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Can you g_ess what’s missing?

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125 handcrafted pixel puzzles.

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+ small improvements

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- I love this Game but too short

I liked playing this game but it was too short. It was easy for me at the beginning but then it got a little harder and that’s what makes it fun it’s hard to beat. I beat this game like 10 time but then got bored because there was no more levels that I could have beat. I hope the next update comes soon

- Amazing!

While some levels were overly difficult, I enjoyed the diversity of difficulty amongst different sections! However, the game ended far too soon. Hopefully there'll be updates in the future!

- Work on UI

In my opinion, it would be a much better experience if there was ANY sort of way to navigate through the levels. I feel like there may be some that I skipped because I didn’t know what to do at first and was randomly tapping around, but I have know way of knowing. Also the ads are really annoying, though if you have a faster phone you can avoid them by completely closing the game and reopening it.

- Simple but difficult

This game is great for the type of people that like a steady, good challenge.

- First time writing a review

Fun game but the devs are sly a**es. The have like 3 puzzles in a row that are simple enough then they throw in 2-3 stupid hard ones with little to no semblance to what its supposed to be. The purpose of these are to make you watch ads to get hints. If it wasnt such a consistent pattern and less stupid hard levels, the game would be much better.

- Not enough levels

Kinda fun, kinda raging really no point bc u can get the unlimited hints for free which is a good thing but it makes the game go really quick. You could probably finish the game 10 times a day. I would re-download if they added more levels.

- So cute!

What cute art!

- Garbage

It started out fun. But as you got further in you in all cases can for the most part tell what the things are but you have to get insanely lucked to be able to put the pieces in the right spot even if you know what the stupid object is!

- First Review!

Ha i got here first you cannot compete i am the best and this comment is complete.

- Inconsistent puzzles

2 stars simply for uniqueness. If a game like this exists and this developer copied, lucky for them, I haven’t found it yet. The puzzles in this game jump around from way to easy to completely impossible. I used about 30 hints on the “rain” picture. Way too much room for interpretation in relation to how little instruction is given. These squares of colors tend to make up shapes that are quite similar to other shapes and without any context... good luck! Many times I’d do a puzzle that was completely broken and say “ok” one more until the sheer lack of continuity between the pictures became too much for me to handle. I played this game for probably 2 hours total and it got progressively more difficult, but in the worst way. I like the idea that this game presents. The ad structure along with the impossible puzzles is a shameless cash grab. Looking forward to someone doing this game well and causing this app sinking into the dark abyss of forgotten games where it can no longer hurt people.

- Not very clear

This game was pretty bad. The puzzles are inconsistent and difficult to picture. You are basically just tapping the screen until you can find the right answer. I had seen a lot of bad reviews before installing, and just somehow thought that the actual game would be different, but nope.

- Kinda pointless

There's no puzzle here, it's basically just fill in some random area and hope you guessed right or fill in the obvious holes in whatever picture you're on. Each "puzzle" is either incredible easy or you have to be lucky to fill in the correct area.

- Your ads are unbearable

The game has ads everywhere and one specifically has no button to escape, not even after the ad "finishes". It is a FFXV ad which requires you to actually "play it" to "skip". But it is never skipped, not even after opening the App Store WITHOUT any action from me. 1/5 without thinking twice. Way too greedy. The gameplay has many bad puzzles, as you'll see in the analytics. These levels are there obviously to make player spend their "jokers", but in a very obvious and intrusive way.

- Weird but unique in its own way

Pixel pictures, you have to figure out what the picture is supposed to be. Nothing to it, kind of boring. Not my favorite.

- Eh

Too much room for interpretation, this game is either really obvious or you have to guess and hope it’s right(or use clues). Also deleted it right when I saw a 30 second ad. I don’t have that much patience especially with a game that isn’t that interesting.

- Cute

I can't figure out how to turn off the music and sounds and it's driving me crazy. Other than that it's a cute game.

- Incredibly infuriating game

Cool idea, but basically a glorified excuse to show you ads. When you’re stumped, there is no logical method to figuring these puzzles out besides guessing or watching ads. The pixel drawings are incredibly abstract and arbitrary forms of the things they are describing. Annoying.

- Really cool

I suggest this game for its uniqueness and difficulty! It is really cool

- So easy

The levels are just absurdly easy. More difficulty, variety, and actual puzzles that don’t only require guesswork would b e appreciated.

- Very Bad Game.

Good idea but very poorly executed. You have to basically guess what should go where because the game gives you no hint of what the object should be.

- Love the concept

I adore the simplicity of the game design and the graphical style, and the puzzles are usually fun to think through. Sometimes the puzzles do seem difficult or downright baffling, but I've noticed many of them have a clear logic to how the missing pieces are supposed to be placed, and I like to think the ones that don't are ones where I failed to pick up on the logic... but who knows. Example (spoiler warning!) one of the puzzles was a dog, a very already complete-looking dog. I found that my color that round was red. I thought that maybe the dog needed a collar, but I couldn't get that to work. One hint later, it turned out I was supposed to give the dog a tongue 👅. On the one hand, there's no rule saying a dog must have its tongue out, but it is pretty common, and there's no rule saying a dog has to have a collar either. The tongue was simply a reasonably common red thing you might see on a dog that I didn't think of in that moment. Hardly unfair, maybe obscure, but not unfair. I like that the hint system is fairly generous. When I'm stumped, the first hint is usually enough to get me through a puzzle, though it occasionally takes more. But I'm okay with that. The game offers unlimited hints and no ads for $0.99, which is about the furthest thing from a cash grab you'll ever see on the App Store. Compare that to Wordbrain, which charges $0.99 for ten hints and doesn't let you directly choose which word to use your hints on (you have to go in linear order), and may award as little as one-fifth of a hint in exchange for an ad view, and doesn't offer unlimited hints for any price.

- Most boring game ever

I regret downloading this to be honest. If there was a 0.5 star option or anything below 1 star I would rate it that.


Purchased the no ads thing, still have to watch ads to get a hint. Not fair. 😓

- 👌


- Ads... nope

My experience: 1. Download 2. Oh this is kind of quirky and fun 3. Bam! Full screen ad right in your face! No warning! 4. Immediately close and delete app

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- Good but not great.

As much as I love the artstyle and puzzling concept of the game, there are sometimes where you know what the object is, but you’re having a tough time trying to match exactly what the game wants you to draw. Took me several attempts to perfectly capture their image of a banana’s stem. Plus, that’s not even what the moon looks like. My only other complain otherwise is the lack of options such as disabling sound or selecting levels.

- Very good but hard

It is GREAT but pretty hard so I recommend 8+ for this game. But I am definitely not saying don’t get it. Also if you’re not 8+ you can still get this game but it’ll be hard at some bits. GREAT GAME!

- Reply

Hey Grrrgrrrgrrr, If you don't want to see the ads try putting your device on airplane mode. Hope it works! 😁 Nat3129

- Deleted this after 2 minutes

Game wasn't half-bad, would even call it fun. Unfortunately though, forced video ads will always earn an instant uninstall for me.

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- I love it

It’s really fun to play! Please add more puzzles though, I finished them in two days

- Ad platform

Just another ad platform. Apple how can u feature, like, editor pick, or top chart all these blatant ad platforms. Are u really this hard up for cash?

- Mediocre

I'm not sure why this game is 12+ Felt like I was playing a game for toddlers. The first couple puzzles were so easy, I was actually embarrassed that I even downloaded this. Some of the puzzles are so bad, a toddler couldn't even guess what it's supposed to be. Very disappointed.

- P.O.S.

This game has a good concept but after the first couple levels it’s just a guessing game because the drawings are awful and the hint is one or two blocks which isn’t enough

- Ads Galore To Win

This game is nice in theory and is visually appealing but sometimes the picture you’re given to fill in the extra spaces are nothing like what you’d expect them to be (the croissant for example) whilst others are impossible to finish without a hint (fill in the fire on a comet). If you end up using up your hints as well you’ll find yourself sitting in front of 20 ads just to get the solution because you don’t know exactly where the fire goes and what they had in mind. End result, if you like watching ads, get this game. If you’re like other people and you actually like quality content, don’t get this game.

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The applications cmplt was published in the category Games on 2017-10-10 and was developed by Philipp Stollenmayer [Developer ID: 580506869]. This application file size is 68.65 MB. cmplt - Games app posted on 2018-05-24 current version is 1.21 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.kamibox.complete

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