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Dragonscapes Adventure Game Description & Overview

What is dragonscapes adventure app? This is an exciting puzzle game where you need to solve different puzzles and challenges by rotating the circle to find the gap.

Game Features:

- Simple and addictive gameplay is suitable for players of all ages.
- Multiple difficulty levels and level designs ensure the game's challenge and entertainment.
- Each level has unique goals and rules, keeping players engaged with a sense of novelty.
- Beautiful graphics and immersive sound effects provide an engaging gaming experience.
- Compete with friends, compare scores, and share your progress.


- Players need to rotate the circle by touching the screen to align it perfectly with the gap.
- The circle will display various colors or patterns that need to be aligned with the center target within a given time.
- Each successful match increases the score and unlocks the next, more challenging level.
- Pay attention to the time limit, try to complete the matches within the designated time, and avoid incorrect moves.

This game offers fun and challenges while enhancing spatial cognition and reaction speed. Whether during leisure time or while traveling, you can enjoy this addictive game.

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App Name Dragonscapes Adventure
Category Games
Updated 28 November 2023, Tuesday
File Size 559.17 MB

Dragonscapes Adventure Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love game BUT crashes constantly. I have played this game for awhile now and spent real money in it. I would spend hours playing this game every week, but now the game crashes constantly. Before the last update it only crashed occasionally but after the last update that was supposed to fix the crashing, it crashes all the time making it hard to play. I tried the suggested fixes and they do not work. Please fix the crashing or I will stop playing this game. Also the horrible, disgusting picture being used for the app icon is not right. It has absolutely nothing to do with the game and is off putting and makes me want to delete the game just so I don’t have to look at it. I would have given this game five stars before all the crashing issues but giving three is generous since I can barely play it anymore.

Crash after crash. Well I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Well that is until I believe back at the beginning of the year, May have been longer just can’t recall. Rather disappointed when the chapter islands disappeared. I liked the fact I could finish them at my own speed and achieve everything and obtain islands specific dragons. Now it is nothing but timed islands, you want to be successful with then you’ll have to spend money. But it seems like the more timed islands there are the more the system crashes. There have been so many updates and nothing so been fixed. For every 5 minutes I try to play it crashes at least 4 times. Aggravated to the point of deleting if not fixed soon!!!

HORRIBLE TREND!. First.. I’m seeing so many ads now where someone is in a bad situation so they move into a shack and try to fix it up. And that’s not really what the game is about. Second.. the horrible situation is an abuse situation where a woman is pregnant and the husband or boy friend leaves them or even HITS them and leaves!.. a boss fired them and hits them .. or a woman and child end up in custody battles.. this one is no different. Some dude shoved the woman and now she lives in a shack. Well how does that promote the game??? Seeing sad possibly real life situations isn’t entertainment to me. I will down load any and all games just to give them ONE STAR if that’s how they want to advertise! No need for ‘feed back to improve the game’ this is just out right WRONG!! If people just advertised what the game actually WAS there wouldn’t be a problem. And 99.9% of these games are match 3 or merge. And yet we never see that part of it. I just want to see honest advertising. I will commend any game for actual game play in the ad. I hope more people agree with me and do the same. Wow.. just saw another ad for this game and a woman gets kicked by some dude off a cliff. Good way to earn another 1 star rating from me. Seems like so many other games are advertising the same way. Nearly identical ads. Why is this abuse a trend??! So sad that no one actually advertises their actual game any more.

Too many glitches/ watch your inventory. Been playing till level 26. Very difficult to play due to the needs of lots of energy, which gets consumed on cutting down a tree or two each time you play. Very cool adventures, and great ideas. But my most frustrating thing is working really hard to make an item and when i go to collect it, it doesn’t go into my inventory. I have contacted customer support many times for each item. They proceed to tell me to uninstall and reinstall the game, which does nothing. I am always reassured the items went to my inventory, and yet it takes me twice as long to send out an order or complete something since it is not showing up on my end of the game. I am using a brand new iphone 11 promax phone, so its not the phone. I just switched back to playrixo games now. They always have appreciated my feedback and figured out any glitches, which were rare. They also credit you for the lost items when found. I just find it difficult to believe with so many glitches here, that they have not seen one of them on their end.

Love. I absolutely love this game! I can spend 5 minutes or 1 hour playing depending on how much free time I have. Even my grandkids enjoy watching me play and ask to see my “pet dragons”. I only have 1 issue... when purchasing/replacing trees the prices go up with each tree purchased. It should go down after the 1st purchase especially when you are going to buy multiple replacements at one time. I feel like this could keep other people from playing. I have spent quite a bit of money playing this game (my choice) and greatly appreciate how y’all have handled issues that have occurred within the game. The compensation has been generous and when someone sends an issue to the support team it’s addressed immediately! I’m glad I made the decision to play this game...totally out of character for me.

Buggy as all get out. The demand for energy is all important in the game, but good luck ever getting any. The rewards literally work less than half the time. If you watch videos for energy or spins, they almost never actually give you the boosts you just wasted your time watching videos for but they still get that ad money. It has the potential to be a bit of fun and it’s cute, but I don’t see myself keeping the game much longer given how glitchy it is. There are plenty of other games like this on the App Store so there isn’t any reason to keep playing one so glitchy and impossible to progress in. Edit: lowering to 2 stars. Bugs continued and have gotten actually worse over the past few weeks. I got tired of the app constantly freezing or crashing while playing the game. It’s even worse when watching video rewards. It was no longer worthwhile to me, so I’ve deleted. Which is a shame, because it’s a cute little game. But just not worth the frustrations.

Not enough energy for tasks. I really like this game a lot and play it often. (Also want to note that I’ve spent a bit of money on this game). Devs update it often and there are always new events to play, which I love! My only complaint - and it’s kind of a big one - is the daily energy bar is just too small to actually complete the tasks required. You get 100 energy points and often 1 single action costs over 50 energy. Great - so I can play for 2 minutes and then have to wait hours to play again (unless I want to watch hours of ads to get 10 energy for 30-45 second ads, not worth it). I get this is most likely to get ppl to spend money, but unless this is fixed I don’t really recommend the game as there are others similar to this one out there. Devs - if you could even increase the daily energy bar to 250, I’d be happy to add 2 stars bc it really is a great game and the dev team seems to be quick to respond. I just can’t give this game 5 stars bc of that. Until something is done about the amount of energy you get, I’ll keep this rating at 3 stars ONLY bc I like the game so much. Happy to update my review if this changes!

Fun But Buggy. The gameplay itself is very fun and I will likely continue playing this. It definitely has its flaws. As other reviewers have said, there are bugs. I used gems to activate pre-placed bombs on an island but it didn’t go off. Now I’m out my gems and am attempting to get them back from the help line. Also, as most energy-based games go, in the beginning I was swimming in energy. But as I got further into the game, it became harder to come by. There are some opportunities to get more whenever you need it, and if you follow the Main quest line, it might be enough for you to continually play. But with the current Thanksgiving event going on, you can’t seem to get enough. There aren’t many ways in the event to earn energy and even when you earn it, it’s gone far to quickly with little to show for it. On top of that, there is so little energy with such a high demand of items. I may need to chop down 3-4 80 energy trees to get enough wood to build a specific thing for the event. That amount of energy alone would mean entering the game every hour and a half for an entire afternoon and dumping all the acquired energy into those trees. In conclusion, it needs some work but is a fun game worth playing.

Fake advertising AGAIN. It’s bad enough, that to play a game for free we are inundated with the Advertisements from the underworld, but…….to make matters worse, Once again the advertisement of this game is nothing that actually resembles what the basis of the game is. Unless the entire game is “Mini games” where you actually just push a button and the game performs the actions you as the player want to do. Add that to it not even being the main emphasis of the game. So unless you as the developer makes money by the weary F2P game player looking for a better game, why would you even let your third party “Advertising company” make such an ad for your game. I know this player will probably never play it now and who knows it might have been fun but will never know because the real game was overshadowed by another false ad to draw me in. Rant over.

Good start. Too bad the game hasn’t improved after all the feedback. Get back to basics. The game beginning jumps around too much. We are not all 5 years old, don’t need giant window of the story placed in our face every couple of minutes. The fun is taken away by going here and there and never actually clearing and building a nice looking farm to feel comfortable with the game. The energy crisis is just that…the big downfall. There is no rhyme or reason why everything takes so much energy to do…totally uncalled for. This is the main reason for low ratings! Get back to Townkins either finish the game or take it down. Thousands of very disappointed players. Facebook page was abandoned without any explanation at all. Support never answered people… you left people screaming at you! Shame on you!

Good way to kill time. I’ve been playing for close to a year and it’s a great way to kill a little time when you have a spare 5 minutes or so. I like playing while in the hospital when I have nothing better to do. You do need some patience when you’re trying to level up. Once you get into higher levels, it does take a long time to level up. I love that it is fairly easy to get gems and it doesn’t force you to spend money (I wouldn’t be able to afford to even if I wanted). I miss the constellation chronicles, so I’m really glad those maps come around as event maps on occasion. I especially like the longer time limit on the current leo map! Some of the events don’t seem to be long enough for me to finish them no matter how much time I spend watching ads for extra energy. I might actually finish this one!

🤩 wish for more energy 🤩. I simply love playing the game except the energy consumption is way to fast and I only am getting like 30sec of play time so if that can be fixed so I can play at least one hour a day this would be the best game out here I’ve spent money and the energy runs out fast as well so my only problem is that the energy runs out way to fast I still love the game tho so thank you! O and why is it that when making resources they need so many and for everything so if your trying to build a building you can do anything else because if you do you will lose out on the resources that you had needed for the building buy selling the resources 🤦🏽‍♀️ so it makes game play slower than it should be o and why is it that some resources that I make don’t save or register as I made them sometimes? Sorry for the questions 🤦🏽‍♀️ I really do spend money on this game and would like to spend more if the couple things I’ve mentioned are fixed thank you for your time!!!!😁

Thin Line between Love & Hate…. I’ve been playing this game for quite a while. Several months ago, it started crashing randomly. I reached out to customer service. Tried all of the suggestions. It is not my device or my internet connection. No other app I use has this issue. Customer service kept asking for screenshots…how do I screenshot an app crashing? I went online looking for answers only to find I wasn’t the only one having this issue. So, my question is, When are you going to fix it? This is one of two games I’ve ever spent money on. However, what is the point if I can’t play more than a few minutes without it crashing? I’ve never really cared much when a game acts up. But, for some reason this game has the ability to help me relax…or at least it used to. I hate to do it, but I’m very close to just deleting it and walking away…

ONLY download if you want game to crash every couple minutes!!!. I fell in love with this game when I got it! Sadly I cannot even play it without it crashing anymore. I have read sooo many comments and reviews on this game and everyone is saying the same thing. Yet, you keep replying to everyone’s reviews telling us to uninstall and reinstall the app, get a certain updated version of it, ect…. I have done all things suggested and yet the app continues to crash. I will be playing and enjoying my time on the app and then it completely kicks me out. I log back in, I’ll play for a minute or two and then BOOM kicked out again. It is extremely frustrating and upsetting that I cannot even play the game without being kicked out. Clearly you guys realize there’s a problem. Clearly the people are telling you what’s wrong, yet you’re doing nothing to fix it and just want to keep telling us to uninstall and reinstall. Not sure why you have a game advertised and out there for people to play when you know it doesn’t work. It’s a great way to lose a lot of support and customers.

AMAZING CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM. I know this is just a game but I play it constantly because it relaxes me, and yes I do put some money into the game, but again I love it. I was stuck on one of the quests, long story short, I couldn't complete a quest without completing another one so I was just stuck. I messaged the customer support along with details and screenshots. I got a generic, someone will contact you within 24 hours, response. 1 minute later someone live answered my question and I was able to start playing within 2 minutes of asking for help. The customer service is excellent! And I would give 1000 stars if I could. There are so many different games I have stopped playing due to poor service. So thank you very much for helping quickly and with such ease.

My opinion used to be higher. Once again updating my review because I’ve sent numerous messages to the help desk to receive the same blanket messages back. Obviously they don’t care that players who’ve played for several years are still having problems. They want screenshots of my info screen but I can’t keep the game open and loading most times. This is ridiculous. I’ve done everything I’ve been suggested to do by the help people but no help. Come on. Get it fixed already. Updating my review to say that this newest update has made the game even more unstable. If I open the game it crashes. If I’m lucky I get a full minute of the game but yet I know your company won’t give me the credits for these time limited bonus side events. Fix this! Until the last several weeks of forced closures every time I’m trying to play anything on the game. I can’t participate in the timed events for long because I’m kicked off the game. Everything is up to date on my end and I’ve been in touch with customer service but that’s more of a joke than getting a solution. Please fix. I’ve enjoyed this game for several years and it’s one of the only ones I’ve kept when changing devices.

I like this game. I’ve read and agree with a lot of other reviews. There is a lot to do in this game which makes it fun. The sharing of resources and only using one energy bar on all islands even social events make it difficult to play. I log on to play and am on for less than 5 minutes before I can’t do anything else. Resources are gone and energy is spent very quickly on one or two things. Money and experience to level is also hard to get because resources and energy are spent way too fast. I keep plugging away and do enjoy what I do get to do. I think there needs to me more thought into the balance of things. Adding: still love the game and play when I can which is a lot. I feel like the adventure is to actually get special dragons once in awhile. I play a lot and can never seem to get enough of the tasks done to get the special event dragons. Halloween for example I didn’t get the first island dragon and now the second doesn’t look too promising even with 6 days left. The library island was neat but didn’t even come close to that one either. It’s no fun if I miss all of the special event dragons.

Very fun but money grubby. Really enjoyed the gameplay, story islands solid, collecting decorations and fish very fun, crafting decent, but my one problem is with the events. The events require far more energy than what is realistically possible for casual or even serious players, even after playing for over a year, I’ve only managed to get two event dragons (Libra and Aries), and I had to spend money in order to get Aries, the Libra dragon took thousands of energy to get, plus getting the coins to upgrade event dragons is such a pain and even getting a few coins can take days, I don’t know if these issues have been fixed since my extended absence from the game, but I would like the issues I detailed fixed so I can continue to enjoy the aspects of the game that I really like TLDR: event dragons are impossible to get without money due to impossible event expectations

Love the game but it crashes CONSTANTLY….. I really like this game a lot but it constantly crashes. Every time I start to do something it seems like 6 clicks and it crashes. It’s getting worse and worse every day as well. Also getting to the point that I am going to stop playing because having to wait for it to load every couple minutes because it crashed is just plain annoying. If it gets better I will continue to play but I have seen other reviews with the same issue and it is not being resolved by the developers. I don’t know why it has such a high rating if no one can play unless they just don’t care that it crashes constantly.

Be prepared for long waits. I like this game okay, and I haven’t bought anything with real money but am able to slowly advance through the game without it. It does take everything a while to do, so be prepared that this isn’t a quick action game. You are able to earn more energy to play by watching videos which is ok but my complaint is the actual videos themselves. They are nearly always by tis manufacturer which I get but I will never play any of this games due to how offended I am by them. They almost all feature a pregnant wife sometimes with an additional child who is being cheated on by an uncaring husband/father. They are so offensive! It has nothing to do with the actual game so I don’t understand why I have to see this repeatedly and truly think this is an aweful example for children to view. Rant aside, I like this game though, lol

Needs work. Honestly enjoy the game itself. Wish the “mini game” was offered more since that’s actually WHY I downloaded, but whatever. Here’s my real issue: game started out great, then once I hit level 10 it started getting really glitchy, about level 15-17 force closing, and now by level 28. I’d say it force closes 3-5 times a day minimum. There are many many MANY instances where I watch the AD for the reward and the game glitches and I end up watching the ad 2-3 times before I get the reward (which insane, especially considering the amount of money I have actually spent on this game). Other than that, I enjoy the game. I’ve never felt I HAD to make a purchase to play, which is nice, just something to play in my downtime to distress, but the glitching and force closing reeeeaaaallly needs to be figured out. Making me not want to play anymore

Love this game, but crashes constantly and developers are unresponsive to problem. Hello, ever since I first downloaded this game it has crashed repeatedly. I reached out to developers, who offered suggestions. I followed them in order and the problem got worse. I then stopped hearing back on my help ticket. I had meanwhile spent real money in the game. I wrote to them on their website to report that the crashes had escalated and that I could no longer get the game to open. They wrote back and said someone would get back to me in 24-48 hours. I kept trying to open the game for days and finally got back in, though the crashes kept getting worse. Today I opened my email back up for the support ticket and replied to it, to ask for an update—it had been open for 5 days with no response. I got an email back which said my ticket had been closed. Meanwhile if I can open the game at all, as soon as I start clicking things the game crashes. This alternates with the game not opening at all. I then reset my device and try again and it crashes. Please help!!!!

Energy. ** I see a lot of reviews with the same concerns and the developers keep saying “provide feedback” increase the energy bar it should be more then 100 by level 30, that is insane! Yes you can collect it in other areas but that still hardly ever goes over 200 even with all the extra areas and in a level that everything is high priced that is only 4-5 items still. Your energy bar does not = the prices of your items. You need to adjust to make it fit increase bar or lower item prices. I enjoy this game mostly, however, lately the issue has been the energy not growing enough to fit the game levels. At level 36 the bar is still under 100 but the island items are 30-80 energy each, meaning you can clear 1-4 things before bank is empty again. The energy does not match what is needed. Also bug issues with energy items not increasing when selected, example being like the Cake picnic is supposed to increase bank by 15 but the bar does not increase, I tried to communicate this concern through the chat but they were unhelpful and just talked in circle not offering any solutions. I at this time would not recommend this game cause of the energy level frustrations.

Crashes frequently. I truly have enjoyed this game for a long time, however at this point it crashes so frequently it’s really hard to enjoy it anymore. Nothing on my part has changed so it has to be a problem with the game itself. It’s also frustrating that I can never finish any of the special islands. I play about 2-3 times a day and that, plus occasionally buying the booster packs is NEVER enough to come CLOSE to finishing a time limited island for the special dragons. That’s a disappointment. I am semi hopeful that the devs will resolve the crashing issue but it’s been happening for at LEAST a year or more and it’s gotten worse, not better. Probably will give up on this game soon. Also other reviewers are also accurate in saying the ads are totally inappropriate.

Crashes too much. The game starts out as advertised. All the pimple popping makeover stuff you were looking for, but then that’s all goes away and it’s remains a story based game (which is actually very addictive and entertaining!). The problem is, as you become more invested in the game, it starts to crash (as I’m sure you’ve read in other reviews)! At first the crashes are few and random and then you find yourself reopening the game every five minutes due to the crashes! It’s a really good game, if they fix the crashes I’ll rate it five stars but for now the crashes bring it down a bunch due to the high rate of crashing (and even a 2 star rating is good if you go by how often a crash occurs, it should really be a single star) but I’m hopeful the developers will finally read these reviews and fix the game!!!

Would have given 5 stars. But the customer service is horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do nothing but argue with you even after you tell them to leave you alone! I helped a fox, they admitted I did, then came back a day or two later said I didn’t. I disagreed, showed them their initial reply, they then said yes you did help a fox but it was a dawn that you helped after the challenge was accepted. I’m sorry but I’m not an idiot! I know the difference between animals! Absolutely the worst customer service! I have now told them to leave me alone 3 times because they are not going to do anything about it and all they want to do is argue! About to delete this stupid game. Thinking about posting this also on Facebook! Also, the amount of adds are insane! You spend half the time watching adds to get rewards vs playing.

Don’t bother, you will get frustrated with game crashes. I’ve played this game for two years. It used to be this cute game and a fun way to pass time. Now its completely frustrating. Constant server crashes. (5 in 15 minutes). Contacted customer service and got a blanket response. Past 3 weeks players have been getting the run around. Their Facebook page is full of frustrated players sharing similar experiences. Until they figure it out, don’t download. Save yourself the headache. Downloaded the update, nothing was fixed with game crashes etc. but the do have yet another event/map they are pushing. Fix your game!! It’s so frustrating being lied too. Your game is fun, but now your servers can’t accommodate your releases and your players on here that have left you reviews and the many complaints on your FB page are ignored. Stop giving blanket responses, we have tried “updating” “redownloading the game” and all other “recommended nonsense from your CS”. I urge anyone until things are fixed to not even bother with the game.

Not enough energy. I really love the concept and adventure aspect of this game. However after a few months of playing, it still just doesn’t make sense how little energy is offered. I have spent some actual money on this game in order to enjoy more than 3 minutes of play time, but I’m not made of money. I was hoping that as you leveled up it would give higher energy increases. Instead the items cost about half of your energy reserve so even when utilizing the free energy tools, I can’t play for more than a couple minutes. It has become unsustainable to continue playing. If this issue is addressed, I would 100% continue playing and even occasionally spending money for some bonus features. Also, the ads to earn extra energy don’t work, and the little balloon and backpack thing are ALWAYS in the way of my game play. That’s a bit excessive and annoying.

love it but there’s one thing. i am addicted to this game, i wake up every morning and play this game. although, starting today when i try to watch ads to collect stuff like gems, candy, energy, the ads will like move to the side a little bit on my screen so i cannot see the “X” button to exit out and collect my goods. i don’t know if it’s just me or my phone, but it’s quite frustrating. this has been happening every time i get a chance to watch an ad so i cannot collect my rewards. and when the ad does end the “x” still does not pop up or anything, so then i have to exit out of the app because it’s just frozen on the ad and i still don’t receive my rewards. other than that problem, i LOVE this game. but hopefully this issue gets fixed or goes away because the presents and all that are one of my good sources to get energy and stuff.

Thank you. Thank you for removing those horrid pimple popping photos from the App Store, Google Play, and the icons for the game on our devices. I am still in shock that you did that to us in the first place, and still think that we all deserve a huge compensation for having to see those images everyday for the past couple of months. You actually made me feel ashamed that I play this game and I had to hide the game icon in a folder. And I am still confused as to why you did it in the first place. Dragonscapes Adventures is supposed to be about dragons and adventure and should be advertised as such. But for some reason you want to advertise about a mini game that has nothing to do with the actual game itself. I think you may want to look into a better advertising company.

Money grabbing. Do NOT recommend this game to anyone who respects their time and money. There’s no balance between resources, I’ve got hundreds of some kind of resources while I’m always lacking others. Building requirements are insane and the devs do nothing to fix it (they did some changes which made things worse). In fact, the devs NEVER listen to players even though they state otherwise, e.g. many players asked them to bring the special offer dragon and guess if they did (hint: no). Competitions are only for those who pay real cash or have hacked the game, only top 300 get some resource awards and there’s no way to get in top 300 if you play honest and have a real life. Decorations are pretty tasteless. It was a good game before the global release but nowadays since there’s plenty of players who are willing to pay, the devs do absolutely nothing to make the game better. Obviously, why bother doing anything when there are people stupid enough to pay for like it is now?

Fun, but frustrating. Great game, been playing for a while now but have become increasingly frustrated as of late. Unfortunately, spending real money adds up quick and I’m no longer willing to pay. It’s frustrating that the “quests” and bridges/gates on the islands become such a barrier. Especially when I need to clear the area to obtain resources…just to open the gate or finish a building. This process has become more frustrating as I’ve gotten further in the game, as the items required have become more sophisticated. I get to a point where I’ll have cleared the island completely, have no resources left (I.e., rocks, wood, leaves) and then have to VERY SLOWLY wait for each individual one to grow in the lab…and THEN produce the items. This is especially frustrating for items like the soups because they require so many steps before hand (e.g., get enough basic resources to then build the wooden blocks/chips to then build the planks then the wooden sticks then the spatula THEN the soup).

It has potential, but too many issues. The game starts off well enough, but the more you play the more glaring development issues start to stand out. The mechanics of building factories is a huge barrier, especially given that it’s very easy to find yourself stuck and unable to progress without items from factories you have yet to build. Some of the seasonal events are literally dead ends, as there aren’t enough resources to unlock parts of the islands where more of those resources exist. As other reviewers have pointed out, there are serious glitches throughout the game. You only get the rewards from watching ads about half the time. You sit through the same 30 second videos time after time, get redirected to the App Store at the end, and when you come back to the game you get nothing for the trouble. The game also fails to connect or even load frequently. I have several other games that work just fine while support tells you to check your internet connection. Sorry, guys - it’s not everyone’s internet. IT’S YOUR GAME. Stop lying. And finally,side competitions like the Dragon merge and Dash events freeze constantly. Items disappear from view and only reappear after restarting the app. Ultimately it almost makes the game unplayable. I’ve worked for software companies for over 2 decades, but not sure I’ve ever seen less competency in terms of just terrible execution. They had some good ideas. They just can’t make it work, unfortunately.

Constantly crashes. I absolutely love the game and all the challenges. I would give it 5 stars EXCEPT I spend more time restarting the game over and over than actually getting to play. I tried contacting the helpline but they repeatedly blamed my internet, data, device model, updates to game, updates to my device; literally anything except their game. For a while I obliged their requests, sending screenshots of proof that my internet is more than adequate as is my data, of my storage space which has over 100g of free space, proof that both my device and game were updated correctly, and every time they had another thing to blame on me without ever fixing the issue. Sometimes just emailing them I was forced to restart the game numerous times. As such I’m deleting the game. I was really excited for this game and am really disappointed. My friends and family have told me I just get crabby when I play because I get so mad having to constantly reboot the game.

Crashes so much. The game is fun. All the different levels and special content keeps it interesting. Your energy do refill pretty quick, quicker than most games. The special timed islands are great fun, but they are so large, you’ll never get through them before the time is up. I have no idea how much real money it would cost just to finish one in the allowed time. My major issue with this game is how often it crashes. This game crashes ALL THE TIME! You go from an island to your home, it crashes, open it again and try to go from the home island back, it crashes. The game crashes randomly while playing, it will crash when you put on an ad to get energy, it crashes during ads sometimes. It crashes so much it is becoming unplayable. I hope it gets fixed soon because the game is actually fun, when it works.

Wish you guys would please do Sumin n fix it. Man I love this game but u can’t play it anymore it keeps kicking off just right outta the blue it’ll go off it’ll stay on. Bout 40 seconds and kick off !! Why is it doing this can’t ya guys do something to make it stop??????????????????????????? I updated my phone thinking that may help ,nope !! Can’t you guys do something to fix this I’m begging 🙏 please for the love of his somebody do something. UPDATE: we’ll i went and emailed them they sent me a list of things to do and see if it helps, ANSWER: NO it does not I deleted every game on my phone deleted all the browser history & Etc: none of it helped absolutely none of its! SO ARE YA GUYS GONNA FIX IT OR NOT ???????????? I mean my god I sit for the last two days trying to play and it’ll crash n I’ll leep on opening it back up but as always STILL WILL NOT WORK! P.s this is bullsh** it really is!

This used to be extremely fun to play. But over the last few months the game crashes so much so often that it’s virtually unplayable. IF you can get the game to load half the time it crashes within 30 seconds and you have to try loading the game again. Even restarting the game or phone doesn’t work, my phone and the game both have the newest version downloaded. So there are no issues besides the coding, and after you submit a ticket bc you can’t play-they’ll close it bc you can’t get in game to rely to their message. It is not resolved, it’s NEVER been resolved. The mini games are even WORSE, I’ve been locked into the mini game for an entire week before bc it wouldn’t ever load enough for me to go back to “home.”

Unplayable on iPad. This game is unplayable for weeks at a time. It will crash before it even opens. Occasionally an update will make it tolerable for a span of time (still frequent crashes but semi-tolerable) only for it to be broken with the next update. It’s been broken since at least v. 2.10. Just updates to 2.12 and no improvement. No idea why there are pimple popper images on this page- not part of the game at all unless it’s new to the recent, unplayable versions, but if that’s the turn the game is taking I want no part of it. Gross. I’ve been waiting to see if they get it fixed but at this point I’m losing hope. Kicker is- there’s always these time limited islands, but when you can’t play for weeks at a time, what’s the point? And please do not tell me to contact support. I have. Multiple times. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, cleared space and done everything they suggest multiple times. None of it helps.

Items go missing and poor customer service. I played for almost a year and on multiple occasions I noticed I did not receive the rewards for clearing certain items. It happened again and I decided to contact their customer service, as it had taken a lot of energy to be able to clear the obstacles. They asked for screenshots and had lots of hoops to jump through. They claimed to have checked the log, which showed that I would have items and then the balance would drop at the next activity. I have read of many other users that this has happened to them as well! They told me that maybe I just forgot that I had spent them, which is why they were gone. I deleted my app and requested to have my account deleted as well. I understand sometimes a game glitches, but the tone with which they responded to me at each step of communication, and their refusal to accept that an issue that was not user error could be the problem let me know that I don’t need to waste any more of my time or energy on this game. Please know that this game takes a lot of time and it is frustrating to patiently gather energy to complete each mission, only to have to do it 3-4 times.

Fun AND Frustrating. The concept of this game and gameplay are great, but the way it’s set up to have limited energy and resources—not so great. To progress you require so many resources (obtained through spending energy), and there are often multiple special events going on that require the same resources. To proceed in the game you really need to spend real money unless you’re cool with just playing for a couple of minutes here and there, not completing special quests, etc. I tried buying packages with extra resources and energy and the little bit of good it did me just wasn’t worth it. I’d prefer that special holiday events and quests didn’t require the same resources that the base game uses to progress, because it’s already slow going there. Ultimately as much as I enjoy it, I get frustrated at how necessary it is to constantly spend money to keep up. It doesn’t feel like a great deal when you spend $—just like you won’t be able to get far at all if you don’t, and KEEP spending at that. I don’t mind spending money on games I enjoy, but when it feels like you can’t even complete basic gameplay without it, that’s a downer.

Ridiculous amount of bugs. No matter how much they update, you click to harvest something and it spins but doesn’t harvest. ALL OVER THE GAME. Especially the limited time levels. If you close the game and leave it closed you go back in the item is harvested and you can play for awhile till it inevitably happens again. Submit help tickets with screenshots and specific location, they ask for the same thing then videos. It’s a prolific error all over the game I shouldn’t have to spoon feed them each one when there are tons. Fun game in theory but they can’t even track down the bugs themselves to fix.

Impossible Without Spending Real Money. This game is really fun, but it’s impossible to keep up without 1: Playing it CONSTANTLY or coming back to it literally every 20 minutes or 2: Spending hundreds of real dollars to keep your energy up. With so many competing islands to visit AND events to participate in, it’s impossible to keep up let alone complete anything to actually get the dragons. There’s absolutely NO WAY you could have enough energy to get through Mother’s Day island and Aries island in just 10 days. I gave up after spending $100 on energy and still realizing I would not be able to complete EITHER of these islands before they closed and were gone forever. This game is a ridiculous money grab, “allowing” you to watch a 30 second add for FIVE measly energy, which still isn’t enough to even dig up a clump of grass with. I wanted to love this game, because it is fun and adorable, but the developers are greedy and it’s impossible to play without spending A LOT of real money.

Need more time or more energy. I really love this game, the home island and production items are not overwhelming like on other games. My only real issues is that it is almost impossible to complete special islands and get the special dragons unless you're willing to spend 24 hours playing or a bunch of money. To complete tasks you have to use energy but you only earn so much and it cost so much energy to clear items needed to complete the tasks. It has recently gotten better with the gift and energy you find on special islands but it's not really enough unless you spend money. I work full time and can only for a bit in the evening, it's discouraging to not be able to get any of the special dragons.

Beautiful, thanks so much!. Thank you so much for fixing the description on the App Store! I know it wasn’t my comment that fixed it, probably, but I’m still grateful! Your app is beautiful and fun! I’m glad you showed what it really is! Maybe I’ll redownload. I’ve wanted to spend on it, but since your ads just got worse, I figured I shouldn’t give you money to lie. I love your game so much though! It is fun and exciting with cute characters and stories! You can choose to show my comment or not, but I want people to know how much I love your game! It totally doesn’t get the credit it deserves!

Love This Game and the Dev Team Listens!. I appreciate the fix to Aries Island-I never did manage to get 3 eggs. I have been playing for a little over 2 weeks. Dropped about $20 on the game because you guys deserve it. My only complaint is that the tree price is crazy high. I’m at level 25 so I’ve bought a lot of trees. One tree costs 1000 now so I have to sell a lot in order to get enough coins to buy them. It’s just not worth it. Is there a cap to the price on the trees? Right now, I have to replace my row of banana trees it’s 7000+ coins as they’re going to start at 1000 coins. I don’t have much of an issue with the energy-there are plenty of ways to get more! Is there a cap on the cost of trees? I’m afraid to buy more! I feel like in other farming games the trees need to be watered and pollinated instead of repurchased at a higher price.

They deleted my review!. Be aware they don’t care about if you pay or not. They will not own their own mistakes or the games mistakes. Their is glitches in the game so DONT PAY or they will send you to apple support or just come up with excuses Vs customer support. with the game, while the worlds in game are fun you don’t have much time or enough energy to play the events due to them being only 3-7days long, very short times to put the energy into the world without having to pay to get through them. I’m all for paying to support a game, but when I know it won’t matter since I put money in and my support is not going to SUPPORT then I think others should know. Be CAREFUL if you spend money as they will not compensate you for a glitch in their game and they will make sure to push you off as much as possible Vs owning their games issues and offer to fix/compensate you for your situations.

Wouldn’t Recommend This Game. The amount of energy you receive doesn’t match the amount needed, it doesn’t even come close. Yes, you can get more energy other ways, but those ways don’t even work all the time, on top of it still not being enough. After reading several reviews on this issue it seems they aren’t even willing to fix it, because they almost always reply with “There are other ways to get it.” On top of that the game is super buggy, after the new update, the app just won’t load past the white “Century Games” screen. I left it alone for a while and still nothing. Even most of the time when you watch an ad for any resource it doesn’t give it to you. Overall it’s a buggy, pay-to-progress game. They say you don’t have to pay, but with all the special islands, set islands that stay to get different dragons, AND the home island, if you don’t pay you won’t progress very much at all. Very cute story and dragons, the islands are really cool and different, just ruined by the pay wall to progress.

Great concept, but…. I’ve been playing this game for probably over a year. I love discovering things, especially treasures with energy. New dragons are hard to get in the time-limited events because you run out of time and energy. I was only able to complete all the tasks in exactly one time-limited event. The amount of energy required to complete tasks is more than you will get to complete them, especially if you do not want to spend real money. The thing that is becoming a deal-breaker for me is many of the ads are starting to take you to the AppStore when you try to close them. If I see one more ad for Royal Match, I think I will scream. This is a major annoyance, especially because the ads help you get more energy. Some of the items to load on the ship take too long to manufacture, so you miss out on the payout if there are items like juices, bagels or sweaters, which require too much time/resources. There are also issues with the app crashing, as many have mentioned. Sometimes the only workaround is to restart my iPad. So, if you want to play a game where you can make real progress, look elsewhere. And, what’s with the gross surgery association?

VERY fun but can get overwhelming. I absolutely LOVE this game! It’s is super fun and interesting and all the dragons are very cute! You can get through the whole game without spending any money, but you are able to buy upgrades that help you get through levels a little faster if you’re into that kind of game play. It seemed a little hard at first but once you get into the higher levels it is definitely worth the slower start! The only downside to the game is that sometimes they have too many special events going on at once. If you’re like me and have a full time job and can only play here and there throughout the day you have to pick and choose which events to participate in to get the end goal. If they made any improvements I would recommend spreading out the events and putting a week or so of space between each one so the players also have time to focus on their main story lines instead of always rushing to get the special dragons.

Great, But With a Few Issues. As with every game, there are a few issues. The first is the sudden spike in petals needed to proceed. At first they seemed to oversaturate your inventory- now they’re hard to come by. Even with plants there is a slow buildup needed to have enough of them. The second issue comes with the high item cost. I have to buy an expensive building, then grab resources to build it, and then find even further resources just to create items within it. If I just had to buy it, I would feel better, but resources are already low enough. The third issue is notifications. I wish the game would STOP asking me to turn them on. I said no. Once should be enough. I don’t need to be asked every single day. I will say that the dragons are cute, and the idea of having them help you is neat. The characters are alright, even if some are just a bit annoying. The story so far is simple but it works- finding the dragons and new islands is fun. The energy refill time is pretty decent compared to some games I used to play, and you can do more than in those games, too. Honestly, not a bad game. Just some minor pet peeves that have somewhat built up over time.

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Would Recommend. This game is good for those who enjoy lying down and clicking things! I enjoyed this because I get to “farm”!

Crashing. Keeps crashing since last update, really disappointed as I have been playing daily for over a year

Wow 🤩. It is really good the graphics could be a little better but it is amazing. I am a fan of dragons and adventure so it’s the perfect game for me. I recommend having an update on it to make the graphics a little better because I have an old game on my iPad and it has better graphics…… But I still think everyone should get this game

Horrible. Not at all what the adds promised it to be. A complete waste of time and effort to download to play the ring untangling game once before general game play. This is what I would call false advertising. Will not be downloading anything again from this developer.

Disappointed. Love the game but keeps on going back to Home Screen on my phone. Can’t play game even for a minute, it disappears. Have tried deleting the game and downloading again doesn’t work.

Constant crashing. Last update didn’t resolve issue. Will give another chance to fix before I give up and delete app. Shame as I quite enjoy playing, but over the crashing

Good game but glitchy. So far I’ve really enjoyed this game but when I logged on the morning the game has been very glitchy. Every time I try to clear an item the game freezes 😭

Dragonscapes. I haven’t been able to play my game for about three or four weeks now it just won’t open I try to update it but it gets half way through the update and then glitches out

Great game … but ☹️. This is a great game but it’s a bit all over the place. Started out with a map of islands to finish and move on to the next. Map has not progressed and now islands appear as extras with a time limit and close before any chance of finishing them. Definitely losing interest

Needs to be faster. I think the cost to save animals is far too high. 20 energy per spin is a joke! The time to process items also takes ages. It can be super frustrating. The doctor was the worst part of this game. It’s s pretty cool game to play but I think the energy is far to low, especially when you are spending way to much on it saving animals.

NOTHING LIKE AD. Yet another game that plasters fake ads on every single social media platform when the game is nothing like what they are advertising. Except these guys have gone one step further and put the fake game in all of the information pictures in App Store. If you have come here from a download link online wanting to play the game you seen in the video then do not download as this is not it.

Absolute scam.. Advertised as a puzzle game. Is anything but. Only giving 1 star cause I can’t give zero. Their response, “I was never our intention to cause any confusion” Yeah, obviously that’s why you made ads that have absolutely nothing to do with your game. Also they wrote “try to experience everything the game has to offer”. I immediately deleted the game. Not wasting a second on another trash copy and paste game that is the same as ever other game on the market, after being tricked into downloading it.

Decent game but lacks authenticity. Great at first until the adverts continue to get longer and the little games are non-existent. Gem costs rising which makes the game play slow.

The best game😎. It is really realistic and very exciting I think it’s good for kids and everyone will love it😀😁🙂

Bad energy, good game.. I love playing with the dragons tho everything is way to much energy to play the game fun. You try to do things like collecting leaves and you save the energy up trying to get 6 leave and you only get one for 32 energy. Energy doesn’t get filled up each day like other games and gems way to hard to get.

Not what it said it was. I saw the ad where you got the netting had to catch things so I thought that looks so fun and I would love that game so I downloaded like any normal person would do but first I made sure the other reviews were good and they were downloaded it it was nothing like what they had said they couldn’t do the net thing is completely different things in the Apple kinda stuff it was really boring and so I really don’t recommend downloading this game because of lies it’s not what it says it is I didn’t even want to give it one star ⭐️ sorry if you wanted this game because it looked interesting in the ad it but it’s just not what it says it is unable to stop any other people from downloading it☹️

Good game but slow. Good game but takes up so much energy that you end up only playing for a few minutes at a time. To even get an ample amount of ingredients to make wood planks or clay bricks etc you need to cut down a lot of trees etc that again use up so much of your energy. If you got more than 69 energy without having to hunt for more etc or cutting trees etc was like 5 energy you could play the game longer . Unfortunately I don’t see me playing much longer at this slow pace which is a shame as it could be a really great game .

Game crashes. Have complained via the game with no assistance This game crashes a lot even after spending large amounts of money on gems and energy the developers don’t seem to care they are just there for the money not to fix the game I can’t even play for 10 minutes without the game closing out multiple times and I have deleted and re dowloaded the game, have the current update, tried of wifi and data and also others wifi and nothing makes a difference

Wow. This is a really good game. I like it allot but the u need gems for almost everything. If part of your daily reward was to get 100 gems for example, aswell as the a reward you already get, THEN this would be my fav game that I have, ever had and ever will have. Please make the change creator.

Game won’t load. I was loving this game but now it won’t load. I have internet connection, closed all apps, re installed it, turned off my phone etc and nothings happening. Please fix the issue!

Crash. I enjoy the game however as of recent the game continues to crash as soon as it opens. Very frustrating

Not enough resources. It is a good game and additive. But it's not enough resources for you to get through to the next page. Need to release more map or resources. If not, it's just forcing us to pay with the gem then it's not fun at all. I'm stuck with the 6 woven basket which need 3 prepared leaf . That's mean I need 18 leaf to make one . Total is 108 leaf to finish the mission. And the hit of the game show you which island to find the material, right? You have to excess to fixing the bridge need another 4 prepared leaf. So, in this situation . You can only pay by the gem to finish the mission or delete the game........ I really think the related parties should improve and fix the issue. Such a good game.

Keeps crashing. Once again, it keeps crashing. Very disappointed. Can you fix it, please. Many thank 🙂

Dragon scapes. This game is really enjoyable. It has a really good concept and really relaxing to play. There are a lot of areas to explore and lots of different activities to undertake. Although it takes to much energy to clear away objects and can only play for a few minutes at a time. More energy needs to be provided!!!!

Crashes constantly. I have been playing this game for quite a while and recently it’s become increasingly frustrating with the constant crashing of the game. I can’t play for more than 5 minutes before it crashes.

Really love love the game but not the crashing!!!!. Absolutely love playing the game and all the different challenges need more ways to get more energy is my only little issue with the game itself but my main concern is can you PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Fix the issue of it shutting down and crashing every couple of minutes it’s driving me crazy and I’m going to give up playing the game because of it!!!

Not what is advertised. Stop lying about your stupid game. Edit: Your reply is pointless. The add I saw was for an interesting looking ring twist puzzle game but this is just a whole other genre of game. From what I’ve read in the 5 star reviews, if you actually advertised your game’s gameplay you might actually draw more people in. Stop false advertising

Not what it says. This game is really fun and enjoyable but it is not what it says it is and I am not sure if it happens to other people as well but the game keeps on kicking me out. Perfect amount of ads and takes ages to load.

THIS IS NOT THE GAME IN THE AD. This is a completely different game from what you think you are getting. It’s Dragonscapes which is not even in the same genre of games of what is advertised and showcase in the app pictures. I have never been a fan of games like dragonscapes and I was really excited to find a new game to play and was completely disappointed to see the extent of false advertising that this game had. Even it’s app icon is deceiving advertising a game that it solely is not. Dragons and the human animation/storytelling weren’t even showcased in the ads and they only use the images of the ring unlock game that it is not. I am completely disappointed and don’t want anyone else to be fooled by this app.

Nice game, few issues. This is a very nice game I love it, but there’s a few things that I think could be fixed/implemented 1: A wider range of emotions for the characters. The characters are nice and all but there is only like six emotions. Annoyed, sadness ,happiness, surprised in thought/confusion - oh wait I can only think of FIVE EMOTIONS so the conclusion is make the characters have emotions like Sarcasm, panicked, exaggerated, exhaustion ect. 2: more chat boxes. The other day I was trying to explain a book series called The Seven Signs to one of my clubmates and was going off my nut about it, could only write like 3 lines… 3: The ability to request fish. You don’t know how much double ups I have- 4: Idk how to explain the title. Whenever you get one of those island where you get memories and you get all 3 of the thingys it makes you go to the end of the map and the islands are generally like 2 days AND THE MAP TENDS TO BE HUGE So if you’re gonna do that, make us be able to claim it once we get all 3 then if we get to the end give us a bonus i.e: 3 memories= 100 gems if you get to the end bonus =50 gems. 5: model updates: only one: Polaris need fangs bc it kinda makes sense with the fact he’s a sorcerer. Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day!

False advertising. Ads and screenshots show a ring puzzle game - when you download it is completely different. It lets you play one (very simple) puzzle at the start and then has nothing to do with it again. Looking at other reviews it is not uncommon for this game to change its ads for something else. Complete false advertising.

Downgraded. Previously gave this game a 4 star review, but have to downgrade after progressing in the game. The game has become frustrating & tedious, so much so I am no longer playing. Main issues are... 1. the amount of resources & energy it takes to buy & activate a machine 2. the amount of resources & energy it takes to make some products in above machines, some things like soup for example take items from multiple machine to make a simple soup 3. Islands - to progress in the time limited islands, again the amount of resources & energy you need to progress. For example in the last island I did I must of made close to 50 planks, so had to spend all my energy finding trees to chop to make said planks. There were no where near enough trees on the island to even come close to providing enough wood for the planks.

False advertising. Saw an add for this game that made it seem like it was a satisfying doctors/cosmetology game. Not only is the cover photo for the game a photo of a game you would assume would be a doctor game but all the photos on the App Store are the same. I’m sure there’s been many other people that has had this happen to them too and I’m sure they’d all agree with me when I say it’s annoying

Disappointed and ripped off multiple times. Very disappointed and angry. This game/app has been taking money without me knowing on multiple occasions. I have had no support or refund and have completely lost my money. they had no permission to just take money from my account the last time it happened ,I had only just put money on my card and bam it disappeared…. $40…. For what i still do not know it has vanished and I can not get a refund, This game is a ripoff so be warned and understand there’s no support. I am now deleting this game .

Disappointed. I love the game, but it takes so much energy for the quests. My game closes down on a regular basis, usually when I try to go between islands. Is it a glitch in the game or my device. I have removed the game and reinstalled, goes good for a day or so, then starts shutting down again.

Disappointed. So I downloaded this game because I got an ad for it. The ad being one of those games you pop pimples and remove things with tweezers and stuff.. your advertising is disgusting. It has nothing to do with this game. Maybe if you correctly advertised what the game is you might actually get satisfied consumers. Games like this are good and interesting when advertised CORRECTLY. I have seen this won’t be the only review with the same complaint.

Enjoying but a fault cost me $$. I’m very much enjoying the game but a fault with in app purchases charged me 4 times, when I reported the problem to apple support it was rejected.

Fun game but.... It’s a fun game but you start with minimal energy and everything costs so much that you barely get to have more then 5mins proper game play. To spend actual money on energy/gems that again run out so easily is making the game not that enjoyable anymore.

Meh. Me and my brother just got and where bored writhing a day the add made it look really fun and said your dragon helped you and when you get in the game you have to do it all your self when I was at level two boom boring sorry for this review it is funish but next time makeshore you make the add more realistic

Ok. Fun game BUT game in adverts is only first 6 or so levels. Fun mini games but most lack the ability to earn energy. Very hard to get energy except waiting or spending money. Limited time islands way too big with only 4 days to complete, should be five.

Disappointed. I was hoping to like this game it’s not bad but I downloaded this game because I was hoping I would be doing what the advertisement said and I haven’t I’m up to level 10 and I thought I would have done some of what the add was suggesting by now that’s why I downloaded the game😔 let me make a suggestion maybe when you make an advertisement for a game show us what you will be actually doing in the game not what you won’t be doing I’m sorry but I won’t be playing this game because I’m not really happy with what the game was suggested to be

Ok game, but spent way too much $$$. I love the dragons, love the concept of this game, but found that I had to keep buying and buying just to pass some levels or to get enough resources. So because of this I can’t recommend the game, and have now deleted it.

Best dragon game!. I am enjoying this game just when I installed it! This is my dad’s account so I don’t have the permission to spend money but the game is still fun to play. The dragons are cute.:)

Heaps of bugs. I’ve played this game for over two years and absolutely loved it until recently it. Continuously keeps turning off halfway through a mission and you’ll lose your energy from it. I wish the missions would go longer. Give you more chance to be able to route to the dragons egg.

Good app if you’ve hours too sit around. Well done on concept - delivery and $$ greed let’s you down. I’m about to delete or at least shelve this app, even I’ve spent to money on in app purchases, because buildings are $$$ to get and then you have 3 stages to complete and each stage is high energy or time or $$ and depletes other resources that have taken $$ / time to build up, and you get not much ROI. In the meantime, you get nothing built on the ‘home’ island and to even earn extra energy is beyond tedious when a 30 second ad will return a whole oooo 2 energies, and a low ranking bush is at least 6. There are so many things the developers get right with game, and I’d love to continue to pay $ but I need a lot more game play / award for than you currently give.

Game keeps crashing. I started playing this game last week. I really like it but the game keeps crashing everytime I’m playing it. Very frustrating

Nice game few issues. Love to play buy there are a few bugs that need fixing kicks me out of the game all the time and can not play

Good game bad energy to do items. It’s a great game however the energy should be a lot higher otherwise doing one move every hour you need to match your energy to the amounts items are cause you can’t play for long with 67 energy and a bee hive takes 66 so normal energy should be higher

Crashing. I really enjoy this but I have a problem with it constantly closes, it does it while I am trying to ; change islands, collect energy etc etc. I have contacted you, firstly I was told the problem was fixed and it wasn’t, now a month later and have heard a thing. Oh well, life goes on and probably without this game.

Keeps crashing. Love this game but it’s become so bloated that it continuously crashes. It’s not my phone’s memory that’s an issue. Please clean up the bloat as the constant crashing is very annoying and will lead me to stop playing.

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Games. Amazing

Crashes. Love the game but it crashes quite often. I am always checking in on an update. Anyone else have the same issue?

False advertising. I used to play Dragonscapes casually until I noticed a fake app thumbnail. The false advertising is about the main character Mia worrying about her acne. This advert is completely fake. I checked this game and I didn’t notice anything related to Mia with gross stuff in her ear like the picture on the App Store. This game is actually about Mia researching dragons. You collect resources and progress through this game. This is some information about this app.

Not the game I wanted. This is sick joke, I wanted to download this game bc of the beauty game add and looked at the pictures all the way through and saw that it ended up being a farm game

P2W. Loved this the first day was a lot of fun. It costs too much energy to do anything, I can only play for about 2 minutes and energy is gone. I will be deleting app. Very disappointed!

keeps shutting off. was really good on ipad....now keeps shutting off ? over and over, have to keep re logging in, sad game

Améliorations. Voici quelques suggestions d’amélioration • Pouvoir sélectionner plusieurs articles à supprimer en même temps • Pouvoir plus facilement sans avoir à payer avec de la vraie argent pour énergie billet spécial pièces (argent fictif) et aussi les clés pour les terrains . Avoir plus d’îles permanente et plus d’événements spéciaux

A lot of glitches right now.. The game is forever freezing and glitching. There are times the game just closes on me for no reason. I definitely hope there is a update coming soon!

Dislike the mini game. It’s a great game. I played it for a long time but got a new phone recently and when I redownload the game I noticed it had a different icon then the cute one. I played hoping I could sign into my old account but I have to restart. No problem but I almost don’t want to play with there now being a VERY pointless mini game ever so often of plucking nasty gunk from ears. One it’s so slow! And two what the heck does that have to do with dragons, searching and adventure stories? Nothing. It’s so pointless and wrecks the game. Take it out please!!!

Fun. I really like this game but I've been having problems with it crashing.

Horrible advertisement. Horrible advertisement for this game

Je kiffe troooop. J'adore le jeu GG

Getting kicked out of the game. I’m tried of being kicked out of the game. I really enjoy playing it. But if it continues I’m going to stop. I’m not in there for a minute and it kicks me out. It is frustrating.

Reset. There is no consistency in the flow of events. You get a huge island with two days then you drop a time absorbing schedule for a fraction of the time. I work in marketing. While we all know to many of today’s useless life’s population games are breathing. We also know it’s not them who are like me who is a regular player with sporadic monetary contributions. Your scheduling department needs restructuring. Cheers.

Crashing. I like this game but it’s been crashing for the last 3 days so I can’t play. I like the events but I’m not able to play :(

Lying. Nothing like what was advertised blatant lying and fake reviews

Frustrated. I enjoy playing this game but it keeps crashing after a few minutes of play and it’s very frustrating, can you please fix this issue thanks

Not happy. I play this game a lot and for some time. I really enjoy it…right up until the game started shutting down. I can’t even play 5 minutes without it happening, not to mention it takes longer to load then I actually get to play….REALLY?! Very frustrating. Please fix this. No point in playing a game if you can’t actually play. Just a side note…it is not my connection and it is not my tablet. This app is the only one that does this.

Keeps crashing. Nice vame but annoying that even with update the game keeps crashing. The extra islands are impossible to finish.

Crashes all the time. Been playing for a couple years, but recently all it does it crash. Can’t play enjoyably anymore.

Love the game, but…... Why does the game randomly close? It’s super frustrating cause the game is so good otherwise

Freezes after fishing lesson. Game stalls and won’t do anything after the first fishing lesson. Tried deleting and reinstalling. No good. Can’t reach settings to turn of high graphics. Please fix as I spent money to do the timed quests and would like to finish

Crashes all the time. Used to love playing this game but every time I try to load it, it either crashes, I can’t even get past the start screen before it crashes. Contacted support and told to restart and update etc. done all than and still no change. Please fix these issues as every time an update comes out there are more problems.

Offensive ads. I had this game until I saw an ad for it showing a male kicking a female off a cliff…..needless to say, I won’t be supporting this game anymore.

Good game, but bugs need to be fixed. I love the game and it’s great, but it keeps lagging and lately it won’t let me open the game. It loads fully, but as soon as it’s done loading, it closes the app.

🙄. It crashes all the time

Problème. Difficile de donner un avis car le jeux ne s’ouvre pas!depuis votre mise à jour j’ai commencer la nouvelle île et quand je veut retourner aux jeux il me dit que ma connexion est instable alors que tout mes autres jeux fonctionne comme j’ai un temps limité pour la nouvelle île impossible de réussir sinon le jeux est bon mais l’énergie est difficile à obtenir bref je suis en réflexion pour la suite

DON’T FALL FOR THIS. I asked the developer how I could redeem my almost 60000 point could qualify for 2500 gems I got a tricky answer which didn’t make sense and which leads me to pay money although I have all these coins Don’t fall for it

Crashing. I really love this Dragon Cape but the game is crashing every 5 min on my iPad, can you fix it please? Thank you

Game won’t load. The game was good but the last little while the game won’t load and if it does it glitches out right away

Way too expensive!. Not worthy to play fully this game anymore! Only on the lover levels you don’t have to spend too much money and then……now.. they added time limited island ! You can’t finish any of them if you don’t purchase gems packets to exchange for energies! I’ve tried without buying and so far didn’t succeed! I’m not cheap I did spend tons of money on this game and now I’m done! Totally Not worth it! You gain Dragon on the time limited island but then you need lots and lots gems to mature them. Lol And… after you finish any of the time island you get crap off prices ! Totally Not worth it! I still play this game just because I spend money on it but I’m not finishing the islands and not really enjoying anymore. Hopefully they do some changes to make the game enjoyable again! I can’t spend at least $13.99 every single week anymore, just not worth it!

Constant crashing. I use to enjoy this game, now it’s so busy and so many timed events that it’s constantly crashing while trying to play. I’ve gone through their customer support multiple times but they don’t listen and nothing ever comes of it

Remove energy function. Out of energy in a few minutes. It forces me to quit the game.

Love. I love the islands, I love the dragons, I love the mini games. The timed islands are probably my favorite. Highly recommend this game.

Crashing, no support. I absolutely loved this game and have played it daily for close to a year. Then the crashing issues got really bad. I did all the things, like deleting and reinstalling. When that didn’t work I contacted support. I was told they were fixing it and NOT to contact them again regarding the same issue. It’s been a month now and it’s still crashing, I can’t even make it past the opening screen often. I loved this game but am now deleting it 😪

Dragonscapes. Great game, really fun!

Keeps crashing. Keeps crashing all the time..so annoying!

Faux ami. Nothing like the ads you see on Tik Tok. If you’re hoping to go on an asmr pimple popping adventure you have not come to the right place. I do not want to build your stupid bakery and I most certainly do not want to collect your stupid wheat. I want to fulfill my disgusting fantasies and indulge and month long binge plays of makeover delights.

Jeu ne fonctionne pas. Bonjour je suis incapable d’ouvrir le jeu depuis hier

Very disappointed. I did like the game although it’s very slow to get energy, but now grrr, you try to get more so we watch those adds that we do t care about, then bang, it’s all black, and doesn’t open anymore so we need to restart which make us lose our points….

Of all games not to play like the advert this takes the cake!!!. Your advert is for a make up where we’re actually making up people who need makeovers for me that’s interesting and exciting but that’s not what this game is!!!! False advertising doesn’t even begin to cover what this is you’re not even advertising the right game to the right audience. I would if I could give you have a star I would. Because quite frankly, I give you zero stars but they won’t let me post. Zero stars. So I begrudgingly give you one full star, which you do not deserve.

Update. Need to update the game, fix the bugs, it keeps closing every 2 minutes, thank you

Constantly crashes. Used to be great, but now it keeps crashing. Sometimes it crashes as soon as I tap on 1 thing, then have to reload the game only for it to happen again. Please fix this so I can get back to it!!!

Don’t bother! Game crashes every two seconds. I used to looooove this game. The last few months I can’t play longer than 1 minute before it crashes. I tried to get help but they insist it’s an issue on my end with a lack of space on my device etc! I hope you fix it soon or I’m just going to delete it. I see others posting the same thing.

Bug depuis quelque mois. Depuis quelque mois le jeu est toujours entrain de planter au 5 minutes il se ferme tout seule sa commence vraiment a m’agresser c’est triste parce que j’aime bien se jeu 😞

Keep crashing in iPad. Keep crashing in iPad, please fix it.

Misleading ad. I got this game because of an ad on TikTok it looked like a saloon game but it’s just a dragon game

Crashing every time I load it. Used to love this game but recent updates have destroyed it. Crash crash crash. Every. Single. Time. I open the app! Can’t even get to the game and it crashes on the loading screen! Fix this! I’ve spent a good chunk of money on the game and am not impressed.

It keeps kicking me out now😭. I used to be able to play alot without getting kicked out but then I had like a break from the game an it keeps kicking me out like every 2mins

Energy consumption. I enjoy this game, but it’s energy consumption in special levels is horrible. I had well over 5000 energy altogether on the one before the leprechaun one and I still couldn’t get the special nest or to the end of it. That isn’t fair. I can’t buy energy that’s not a feasible way to play. Petals for new dragons and those new crystal apples are a lot too. This game is nice but it’s becoming tedious and annoying. I realize it costs money to make but still.

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Don’t bother. The game used to be fun. Then it got where timed islands costed so much energy you could spend $30 and still not finish the island. Then at the beginning of the year the app started crashing repeatedly. Contacted support. It improved to where u could play for about 10 min before crashing . That didn’t last …. Support has now said we know it’s crashing stop contacting us . I’ve literally reported it x2 in 5 months ! So not only is support rude and unhelpful but after spending a lot of money the game no longer works ! So save your time and money and don’t get invested in the game . There are plenty games out there that are similar . They actually work and support isn’t rude .

Crashing ruined this wonderful game! 😞. I never write reviews for games. My sadness over my inability to play Dragonscapes anymore caused me to change my mind. In the last few weeks the instability of this game has been so extreme that it never stays loaded more than 30 seconds at a time. I spend more time reloading the game than playing it. When I reached out to support they gave a list of things to try including deleting the game (after saving data) and then reinstalling. Doing this made it worse! For the sake of this wonderful game with beautiful graphics and cute stories I hope the engineers can solve their stability issues. In the meantime other games such as Big Farm Mobile and Township will be the ones that bring me joy (and where I’ll spend my money).

It’s a good game, but the ads are mostly fake. In this game you use all your energy for the day and then wait for more over minutes, that soon become hours. The ads show things like makeup all the time, and just finding full grown dragons in the wilderness you can tame in an instant, but usually you get a mini game like that if your lucky every few days or maybe weeks. I still like the game, because the fun is still there and this game is really to be played. I don’t play it much, so my opinion could of been different if I played. I recommend checking other reviews other then this one too. I recommend playing the game and making you own opinions and reviews. I hope you like the game. Thank you for reading.

Not Enough Energy. This game is really fun when you actually have energy, but energy is very difficult come by. A full energy bar is often depleted with 2 clicks on the screen and then you cant play again for hours while your bar refills. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind occasionally buying things in mobile games, but I don’t even consider it with this game because even if I bought 1000 energy it would be gone in 5 minutes and that’s just not worth it. Hoping they decide to listen to these reviews soon and change the amounts of energy needed for tasks.

Going good until.......... Liked the game - then I deleted game to get more space- months later , I upgraded my WiFi to unlimited. Thought I’d give the game another try. Loaded the game- while the character walked into the fog after walking up some stairs- I have to choice but to put the bomb out- here’s the problem- once I do that- it freezes. I can’t get anyone or anything to move- can’t click on any icons- nothing is working. Not sure if it’s a game glitch or something with this cell - but would love to have this issue checked into so I can start playing again. Once issue is corrected - I’ll go to a full 5 star rating.

Has so much potential but crashing is ridiculous. This game has so much potential BUT 1. The mini game used to attract people is less than 5 minutes of initial game play, and completely unnecessary. 2. Way too complicated - so much stuff going on, that it is impossible to keep on top of everything for people who actually have real life going on 3. Energy accumulation is too slow for those who don’t wish to spend real money 4. Big big big negative - I can’t play for more than a minute or two without the app crashing. It takes so long to load that I am now done. Sad for me and you because I was really enjoying it and don’t mind spending a little real money on a game.

It's pretty cool 😎. I've played games similar to this one but in my opinion this one is the best. The game seems to move along quickly.....not sure if it's just because I'm just starting the game but I guess I'll just have to see. The mini games are sweet because I love games like those. It would be cool if they changed up the mini games every couple of levels. Again, with me just starting the game I'm really not sure what to expect but I will be finding out. Awesome game so far!!

To many technical issues. I love the game itself and the concept but I have nothing but technical issues. I have contacted support and they tell me to do troubleshooting things like restarting my phone or the app. They tell me to restart my internet (which I cannot do if I’m using LTE but I try turning that of and on). They have even told me to link the game to an account and delete and redownload the game etc. nothing works and when I tell them that they don’t care they just say it’s fine on their end and say that it is just my phone that is the issue. Well I don’t have any issues with any other game on my phone. I feel like the technical support people are calling me a liar and that they don’t care about the users

False advertisement. This game advertises for an interactive patient portion of the game. Which has absolutely nothing to do with what the game actually is about. I read another review where the company responded by saying their advertising company is third party and it’s not in their control. That’s NOT true. I know this because it DID in fact let me play the patient portion of the game a few times. There was no rhyme or reason as to when that part of the game could be played. It would just pop up. THEN IT STOPPED. It just stopped. It’s just a way to try to get you to play their game long enough that hopefully you’ll get hooked. Um no. Very disappointed and this company is deceptive!

Extremely Vulgar Ads!!!! 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢. I don’t even play this game, but I’ve been getting ads for it, and they’re completely disgusting! (Disclaimer: If you get nauseous easily, skip this review!) One shows popping zits on an ear (who even GETS zits on their ear???) and then removing earwax and what looks like black mold!!! Another ad for this game shows cleaning fungus from a foot (with an alarmingly large space between two toes!) and, well, I could go on and on about the despicably disgusting content of these ads, but I prefer not to, but let’s just say that it will make you curse your photographic memory! Oh, and by the way, popping zits is NOT healthy! What do these ads even have to do with a freaking dragon game????

Love the game but it keeps crashing. I love playing this game. I’ve been playing for a few months now and it has always crashed, but it has been crashing a LOT lately…… I can’t even enjoy playing the game without it crashing!!!! I hope you can get this fixed or I will just have to delete the game and find another one to play!!! I even uninstalled it and reinstalled and it still has the same issue.

Potential needs sooo much work. Ok so let me start with the pros. It’s a funny game and it’s got cute characters and a even cuter story line but it’s potentially expensive af. Excuse my French in saying that but you guys don’t even trick me to thinking i can play this game at length without paying for it. Like there’s some games I play that have MASTERED the pay to play deal and y’all ain’t it . Games like Ever Merge, Merge Dragons , Disney Heroes. These are games that give u enough of a game that u actually want to spend a few bucks here and there on it . You guys pretty much say “ in order to enjoy this game you will have to spend $30 a day to enjoy it” yeah ummmm no . Thank goodness I haven’t spent any money on this game cuz it would have been a waste. No thank you.

Love the game, crashes all the time. I love this game but it crashes all the time. Sometimes I can play for a decent amount of time and other times it crashes after a few seconds of playing. They are constantly saying I don’t have enough space on my device so I prove that I do and then it’s uninstall and reinstall so I do and still no luck. Now the picture for the game is one of those doctor pimple popper game pictures but yet it’s still my fault the game doesn’t work. I feel like they need to figure out why they are the problem instead of saying it’s our storage or an update didn’t take. I have been playing for years and it’s gotten so bad that I think I’m done.

Love the game but it crashes CONSTANTLY….. I really like this game a lot but it constantly crashes. Every time I start to do something it seems like 6 clicks and it crashes. It’s getting worse and worse every day as well. Also getting to the point that I am going to stop playing because having to wait for it to load every couple minutes because it crashed is just plain annoying. If it gets better I will continue to play but I have seen other reviews with the same issue and it is not being resolved by the developers. I don’t know why it has such a high rating if no one can play unless they just don’t care that it crashes constantly.

Starts out great. As is fairly typical these days, the first few hours you play you can progress quickly and rewards are plentiful to keep you interested. Then it’s add after add after add just to earn what you need and gaining energy takes longer than watching paint dry. Oh, and the mini game where you release partial rings only lasts for a short time, and is limited based on your level in the game until it DISAPPEARS! That’s right, you only get so many opportunities to earn energy per level until you hit a certain level and then it’s gone. Save yourself the hassle, this game isn’t worth getting hooked.

More energy and yields pls!. I didn’t really like the game at first, but I just started playing it again after one year and I love it! The game itself is great! I like how it’s a combination of merge 3 and adventure! The only problem is energy. Yeah, I know you’re probably sick of hearing it, but everything in the game costs too much energy to clear out and the yield you get from them isn’t enough! If you could raise the amount of items you get from clearing things that would make me and everyone happy! Great game!

Thanks!. I love this game although I think the dragon pass is too expensive, but I can see you’re trying to give other opportunities for energy and perks. But, what a NICE SURPRISE to open the app on my birthday and see a happy birthday letter with some nice gift perks! Thank you! You are the first app that I have downloaded to give perks on your birthday. It’s much appreciated and a nice little added surprise! It’s that little extra touch that make these games stand out. Keep up the good work! (and try to lower that dragon pass cost) Thanks

Love this game but crashes and disgusting images. Just recently this game just keeps crashing and why does it show this as a make over game it is not it is gross seeing the image of this game on my IPad of Mia popping pimples when that is not what this game is about. I would uninstall this game if I wasn’t in a beautiful with a beautiful group of friends and I have put to much money into this game can you please change the images and stop the game from crashing all the time

Game has progress but way too slow. Most game’s like this want to get you addicted on the front end so they offer you more energy than you can usually use straight up. The ploy is to get you addicted by getting you addicted. This game fails massively with that. Day 1 and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Mind numbing boring because there is nothing to do. You blow through energy in under a minute and it fills up soooo slow. That dynamic isn’t necessarily different to other games. All these types of games eventually hit the grind wall, but this game is a painful grind right out the door.

Love this game, until they screwed something up. I’ve been playing this game for 1-2 years. I love it. I’ve spent way too much time and money playing it. That being said, for the past few months, after you load it up a few minutes later it crashes. Over and over every single day. I’ve contacted customer support, they told me to delete and reinstall. Which I’ve done..:three times! Kinda a turn it off and turn it back on fix, except it doesn’t fix it. I’m to the point where I’m about to delete it, for good. Please fix your game!!!

Addictive game but crashes a lot. I was playing two other games on a daily basis before I downloaded this game. This game is so addictive that I I have not even touched those. However, this game crashes a lot. And the reboot process is not quick. If they send a survey, it offers you 20 energy, which no doubt you need, but if you click on it, you will immediately crash. You reboot, click again, and crash. Check the App Store for an update. None available. Try again. Same. So no survey for you. Every single time.

Needs an ad makeover.. When I downloaded the game, I was holding for a puzzle game. Instead, it’s a completely different game. I don’t know who writes the ads for Dragonscapes, but that’s got to be fixed. I’m not interested in playing a game that doesn’t play what they advertise for. As a side note to the developer: if you’re using a 3rd party to make your ads, you might want to send them specifics as to what you want…this whole bait and switch advertising is garbage. We want ACTUAL gameplay, none of the “oh man, I’m so trash at this game, I keep losing,” and brutal honesty when it comes to the game needing bugs fixed. THAT’S how you keep people playing…and honestly, it’s how you keep people paying for your game, too.

Fake advertising AGAIN. It’s bad enough, that to play a game for free we are inundated with the Advertisements from the underworld, but…….to make matters worse, Once again the advertisement of this game is nothing that actually resembles what the basis of the game is. Unless the entire game is “Mini games” where you actually just push a button and the game performs the actions you as the player want to do. Add that to it not even being the main emphasis of the game. So unless you as the developer makes money by the weary F2P game player looking for a better game, why would you even let your third party “Advertising company” make such an ad for your game. I know this player will probably never play it now and who knows it might have been fun but will never know because the real game was overshadowed by another false ad to draw me in. Rant over.

Ads are terrible. The ads for your game on other games have nothing to do with what the actual app/game is. Some of them are pretty inappropriate especially if you’re advertising to children. Just advertise your actual game and not some weird story mode or challenge mode that doesn’t even exist within the game. Update, you’re ads for this game in other games have become even more inappropriate and actually have nothing to do with the actual game play. It’s completely false advertisement. The video ads I’ve seen don’t even depict the “story line” it’s absolutely ridiculous! I wish I could report your ads as inappropriate so they’d stop showing up in other child “friendly” games.

USED to love this game!. I have been a daily player for more than 2 years. It used to be a lot of fun with decent in-game rewards. Now the rewards have gone WAY WAY down. They even downgraded previously earned “permanent” rewards. Energy is a constant problem, with constant pop ups trying to sell it to you. They even send messages trying to get you to purchase outside the App Store with credit cards. It’s near impossible to complete the “events”, (there is always a time limited event, so they’re not really events.) They’ve got it listed as a makeover game, it’s not, in any way. Not sure what happened, but the change horrible. This app is no longer worth your time, much less actual money.

Love the game. But now that I been playing for ever and high up there with lots of dragons and put lots of money into the game cuz I love it so much…but than it started shutting down..I’ve been with the support telling them it downloads than just shuts down .it takes me four times just to leave a message and they still are not fixing the problem it down loads and shuts down immediately….so my advice is even if you love the game do not put money into cuz they just don’t care when you can’t even get on the game!!! My lessson is learn !

Loving it. I love this game but one thing is the energy goes fast and if u don’t have money to buy more u have to wait they should be no energy. Sometimes I want to delete it But I like the game . I hate waiting for energy. But in overall I like it so much and I usually don’t play this kind of game I like killing zombies those are the games I play. Anyway I hope they do something about that. Thank you M Woody

Fun but could improve. I have been playing this game for a year and I honestly find it really fun. I especially love all the events and new islands. What I don’t like is that it is impossible to finish them with the energy you are provided. There used to be two ways around this. One was to purchase energy and items to finish and the other was to save up energy over time and complete an island once in awhile. Now it seems like it’s impossible to finish the games and get a new dragon without paying actual cash. I have spent money on the game and I’m not against supporting developers but I wish we had a choice

Love the game. Reading so many responses and everyone complaining about energy. There are ways to get more energy one is the slot machine. I have over 4,800 stored everyone needs to develope there own strategy of playing. Remember you don’t have to do every little challenge. I work on the islands as they are not timed. I also have my crops up to 1000 so I can keep making items. I try get get what I can the staples up such as flour, brown sugar, up to 50 then I build the others to match. I can spend hours on this game. I agree there are a few glitches but what game is perfect.

Was fun at first. Initially it was a fun game but as you level up it honestly just becomes a money grab game. If you don’t have 100’s to dish out you won’t make it very far. I got sucked in and I’ve spent probably around $800 and at this point I don’t see myself continuing to play. The things you need as you go up in levels consume more and more energy and they only give you 80ish. So ONE thing you need atleast to clear atleast 200+ of costs like 42 energy generally. Do the math on that lol You’re forced to spend money to buy more energy to make any kind of real progress and their “special events” are quite boring and repetitive. They don’t take your suggestions into consideration at all.

Enjoying Team Work. One of my daily routinely enjoyed games and happened across a good team that works together. Love the mini games and creativity of the extra challenges as well as the continuity of work at the home base. One problem! It is crashing on my iPad on the regular. Several times in a play. After the third or fourth reboot in a visit, I am giving up. Any random click causes a crash. It’s starting to do it in the mini games… I don’t want to give it up but I’m going to give my other game that works without bugs my full attention at some point. Please fix the iPad bugs!

Almost 5 stars. I really enjoy this game. Lots of varieties of different challenges and scenes. The graphics are great and the different story lines always keep it interesting. The one thing that keeps it from that 5th star is ENERGY! Some story lines are low cost while other 30-90 energy to remove one item It only give ONE energy every 90 seconds. And like 94 to start off so removing 3 items and ya can’t play anymore until you build it back up. It’s like it forces you to make purchases in order to play longer than ten or fifteen minutes at a time.

The Ads!!!!. The ads for this game keep popping up in another game I’m playing and they are absolutely disgusting. I saw you reply to another review like mine saying you don’t control the content and that it’s done by a third party, so for the love of god, get a new third party. Better yet, start doing the ads yourself, because the stuff coming up in other games, and even the icon for the game, are completely misleading because they’ve got nothing to do with the game itself. Those pop up ads in other games are absolutely disgusting, by the way.

Read 1 star review. I understand that some ads may come from third parties and might not be directly controlled by you. However, the first three screenshots on the AppStore are entirely within your control and they’re just as misleading as the ads. I expected honesty and transparency, especially from the game’s official presentation. It’s disappointing to see this kind of misleading approach. I hope you consider being more genuine with your audience.

Fun Game But Constantly Crashes Now!!!. I used to really love this game. It takes a little time to pass through the main story but I really enjoy the side games. However it’s almost impossible to play the game now because it is constantly crashing. It’s extremely random as well, like there isn’t one particular thing that causes it to crash but it just happens at random. You can’t play the game for more than 2 min before it crashes on you again. I really enjoy the game but I’m about to give up because at this point it’s more a hassle than an enjoyment.

Beautiful, thanks so much!. Thank you so much for fixing the description on the App Store! I know it wasn’t my comment that fixed it, probably, but I’m still grateful! Your app is beautiful and fun! I’m glad you showed what it really is! Maybe I’ll redownload. I’ve wanted to spend on it, but since your ads just got worse, I figured I shouldn’t give you money to lie. I love your game so much though! It is fun and exciting with cute characters and stories! You can choose to show my comment or not, but I want people to know how much I love your game! It totally doesn’t get the credit it deserves!

Highly displeased!. I have been playing this game for the better part of a year. I made it to level 31 and had a bunch of dragons along with FINALLY earning enough petals to merge and get an elder dragon. I opened my game this morning just to get a notification saying that my game downloaded incorrectly and to tap on the repair button. I did that a few times and it just continued to close itself and nothing changed. So I went and deleted it hoping it would just reset and I lost all of my progress! Literally had to start all the way over. I did love this game but now I don’t think I’ll be playing it anymore just because it seems you get to a certain level and you can’t move ahead anymore

Glitchy Graphics and Ads. I really wanted to like this game. I even spent real money on their events but I am going to delete it. The game glitches and crashes constantly. The Ads are annoying. While the gifts for watching ads are optional, you can’t get away from float ads graphics that chase you and get in the way of game play. If I relent and watch them, the ads will glitch and crash the game. The gift ads are NON STOP. You can’t get away from them even after spending real money! I would pay for a feature that got rid of the floating ad graphics. The last straw was when an NPC was placed right over a free treasure chest but you can’t collect it because this NPC placed over it. I’m done. Much better games out there to waste my money on. But not this one.

Constant Crashing and Frustrating. This game is constantly crashing lately. I used to play daily, but I haven’t been able to actually load the game past the white screen where it says Century Games in like a week. I don’t have issues with any other apps, just this one. Overall it’s a fun game, but it basically forces you to spend money as well. You have absolutely zero chance of completing a “limited time” map without spending at least like $25 per special map, and that’s not an exaggeration. I miss when this was a fun leisurely game to play, now they’re just gunning for the income from players. Had to uninstall it.

Love to play this game! Too bad it crashes continuously!. I love to play this game! Too bad it continuously crashes! Today, has been the worse, I tap the screen to play, it crashes! Normally, it crashes 15 x in 30 min time ( I timed it one day) I opened a ticket, I was given suggestions on how to try to fix it, I did everyone faithfully, no luck. I was then told to wait while IT worked on it… Not to contact them again unless new development.. and here I wait, playing another company’s game, because I can’t play Dragonscapes. Very sad😔😭😩

Stop Adding Things and Fix It. I have played this game for a while and it’s actually so irritating to have it crash every time I try to switch between islands, every time I have to watch an add, every time I tap on anything, every time I simply leave the app running for a minute without interaction. There have been so many different additions and design changes, but the priority should really be to make the game as stable as it was. I’ve already deleted and re-downloaded the game multiple times before and after multiple updates, and that’s not helping. Focus on less on new in-game islands and designs and more on how to get the game to run for longer than 53 seconds.

Lots of pros, 1 big con. I’m really enjoying this game, but only like 3 days into playing have run into the major drawback, energy costs. The game looks great, works well and is interesting, but everything costs energy. It’s annoying to wait ours for energy to restore, then do like 2-4 things then have to wait again. Also, I’ve gotten all the fruit trees and dragon flowers I’m allowed, and I’ve got more dragon stamina then I can use. This is even with the island I’m exploring and an event island to use up some of it. Still, the game is enjoyable despite the frustration.

Would have given 5 stars. But the customer service is horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do nothing but argue with you even after you tell them to leave you alone! I helped a fox, they admitted I did, then came back a day or two later said I didn’t. I disagreed, showed them their initial reply, they then said yes you did help a fox but it was a dawn that you helped after the challenge was accepted. I’m sorry but I’m not an idiot! I know the difference between animals! Absolutely the worst customer service! I have now told them to leave me alone 3 times because they are not going to do anything about it and all they want to do is argue! About to delete this stupid game. Thinking about posting this also on Facebook! Also, the amount of adds are insane! You spend half the time watching adds to get rewards vs playing.

Just another multi game. Just another one of those multi games. Creators are too stupid to realize that if they advertise for one game and people download it then they’re expecting to play the game that was advertised. While what they advertised is in the game. The game is overly bloated with random crap that is completely and utterly unrelated to what was advertised. And frankly I have absolutely no interest in being forced to play other games when all I wanted to do was play what they treat as a mini game within their game. Obviously something is flawed about your game if advertising the main game play elements of your game doesn’t get downloads. But advertising what amounts to a small mini game within the game does.

Fun for awhile. This game was super fun for awhile, and I even made in-app purchases to keep gameplay going. But now that I am at level 34, I feel like it has ground to a halt. I can’t move forward due to the high number of items needed to complete tasks. The “stages” for completing certain tasks are absurd. Now I feel like if I made in-app purchases, it would be a waste of money because I would not be getting the same value (I.e., my $2.98 doesn’t really speed things up, with all the stages and resources required. I’d have t spend hundreds). This slow pace is super boring and makes me want to delete the game.

Worst game ever false advertisement. When I downloaded the game, it said that it would be a ring game and it would be rotating rings when I open the app. It was Dragonscapes and they were falsely advertising it with the wrong picture. Therefore it was falsely advertised and I do not think you should download this game to support the creator, who made this they will trick people into thinking that at something and then it’s not that thing they just want your money do not download this app. It is very falsely advertising and when I open the link for me to access the app which was on TikTok, it says rotating rings they made this ad. Falsely advertising this app. I think these people should be tooken off the App Store because of their false advertising

Game is nothing like advertisement. The only reason I downloaded this game is because the advertisement showed people being treated by an aesthetician and having pimples popped and different skin disease things cured however, the game has nothing to do with this whatsoever. If you're going to advertise your game advertise it, that actually shows what the game is and how you can interact with the game there's so many games out there that I have downloaded due to the advertisement making it look cool and then the game is nothing like the advertisement. It is extremely frustrating and I think horrible advertising, and just not good business especially if you want customers to keep returning

Maybe fun...if I could do anything?. Believe all the reviews complaining about energy, you can’t play long enough to do anything. This game might be fun...but I’ll never be able to play it for long enough to find out. The energy system is so punishing that you can’t do much at a time- I’m still on the first level and with a full bar I can maybe do two things and then may as well log out, it’s not like I got to a high level and hit a wall, the wall was there on day 1. I can do some crafting but even that’s limited enough that I ran out of money just doing the cheap stuff. I can’t get enough of an idea of what the game even is to know whether to spend the money on it the developers want.

Ecological disaster 101. Imagine yourself transported to a magical world, full of life, color, vibe… mythical dragons flying around the clear blue skies, clear mountain springs bubbling through the valleys… and you find yourself tasked with tearing it all apart - hacking down every tree, ripping up every flower, crushing every rock… all in the name of making room for your factories in the name of ‘progress’. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare to me. Your lands will look beautiful when you enter, but the only way forward is through a path of destruction and despair. I can’t quite tell if the developers intended that as a subtle dig at capitalism, or if they’re truly blind to that viewpoint. Try it if you like, and decide for yourself. You have been warned. Oh, and don’t get fooled by the ads that brought you here. Yes, the ‘puzzle rings’ are part of the game, but only about 0.5%, and only in that it helps you run, not walk, to the next plant to rip up, or tree to fell.

Love it….BUT. I wish that things took at least 1/2 as long to create and you had more supplies on the island of wood stone and ore. There’s always plenty of grass but that doesn’t make you any money for the game to buy the outrageously priced buildings. I wish that the buildings didn’t cost so much either. Those should be at least half as much or the board achievements should give you more coin to accomplish since everything takes at least a day to create because of low supplies. If you make an update that takes less time or buildings cost less a refund should be given for what’s already been made for sure haha but it is a very addicting game!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.34.0
Play Store com.dragonscapes.global
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Dragonscapes Adventure (Versiyon 2.34.0) Install & Download

The application Dragonscapes Adventure was published in the category Games on 27 October 2020, Tuesday and was developed by DianDian Interactive Holding [Developer ID: 495598783]. This program file size is 559.17 MB. This app has been rated by 54,926 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Dragonscapes Adventure - Games app posted on 28 November 2023, Tuesday current version is 2.34.0 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.dragonscapes.global. Languages supported by the app:

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Dragonscapes Adventure Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Release Note - Added a new time-limited Viking Voyage! - Added a new time-limited Mechropolis Crisis! - Added a new time-limited Nile's Splendors! - Added Ball Fall, Cook Off, Dragon Pass, Holiday Countdown - A few balance fixes - Minor bug fixes

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Find on this site the customer service details of Dragonscapes Adventure. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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