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Pawn Shop Master [Games] App Description & Overview

Can you become a Pawn Star King! Run your very own shop and try to spot hidden gems from customers. People are lining up to make a deal. Use your bargaining skills to get the price as low as possible before you buy it off of them. Be careful though because some items are fakes! Can you spot the differences before you make a purchasing mistake?

Line your business with gold, antique guns, jewelry, art - whatever you can get your hands on to make a profit. Will you become the most famous Pawn Store in the city? In this game, only one person comes out a winner in these traders - and that person is you! Embrace that silver tongue of yours and convince people that they have to make this deal. They are desperate for the money and only you can provide what they are looking for. Let’s make a deal!

Game Features:

1. Make the right choice!
How good are your observational skills? Do you have the innate ability to spot the diamond in the rough?

2. Many items to Pawn
So many unique and cool items for you to buy, sell and collect

3. Fun for the whole family
This game is fun for everyone. No matter who you are - everyone like ripping a deal.

4. The art of a good deal
Harder than it looks - try not to get swindled by our expert con artists

Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or you just like collecting items, then Pawn Shop Master is the game for you! Everyone better be careful of you.

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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Pawn Shop Master Comments & Reviews

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- I think there may be a bug

Hey Developers! I really love this game, and I see a lot of people saying there are too many ads, but I’m getting none at all. When robbers come to my shop, I try clicking the buttons to pay him or “take this MFer” and nothing happens. So now I’m stuck at the robbery and can’t get out of it or continue playing. Please fix. I really like this game.

- Too many ads

This would honestly be a really fun game if you didn’t need to watch an advertisement every time you try to do something. It’s obvious that instead of trying to make a game that people would enjoy for a long time, the creators threw it together rather quickly and did everything they could to add adverts everywhere. I get that they want to make money. But dang! The only way to move forward in the game is to watch 20 ads per round. It would also be nice if we could organize our products on the shelves so that we can keep track of what we have. It’s getting annoying having to scroll through all the shelves to look for other matching items. I’m going to play the Pawn Stars game instead. It’s more user-friendly and you can tell that they genuinely wanted to make a fun game

- The ads are too much!!!

I just downloaded this game. I have played it for literally ten minutes. The game seems interesting, but there is an ad popping up every other time I click something. And, sometimes, I don’t even know something I’m going to click is going to cause an ad to pop up; the ads are not quiet, either. It’s 3:00am and I had a loud ad play and had to turn my phone down to keep playing. I tried, but you can barely play the game as there’s so many ads. I’m quite sure I spent more time watching ads than playing the game, and every ad is 20 seconds or longer. I saw a “no ad” offer, but since I could barely play the game to see IF I even wanted to continue playing it, I’ll pass. I’m confused how this game had such a high rating when ads are literally half of the game. No, thanks.

- Wow...

The game is pretty straight forward. You get customers to come in and sell you their stuff, swipe to accept or deny the offer, polish it, stick it on the shelf and wait for a customer to buy the item on your shelf or quick sell it. Honestly, it would get rather dull... that is, if you get a chance to play the game... the reviews weren’t kidding, there are an insane amount of ads. I usually don’t mind watching some to support game devs but, this is ridiculous. I had to disconnect from the internet in order to actually play. I suggest you guys cut down on the pop ups and keep the incentive ads. Also, you guys should add at least a barter system and/or chanced items, as in, the scanner can’t detect the items and it’s up to you if you choose to buy it or not. It could be fake or real. I think that would make this game more interesting. As for now, it’s a 1 star game for me, sorry.

- Ok but hate the ad pop up

Do not even try to play this game a ad pops up litterly every 30 sec and after a while that gets very annoying very quickly I mean how do you expect people to have fun on this and want to play it when you can’t because of stupid ads always poping up I see more ads then I do getting to play the game and some of the ads are over a minute long and they force you to sit there through it and watch I do recommend this game to those that hate ads but other then that I do like the game but seriously you should make it to were ads pop up way less and to were you can skip immediately this is why I deleted the game you are not selling nothing more then a game full of ads and no one likes that I would have given a five star but you got 1 instead because of to many ads I would consider this advice

- Not ready for release.

I saw this game in an ad so I desired to try it because I was pretty bored at the time and it did seem interesting. I was able to buy every single “upgrade” within probably 15 minutes of playing. The upgrades was just a way to put in more ads and make more money. They advertised this game which is clearly not ready for release. You have people coming in asking to buy items that you have never seen before and sometimes you go a whole day without anybody selling anything to you at all. Poor coding/planning on the devs part. I would not recommend you waste your time with this game unless you plan on watching ads for half the time and playing the game for 15 minutes to then have no progression system since you will have bought everything already.

- Meh

This Game would be ok if there was changes to the items because it gets SO repetitive. A thief is always the last person to come in for the day, you get robbed and have to either pay money or watch an ad to make him go away. I use an ad blocker so the ads don't show up but when it's off, the ads are every other second. TOO MANY ADS!!!! Also, there's an issue when someone brings an item in, it shows they are asking $10,000 and on your screen it shows it's worth $90,000 so you buy the item only to see that it was actually $100,000. Don't know why they don't fix this.. this is a reoccurring issue. The game would be so much better if there were more variety in items. It gets old after a few rounds.

- Too many ADS!!!!

*tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD *tap* AD Hopefully you get the idea. The game would be great for idle playing if there weren’t SO MANY GOSHDARN ADS. I don't review apps very often but I feel like this is a special case. You’ll see this game in an ad (most likely in another game) and say to yourself wow... I’ve seen that so many times I might want to try it. So you download it. I’m going to tell you right now this game is a waste of your time. You're wasting your storage space, unless you’re looking for an app that gives suggestions for better games with less ads, then definitely get this app! But as soon as you find a game don’t give the developers the satisfaction of making money off of your misery. I promise there are better ways to spend your time.

- Love It!

As you can tell by the title, I love it even though I’ve been playing for like 3 minutes. Also, comment on Reeder’s review, if you’re on a mobile device, pull down on the top right corner of the screen and click the airplane symbol. It's Airplane Mode. It will automatically disconnect from internet. No internet, no ads. I’m terribly sorry if you cannot do that. If not, you can still do it in Settings. Edit: I change my rating from five stars to three stars because on day 1 level 5, I found the bad guy except the button that says Call Police keeps disappearing and when it does appear it won’t let me click on it.

- Why is this a thing

So I decided to go to the App Store because I was kind of bored and want to play a game I stumble across this game in my recommended section and I go you know what sure I’ll play it so I start playing it and it’s OK it’s nothing good it’s like you get stuff from people for less than it’s worth then you have like a Stocks thing and you sold other people but it’s kind of like really boring plus it’s like you can’t play the game without watching like five ads every like two minutes I hate ads so much it’s like at least force me to get out so don’t just say oh you have to watch an ad click this button to watch an ad that’s so dumb that’s why I gave up it is a crap game that’s all

- Horrible

It’s a fun game but when you are playing after every sell or close to it you have a ad and it seems like by the time that ad is over a robber walks in and makes you watch another one and also not enough people walk in wanting what you already have i played the game for 20 minutes and quit and other ppl will too it would be a lot better if you got rid of like half the ads so y’all still make money but the people playing the game can still have fun the ads get to the point it’s not even fun anymore it just gets on your nerves it drives you to delete the game just take it slow and easy so everyone is making out ok y’all trampled this game with ads

- Too simple. Too many ads

They game is very straightforward. A customer comes in, drops off an item, the scanner tells you the value and how much the customer wants. It’s basically a math game for a 5 year old. Also, there is an insane amount of ads! I don’t mind ads for incentives such as bonus cash, but after almost every customer there is an ad. Then every single time you buy something it asks you to watch an ad to reduce the purchase price, and then another ad to increase the sales price. I was forced to watch more ads than actual playing. Advice: allow us to adjust the purchase & sales price. Remove the pop up ads and leave the incentive ads.

- Ads = Lose money in-game

Played it for awhile and thought it was a decent game to pass the time. Until, the Robbers in game, steal all the money you earn. The only way to not get robbed is, WATCH AN AD?!? I get it, these game wouldn’t be made possible without them but don’t shove ads at the consumer and punish them for not watching. I already get an ad for every 5-6 customer that goes in so regardless I’m watching an ad. But losing the money I earned for not watching ad, is too much. The games back then on the App Store were put in a lot of work and I actually would support by buying in game currency. But these games now are literally “robbing” you. Unless you enjoy ads, don’t waste your time

- Good game just too many ads

I’d like that how the pawnshop game was very interesting and very simple and you are typically the decider of you want to take sell Or other options but the issue is is that almost every time you complete a client you get a pop-up ad which that can get very annoying sometimes I understand it is there to help the developers but this is just way too many odds that it ruins the gameplay experience I would recommend for the next update to lower down the ants only use it if they want to get extra stuff out of it

- Way too many ads - don’t waste your time

Ridiculous amount of ads, never seen so many. Makes the game completely unplayable. The game’s star rating is fake too, just take a quick look at the reviews: all of the real ones re either 1 or 2 star reviews - then they have obviously stuffed in a bunch of fake spam 5 star reviews that have little to no content. Do yourself a big favor and don’t waste your time downloading this non-stop ad commercial, the developers only care about the ad revenue and care nothing about their customers experience. One of the worst games I have ever downloaded.

- To Ad or not to Ad

Point of the game is to buy and sell stuff from 5 customers that come in each in-game day. Can be fun but it gets pointless after a minute. And I get it, ads are the way these game developers make money but holy bajebus there’s so many ads in this game. Theres pop up ads, constant offers for watching ads, and every other day there’s a robber who comes in and if I don’t watch an ad I lose a ton of money! The only way to progress is through ads. This isn’t fun. Developers ruin games when they pull stuff like this. Ended up deleting this 10 minutes after I downloaded it

- Ads, ads, ads , and look more ads!

I understand needing ads to make money but literally you tap once and get an ad. Tap again and get an ad then after that ad you get a suggestion to watch an ad to keep from losing $500 . Listen for a game that you literally have no objective in and no goal there’s way too many ads . It wouldn’t be so bad if you gave us like upgrades or objectives . And did I mention there’s too many ads? Just in case I didn’t there’s a TON of ads , like you don’t play or do anything it’s literally just watching ads.

- Awful

I downloaded the game thinking it would be fun and honestly it might have been. However you can’t do ANYTHING in the game without an ad popping up. The game works by having a customer come it offer you an item, you determine the value of the item and if you want to sell it in the store. You also have people trying to sell you stolen stuff and a guy that tries to rob you. Seems interesting enough. However I legit have a ad pop up after every customer and the ads aren’t short. I guarantee I spent 3/4 of the 10-15 minutes I “played” this game watching ads. Not fun, do NOT recommend!

- To many adds and can’t choose

Let’s start with the adds. There are way to many, you get adds every other time, and when you choose an add for a special option you just get an add after that. Now, you can’t always choose the options because when the thief came to sell me something I wanted to see what would happen if I chose it, so I swiped right but it was not going. The only one where it actually worked was call the police or no. Now I am not sure if it was just my phone but I don’t recommend. I really don’t know how this game has so many stars.

- Hi 🙋‍♀️

This game is stupid OK you can barely do a thing OK now listen. You have to be listening to me right now because what I am about to tell you is insane because whenever you have to do something we have to pay or watch an ad which is super annoying. It’s crazy right….......... Do you know what else is crazy............????!!!! You just got Pranked HaHaHaHa🤣🤣

- Ad Overkill

I understand the need for ads. I don’t even mind watching ads to play games and to progress. But when I have to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game I get frustrated. Especially when I voluntarily watch an ad to progress and as soon as it’s over I get sent straight into another ad, or there’s an ad after nearly every choice. It would be different if you had to watch an ad at the end of every round plus the voluntary ones, but geese this is ad overkill!


Just a little advice to the devs, if you’re going do do ad rewards in your game you should also make the player watch forced ads every time they sell an item in game. After like 2 minutes of playing I’ve already uninstalled the game. If y’all listened to the reviews you’d probably get a lot more people who stick around and play the game for longer. I guess mobile games just aren’t meant to be fun anymore, they’re just a medium for pushing ads on the player to make more money. Your game is unplayable, take it easy on the ads and you’d get a bigger player base.

- Too Many Ads!!!!

I’ve played plenty of games where they use advertisements. I get it, that’s what pays the bills. But this game throws up an ad between every turn (about every 10-15 secs) and holds you hostage until the ad is finished (usually at “least” 30 secs, sometimes more!” You can’t play more than one turn without being forced to watch an ad. If it wasn’t for so many ads, this game might be interesting. Sorry, I’ve lost my interest after playing it a couple times. Developers, don’t be so greedy with advertisements. It’s killing your audience.

- If you buy it there’s still ads

I paid $2.99 for the game to remove ads. If I want to do anything interesting in the game, like fight off a robber, I have to still watch ads. It’s better than after every customer, but I feel deceived. The game itself is fun, so I gave it 3 stars. Also, I’ll buy something for a price and it always says I paid double for it. It also mislabels items and so when people come in, I can’t sell it to them.

- Sad

Could have been a great game if ads didn’t pop up every 30 seconds. And the robber comes in after like 10 sellers and asks for like 2500 or 3000 when you only have like 600, which then you have to watch a 30 second ad everytime to get the robber arrested and not pay money that YOU DONT HAVE!

- Can’t even play it!

Customers come in to buy or sell items. You literally have to watch an ad to buy an item, you have to watch an ad to sell an item! If a robber comes in, you can either give up an item for free to get them to go away or you can watch an ad! When you level up, you have to watch an ad! When you call the cops on a thief, you have to watch an ad after they get busted! If you buy an upgrade for your shop, you have to watch an ad. What a joke! This is no game. This is a super lame excuse to try to generate revenue. It would be fun IF YOU COULD ACTUALLY PLAY! But you can’t. All you can do is watch ads. In 10 mins, I watched 8 ads and then realized I was frustrated because I STILL hadn’t even gotten to play the game. This is when I realized that there is, in fact, no game whatsoever - only ads. Ads, ads, ads Ads now and ads for all of forever. Ads. Ads. Ads.

- The bought prices of items

Every time i bought an item from someone it always changes. For example I would buy something for $5,000 and then say i bought it for $50,000. This doesnt make sense due to not making any profit from these items when you decide to sell them. Also when I want to buy the item for the $5,000 price and have $10,000 to use to buy said price item for $5,000 it will say not enough money. This needs to be fixed.

- 5 stars

Thank you lion studio’s for making this rad game it sick I recommend u all play this and enjoy it its one of the best games I have ever played in my life so far and this game has a awesome way of doing a pawn shop so plz play this game because you will enjoy it

- Great game? Nope just ads on end

This game has great potential to be great and fun. However, there are to many ads at once, that it feels like the player is drowning in ads. I would recommend that an ad happens every fifth round in the game, and not every single time something happens. The ads make this game unplayable, making it the reason I give 1 star. The only way to fix this game is to lower the ads substantially, or make the game cheaper to buy without ads, such as maybe .50 cents or at most a $1.00. Very unhappy, this could be a good game.

- Seriously?

So the game seemed like it would be decent. Besides the fact that it’s simple, swipe left or right, there is no point in which they take the training wheels off. It’s the same thing every in game day. The last customer of the day is always the wanted thief. Every in game day someone will rob you, and you’re either ponying up the cash, or watching a video to fight back. Even if you pay to remove ads. And saying that. EVEN IF YOU PAY TO REMOVE ADS there are still a million ways the game pushes ads down your throat. Worst $3 I ever spent.

- Too many ads

This game is actually quite interesting and fun but there are so many ads! I can’t play for a whole minute without an ad popping up. I understand your business with the ads but come on, let us play the game. I don’t want to pay for no ads when I’m just starting to play the game. Hopefully you’ll tone it down with the ads, if not I can’t see myself playing this app.

- Buggy

For some reason when I buy an item the game adds an extra 0 to the price. So instead of buying it for $600 like I think I am it ends up being $6,000. The value of the item is hardly ever anywhere near the inflated amount so I’m losing money every time. Please fix this! Also I would love for there to be a way to counter offer rather than out right reject or have to watch an ad.

- Repetitive and 100% completion in a couple hours.

1) items get repetitive as there are only a few differences between them in each category 2) I completed the entire game in just 2-3 hours, bought every item in every location and there is no longer a reason to play 3) stolen items seem to have no repercussions when you buy them and immediately quick sell 4) robbing gets repetitive. Always the same guy and same ad to make him go away 5) you can’t view what you have on display in your shop freely and all upgrades are forced and 1-dimensional I’d like to see more upgrades, more items, half the ads, more customization, etc. This feels like a fraction of the game it could be with just a few more weeks of development.

- Becomes boring quick, tons of ads

There’s not much development in the game, not much challenge either, so it becomes boring quick, playing the same 5 or so scenarios over and over. Where it does stand out is an insane number of ads. Such as, it shows the choice to get $50 or to get $200 by playing an ad; you choose $50, and next thing you know it plays the ad anyway “for free”. I uninstalled it after 10 minutes.


When you first start playing the game it’s pretty interested and fun but after less than 5 minutes it’s repetitive and boring. Speaking of boring the ads aren’t that better every 30 seconds or less I get a dumb boring long ad that is more than 20 seconds! When the robber tries to rob me I always watch a video to not get robbed and the second my video ends you guessed it another ad pops up! I don’t know how this garbage game got 4.4 stars as the rating but for me it would be an easy 1 star

- A lot of ads

This game gets pretty boring after a few rounds let ,s tell you why there are to many ads and the only thing you do is get a customer get the stuff there selling an then polish them if you want sell and it’s pretty horning the main reason I got this app was to see chucks but I could not see him so maybe it’s on a higher level and I did about 20 levels for nothing so I kept recommend this game sorry developers.....

- Excessive ads

I agree with the other reviews. This is a fun simple game to play. However, you can’t do more than one quick action without being bombarded with a full-screen ad. How do you expect a player to enjoy your game enough to pay for ad free playing when they can’t even demo it without having 7 ads in 60 seconds?! Also the ad-free purchase seems to specify that it only removes SOME of the ads? That’s crazy to me

- Ads ads ads. Even if you pay money ads

So I know you need to make something for these games. Which is why I usually will buy the ads free upgrade to support the game. But even when you buy ad free. You still end up watching ads just to play It only takes away the bottom banner and the ads in between each day. So you play for 10 secs. Watch 30 seconds of ads. I kind of feel like sending Apple a dispute for paying for ads free. Since it is false advertisement

- Adssssssssssss

The game its self is okish but you have to watch an after each level you have to watch an ad. And even if you have your wifi is off, a robber will probably come and ask for 1000$ and if you dont have the money for it you have to watch an ad to make them go away. I had 1000$ and the game didnt even accept it so my only option was to watch an ad, WAYYYYY to much ads dont get this game rhe only reason its reviews are above 2 stars is because they bought bots. Dont get this game.

- Ad Roulette

Honestly this game is fun, but I spend more time playing the mini games in the ads (since I have to wait 30 seconds for half the ads anyways) than I do playing the game I wanted to play in the first place. Also, I don’t mind ads as long as they aren’t incredibly forced. I get it, a free download needs ads to be free. Even a forced ad after each “day,” or after every criminal wouldn’t be horrible but if you touch the screen it’s immediately an ad and a 30 second wait.

- Just one big giant advertisement

Thought this was going to be a fun game, but everything you do causes an ad to play. Sell something? As. Buy something? Ad. Polish something? Ad. Oh you finished an ad and want to go back to main game? Ad. And these can be thirty second ads at times as well. And to make matters worse there’s really no purpose to the game. Making money doesn’t let you upgrade stuff to make more money. Just make ur shop look cool? Other than that, it’s pointless. DELETE.

- Ads ruin the game.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this game at all. I paid for the no ads which was $2.99, however, a thief constantly walks in and takes money from me because I refuse to watch an ad. On top of that I cannot see what the VIP customers have to offer because of the ads they require you to watch. I also can’t upgrade my pawn shop all the way without watching atleast 6 ads per room. I am so sick of it and wouldn’t recommend it. Biggest waste of money ever.

- glitches

I love playing this game. You never have to wait for energy or lives like in other games. The only problem I have is when I offer the client 50% of what they are asking. When I purchase the item, instead of $1,500 like I offered, it says I spent $15,000 on the item when it’s only worth $3,000! The game has been updated several times with “Bug Fixes” but this is a continuous issue...


The adds are insane It got so annoying that I counted how many adds I watched. I watched over 16 adds in 5 minutes. There is no goal in the game. I watched an add and then 7 seconds later there is another add sometimes the adds are short but some can be 30 seconds long and it is just a waste of time I should have licensed to the other reviews because they state that this game is awful and that there are so many adds after one person you have to watch an add.

- This game is great but a lot of ads

I love this game a whole lot but don’t get me wrong there are tons of ads if they lower the ads it’d be better but holy moly there are a lot but other than that this game is great aims fun and good for kids but can y’all chill down the ads

- To many ads

I get that the company has to make money but they spam ads. A robber will come in every minute asking for a ridiculous amount and the only way you can stop it is by watching an ad. They also have customers that come in and the only way you can make a deal is by watching an ad. There is also ads at random times. Even if the game didn’t have all the ads it still has minimal things you can do.

- This game took its potential and flushed it.

I’m unsure why the developers thought it would be a good idea to implement an ad system they wouldn’t even want to play with. Every single time you do anything at all in the game, there’s an ad. If you want to make money as a company this is not the way not the way to go about it. I would have liked to keep playing this game long term and would have been willing to spend money on additional perks but it’s not worth the headache.

- Prices are incorrect

Sometimes when a customer comes in and asks $10,000 for an item, and it’s worth $30,000 you think “Awesome!” Then you buy it and pay $100,000 instead of $10,000, and you lose so much money. That is a serious issue that needs to be fixed. Also VIP customers do not need ads with them, that’s just dumb.

- Enough with the ads

This isn’t even fun because you spend more time on ads and clicking ads then you do actually playing. You swipe anything in the game and an ad pops.... it’s stupid ridiculous! The game isn’t really even that fun. It’s just a quick deal maker and to the next person. But it can literally take you 2 minutes worth of ads to get 10 seconds of game play. I’m deleting this garbage. Don’t waste your time.

- 2 star rating

Overall, the game is basic you have customers come in to purchase or sell items. I enjoy the fact of it being different for every customer and price but when I tell you I have never played a game with so many ads. Every time you move on from a customer you get an ad. I spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

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- Too many robbers

This game is a very fun game, I have played this lots but before I know it I am bankrupt due to robbers appearing and taking my money, it has gotten to the point where the game can’t load anymore ads because I have watched so much.

- Piece of trash

If you want a game thats fun... well stop looking cause this game is terrible. Its repetitive, not very well supported for anything iPhone 6 or below and over all is very money hungry. Why? may you ask, well its continuesly the sane thing over and over all though thats usually ok they wont even let you polish the items urself. The game on my iphone 6 which is a (lower model) can usually all ways run these types of games but this one is special because it wont let me get past a robber wont let me hand money, or watch video. Lastly is how money hungry if your like me who turns ur data or wifi off to avoid ads well apparently they just pump robbers at you so you lose all your money unless you watch an ad. So dotn get it its not worth it.

- Ad apocalypse

Game would be nice casual fun to play while on the toilet but the adds just comes up after dealing with just one or 2 customers which is far to often plus the button to pay the robber didn’t work had to watch an add just to throw a shoe at him and I don’t think the option of paying the 3 dollars would get rid off all the ad completely like other games of this this model I certainly wasn’t paying the money to find out 2/10 wouldn’t recommend installing I uninstalled it within 10 minutes

- Just horrendous non stop ads

This game had potential and could have blown up. But the constant ads after every second customer destroys the appeal almost immediately. Not to mention the robbers that appear constantly!! There is absolutely no way to accumulate wealth without sitting through ONE MINUTE ads. It’s just ridiculous. I understand that developers need to put food on the table somehow but seriously?? This is by far the worst ad-ridden game I’ve ever experienced.

- Terrible

This game could be alright, it’s not something I’m going to spend money on and I would advise other not spend money to upgrade to an ad free version unless they really enjoy the game, the 5 minutes I played the game I watched at least 15 ads, there’s ads when you sell items, buy items, get robbed, send a thief to jail, polish items and randomly when people are walking in the door, too many ads for such a small and basic game, even when free you do not get your monies worth.

- Terrible

If you’re looking for a boring, repetitive game riddled with 30 second ads, this is the game for you. Do not buy the in-app purchase to remove ads - you will still need to watch 30 second ads to accept vip customers and prevent your store from being robbed, both of which are necessities to make any progress in the game... what a joke. These money hungry app developing jews turned a great concept into a poor business gimmick

- I really wanted it to work

I really wanted this game to work. It sounds fun and the concept is solid. I gave it a decent go but the constant ads is way too much! I’m not even tempted to pay the $3 cause I doubt it would have much affect. If you’re reading this before installing... save yourself the trouble and pass on by (unless of course you like spending more time watching ads than you will playing the game.)

- Too many ads!

The game is okay but there are so many ads! You watch an ad to do anything and then it asks if you want to watch an ad for a bonus, you say no and it plays one anyway! Should have said yes and at least gotten something out of it. It just got ridiculous, especially when it is the same two or three ads repeated again and again

- Adds

I don’t like the amount of adds in this game after each time you sell it get but overall the game is good

- Too many ads

I don’t have many games so not sure how this one compares to the norm, but it is impossible to enjoy the game when the ads are longer than the game time. Appreciate I have the free version, but the experience does not make me want to invest in add-free because I can’t really work out if I would enjoy the game

- Don’t download

I thought it was fun until I get the ad removed I thought it would give me options to get rid of the robbers but no you still need to watch video and you can’t do anything wasting time wasting money. ( oh and when you don’t have enough money for the robbery you need to watch those videos) I would give this game a zero star if I could !

- I like this but

I like this game a lot but... there’s a lot of ads in this game But I highly Recommend this game if you want to see ads. Wink wink ( that part was a joke )

- You don’t even know how to play at the start of the game

You don’t even know to play at the start of the game it’s so complecated

- Omg

I just love this game there is no robbers yet and I am making money in seconds this game is amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Ads & bad math(?)

Too many ads. An ad after you accept or reject an offer and robbers coming in making you click to watch an ad so you don’t lose money. Another issue is the “Not enough money” message kept popping up even when I had more than enough.

- Too many ads

Looks like it would be a fun game but after only five minutes of playing, I have been hit with four ads. Really frustrating and takes away from the game.

- Needs fixing

Just got this giving it 3 stars too many robbers and the watch video part to get rid of the robbers does not work fix that and it be better

- I finished the game in one day boring

The game is very short in one day I finished the game and already have 100 million dollars and don’t know what the point of a game you can finish in 5 hours

- Taking more than it says

Just out of curiosity.... how come when it says it’ll cost me $22,000 to buy an item, when I click buy it all of a sudden will take $222,000 and then I’m at a massive loss. After paying to get the billion ads removed I expected better. Fix it.

- Ads Galore

Honestly was enjoying but way overloaded with apps if you spend more time watching the ads then playing, if you’re happy to spend $3AUD to stop the ads then you’ll enjoy this game if not then don’t worry about it

- Most horrendous game I’ve ever seen

Ads after ads and forced to accept their privacy setting which uses my Facebook. Even when I selected not to watch the video for bonus an ad would still pop up. What a horrible game!

- Good game - Way to many adds

Completely understand that developers need to make add revenue but there become a point when it’s too much and takes away from the game play.

- Ad Game

This is one of those games where it encourages you to watch ads constantly, or watch an ad to stop a robber from robbing you. I get watching an ad to double value, though not to be robbed, really..

- Money

Prices say buy for $1000 Once’s you’ve paid for it it says bought for $10,000 Think there’s a problem there

- Not worth paying for no ads

Paid for the no ads feature, yet every time a robber or vip come in you still have to watch an ad, really not worth it, would not recommend as it just seems like a greedy game.

- Repetitive and full of ads

Far too many ads to make the game enjoyable. Serve a customer..get an ad, VIP customer..get an ad..uninstalled in under 10 minutes. Do yourself a favour and don’t bother downloading it at all

- Fun, but frustrating

The game is a bit of fun, however, ads after every action... that’s disappointing. It breaks the flow of the game and is a bit of an over kill

- Potential is there

Really fun game, but way too many ads!!!

- Way too many ads!!

Such a shame - great game but every single thing you do is followed by a lengthy advertisement! It completely ruins the experience as you spend more time watching ads then playing the game!!!

- Boring and watch an ad to win

It is pretty boring it is continuous and is very easy to catch out the robbers and you have to watch an ad sometimes just so you don’t lose money it is really dumb and annoying

- Way to many ads

This game really doesn’t have much going for it at all but the worst part is an ad every 20 seconds that makes the game more annoying then fun.

- Too many ads although I paid no ads it still have to watch ads

WHY ITS STILL ADS POP UP????? I PAID ALREADY ACTUALLY APP SAID ONLY $2.99 but it all cost me $4.49 but still have to watch ads???? What should I do Can I have refund back or something do it for me

- why so many ads?

this game has so many ads to the point where it’s almost unplayable. you watch an ad that goes for about 30 seconds and each round goes for about a minute. so essentially i’m barely even playing the game a third of the time, i’m watching commercials. great concept for a game but this...this needs to stop.

- Too many ads

Would be a good game if there was an option to get rid of the ads. Will be uninstalling this one sorry, not sorry

- Ads ads ads

More ads than gameplay. 30 second ad after every single action. Not worth it

- No depth

After a game with no options and full of ads? Well here is a game for you.

- Too many adds

Too many adds it’s like there is no game because your watching adds all the time

- Too many ads

Deleted within 10 mins of downloading. The game is loaded with so many ads, you’re really downloading advertising disguised as a game.

- Ad every time you do anything

It’s a pity as the game isn’t too bad- but unless you like spending your time watching ads then don’t bother!

- Pawn master

Played about 2 minutes,that was enough...way too many ads that go for 15 seconds each..deleted !!

- Adds adds and mor adds

Way to many adds everything you do creates another add not worth playing


would be fun to play if there wasn’t so many ads

- Ads are so intrusive

The number of ads is ridiculous and intrusive, and the game is pointless and quickly became boring.

- Bad and offensive to REAL pawnbrokers

As an actual pawnbroker I find this game offensive, we only have to watch HALF as many ads to get deals (also there is no magical scanner to help me)

- Ads ruin the game

Literally a 30 second add every 2 minutes. Ruins the game experience and is frustrating.

- Don’t waste your time

Game penalises you for not watching an add, also filled with adds every 30 seconds

- Trash

I played this game for 5 minutes of that and I think I watched 5 adds so deleted it..... downloading this trash

- Omg I hate ads

Omg I played this game for 20 minutes and I probably watched ads for a least 17 minutes of that

- Bad game

Way too many ads. The only way to get money is by watching ads, terrible game.

- Bugs

Too many bugs in the game. Not worth playing.

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- It is good don’t like the ads

Lots of ads pop up when I’m playing like seriously other than that this is good

- To many ads

All I wanted to do is sell something and buy new building but then an ad pops up after the ad a robber comes in I watch a ad after the robber another ad and after the ad a person to many ads like slow down 😕🔫 OMG just went back to the game there’s an ad between every person if u have no patience DONT INSTALL

- Too many ads

I liked it but was more ads than game time so I had to delete

- Game is okay except for ads every five seconds had to delete as it kept interfering with game


- Could have been a good game

Way too many ads literally after anything you do an ad will come up. These guys just wanna milk it and ruined the point of the game it totally sucks

- Are y’all dumb?

You all know you can turn your wifi or data off to stop the ads and still play normally and y’all are making bad reviews about ads tf

- I can’t buy anything

I can’t buy anything

- way too many ads

the game would be nice if i didn’t get interrupted every 30 seconds because of an ad.

- They listen to you

Besides the fact that they have lots of ads, If you open the app and hold it closer to your ear, you’ll realize a small sound. That’s the bot that’s recording you...

- This game should be called “watch advertisements”

I know you can turn your wifi off and not get ads but this game is all about ads you can’t do anything unless you watch an ads it’s pretty pathetic... also the prices glitch lots, it’ll say something worth 1000$ but then it’s actually 10 000$

- Ad spam master

Every action in game met with one or more ad. Spend more time watching ads than actually playing.

- Meh

It was a fun game it just kept freezing or kicking me out but aside from that it was fun

- Good game

I like the game but there is one thing that I don’t like to many ads

- Yes


- To many ads

Guys the ads kill this game. Every time u click on something ad pops up and your forced to watch this game is cool but not cool enough to bare some much ads. Deleted. Guys I don’t recommend this u will be watching more ads then playing. don’t bother with this. Makers are pushing to much ads on people. Let them play this game.

- Doesn’t Run

The Game Looked interesting in the ads. But of course this would most likely be an ad filled game. However the game doesn’t even open. If you’re going to be lazy and make a game just to spam ads, at least make the game openable.

- No sound

Games not bad but there is no sound.

- Don’t bother

Don’t bother getting this game. It’s just ads after ads, plus there are 1 minute’s ridiculous

- Too many ads

You spend more time watching forced ads than there is gameplay.

- Way too many ads

Ridiculous amount of ads. They’re constant. Too bad because it’s not a bad game.

- Meh..

Tried this just now after seeing it in another app. My brutally honest opinion, At the moment for me it is sub par. Just ok. Might have been at least a 4.5 star app if not for the incessant ads. Ads for developers are one thing to earn money off your app but to have an ad after Every move.. I can’t go for that. Uninstalled until improved upon.

- Too many adds

I liked the game but I deleted way too many adds that’s crazy

- Too Manu Adds

Fun to play when you’re board but the adds are a killer. Also if you click the pay to remove adds button it advertises $2.99 but then pops up As $3.99 just as a heads up.

- Too many ads!!

There is an ad every 10 second, literally every 10 seconds!!

- Too much ads

The games fun but too many adds like way too much

- No sound and just ads

All you do is watch ads like 98% of the time. Had to delete it because of the ads. I know there is ads in appgames but this one is the craziest open bar to ads I’ve ever seen.

- ADS!!!

To manyyyy adsssss lukę Every 15 seconds

- Very cool

I like it

- Ads

Bruh i love the game but damn i had to remove it too many ads

- Ads

Way to many ads, and has bugs. Buy something for 1000 and then it changes to 100000

- Too many ads

The giant ad that blocks part of the game really does it for me

- Ad... ad... ad...

There’s not even a pay ten bucks to play without adds option. I don’t mind watching a few add well I figure out if I like the game or not, and I get cash flow, but how much are they really making advertising the games that advertise this game. Charge more per ad and make us watch less, the cash flow potential would be the same!

- Too many ads

Don’t waste your time, every 5 seconds an ad pops up

- Ads, ads, and more ads

I was enjoying this game so much that I decided to pay to remove the ads. What a mistake that was, because even after paying there were still way too many ads. I want my money back!

- Pawn shop master

Fun for 5 seconds at a time .. used for a few minutes and deleted.. WAAAAAY TOO MANY ADS.

- Too many ads

I don’t mind if games have ads as an option to enhance gameplay, but this game literally forces ads onto you for the simplest of tasks.

- Way way too many ads

Every other second there’s an ads. It’s ridiculous. Games fun. But not work the annoying ads

- Zayaa

U watch ads more than u play games garbage

- Nothing but ads

Hard to play when you’re doing nothing but watching ads

- Ads

Fun game but WAY TOO MANY ADS. If you like watching ads rather than playing the game, this is the game for you!

- Way to many ads

Makes the game not worth playing, also not sure how this lame game got 4 stars

- What a disappointment

This game actually had the potential to be a really fun and addictive game but like always the people that made the game ruined it by making the whole game dependent on adds🤦🏽‍♂️

- Ads

Ads, so many ads. Good game but the ads! Ads ads ads. Did I mention ads?

- Too many ads and bugs

Every action seems to start and end with an ad. It’s gotten out of hand. Buying items for $100 for it to glitch and say you paid $2000 for it. Maybe a higher rating if they fix it

- Too many adds

Good game but you just get thrown into adds and adds every 10 seconds there is 15 seconds of adds

- Too many ads

Could of been a great game, but there are way too many ads. Sad to say I deleted it immediately.

- You have to watch ads to play

Literally a robber every round or second round taking all my money after 15min if playing. If you don’t watch the ad you don’t go anywhere, not like there’s anywhere to go there’s not any sense of accomplishment.

- Good game, hate the ads..

Had to delete the game because there’s ads popping up everywhere, so annoying, do not download this game.


The game would be much better with fewer Ads smh DELETING! 😑


So I liked the game but a lot of ads and I mean a lot so I bought no ads and I still get the same amount of ads and the price of the ads said 2.99$ but I spent 5$ on it yes I know there is tax but thx for 3$ is not up to 5$

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- Bugs

I get to the thief and I can’t get him to leave, I can’t choose either option. I got rid of the first one but the second time it happened it’s impossible to make him leave. Neither option does anything. Otherwise it’s fun. But I can’t really play it anymore

- Get used to watching ads

You spend more of your time watching ads than actually playing. Did you accept a trade? Sweet now go polish it. Afterwords do you wanna watch an ad to sell it faster? No? Ok he’s a basic ad. Decline a trade? Another ad. Someone wants an item you have, sell it and then... ad. The burglar comes in to trade, you rat him out, want more money? Ad. Just wanna collect the basic amount, ad. Someone comes to rob your store? Ad. Someone wants to make a great deal? Ad.

- I enjoy the game but...

I really like playing this game but there are so many ads. I understand some ads but there is literally an ad that pops up after every time I tap on something. I wish I was being dramatic. I even tried to pay the 3.00 to get the game without ads but it doesn’t even let me purchase that package. It’s so frustrating because I really like this game.

- Robber bug

There’s a bug with the robber where it won’t let me pay him and it won’t let me watch the ad to keep my money, neither button works. I hope this gets fixed because I think this game is pretty fun

- If you like Ads this is for you

This game seems fun if you can actually click on anything without having to watch a 30 second ad. I get it apps need paid but when its killing your phone battery from the ads thats to much. The ads are so bad they even cover some if the stuff you need to read to see whats going on. I recommend looking for a better pawn app. Sorry but this ones a miss.

- Simple but cool

Keeps it honest and real when it comes to pawn shops. Most items have to be looked up before you can actually give the customer money for the item. Teaches the pawn owner to be more precise on decisions with customers.

- Too many ads

The game is all ads. Every time a new customer comes there is another 2 minute ad. It’ll give you the option to sell something for less with no ads or more with ads but if you click the no ads option you get ads anyways. Most games have ads here or there but this is ridiculous. I had the game for 5 minutes and counted 12 advertisements in the 5 minutes I had it.

- GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!

The game is so great unlike most games I have played you can get something for a price and thing is some people offer a lot lower than what the item is actually work and if you clean it it’s worth even More ❤️❤️

- Ad Factory

This game is an ad factory. Every two people who come in you get an add. Every transaction there’s an optional ad. At the end of the day, they ask you if you want to triple your earnings for watching an ad. Guess what happens if you say no? You get an ad. I know it’s a free game. I expect to watch ads. But I expect to spend more than half my time playing the game. This thing is legit like 70% ads. Not that fun either. Basically a scam to get you to watch ads.

- Numbers Decimal Point Glitch

Numbers displayed for pawn store assets and purchased items, are not accurate. Pawn store assets only stops at 7 digits total and not reflective of true asset total. Also, there’s a glitch with SOME purchased items. For example: purchase price will be $6900 and once you review on shelf, item bought at price displays as $69,000 or $690,000.

- Ads Galore

Haven’t even played for 15 minutes and have already decided to delete the game. I have read dozens upon dozens of negative reviews and almost all of them include that there are too many ads. Decided to download it. They are correct. Upon downloading the game, you: Watch an ad after you finish a level. Watch an ad after you polish an item you have just bought. Decline offers to increase money bonuses only for an ad to show up anyway. Get forced an ad to not lose money to robbers, if you don’t watch the ad you lose money and still have to end up watching the ad. Overall, it was a cool concept, but it was a blasphemous abomination of an outcome. 1 star - I would rate it 0 if it were possible.

- Holy F****** Advertisements

The game has a fun concept to it. Good enough to kill time and earn a 4 star review. Then there’s the adds. Buy something, there’s an advertisement. Sell something, there’s an advertisement. Get robbed or lose half you money if you don’t watch an advertisement. Add a decoration to you shop, advertisement. Your only option out of ads is to purchase the “no ad” version.

- Sad really, I had high hopes

I love these kinds of games. And it’s a decent game truth be told. I would have spent a couple hours playing but sadly it is overloaded with ads. It’s unplayable. An ad every other click, at least one ad every 30 seconds guaranteed! Why spend the time to develop a game if you just ruin with ads? There are better ways to make money than to annoy the hell out of people interested in playing your game.

- Ads removal

I love the game don’t get me wrong, but just like EVERYONE ELSE in the reviews have stated, the ads are too much. I even tried purchasing the $2.99 bundle to get the no ads but it just blinks “waiting” once. I tried with the other store offers and still say the same thing. I don’t want to delete the game but if this issue isn’t resolved then I might have to.

- Holy cow for adds! Deleting!

Like a lot of other reviews say, there are WAY too many ads! I have never played a game with so many ads! The game could be fun but the ads are horrid, like darn near in between every customer! The final straw was I had to watch an ad to stop a robber (they pretty much force you to watch an ad otherwise you lose $1000) and I literally got done watching that ad, just for another one to start right after!

- Deleted because of Ads

Neat gameplay but deleted because of the amount of ads. Gameplay is quick and simple...which is why I kept it for more than 5 minutes. However, after about 10 minutes of gameplay and was interrupted about half of the time because of ads, I deleted it.

- So... many... ads!

This game would be fun if it wasn’t for the full 30 second, unskippable ad you get every single time you tap the screen. I get it. It’s a free app and you have to make money somehow, but I can’t even play the game because of the constant ads! I can watch an ad to make an extra $500, but if I tap “no thanks,” I still have to watch an ad. It’s unbelievable.

- How to remove an ad with out buying it

1: you will have to turn off your WiFi on your phone :2: you will no longer get ads

- Fun game too many ads

This game would be a great game if there wasn’t so many ads. When a robber comes in you have to watch an ad for them to go away and don’t get me wrong robbers are not rare. And on top of that after you get rid of the robber there another ads there’s just way too many ads. After like every three people you see you get and ad. It is a great way to pass time but there’s just to many ads


There are way too many ads in this game you spend more time watching ads then you do playing the game and even if you pay money to remove ads he doesn’t remove them because it forces you to watch an ad to prevent robberies. The developers are very greedy and I highly do not recommend this game or any other game because of the sheer amount of ads that are just over the top.

- Holy Ads

I can’t barely rate the gameplay because I can barely play the game. I understand the need for ads to profit off a free game but good lord is there a lot of them. Every single action results in an ad making the game seemingly unplayable. Some of the ads are broken and cause me to restart the app completely to continue playing. Cool it with the ads and I’ll reconsider my rating.

- ADS!!!!!

Ads on ads on ads... really would be a fun game if there wasn’t an add and I’m complaining about the ads just like everyone else in the review... I can’t even buy the ad removal because when I click it.. an ad come up !! Ease up on the ads I’m sure you’ve made a million dollars just off of me alone in ads.. please ease up loo thank you

- Wayyy too many ads

There is an add after essentially every customer that you get. I was enjoying the game so I paid the $2 for ad free and they still find ways to make you watch ads; it is not after every round, but often a “robber” will come in and demand that you either pay a large chunk of your revenue or watch an ad to continue. Very dishonest and a waste of the money to remove ads

- Boring

You could have done better and all you do is..........nothing so maybe you could add like better looking game I was so upset when I started placing it an you are like the creators of ID PLEASE Idiots and I am only 39 and still play games like this but better PLZ fix your game I let my niece play and she is 14 so she said eww 😷 this game is boring like fix it 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Ad central

I spent an hour playing and no lie I think 55 minutes was ads. I’m not tally too picky, I usually watch ads to get extra cash or whatever in game. But after you watch the ad for the boost, they ply you another ad. Then you swipe once and another ad. You watch about 3 ads per level(which is one person coming in the shop) and that doesn’t include boost ads. It’s quite insane.

- Great but, I paid $2.99 and still ads??

I think the game is great, but I paid the $2.99 and I still have to deal with ads? That is crappy! You should fix that. I understand you want to make money on ads and from people but those of us who want to pay, don’t want ads..

- Annoying bugs

I downloaded the game today and started playing and i was enjoying it but the app kept glitching on me i would click on things and it would just stay there, i even paid to remove ads because i kept getting stuck on a VIP CUSTOMER which no matter what i clicked on nothing would happen, also it would be nice if the game had some sound effects

- Too many ads...

This game looks like it could have been an interesting time killer. But as others have said, it’s way too many ads. I get that ads are a staple these days, and a good way to fund free apps. But you literally cannot play this game. I’ve had ads play back to back more often than I can count. It’s about 10 seconds of play to about 40 seconds of ads.

- Terrible

This game is absolutely horrible. It has potential to be halfway okay I suppose and would probably be entertaining for maybe 20 minutes but the entire time you have the app open you’ll just be watching adds. Also no sound? You probably saw this app as an add on Instagram or Facebook so save your time and don’t bother. It’s more annoying than anything

- Probably the best game ever

It the funniest thing in the world😂 when someone stole a thing it’s just like do you wanna sell or go to jail peeps just be like send him or her to the jail😂🤣🤣😂 #hastagbest gameever# I hope you like my rewiew creator!!

- Terrible!!!

Literally the worst game! If I could give it O stars I would!! The game it self is not bad whatsoever, but it’s the fact that whoever made it is soo hungry for money that every single tiny thing you do in the game there’s a 30-60 second ad that you can’t skip!! Once in a while? Fine but not literally every 5 seconds! I deleted the game within 1 minute it was that bad!!! I advise everyone to just NOT GET IT !!

- It good but bad

I like it but it gave an ad after EVERYTHING and it is annoying even when it said next or “bonus” u know to where you have to watch the vid anyway it STILL gave me an ad after u said next so yeah

- Waste of time and money

I bought the game because there were so many ads and found out you still have ads. Whenever a thief comes in the store you have to give him a large chunk of money or watch an ad to avoid him. You would t believe how many petty criminals are out there marching into my pawn shop and stealing my hard earned fake money. Worst money I have spent on a game EVER!

- I don’t care about Ads

What I do care about is the fact that the guy doesn’t interact and make fun of the clients, like the advertisements said it would that is the only reason I downloaded it, to hear the guy make slick comments. Other than that I love the game please fix!

- If I could rate zero I would

Who let this get approved to be on the App Store??? You either have tons of ads or you have none at all and have to keep restarting the game in order to make a selection and progress. Horrible. Do not recommend. Even without the ads or the bugs this game is too simple and would become boring quick with no replay value whatsoever.

- Not sure the point

First, you have to watch an add to do anything which is super annoying. Second, there is not goal. It’s the same game over and over level after level with nothing to work towards. It’s good entertainment for about an hour then you may as well delete it.

- Ads don’t remove even when purchasing option!

Game is fun, paid to purchase ad free package. Says waiting and keeps writing. I even deleted game twice and res installed losing my progress to purchase ad free. Game is fun with ads I rather delete forever Developers what’s up with purchase options not working just says waiting for half a second then doesn’t do anything

- Ads

None of the watch an ad options work for me so robbers always get my money. Not a huge deal after about an hour into the game but still not cool. Other than that decent little time killer.

- Way too many ads

The game itself is simple yet enjoyable. The reason it gets one star is because if the ads. It’s actually ridiculous the amount of ads on this game. It’s like they had a contest at the office to see who could put the most ads into the game and they just added everyone’s ideas. It’s basically unplayable because of the insane amount of ads.

- Ad. Ad. Ad. Ad. Ad. Ad.

You literally can not touch the screen for anything without an ad popping up. In between each customer, after an upgrade, after you decline to watch an ad to increase your money. This game is teetering on the verge of being unplayable. I only have so much time on my lunch break, I don’t want to spend 15 of my 20 minutes watching ads for a game that is bare bones at best.

- Crap game

Graphics are all wrong you have to buy a no ads thingy to actually be able to play it for a minute without ads and even with that there’s a guy that comes in and try’s to rob you every level 1-3 minutes and on top of that there’s vip customers that you have to watch ads for as well 10-10 would never play and never recommend

- Glitching

Love the game but a lot of the time it says I have purchased items for wayyyyyyy more expensive than I actually bought them and end up losing money 👎🏼. Other than that it’s great.

- It’s the excessive usage of ads for me

The game a little fun, it’s kinda repetitive. It’s one of those games you’d play whenever you’re bored. I would like the game more if their weren’t so many ads! I will literally just get done watching an ad then boom I get a second one. It’s ridiculous how many ads there are in this game.

- There are more ads than game

This is a classic example of a lying developer con artists. They constantly give you an option to watch an ad for a reward , sounds fair right ? Well if you choose not to, they will show you an ad anyway but you get no reward. I deleted this garbage. Apple need to step up their review process and remove this kind of trash for the AppStore.

- Very boring, ungodly amount of ads.

Please, don’t get this. It’s a little fun for the first minute and then it gets repetitive. Ads take up half the game. It even throws “robbers” at you which either forces you to watch an ad or takes away your money. It’s unbelievably dumb, and just candy for 6 year olds. Please, do something productive instead of wasting your time on this.

- Prices change

Boring game and on top of it when you watch an ad to drop the price by 50% it shows that it dropped the price but then when you buy the product it adds another zero when you buy it without telling you! So something that was bought at $500 is now bought at $5,000. Poorly made game by non-educated nerds!

- Not a well thought out game

If you have no internet connection the game won’t let you bypass the criminal robbing you for money because you can’t watch a video without internet and there’s no option if you have less the value of cash the robber wants ????? I had 500 he wanted 1000 no internet couldn’t watch an ad and no option to get around it

- Don’t bother

Like others have said before, this thing is filled with ads. It didn’t seem so bad the first 10 seconds, but after that there’s an ad after every single action. An ad to take the next costumer, then another ad after you reject/accept an item, then another ad to accept payment... save yourself time and sanity and just skip this game entirely.

- Obvious Algorithm

Easily one of the worst games i’ve ever played not just because the quality but because of the repetitiveness of it and the obvious algorithms to try and make you spend money and watch adds. Has nothing to do with if you can differentiate a good deal from a bad or better from worse, it’s all about who watches more adds. Pathetic, just deleted this worthless game.

- Don’t waist your time

The game started off fun, I even paid to remove the ads. However, I’m not sure if it was an update or what but now the numbers don’t add up at all. Someone offers you something for 3,000, you watch a video and get it down to 1,500. Put it on the shelf and it says it cost you 15,000 or in some cases 150,000. Could be fun if the devs knew how to manage state!

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Brian Gannon

@thisguyfreddy @dusttodigital @LomaxArchive That's just a string-tree 2 maintain the right string angle over the nut. Can't tell if this a glue-in / bolt-on neck, but it's using a Gibson-ish style bridge on a Fenderish style body with a who-knows neck angle. Pawn shop beauty getting worked over a master.

Pawn Shop Master .53 Screenshots & Images

Pawn Shop Master iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pawn Shop Master iphone images
Pawn Shop Master iphone images
Pawn Shop Master iphone images
Pawn Shop Master iphone images

Pawn Shop Master (Version .53) Install & Download

The applications Pawn Shop Master was published in the category Games on 2020-05-28 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 235.26 MB. Pawn Shop Master - Games app posted on 2020-11-06 current version is .53 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.alphapotato.pawnshopmaster

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