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The highly anticipated follow-up to the award winning physics game Super Sharp (Editors’ Choice, Best of 2015) is now available!

Cut with skill to complete the 320 ingenious handmade levels of Ultra Sharp and become a cut master!

Your finger has never been so sharp!

Ultra Sharp App Description & Overview

The applications Ultra Sharp was published in the category Games on 2018-08-03 and was developed by Lion Studios. The file size is 23.87 MB. The current version is 1.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- UI Improvements
- Hints :)

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Ultra Sharp Reviews


Amazing game  WanderingBella  5 star

If people don’t play this game I don’t know they are

Official E.J.

My review  Official E.J.  3 star

It’s a fun game but way too many adds


Satisfied  a1m2j5g7f5n8  4 star

Not bad little time waster. But god the amount of ads


Amazing  Jdhrbcksjxuvjndiv  5 star

This game is so fun because it’s not impossible and starts off easy unlike other games. If you enjoy games where you have to use your brain, this is definitely the game for you.


Addicting  mbteach2me  5 star

Love this game it’s really calming yet I have fun and can’t put my phone down to stop playing it. Especially since school has started playing this game at lunch is still quite fun


Great game but tooooo many ads...  GETTIN AEZAZ MONEY  1 star

I like this game a lot, makes me think but there are ads every minute! And while you are in the middle of it, they don’t even wait until you finish the level! It’s so annoying and will be deleting just because of that

dylan's life

Dylan  dylan's life  5 star

Great game, really love it

Mimi B 123

The best  Mimi B 123  5 star

It’s like the best game ever and I love it so much it’s so fun!!


Great game  99 YEAR OLD  5 star

I love to play this it is so entertaining on days you have nothing to do.


Ultra sharp  beba112  4 star

It’s really fun.


Good game  josheecan  5 star

I love it so fun.


Best app in the store  Silkwormsoup  5 star

I loved this game so glad it is a free game and you won’t even believe what level I’m on

dance sing and always dream

Review about ultra sharp  dance sing and always dream  5 star

I love this game it is a fun game. It is also sometimes easy and sometimes hard !!😀😎


Good game... too many ads  MattyJD69  3 star

I really like the idea of this game, but you spend more time on the ads than playing the game.


Ultra sharp  Bentley351  5 star

This game is super fun and addictive, I love it 😃

supreme baker

Great Game!  supreme baker  5 star

This game is very addictive, it’s also very fun and cleverly thought out.


Great game  Mojofojo1  5 star

It was a fun game I could play it all day


Review for ultra sharp  Chary🐶  4 star

It’s a great game the uses your brain I enjoy playing it.


Cool game  bamjanovski  5 star

Hi I hope you’re feeling fine I love the game can you please add power ups and new stuff for the game and We love the game.!


Very addictive  lkkgfd  5 star

Great game very addictive and full of challenges.


Very chill  hsbfjcjdbd  5 star

This game is such a calm and fun game to play at anytime of the day.


Good game  rybabyrybaby  5 star

Fun game


Purty Gucci fam  Awesome_man1775  5 star

I’d say this is purty guccir

The awesome one ya 123

Addictive  The awesome one ya 123  4 star

This game is addictive and is something to do while I’m bored.


Awesome and fun game !! Hardly any ads in a hour  😁💎  5 star

This game really is fun and a great physics game too. I have been looking for games like this and am so glad I found it. Totally recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle games or physics games because it combined and I’ve been playing about a hour and only 3 five minutes ads. Major plus in my book !!!

Its foxxx

Really addicting  Its foxxx  5 star

This game is really addicting, and works your brain!

Dom from hall

Dom From hell  Dom from hall  5 star

Dom From hell


Gg  uaudid  5 star



Ultra Sharp  Andreao511  5 star

It is a great app that makes you feel happy when you’re ready to start playing.Getting to play Ultra Sharp was a really fun way to learn new strategies


Hi  ahhdjsjaisjsizjz  5 star

Sooo hard but sooooo fun


Subway surfer  t.girlf  5 star


Funky delays juss

Wonderful game  Funky delays juss  4 star



The best game in the whole world  mqwnebrvtcyxuzilokpajsgdf  5 star

Hi I love your game it was really fun to play


S***  ngiulo4444  1 star

Full of ad! Is impossible to play


ULTRA SHARP  Ponies2❤️  5 star

Good game lots of fun

Ever Nicky

Ultra sharp  Ever Nicky  5 star

So much fun!!


Great  pussylord9000  5 star


ION Infinity

Great game  ION Infinity  5 star

Great game

jon clutch man damn

Lit  jon clutch man damn  5 star

Super satisfactory much applaud


Yee  Baller4LifeBruv  5 star

This fun thxxx

ruby prout

Ultra sharp  ruby prout  5 star

I just love it!!❤️

R e d R o v e r

Yeet  R e d R o v e r  4 star

Yuh Thank you


Very addictive  Adam8719  5 star

So much fun, well thought out and addictive.


NICE GAME  Ekad786  5 star

Fun to play and has levels that you really have to think on which is a challenge to get 3 stars...GOOD GAME.


Innovative and fun  VeteranBob  5 star

Simple concept but needs out of the box thinking to solve the puzzles. Good variation in the designs keeps the game fresh.


IT IS SO COOL  Dayla_10  5 star

It helps keep me calm and it entertains my mind!👌👍

Die ander ou

Lovely  Die ander ou  5 star



Fun and keeps me busy  Fungame365  5 star

When I am bored I play and it keeps me on my toes so I don’t loose concentration. It makes you think outside of the box

hahdjeh sbxbdvebbe

Lekker  hahdjeh sbxbdvebbe  5 star

Baie fun 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤯


The best game ever!!!!!!!  hebkiffj  5 star

This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!😜😜😜😜. It’s so awesome I just want to play it all day


Great game  Alshaair  4 star

Still early in the game hopefully it gets more challenging


Milya  retnev  4 star

Out of the box brain teazer

Khaled 🔥

Why so many adds  Khaled 🔥  1 star

I do not understand why there are so many adds.I can't even play the game with my wifi on its so annoying and angrying. 😡😡😡😩

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