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So Flipping fun!

Have fun playing solo mode or racing others! Fly through space at high speed, but make sure to land that flip. Switch between sports cars, hoverboards, trucks, people, and so much more!

Go fast, jump high, and FLIP to earn coins and upgrade your stats!

Flip Rush! App Description & Overview

The applications Flip Rush! was published in the category Games on 2018-08-20 and was developed by Lion Studios. The file size is 259.01 MB. The current version is 1.0.9 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes & optimizations
- New fun packages

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Flip Rush  ALICORNLOL  5 star

OMG So much fun!!!!!!!!🎉🎉

girly singer 100

Mikesike this is how you change your charecter  girly singer 100  4 star

Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Click on the car icon when you get inside Flip Rush. It’s on the right side. This is a very good game but you have to have like a lot of coins. It’s kinda hard for me when I first started. For instance you have to get 10K coins for a character.😕


Thanks Ryates  dgfauw  5 star

Thanks Ryates is the time of my year


Good game  TRIPLE.DOUBLE.30  5 star


dude man guy djdjjfhfhfsjkdng

Good game  dude man guy djdjjfhfhfsjkdng  5 star

Your game is awesome I will definitely be playing a lot and you should add tournaments and get special skins from them thanks for making this game :D


Reed  Stujee  1 star

Messed up a lot

Jack Frost 420

It was kinda good  Jack Frost 420  4 star

8/10 👌👌


Noted  mikesike😎  4 star

How do you change your character


And  kk/kenyansweet  5 star

Yes it will ttjftj Yes it will ttjftjw the next season and I think I type


Wish I could play  Chelso121212112  3 star

Loved this game until I got higher in speeds and levels. I am at level 274 and have over 11000 speed and i can’t play anymore cuz I can’t get past the blue line without it glitching and not letting me continue.


Ads  ausdacity  1 star

You pretty much just downloaded ads


Don’t waste your time!  cols1887  1 star

This app is flooded with ads, if you play this game you will be forced to watch ads every 30 seconds — pathetic that the developers are soo greedy for adbom rewards forcing to watch videos every 20/30 seconds


AMAZING!!!!  SheDrivesZ  5 star

I rarely write reviews but this one is definitely worth writing! Fun! Fun! Fun! Repetitively addicting! I love the fact that you can level up quickly with NO ADS! I hope it’s not a glitch that I’m not experiencing them. It makes the game one in a million! Ill even purchased the game just because they don’t brainwash you with ads:))


A little misleading.  kbeck90  2 star

Online play is not real nor is the speed upgrade.

Rainy day rainy foo rainy aaaa

Amazing game! But some problems.  Rainy day rainy foo rainy aaaa  4 star

I’m addicted to this game. It’s so much fun! But there are two problems that bother me and that I need to address. 1.) This game can be laggy. Let’s say you were in the middle of your gain and maintaining a lot of coins and doing many flips. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it gets very laggy at this point. 2.) A glitch that deleted most of my progress. I was playing this game yesterday but I woke up the next morning and was bored so I decided to play it. MOST of my progress was gone. I had bought a new avatar but it put with an old one I had purchased the day before. I was 10 levels behind from where I was before. It was very very strange. Please address fix these two problems if duable.


So frustrating.  kgirlroblox  4 star

Would be fun if it flipped when you pressed the screen, but it doesn’t. No matter how hard you press it just sits as if you hadn’t done it. Then a few seconds later after practically the whole race passed you, then it’ll let you flip. Very annoying.


Seems  sj19865  5 star

Cool are these computers or actual people

brand new whip got no keys

Horrible changes!  brand new whip got no keys  1 star

I went back today to play it, and the update screwed the whole game up!

Mama jugalette

USED to be fun  Mama jugalette  1 star

New update messed everything up. No longer allowed to do a single player mode, the game has turned into a multiplayer race which has no added value and took away purpose to ever increase your max speed (because you’re matched with players that have your speed) or fuel capacity (because the race is over well before your fuel is depleted). The track is now MUCH shorter and there’s a part of the track which launches you far in the air and the bottom of the drop is hidden by a forced banner on your screen (unless you pay real money to remove it) so its a toss up weather or not you’ll crash when you land. The game was good and is now garbage. Uninstalling immediately. Don’t waist your time.


BEWARE: Major changes not disclosed  Wooooooooooooooo0  1 star

App Store update notes section contains just one word ("Optimizations") but this update brings major changes, turning a single-player game into a multiplayer game. Sketchy. Nonsense. Not cool.


AWESOME  1584846733  5 star

Great just add more cars please!!

i like trains200000

Car rush  i like trains200000  4 star

Very fun game

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