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Slap Kings [Games] App Description & Overview

Slap or be slapped: that’s the name of the game! This amusing and relaxing game will test your strength and timing skills so your smack generates the most power! Your hits will pack a punch. Watch your opponents fly out of the ring when you hit the knockout blow. How far do you think you can get in this face slapping good time tournament? Can you unlock your special power… the Golden Fire Fist?

Easy to learn but surprising depth will provide you with hours of entertainment. Fun characters are just asking to get slapped in the face.

Time to knockout the competition and show them who the true Slap King is!

Game Features:
1. Simple but addicting mechanics
The meter will go back and forth - time it right for maximum power!

2. Fun Characters
So many amusing characters challenging you to see who is the best slapper out there

3. Power boosts
Stuck on a boss? Power up with limited time boosts! Defense helmets to withstand the hardest blows and your ultimate weapon...

4. Chill and have fun
Nice casual, relaxing, smacking good fun. Show them who is the king.

Whether you want to smack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the true slapping champion game.

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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In our game we have the following subscription offer:

Weekly VIP Access subscription price is $7.99 after 3-day free trial which unlocks 3 VIP Skins, doubles coins earned and removes all ads. Also the subscription unlocks multiplayer mode.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.
You can turn off the auto-renew for the subscription whenever you want in the settings if your iTunes account. Check

After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use vip cars.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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Minor bug fixes

Slap Kings Comments & Reviews

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- Life

Once I picked up this game, I couldn’t put it down. I never did anything else. My boss fired me for not going to work, my wife left because I forgot to pay attention to her, and I lost my house because I forgot to pay my bills. My parents disowned me for not doing anything and just playing. My dog died because I forgot to feed him and I ate him because I didn’t have money to do anything else. I spent the money my parents left me on this game. The high tech graphics of this game made me fell in love with one of the characters. I love this game.

- Meh

This is a game most people probably only play on the toilet at work so I didn’t expect depth or complexity from it but even for a toilet game from very early on it becomes obvious it is all just a money grab. the opponents start slapping perfectly on every single turn starting right after the first match. The opponents also very quickly start doing FAR more damage than you with each slap which means you lose every time you make even a small mistake which takes a lot of suspense driven fun out of the game and makes the slap meter feel pretty pointless. Coins earned in game can level the playing field by providing boosts but boosts are only temporary and cost far more than you stand to earn which means you will very quickly find yourself watching endless amounts of ads or spending dollar after dollar on coins just to progress further. Honestly it’s a standard .io style toilet game money grab that’s a little less intrusive with ads and a little more demanding of cash. Nothing more nothing less. No depth no complexity, take it for what it is. However making it so difficult to progress or even play the game correctly without watching 10 ads or spending $10 gives it one of the lowest ratings a toilet game can get

- Built around apps

The game is pretty fun and simple but it’s completely 100% built around apps. I mean you don’t have to pay anything, actually I don’t think you have an option to. But to actually progress and win you basically have to watch a 30 second app to win every match and another 30 second app to increase your earnings for that match. If you don’t do this, your opponents increase in health and strength and you can’t possibly keep up unless you’re watching these apps. Unfortunately it’s the same 4 or 5 apps over and over and they’ll just drive you crazy!!! I mean I get it, these games have to make their money somehow so I don’t blame them. It’s a funny and entertaining game and they never false advertised. So for that I give them 3 stars for perfectly implementing their ads on a fun simple game. But I find all these ads very annoying and too necessary to be able to enjoy the game.

- Boring af after 10 minutes of playing

Seems like a pretty fun game in the beginning but then I realized I was playing about 10-15 seconds of the game per round and 30 seconds full of ads the rest. You literally have to watch a 30 second ad after every round, to get the fire hands you have to watch a 30 second ad, and even if you don’t take the extra coins you still have to watch a 30 second ad. This is probably the most as filled app I’ve ever downloaded. It’s a pretty fun app so I gave it 2 stars but the ads make it terrible. Then you can’t customize your character so you’re playing with the same person every round. To add to the bad app, they literally give you the same amount of points to upgrade your character for each round so it’s pretty much impossible to lose. This app is boring and I don’t recommend anybody downloading it.

- Fun as all hell but..

This game is an amazing time consumer, it’s fun and although it’s repetitive I find it relaxing and entertaining to enhance my characters strength and see people try to challenge it. Though the only issue is that once I hit level 100 the game started glitching, it would have the opponent invisible and set to level 1000 with me standing still and I tried to restart it but the same thing kept reoccurring. I really love this game and the way it was designed and I really hope you guys read this and try to fix it. I would rate 5 stars but that glitch is really hurting my soul on another level lol. Great game guys please keep up the work, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

- Fun, but...

The game itself gets 5 stars for fun factor alone. But, I must take 2 points from Gryffindor for the excessive increase in difficulty after upgrading. I’ve since stopped playing after I reached Level 60, when the meter is going so fast, hitting within the green is practically impossible. What’s the point of upgrading, if the game becomes unplayable? I don’t about you guys, but normal developers provide upgrades to help you progress with an upgraded character, so you can advance further with ease. It’s almost like I’m being penalized for upgrading, haha! Well, it was a fun 30min of play. Maybe I’ll redownload if you fix that. If not, well, you stand to lose your player base after they hit level 60 or so

- Nothing particularly bad

The nature of a 5 star review has changed so they are more dulled out then anything when you consider the amount of botted reviews. This game has decent graphics and you upgrade the slap power and your health with relatively easy to cultivate coins and can watch an ad to get get 5x the amount when you win. Ads will play when (if) you lose a round or even sometimes after you win and decline the 5x ad. The gameplay just going back and forth slapping each other until either you get knocked out or the opponent which gets flung out the ring in the case you win. Its an okay game for what it is.

- Good until it crashes

I downloaded this about a week ago and enjoyed thoroughly until I opened it one day to discover a blank space where an opponent should be and no power range to select my attack level. I closed the app numerous times but it opened to the same screen. I finally deleted and decided to give another go the other day. I even went a different method and spent 80% of my proceeds developing power, to be able to do 1 hit KO’s and never risk being hit. I watched the ads for X5 EVERY round, probably totaling hours after that many rounds. Today, I was presented with the same missing opponent and power range. Throwing my hands up. Probably won’t try again.

- Fun but broken.

Let me start with the fact that the game is pretty fun. It’s a great time waster and the animations are hilarious. My only note to the devs would be to change how they do their ads and ad rewards. If you choose to, you can keep 100 health and watch an ad after every fight and put all the money into power...this allows you to one shot everything and since you always go first it basically breaks the game. My suggestion would be to either reduce the coins earned, reduce how many times you can use the ad, or randomize what stat it’s going to boost for each use. Just my two cents. Happy slappin’

- Dumb idea, decent game

This game seriously looks like a 8 year old made this, from the concept to the system, it’s so basic...but it’s so fun! Honestly it goes to show how basic popular games are now in 2019 and 2020, literally make a dumb idea and slap the player with an ad when posible, but unlike most other games, the ads are fairly controlled. I get an ad roughly every 2 games, which is incredible but still annoying. Although I said some negative things about this game, it’s overall a simple and funny game with a bright 2-3 weeks ahead of it, cause that’s how long games last at the top.

- Very awesome game, except.

So after finding this game on Facebook I decided to give it a shot, it’s actually pretty fun, get to smack the living crap out of the characters. But there is a catch as always hahaha in order to power up, I have to watch a 30 second video completely to get a ton of power points, it’s a bit annoying but my character is unstoppable :) only need to hit them 2x and knock them out. Maybe you guys can make the videos only 15 seconds? But other than that, great game!

- Can’t go past lvl 100

So I love this game. But after I beat level 100 the game didn’t continue I restarted the app it put me at level one with how much I’ve upgraded. Against my max self but it wouldn’t let me do anything so it’s the character holding his hand out but nobody to slap and nothing to do. Help I want to keep playing. Do you plan on adding more levels if so will my game need to restart or can I keep going when you do update? Help. I want to keep advancing with all the upgrades I got.

- Best game ever

I love this game so much. This game saved me so much money. Before this game I would punch my bedroom window as hard as possible, and shatter it into a million pieces, and then eat the glass. Glass tastes so good. Then I would get it replaced every single day, just so I could punch it again and eat it. Yummy! I hate my wife. I punch her in the face every time she looks at me. Her face looks like a dumpling now because of all the facial swelling. Lol. But anyway, awesome game. Would recommend. Please send feces in the mail.

- Fun, but misleading

The “multiplayer” game mode isn’t truly multiplayer. It acts as if you connect to another live person but its just another AI. I know this because I turned on airplane mode in the middle of one of the “multiplayer” matches and the game still went on as if I was still connected to the other “person”. Many, many apps do this and I’m not sure how they keep getting away with it. Also, in order to win the “multiplayer” matches, which are almost solely based on luck, you need to watch several ads. It’s a fun game, for when you have nothing else to do. But it’s riddled with ads and it is not a multiplayer game as advertised.

- i broke the game :’(

this is a beautifully made game with such depth and great fun, i played this game everyday for about a week and got to level 100. when i finally reached my highest peek in the game it completely broke and my heart shattered. at level 100 my opponent didn’t show up but the profile picture was my own character, i was so confused and didn’t know what to do. i’ve come to the realization that i am the ultimate slapper and cannot be beat, i was the only one left and no one could top me. i wish there was a way to get past this but there is no opponent to slap. maybe the programmers never expected someone to get this far. i am completely lost in this world now that i have no one to slap, please help me fix this.

- Ads. Ads. Ads. And did I mention ads?

Literally constant ads throughout the whole game. Yes it’s repetitive but it’s still fun, but you play for 15 seconds and then are forced to either close out the game every time and re open it or you’re forced to watch 30 seconds of ads for the 15 seconds of gameplay. Even after you win or lose, it forces you to either “5x your coins by watching an ad” or you can click no thanks. Then it makes you watch the ad anyway so if you’re gonna do it you might as well watch the ad. But then if you watch the ad it’ll be impossible for you to lose. Overall a terrible game. Don’t recommend. Fun but so boring and so annoying.

- Boring and mundane.

It’s okay to start but get really boring and mundane after awhile. The developers have really taken a lackadaisically approach at what could be a actually fun game. The new player vs. player approach I thought would be fun new way to play but stalls and lags out constantly. Would have been a good feature to be able to challenge your friends who have this game but alas seems to be a stretch for these developers who just want to a fast money grab for a less than mediocre game, that most people play while on the toilet. Anything more than two stars is being generous to this game. Think most their reviews here have to be generated by people who work for this company.

- Fun sometimes, but problems aplenty

I like to play this game on my free time, but the multiplayer is not multiplayer it's just a copy of you with exactly 25 more hp every single time. Multiplayer is also literally the same as the normal mode but with more glitches. Every time you look for a game, it shows that you found and opponent but it doesn't show who you're up against and you have to restart the app and look for a new game and rinse and repeat until it finally works. After about an hour of playing, there'd probably be 10 ads forced for you to watch. Good concept, but bad app

- Waste of time

The game is coded in that way that you MUST watch annoying adds if you want to win even from the start. From second guy you will have less and less power comparing to opponents and ONLY way to beat is to watch 30sec adds so your slapping power doubles. For example your life is 100 and max slap is 35 so that’s about 3 max slaps. Opponent have 150 life so thats about 5 slaps. So you must watch add to get max slap 70 to beat him. That’s lousy way to force someone to watch adds. And the game is boring, all opponents are roughly the same. I have deleted this after 3 minutes of playing.

- 😁

I wrote a previous review that may have been a tad bit unfair. My sentiments about the ads remains!! You have to watch an ad to do anything but I notice the more coins you have then you can up your own levels in order to compete but ONCE AGAIN you have to watch ads in order to earn coins. Gee how about rewarding with some coins when you win as an incentive. I’ve decided not to delete this game just yet. I am enjoying it a bit more now.

- Why mee

So I’ve encountered a glitch. I was on one of the higher up levels in the 100s and I finished breaking a brick thing then I couldn’t collect the reward so I closed the game. When I came back in it said I was at level one but I couldn’t slap or do anything. I turned my phone off and on but now I deleted it and all of its data because my game just broke. I’m very annoyed since I sunk some time in this game and now it was all for nothing. It was fun and you can get rid of ads by turning off cellular data for the app.

- It has the potential yet severely falls at its lower end.

I don’t understand, effort looks like it was put into this game- more than other cheap games at least- yet it just lacks balance entirely. Sometimes it’s impossible to win no matter what you do, other times it’s too easy. This game has a lot of potential, and if this game was online?? It would be hella popular too! For now it’s just... a bit basic. The animators looked like they had fun with this but the actual insides of the games are not very good. Fun for about 5 minutes maybe once every 6 days

- The ads

This game is fun, dont get me wrong. It find it pretty funny how they fly out of the ring when you finish them. The animations are also quite comedic. But what I really find annoying is that you're literally watching ads MORE than you play the actual game. They play after every round. There's "watch this ad and you'll an upgrade or reward multiplier" before the round, during the round, and after the round. It's not even different ads. They're all Raid: Shadow Legends. I pretty much have all their ads memorized word for word because of how much they play.

- Fun....Until

It is a fun and entertaining game. Yes, you can slap them, but how about letting us decide how he slaps the individual, by swiping up, down, back or forward. Not just tapping the screen. The other thing is, once I made it to Level 100, my opponent wouldn’t appear, my guy was just standing there. I tried everything I could including resetting the game. Nothing happened. I finally just deleted the game, and downloaded it again, and it set me back at level one. Those two reasons are for three stars.

- I love your game

You Are the world Your the morning I got a chance to get the car and I cannot get it but I got the game and it’s been pretty cool since I’ve started playing games and then It’s a fun app and its free because you won’t need the help to makers you get to the level and you can’t even pay attention when you’re good enough You I love you I love you

- Don’t play, glitches and you have to start over!!!

Just downloaded this game. Other than all of the ads it’s pretty fun, something to do to pass the time. I like how the guys faces show bruising and damage the more times they get hit. I like the exaggerated movements before the slap also. All in all pretty funny game. Well I have to retract my recent review of this game being cool. The game froze and wouldn’t work, I closed the app and reopened it and still nothing. I had to reinstall, Once I reinstalled it started me over from lvl 1, I wanna say I was pretty far in to the game. Starting over isn’t worth it Wont be playing this game anymore.

- Exists just to show ads

The game itself is super simple - just time your slap and use it to advance through the game. The graphics and animation make it kind of entertaining. But the ads. The game itself is a typical power curve gearcheck. Need more slap power - just watch an ad. More money - watch an ad. More health - you guessed it, another ad. And don’t worry, if you don’t volunteer to watch an ad they’ll show you one anyhow (partially skipable at least). You’ll spend as much time watching ads as playing the game. And the game is very repetitive

- They need more levels

I absolutely love this game!! I keep making it to the very last level obviously and then it just freezes. Last I saw I was up to level 350 maybe, then it stopped.🤦🏾‍♀️ Make a level 1,000 so that you don’t go back to 0 strength and health when you get to the end. Otherwise, this is my absolute favorite game to play!!!👍🏾

- Its a fun game BUT....

Its a living breathing APP Machine. If you want to progress through the game be prepared to watch ALOT od adds and 99% of them are about the game RAID. Even when I clicked no thanks to the adds, it still launches them. And after getting to level 100, game broke... reset back to level 1. My opponent is myself and I cant slap. TAP AND TAP all you want, your stuck on that screen. It was however pretty fun and me and my son tried to see who would semd the opponent flying the funniest and furthest.

- Michael.

I played it twice from level 1. Because I got up to high level & it froze. Then I went out of game & came back in & I'm at level 1 again & there’s no opponent standing there for me to slap & cant do anything. So I deleted the game. Went to App Store & got it back. & same thing happened once I got up to a high level it froze. What’s wrong with the game? I’m not gonna keep deleting the game & starting over. That’s stupid.

- Multiplayer Needs Work

After level 25 i decided to hop on multiplayer. They give you the option to buy (watch an ad) the mega slap or headgear before you go in. I felt those were cheap because they doubled your power so i just dont use them. I don’t know how matchmaking works but my opponent had the exact same stats as me. The problem was they watched an ad for the mega slap and beat me in one turn. I wish those perks would just stay out of multiplayer .

- Slap-a-hoooooooolymoley fun

Wow this game is freakin hilarious. With no repercussions at all(except maybe loosing),you get to slap the crap out of people and win prizes...and playing against your friends multiplies the fun factor by at least a million...thank you for sharing such a fun and ridiculous game with us. Where we are at in life right now we definitely need these kind of games to brighten spirits. MUCH APPRECIATED 💙💯. NORTRADOMIS

- Neat

This game is quite different from other games I've played on the app store. The game is simple, but I like the animations. They are quite funny. I think the sound effects could be better, and the audience reactions could be better. I like the idea so far, but I see room for improvement. The game is fun, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys seeing someone get slapped.

- Awesome sauce

Drew Professor Palumbo Composition 2nd March 2020 Amazing game As soon as I picked up this game I couldn’t put it down. With its ground breaking story telling and its in depth character customization you have no limits. Anything you could ask for in a game. My friends and I cant stay away from this game for more than 20 minutes at a time because it’s so fun. Truly Awesome sauce. Don’t get myself started on the graphics either. Truly beautiful with a 2080 p graphic option with vertically no lag. This game deserves every academy award ever created. This game is the most awesome sauce game ever made and will remain there for ever and ever. Truly awesome sauce. My life experience is now, truly, reached its pinnacle.

- Waste of Space

This is an Ad Simulator, not a game. In order to be able to survive each opponent after the first one, you’re forced to watch Ads to get power-ups to make it viable for your character to survive each hit. That means after each time you slap an opponent, be prepared the tap a button to watch an ad for a piece of headgear to protect you from most of the incoming damage. This game isn’t even fun. You just tap the screen when the arrow is over top of the center green section to get the most damage. This is just some lazy developer trying to make money off of a garbage game.

- Hilarious but Entertaining

I really like this game and my brother and I have been having a lot of fun with it and as I said it is really funny that you are slapping just some random dude and then you get better and better by upgrading your strength and your power. So I am giving this a 5 star because it is very very entertaining and it makes me laugh.😂😂😂

- this game is very fun

I really enjoy the game but I got to a point where it bumped me back to level 1 and I was on a really high level which made me mad and now it’s stuck on level 1 and won’t let me do anything in the game and i don’t want to delete it then I tried updating it but it made the guy I was against a lot stronger than me and he slaps me all in one hit and i have like 6,000 health when he has like 15,000

- A Ads broke my game

So I was playing the game and am ads pop out as I press the x5 to get more coins the ads was 6 seconds and there was a X to leave the ads I click on that and it legit broke my game, every time I goes on it it doesn’t even load the upgraded it just loaded my character and against my character and the other character my character against is -1000 hp from my character since my character has 2200 hp. But overall the game is great!

- Amazing

This game really funny and I love the faces after a big slap! But ads keep up the great work and fantastic game and cool graphics. I also saw this ad the first time and X out but I was looking for a game and I remembered this and my cousin had already got it so I searched this up and it’s super addictive! Once again keep up the fabulous work and effort!

- Game Crashed Just Like Everyone Else’s

Was past level 100 on both power and protection and I received the bonus brick. Game froze at the end and wouldn’t let me collect money. Restarted app and was in the ring by myself. Opponents face was mine, with a level 10,000 HP. Would not let me do anything. I did restart my IPad but it didn’t resolve the issue. Also, from the looks of others reviews it’s not going to matter if I delete and reinstall the app so I’m going to just delete and move on. Cute but boring honestly. SOOO many ads watched for the x5 payouts. Well played developers. Trash app

- I hate this game

This game is not fun at all it cheats when I was on lvl 2 and was not even close to the end it was the hardest this is the worst game ever it’s not even fun for basically no one like I hate this game even the times I won it was the worst the only good part of this game is one character and that is all this game just makes me mad and I just rlly want to hurt the actual characters in the game I hate it like but love though but I hate the game but it’s my opinion not nobody else’s because there opinion is not mine unless they agree with me but other then that I hate this game

- A waste of time

For the first few levels it’s fine but eventually you have to watch a ad to get a protective helmet and your slapping ability never gets better they put in opponents that are far above the ability of your character so if you want to last get a helmet by watching an ad every single time and you still can’t out slap the opponent I don’t mind watching an add between levels but every other action is horrible and even if you get in the green super slap scale you still don’t have enough this needs some serious upgrades

- Understand me please . This can be a 5 star game

More or different funny animation After a hard slap would make this more enjoyable. It’ll get boring after a while after seeing the same slap animations . Maybe more characters and a option to design your character and their should also be different places the game takes place not just the UFC ring or whatever that is

- Why does this game exist

The game is the Most annoying thing you can ever get all you do is slap people, and half of the people have disfigured faces. But if you want a game that is addicting for a little bit than this is a good game to play. Also when I started doing good the slap meter went so fast that it is literally impossible to do a good hit, though I do like hard games this is impossible after a week. The graphics are so bad and are so stupid sometimes. So whoever made this please make it better.

- Your game is broken

This game is a very good game. But, this game kinda messed up with I don’t know an update and when you guys messed up our Hp points went down. Me and my uncle play this game for fun and he had 18,000 HP and now he has 8,000 HP. I had 8,000 HP and now I have 5,000 HP. You guys need to fix this glitch. And your ads are way to many for a game like this. Please write back to me. Please fix this. We might delete this game. Thank you for taking time on reading this and please respond to this or at least read this.

- Needs changes

I like this game a lot, however after just reaching level 150 I’ve noticed there are only a limited number of opponents, background scenes and clothing options for your character. At this point they are all repetitive and making the game less fun. I’m starting to think I’ve seen it all and maybe time to delete and move on.

- Must read!

This game is strategically made for you to get hooked. I was playing without internet or cellular data and as I played it pushes you to either buy the game or watch the ads so you can keep advancing to higher levels. I was disappointed but impressed at the same time.


This game gives me hours of fun even though it is demonic to enjoy slapping people.I have spent sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long playing this stupid game that isn’t even that fun to entertain myself. Thank you for reading all those “o’s”. GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!! I know I won’t be sleeping anytime soon😂

- Really Bruh😐

For a game with such great advertising you would think that maybe, just maybe it would be good... but no. This game has 1 second of play time for every hour ads. This game reminds of the feeling you get when you go to the bathroom and sit down and then realize you have no toilet paper or when you hop in the shower just to find out you have no soap then you reach for your towel just to remember that you forgot that too. I was beanboozeled, duped, tricked, pranked, whatever you want to call it. But all I know is that this game is trash.

- Stopped working

This game is really fun but for some reason it stopped working. Every time I open the app to try and play I have no opponent and my Character is shown on both sides. I used my coins to buy a lot of life power and striking strength, I’m not sure if I’ve reached the max and at this time there are no more opponents to play against or what it could be. Very fun game though, please fix.

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- Slap kings

Great game but when I got past level 100 players, the game crashed and when I turned it back on there wasn’t any player in front of me. When that gets fixed I’ll be happier with the game, otherwise great game

- Lvl 101?

Good game and all but customisable skins would be nice and a no ads payment option but one you hit legal 100 hundred and you defeat the bonus it doesn’t let you claim you money and so I restarted the game but I logged in and all I saw was my character at the table and no one else but in the to right corner was a picture of my character with half health? So good game but only took me about an hour or two to finish so continuous levels would be nice and possibly extra game modes as well.

- Slap Kings

I love this game u can watch adds and power up an stuff I recommend this game for all ages

- Too Many Ads

The game is fun, but they impose ads every second game even if you choose not to see an advertisement, they would still play it any way which makes it too boring to play more than 10 minutes

- Slap kinds

Was having heaps of fun slapping people about but now the game has frozen. Hopefully it gets sorted soon cause it’s a cool game.

- Level 164?

Good game would like customisable skins and be able to buy coins

- Frozen

Frozen after level 100, mad game but

- Good, but too many ads

This game is very fun, well, because you slap people ☺️☺️ But there are a lot of ads which makes this game get a e star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Wako2312

Shut your mouth you little weasel

- Blinked Meter

Game is pretty cool but When I crossed 80 the meter seems to be blank or it flipped unknown speeded. I can’t see the range meter. Probably bringing new character will work a lot as well.

- Fun although too many ads

You have to watch ads in order to defeat the second character on. Poor

- Meh

Easy got to level 100 in less then an hour and it froze and now is all glitched out and back to level one. So there is only 100 levels?

- Way to many videos

Not to bad of a game if u just want to zone out for a moment and have a little fun with little pressure other than way 2 many videos popping up u need to watch to pass a stage

- I love this

I love slap kings because im good at it it's a very cool game and i find it entertaining.

- Adds

I click no I don’t want to watch a video for extra money but then I get adds this happens all the time and it’s really annoying

- Fantastic game

Most try this wonderful game.. superb

- Quality

The slapping quality is amazing 4 k bravo game

- Tooooooo many ads

You have to use 90% of time to watch ads unless you paid $7.99 per week, it is ridiculous!🤬

- Ads ads ads

Don’t wast your time unless you like watching ads to get ahead. Even when you decline the ads they give you ads

- Riley26

Very good game really enjoy playing it

- Great Game

Awesome game but the ads drive me crazy.

- Ads hiding a very boring game

You love ads ? Then this is for you. Very poor gameplay with tons of ads. Not worth buying. Time to delete.

- Too many adds

Good game but lot of adds popping up all the times

- It’s nice

It is a really good game but there is to many ads

- Way too many ads

Way way to many ads I’m going to delete due to frustration

- Yeet

I would like to customise my own character

- Add city

Must watch adds to get past the 3rd level. More adds than gameplay

- Tooo Many Ads!

If you like watch Ads, then get this game , it’s not playable or entertaining at all due to the number of ads in this app

- Ads ads ads

Way too many ads makes you quit the game immediately

- Way too many ads

You have to watch an ad every 5 seconds.

- This game is designed for distributing ads

Too much ads

- Wayyyyy too many ads!!!

You either remove excessive ads or you won’t last long- EVERY SINGLE LEVEL HAVE ADS— Fix it or not worth the time-


I love how I’m a kid and I am slapping people already!

- Nothing but ads

Yet another game that is nothing but ads on top of ads on top of ads. There are several matches you can’t win without armour, only way to get armour? Ad. Play 2 or 3 rounds? Ad. Extra rewards at the end of every round? Ad. Ads ads ads. These “games” are a mockery to mobile gaming.

- Just wondering what kinda rip off game u run

So what’s the point of paying for ad free if it doesn’t stop the Ads

- Impossible

How am I supposed to beat this boss it’s like the only solution is to watch ads

- Cdawg

All I can say is it’s a great game.

- Slap add

All you do is slap and then get an advertisement and repeat its not worth the download way better ones out there

- Not great

Too many ads every couple of seconds!!

- Adds

Too many adds

- Don’t bother

Having to watch repeated ads to up strength. Great concept, poor execution. I’m deleting right after this review.

- Most advertising I have ever seen in a game

you win matches by watching ads

- Slap Kings

Yeah, it’s like golf. Teaing up on things.

- Waste of time

To many adds not worth it

- Full of adds

Full of non stop adds !!! Ruins the game. Complete junk stay away

- Just kind of dull

Not great, not terrible. Just, well, dull.

- Way to many ads

Good game made bad by the amount of advertising so deleted

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Good game but

Good game but too much ad please fk off, I pressed no thanks but you still show us ads please

- Games ok

But way to many ads

Payoneer 💰

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- Fun Game

Good for passing time. Everybody complaining about ads it’s a little more than 2 dollars to remove them forever 🙄. You really think developers spend months writing code for a game just to hand it off for nothing? Small donations to remove ads help developers make more games. Stop complaining.

- Limit abilities in multiplayer

Whenever I play multiplayer practically every opponent has a head gear each time I slap them and a power slap every time they slap me

- Glitch

After i beat level 100 the game broke and i can no longer play the game. it says level 1 and that my opponent is me with 10,000 health yet there is no person to slap and the meter does not show up either.

- Too many ads not fun

I literally can’t win if I don’t watch an ad to get extra attack damage or extra defenders

- Awesome

The games awesome, love the graphics, very good on iPhone XR

- Fun

It’s funny and fun.

- Tip

Turn your wifi off

- Too many Adds

Way to many adds just to get to the 4th round and you get beat then you have to get a fire hand to beat the opponent not worth downloading

- Ck

The game is way too easy

- Way too many ads

The game concept is fun but with all the ads after every fight is just too much, it completely ruins the game even when your bored....

- GG bra

Wish you could play friends

- One star

Because they gave me 100 while the enemy more which make me lost

- Really fun game! Too many ads.

The unfortunate thing about this game is it’s designed for you to watch ads. I get that ads need to be in games to generate money. I’ve played this game for 20 mins and I must have watched 30 ads. Each 30 seconds long. After every round an ad (each round is only 10 seconds long) if you want to get 5x the amount of money won. Cool you can choose not to watch but then you fall behind and can’t ever get strong enough to win. Then they mate you watch another ad every 4th round to unlock you bonus costume. I’m already bored and uninstalled after 20 mins.

- Oddly entertaining


- Waste of time

You can’t win matches without watching endless ads

- Noice

Love the game nice trying to be more dif

- Adds

Don’t like the fact that you have to watch all the adds to gain all your special stuff. I have paid for adds off, and it just turned off the adds in between matches. Not cool at all. Would be a lot better if those adds weren’t there, and you just used coins or something.

- Adds? Really

Having to watch adds is a joke, but it’s still fun

- Beautiful

I love this game

- Boo

This game sucks

- 🔥

Cool game

- Don’t bother!

Second opponent can’t be beat without watch 30 second ad! Good concept but greedy execution.

- !

To much advertisement

- Super fun

I just love slapping the fat guys

- Lame

What a waste of time. Not worth the download

- Not bad

The idea is good, the game needs some improvements in the execution, and there are too many ads.

- Terrible

This game is terrible. Way to manga ads. Don’t even bother

- Add’s on Add’s

Need to watch adds to even think of winning. Basically the game is watching adds. Don’t waste your time.

- Ads, ads... Ads!

Let’s see... “Slap!” (AD), “Slap!” (AD), Upgrade! (AD), breathe in some air, (AD), (AD again, because why not?), and then (AD) some more... Because ADs for days. AD, AD, AD, AD, AD, AD! Aaaaaaddddddsssss!

- Too many annoying video ads to advance.

Fun game but there’s way to many video ads you need to watch to get any kind of advancement through the levels. Make a pro version to purchase with no ads and it will be a better experience.

- Way too many adds

Not worth trying.

- Holme wacker

Holme wacker

- Fun but glitchy

Although this game is fun and I am on level 220 it takes me many chances to beat app Opponents because the meter glitches and automatically gives me the lowest power possible. Very annoying and not fun!

- Teehee

I fight for my revenge teepeeher

- Bug in the Game

Doesn’t allow to get any rewards slaps or 5x coins. It says rewarded ad is not ready. Try again later

- 90% ads. 10% Game!!!

Spend most of the time watching ads. This isn’t a game

- Way too many ads

The only way to advance even beyond the early levels requires you to watch way too many ads. Complete waste of time.

- Nice Game

Nice Game

- Me

More action and reality show some sweat or fire in eyes

- Health Lost after update

I had aprox 12000-15000 health points, prior to the update and now im down to 5000.

- Slap my face

You guys are awesome!!! I love beating up people so this game is right up my alley

- Seronw

Too much Adds , no instructions

- It’s a slap 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hilarious turn up the slap🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

- Too many ads

WAY WAYYYY TOO MANY ADDS GUYS. Back it off a bit would ya

- Fun, but...

Basically need to watch adds all the time... all the time

- Slap away

Slap slap slapidy slay perfect for anger diffusion



- Adds

Too many adds!!!

- Slap kings great idea but no flow

Too many adds to get the items u need to win. Game doesn’t flow

- Fun

It’s so fun that I yet people in the sky

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- The great

This is a decent game very funny you throw people out of the ring you see there faces that’s also probably one of the funny things I’ve saw better games but y’all good I definitely give y’all 5 star rating cause it takes a while to make a game and just keep up the good work so yea y’all’s game is good

- Great, great game but one issue I noticed

In this game when you win 3-4 levels you get a chest and inside is a skin, the problem for me is that you more of trade in skins rather than unlock them, please snake it where they go on an inventory or create a new page where you can see all of the skins you’ve unlocked

- Best game of all time

Before I played this game, I was just a lonely loser living out of my parents basement. But now, after playing for a solid 10 minutes, I can proudly say I turned my life around all thanks to this game. I moved into my own house, got a wife, and a new Lamborghini. Thank you Slap King’s for singlehandedly saving me. 5 stars, best game ever.

- Great way to pass time.

This game is a great way to pass time, also very funny to see the different characters I get to smack the hell out of. BUT, I lm rating this game with three stars because there are still bugs that needs tweaking. My opponent is now invisible. I’ve tried closing out the game and even turning my phone off and still no opponent. Once that is fixed most definitely would rate this game with four stars

- Terrible Game

I do not know who would waste their time on this. It’s the easiest game ever made - you only have to watch ads over and over to get coins to make your character stronger than your opponent. There is nothing to look forward to, no achievements or different moves you can buy, no storyline or anything of substance in this game at all. It’s just a way for someone to get ads for other crappy games in our faces so that we go and download those games and regret wasting even ten minutes playing. It’s a viscous cycle.

- Please Take your time to read

This is terrible the ads are to much. you only have 2 upgrades not that many choices. You need ads for everything I even went on airplane mode and their were still ads. Whoever ma ethics game didn’t think about the game they thought about the money. This is not a fun app and I don’t like this game. Maybe if you fix the ad problem and add some more upgrades and characters maybe some accessories and the game would be SO much better. Please take this into consideration. Please and Thank You

- Loved it

This game is very easy and to het coins and boost up slap damage is soo easy, So far am at level 100 in 2 days playing the game which is a lot i would say... Also this game is meant for you to be good at it or else there is no point on playing it because most likely all you will do is loose.

- Really awesome game

I love playing this game because it has so many good teachers and and you get to go agai these videos and times people in the video game and it’s really fun to have a challenge every month and then we might not win every time but it takes a lot of fun and person

- Fun, but glitched maybe?

I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game, but I’m not sure if I’ve reached the end or if it’s glitched. I reached this point, deleted the app, restarted, and now I’m back here again. My player is just standing in a ring by himself. The screen says tap to slap, but there’s no one there and no option for upgrades. I’d also like character customization. Whatever the case is, fix it so I can keep going.

- Slap AdSS

The mASS amount of Ads you have to watch in order to beat a lvl is ridiculous! For every fire slap and helmet you have to watch a 30 second ad! Understandable if you just want a quick boosty to kill off an opponent but you literally have no choice but to watch the ads in order to win.. unless you have an insane amount of coins to spare then you’re Golden but, not worth entertaining to slap then watch a 30 sec ad, then 30 sec ad for helmet def and repeat. Gameplay and mechanics is 5 star but the amount of ads ruin it for me

- Update

I am up to A level where I cant play anymore i belive this game needs an update to the next levels everytime i open the app it is just stuck on that last level which i beat already and nothing comes after that Please update

- Joke

Disclaimer this is a joke this really is a great and fun game ok so my name is Karen my kid played this game and he is threatening to slap us he is four and now he’ll go to jail for asualt because video games cause violence and worst of all the delvopers are using the money to feed there kids how selfish they could give my son the money what terrible people

- Fun Game of levels

You can only go so far in the game before it just sits there with your character by itself, nothing to slap, doesn’t move. Looks like they only made so many levels and then it ends? A lot of wasted time watching ads to bulk up your character. You can’t win as you move along in the game without watching these 25-30 second ads.

- This is ridiculous!!!

Without question the dumbest game ever invented and I’m really not sure how long it hold my interest but for now quite a bit of fun. I realize this is not intended to be a game to make money other then ad dollars and the number of commercials is egregious but it will be a substitute for hitting someone in real life.

- This game is soooo fun!!!!!

This game is so fun it is so funny when you when the person flys off then hits a person but I wish there is a way to look at outfits they have instead of unlocking them by adds instead with coins but that is really all

- Good just Ads

This is really good I enjoy it very much but the thing is the ads it’s fine it’s just when I don’t want to click add more X5 an ad shows up when I could of just pressed X5 so that’s the only part I don’t like but it’s kinda addicting so I like it so I rate it 5 stars 👌😃

- Needs better balancing and less based on RNG

Played the game for about an hour, alright graphics and overall idea. I got to level 30ish and began to realize how much it was just based on RNG and less of the actual leveling system that they have implemented, granted you most likely can’t beat level 10 without leveling but you get the idea. Like I said tho, and I do understand that this is a new game but overall good idea, just work out the kinks.

- Fun but stops working

The game is fun, but I downloaded the app 3 times because it stops working. Once I done enough slaps, I get to a point where there’s no one on the other end but on top where it shows who is competing, it shows the same character, but the competitor has 10,000 life and no matter how many times I restart the app, it keeps doing the same thing.

- Think it’s a great game ! But ads

I really think it’s a great game but if we could calm down with the ads this game would have been perfect I really think this game is a success and that this is a really great game because it happens in real life I really like this game and that’s my review thank you

- It’s Fun.

It’s a fun game to pass some time. I think it’s kinda stupid how we have to watch videos for the helmet and fire hand repeatedly instead of being able to buy it to keep or at least use the points to use for just that match. Overall it is fun, but the videos get a little annoying.

- A lot wrong.

It’s a decent game when you need to kill 5-10 minutes. Upgrades start getting too expensive without losing many times in a row. Ad videos to allow you to get power ups or reward multipliers have only worked once for me, and then never again. Head to head pvp just comes down to who gets first slap since everyone uses power ups and one shots each other.


This game is itself is fun but every time you beat someone there is a add and when you level up 4or5times there is an add it overtime gets frustrating and annoying just shut down all the adds I am not saying that they can’t have adds they just need to have not so many then it is a five star if they just shut down the adds.

- Fun

Fun but 8$ a week I mean seriously if anyone is that stupid then congrats to the maker for making a good living off stupid people makes me laugh though but I’ll get bored quick I mean there’s only one thing to do keep slapping to power up and slap some more

- I love it

I downloaded this game a while back and I thought it needed a multiplayer so I uninstalled it but I check again and now the ads or few and there’s multiplayer thank y’all for listening to we the People great update on the game

- Fun game!👍

I play this game in my free time and I think it’s pretty fun! There is just a small problem, ads. I play one or two rounds then it gives me the same ad. If you are going to have ads then please please change them up a little. Overall a fun game!👍👍

- Not working

I was playing and got to level 100 and it frozen there I reset my phone close the app and still nothing. It's a fun game it stop working again😢😢also how do we get the different outfits ?? It's been down since friday😢😢😢

- Funny

I got some good laughs playing this game for the first 30 or so mins. The way the characters flex and act all tough is hilarious, and when they got low health their faces get all red and swollen it’s great. I played a bit with no internet and now even with internet I’m unable to watch ads, so now my power ups are minimal, shame I guess.

- Addicted

I downloaded this game thinking it was going to be a normal, bad ad game. However, what I found out is that I now have crippling depression from the time spent playing this game. It is like NICOTINE, I can't stop playing it! At school, at home, even when I'm sleeping! I'm on the brink of suicide! 5 stars.

- Fun game, need an ad free version

Nothing beats slapping someone who deserves it and not getting arrested for assault. I love this game but like everyone else, for God’s sake please, provide an ad free version. I’ve never seen so many ads. The only way to get extra points, and a slight advantage, is to view more ads. I hope the creators of this app listen. Maybe you’ll get more downloads if you do.

- Level 100 Starts at 1 and Freezes

Hello Slappers!!! I made it all of the way to level 99 and then passed it. It flipped to level 1 again with the opponent being yourself and then the game has frozen. Will not let you advance pass that point. I was interested in advancing but now I’m lost. I recently updated the game and still nothing. Please fix this issue. Thanks.

- This is a slap pin’ MESS!!!!

So wrong but it feels so right! If you don’t mind watching videos, (and some of the new games are crazy, that’s why I downloaded this one), you can at least protect yourself and b!$ch slap obnoxious opponents! Timing is needed. So take your everyday frustrations out in this game!

- Speed

I love this game but i hate that when you get to level 90 and above, your meter is insanely fast. I upgrade my power and health just to lose because it’s practically impossible to get inside the green consistently. Please fox this in an update

- SlapKings

This game is a good game but not just a good game, an AWESOME game . More people should start playing this game. It is very addictive , but it is still an awesome game. I see other apps and games but this is a really awesome app. I’m telling you even if you’re in the bathroom or in work you should play this mind blowing game !

- Great Game. Good Release therapy lol

Great game. Just wish you could customize your character and face actual people’s characters like challenge other people and even put wage matches on and have ranked matches against other people. Open up multiplayer mode

- I love it

This is a really fun and I use it when I am on the bus and I had my friend tell me some games me they told me slap kings and I absolute love it when I am in class I ply it when I am in softball I play it. It is just one of my favourite game and I don’t have a lot of games

- Flush with ads

Games like this are bad. I’m fine with ads being in the game as means of obtaining more stuff for watching the ad or occasionally playing an ad but so far after every match it say X5 COINS IF YOU WATCH AN AD and I decline. And then I get an ad anyway so what’s the point? If you’re going to get an ad either way after EVERY match. I think it could be fun but I will no longer be playing it and anyone that supports a game that spams ads like this is toxic for the game industry.

- Too many ads

I’ve been playing this game for a long time now, and I can’t complain it’s very fun the only major and annoying problem are the ads there are way to many ads it just makes the game boring and unplayable like literally I have to watch a 15 second ad without skipping just to upgrade I’m uninstalling the game and not downloading it until it’s fixed

- Ad hurdles galore

After each round or two the progression requires an ad view. Multiplying your profits is an ad view. Upgrading your character can be an ad view. This is the new standard for an ad wall on almost every game interaction and many are forced, not optional. Best one would you like an ad for 5x. No thanks. That’s okay here is an ad anyway for nothing since you declined our first ask. I never accepted a multiplier ad so maybe you even get double ads in that case.

- The Ads doesn’t go away even if you pay

I enjoy playing this game even though it repeatedly has you watching 30 to 50 seconds video continues to get a better slap. However, this ads got so annoying and I decided to pay for the ad to stop, after I paid for it. Nothing changed, it did not even stop ads for a minute. If you are bored and want to play this game cool, just don’t buy the add blocker it doesn’t work! Sigh ...

- Too many adds

Way too many adds other than that it would be fun I’ve been playing for about 10 minutes but I’m about to delete it because of the adds...makes you pay $4.00 to remove an add which is BS because you can find a lot of fun free games without adds..I wouldn’t mind one here or there but there’s so many you’ll have more time watching the adds then actually playing the game..not a fan.

- Bad

The new update is so slow and it is very annoying and I don’t want it on the iPad or iPhone and the app is not the best game I can get in the way of playing the way to the iPhone is a great way of making a great time of my time and my favorite team ever in my family I have a lot to say about it haha was a good day is a good way of making it fun and the way you get to play the game and it has a great game and it is fun to get to it and get to the level of a game you

- Slap

The game is highly addicting! Great graphics and the " show off" slaps and dances are really funny. The only thing i don't like is that you can't bypass ads and you can't choose a female slapper or change skin color. Other than that, the game is great!

- Why did this game get glitched

This game was fun. I played it straight all the way through level 100 along with all of my homies. But why the hell does the game just break after level 100? It’s literally unplayable. It was a fun game to start off though

- Addicting!!! But, ads could be different

This game is very addicting, however, its a constant ad after ad which informs me they desperately want to make profit. I would also like to see skin list and unlocks. Game has potential

- Amazing game

I love this game because you can do really cool slaps and also I have a issue to report, well I think you guys should delete the super ragdolls when you win and also make enemies have less health.

- $7.99 / week

Ahahahahahahaha; Is this an early April Fools day joke? Did the show Punked get put back on the air? OMG these can’t people actually think people are going to pay $7.99 / week to remove adds. Outside of different scenes and costumes....each board is exactly the same....exactly. You slap something and then something else. Takes about 2-3 seconds....then they play a 30 second add...every single time....2-3 second slap....30 second add.

- Good Game

I think this game has future, if you upgrade the rewards or maybe add new skins new challenges, or maybe including an online mode that will be works better than now, it will be perfect.

- Amazing!!!!

I love this game. Everything about it is amazing, and the game is very fun. My only request is make it so that you earn some money offline as that would make it even better. But overall super fun!!! Highly recommend

- Only fun for a little time

I am going to make this review short so I’m gonna tell you the complains. ( I am only going to make 3 complains and 3 compliments ) Complains 1. It is frustrating only when you are on level 14. 2. Every time when you upgrade you get an ad to level up. 3. It gives you ads after when you win. ( I don’t want to use money to remove ads ) Compliment 1. Ads match the game well. 2. I like how the way that the other person and me slap in different ways. 3. I like how it switches areas.

- Awful

The game was in an ad and I got so bored I downloaded the game. I played it like all day, and it was fun for a while, but just got boring. The graphics are awful for a phone game, the game breaks after a certain level, and the ads make the game look better than it is. Also, half of the reviews are fake saying, “The game has realistic slap motion.” This game was awful attempt, including their other games. This is why this is receiving a one star.

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🥦 vivi ♡༄ | 긋밤☕️

Imagine dating a EXO or a GOT7 member... They'd sing you lullabies to sleep and tell you they're shy of their voice then you slap them and say bitch you sing live on stage but you're shy all over a little lullaby?! Get your shit together. I love you. 😔😔😔 Live vocal kings wbk

let's ⚡ cyber

Kings hawaiian rolls slap

hypnotransgirl 𒀭𒈹𒍠𒊩

@benjanun_s Ancient Sumerian kings every year would be stripped of their regalia and brought in front of the head priest where said priest would literally slap the king until he cried. If he didnt he wasnt fit to rule.


notice how stray kids songs slap in every language like kings???

🎀We Transform House To Home♥️

@dahtgirl_ajex Slap Kings


@Tigondal1 @RashidHashmis They are not young leaders. Which democracy allows prince and princess rule after kings ? This pic is slap to all pakis that fuck off we will rule on u and after that our kids. Any one else ruling us is selected.😊

EXTINCTION (eco-slam)

@ashesofcain @cainalikehyena @bismuthslow Kings X slap insanely hard live

Fela 🧛‍♂️

@UncleAbiodun @TobiDaDeviant Na by force to reply? Same 2 Kings that got burna angry, imagine if wiz had replied he’ll probably be involved in their wahala. You say Wizkid is the problem like say na him slap am for Ghana. Y’all won’t let this man rest but still deny that he’s the G.O.A.T


👋Slap Kings/👋 You will have a lot of fun with this game: prostredníctvom @YouTube #videogames #love #video #game #time #nintendo #gamedev #games #android #androidgames #freegame #indiegame #gamers #videos


i always like the stupid songs the best go off kings take urselves lightly lifes too short to take everything seriously and u know what the result with the instruments and production is always great so yeah im all for stupid songs that slap


@svaradarajan @rohini_sgh @Uppolice @myogiadityanath Very tight slap on the face of UP Gobarment. They are public servants and not kings of a democratically elected state government. They should learn to bear criticism by public about their mismanagement and misdeeds.

brando¹² ⠘⁰⁰

@jinsoulburger get some Burger King tffff their bacon kings and fries slap


@Sajaahmadv Slap kings



Dorrie Mae -Trans, Child At Heart, Autistic

It is stuff like this that gets under my skin and makes me tweet about politics. This tweet has absolutely nothing to do with Election Fraud & yet for some reason @Twitter @Jack @TwitterSupport slap a big flipping label on it like they're the Kings of the Interwebs? Mop the Floor

Slap Kings 1.3.1 Screenshots & Images

Slap Kings iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Slap Kings iphone images
Slap Kings iphone images
Slap Kings iphone images
Slap Kings iphone images

Slap Kings (Version 1.3.1) Install & Download

The applications Slap Kings was published in the category Games on 2020-02-21 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 253.77 MB. Slap Kings - Games app posted on 2020-12-12 current version is 1.3.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: mobi.gameguru.slapkings

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