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The ParkColumbus app, powered by ParkMobile, gives you a smarter way to park in Columbus. Easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device. You can also reserve parking ahead of time in lots, garages, venues, airports, and universities across the country. You can use the ParkColumbus app in over 370 other cities across the country, including New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and more.

Why Use ParkColumbus?

• Skip the meter and easily pay for parking from your mobile device
• Extend your parking duration remotely from the app
• Get alerts so you know when your parking session is going to expire
• Reserve parking spots ahead of time to save time and money
• Use ParkMobile in over 3000 locations coast-to-coast including venues, airports, and universities

How to Set Up Your Account

• Download the ParkColumbus app and create an account with your email address and password
• Enter your license plate number and the state where your vehicle is registered
• Add your method of payment and start using the ParkColumbus app

How It Works

On-Street and Off-Street Parking:
• Enter the zone number on the posted signs around the meter
• Select the amount of time you want to park and confirm your information
• Touch the “Start Parking” button to begin your parking session
• Extend time in the app if you are running late
• Touch the “Stop” button to end your active parking session

Parking Reservations:
• Search for the area where you want to park and select the specific parking location
• Choose the date/time and complete your reservation
• Follow the instructions in your confirmation to redeem at the parking facility

App Features

• Customizable notifications delivered via email, text, and/or app
• Save your favorite parking locations for next time
• Store up to five cars in your account
• “Find your car” feature directs you back to the location where you parked
• Turn-by-turn directions to the parking garage where you reserved your spot
• Multiple payment methods available including PayPal, Visa Checkout, ApplePay, MasterPass, ChasePay, and most major credit cards

About ParkMobile

Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider ParkMobile, LLC is the leading provider of parking payment solutions in the United States, helping over 13 million people easily find, reserve, and pay for parking from their mobile devices.

Looking for Help?

At ParkMobile, we’re serious about customer service. We process over 200,000 parking transactions every day and we know that every now and then, something might go wrong. If you have an issue, we will do everything we can to make it right. Our customer service is 24/7/365. If you need help, here’s how to get in touch with us:

Online Help Center:
Video Tutorials:

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ParkColumbus Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New and Improved! Zone Parking Map *Redesigned map markers now include the zone number to simplify finding your location. Predictive Availability *New map markers are color-coded to indicate the likelihood of finding an open parking space. Clustered Map Markers *We’ve cleaned up the zone parking map by clustering map markers as you zoom out. As clusters form, you can see a count of the included zones. Additional Location Details *Detail pages for Columbus zones now include available parking features. Easily identify accessible parking and other features with more coming soon. Pull-to-Refresh Activity *Pull down to refresh the view of your active, upcoming, and historical sessions. Price Check *Choose your location and time duration to check the price of parking before you sign in or create an account. General product enhancements and bug fixes

ParkColumbus Comments & Reviews

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- Chicago transplant

So happy cbus started implementing mobile parking meters. Once you set up it a few taps and your done.

- Short North Parking

The use of this app and the new parking rules in the short north are harmful to everyone. An area known for its bars and restaurants now limits you to a 3 hour parking limit that requires you to move your car to a new zone (not even new spot) after your limit expires. You also can not park after 10pm which effects workers and patrons of the establishments. Definitely can not have a drink with a meal or go out for drinks when you are forced to drive every three hours to find a new spot. Let alone feeling rushed at dinner to go move your car. Why would I want to visit friends who live in the area or go out when the parking situation is now worse than before? I’d appreciate if the developer of this app would make known the frustrations of its users to the Columbus parking authorities. You obviously work for the parking authority so please make them aware of our frustrations.

- Doesn’t even work.

I was moving into my new apartment and left my car parked in one of the spots below my garage so my parents could park in my spot to move me in. I used this app thinking I’d be fine for the 3 hour limit since it’s posted all over the garage to use it (the garage is park place Columbus connected to the Wilson place on OSU campus). I go out when I have about 5 minutes left on my meter to move my car back to my spot and I see a parking ticket on my window for $20. Apparently the app and garage do not communicate properly when people pay for their parking. Not worth my time and money to use if it’s not going to actually work.

- Couldn’t be worse

I live in one of the new zones. My roommate applied long ago and has heard nothing about his application in weeks. You can’t pay for extra guest passes through the app, despite that being the only option. You have to change passwords to even make it work. The app basically just brings you to the web page to log in anyway, so what’s the point? Moreover, what’s the point of doing this electronically in the first place. A sticker on residents’ cars and a rear view hanging plastic permit for guests is no issue and avoids all the ridiculous “we can’t process your request at this time” notifications you get when trying to pay for extra guest passes, which I wouldn’t need if my roommate didn’t need to use my guest pass to park at his own house.

- Have the developers of this app ever tried to use it?

This group needs to hire some UX specialists - or they need to communicate better with the parking authority, because the representation as to what is supposed to be happening but what is happening are two different things. Now back to the UX - If some one new to the area can’t figure out how the signs on the street are supposed to coordinate with the app then it doesn’t work! The interaction between the customer account portal and the app is so bad that it feels like going back to a website that is a decade old. It is the developers job to make things work for the group that has hired them, this developer obviously hasn’t figured it out - at least in Columbus.

- You should be allowed to change information within first 5 minutes

Besides this whole electronic parking being prohibitive to people without smartphones and the outrageous price jacking up that has occurred with the roll out without a vote, this app is terrible. If you pick a wrong vehicle and immediately realize it, you are out $7. Did you pick the wrong zone? Out $7 more and then pay another $7 and hope you have everything correct this time. The fact you can’t make any adjustments within the first 3 minutes is a shame and a scam.

- Adding pain to punishment

I previously wrote a negative review for this app, because it is destroying the Short North, making it more difficult for employees to park there, and charging a rediculous hourly rate and all the developer had to say was, "please cite specific sources for how the app didn't function properly." This is exactly the problem! The developer (and the city) has blindly rolled this out not giving a single care to the people negatively affected by the app but rather that it destroys the neighborhood, punishes the employees of the area, and price gouges the way it was designed to. That is very, very unfortunate.

- Tech Support gets One Star

One star, and only then because I got a live person (after 15 minutes on hold). Worst support ever. I mean, why bother calling it tech support? Tried to change my default payment method. Can’t be done, they said. Because I signed up with Apple Pay, I cannot make the change. I must CALL APPLE to remove it. I used Apple Pay because it was the default setup! My city doesn’t even accept Apple Pay, which is only explained after you setup the app. Can you imagine?! Their response to my issue is to call APPLE.

- This app is TRASH

This could not be more difficult to use for Short North Permitting. It spins for ages, won’t let me log in (freezes, glitches etc) and makes me enter my entire email and password every time (doesn’t automatically save). Also doesn’t give you an option to nickname friend’s license plate numbers for guest passes, doesn’t email them that they have a pass activated, etc. Its so disappointing that Cbus is charging for parking, and even more disappointing that they can’t even get the technology right.

- Accuracy Issues

Have seen this app advertised before on meters when I have parked. Saw it today while parking, and decided to download. Set it up and used to pay for 1 hr. parking. Was pretty impressed until I came out after 48 minutes and saw meter flashing red and expired). The app still showed 12 minutes remaining! So, despite initial positive impression, I am very weary now. Will try again, but will be very careful before I trust this app.

- Good start but can’t cancel session

Looks like I can park and pay and then extend my session, but there’s no way to cancel my order/session. The use case was that I had an old license plate number in my profile, started my parking session, but had to start a completely new session and get charged again because I could not cancel my current session. :-/

- My account was hacked!

Somehow, unbeknownst to me, my ParkMobile account was hacked. Someone changed the license plate number attached to my account. I hadn’t given my information to anyone. When I paid to park my car last week, not knowing my information had been changed, I was given a $50 ticket that I am now contesting. Going forward, I am going to be leery using ParkMobile—the app clearly needs better security safeguards to ensure its users aren’t victims of fraud.

- Get ready to find a new job!

As a cook in the short north my shifts range anywhere from 9-12 hours, I depend on the very limited free spaces the city had to offer. Now I’m faced with not only having to leave work during service and moving my car to a different zone FOUR TIMES, but also having to pay up to 40 dollars a shift. This is the worst move by the city and one of the ballsiest cash grabs I’ve ever seen. RIP short north.

- Never enough money

City of Columbus always taking money from locals and tourists. Just another high tech way to rob people who want to spend money in town when they come

- Incredible System

I loved having to download an app, enter a credit card, and wait for my friend to pay off his parking tickets in order to park my car. Sensational. A digital red carpet.

- Fabulous System!

Best parking system in history! Advise anyone and everyone who needs to park at one time or another or in one area or another in Colimbus, Ohio to download the ap and sign up!

- Ugh.

I am not happy to see Parkmobile running convention center parking. My experience with them was horrible. I bought parking on the app, was ticketed despite buying parking, and while my fee is waived they did not rescind or cancel the ticket. The previous company and app for the Columbus convention center had outstanding customer service. This company left me with a ticket on my record that I received from their mistake.

- Doesn’t support Apple Pay

The app says you can use Apple Pay to pay for your parking but rejects payments made with Apple Pay with no reason given in the Apple Pay screen. You have to exit out and get a message window later in another screen. I’ve never had Apple Pay rejected by an app ever. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced it. It fraudulent to say the app accepts Apple Pay.

- No reason for this

I’ve lived in the same area for 6 years and parked in front of my house every year. They installed these signs over night where I can’t park in front of my house overnight anymore. There is 1-2 month waiting period for me to get a parking permit so I have to walk 3 blocks in sub zero temperatures just to get the same horrible street parking I’d have in front of my house. Thanks Columbus!!

- Tell Columbus to chill out

You got paid by the city so you work for the city and are a bigger voice to the city than any individual (like me). So, let em know to relax the cost of parking so that people can actually continue to shop in the gentrified areas that already pull in god money for the city because right now, it’s cheaper to park outside the city and Uber/Lyft to the shops. #oopswemissedthat

- GPS does not work

What are you at six minutes left on our car parking meter guy was there trying to write us a ticket already before we even ran out of time due to the signage having us on the wrong side of the street that we paid for doesn’t make sense because it only allowed me to choose one option

- No reason for zones not allowing to park

The zones are physically there, but the app just tells you that you cannot park on that zone and it does not give a reason why. Signs at the zones tell you that parking is available. The app should just not show the unavailable zones at all, and explain why the zones are not available.

- Never registers with my meter

I’ve tried this several times. I make sure I put in the right zone number and I pay and start the parking session but my meter never registers it and continues to say I need to pay. I got a ticket because of this. If this worked it would be really convenient but apparently it doesn’t.

- One of the most convenient apps to have.

Saves you money and trouble

- Columbus parking

on the app you cannot change the default car. Once you said a car you can only change the license plate numbers. Once I figure this out it mean easy

- Easy Parking in Short North!

Parking is very easy for this 61 yr. old because of this app on my phone. Thanks Columbus Police for helping me download it!

- Greedy Greedy Columbus

What a fantastic use of technology - to slap a paid label on every parking spot in the short north. It doesn’t matter if the parking authority is ultimately responsible for this, you should send feedback directly to them. Were the ones being gouged for money further and you stand to benefit from the transaction.

- Short north late night employees

Absurd how employees of the short north, late-night bars and restaurants can’t park their cars on nearby streets after 10PM. We are usually excused from work well after that time. These new parking rules are not suitable for patrons or workers in this area. Re-think your decisions, Columbus. This was a pretty nonsensical move on your part.

- Refuses to store payment

I’m a Massage Therapist downtown unfortunately I have to pay for parking. The app use to store my card information now it won’t. It’s already a bummer having to sneak and update my parking when I’m in session. However having to re-enter my card information as well SMH.

- Super convenient

Quick and Easy

- 1st time user.

I put the wrong license plate down & when I realized it I went out to put my other trucks license plate # down & I already had a ticket on my truck. 🤦‍♂️ But yet I’m still paying to park but yet I still got a $30 ticket.

- The interface needs work

I have yet to use this app and for it to work the first time. I spend at least 5-7 minutes trying to pay for parking every time. Very unfriendly.

- Need an account to pay

You shouldn’t have to create a profile with an email address. You should be able to pay without an account via Apple Pay or another pay platform and simply enter you license plate number.

- Can’t end a session

It’s ridiculous that you can’t stop a session if you need to leave. I was going to dinner with a friend but the restaurant had too long a wait so we went somewhere else. I paid $6 to park for 10 minutes. 🖕🏼🖕🏼 @ Columbus parking

- Not reliable, considering stakes at hand

This app kept closing so, with deep sadness, had to get back in the car and drive around and around in search of a physical meter (the original spot just the parking fee sign).

- Pathetic

As if parking wasn’t awful enough now my friends have to pay to come visit even when I buy a guest pass! Between getting towed for street sweeping and now fines for parking on a public street I think I’ll move to Grandview and get an Uber instead.

- Why no Amex??

Other than the inability to use Amex as a payment method in the app, or even use your Apple Pay if Amex is linked to it; the app is very easy to use.

- Disappointing usability

Terrible, terrible app. I don’t mind paying but it really needs to confirm which car to pay for. This has happened multiple times to many people I know using this app.

- Convenient

Beats parking meters! I can refill my meter at the bar !

- Disgusted!

I am disgusted with this App. You don’t need all my personal Information to park. Just wait until you get hacked. Don’t tell me about you’re kindergarten security, and don't tell me how this is the city’s problem. $8 for 2.5 hours is disgusting!

- Does not function properly.

I hate this app. It shut down when I entered time to run into a coffee shop. I assumed the payment went through. I was in and out in minutes and got a ticket for $50. Good times.

- Question if this app works

I pay to park and my meter continued flash red - it hasn’t changed whatsoever - came back a few minutes later & then returning to my car - still flashed time expired?

- Way too complicated

Took forever to set up. After selecting payment it wouldn’t allow that payment in this area. Took 20 minutes to set up just to park!!!

- Can’t update the credit card

My date of expiration changed, can’t update it and it won’t take the same credit card with new expiration when you add it 😡

- Nope

Parking costs over double just to pay from the app and not right there in person. Then the meter still blinks red screaming for a ticket. I wanted to use this to pay for my employees parking downtown. I’ll pass.

- Out of Town

Super easy! Fantastic idea for out of towers!

- Why does it have a 4 star rating

This rating is misleading. App is not intuitive, takes up too much space on phone. Has coordination issues.

- No more free parking in columbus

I work on high street and now I have to pay and I work past 10pm and without a permit I can’t park here and the closest parking garage is 9 blocks. Thanks columbus your app isn’t even user friendly.

- Poorly designed

Horrible app. Poor design. Doesn’t seem that there are any good product managers at this company because the user experience is horrible. Please do better.

- terrible.

This app accepts my login one day and then rejects it another day. If I try to reset my password, the email never comes. How can you base parking on an app and then not make an app that works? Ask Columbus.

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- Sign in with  please!

Hello, If you could use Sign In with Apple, that would be great!

- Expired early

When I returned to my vehicle, 90 minutes early, the red light was flashing.

- For god sake

By the time I signed up for this thing and entered my payment info- that required lots of personal info- I didn’t need to park anymore.

- Jojo


- Not safe

The first time I set up app & used—my credit card was charged 5 times for the parking and 3 other fraudulent charge all in same night. Not a secure & safe app!!

- Meter didn’t show payment after paying.

The meter K373 did not show paid after I paid the parking amount, showed expired.

- Wrongful citation

I received parking ticket despite registering properly and I have proof of this. Time of ticket 8:31 PM. My payment was still valid. Your new system apparently does not work. I plan to contact the mayor of Columbus tomorrow.

- Ridiculous

It just took me 30 minutes sitting at a restaurant to figure out how to get this done, and three of us tried on theee different phones

- App doesn’t work

The app just doesn’t work. I got a ticket for meter nonpayment despite having paid. Very frustrating.

- The ultimate NIMBY app for hating poor people!

Get a phone app that requires those parking to have a smart phone and a bank account to park! It keeps the poors at bay! This is neoliberal BS. You’re not making parking better.

- Not that good

I have gotten tickets and had to contest them and prove I paid and the app should tell u if it’s a no parking zone for that day I’m fighting w the city now over incidents

- Not user friendly. Slow. Not intuitive

Poor design

- Wont let me pick meter number

Paid but meter says I have not paid.

- Middle Class Sqeeze

Charging people for offstreet parking in the short north is ridiculous for people who live and work down here.

- Parking

Its saying my meter is expired but the app says i still have 1 hour 27 minutes left it is operating the wrong meter and im sitting

- Horrible app and parking system

This parking app is horrible and is a pain to deal with. The whole short north parking system is a mess.

- Can’t use guest pass

App won’t allow me to use my guest passes. Forcing me to pay for parking in 3 hour increments.

- Alright App

The app won’t let me change the parking time and charged me the maximum 3 hours allowed.

- “cbus” is a slur

It is insulting to residents of Columbus that this app uses the “cbus” slur in its icon. Every time you say “cbus” you say Columbus is not good enough. Stop insulting our city to make money.

- Fee

I cannot believe it just cost me $6 to park for 2 hours on King Ave. That is outrageous!!!! I can hire a car for less money!!!

- Confirmation

How do I know I wont get a ticket if I have paid on the app but not at my meter and the meter reads as expired??

- Not at all intuitive

away make this so difficult. Ft Laudersale has a very simple sustem

- Where my city gon?

Why am I paying to park on 3rd street meow? This is some bull. You should feel bad about yourselves. Sincerely, Gary Dos

- Not User Friendly.

Not user friendly.

- Broken

Enter guest pass keyboard covers button to move on to enter parking time.

- Needs to take American Express

It’s outrageous that all common modes of payment are not accepted by the City.

- Awful

The city of Columbus parking app and the park Mobil app are at odds with passwords and account/email syncing. Just a bad user experience

- Bring back regular meters

The actual meters are much better.

- Most ridiculous idea ever

Waste of time. Cold af out. Also not safe

- Could not be worse

This is a disaster of a rollout. Firstly, I am a RESIDENT. Despite providing my notarized lease (as requested) and other documents, because my car registration is under my old address, they have denied my resident permit. Strange since I had to go get a lease NOTARIZED for this. So after work I resort to getting a 24 hour guest pass since my partners permit was approved. Would not work at all. Guess what? The zone number in the sign is wrong!! We find this out from the parking bureau because the app support rep said he couldn’t help with that. Seriously. Additionally, the guest pass option we PAID to add to the account is also charging me even though it’s supposed to be free for 24 hours. It took 2 hours of various phone calls just to pay for one day of parking at my residence. Way to make this the worst rollout ever. No one is even on the street which is a major entertainment section of the city and my guess is it’s because nothing works so no one can even pay to park. I’ve talked to several neighbors and the only person who has navigated this was my partner who had to go in person and the clerk basically issued he permit because he has the deed to the house but the car reg is an old address. This has been in the works for a year and it’s still a dumpster fire. Nice job C-Bus. As of now, I can’t park my car at my house or even in my “zone” and have not received an answer to any of the issues. And developer...I called and emailed support. You guys have done nothing.

- Piece of crap

Worst parking app in existence, modernize like most metros please.

- This ain’t it Columbus

Not feeling this

- Price gouging

Pretty much

- Dumb

Just dumb... literally so dumb


Totally inconvenient that AMEX is not accepted as a payment method.

- 3$ an hour to park on summit to support local business is atrocious


- Highway robbery

I hate this.

- Expense and stupid

Expense and stupid

- App is fye

Easy, fast and convenient

- Garbage

This app is garbage

- Horrible app


- Amex

Add Amex!!!!

- Pure dum

Pure dum

- Buggy

I haven’t been able to use the app in weeks, due to a bug that cause the keyboard to stay up & prevents clicking away from the “Guest code” prompt. iPhone is updated to the latest IOS but is an 8.

- Does NOT work on IPhone

The App does not work with iPhone. After entering zone, it asks you to Enter Guest Pass Code. If you have no guest code, you cannot go any further - and you cannot pay for parking. If you cannot pay for parking, the App is totally useless.

- Needs better integration with parking permit website

There needs to be better integration with the parking permit system. There used to be an icon to get to the permit website to login separately but that icon is no longer in the app. There should also be integrated logins so that I don’t have to login separately to the permit website when using this app - it should remain logged in and/or be able to utilize Face ID rather than entering username and password every time I need to switch a guest permit.

- Glitchy crap

Parked and a screen kept popping up asking if I had a guest pass code (which I did not). There was no way to get past that screen on my iPhone. I had to call and go through doing it over the phone and it made me 20 minutes late for my appointment when This was all done. Also, $8.25 to park for three hours in a residential part of columbus Ohio???? What a load of crap. The guy on the phone was nice enough, but come on!

- Just never come to Columbus again

Horrible clunky app that requires too much information. Barely seems to function. Is the goal for people to give up and get a $500 fine? No QR code on the street signs. Dumb.

- Horrible

Can’t delete my payment method - told I have to cancel my account. Seriously? Even Amazon and Starbucks apps will let you delete payment methods! Can’t get assistance from support - have logged two tickets so far. Will never use this app again 👎

- Seriously?

My opinion of any app that requires the developers to create 19 video tutorials to post on YouTube to use the app is an epic fail of creating a simple, intuitive user friendly app. I think it would be hard for anyone to argue that point. How did parking a car on the street or in a parking garage become so complicated? Never in my life would I have imagined I would need 19 video tutorials (FROM THE DEVELOPERS) to park my car.. oh wait, parking my car isn’t the hard part, PAYING to park my car is the challenge. I think that’s a bit backwards... My other concern is likely more with the city of Columbus. When the city deems cash not an acceptable form of currency, my first thought is that REQUIRING me to give you my email address, credit card information, vehicle type and licensing information to park in a specific location for a specific time violates my rights to determine what sort of information about me is collected and how that information is used. Therefore, I will not be using this app. And unfortunately boycotting the city of Columbus’ decision to demand my personal information to park in these areas means I will not be able to support businesses I used to in these areas.

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The applications ParkColumbus was published in the category Navigation on 2018-12-07 and was developed by Parkmobile USA, Inc. [Developer ID: 365399302]. This application file size is 48.21 MB. ParkColumbus - Navigation app posted on 2020-10-27 current version is 9.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: us.parkmobile.ParkColumbus

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