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Townkins is a 3D free to play simulation game with beautiful graphics and an immersive, online world that will capture your imagination and heart!

Nurture animals, cultivate crops, cook dishes, and fish with your friends! Real-time interaction means you can invite friends to your customized Town to chat and interact with your character! Always wanted to laugh at your friend's ridiculous outfit, while showing off your own? Now you can, using real-time emotes! Bored? Host a party, invite friends, and show off your stylish home! Countless customization options means that no two Avatars or Towns look the same; with a myriad of outfits, faces, hairstyles, and decorations to choose from! Furnish your very own home with an endless variety of wallpapers, flooring, and furniture! Get to know the quirky Townkins as they send you on exciting adventures, and progress through the main storyline to unlock more mysterious townfolk!

Play now for free, and experience these fun, specialized features:

• Farm and cook to complete orders and gain rewards!
• Fully 3D graphics and environment for an immersive experience!
• Challenge your friends and compete in various competitions for prizes!
• Complete quests to unlock fascinating characters in an immersive world!
• Specialize your skills by researching varied technologies!
• Personalize your Avatar with dozens of hairstyles, clothes, and different facial expressions!
• Make your home sweet home with tons of furniture, wallpaper, and flooring to choose from!
• Design your Town to your liking with your choice of decorations, paths, and buildings!
• Be inspired to cook tasty dishes and impress your friends!
• Laugh, cry, and congratulate your friends with real-time emotes!
• Play plenty of mini-games to enjoy with your friends!
• Keep busy with daily activities and special events!

App Notes:

• This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing.

• Townkins: Wonderland Village is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game may be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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• Townkins: Wonderland Village Customer Support: [email protected]

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Townkins App Description & Overview

The applications Townkins was published in the category Games on 2018-06-19 and was developed by FunPlus. The file size is 595.23 MB. The current version is 1.8.190 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

-New building! Lucky Mixer
-New Face and New Hair
-New land!
-2-star upgrade to some Boutique Houses
-Re-plant Trees
-Far view mode
-Automatic loading for Boat and Water Dragon
-Flowers and Puzzle Piece inventory for Family
-Upgradable Backpack space

-Uncle Moon will now purchase every 4 hours
-Lynne added to Townkins Invitation Box
-Weather and Day/Night control in game settings
-Some furniture layout will stay when Upgrading your home

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Townkins Reviews


Very Difficult to Progress and Upgrade  wordneurotic  1 star

One of the items needed is called Building Materials. I have spent WEEKS before getting a single BM drop on hundreds of eligible activities. Those who do get drops charge outrageously for trade deals. Pals all agree the only thing we can think of is that the developer must be manipulating the algorithms to slow down progress, perhaps because higher levels are not yet developed It is extremely discouraging, and I think I might quit. This game used to be fun, but the higher level I have achieved, the lower the enjoyment. Devs, please respond by adjusting drops. I’m not the only one who is ready to ditch — I’m just one who has bothered to take the time to tell you. Peace!


Awesome!  katherine_736  5 star

I love this game! It’s so addictive! I would highly recommend!


Great game but  PandaaaaxD  3 star

Great game but keeps lagging really bad since the update for everyone in the game, how are we supposed to complete things for the event??


What is going on  amyirishrose  5 star

My townkins is on another device what do I do please help me


Awesome game  22toomany  5 star

I highly recommend this. I’m 44 and love it.


It’s Very Upsetting  k1ttywh1te  4 star

I love the Game a lot! I just think you should add a feature where you can leave your own family and get all your coins back for it. I’ve been trying to get people to join but it’s just a waste. I thought I could have a big community of nice people but all it is to me is a waste. It upset me that I couldn’t have a nice community of people but it never really worked. That’s one little thing I ask thank you!~

T I L Angelica

Great game but Chat system.  T I L Angelica  1 star

You get banned for saying someone’s name on Global chat, I called out my family member name and received a long banned for it. Also today I was helpful in Global giving away my roses and goods to global community and when I return home I was banned. I did not say anything bad but the system govern the chat systems overly too much where you can not even play and truly have fun. Please tell me why did I get banned on 5/5/2019 when o was helping Global by giving all my goods and roses for free. Why is the game so overly monitored for saying 69!!! Btw that’s my family members name in the game :O Do you think this is fair ??


Love this game but it doesn’t load  Coco12788  5 star

I’ve been playing this game for a while great entertaining game, However it freezes and lags and when the game loads doesn’t show my town ..

LaKisha Riddick

Mean people on here!  LaKisha Riddick  5 star

Funplus can you please remove the mean people of the app They are hurting people’s feelings.And breaking family Rules!


Pretty good  DaveA7423  4 star

The visuals are stunning, and the theme is pretty good. It does take some time to do some things, but I think it is pretty good.


Log out  Melindadooley  5 star

Can u make a log out button because I want restart the whole game please


Townkins  Synthia_21  3 star

I don’t like how the prices are on this game, why do you have to pay so much for a costume? Why do you have to use diamonds when it’s hard to receive them through out the game? Why do the machines take for ever to be unlocked when you need them? Expanding your land is the most difficult part because for one when you earn points to upgrade your skills you you have to expand and you don’t everything you need. I need people to clean out what has been bought out of the world market, and stop confusing people when they see something that they like or might need.


New profile  Kawaii_Lamb  3 star

It's a fun game but I want to start from level 1 again so I deleted it and it's still the same profile how do I Chiang profiles?


Best game!  Shonbon298  5 star

Best game so far thanks for all the hard work but can I ask how to change our name colour?


I like this game  Ky_lyn89  4 star

I like this game, but I stopped getting main quests after some guy washed up on the beach. Is that normal?


Great game  TurboPixieN  5 star

I really enjoy this game a lot, I can spend so much time in doing lots of different activities. From fishing to farming, You can make friends or visit random towns which is great as a lot of my friends on facebook don’t play games like these when they should.


Too many new players.  Haidhdiddicbeusheud.  4 star

Great game, love everything about it except the ridiculous amount of new players spamming the world chat. Unable to get messages in without being bombarded with other players’ messages. Bit disheartening and annoying :/


Idk what to say  Angelgurl20  1 star

Townkins was good in the begining. Now its full of people swearing being mean. Trying to date others and. Have inappropriate game names etc. if i knew this was gonna be a dating app i wouldnt of played TOWNKINS FIX THIS PLZ. This is not a dating game. Its supposed to be a fun family friendly game Also global launch brought the weird and rude people in more

Sky Auror

Best phone game I’ve ever played  Sky Auror  5 star

This is what an animal crossing/stardew valley type mobile game should be. There’s wait times but they’re reasonable and you can play for a short amount of time or a longer time and not be punished. There’s microtransactions that you can purchase but are definitely not necessary to enjoy the game. The community aspect is great and everyone is so nice and helpful. Definitely the best mobile game I’ve ever played, and if you’ve ever enjoyed animal crossing, Stardew Valley, or even FarmVille it’s worth a try!

Cherrly Lilith

Could use more features...  Cherrly Lilith  4 star

I do love this game, it is the most sweetest and cutest game I know. However, there are a few things that could make this game be better. The game really feels underdeveloped, since there are many things missing, the most important one being communication between people. The communication and the way people talk feels very limited, and restricted. I don’t think this review has enough space to cover all the problems it has regarding these limitations. However, other than that, the farming is fine, the decorating is splendid, however everything is amazingly expensive in the in-game currency. That has me in the blues, since it’s hard to be creative to my own character. The most interesting part of this game that got me to download it was that I could decorate my character and change their styles. However, it seems quite difficult to do that. Town decoration is really easy to access however, it is hard to store things back. Quests are wonderful, the characters are great, I really love how they have their own backgrounds. They seem really adorable. I just wish we could learn more about Kyle and Uncle Moon as well. I also wish the characters were more interactive in a way. Other than those few things, the game does a really good job at exerting itself off as a friendly cute farm game.


Orders  Sweetdrops57  2 star

The boat and dragon orders remain very hard with our limited storage taken up with a huge amount of building materials. We simply can not easily help one another. I have refused many boats. We need the option to refuse the dragons. If they request our basic dry goods, we cannot do other tasks. Saw someone needing 33 brown sugar today, I felt like deleting this game. Very angry. Boutique is very hard to get. What do we do with all these huge decorations? How many tables do I need? No room for them. And how many plaid backpacks do I need, have 4 now. Duplicate quest rewards are daily. Lucky wheel is very unlucky. What else can I say...a lot, so if it were not for the cute lemurs, you would get one star. Currently on strike, it’s a love hate relationship. We were over run with fruit in the newspaper. Now the dragon wants enough fruit that no one has much if any. We can only help three people each, I’d need 9 visitors just doing apples...impossible. I might get 3 total helping in 24 hrs. Not wasting diamonds on dragons as people are not willing to share red roses with but a couple people even though I work very hard for them because they can drop pink instead. Well pink we can’t get coins to exchange to buy diamonds to move the dragons . So I’m stuck again. And we can’t help friends with fruit dragons.

Rest food

Nice game  Rest food  5 star

Love the game but the fishing tournament take to long recharge can we get it like once a hour o less . I just love fishing .

Rest food

Nice game  Rest food  5 star

Love the game but the fishing tournament take to long recharge can we get it like once a hour o less . I just love fishing .


Cute, but could be more  la_nuh  3 star

It’s a cute game and I’ve been playing for a while. Just wish there was more animals like sheep, horses, rabbits, goats, any type of animal would be nice. The game is kind of laggy sometimes, which is annoying and only started with the recent update. Also with the ranks it’s kind of frustrating because you only get like 2 days to be able to rank up, I wish there was like 4 days or something because if you don’t have a lot of friends / followers to give you roses it’s almost impossible to move past the gold rank. Also can there be an easier way to earn Willow tickets? They’re actually impossible to get. Clothes and house stuff is like real expensive, nearly everything cost diamonds. Everything is expensive, like I rather earn clothes/house stuff through time quests instead of buying them because it’s a waste of diamonds and coins.


Request  edcrfvqaz  3 star

For the next update might I please ask for a bigger block list? A lot of players aren’t too friendly and there’s fights every day in the world chat :/


Diamonds  Valeriavaleriavaleriaok  1 star

For a few times now ive watched trailers for their full time and havent received any diamonds


Please?  KatyCorn!!  5 star

I would just like to say is can u make so that we can give clothes away to someone who wants it and if we don’t because I really want to give some to my friend who wants them but the game doesn’t let me


Great game  iwanttolikeyouagain  4 star

We really need open trades in our markets so anyone can fulfill the trade. Please consider this.


Uncle Moon  godofwar211  5 star

This is a great game. Downloaded with very little interest and became attached pretty quickly. I have one question though. Who is Uncle Moon and why is he buying my items from the market stand? It doesn’t bother me other than I don’t know who the character is. Please respond and thanks for the great game.










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