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What is supertype app? How does a p fall?
How much does an r weigh?
And how does the dot over an i sound?

· · · s u p e r t y p e · · ·

(super many, over 130 levels)
(super relaxing, zen-like gameplay)
(super smooth, self-generating sound track)

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App Name Supertype
Category Games
Updated 09 October 2018, Tuesday
File Size 40.75 MB

Supertype Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love this game but please add more create spaces.. Also, please let the emoji be typed in create. The physics aren’t the same everything time in create. Please fix that. Other than that, amazing game 😀

Well.. The game worked for about three days but then I was playing and it stopped working, i exited out of it and then went back in the following day and still nothing... could I get a refund on this? Please? I don’t wanna have a game taking up my storage that’s in my phone that does nothing. Otherwise than that, it was a good game. But May I get a refund on this app?

A good puzzle game. Some people are saying that Supertype needs to require the player to use actual words to solve puzzles, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. If you could only use real words, it would make the game into just another word game, as you wouldn’t need to worry about physics, just about the word itself. The whole game is based on physics. The letters could easily be replaced with shapes and the game would be the same, so making it into just a word game would not work. This is an awesome game for people who love puzzles. Definitely give this one a try.

Great game with a few issues.... As many others have said, this game is fun and easy to learn and has a pleasing aesthetic. There are however, two things that I would change. 1. Please number the levels! Many other people have asked for this and it would work as a sort of hint system so that people could look up a tutorial on a particular level they are stuck on 2. I have not seen many other reviews about this but I feel like the create section is very hard to work with. It might help to put in a grid background to assist with the placement of dots and lines and a pause feature to see where letters are as they fall Other than these two qualms, this game is very well made and I’m overall happy with the gameplay.

This typographic game’s fantastic!. I was hesitant to get this game at first—I’ve never been good at word puzzles—but the premise of the game seemed too interesting to pass up. I’m happy to report that i made the right decision! This game focuses on the typography more than the words, and allows you to come up with your own creative solutions around the shapes of the letters and how they interact. It’s sometimes fun to try finding words, but this game is great because I’m not forced to do so—and I’m occasionally encouraged not to! 💯 👍👍 ★★★★★

It pretty good. It’s a cool concept and it’s really fun until u beat all the levels,after u beat them and it’s boring and u never really play it although before that it’s amazing so 2 things that should be added. 1. More levels 2. Let other people share levels they made to the public! (dont show the awnser tho ) anyways awesome game

Finally, something really different!. Challenging, original and artistically fabulous!! Love the classic old wall coverings and the drum riffs. The only game (besides Trick Shot 2) where I keep the volume on. Drawbacks -it’s finite. So I play it over and over.

Great Concept!. This game is one that takes a new look at how letters can function within a game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and the different challenges it presents. Keep up the good work guys!

Amazing game. The concrete levels are the most satisfying by far but everything about it is 𝔀𝓮𝓵𝓵 made. Amazing game idea and amazing execution. 10/10

Annoyed. I like this game and played to the last level and well I left the game alone until it started to charge me 2 dollars for no reason this annoys me and I have to pay for

Great game but I accidentally bought it. Can you please make a return purchase feature

AMAZING GAME WORTH 2 DOLLARS. This is one of my favorite games and it’s TOTALLY worth the 2 dollars. First off, I love trying to figure out each puzzle. Some are hard while others you know how to do it immediately. But it’s still fun. I have played bacon and enjoyed it so I thought “this game is from the same creators, so why not check it out.” And I did and it is so fun. EDIT: some levels are really hard. Can you add a hint or something to make certain levels easier? Other than that it’s a great game! Keep up the good work!

Good game, but sometimes way to frustrating. Call me bad at the game, but it’s just sometimes so annoying. A specific level I have in mind is the one where you spam i and j on a bridge and just have to guess the combination. Some gimmicks were cool but ultimately this game just isn’t fun. There also isn’t a way to skip levels, so if your stuck on one, guess what? You just wasted a dollar!

From Go, Good Time. From the first level it perfectly explains the rules and win conditions of the game.

Peaceful & Simple. This game is perfect to relax the mind, taking you away from your surroundings through fun, simple puzzles. It isn’t flashy, isn’t overly complex, and it brings a perfect amount of satisfaction for completing each puzzle.

Great game. I got this game after I saw it all over social media and it is pretty hard at some points the feeling you get when you complete it makes up for the difficulty

supertype. I thought it would be a waste of money thought it looked stupid but once I tried it I was hooked .Just give it a try, trust me you'll find yourself hooked too.

Kinda Hard. I personally think that the levels are kinda hard, it would be a little bit easier(and better) if there was a hint system that you would watch an ad and/or pay money to get more hints.

Hi. It’s good, just that some levels are really hard, and I have to spend a lot of time doing one level. But overall it’s a good and clever game because you have to use your brain (and your letters) to solve the level. 👍❤️

Great game, great developer. Now because of this game and “o k a y ?” I only play games from this developer. These games are always creative. I strongly recommend to play this game and check out other games from this developer.

Note to Devs. Kudos for an excellent physics game. It would be very helpful to have the levels numbered and a score provided showing the number of levels completed out of the total number available. I really like the idea that a solution must be earned and not simply bought or given for watching an ad. A Leader Board would be icing on the cake and provide plenty of excitement when new levels are added.

Oh sweetycakes. This game is so entertainment! Much entertain! My fart loves this game so lot! Doggy farded! Hahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! So cool! Much funny! Laugh out loud! Laugh my bottom off! Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha this is my hamster favorite game! His name Juan Cortez! He likes ches bungees and 4d Chess in Space! Hahhahahaha! So Dani! Love- guapo.

Well.... So.... the game in my opinion was well made and I thought it looked really cool and fun and it would keep me busy for hours but it got me board within 10 minutes. Maybe I didn’t play it long enough but I just didn’t really like it. It’s just useless what’s the point it’s not worth 1.99 and sorry if I’m being over dramatic but I just really didn’t like it.

Addictively Puzzling. This game makes you think to solve each puzzle. The puzzles are usually pretty quick making it more enticing to continue to the next one.

A hint option would be useful. Good game. I find these types of physics puzzles entertaining and challenging. These aren’t your boring match 3’s. That said some levels feel impossible and a hints feature might be well appreciated. Thanks.

Inexplicably Endearing. There’s something so charming about being able to type out text and then see each letterform interact with a physical environment.

Best mobile game I’ve played.. The puzzles are great, and I love how you can skip ahead to other levels in case you get stuck on a previous one. For every one level you beat, you unlock two more, which keeps the game fresh, yet balanced. The concept is great, and executed perfectly. This game is cheap, making it very well worth the buy. If you like good puzzles, this is the game for you.

I agree with "OleBluHorns.". This is a truly unique, innovative game that has so much potential. And I love the minimalist design. DEVELOPER: 1. Please add hints. 2. Please add an "X" button that clears all typed characters. The current arrow button erases only one letter at a time, and it's cumbersome having to hit it repeatedly to clear all characters. 3. After a puzzle is completed and the confetti appears, I often want to replay the combination I used in order to study what worked. But there's no replay button. As a result, replaying a puzzle requires *8* separate steps: - Tap confetti page to go to next puzzle - Tap to being up keyboard - Tap home key - Find the last puzzle played and memorize the display of the characters previously typed - Tap to reopen puzzle - Tap to reveal keyboard - Retype the previous characters - Tap the ✔︎ key This is clearly an oversight. Please add a replay button. I look forward to revising my rating once improvements are made.

Problem solving. I really enjoy this game and the problem solving qualities. Makes me think of not a word game but the design and functional issues at hand and how those elements can solve the scenarios. Keeps the mind guessing (nice wallpaper designs too!)

Huh? what happened?. Now don’t get me wrong because I really like this game and love the way it’s built but I had it for about a year now. The only problem is that I’ve had this game for about 2 years now and I got a little bored Because there haven’t been any new levels since. That why I took away one start but other than than it’s a great game and you should get it if you haven’t already! I hope they make more and more levels!

I actually play it.. I buy apps and games a lot but this one has given me the most bang for the buck. I’m actually stuck on a puzzle. I need help but couldn’t even tell you what level I’m on since none of them are really marked.

Bug in create mode. There is a glitch where if you place a point and remove it, it will be invisible but still has it’s qualities when you play your level ,and when you stop, it reappears again. Thank you for your time Kamibox.

Pretty goood.... I’m gonna keep this short. I like the app, it’s a good time passer, but I don’t think it’s worth the money. If you have the money to spend on it, don’t let me tell you what to do by any means, but it’s just not worth it in my opinion.

Entertaining. Well, having just played this for the first time this morning I have to say this game is not at all what I expected. It is not really a word game. It is more a physics game where you try to figure out how letters behave when they are falling. That being said, it is surprisingly entertaining and certain unique.

What’s the point.. The game has no length to it and has no sort of hints at all. If you happen to get stuck on a level, you are stuck for a while.

Good game. this is a good game and it’s a fun way of thinking and I can do it a few more things to get it and you get to see the other one and you get a good one thing to play and then you play the games and then go to the gate then go play it again then I play pubg I was gonna was the game I play it all day just so you know I don’t want anything you can play it and get it your back and you can play it with a lot of it your back it and it your way out and then you get to hit the gate you can get the one game play it your way back and then

Yes! A game that blends physics and letter, brilliant!. Thanks for taking this tired genre and infusing it with new life! It's so refreshing to play a game that uses something amazing that we take for granted, the alphabet, and reminds us of its inherent creativity as shapes and forms.

This is the one.. Every once in a while, a gamer comes along and writes a review about a game of the type that comes along once in a while. I am one such reviewer, and Supertype is that type of game. The game is effortless in execution, while offering just enough challenge to distract players from “life” for a few minutes. You don’t have to enter into deep concentration, and if you neglect to open the app for a week, you won’t forget where you where, or how to play. The game is as easy to out down as it is to pick up. If you have a busy lifestyle but are looking for some small distraction then you will appreciate Supertype.

Hardly a word game. I really liked the concept of this game: a word game mixed with a physics game, my two favorite genres of mobile game. But what I got was simply a physics game. A word game, typically, rewards you for knowing lots of words and what they mean. It at least encourages you to learn new ones. Any game where “llllllll” can be the answer is not a word game. It is a game that uses *letters* in a new and creative way, and props for that. But it could be so much more. What I would do: with each puzzle, include a definition or some cross-word like word hint that leads to a word which will satisfy the physics puzzle. That way if you get stumped on the physics, you can focus on the word hint, or vice versa. I downloaded this game at midnight, played it for 20 minutes, and then deleted it the next morning, because the charm and novel concept had worn off. The game that I’m describing, I would play for hours, and the game you’ve got is not far off. I just think it’s borderline false advertising to market this as a “word game.”’

Incentive weird game!. I love the way this game uses the letter forms as shapes, with physics. Also, the puzzles make you think but are all super enjoyable, really great design overall!!

cool, but unrewarding. Fun game with a cool concept, but as I continued playing I found that it was less about figuring out cool solutions to problems and more about finding the exact sequence of letters to complete a puzzle, where any other solution is clearly wrong. Frequently less like a puzzle, and more like a game of spamming letters until you find their solution.

Five stars for freaking me out. The game is super well made, but the part that scared me was my real name appeared in game. I’m not signed in through an Apple ID, not Game Center, so it must’ve taken my name from my email address. I have no clue how it did it besides that, or it took the contact I assigned to me. Thank you for that, it was a great fourth wall break and I love those kinds of things.

Fun for the game skeptic. I am the kind of boring person who finds games largely uninteresting and puzzles largely too-difficult. For some reason, this is inventive enough or amusing enough to capture my attention. 5 stars. I recommend it.

supertype. So gratifying! I never thought I would be able to figure these puzzles out. I love the sounds and the sensory “vibrations” when you hit the mark!

Missed. It is close but missed. For one, it should use a dictionary to ensure the words typed are valid. The way it is now, it is just me figuring out which letter will “perform” the way I need it to and I can just type gibberish. That feels wrong to me. I also feel like there should be some combination draw/typing puzzles and there should be some drawing with curves and not just straight lines. I give a second star for the creative idea. Just felt like it wasn’t thought through all of the way.

Amazing. fun and calming gameplay creative puzzlemaking makes you feel smart when you win my only issue is that there aren’t enough levels

Becomes frustrating too soon. Great concept but it doesn't take long before it becomes not so fun. I like hard puzzle games but this one was just too frustrating by level 30-ish. Maybe I'm just too dumb.

More Variety of Letters (Numbers)?. First of all great game i LOVE it 👍😀👍 But.. maybe the game would be more fun if you guys added some more variation in the characters you can type like for example numbers or capitol letters Also maybe more levels and like a daily level thing (not symbols though because then that'd be way to hard)? Maybe there could be like some skins for letters? How about more types of levels instead of just concrete and the normal levels like fonts as for one? Please read this - This game has a TON of potential 👍 so far though its really good -Anonymous

Super game!. Great game, very challenging! It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to play it. Developer is very responsive, as I contacted him via email with a question, and he responded back in less than 24 hours.

Great game! Need more levels. I’ve completed every level of this game as of now and I’m waiting for the developers to create more. If we could play user created levels as well it could be a very fun addition to the game. Being able to vote of public levels could create a nice community of players for the game.

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Awesome. It’s awesome

…. I know I’m young but I need a receipt for this game I bought it on accident. Otherwise my brother would beat the gel out of me. And it’s not even my credit card details in my phone.💀💀

It’s worth the money. I’m too lazy to write a proper review so that’s it

Cool.. The letters actually move

Not free. If it was free it would be better it is quite har

It new my last name. Smart and innovative concept done well 👍

Definitely would recommend!. I love it! Super creative, enjoyable and cool! I love this idea of a game. It definitely deserves a 5-er!

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Really fun. Super creative gameplay and makes you feel like a genius when you get it. Would definitely recommend picking this gem up for 2$

Burger. WHAT

So simple yet so fun. Would be awesome to have more levels or, even better, a level builder with a way to share custom levels!

Beautiful. Just wow

Very unique and cool. A very unique and cool game. Love it lots :D

fun(:. its addicting!

I’m sure it’s great!. I have not yet played the game, but giving it 5 stars for the fact it’s a reasonable price and NO IN APP PURCHASES!

Thanks for creating a great, fun and lovely app. This game is crazy awesome I love is and love the game design

It’s really fun. It gets your mind thinking

Genius idea!. Great idea and great execution, super smart!

Supertype. I have been unable to find instructions explaining how to play this game. Very disappointing.

Supertype. Better then Nitro Type Nerds

Awesome puzzle game!. All you do is type letters or words and let gravity do the rest! It’s fun and very confusing but I do recommend it

Good idea needs more. More levels and a do it yourself levels you can share

Good game on tiktok. I

Awesome. Very creative gameplay and great design

Amazing. Really fun and unique

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A BRAIN GAME!!!. My son-in-law just introduced this game to me and I AM OBSESSED WITH IT!! What a joyous challenge this is - no timer - no stress - pure satisfaction at figuring the puzzle out on your own. I have not stopped playing since I loaded it on my iPhone. What a thrill. Thank you developer!!

One of the best games of all time!. Enough said

why. Why does it know my name?

Expected more. It doesn’t even matter if you use a real word or not. Gets boring quickly.

Innovative. This game uses letters as objects and applies physics to them, which I think is a really great idea. Good job devs!!!

help?. y’all I don’t know what happened but i was just trying to get my data to load when all of a sudden this app started downloading?? i don’t know how considering i was in the itunes store and not the app store but.... weird. freaked me out a bit

Great game but.... I wish there was a way that you could skip a level and once you skip it it shows you how to do it. But the game is really cool I am enjoying it. 😁

Good. Very very good game it’s good when your bored

Different and refreshing. Good for a few mins away from lifen

Super fun once you figure out the objective. I love it so far. Great game.. I’m addicted

Very Clever. This is the most clever thing ever.

Ads. I bought this game to get bacon the game ad free and bacon still has ads. Please either give me my money back because that’s false advertising or give me what I paid for

Worth the wait. I pre ordered the game for almost three weeks and freaked once I saw it was out. It’s very fun, highly recommended !

Great game, but the keyboard.... I love everything about this game but WHY are the “y” and “z” keys on a word level swapped?

I want a refund. Total waste of money. This game could have been fun, but the in-game keyboard is so glitchy and constantly disappears from the screen while I’m trying to type. It’s super annoying and makes the game not worth playing. I want my money back

Hints. The ability to get an occasional head would be quite helpful. Otherwise, thoroughly enjoyable.

Really neat game. Worth the money. Simple, cute, and unique.

Clever and fun. Top notch physics based puzzle game with mechanics that really pushed the edges conventual thinking.

Needs real words. I loved the concept ,but halfway through I realized you don’t have to use real words (as the screenshots imply) It would be MUCH more challenging , in my opinion, to have to use REAL WORDS!

I’ll never think about letters the same. 😍

Great game, worth the money. Interesting concept and great execution

This is a Great Physics Game!. If you enjoy unique, fun, time consuming, yet sill fun, physics games, you should not put this on your phone.

(Space) cgyyy. This game will have you typing things like “(space)cgyyy” and watching hopefully. Fun, unique.

Amazing. Simple, no ads and addictive gameplay. Game never gets old!

This game is everything I wanted. I love this game so much that I don’t even know what to say!!!

Epic but hard. Hi I got and beat bacon 🥓 I’ve played pancake 🥞 and my high score is 9 and I have burger 🍔 supertype is fun but hard

More levels, please!. Great fun, smart, funny. Looking forward to MORE. Thank you!

Refund. This was a accidental purchase I didn’t know it was money I would like a refund

fun but how it know my name?. i was playing the game then it just randomly said my name i can’t remember if it asked for it or not but it scared df outta me 😭

Super good. Love this game it is super fun but has sum challenges!

Level 106. This game is pretty fun, but level 106 is nearly impossible, I know exactly how to solve it, but I just can’t get it to work It’s the drawing level.

Brilliant idea and playfully executed. The developer likes to experiment and they come up with some amazing ideas. Love ZipZap also. Wish there were hints. Very fun game.

Good puzzle game.. Good game, challenging enough to last a while.

Not Worth Paying For. It would be nice to have more levels. The game only lasted 3 days to complete and there are plenty of free games that give more than 3 days worth of fun.

My review. It’s ok. I don’t like it because it’s not worth 1.99$

so satisfying. love the growing challenges and adding of new concepts and the intermittent levels of quick and easy satisfying layouts. qqq

Fantastic. Son sold me on this game this evening and now I can’t stop! Thanks for a great game

Game is good but. The game is the best but it has my name and I freaked out but I did not think nothing much of it

Clever. I love puzzles, and I love art, but I especially love games that combine the two. This is a clean straightforward game, yet also a frustrating masterpiece.

Relaxing & Fun. This minimalistic game make makes you think of letters differently and allows one to use them creatively. Great job developer.

Me and my friends love it. Legitimately there were 10 of us in a room and all of us absolutely enthralled with this game. Very well done!

Super awesome. I love this game, but I wish there was a hint system totally recommended

Cute fun game. This game is not too difficult but it is beautiful and very satisfiyig

Simple and addictive. A perfect example of an app that meets your expectations!

Pretty good. I think personally it’s a good game but when I click check it mostly doesn’t work 😀

Pre order. I pre ordered this game and it’s really fun! Although I only gave it 3 stars because I can get stumped on a level, and there is no “hint” or “skip” button.

Fun!. Simple and fun. The keyboard is fine. Tap to start (for the idiots who can’t figure that out) Sometimes you type, sometimes you complete the map. Could use a level menu, leaderboard, and level creator.

Loved It. Came for the clever mechanic, stayed for the surprising number of levels, aesthetic, and musicality. Nice work!

Such an original game concept!. This game is such a simple concept,butbit is so much fun! I absolutely love it!

I’d have paid $4!. Each time I solve a puzzle I giggle! This game is delightful!

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.3
Play Store de.kamibox.typo
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

Supertype (Versiyon 2.3) Install & Download

The applications Supertype was published in the category Games on 2018-04-25 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This program file size is 40.75 MB. This app has been rated by 4,466 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Supertype - Games app posted on 2018-10-09 current version is 2.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.kamibox.typo. Languages supported by the app:

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Supertype Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

small improvements

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