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Want to know how it feels to be popular?
Then this game is for you!

Already popular?
Then this game is for you!

None of the above?
This game is definitely for you!

How to be popular :
* Collect followers from anywhere on the map!
* Grab other players' followers to eliminate them!
* Lead hundreds of people and show them who's the boss!

* Super high tech swarming algorithm
* Mega dynamic and "destructible" environment
* Extra cute faces that will follow you everywhere you move
* And a whole lotta fun!

Popular Wars App Description & Overview

The applications Popular Wars was published in the category Games on 2018-11-29 and was developed by Lion Studios. The file size is 332.13 MB. The current version is 1.0.16 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

*Holiday themed removed
*Minor bug fixes

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Popular Wars Reviews


Love it  Kristi9962  5 star

A quick game that doesn’t require too much thinking. I love it!


Best app  ty-monty  5 star

Best game to play when you stressed

emily-stone finch

Really fun game and so laggy plz fix it  emily-stone finch  2 star

I’m saying that the game is so fun and good way of making the game but really really annoying lags ads very slow 😢😢 please fix it. I’m begging 🥺 you fix it please!!


AWSOME!!!  jme78  5 star

Popular wars is awsome I love the popping sound u make it is fun to explore the different types of maps but the only thing is WHO WON?every time u don’t win u don’t get to c who did at the end but other than that it’s great👍


Really dude!  hushsmellysocks1  2 star

Every time I get big and I try to eat another player it glitches!

mehek heyer

Love it!  mehek heyer  5 star

This game is sooo much fun I love it and recommend it to you.


Why aren’t they real players?  hedghogirl  3 star

So, lately I’ve been testing games to see if they’re actually online games. I was VERY sad to see that A TON of games I love to play are offline. I mean, I already knew that that game called snowball.io was offline (see more in my review for that game :P) but Popular? Really? I was pretty disappointed :( but the thing is, it’s SUPER glitchy. At least on my device. So, if it’s online, why is it glitchy? Is it having trouble creating fake players and seeing if they win or loose? (BTW, I totally am sure about all these games being offline because I drove...let’s see...oh yeah. 200 MILES to (insert place of your choice) and I was still able to play the games like normal (if you call glitchy normal but it’s always glitchy so yeah) So, I gtg but I have to make a quick suggestion. Make this an online game. I mean, it’s a great idea and a fun game to play and you have the right idea and all but you NEED to make this online. Also, please make more skins and faces and characters and whatnot. Thanks for reading my review creators and/or people! Credit to the peeps who made this cause it is awesome despite every thing I just complained about (Lol) so bye 😊


Horrible Lag  T_rexie06  1 star

This game lagged so much I thought I was having a seizure. At one point my character was stuck in a corner for so long the game ended before I even got to play. It looks like a really fun game and the graphics are cute but what’s the point of the game if you can’t even play it because you’re stuck in a corner \_(•_•)_/

Harry potter rules 🤓⚡️

😉 amazing game 1 suggestion  Harry potter rules 🤓⚡️  5 star

I absoluTely love this game I play it soo much it is very amusing however there is no pause so if I have to do something I lose the round overall the game is outstanding and addicting with or without the pause feature I adore the game I was just hoping you could include one in the next update if not I still rate it 5 stars


I hate it  Ian.lape  1 star

Ads npcs follow me everywhere


So so...  asw812  3 star

Game can be addictive but it makes your phone hot. Also I have ran out of levels. I would recommend additional maps to keep people interested. Game will freeze up sometimes.


Very fun  ITSEVERYDAYMYDUDE123  4 star

I don’t like how you only have one life but other than that I have no complaints. Very good game!!

coconuts r awesome 🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥

Boo 😒  coconuts r awesome 🥥🥥🥥🥥🥥  2 star

This game is nothing but trash 🗑. I have a bunch of money like 191$ one minute later I have 20$ bucks ! They take soooooo much within so many times you play . If you don’t believe me then try it.


Game is good  HulkLuigi  5 star

It’s very fun game I would recommend it

Ms Ozy

Almost best game ever  Ms Ozy  4 star

This game is amazing it’s so much fun and it’s super relaxing.Every time I have a chance I go on my phone and play the game.My only problem is the ads.


YES  LuvMystery  5 star

This game is super addicting and fun I can’t get enough of it. 10 out of 5 if i could!😁😁😁

Ryan is a goat

Wait what  Ryan is a goat  1 star

Life is a mystery but one thing is for sure this game has to many ads!


Popular  ndgdjdtdod🧙🏾‍♂️🧙🏾‍♂️  5 star

I’m super popular ow real life and the game


Is a really fun game?  Impopular  5 star

It’s a really fun game to play? I have won many of the games and skins? I watched many ads and collected skins.

i like it but dont

I like it... but don’t at the same time  i like it but dont  3 star

I like the game but I don’t like it, I mean I like were you have to get people to join your squad, but I don’t like that people steal your people because someone with more people would come up then they would steal my people and I would die, I think you shouldn’t steal other people’s you just keep your own.


It's all good but lag  roblxingril  5 star

When I am in the lead it starts to lag it is a amazing game but plzzz fix the lags

Me benny

Cool concept but a laggy mess  Me benny  1 star

I like the idea of it and it looked fun but it took about 20 seconds to can't from 1 2 3. It was annoying


TOO MANY ADS .......  Adi123456789ooooooo  4 star

Apart from that it is great.

gumball buddy

Great game  gumball buddy  5 star

But it lags


I don’t know what happened  molshie1074  1 star

When I first got it, it was fine (working well, enjoyable and it was that fun I got addicted to it ) . I was playing it and after a match and it went into an add, after a mini game started to load and the screen went black. I pressed the home button and went into my home screen, played a couple more games etc then I went back into popular wars and the screen was still black so I restarted it, went back in and the screen was still black. I don’t know what to do let me know if there is a solution or if it has happened to anyone else. It is a brilliant game to play but from what happened it needs to be improved


Lag lag lag  jendith  2 star

It’s so laggy and you shouldn’t be aloud eat other groups but I can’t win because it’s so laggy it just keeps stoping it’s not fair and there needs to be more more more followers


3 stars!!!!!💀💀😐  conorb2007  3 star

LAG!!!!LAG!!!LAG!!!LAG!!!LAG. Nothing but the lag!!! It's great and all just the LAG!!! I was playing and I was winning and then I froze And when it unfroze this guy comes out of nowhere and it's all of my people.. you know what's coming next..........THE LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG!!!!!!! good other than that.......bye............😐😐😕😕😮👍👎🏻👍👎🏻💩👌🏻💩fix the please🤞🏻🤞🏻🤳🏻

dat boi coolie douh

TO MANY ADS  dat boi coolie douh  2 star

2 stars every time the timers up or you die there is an AD SO ANNOYING


Really fun but......  oanxtvkeod  4 star

This is a very addictive game. People of all ages will love it. But if you HATE games with lag don’t get it the lag is really bad.anyway a good game❤️


My opinion  didderooney😎🤪🤩  4 star

I think this is a really fun game, and really addictive. I really enjoy it. But if you are to make an update then please include these things •more maps •more costumes and faces •more game modes • maybe just some extra mini games Thank you for reading this and if you do please respond⭐️⭐️👌🏼👋🏻

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