ID Please - Club Simulation

ID Please - Club Simulation [Games] App Description & Overview

Tired of not getting into exclusive clubs? Now you hold all the cards!
Take control as the new bouncer for the hottest club in the city. Everyone is trying to get in - but it is up to you to make sure everyone has good clean fun!

The owner is fickle and wants his clubs exclusive. No shoes, no service. The line of customers will try to sneak past you, but your keen perception will identify all the tricksters. Stay on your toes because these unruly patrons will break out in fights! Can you keep the club bumping?

Time to pop bottles and celebrate!

Game Features:
1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Get the owner restrictions and just like your favorite dating apps, swipe left or right. The decisions are yours!

2. Beautiful Graphics
This is one of the best looking club simulation games there is. Cute and funny animation for the unique customers.

3. New Game Modes constantly getting added
Restrictions, fights, club mode there is so much more to come!

4. Chill and have fun
No stresses of trying to look cool and get in the club. No rejection here. Just relax and swipe.

Meet unique people, decide who makes the cut and just remember, it’s your rules!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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+ Bug Fixes

ID Please - Club Simulation Comments & Reviews

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- Awful

Too bad to even put into words

- So far so good

I just started playing but so far it’s been a fun game

- I hate it

So I play the game and it said no ads available and when I finished playing an ad popped up and this game is a lie don’t download it

- Bug

It says bug fixes but I found a bug. Whenever I break up a fight the ID’s bug out and don’t show up unless I touch the screen and it stays in the same place whichever way I swipe. It’s just really annoying.

- I’ll give you the truth

It’s a great game though there is some little bugs like when you get a prize but you have to watch a video to do it and I don’t want to but it makes you but you did fix that it is not a boy over all it is a awesome app I recommend it to any body

- It’s awesome

Love this game 🐹🐰🦊🎑☪️✝️💟☮️🕉☯️🕎♈️⛎⛷🏋🏼‍♂️👗👙🤪😜🤩 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠💞⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫🔥🌪

- Its good

It’s good

- Awesome 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑!

Hello and this game is a awesome game!I like it but lots of adds 😴😶😴😮! Well the adds doesn’t seem to work me up,it lets me get new games!!!! This app is awesome and I want you to think if you want it 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻ThAnK yOu!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Super fun

I like it you should get it I gave it 5stars the game is fun👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Great but....

So how do I turn to a girl? 🧐

- Meh

At first when I downloaded the game I thought it was fun, but then I realized after almost every level there was an ad for “simply piano” and it kept repeating the same ad over and over again. So unless you’re patient and okay with seeing the same ad repeatedly then get the game, but I’d youre not then I do not suggest this game.

- ID please

Amazing game


There are so many ads!


Seriously? One ads between each game??!! Goodbye



- Too many problems

There are too many adds and it’s super glitched. When ever an add pops up at the start of a level the clipboard pops up and I can’t see the ID. Adds are also adds are there every second. Like what the heck! Please fix this problem or I will delete this game

- The best game👍👌🏻

This game is the best you need to make a game just like this one!😁👍

- Very Broken

good game but every time you accept a bribe are play for more then 10 mins the game gets stuck and you can’t reject are accept a person into the club very annoying. PLEASE FIX!!!

- star

Oh my god! This game is so boring! All you do in this is look at people’s ID’s and kick them out or let them in. This game is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!!! Do not download this game it will waste all of your time! This is not worth playing!!!

- ADs all day every day

If you like watching Ads then this is the game for you ! Regardless of whether the game is fun you will be watching ads 50% of the time. I’ll play a game with ads but this is absurd

- 1 star for you

It’s boring and has too many ads

- Best game ever! 👍🏽

I think this is the best game ever because you are kinda actually pretending that you need to check there ids and it is real fun!!!


cradley booper

- Idk dis game is fine

-,- I just got dis game soooo ya

- Ok

Great game but ADS ALL OVER THE PLACE. can hardly play the game because of the ads. UGHHHHH I would’ve enjoyed this game.

- Omg so good😍😍

I love it so much that I cope playing it

- It’s Moslty Awful🤗

I just downloaded this game TODAY!!! And I already think it’s SUPER boring. I will definitely te download it if it has more things like getting to change the person’s clothes or going inside the club. It really needs some improvements QUICK!!😡😰😱 I don’t know how it has 4 in a half stars because I looked at most of the ratings and most of them I totally agree with.

- Music is cool

I like the game and the music is pretty cool but if it would be cool if you can add more music to the game it would be a 5 star game in my opinion but it’s an awesome game.

- To the Id please creators

This game is the best out of my game collection and have like 34 games and this is number 1 there are no problems when I play it then when I'm playing it feels like real life I and you don't have to pay for the game.

- OK game

To mane ads like evre 5 minutes thar was in ads it’s ok I cinda love it thanks so much! Lorelai

- Day 28

Hello! I love this app but for some reason every time I try to play on day 28 the screen goes black. I still hear the music and I can feel the clicking. But nothing works. Can you guys please fix this?

- Ads

In understand that you need ads to be successful, but when you shove them down my throat every second it’s annoying

- It exists.

It’s good and all! There’s just some things that need fixing. There’s a few bugs here and there. Before I get into all of this, I want to point out the good things about it. I guess it’s time consuming and I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but how the designed the characters is pretty cool to me. That’s just my opinion though. Now, let’s get into a bug that needs to be dealt with ASAP. I don’t know if this only happens to me but, here we go! So, when you get to one of the bribers..the people who bribe you. For me, whether I watch the video to accept the bribe or just not watch the video and decline the bribe, the game glitches afterwards and I can’t check IDs nor the requirements. I have to risk letting a random person in the club to get it to work. Even if it does, it gets worse. I can see the IDs..but it’s not smooth and the animation gets choppy when swiping. Then, if I want to check the requirements, I can’t switch to them UNLESS I risk letting some random person in the club. It’s complicated, but it’s still a pretty big problem. Well, for this game, it’s pretty concerning considering all you wanna do in this game is accept the right people and get a good score, right? If you can’t because the game refuses to let you, then what’s the point in having it? Another thing that gets on my nerves. There’s an ad for basically every little thing in this game. Can I also stress how annoying it is that it’s basically the same ad every time? For me, it’s Coin Master. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of seeing Coin Master ads and seeing a bunch of them in ONE game like this..? It makes me want to delete the game instantly. Please cut some of the ads off. That’s all we ask. Yes, I said we, because everyone would appreciate that - I’M SURE. Pretty big assumption there, I know. Only problem’s an educated guess, an inference, I guess you could say. I got this guess by basically every review I’ve seen so far on this That’s basically about it. You see now why I gave this game 3 stars? Yeah, hopefully you get my pain.

- wouldnt reccomend unless are autistic

ghis game is trash unless your bored enough to play in a trash can

- Was fun until.....

So I’m looking for fun games to play during quarantine and I come across this one and download it was fun at first but then I had to uninstall it well because.... 1. Too many ads (back to back) 2. Too many bugs. Can’t see the ID’s at times because the clipboard is in the way. You press the button that says that you want to get extra stars and/or money to watch a video but the only button you can press is “no, thanks”. It’s not worth my sanity....

- ADS!!!!

No matter what after 30 seconds of game play you get an ad. Might as well accept every bonus the ads give cause you’re gonna watch one wether you like it or not.

- Adds pop up way to often

After every time you interact with the people in the game you get an add. And they just pop up way to many times in just 10 minuets

- Cool game

Pretty fun, just got started with it!

- Great game

I love this game because it shows u what to do if u wanted to do this job

- Not that good but it’s ok

So, I like this game it’s just that I don’t like the adds and when they just move them like I can’t control the people I hate that part I’m like can they do better it’s relaxing and all but like if there were no adds every 2 minutes it would be cool and fun but it’s OK it’s not the best I always change games when there is I think a glitch and I recommend to play like calming apps like this one well it’s not really calm but it’s fine game just I need this app to UPGRADE PLEASE THANKS BYE :)

- False in-game awards

Multiple times now I have doubled my coins or stars by watching an ad video. These are not reflected in my banks however. This game whether by oversight or intention does not adhere to its own rules and is selling advertising without providing the offered awards. This is a major agreement violation and needs to be addressed or the game removed.

- Great game but

I love the game so much fun but every time there’s an ad which is usually a long 30 second ad

- Stop complaining (about ads)

If you keep complying about ads, just turn on airplane mode. Learn.

- The best game

It’s fantastic and it’s fun to play

- Nice

I really like this game and look forward to see other games you may publish, and I hope you a great day or week, month, year, and decade!!!

- Ads

Too many ads, not enjoyable

- It’s ok

It was fun at first but then I just got bored maybe if there was more to do than just check ID’s and how people look and stuff it would be more fun and I wouldn’t get bored playing it

- Not boring

Since the corona has been going around and most people stay indoors with their family (like me) I think this is a really fun game to play when ever u get bored being on lockdown anyway I hope everybody stays safe your in my prayers love ya

- Game is boring

Boring and Lame

- A good game but these ads are ridiculous

And it’s almost like the developer is trying to force you to fork over $3 to stop the annoyance. Other than that, pretty fun game

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After every round you Play there has to be a add!!!!!!

- I fully like it

Love it 😘

- Fun

It is fun but maybe put more things in it 🥺

- Boring

Too many ads

- Fun but can’t play🤷‍♀️

At the beginning it was super amazing and I LOVED it, on my second day when I tried to watch an add to apply it said no adds are available. I thought it was ok but now that happens every time I try to play it!

- Stupid

Couldn’t think of a bigger waste of time, spent more time watching ads then i did playing the game, DELETE!!

- It’s great but so many ads

Soooo many ads can you add less ads

- Ok

This game is pretty good to me there is lots of commercials but otherwise I love it

- Love this!!

When I first played it I didn’t think that is would be good and when I played it. IT WAS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!💜❤️💛🤍

- Not bad

Pretty good but it lost two stars because of all the ads...

- Cool

I love it

- Ridiculous amount of ads.

I mean every 20 sec! Every time you “complete” a job they will force an ad on your eyeballs.

- Awful

It kicks me rite out of the game rite wen I go into it!!! I don’t like it at all!!

- Ehhhh

It’s fun for like a minute then it gets boring cause u keep getting the same task but if u like this kinda thing I definitely recommend

- I LOVE this game!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🤯

I LOVE this game!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🤯

- Love this game so much

I love this game but there is to much ads

- That’s a lot of compliments

I♥️ it feels so fun I have it like that you can swap to your right hand this game is awesome thanks for the game 😃😀😍🥰 And I love whoever made this game Thank you so much for this game again 😲 omg I just figured out you can switch to both 😲 another OMG

- too many ads

yo there was an ad every 30 seconds i liked the game but i had to delete because the ads were just unnecessary

- Eh

It’s ok. It gets boring after 2 minutes and it glitches too much. I barely can play. There’s so many adds that pop up like it’s just a random idea for money. Don’t really recommend it

- Can’t even enter

Can’t go to home screen in the app or even play the game and enter unless I watch an add this game is so dumb when I press play it makes me watch the full add and if I don’t it brings me back to the screen can’t even play so a bad game

- Awsome

This game is very fun

- day 28

on day 28 the screen goes black and won’t allow me to play on and dont wanna keep having to go back in days to get money and stars, fix this!

- To much ads

I love this game but to much ads. I like to play as a go to game so plz make less ads. Other then that I love this game

- Okay?

Good game but calm down with the ads. Y’all selfish for the money.

- Good

Good but way to many ads

- Just bad

Literally just a worse version of Not Tonight with ads every 5 seconds. The ads are so bad that you watch an ad, then go to another menu where it throws another ad at you.

- Awesome

I love this game it’s so cool. I’m now sooooo addicted. This game makes me so calm and happy to be who I am.

- Glitchy

I’ve had this game for about 10 mins and It is a super awesome game but... I think that it’s really glitchy hope you can fix the glitch. I wish there were more avatars to pick and way less adds.😜

- Rating for Id please

I'm addicted to ID please because it is the best game in the world do you get to let people go in the night club and if you let the wrong people in you have to restart

- Do not recommend

Too much ads and very repetitive. If you want to rage on something, download this game.

- Five star

It’s a really nice game

- Fun game

I am so addicted to this game

- Funny but too much pub

Too much pub. Please give a break

- Boring too many ads

Super boring and not well made game...

- This is an amazing app

This is an amazing app I love it so much and it’s so much fun

- If I could I would read it as zero star :(

This is one TIP l really recommend ! DONT GET THE GAME! Why I said don’t get the game first of all the game is bad all you do is the same thing over and over and over again I wish there was an easier way to let them in you have to constantly swipe up and down and wait for them to go in it takes up so much time and it hurts my thumb so badly It’s the same people so it’s kind of obvious and then I get so bored if the developer could make it a bit more fun I would definitely do it and I would like to get forever and I know some other people rated five stars because there like oh my gosh I love it so addicting but it’s horrible and to me it’s not really addicting at all it’s more like me never want to go on my devices anymore I hate it:( 👎😾🤬😡🤯😤

- This game cool

This game is great to play in ur free time and yes I’m not a boy I’m a girl

- No

Don’t even bother

- So good

Can’t stop playing and I just got it 20 minutes ago

- 4 stars

I love this game but I gave it a 4 because it says it is a never ending game but it isnt

- Glitch?

Goes black once I go on level 83 won’t let me play and keeps displaying that I’m at level 27

- i’m addicted

Love it.

- Awesome

AWESOME, download it if you love cats!

- Yasssssqueen


- It OK

It’s good but it’s just ok


I just love it sooooo much. If your reading this you should download this

- So many ads

It’s unplayable because there’s an ad every 10 seconds!!!

- Shit


- Pretty good. Minor issues

This app is very fun and addictive but I do have a minor issue with the app. The thing will say: 21+ white clothing and sober. Someone who is waiting in line will be 34, sober and wearing white pants and the app will say oops when I let the person in. Other that that, the app is amazing and would totally recommend to others.

- ID please

It is the best game I have on my phone me and my friend are addicted to is a great game I love it.

- Little off

I just started I love it but it’s easy and it gets boring just swiping all the time

- The best game ever

I love this game it’s so fun and kinda easy

- I guess it’s ok

There’s no girls

- The ads

The game can get boring at time but THE ADS are💩💩💩😤😤😤💩🤢🤢

- Cool and okay......

This is a great game but it can sometimes be annoying or something like that but other than that it is pretty cool and okay

- 𝙸𝚝𝚜 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚎

𝙸 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚊𝚖𝚊𝚣𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚒 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚔𝚢 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚒𝚝 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚠𝚎 𝚍𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚒𝚍𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚜 𝚔𝚒𝚍𝚜 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚢 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚐𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚕𝚞𝚋 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚍𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚍𝚜 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚋𝚊𝚍

- Nice but...

You see it is really easy sometimes or hard. It makes me stressed. Can you please put levels? Also adds!?!?!

- Keeps taking me back to my home screen

If I could give 0 stars I would but every time I try and play this game it boots me out of the game and takes me back to my home screen please fix this issue

- No point

I don’t see the point of this game with the excessive amount of ads and all you do is check id’s which is pretty boring

- This a amazing app.

This is a amazing app. I would recommend this app for age7 plus. I play this in the train car or on a is one of the best apps on my iPad /iPod

- please fix

i can’t get past day 28 my screen just goes black, but the music still plays, kinda disappointed

- Kinda boring

You just do the same thing over and over i say you try the game but it can get boring easily

- I like it

This game does not have to many ads

- 100

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this app soooooooooooo fun

- I acctually love it

It's amazing

- Alright I guess

Could be better. Gets stale after a while so it’s the type of game you’d play on the toilet

- My Review

This game can be very boring but it alright I just wouldn’t play it as much it needs more fun into it.

- I like it

It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

- ID please

Whoever made this Game is the best from Natasha

- Good game

Amazing game guys should download best games EVER!!!



- Utter trash

It’s just adds every 3 seconds with no difficulty to the game. A 2 year old with full blown autism could play this with ease and still get mad with all the ads

- I’d please

This game is to boring but I recommend it for young kids because it’s so easy

- 😍❤️❤️❤️


- Would be nice to get through 1 level w/out Ads!!!!!

Painful constantly spending more time watching/dealing with bleeding ads as opposed to playing the game. Don’t waste your time.

- Just an excuse to serve up ads

This game is just an excuse to serve up ads. Ridiculously easy levels, so that they can show an ad between each one. Add to that ads to double your income and double your stars and just at random. I get that the game is free, but I feel I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Deleted.

- Yes


- Gender and Accessories and more

I really think you should include girls and Different accessories and body types and you should also let the players Decide the rules because some of the rules are to easy to follow so please can you add a rule button or something P.S PLEASE DO THIS!!!!! Or I will be very mad😡😡(kidding I will be super mad!)

- Good but....

To many ads........

- Too laggy for me

ID Please is a great game but the only thing that’s wrong with it is that it’s too laggy. It might only be laggy for me because I don’t have anymore space on my device. But overall it’s a good game. Would Recommend! :)

- Don't waste your time


- Pretty good

Great game few bugs though. It’s also annoying cuz the game is very persistent when it comes to rating, this is the third time they’ve asked and I’ve had this game for a week! VERY ANNOYING

- Really bad

The worst and most boring game I have ever played

- This is the best game I’ve ever played

I love this game because it’s a fashion game that we have to give the ID to the sucurity

- I give an 8

Masterpiece. Perfect game. Big fan. 8/8.

- What the

I’ve deleted this game multiple times and it keeps installing itself. Bit creepy if you ask me. Boring asf game

- Ads ads ads

Just stop with ads already!

- 12+

So far so good but if you swear me delete app

- Amazing

This game is absolutely amazing it can effect you by playing it every day it’s inspiring

- Ehhh it’s alright

This game can get really boring at times, I feel like it needs more features or something. I mean you get maybe the developers were going for a simple game, but it’s just so plain. It just sits in my apps waiting to be used, I mean it’s a great draft but maybe add in some new glasses and beards and stuff, or maybe you can add in some other age limits. So maybe like your not aloud to be in if you are 60+ and then a really old person could fake to be a 20 year old or something on their fake ID. There are quite a few ads but they are not exactly spamming them. So overall, it’s an alright game but it’s just a little bland. Thank you developers for creating this game though 💜

- To many ads

It’s ligma

- ID Please needs girls

Why don’t you have girl bouncers. It is completely sexist. This game needs girl bouncers. Do it in your next update.

- Horrible game

This game is horrible game it never gets any hotter and it’s just overall fake make you pay so much money for it and gives you nothing it’s so easy and you don’t even get that much money weight shift so never ever get this game don’t listen to all the people saying that this game is good because it’s not the end

- :D

Love it

- Glitches

The hell? I was frustrated because i knew i was doing the right thing and following the rules but they said that i have let the person in i was like no i didnt... like?? And then when i didnt get anything wrong it says that i have made a mistake???? Overall not recommending for sure

- Ehh

Gets repetitive fast. Would be better if the things you have to look out for where not so obvious. Also there’s not much to spend your in game money on. Needs a lot of improvement

- Riddled with ads

Want to play? Watch an ad. Done with this round? Watch an ad. Starting the next round? Watch an ad. Want a good score? Watch an ad. Atrociously designed.

- Ads

This game is full of ads, I’m just trying to live my best life possible as a bouncer — getting my pay, getting my food, just so I can get home to my family. Absolutely dreadful... In conclusion - don’t get this game if you don’t like ads after every time you complete a level. Also, please stop making the ads so frequent; otherwise I am not returning... (I’ve already uninstalled).

- Lag

2 laggggggggy


I sadly can’t get in the darn game :( I wanted to play it but it just lagged me out again and again plz fix this glitch thanks a lot! And even with wifi and not wifi IT STILL DOSNT WORK! Plz plz plz fix this glitch thx a LOT!

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- Great game a love it

This is a basic game...and I like it I recommend you download this game

- Great game

I love it!.

- Too many ads

I spent more time watching ads then I did playing the actual game

- Love it

I totally love this game

- Not the best but it’s still a good game

Pros: Free stuff you can buy You get good rewards The game is colorful Cons: I don’t like Ads because some are inappropriate. This game makes my phone makes my phone like a oven. A lot of weird ads Overall the game is good, but it could have been better the game has a little or no ads at all.

- ID Please

I like the game

- To much ads!

There’s too many ads you greedy ducks

- 💗

Good game


I hope everyone likes this Game I do to.

- Coolest game

it’s so so so fun I love it.

- I love it

Two words: Amazing app

- Don’t download

It’s really boring and repetitive.

- Terrible game :P

I mean it’s just boring.It’s just the same thing over and over again and it’s too many ads.Watch as soon as you download it you will delete it like in the next couple of days or hours. If you’re gonna make a game don’t make it boring take my advice ;-;

- This app is ok.......

I got bored after the first time):ok I take some of it back the main problem is the add’s their’s way to many I am not a very patient person and this game makes me very angry some time’s plz make less add’s appear🧠.

- 🥇🥇🥇🚵🏼‍♂️🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇


- Ads should be adult not 12+

If your game is 12+ why are your ads for an 18+ audience. Very disappointing that you will let ads for apps Like episodes be you money ads

- ID please

I like the game but when I do something right they said I didn’t do that. But I do really really like that game very fun

- Easy

Too easy got bored. This is a real review®️

- Bad

Terrible game

- I’d please

I love I’d please

- Great just one thing...

This is a great game, but I wish that you could like customize your own character like they give you options such as, boy or girl but I was thinking that that could be the base and you would be able to customize it. Overall this is a great game! ♥️

- Bruh

I am concerned. Why is this game trying to FORCE me to pay for this? The owner of this game needs help, bruh I do not recommend this game at all

- I’d please

I love it so much It’s hilarious

- Literally no point

This is one of the most genuinely pointless games I think I’ve ever played

- They punish you for not sharing data

There is giant bar on the screen saying that you are limiting them from fixing bugs because you decided not to share your data with Facebook, Applovin and Appsflyer

- I like this game

This game is good I just wish you could do more lol

- Kyanna’s review

This game is awesome because if I get in the real world I’ll know what to do as a security guard.

- It’s ok

When I first started playing I felt like oh this is fun but when you get more into it I kinda starts to get boring like all you do is swipe cards and decorate a room with the money you earn.I mean it’s kinda fun

- Upset

I paid $2.99 for NO ADS and I still have to go through ADs to get more money and free furniture! What was the point of me paying????? Omg! Such a RIP OFF AND FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!

- Quite Good 🙂

Not going to lie but there are ads about which makes it look 2x better than it actually is. Besides that the game is addicting and I recommend you to get it, if you haven’t already. It also twists ur mind so it takes some thinking. Overall I feel this game is 4 stars.

- Too Many Ads

There is too many ads! Don’t get.

- It’s fine

Overall this game isn’t bad but there are quite a few things that could easily be fixed. First of all I would like to point out that this game is super repetitive and it’s not even like one of those fun repetitive games. You know those games that are super repetitive but they are so fun that you don’t really care that you’re doing the same thing over and over again. I would also like to address the fact that there are so many adds like they are out of control. The adds could simmer down and I would be delighted. So yeah also the game just gets kinda boring like before you get the game you’re like super excited and it looks super fun but as soon as you get it it’s not as fun as it looks so others than that the game isn’t horrible and that’s why I gave it three stars ⭐️

- Very fun and addictive

I am very pleased by how this game turned out. It’s fun and I could sit here for hours playing. I recommend this game if you want something that you can enjoy for a long time and not get bored!

- 🎉 in the 🇺🇸

Yay there’s a party in the USA

- Not good

TOO MANY ADDS Not enough variety/change in the game


The game ahhhhhh it's a maybe really everone should be invited because not everyone is 21 years old or drunk soooooooo

- Too many ads

The game is good and fine. Just way too many ads. After 10 minutes I had to delete. I can’t play a game when after every tap I do on the screen there’s an ad.

- Amazing

This game I fire. I love it even know I just started using it.

- My rate on Id please

I love this game it’s very entertaining to me because I’m only 9 and I get bored my WiFi does not work or smithing like that but I have over 30 games on my iPad.

- I’d please

It’s a good game because I say ID please and you give me your ID😂🤣😅 .

- You need a ID

So this is the best game ever there are different rules every single time like you need to be 21 or older and have a black shirt on or you have to be 18 or older and have a yellow dress on or you can’t be drunk you can also design your character if you chose the boy you can get different beards and mustaches and sunglasses if you chose the girl you can have different things to the only down side is that there are a few adds and you have to earn some of your glasses and what not but overall it is a great game and you don’t need wifi to play so keep playing and have fun.

- I love this game so much

Because his so easy and there’s only one rule

- The best

This game is so fun the only problem i have is that when u do the thing with boys and girls it doesn’t work still this is one of my favorite games

- Too many ads

Too many ads. There was just more ads than normal back to back to back. I couldn’t even get too far into the game because there was more ads than gameplay.

- Good game

It’s a pretty good game to play. It’s fun to play on road trips and other thingys like that. I would recommend to bored people.

- Ok but like wow what a game 🤯😱

This was so fun and amazing... I know this isn’t a lot but I can’t really say anything else that would describe how awesome this game is

- Good ,but can use tweaks

I got this game but it always tells me where to put the people, but I want to put them in different

- Cool game

Good game when you have nothing to do somehow it relaxes me

- Fun game

Ok this might sound a little weird but it is true I have never played this game but it looks fine so you should get it. I know I know it’s a little cuckoo just trust me my friend Justin Bieber said it is the best game in the world my cousin Ariana Grande also said it’s really fun and my sister Taylor Swift said it is the best game!🤩

- Kinda not working

So, it’s a really fun game but on day 28 the guy says “ID PLEASE” but when the part when the people show up it just keeps loading! And I hate it when that happens! But again, it’s a REALLY fun game

- Awesome game

Title says it all CREEPER AW MAN

- Too many ads

Ok I won’t lie but this game is good buy do I have to download a ad blocker for this app? Like this game is like every button I press is an ad button and it’s getting annoying

- So funny

I really love this game!Its the combination of fantastic and challenging =fantaging 😊

- Waste of time


- Addictive

This game is so addicting and I can’t stop

- This game is the best like so lit ☄️⚡️

Thx you guys for this game

- Maddie’s review

I love the game so far

- 😒

It’s fun I guess but there is an ad like every 20 secs! It’s only fun to play if you’re not on wifi and that sucks

- Ok

It’s a great game but it’s always the same things.WAY TOO MANY ADDS!Other wise it’s a good good game 4 out of 5!

- Good

It is a good game

- 💖💖💖OMG💖💖🔥🔥🔥


- Ads

This game is made in 1 minute

- Hi

I like the game lots 👌

- Best

Best game ever sksksk

- Yassssss

I loveeeeeee this game it’s so addictinggggggg👍


Also no logic. Only people with red shirts can enter the club?! Plain idiotic.

- Awsome play right now

I found this game and I tried it and it was amazing 😉 play now for free

- Great

i love it soooo much

- Turn off WiFi for no ads

So a lot of people are paying for no ads just turn off your WiFi or Cellular for no ads

- Good game

Pretty good but not the best 8/10 😏

- It's good but it take long time to come in

So I like it but it take like 2 minutes to turn on I'm rating 4 cuz at lest I got to play it

- The best no wifi game

Soooo addicting

- Ya it’s okay.

This game is fun but only for a short period of time but it’s a fun game only if ur a person who dose not get bored or is okay with that. I like this game for about 15mins.Bye person who is reading this! Have a nice rest of ur night or day!

- To many adds

There are so many adds that you can barely go trough the next level without seeing adds

- I love it

I love it I think I’m addicted

- I love it! Just maybe don’t put that many adds :)

4 stars

- Cool

It’s just cool

- Sooo good

So good

- Fight

So I had two that where going to fight... sat and waited for someone to punch first and no one did.... can you please fix that?

- The game is garbage

I played it for about 3mins until a got an AD. After it played another AD because I restarted the level? Bad game design

- Fun game but

There are way to many dam video ads

- Awesome.

So coollllllllllllllllllllllll

- Get rid of the ads!

The game is so fun and it breaks my heart that there is way to many ads. To make it even worse, they are all the same ads. Please lower the amount of ads in the game. A good timing would be every 3-4 levels. Please let me know if you fix the issue so I can download the game again. Thank you.

- Not for me

I like the game for the first ten minutes but then it got boring and repetitive so I stop playing for awhile but I still play it so if you’re reading this give it a try it’s FREE👍🏻 Also what does sober mean?

- Love it

I like the game but l have played better

- It could be better sorry

It’s okay but it kinda gets boring after the first few levels

- Meh

Will sometimes say someone has violated when they fal under all the right credentials. Kinda annoying and gets repetitive. I wish there was more options for criteria of letting them in. Like hair colour or anything else. The closing is rather annoying. They can have a white shirt on but a blue coat and they violate it. Or they have shorts on instead of pants. Super silly.

- Know what you're getting

The game itself isn't bad as a concept but there are so many bugs it's really frustrating to play so I wouldn't bother until they get that under control

- Fun


- Ad as ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ssssssssssss

When u are done a level I see a ad all the time why can’t it be free😡

- Love it!

Such an addictive game! Would recommend😍

- ID please

I love this game it’s very amusing and very addicting and it’s really great so try it out❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- O....M....G

When it was a add and i wanted to play it........ITS NORE AMAZING THEN EVER

- ok

i love this game i want to check peoples ID now!

- Superb

It’s really good but the thing is it does drain ur battery and it’s SUPER ADDICTING

- Won’t run

It’s wouldn’t run

- Spam

Good game but spam is pretty every 5 minutes

- Hi

I was so excited to play it

- It always crashes, I don’t know why 😩

The game keeps crashing, I tried like 50 times and I keep crashing! I wish I could have played this game. But, it keeps crashing every time.

- Omg soo good

Love the game good work

Libertex 📈

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- My review

It’s a very good game fun to play but slightly glitchy but all around really good game

- Do u actually want my location?

Why when I downloaded this it was all fine and good to play but after a week I got back on to play it and then it says “please can id please use your location?” And that could trick young children’s minds because they press anything and they will allow it and that changes everything.

- Amazing Cheetos

This game is fun and cool you get to experience all of being a body guard me myself personally I don’t want to be one but I like the game it’s fun and it gets a little boring when u get the bribes and the break ups but the fake ID’s I really like doing I rate this game a four and a half because it’s alright but I would like a bit more people and different characters apart from them I really like the game!

- Amazing

This game is very time wasting but once you gave it for a long time it starts to get a bit boring I recommend this game because even if it starts to get boring you still play it once awhile! In my opinion I love this game and now this is what I just play. pls get this game and even if you don’t play it often you will alway play it again! 5 stars for this great app!!!🤜🏼🤛🏻

- Boring

Really boring.

- Ok

Really good you should definitely get this game


I ❤️ this game because it is so cool and on different levels you’ll do different things 10/10 if I could put 10 stars 😺😸 Such a cool app this is my favourite game I have

- Great teaching game

It might help teenagers understand that you can't go into clubs at the age of 18

- Pretty good but...

It’s a blizzard of advertisements which can get proper annoying

- Fine I guess

This is kinda a good game but there are some side effects: This game kinda copied off of paper please, it asks for ur Facebook account (btw don’t give) and there are constant apps. My side of view is if u want to get a good game for car journeys and stuff get this but if u want a game for just to play on all the time then don’t get this. I highly recommend tiktok thanks for reading xx

- Way too many ads

This game is 70% ads. This game has a good idea but is excecuted poorly. Also, when you let in someone you’re not supposed to nothing happens, besides you getting less money

- Review

It’s boaring but THen gets interesting

- It’s rubbish

It’s basically tinder for a nightclub swiping swiping swiping it’s so boring don’t download this!!

- 😁😁😁😁

I can explain with one word AMAZING!

- Pretty much unplayable

The gameplay get old extremely quickly, very very little effort put into it and with around three ads popping up per round you spend 80% of your time realising exactly what the purpose of the game is

- Amazing

Amazing amazing amazing amazing

- BEST GAME EVER 🎃😹😽🙀😻😺😸🥰🥰😻😂😍😍😹😹🤩😜😺😸😽😘🥳🙀

It’s so funnn

- Ruby

This game is good for your consentration my child has no eye coordination so this is helping him whilst having fun

- Rules

I thought it said sober but no one is drunk!

- Ads

Ads every 10 seconds I think I watched more ads on there than played the game. The upgrades are rubbish too it’s boring

- Best game ever

This game is good because it teaches you what is wrong and right

- 🤯


- I hate it but I like it

At first I really liked it but then I realised that it sometimes doesn’t let all skin colours people in and now I hate it and think it’s racist also it’s not nice how people can only go in if they’re good looking

- Good Game

Good game, fun, time passing and quite straight forward to play. And it’s free!

- Could be better

They could be some changes i think. They could be more people in a game, less ads and ive found there are a bunch of bugs and laggy-ness. Hopefully that will change but after all it could be more intresting and have a bunch of cool effects that would make it addictive and it could have stuff like themes and events so it will be addictive like alot of other games 😂. It definitely has some goods but its not really the type of game that would unbore me when im stressed or bored. Overall good game !

- Good

It’s a really good game

- fine

its a good game like how u have to pick out people wearing certain colours and 21 or over thats all good. the ads though to many ads i paid the £2.99 not get the ads and i still get the ads so that was a waste of time

- Yawn

Very boring

- Read it......

Me: “Hope I can get through” Guard: “Pass”

- Best game you will see since fortnite

This is soooooo good

- Cool I guess

As well, can get a bit boring when you have been on it for soooooo long but I really like that you can change your look and upgrade your room when you have enough money. I really recommend this to someone who likes to spend a long period of time on things and has lots of patience.

- Amazing ✨


- Get noob

Get noob

- Racist to homeless.

I do not like how this game represents the homeless. Not very cash money of you. No pun intended.

- It's quite boring

So this game is quite boring it just like let's u change what the MAN (u can't change into a lady) looks like and swipe to the rules right for yes left for no (to let them in the club) visuals aren't that great but overall it's a good game for when there is AB-SAIL-LOUTLY NUTTIN' to do and I'm eleven so yeah and i NEVER WRITE POSH /in full words so yeah

- Good

This game is so fascinating!!!

- ID game

I love this game it gives you a habit of playing it again and again ,however, you really need to concentrate .👍(so fun)

- Amazing game but...

The amount of ads is just ridiculous, to do one thing you have to watch 2 ads, I understand the game is free and it how they make their money but I can’t even enjoy the game because every 10 seconds (and that not just me exaggerating) I have to watch a 10-30 second ad? If you ask me, make the game 99p to buy and just get rid of the ads, it’s spoiling something really great

- Game

Very good game i was eccommend it

- I’d please

This game is Really good because you have to be 19+ For I’d to let you in

- ID Please


- Good but

Good game and cool to play if you’ve got nothing else to do. However, the amount of stars you earn each night doesn’t add up correctly. I earn like 17 stars in one night, get back to the apartment bit and I’ve only earned 8-10 stars. I don’t get this? Is it a glitch or something? It’s kinda annoying

- Ads

I love the game it’s so addictive and fun to play , I could sit and play for hours. The problem is that there are loads of ads and I don’t mind some ads but not advert after advert after ad.👍🏽

- Good game! 😊

I love this game, it’s really fun and simple however there are too many ads and it gets a little boring after a while. Overall, I would still recommend this game!

- too much ads

fun game, but why do u need so many ads? the game only last 1 minute and then theres an ad, then another and another! i might delete it if it keeps happening

- Boring and too may ads

I would recommend this game if you are very bored but it has lots and lots of ads, for example it has one atleast after every level. Also I feel like you’re just doing the same thing over and over again and nothing exciting happens. So overall I would not recommend this app to someone unless they were bored at the time

- I love it

I love I’d please because I’m 8 and it’s like a job at a nightclub

- To many ads

I like the game a lot but there is just to many ads like after every level

- brills



The only thing wrong with the game is that there isn’t enough ads, please put ads in the middle of the levels as well as after the level, and not those silly little ads we want the ads that last 30 seconds that also can’t be shut down.


I love the game but there are to many ads I wish the game would not have that much ads

- 4 star

You could make it a little bit more interactive by going into the club and seeing every thing but also make your own.

- Honestly very boring

To be honest and this is my opinion so no one start an argument but all you have to do is swipe left or right nothing else also just design your character but there is no point of designing your character because you don’t see your character when you are doing the “id’s” your just wasting all your stars for nothing. *punches* Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) Could make this game a bit better but I don’t really recommend downloading this game Bye poop creators( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) p.s not lion studios they are really good creators but not the other creator

- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game so so so so much I played I think for like 7 hours

- Pretty lit

I like it but it could be better, all you do is swipe left or right and uh it’s pretty boring rather than GG Game bro

- Ok

It’s good but the ads just make it annoying and it would be better if there were less


Keep up with the good work you will be able to get a lot of love with this game love you 😍

- Weird!

The game is pretty fun but there’s a problem... the drunks only have 4 fingers???

- One thing to say

This game is amazing buuuuut, the reason why I rated this a four star game is because the ads, I know the help support your games but I think you should calm the ads down just do less ads please...

- I Think it's TRASH so TRASh

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

- Not happy jan

I’ve played this game since release and it’s wrong because I’m in Australia and it’s not 21 it’s 18 so this game is dumb and I’m going to take the owners to court.

- Coding 101 back a button do what it is suppose to

Pretty straight forward if there’s an option to turn off the music, then it should TURN OFF THE MUSIC it’s this utter incompetence and idiocy from the simplest of things that shouldn’t be occurring but still are is what ruined the game completely for me.

- Great

This is amazing! It’s not glitchy at all and no ads and everything is amazing

- Full of ads

Don’t get me wrong I fully understand that app developers want/need to make money off their apps but this game legit spits an ad out like every 30 secs. finish one round AD, new day AD. Ad after ad after ad Game itself would be half decent without a ad every 30 seconds but honestly not worth downloading

- Id please

This is a gun game for when you are lane really funny when they bribe you

- Ads

I think this game is all awesome but I don’t like the ads they the worst I’m playing the in the middle of the game and the a ad come on and hate it 😡but the rest of the game is amazing 🥳🥳😎

- Could be better

So first of all the game is good but not great it could be better there is no real thrill or adrenaline to the game maybe you could add like the bouncer kicks people that are in the club out and also just checks inside the club and j have had a problem with the game I let in all the people I am supposed to but then when I finish the level It says that I let in the wrong people and last of all there are way to many adds and it is super annoying if you could fix theses issues and make the game a bit more interesting that would be awesome I hope you listen to my suggestions and maybe do some of them

- Broken Game

Ads are frustrating as all heckers, consistently popping up. The new update has put the blue screen over the ids so I can’t see them (I can however see the colour, if any part is red, they aren’t allowed in) but I’ve consistently had troubles where I reject someone wearing the rejectable clothing and told I’m wrong and vice versus where I’ve accepted the correct clothing only to be told I’m wrong (and everything else has checked out for them). The final straw for me was when I flat out couldn’t refuse a 19yo and I couldn’t accept her either, the game just broke. I’m not wasting space for this.

- Fun and easy

Great fun and easy except the only hard bit was identified the fake I.Ds sometimes they can be red and other times not but overall would recommend

- Boring

this game is terrible there’s no main plot to the game and gets boring after one level

- I can’t see the IDs properly

It is annoying because the ID is under the blue I can’t see the fake IDs well either please make an update for that

- Bugged

It won’t let me in the app pls fix

- The ad. 🙄

The game is OKAY. but the one thing that makes me furious is the dumb ad! “Only dope dudes allowed” and when a girl comes on screen he said “oh what are you going to do put makeup on? Just kidding GET IN THERE.” that is offensive. If your going to make an ad at least put some darn effort into it! 😠I wouldn’t want to get the game if I have gotten so offended, the only reason why I got it was so I can write a review. On the other hand, the game is a 6 out of 10. Just fix the ads!!

- Can’t see the ID

I don’t know why but with my iPhone pro max, the ID Is covered by the bottom banner and I can barely see the age nor the pic. Frustrating so played it for a minute and got rid of the app. Shame.

- Good game, but minor inconveiniences

the bar down the bottom of the screen doesnt let me see the id so its difficult to play. can hardly see the age or the id pic

- Can’t play properly with ads!

The ads cover the bottom border blocking the IDs and rules. Making the game unplayable!

- Can’t see I’d age

The way it is set up the age on the is is blocked on my screen by the bottom menu

- Oops.

I officially hate that word now, oops. I played it earlier without them telling me I was wrong, but now that I’ve just played it again it’s telling me I’m letting in the wrong person even though I’m following the rules. Who I’m actually allowed to let it feels random. Incredibly annoying. Please fix this. And also the big blue bar down the bottom actually covers the ID making it harder to see. Perhaps adjust the game to make it fit or remove it all together.

- Bruh

DUDE!!! Every time I enter the app I am kicked out of the game! Explain! 😠

- Unable to play properly

It seems like a fun game however it is difficult to play as you are unable to see the “ID” properly due to it being hidden under the bottom menu bar where you can switch between “ID” and “Clipboard” meaning you’re practically guessing most ages and not able to play properly. Other than this very frustrating error it would seem like a fun game to play if this was fixed.

- Good game

It's a good game but it has a lot of ads it's fun but tricky to memorise rules I recommend this game

- Not bad!

It was a really fun game! Until I got to day 8 and I would o what they said and it said I got it wrong! That made me a little upset but other than that it wasn’t bad.

- Great Game, Needs tweaking

Love the game! It’s very addicting although the ad at the bottom pushes the menu section upward and covers the ID. You can barely see the age of the person and I have failed a few times because of it.

- It’s not that bad

I can’t see the id’s properly,but the rest of the things are fine like the vibration works when I turn it off in doesn’t vibrate,so,i don’t know what’s wrong with your devices

- I like it.

It’s a fun game but like too many ads and the music is trash. I like the concept of the game and all but just needs some better music.

- Pretty good game

It was fun to play but the music and ads were really annoying.


if anyone is confused on why they can’t figure out fake ids, just look at the ID pictures because they’ll have different people then what they look like, but some ID pictures have the same person but just different colour hair so pay attention x

- Poor

Can’t turn off annoying vibration even when you turn them ”off” in setting still vibrates. Also ads

- So. Freaking. BROKEN

Sure, the game is fun, a good substitute to papers please, but I find that when I can let people in, sometimes it says I’m wrong and have a deduction and have to restart. This is annoying as Frick and means I have to try about 10 times

- How to get rid of ads

Step 1: Go to settings Step2: turn Wifi of Step 3: play game without ads Boom

- help

i swear to god i am a dumbass but i cannot y’all the difference between the fake id’s and the real ones! i also hate the ads



ID Please - Club Simulation

@JurnalApps: Sebagai tukang pukul, kira-kira siapa yang akan kalian ijinkan masuk club malam? Putuskan di ID Please: Club Simulation. h…

Sebagai tukang pukul, kira-kira siapa yang akan kalian ijinkan masuk club malam? Putuskan di ID Please: Club Simula…

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ID Please - Club Simulation 1.5.20 Screenshots & Images

ID Please - Club Simulation iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ID Please - Club Simulation iphone images
ID Please - Club Simulation iphone images
ID Please - Club Simulation iphone images
ID Please - Club Simulation iphone images
ID Please - Club Simulation iphone images
ID Please - Club Simulation iphone images
ID Please - Club Simulation iphone images
ID Please - Club Simulation ipad images
ID Please - Club Simulation ipad images
ID Please - Club Simulation ipad images
ID Please - Club Simulation ipad images
ID Please - Club Simulation ipad images
ID Please - Club Simulation ipad images
ID Please - Club Simulation ipad images
ID Please - Club Simulation Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
ID Please - Club Simulation Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

ID Please - Club Simulation (Version 1.5.20) Install & Download

The applications ID Please - Club Simulation was published in the category Games on 2019-11-29 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 389.96 MB. ID Please - Club Simulation - Games posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 1.5.20 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

ID Please - Club Simulation Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

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