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Icing on the Cake [Games] App Description & Overview

From the makers of I Peel Good, Icing on the Cake is your next obsession. Put your cake decorating skills to the test! Relax and channel your inner baker in Icing on the Cake. So many fun pastries for you to rotate, pipe, decorate and smooth out? Can you make the perfect cake? Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss a spot... Will you be the first one to finish them all?

Color and decorate the perfect wedding cake or birthday cake. The tasty end results will leave you feeling hungry for more! Any time is cake time.

Game Features:

1. Zen Out
Ice ice baby! Take your time and relax and create the perfect cake

2. Smooth Smooth Icing
The most realistic food simulation game there is. The realistic cakes will leave you hungry.

3. Bake ALL the cakes
Endless amount of cakes for you to ice and smooth. Can you put the icing on all of the cakes?

4. Feel the smooth
Play, relax, and feel satisfied with every cake you ice. Feel the realistic sensation of icing and spreading.

Whether you like icing, like smoothing or just want to spin and color, Icing on the Cake will take you there. This is the best and most zen cake simulation game there is. Good luck putting Icing on the Cake down!

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Icing on the Cake Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+Bug fixes

Icing on the Cake Comments & Reviews

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- Umm.. well...

Ok so, this game is really mouthwatering, seriously, but there is an extreme bug plus an ad problem. The bug is that when you put you finger on a certain place on the cake, it places the icing above where you have your finger, so that you have to put you finger below where you want the icing. This is extremely annoying, and I never get a 100, because I can never guess the right place to put my finger. Now, the ad problem. Almost after every level, there is an ad. Now I don’t usually complain of ads, but this is just ridiculous. You need to make a supreme, or something, but the ads are super annoying. Remember that I could always delete the game and so could anyone else. Chill on the ads, like make an ad every five or six levels or something, but the ads are unnecessary. You could make like colorful smoothers or something. Just an idea, but you need to seriously lower the ads. Other than that I really like the app, but I avoid it mostly just because of the bug and the ad problem I mentioned here. Thx.

- Fun but really annoying things happen!!!!!!!

To start oof this game is really fun! I like how your able to adjust the speed of the cake. And it gives you a 2 second start before the icing goes on the cake the perfect amount of time to put your icing on the right place. That’s all the good things about this game. The bad things, are is when you start finishing putting icing on the top it immediately goes the the smoother with is soooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!!!! The other thing is that is mixes colors that wasn’t even near or touched together. For example, when you smoothing it out for some reason the color that was at the top happens to be mixed with the color on the bottom. Witch doesn’t make any sense when I tested it by, having a space in the middle between them, when I smoothed it out some reason it got mixed together. Another reason is, you could never get a 100 unless ur just smoothing the cake! But it’s so annoying when you take your time on putting icing smoothing it out let me tell you....... YOU WON’T GET A 100!!!!!! I’ve been reading these comments and it looks like these people are to lazy to read these comment and fix these problems? Well they ever fix it? Probably not. This game should be rated 2 stars to be honest. If it improved these problems I would change my rating but for now it’s still saying the same. Sorry that’s on you for not reading people’s comments and fixing these problems.

- It’s Okay.

This game is okay, but there are a few problems that annoy me a lot. The first one is that the game thinks IT knows when you’re done, it will automatically switch to the smoother. It’s annoys the hell out of me because I wasn’t done. Just because the app think I’m done, doesn’t mean I am. The second problem goes with the first one. Once the game assumes I’m done, I’ll start smoothing. It’s annoying, but what’s worse is that it will substitute the area that wasn’t iced with a completely different color. For example: If I’m trying to ice the bottom with a neon pink, it’ll be fine. But once I get to the top of the cake (the last part I have to do, which is when the game cuts me off) icing it with green, the smoother comes out and then I get pink in the spots where the game made me miss! I get a low percent because the colors are getting substituted with a completely different color! Another problem is that you give me a picture to copy, but how am I supposed to copy the picture you’re if the lines in the picture are perfect, while you cut me off icing, out different colors, and then blend the lines together? I’m trying to get perfect lines like the picture you’re shows, but when you blend the colors together, it’s impossible. This game needs an update fixing these problems because they’re annoying as hell and I’m tired of dealing with them.

- amazing app, :D small errors :(

honestly, I love this game. I find it really satisfying, actually. but there are small, frustrating things that I really don’t like and I don’t find satisfying at all. so basically, let me talk about this first. I was reading the reviews and so a lot of people were explaining how when you put the icing on the cake it doesn’t place on the right spot. I don’t have a problem with it because there is a circle and I’m pretty sure that actually tells you where exactly to start icing the cake, so that isn’t a problem at all for me. but the frustrating thing about this app is that when I’m icing the cake I’m usually not done yet, it’s as if I’m being timed to put down all the frosting because it automatically takes me into the smoothing part after I’m not even halfway done icing my cake. and it’s the same thing with the smoothing, I’m not nearly finished smoothing all of the cake. it just bothers me so much even when there is just the tiniest bit of frosting not smoothed out onto the cake. it also affects my percentages and overall how my cake turns out. so I ask that you would please, please try to fix this. I would greatly appreciate it. but other than that I think the app is amazing so keep going! <3

- Not terrible but repetitive

Ok, I will say that this game isn’t all that bad. It’s a good time passer. It could have a better design but the graphics are ok. The adds are kind of annoying but it doesn’t interrupt in the middle of the game, they just pop up after you complete a level which does bother be a little bit but it’s not the worst thing ever. There is an option to pay for no adds, which I never purchased, but they don’t pester you do buy it which is nice. About the playing, this game is very fun! It’s a bit challenging but it’s fun to play. I had been playing it for a while and I had started noticing it was the same 100 levels. Even though it was saying that I was on level 129, I know I had seen that exact level before. It just repeats the same levels even when it says your past level 100. That’s a bit disappointing. Think about it. You’re getting into harder levels up in the 90’s but then once you get past 100, the levels are a piece of cake (no pun intended). That’s because it just resets it back to level 1 when it says you’re on level 101. It’s a bit annoying, considering that the higher you get you wish to be challenged more. Overall, not a bad little game, great for passing time. Just a bit disappointed with it.

- Fun, But Needs Some Work!

I love the concept of this game. It’s easy and entertaining. The things I find frustrating about it is when you smooth out the cake the colors end up in places they shouldn’t be anywhere near. The controls are difficult when you’re trying to figure out how to put the icing on top of the cake and it ends up going everywhere. The timing for when you move to another section on the cake is bad. It renders weird when you go from the top section to the bottom. Your icing ends up getting messed up because you can’t control the bag of icing at all. I also think there could be different speeds the cake turns at so you can get used to the controls. The background colors are bland as well. I’d also like to mention I got 100 levels in before I turned the sound on and it was absolutely horrific. It’s like if you had a phobia of icing cake that’s what would play in your head. Should have some silly girly baking music for sure! I’m sure this game is still in the works and I hope some of my feedback will. Help. There should be special or hard levels to unlock different spatulas or icing colors. The game should be individualized. Would buy a full version if it were more fun and did not involve micro transactions.

- Not what I was expecting

Please read this before downloading this game. My review will be straight to the point, this is not what the ads I have seen show. When I got the app I was expecting a fun cake decorating game where you make different kind of cakes following a template, frost and decorate them. This is not really what I got. It’s a game where you see a boring simple cake with only frosting and do that. When you open the app you see a fancy wedding cake with decorations and fabulous frosting. Also this game is infinite, as in it goes on forever and you don’t even get a new cake each time, cakes repeat them selves. The only customization is you decide how fast the cake rotates. After a few days of having this on my device I got bored and am probably deleting it soon. It’s not glitchy but it is kind of rigged. For example, when you are frosting your cake it stops letting you frost even if the cake is not fully iced, then fills the blank spots with a random color. So if you are planing on downloading this game looking for a game to have on your device for a few days before rage quitting this is the game for you, if you are looking for a more creative app, go somewhere else. The Anonymous truth

- Better, but still awful

My review vanished mysteriously so I decided to try playing this game to see if it has improved at all. Not that anyone actually reads these reviews anyway; the people playing and rating this game certainly aren't. To my surprise, it has. The visuals AND the controls, my two main gripes with the game, have been improved. For one, the cakes actually look like what they're suppose to. The turntable's speed can now be adjusted to be slower for precision work, or faster for quick smoothing. And the piping bag now has crosshairs and a two-second delay before it starts icing the cake, so you can get it into position before piping for extra precision. But that's where the good stuff ends. For the perfectionistic gamer, it's virtually, if not literally, impossible to get a perfect 100% on any cake that isn't pre-iced. No matter how careful I am, I can never get a score over 95%. The game's rating system could be a bit more forgiving. Also, the ads. At first, they weren't bad, but after three levels, I started getting forced video ads. The game already has banner ads and optional ads, so why are the forced video ads necessary? Overall, this game is better than it was before. However, that just means that the game is actually worthy of a one-star rating (as opposed to "zero stars if I could").

- I Really Enjoy This App!

Nice app. Satisfying, easy, and most importantly...fun! It’s a great game to play when you are board. My entire family has it, and we all really love it! There are levels, and some days, those are fun to beat. But you can also not do the levels and be creative in your own way. Since I’m a very artsy person, that is what I love most about the app. It is seriously enjoyable, and probably my most used app. If I absolutely had to file a complaint, it would be about the adds. But you all have to understand that’s how game companies make money! Every app has them. And certain apps aren’t worth those adds, I get it, but this is. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so at least try it. If you click download and don’t enjoy it, then just delete it. Personally, I would find it hard to not like this app, but to each his own. If you do like it, give it five stars and write a good review! The people who made this app deserve it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Fun but boring over time!

The main reason I was attracted to this game was because I’m a cake person/decorator. It was really fun and addicting at the beginning, but it began to be a bit monotonous as the levels got higher bc I was still doing the same thing...and when the game thinks you have iced it enough it switches tools. That’s annoying, I think you should be able to switch tools when ur ready and also be able to switch the icing tips out (shapes) and sizes. Also I didn’t like that it shows like tiered cakes and wedding cakes in the description but you never actually get to reach that until maybe level 1,000...I’m currently on level 70 and haven’t seen it. Also I don’t like that you can only see decorations added and your cakes that have already been done if you select “DECORATE 4 PERFECTION” I think you should have the option to add decorations or different designs if desired. (Whether it be through In-app purchases or by watching tons of ads; or by making the cakes worth dollars instead of stars and building up your money to get different cake designs, icing tips, and sizes.

- It’s great but....

I love the app! I had got it and never stopped playing. It’s really annoying because there is SO MANY ADDS and every time I click something there is an add. Sometimes the adds are fun because you don’t have to buy games and you can have every popular game. I would definitely play more but again TO. MANY. ADDS. Like HoW maNy TimeS CaN yUO wAtCh A mAn bE kILleD bY a BeAr?!? I got this app because it was in so many adds. Plus I was so tired of it asking for me to buy it. If you can’t help the adds than that’s fine but if you can then CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE THEM AWAY?!?! Anyway, i was reading horse girls review and I agree, you should give us time and when we want to smooth it. And you could have a 3 layer cake but still the bottom color gets mixed with the top! How is that possible? The only time I get 100% is if all I have to do is smooth it. That’s so boring.

- Way too many ads!!

Now I saw on this ad that these levels were actually challenging and the kid was ENJOYING it. A lot of people probably like this so no offense this is just my opinion. Something really annoying is the ads!! One pops up every single time you finish a level! It really started to bug me and it’s why I deleted the game, but that isn’t the only reason. The game is about decorating a cake, yeah? It looks fun in the ad but trust me, the levels (to me) are so easy! Come on! Who would want to do these easy levels when you could be playing something more challenging or difficult?! NO ONE. Or at least not me. I hope lion games sees this and if they do make the levels harder! No offense, but I know you can come up with a more original, fun and creative game! You can do better than this, and I know you can! All of your games aren’t as fun as I saw on your ads, but you can surely come with an awesome game! (Once again, no offense was meant to come of this review.) With all of this being said, all I want is a more original game from this developer. Thanks for reading if you will lion games. 😏

- Good but annoying

Ok, first off, this is a very good game and I love playing it. But it is unrealistic at times. I will be smoothing out icing, and see that I missed a spot. And in that spot is a color I didn’t even put there. If this was a real cake, the color next to the missed spot would spread into it, not a random other color that was placed on the cake. Another annoying thing about it is I am always getting two stars, even for cakes that should be three stars. And some cakes that I get three stars on, I should get two stars. But it’s always whacked up and doesn’t give a proper scoring in my opinion. One last annoying thing about it is, the levels repeat. I am on level 184, and old levels are just repeating. There is no new levels. And three times now, I’ve had the same level repeat it’s self two times in a row. So please make more NEW levels. Stop repeating old ones, because the game is getting kind of boring. Other then that I think it is a great app.

- Great, but a few problems.

I love this game! It’s fun and It entertains me when I’m bored. It also helps with anxiety. However, there are a few problems. First, when you try to click where you want your icing to go, it puts it above it. Because of this, you have to aim lower and you never really know exactly where to aim so your icing gets all over the place. Secondly, when it thinks you are done icing the cake, it automatically switches your utensils to the spatula thing for spreading. This is extremely annoying because you can’t switch back so icing ends up being mixed and colors are where they aren’t supposed to be. Lastly, colors end up being where they aren’t supposed to be! (Yes I know I repeated myself). For whatever reason, colorsI end up on the other end of the cake where I didn’t even place the color! This gets so frustrating cuz no matter what I do, the cake will never be the way the sample pic is. Other than that, the game is addictive.

- Fun, but...

I like this game. It’s very relaxing and satisfying. But it would be even more fun if you could bake the cake and then put the icing on it. I know the game is called “Icing On The Cake”, but I would be a tad bit more happy if you could follow a recipe and bake the cake. The levels are a bit repetitive, but they are fun if you can find the good out of it. And it would be awesome if you could do a battle of some sort competing against other players, and whoever finished the cake the best (or in the least amount of time), they would win and get a reward of some sort. Like coins to get new spatulas to ice their cakes with. And when you press the “undo” button, it completely resets your whole cake. So can you fix that? Also there is a little bit more ads than there should be, so please fix that as well. So developer reading this, please make these changes and I will certainly give your game a five star review. Thanks for reading and have a good one :) P.S. this game is recommended by me, because the concept and graphics are good :)

- Needs more work

To start off this game is veary fun and I am addicted to it but there are a few issues......... First of all when the game thinks you are done putting icing on the cake it switches to the smoothing part when I am not even done putting icing on the cake so then I get 89 percent in stead of 100. Second of all when the game thinks you are done with the smothing process it takes away your smoother when I am not even done smoothing it out. Third of all when you do smooth it out the game puts like this icky film or mixes the colors in so then you don’t even get to match the other cake and yet again you get 79 or 89 or 92 percent instead of 100 percent. Lastly the freakin ad problems there is an ad after every single level and when it asks you “ would you like to double the amount of coins you have by watching an ad” I push no thanks but after I freakin push no thanks I watch an ad so I mean jeez I guess I have no choice to watch an ad or not!😤😡 Other than those reasons this game is really fun and addicting but it needs more work.

- Please update the game!

I love the game, but I have many issues with it. First off, most of the time the game cuts you off. When you’re icing the cake, it switches to the smoothing tool before you can finish. Then when you’re smoothing it out, it finishes without letting you finish it. Another thing is that it is incredibly hard to get icing on top of the cake. I want to be able to control the angle myself. Also, it makes it difficult to be precise because the icing doesn’t go where you touch, it’s about a centimeter away from your finger. My last problem is that sometimes I feel like the icing is too thick to stay within the lines, I think there should be different piping tip sizes to choose from. Thank you for your time. Again, I love this game, but please update it.

- Amazing! 😀 But...

Wow! Icing on the Cake is a very improving,sastisfying game. But while I had been playing throughout the months I’ve been through a few problems. One of them is the smoothing part. Every time I smooth out my cake the top frosting part randomly goes in the middle,bottom or the high part. (Before top) And another thing that happens if I have a thick amount of frosting to not blend into anything that high part and top/surface still blends in together that’s why I never get an 100. Next is the comparing. Every time my frosting would look like a 97% or 96% it brings me to like 90% or 88%,89%. I would like if the comparing would have more work put into it. Another is the ads I noticed that on the bottom when you finish it says “ NO ADS “ but seriously after every level there’s an ad and I got a problem with the ads. Every time I press the X to exit the ad it will keep bringing me to the App Store. Then after a few clicks on the X it finally exits out. Please let the ad owners know to fix that exiting problem. Lastly I got a tiny problem. Sometimes when I use my ice cream it just transforms into dots then a nice big chunk of frosting. Just fix that a bit. I know this comment might be all the way on the bottom from the others but this is some advice. And besides all of that this app is amazing. Make sure to get “ Icing on the cake “ today!

- IcingOnTheCake Game Reveiw

I think that this game is very satisfying but it has a LOT of adds, I’m talking every time you play a level, as soon as your done, you get an add. Also, it is laggy and you can’t see what you’re doing while playing the game. It also has no instructions what so ever. It says that you have a photo album for the cakes that YOU make but it doesn’t give you the opportunity or option to make your own cakes meaning that you can’t have any photos in the album. All you do on the game is copy other cake designs and smooth out frosting. I also think that there might be a virus in the game source because in all the examples that we are shown there is no overlapping or mixing in the color of the frosting on the cake, yet it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to not mix the colors and frosting and that lowers the score of your cake. The game is satisfying IF you enjoy smoothing icing and decorating cakes. Other that the laggyness and lack of freedom on the game it is ok. I would not recommend this game for people like me, but all people are different. This is why I give the game one star.

- Needs improvements

So, I love the idea of this game. It’s actually very relaxing. I would give it a 5 star rating but there’s 2 thing I almost hate.. and 1 I think will make the game amazing. I normally do not leave reviews, but I actually paid $2.99 to remove the ads since there was outrageously a lot. Ok so.. #1 thing I hate: The way you frost the top of the cake is 90% impossible to get it in the lines/top circle since your finger isn’t the actual placing of the icing.. you have to place your finger lower and the circle occasionally hits the cake where you want it too.. I find this extremely inconvenient and would love if the next update fixes this issue by placing the frosting circle where your finger actually lands. #2 thing I hate: The cake designs are extremely replete and quick. Essentially you are doing the same cake just a different color.. you spend no more the 10-20 seconds on a cake which can be disappointing. Now for something I think will make this gang amazing.. Add an decoration part where you choose the decoration!! I think a selection options we can choose to add on the cake would be great! Another thing that’ll be great.. a “free for all” kind of mode.. where we have a variety of colors, cake styles, and decorations and decorate the cake how ever.. maybe there can be the $2.99 option for no ads and a $4.99 option where they have no ads and the creative mode.

- Awful Controls

At first, the game seemed pleasant when I went to download it. After opening the app, I was confused right away. The first couple levels are easy and a guaranteed 100%, yet the cake that it’s supposedly matching does not look like the one you’ve iced. The icing process is less smooth and bumpy than the ideal cake. When placing the icing, it’s hard to control the tip, especially on the top. It’s very easy to put icing in an undesired position. I became frustrated to see that the colored icing from the top blended in the bottom for no reason, not making any sense. When smoothing, the spatula is incredibly hard to control, and the level completes itself when the cake isn’t fully smooth. The mechanics need a lot more improvement, as it can be practically impossible to get a 100% due to uncontrollable misplacement of the icing. Literally, where you tap your screen for the icing to go, it goes to a place farther from the desired position. I do not recommend this game to anybody who wants a calm, relaxing break. If anything, this game can be extremely frustrating.

- Decent, needs improvements

I like it it’s a fun game, it just annoys me that I can never get a 100% unless it’s just smoothing it out. And everytime, EVERYTIME, I’m in the middle of icing half my cake it decides I’m done and starts the smoothing out thingie. It annoys me soo much, I also think that we should be able to decide when we want to start smoothing, cause once I cover the whole cake it starts the smoothing process, even when I’m not ready. There should be an upgrade where you can have a decorate your own, where you can make an example that someone else can do on regular icing, and there should always be an endless mode, and the buttons, I cannot tell you how many time I pushed the no ad button thinking it was the continue button... so I’m 50/50 feel for it if there is an upgrade then I will continue and if not there will not be a good review on the app

- Super Annoying Flaws

I love this game but it has some SUPER ANNOYING flaws. First of all you cannot pick when you would like to start smoothing your cake so it randomly picks for you even if you aren’t finished icing yet. Second when you do start smoothing your cake about 85-90% of the time a random color from another part of the cake will pop up where you’re currently smoothing even though you haven’t touched that part of the cake yet so it’s literally impossible to get a 100% accurate even if you spent a good amount of time trying to get it right. Third it’s incredibly hard to frost the top of the cake especially if you’d like to start off frosting the top part of the cake and the pattern doesn’t call for you to ice to the boarder. Like please let me orient my view of the cake first before I get to ice it. Lastly it will randomly start icing SUPET choppy instead of smooth which is obviously just no fun and annoying. Aside from all of that crap.... it’s a fun game to play!

- Thanks for making!

So great game. It’s not only my go-to, but me and my sister are obsessed. Just there are a few annoying bugs. Ok so bug #1, when I put my finger on the cake, it starts putting on icing above my finger, so I have to start over. Also, whoever is reading this, hold your finger away from the cake, then bring it toward where you want it. Secondly, when there is a space that isn’t iced, it makes it the last color you used. Lastly, it makes you go to the smoother thing when you aren’t done icing, and then before you’re done with that, it finishes it before you’re actually done. And I have a suggestion: can there be a freestyle mode, where you can decorate it how you want? And, possibly, bake it, too? Thanks for reading!

- Ok but...

Ok I love this game but the thing is if you are smoothing it out then it doesn’t go where your finger is it goes above it. And another thing is that when you are still working it thinks your done and then you get a lover score. Thennnn it’s annoying when it goes up when you put icing on the top then you can’t see what you seen when you started so you just looking on the top when you need to need to look at the bottom. One more thing when you need to go over a color and then you can’t see the color but when you smooth it it shows the color. Oh and I lied one more thing, when you need to go into the middle of the top the frosting goes on the side then the middle so you have to go over it with the correct color but again, the color still shows it when you smooth the frosting out. Ok done.

- Not good

First the tip of the icing bag is way to big I always get one color we’re a other color has to be another thing is that it never give me enough time and when I do only with the spreading with a spatula it counted as 100 but when I put the icing and I spread it out but it doesn’t count as 100 but I do it really good and also I kind I don’t have control of where I put the icing bag because like I move it to one place but it go’s to another place so I don’t really recommend you to get this game anyways it’s kind of boring all you do is put icing on the cake and bring it out it’s more fun if you have to do it in real life and the thing that I hate the most is that whenever I sprayed I want to spatula and I do one color first that color spreads on to the other color and it’s really really annoying because I sprayed it out actually pretty good and it just comes out like if a baby did it and I’m not a baby so I don’t recommend you to get this game.

- Game Mechanics Are Awful

I thought I’d try this game out because I’ve been seeing ads for it in another game I play and it looked like a relaxing, easy-going game. The game mechanics are honestly garbage. The angle of the cake is really inconvenient, which makes it difficult to put the icing or spatula where you want it, and it’s different than how it’s portrayed in the ad. It’s also really difficult to align the tip of the frosting bag to the cake, causing frosting to go exactly where you didn’t want it to no matter how hard you try. After a while, it starts to feel like the game is rigged to bring your score down. Several times, the icing color from the top of the cake showed up in a little ribbon around a lower portion of the cake, when I never put that color anywhere near that area. There’s an ad after every single level and it’s obnoxious. I spent more time watching ads than playing the game in the short time I played. I’ve already deleted this game. It’s a waste of time and it is in no way relaxing.

- Calming

I love this game. It’s very peaceful for me to play it before be for some reason. The frosting does not start too fast, and you can control the spinning speed to incredibly slow or fast. The only little complaints I have is the background color being white makes it hard on my eyes. I wish there was a way to change the background color to a dark grey or black. Also stop the spatula from automatically moving into your hand can. Sometimes that makes it where you don’t quite finish, but it never lowers the score when it does so it’s such a small thing. I do really enjoy the game though. I’m hoping an update for the purchased ad free game includes adding a dark background option. It’d be cool to change your cake stand too. All in all it’s a great game. I’d recommend it to people who love to color.

- It’s hard to play but I still like it

So I only picked three stars because the game can be really aggravating because... 1. It’s super hard to put the icing on the cake and make it look good, when there is a small circle on top with another color around it you can’t put the icing in the middle perfectly because it goes on the outside ring too. 2. The ones that look the closest to the actual cake gets only in the 80’s but the ones I mess up on the most get 90’s and it makes no sense, in one level I iced the caked the first time and it looked almost exactly like the real one and I got and 83 but when I mess up on the same level I got a 90. 3. It’s almost impossible to blend it without any other color getting in it. On numerous levels there is three lines for different frosting colors, and when I put the icing in the right spot the icing on the top will mix in with the bottom icing and there’s not way to fix it or “clean” the spatula so if you could fix the blending issue that’d be great. 4. It’s fun and satisfying! Which is the only reason I like it, when you only have to blend the icing it’s super satisfying and I like it. Overall I like the game but there is a few issues that you could probably fix! Thank you for your time of reading this! Sincerely, Miley McCane

- Please

It’s a great game, but for the love of whoever you worship, put in some sort of feature to turn off the sound effects. I’m sorry, but they are low quality (which is fine, it’s not that big of a deal since it’s just sound.) But the thing I hate most is when I’m bored, I turn on my music and put on headphones, and then alternate through some apps. I usually tend to go to this app first, but as I’m listening to my music trying to relax, do you know what I hear? That awful sound effect. It’s so annoying listening to music, movie, book, whatever and I just... hear it. And I can’t turn it off because that’s not an option in the settings. Even when I’m not listening to anything, and I have my volume up, the sound just bothers me. I’d generally prefer any game that doesn’t have any sound effects/music over one that does. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I dislike the sound effect in the game especially.

- It’s a good game but...

This is a very good game and it’s very addictive My problems are when you try to put icing somewhere fat like in the middle of the top you can’t get it in the middle without leaving a mark by it so I think there should be a pointer then a bottom you push to activate the icing so it doesn’t get everywhere. My second problem is when you ice it it’s smears and colors end up in different places where I or a lot of people put it. And I feel like you should make some stuff customizable like maybe customizable background and customizable cake table and customizable tip for the icing this is a very good game so good job but don’t be surprised if there’s flaws because that’s every game

- After a few levels it repeats itself

So the game is fun at first, but it has some major bugs that will mean me delegating it. First the icing doesn’t go where you put your finger. This makes it hard to get close to getting 100%. Once you do leave where to put the finger, even if you pipe the icing perfectly it will bring colors to places you never put them once you smooth the cake out. This means it is literally impossible to get 100%. Also you can’t really see your progress, this is not so mucha bug as more of a design flaw of the game. So once you pass a level you can’t see how many starts you’ve earned on the level or go back and play the level. Having said that, cakes start to repeat after a certain level. I’m not 100% sure when this happened but I think it was around level 100. It’s a quick game so it doesn’t take a lot of playing time to get to that level.

- Good, but bad.

I downloaded this a couple days ago and ever since I’ve been pretty addicted to it but there are things to work on. For starters the cake from top layer will spread in the center of where the 2nd to 1st top layer should be. And when this happens a lot of the percentages go down. The second is I hate how you have to stop the first layer of icing RIGHT below the dotted line just so it won’t smudge this second part of the icing process this is basically the part two of the passage up top. Sorry. But this is my opinion. Like if you have seen the same. Also I peel good has different tools and updates the fruits you work with so instead of just giving us the same cakes and cake instruments please update it soon even though you have about four/three days ago. C: sorry! But no 😓

- It used to be fun before

So, I don’t really write a lot of reviews but this one caught me. I played this when it like just came out and it was great and fun and all but this year it changed so much. The thing is that there wasn’t decorations when you first do your order, and when you’re done, to get perfect ratings, you have to watch a ad. I don’t fancy that that much and it’s like every other game I play. And the ads bug me a lot. Most of these people won’t have a lot of ads but I do and it is a problem. I can’t play in peace and every time I’m done with a cake, it gives me a ad. I hope you understand how I feel, and also can you cut on that ad thing? I think people want to play with peace and a nice feeling of the game and not too less or a lot of ads, just the perfect amount. This game is good but not as good as before.

- Physics and Ads

This game is fun to play if you’re in the car without data, but it can get very bothersome. First, with the physics: • Occasionally while mixing your icing, different colors in your palette come from out of nowhere and make streaks everywhere. • The expectations are absolutely perfect, and it seems impossible to get because the colors blend—even if you place the icing perfectly on the dotted line, the colors still shift and become a complete mess. • When you try to place icing, it places in a completely different place than your finger. I’ve somewhat gotten used to it (try starting your icing beside the cake, adjusting where you want to put it then put it on) but it can still get annoying and it shouldn’t be something we have to adapt to. Second, with the ads: It seems that after every level and right before you start one, you’re given an ad. Over half the ads are the company’s other games like “I Peel Good” and it’s just plain unnecessary considering that most of us get the ads for that game everywhere we go. Please dial it down on the ads because multiple times have they crashed my game and caused me to reload. Overall, this is a great and relaxing game. I hate to rate it 3 stars but there are some pretty wack bugs.

- Good game but tiny flaws

This game is one of the best games I have ever played! There is one flaw that really bugs me. Today when I went to play this game I was sooo excited, but when I went on they said that the responder took to long to respond, and it has happened to a lot of my other friends to. They shouldn’t take long to respond at all. If they are going to make the game so people can play it and enjoy it they have to let you into the game. Also, I don’t like when they give you an ad. They do not have a lot of ads which I really like, but they sometimes put ads in the middle of when you are trying to ice a cake. They should really wait till you finish icing the cake. Other than those 2 flaws the game is perfect! ❤️❤️❤️I would love it if even more if you guys could fix it! Great game! Great work! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- If u wanna buy I suggest you read this

Um I love icing on the cake but too many ads! Like same with I peel good but I still love em both! On icing on the cake if I make something perfect too me it looks like it but when I smoothen it it has a line of a previous color I used! And also please make it easier I have OCD and it’s hard to concentrate and then it also gives u Like no percent! Once I made the cake perfectly the way it was but then it smeared and had lines of purple or blue I was so mad! But overall it’s a very fun game! And I think it’s rating should be higher like I know people who put one stars for fun plz don’t do that! ThAt iS mEaN!! But I love you icing on the cake and I hope others do Too!! ❤️ Ba Bye!

- Good game but ad problem

I absolutely am addicted to this game! It is really fun and time consuming. But there is a problem that I would like for them to fix. It is the ads. There is an add after every single game. I never complain about ads because ads are what made me get this app! But there are way to many, plus, it is like the same ad every time. Otherwise, I love this app and recommend it to you cake lovers out there! But if I knew it had that many ads, and if you had to pay for it, I would never in a million years would get this app. But you don’t have to pay for it and I did not know about the ads. If you hate ads, I recommend you get a different cake app. But I love this app otherwise and keep it up creators of this app!

- Problems

This game is distracting I guess... but here are some problems about it. First, there is is a lot of adds! After every single cake I do there is always an add, we’ll not always but most of the time I play. Second, there is a blending problem. Whenever I finish the cake I was suppose to copy and I get the blending materiel and I start to blend it always has to mix with the colors, for an example let’s say the color was pink, when I blend it, a stripe or two will appear purple or some other color on the cake. The third one is, I NEVER GET 100%!! I’m sorry for the yelling but, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS!? I mean like I try to make it perfect and put a lot of hard effort in this game who has a lot of problems, yes other games have problems! But this one has a lot of problems!! These are just my three problems I hate in this game! Btw I’m so sorry for yelling on the third problem! Please don’t get disappointed at me! But I do have to say, please fix these problems if you can. I don’t want to force you though, I can always play the game and not be mad at the problems! Thank you for reading this if you did read until this point! There are my problems.

- sad

so as many reviews have stated, they saw this ad in a game they already play. so did i and decided to try it out. perfect things, i love cake and love baking games, should be perfect right? no: would’ve been a great game if it wasn’t rigged. the first 5 levels are “easy” and set to where you get a perfect score (100%) because you’re learning how to play the game. after that if you ice a cake perfectly, you’ll automatically get an 84% or 94%. not only is it rigged, you get an ad after EACH level. every 10 levels wouldn’t bother me, hell even 6. i shouldn’t need to turn off my data / wifi to avoid ads on a game. creators shouldn’t be money hungry and pop them in every chance they get. you’re already paying others to display your game and even random people are giving you free advertisement, so why be focused on more money. y’all had potential. don’t download.

- The game

I overall love the app very calming and nice I love the sounds but there is one thing I don’t like how the thing doesn’t let me finish icing before making me smooth and I am never near done smoothing when it makes me finish it also tells me the world a rage and I always feel like I’m not good enough at the game because the world average is always way less than what I do. And it just kind of makes me a little angry when it tells me that the world average is a lot lower than mine and I feel that I did a pretty good job and I don’t like that it tells you the world average I think it should tell you that you did great or whatever but those are my only complaint so if you could fix those two things the games perfect

- Why

When is the ice on the cake not smooth it out why would you guys do that because it’s more fun to smooth it out like I like this game but I don’t like smoothing it out because why would you guys read it because what if there was a little kid and they understand the stuff that could really hurt their feelings so I think three because I’m going to you so let us icing the cake and stuff but it’s smoothing it out isn’t really fun Whenyou think about it oh I think we should stop doing the smoothing it out because it’s just not really fun I mean who would want to do that so I’m not really enjoying it and please read this because it’s just not cool it’s called icing on The cake not smooth it out so it’s not really the best so I don’t really like it anymore and I think I made a point so read this not a good game

- Hi I will be rating this game 2 stars and in this article you will find out why !

Tbh I think this game is fun but they’re are way to many adds once you but the icing on and smooth it out you hit finish and there an ADD!!!! It just makes me mad! It’s also annoying because when you put the colors not even near each other they blend in a it takes percentage away from what you would have !!! A couple more things before I go ! When the colors are completely separated from each other they still blend but I. Different spots for example I made a cake on this game and the icing on the top was pink and the icing on the bottom was white some how I smoothed it out and Pink which was on the top of the cake went all the way to the bottom of the cake and smeared!!!!! I hope this helped you and will give you a description about this app - Raven

- Cool and all but some flaws

Ok so the game is fun but once you play at least to level 92 the levels start repeating and it’s so annoying also there are soooo many ads every 1 or 2 levels there is an ad please make it like every 5 or 6 levels also you should ad this feature to design your own cake and connect with your friends to see if they can match your cake and it’s kind of boring all you do is put icing on a cake then smooth it out and you don’t win any prize except a rating of stars from a computer also you should add money when you finish your cake depending how it looks and you would build a bakery where you get money from costumers and you place your cake on a display and when you connect with your friends they can buy your cake It’s a lot but it can make the game more interesting and fun Cool game but not the best

- Fun but some suggestions

This is a very fun app but needs some work! First, whenever I ice the cake sometimes I’ll miss a spot, and the cake will fill in that spot with another color! Second, the equality. When I ice a cake I try to make it match the picture, but I always wants to give me a low number! One time I was frosting the cake and it looked exactly like the picture. But they still gave me a bad score. Then when they give you a cake that has already been frosted and you smooth it out. It will give you 100%! Third they repeat! I like games but not if they repeat stuff. Like they will give you cakes you’ve already frosted before and I just want something new! But otherwise very fun game but please fix them!🙃🙃🙃

- Is this really all it is??

So I really like this game. It’s simple enough for me to keep playing, and it’s honestly the farthest I have ever gotten on a mobile game. That being said, are we ever going to make a layered cake? And the icing DOES NOT smooth out!! AND THE MOST CONFUSING PART is that when smoothing it, icing from the top SOMEHOW gets on the bottom?! And I have absolutely no idea how to ice the squiggly lines..... I am going to keep playing cause obviously I’m obsessed, but please add more cake types and maybe even have a freestyle mode? And I don’t like how it just cuts you off and switches directly to the spatula, which makes me get less than 100%. Also, it’s impossible to get 100% on anything you ice yourself.... please fix these things 😫

- Things why you should and shouldn't play this

Ok so this game is really really relaxing and fun, but there are a few problems. One is the ads. Literally after every level there is an ad. Sometimes, when I'm starting a level it has an ad! This is extremely frustrating and annoying so that's one of the shouldn'ts. Another is the aftermath of frosting the cake. First off, the icing never goes where is should and when you smooth it; it gets more annoying. There is always some itty bitty mistake or the icing somehow mixes. Basically, I think it's rigged so that you can't win. I always get a ninety-six! But, like I said, it's a great game that's very calming; because if you are frustrated, just spray icing all over and redo the level! Anyway, I hope you want to get this, sooo, bye!

- Could be way better

I honestly agree with a lot of these other ratings. One thing is that the game automatically switches to smoothing when I’m not even done with my icing. It’s really annoying because it makes the cake look bad when it could have been way better. Same thing with smoothing. It stops you before you finish and it can get a bit frustrating. You should be able to switch back and forth between icing and smoothing, or at least be able to choose yourself when your ready to smooth and when you wanna stop. It’s also hard to control the icing and it usually gets everywhere. Sometimes, colors end up places that are no where near where they are supposed to be. I think this game has a lot of potential, if these issues get fixed then I would really love the game.

- Could be a really great game, but frustrating

Love the concept of this game and it has great potential. The ads are annoying but it’s a free game so I don’t mind too much, my biggest complaint is that you aren’t able to physically change the angle you’re viewing the cake and when you want to ice the center of the top it’s impossible to not get it everywhere with the angle. Sometimes the cake is too far away for me to do a good job of icing it because I can’t see and the icing comes out huge compared to the cake. My other problem with the game is that the game decides when you’re done icing rather than letting you press a button saying you’re done. It just stops and forces you to use the smooth tool and sometimes ends up in smudges because i wasn’t ready to smooth. Small bugs but they make this game much less relaxing

- Alright

I liked the game but i didnt like how whenever you put on lets say white when it was supposed to be blue and you cover it up with blue once you smooth it out it still shows the white. Theres also no possible way to get 100% on one of the cakes since when your on the edge near the top of the cake, it always moves the icing up even if u didnt want it to and when your moving it up and down theres now way you can do it perfectly. Lastly even on the video they put up where it shows the icing the cake part even in the video it shows you cant get 100% because theres pink in the wrong part and the only way you could get 100% in the game is if your just smoothing out the icing. Fix all these problems and I’ll think about re-downloading this game but for now only two stars.

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- I like this game but there are too many adds.

This game is very satisfying and enjoyable to play. However, there are much to many adds. To play this game for a good certain amount of time I recommend putting your device in aeroplane mode. I also dislike when I ice all the colours in their places and then when I smoothen the icing out the colours smudge and go different colours. This doesn’t affect me as much but it is quite annoying. Although, I tend to ignore and continue playing. I love this game because when you turn the volume up it sounds like ASMR and I enjoy it!

- MY FAV GAME but only a few things....

The only things I don’t like about it is that sometimes when I am putting the icing on the cake. Then I smooth it let’s say the order of the colours is blue orang green on top. I start smoothing it out and then I find the colour green on in my blue and orange. The second one is that when you are smoothing things out it doesn’t let you do the top fully. These things kinda annoy me. But they are only minor things so I give it a 4 starts because it is super relaxing and it is really good apart from those things.

- .

I enjoy this game but unfortunately when I try to smooth the colours they mix. For example I could have a 5 coloured cake and the top is blue and the bottom is pink but somehow when I smooth it even if blue was the only blue on the cake there is still blue on the pink at the bottom! I just don’t understand because I got this game to simulate actually creating a cake and I feel like it would be easier to just make a real one. At the beginning I didn’t mind but the more I play the worse it gets. Apart from this it is a great game just the one thing really gets on my nerves. Thank you, Loyal gamer.

- AmaZing but needs improvement

Amazing game! However they don’t allow you to fully finish icing the cake, they automatically switch to the smoothing process even though a few parts of cake haven’t been finished icing and you don’t have the chance to finish it off because it doesn’t allow you to! I think the way it should be done is you should be able to choose when your done icing so you can finish it whenever you are pleased.

- ADDS😡😡

I like this app but it’s not great. I would give it five stars but the adds made me take two away. There is adds after every level and what really annoys me is the game can’t tell when there’s adds so while your watching adds time is getting added to your time to smooth out the icing on the cake. For the people who skim app reviews, I’m going to type this in capital letters. DO NOT GET THIS IF YOU HATE ADDS AND DON’T LIKE TURNING OFF YOUR WIFI. I could turn off my wifi but I get important messages a lot. So basically, IF YOU WANT YOU CAN GET THIS BUT DON’T BE SURPRISED IF THE ADDS ANNOY YOU. Thanks for reading! Kind regards, Piggycorn Sparkle 😉

- Has some things that could be fixed/added

It’s great fun but it is annoying when I’m trying to ice the top of the cake! It’s really hard and I think they should add a thing we’re you slide the screen to look above the cake. It also smudges to easily because I will put the icing on the exact spot but it smudges together or if I’m putting green on top of the cake somehow some streaks of pink will get their! Also I think it would be cool if they had a free play mode were you can make your own cake and ice it however you want. Other then that this game is fun and entertaining.

- Adds!

I feel like there is to many adds and I love the game so much (that’s why I gave it a 4 star rating) that I just hate it when an add comes on because I just want to play it because it is fun as! But over all I definitely recommend the game to you but I would definitely take some of the adds off if I could! If some of the adds were taken of (but like still keep some) I would definitely change my rating to a 5 STAR!!!!!!! 😃👍😟🤗💕

- Dont have a problem with it at all

You see, this is my first game I have EVER given five stars the lack of ads is what I’m hearing everyone complaining about but all you need to do is swipe up and turn the wifi off. They’re is no problem with this game and like it’s description it’s super addictive and really satisfying to play as you smoothen the cake or add icing. I recommend this for more people to play whenever they are bored. Thanks ☺️

- Eh..

This is a fun and soothing game to play, but my issue is ads, but if you turn off wi-fi it’s fine, then what’s the problem? Well say the colours were green,blue and pink, pink at the top, green at the bottom, and blue in the middle, while smoothing it out I’ve noticed that if I smoothed out the pink and blue together somehow, green will get in the middle of it when I haven’t even touched it yet, other than those flaws, it’s a good game

- Ads, ads, ads, and more ads!!!!!

I love this game the only problem is there are to many ads. You get an ad just before you start a cake. The bad thing about that is the time of the ad is counted as the time it took you to finish the cake. I know that it is a free game and you need ads, but could you put them at the end of a level. Like just before you get your results. Other than that this is a great game. I only have it three stars because of the ads. So if you like watching ads than this is the game for you.

- Alright

I would give this app a 2.5 if I could. It’s alright, but I find that when you smooth out a cake that you iced, the colours are wrong. At first I thought this was because the icing smoother touched the other coloured icing, but I found that this was just constantly happening. There are way too many ads and some ads show inappropriate content. If you are a child, or a parent looking for some fun apps for kids, I would not recommend this app. Please be wary of all the things that I, and other reviews have stated.

- Great, but too small and too many ads

Great idea and game! However I find the cake is WAY too small on the screen! I almost have to squint my eyes to see it. There is also way too many ads which I think is the reason the cake is so small, the developer has made space for the ads. Other than this, I like the concept, and it is very satisfying to play! 🙂👍🏻

- Easygoing and fun

I love playing this game while I’m watching tv. It soothes me and doesn’t distract me too much from what I’m watching. I would, however, love to be able to perfect my icing before having to immediately smoothing it out so that there isn’t little bits of different coloured icing just appearing and ruining my perfect cake.

- Adds😡😡😡

I don’t have a problem with the game it’s very relaxing and not to hard it’s a very easy and cool game I would like it a lot more but there are WAY WAY WAY TO MANY ADDS and it’s very annoying I’ve played for about 10 minutes and I’ve already had about 20 adds it is continuous and annoying I would prefer having less adds so I can play more of the game instead of waiting half of the time for stupid adds

- The not educational game

This game is enjoyable but children are putting to much of there free time when there parent said youse game’s that are educational sorry I said that I think it’s a great idea and it makes me think about you guys so much and it’s fun and it’s so much better than anything I’ve ever seen

- I don’t mind the amount of ads but ....

It’s kinda boring because at the beginning I thought you could make your own cake and decorate it but no you could only ice it which is real boring to me and I also found out that it is the same as I peel good but I peel good is way more exiting and fun unlike this game but I do recommend it if your patient enough to wait for those ads to pass but the ads are really just a waste of your time so yeah so I deleted it at the end

- Very good

It is very good but like one of the other reviews I would enjoy if you guys made a free play mode. 🍰 I get that you guys might think that that is a bad idea because then nobody would play the levels but free play is a bit more relaxing and levels motivate you more.

- Would’ve been better off if this game was never made

I don’t even know where to start.. there’s too many ads, you can’t put down the icing on the top without making a huge line and it’s too glitchy.. it made me crash 3 times and I lost my data on the 3rd. I would’ve given this zero stars if I could. I’d rather play I Peel Goos much more than this. I highly doubt only your studio created I Peel Good. I dislike this game to the point where I’ll say I hate it.

- It’s good but...

I really like the app but I think it should have a free round where to can do whatever you want. Also, I find it hard to put the mouse thing on where I want it. When I want the mouse lower down, the icing goes on the top. It’s really annoying But it’s a really good app and I enjoy it! :)

- I kinda like it and kinda don’t

This game is very relaxing and helps issues and makes me calm , the thing is if I do really good they give me 6% and if I do really bad it gives me 98% and the other problem is when I’m not finished it makes me smooth out the cake 💗 I still really like this game but these are just the issues that are happening

- Good game too many ads

I really am enjoying this app but when ever I pass a level there is an ad right after and the time I have to spend watching the ad, it then carries the time from the ad onto my time of the next level

- Lame

This game looked kinda boring when I saw it as an ad, I decided to install is just because I thought it would be as I imagined, but instead, as soon as I got into the game it was kinda boring, like I thought that you didn’t have to copy another cake, what I thought in mind was that if you could do anything you want and put the icing anywhere and save cakes. I wouldn’t play this game everyday I’d just get really bored on the 2nd day. And the ads! Way too many ads! Whenever you finish icing a cake, there is an ad, a long one 😡 Why is this game 12+, this isn’t inappropriate at all, I do not understand! I think this gets a one star because it’s boring and id play any game but this, I can’t stand this game forever! 😡😤👎

- Please read

I like this game a lot it’s really fun! But I don’t like how after 1 level it plays an add, I just wish there wasn’t so many adds. I also like it how it puts the icing on the hard ones for you! So yeah, that’s my rating and why on Icing on the cake!

- It’s the worst game ever I’m not kidding it’s the worst

The icing is soooooooooo hard I try to get it perfect and I do but at the end it’s annoying because I put on icing carefully and it was perfect but it said how perfectly I did for the cake it was perfect but it said 83 percent perfect.


best game ever it shows people that’s new to making cakes how to make cakes, I’ve been playing this game for 1hr straight, although the only fall down for me is that you can’t make/create your own cake but other than that it’s the best game ever.👍🍭

- Really fun but one problem

It’s a really cool game, it teaches you how to spread the icing and that But the problem is that the adds are a bit annoying but still really fun and what level is it when you start icing it your self!!??

- Great but needs some work

This game is great I personally love it but then it comes down to how many time my phone beeps every second.I wish the game was way more detailed and would let you work it out by yourself for longer overall I think this game is fantastic

- Okay

I think it is fine but sometimes it is hard to control the smoother and it always comes on automatically when the device thinks your done icing

- Maybe for a toddler

There’s no progression, you can’t go back to different levels, you can still pass even if you don’t follow the picture. It is also hard to use the tools to get the finer details because the touch system seems to be uncalibrated. Definitely needs to be improved to reach a wider audience.

- Very Annoying

It’s very annoying when I put the icing on top of the cake. It keeps going to the bottom of the cake and also when I smooth the cake out, another colour icing shows up when I don’t even put it there! But other than that, it’s quite good and very relaxing when you put the icing on the bottom of the cake.

- Worse game ever!

DO NOT download this game as it is a waste of time, it constantly glitches and crashes. I have a fairly new iPhone and it does this. All the levels are the same and glitchy. Besides that, would be a good game

- Every thing is perfect!

I do not know why people complain about the adds at least the are satisfying

- Okay

I think it is hard to get the icing when you want and the smoother just comes on when you don’t want it and it will put different colours of icing where it isn’t even there yet


My problem with this is I NEED more time to smooth out my cakes ok because when I’m trying to do it they say done! And I havvent even smoothed out the bottom of it

- I love this game, one problem

The game is very aesthetically pleasing and I love playing it. The thing is, sometimes when I have just iced a cake and am smoothing it out, I end up with a random strip of icing either in the middle or on the bottom.

- Milla Sofia

When you saw the add on iceing on the cake you could do it yourself but when you start playing the icing is already on but that might be because you just starting the game

- Okay

The gameplay is good and relaxing and I like that you can just do whatever you want to the cake and you still get to move on, although the icing does glitch out and mix the colours every time I tried to play seriously. It ruined the whole satisfaction of playing the game. Maybe try fixing that?

- It is ok

I quite enjoy icing on the cake. The only issue is that a lot of the time I ice my cake out, some of the colours appear in the wrong place, for example it might be first layer blue, second layer red, and third layer green; but some of the green appears in the blue section. That’s the only problem that needs to be fixed but apart from that it the game is alright.

- Ads

This is a good app, but it would be nice if after every time we finished a cake that we wouldn’t have ads. Because it is highly annoying. So I would appreciate if you could fix that up and have an ad like every 5 cakes

- Worth buying

How could you not get the point of this game? It is so fun but the glitches are terrible but still it is a good game because it teaches you how to put icing on a cake


This game is it so good, I really like it it is really addictive and fun but there are so many adds I can’t i finish the cake and then a add comes on it is so annoying plz fix the limit of adds.

- I understand free games have ads but...

I understand free games have ads but it’s incredibly annoying to be playing a nice, quiet and peaceful game and have loud ads AFTER EVERY LEVEL! If after, say, every three (at a minimum) I would say 5 stars. But EVERY SINGLE LEVEL is crazy. I’m not sure whether the ads are worth it in the end.

- Icing on the cake

After playing this game I found it pretty interesting. But it’s a three star to me cos like if you colour in the lines with no smudge when you , smooth it out it smudges then you get a 90 for a score when really you should of got a 100.

- Super Glitchy

Every time I try and complete a level, it kicks me out over and o er again. Would not recommend as once you finish the level, it glitches again and you lose your progress. Apart from that, it’s a pretty good game. But still would not recommend


do not download this game! It’s a waste of time AND it is TRASH It doesn’t let you choose when you can smoothen the icing and it makes the cake look really bad and not match the other cake that your supposed to make yours look like. Lastly, you cant get into the spots you want to get into and make the icing go EVERYWHERE! This game is very trash and you should not in a billion years download it. SUB TO PEWDS AND FLAMINGO BTW

- A bit glitchy

Whenever I play when I get on to the next level then it glitches but yeah I’m obsessed with it so far so I’m going to write another review later

- It’s Okay

It’s a fun app and all but it is really glitchy, and I wish there was more content into understanding on what to do. When I first downloaded it, I was on it for about 5 seconds then I glitched out of it! I wish this problem could be solved

- I Hope that it’s good

I just downloaded this game and I hope it’ll be amazing like other games I’ve played

- Adds

Adds aren’t the best there are several adds and it is quite annoyed

- Turn off your wifi FOR NO ADDS

If you want to play this game so badly with no adds turn off ur wifi and data

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- Great. But just one thing

It’s a great game. But The view on icing the top and the side of the cake moves so it kind of defeats the purpose of making a perfect cake when I can’t control the view of it

- I Put 4 stars ⭐️ But it is a 5 star ⭐️ game

Ok ok I put 4 stars but it is a 5 star game.the resign I put 4 stars is because I don’t like the all the adds.

- Great game!

Love the game! Also, if you don’t want to be disturbed by the many ads just turn off your wifi and or data. Simple.

- Okay, but an ad after ever level

Absolutely no skill involved in early stages. Just hold the screen and you’ll get 3 stars. Having to watch a 20 or 30 second ad after every single level/stage stopped me from continuing to see if it actually gets fun. Played for 5 minutes or so and deleted.

- Adds

This game is really addictive and it repeats the cakes over and over aging and there are way too many adds or is so annoying like I just want to play my game without long and boring adds

- Switching between icing and smoothing

When switching from the icing to smoothing out is way too fast. You don’t even have a chance to finish icing the cake fully before it switches. And messes it up everytime

- Fun but all of the adds

Just all of the adds

- Meh

It was a fun game when you could actually play. But there are ads every 5 seconds basically and my phone battery went down 60% in the 5 minutes I was playing the game.

- Hello humans of the universe

Dis game sucks

- Do better

When you smother your icing the top colour moves down to the bottom

- It a scam

I just Download it . I try to get In the App but it won’t let me in do not get it 100% a scam

- Great game

The game is my new favourite game and just disconnect the wifi connection and play. Awesome game☺️

- I LOVE IT....but ads? ADS!? GRRRR...I hate ads ;(

I love it but... you shouldn’t have ads at the when you complete a level!!!! I hate ads sooooo ya

- Whatever

Ok this game kinda sucks and I think it might have a circus on it it looks kinda bad

- Ni de mon père

I love it and it works great for me haha

- Ok I really would like..

I’d really appreciate if you made a wedding cake and cakes for every season and holiday

- Bon jeu💖

Euh...ce jeu est extraordinaire pour passer le temp🤩

- Ok

Good game but a lot of adds

- 3,99$ is expansive

No ads for 3,99$, it’s expansive for that kind of game ! Plus, WAY TOO MUCH ADS !!

- Boring but satasfying

This game I thought was gonna be super fun but it turns out to be satasfying because when you put the icing on its super fun a lot of ads com too but I turn of the wifi so ya

- Adds

It’s a good game just too much adds

- Way too many Andes and beeping noises

Way to many adds and whenever I finish a level it makes a loud beeping noise pls fix that

- 😍

Like it creator please remove the ads

- Way to many adds

This game had way to many adds and plus it was so boring and I deleted this game and I am kinda proud of it because this game is so not fun

- Over the top ads

Not cool

- Good

It’s awesome!! Ads are a little annoying follow @random_thingzz15 on TikTok for a shoutout and our ratings on games!!

- Good, but one problem.

It really annoys me how when the icing meter is full, the icing automatically switches to the smoothing tool. It switches before I can even apply all of the icing, causing spots to be a completely different colour of what it should be.

- You never can get it Perfect

I do it right but it is never 100%

- love the game🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😤🥺😤😤

i love this game sm like fr this game is so cool 🙂 so don’t be a clown 🤡 and install this app now and if you HATE 😡 ADS (cuz i do) just turn of your wifi I mean it’s so smart 🙂❤️💕❤️💕💓❤️💘💗🧡💞💙💓 so what are you waiting for GET THIS APP uwu 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 k bye😁

- To many adds

After each level there is a add if you disconnect from the internet you still get the adds

- Turn off da wifi

Just turn it off if you don't want ads to come bother you.

- It’s not bad

I didn’t think I had OCD until I played this game... it’s a good game but there are glitches where the wrong icing goes onto the other icing, like if there was blue and yellow icing on a cake you would smooth it out and some how the blue would get into the yellow. Then that messes with your match percentage. Also when you’re smoothing it out sometimes it doesn’t give you time to smooth the top of the cake and you get low scores. That annoys me. But it’s not a bad game.

- Ads

When your don a cake ads

- It’s has a lot of ads

The game itself is pretty good and fun but there are more ads than playing the app after every level you get an ad also the viewing is weird on some levels or at least for me.

- It’s good

I like this game it’s fun


Read the title

- It’s ok

I will keep the app but there’s way to much adds, finishes your icing early and then purposely makes you fail...

- Ice ice baby

😂 it’s just cause of the game desc

- It can be better 😒

Is ok I feel is not like me

- 3 stars

Theres too many ads.And the ads are boring

- Never got 100

My cake was the same

- It’s okay..

Too many ads for me.. but it’s very fun!

- Luv ur game boi! But there is one problem:

This game deserves a 5,BUT,,,,,maybe add less adds? If this isn’t fixed a lot of people will give you 2 stars or even 1 star!As dumb as it is for people to give you that low of stars over one problem,people do it. I hope you are inspired or at least look at this review, it’s a tip for better rating!

- Hello

It gives me frustration

- Ads

The game is good but so many ads

- Same problem😒

This is the same problem I had with the peeling game. It doesn’t let you finish!!!ngl I’m triggered

- It is fun but not

I love the game because it is fun and I hope you liked making it! But why can’t you make your own cake because I do not like that we have to make the same thing that it shows. So I sorta like the game it is ok.

- It’s ok but

I never get to finish my cake! There should be a button for you to tap when your done... NOT automatically! And to much ADDS! BOO!

- It sucks

This game is so boring NEVER DOWNLOAD this game ever!!!

- give me new cakes

this game is pissing me off because the same cakes just repeat like give me new cool cakes. but it is satisfying tho

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- Kind of annoying

Wait THE ONLY Reason I am putting his 5 out of 5 is because so more people can see this This game can be fun..... sometimes..so let’s say that you just to a perfect job icing the cake , but then, when you go to smooth it out and the spatula just Ruins it , so let’s say again that u ice it perfect the top is blue and the bottom is pink... so when u go to smooth it out it like bring the blue down and mixed with the pink, when you just smooth it out and it brings like a whole new thing. And the there is a lot other stuff too that is annoying but to much to write it down.. But overall I give it a... 2

- Don’t recommend

This game is okay but let me just say that this game has way too many things that makes it annoying like for instance sometimes you’ll smooth the cake out and the all of a sudden a color that was at the top appears at the bottom even though you never put it there. Then whenever you try to put the icing in the middle of the top it gets all over the side and it’s very annoying it would be better if you could move the camera so that doesn’t happen. Then the bar that tells you how close it looks to the cake is never correct like if you mess up it will give you about a 94 but if the cakes look exactly alike you’ll get like an 83. Lastly we all know nobody has iced and smoothed out a cake on here in 10 seconds and when it tells you to just smooth the cake out we all know that nobody does it in 7 seconds so fix that

- This was a fun game, but

I love this game and it is in fact relaxing, but there is some huge problems😐. First if all, I really wish you could customize your spatula and frosting bag, it would just make the game more fun. Second of all, while I get close to the end of frosting my cake, it’ll switch over to the spatula and the spot I wasn’t able to cover will be filled with the other color and give me a low score😡. The BIGGEST problem is, after I’ve frosted my cake very well and I start to smooth it, the other color will show up in lines in areas I didn’t put the color there. That also gives me a low score and ruins the satisfying part of the game😡😡😡 When I saw the add it looked super fun and satisfying, but it really is not. It was a HUGE letdown. Emoji rating.... Mad face:😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Happy face:😁😁😁

- Awesome

I love this game so much. The color combinations on the cakes are interesting and it’s so satisfying to ice and smooth the cakes. A bonus is that there aren’t many ads either. This is a nice way to relax. PS- I forgot to mention: the only real issue I have with this game is that I think that the timer for the next cake decoration starts while the ad after the last decoration is playing, so it forces you to take longer than you normally would. Example: the time it takes you to finish a decoration is 10-30 seconds longer because of the ads. This doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s very noticeable.

- Icing on the cake is like so fun

Reason why I got a find a rating I wanna give the thousands are radiant I love it so much but I want to certify the reason why I like this is because you can like spread Reason why I got a find a rating I wanna give it 1000 so radiant I love it so much but I want to certify the reason why I like this is because you can like spray cake and you can try to make cakes look good when you get older you might want to be a cake designer and stuff that’s what does makes me happy about this give me a lot of experience about cake even though I just got that today

- A few things

This game is a great game except for a few things. It runs down your phone battery really fast. There are also a lot of ads. It's almost as if every time you finish a level or try to do something on the game, you have to watch an ad. And for as many ads that there are, you would think that there wouldn't be a bug as bad as this one. When you go to put icing on the cake. The icing goes above where you put your finger making it so it's almost impossible to get 100% match on your cake to the picture you're trying to match. Also when you're smoothing out the icing. If there is so much as one gap. The color on the top of the cake will come down and go in those cracks, ruining the cake and your score.

- Bad for some types of people, ads, bug ,and my opinions

Okay by some types of people I mean those who can’t wait until dinner to eat (like me) who snacks while playing there is also a bug that makes the icing come out not where you want it but above where you want it so you can never get 100% and smooth it out blends things together so that it’s even less of a chance to get 100% this game has a Sirius ad problem (oops I spelled serious wrong that’s just how I’m used to it being spelled because I read Harry Potter like a lot) anyway the game has a serious ad problem way too many ads Also It generates lots of heat on my iPhone so it’s also a good hand warmer if your hands get cold Hope you found my review useful

- Pretty good game, but....

I think that this is a great game, but in my opinion, this is kind of annoying. When you are still icing the cake, or you are trying to make it as perfect as possible, the game will just make you grab the spatula when you may by be ready. The same goes with when you finish the cake, before I feel that I’m done smoothing our the icing, it will just say that I’m done when I’m not done. So I think that you could just have options for icing and the spatula so that when you are ready to use the spatula you can just click on it. I also think that there should be a “done” button, so that when you are done, you can click that as well. But besides those problems, I really like the game.

- Addictive but some problems

This game is so much fun. I love the noises that it makes during the levels it kinda sounds like slime. But the problems are; one is after each level it tells you how close you got to the model cake. Also, on the same screen it tells you how long you took to finish the level. DON’T rush because of that the adds count . What l mean is whenever the game makes you watch an add , the time you watch the add it counts it like you were icing the cake. Overall, l still love this game. It’s perfect for anxiety for me. I sometimes go overboard and just randomly decorate the cake however l want. I hope you have had fun reading my review and that it was very useful.

- Fun idea, poor execution.

This game has the potential to be really satisfying and fun, however, it fights you when aiming for perfection. The mechanic of automatically selecting the spatula when your “done” icing most of the time ruins the cake and makes your nearly perfect lines jagged and incomplete, often leaving a gap that automatically fills with the first color selected for the cake. Another issue with the app is the nozzle’s size being too large. This makes it harder to make the cake look good. The third and final issue is the graphics and textures. For some reason, the texture for the icing looks like stone. It also doesn't help that the model for the icing is jagged and rough. Also, the cake itself is blue which is just weird. With that being said, it's still a decent game, it just frustrates me whenever I play it.

- Ehhh

So that app would be awesome if when I put the icing on the cake I let me do it without cutting me off saying it’s 100% finished when it’s not, and same thing when I go to smooth it I cuts me off and says it’s done when it’s not even finished!?!?! It would be nice if it didn’t have the thing at the top saying the percentage of how finished it is. It’s would be better if we could just do it ourselves without it cutting me off. Another problem is when I go to put icing on one half it will get other places because it’s offish like if I put my finger at the top of the cake it will still get on the bottom? Needs some work good idea for a game and for the most part fun when you’re bored but definitely needs some fixes.

- Great game if you don’t care about a good score or time

I really like this game, it’s very satisfying. The only problem is, it’s impossible to win on the ice the cake levels. When you just smooth the cake out, you can’t get anything less than 100 percent. But when you are icing it then smoothing it out, it puts lines of different colors on the cake for no reason other than to sabotage you. This is a good game to play if you just want to have fun and don’t care about a 100 percent score. It’s good because you don’t need WiFi to play. But there are so many ads, and it seems to take the ad time into the time it takes you to ice the cake. I finished on in seconds and it said I took 25 seconds. It is a decent game, pretty fun to play.

- A pretty okay game.

Okay, let’s get this down. This game is SO satisfying but EXTREMELY HARD! On the first 4 or so levels you will feel like you got it down. But then... you won’t. I do love this game, but I wish they would change a few things with it. Like, I do accept the use of ads in this game, their are not to many. Also, the joy in this game makes you smile. But, at the end of the day the games just hard ( if you like hard games of course 😉) . I mean, I would understand if the levels got more difficult as you get farther into the game but I don’t understand why it has to be hard off the bat. They do let you pass even if you think your cake looks horrible like mine lol. But this is just my opinion. TYSM for reading! 🍰

- Maddie’s Review

So this game is very cool and awesome, but there are some tiny problems. There is an extreme amount of ads. Also sometimes the game does not let you finish icing the cake or spreading it. Another big problem is that when you spread the layers it blends together. A final problem is that when you press the redo button it redo’s everything. A little suggestion is that when you press the redo button it should redo the latest thing you messed up on. For example, one day I was playing and I did really good on one layer bit on the other I messed up, so I pressed redo but it redid everything. These are some little minors, although this game is very fun.

- Nice game

I have two problems with this game 1 is that there is to many adds 2 is that people say u can pick ur own frosting and I been playing this game for 2 months almost and still can’t pick my own frosting but everything else is good and it’s fun I still suggest this game like I said it is fun and really really relaxing 😌 I give this game 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and there are 4 thing I LOVE ❤️ about this game 1 is u can pick the speed of when it’s turning 2 is u have to copy a picture a lot of people hate that but I love ❤️ it 3 is when u finish I makes u fell happy 😃 because confetti 🎉 comes down on ur cake 🎂 4 is that u can spread the frosting on the cake i mostly love ❤️ this game

- Well.......it’s good?

I am seriously addicted to this game and I play it almost every day but there is a bug that drives me crazy! When you do not fully fill in a section on your cake before you smooth it out (or sometimes even if you do) when you smooth it out it fills the spot in with another random color. I know that nobody who could do anything ever reads these because there are not usually any updates and if they write a review it’s always says like, “Thanks for your feedback!...” but people should because this game has major issues that need to be fixed. Don’t get me wrong! It’s super fun but I wish they would fix thees problems.

- I like it but...

Listen this game is absolutely amazing. Here’s the positives • it’s omega satisfying • the game itself is amazing •creative • makes me drool for cake Now here are the errors • every time I ice the cake and I get to use the layering tool when I layer it, it has some of another color mixed into the layers Here are suggestions • you should let us actually put or own toppings, like before the grading the sprinkles gets pored on it. How about making the sprinkles as a choice of toppings. So when u ice it, it shows you the photo how it’s supposed to look, there should be the cake look and a topping, not just a plain cake • make a challenge where u can let us decide if we want to be timed to make the cake or to let it be no timer • picking a theme: what I mean by this is the background of the cake. Like how it’s outside is just plain white, there should be themes like if we want to make. It Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc • there should be music, like Christmas music to go on with my theme idea Over all I love this game! Never shut it down! It’s a great game

- Could be a lot of fun.... has potential.

I like this game for the most part. I would love this game if 1) the smoother didn’t appear on its own when the game assumes I’m ready for it. This usually causes a swirl in the top of the cake with some random color peeking through. 2) The colors didn’t mix into funky muddy colors or show up as colors that I didn’t even put in that area of the cake. Like in between yellow and red frosting a random blue line of frosting shows up in between for no reason. 3) Maybe a little less ads.... Between every single level? Really? Yawn. A final question- is there anything other than striped cakes with one type of tip on the frosting bag? I can see this game getting boring rather quickly if so.

- Good But a Couple Problems

Don’t get me wrong I love this game it is so ADDICTING but there is a couple problems I have noticed like sometimes the icing is a different color than the picture, so it gives you a bad score and how it automatically changes the utensil whenever it thinks your done when your not, and sometimes I ice it and it show color where I DIDN'T PUT A COLOR!! It drives me insane so much that sometimes I have to LEAVE THE GAME. I love this game but, it would be nice if you could pick your own color cake and size. PLEASE, the creators it would be great if you could fix these changes, Thank you for taking your time to read this!! -Madyson

- "MWA"

I looooooooove this game sooooooo much. The only part I actually very much hate about this game, are the ads. The ads are so long and some of them are inappropriate. I am only 10 years old and they have ads that are ages 20+. The ads are very long and tiring and when I press the X to exit out, sometimes it doesn't work. If you decide to get this game I would say "YES". I am on level nine and I have been playing this game for at least 20 minutes. The game is easy, relaxing, and fun, but the ads take up all of the time. Without The ads, I would be on level nine and have only been playing for five minutes. Well I hope y'all enjoy the game.!

- One fix

Hi. I’m writing this review to say one thing. There’s only one problem I have. The problem isn’t a bug it’s just, when I’m icing the cake it automatically changes to smoothing the cake. Yes I know there is a button to switch them. The thing is, I’m not done icing the cake and it makes me mad that it automatically changes. Same with the smoothing. I’m just smoothing the cake and it automatically makes the cake be done. And when it says the percentage of the cake it goes low because there is still icing that’s not smooth. Anyway that’s all I wanted to say. Other than that the app is entertaining. It’s just that one problem. I hope you fix that.

- Adds

This game is amazing you can’t deny it. But the adds Incan understand when apps out adds in and can deal with a lot of adds but this is to much! You need to understand that your players no matter how much they like the game are going to delete this game all because of your adds. I myself have just downloaded this game about 10 minutes ago and have absolutely fallen in love. And at first the adds were pretty frequent but I was ok but then they happened every five seconds! And the adds would be counted as your time so if you actually completed a lever in 5 seconds but had a 21 second add you would be marked down as 26 seconds. I have fallen in love with this game it has been 10 minutes and the game is absolutely genius but I am highly considering deleting the game all because of adds. You need to fix this problem or no mod will have your game. My advice for people who want to purchase this app Don’t get if you want fair things and adds every round. (Rounds are only 8-20 seconds) Get if you want adds ever 10 seconds and not have a fair game This needs to stop it is not ok. Thank you if you read this.

- Please remove this feature!

First of all, I really like the game. It’s really fun and doesn’t take too much thought to play. The reasons it doesn’t get 5/5 stars is because of a feature the game has. Whenever you are icing and are almost done, the game automatically changes you to the spatula to smooth it out. The thing is, every single time it does that, I am not finished icing. You can’t go back and add more after you go/ it switches you to the spatula. Because of the incompletion, your cake gets swirl lines from the other colors it’s not suppose to have, which ultimately makes the cake you’re trying to make perfectly look ugly.

- Has issues

First of all when saw this freaking ad 1M times I decided to download right? That’s what most people would think. But once you first download the game I already am failing the icing when it’s not even my fault, and whenever I wanna put my icing somewhere it goes in the opposite direction like how annoying. Then once I’m done with the level there is always and as plus anyone could agree on that, even the people who put amazing review on the game. I usually am not that mad about ads but this is just ridiculous how the creators of the game can trick people like this you know creators we can delete the game if we want to so yea that’s all I’ve got to say Pls make sure to not do as much ads and PLS don’t trick anyone else that’s just cruel -Rachael

- Jae Sams

I’d have to say that I love this app but there is many problems, when I put my finger somewhere it makes it go above and beyond where I am trying to get, I’m on level 92 so I went through this many times and it’s beyond ridiculous another problem is that when I put the icing on with no mistake it mixes the colors and puts random lines in the middle of it all so I can never get 100 on the percentage so please fix it and make an update or whatever you need to do to it to make it better and then I will give you more that a 2 star rating. I can easily delete this game and the ads are also unbelievably annoying when I pass a level it gives me an ad right away maybe every 4/7 levels sure but not every level. THANK YOU!

- No more

Some time when I play the game it starts to go but when it starts It’ll make the top go first when you want the bottom to go first and then you fail also when you are not ready it sends you to the smother and back to the beginning it shows you the color when you need a different color now back to where I was it gets annoying because you are not done so please write back or fix it because people can delete the game and can complaine and send a bad review and people already complained and you fixed theirs so fix this and sometimes it stops and also gets on my next nerves

- Frustrating

This game can be fun but also really annoying! It has lots of bugs and doesn’t make sense! Like I would try to ice a part of a cake and it does the wrong spot or the spot above it! Like what the heck! Also if I am smoothing it out, a random color would go in the middle of two colors! Umm... excuse me!! Also when a smooth is out all the colors get blended together, even if I ice it exactly like the pic, it turns out all scrambled. Another thing is when the cake I made and the cake you are trying to make look exactly the same it gives me an 88% which is stupid! They give you a random number because once I did really bad and got an 88%. This game is really frustrating and annoying but if they fix these things it could be really fun.

- Fun yet has some problems?

I love this game but here is the thing when you put your finger on the icing the icing will go on the other color and will ruin your perfect cake but the game is really relaxing and it is kinda like a stress reliever when you smooth it out this is my favorite game to play though I would give the game a 4 and a half also when I am smoothing the cake it will not let me finish it bothers me so much when there is this little bit of frosting that is not smoothed I hope you can fix these problems and I hope this review will help!

- Satisfying, but...

This is a pretty satisfying and enjoyable game. However, there are a couple problems. Firstly, and most importantly, the hit box for the icing is above where you tap the screen. It's hard to gauge where you're supposed to hold your finger, especially when frosting the middle of top of the cake. Secondly, you don't get to finish frosting the whole cake. Right before you're done, it switches over to the smoothing part. There are always a couple spots left at the end because you're not able to finish. Additionally, the camera is very messed up. There is no way to adjust the angle of the cake until you place the frosting. If you want to put frosting on top of the cake but you can't see it, you can't change the camera angle so you just have to guess. The levels are also all the same. It doesn't get much different than a bunch of stripes. It gets really repetitive. A lot of reviews have mentioned the excessive amount of ads, but I just turn on airplane mode and they don't pop up. Other than those things, this game is pretty good.

- Sooo many ads! Needs improvements

So, almost after EVERY cake you do, there’s an AD, I understand that there is “No ads” but nobody would want to get that for their kid, it’s just a waste of money. I understand that you want to make money, but you went WAY overboard with the ads, you can barely play the game! It’s SO rare if you move up to a level WITHOUT an ad. It’s so HARD to get 100% or even like 99% the game is so hard! I would like a top button on the game, PLEASE. And recently, I got the app and then I got up to some level, it put me back to Lvl.0!!!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿 I had tried SOOOOOOOO HARD TO GET TO THAT LEVEL AND IT PUTS ME ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING! This game also needs some music in the background! I do NOT recommend this game. It only gives me STRESS. If you’re looking for a game like this in a way, try I Peel Good. I am deleting this app.

- ...

It’s a pretty good game! I really like it! It’s super mouthwatering and makes me want cake all the time I play it. But there’s just a few things that annoy me about it..it’s a little gay and boring. I could be doing other stuff then be playing this game. You can try to do a big update by...stop adding so many ads! You know I can delete the game and so can others. I deleted this game once cause I thought it was really gay and Stupid and just annoying cause of the ads. But I downloaded it again because I was bored and my friend recommended it to me. So I played and it’s a pretty good game. I just hate the ads there should be a ad every time you hear 10 levels or something like that.

- Addicting, but..

I love love love this game. The ads were pretty heavy, I went ahead and bought the full version for 2.99 so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. My biggest issue is that the game cuts you off when it thinks you should be completed with a certain task. When I’m icing the cake, but haven’t fully completed to create a straight line and it thinks I should be done by now so it automatically goes into the smoothing tool. I end up losing points sometimes because the cake doesn’t look the same but it’s literally because it cut me off. Or when you are using the smoothing tool. I looove smoothing the icing out, but the game usually cuts me off before I’ve completely smoothed out the cake, so there’s always a section that wasn’t able to get smooth and it’s completely noticeable. Really bugs my ocd when I can’t make it perfect, the way I want, because the game decides when to change tools or when you’re completed. If it waited until I raised my finger that would be much better!

- Fun idea but...

I really enjoy this game BUT there are also a lot a problems that need fixing. First off, ads. WAY TOO MANY ADS! There is one after every single round and they add to the time for icing the cake. Second, a lot of times when you smooth out the cake other colors go everywhere when you haven’t placed that color down there and it ruins it. Third, the feature when it just stops you from icing and makes you smooth it out is very annoying, I should be able to choose when to smooth it out, when it forces me to it ruins it. Forth, the control and kind of wonky. When you try to put the icing on the top it goes everywhere and is so annoying.

- Ok, but flaws are a thing

Now this is a great game, good for when you’re bored, but there are 2 major flaws. The first is that wherever you place your finger, the icing goes above it. This is very annoying, especially when doing the top and you mess up the sides. The second are ADS. No matter whether you win or lose, you get one. I understand that ads are how you get revenue, but it would be fantastic if you didn’t have them every time you have done a cake. I’ve gone as far as to not play this much anymore because of the dang friggin’ ads. Please fix this because I’ve been looking for a game like this but these flaws, especially the ads, just kinda ruin it.

- Not that good but not that bad

This game is a really good game but I wouldn’t recommend It. If this game is to relax you this would probably make you mad then relax. This game messes you up whenever you ice the cake it is so annoying and it actually stresses me out. It literally doesn’t want you to win and even if you ice the cake really good it will fill in the cake with random ugly colors. There are also way to much adds and you have to wait like ten seconds to skip it and when I say way to much adds I mean waaayyy to much adds. When I’m not done icing it still makes me spread and won’t let me go back unless I redo the whole thing. So if you are looking for a stress reliving game don’t download this one instead of reliving your stress it will probably cause more.

- Needs a few additions

This game is fun and I really enjoy playing it. It’s different and challenging. Bit there are a few things that I think need to be done. I don’t like the fact that it decides when you are done or have put enough icing on it or done blending it, in my opinion there should be a button that you can click when you are ready for it to be done/graded. I also think that you should be able to move the screen up or do so that you can get to a part of the cake better. But overall I like this game and I hope that if these few changes are made then this game would be AMAZING!😁

- I love it.... but....needs some changes.....

First of all I love this app!! It’s great and I love the idea but I wish there were less ads I mean after every single level there is an ad!!! Maybe change it to every 4? Also I love to read the reviews about apps and I heard some people say it was okay but I still decided to download it. Second of all, I wish we could do more than just ice the cake like what about make the cake? Third of all, I wish we could see our progress on our levels so I wish we could restart some levels that we got one star on. Thx for taking your time and reading this!!! :) Bye!

- Some bug but fun game :P

First bug is when it switches to the smoother when you haven’t finished the top or wherever you need to finish Second bug is it mixes colors that weren’t put with each other it’s like as if the colors had mixed together by the smoother which Is annoying when you do a perfectly amazing job with those icing skills :) but really it gets annoying and the top gets messed up since it doesn’t let you finish Third bug it doesn’t let you smooth out the cake fully you kinda have to be fast in a sense But other then that satisfying game really fun and can be addictive

- Great game, but needs a couple fixes.

This game is great and super satisfying. I love icing cakes and smoothing them out. There are a lot of ads though. One problem is that when the game thinks your done icing, it automatically changes to the smoother even if you’re not completely done. The second problem is that if you have a little tiny open patch without icing, it fills it in with a completely different color when you smooth it out! This game is great overall, and I love playing it. The game would be even better if these problem could be fixed, but i would still definitely recommend!

- It’s an ok game, but.....

First of all.... way too many ads. Nobody likes seeing an add 20 seconds after seeing one already. Second of all, something I don’t understand is that when you actually do a good job on the cake and it looks almost completely similar to the one you’re supposed to copy, it gives you only like, 2 stars and a low percentage. But when you screw up and do an awful job and it looks nothing like the one you’re supposed to copy, it gives you 3 stars and a way higher percentage. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I think people would like it to be more accurate. Besides those things, it’s an ok game. Thank you for your time.

- It’s mediocre

I love the concept of this game & I find it very fun to play. However, the most frustrating thing to me is when I go to smooth the cake out after icing it, I drag icing of different colors all throughout the cake. It doesn’t matter where I put the spatula, I end up having one color strung through the entire cake. It’s frustrating & keeps me from scoring higher. Also, I feel like I should be able to adjust the size of the icing tubes & be able to adjust how much icing I want on each section. I end up with major amounts of icing because it doesn’t give me the option to use the spatula once my cake is iced. I have to keep applying icing until the game lets me smooth out the cake, resulting in lower scores, & icing everywhere.

- Good but needs work

I love the concept of this game and whenever I’m bored this game is one of my go to games to go to but there are a few problems. One whenever I’m icing the cake and then I smooth it out some of the blue icing goes to where the pink icing is when I didn’t even touch that area with blue icing. Second the tip is wayyyy to big. And it’s hard to ice certain areas because of the tip. For instance I’m icing near the border like I’m doing pink and where the blue is supposed to go is really near. So it’s really hard and I think that we should be able to pick what size tip we want. Third the cakes are the same over and over again. I see the same cakes and I never see different ones so sometimes it gets boring. Finally the colors are bland. The thing you use to smooth out the cake is always the same color the background is always white sk the colors are really bland. I wish that you can change those colors as you unlock different levels. In conclusion this game definitely needs work but it’s still fun and enjoyable

- This is weird

I love this game but there are a few problems I have with it. First of all when your trying to put the icing on the cake it sometimes it goes into a different spot. It usually happens when you have to ice a small spot. Next all of the ads are super annoying. It’s almost after every level, it’s always the same one you’ve already seen and then you have to download the app to make it stop. Last, this is just in my opinion but I think every time we go up 10 or so levels on that level it would be really cool to be able to choose our own colors to ice the cake with! Other than all of those reasons I love the game. Thank you

- It’s fun! But still has some problems.

This app unfortunately gets on my nerves in many ways. The first one is that it shows me an ad after every single cake that I do. This is very annoying and it needs to be fixed. This takes the fun out of the game. The second one is that if you miss icing a certain part of the cake on the middle or bottom the app will fill it in with a totally different color. This makes it impossible to make your cake look exactly like the picture it gives you. This is extremely annoying. The third one is that it is very hard to see the tiny spots that you have missed icing so then you have spots left missing and they get random icing colors put in. The fourth is that the game cuts you off while icing the cake when it thinks you are done rather than when you are really done. Therefore you do not have an opportunity to fill in any missed spots and then random colors get put in those spots. All of these points should and need to be fixed if you want more people to like your game. I like this game but these annoyances make me want to delete it.

- Here u go!!....

So when I smooth out the cake and I try to smooth out every part but when I just got one part to smooth out it’s all ready finish on to the next level and because of that I never get a 100 I mean I have one more part but I can’t even get there cuz oh it’s all ready done on to the next level BTW the adds are not working for me I mean I really love this game it is sooo satisfying but and add at Each level is not working sometimes I want to delete this game but I really love it but u have to fix the bugs and a little bit adds are better but NOT at every level I repeat NOT!!!!!

- Sweet but sour

First off great game love it so much it is really challenging but a lot of flaws like the top color mixes with the bottom color second when you’re”done”icing it automatically switches to the spatula AND when you smooth it out ALL the colors mix,annoying super annoying but here’s something that you could like people,I got 100% sometimes in the beginning but THEN I kept getting lower and lower and higher. I was introduced to this game by my friend she gave you 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I think you rig people but not me!?if you read this also take away the time,on one lvl the”world average”was 5 and I got 43 seriously how fast does it count!? But so be it

- Ehh

This game is very addicting. I like playing it but it also gets irritating after awhile because it’s clearly rigged to not let you get 100% on any cakes that you have to put icing on & smooth out. The only cakes you’ll get 100% on are the ones that you only have to smooth out. I’ve put the icing on perfectly, and then I start smoothing it out & it will stop me half way through & give me a score of like 96% ... if it would actually let me finish smoothing it, then I’m sure I would’ve gotten 100%. Also, I think it would be cool if there was a “free play” mode where you could choose whatever colors you like & icing the cake however you want.

- addicting idea, not necessarily well made

i love the idea and it is very addictive even with all of its problems, but in this review that’s going to be the subject i’m focusing on. the icing always goes above where you tap your finger, and it makes accuracy impossible. additionally, when icing the top of the cake, it is impossible to predict where the icing will go, causing me to die inside when my almost perfect cake is ruined. also, it has the exact same problem as the last game, i peel good. it just cuts you offFFF. ill be perfecting my icing and NOPE this game ruins my life by not letting me finish, and when i smooth it out, literally half of it is left all chunky. ugh just please add an “im done!” button OSSBONDOSISH ok so yeah good idea, execution could be better

- Great app. One problem.

This app is really fun! Some problems about this app though are very annoying. (1) Too many ads this app has WAY to many ads and it’s really annoying. Every time I finish smoothing or icing a cake, a stupid ad pops up and I barely want to play it. (2) There has to be more purpose I don’t know if this was supposed to be just pointless or not. There isn’t anything you can do besides ice cakes and smooth them out. I start to get bored as I play it because I don’t know if I ever want to play it again.. But overall this app is fun to smooth the cakes and other stuff. -don’t really know if you should get it tho


so when I saw like about 10,000 adds about this I was like “fine this game can’t be that bad” and then I downloaded it then I went inside of it level 1 wasn’t that bad but then after all of those smoothing levels it’s the icing part,I had no idea how to do it but then I started to get used to it but the texture looks like rocks so then my cake is not perfect and when I’m done with the icing part I smooth it,then the color of the icing on the bottom is randomly on the top but idk why and it doesn’t make a match and another thing is they give you the wrong color for the icing on the one your supposed to make,and the last thing is the thing that says your done pops up when I’m not done smoothing out so probably not a good idea to download this game

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Icing on the Cake 1.29 Screenshots & Images

Icing on the Cake iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images
Icing on the Cake iphone images

Icing on the Cake (Version 1.29) Install & Download

The applications Icing on the Cake was published in the category Games on 2019-08-13 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 191.04 MB. Icing on the Cake - Games app posted on 2020-12-19 current version is 1.29 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.portbliss.icycake

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