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It's time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls!

The rule's easy, just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination.

You'll surely love this game once you get how it works!

* Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
* Suitable for all ages
* Simple rules but a little difficult to clear the level, you'll find the addiction.
* You can also enjoy the fun of collecting pens
* Now try to get a higher score and share it with your friends!
* New levels update every week

Love Balls App Description & Overview

The applications Love Balls was published in the category Games on 2018-02-14 and was developed by Super Tapx. The file size is 268.24 MB. The current version is 1.3.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Game optimization.
- Now hints can be purchased with coins.

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Love Balls Reviews


Awful  hoorayforboobies85  1 star

More advertisements then you actually get to play. Oh well.


You are the best  agheishdbd  5 star



To many ads  snsnjzjxidid  1 star

To many ads ruins the game and also the hint thing that pops in the middle of the screen every so often


Addie98  mickaunicornquinn  3 star

I really like this game my friend introduced me to it. The only thing is that there are way to many ads it was really annoying I really hope you guys can fix that


Let’s keep it simple  Rightara  2 star

I liked the game, but too many ads that are way to long and its the same ads over and over. If that wasn’t bad enough they’ve added a spin wheel and stupid costumes and even more ads. So I’m deleting the game. Sometimes just keeping it simple is better guys.

turtle 333

Love balls  turtle 333  5 star

Love the game. Hate the name


Okay  bftbyhn  4 star

Too many adds but otherwise ok


Ads  Cvir  1 star

Too many.


Ads and Hints  IHeartCatsAndHolo  4 star

I feel like this game could been really fun. However, after the new update, where you could buy your hints now, the game doesn’t really make you think because you can always pay 200 coins for hints. 200 coins isn’t really that much. Also, for people like me, who have gotten 3 stars on every level, the coins needed for the hint isn’t really a problem anymore. Instead of making you think, the update made the levels require much less thinking. Furthermore, the ads everywhere are really starting to get on my nerves.


Good game, but recent Updates are a little annoying  jam187781  4 star

Recent update places a “help” pop up directly in the center of the screen after you’ve fail an attempt. You now have to wait for this pop up to go away before retrying each time. On a level giving you problems, this is extremely annoying.


Love the game yay  Katiedoglover  5 star

Love it is fun and a bit challenging there’s cool new levels to unlock and a bunch of costumes and new pen designs also u should go and down load it now


Awesome 😎 game  Amelia🐢👩🏼‍🔬  5 star

This game is awesome really recommend it 😍


Way too many adds  #crazyfordogs  3 star

It is a great game but it has way to many adds I have a little cousin that is 6 and she played it but it had a really bad add that made her cry so I would like no adds

1 Parent with kid

Inappropriate ads  1 Parent with kid  1 star

The game is great, but some of the ads played during playing are not appropriate for children - this is an app for 12+. Sexually suggestive live stream app ads frequently play. How can you think this is ok for kids?


Lines  mediumfish2011  5 star

I love the different types of lines.

feedback GIRL😍😍

Love it  feedback GIRL😍😍  5 star

I Love this so much even tho I just downloaded this game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Rip off  Tim2018*  1 star

The ads keep coming back even though we bought the ad free version


Just a problem I have  MaxTheGirrafe  3 star

I am okay with almost everything in the game, except for a problem that appears to be robbing me blind. Whenever I take over three tries to complete a level, the game suggests taking a hint for 400 coins, which appears as a box, but because of that, my amount of money has somehow dropped from 1200 coins to 300 coins, without me getting the hint. I request that you remove this function or replace it with one that is less destabilizing, and my reason for calling the function destabilizing is that it blocks off the view, which is a problem. If you remove or replace that one annoying hint function then I would rate this game more highly.

f fiygiyp coyluyc

E  f fiygiyp coyluyc  5 star

Fun game


Amazing  stella22322532153444676  5 star

There is nothing wrong get it noooooooooow


The ads *ugh*  AT000007  1 star

The game is fun and I really enjoy it! Well thought out, doesn’t crash, and is challenging. The ads happen to often! I even purchased the “no ads” option and was only told I needed to spend more money for a “no ads” version. Don’t waste your money. Frustrating!


FUN  ebrigm  5 star

It is so much fun


Ok  kk❄️  4 star

It is amazing


Cute game, ridiculous amount of ads  kustardpie1511  2 star

I like the game, even paid the small amount to get rid of the annoying ads. Now I am getting other annoying pop ups so I’m just going to delete the game.

an na no mouse

The ads make the game not worth playing  an na no mouse  1 star

I get it you need to make money, but after every level I’m held hostage to have to touch the add to move on. Not thanks. This lasted 60 seconds on my phone.


Deleting app  elefheriA  3 star

Hi, please give me a step by step on how to delete this app from my phone. Once installed It doesn’t thank you give us the option to get it off our phones like other apps do. Thank you


Adorable  pfcxhlxhkxgldyldyksylydlxydyl  5 star

This app is amazing! Please get it you will love it it is so great I think the little faces the two balls make are so cute when they touch I love that you can choose different backgrounds and if you are having a difficult time you can get a hint not too many add which is great please get this you will not regret it you will love it😆😆😆


Fun but the ads  THEmommazilla  3 star

This game was so much better before the latest update where the ads have just become overwhelming. Win a level and want the points you earned? Gotta watch this ad. Lost a level and want to retry it? Here’s a multi-level ad first. Clicked out of the app for a minute and want to come back... ad. I get it that ads are revenue and I don’t mind them every once in a while and expect them if I want an additional prize but this has gone too far and will cause people to delete the app.


Love the love bug  nitaboo1234  5 star

I just love the music and the way they just get so happy


Not good as a free game  rcubster  2 star

The game itself is fun and challenging but the shear amount of ads you have to face make it way to frustrating to play for more than 5 minutes


UPDATE 😡😡😡  Brownie12355  4 star

I love this game it’s really fun but I hate the way now you have to pay for hints PLZ BRING IT BACK TO VIDEOS Ik this only happened today but plz bring back videos I like buying pens and stuff with coins


Great App! One of the best games I have enjoyed on the phone  kermitandpeggy  5 star

Great App! One of the best games I have enjoyed on the phone

zoey murphy

Zoey Murphy  zoey murphy  5 star

This game is so so so so fun that I played it all day and night

The Cool kid!!!...😎

This game is so relaxing : Potterhead girl 4 life  The Cool kid!!!...😎  5 star

This game is so relaxing, a little harder than meets the eye though.... but's it's a lot of fun, and doesn't take up a lot of storage. I recommend you get this game!!!🤗🤗🤗


Crash  Aberq90  2 star

It crashes too much. And too many hints. It’s a weird game.

qween of loveballs

Great game  qween of loveballs  5 star

This is a really good app


To many adds  kjfnbjbngvjnferjlilrkel  4 star

I love the game but the adds !!!!! Way to many


😬😬😬  supergamergirlrateslotsofgames  4 star

This game is amazing but there are too many is driving me crazy.aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Please fix the add problem.PPLLEEAASSEE!!!!

cool omg like

🙈  cool omg like  5 star


kc mc.p

My revew  kc mc.p  5 star

Total in utter success for those who have a love of ink. I thank you in making the amazing game as it inspires younger ones to draw and write . Me at the age of 11 i love the game and it inspires the inner art to come through

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