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Play the best farming simulation game! Create your own unique farm in Family Farm Seaside and compete with your friends to be the top farmer!
Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming simulation game. There’s a bunch of tasks to do on the farm, so you will never feel bored! Take care of cute animals on your farm, like Mary the cow. Grow crops and sell them on the market for a nice profit. Design your own boat at the seaside and show it off to your neighbors. Win the farm beauty contest and prove to everyone that you have the most beautiful farm in the world!
Family Farm Seaside features:
* FREE to play Farming Game
* Played by over 80 million people all around the world
* Cute animals
* Unlimited barn space
* Build your farm at the seaside and on an exotic island
* Prepare more than 400+ dishes in the kitchen
* Plant, harvest and process over 200+ unique products
* More than 150+ achievements to complete
* Fulfill daily orders and quests with your farm products
* New missions added regularly with fun new features
* Compete with other farmers in the new farm beauty contest!
* Grow special plants in the farm laboratory!
* Dig for precious ores and diamonds in the Mine
* Adopt pets and watch them explore your farm!
* Decorations can now be cleaned while in the warehouse
* Guests can visit the farm and interact with your pets!
App Notes:
• This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing.
• Family Farm Seaside is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
​• Please note that this is a standalone version of Family Farm, and will not sync or connect to your Facebook farm.
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Family Farm Seaside App Description & Overview

The applications Family Farm Seaside was published in the category Games on 2013-02-02 and was developed by FunPlus. The file size is 233.58 MB. The current version is 5.7.000 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New Features & Improvements:
- Paint Stand: Check the new skins out in Uncle Carlo's Paint Stand and use them on your buildings!
- Magic Cauldron: a new activity is coming, solve riddles to get rewards! (Stay tuned!)
- Free preview for farm scenes in the Store!
- New Animated Avatars! (Stay tuned!)
- All Gadgets will be removed from the Mystery Store and can be purchased from the upgrader panel when clicking on the magnifying glass icon.
- One click to add a new Buddy Tree!

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Family Farm Seaside Reviews


Awful support  CherylWoodsCross  1 star

I have played this game everyday for a few months and one day It would no longer load. After emailing my issue, I received the generic “automated” email with no further assistance. Game is fun but since I can no longer play due to a loading issue on their part I would NOT recommend even wasting your time. Many others have complained about lack of assistance when things go wrong so I guess I should have paid more attention to those complaints.


NEEDS TO BE FIXED !  2seaNickki  3 star

Can we get a new update? THE GAME WILL NOT CONTINUE UPLOADING after the recent update! Monday, June 24th, STILL not able to open the game! It’s a calming game and so relaxing! It gives you several ways to now earn RC. It also allows you to post a message for all friends to see daily. It’s a great, clean fun type of game. I LOVE IT! Been playing it for going on 5 years now 🤣😃❤️


Add me  3𝔡𝔯  3 star



What is wrong  Edie1a  3 star

I have been playing this game for quite sometime on this device. And then I try playing and it won’t work. Game won’t load. Tried to find some way to get in touch with support and it says so to settings in the game. Not sure you can do that if the game doesn’t load( duh). Don’t want to lose everything I have achieved, by having to try to reload the game all over again. Is there anyway I can get my current game back?


Will not open  Meowwillie  1 star

Help! Love this game. The app will not open. Can’t play and losing time for challenges and rewards. HELP!


Frustrating  #ANN  5 star

I haven't been able to play my game all week,,,I'm playing it on an iPhone6,,,,does anyone know how I can fix this? I've lost my quests,,


Great App Until!!!  Spurrinator  1 star

I was really enjoying this app until all of the sudden it won’t open on my phone. So now I have a choice delete reload or just not play very discouraging.


Problem......  kajoal  5 star

I cannot get my game to come up! About four days ago it just went off and I haven’t been able to get it back....This is why I am reporting it here.....can’t go thru game....I have played this game for many years, my favorite...please help me get it back.....thank you....


Why it’s not working  fatima95s  4 star

Please help me it’s not working 😭😭😭


Great game. A few issues  Bookvotary  3 star

I love this game and have been playing a few years, this is the second time my game will not let me play. It acts like it wants to start and then it blinks off. I haven’t been to long on the past 3 days, even after the update. I hope I don’t loose my farm.

Heidi Tran


Have been playing for months and now it cannot be opened. I have restart my phone many time, delete and download the app again and again and again. Still unable to open it. Reading all these comment I know that I am not the only one experiencing this issue! Very disappointed since I have spent money in this game. Family farm you should do something about this?!!

Not happy Kat

Kat  Not happy Kat  5 star

I’ve been playing this game for years and as from the 19th June my game won’t load. When I hit the icon button to load the game it reverts straight back to the icon which I’m happy about when I have spent a lot of money on it.


Having Trouble  Kazza1951  3 star

Since the last update, I can’t get the App to open. Please help.


App not working  LiamAlexaM  4 star

I can’t open the app for 2 days now. What is happening?


Good game, addictive  Al99ice  4 star

I love the game and have been playing for over a year now, however now it won’t load is anyone else having trouble

gigis farm

Review. Not happy  gigis farm  3 star

Lost my game have to start again. Don’t know if I will continue


Love this game but it keeps crashing  Mk9186  5 star

I was in the middle of playing the game and then all of a sudden the game crashed and now it won’t start up at all. It just keeps crashing. As soon as I start it up it closes. I have turned my device off and closed down the app. I have even re downloaded it to no avail. Please please please fix it!!!!


Wasting my time.  LMTJB  2 star

This is the third time I downloaded this game and got to a high level and stopped working again. Won’t be downloading it again. Wasting my time.


Best game ever  nihghjhg  5 star

Been playing everyday for the last 3yrs

insane x 😢

Family farm sea side 😢  insane x 😢  1 star

Family farm sea side have dropped from a five star rating to minus one cause every time I go to play I have to download files to play the game Can be switching from island to farm down load files open game yep down load files constantly go pets down load files Yes it’s to update every time I play ( regular play was four times a day ) Can become crazy insane and darn frustrating cause has taken the enjoyment I got from the game Yes it’s for improvement But where is the improvement every thing is The same after I download the CONSTANT FILES One would think to down load constant Files their would be a noticeable difference But no theirs nothing not a thing So why the Constant down load Starting to be Disappointed


Updates  Jinjia32  4 star

It could really use a means of obtaining cash in game more quickly than one per level as it is required to advance/ finish necessary buildings. Also an option to call up only recipes that you have all the ingredients for would be amazing. Also being able to take items back off the to-do list despite the entire task not being finished yet would be great. Also not having unfinished buildings locked on the farm so that you could store them while you gather materials would be great. Otherwise very fun game

Yhh bh bhhbhn

Great game  Yhh bh bhhbhn  5 star

Needs some work but it’s my favrot game write now.

yeppers the grate

Really stingy and other details  yeppers the grate  3 star

The only reason I’m giving you 3/5 is because you make us pay so much money for Rc and so little rc we get and also when we get the expansions its barely any land when we expand plus everything that’s actually good in the game we have to pay rc or tc for and it’s really annoying because you barely give us any op also. Again Could you not make the hats real money or so much tc to own? Also I’m having problems with upgrading my pet house I don’t really get how to decorate the base of my house and it takes a really long time to level up and could you stop making goals that are higher than our level thanks I would appreciate if you could help with my problems and not give me some cheesy response 🤙 Edit: wow you actually made a good deal for buying rc!


Bring back my bull and bread machine!  nananaber  2 star

I bought a bull and a bread machine and they both disappeared! Not much fun to have to buy them again. This is my first day playing this game and maybe my last. That’s too bad because it’s really enjoyable.


Lost Farm  Chadswife06  1 star

Never play game on new device! Only game I was not able to connect to my original game. Maybe make it easier??


Please read!!!  GraceRose18gbc  5 star

PLEASE update and make it possible to watch a ad to earn RC PLEASE!!!!!!! I LLLOOOVVEEE this game and would love it if you updated and did what I ask, many people probably feel the same. PLEASE!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE GAMES EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!!!! AND PLEASE UPDATE AND DO THE REQUESTS ABOVE!!! PLEASE🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 SERIOUSLY!!!! WHY AREN'T THERE MORE GAMES EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE??????????????????


Ugh  Hansterdance  1 star

I used to play this game and I loved it but now it crashes all the time and never lets me play it. Very disappointed. I would’ve loved to play it again but it won’t let me🤦🏼‍♀️


5-Star  Leisou  5 star

I don’t understand why everyone is rating a 1 Star! Family Farm is an AMAZING game! I love it and will continue to play! ❤️ It is so fun, and when there’s nothing to do at home and your bored, you can just play Family Farm!! Family Farm is a battery drainer, but I don’t mind! I can just play while my phone is charging! Don’t download this game if you don’t want to play while your device is on charge, if you don’t believe me, or even if you don’t like working on quests. Download this game if you are okay with playing while your device is on charge, if you do believe my review, or if you love being busy from working on quests! You can get a lot of friends on Family Farm, and you can even start or be in a community! I hope this review helped! Have a blessed day 🙏🏻❤️😊


Delete app  Jailew2u  3 star

My favorite game but had to delete today because it would load. A little disappointed.


Way to much to do,Can’t get things done!  Minipawsvoluteer  3 star

In response to the devs response: 3/8/19 Why would I need to contact support? To tell them to lower prices and stop with the constant add on’s? The big purple thing in the guild is a terrible thing. You have to figure out how to make food for this thing which is impossible unless you’ve unlocked this and that. Everything is to expensive! If you want to complete a certain quest you have to get like 100 things each, you have to buy items with Real money to complete quests, to get items to participate in the beauty farm contest, which costs $14.99 to $2.99 EACH! There are way to many things going on at once. NOW you’ve added ANOTHER thing to do to the laundry list of Items and quests to do, Animal hospital?? Really?? ITS A FARM. A FARM, we’re NOT building a city. Looks like now we are though. You DONT give us enough expansion when we finally get enough goods etc together to actually expand, AND BUDDIES were only allowed 15. That’s NOT FAIR!!! So again, why would I want to contact support? EVERYONE needs to see this, and if I just contact support, their gonna tell me that my “ suggestions will be taken into consideration “ which is total BS! You developers NEVER listen to your players, the ones that pay your bills and put food on your plates... If you would listen to us, you would fix things, NOT BE SO GREEDY, LOWER YOUR PRICES, GIVE US MORE RC’s for the extremely high price you have it now. You wouldn’t charge so much for things we can buy. I spend money I do, I’m not those people that say “I’ll never spend money on an app or game”. I know that IF there weren’t anyone like myself actually spending money on games, we wouldn’t get updates on the games we love to play. These devs don’t work for free and neither do the players that play these games in the App Store, or anywhere. So without players like myself that spend money on games, there would be no games to play or we would be bombarded with ADS then ppl would complain about the ads! So yes! We, your players, have a right to ask for you to lower your prices on everything, including the cost of things that you can buy with your coins... you guys make it almost impossible to complete quests within the timeframe you’ve given us. Hopefully one ya you’ll listen to us. The good thing about this game is that you have an unlimited barn! You’ll have to upgrade it though. You can’t find a game out there now, that has unlimited space in a barn! This game is one of the most aggravating games I play. Things are completely going haywire in the game. To much going on at once. You guys keep adding and adding things to do, and we can never get nay of it done because there’s just to much! Now you’ve added an animal hospital?? What? Why? You added this impossible pink thing in guilds that we have to make food for, but people like myself can’t do that yet because we’re not that far, but it’s still there for us to somehow do. Take the big pink thing away! Please! Please limit our quests! We shouldn’t have 8-10 quests to complete and some are expected to be completed within days! We NEED A DELETE BUTTON!!! We NEED TO BE ABLE TO ROTATE OUR BUILDINGS! We should be able to remove/delete things we don’t want, instead of having to save it, add it to another world, and start there. WHAT?? We should be allowed to have MORE THAN 15 BUDDIES!!! Things cost to much! I buy RC all the time, I have no problem buying real things in a game however, all your things are sets which include a few pieces which in turn you have to pay $6.99 for 1 thing, $9.99 for the other thing, and $7.99 for the last. That’s the set we have to get, to get the reward. It’s almost impossible not to have to buy things to complete quests and sets! We shouldn’t have to PAY with REAL CASH TO COMPLETE SETS! We should be able to use our coins, or yellow cash. Please stop making this game more complicated than y’all I’ve already made it. Take the stupid pink thing away. To be able to upgrade, we need 50 of this, and 100 of that, and use your special ability for this to grow. For the love of God and everything good, please lower amounts. Add MORE to the amount of RC we get for our money! I mean you give us 30 plus an animal. WHY. WHY do things cost so much! I have sunk so much money into this game, but enough is enough. I can never get ahead even with pay to play! Its impossible. I don’t have hours to sit here on my iPad, trying to make 100 ketchup just to complete 1/4 of a quest that only lasts for a couple days. Please listen to your customers/players. We know what we’re talking about! We play your impossible game, remember!


:  Lexie-Billy  5 star

Great game lots to do

Awful money sucking game

Awful customer service!  Awful money sucking game  2 star

Was fun for a while but you can't progress or complete quests without spending real money. Other games get you to spend a little but this game is ridiculous. Real cash is needed for everything. Very expensive to play. Customer service is the pits. Rude and unhelpful.


Good game but having Issues  Rstme89  5 star

I love this game but later it is playing up and kicking me out of the game all the time for no reason please fix this as I don't want to lose my 175 day streak that I have so far


Forces you to spend real money  John00fos  1 star

Most games will suggest spending money for games this game forces you to continue by keep needing to spend Rc which was a shame


Addictive  Skylermeg  5 star

Totally addictive. I've been playing everyday for a year now.

nick name is already taken

WARNING  nick name is already taken  1 star

This game is not made for relax play, every single quest, every single building you need to spend real money, otherwise you stuck. This game is created to suck money from your credit cards


New update idea  Honey€  5 star

I have a new update idea.In the kitchen could you please add a section for dishes that you have the ingredients for.For example,Apple milkshake if you have apple juice and milk

Sarah smooch

Game won,t update  Sarah smooch  5 star

I don,t think this is never gonna update


Scam  unavailableicequeen  1 star

Dunnes voucher Not


Scam  Willienjg  1 star

Got text message saying I won dunnes stores voucher, link brought me to App Store to buy this app..... Muppets

Family Farm Seaside Comments

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