HappyLighting-Life with smart

HappyLighting-Life with smart [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

1) Lights can recognize your usual color choices as you operate;
2) Lights can change color with beautiful music rhythm;
3) With timers switch, can be setting lights turn on off on time;
4) Selection of scenario modes with multiple colors;
5) A shake of the mobile phone can change the color of the light;
6) The color change of light can be controlled by sound;
7) The distance of remote control without direction limitation can reach more than 15 meters;
8) Lights can be changed from the photo on the mobile.

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Adapt to new hardware.

HappyLighting-Life with smart Comments & Reviews

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- App is fine -uploading music explained-

I got this app after I purchased led strip lights a few days ago to control them from my phone. I’ve had no real problems controlling the color, brightness, and pattern of the lights from the app. However, the developer is a little misleading when it comes to uploading your music from Apple Music on to the app. From how it’s worded, you should be able to allow the app to access your Apple Music media files and voila all your downloaded music should appear in the music tab on the app. This is not the case. It doesn’t upload music you’ve downloaded using an Apple Music subscription, it uploads music you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store. So all music you’ve purchased and downloaded all your phone will display on the app once you allow it to access your Apple Music files, but it won’t display any music not purchased. I’m sure everyone would be much happier if the developer found a way to allow music downloaded through a Apple Music subscription to upload on the happylighting app :)

- Only a few issues, otherwise it’s really good.

So, I got LED strip lights 2 days ago, and it said that I can download this app to use whith them. So, here are my problems with this app: 1) Apple Music doesn’t (fully) work with the app. I saw this in another review, but they made it *slightly* better now. The biggest issue is that it will only show 1 album that you have at a clip. And, it doesn’t link with your the Apple Music app. Now, I’m not sure if that’s simply something they haven’t implemented yet or what. But it would be nice to just be able to press play straight from Apple Music, and have this app link it up to the lights. 2) The “Shake” feature doesn’t work when it supposed to, and works when it’s not supposed to. Okay, so I was having issues with this and while I was looking at other reviews, the lights would just suddenly change when I even slightly moved my phone. And when I had the app open, I wouldn’t always work when I actually *would* shake my phone. 3) “Dream Mode” isn’t showing up. So in the initial instructions, there is a part of the app that you can use called “Dream Mode.” Except, I don’t have that. I have my phone and the app to the most recent update, but it doesn’t even show up as an option. Other than those 3 thing tho, this app is really good! It’s easy to use and not difficult to use!

- Not a drug user .

The lights are bright and worked great for a while but , as stated in another review , even if you use the green icon to turn the lights off they will turn themselves back on . Police don’t care if you explain your symptomatic problem or demonstrate it to them . They will simply fine you for having lights other than amber or white in you halo which brings me to my next complaint . If you select a color such as amber ( apparently you can’t select white only ) the program randomly assigns a color it likes better . I bought those lights so I could run an amber light and it would blink when I turned on my turn signals for purposes of safety I instead have multi colored lights that blink when I turn the turn signal on . Worst of all try to reach the company impossible . I have tried to unhook the connector that supplied power to the halos . No use they still engage when using torn signals . I now have to order new lights because these will get me fined ..AGAIN ... or get me a distracted driving ticket for fighting this program with my phone while driving . I have a biomedical engineer with a health background In electronics . This product is flawed .

- Potential 5 star. Minor Hiccups

If these problems weren’t a thing this would be easy 5 stars! But the problems i have are. 1) With the cycle mode and rainbow modes. I dont have a ‘dream’ mode and no brightness bar. 2) The mic sensitivity is a little iffy. Its pretty well. But it could be slightly better tuned. Even adjusting it its kinda odd. 3) The music option doesn’t make sense. Very much bamboozled on that section. It doesnt work correctly and when music plays its trying very hard and going overboard. HOWEVER these are minor flaws. The other settings are AWESOME. The speed. Brightness and any colour i want. Really nice touch to my room. If these bugs get fixed instant 5 stars. Because those are kind of the main features id like to use a lot.

- it’s good but....

I think this is amazing app, but there are a few thing i would add/change. The first thing i would add/change is about the custom colors. The first thing would be that there should be more slots to make more custom colors. Also the colors should save untill unsaved or changed by the user. I also think that we should be able to name the custom colors we make. It would be really cool. Another thing i would add/change about this app is the music. I think you should be able to add and search songs to play all the songs you like. Also i think you should be able to make your own pattern and colors for the led light to play with the music of your chose. These are the things i think you should change/critique about this app and i think you should take these reasons in to consideration for an update for the app.

- Happy Pearson

I love this app it so much easier than using the remote you guys are smart for making this Picture it’s really cool it’s like you will ever lose your remote and you can pick different and there’s more multiple choices of colors you can use than there is on the remote and they really ready for your room and I like the music feature because now I can have parties when I have sleepovers in my room I like the voice because now I can’t like know how to hide my pictures it’s kind a neat but yeah he was a good bird thankful for your work would be kind of cool if you like I’ll make an updated versionMaybe maybe maybe maybe I don’t know so yeah part of your bed make an updated version to take more things you can do February need thank ya byeeee 😀😃😄😁😆🙂😋😛😝😜🤪🥳🤩🤗👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

- Can it be better

The lights turn on immediately the music Feature is probably one of the best it will slow you down if you’re in stress not only stress but I can help calm you down I only just got them and I absolutely love them I don’t work you can easily just trade them in for a new one that’s what we did but it was kind of annoying but we still got it so it was worth it I think it was a really good purchase the only downfall is at least my remote that I have you can only turn the lights on and off with them you can’t turn the colors to a different color that’s the only five scene with them the only buttons on the remote that work or the on and off buttons

- Connects When It wants

Usually when my Bluetooth is paired I have to press on and off about two times, before it actually works. Ex:when I first press it, it will still be off when it says on and vice versa. The Bluetooth just connects when it wants to. Like currently I turned my lights on, now that I am ready to turn off, the Bluetooth won’t establish a connection, so I’m stuck with the lights on and no way to turn off. I have been waiting at least 30 minutes with my car running trying to connect the bluetooth. It says my version is updated, I have turned off then on my phone, even deleted and reinstalled the app... and NOTHING. So now I just have to wait for the app to randomly connect the Bluetooth (there is no other way to manually do it yourself) or just let lights stay on and let my battery die...

- Customization

It would be really amazing if you did what other apps do as far as being able to customize my own light show as in a strobe or a pulsating color way if I could choose the colors that look best underneath my truck or in my opinion and pair them together like a few of the other apps to do that would make this app 100 times better hands down. Also if I would be able to choose to do different music apps to play music that would be phenomenal like SoundCloud Pandora or any other music app like that instead of only just my Apple Music that would be phenomenal I really hope y’all listen and read these and try to make some of these changes because if you do this app would be amazing

- Very Cool

I first got this app when I bought some light bulbs for the house. I have since take on a DIY project with some LED strips and Bluetooth adapters and this was the app suggested. For my home this app is perfect. It sets the mood in the room based on how I feel I don’t usually use the effects in the house and though the music control is cool I don’t use it often either. For my DIY project it’s something different. This is where I use the different lighting effects. This is also where I was not able to give it all the stars i could have. I would have actually liked more effects and the ability to create my own effects. All in all it’s a cool app and functions well.


Ok so i got the led lights and they work perfectly and are very pretty😊. But the app is not that good because on the iPad, i squishes all the controls together and you can barely see them or press on them. But i can still navigate through, it just is a little harder and is super ugly. But the other features are nice, like making it pulse and stuff. You can also control the lights through your voice through your iPad mic or the led lights mic which is pretty cool! So yeah i give it 3 stars. I hope the company can make an app or update for the iPad users be cause that would make this app nearly perfect!! Thank you :)

- Potential

Well this has a potential to be a really cool lighting system, it fails in some of the basics. I want to be able to dim each separate color and Dim the different styles of lighting features. I would like to beProgram each different strip to have a different type of effect. So that way I can run one strip into different rooms with different types of lighting features. You simply cannot do that with this basic light strip you do all or nothing. Both the remote and the App are not very user-friendly. The remote is hard to control. The buttons are not very touch friendly. The App is slow and glitchy and does not have many features on it. And, I still am not able to program the timing feature on the app. The Bluetooth range on it is not a very good you have to be almost in the same room as the receiver

- Had higher expectations but still pretty good.

When I got this I thought that the tape button would make the lights flicker to the beat of the song but it just flickered when there was sound, it would honestly be so much cooler if it would flicker to the beat of my song. There should also be a bunch of different modes for the tape button when you use the phone mic, there should be the soft disco and all the modes that the device mic has. Also the timer button doesn’t really work for me. I set it at 10:30 pm and the operat to dark yet it wouldn’t turn off the lights. I did enable it and it didn’t work. That disappointed me a lot.

- Needs improvement

I have a few constructive criticisms/ requests: number one being that the “tape” mode when used on a device that is also playing the media through a Bluetooth speaker, severely drops the volume and quality of the music through the speaker, almost as if this app is filtering it before it reaches the speaker. Second, since the “tape” feature as bugged, I’d love to use the “music” option but it doesn’t connect to any streaming apps and only includes the iPhone music library with no options to import music by any other means. And lastly, I would love to set the “photo” mode and have the selected picture remain until I change it rather than disappearing when any action is taken on the app.

- Lights work but had problems

The lights can’t operate far apart when using a blue tooth device. Had a problem with one of the devices connecting so sent it back for replacement. The timing function doesn’t work although it says it will. I selected the device I wanted in timing mode but the timing button was disabled. Overall this is a good device in white green or red mode if you don’t have street lights. Other colors are too dim to over power a street light. It works well inside but proximity to the device is still important. If you like controlling lights in or outside your home or facility purchase the upgraded version. If you want to have party light for your child’s party inside or on the back patio these will work fine.

- Descent

This app isn’t quite the best, but it works for its use. I have a few things that I would like to make to make the app better. First thing would be to be able to make custom modes like maybe have two different colors pulsate after each other, kind of like the pulsating RGB mode, but with custom colors. Maybe even have that with the probe modes and jumping colors, I think that would make the app a little better. Also fix the ability to have the dream mode as I do not have it. If the devs read this, I would love to see the stuff mentioned in the app. Thank you for your time.

- Timer

This would be a five star review but I’m having a lot of trouble with the timer setting it says select a device so I did that and it does nothing please. Please help! I love the color choices and this adds beautiful lighting and a nice pop to my room.I would like to use them to wake me up but I need the timer to be more understandable and easier to use! Can you please update the app with a tutorial of how to work the timer? I know I’m just one person asking but if any users are having the same problem as me can y’all do a review based off of the whole timer malfunctions.

- Intuitive. Does not feel like a cheap accessory app.

The app has zero setup: you plug the lights in, open the app, and the app automatically asks to connect to Bluetooth, and boom, you’re done. Every feature has worked flawlessly. Which surprised me because of the low app rating, but I’m assuming their first version probably had a lot of bugs. But they must have fixed them all. I was also surprised by the amount of features/setting. The developers need to advertise the app features more (or maybe I need to look harder).

- I love it!

I love these lights soooo much but it is very hard to get more more music. I wish you could just do it with the app just then. The things I can do on it is just so amazing and my kids freck out every time they see them. There is so so many colors I and my kids can do. I also LOVE how there is a app so you don’t always have to have the remote. My kids use the remote and I use my phone it is so it is just so perfect. So cute and so easy to figure out. Hope you get them and download. Thank you for reading have a lovely lovely day!

- Could be better

The app isn’t that bad but it could be better. It would be nice to pick my own colors to switch through, like orange and purple for halloween, but instead I can only use the preset choices. The music feature is also borderline useless. It changes the lights with any small noise instead of on the beat of the song, so the slowest songs make my room look like a rave. The help section of the app also shows a dream mode which seems like it would be helpful, but it doesn’t actually show up on the app on my phone. Other than this, I haven’t had any problems.

- Almost there

I have no issue with the functionality off the app and how it controls the led strips however I’m a bit bummed they limit the # of devices it can control at once to 7, it sees all of the light strips but for some reason it doesn’t allow it to connect to more then 7 at a time. Hopefully they address this in a patch to allow you to control all of the lights at once or at least allow you to rename and/or group lights if there is a limitation of connections. That way you can at least select the groups instead of trying to guess which light is or isn’t on yet.

- I really love this app

I really do enjoy using this app although some improvements could be made. To start off I wish there was a feature where you could add music to play sort of like how fredboat works on discord instead of having to download it on Apple Music. As well a remote feature on the app where you could see and actual remote where you could press red green and blue and it would make it more that color to make it easier to create colors. Anyways this app is great but these small improvements would make it 5/5 stars!

- Being restricted

Fine app works good However I don’t like how you can’t change the standard colored lights. I know there’s a preset bar and you can change which colors those are but there’s only six of them. There’s four other color options in the standard bar that cannot be changed and I don’t really like that. I think a neat idea would be to have 10 available preset colors instead. This allows me to have all the colors options I want in the order I want them. Please don’t touch the lightbulb and RGB preset tho cause I really like those options. Thanks

- Color and brightness

It Does not do the color yellow. Or white particularly well. And although it is An interesting option to have a picture and click on there picture to get samples for colors there is a wide range it doesn’t seem to do like browns or grays. Even pinks although I could pick up the variation can’t duplicate them. It’s a great lightbulb for ambience but not particularly good if you actually want something to brighten up the room. I wouldn’t recommend it if you need something to read by or see your keyboard by. Also there needs to be an easy toggle button that allows a person to switch the speed of the Flickr

- My light aren’t changing the colors that I want

I got these lights one day ago and when I try to change the lights they will only show for me green yellow and red but I tried to change to the different colors but it still keeps doing the same thing and still shows the same colors for me I bought these lights for my room so they will look cool at night but they won’t let me change to the colors I want so I was upset plz update this app I really want to change it to different colors not just green yellow and red

- The app can’t allow you to save a profile

So I have 4 sets of these lights on 4 different TVs in different rooms. But using this app is erratic. Sometimes, it’ll change all 4 TVs and other times it’ll just turn on the wrong TV. You have to go into settings EVERY time and turn off the lights you don’t want. This makes it mostly useless. There needs to be a way to save your settings. That way the lights on back of my TV in my bedroom don’t accidentally come on at midnight because someone else in our home turned on the lights on a different device and it accidentally turned on my TV lights too.

- Alright, can be better.

The lights are amazing. Great quality , good colors , good adhesive , and good simple app . Works great on my phone, but the iPad interface is messed up and isn’t propionate to the screen to where some of the buttons merge. Also more diy options would be nice, as well as letting users upload custom photos for the app background. Maybe a more customizable deck would be nice but I’m not trying to ask for too much. Overall I’ve had a great experience with the lights and the app.

- Playing music with your lights(Reallg want it to be fixed or having some type of solution)

One problem which I can only assume i very fixable is being able to play music with the app, it does not recognize all of my songs just a few after allowing it access to my iTunes library, I have hundreds of songs and the app has less then 50 songs and the music feature is like one of the coolest things for partying and showing off, I really hope I see this fixed or having some type of solution. Other then that no problem parring or controlling the lights so far.

- Not a Bad investment

Purchase these to set back side my tv in the family room- just in time for the holiday. My only complaint is that I was under the impression of lights being a bit brighter- but other then that these are great. The App works for every function I have tried. Transitions with music seem to work just fine colors are nice and solid, app works for what I need and for the price of the lights these are great and will work just fine. No bad at all I like the app (it works) and the lights are cool and fun.

- Really good but..

For me there’s no dream mode and I was looking forward to using it after finding out it was a feature. It wasn’t there and hasn’t been there since I got the app. I also with it had came with a control but it didn’t. The lights are also too bright sometimes since there’s a limited amount you can lower it too and the small choice of colors. Other than that I’ve had no problems at all, every thing work except for those two things

- App does not have all the features described

I have an iPhone and this app does not have several features that it claims. I don’t have a dream mode option, their is no device to choose from with the timer mode, the color jump switch is there but doesn’t give me any options when tap on it. Theirs no solid color option, the lights constantly change. The shake option does not work and what is the pictures option even for?! Another annoying feature is that the music stops when you toggle back and forth to try to adjust the lights and the style. App definitely needs major work.

- Do not use the provided battery

I bought a pair of lights from China that connect with this app. They worked fine when testing them on a wall outlet. However when using the included battery that takes 4 AA batteries, the app no longer connected to them and I got a constant red/green flickering light. I recommend you buy a separate power bank or other source of power because it’s not the lights that have issues, it’s the battery it comes with

- Super cool

There are so many options on how to set your lights on this app. You can tell there was a lot of time and effort into this app and it’s very easy to navigate and it’s also super user friendly. I would absolutely recommend downloading this to someone looking for an app to control their lights. I’ve been playing with them all day because there’s so many cool things you can do.

- I love it

The app is cool it’s just it doesn’t give me enough detail to work the apple completely such as the timer, I don’t get how to use that and the feature it promises seem cool but I don’t get how to use it. Other than that I love the features such as shake phone to change lights it’s super cool, my lights are bright and colorful and I’m glad there’s a color wheel so I can choose off colors it looks amazing and truly compliments my room at night. The lights are HRDJ lights by the way

- No timing, schedule and only allowing 7 lights!

Please increase Bluetooth app limit beyond 7 lights. It becomes very difficult to manage. The ability to save scenes is not offered. You can save a color of an individual led light as a preset however I’d like to save my “scenes” that I’ve created using all different colors combined into a group. Also, PLEASE fix the schedule or timing so that it becomes possible to set the lights to automatically on/off with time instead of having to switch them off with the app. Thank you! I’ve reinstalled the app just in case it had a bug but the 2nd download produced the same results😔

- Cool still on the fence

I like the idea of the app and being able to connect Bluetooth playing music though you have to go to a computer go to your settings iTunes all that when it should just connect right through the phone no matter what I have other than that the really cool kind of wish there was a space wire or something to run it from two windows other than that still really cool good idea

- Ok

The lights are fine but my remote doesn’t work at all so the only way to change the lights is through my phone, which would be fine if the app would actually connect to the Bluetooth. I’d say that 7/10 times I’ll go to the app and it just won’t connect. Also my brother got the same lights as I did and we have to check constantly to make sure that we are not connected to each other’s lights. It would be easier if the app remembered to stay disconnected.

- where’s the dream button ?

This is a great app. I bought a mini lamp and I control it right from my phone. I love it. I can even set a timer to have it on when I want it without having to move. Although, when I went through the help section on the app to discover more, I saw a Dream button. I am curious what it does but the app DOES NOT HAVE IT. This is very misleading. If it is in the help handbook, it should be in the actual app which it is not. Please fix this.

- Awesome dancing color lights display ...

Purchased 6 spotlights for grounds display, downloaded the app. Music library and away we went ... was very important the music sync part, my wife is going deaf and at least I wanted her to see it ... if she could not hear it. In less than 30 minutes everything was performing great. Look forward to see if any future enhancements, by no means is Crap to us

- Embarrassing

This interface and technology on the app is terrible and pathetic compared to major companies like LIFX and HUE lighting. They really need to step up their game if they want to compete with the big dogs. Slow interface looks god awful and outdated. Needs a more modern sleek look with faster interface and reliability. I hate that this is not dependent on WIFI but Bluetooth and at that it has to be enabled in order to control features that just drains battery life. Not to mention it’s old technology. I could go on and on but the most disappointing things would be that there no widget no quick access it’s so slow...

- App is great BUT

App is great as every thing works as stated. The custom wheel is cool and can really haves customized experience. Music tap also is works decent only problem with that is the fact that it uses Apple Music, and well I don’t use Apple Music. BUT the biggest problem is the fact that hen use a “STYLE “ tap you can NOT lower or Raise the Brightness so when I leave on “Pulsating Rainbow” (my favorite style btw) it leaves me BLINDED of how bright it is. A brightness level NEEDS to be added to the style options. And PRONTO!

- My only complaint

The lights are overall great but some of the features such as dream mode are not available as indicated.. an update for that would be great. The other thing is having the ability to assign wake up colors for the timer function. Lastly, can it be that the lights react to just the radio being on? Other than that I love the colors, ability to adjust the brightness, timer feature is great with exception to the above. Great product.!!

- It’s ok

The app works fine in the matter of changing the light and e.t.c. I just have a couple complaints. One this supposed “Dream mode” isn’t showing up. Two the option to set up a timer for my lights to come on at a certain time does not work, it’s also in 24 hour format which i am not familiar with. It would be super convenient if the timer works, but i guess that’s not a possibility at the moment.


I love this light! It gives and RBG scale, so that you can change the color of the light! You can also set a picture and pick out any color from that picture!!! The one thing that you could improve is the music feature. I think that it would be cool if it just changed colors for each syllable of the song, not just flashing colors. Overall, super cool!!!

- These lights are dope asf

Honestly wasn’t expecting to love these lights as much I did, and the app makes it so much better, although I’d like to see the app add a feature to adjust how fast the light change to music but even without it the lights are still amazing, the app allows me to do a lot with, honestly might take the light bulbs out of my fan and only use the led strip for my lights.

- Big improvements needed

The app is really good but there are some big things that need to be fixed. One is I had a problem connecting to only one light strip. There’s needs to be a way to block or forget a device on the app so that I can only connect to one since we have to in separate rooms. Also the color wheel doesn’t show the right colors when it’s yellow it’s purple and when it’s purple it’s yellow. Thank you for your time please get back to me.

- Better than the remote

Works just fine way better than the remote because don’t have to point it at the sensor just Bluetooth. Has great features like color wheel and timer setting which is fantastic for automatically turning off at night. Wish it had more color variety for the price like more pinks and white but that’s a problem with the lights not the app.

- Awesome but music has issues

The lights look awesome and are super simple and easy to set up! But I was looking forward to being able to sync my music with the lights but am not able to. The way it shows to sync the lights in the help section looks like the iTunes Store is outdated so now when you go to sync them the section you’re looking for in iTunes isn’t there so I’m unable to synch my music

- App is fine

The app works well in regards to controlling the colors and music playing. I would only ask that you could slow down the flashing when music is synced, change the brightness when music is playing, and have the option to have playlists in the app or from apple music. Basically more customization options while music is synced.

- Works randomly and won’t completely turn off lights

I have rock lights that I purchased with my DV8 fenders. They worked great for a while but I’ve noticed that the app won’t completely shut the lights off anymore and it no longer controls the lights as well as it did. It lags when changing colors and doesn’t seem to support all of the colors on the app. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, disconnected the controller completely to allow it to reset and now I’ve completely disconnected the rock lights totally to avoid battery drain on my Jeep. Please fix your app!

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- Music??

Every part of the app works colour selection and everything. But I only have 3 songs that will sync with it and I can’t change them and don’t know how... does anyone know how to change it?

- Can’t disconnect other lights

My brother and I both got a set of these lights for our rooms and whenever we go to change the colour or anything it changes both of them. You can disconnect them when you are in the app but next time you open the app is connects to both of them again. Hopefully they make it so you can blacklist a Bluetooth receiver or something so that doesn’t happen.

- led strips

They are pretty good just some bad things. I ordered a 2 10M bluetooth led strips and only got ONE adapter, only got ONE remote and only got ONE bluetooth cord so only one can be bluetooth even tho i payed for two bluetooth..And i bought a 10M but got a 5M! Another thing the option were you can play 3 music choices and it will go with the beat and it’s pre made it doesn’t really work it just flashes. and the remote doesn’t even work. Everything else is pretty good it sticks really well the lights are good bluetooth connects quick and yeah.

- Music

The lights are wonderful! And I rlly Enjoy them (plus super easy to install) I only have one issue which it the music part of it, I got rlly exited about only to find out it would only work for Apple Music, which I didn’t want to pay for. So I’m stuck with 3 bad songs, also instead of every beat being one colour it’s a flash of colours every beat, so it ends up like a rave to a peaceful song

- 4/5 Rating

It only gives you 3 songs to pick from and they don’t even flash to the beat they just flash colors continuously until the music stops, but besides all that they give a great vibrant color that will turn any boring room into your own little disco.

- Hit and miss

You have to be standing pretty close to your car/ device for it to stay connected. Can’t add more music to library of songs. Can get frustrating. But it’s great when it works.

- Naming

It would be nice if in the next update you can change the name of the light. For example bedroom 1, bedroom 2, hallway, lounge etc so you know which one you are turning on or off when you have more than one

- AMAZING!! Would buy again

I’ve bought the 10 metre strips that have this and it’s awesome they just need to make it easier to connect to your music but other than that it’s brilliant!!!

- The best

It was underrated. They said it was just LED lights. But it is so much more. The colours can change to music, to your voice and can be any colour you want hem to. I am super duper satisfied

- Won’t let me select device

It’s not allowing me to select a device so i can do the timer thing what do i do??

- Great but one flaw

Sometimes it takes ages to connect like have to turn power on and off for it to connect

- Lights flash with beat of a song?

I would really like it if the lights changed Colour to the beat of the song in playing instead of constantly flashing.

- Lights

The app does work,but is a bit biggie.. but when it works it’s great.. keep updating to make it great..the lights were a good price, but install was very expensive.. so need the app to work well..

- Lights

I bought them for my sis and the lights are not even doing the right lights that I say to do. Such as if I choose red it will do yellow but anyways she loves them

- Works!

At first I thought there was no way. But it worked and it is a good led light set for an amazing price

- Disconnecting device

Only been using for a couple of hours and already have been disconnected from the device numerous times. Frustrating!! And no help or support anywhere.

- Devices connected

The one bad thing about these is that you can only connect one device at a time

- Nice

These are really good the only thing I wish was that it could connect to an Alaxa it’s pretty hard to work out

- Bluetooth

I’ve had these lights for one day and the Bluetooth has stopped working... lucky I have the remote because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to use them at all. Please fix your app because the Bluetooth does not work

- HappyLighting bulb

Mate can’t go wrong for $5 best money I’ve spent I’ve brought the club experience to my room yeww

- Good but sonetimes it doesnt work

This app is great but sometimes it doesnt connect to my lights and usually i have to delete it and download it again.

- Won’t connect

The Bluetooth disconnected and now won’t come up to connect to it again. It was great while it lasted

- Kinda works

The app won’t let the lights turn off and turns them straight to blue..... if it actually turned them off like it says it does it would be a 5 star app as it very much has the potential

- Music

The app should be linked to More music streaming platforms because I don’t listen to that much music on Apple Music.

- Can’t add playlist & shake is not working

Can’t add playlist & shake is not working

- Happy lighting my lights don’t work

My lights aren’t Working I order longer ones and they came very short and no battery came with it like it said I want new ones and I wanted longer please help me

- Omg!

IM IN LOVE WITH MY LIGHTS! This app is so good because my remote doesn’t have pink yea so I go onto this app and I can make pink it’s latterly a god saver. R E C O M E N D!!!!! In love 😍😍💖💖

- Looks perfect but not sure why the ring stopped working after 24 hrs

Good looking headlights but not sure why the ring stopped working

- Eh

My lights no longer do the pulsating rainbow effect and on button doesn’t work also won’t stick in certain places

- Add more music

Please have it so that our apple music can be played. It’s really disappointing that it’s an issue

- Need help please

How do I add more songs ???’ Help

- colours

an idea for the next update could be being able to choose what colour the mic syncs too cause right now it’s very messy

- Dream settings

Can open the dream settings no option for that

- Lights

They worked for about two days and now they don’t!

- Lights

How do I get the Bluetooth to work I can’t change the colours

- Great App best lights

Great app, fast and responsive

- App doesn’t work!

I’m upset, I was really excited to test it out and it doesn’t work

- Flashing Interval

Please allow faster flashing interval.

- Scott

Just connected the system and it does not work, what should I do

- Trash

Worked for three hours

- marcus

actually very good and love it it works perfectly


Very nice colour and Very easy to use

- Dose not work.

Dose not work I can’t even open the remote this is Rubbish.

- Light

Please add a solid white light please

- song choice

would be better if i could use my own music for the led colours have to listen to songs i dont know through the app

- music

the only problem i have with this is, is that i can’t use spotify with this app because i don’t use apple music i use spotify.

- How do you sync music!!!

Can't get the music to sync!! How do you do sync it????

- colours don’t work :((

i have tried changing to red or pink etc only allowing green and blue colours :((



- Music

Needs to be able to connect to Spotify

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- coolio

over all very good but no dream mode as it claims

- Spotift

Its sad that you cant use it with spotify, but i solved it by using the “tape” section, it works perfectly with any music coming out from your phone!

- Music Sinc

Could you somehow allow the app to sinc music from Spotify as well?

- Pretty good

I really like this app and it works to sync my LED lights but I don’t know how to add my own music and at the start I didn’t understand how to operate it very well.

- goodish

good, but how do i add my own music to the app?

- Timing

the timing button doesn’t work it keeps asking for me to select a device that is already connected.

- Won’t stay connected

The app won’t stay connected to Bluetooth. Right now it’s not even discoverable. I’ve deleted and redownloaded a million times. I’m getting frustrated.

- The connection

The connection is good at first but it stops after a little bit

- More functions

There should be time limit button and more songs but otherwise it’s alright.

- Good, but it needs more colors

The HappyLighting app has two color wheels that provide you which one you'd want to choose for what color you'd want. However, it's limited due to having no color of the white mixed in with the rest, as shown in the 2nd color wheel where it is not a selection around a 360° circle, but anything and anywhere where you'd want a color to be, inside of a circle. It doesn't have a white, which in tradition of color, a color wheel exactly like that should have a white mixed in with the rest. Since it doesn't in this app, it only allows certain colors to be available, which in turn disproves that this app has "limitless" colors.

- spotify

its good but no one uses apple music u need spotify compatibility and u will get 5 stars

- iOS issues

The app on the iPhone won’t stay connected to the led lights.I have had no problem with the app on my Samsung tab A.

- Idk how I feel

The concept of this app is really cool but it doesn’t connect to my LED lights and it doesn’t give you any help on the app

- Avoid connecting to other ppls lights

Me and my roommates own our own sets of lights. But it is really frustrating that the app does not allow us to set which one to NOT connect to. Please do something about it, it is frustrating that the app automatically connects to the nearest ones even if there not yours. Fix!!

- Can’t play your own music?!

Why can’t I have my own music very complicated app to figure out..

- Spotify connection?

Love the lights... but I don’t have Apple Music. I use Spotify. How can I connect my lights to Spotify?

- Add more features

Connect this to Google home mini and Siri Shortcuts

- Timer

Timer does not work how do I make it work no numbers come

- Eh

It’s fine I suppose. But I think that we should be able to connect the music with our Spotify and not only have the three choices. Also now it doesn’t work well with the controller given.

- I have a problem

Whenever I try to do blue it only does blue for a portion and when I press purple it does white red and more and sometimes the red doesn’t even work so how to fix oh and what about timer how do you do the timer

- It is not working

It is not working

- Terrible

When i first got them it eas fine but later and now the app wont work it wont change the coulors or brightness

- Not working anymore

Does not work anymore on any of my controller

- great app

I just have one question how do you get dream mode

- Great app

Amazing app the only thing missing is that I wish it had a playlist section where u can pick the colours u want to show , if that was there it would be 5 stars

- Cannot sync with Spotify

Good but was very excited to have lights sync to my music. Disappointed to find out it won’t sync with Spotify therefore I can’t do it. :(

- Only 1 of 3 units purchased work as expected

Was able to confirm it was defective when 1 worked as it should. Meaning the colors on all 4 strips were in sync. Other 2 units purchased only blue color works simultaneously. Also, why bother claiming to win a free unit and never hear from merchant again. Perhaps it’s to confirm email address. Finally, App works but not user friendly. Generally unimpressed. Will reach out for help and see what comes of it.


My roommate has a led strip light as well near me and whenever I enter my room to turn on it controls his light as well ultimately disturibing him. THERE IS NO FUNCTION TO DISCONNECT AND ERASE HIS DEVICE ON MY PHONE.

- It won’t work

The app won’t work for me because I lost my LED light remote and I don’t know my code or my Bluetooth to hook up also it won’t let me play the music I have to sync it somehow it’s really hard to use and I had to delete it

- Hi




- Horrible

The the lowest quality light strip on the market with the mire bare minimum customization I have ever seen. Pathetic junk waste for the junk yard

- cant turn them on

mine didnt come with a plug thing to plug them into an outlet so i cant use them. i am beyond upset.

- Timing

So I want my lights to change there colour by themselves at times I set but I’ve looked for that feature to see if you guys had it but couldn’t find it but it would be great if you would add it but it’s still 10/10

- iPad sinc

Seems to work great on my iPhone but had a hard time syncing to my iPad. Would love to sync to Alexa and Google.

- Alexa?

I was just wondering if its possible to connect these lights to Alexa or not?

- Decent

It’s a good app but it won’t let me change my styles and there isn’t the dream and rainbow mode like there says there should be but other than that there is no complaints.

- The colour cyan is gone

The colour cyan and blue are gone

- Pretty Good

These lights are pretty good and work well as my Christmas lights in my condo windows since we aren’t allowed to hang lights outside on the balconies. The ability to customize your solid light colour is great! I would have given it 5 stars but I wish there was a way to make custom light combos with your own colours instead of only being able to use the ones in app. Would be nice to get some Christmas changing colours.

- So cute

I love the lights so much

- Can’t get the app to connect

This is really frustrating and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. More directions should be given on what to do if your device cannot connect. Not very useful

- Best app ever


- Lights

My Bluetooth isn’t working on the lights anymore and I don’t know why

- Bad

My lights are staying red when it’s off

- Bad

It sucks lol Cant play my own music and the remote is barely working

- Bad app

Does not stay connected to lights, cannot rename or group lights to use multiple sets easily.

- Bad

I would give this a five star but it doesn’t support Spotify or Amazon Alexa

- Très satisfaite

Je crois que il pourrais y avoir un peut plus d’options mais ses très bien fais et j’apprécie l’application! Merci !

- Connection

So far it won’t even let me connect to that lights.

- Comparability

Thought it was compatible with Google but not at all.

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- Trust your neighbors

Zero security so anyone with the app can connect and configure... or reconfigure. Using the app with 2 smart flood lights... don’t understand the music or photo component so maybe other devices can use it? Ideally, the app should be able to know the capabilities of the connected device and limit those features accordingly. Hopefully the app doesn’t have to stay connected for it to remember the timers... will update once more is known.

- Annoying

The quality of the lights is perfection but the fact that they literally come on whenever they want to is by far the most annoying thing ever! Even after turning them “off” and disconnecting them on the app the lights STILL manage to give me a mini heart attack by randomly coming on while I’m sleeping. The settings is trash, doesn’t explain anything about turning them off permanently. They even come on as soon as I turn the tv on but I don’t have my settings set up for that. Just ridiculous!

- LED Smart Light

I love this product because it has good quality. I have always wanted an LED light and finally I got one for Christmas(even though it is a little early for Christmas), my parents let me open one gift and this was the one. Now when I go to bed I will have an LED light to look at. Thank you Smart Light for bringing joy to the world, especially me!🙂😉🤩🤪

- Great

Overall the app is great, I bought my LEDS a while back and if your lazy and don’t want to get up to get the remote then these are for you. You can control the color, speed, pattern and more but when you have the choice to pick the music, I think you should be able to pick your own music instead of just those but overall i really recommend these :)

- Doesn't shut off

It's weird I can stand from 10 or 15 feet away and change colors no problem . But turning the bulb off doesn't turn off . It turns off when I turn the truck off but not from the app . The only way it turns off for me is if I close out the app ( and that doesn't always work ) or if I get a foot from the Bluetooth thing on the lights . But makes no sense cause from 15 feet away it will switch to the colors I pick . Other than that or if it was fixed it would be great

- Really good app

I was trying to download the app on my other device due to the fact that this doesn’t work that much, it won’t work if you have the app on 2 devices. I really wanted to try the dream mode but it doesn’t appear and add the music should be through the phone and not another device due that some of the people don’t have macs in their household. I just want the dream mode to be added like it is said in the beginning

- Microphone needs to be more customizable

Love the lights. Every time I turn on my car they stay the same color and brightness instantly. Good enough. Bad thing is the mic feature. It picks up sound perfectly but it always stays a rainbow strobe that goes with the music, sound and even my voice. It’s cool. But I wish you could customize your own colors and effects that go with the music and sound. So close otherwise I’d give it a 5 star.

- Controlling the neighbors lights

Unfortunately the lights are controlled with this app or the remote. The lights randomly turned on around 2am a few times during my sleep. Turns out you can control any lights with this app within the vicinity. One of my neighbors in the apt complex has the same lights so when I turn mine on, their lights turn on also.... constant tug back and forth with the lights. I turn it on and the neighbors turn it off or change it to a different color. This app needs better security settings with its Bluetooth connections. It’s annoying.

- Fix the music issue

The installation of the LED lights was probably the easiest process . But until we are actually able to play music along with the music like advertised that would be great . The way I kinda got around it , was playing music through my iPad & let the built in mic mimic best along to the music , but still doesn’t coordinate the same . So until this issue is resolved , maybe the lights & app will be worth it ...

- App gets Confused with 2 units

My daughter bought the lights for her room and then for my room. Our phone apps can’t remember any of the settings so the only way to use it is to choose my ID# every time I want to turn them on. Thank goodness for the remote-otherwise I would have whatever color was last set up on the phone. This is annoying but we are managing it.

- Poor settings

I set a timer for the lights to go on at a certain time and off at the later time as a night light for my son. However, the timer keeps resetting over and over again randomly, so it is constantly on all day long. The lights are going to wear out way earlier than it should because of this glitch. I like everything else about them, it’s just frustrating because I don’t want to have to replace them sooner than I should have to. Please fix this asap!

- Great colors and patterns

However as everyone has been saying you can’t play your downloaded music buuuuuut, I have two iPhones both linked same apps, same song downloads, everything. then out of nowhere I open the music portion of the app and all of my music from the *spinrilla app* somehow appeared so my lights work with those songs like the three pre loaded, but I can’t figure out how it happen or how to do it on my main phone lol

- Multiple users not allowed

How is it possible that only one person in your apartment can control all the lights? Imagine having anyone over. In any circumstance. And all of a sudden, for no reason, all the lights start flashing blue and green and purple to music you can’t hear. Great product, but as the “other” roommate in the situation, this is a huge flaw to only have one person be able to connect to the lights at a time 😑

- LED light connection

it would be great if it didn’t connect to other sets of lights. my sister had the same brand of lights months before me and when i bought them and downloaded the app, her connection appeared. so every time she changes her lights, mine change too. we have to go on the app every time and manually disconnect them ourselves. there should be and option of deleting a connection. very inconvenient.

- Great LED Lights

I just picked up my LED lights today, and in such a short period of time, I can already say that I LOVE them! The Kiko LED Strip Lights have exceeded my expectations! The app, remote, and control box all offer three different ways to control the lights. I highly recommend these lights to anyone looking for an easy setup with an even easier controlling system!

- Terrible.

Terrible app. It’s a shame because I spend 70$ to get 60 feet of these lights and the app doesn’t even do what it says it does. You can’t change the brightness when the lights are in rainbow mode. It says there’s supposed to be a “dream mode” which I don’t see at all. The music setting doesn’t even allow you to add new music it’s just preset with 3 songs. And even then when you turn on the music it’s like a strobe and it could give someone a seizure. Along with the microphone setting. App is very buggy at times. All around just a very bad app.

- Good! Just Missing Something

Great options within the app and this lighting device. The Quality is amazing. However, I thought there would be a setting within this fancy app that could synchronize the main color of the TV screen with the device so that it could be displayed in the background. This would make this product perfect.

- It works when it works.

The app works really well when it actually wants to. My fog lights will show up on the Bluetooth but then it just stops out of no where and it won’t show up and then I have to open my hood and unplug it and re-plug it in again and delete then reinstall the app and start up my phone again it’s a really annoying process I don’t wanna keep dealing with so I hope someone can fix this.

- “Start” off great

I loved them when I first put them in. Then it went down hill from there. One light would change colors without me doing it. Sent me a new wire set and it turns out, it might be the light. It’s now stuck orange ring. Redid the wires to the last old set and it didn’t help. Now we have to get through this all over again to see what can be done to fix. It’s not like they were cheep ones. #sad

- I love it but I have a suggestion

I feel like a lot more ppl would like this if it for the song Bluetooth, you didn’t only have the flashes of color. Like you could make the colors fade into eachother, make it longer to match the beat better. Or pick variety’s of colors you want in the thing. Just an idea. But personally I feel like it would be a lot cooler

- Dream setting

I would give the app a 5 if it fixed a few bugs. In the app it talks about a dream setting and I don’t have any access to that setting. It doesn’t show up anywhere on the app. To download and get music on the app is impossible. I think if the creator were to fix these two problems the app would do 10x better!!! Overall it’s an amazing app and it works very well!

- App doesn’t work very well

It worked okay for about 30 seconds then it got stuck on a color and would not change or shut off I messed with it for about 15 mins before I deleted the app the lights were STILL STUCK ON I downloaded the app AGAIN and it allowed me to shut the lights off but now it’s like the app is “frozen” it will power on or change the lights or color.. this is really upsetting because this is the only app available with the LED bulbs I have. I’m using iPhone 8plus on IOS-13.3.1 please fix these issues soon.

- Can’t get my music on the app

App has worked fine that I have noticed but I can’t my my music switched over from my phone to the app I allowed it to have access to my music and media files and everything but still can’t figure it Out are they away

- Work awesome, but not if two people in a household have them

Roommate had them and talked me into getting some. Problem is that the app picks up all the lights and automatically controls all of them in range. So he’ll accidentally control mine and I’ll accidentally control his. There needs to be a lockout feature so the app only picks up your own lights.

- Awsome

I really don’t get the negative reviews. I have a iPhone 6s, and this app and the lights that go with them work perfectly fine. I honestly don’t get all the fuss, though the app might work differently for different models and brands of phones, my phone worked perfectly with this app. The only thing that Dosnt work very well on the app, for me at least, is the timer.

- Works perfectly fine

App works perfectly fine for me. I own a iPhone7 plus and i have no issues with this. Works like a charm. I like how I can decrease the brightness of the light on the app.— one thing that I was looking for. Everyone else needs to stop complaining and get a phone that works. Haha Good luck to all!

- Needs Work

I love all the features except the music one. Its not exactly what it says, it says playing music on your phone will make the music function go to the beat of the song but thats not the case. It only connects to the music u have downloaded on apple music. It would be lovely if they updated it and allowed all music devices to work with the lights !

- I like, but hate the layout

The app is nice and works well with new leds but I don’t like how the app looks, it looks like one of those old 2012 apps and we should be able to use our own background image, because the ones given or ugly as well. Other than that I like it, love having a wider variety of colors at the tap of my IPhone!

- Eh

It says in the book when you get the lights that “playing any music on your phone or in the apps with music function would make the colors and brightness of the light change...”, this IS NOT true! You can only play the 3 songs they have for you. I’ve tried everything that has music on it and it does NOT work. I would really appreciate it if the developers could make it so it plays all music on any app like it says it does.

- An idea to add

Honestly it’s amazing. It works good. Sometimes my phone does disconnect from the lights yet I never turned of Bluetooth or anything. But it’s an easy fix. I just wait a bit. But they should add a feature where you can create custom patterns and choose their speed. Cuz I have ideas of cool patterns but I can’t do it. Please add that as a feature. “Custom Patterns”

- Colors got mixed up?

Okay so these lights are really great! I love them, they are nice and bright and the colors are pretty. But after about a week of using them, the colors are off. Like, when I press the red button it’s pink. And when I press the blue one it’s purple, and the yellow one is white. How can I reset the colors and fix this? Because other than that these are great.

- This is an good app.

The only thing keeping it from getting a 5 star rating in my opinion is that I can’t change brightness and saturation on my device, yet I can still use the white option. Also, I just saw another review with a problem with the connection. It’s hard to connect as well for me.

- Works. Barely.

So here's the deal, if all you wanna do is get a bunch of lights and set their color, this will work just fine for you. My problem is that there is a severe lack of settings and functionality to do much of anything with it. My brother has lights made by the same company, and our phones automatically link to all the lights rather than either waiting for you to connect or remembering which devices you connect to. It's been really annoying and there's no way to adjust this. The other thing is just that the music function is really poor. There is no instruction on how to connect your library, and there aren't any settings for how the lights should react to the music. The lights work but I'm pretty bummed about this app.


These lights? Amazing. The app? There is one thing, that’s all. Everything is good. Literally everything. But there is one thing. I was really excited about the music thing, and it is pretty cool. But, but, how do you add music?? Like I have the music downloaded but, I don’t know how to add it to the app. Please tell meeee!! Thank you very much.

- Timers not saving in app

The app works perfectly and I’ve had no problem with it so far, but my only complaint is the timers I set for the lights don’t save after I exit the app. I’ll set 4 total timers up for them to turn on and off at certain times, but after I exit the app they all reset. Maybe y’all could fix the timers?

- Jeep Wrangler LED halo and fog lights

I purchased these LED lights after the mechanic at the shop recommended them. Spent about $700. No remote for them. Very nice and fun when they will work!!!! Works only with this app BUT only when the app wants to connect. It is very temperamental and very frustrating. I delete the app, reinstall it, update the version and double check my Bluetooth connections and nothing works!!! I wish the developer would take pride in his work and fix this!

- Having some difficulties

These lights are very good but I have come to find out that when I turn my lights off that don’t actually I get off I can still see some of the light putting on a little bit of light not a lot but just enough where I have to get up and go unplug them but over all the app is really good

- Works great for me

I ordered two sets of light and when I got them only one worked with the Bluetooth, and as soon as I contacted them they were super helpful and even hooked me up with a replacement set, the price and customer service rocks so if you have a prob just let them know

- Music

My girlfriend and I bought these lights in hoping that we could use them with our music synced up but it only worked like 3 times before it stopped working. Even when it did work, it took us like 30 minutes to make it sound right. The sound quality was awful and now it doesn’t connect at all.

- This app is awful

I just got two floodlights. As far as I can tell, the lights work ok, but unfortunately the only way to control them is the app. I was able to change the color, after several attempts to connect the devices including deleting and reinstalling the app. But, the timer function—which was important to me—doesn’t even work and the guide is no help. It’s very clunky and difficult to use.

- User updates required

It’s a reasonable app however there needs to be a way to ignore lights. My neighbors have them and we keep changing each other’s. Also lights won’t sync when you choose a color changing setting they are all ok different timings. Lights often default back to medium brightness and I have to keep turning them up despite having them set on a daily timer. Needs some obvious updates.

- ?? Makes no sense

Okay the entire reason I spent more money on the set of these lights with the app bc I thought my music would work with these lights but my music doesn’t transfer over and the microphone acts dumb. This was such a waste of money. Really irritated bc I spent the extra miney for that purpose. Thought that the lights would sync to the music coming out of my speakers but 70 bucks later nah that’s not what I get. I jus get lights that are any color 😂 oh well.

- (Tape) option doesn’t work right

The Tape option which allows my interior lights to change colors with the music doesn’t work right. When selected, it interferes with the music being played throw the car and makes it muffled. Please fix this as soon as possible because it is very disappointing that a feature this “cool” doesn’t work right.

- What’s with the Apple Music connection

I got these specifically because they synced to your music and turns out really they don’t. the instructions given to connect your device to music also is no longer accurate and should be updated as well, it was confusing. Please update to be able to play all downloaded music from apple. Will there be an update to correct these issues ?

- Love the features!

I absolutely love the timer feature for each light, and the ability to dim lights as well. Definitely wish that the "rename" option worked for giving each light it's own name/description! Hopefully will be fixed in the next app update!

- App update please???

I mean, is there any reasonable explanation why this app can’t let you choose specific colors to include with each mode? Why can’t I designate only the colors I WANT to use in the music sync? I want to use lighting to set a mood - for Halloween, I don’t want a random rainbow of colors flashing along to spooky tunes, amirite? I want purple, orange! The customization choices here are ridiculously limited compared to the flexibility they clearly should be capable of producing.

- Great app, one slight problem

The app is great and really responsive to all the inputs, or that’s on my phone. So I tried to get the app while my phone was being repaired and the app is a bit of a mess on the I pad. It just needs to be sorted better so you can click the buttons because they aren’t to size. That’s pretty much it.

- Great app

I really like the link function. I’m surprised how well this works, I had low expectations. Being able to easily see, select, and set the lights is great. In the future I’d love a bit more of a power user interface. Being able to program or script custom fades and sequences would really take this product to the next level. Also the product I have has both white and RGB LED’s. Other lighting products blend the two to get “pastel” colors. I’m a little disappointed I can’t do this with this app, as the only way to turn on the white LED’s is to use the preset button. Thanks for the great app!

- Garbage

As I thought they would be nice... I was wrong. I have not been able to use them at all. When I first plugged them in they were nice. After I ran them to where I wanted them (left them on to ensure they worked) and installed the app and BOOM lights don’t work. So I will pull the blue tooth part out and cut it completely out and splice wiring back together. Not sure of the color I will get but at least it will work. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Get something that isn’t app controlled.

- Ehhh

Overall not a bad app / product. They kind of trick you with the music feature. You need to have music downloaded on your phone for it to work well. Only other option is to leave your microphone turned on with your phone close to sound source (who wants to do that). Wish I would have known this before buying.

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HappyLighting-Life with smart 4.5.6 Screenshots & Images

HappyLighting-Life with smart iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HappyLighting-Life with smart iphone images
HappyLighting-Life with smart iphone images
HappyLighting-Life with smart iphone images
HappyLighting-Life with smart iphone images
HappyLighting-Life with smart iphone images
HappyLighting-Life with smart iphone images

HappyLighting-Life with smart (Version 4.5.6) Install & Download

The applications HappyLighting-Life with smart was published in the category Lifestyle on 2016-09-16 and was developed by Hu xingkui [Developer ID: 1050544418]. This application file size is 46.28 MB. HappyLighting-Life with smart - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 4.5.6 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.iSmartLight.qh

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