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Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing [Games] App Description & Overview

Can you handle the pressure?
Become a tattoo titan and spread the ink!

Are you ready to experience your inner rebel? Ever wonder what it is like to get a tattoo? Now you can experience it all without feeling the pain! Fill in hundreds of different tats for your customers. Try to get the picture as close as possible for them and don’t mess up!. Get ready to feel the satisfaction of watching your art become real tattoos! Relax and use your precision to point and aim the needle to fill in the shapes. So many satisfying vibrations! Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss an ink... Will you be the first one to tattoo them all?

Hundreds of objects for you to carefully size up, outline, and ink your customers. The final results will leave you feeling satisfied!

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Feel the satisfaction without the pain? The pictures are there for you. All you need to do is fill in the ink. Take your time and relax, it’s the simple.

2. Run your own Tattoo Shop
Keep the customers coming. Whether its a heart, a zombie, or a skull, there are so many tattoo designs for you to stencil.

3. Don’t go over the lines!!
Challenging shapes will test your precision. Can you beat each level in one hit?

4. Feel the experience
Feel every needle tap with the best haptics experience there is.

Whether you like tattoos or just want to draw some shapes, Ink Inc. will take you there. This is the best and most rewarding tattoo simulation game there is. Good luck putting down Ink Inc!

Music provided by Megatrax

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and improvements.

Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing Comments & Reviews

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- Completed

Only reason I’m not giving this game a 5 star review is because I have only played it for about a week and have done every single tattoo they offer. Even the ones in the season gallery. I have had 3 stars for every tattoo. I’ve upgraded the shop as far as it will go. I even purchased the game to see if it would maybe give me more tattoos, nope. I dont even need to click on the game anymore unless i just want to do the same tattoos over and over again which isn’t really fun. It’s a great game, yeah there is a lot of ads, but it’s not those ads where you have to sit there and wait 30 seconds. You can literally click the x right away so the ads aren’t a problem. If y’all could add more tattoos to do and more upgrades or ways to use money, that would be a 5 star game.


The game seems very fun however they could make the tattoos less hard to do. I love how everyone wants a different tattoo to show their differences. I would suggest that we could draw whatever tattoo we wanted to, without getting a bad rate! Overall the game was very fun and enjoyable. I haven’t got any bugs but I can see a lot of ppl has so maybe you try to fix them. I think that the game could be pretty fun if we were not judged based off of how good we did, I’m not artistic but I don’t think a lot of ppl are and maybe they tried their hardest and still got a bad rate. I’ve spent my time typing this so I would appreciate if someone actually looked at it! I’m not done yet tho, this game has an awfully amount of ads! Seriously! I hate ads but I only can take so many! I would appreciate if someone actually looked at this. Please fix the ads it’s very annoying. Thank you for your time I will not uninstall this game just yet but I really hope it gets fixed but I would not be playing it anytime soon.

- Ad City

I downloaded the game because I saw the rating, and read some reviews. It’s a great game, with easy controls that could pull you in for a while. However, the game is riddled with ads. It seems that every time I hit “Next” it would play an ad. Now, that alone wouldn’t really bug me, as games abuse users with ads. The part that really bugged me, was that on the screen that has the “Claim [x] coins, replay, and next”, the game gives you the option of claiming double the coins earned by watching an ad. Yet, it doesn’t matter if you just click next. You’re better off wasting 30 seconds to get double the coins than you are clicking next. It’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion, and it is definitely in poor taste to basically trick users into watching ads regardless of the users selection. Not to mention the $4.99 to get rid of ads for a game with such little content. With all that being said, the game itself is a 4/5. But, like I said with the ads, it brings it down to a 2/5. Will definitely update my review if the developers change this.

- A game has never crashed and now it is

The only reason I giving this game two stars at ALL is bc it looked like s good game on the advertisement. I wanted to play it so I clicked on the ad and immediately put my password in so that I could start playing this game. Well, I thought I would have an enjoyable time. But I didn’t. Wanna know why I didn’t? Bc as soon as I clicked on the game it would go black, go to the screen where it tells u creator name, then go to the opening of the game where it says Ink Inc. After that step was done, it would say “Loading” but it wouldn’t actually LOAD. INSTEAD the game CRASHED and didnt let me play. I tried three times. I tried clearing out my files. I even tried downloading it and redown loading it. Did it work? NOPE!!! Now I’m going to go try starting my phone over and if that doesn’t work I’m deleteing this game for good. But so u know I hope u enjoy spending money that u earned on a game that I downloaded that wouldn’t even let me play -.- ugh. And believe me I’m not furious or anything but I’m definitely not going to tell u to have a good day.

- I see why everybody likes this

Well, let's talk about the start of the app. First, well. Of course! A loading screen. What mostly every game has. Except, this loading screen takes forever!, to load. I don't know if it's anything that lags my device, or my wifi. But I'm sorry to blame. Anyways, I switched to my IPad. Loading is way much better. Mobile devices are SO complicated and laggy for me..Getting to the real point, the Inker, is what I call it. I don't really know what it's called. The inker is so complicated and hard to use! If you could just improvise on that and focus on that main problem for me. Thanks! Make it follow your finger whenever you tap, it comes with you is what I'm talking about! There's nothing so good about this game..Not to be rude, or anything. Just trying to help you improve this game! Then I would be much more satisfied! And we'll, that's it! Nothing so much, just to cut it short. It's a great game!

- Something’s wrong

You know that white and gray is actually not a color or it’s never been showed up even while you play on a tattoo like what the heck! And let me tell you something else when when they do those messages of see how they love it I wish they could actually do voices of like what should I say what a good idea for me but really what do you like make voices please? And one more thing I know one what if you draw a person in seconds what if you could make a bed in this game to like on a tattoo just a bed with that’s a great tattoo have a great one less a great! LOLXD!And last one is that there is no end because it’s it’s called ink INC. but why should it not be called tattoo simulator instead of ink INC. how about make a new game but name it tattoo simulator and make it the same as this one

- Really Fun but Gets Repetitive

It’s a fun game, I really love the sound when you give somebody a tattoo - sounds like the real thing. The only problem I have is after a while it gets repetitive, and by repetitive I mean people keep wanting the same tattoos that you already did. There is an update for the app, and I’m updating it right now, not sure if it’ll still be repetitive, but otherwise great fun game! One other thing they should add is upgrading the shop. Apparently I updated the shop to as much as it can go, but I think there should be more upgrades in terms of design, all that fun stuff. And with each upgrade maybe you can get more tattoo designs so the costumers don’t keep wanting the same old thing. Great and fun game!

- It’s Great! But...

The game is really fun and it really fits the name. You basically start out in a small store and then as you start to get more customers, you get more money and when you get more money, you can keep upgrading the store. Depending on how well you do the tattoos, you get the most money if you do really well. There are a few things about this game that I am not happy about THERE ARE A TON OF ADS!!! There is so many ads and it takes over the game. And when you start to upgrade a lot, the upgrades stop and there is not really anything you can do with the money you earn after you beat all the upgrades. I have $10,000 in the game and I have nothing to do with it. There is a ton of different designs in the game you can color and fill in. There is different colors, shapes, people, and much more. I would recommend this game if you don’t mind ads and if you like art and coloring + filling in pictures. Over all, this app is really fun.

- Not as relaxing

I have never written a review for an app in my life but i wanted to write one for this I downloaded this game because i have anxiety alot and like the idea of coloring tattoos in as its relaxing except i just went to my app for some relaxing time and now theres a pain meter that fills up so fast like i drew a line and it filled up completely i have 6 actual tattoos in real life and thats most definitely not accurate but more importantly its not relaxing anymore im now stressed out about the meter filling up and then the tattoo ends up looking like poo because if you want a good looking tattoo and also to not fill up the meter its going to take forever (though it’ll still say perfect or something) i liked it better before the meter ive done two tattoos now on it with the meter i hope that doesn’t stay otherwise fun game.

- love this game! but a few problems.

i love this game and play it almost every day, it’s pretty addicting. i know a lot of people are mad about the ads, but i don’t find a huge problem with it because most games have a whole lot of ads. i would recommend adding more decorations to the shop though. i’ve had it for about a month and after about 2 weeks i already ran out of decorations. i would also recommend making more tattoos because i have almost ran out and it keeps repeating them which is not as fun. one of the problems i seem to have is that on pages i’m missing a certain tattoo and i go through tattoos more and more, repeating them over and over, and still i never get the locked ones. this game is super fun overall though. my biggest problem at the moment is with the rocket tattoo. i draw it very nicely and stay inside the lines and and everything, but the customer gets mad the minute i even start. i can’t even get one star on it and have tried it for what seems like millions of times. i have completed all of the pages except the second place because for some reason over half of them are still locked and i have almost perfect scores on all of them on that page.

- Ok game some bugs

So I have been playing this game for a couple of years now, and overall it is a great game. Me and my friends would play it like ALL the time. But I have been disappointed with the game these past couple of months, because it is turning into a ad show more then tattoo game. It seems like every time I hit next, a pop up ad comes up. One other thing is when you get later in the levels, it makes it like impossible to get a perfect score because every time you hit the fill button it covers the whole painting making it very hard to trace the other lines. The last problem is that if you make one tiny mistake and you planned to get a perfect score, there is no erase button you have to start all over again! But besides those, this is a pretty amazing game anybody looking at it I highly recommend it.

- Having A Blast!

This game is so much fun and I love the thrill! Could you please give us more options on what we want the vibe of our shop to be like? I also would love if you allowed harder, cooler tattoos like ones professionals would give people! This might sound weird, but it kinda messes me up when I see all the angry faces because I get put under so much pressure which distracts me! I am the kind of person who want to get it practically perfect so I have to keep redoing it because of all the pressure the faces are giving me! So maybe you could have more supporting emojis that are like happy, or if they don’t like it you could have a question mark. Awesome game and hope you make it even more enjoyable with future updates! So creative!

- Fun little game

This game is really entertaining, and all together a fun way to kill some time. That being said... So many of the other reviewers complain about “too many ads,” and that sort of thing... hello... it’s a FREE TO PLAY GAME! How do you think game developers get paid if not by advertising? Unless you’re willing to pay a few bucks for a game that the developers put their time and effort into (something tells me your parents won’t give you their Apple password to do so 😂,) you’re going to see ads. Get over it. Think of ads like tiny tv commercials that interrupt your morning cartoons. Sick of the whining; it’s not fair to lowball a great little game like this because you don’t understand the concept of economics.

- Problems...

So I got this game bc it was all over in ads! So I thought “wow this will be a fun game!” But I was wrong! There are a lot of problems! For example the game glitches and my tattoo drawer thing (idk the name sorry) messes up my tattoo! Also the setting where you can fill in the tattoo often doesn’t work and makes me draw thick, thick lines and it ends up looking really ugly! Then another annoying thing (this might just be me but..) the score I get is ALWAYS and I mean always is good even if I did a horrible job! This might be just a weird personal thing but it really annoys me for some reason! These things don’t show up on ads! Ads always make me mad bc they make it look SO HARD when it really isn’t that hard and it makes me cringe (for some reason I’m like a perfectionist and anything out of order bothers me! LOL!) So this is just a warning don’t download thins game it has a lot of problems! Sorry!

- A really good game but some downer sides

I really enjoy this game but I want some more improvements 1:more colors I want more colors so it would make it more realistic and fun 2:an eraser I would like a eraser so if you make a mistake you can fix it instead of starting the whole thing over 3: LESS ADDS i would love if y’all put adds every 5 times your done instead of every time because what if it’s a really easy one but you just watched an ad so you have to watch another ad again and it’s almost always the same ad 4:a break in between the line when ever you are tracing something you have to hold down to move the thing which causes a random dot which makes you get a lower score 5:more people now this won I don’t care about but I think it would be cool to have more people 6:number instead of using stars at the end I think you should use a percentage idk why just it is more specific on how well you did That should be it I will keep looking for more things that could be improved and I hope that these things can be fixed there all just my opinion that would make the game more fun again I love this game a lot but these things are just down sides about the game.

- Glitch?

So I’ve had this game for over 5 months almost 6. One day I decided to play, I chose my color and started tracing I noticed something that had never happened to me before. Some of the lines were thicker than others and places I had drawn on before had no marks or nothing. So I tried powering off my phone too see if it would fix my problem but it didn't. So I went to the app store to see if there was an update to the game to my surprise there was! I quickly updated it hoping the problem would be gone little did I know that it wouldn't fix anything. I played again a few days later to check if the update worked its magic. As I began playing the same thing happened. It really sucked because sometimes I would be doing really well on a picture then the glitch kicked in and ruined it. Overall I love the game but the glitch is really ruining the fun.

- Potential

This game has GREAT potential, as in that it’s a different concept from other games. However, there’s zero reason to keep playing. There’s no storyline OR goals. Also WAY too many advertisements (I can see if you want extra points, but not after you complete a tattoo) AND attention to detail is lacking. When you tattoo a darker skinned man, for example, your preview shows a light skinned person. My suggestion is to make it a customizable shop. The player can name the shop, take customers / orders. You gain reviews, you can visit others shops, you’re able to deny customers, etc. The player can upgrade their space to a larger one, build more shops, hire other artists (save points to pay for them, then they bring in profit,) move furniture around, make themes in their shop, specialize in certain genres etc. The goal can be that you’re starting off alone in a tiny, dingy place with easy tattoo designs. Then you keep upgrading to larger, nicer things and as the designs get harder you get paid more (you still have the choice to do the little cheap designs.) THIS kind of game would be addicting for me. Until then, I’m going to delete it because I’m frankly bored after three tattoos. I hope you take my advice and best of luck!

- Too many adds? Turn off WiFi!

I wrote this just to let people know that you CAN control adds. Just turn off WiFi before playing! So many of these games can become five-star just by getting rid of their main problem: adds! It’s not hard, and it works on nearly all of these, since they usually don’t require WiFi for any purpose. If you want to be able to watch adds to get a reward or whatever, then this doesn’t work, but I think a lot of you would find this useful. Thanks for reading, I hope this helped you. (Sorry, people making money off of adds! You have too much money anyway, though)

- Too Much ads...

Ok I love Ink ick. But There’s TOO Much ads You Need a Ad for a Eraser you needa Ad when Your Done OK THAT I JUST CANT PLEASE MAKE LESS ADS Sorry For Shouting But Like It is a good game Some Bugs Like the Ads I Thos is Why I give it a 3 star Sorry For Yelling I’m Kinda Stressed Over this Game😬 Maybe If you Add Mor Money to It It Would Be Better like a 4 star And Add More Tattos There Fake I Kinda Regret this But STILL I Play It Maybe Add A Gaming Room For Customers To Play in Add Also A Few more Colors Say Like A Pastel Pink 👁👄👁 I hope You Get this Message Thank you.... And There’s A few more Bugs app I don’t have enough Time To Get on the Next Spot So Add for like 9 Secs And The Last bug is Make The Tattos Mpre Realistic They Look Fake This Game Has A GOOD Reason To Play though Bc It’s Fun Maybe Get rid Of Ads.......? Or A Purchuse For No Ads I Would Like the Game Better If you Fox h Theese Bugs.............. Thank You.

- Don’t even get me STARTED!!😤

Don’t even get me STARTED on the quality of this game. The needle you use to create the tattoos is REALLY wobbly!!🤬 This game only gives you a small amount of money when your done with a tattoo and it makes you watch a AD to get a higher price. Like- really?? In the other games I play they give you a high price when your done and then they give you a smaller amount when you watch a AD so I would work on trying to fix that. 😋 And WOWWWW how people say this game has good. “ quality” 🤣 yeah right I have played better But it’s still a kind of fun game? So be really careful about what you put in that game. And I would work on trying to get the game to function better. I really kind of hate this game no offense. Anyway be kind be sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other! BYEEEE 😋💕

- Nice game. Three downs

It’s really satisfying and cool! The first down is the ads. There are millions of em. You can choose not to have the ad to double the money but you still get an ad! The next thing is the fill button! It does the entire game for you! You just sit there and hold the button! That’s all you do! The last down is the shop button! I never now what I do with the money when I press that button. So idk what money does! Devs I don’t expect you guys to read this review but please if you do fix this but overall it’s a great game and I expect it to go far!

- Filling/lines messed up

I started off loving this game. I had basically no issues with filling items and tattooing the appropriate lines. However as of late, when i take turns the lines start to get very thin and stretched, rather than being thick. Another big issue i have been having is the filling option. An example of this issue was when i was tattooing the pink bow tie outlined in black. I started off outlining it in black with the line tool then proceeded to try and fill in the space between the black lines with the pink. The issue was when i filled it, the pink covered all black lines and just created a solid pink bow tie instead of keep the black outline. It also didn’t respect the inner outlines of the bow tie, only the outer lines. If that issue can be fixed i will happily continue to play

- It’s fun BUT...

It’s really fun, there’s a whole bunch of tattoo designs but there’s nothing to do with the money, there’s only 4 tattoo machines you can buy and your tattoo store only upgrades until a certain point, then after that you are getting all this money and there’s nothing to do with it so it gets boring after a while... If you want to just spend some time doing something, this app is really good if you are THAT bored.. but other than that meh.. P.s. there’s a whole bunch of ads after everything and since you can’t upgrade after a certain point or do anything with the money in the game, don’t even bother to purchase the one without the ads because you are going to find yourself deleting this app after a few days.

- Why is this not letting me play??

So, i kept seeing the ad for this game and i got it. It tempted me and it was REALLY fun. I LOVED it!! Or at least the first few minutes of playing it. The next day I tried to play, I pressed start then the music would go silent and it would glitch me back to the home page. I tried this almost TEN TIMES!! No luck. I tried to close all of my open apps including this game. It worked but this app STILL did this routine. Please fix whatever this is. I just want to play it. I chose 3 stars because it is a great game, it’s just not letting me play anymore 😢. I am begging the developers of this game to fix this issue so I can have fun with this game again.

- I have never.....

While I am a full time billboard pinner and a struggling father of 4 trying to make it in the city, I downloaded this game and let me tell you that was the first mistake I made that day. One of dads told me to never give up and even though I’m trying my best sometimes it’s not enough and that’s what I try and put in my kids. You aren’t going to be able to do everything and more then likely, because you are a descendent of my worthless grandfather you’re probably going to mess everything up and probably kill yourself like he did. But what I’m trying to say is that after tattooing a mistletoe on very detailed and muscular Santa I think I’m into guys and that’s ok. I’m just asking for your prayers to put me back in the hands of my wife. P.s Lots of swastikas in this game and kind of creeps me out

- Kind of disappointing

So I am really disappointed in this game. I was very excited to download it so I did, and it did this glitch where when you were moving the drawing thing goes up and down up and down like randomly and it was very annoying. Secondly, There are a lot of ads. I only gave this a three star review because of these things so I would really appreciate if you could fix that glitch and lower the amount of ads. I understand you need money but like that is way too many ads. Literally every time you finish a person there’s an ad and I really dislike that so I would appreciate if you could fix the glitch and maybe lower the amount of ads thanks :-)

- it’s okay.

this game is an okay game to play occasionally. however, i have some problems with this game. first, there are WAY too many ads. every time i click next to do another persons tattoo, it brings up an ad. not even short ads. long ads. it’s seriously annoying and there’s no skip button, and i’m really upset. second, i would like to have an undo button, instead of just resetting when i make one mistake. i thought this game was going to be fun but honestly it’s not. last, i’m just unsatisfied. i begged my dad to get me this app (i can’t get apps on my own) and when he finally did, i was SO excited. i didn’t have enough storage on my phone so i deleted 3 apps (and some photos) just to download this one. this app would be amazing if there wasn’t as many ads, and if possibly there was an undo button.

- I like it but...

I love this game! I laugh at my results because I’m very good at drawing but when I draw a tattoo on my phone it looks very messed up XD, when the update came I was able to fill in solid colored stencils easier but filling in space on my own was super frustrating, I botched a lightbulb more because I covered up the stencil with the fill so I couldn’t draw the lines and I don’t like that, it makes me more frustrated and it makes me not play it, if people like the mode and some don’t maybe you could add two modes like in the settings like hard mode and easy mode or something? please make it better so I can enjoy it again.

- It’s a fun- ish game

This gets 4 stars because it is kind of a boring game. first the same people come in and get the same tattoos. And if Santa kept all the tattoos I did on him, he would be covered head to toe! And the lines go out on you. There should also be a different way to move the tattoo gun then like 10 seconds. But enough with the bad stuff on to the good stuff! I like how you have unlimited energy and colors. It’s also cute how the characters can show what they feel through the emojis. It’s a cute and funny time passer with not to many ads! I know if you have this game you either yes or no, with buts or ehs. Please take notice of my commet/review.

- This is awesome game

The new update was a little slow to play the first game and the new app I cannot I was not sure what I wanted and the new update would not have the time it and the new version would not have the game it is still great and the app works fine but the new app has to get me in and it is still fun I can play the new update update the game will have a good new version update update soon as you update update it update new app to new version of new app to get my iPhone app update app and it is a good game for my friends

- Good game,but one problem

This game is really fun! But there was only one problem, It’s about the money. So when I got it perfect I only got like 234 dollars, and I worked so hard on that thing I did, It wasn’t worth it,If I was the person who made this game I would have did it like this..... So if I got bad I would get 50 dollars If I did good I would get 345 or 300 Ig I got perfect I would get at least 400 or 500 dollars! I am not saying you should do it that way it’s my opinion,Not trying to hurt you feelings as well, I know people who made games worked so hard on these games. But to everyone you should get this game it’s amazing!

- This the first one star review I’ve ever wrote

This the first one star review I’ve ever wrote but this game deserves it. I saw this game on a add and it looked pretty good so I downloaded it. Then when it got done downloading I got on it. When I got on it it showed me the company that made the game and then it went black. After it went black it crashed I tried to play the game it did the same thing over and over again. I even tried restarting my phone and that didn’t even work. So I even tried deleting it and downloading it again and that didn’t even work so I gave up and deleted the game. So I feel bad about the stuff I said at the start and if I got to play this game it seems pretty fun so I hope you fix these bugs and if you do I will download this game again. Thank you for your time.

- Too Many Ads with No Benefit to the Player

I liked the idea of tattooing someone, but the amount of ads in the way of the game was too much for me. I never picked to get the higher amount of pay after a tattoo (which you must watch a video for), because it was never necessary. I just liked tattooing, and the shop is easy to upgrade without it (and even if it wasn’t easy to upgrade, the upgrades are so lack luster that I wouldn’t have cared either way). I still got ads between almost every tattoo even though I never clicked the get more button. So, I basically wasted my time watching an ad with no real benefit to me. Decided to stop giving this app ad watch time and just delete it. Tattooing was good for relaxing but it wasn’t amazing graphics or details, very generic.

- No pain, no shame

Most "level clear" games such add this one will give you an option to double your reward upon completion of a stage by watching a video (giving you the choice to decline watching the ad and still receive your regular in-game currency amount). This game would not let me claim the base payfrom each tattoo unless I watched a video first!! So I thought "wow, I guess I'll watch the videos since I need the money to upgrade" but then I got tired of that after a few times and just hit NEXT (forfeiting the money earned) and it STILL TOOK ME TO AN AD!!! 😡😡😡 The drawings were already painfully easy requiring no skill like a kindergarten class fill-in, I was looking for something that required you to actually draw like Draw Something. So this was not with any more of my time. DELETED 🗑

- Great find!

Just saw this in the app store! Why hadn’t anyone made this game yet?! Having a blast making tattoos. It’s a bit ad heavy, but what can I expect from F2P. Hopefully the developer will ad more features like more tattoo locations, the ability to sleeve, and maybe something that will drive me to do better like tattoo competitions with other players. The character animation for the customers are fun and I hope they add more. Wish I had more control on how to decorate and modify my tattoo shop. Looking forward for more features!

- Has it's ups and downs....

This game is very fun to play, but when people say it has to many adds, there not lying. I am also very confused... when I got to the heart and the bowling ball, I did them PERFECTLY. There was not one thing out of place... but it gave me two stars. I then deleted the game and downloaded it again. When I got to the heart and the bowling ball, I messed up a lot on purpose.... and it gave me ALL of the stars. This game is really satisfying and funny to play. I love how all of the different characters have different personalities. I recommend this game if you like art and your patient.

- 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The creator(s) of this game did an amazing job, and this game is really fun and satisfying. You get to draw tattoos on people. (And the whole tattoo part doesn’t really influence my opinion on tattoos) but the game get more and more complicated with each different tattoo. On some levels there is a pain meter that you have to watch out for, or else your costumer could mess up their tattoo and/or give you a bad star rating. But that’s just part of the easy challenge. (I love this game!!!) 😜 (that’s my signature emoji instead of my name) 😜

- Good but not the best

I don’t really like this game but it’s OK the reason I don’t like it is because every time I try to start on the tattoo I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it like goes off of the page and then it tells you he’s trying to tell you what to do and just everything I s just don’t really like this game because it just doesn’t let you stay in the Lansing I might never ever going to get three stars play at your own race I really dislike this game there’s like this game .

- Have to start over if messes up!!

I love this game except for 2 things. You have to start ALL OVER if you mess up/make a mistake, even if you’re almost done with the tattoo. Really peeves me off. So if they could change that, that’d be great. Also, when you start to draw, if you hold it, even if it is just for 2 seconds, it starts filling the area in, when you’re only wanting to draw a line. So if the creators could fix these problems, that would be lovely because other than those 2 things, I love this game. But again, those 2 things are very frustrating and make me not want to play this game anymore.


i love this game only been playing for about a month now, but i definitely wish there were MORE COLORS please ? also maybe the fill option to stay inside the line that you make, instead of filling the entire tattoo covering the lines that need to be traced .. makes it hard for getting a perfect score when you can’t see the lines the old fill option was better. Maybe some new customers and more options too decorate your shop. This is a lot to ask but with a few upgrades and or improvements this game would be great for me super fun, i play multiple times a day. MORE CONTENT PLEASE

- Ad life.

The ads are crazy. As soon as I started when I did the FIRST tattoo I already got asked to get more stars with a add, or just having a ad pop up when I’m in the middle of one. It’s crazy. The game is overrun with the ads. I think if the makers read this review, they really need to fix the ad problem. I know that they need ads to make money and all, but no one will play the game with all the ads. I’m sorry if you don’t agree, and if you think this game is good for kids, any kid will be upset because of the ads. You can’t have 2 ads pop up at the same time. I’ve used plenty games that have ads, but I’ve never ever seen a game with this many ads! It’s insanity. 😡

- Fun but glitchy

When I first installed the game, all the tattoos weren’t coming up, and a couple of them weren’t winnable. Had to delete/reinstall in order to get everything to come up, which of course meant losing all my progress. An update fixed one of the tats (rocket ship, but not the sword). With this holiday tattoo update, I can’t get the holiday images to come up, and don’t want to delete from iPad again, but deleting/reinstalling did work on my phone for this update. Overall, a fun way to pass the time, would be 4 stars if not so glitchy. 5 stars if the controls produced a more reliable line/fill.

- It’s fun but...

This game is actually really fun. I downloaded it when I saw the ad. The ad made it look super easy to do a tattoo. But when you actually do it, it’s really hard. I think that you should add more tools because the only tools we have are very limited. I’m also very confused when they give angry faces, I know that they don’t like it. But there really putting pressure on us. Also, there are so many ads if you wanna keep in redoing the tattoo. I really like making things look nice. So I have a lot of tries and fails. After a while, they start giving me ads. It would be a 5 star if there were no ads, more tools, and NO ANGRY FACES. This game also crashes on my phone.

- Blowed

The game was fine. And my last 15 tattoos will not unlock! I thought maybe I had to get 3 stars on all the other tattoos so I worked at it. I wish I could show a picture of what my tattoos were and what the picture was they were IDENTICAL! And it keeps giving me two stars! And I only have three tattoos with 2 stars and I keep redoing them and I keep getting 2 stars when they match the image perfectly! There’s literally nothing I could do differently or it won’t look identical!!? It’s the tattoos that have no center guide lines but things they want you to do in the center I took pictures to show how my images looked the exact same to the given piece is there staff I can email these images to? This is ridiculous!

- Repetitive

It’s great for maybe the first week, but you quickly reach the end of getting bland upgrades for the shop with each time you receive money for the tattoos. I also realize there can’t be an endless amount of different people, but seeing the same 4 characters gets boring. Also, there is no way to tell how your tattoos are graded for the star system. I’ll do half-effort for some and get 3 stars, then try my hardest and get 1. And that’s when I feel like tattooing, because once you finish unlocking the, like, 30 available, it gets repetitive really quickly.

- Ummm

This concept is great... but, the ads? Come on, cool it off. Also, there are levels where no matter how many times you try it over and over again, it just seems impossible to get 3 stars, you get just under 3, but you never get it. You can try changing brushes, taking longer time, taking shorter time, but it never works! One time, I did it and it seems pretty good, yet, I got 2 stars still. Though, on other levels, I have done tattoos way worse and have gotten 3 stars, after and before that one. Also, the tattoos get kinda boring, they are repetitive and not interesting.


This game is fun but I did a level where you drew a number and it looked exactly the same and it gave me two stars. Also just to claim the money you earned, you have to watch an add! Even if you don't want to claim the money it still makes you watch an add! Also most of the levels are just you filling in a shape like, what is even the point? Another thing I noticed was it gives me the same model of person just in different clothes. I mean, if you're gonna make an app at least try. The only good thing I noticed was it lets you say when you are done instead of just forcing you to stop when you're not finished.

- Ads are raiding this game!

I overall love this game but there is some problems that I want to share AND one HUGE problem. I have only two main problems. First is that when I press fill and I try to fill, it only fills half of it I mean, come on!? Then the second one is my least favorite, ADS! It drives me crazy when there’s a ad every second, it’s ok to have a ad like after five or six levels but like, ..after each level there’s a super long ad and like every time there’s a ad like every each SHORT level, I delete the game and I really don’t want to do that but if I have to I have to do it. But I really do love this game! Just please fix the problems TwT

- Only One Problem

I like the game and quality, and how you can upgrade it I’ve gotten to where you need 1,200 to upgrade it, but as in the title, there’s only one problem, the problem is that, I think we should get harder tattoos like a tattoo professional! Other then that the game is pretty fun, so fun that once I was like “I’ma do one tattoo then go to Roblox, I ended up doing 30, so if you like doing art stuff this is a game you can consider! Date:Saturday, December 7th, 2019 If your still reading this, CONGRATS for sitting and reading this time consuming review...

- Not anymore 👎🏻

This used to be a great app and I almost ran out of tattoos to do, but now they updated it so now the fill literally fills the whole thing and before you could fill your details. Also before there was more different people now I get the same person every time, now that doesn’t bother me that much I would very much enjoy if they would change it back so you can actually make details. For example, if you have like a dot you need to be blue then you do it it’s done then you have to fill the rest in yellow it will cover the blue and the rest of the mold. Before you had to outline the spot you had to fill and it would WORK now it just fills the hole spot no matter what. IM NO LONGER A FAN OF THIS GAME

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- Overall a good game just a few suggestions to improve it further👍

It’s a good game but can you make it so you can design tattoos for them to choose from, expand your building, buy new furniture and equipment and also expand to other countries but don’t think it’s a bad game because of these because they’re just suggestions, overall the game is awesome

- AMAZING GAME (Chill our players)

This game is absolutely amazing the idea is great and the tattoos are stunning and the Game itself is awesome! There are a few adds here and there but is a great game!!! When I was first reading the reviews to see how this game is I was really worried that my game was going to crash or that there would be too many adds but its fine. And if you don’t agree this is a review not a criticism page soooo just chill out if you don’t like this game then why are you reviewing it and delete it!!!

- Ink inc.

It’s a good game When 18-year-olds or higher get the tattoos done and I know how I wanted to look and how perfect they want to but if they want to just like a plain plain wine that’s fine because you will get what you want and yeah it’s good it’s a good game and whoever made this game up is the best and but my family is better but I still love her but maybe it’s because this is fantastic but not just fantastic extraordinary good game

- Needs a bit of improving.

I really like the game but it gets boring just doing the same thing over and over. Please add features where you can expand your buisness to other countries and maybe even open a tattoo removal place. I have already upgraded my parlor to the max and it gets boring. I hope you see this.

- Good game

I like this game and I think it is a really good concept but it can get a bit repetitive. I think more features should be added and I would like it if there was a game mode where the dotted outline for where you need to do the tattoo was removed as it would make the game harder. With the outline it is more about just tracing and colouring the tattoo and I think it would be fun and more challenging if you actually had to draw it yourself.

- Grate game

First I saw this app and it look really fun so I played it and it was so fun but at one point I thought there would be a catch like there would be too much adds or I had to pay to go forward but there was none of that. Overall I am really happy with this game I hope you enjoy it like I am

- Ads

They give you an option to watch an ad to then see under the picture, so I did, then it doesn’t give you a x to get out of the ad. So then you have to get out of the app and restart it. So that means that you watch a whole 30 second-1 minute ad and don’t even get the prize at the end because you have to restart the app. I advise don’t bother clicking the pink triangle because you will not be able to get out of it. This happens to me every time I try it and it is not an internet issue, it’s the game!

- To many ads

Good game but way to many ads. Every time you finish a level, you get an option to watch an ad for more cash, but even if you press no it still gives you an ad. If they changed that and gave it a zoom in feature, the game would get 5/5 but for now, 4/5

- I love this game❤️❤️❤️

I love this game from all the different characters to all the different tattoos you can draw on people. I also like how that not everybody on the game dose not have the same tattoo and that there are different colours are already unlocked. I also like how there are very minimal adds.

- Way to many glitches

I had the chance for a long time but the most recent update makes it so glitchy for example it randomly stops drawing and a couple of other things but it’s still pretty good.

- Fun but annoying

This game is kinda fun . I like playing it with my sister and we do funny things to make each other laugh 😂 but we don’t get much money 💰. I don’t really get the point of the game but it is ok . Please can there be more people. It is always the same people 🙏

- Umm hmm... I dunno 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Ok this game is rather repetitive and I just started playing for a few minutes and the fill pen is op also the ADS every time you finish a tat u get an ad which happens in other games but considering that you finish a tattoo in under two mins is annoying and there is an option to watch an ad to get a reward even tho u just watched an ad ;v;

- It is a great game

Ink is a great game it I’d challenging game it makes you think and you be good at drawing. It is a free game and no paying for anything I give it a 5 star. I have only had the game for 1 week and I am so good at drawing I used to be terrible drawer but now I am quite a good one after the game.

- Too many ads

I understand that if don't want to watch ad's I should pay, but there's simply too many ads for a free game. It would be better to offer a 7 day free trial so whoever to wants pay can, but a free game with that many ads is just not worth it. It is a shame, because the game seems fun. I could only play for 5 mins

- A good game

It is such a fun and creative game but there is just one problem i really wish when you are picking up the tatto machine thing you can actually paint what you want , as this game there is like outlines . Maybe in another update can you please fix this thanks

- Way too many adds

Listen to your customers and your consumers. The ads are ridiculous, it’s more like an app to watch ads for other mobile games than to actually ply. The game has merit and potential but right now it’s practically unplayable. And paying $8.00 to play a dumbed down version of a drawing game is overly ambitious. I’d consider paying maybe $1-2 for an ad free version but anything over that is just a waste of money.

- Love this game but needs some improvement

This game is great and i’ve played it everyday since i downloaded it. But I think it should have a zoom option and a remove last action. Please update with more levels and more tattoos

- Great game

So much fun😃 Because it’s just like drawing and the characters are funny But there are few ads but it’s not like everyone says that aren’t toooooooooooooo much ads so it’s a great game and I think you should get it parents don’t worry it’s not a bad influence

- Good game

So I like this game and it’s so fun the best Game ever and I have to play this game for a while whoever made this app it was so much fun and fun to play this game is so much better than the game I play for a long time and it gets really fun

- The games ok

The game is ok just a bit boring I like online games better than offline games usually but there’s no bugs in it I get frustrated when I’m doing a black outline but I like the tattoos that have no outline and other colours in it that only have one colour in to whole tattoo those ones are easy all you have to do is fill it in what ever colour it is

- One question but please don't reply

Hey! Just wondering I was trying to move the painter thing around without drawing all over my tattoo but it did please fix it other than that it's a pretty good game!

- Room for Improvements

This game is great and very addictive but there is way to many ads after every level. Second of all when you outline a tattoo with the pen I all ways try to get it straight but it always glitches and then it looks all bumpy. Thank you

- Ink inc

I love the game so much it is so entertaining and fun if I could change it a little would suggest that we could choose what we wanted to put on the customers

- This app

My name is Aida i’m seven years old and I lately love this app This is an awesome amazing great app I love your app that’s why I rated your app a 5/5 star rating I personally love this app because I get to do some drawing on my IPad

- Great game

Everyone says there’s way too many adds but if you wait a minute you can just press next soooo overall I have no complaints, great game guys

- Good

Love the ideas many things are great but can you make it a bit more easy for us but love it no problems at all

- Best game ever

If you’re Reading this I recommend this game so many fun feature just the best game I just downloaded 2 weeks ago and every day I played it just so fun

- It’s not the best

U could make it a little easier for the players and maybe make new characters for the tats bits of the game are good and other bits are worse I would rate this game a three and all voodoos games a five star u. Should get feedback of them for you games I love voodoo there soooooo good

- Way too many ads

I normally am not bothered by ads in apps, but this one is almost unplayable. There is an ad after every level, which means an ad every ~1-2 minutes. It felt like I spent more time watching ads than getting to play the game (which felt like it had potential). I deleted it because it was not enjoyable at all. Such a shame.

- Review

It’s is a interesting game with a far amount of challenges but that makes it fun and interesting. It doesn’t bug out or anything but it does have a lot of adds

- Good game! But can you please pull down the prices for the items

When I first got on it was good until everything got more expensive.


I think I just called the police department and they said I have a car that they could have them and they will.

- Great

This game is great it challenges your brain (if you aren’t good at art) but it’s really fun! The reason I didn’t give this app 5 stars, is because the adds pop up very regularly.

- It’s EPIC I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I recommend playing this it is hard to understand at first but when you get the hang of it it’s awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars definitely

- Love it

Takes a little bit to get used to the controls but other than that it’s heaps of fun. Lots of ads tho.

- Perfect game

This is the best game I have played because it let’s little kids and adults to draw some pretty cool shapes and see the different attitudes in the game.

- Ideas

First you can watch adds to get styles for your shop You can get a poster that you can put a photo on But yeah good

- Calm down u people

Everyone calm down even though it is a glitched, way to many ads that doesn’t mean the game is bad

- I’m hooked

I thought this game was a unfun game. But runs out it’s a die for. I can’t stop playing now. Way better than other tattoo games. Other than the ads it’s an awesome game.

- Awesome game

This game I amazing but it has to many adds. I also thought no the game gets a bit boring. Aside from that this game is very fun and I recommend it


Good idea for a game and could be quite addictive however there is way too many ads. I get one every couple of levels but the amount of ads is ridiculous!

- I love this game

I love this game because it’s so fun and relaxing and also you have experience if you actually want to be a tattoo artist 👉👌❤️

- Completely unplayable.

The ink gun is not aligned to your finger at all. Fill tool does not work correctly if segments are inside other segments. This, and the ads, and the egregious delay between end of a level and start of a next one via “WaTcH aN aD?” make this literally unplayable. I’ve made Scratch games that control better.

- Too Many Ads

I understand that it’s a free app, and thus has ads, but unfortunately when you spend 10 seconds playing the game followed by 30 seconds of ads it quickly becomes not worth it.

- Really good

This game is really good but there are a lot off adds so please fix that small problem

- Ink inc review

Overall the app was great in my opinion there were too many advertisements in it but other than that I think that it was pretty good for a free game 👍🏼

- Tattoos r healthy

I smell pennies tattoos are good and healthy only if you draw penis on people’s arms and make sure there tasty and small remember they have to be succulent little nuggets

- ❤️

You can practice how to do tattoos so when your older if you get a job at a tattoo shop you know how to do it

- I love this game ❤️

I love this game because there is nothing wrong with it and it lets you practice your skills

- Not good

It’s pretty fun when you start out but it gets really boring after awhile and WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! There is so much ads which is so annoying and I don’t like it plus it is very strict on you especially if you are bad at drawing

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- .

This is a really good game 👍

- Glitch cost me 7$ -hard pass.

I was enjoying this game but within the first 20 minutes of playing it froze and when I pressed my home button to close and restart it charged me 7 dollars for no ads!! I tried to request a refund and received no help from apple or lion studios.

- Love it

To those people who say you can’t pick your tattoo actually you can this game is amazing and it’s very fun it’s not boring you can do things you just need to have logic in your brain to figure out you can do things this game is awesome

- Worst game imaginable

It’s not accurate, first one drew a dot and finished and got two stars. Ads before I could even do my first “tattoo” genuinely needs to be taken off the App Store.

- Can’t select tattoo

If you could actually choose which tattoo to give then I’d give this game 5 stars. For example I want to go something difficult not a green check mark 😑 but I can’t select it

- Disappointed

Game used to be fine. After the upgrade it’s so boring, and dosent even make sense.

- Bad update

The new update makes it harder to play and doesn’t allow u to fill without covering up your previous work😡😡😡 fix this

- New update👎🏼

Good game but the new update makes it so much more boring!

- Timbucktoo



This app SUCKS it’s so glitchy and when it’s as fine as it gets it plays an add FIX IT IN FACT FIX EVERYTHING NOTHING IN THE GAME IS GOOD

- Bruh

Not enough bruh for Peter griffin bruh

- Sucky

This game sucks so bad, I HAD to delete it👎

- Played for 10 Minutes. Deleted.

I’ve never played an app so boring in my life. There’s really nothing special about this app at all either than the cute art style.

- !

I would give it 5 out of 5 but when I updated I did not like how it doesn’t let you go outside the line then sometimes it does, I miss when you could actually draw your own outline.

- 1 star

1 star purely because like all app developers nowadays they push adds like crazy, every tattoo forces an add, along with additional 2 optional ones to progress faster. No thanks

- Sick of games like this.

How many ads can you put in the first 5 minutes of the game?

- 🤨

To many ads but it is a good game

- Good but to much adds

I like the game don’t get me wrong but to much adds

- Ok


- Fantastic

This game is so fun it’s fantastic and fun

- Great game

I’ve been playing this all day and it is recommended for u

- Amazing thu

This app is so fun and me and my family go on separate stuff and play

- Awesome

Good game and all, but the ads Super good game but not really for ad haters

- Love this app

So fun people who don’t love this game they’re jealous

- I said 3 stars but it put 4


- This game is awesome it’s relaxing fun colouring game and you can upgrade

This game is awesome I totally recommend this game it’s so fun do relaxing you can also build

- Big slalom

Big and

- All Ad’s

Every time you change tools, finish current design, or click anything an Ad starts. I get needing Ads to make money but this is beyond excessive! I spent more time watching Ads then playing.... Deleted app after 10 minutes.

- You did good

It is fun but it is hard to not go off of the line. Maybe add more people in the game. There is not much happening in this game it needs more going on it gets boring some time’s. And change the Music please. I’m 9 years old.

- This game is cool

This is a very cool so if you see dis you have to play

- It sukz!!

It poop

- Ads

Too many

- Way too many ads. I get one every 30 seconds.

Fix it

- 😏😘

Too many adds

- 1000 ads in 5 seconds

Could’t Play for even 5 seconds bombarded with ads every half a second

- Something fun kids can love ❤️

Fun it’s so much fun everyone likes it why don’t you play it also someone in Roblox in a roblox game took this music I think its called underwater story or something Anyway fun game

- Dhjddjdjdndn


- Addies

When u get ur. Bonus stars and u do next u get a add everytime

- Fun


- ADDS everywhere!!!!!!

It’s coolBut there’sShow much ads when you’re done a tattoo I just put a add every time 😩😭😢😡

- AWESOME ❤️❤️

This is game is awesome and fun and so many great ideas for tattoos and you can get better drawing and keeping inside the lines like on your phone so yeah get this game it’s great like you get addicted to it I CANT stop playing this

- Laggy and to many ads

I can even play the game

- Awful

It is so work why is the game made it is awful boring to me

- Horrible

Pls do not be this po

- It glitches but I still love it!❤️❤️❤️

Best game,so satisfying

- Poop but


- It’s okay

It’s fun at the beginning but after like a level or two it got very boring. Not that fun.

- 🌸😏🤩🤗😏😏😏

This game is cool 😎

- Nice

Nice game

- Good game

This game is good but I wish it was easier to draw with the tattoo pen and there are soooo many thing that u need to watch a add for but other then that it’s a good game

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- “No Regerts!”

Ink Inc. - Tattoo Tycoon is an unusual game where you must tattoo various images onto each customer very carefully. Minor mistakes prevent you from getting the full 3/3 Stars. The game requires a steady hand to succeed, so it’s actually well-designed to teach patience to children and future tattoo artists. Otherwise, you may find yourself quickly scribbling a permanent mess onto a cartoon character’s skin and yelling “Nailed It!” as they leave angrily - which is fun too. Either way, this game is worth a look, whether brief or not: “No Regerts!”

- I love this game ❤️❤️❤️

I use this game a lot and I love to play it. It’s helps me pass time on a long trip like even a four hour trip. I am very happy with this app and if their was another game that was a number two of this i would buy it without even thinking twice. I love this app and it is very well made and worth a lot of attention. I don’t think that I will ever delete this app. I have 12 apps in my phone and this is my top used app. It’s the best app ever!!!

- Fun concept but not that entertaining

I downloaded because it sounded really fun but I got bored within 10 minutes. Its basically the same thing over and over and the fill option makes it really easy to tattoo the characters almost perfectly, I wish this wasn’t an option and you actually get judged based on how good your replication is. I also think the designs should be harder. way too many ads in this game too. I know free games need ads but they could be a lot less annoying! if the game improves I may try it again but I just didn’t find it that fun!

- Bad quality

So, I was playing this game and giving a girl a fidget spinner tattoo but then when I meant to press colors I pressed the erase button which I had to watch and ad to get, but I clicked on the tool you use to draw the tattoo, I chose black as my color for the outlining. But my game froze and the only button I could press was done, so I got no money at all! Please fix this bug. The other problem is whenever I’m outlining it doesn’t give my tool enough time for me to move it so it ruins my outlining and I get barley any money, why couldn’t you guys just add a button that says “draw”? No hate, have a nice day. And by the way too many ads!!!!

- Problems that really bug me

I really enjoy this game. But I’ve had a ton of problems that make me want to delete it, first off when I first downloaded the game I finished it quickly but when I looked at all the tattoos some of the boxes were still question marks, then when the Christmas tattoos were updated I could not figure out how to unlock them and do them it just kept giving me the old ones. After this happened I deleted the app and then redownloaded it. But after that has happened I will be drawing a tattoo and it will take me to safari randomly as if I clicked on an ad and I keep fearing that it’s taking me to a virus

- Great game but ads are driving me crazy

Ink Inc. is a super fun game and I just got the game yesterday and I already love it. But I don’t know why there are so many ads and I am very annoyed by this. I mean, I just finished a tattoo and I submitted it and then there’s an ad. And then when I see my results and collect my money I press next then comes another ad. And then I press start and then there’s another AD. Please change this IT DRIVES ME INSANE. But if you can’t I understand. Anyways I love this game it’s so addictive and fun. But you should really fix the ad thing.

- Fun, but not worth sitting through all the ads

I liked this game. I like the concept and how simple it is. I also love the added details of all the characters having very obvious personalities, despite not speaking. However, despite how nice this game is, it just was not worth it, in my opinion, to sit through the ads. You have the option of seeing ads to get more money, but even if you choose to bypass this, you will most likely still have to sit through an ad after each tattoo. It's fun, but not worth wasting 30 seconds waiting after playing for 30 seconds.

- New update

This game was awesome until the latest update. I liked that you could fill with every size ink pin in the old version, now it’s just the biggest size and when you go to fill in, it automatically fills the shape of the tattoo you are creating. Which is whatever, but this also takes away your opportunity to trace the dotted lines and fill as you go. If you trace the dotted lines and go to fill in your work, fill completely covers everything you just did. Your only option now is to fill it in with a base color and then draw and fill everything else by hand. Not smoother gameplay at all, I don’t like it personally! It was a lot of fun before this update!

- Not that good!👎😡

I got super excited to download this game. When I got it I went on the app it was loading for about fife minutes. After it went black and kicked me off so I tried it many times. When it finally let me on as I was make making the tattoo it kicked me out again. Ps. ( this is my first review and I wanted to make it a good one but it had to be a bad one. I also had to rate it a 2 in a half stare witch I don't like.) I hope you can get this bug or whatever this is out of the game. I tried to delete this game and re download this app that didn't work and I tried resetting my phone and that still didn't work.👎😢😡

- Great

Ink is a great game but they could get more things to buy I’ve had this game a while I’ve bought everything that u can buy so there no reason to make money anymore because I have no more things to spend it on. But overall I love the game if I have nothing to do I play this game so i do recommend this game it’s relaxing u really can get adicided to this game ink is very time consuming so if your bored u play it and time goes by really really fast

- Okay game

I downloaded this game because I saw the add the add was a person getting a tattoo but the person that was doing the add did not to it right the reason I downloaded it was because I thought it looked like a fun game but once I started to play it I leveled up more and more and got new furniture but then I remembered the add that it had a background but my background was just white and then it started to not get fun because the game told me about the fill in tool and I used it on everyone and then outlined it it got boring

- It has issues

This game doesn’t real give you an option to let your creativity shine. If you did do your own thing then you’d fail the level. It is also annoying how most of the time you get the same person or the same tattoo to do. It also has a LOT of ads, I know ads are what makes it free but there is jus so many it isn’t fun anymore. What would make the game better is if you could do what you want (following the clients suggestions) and maybe mix some paints so that you have a more wide variety of things to do.

- DIS IS DA BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! ;3👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

This is just so fun and amazing I love the game so much that I play it almost EVERY DAY !!!! I have some updates I want y’all to put in the game: 1. I wish that you could have thinner tips (maybe bigger ones) 2. I wish you could decorate the outside of your shop 3. I wish you could also decorate your own character Other than those three things the game is, like I said it is awesome I totally recommend it and always stay cool!😎😎😎😎😀

- One update from being really really good.

Fantastic new update. It looks like the scroll speed has been increased allowing more space to be covered. The addition of filling in a tattoo with the hold of a thumb, is also amazing. I have 1 simple request to make this my go to. Make the gun at least 50% transparency. We cannot see the dotted lines behind it to allow a much smoother line. Im having to guess where im going a little. Otherwise a great F2P game!

- Hey I just wanted y’all know what I was gonna with you guys I gotta is a time for me haha was

Yeah that’s why I’m so happy that you are going out to the house I just wanted to let y’all be sure that you can make a good night with me and I’ll try it out again soon I gotta is a time for you guys and I’ll do a big thing for you and I gotta was a great time to go get my hair and I get my kids to get to the kids I gotta was the time of the time you were gonna was the first!

- The update..

I was really enjoying this game before the update that happened not long ago. Unfortunately the update has changed my opinions on the game. I don’t like how the fill option no longer fills in bordered shapes. I’d also like to have different sizes for the fill option, because sometimes the large size is too big. Also, I can no longer go outside of the tattoo area, which causes weirdly shaped borders that make the tattoo look awkward. So please change it back 🙏🏻 Otherwise, great game!

- First My and fineness

So first my dad had this and when I go to school I always play before I leave and so he chose this game and then it was so fun and so cool so I just had to get it and so I did It’s like so fun I don’t know how much my dad loves this but I love I like play it every day except when Im grounded I can only play on my phone on weekends so I player on every weekend it’s so fun I don’t want to tell you but i will it’s so fun that I laugh 😂 I love it and s

- Love the game hate the update

Before the new update with the line vs fill tools I loved playing this game and was addicted to it. Now I cannot even stand playing it and I’m on the verge of deleting it if nothing’s fixed. I’m not able to fill the tattoo with it looking nice because the fill tool goes over the lines I make and I’m barely able to outline the parts I wants to because the line tool gets weird if you’re not in line. Hopefully the devs can update it back to how it was originally because it is unplayable for me which is upsetting cause I really like the game.

- Great game..but ads

I love this game it’s simple creative and easy to play for stretches of time apart from the absolute abundance of ads. I mean screw up at all and you have to redo? Ad. Finished and got it perfect? Ad. Entered the app? Ad. And with no ability to purchase no ads it makes this game such a nuisance it’s such a shame I’d play it much more often if it had that feature I’d buy it. I also think a great addition to this game would be designing your own character and getting to put tattoos on yourself. That would be so cool!

- Infuriating

i never leave reviews ever ever so this is how serious i am. you can literally just scribble whatever u want and it somehow either keeps u in the lines on their own or it gives you a "great!", i literally drew a peepee when it was supposed to be a dinosaur and got 2 stars ok, that isn't even the infuriating part, because at least you're getting a chance to play which you usually don't bc of THE ADS. i spend more time trying and failing to close out of ads than i do actually playing the game, the whole point of this game is to make ad revenue, there is zero gameplay, i swear to god it's ALL just clicking out of ads that is literally it

- Love it but can be better👍🏻👍🏻

The game is really good but it could improve like you could at least put a eraser instead of putting a eraser that erases the WHOLE THING because some people just do not have time or the patience to do it all over again oh also way to many ads like every single time I’m done drawing something it forces me to watch another ad I mean come on you can do better then that

- Not enough colors and the timer of the pen.

I would have given this game a 4 1/2, but you can only do whole numbers so that’s why it’s a four. First of all, there aren’t enough colors to create your designs. Second of all, when you drag the pen to these area that you are applying the ink, the timer is too fast so when you are trying to get it to where you want to start it had already started applying ink. So yea....I think it’s a great game just I had to mention those thing ;)

- Absolute garbage

Look I’m not even sure how apple let this trash on the apple store. An all these people giving 5 star ratings must be bots or employees from the company. In this game you draw on people’s arm. Expected me to say more? Well unfortunately no. You get the same customers over and over. The same drawings and it just gets too repetitive. And don’t let me get started on the ads! Just ads all over on the screen while playing! But seriously those 30 second ads have to go! I would recommend this game for a 4 year old! But since it’s about tattoos... I think not! I wouldn’t recommend downloading it this trash! Don’t waste your storage!

- It’s good but there are a few things about it

So this app is really cool but it could have a few changes,1 when you are trying to make the tattoo it stops and then a few minutes later or few seconds later when you are trying to get it to work it goes straight were you have been forcing it and messes you up I don’t know if it is my phone but if it’s not then you need to fix it. But other than that it is a great game ❤️☺️😘

- Pain Meter? About to delete.

This new update has only made the game even worse. Now you can’t even play without stopping every few seconds for this “pain meter”. It’s not realistic and it doesn’t add anything to the game. There were already limited upgrades, tattoos, and levels, and instead of adding more to the gameplay, it seems they have concentrated on pushing people further away. Could still be a fun game, as long as the developers start fixing the issues before adding content that obviously wasn’t thought out or tried by anyone who actually plays the game.

- Love the game, hate the update

I’m currently hooked on this game. This usually means I’ll obsess on it until something new comes along. That may be happening sooner rather than later. I HATE the pain meter. All it accomplishes is slowing things down. It’s not a challenge as there’s really no way to overcome it. You just have to stop every few seconds and it’s annoying. The only thing keeping me from deleting the game now is that not every customer has a pain meter. Please get rid of it! Other than that, the game is challenging and relaxing.

- 4 stars!

So I love this absolutely amazing game/app! It’s so creative and really great music :/. Well the whole reason/point I put 4 stars is because it needs more things in this game. I’m saying like rn it really does and I really wanna help this game and creator be more creative like I said the whole point of me doing 4 stars was bc it needed more things in this game. Like think about it this way, you can play with your family or friends, and you can have a competition and see who does the tattoos better. I mean, like it would be like nicer, I AM NOT SAYING IT WAS BAD BEFORE >:/! Imean that my idea refers to me! And also I think that you can add buying things to this game like: 1. Premium colors example: blue and teal 2.pets you can upgrade to help you with the tattoos And that is all! Thanks for reading this I really really REALLY appreciate it! God bless you and bai!!!!!

- Pointless but good but will need some upgrades

This is so pointless it is not even funny you install the game but it is only fun for like 2 days than like boom you are done and all the fun you had just washed away and now it's super boring it is not all bad I still enjoy it even tho I can not upgrade it and maybe you can change some stuff maybe make new tattoo pens with different designs and add some new rooms like a waiting room and a history board of all the tattoos you did in order I like this game but it is not the best

- Great game! Changes made it worse :/

The game is great, hands down my favorite right now. Something changed though in the drawing. The ‘fill’ function started non-stop coloring the entire template rather than acting as a marker and it covers any other ‘line’ drawing you’ve done so far rather than filling in the empty spaces as it’s supposed to. It was not always like this, it only started doing this as i got further and further into the game. It makes the drawing a little annoying and tedious sometimes. Still a great game if you like taking your time!

- Love this game!

I love this game sooooo much! I just got the app today and did really good. But, one thing that I need to say is that this game has too many adds. After about 6 levels, there has been like 10. I really like the tattoo designs and the colors. Before I got this game, my friends had this game and it looked fun. When I got the app it was fun and hard. I really enjoy this game and it could be better but I still love this game. In conclusion, I think this game is fun, hard, and enjoyable.

- So much ads seriously

This just defeats the whole purpose of the game because there’s ads every single time after making the tattoo it’s like so annoying it makes me mad cause it’s like they just want money from the ads they need to not put so much ads I am about to delete the game I have downloaded games that did have ads but not after like every round had ads maybe like 2 or 3 rounds like at least it’s not every second of the game. I think it makes the game boring I mean the game is kinda fun but also kind of boring itself. Apps like this makes me want to delete them.

- It’s cool

I think that it’s pretty cool I bet a few other people like it but I don’t like that there are so many ads i I rather do the dishes than wait well I mean like yeah wait for something so annoying But I support your game so you guys are doing really good I feel really bad that I said that but I think this app is really good you guys worked so hard so I’m gonna give you a five Star rating keep up the good work!

- To many ads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so this game starts out fun, but after the first few rounds it kinda starts to get annoying. By annoying I mean you actually kinda get mad at the game, I started to get mad when I realized that after every single round you have no choice but to watch a stupid add. Like even though you don’t click on the “collect your money button “ you still have to watch another add . So the end is this game is going to have to make some changes.

- Ads!

This game is really great! But it’s really ad heavy. After every customer, there is an ad. Maybe you can put less ads? If these ads are making you more money, well there are more ads in the game then there are customers. I really want this game to have less ads. Maybe I’m making a big deal about it. Overall, this game is great! It’s so fun! I saw other reviews about people’s app crashing. I also care about them, so can you fix it please? Thank you.

- Too many ads, lines running up and down

Too many ads: I wanted to see this game, thinking it was fun. Advertisements, kinda good? I like the game that advertised it but not this, issues such as: lines thickening and getting slim for no reason, too much ads. I do not like the ads especially, the ads come up every minute and every time I level up! I shouldn’t have redownloaded this. Lines Thickening And Getting Slim: Not funny! I wish this would be better, I drew the tattoos slowly but never fastly. I keep running up to these tattoos which keep getting slim and thick, not funny at all. This game is overall bad and such literally trash.

- It’s need updated! And the rocket ship won’t give you any stars.

We need different options on this game it’s very repetitive and all the same. I’ve done every one and passed them except the rocket ship. It’s super annoying because that’s the only one I can’t get any stars on no matter how perfect I can get it. I’ve redone it like 30 times and the guy just keeps getting mad or whatever. Fix it please and maybe I’ll give a better star rating. Other than that it seems pretty fun. But as I said it’s needs updates.

- Love it 😻but has a few problems😾

I really love this game but I think there’s something wrong with it what happens is when I MAKE my tattoo it suddenly just stops on my tattoo so I have to start it all over again it really gets on my nerves But I hope they fix the problem also sometimes adds are annoying so fix that just a little reminder but I recommend you play this game if you really like cartoons and tattoos then this game is for you.😁

- I like this game but somethings wrong

I like this game but something is very wrong please can you fix this. When I am playing the game and I did something wrong it didn’t look that good but when it showed me the stars it was 3 full golden stars and when I did a great job on it it gave me two stars maybe I did it in the wrong way but I don’t know I love this game but can you fix this Sincerely, Janaki

- Is there really a right way to do it?

So basically I joined the game and on the first try I made it almost perfect and it gave me a awesome. Not too weird right? Well after that I got a little suspicious and made this one customers tattoo look ugly and not how it was supposed to look. And yknow what happened after that? It gave me 3 stars. 3 golden stars for ruining that girls tattoo. This game just randomly ranks your tattoo art but I’m not gonna delete it because I can practice my phone art on here. Anyways, this game doesn’t actually tell you if you did it perfectly but you can keep the game like I am if you want.

- Awesome game, but too many ads

I just recently got this game like less than 20 minutes ago and I find it very entertaining! It’s awesome because I love coloring and especially tattoos. I love but for the exception of WAY TOO MANY ads. It’s become extremely annoying. I understand games have to advertise other games, but every round or if you want to claim a reward you have to watch an ad. You also have to watch an ad after you finish the round, but overall it’s a very good game! I highly recommend it. Kindest Regards :)

- Confusing game for a minute

Last year I got this game and I was really confused how to do it I was doing so bad that everyone was being so angry to me but then I deleted it in the next year I tried it again here’s how it went it was actually good I actually followed the steps and did not skip all of them of how to play the game and now I got so good😃😅🤣😂😆 😜🤬🥺😤😢😞😂 then I watched a funny show it was so funny

- Cool it with the ads!

Good game, good art, fun concept. But there’s not enough here to warrant having ads after every single tattoo. There’s even an option to double your money by watching an ad, and that’s fine. But all that means is that when you finish a tattoo, an ad plays, you hit the double money button, Another ad plays, and all you get is an option to decorate your shop. When each tattoo takes about a minute to finish, you’re just playing an ad simulator rather than what I ant, which was to be a tattoo artist. Ease up on the marketing and add some actual reason for me to want to make money and maybe I’ll be back.

- Filling in won’t work that much...

The game is pretty fun! Only thing is that when I try and fill in the tattoo it fills in only some of it and it’s hard to fill it in sometimes too. Also, it’s really hard to draw. I’m never in a car, bike, or anything like that when I’m playing the game but it just comes out really wobbly. I like drawing that’s why I downloaded this game but it’s too hard and also I wish they could update it and make it that WE could actually DESIGN the tattoos or like make a game that they let us actually just DESIGN the tattoos. (((⚠️⚠️⚠️. NO OFFENSE. ⚠️⚠️⚠️)))

- Love this game but

This game is fun but it has a lot of ads like when you press a button a ad pops up and when your doing a tattoo and you go on the medium ink it goes thick to thin and they make you redo a tattoo that you have done before the good part about this game you can pick different colors and when you do a tattoo wrong they let it go and let you move on,I love this game tho I think you would like it if you like drawing or want to try something new.

- Good BUT

I really do enjoy this game and it melts my boredom sometimes but I would love to give this a 5 star but I’ve noticed an issue that isn’t a glitch, the creators choose to do this, and this is that the game has white washing. For example, if you get a colored customer when you start doing the tattoo the arm turns WHITE like the creators made the game for whites only. I’ll give this the 5 stars it deserves when the creators fix the issue, Thank you for reading!


The app is great. However, I feel that some of the tattoos are almost impossible to do. I love how you can claim more money by watching an add. Something I think should be added is more colors. Because the orange looks like brown, so I think an orange should be added. There is not much to spend your cash on so I think that maybe there could be a feature added where players can purchase different colors, or tools. Overall, the app is great!

- It’s an okay time killer

This game is an okay time killer. It’s hard to draw sometimes because the icon blocks the dotted path, and sometimes you can only get 2 stars because of very minor things. The lines are super pixelated too, and it’s hard to get it to be exactly the same. The dotted line could be too small or too big compared to the picture and it’s hard to get a clear line. If you wait for too long it just filling in and if you don’t it can glich out. It’s a great idea but needs lots of work.

- Too glitchy and more things!

When I do the customers design it doesn’t trace it. But when I try doing it the design again the customer gets mad also when I finish the persons tattoo it only gives me 2 star when it’s really good and it’s not because of the device that I’m using it’s the app so can you please change it and I like it but the whole thing ruins the fun of drawing in the app. Please put some more colors like lighter colors and dark colors and more different types of customers also more decorating for the shop. Please do this soon.

- Awesome but

At first this game was awesome I love designing the tattoos but then I realize that the same people would come in a kind of a boring it was very hard to trace an alliance and trace and black I thought that you didn’t have to chase in black and I also realize that if you do bad you get more points that’s what I don’t like about the game but it actually is a very awesome game and I recommend everyone I am nine years old I don’t think I should be for kids 12+

- Ad after ad after ad

Listen, I get it. Ads are the only way you’re making your revenue through this app right? Because that should be the case if you’re putting so many ads in here. I got this game thinking I’d have a good time and honestly I did, I enjoyed the first 30 seconds making the tattoos....before I realized that after every single tattoo you make an ad comes up. I decided that having to deal with ad after ad after ad just wasn’t worth it and deleted the game. Now maybe if y’all fix it a bit so there aren’t as many ads then I’ll redownload it. But until then this is what I’m giving

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Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing 2.0.13 Screenshots & Images

Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images
Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing iphone images

Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing (Version 2.0.13) Install & Download

The applications Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing was published in the category Games on 2019-10-14 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 1.33 GB. Ink Inc. - Tattoo Drawing - Games app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is 2.0.13 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.srgstudios.inkinc

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