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Want to know how it feels to be popular?
Then this game is for you!

Already popular?
Then this game is for you!

None of the above?
This game is definitely for you!

How to be popular :
* Collect followers from anywhere on the map!
* Grab other players' followers to eliminate them!
* Lead hundreds of people and show them who's the boss!

* Super high tech swarming algorithm
* Mega dynamic and "destructible" environment
* Extra cute faces that will follow you everywhere you move
* And a whole lotta fun!

Popular Wars App Description & Overview

The applications Popular Wars was published in the category Games on 2018-11-29 and was developed by Lion Studios. The file size is 311.25 MB. The current version is 1.0.14 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* Free costumes from Rank bug fixed
* Performance improvements
* UI bug fixes

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money hungry  highkeycrying  2 star

runs smoothly and good concept, but being bombarded with ads kinda ruins the experience. controls are a bit off too, I’d recommended army.io


THIS GAME COPIED CROUD CITY  Killer_Hamster  1 star




It’s so addicting I love it!!! -Angie


Like the game...hate the Ads  whbdwn  1 star

So when you pickup a box during a game, you deserve to open the box without having to watch an Ad or spend money. When you pick up a present in this game, the only choice is to watch and ad to open or just don’t open the box at all


Love it  luanathan15  5 star

Love the app

Kaycee C.

More worlds  Kaycee C.  4 star

One thing I would like to see from this app is more locations I feel like it’s easy to master all the different worlds and more would be a lot fun!


Fun game but....  Tam63686:5  1 star

I am pretty sure this game is only against bots. The same sequence of names come up (even though player can put in whatever name they want). And.... after reaching a certain level, it doesn’t change. Could have been a great game🤦‍♀️

W. Carlzon Jr.

Da BEST  W. Carlzon Jr.  5 star

This game is literally so much fun and awesomeness packed into a screen. It’s much better that Voodoo’s version, Crowd City which had extremely excessive amounts of lag. It’s totally worth 5 stars and I am addicted. I have no complaints and highly recommended this game for if you’re sitting in the doctors office, in a long line or just anytime you want to kill time.

magic girl!!

Awesome  magic girl!!  5 star

This is the best game ever but... I was saving up for 200 coins for the unicorn costume but when I got to my goal I could not find it but overall it’s awesome

game lover 👾🦄🦄🦄

OMG THE BEST GAME  game lover 👾🦄🦄🦄  5 star

Ok this is like a game of awesomeness. It’s so good i would rate it 100085965052366393499420758538052Stars. I’m in love with this game!!!! The thing is, a knock of is here. Introducing: crowd city. It’s the exact same,


One of the worst inventions!!!!  TJJames  1 star

There is nothing wrong with the game itself but just one Question What is this doing to our CHILDREN!!?!?! Teaching them to be popular or they won't be good in life!!!! I can't believe this, im a kid myself I seeing this disgusts me!! Kids don't need to be popular to be loved!! This game is horrible I actually can't believe there's a game where u have to place based on popularity! What is this world anymore?!?! I'm done!!

Retro mumma

Won't work on older devices  Retro mumma  4 star

OMG this is so much fun. But I can't get to to work on my iPad2 or mini2's either. So sad!


So far goodish  PuppyLover682  4 star

Overall the game is actually brilliant!👍 I’m not sure if it’s just my phone though, but sometimes I go to spin the wheel, I’m half way through an add and it just blacks out for a sec, the annoying part is though is that then my phone acts like I’ve pressed the home button and and leaves the app. I’m really not happy about that because it means I don’t get my free spin when I go back in to the game. Another thing is that there’s this skin were the yellow line (that shows how far you have before you get the skin) is the full way but it still doesn’t let me have the skin. Otherwise I ❤️ it! 🤨🙃


This game is amazing but........  owlsnakelion5  5 star

I love the game it is so fun I can play it all day but it’s a bit glitchy on my iPad. I don’t know if it’s my iPad or the game. I recommend it to everyone who wants to play a fun game


Ads cover important areas  Unimpressed-124  1 star

Appears to be a great game. But the ad banner covers important things like menu screen navigation buttons. Ad banner can be distracting during the game as well. Would consider removing ads but expensive and also not sure if I wanted to keep playing as it was to difficult to explore the game first.


Cool  Lucario_master  5 star

It’s cool...but you can make it 9+ with more kiddy adds...just a tip. Also, can you add more maps? I have all 3 and I now get bored...Don’t know what? Add these: Restaurant, work (office), party and park. P.S: Thanks for fixing the black screen! 5 stars now!

i tried every single nickname

PURE BRILLIANCE!!!!!  i tried every single nickname  5 star



Back button not working?  PhoenixPhyre361  2 star

Not sure if a glitch or not but when I enter a menu. I cannot exit it except for completely closing the game? Would like to play more , delfinately, can do that if I’m stuck on a menu😕😕😕😕


FUN & CONVENIENT GAME  ..........*...*...*.*...*.  5 star

This game is really fun and addicting. it doesn’t require wifi or internet & it runs really smoothly. You will ofcourse get the occasional lag but that only happens like once for about 10 seconds a week! How lucky! Anyway, if you are looking to download this game go ahead, I even turned on notifications & it didn’t spam me! Good luck! Great game!


Needs improvement  ryleighlaycee  3 star

Addictive game. Not a lot of levels though better if you could level up to new places and it gets harder the high you go. Ps those complaining about ads just turn your data off while playing game works great no lagging and no ads

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