Sometimes You Die

Sometimes You Die [Games] App Description & Overview

In a game, you die.
And imply that it has no effect on you.
You feel invincible in the realm behind the screen.

This one is different.
In this game, you have to die.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ G A M E ∙ ∙ ∙
What is your motivation?
What do you expect from this game?
Do you want to beat it?
How do you know it can be beaten?

This game plays with expectation, illusion, and reality.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ P U Z Z L E S ∙ ∙ ∙
Think before you act.
Who knows what it means to die behind the screen?
Is it only a number that goes up?
Pixels that change their intensity?

Solve disturbing, surprising, and malicious puzzles.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ D E A T H ∙ ∙ ∙
Is it possible to go through the game
without dying even once?
Will you aim for it?

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ D I F F I C U L T Y ∙ ∙ ∙
Some think the game is easy.
I think,
those haven't discovered the hidden levels yet.

∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ > "interactive art" > "manipulates expectations" > "borderline brilliant" > "messes with the players' heads" > "incredibly unique" > "extremely clever" > "must play" > "deliciously unputdownable" > "play it, and love it"

80+ levels.
Hidden content.
Wow factor.
Epilepsy warning: One level includes fast flashing lights.

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+ iPhone X

Sometimes You Die Comments & Reviews

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- Definitely the most underwhelming game kamibox

I’ve have bought all of your games but this is the one that is definitely the shortest and the most meaningless seeming

- It’s odd

I loved the game but it was kind of short and I got the prologue code and it just said hi. I’m the developer I don’t get that 10 out of 10

- Terrible Ending

The game has a nice concept, was challenging enough at times, but short-lived and super frustrating at the end. The entire game was kinda easy, but then at the orange level everything was super difficult and near impossible to finish. I’m not even sure some of the levels there were actually possible to finish. So I gave up after 100+ tries and looked up a walkthrough to see what would happen at the end. Guess what? It’s an empty orange room with absolutely nothing in sight. So don’t waste your time trying to beat the orange level, you’ll hardly be rewarded. The insane difficulty on the last level just seemed to be an excuse to lengthen the already super short game.

- I Love It.

Man, this game is just amazing. The combination of frustrating and fun is amazing. And I especially love the “Orange Levels”. I can say that I have beaten the orange levels, and the ending is a bit anti-climatic. Either way, I love the game.

- Best game I’ve ever played

Amazing game like I’ve never written one of thes before but I loved the game sm that I took time outta my day to write one... one of the best games I’ve ever played if not the best... would recommend playing with headphones tho

- Don’t waste your time

It is pretty short and there is no way to turn off the volume. I want to listen to music while I play but you can’t

- Good but not a lot of information

As much as I enjoy this game and stuff like the orange levels prologue and all that other stuff. No one gives us a lot of information about where we are or why the square is here. But I know he only had 6 weeks to make this game. It’s a really good game though. So thank you to the people who made this game.

- Best Mobile Game I’ve Seen.

I’m not exaggerating. As far as entertainment goes, this is the best game I’ve played. It’s a wonderful blend of puzzle and platformer, with a side of innovation in game design, and a sprinkling of meta. The simplistic presentation is really appealing as well. Despite a short playtime, the orange levels were extremely challenging for me, and the “prequel” was a nice, deep intellectual challenge. As an aspiring game developer, the “texts” you get from the developer were a great insight on the process, and I was absolutely astonished to find out the entire process was 6 weeks.

- It has a great message but ultimately fails as a game

I really didn't know what I was expecting when I first started this game. I thought it would just be, to progress through the levels, you needed to die and try again. But it quickly made me question if it really was a game. And boy I did. The first section is a simple tutorial, teaching you the game mechanics and how when you die, you become a platform for your future play. Then it becomes a deep thought story, making you question what a game really is. An ingenious idea, it really has a deep message. But as I started getting through, I realized there wasn't much "game". It was just follow the game through and deal with the annoying parts. When you finally do finish it, you're given this new mechanic, tilt your phone to alter gravity. It's a great addition, really makes the game much more interesting. However, after you go through it again, you end up in a new section that really seems more like a game, it's a whole area which requires you to skillfully die in order to advance. Great idea? Yes. Badly implemented. The level itself is badly designed, you'll spend most of your time getting back to where you were because you fell and you travelled to another section. The tilt mechanic just doesn't work well. It takes absurdly long to activate and switch the gravity. So you end up dying where the exit is, making you restart, or teleporting to another section, trapping you in an endless loop of death whilst you're helpless watching. For $2 it's simply disappointing. Deep story, yes. Badly designed levels, yes. Badly implemented 'interesting' mechanic, yes. Great ideas, you just failed to make a game.

- The best mobile game I have ever played

The title speaks for itself

- Very thoughtful and deep

This game appears at first to be simple and straightforward, but don't stop--keep going. There are so many hidden elements and surprises that will shock you completely. It is not a short game and the levels will be hard to perfect when you get that far. In addition, it points out the common problems of games today and defines what it means to be a good game. It probably is the most meaningful game I've seen.

- Wow

It's an insane game, really deep and dark, and very few bugs. Recomend 10/10 would and did play again 👌

- Beautifully written.

Amazing! I loved it. Is it finished once you get a note from the developer calling you a little cheater?

- Really good

This game was amazing and has taught me a lot about game design and the ending is great. Best platformer on iOS I'd have to say (better than Mario run)

- Very good

This is a good game, and is worth getting to the end. It is dark and fun kind of like Limbo and A Dark Room. Highly recommend.

- Wow

Really awesome game but I can't replay it...I would like to play it again but I think I ended it & at the end I figured out the code but & pulled the screen down is that can I replay it

- Overrides device sound

I don't care about your personal music. Fix this so that I can listen to whatever I want.


After two years of trying to beat this game I finally did it. At the end I kept putting in the numbers to see if you would say anything else but you didn't. I would love to know how you came up with this idea of the game.Although, it did get frustrating at times but still an amazing game. It was worth the two dollars.

- Perfect combination of art and game

The game is simplistic in its controls and gameplay, but the ominous, distorted voiceover makes the storyline interesting and engaging. I'll play through the game hours at a time without getting bored or tired.

- Awesome game but did I beat it?

This is a very cool game very cool idea being able to use your own corpse as a platform. But did I beat it? I got to the section named death where he teaches you you can flip the device over to be able to work on the ceiling. But then it just went back to the beginning. What?

- Honestly me favorite game

This game is amazing, I suggest everyone play it. I think the only thing it's missing is a way to reset the game.

- too hard.

I didn't enjoy my time playing it.

- this game is a virtual existential crisis

...and i love it.

- Fun simple little game

Don't look at it for more then it is. Its just a simple little game. Don't stress out over it. Get through the game and find the hidden features. One of them is a very nice commentary from the author about the game. Wish more would so something like that (thanks for doing it!)

- Waste of money

Controls don't work properly. Game glitched about 10 seconds in. Restarted and it did the same. Didn't even bother trying a third time. Deleted immediately. Waste of time and money.

- Love

I loved this game. Only game I played all the way through. It's hard but not so hard that you have to look up how to do it every five seconds. I only had to look up a cheat once.

- Oh My God

Whoever rated this one star definitely has no idea what the concept of this amazing game is. Stollenmayer, you're brilliant! One of the very few apps I spent my money on. This is like the only app I've used that doesn't insist on me rating the app. I appreciate that so much.

- It's OK

I don't know how this game is getting such great reviews. I wouldn't recommend paying for it. If it was free then yea sure but for $2 eh. It's way too short. They say 80+ like its this huge game... They're incredibly short "levels". Then you get to this end place where it gets so difficult that it's just more or less annoying. Everything b4 this point it's fairly easy. I just beat the entire game, not counting that last part that I'm stopping for now, in one sitting. It'd be different if these "levels" were large and well thought out but they're really not...


So good. Then you think you beat it and it gets better. Then you realize there's a THIRD phase, if you're up for it. Seriously, a great game! Not sure about the final ending but I'm also not sure what I expected in a game like this. 😆

- A game with little innovation

I was captivated by its name per se. "Sometimes you die" sounds philosophically intriguing, yet the actual game playing is nowhere near as fun. While the idea that using dead bodies to achieve a goal is applaudable, the control and the flow are imitation of old-school puzzle games, not least the caption is particularly cliché.

- I enjoyed it

I don't play many games on my iPhone but I saw this one and the name intrigued me. It isn't difficult but I'm still finding hidden levels.

- Meh

It's an ok diversion but I finished it in about 15 minutes.

- Great game

A couldn't-put-it-down game. I enjoyed the twist after finishing it and it made replay value high. It took me by surprise too when I answered the number puzzle and briefly wondered why they were texting me. Thank you for the excellent game!

- Smart game!

Great game, excellent music!! It deserves a five star!!

- Decently Fun with an intriguing "story"

So the puzzles are not too difficult and require only a bit of brain power. I still enjoyed the gameplay, especially when you could change gravity. The wording however in the background had quite the psychological effect. Gave kinda a weird look on life and the "story" is more of the highlight of this game. So overall I rate it 4 out of 5, but the fact that I got this off AppsGoneFree MAY have influenced my opinion a bit. Note: do not worry about app reviews saying the game has an in-app purchase of 9999. These people just didn't realize this is an in game element. By that I mean you can jump on it and it is part of the level.

- Scam for $9999 inside app purchase

watch for scam pop for in app purchase

- A Fun Little Romp with Death

Not sure if I won or not, but it was entertaining regardless. Found the pause button, so I'm guessing that was the end :)

- too minimalistic

ok, i get left, right, jump with a bunch of tough to read words on this levels background. and it keeps happening. move on, next level with hard to read words. so it's super easy with no indication of score or progression, or what i'm supposed to do, so why should i keep playing. deleted.

- I like it!

After playing the game for a little while I get a pop up and it has: PURCHASE Do you want to pay $ 9,999 to unlock this level? The options are YES and YES. This is just another level, move around the pop up and continue with the game.

- Brilliant Design

Gameplay: 10-15 minutes. Review: The game wins just because of its simple design. I loved how the narration was done. Really innovative indeed. It doesn't bring anything new to the table but instead serves itself in a totally unique fashion, which I loved. I just found something about orange levels. This means that there are more levels out there?? I have to play the game again. Make more soon devs! For the guy complaining they make you purchase a level for 9,999$, Don't play games.

- Good concept ruined by poor controls

The game uses the limitations of the controls to make levels difficult. That's a very bad idea in game design.

- Awesome Gameplay

I never rate things but this game was so worth it! Well done!

- Scam, don't download.

Playing the game. Was fun until a purchase window popped up that stated "Do you want to pay $9,999 to unlock this level?" The options were yes or yes. So I deleted this game. They are targeting kids to purchase who are not reading the pop ups. I took a screen shot of it.

- Wow

Simply amazing and well thought out. I haven't gone back for the extra levels but I plan on doing so. This game is amazing l.

- Amazing

One of the best games in the App Store. I can't spoil it. You'll love it.

- For Every Gamer

This game is stunning. I love how it gets you thinking about games and what we expect games to do. The gameplay isn't difficult, but it is unique. I can wait to show this game to my friends who are gamers, but I would recommend this game to anyone. Seriously, this is the kind of game that makes you question the other games you've given 5 stars. Well done, devs.

- Brilliant!

Loved it! Played through several times to find everything.

- Outstanding among all of the awful games played ever.

Simply a silly game made with a little imitative inspiration. The producer might think himself smarter than our players and built some disappointing stages just trying to annoy you and hurt your eye sight(Caution: this game may induce serious epilepsy without any hint! ). I ask appstore stuffs undercarriage this stupid thing as soon as possible for the sake of our patients and patience.

- Boring

The game is short and you get put back a level if you miss jumps very irritating.

- Brilliant!

Everything about this game is right! The music, the atmosphere, the lighting, the descriptions, the subtlety, and of course the gameplay. All of it is exceptional. As it drives toward the conclusion, something big is anticipated, and it does not fail to deliver!

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- Anti climactic

After spending hours and hours on this game, I finally beat it. But... there’s nothing at the end? The game itself is very fun but it was very anticlimactic.

- Any refunds?

I installed the game today and i don’t very like it i would like to know if i could get refundded?

- Great game

This is a great game, it is definitely worth my money

- What is a game, fundamentally?

Well, play that game and find out.

- Amazing

After reading the texts it really drove me to finish the orange levels. Great Game 10/10

- Loved it

This is one of the only games that I loved on a phone

- Doesn't Quite Work On My Device

I'm using an iPhone 3G or 3GS, model number MC131C/A, with iOS version 6.1.6. This iPhone has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The game runs but does not scale the screen properly to the small resolution; while the "?", "<", and ">" buttons do properly adjust to fit the screen, the in-game graphics do not. Significant portions of each screen of the game are cut off around the edges. For instance, there is an early screen that introduces an elevator off to the right; the entire elevator is off-screen and I know about it only because I watched a few minutes of a playthrough. I'll come back to adjust my review if I play it on a newer device or if the game is updated for compatibility with my old device.

- Death

Sometimes you die. Sometimes you buy a bad game. Commentary: Okay. Gameplay: Boring and easy. Secret levels: Not that hard, not that good.

- Awesome

I think I'm the first to beat this game

- Clever and frustrating

Basic, yet captivating graphics and slightly erie background music make for a soul haunting game.

- Simple but effective

A must have game !!

- Clever

I like the philosophical comments and music.

- I just beat it (for the first time, at least).

Now THAT was a good game. If you like games that make you think, this is definitely one you should get... The soundtrack was interesting (in a good way), and the gameplay is simple, the only reason I rate 4/5 is because it doesn't have much replay value other than the twist at the end and the apparently "hidden stages" I have yet to find. Other than that though, this was well worth the money I spent on it!

- Faith in mobile gaming RESTORED

Stumbled here after playing 'Okay?'. Enjoyed this one on so many levels. Awesome credits. Hair-pulling orange. Redefined the 4th wall (and destroyed it). Loved it all. Time to flip some pancakes.

- Amazing!!!!

Great game. Top of my list this year. Worth than 1$. Amazing.

- Keep looking..

For those who find the game boring and short, you aren't paying enough attention. Listen to what the voice is saying, look for clues to find the third stage of the game. Brilliant.

- It was a good game

But not worth two bucks.

- Amazing game!

This should have game centre.

- Huge waste of $$

This game is extremely boring.

- Amazing game

I love this game. I've played it at least 50 times. $1 I've spent

- The new update

I love it just completed the code and it was really cool. Very happy I bought this game!

- Sometimes you die

I haven't played it yet

- Cool game with a silly bug

This is a good game but there is a bug where I jump too high, stick to the ceiling and can't get down unless I reboot my device. I'm at a stage that requires a lot of jumping and I keep getting stuck, it's kind of annoying...

- Nice little game

Fun twist on a simple platformer gameplay, though it gets a bit repetitive towards the end. Loved the visual style and the music.


Wasted my money on this app to find out it is not even a game😡

- TheGreatCanadianGamer

Great game until you have and ad that says "would you like to buy the next level for 999.99" and the choices are yes and yes

- Nice

The concept of this game is excellent dying to continue makes this a nice puzzle/platformer

- Wonderful


- Holy poop

I personally hate spending money on the App Store. But this game is worth my money. I wish there was more to it however. Great game tho! ❤️

- Great game

Look for the bonus orange rooms on your 2nd time around

- Pfft

30 second midi loop, beat in 15min, play again with ability to flip phone to finish levels, makes it too easy to beat. You can call it art if you'd like. Someone flipped a urinal upside down once as a joke and its considered an important piece of art

- What is a game?

This game is self aware about what it means to be a platformer. It brings with it a dialogue about its own existence within a rich history of games like it. You speak back to it by playing it. It's smart witty and fun. Unless you're a complete tool like some of the reviewers here you should definitely get that giddy wow factor. Spoiler alert. Beyond its self aware narrative it also takes a 'braid-esque' like approach to game mechanics (use an element always present and usually taken for granted and make it the core theme of the game), allowing you to change the flow of the game as you play by incorporating yourself (your character's corpses) into the level design. In that regard it reminded me a bit of Autocannibalism, but much more meta.

- Awesome

Vraiment bon jeu jadore que le createur s'interprète comme maitre du jeux et jadore les phrase un peu philosophique

- The meaning of life

This app changed my life. I've lived every moment up to this point for the chance to experience this creation. Sometimes you die? No. Finally, I've lived.

- This is beautiful experience

This app is deeply philosophical and really awesome

- Marvelous.

Its a pity that some purchasers are incapable of finding the hidden levels and all the goodness of this game. There are no in app purchases, the game simply attempts to break the fourth wall. Please do not leave a review when clearly you have not played the game in and out.

- A little masterpiece

The strange voice explains you things you already know until you don't. Then you discover what you should have known since the beginning: piece of art always hide a secret, you just have to listen. Worth $2 just for that surprise alone!


Let me make it clear! The game is actually long a hard! If you REALLY beat the game, you will be a pause button!

- Scam

When you get to a certain level it is going to ask you to purchase the level for $10,000. It gives you two options, yes or yes. Fraud.

- 1.99$ come on

Doesnt worth the price, finished the game in 15 min and the next levels are the same but you have to flip the iphone each time to pass them, waste of time....delete

- Good but not awesome

This is an ok game. It's really short for the price, took me about half an hour to complete ut twice! It's visually polished, but lack any wow factor, just an average game to me.

- Video Games CAN be Art

Roger Ebert once famously said that video games are not art (to much resentment and anger from the video game community.) Maybe that was true at the time and maybe it wasn't, but THIS GAME didn' exist back then, and now it does. This game is literally a work of art. It's a poem and an interactive experience and a song seamlessly fused. It's a commentary on the state of gaming today. Buy this game. It may be short, but the experience is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Philipp Stollenmayer deserves to be recognized for this achievement. He deserves to be rewarded with money. Well done, sir. Well done indeed.

- Amazing little piece

reminds me of anti chamber and other mind bending games worth the price

- Amazing game 09864

The game was very unique and addicting well worth the purchase 5/5 The game built an amazing dark ambiance and atmosphere. As someone previously said the great soundtrack and game loops and is easily playable again and again.

- Creativity at its max!

Mindblowingly good. Wish it was longer tho! But the end was awesome! LOVE IT

- Beauty

I was taken by surprise with this "game" to be honest. I was expecting a silly fun little gimmick but what I got was an actually intriguing narrative. It definitely hedges on pretentious, but trust me, when you beat the game and start again with what you know, it adds another level of challenge to the app. Sometimes you die. Sometimes you don't. Highly recommended.

- To die

Awesome game 5 stars

- Wow

This isn't a game. This is friggin art.. You basically play your way from room to room, your only motivation to hear the next line of dialogue. It's like playing a poem. A dark poem. Where you use your own corpses to complete the levels. The soundtrack is amazing as well. Only one track but it loops and it's so good that it doesn't matter. Atmosphere-10/10 Controls-9/10 Replay value-9.5/10 The game loops after you "beat" it, but chances are you haven't memorized every level so playing it again around 30 min later is just as rewarding.

- Awesome

A meta game, a game about playing game. It challenges you, tricks you, and inspires you.

- "You little cheater"

A game that challenges your skills to jump as a box and use your death as a bridge to the next area. And to the developer, i didnt cheat because i stacked boxes together :)

- This isn't a fun game...

...this is what happens when a child rapist learns how to code in C#

- Great

Has anyone completed it? My record deaths is four. Also worth getting! By the way to complete the game you need to not die!

- Very cool

This is an incredibly addictive game. A game that makes you think but I particularly like how you can reset each level as you go. I also really dig the groovy music in the background. The aesthetic design of the game is also effective and compliments the actual game itself. Well done

- Great game

Probably the best game I've seen for ios. Really unique and creative. I would recommend it to everyone.

- Best game ever

Defiantly recommend this game with out a doubt this is the best game I have ever played, with so much to explore and so many secrets to the game.

- New interpretation!

Good game. Make sure you play with the sound on! If you pay the $9,999 you unlock the difficult hidden levels.

- Incredible

Has a very interesting message to it regarding video games in general. Perfect, smooth gameplay. Interesting twist at the end of the game. Note: when the game asks you to "pay $9,999" and there's no choice, it doesn't actually make you pay. Just tap yes and continue with the game, you'll know what I mean when you play it.

- A 20 minute Wonder

Absolutely brilliant game with well made, solid mechanics. Got way more than I paid for on this one, which being free is a crime! Play with an open mind, and you won't be disappointed.

- Download it now.

Not even kidding. Get it before somebody forces the developer to charge for it, because they feel bad he is giving such a great game out for free. Great, 10/10 would die again.

- Fun strategy game.

I think it is an interesting game, it makes you think about strategy and goals. Nice that you can die numerous times without penalties. And you don't pay the $9999 lol.

- Unique and interesting game

You don't have to pay $9,999. You just say yes and complete the level using the pop-up as a platform.


the game asks for you to pay $9,999 at the seventh level to get 8. This is not a good thing for people who want to play the hole game. When told to pay it gives no answer for rejecting it with two yes answers. The only way to not pay is to exit whole app

- Is Good

This game is amazing

- Wow!

You have surprised me, the new chapter really pushed me and my friend to get the hidden levels finished and find it. Finished it, but dude, that was epic!! Can't wait for more :)

- Great game

Well worth playing through, even if you think it's too hard!

- Flawless

Sometimes you die takes an ingenious mechanic and matches it with an inventive, meta narrative. Controls are tight and the whole things revels in subverting your expectations. The end result is like a cross between VVVVVV, Kyle Pulver's depict1 and a René Magritte painting. Highly recommended!

- Excellent!

This is such an excellent little game! A little creepy but in a good way. It provokes the player to think before acting, especially after you've played it through once. The hidden levels were also very good, and well hidden XD The simple art style helps to keep the focus on the point (if there is one 0.0) and the music is going to be stuck on my brain for a while. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight, not that it was scary it was just creepy >.< I don't normally give 5 stars to things because there's always room for improvement but in this case I can't see any room for improvement, the games creator/s should be very proud ^.^

- Fantastic Game

This is not your average game… The controls are great, you get a good sense of realistic physics as you guide the little cube around the levels. It’s also an interesting concept to die and leave blocks in the level as you advance. But this game turned out nothing like what I expected! Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that there are a couple of big twists, and I haven’t finished it yet… who knows what other surprises I’ll face. Definitely recommended for anyone who’s even a bit curious. It’s worth it just to see what will happen as the game progresses.

- Clever, thought provoking

This game is both challenging and easy. Enjoy the mind meddling banter as you make your way through a series of levels that will make you question everything you love about gaming. Genius. Must play for any gamer.

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- More like this

Theme of psychology of gaming is raised in this game. Which there were more like this game.

- So unique and everything is amazing

The creativity and everything is just amazing. Such a well done game this deserves some sort of award

- Amaxing

The game is interesting + fun. I have no problem with controlling it. But for the last lvl i dont quiet get it?

- Meh

Artificial lengtheners and artificial difficulty.

- 3 step program

Step 1: Die Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit

- Definetly deserves 5 Star...

It feels like you are having a satisfaction that a few game can give 😁 Music is also a plus

- Wow

I honestly lobed every second of this game. The music, the art, the design, the idea, the twists, the tricks, it is all perfect. I would love to see more content like this game. *spoiler ahead* Though, (unless I haven't found it) an in game map of the orange levels would be really cool. The ending was definitely good and I love what was done for the prologue ending. Hope to see more games from you that are as intriguing as this, or even further extending this one.

- Cool Game

This is one of the best games i have played

- Amazing

This game is absolutely amazing. I won't spoil it, but the twist at the end literally gave me goose bumps. This game had me thinking so hard the entire time. I do admit. The game is not easy. I actually yelled into a pillow at one point. But the game kept me coming back. Love it. Will recommend to all my friends.

- Amusingggggg!

Especially PURCHASE! I don't play this game cause: 1. The game soon began to repeat; 2. Flip. But it's still new and original. Just give the developers a big hug! ;) Thank you for your good ideas!!!

- Awesome game

Great game; simple, yet complex.

- Short but entertaining.

This game, although it has very simple mechanics, still manages to challenge the player especially if you wish to find the secret "orange" and prologue level and beat them. After the prologue level the creator begins a commentary on the creation of the game as you replay it from the beginning and he reveals some other secrets that you may not have already found. Finding all the hidden elements in the game definitely add to the value of your experience and I would encourage that do attempt to find them.

- Innovative and clever!

I usually do not play these types of games but I am glad I played this one. Very cool.

- Highly immersive

This is my new favorite game!!! I absolutely love it!!!! Can't stop playing!!!!!

- Dark twist

Killer game, then at the end, you get a twist, highly recommended.

- Can't play it

The game is too zoomed in my screen

- Like it

I thought it will be boring but I was wrong

- Phenomenal!

Simply amazing! A true pleasure to play.

- Love This Game!

This is a very challenging and thought provoking game. Absolutely worth the purchase!

- Delightfully dark

I love games that are just different. This is one of those games. Like Limbo before it the innovative game play and style is a breath of fresh air. The feel is delightful dark and creepy. The soundtrack is hypnotic and blends perfectly with the overall character of the game. If you're looking for a game that you can pick up, jump right in and find yourself intrigued, this is it.

- Fun, inventive, difficult

Great game, amazingly simple and well executed concept. Perfect.

- 2 wasted.

I like puzzle games. And I like stories that play with reality. So on the strength of other reviews, I went for this, expecting a combination of the two. What I got was an unattractive platformer, wrapped in BS that wouldn't pass muster in Phil 101. Deleting it now. Next time I get this kind of urge I'll just buy a large bottle of soda and pour it out in the street.

- Waste of time

This game is so simple it's boring.

- Very dark and evil

Would not recommend at all. The music, the wording, subliminally being spoken over and over, works its way into your mind and thoughts. Did not feel comfortable at all listening to it. The game play is pretty boring as well. Not that Tactical.

- Breathtaking and morbid

This game is amazing! Such a good puzzle game, with a philosophical side when you start playing over again! And for all those people who thought that there is a $9,999 in-app purchase, they're idiots! It's all just a mind game! Definitely worth the 2 bucks!

- A surprising success.

This is, by far, one of the best purchases I have made in a very long time. Not only does this game hit every aspect of a successful game, it goes even deeper. This game takes a game that seems completely ordinary on surface level and then adds a layer of psychology and wit. I don't want to give anything away. All I can say is that you should buy this game, play it all the way through, and play it again.

- Delightfully philosophical

Short, but philosophical, original, and at times delightful.

- Worth the money

Thought this 2d black and white platform we was going to give me an existential crisis. Definitely worth a play

- Great game

Cool style, good music, narrator breaks the 5th wall then gameplay then challenges the status quo. Best with headphones.

- Different and fun

I'm not a gamer but this game has me addicted! I love the existentialism theme and background questions...etc. very original

- Awesome game!

Thank you developers ;)

- Wow what a find

The game just oozes style. For a buck it's a no brainer. Even at two bucks you could do a whole lot worse. Listen with sound on. Don't read spoilers before playing.

- Unique and thought-provoking!

This is an absolutely brilliant and intelligent game. A fine example of how modern day games should be. Loved the way it mocked the infectious IAP business and the narration was superb. The orange level was pretty challenging. Hats-off! A must have!!

- What the new update contains:

First you need to make sure you complete all the Orange levels. This will get you the pause button. Now go to the beginning of the game and work your way to the prologue chapter. There will be a red arrow instead of a white one. Complete the prologue chapter and then you'll get a notification. DO NOT PULL DOWN! Instead read it and just flick it up. Now press the pause button and go back to level one. You'll get another notification. Keep playing normally and you'll get a notification for every level. Again. Do not pull down. Only flick up. This is the new wow factor. They did mention a new secret level I think in the Orange levels. I couldn't find it yet. Also did you know that if you jump, pause the screen in the middle of the jump and then jump again it becomes a double jump?

- Fun, with a flaw

Unique, addictive and fun. But... The meta stuff gets old quickly. Plus I've encountered a game-breaking bug in more than one spot where respawning gets you half-stuck in a wall so that you can't move. This is absurd in a game this popular. It occurs in multiple places and forces a restart of the app. Fix for 5 stars!

- Amazing app

It's a very good game is what I'll like to say and I said it :3 p.s can't find the new chapter with this update

- good game

where is the new chapter?

- Nice game!👍👍

This is a one vary creative game and I would recommend this game to other people. Keep up the good work. 😊

- Clever

I heard about this game from a podcast not too long ago and decided to give it a try. It is quite fun with the tricks and whatnot, but my favorite parts are the music (I LOVE it) and the game talking to you like a philosopher; these combined give me an erie feeling.

- Bug

Our hero stuck in the air...... ( on the roof ) when i touched the back controls so please fix it

- Worst game ever

Whole game: square moving. Writing in background. Pretty much the entire game.


The final number is 6.

- Not great

Not as clever as it seems to think it is. Too easy at times, too hard at times. Has one or two clever moments, but not enough to make it worth it. Occasionally freezes for up to 10 seconds upon death, which, being the central mechanic, shouldn't happen. The hidden mechanic, although a pretty fantastic reveal, doesn't add much (for me at least). A bit heavy handed in the message. I don't feel it was worth it, which is a shame because the developer's other games are great.

- Developer.

You inspire me.

- Great platforming

Awesome game!

- Must Play!

This is one of the best games i ever played on iOS

- Amazing game but were is the end

I love this game but when i got to the end theres just a room then it gives you a pause button to star over? But i still like the game.and the title fits perfectly

- Amazing

Has to be played through.

- Terrific game

I love this game so much and have a lot of fun playing it but I still can't figure out how to make it through the room that is "impossible" unless it actually is and I was just curious if you are able to make it through to the next room

- Love the new puzzles

I have to say that the new chapter had me so confused, and I still think I missed a lot but it was an awesome update and i wish there would be a second one-i would definitely pay for a sequel.

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- Boring

What on earth is the fuss about? I think you should ask reviewers to provide their ages.

- Very clever

I don’t often write reviews but this guy deserves some praise. A very clever platform/puzzle game. Simple at 1st, but gets increasingly tricky/clever/thought provoking on further play throughs. Some have commented on the simplistic art in the app, but I think they’re missing the point. The game even comments on ‘the point of pushing pixels’. I think the art/sound/commentary/level design are all spot on. Easily worth the £2 entry fee, this game is one of my all time best iOS apps.

- Creepy

This game gives me the creeps - I love it, at least until the flashing made me ill :-(

- Great game

First of all thank you Dec as it was a great game and I enjoyed it. The only reason why I only rated it 4 stars was because it was a tad short. However I would still say that it is worth it, highly recommend.

- btw i smart, i found it :)

bye bye | | | | | | | \/ pull down to see comment

- Incredible!

This may well be the best ios game I've ever played. it just keeps on giving. The developer took the typical game genre and he flipped it. It's brilliant. 5*

- Actually A Good Game 👍

I didn't expect anything going into this game. Caught me off guard. The concept is good, really liked it. Execution could Have been better and I don't have a problem with the art direction but the environment feels a little dull. The game itself feels like it had so much potential, but ran out of ideas or had no time to implement it. But all in all I liked the game. I'd recommend this game to anyone who's a fan of this genre. You're gonna like it. Support the dev, seems they have potential.

- Extremely Good

No word of a lie. Finish the game once & you're treated to something special. Finish it twice &... Well, I'll let you find out. Very clever game, with very clever mechanics.

- Good, but really short

Also, one bit in section 7 is impossible. You physically cant get past it.

- £9999 is in game joke..... Morons!!!

This game is a perfect example of originality, not in the game itself but everything surrounding it that makes you feel a certain way. I loved every minute Phillip your a genius, I got okay? After loving this so much.

- Terrible!

It asked me to pay £9999 to play an extra level!

- Incredible

I love this game so much

- Great

Enjoyable little game quite short but odd concept

- Just ok

Looks good. Very simple. Short game. Puzzles could be better. Good music

- Smart but boring

Some nice ideas in this title but ultimately pretty dry. Not enjoyable enough as a game, nor thought provoking enough as a concept. ...and that music really starts to grate by the 5th chapter

- How can I turn the music off?

I cannot seem to turn the repetitive music off? It's driving me a little crazy

- Not sure what all the fuss is about..

Very basic platformer that pretends to be cleverer than it really is, but unfortunately, is just quite boring to play. I laboured on after reading some glowing reviews, but the 'magic' never materialised for me, just a couple of gameplay gimmicks and colour changes that did nothing to alleviate the tedium. Mayhap's I'm missing something, but in the absence of Descartes own recommendation, I'd think I'd rather spend my time actually enjoying my games.

- Awesome

Great little game, don't get scared over the £9,999 IAP, it's not real! Lol the game is trying to mess with you towards the end. awesome sinister vibe, easy gameplay, an example or how a simple idea can be Very cool!

- Genius

This is a brilliant game. If games could hang in the Tate Modern, this would get my vote. One part witty commentary on games in general (with some specific digs), one part great game and then, one part genius as you think you've completed the game only to find a whole new set of levels (coloured orange) that, so far, are unbeatable.

- Fun, Portal-esque tone

I had a blast playing this - the atmosphere and tone are perfect, and the game physics are dead on. Also ignore the person who said there's a scam in the game. They've no sense of humour it seems - it's a 'joke' IAP box. Panic over.

- Creative, brilliant, fun (and definitely not a scam!)

This game might seem simple, but it's got lots of layers. The more you play, the more complex it is. The soundtrack is great too. Really helps set the mood and tone of the game (dark, menacing, a bit sinister). I'm still laughing at the earlier reviewer who thought if was a scam (don't worry - it isn't!) when the game taunts you with the reality of what other developers do with their games. Just play it. It's seriously good.

- Solid little puzzle platformer

Very enjoyable, if a little short. Also ignore the guy that said the game was asking for money, he clearly missed the point of that little exercise.

- Original yes, but more importantly

It's a beautifully executed, fully realised gem of a game. Must buy, more please!

- Warning!!!! Scam in game

The game it's great until u get to 1 level and a IAP box came up asking me to unlock the rest of the game for £9,999, and both buttons say yes, so I immediately closed the game and deleted it. Be warned!!!!

- A good idea, but poorly utilised

I don't buy many games on the App Store these days but I just couldn't resist this. It seemed like such a great, imaginative and twisted take on of my favourite genres. The controls are great (most of the time anyway) and I really like the minimal graphics. The problem is it's very short and very easy. It takes about half an hour to finish and I couldn't find any motivation to play through it again. There seems have been more time spent trying (and failing) to be profound and insightful into the nature of video games and why we play them than there was to make a good game.

- Surprising

Got bored in the first few minutes but couldn't stop. Kept playing for about half an hour and seemed to have completed it. Then I wanted to do it again with fewer deaths. Then again. Then again. Then I found a secret place which took me to some orange world that I'm stuck on. Then my battery ran out. It's a simple addictive puzzle platformer using a good idea and the constant feeling I'm being messed kept me playing. Recommend. Edit: Completed the game in an hour or so. At least I think I did. Credits appeared anyway.

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@loves_Blackness: Welcome to being 35+.. Even with the slightest unease you feel like you're gonna die... And what more, sometimes you a…

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Sometimes You Die 1.32 Screenshots & Images

Sometimes You Die iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sometimes You Die iphone images
Sometimes You Die iphone images
Sometimes You Die iphone images
Sometimes You Die ipad images
Sometimes You Die ipad images
Sometimes You Die ipad images
Sometimes You Die Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Sometimes You Die Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Sometimes You Die (Version 1.32) Install & Download

The applications Sometimes You Die was published in the category Games on 2014-03-27 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This application file size is 27.48 MB. Sometimes You Die - Games posted on 2018-05-18 current version is 1.32 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Sometimes You Die Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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