘correct’ spelling would be American and the Australian spelling be wrong. The word ‘harbor’ shows up with a red underline on my phone and when you search SHB up, the results are spelt ‘harbour’, regardless of how you spell it in your search.

My thoughts on this app. first off, this app has A LOT of ads, but what would you expect from a free app. I found that there weren’t many outfits for female players, and some of the questions were answerable for Americans who know stuff about, well America, i would like to ask the makers of this game to make the questions more inclusive, being aware that America isn’t the only country in the world. Also make more outfits for girls too. Other than ads, question and outfit issues, it is a fun game to play.

𝚂𝚘 𝚏𝚊𝚛 𝚜𝚘 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍. 𝙷𝚒 This game is actually a really fun.I enjoy playing it lot lately when I first started I new I was gonna win I was so confident 😁 I haven’t found it hard yet But I’m sure once you’re fully in the habitat of playing it is gonna get hard 😰. If your trying to find a game this is the one because it’s everything 😊. My feed forward is maybe like all the characters just have so much ads😉 When I get fully in the game I’ll totally give it 100 💯 (More ratings)😅 One more thing why is it all American 🇺🇸 because I live in Australia 🇦🇺 so can you like fix that as an update I’m sure everyone agrees 😉 But thx for the game and Srry for so much writing 😇😂 From Emmyʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Great concept, horrible execution. This is a great concept. You can test people’s quick critical thinking skills through multiple categories. But it’s horribly executed, it’s designed around being an app that delivers ads to the user. It’s so help back by this design philosophy that it literally isn’t even an online game, the whole point of the game is to play against other players and it’s all fake. If executed well this game could be fun and challenging and still make money without ruining the experience. You shouldn’t force ads upon people. That just makes people delete the app. You can subtly encourage the watching of ads and include in app purchases to make money. I recommend banner ads and continuing with the optional ads this game has. But take all the ads out of actual gameplay and make the games online. Also make the games ranked so you can play against people of your skill level. It’s a shame this concept is ruined by being a quick money grab, it should be more long term focused and try to keep the player experience intact.

Super repetitive and so many adds. At first it’s fun but once you play it for a while it just becomes so repetitive like the topics don’t ever change and you get the same questions over and over and it’s just bad. Also I wrote down an answer that I new was correct and it said t was wrong! This has happened so many times and it is so frustrating. Also the competitors that your versing will say random stuff as there answers and it will make no sense and it’ll say it is right for them! I don’t get it. It is fun at the start but it was poorly made and defiantly not worth it compared to other games.

WRONG ANSWERS!. The game is really fun, but has WAY too many ads and also doesn’t recognise certain answers. The questions are WAY to American based, and also don’t include most answers. When asked to name a Taylor swift song, I wrote “we are never getting back together”, and the game seemed to think that it wasn’t a song. I spelled it correctly, and as a die-hard swiftie, I think I would know. This is not the only time the game has done this. It does it at least once every round, and makes it extremely annoying and frustrating, so after writing this review, I will be deleting the app.

Confusing. This app would be more fun if the game actually knew the answers to the trivia questions it asks. Even if you guess an objectively correct answer there’s no guarantee that it will recognise it as correct because it seems to only know a small set of irrationally determined correct answers. For example “hermit crab” is not a correct answer for “animal that lives in a shell”, or for “something found in a street” it doesn’t accept “traffic lights” only “traffic light”. This sort of thing is so constant you can only do well if you have played before and gotten used to the stupid way the game operates. It also only accepts American centric answers.

Pointless. Although the game is fun (trust me I wouldn’t be bothering with a review otherwise) after a few games it starts to feel pointless! As if there’s really no purpose to it and gets boring real quick. I play, I win, and maybe there’s a prize in it in the form of a new character or costume and that’s it??? There’s no leader board or anything interesting of that sort and the game itself doesn’t seem live??? I don’t think you’re actually playing against real players. Anyways besides that this game desperately needs some sort of leader board that shows where you rank amongst other players, worldwide, country and locally. Also there’s way too many answers missing.

Why-. Why- I am an Australian Player and I’m only ( I can’t tell u ) years old and it’s asking me: ‘ What is a name of a character from the seven deadly sins?’ Excuse me. I am not alowwed to watch that . Also, Why- it’s also asking me: “ Name a city in Germany. “ I didn’t know any. Also for the questions on AMERICA. Like- the HECK is NFL?! “ Name an American Capital. “ I wrote ‘ Washington ‘ ( Cause I have not learnt much yet on America, as I said, I’m an Australian player. ) . Anyways, when the question said : ‘ Name A Hairstyle ‘, I put FrenchBraid ( which actually IS a hairstyle because my grandad does it ALL the time to me, and his grandad was a hairstylist ) . Anyways, I hate the fact that when you type you have to press the key really hard, anyways, that’s all for now. Cya!

Good Concept horrible execution.. Ok now I’m quite upset, I understand it’s very hard to get every answer to every question but I can just search up Animals starting with L online and all the answers come up. But the game is getting unfair. I’m Australian and on the question name an Australian animal I put wallaby, but apparently they don’t exist, so I know have to put down kangaroo every time. It said name an animal that lives in a lake, so I put freshwater crocodile, apparently that doesn’t exist either, name an animal with webbed toes. Nope I was lied to about the existence of platypus. And nearly all the questions are centred around America that I wouldn’t know. We aren’t taught about American grocers in class and we don’t shop at them. I also noticed that most of these commenters are Australian, and it’s not because we’re an angry country, o it’s because we’re offended by the fact that the only question that featured Australia doesn’t think an of our animals exist.

Well. It’s so addicting and fun but it is SO not funny how many times i’ve had to click “report missing answer” To the question “name a famous bridge” and saput sydney harbour and I didn’t get it. For the question “Name something you draw with” I put colouring pencils and got it wrong, but I can gaurantee if I had put coloring not colouring, I would have gotten it. Everything in this game is american based and that is the main reason why not many of my answers get accepted. Please fix this and think about how other people may say things.

Disappointed. I’m an Australian player, so questions aimed directly at American players do not give me a fair chance to proceed. From what I have read of other reviews, you need to expand your vocabulary to include words used in other countries, so people like myself and others can play the game with enjoyment and believe that we have some slight chance that we might succeed. Otherwise, you will find people will simple delete the app and not recommend it to others. Now I’m also finding the anomaly’s associated with writing blackberry and plum for fruit starting with B and P. If this doesn’t improve I will be deleting the game and telling others not to play. It’s up to you people to fix it! One last thing - give people the option to play under the flag of their country....nothing against America (one of our allies), but I have pride in my country too!

Basically just an ad machine. Interesting game concept, poor implementation. I played for 20 mins and I would have seen more than 20 ads. If you click the bonuses, it shows you an ad, but if you skip the bonus, it shows you an ad anyway. Why even have the option! It literally shows you an ad at every possible opportunity, which makes it very hard to enjoy a game that stops you every two questions to show you another ad. As a side note, it also advantages US players by asking US specific questions and no non US specific questions. Consider it deleted.

Great concept but very poor database. Love the idea of the game, however I have been so annoyed with the amount of data behind the scenes that is incorrect or incomplete. For example, today I got asked if I wanted to correct my answer of rabbit (incorrect) to robin for the price of watching an ad - the question: name an animal that starts with “r”… The questions and answers at very Americanised, not surprising, but when the game includes so many different countries flags to select from, surely they could put a bit of time into broadening the scope of the questions and answers. There also doesn’t seem to be any in-game methodology of contacting devs for really blatantly obvious errors in the database. Sometimes the game gives you an opportunity to report a missing answer, but if it decides to offer you the chance to “fix” your answer (like above) there is no opportunity to report that the answer provided is correct, and should be in the database. While the game shows as multiplayer it clearly isn’t. I have not once ever seen two answers the same, even when clearly obvious and easy. The game also has no time limit to answer a question, making it totally possible to leave the game, Google an answer and come then return to respond.

Wish I could give it no stars. The game at first glance, and play, seems like a fun premise. After a short time playing however, it becomes obvious you’re not playing in real time against other players, but in-game bots. Aside from the game being entirely geared at getting players to watch ads, the grammar and vocabulary is seriously lacking. The full collection of verified answers regarding trivia outside of the United States are stereotypical at best and unfortunately do not include actual regional facts. Too often have I provided a factual answer, got marked as wrong and had to select ‘report missing answer’. Honestly, give this game a miss and find something more worthy of your time

Needs some work. Absolutely awesome game but needs some work. Seems to work against you the smarter your answer, but get rewarded for the simplest answer. Entered cross-country skiing as an Olympic sport which was marked wrong and lost to someone who just wrote Canoe as their answer. Name an NBA team. Obviously everyone wrote things like Heat, Celtics, Jazz. I wrote Golden State Warriors and got 19 points. An artichoke isn’t a fruit. And when I wrote Napoli as an Italian city it said it was wrong. That is literally the name of it what we’ve translated to Naples. Seems tailored to a stupid American Audience

Australian Annoyed. So I have seen this problem in lots of these reviews; The questions are aimed at Americans, I am an Australian and I have no idea what a popular shop in America is? ALSO the ads? Why? If you wanted to get this app then don’t bother just bundle up a bunch of ads and bad quality and you will get this so called “game”, why bother even developing it and sending it out? If you also thought this would be multiplayer then you are very wrong, it’s so obvious that you opposition are bots. I would recommend adding some better graphics and actual gameplay- The questions are not fair to other nationalities considering that it is all about Americans and their “culture” so if you are from America and don’t mind ads then get this game but I assure you I strongly believe no one likes ads and a game that can’t even consider other countries.

Too many ads and too American based. The game idea itself is really fun. However, yes, ads need to be run for a free app, but when the ads take up more time than the actual gameplay it is way too excessive. It makes it impossible to enjoy the game when the ads interrupt after every question. After every round would be sufficient enough. But then there’s ads after every question and they take 30 seconds to run each time it’s just too much. Plus trying to get OUT of the ads is a nightmare. Majority of them open up the App Store when all I want to do is get back to the game. In terms of the questions, they are way too heavily American based. Name an mlb team? As a non-American I’ve never heard of mlb before. But thankfully for questions like this, since it is not REAL multiplayer (bots) I have a chance to google answers. Questions definitely need to be more broad. Game idea is good. Execution is terrible.

Horrible but okay. This game is horrible. First thing is there are just too many adds, I’m even thinking of deleting this app because of it. Secondly, the majority of these questions are US/A based. I got a question: “name an animal with Webber feet”, so I answered platypus because it’s an Australian animal with webbed feet, but I got it wrong. Another example would be the question: “name an animal you might find in Australia”, I said bandicoot and got it wrong. A bandicoot is a classic Aussie animal with different species. This game really needs to do their research, because honestly I’m tired of loosing every 2 seconds because of US/A based questions, (not to mention the adds). This game can be fun and addictive at times, but honestly it needs improvement. Thanks for your time, Indi 😎

It’s okay…. It’s a good game, but it just needs some improvements - like: 1. Less ads - there is too much ads, so remove some if you can. 2. Proper questions - like not things we don’t know, so we can choose what we prefer instead of random questions. 3. No bots - instead of challenging with bots, we can challenge with real people, so real knowledge. 4. Add text to the country - when choosing your country, you might not know your flag, so instead of choosing the wrong/random flag, add a text so we know which one. 5. Choosing skins - when choosing a skin for your character, you have to watch an ad to get the premium ones and there is only premium skins, so pretty much you can’t get anything and have only 1 boring skin. If you are a developer and you are reading this, I hope you now understand the changes you have to make. If you are just a random person reading this, I’m glad you now know what this game is really about. Thank you everybody.

No. Everything is very based on America. I don’t live in America, why do I need to know all the details about America? It should be more global information. Also, it has very limited information overall. I keep getting wrong answers when I correctly spelt a real thing that corresponds to the question, which shouldn’t happen. More research should be put into trivia games. Finally, it’s too easy, the AI are clearly designed to lose to you and the questions repeat very quickly, meaning you can easily memorize the highest answers. When a question allows for a 20+ letter answer, it annoys me that the AI puts in a 2-letter answer, because it’s only me and them, and it wants me to win. There should be difficulty levels or something.

DO THE RESEARCH ITS NOT HARD. I’ve only been playing for a couple hours and already I can tell that the creator didn’t research and/or left simple things out. For example I got a question like “name something in the bathroom” I answered with soap…it said I was wrong….. THERE IS SOAP IN A BATHROOM IS THERE NOT OR DO WE JUST NOT WASH OUR HANDS ANYMORE!?!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬anyway there is a lot of research that the game should never had been released without of, and maybe don’t BASE THE ENTIRE THING ON AMERICA! I live in Australia, I was born in Australia and I’ve never left Australia so getting questions like “name a popular supermarket in America” is so so so so so soooo FRUSTRATING! But overall the game has good potential but the creator just needs to put the time into researching first.

Good but deceptive. The idea of the game is incredible, and we’re it exactly what it says it is, I’d love it, but it isn’t. Yes, the ads are annoying, but it’s the ads that made me thing something was off. Basically, it’s not a true multiplayer and may in fact not be multiplayer at all, with your opponents instead being bots. Consider that you can stop during a game to gain perform special attacks by watching ads, but what of the other players? You don’t have to watch the ads, but if you do, the game is there waiting for you. Also, if I skip ads, I never have to wait for other players watching ads. Weird. Also, I have never seen someone give the same answer as me. For example, when asked for a day of the week, I wrote Wednesday. Nobody got the same answer over three instances of this question. When asked two times for a sport beginning with “T”, I wrote “tennis” both times, but nobody else did. It’s so obvious and easy to spell. Sorry but as fun as it is, the ad-based approach, even with ads removed, is unworkable in multiplayer. It actually gives away the fact that it’s not multiplayer. Now I’m not sure what the devs intended, so I’m not gonna cut away. They can make this better by simply improving the AI and making it bleeding edge hard. They could add difficulty levels. That’s fix it, but I can’t play this as a multiplayer game because it’s clearly not, nor as an AI game because the vocabulary bank used is weak and very Americanized.

America and girls. Ok everything is based on America. Like some other users said, I don’t live in America and the only way to actually win is to split screen google and I would prefer not to do that. Two, is that there are no girl avatars. Only boys. I don’t know if I haven’t unlocked anything but all the rewards I win are for boys. The only girl thing I see is the starter avatar and the skater girl, but really, it could just be a boy with long hair. I love Text or Die, but there could be some improvements as shown above. Please fix!!!

Ads overload. American-centric.. This could be a great game - love the concept. But FULL of ads. The idea of choosing to get more rewards if you watch an ad is excellent, but the base amount is obscene to start with. It’s also got a lot of American questions (too many). There’s a very large world out there that’s NOT America… There should also be a feature to report missing answers after you’ve had a chance to double-check your spelling and confirm that you are correct (as opposed to only during the middle of a game). I would honestly give this 4 or 5-stars if it weren’t for the ads. Definitely 5 if the other issues were managed also. I hope changes are made so that this can be an enjoyable game.

Garbage, absolutely horrible. I thought it would be okay BUT NO it gave me a hard question so I was like I don’t want to fail let me search it I searched the answer and put it down then boom I got eaten Then when I thought things could not get worse, it made me do HISTORY, ENGLISH, CHEMISTRY AND MATH I AM MENT TO BE ON SCHOOL BREAK, I HATE THIS GAME 🤬 Then I thought things would be okay maybe it was a glitch and it asked me a question “ name a team for any sport” so I was like easy my dad is a coach and my brother plays for the crows and I wrote that down and made sure it was spelled correctly and everyone then clicked return and I got eaten by sharks, GREAT JUST GREAT THIS APP IS HORRIBLE GARBAGE, I HATE IT JUST DELETE IT NOW MAKE IT NOT A GAM ANYMORE THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE 🤬🤬🤬😡

Great game but incredibly hard for the young. A really good concept but I have a ten year old sister that cannot answer most of the questions. For example, name an abba song. Both me and my sister had no idea who abba was until we searched it up. Which brings me to my next point. It is very easy to exit the app and just search up the answer to a question. Also, I feel the questions are based around America, and that most of my "Australian answers" aren’t counted in the game. I could not answer "name an American grocery store." It was a great concept and so much room for potential but it was just poorly executed.

Idea is good but one big problem. The idea of the game is great and could be a really good game when bored, but there is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. For starters, this game needs to get it’s facts right. For me and my family this seems like a game that was created by a teenager who can’t spell, and hasn’t deeply researched. And secondly, it needs to widen it’s vocabulary to something more than Americas versions of words. For example, Americans have cotton candy, but Australians call it Fairyfloss, but some of your words other countries don’t know, and it won’t accept them unless it’s specifically American.

Get your facts right,. Before you guys put a question into the game you MUST do research into the question so that you have every possible answer, I know that is a lot but some questions can be answered with very common answers except the game thinks they are wrong. As an Australian studying to become a veterinarian getting a question such as “name an animal you might find in Australia” and getting the answer wrong because I wrote bandicoot (which there are multiple species of in Australia) is ridiculous and not being. Able to change my country to Australia to have more questions that would better suit me is also ridiculous and may I state that using “name a dinosaur” is a bad question because you will have many dinosaurs that you do not know exist be answered and stated as wrong because you didn’t think your questions through or do enough research into them.

Legit malware do not install. Yeh so you probably found this game or a game like it while you were scrolling through instagram or whatever, and thought that looks fun. You know it has a bunch of adds on it but whatever you get it anyway. Then it loads an ad and when that ad finishes playing you wait to click the close button. Then it doesn't respond. You try to double tap to swipe but it freezes more. You try turn of your phone and it freezes. Yeh this is the ad using up your phone's processing power for malicious purposes. Also on other apps like this they ask to see your location, so it could also be spyware.

Likeable. I enjoy this game a lot, but I agree with other reviews. You need to be more inclusive about other countries instead of revolving everything around America. And if you complain about this and say the creators are American and don’t might not know much about other countries then they should’ve made it only available for the USA. It’s really annoying when I get an answer wrong because it’s not American slang. You also need to let players change their avatars skin tone without having to change to a whole other avatar. Other than all that, the game is pretty fun.

Absolutely Terrible. This game is the worst thing I have ever played. One, the amount of ads is insanely annoying and I have to turn off my wifi just to avoid the ads. Two, I’m Australian and this stupid American themed game is so dumb it should be all types like for Korea and Australia, but it’s all americanised instead. Three, the players are not even real! It’s just tutorial bots who act like their dumb but the fact is this game is a fraud for even thinking that they would make this a multiplayer game but no. It had to be an ai robot game instead! This game is one of the reasons that I want to never play games again. My last point is that the game glitches after the bonus round making the players look white and the text not even showing up! Please fix this bug. Do not play this game if you dont want ads >:(

Fun, but unfair!. This game is really fun and entertaining. But I have two problems that everyone could agree with. First, there are a lot of adds every game I play or when I die a add pops up. How am I supposed to enjoy my game (which is what a game is for) when there are so many adds. Secondly, I’m not American. Yes, there are many people that live there but like there is a whole other world who would like to play this except there are so many U.S questions that I am clueless about and don’t know the answer. It’s a waste of my time googling the answer when I’m supposed to think of it myself but, I wouldn’t know since I’m not American! This game is fun, but needs improving Sincerely, Ally

Alright. This game does lots of glitches, then you don’t get the answers right because if you press a letter, sometimes the letter won’t come up, then you’ll press enter and you’re missing a letter. Also in this game it is based around America!! I don’t need to know about America. I live in Australia so it’s different to America. I don’t like it when they ask a question then I answer. Like for instance cereal. I do like cornflakes or something then it’s wrong!! Also with the shops. Although I like this game but please make these improvements!!

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Game does not understand geography.. Can somebody please explain to me how the Democratic Republic of The Congo is not an African country. seriously, I need to know.

Too many ads. This game has way too many ads in such a short amount of time. I had the game for about 10 minutes on my phone & then deleted it.

I paid for ads. I paid to get rid of ads and it didn't work at all

Stupidity at its finest. Some of the stupid “not real answers” of this game in include ”Name something you where on your feet” Running shoes (that was a wrong answer) “Something you would need as a castaway” Flare gun (that was wrong but another player put beer which was accepted) “Name a workman’s tool” Angle grinder (not correct even though I don’t know a single worker who uses tools that doesn’t have one) ”Name a Katy Perry song” Firework (nope) “Name an Island in the Caribbean” St. Martin (wrong answer, I guess it moved since I last went there) Long story short this game is far from finished and if you want to use intellectual answers forget it. If you use more than one brain cell playing this game then you will absolutely lose.

WHY IS IT ONLY AMERICAN?. It’s okay… but they only have male skins. ANNNNNNND THEY ASK ONLY AMERICAN QUESTIONS! I’m Canadian! The game is still fun though.

Not great. To bad the game doesn’t recognize normal everyday answers to questions.

This game is trash. So where do I begin. After a player dies I don’t know why the game has to have an ad there like bro I am trying to play the game. Then when I put a good answer down it says I am wrong like what do u want me to do can’t help that I am smart 🥱

Too many ads. I really liked this game but there’s way too many ads. It takes all the fun out of it. Deleted it after about 15 minutes.

Meh. That game doesn’t accept a lot of answers that are right. Also the ads are a bit much you can’t get through one round without 5 ads coming up

Unplayable. Legit can’t play this game there is so many ads it’s absurd.

Good. It’s a good game. But keep in mind it’s american. So only American brands and spellings work. Don’t be fooled my fellow Canadians. Don’t put Canadian brands. Or brands that aren’t in the U.S. also, some words that’s re completely eligible don’t count, so just keep it simple

Paid to stop ads and they remain. Don’t pay to stop the ads. I paid 3.99 to stop them and I still have to see ads after every round. It’s ridiculous.

Ads. This game would be fun if it wasn’t 90% ads

Ads with a bit of game…. The ads are far too much, to the point where you’re spending more time watching ads than playing game. It sucks any and all fun out of what would be an otherwise good, little time waster.

💀. I also wrote micropachycephalosaurus It allowed it I got 1 st place so ty ig

Too long and too many ads. Long ads after every other word. Took the fun out of the game.

Waaaaay too many adds. You spend more time watching adds than playing.

Does not accept all answers. Unfortunately, the amount of answers this game accepts is limited For example: if the category is “name a sport that starts with F” flag football is considered a wrong answer Another example: if the category is “name a James Bond movie” Her majesty’s secret service is considered a wrong answer This game is mediocre at best, it would be better if more answers were accepted Also, it’s very annoying how the game assumes your American and you can’t change it

Frustrating and money hungry. I can’t count how many ads i get per round, makes me wanna throw my phone against a wall. 🤦

I really wanted to like this game!. TL:dr: really wanted to, can’t. And it upsets me that I have to write this review. I love the vintage, Atari-like graphics and the idea behind the game, but it has a predictable template: Second turn one of the bots you’re playing against will deploy a pirate ship. They’re definitely bots, which I wouldn’t even mind except it’s so obvious. More importantly, the game has a limited vocabulary and will not accept certain answers which are freaking OBVIOUS. Also: the ads. So many. In the weirdest places to pause a game. It’s obvious that’s where a majority of the game-maker’s revenue comes from but it makes an already mediocre experience really frustrating.

To many ads. This game would be a lot of fun but every button I click triggers and ad. For ever 5 seconds I play the game I get 2 minutes of ads. I don’t mind an ad or two people got to make their coin but to annoy the consumer with the over stimulation. I don’t remember playing your game I remember all the terrible advertisements.

ADS. Way too many ads

Questions Should Be more Inclusive. The questions should be more inclusive. I keep getting questions I can’t answer, like to name a character from a movie I haven’t seen, or to name a movie an actor I’m not familiar with stared in. I’ve also gotten the question to name something like a state or any place starting with a certain letter thats in the U.S multiple times witch every time I have died because I can’t answer as I’m Canadian. Also, I continue to see questions that I can’t answer and neither can anyone else because the questions are things like name a Greek god witch, Who knows that of the top of their head?

Oof. Smacks you with a billion unskippable ads, and can pretty much guarantee that the people you’re playing against are actually bots. Neat concept, terrible app.

Needs serious improvement. A game that thinks violet isn’t a color of the rainbow, isn’t a game I wish to continue playing. Program it with a fuller dictionary and perhaps an encyclopedia as well. Would give less than one star if I could.

Need a dictionary?. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost because this game doesn’t recognize legitimate answers to questions. Update your system

Stupid game. I’ll write an answer that makes total sense. Like I got asked what’s a form of pollution. I put green house gases and I got it wrong but someone put “air” and got it right!!

Boring - too many ads. Game itself is ok but interrupted at least every two answers for ads means it takes too long to play even one round.

not too good. this game is good but there is WAYY to many ads. not to mention it asked me a name beginning with ‘s’ and i put my jewish friends name in and it told me it wasn’t a real name? tf

Very good game. Cured my cancer

Way too many ads. It’s a fun game but you can’t get through 1 match without getting at least 3 ads and it’s very annoying I do not recommend playing

Adpocalypse. So many ads. Not worth it remotely.

Ads. Too many ads

Not worth it. Too much long adds, I got 3 adds in just 1 match. More add time then play time.

Hey,good game! ( sarcastic ). So I don’t like this game and just getting it to review,I haven’t played yet. So,you add an awnser,but it only has limited correctness,so for example,maybye star ruby wouldn’t work for a gem but it is a gem! And another thing is that,it thinks we are American and I’m Canadian which is hurtful to me,many people are from other places to,do they assume other countries can’t speak English? So I give a 1 star review,no questions. Probally this was made by a person who can’t really get their logic right-

It's a little cheap.. It looks as though it's meant to trick into thinking you're playing with other people, but you're clearly not. It'd be really cool if you could do it multiplayer! Not to mention, I can't describe how frustrating it is that the game just assumes you're American on the display and won't let you change that.

Not even real players. There are no real player except you. You only play against bots who give small answers… boring

They are allowing s*x ads for a game for kids. Imagine having your kid play this and there’s a ad for eating … nvm. 😐

Stupidest game ever. This game is awful

Ads. Paid for no ads and still had a million ads

Terrible game. The other "people" aren't even real players. They are just bots that never spell ANYTHING correctly. Don't download, it's a waste of time.

Fun game but way too ad heavy. No way there needs to be so many ads that gameplay is interrupted constantly. Would’ve been 5 stars if this was different

Neat idea, garbage execution. Fun concept but it doesn't accept a shocking number of words. I played for about fifteen minutes and had around ten legitimate words it completely failed to recognize, including streetcar and plesiosaur. There's not much point in trying to come up with the longest word possible if half the time it knocks you out for using a word that's too advanced for the baby's first dictionary i assume it was coded with.

Deleting today. Deleting game today.There are waaaaay too many ads, makes game not even fun to play. Play game for 10 seconds, watch 30 second ad.

Too many ads. If you like ads this is the game for you, never seen a game with so many. Not worth the time.

An Ad-verse reaction to a fun game. The game was fun, that’s why It got 2 stars. But the amount of ad after ad after ad made it unplayable.

Meh. You’re playing against bots, dumb game

Developers: please improve this wonderful game!!. This would be such an amazing game with just a few changes: 1. Fewer ads (number of current ads is outrageous; what is the point of annoying your players so they don’t want to play any more?), 2. Real people (playing against bots gets real old real fast), 3. Change the questions! (It takes only a short amount of time before all the questions repeat), 4. Increase the number of correct answers (Martinique is a Caribbean island!). This is a game that is brilliantly conceived, but poorly executed. I have stopped playing Text or Die because of these complaints, but if the problems are fixed, I would love to play again.

Not online. Why does it say “searching for other players” then have random names with flags as if it’s other people when it’s actually just dumb bots. Lol. Make it online. Oh- then you can’t spam people with ads in the middle of gameplay... aww!

Not stable. Crashes all the time

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dont get, just another stupid ad game. i put five stars so it hopefully can be seen. im sure you've seen this game in an ad a lot. it's probably tempting you a lot to get it, but don't-- since that's what the developers WANT. they won't bother looking at the reviews, and just make a bunch of random games with ads as well. just dont get this game. or any other rollic games. text or die is simple but not accurate. i put "mushroom" as a pizza topping and it counted it wrong. seriously?? but you'd accept "pinapples"?!?! thats just stupid. plus, all the other players are bots. not all german people are gonna open text or die and expect to know fluent english as well. if you want a decent game, get subway surfers, roblox, minecraft, fortnite, toca boca, geshin impact... SOMETHING. just dont get crappy ad games like these.

Representation. Hi! I love this game so much. I love that it makes me use my brain, it’s not timed, and it actually is so much fun that I bought the ‘no-ads’! The only thing I beg of you is that you add more representation in the character avatars. There are two, maybe three outfits recognizable as a female, which is my chosen gender expression. And a lot of the outfits change the race of the player like a costume which is not particularly sensitive. Please consider letting people pick their skin color and hair style in a simple, two step avatar creator. The avatars we currently win would simply just become outfits to go on our avatars. This would also solve the racial element of the problem that to be a business man and a police officer, you must be white, and to be a soccer player or a skateboarder you must be a person of color. Which is not true. Also: here are a few outfits that could be really fun to include! -princess/prince -dancer -secret agent -barista - mermaid -animal costumes -vampire -werewolf -robot Please do try and consider this. This game has a lot of potential to not only be fun and competitive for all ages, but also genuinely educational for students, kids, and English learners. Please take time out of your day to consider these criticisms and I look forward to your future updates and improvements!

Fun But…... I liked this game for a bit. Gets me to think outside the box and try to type the longest answer. That said, some plural answers work and others don’t and theses assumptions/mistakes get you eaten, which seems a bit unfair. Granted, you are allowed to “Report Missing Answer(s)” but that doesn’t help you stay alive. You mean to tell me that shells aren’t found at a beach? You mean to tell me that clubs aren’t found on a golf course? And now that I’ve reported the missing answer….? I ultimately deleted. Not only does the lack of answers disappoint me as a consumer, the quantity of ads gradually frustrated me. $3.99 for an ad free game is not expensive at all. But when paired with a list of answers that is not complete or elaborate, i am not interested in buying. I mean come on! There’s an ad after each round. 🙄 There are even ads in the middle of a round. Overall a good game but the cons are what provoked me to delete it.

Fun game, a few things though…. This game has a great concept. It’s also fun to play. BUT, a few things make the game a little less fun. One, you play with bots. Of course, if no one that’s a human is online you would need to play against a bot. But it’s not possible and you have to play with a bot. They don’t even tell you that everyone is a bot, which seems like there trying to get people to think they’re playing against real people. which is weird. Worse, the bots are way to easy to beat and the game is easy to win. I feel like there should be levels/difficulty’s? Two, this has a lot of missing awnsers.. I’m thinking If your going to make a game like this, at least get all the awnsers. But again, this game has a good concept and is fun to play at times. If you download this, just understand the cons about it.

Ads and Trash. This game has a cool concept but is awful. The other people are obviously CPU and the game usually picks one to be in the top 2 with you. The game will have the favorited cpu do the most outlandish words as answers just to have them catch up. If you get very far into the game and the water is at your feet, sometimes the answer won’t matter because even when choosing the longest answer possible the sharks still eat you. Also some answers don’t work like cities in countries. The amount of ads is crazy. They will give you ads before, after, and in the middle of games. Finally, the no ads button on the main screen. If you press the no ads button it will immediately give you a button to spend 2.99 for no ads. You could easily drop your phone and accidentally spend 2.99. Or your toddler could press the big purple NO ADS button on the side and then press the purchase button to flush some money down the toilet. It has an interesting concept. Also you can get all the answers off Google.

This game is dumb. It’s not dumb in the sense that it’s a stupid game to play. It’s actually a great game that makes you think, and tests your knowledge on which words are the longest and can you spell it correctly. The problem I have is that it’s game is dumb, and doesn’t know some of the advanced words that you would use. Just to give an example of the gameplay that I just had. “Name a shoe brand” the first shoe brand that came to mind was Louboutin. That was wrong. I was like, okay… that’s clearly a shoe brand but whatever. Then it asked “Name an Olympic Sport” so I said Field Hockey. Wrong! Then it said “Name A Currency” so I said United States Dollar…. And then that was wrong! So then the next question was “Name a character from Mario” and I said Bowser because I didn’t want to pick something crazy that the creators of this game didn’t know. I was wrong. Bowser, the main villain in the Mario franchise was a wrong answer. There’s no way of actually winning, because you have to guess words the game knows.

Please read 💃🥀💃. Okay to start out, there is TOO MANY ADS theres an ad Before a level, inbetween a level, and after a level! I understand this game needs ads and all, but that is just TOO MUCH! My suggestion for the ads is One ad every 1 Level. Since the levels take a bit long, sure every one level isnt much of an issue. Next something im annoyed with is how sometimes when i put an answer that i know is true, but it counts it incorrect! For example lets say it asked "pizza toppings" so i choose "Peppers" and it says that it's incorrect! This really bugs me especially when i lose because of it. Another annoying thing is just a bug. I would win a game and when the mini character is dancing like all games, there is like a duplicate of it in the water and it is super weird. What ma

Ugh. The ads on this game are insane. You get to play just one question before you’re hit with a minimum of 2 ads. No wonder this generation has a high volume of ADHD. I get the free version comes with ads and I can pay for the ad-free version but only completing one question between each ad is just not right. On top of the obscene amount of ads, many acceptable answers are not included and you have to “report missing answer” and you don’t get credit for that round. For example, I answered America and USA was a correct option but my answer was not. (And yes, it was spelled correctly). Another example was name an animal with webbed feet. I said platypus. No dice. Overall, a frustrating experience. I tried to give it a chance but ultimately deleted the game entirely because, as fun as it is, the cons just did not outweigh the pros.

My phone was on fire. I liked the game. It was good, and I enjoyed thinking outside my normal vocabulary to find words that would allow me win. The ads were a bit annoying, but I could deal with that because many, if not all, free games have ads. I had to delete my phone otherwise my phone would have burst into flames. My phone has never got that hot with any other game and I have COD on my phone! I really liked the concept and it’s a shame that my phone was over heating. The biggest problem wasn’t just the overheating issue, but the game would freeze up and I would loose my game. This usually happened when I was trying to close out of an ad. I hope these problems can be fixed and I can redownload the game because it was really fun and engaging.

Eh. Hello! This is The Review Crew. We download and rate hundreds of games! We are Diego, Cj, Niki, and Mack. Diego is the one writing this review btw! Anyway. We mostly enjoyed this game but the adds are really bad. I think you could try and find a better way to showcase them. Also the game gets quite boring, especially when it asks the same question. Also what confuses me is if it is actually online. Because once you answer apparently everyone else had answered at the same time or already did and was waiting for you. But the only thing is, you have never had to wait on anyone else. Or if you watch an add because you missed a word. I also think you should be allowed to put spaces in your answer. That made us kinda frustrated when it counted it wrong because of the spaces lol. Anyway, I have a lot of reviews to right. Have a nice day! -TheReveiwCrew

Way too many ads. This game can be really fun to play, and I understand that ads are part of the reason as to why the game is free, but there are TOO MANY! As soon as a round is over it gives you the option to watch an ad and receive extra coins, or say “no thanks” and receive less coins, even if you click on no thanks, it still gives you an ad. If both coin options are going to show you an ad, PLEASE put the green ad button on both options. Also, it’s very frustrating when I’m in the middle of a round, and another ad pops up…like I’m trying to play….why is there an ad popping up in the middle of me typing? Ads show up every few seconds or every minute, it gets old very quickly and $3 just to get rid of ads is a lot when I could just stop playing the game in general. I’m not trying to sound rude in this review but it’s just a frustrating thing when you can’t enjoy the game cause of there being more ads than actual gameplay.

Omg. OK so this game is like the best game ever it's so good I love it so much it's so easy and stuff like that but I have a recommendation and this is not about the bad things it's about something good so what I think you should do like if y'all want to you don't have to though but like when like you die you should like make it where you can dodge the sharks like say five sharks you can dodge them and if you don't dodge then then you're dead but if you dodge them you only get one more life and if you dodge them the second time and youAnd you don't dodge it then you're dead so you only have two lives And so sorry if this sounds like I wasn't typing this is because I'm using the microphone and I'm just saying it because I know I had a lot to say

Trash game. Ok I played this game before like a few years and I came back to see that it has not changed except the people are not typing random words wait I mean bots like make us against real people but what annoys me most is there was a queston on a body part and I put jugular which is a part of your neck that has muscles to your brain so basically if you didn’t have a jugular you would be dead same as it’s a weak spot but in other words please game get more words you think there is people that would put arm or leg no people would go with somthing else maybe plus there was a question name a type of dinosaur or something like that and I put sinoceratops a type of triceratops and it didn’t work and I saw a bot that put pterodactyl like that isn’t a dinosaur and that made me so mad like how in the world that’s a type of dinosaur you mean pteranodon that’s a dinosaur that’s a pterodactyl please don’t play if your reading this and please game read this and fix the game and add more words

Fun game, but major issues. I love this game, it’s a great idea and always a good time, however there are some huge issues with the game. First off ads, I know ads are needed to fund the game and what not, but it’s too the point we’re after every round your almost guaranteed to get an ad. I just wish the ads were fewer. Another thing, there is this huge bug in the game we’re the entire game will freeze allowing no actions. Forcing you to close the app and once you go back in all your data is wiped for the game. You loose all your skins, all your money, and even your name. It’s almost as if you just installed the game. This should not be happening, I shouldn’t have to fear that all my progress will be lost because of a random bug. This game is fun and I definitely think has the potential to be a popular mobile game if it gets its problems fixed. If future updates fix the game, I will gladly tell friends about it :)

Very bad at what it’s supposed to do. This app is horrible as it doesn’t have common answers. I will say it asked me a flightless bird and I did use google just to see if it had the longest one in there which it didn’t, and that one is fine however follow that up with name a popular classic board game “The Game of Life” was unknown and follow that with name a character from the show The Office “Michael Scott” was unknown and at this point I’m like wth is going on then the one that will put me over the edge is name a character from the Star Wars movies “Anakin Skywalker”!!!!!!!!!! isn’t in there!!!!!! Michael Scott is a what I see as one of three main characters and Anakin Skywalker I would say is the ultimate start of the storyline because without him there isn’t a Star Wars movie at all. Do better app developers.

Kind of fun for a while, but inaccurate. It’s kind of fun to try to come up with the longest answers; but gets annoying fairly quickly once you see opponents guessing factually wrong answers that earn points, and factually correct answers getting disqualified. There also appears to be some confusion between “sport” and “game” when asked to name a sport that uses a board, it won’t accept “paddle board” but it does accept “monopoly”. Questions are repetitive, but gives you an opportunity to try longer answers. The number of ads is excessive; so I did opt to purchase the ad-free version; but then still got in-game ads on the screen. It did eliminate the ad breaks in between each round of play, though. But if I am paying for an ad-free experience, I expect it to be as-free! Looking forward to improvements in future updates, and would like to be able to play live opponents online.

Needs More Options for Possible Answers. I don’t normally do this, but there is an issue bugging me about this game. It’s a lot of fun, but there is only a small selection of “popular” answers. And if you don’t give an answer that matches one of the possible ones exactly, you could get it wrong. For example, if the topic is handheld devices and I answer Nintendo 3DS, the game tells me either it’s wrong or asks me if I meant Nintendo DS, which is a little bit different from a 3DS. This is not to say that the game isn’t fun, but this issue bugs me because there are a lot more than five answers for a topic and putting in the “popular” choices isn’t really fair. In the next update, this something that the developers should seriously consider, given that there are going to be people who give an answer that isn’t considered popular, but is no less valid than the game’s preferred answers.

Hmmm… The thing after the game…. Hello! This is a review on Text Or Die. TOPIC #1:THE SPINNER WHEEL AFTER YOU DIE (AND THE GAME PART OF IT) okay, #1 you have to pay $100?? That is a lot. #2: if you get the answer wrong, you automatically just die?? Also, it said: “NAME A NINTENDO GAME” and I put “Just Dance” and it was wrong. What the heck?!? That is a Nintendo game! TOPIC #2! ADS. Okay, #1 first of all, they are almost ALWAYS the same ads. #2 THERE IS SO MANY! Like why?!? I mean, Ik you get paid for it but, there is just WAY to many. TOPIC #3: WRONG ANSWERS THAT ARE ACTUALLY RIGHT. okay, so as you saw earlier, I put: “Just Dance” to name a Nintendo game and it was wrong. I have that on my switch. TOPIC #4: HARD QUESTIONS. okay, #1 : there was name a city in Germany. Like I’m from New Jersey. If your from Germany that would be easy. (It would also be easy if I learned about it lol) Otherwise, the game is SUPER addicting and very fun!

Come on. This game has so much potential. But I’m disappointed enough to leave a review and I don’t normally leave reviews. The sucky parts of this game is, of course way too many ads. One of the ads that get shown (King’s Choice) doesn’t let you X out of it, so I always have to exit out of the app to get back to the actual game, which I lose out of my progress. But the most annoying part of this game is a lot of my ACCURATE answers do not get counted for. Example: “Name an animal in Australia” I said Ostrich.. didn’t count. “Type of Precipitation” I said freezing drizzle.. didn’t get counted. Also, some answers get counted for and some don’t but they are the same answers. Example: “Name NFL team” I said Seattle Seahawks.. it got counted for.. next game the same question got asked, so I said Seattle Seahawks again.. didn’t count it this time. It’s very confusing, yet frustrating lol. This game is fun and has potential but it needs serious update of ALL POSSIBLE ANSWERS

Vocabulary stinks. So i was playing this game, and you can tell right away you’re just playing against bots so you have all the time in the world. one annoying thing is ads, but airplane mode easily avoids that. the most annoying part is that when you put an answer that is right but they count it as wrong such as: ‘a nintendo game’, seeing this i put pokémon sun and shield which would get me 19 points but they said that wasn’t a game. another time i put crabominable for a pokémon and they said that was wrong, another time they asked for a justin bieber song, i put all i want for christmas is you and they counted it wrong, then why asked for a michael jackson song so i put i saw mommy kissing santa claus so i could get 30+ but they said that wasn’t one either. UPDATE THE VOCABULARY PLEASE BECAUSE ITS SUPER ANNOYING WHEN IM RIGHT AND THEY DONT COUNT IT RIGHT! other than that the games pretty good

Could be great but falls short. This game has a lot of potential to be super fun and exciting but it falls short for a few reasons; 1. You’re not actually playing with people from different countries. You’re playing against a bunch of bots and it’s painfully obvious. They put ridiculous answers to questions and somehow still manage to get them correct but when I put a correct answer I’ll get them wrong. For example, the question was name a famous chef. I put Gordon Ramsay and got it wrong. 2. The questions are incredibly repetitive. The last game I played two different questions were asked multiple times within the same game. 3. There’s no time limit or any sense of urgency so it’s very easy to just google a question and go back to the game. I feel like if there was a time limit it would make the game more exciting. 4. Graphics are below average and there’s not many options for customization

Text or Die isn’t worth it. One. Way, WAY too many ads. It’s gotten a little better but when I first started playing it was really bad. Second of all, missing answers! It asked me a number one Beatles song. I said Can’t Buy Me Love. It told me that wasn’t an answer, even though it was! There are more incidents I cannot remember right now about missing answers too! Third, how am I supposed to know the answer to some of the questions they give? For example, they told me to name one of the top names in Wales in 2020. Uh, how would I know that? Maybe if you lived in Wales you would, but I’m American, and I’ve set where I live to American! Fourth, your opponents are bots. It WOULD be nice to actually have some real opponents! Last, it makes you play some dumb game after and you have to spend 100 coins. There is also no way to decline it. So, if you don’t know the category then you’re screwed and you might not even make back the 100 coins you spent! Ok, that’s it. I don’t recommend playing Text or Die, but do whatever you want.

Great game but the ads. Overall the game is decent and when you look at my title you most likely would’ve thought it would of been about the amount of ads and don’t get me wrong they can remove quite a bit of the random ads they show and I know they do it for money and advertising but the real reason is I know this is mainly apple’s fault in ways but most of the ads I get I can skip them even if the button is there and I can’t exit out of them whenever I try it just asks me if I want to download it or not and then I have to end my game. I know it’s not mainly your fault and that it’s mainly apple’s fault because you the developers and maintenance crews don’t control what ads you give me and what ads you don’t I’m just saying if you could fix it someway even if it’s small it would make the game better.

Fun at first but needs expanding. This game had me addicted but just like a day after downloading it I’m getting close to quitting it. It’s really frustrating constantly losing just because my (very non-obscure) answer just didn’t happen to recorded as a correct answer (example: the question was “something you eat at a fair” and I was marked wrong for answering “corndog.”) It’s understandable that this would happen occasionally but it happens CONSTANTLY. Maybe it’s a bit childish of me, but the reality is it’s not enjoyable as a player. Another problem related that is that there seem to be really obscure requirements for an answer being correct. Like sometimes I get marked wrong for putting my answer in plural form, then I get marked wrong for NOT putting my answer in plural form. I’m also really bored of the same prompts. I already know which 2-3 prompts to expect when I play the bonus level and it takes away all the excitement.

Mid. This game don’t get me wrong I’m not a hater but it glitches after every ad, making it so hard to play like I’ll be winning cool, but then a add will pop up okay not a big deal right? Well I go back into my game and I’m way ahead of everyone and it just freezes like bro stop I’m trying to win not get frozen every five seconds like STOP, also please stop giving me over complicated questions, like no I don’t want to research the seven deadly sins 👹👹 also I think we should be playing against real people, normally we play against npcs but if we play with actual people it would be way better, and if we could make custom matches like pick questions and themes invite friends and mini games and such. This may make the game over complicated but who doesn’t love playing with friends in a Saturday morning or a Friday afternoon. Please consider these choices. Also please stop giving me adds that make me glitchy 👹👹👹👹 -sincerely I’m not telling you my name

Great Idea - Room for Improvement. This is a really great concept for a trivia game. Don’t just give any answer, give the longest answer. It’s addicting. Very fun. However… There are way too many ads, and I mean WAY too many. I went ahead and forked out the $3 to remove ads because I was having so much fun. But unfortunately, I’ve lost interest. Far too often, I have to hit “report missing answer,” or I have to watch an ad to “correct” my answer. For example: “name a gaming console” any gaming console? No. I said PlayStation One. It said “did you mean PlayStation Five?” I’m sorry, was the PlayStation One never a console? Sometimes you can use the full name for something, like “name a type of clock” you can add “clock” to your answer, as in “grandfather clock.” But be careful. Sometimes it counts it wrong, even if the official name for the thing does in fact include that part of the term. I digress. It’s fun, but prepare to get frustrated.

Correct How You Spell Words. Hello! Today I am writing a review about the game Text Or Die so my child was playing this game he is 11 and he knows how to spell because he has won is school spelling bee. Text Or Die asked him what do u eat when you have a headache. He wrote Aspirin and then he died because the game spelled Aspirin as Asprin search up on google Asprin is not a word and even when u type the word out it has approximately 10 red dots underneath the word which means that is not a word or that is not how u spell it. If u click on that word there will be a option that says change ur word to the word that is close to th e word u wrote, and guess what the option is. Aspirin. There are also many more spelling errors and things that say we are reporting missing answers but the game is. I believe the game is fun but this is also supposed to be a educational game for my son. Please developers update and fix your game soon. -Best Of Luck -Amy Tan& my son Andrew Tan.

Inaccuracy. While the game is fun (it reminds me of Scattergories, but without the pressure of a time limit, which can trigger my anxiety), there are too many inaccuracies across the game that need to be fixed. These inaccuracies range from missing answers to absurd allowance of answers, and from sometimes unclear questions to improperly written questions (i.e. “Name a poisonous spider,” spiders are not poisonous, they’re venomous). Also, while there are a lot of ads and I get that those come with not purchasing the ad-free version, recently many of the ads I have been getting haven’t been allowing me to skip through them, sometimes making me close the game completely. So overall, fun game, but definitely needs improvements–especially with missing answers!

Pretty fun. Hey! So here’s a review for this game: It’s actually pretty fun, addicting, etc. I find it great how some of the questions are pretty easy, some of them are just kind of hard, and some of them I actually don’t know! So that’s pretty cool. There are a ton of ads, but honestly, what can you expect? It’s a free game, they need to make money! So I won’t really complain about all the ads on it. I also like the bonus levels, and honestly, I really like this game right now and I play it pretty much a lot! One complaint I have is that it’s laggy sometimes, and also there aren’t really real players and there are just bots. I feel like it would be cool to be able to go against real people for more of a challenge in the game. Also here’s a suggestion: it would be cool if possibly there was just a single player mode just for practice (kind of like the bonus levels but it doesn’t give you a reward). There could also be a mode where you go against the bots, a mode where you go against random players, or even try to go against your friend in a mode like that! Other than the complaints, the game is solid and fun. I do recommend it! Thanks for reading my review!

Fun concept but REALLY poorly researched.. Okay this game was fun to play until I found huge inaccuracies when playing. For example, flamingo is listed as a flightless bird and buffalo isn’t a valid answer but beefalo was? (Ik beefalos exist but come on.) One that really bugged me was a question about islands in the Caribbean where Trinidad wasn’t an acceptable answer (“did you mean Grenada?”) and Haiti was (Haiti is the name of the country, not the island, which I get is a picky point but it still is weird considering the overly specific valid answers), neither was the name of the island a lot of people I know go to vacation even though it is HEAVILY touristed. The game is a fun and admittedly addictive concept but the lack of research for possible answers especially with some pretty common knowledge things gets frustrating really quickly. The team should do more research before basing a game solely on trivia and things that should be factual.

Too many bugs. The reason I’m giving this one star is cause it needs some serious updates. With over half the questions I give an longer answer for more letters and I will even look it up after to see if it was spelled correctly and it was but the game says the word does not exist. It is like there is only a few answers for each question and you have use many letters in your answer. Also there were soo many ads I couldn’t get through a game without getting 3 or 4 adds. I had to tour of my cellular for the game just to play without getting interrupted every minute. Also another bug is that this happened to me a few times but the bots would misspell a word and the game would still count it but I did it wouldn’t count and even if I didn’t misspell it but the answer was just too complicated for the game it would say it was wrong. So all and all this game needs some SERIOUS work and it dos t seem like they will anytime soon

Fun but annoying. This game is amazing really. But there’s 2 problems. 1st is the ads. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. The 2nd thing is that I will put in a correct answer like for example the name Sonakshi is a girl name and when I put it in it said it was wrong another example is like for fruit or vegetables that start with a B I put Blueberry and it said it was wrong. I think that sometimes it counts right answers wrong. Other than those 2 things this game is amazing. The creator did really well designing and adding amazing features to this game that make the game fun and enjoyable other than ads and everything else wrong about this app (which there’s very few) Also customer service is VERYYYYYYYY slow so maybe you might wanna fix that. Thank you for your time!

I wish I could give ten stars. THE MOST AMAZING GAME EVER INVENTED!!!!! Listen my family travels ALOT all over the world and I just recently went to Italy and this game kept me my sister and my parents going we waited in VERY long lines and all I would do is take out my phone and my family and I would play for hours and not only is this game educational but it’s really really really really really fun and it can help you learn spelling new things and most of all it can help you let loose have fun and to me and my family this game is the best ever invented please please please get this app I hope there aren’t any bad reviews but if there are please I’m begging you ignore them also shout out to Rollic games for creating this thanks for reading

Amazing, but has some problems. I honestly love this game it is amazing 🤩 I also learned a lot from this game and I really am addicted it’s good for practice at tests and stuff it’s like a really unique game I’ve never played a game like this before if you are reading this DOWNLOAD IT NOW it’s really fun make more games like this one but there is one problem like you know when you like die it’s like second chance I watch the add I wait but it’s just a screen with the players I played against now this really is annoying me but otherwise it’s really a good game 😊mind blowing game really but please fix this glitch and I will never stop playing and also add some levels like the bonus levels but with more players so it’s more fun I really love it also add like you know when holidays happen and some games update for the holidays

Nope it got worse for me. Well it out worse again first the bots put in ridiculous answers and when the pirate and Bush was added the bots keep using them next in one of the questions I got Olympic sports and I put Sport climbing but the game said I was wrong so I lost that round and a bot that’s not even from South Korea won next if I win and do geography and do all that good watching from Europe and wet and I get to the top the claim that item that was at the top of their bonus round is is blocked out so the only thing I had to do was well lose that item for five rounds yeah that’s right five round I had to use my item because of that and also there should be more questions for the more hard-core players play the game so that’s why it got worse and also if you put on the notifications it would say only 1% of people would know this word would you and it’s super easy almost everyone know that word or something it would be a stupid word so that’s why I do not like the game.

Needs a few fixes- fun game!. I saw this game in an ad, downloaded and like maybe a week later bought ad-free! I really enjoy this game! Pre-ad free there was an option to watch an ad and save your answer if you had a typo— I didn’t realize this would go away upon ad-free, although I admire your dedication to truly remain ad-free as advertised. There was no option to correct my answer, (I just missed an e before hitting enter,_,) Personally I wouldn’t mind watching an ad to save my answer, or even using the keys/coins as a redeemable option. Along with other reviewers mentioning the bot players, I don’t mind that either but would enjoy a timed lobby with other online players as a menu option. I also have a few qualms with the missing answers/report missing answer. I wish there was a way to know if the answer has been reported or is in the process of being reviewed… a little transparency isn’t always bad :) Overall I enjoy the game. Sure it’s got a few bugs to work out, but it’s really entertaining and I feel like I’m working my little brain out when I play! It’s fun to beat the bots. Sometimes I even learn a new word myself :)

Missing more answers. “Something you would find in a fruit salad” and the answer: “blueberries” is wrong. “Name a Harry Potter character” and the answer: “professor dumbledore” is wrong. “Name a type of snake” and the answers: “copperhead” and “diamondback” both wrong. Also, the answer “saxophone” falls under NEITHER category of “woodwind instrument” OR “brass instrument.” Yet, it recognizes saxophone under “name an instrument.” “Name a game console” will take “PlayStationFour” but not “PlayStationThree.” (Which is one more letter to help). “Name a board you can write on” is the dumbest category I’ve ever heard when it comes to the endgame. There’s literally chalkboard, whiteboard, dry erase board. That’s it. Would not recognize “smart board.” Seriously, devs, there’s way too much missing info in the supposed AI of this game. That, coupled with the only way to truly play is with Airplane Mode on to eliminate ads, in which case I don’t have access to the cheats and assists like pirate or boat attacks. I always have to rely on saving grace categories like “type of wine,” “European country,” and “classical composer” (CabernetSauvignon, Liechtenstein, WolfgangAmadeusMozart)

It’s a good game but. Let me get started nothing about the game is wrong it’s a great game over all and I’d recommend it to anyone I love the theme a trivia game with fun and tricky questions! The characters that you get and you can even get hints but here’s why the rating is so low . I’m only focusing on one topic the Ads. It’s to many ads like a lot of random ads pop up randomly and I wanna ask how do contestants from different countries with different languages do English typing I know some people from different countries know English but what about the ones who don’t? There is one more thing it’s about the questions but it’s about the movie questions for example. Name a character from the lord of the rings . What if they didn’t watch the movie how will they answer I could go on and on about the pros and cons about this game but that’s enough. Thank you for reading the whole thing this felt like an whole 30 chapter book goodbye .

False advertising bots only. This game acts as if you get to play against others, but it’s solely bots and ads. Nothing else. It would be such a fun game and cool concept if it were as advertised. Why waste time having each bot from a different country when we all know there is no universal language. There’s absolutely no way in this universe that 6 people from 6 counties have 6 completely unique answers every single round; there’s also no way for the translations to work in a way that translated words could value the same points. There’s just simply no way to not have repeat answers on 80+% of the categories. It’s so clearly fake. The ads that urged me to download strongly suggested that you would be playing live games against real people. It’s so obvious that you’re playing against bots. You also HAVE to purchase the no ad version to find any enjoyment at all. Hey apple, maybe monitor the apps you’re putting at the top of your lists to make sure they aren’t complete lies????

Bad game. If I could give this zero I would but one will have to due. This is outrageous. The amount of ads in this game is absolutely outrageous, and disgusting. They just want your money and you’re basically wasting your life watching ads instead of playing the game and enjoying it. I feet attacked and violated this is wrong! This all started when I was playing game and I am a bad speller due to my problems stemming from bad games. I spelt the word artichoke wrong and was given the option to watch and add to spell it right. But it wouldn’t let me it had turned grey. Then I died 😭😭😭😭 it was horrific the shark aggressively bit me and spilt my blood into the ocean. I was then given the you got 4th screen with second chance? I was going to click on it when low and belhold it did not let me. Like the good calm person I am I pressed give up. Then they had the audacity to play an ad not even a short ad but a 30 second ad!!! Not only was I assaulted and unable to try and redeem myself but they rubbed my shark bitten body into the salt waters even more agressivly. Do not download 😭😭😭💀💀

Great game but there’s a few problems.. This game is great! You have to answer questions to survive. It’s sort of like a learning game. It’s rated 12+ in my opinion it should be rated 4+. There’s nothing wrong with it except for there’s to much ads! It’s very frustrating if your impatient. Every time after you answer a question there’s ANOTHER ad. That’s not the only problem some questions are asking you things that most people wouldn’t know like if your 8 or something probably not even adults know half of and it’s not important stuff. The questions are not bad questions though. It’s a great learning game, and you might learn stuff you don’t know which is good. I’d get it if your fine with paying for ads or if your not impatient.

Way too hard of a game. This game is fun and I play a very frequently, although questions are way too hard . 12 year old Don’t even know it! That annoys me so much because I can never play the game. I’m always fifth place. It annoys me and I never I type in a right answer. It always says it’s not correct because once it said name a country beginning with U AND I SAID UNITED STATES, AND IT SAID YOU’RE WRONG. MY SUGGESTION IS JUST TO MAKE IT A LITTLE BIT EASIER. I could really use it being easier. I’m always pressing hint I am always pressing longer hint, and I’m always pressing pirate ship. Please please please make it easier because then I could do it without having to know I’m gonna come in fifth place and all that stuff. and thank you for reading. Hope you got some advice on downloading this or not. I would recommend downloading it just beware it’s really hard.

The second best game I’ve ever played. 1: So the reason I put five stars is because this game is a very fun game and you just have to get answers and it makes you smarter because then it teaches you stuff basically and I’ve never played something so good in my life so this is good and I hope everybody reads this review. 2: I am crazy about this game and I think it’s just so good I think it gets you better at writing it says if you get if you write something wrong then it’s just him you just get a song saying did you meant mean to spell this or like stuff like that so I just love this game it teaches you how to write stuff in it I just I just love. 3: when I think of this game I think about learning I feel like I’ve learned a lot for me and I just want everybody to read this before downloading this game you can download it and then read this but this is just a really really good game it teaches you you’re gonna win prizes we’re not a really win prizes but like in the game you win prizes so I’m just so happy and thank you so much for writing this thank you for watching I mean not watching thank you for Reading this. 4: OK I cannot explain how I love this game it is the best game I’ve ever played like I literally like a love split and a lot of people read this thank you.

1 Star… even though I love it. This has the potential to be such a great game. I paid for the ads free version in hopes the developers will utilize that money and keep working on this app. My primary complaint is there should be WAYYY more questions. I feel I’m already cycling though all questions and it’s only been 2 days. That’s bad. Secondly, there is no sound. I thought it was maybe switched off by default as a gesture, but no. No sound at all. Which takes away from game excitement. Chimes or something as you climb up. Something simple. It’s presented at a multiplayer game but I think they are all bots as well. Should be linking with real people for better gaming. Connecting to Facebook and social media outlets for friends would be cool too. This 100% could be a top downloaded game. Just needs work. Maybe open up question submissions by players and review them before they go live. Should submit 4 answers as well to help start it.

Missing Answers, overall gameplay needs improvement. When you do bonus rounds, they’re missing a ton of answers. “Name an animal that lives in a lake” and “piranha” wasn’t accepted. They live in lakes. They’re also a 7 letter word, which apparently is too much for me to be submitting since that would undermine the game’s attempts to make money off players? From a developer’s perspective where you would try to limit how much a player can succeed in order to incentivize them to spend money on the game, sure. But at that point the game becomes annoying. The window to report a missing answer is also really short (short as in you don’t have time to check google to confirm that no, you weren’t hallucinating, and that you were actually correct). Idk, either actually add real answers (probably just update your answer banks, you can still have your bots randomize correct answers and ‘pirate attacks’ or whatever) or stop trying to make players pay for a low quality game.

Not really an online game, and lots of errors. This game puts itself out to be an online game against other players and says “looking for other players” when you start a game. But from the way that other players’ answers instantly appear after you submit your answer, and from the lack of variety in their answers, the the other players are really just bots. Additionally, there are a lot of errors and missing answers. Sometimes if you put an answer that’s not in their bank of acceptable answer, you can click report a missing answer. But other times, that option did not appear, or it would ask if I meant a different word and watch an ad to fix my answer. For example, I put “brussels sprouts” for the vegetable prompt and it asked if I meant “Brussel sprouts” which is an incorrect spelling. Another time I put “baby blue” for a color and it asked if I meant “navy blue.” It is a fun game to kill time, and the ads are annoying but that much is to be expected from a free game.

This game is absolute garbage. Firstly, after reading all of the other reviews I decided to buy the ad free version before playing. That was a poor decision in retrospect, because even after buying the ad free game there are still so many parts of the game that are virtually inaccessible without watching ads, you just have to choose to do so of your own volition. Secondly, you’re never actually playing real people which takes away from the challenge and fun of it. I’d walk away from a game and come back hours later and it’d still be the same characters and we’d pick up from where I had left off. And finally, the amount of answers that count as incorrect is phenomenal. This game would be fun for small children or someone just learning the language, but if you have a larger vocabulary all this game will do is irritate you. For example “Name a chili pepper” apparently “habanero” is not a chili pepper. And that’s a Poot example in comparison to some of the other mind blowing “incorrect” answers. If I could rate this game lower I would. Absolutely do not recommend.

This game needs work with the spelling. So I downloaded the game and the first competition was very fun. I had no problems with it and everything seemed fine. But the second competition and from then on it has been nothing but problems. One of my questions was name an amusement park ride so I put top thrill dragster and then it was like as if the question was different for the boys because they put names of an amusement park name not rides. The other thing is that I feel like there is a lot of ads on this game. Another question I was asked was name a animal found in Australia. So I put short-beaked echidna and it said it was incorrect. The flaws need be fixed because I have had times that I put a correct answer and didn’t count it. Now the game it’s self is a pretty good. You can change your character, change the blocks, or even hats. And it’s fun competing, but if it isn’t just saying I put the right answer in.

Just okay for now. I don’t know when this game was released but it’s flawed in several ways. First off there’s not enough answers to the questions asked ie: name a type of shark - I said tiger shark the game said wrong, name something you hand in a Christmas tree, I said Christmas tree lights and the game said wrong. If you answer correctly and the game says wrong you report the missing answer but nothing changes. Purchase to stop ads, doesn’t work. You buy and only a very few stop and for all the “in game boosters” such as the bomb, you must watch a video to use it so don’t waste your money. There aren’t enough questions to warrant a game. It’s fun, sorta, because it’s very limited and it definitely has a long way to go. Uses a lot of data so be prepared for that. Finally the question was name a Christmas song, I said Silent Night, nope, Hark theHerald Angels Sing, nope, Oh Holy Night, nope. Asks the same questions over and over and over again. I think it’ll be an awesome game once the kinks are all worked out, for now, I’m out.

Great Game but…. This is a very fun game to play, especially when you’re bored with absolutely nothing to do. It also really helps increase your knowledge, even if it’s in unnecessary things like knowing fruits that begin with the letter b or something. However, sometimes whenever it cuts to an ad, the game freezes and I have to exit and come back, which makes me lose my progress when I’m in the middle of playing a game. Another issue is that a lot of words I type in that are correct say “report missing answer,” an example being the pyramids of egypt as an answer to one of the seven wonders of the world, among several others. I also find that there are way too many ads. I understand the placement of some, but there’s wayyyy too many, and sometimes they lead to the game freezing in the middle of an ad, meaning I lose my progress, but that’s something I’ve already brought up. Overall a fun game, but still has a few flaws.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 18.2.1
Play Store com.fullfat.textordie
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Text or Die was published in the category Games on 17 April 2021, Saturday and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This program file size is 322.67 MB. This app has been rated by 212,799 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Text or Die - Games app posted on 02 February 2024, Friday current version is 18.2.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.fullfat.textordie. Languages supported by the app:

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