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Uber Eats: Food Delivery [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Find Food Delivery On Your Budget

Hungry? Find the food you crave and order from restaurants easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your food order in real-time. Get your food delivered by delivery people using the Uber Eats app.

Browse nearby restaurants and search for food by cuisine, restaurant name, dish or meal. Choose from a variety of food to order: Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. Chinese food. Skip the line and reservations. Order food using the Uber Eats app now.

Pick your food order from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. That’s it.
Order food to be delivered by delivery people as soon as possible.
Or, schedule your food order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice!

Now you can also order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart and go to the restaurant to get your food. Or, choose the new no-contact delivery option and request your order be left at your doorstep.

Pay easily with a credit card or Uber Cash. Add a different card easily.
Enter a Uber Eats promo code to redeem a discount on your food order.
Tip easily in the app. No cash needed for tipping.

Track your food order on a map as it heads your way.
See the estimated delivery time to your address.
Get notified when your order arrives.

McDonald's, Subway, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Starbuck's, Five Guys, Panda Express, Denny's, Jersey Mike's Subs, T.G.I. Friday's, Hooters, Sonic, Red Lobster. Firehouse Subs, Moe's Southwest Grill, BurgerFi, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Boston Market, Qdoba, Steak 'n Shake, The Halal Guys, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, Tijuana Flats, Church's Chicken, White Castle, McAlister's Deli, Jack in the Box, On The Border, Fatburger, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Famous Dave's BBQ, and more.

Join the thousands of others in your city who use the Uber Eats app to order from their favorites restaurants and schedule delivery
Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Bogota, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more.

Visit ubereats.com for more details!

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Uber Eats: Food Delivery Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update the Uber Eats app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update: - Performance improvements - Localization updates Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber Eats engine running. Have a question? Tap Help in the Uber Eats app or visit help.uber.com.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery Comments & Reviews

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- Sometimes it’s the small things.

I’ve ordered multiple times where I’ve had items missing. I normally just say “oh well” or ask the driver to go back and get it. I’ve never had a big issue to complain about. Overall, I was generally content with my experience. However, tonight was different. I am away from home, in a hotel not very accommodating, and I was so thirsty!! I mean thirsty and I had no car. So I ordered dinner and asked for two large soft drinks. When it came they were missing. I was so upset I asked my driver and we disagreed and I rated her horribly. I almost immediately got an email from Uber Eats... they were sorry and this wasn’t just a mass generated email. It was from a person to me about my issue that I had just explained. So, not only did I get my meal refunded!!!! I also got a knock on my door shortly after and there was Nicole apologizing holding two large soft drinks. She said I hope you enjoy and “no hard feelings?” This was the best response to a customer service issue I have ever received. THANK YOU. Very impressed with both Uber Eats and the driver Nicole. Lesson learned: there is always a way to make it better if not right. Your response to the issue in this case was impressive, personally accepted where I felt my feelings were validated and not to mention very quick! Wow thanks again.

- How does this app have good reviews!?

One time a driver literally threw my food at the door when he got here. It was everywhere, all over my porch. The guy knocked a single time and before I could get up to answer; he threw my food. Months later; I tried again...my order took an hour and a half before...wait for it; it was cancelled! I’m a mother of a newborn and now I don’t get to eat today. It took an hour and a half for them to cancel my order because evidently they didn’t have available drivers. So I don’t get to eat. Shame on this company and I recorded the convo with Leonard as well as his supervisor. I will be playing that call for my followers on social media. DO NOT SUPPORT this company! They do not care about their clientele. I’m truly disgusted with how they’ve handled things. Thank god for DoorDash and Favor!! I’ve had nothing but problems with them, but gave them additional chances because, hey! I’m a nice gal. These people shouldn’t be in business. Notice the app says age 4 and up can use??? Why are you people allowing five year olds to order from you without their parents consent! I’m making it a mission to turn as many people away from this company as possible.

- Third time wasn’t a charm

I have been using this app for quite a while now, and while I can understand a missing item here and there (sometimes stuff just happens), issues for 3 orders in a row is ridiculous. Last night we ordered from the McDonald’s we always do and when the driver got here, it was someone else’s order. She had delivered our food to that person instead. When we told her the issue she said okay and then left with the wrong order so we were left with nothing. So we ordered the exact same thing with a note to the driver to double check that it was the food we had ordered before bringing it upstairs. The time goes by and the app notifies me that the food has been delivered. It hadn't been, and the driver hadn’t contacted us at all. At this point we had given up on the drivers for the night. Now fast forward to less than an hour ago and we decide to try again since it is now daytime and not at night and maybe we had just been unlucky. The driver arrives and is missing ten dollars of food that we ordered. We ask him to wait a sec while we check the bags and he runs back to his car and drives off. Then we call the restaurant and they confirm that all items had been bagged and handed together to our driver. Which certainly makes it seem that he kept one considering how he ran off. Normally it could be understandable for a mess up here and there but 3 times in a row? With different restaurants? Come on.

- so many bugs and frustrations it’s not worth it

I used to use it all the time but getting on it again it was SO FRUSTRATED. The app it’s self is honestly trash it has the same bugs it had months ago and I can’t even use it anymore! My grandmother is ill and she can’t drive anymore so she wanted mc Donald’s (her favorite) so I offered to drive but she refused because of the weather here. I downloaded the app and made my order. At the beginning, it’s asking for a phone number to my account. I don’t have an account yet but that’s not even an option on the front page. I type my grandmothers number and to my surprise she has an account so lucky me. It asked for the password and I got it but for some reason it then bugged out and crashed my phone when I tried logging in. So I opened it again and tried to log in again, it worked after another crash when I reset my pass. I started my order and when I had been sitting there for 10 min checking off boxes just for the app to not recognize the order and bug out and I have to make the order again. I finish my order and now I’m adding my Address, after I add my address and my order it tells me It can’t deliver to my part of town AFTER I did all that. So it bugs out again and I have to reset the app. I’m done trying and am deleting the app and never using it again. I didn’t want to leave a review but my grandmother was very angry at “modern technology” so I decided to leave a review so maybe the developers can fix theses problems.

- Customer support is horrible

**update** I received a response from Apple saying the app developer responded to my review. It seemed like they wanted to help resolve my issue, but no direct contact information to get the help. I am tired of continually emailing the “help” link (which was the only contact info included in the email) and getting a different person every time, and they do not actually help me! I did it twice and no help, and that’s why I’m submitting this review. ** I placed and then canceled an order literally 30 seconds after I placed the order. The reason I cancelled was I did not see that the order said “for pick-up” and I wanted delivery. I didn’t even know that when ordering through Uber eats there are other options?? I’ve never seen that before. Anyways, they said the restaurant had already started making the order and that’s why I was still charged. This was completely false because I called the restaurant a few minutes later and they had not started making the order and received the cancellation successfully. I submitted for help through the app and I received an email that, as a courtesy, I would receive a refund. It’s been two weeks and no refund. I submitted for help again only to get an email saying they issued the refund and I need to check with my bank. My bank, obviously has not received anything. Uber is being very deceitful and likely has fraudulently received millions of dollars because of situations like this. I will not use them ever again.

- Too Much Of A Headache

So hear I am really craving for some Chipotle, in a lazy mood didn’t feel like driving so I said let me try Uber eats for the first time. My sister downloaded on her phone for me since I was gaming (didn’t wanna die) and I gave her my card information to pay. She put in the order but in the end it said we couldn’t process your payment try again. I thought what?? There’s enough in the account. So I said maybe she put in the numbers wrong so I took over and did the numbers again, it said this card is already saved to the profile so I said screw it lets go through PayPal. I put in my password confirmed everything PayPal wanted me to and tried to process it again...still wouldn’t go through. By then I said let me try on my phone. First it told me that They don’t deliver in my area so I refreshed everything made a new account and still ran into the same problem with the payment not processing I begin to get a frustrated, knowing everything was okay with my card after doubled checking several times I then tried to do it from my desktop still same thing. By then I said screw it let me try Door Dash thinking maybe its just me maybe Im doing something wrong. So I downloaded DoorDash and put it the order in FIVE minutes everything went through with no problem and the food came quicker than what it said. This whole thing took me about an hour trying to do until I gave up. And unfortunately this experience has cause me to revert to DoorDash.

- Terrible App

The Uber app is not bad so I did not expect anything less from UberEats. I cannot speak for the UberEats service in other locations but in I’ve had the worst experience in Philly. I wanted to give the app a try because they offered me a $20 credit for inviting a friend. Besides the fact that I still had to cover another $20 for a discounted $10 meal ($30 - $20 credit) my food took almost an hour and a half to arrive. Time stated 45 - 55 mins, and at the hour mark the time estimated was extended twice. A few friends had the same situation happen. I’ve had Ubers rises that drove me from my house into center city faster with traffic than how long it took food deliveries from a restaurant 5 mins from my house to get to me. The map on the app is not accurate either. It would say the driver is down the block, and the indicated driver would be there for a good 20 mins sitting down the block. It would say 0 mins to arrival or at my location to then it changing to tell me its 15 minutes away. The UberEats experiences for me was terrible. I did not have a purpose for it because I do not see the need to pay extra service fees when I can pick up my own food in the area (kudos to those who want to spend the extra few for service and delivery fees). But if I was in the pool of customers that UberEats is targeting then I would be highly disappointed. Normally I would get this food myself, and I should have. If I wasn’t baited with this offer I would not have wasted my time.

- Horrible experience

Ordered from Papa Ginos and at checkout was told they (the restaurant) deliver themselves and no real tracking would exist for the order. Over a half hour from the estimated delivery window, now like an hour and half from when I ordered, the manager says the order is there and no one picked it up. She indicated the app/UE system was new to them. I then have to explain to them the way they are listed in UberEats as being responsible for delivery. They say contact UberEats who in the app say contact the restaurant. I asked her if they could try to cancel the order because if I did I would be charged the entire amount as a free. She said she would. Nothing. Still pending delivery. Call back and she says she can’t help me the order doesn’t show up any more for her to see. So for the next hour and half after that I wait to see what will happen. I send a customer service message the best I could find which was, I was charged a cancelation fee, and left a message. It wasn’t until 9:19pm that I get a completed order notification and email like everything was all good and my card was going to stay charged. I then was able to say I didn’t receive my delivery and again another message gets sent. This was the worse experience I ever had with any delivery app like this platform and I use multiple competitors. My kids and I waited for nothing, never received anything, and I had to pay for it. Not cool. 0 stars if I could. I will be filing a BBB complaint.


Would not recommend unless deliver options were limited , Uber is super fast to take your money and super slow to refund . I was a consistent user of this app but the quality of their food service is not good. The restaurants WILL miss up your order your carrier WILL be late and your food WILL arrive cold and you’re paying top dollar for places that are 1-3 miles away yes a short distance and drive able but if you’re looking at the app you clearly don’t want to leave your home . When their is a problem with your food they expect you to write a full report about what items were missing or incorrect and instead of giving you a refund they claim they’re looking into it if I didn’t continue to pursue a refund I would have never got it . In addition to weak customer service and lack of communication between courier restaurant and user when they refund they do NOT refund US dollars instead it’s Uber credits which is just a scam to keep the app the Uber money is as useless as it sounds you can only use it when ordering Uber eats or an Uber and the credits are only applied if you remember to check the box that charges your Uber credits. Funny thing about the Uber credits is it means nothing it’s still your money it just makes your money less expendable and you can only use it for Uber only thing good I can say about it is it MIGHT be a good feature for little kids and parent controls but oh wait minors cant use Uber legally you must be 18+ .

- Terrible Customer Service

I use Uber and Uber Eats multiple times a day, but my house is sometimes difficult to find. Because of COVID-19, I have been requesting to have my food left at my door rather than meeting my driver in person. I always reach out to my drivers to leave detailed delivery instructions (both in chat and in the instructions box) but sometimes drivers ignore my efforts and leave my delivery somewhere else. I always try to find where they left it, but when I can’t, I request a refund and reorder my food. This has happened so often in the past few months (because I haven’t been meeting my drivers outside), that they now refuse to give me a refund regardless of my issue. Less than an hour ago, I received a delivery with about $20 worth of food missing. I reached out to support to get a partial refund for the missing items on my $60 order, providing a picture and explaining the situation, but both times that I spoke to someone they informed me that there was nothing they could do. I’m really disappointed because I genuinely use Uber more than once a day every day. I really hope that this review will draw some attention to this issue and possibly result in a refund, otherwise I’ll have to turn to other apps like Lyft and DoorDash. I hate leaving reviews like this, and truly wish I could leave a higher review on an app that I use so often, but I don’t think it’s fair that I am being charged extra for things that are out of my control.

- Great application, climbing prices

The application itself works great and has many great choices in my area. Unfortunately, I will no longer be using the (eats) service due to the rising booking fees. I could understand the fees based on distance for standalone companies hiring their own drivers. Uber has drivers who are intending to drive these distances for pay and can continue with more rides after leaving the destination (home) rather than having to drive back to the starting destination (restaurant). A pizza delivery through the pizza company 5 minutes away has a 50% lower delivery cost than Uber does for a restaurant in the same general area (within .2 miles). This is unacceptable. I guarantee you will continue to lose customers, as I already know of several other who are moving to your competitors for this very reason. I’m disappointed I will not be ordering my favorite tonight through Uber eats because it is $9 for a 10 minute drive. The restaurants are already inflating their prices from their in store prices. Don’t add to the problem. Update: 2 days go by since the initial review. I opened the app out of curiosity and was welcomed by a notification touting lowered booking fees. From what I noticed (based on my ordering history) there have been no lowered prices. I’m glad I’m not wasting my money on this any longer. I used to order regularly from Uber eats but this has gotten out of control. Fix yourself, Uber.

- Worst Customer Service, DoorDash is better

I have been a customer with Uber for several years. I have had several problems with rides in the past and have tried to not be upset by these problems. However, I recently tried to place an order with Uber eats and my food was supposed to take 45 minutes - 1 hour to prepare and be delivered. I understand that with everything happening that it may be difficult to find drivers, however that does not excuse the fact that it took over 2 HOURS for me to even hear from them about the status of my food. At that point we had found something else to eat and I decided to cancel my order. However they still charged me. As a college student, I don’t need corporations like Uber charging me when I don’t even receive my food. I decided to contact customer service and they were the most incompetent people I have dealt with in my life. Instead of responding to my problem they continued to send canned responses and offer no real help. I am disgusted with the service of this app and will never use ANY Uber apps and will caution anyone else to use something more reliable. Fix your policies, if a restaurant has accepted my order then there should also be a driver that accepts it before it’s made otherwise people shouldn’t be charged. You have lost a customer and I will ensure that others hear of my experiences and reconsider downloading this app or making any purchases with Uber. Fix your customer service :)

- Tried to fixed my own problem, but instead got punished for it - thieves.

So I used to use Postmates and Door Dash until I noticed how they didn’t care for customer service, and if anything happened with you’re experience with them then you’re SOL. I used UberEats and I do love how if the restaurant makes a mistake they’re willing to help you out, but I had the worst experience just because I made a mistake and tried to fix the issue myself. If I would’ve been able to cancel my order within the 5 seconds that I placed it, the the restaurant would have never made it and I could’ve re-ordered; however, I like several others have had to deal with waiting on the line just to get horrendous customer service from representatives that transfer you without consent and have to explain to the next unhelpful person. I’ve never had to deal with something like this and feel like I shouldn’t have to especially if I tried to fix my own mistake without needing my money back. If your company is going to allow this type of behavior and service over a petty few dollars, then I’m willing to scoop down to your level and actually dispute the charges and be done with your app because when someone doesn’t give you your money you cancel their accounts so I heard. And to anyone reading this don’t make the same mistake I did, make sure that you are 100% certain that’s what you want, or else you’ll go through the same ordeal as I did trying to get it resolved.

- No Customer Service Support

I have ordered through the app several times over the last few months without a major issue. There have been slight delays, but nothing completely inconvenient. However, my most recent order was not assigned a driver for over an hour and a half. I found this out by receiving a call from the restaurant I ordered from. My food had been ready within ten minutes of my placing the order. When I went to contact UberEats about the issue, there was no way to contact them. There were some general FAQs, but nothing about what to do if no driver was assigned to an order. I couldn’t even find a customer service number to contact them and let them know there was a glitch. I had to get their customer help line number from the restaurant I’d ordered from. That number led to a message that said they are not providing phone assistance at this time. It did give me another number that provided the same automated message. I was ordering at a normal time on a Saturday in a city from a chain restaurant, one I’d ordered from the app many times. It should not have taken that long and if it did, there should have been a way for me to contact headquarters to get assistance. I understand things happen, but this isn’t a driver issue or the restaurant issue. This is an UberEats organizational issue. I am normally not one to place a complaint review, but I am doing so in the hopes that UberEats will update their customer service assistance.

- Horrible customer service

I’m deleting this app and never using this service again. I was adding items into my cart when plans changed and I decided to meet friends elsewhere. As I started deleting the carted items, I must’ve hit “Complete Order”, as that’s what happened. This app is set up so that one cannot cancel an order. Oh yes...there’s a way to stop delivery of the food....but you’re still paying for it. You have to go to the help screen, select cancel order, then be told to go to the receipts icon on the app main page, tap it, select cancel order, be shown a cookie that states that once a restaurant has “accepted” the order, canceling is impossible. Then you can choose to either keep the order, or call a number, which places you on hold for 5 minutes, after which you are connected to a less-than-helpful person who, after listening to your complaint informs you that since the order has been accepted and being prepared, there’s “nothing we can do”. This is totally unacceptable to me, and I hope it is to the rest of you, so here is how you ACTUALLY get you’re charge reversed: Call your bank/credit card company, dispute the charge, explain it’s because of bad/untimely customer service with no product/services received, wait 12 hours or so...and voila. Charges reversed. To ensure this never happens again, go to your Uber eats app, delete it, and go back to Grubhub like I did. Problem solved. Bad Form, Uber eats...you just lost another customer.

- Uber Eats PR

Honestly I never write reviews for apps but I need to warn other costumers of the irregularities in this service. my experience with the app in Puerto Rico has been frustrating. Although the food and the drivers have been absolutely amazing, the telephone and app costumer services are terrible. The first time I called the operator basically started arguing with me because he thought PR was not in the US. Then he couldn’t find my address and I offered to give him the original address and he basically shouted he didn’t know any Spanish. He also interrupted me repeatedly and didn’t allow me to explain what I needed. On a second occasion, the technician left me 10 minutes on hold and then told me that if I cancelled it was my fault so I was going to be charged for the full amount of the order (which was aprox $100 bc I was ordering for several people). In summary, The app will not let you make any changes after you submit the order and it is practically imposible to fix them or cancel. Other local apps (that have higher service fees) have an editing option and you are able to fix your order quickly, they also have great costumer service and will solve any other issues over the phone in no time. I’ve been using Uber because it was cheaper and faster but will refrain from doing so in the future. I left multiple comments and feedback on the app and not even an answer. I rather pay 3 extra dollars and being treated like a human being.

- Ridiculous customer service!

My husband and I placed an order at 6:25 pm with an expected delivery time for 7:11 pm. It was 7:30 pm and we hadn’t heard anything from anyone, so I had submitted a complaint saying I hadn’t received my order. Next thing I know, I find out that the order has been cancelled and I didn’t receive a single phone call as to why. I submitted another complaint and received no response again. I called customer service only to receive scripted responses and repeated sentences. As it turned out, the driver just cancelled the order claiming to not be able to find my apartment because I didn’t list the number, which isn’t true. And even if it was, I would’ve received a phone call or a message of some kind, but I didn’t. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative kept saying that I would only get the same answer from his supervisor. After asking her for some form of compensation for the two hours I wasted in waiting to get the food, she only told me to re-order the food for the same price. I had mentioned to her that other places we’ve had issues with had given us some form of compensation, reduced delivery fee, or $5 off the next order. She then said, “We’ll respect your decision” As far as customer service goes, Uber eats is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. If you want to keep a customer, you should at least offer something as compensation for a mistake that was made on YOUR end. Never ordering from them again.

- No help at all

Last night I was looking around on the app and put a few things in my cart but then I thought about it and decided the delivery fee was too much for me so I wanted to cancel it. I accidentally pressed place my order and IMMEDIATELY pressed cancel. Instead of canceling my order as soon as possible the button called uber support and the woman (after talking for ten minutes despite me telling her she had to call the place as soon as possible) told me the food had already been made so she couldn’t cancel. I didn’t understand why not pressing cancel didn’t cancel the Oder but that was just the first part of a very unpleasant hour. I ask her if there’s anything I can do to fix it and she repeated the same thing over and over. I hung up and called the KFC store the woman there told me the app doesn’t allow for them to cancel and she’s tried several times. She also said the woman from uber told her she couldn’t cancel because the driver was there contradicting what uber told me. I asked for a manager and the uber woman said she didn’t have one. So not only is every customer assistant stupid but also incompetent and unsupervised. I called a different uber support woman and she told me she could’ve canceled it if it hadn’t been sent out and when I told her about the previous woman she said there was nothing she could do. So I just spent money on food I didn’t want because uber assistance doesn’t know how to do there job and assist. Not ordering from them again.

- “Unusual Activity?! Try getting my order right”

Because Of this pandemic I’ve been trying my hardest to still support restaurants and uber drivers by ordering delivery. I ALWAYS tip ahead of time, and i have ordered MULTIPLE times at different restaurants surrounding my city. Sometimes my order is right, sometimes it is wrong... the past few times, I have had missing items, burnt items, wrong items, etc... so the past couple of times it’s been wrong, I’ve requested help for the SPECIFIC item that’s wrong, or burnt or missing. The uber eats app themselves ASK YOU AT THE END OF YOUR ORDER TO GIVE FEEDBACK... so again this time... my order was partially wrong and this is even after calling the restaurant to RECONFIRM my order (why don’t people listen?!) HOWEVER, upon going to give feedback on my order, I was going to write what was wrong... but to my surprise, they wouldn’t let me. Saying: “there’s unusual activity with your account” if I order dozens of times and three or four times someone gets my order wrong.... how is this my fault?! I’m just flabbergasted at the fact that I won’t get to eat a whole part of the meal that I PAID FOR AND TIPPED FOR... because it was completely wrong.... and I won’t receive compensation or an apology or nothing for it. All I know is.... this is most absolutely the last time I will be using this food delivery service. We have plenty of options now. So disappointed.

- Horrible, slow, and expensive service

I used to love Uber Eats but they have gone downhill so fast. Any order I place either items are missing or it takes 1.5 hours or longer to arrive. I’ll place an order where the app tells me that an order from that specific restaurant will take 20-25 minutes and it doesn’t arrive for 1.5- 2 hours... Delivery drivers will just make random stops along the route and the app doesn’t even notify you or ask if it’s alright to add a stop. Drivers will also drive far past my apartment and just keep driving and ignore any call or message I send them, adding 20+ minutes to their route. When I do FINALLY get my food, items are always either missing, incorrect, or cold. This service is way too expansive how horrible it is. The best part is Uber Eats doesn’t even have any sort of customer service phone number, email, or chat option!! They just direct customers to their website which gives you useless articles on how orders can be delayed sometimes and basically that there’s nothing they will do to resolve that. That is probably the most frustrating part. When an order is late they have started to offer you $5 off your next order- also completely useless because I will not be using Uber Eats again when I pay $25 for a sandwich that takes 2 hours to get to me when the restaurant is 5 minutes away. GET A CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER. Complete lack of customer service is awful.


I’m a loyal customer, as my boyfriend & I work crazy hours we love getting food delivered. We’ve had a few rough experiences but nothing to the point where I want to call and complain. Until this weekend. We ordered food at 10pm at night, didn’t get delivered until after 12:20am. I wasn’t even mad about waiting over 2 hours, but since I had waited so long I was ready to eat some good food. Well it go there missing items... ok fine. Not the drivers fault ... i go to take a bite and my food was ICE COLD. It felt like it had been sitting out for HOURS. It was NOT fresh, it was DISGUSTING. My boyfriend then sent them an email that we we’re missing items and how terribly long our food had to of been sitting out and we just threw it away because it was so gross. They gave us a “$5 credit “ i said HECK NO. I want a full refund! I’ve never been so disappointed, after an hour of trying to find support numbers to call, and countless Uber eats numbers being disconnected, or just busy I gave up and started messaging them on twitter hoping they would fix the problem. Guess what they did not. They said they can’t give a refund.... what in the hell. I am not satisfied with my order I sent you pictures of the items and you still won’t fix what your service messed up?? If you want a great food ordering app use grub hub. They fix their issues ASAP & it’s super easy to get someone on the phone to help you! Hassle free and they’re super apologetic!!!

- Terrible customer service

I had an order with McDonald’s, which was cancelled by UberEats. Later, I received a phone call from one of their representatives, who claim that the restaurant was having technical difficulties which did not allow them to see any items from orders and thus cancelled my order. The lady also claimed that the restaurant was going to close due to such issue. However, as I then called the restaurant directly by myself, they said that there’s nothing wrong with them and they are not going to close until their regular closing time. Why did the representative just lie to a customer like twice? Was she making things up to just avoid responsibility? This had never happened to me before so I called the customer care line right after. This time the representative apologized to me and promise to look into the case. However, he told me to try re-order, after I have already wasted 30min in the late night, feeling hungry. But what happened next shocked me, the app marked the restaurant as “unavailable”. I sent this case via email to the customer care again, and the response I received was such a joke. They replied to me promising that they are not going to charge me on the order and explained to me how the refund work. But I mentioned nothing about the money at all... All I complained about was the unprofessional service I received which they didn't even bother to apologize for. Thanks UberEats for showing me the bottom line of customer service.

- Completely unacceptable business practices

Long time Uber and Uber Eats user. My opinion of these apps and this company has dropped off a cliff in the past few days, and I may be uninstalling both apps after years of use. I placed an order from Uber eats a few days ago and the food never came. I never received any information from the restaurant and it completely ruined my food plans. I called the restaurant several times to check on tehs tatus of my order and never got an answer. I contacted Uber Eats customer support expecting a speedy refund - after all, this was an open-and-shut case: I ordered food and it never came. But to my surprise, every reply from Uber representatives has been more or less them dodging responsibility and insisting that I get in touch with the restaurant for my issue... Take a moment to think about how ridiculous that is. Uber Eats charged me money (they have my credit card on file) and then when the service I paid for never occurred, they have the gall to tell me that there is nothing they can do and that I should track down the restaurant (which never got in touch with me in the first place) to try to get my money back. This is ridiculous! Either the restaurant is scamming Uber Eats or there is some sort of major miscommunication going on between them - BUT EITHER WAY, Uber is the one that charged my card and Uber is the party responsible for refunding my money. Terrible customer service and terrible business practices.

- Wrong order multiple times and no refund

I’ve been on a business trip for the past two weeks and with the pandemic going on it’s very discouraging to go out so I thought this app would be a nice alternative. I’ve been using the app for years and only now have I’ve been having issues. If my order was wrong I would give a picture and they would give a discount or credit or get the item to be sent out but this week I’ve been getting both the worst food and service. Every time I let the Uber support team know they essentially say “sorry but oh well” and that’s it. For instance, I ordered a steak and it was raw; I let them know with a picture and they didn’t do anything. I got two pastries the next morning and they gave me one with bacon on it (to which I don’t eat pork) so I was very upset to get the same message saying they’ll look into it just to say they weren’t doing anything about it. The next day I ordered dinner and they gave me someone else’s order of way less food to which I sent a picture and even tried to reorder my food. Of course to no avail they said they couldn’t refund the money and the place had just closed so I couldn’t even get my order. I am honestly fed up. Whenever I have this issue with another app they fix the issue right away, but I use Uber a lot so I usually use this app for food as well. I will not be using Uber or Uber eats again if there’s no change to how they look at their customer support issues.

- Nope

I have ordered food off this app multiple times for the sole reason that they are slightly cheaper than DoorDash. However, I see now that DoorDashes prices are worth it because they’re service is better. I recently placed an order and my initial wait time was about 25 minutes, as time went on my order got pushed back farther and farther. Eventually the restaurant I ordered from called and said my order had been ready for an hour and no one had been to pick it up. Mind you, the restaurant is now closed, which means the kitchen is closed so there’s no way to keep my food warm. Thankfully the last at the restaurant was nice enough to call Uber eats and inform them of the situation as well as let me know. As I’m getting in my car at 9:40(order was ready at 8:40) to go get the food, FINALLY it says someone picked up my order. I went to the Help section of the app to see if I could leave a complaint or comment but no, I could only rate and comment on the restaurant itself. By the time my food arrived it was lukewarm and not even worth it anymore. I understand that things happen and no service is perfect but once an hour goes by I should’ve been given the option to cancel my order or wait it out. It is completely unacceptable that the restaurant was the entity to make me aware of the situation and not the company I ordered from. In conclusion, I say save your time and money.

- Worst customer service

I ordered a chicken salad from Boston Market with Uber Eats a while back and when I received my order it was not only missing the chicken, but the whole salad was old and brown. Avocado and lettuce was literally black. I am pregnant and was not going to take a chance getting sick so I threw the whole salad away. The next day I sent a message to Uber Eats letting them know of the issue. I was told that I needed a photo of the food as proof. I let them know I didn’t know I needed a photo and threw the salad in the trash because I was upset. I was told they could not issue a refund to me without a photo. Basically felt like I was being called a liar. I threatened to call the health department because no restaurant should be serving their customers old rotten food. They immediately responded back that they would take care of that, but where is the proof that they did? If I need proof with a photo that old food is being sold, why didn’t I receive proof that they actually followed through on their end. Uninstalled app and will never order from Uber Eats again. I have also let everyone i know not to order with them as well. The fact that I couldn’t be refunded for a salad without a photo is disappointing. The salad probably only costed like $10. They charge crazy fees and taxes for the delivery, but CANNOT give me back $10? Plus they obviously are not checking that the restaurants they work with are safe. Didn’t feel valued as a customer at all.

- App decides on its own where to deliver my food

This app is absolutely useless and I am considering never using Uber Eats again. Your ONE job is to deliver food to people, and this app makes that next to impossible. I only use this app when I don't have the energy to cook dinner - after taking care of two children and working third shift, some days it's not possible for me to muster the energy to do so. So when I use this delivery service, I am depending on it to come through. TWICE now I have had the delivery address somehow automatically filled in to a nearby restaurant - one that I have ordered Uber Eats on before. I absolutely never filled this in as my delivery address myself, nor did I ever choose it as my delivery address. This awful app decided to make that decision on its own somehow. The second time this occurred (today), I manually changed the address to my own and it was correct in the app. Then, lo and behold, my poor delivery driver calls me outside of said restaurant with my order. This is absolutely unacceptable. He was not even sure that he would be able to complete my order based on your algorithms. He apparently called and fixed things and was thankfully able to complete my order. At least 45 min of his time was wasted, not to mention mine and my kids time waiting for our dinner. UNACCEPTABLE. Uber’s customer support sent me a message apologizing for my food being late and offering a $5 gift card. Yeah no thanks. Not using again.

- Worst Service I’ve Ever Seen

I ordered Uber Eats one night and experienced normal updates until the driver came to my apartment complex. When he arrived, he called me since he was having issues finding my apartment (I had already provided him specific directions for whenever he or she would enter my complex). The issue was l not that he could not find my apartment. He was irritated on the phone and complaining about the complex’s poor lighting (again, post me providing him with detailed directions within the complex). Once I stood outside waving to him, I assumed he would be at my door soon (since he said he saw me waving). A few minutes later, I saw him drive off. I now think that he drove off with an Uber rider in order to make more money. Assuming he was gone, I ordered food directly from the restaurant. My boyfriend was picking it up when I got a knock on my door. It was the Uber Eats driver delivering half eaten soup and the rest of my cold order. On top of that, he left the food on the ground instead of handing it to me at my door. I never even saw the man. I have contacted their customer service at least 4 times and have yet to get a refund...even after providing pictures of the half eaten soup and the 2 orders side-by-side (proving I proceeded with a personal order rather than eating the one left on my doorstep 40 minutes late after a mysterious disappearance and aggravated driver). Do not order Uber Eats. I recommend using any other food delivery service.

- Poor organization

I’ve had two terrible experiences with the app. 1) my food was delivered in the middle of winter by someone on a bicycle. No protective bag or basket to put the food in, just a bag of heavy, hot food exposed the the freezing winter air, dangling on someone’s bike. When it finally arrived nearly 2 hours after placing the order (the restaurant was only 1.2 miles away from my house and should not have taken that long) , it was freezing cold. I felt worse for the poor delivery guy that had to ride on poorly lit, winding roads in the middle of winter. He even states that he “wasn’t supposed to” be making deliveries over a certain amount of mileage away). 2) I ordered food from a location that was 3 miles away from my house (10 minutes drive) got a notification that it was picked up, and that it would be delivered in 10 minutes. Makes sense... after checking the app 10 minutes later, when the order should have arrived, it continued to say it was 10 minutes away. The tracking showed that the driver was in the complete opposite direction of our house and the restaurant. After checking another 10 minutes later, the driver was still in the same spot. Another 10 minutes, and they were still there. We called and he said he was “driving and is on his way”. After a few minutes he started moving, but was still going in the opposite direction. Deleting this app immediately and never using it again.

- Not a reliable service

I used this service for dinner delivery at work about once a week for about a year or so, and it has steadily gotten more expensive. The quality of service from the delivery partners varies wildly, some don’t read delivery instructions and make you wander around to find them, some go out of their way to give you a good experience. The app functions pretty well and you can filter your choices several ways and it keeps track of your previous experiences and makes it easy to quickly select favorites. It’s intuitive and simple. The downfall is on the service side. In the past 3 months I’ve had several orders cancelled with no warning or followup. My attempts to get questions answered through the support request system in the app have been futile; an email will arrive explaining was not charged for the cancelled order but will give no other answers or explanation about why the cancellations occurred. As I work in the medical field, I can’t leave to go get something to eat when this happens so I’m stuck working a shift with no lunch, so it’s a significant drawback in a food-delivery service when there are random and unexplained failures in service, especially when there are no attempts to rectify the situation or reattempt the delivery. Since there have been multiple instances of this situation and very poor customer service response on the part of Uber, I’m cancelling my account and using a different service.

- There are other apps that are way better

I recently placed an order with uber eats and this was a big order (close to $80). I get the order and I was not pleased with it. Some of the food was not good and I barely ate it. When dealing with other food delivery apps, whenever I received food that was unsatisfactory I could simply request a return on the app and it’s taken care of within a matter of minutes. Not with uber eats- at first I tried calling and when I finally found a number, the automated message said they were not taking calls at this time. I emailed their customer support and their solution was “to leave the business a 1 star rating.” After trying to contact their customer service asking if there was anything else they can do and getting no response, I contacted the restaurant instead. The restaurant that Uber eats wanted me to leave a 1 star rating for was beyond helpful and not only offered a refund on my select items, but even offered to call uber eats directly to let them know they approved of the refund. The restaurant called me shortly thereafter and told me that although they approved of the refund, ubereats had to issue it...funny since uber eats claimed there was nothing they could do. I tried calling uber eats and when I finally got in touch with a rep, they told me I had to email them since they are not helping customers over the phone at this time. Safe to say I won’t be using uber eats again.

- App works well but customer service is horrible

The app itself works well. However, the company has very poor customer service. They don’t read your messages. So in this case the app doesn’t work or the service team is horrible. There is no number you can easily find to call and speak to a person. It isn’t even an option on the app or on the Uber eats website. You can find it by googling search for a contact number. Also the app either doesn’t work or it’s partners can’t read the orders. My orders are always wrong. From missing meat on my carne Asada nachos, to not removing tomatoes, to missing items all together, to the wrong order being delivered. They apparently don’t check to make sure their orders are correct before they leave the restaurants. Sometimes you can have it corrected easily by having them redeliver the item. Sometimes you just have to rely that someone can actually address your issue. The help option on the app is a joke. They don’t read. You get blanketed responses. That or the help team can not isn’t capable of reading. You are not able to get any help when they have marked your issue resolved. So don’t expect to tell them they made an error. I am sorry but only getting back a $1.08 which is what I paid to upgrade my side item and not the side item itself is just horrible. You need to fix your platform to include partially refunds for missing items since they can’t be delivered.

- Use app with caution

This morning I tried making a purchase at McDonald’s (Sherman way/woodman) and was given a “internal server error” message saying my transaction didn’t go through and I had the option to empty my cart, which I did.. I then proceeded to attempt to place my order at another McDonald’s (Van Nuys/Blythe) which I had no issues in doing so. But once I finished placing that 2nd order, to my surprise I was notified that a order was on its way to my home.. turns out the first order at the Sherman way location went through after all.. I then tried canceling the 2nd order but when I was finally connected to a Uber eats associate and once they finished the “process” the associate said they have to go through to proceed with the cancellation I was no longer able to keep my money.. I truly do not believe this is fair.. nobody is to blame here but the app for having me believe that I never placed an order other than the one I knowingly placed at the van Nuys/ Blythe location. Everyone I’ve spoken too has told the same thing, we can’t give you a refund after a restaurant has prepared the food.. I understand that and I agree that the restaurant shouldn’t lose money for something they are not to be blamed for.. but who is to take responsibility when the Uber eats app malfunctions and down right robs somebody of their money? Why should I lose money because of a “internal server error”? Something has to be done.. this isn’t fair.

- Re-Reviewing because my old review was deleted!

Don’t be fooled by the Developer Responses you see on these reviews: the website they send you to is the same form site you get when you first try to complain. Their customer service is terrible. My original complaint was that they sent the delivery driver on another order AFTER picking up my food (a burger and fries) taking an hour after my food was picked up to get to me. The food was cold and inedible, going into the trash. There’s nobody to talk to, nobody to explain the situation in their customer service. It sends you to a site where it asks you for a picture of your food (how does that show that its cold?) and fill out a form. The response I got was literally them saying the driver was within their time limit (which isn’t told to you until AFTER it is too late to cancel the order AND is their time limit that changes frequently during the order), so I got no refund. Cold, inedible food for my money. Oh, but it doesn’t end there! They would constantly reply to my review, saying they wanted to fix my problem, but literally send me back to the original form complaint site that got me the original no refund response. This is a terrible company and doesn’t deserve a single penny from anybody’s pocket. They can continue to delete these one star reviews to keep their average up, but the fact is that they feign interest in helping you is disgusting. Delete Uber!

- Good but room for improvement

Faster than most and a lot of options however there are a few things I personally have problems with for starters after all these service fees, taxes (I know we can’t avoid taxes lol) & delivery fee, your order ends up being like $10 or more than the subtotal. But hey I guess this may be how the drivers are able to make there money, I’m not really sure how that works. But a real tedious thing that I’ve been hoping the app would change already is, this.. okay so I order from both work and from home, the app usually leaves the address on the last place that you ordered from. I disagree with this, I think the programmed destination should be your current address just as the regular Uber app is. I know it’s your responsibility to double check I just wish the app would make it a little easier because once the driver has picked up the order, there is no canceling. So your forced to just throw the money away basically because they’re not refunding you after u cancel lol... or if u have a ride there, I believe they have an option to pick it up at the restaurant. Either way, it’s a lose lose situation for me, with two small babies whose going to get them up at 10 at night just to get mommy’s burger..

- *****User Beware*****

Im not one to ever write reviews but this app had made my blood boil. I had placed an order for Mc Donald's and realized that i had the wrong delivery address. So i went straight to the support section and read that you have to contact your “Courier” and inform them that you had placed the wrong delivery address and that the courier would bring the food to the correct address. I didn't think much of it since i live close to the delivery address. I had contacted the courier and she was very rude and insisted that if i wanted my food that id have to go to the original delivery address to pick up my order.I agreed to meet my courier there because it was my fault for the incorrect address. So not 3 mins into driving to the delivery address my order was cancelled. Seriously?? I was right up the road from where the delivery address was. I admit it was my mistake of not checking the delivery address but i had told my courier i would meet her there. Poof!! 40+$ down the drain!! She didn't even give me at least 5 mins to meet her there. I have never had an issue with Uber Eats until today. Ill go use grub-hub instead. Looks like me and the other Tons of people using this app have issues with Uber Eats. Do yourself a favor and don't download this app Or you’ll suffer the consequences like me and the other tons people that had a bad experience with Uber Eats. Trust me, You are saving yourself from a-lot of headaches and frustration!!

- Needs customer service improvement

I use to be a very frequent customer and was always impressed by how diligent contacting customer service use to be whenever there was an issue with my order; however, the last time I did business with Uber eats I was very disappointed by the level of customer service I received when I reported an issue. My courier could not find me with me living a large community although I gave detailed instructions. I could tell the courier was lost and I tried to call the courier to further direct, but there was a language barrier since the courier did not speak English. I had to wait an additional 30-40 minutes before the courier finally found me. By the time the food arrived it was cold and soggy. I reported it to customer service and requested a refund, and the representative I was working with kept blaming the quality of the food on the restaurant and didn’t issue me a refund. I find it hard to shift blame on the restaurant since had the food arrived at the expected time the food quality would have been in tact. That was months ago and I haven’t done business with them since. I wish the company trained their staff better to understand sometimes its best to take a short-term loss for a long-term gain with retaining customers. Especially since I’m afraid to admit I was placing about 10 orders a week. Way to burn bridges Uber eats!

- Horrible Customer Service

I don’t understand how you can order something and when that order is missing items UberEats tells you you can’t get a refund because you've exceeded your number of refunds. HOW?? When I barely use this app and when I went to see past orders the last time I used the app was one other time this month and then in May (3 months ago!!) and those orders weren’t refunded. This is why I rather use DoorDash because they really investigate things unlike UberEats who just tells you no with no real reason behind it. If I didn’t get what I ordered why would I still be charged for it?? Why am I being held accountable for this restaurant not having what I requested?? They should have a way to make the drivers say when items are missing instead if they think people are trying to get over on them. They are literally just getting free money from people who order food from incompetent places like McDonalds or something who’s machines are always down. I’ll never use UberEats again with their janky policy. I know I haven’t been refunded that much and whenever I do I really don’t get my items so maybe UberEats need to turn it’s accountability on to the restaurants and not the customer because they’ve certainly lost a customer in me. I order food almost everyday from apps and wanted to try this one out again but now I know why I haven’t been using them. Thanks for the horrible service!!

- Cannot do their job - never using again

I will not be using uber eats again. Today when we placed an order it was going to the wrong address - so I cancelled it. Tried again and the address was wrong again somehow even though I changed it. So, right off the bat something is not right as it shouldn’t be so difficult to change the destination. After finally getting it right on the THIRD order, I was charged for all THREE transactions. What I learned by speaking with customer service on the phone is that - uber eats does not do know how to do their job correctly at all. When you cancel, they do not tell the restaurant. Isn’t this the entire job of this app? To connect with restaurants? I mean, the order was communicated to the restaurant in the first place, but uber eats does not have a system in place where they communicate the cancelling of an order. And no, we didn’t get the “prompt” telling us we’d be charged even if we cancelled. And also, WHAT?! Why would you ever do that. I guess it’s because you don’t care about your customers. So thanks but no thanks. Terrible app. And on top of that customer service wasn’t really helpful at all since they’re just reading off of cue cards (although they were nice). So when I tell them I’m an unhappy customer. Wouldn’t they do everything to try and make it right? Nope. Oh wait, on top of even THAT - the order we got was wrong. Guess the driver got hungry on the way.

- Bad service

So to start, there is no way whatsoever to contact customer support, on the sight or the app, so when our order was just completely screwed up several times and ending up being cancelled by the restaurant without even letting us know, we had to wrestle our way through phone calls to even get our food. When we finally got our food, at least an hour and twenty minutes past when we were supposed to get our food, because we had to go and pick up the food ourselves, some of the food items were just cold they only recooked the sandwich. The reason they canceled our Oder was because supposedly we were just right outside of there delivery zone, even though we had a full order of three sandwiches delivered just fine yesterday. The most frustrating part was the fact that we spoke to the manager at Panera bread, they would not do anything for a refund and were saying “that’s how the food is” and not helping us whatsoever for getting any sort of refund. On top of that we ordered a side of fruit cups because there site said they were available and by the time we went to pick up our food because they would not deliver it to us, they ran out of the fruit cups which we paid $4.20 for both of the fruit cups, so we had to substitute for two bags of chips with no refund for the fruit cups. I’m just baffled by the horrible customer service this company seems to offer any more.

- Has potential but needs a lot of work

App frequently crashes or is down, have tried to order a handful of times over the past couple months with only one success. Lots of bugs with scheduling times other than ASAP as well. Function could be much improved by improving the pickup option. The option for pickup exists but since the app design is centered around delivering to your door it's really difficult to use in this way. Say you wanted to get food on your way in to work. The option exists to schedule a pickup, however it's all location based. So if you wanted to explore what options are available on your way to work there isn't a great way of doing that, you just have to start with your address, or your work address and random addresses in the middle and Google the options that appear based off that to determine if they're actually on your way or not. Time and labor intensive. What I picture for the future of this app is an interactive map that shows participating restaurants. Then you could visualize which are along your route and explore their menus. If this were incorporated it would open up huge new possibilities for use, acting as a sort of broker between food and consumer instead of merely a delivery service as it stands now. I would use the proposed app much more than the delivery service as it stands now.

- Unable to Tip!

My husband ordered Ubereats the other night and there was NO tipping option. He was asked to rate the restaurant, but nowhere did anything asking him to rate or tip the driver. If there was an option to tip somewhere- he could not figure it out. This is a great app otherwise, but we want to be able to tip our delivery driver! This is especially concerning since we both also drive for Uber Eats. I will have entire days where nearly everyone tips me, then I will go weeks without one tip. There is usually no middle ground. Uber support copies and pastes answers into emails and phone support says there is nobody to directly speak with about this concern. I am in Facebook groups where literally hundreds of people experience the same thing- it’s a given that there is a glitch with tipping on the app.. OR something else is happening with our tips. I’d like to assume positive intent and that it’s just an app glitch. Luckily I have my Masters degree and a full time job and work for Uber on the side. If this were my full time job I’d be looking into talking with the Better Business Bureau, local news, writing petitions, lawyer, etc. Not being heard or validated by Uber is maybe more frustrating than anything else. There will likely either be no response to this comment, or I’ll be told to email someone and then will get a copied and pasted answer. No thanks. I would, however, welcome a phone call with a real person. Thank you!

- App is designed to accidentally place orders that you can't cancel

I never write app reviews but had to because this app is very poorly designed and uber's customer service will be unable to help you so don't bother downloading this app. The green bar at the bottom of the screen that says place order is very poorly placed. I was trying to add something else to my order and was going to delete what was already in my cart when I accidentally pressed that green bar and placed the order with what was still in my cart. Within literally 15 seconds I attempted to cancel and McDonald's had already accepted my order I guess so I had to call support. I spoke to someone within 3 minutes of placing my order. And the representative said he couldn't cancel. He was asking me what I had wanted to add to my order over the phone which was ridiculous. It was like I was on a time crunch to tell him what I had intended to do before the driver picks up my order. I kept arguing to just cancel the order so I can place the order again with what I actually wanted. He said he couldn't. I ended up on the phone for almost an hour and spoke to a "supervisor" who sounded exactly like the other guy who both said they couldn't do anything for me. Within the time I was on the phone my order of the food I didn't want was delivered. Do not waste your time on this delivery service. There are others out there with much better customer service.

- Terrible Customer Service

UPDATE: Since UberEats refused to remedy this situation, I contacted my bank and they reversed the charge. Now, one month later, UberEats is holding my account and payment information hostage and refusing to delete my account. They are trying to re-charge me for the order and will not delete my account until the “outstanding balance” is paid. What a nightmare. I used UberEats for the first time last night and will never use it again. I ordered some food from a pizza joint 7 minutes away from my house at 8:30pm (after dinner rush). And deposit the estimate being 40min, it took more than 1h10m to get here. The food did not get picked up from the restaurant until 15min after the restaurant’s posted closing time. It took the driver more than 20 minutes to get here from a restaurant 7 minutes away. Upon arrival, sauce was spilled everywhere within the bags and everything was COLD. Not lukewarm, cold. We just moved and don’t have appliances yet, which is why we ordered food in the first place. We had no way of reheating the cold food; though not UberEats fault but we shouldn’t have to re-cook the food we ordered. I used the “get help” button from the order page and was emailed back today. The customer service rep apologized but said there was nothing they could do about it. Don’t waste your time or money with this app like I did please. Try Postmates or Grubhub if they’re available in your area.

- Uber is great but..

Uber is great, and in this case I’m talking about the riding service, always relatively fast and good experience but.. - right now is very expensive, like a few months ago Uber was at least 10% cheaper than today, and with corona virus they have been having a lucrative season without any doubt. - the costumer service is really bad, it impossible get in line with the Uber app costumer service to ask questions or make recommendations or report something. - with the Uber pool suspension they are not accepting Benefits cards for transportation that many essential workers (or people with low income) could use, think of this, an essential worker that receive a low income depend of a benefit transportation card to save money, before it could use Uber pool and not being exposed to COVID, but right now it has to use public transportation and be extremely exposed to COVID-19 to be able to attend a person with fragile heath. That does not make any sense. At the same time regular Uber is extremely more expensive that it was 1 month ago. I’m not saying that they should have pool again, security first !, but I tried several times to make a recommendation of if they could accept benefit transportation cards as payment for regular ubers but they never answer emails and they don’t have a public costumer service phone number, witch means that we riders have no voice.

- Prices are getting ridiculous!

I use this app a lot and have always rated it highly on feedback questions. I have also recommended to friends. The customer service I have experienced has been great as of now and has even exceeded my expectations in spite of other customers' bad experiences with it based on other reviews. However, the prices are getting ridiculous and it shows how much they don't care about their customers. If they would be smarter business wise, they wouldn't keep raising the prices unreasonably and customers would order more frequently. We have to pay for taxes, delivery fee, AND the booking fee which is 15% of the customers' total AND the tip. I always leave a tip because I care about the delivery partners getting paid well and getting the credit they deserve especially if they do a great job. I was about to order food today which costs $40 in total and with how much they are charging now it comes up to $60! I don't care what purpose it all has. 20$ on top of the food I'm ordering? That is utter abuse to the people who help your company continue to succeed. You should not treat your customers so poorly and should value them especially since your apps are successful. I will either use Ubereats for emergencies only or will not be using any Uber app again if this does not improve in any way. Ridiculous.

- Stay away! Use other apps!!

I have used Uber eats off and on but this is the first real bad experience I have had. I ordered food for my lunch break, wait time said between 35-45 min. It was 12:18pm and my lunch is at 1:00pm so that was fine. I put my order in and just as I was about to go on lunch, I checked on the order and wait time was all the way to 1:20pm!!! I didn’t get a notice, I wasn’t given any option as to whether or not I wanted to continue my order. I cancelled it and then got a notice that I was going to be charged $43 for cancellation since it was after 5 min. How is that fair??? You change my delivery time and yet when I cancel, it’s on me??? No. That’s a bait and switch. So I have food, and they took my money. Do not use these thieves. They will ROB you. And there is no recourse to get your money back. Last straw. Broken. Edit: Uber support finally got back to me and refunded my money saying that this was a one time curtesy and they may not be able to do it again. So 2 extra stars for the refund but it still shouldn’t be set up that way. If there is a change in the time of delivery we should be notified and given the choice of wanting to continue with the order or cancel if it starts to run late. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops for my refund.

- Worst experience with this app

I placed my first order on UberEats and placed the order accidentally without all the items I wanted to order. So, I cancelled it immediately(within seconds) to add more items. They charged me for the item that was cancelled. When I checked with the customer care and said I was just trying to add more items, they said since the restaurant accepted the order they cannot issue a refund. The agent suggested since they started preparing it( I don’t know what they prepared in seconds) I should just go pick it up in the restaurant. So, I go to the restaurant and they say they never started preparing it and since we cancelled they never charged me for anything. It’s UberEats who charged me. I call UberEats back and tell them that they did not start the order, they kept me on hold for 20 mins to call the restaurant twice(while I was in the restaurant and finally tell me, they still cannot refund me. What I don’t understand is if the restaurant did not charge me and did not prepare the food and there is nothing for us to pick up, why did they suggest me to go pick it up? And if the restaurant did not charge me, it’s UberEats who charged me the amount and why did they do this if there is no service or food provided? I never wrote a review before but had to write one for this because I had such a poor experience. I never had any issue with other apps and will never use UberEats again.

- Horrible customer service

I have been a faithful Uber customer for years. This afternoon I ordered using Uber eats and when the delivery woman got to me she did not have my order. I was sitting there sick with my door open trying to understand the delivery woman who was obviously on the phone with a friend and did not speak English. So I was so confused and trying to figure it out while she was raising her voice. I called restaurant and the Person on the phone let me know that she had come but they told her to wait for a second to pick up order but she left without it and it was waiting there at restaurant! I’m assuming he was as confused as I was trying to articulate this with This women who was not paying attention and that could not speak English at all. When I wrote into Uber eats they said the delivery driver said she tried it call me and I didn’t answer. Which was a lie and they said they could not refund. I was furious I even asked them to call restaurant because if they did they wouldn’t realize it never got picked up. I even write to Uber eats right after and ended up ordering more food after not getting the first order which they could see as well! Needless to say After being such a long time customer I will never use Uber eats again! Back to grub hub it is. So dissatisfied and truly disappointing customer service. Will also not be using Uber transportation and will be telling all my friends.


I cannot remember the last time I had an order show up that either (1) came without mistakes or missed notes by the restaurant (2) delivered in the appropriately asked for manner (3) delivered in any form of decency (4) delivered with any regard to timing or (5) that the correct order was even delivered. This service is BOTTOM LEVEL and they know that, which is why they’ve gotten rid of any way to contact them aside from claims via the app. Yet when you’ve had constant complaints over your last 10+ orders they thing YOU’RE lying because they don’t have the backbone to realize they hire inadequate drivers for delivery service and have no rules or regulations or check ups on the restaurants they allow to join. ESPECIALLY in a time of hectic ness in the world, when a lot of us don’t have the option to pick up our own food because of COVID restrictions, yet we are forced to deal with an inadequate service who could care less about the satisfaction of their customers. Complete disregard and disrespect for others - and a full throttle means to taking advantage of people in a situation that NONE OF YOJR CONSUMERS can’t do anything about. I will be sharing this on every platform I know and with every person I know because UberEats - you need to make a change to be even halfway decent. I’m not even asking for great because you’re incapable - I’m asking for borderline decent.

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- Warning! Shady customer service, stronger regulations for uber now!

I had a meal not show up to my house. Driver turned off his phone and no one could contact him...food disappeared! Uber kept my money for 1-10 business days while they "refunded" it. i received no replacement food. They applied a $10 voucher to try to make me happy, said voucher never showed up and i spent 30 mins on the phone (very hard to find the number of this dodgy company )explaining to a guy in another country that i had payed money and received no service and no working voucher, he was no help. Eventually i found out the voucher was being applied as "another refund" and was in my account some days later... they had my original money and the "voucher is payed for" for up to ten business days...because of an error on their end. This is unacceptable! i really think stronger regulations must be applied to uber eats and food delivery apps in general as this is not good customer service and i think they think they are untouchable.

- Lots of problems

So first off my account got disabled because I kept trying to log in and it would refresh and keep coming back to the log in page. Then my card apparently got disabled because it was associated with that account. I don’t really know to be honest because they were awful at letting me know what was going on or how to fix it. I tried the website they suggested to ask for my account to be active again and I had the same issues as before, the website wouldn’t actually let me log in which is just great. Then on a family members account there was an accident on the road when we ordered our food. This was completely unavoidable and when the driver was able to drop off the food 2 hours later they were wonderful. However the app was not equipped to deal with this. First off I get why you can’t cancel without having to still pay but it’s still kind of annoying that overeats kept delaying by 10 mins instead of just letting us know that it would be severely delayed. Also there’s no option to leave a note for the driver after the order has been processed so if you need to do something real quick (because who can be on call for food for 2+ hours) you can’t forewarn them about it or ask them to just leave it at the door through the app. This is a good app when everything’s going okay but when things go haywire this app is mediocre at best.

- awful experience

absolutely horrible service. i got banned from uber for ‘scamming’ because i had an unusually high amount of refunds, i explained i had video proof of my most recent SEALED purchase being opened (as they ‘warned’ me for requesting too many refunds previously, so i figure i better provide indisputable proof) and missing items as well as always taking a photo of everything else i’ve ever had missing/incorrect in case it was needed. i order A LOT of uber eats- of course i will be requesting numerous refunds for missing items, people forget things in hospitality- i do at work all the time- it just happens and would have been elevated by the amount of orders. however despite having proof i’ve been banned from uber eats, and uber rides (despite never asking for a refund on that.) it’s also worth mentioning i know people who work at both places (mcdonald’s and a local kebab place) i requested refunds from most and they guarantee the items weren’t included because of how often they DO forget things. also the fact that the ice cream machine never works at mcdonald’s and it was usually ice creams that were missing speaks for itself. i use to prefer uber eats but since being banned i’ve explored other options and they’re genuinely the same, if not, better and usually have the same stores. i recently had missing items from menulog and received a $20 voucher. prepare to lose money or be banned.

- Delivery Partner steals orders

I’m very upset with the poor control of Uber has towards they delivery partners. have already been more than 5 times that they stolen my orders. I can assure this, because I saw they behaviour a few days ago with some people I met and they all work as a delivery partner for Uber. So; the way they do it is as follows. Customers ask for food by the app and when the delivery partner picks up the order from the restaurant, They simulate that they are on their way but then just 3 minutes before or so; they cancel the delivery indicating that they couldn’t deliver because is no safe parking place or by one of the options that uber gives to them. Or also indicate that they actually delivered the order, but obviously they do not deliver it. So, they keep the food for their consumption. I always complain Uber about that but they do nothing to solve this issue, they just answer my messages saying they’re sorry and gave me back the money. But this is not enough for me; this issue can’t continuously happen with a company that handles deliveries to people. The people who work for Uber must be honest and not commit these kinds of things that generate bad image for uber. As for me, never again use this application and I hope Uber will update his app and workers; also Uber should take legal actions on the matter so that this does not continue happening because as a company they lose credibility and money.

- Rewards Program

Uber would have to (BY FAR) have THE MOST un-loyal rewards program of ANY premium company in the world. I would have to say that no other company I can think of that runs a loyalty reward program that turns over a tier status every 6 months and dependant on which part of the world you live in, those price spends to qualify for status varies dramatically. Every other big company in the world who’s members weren’t able to use/gain/maintain a status were given a 1 year extension to maintain their status and even improve it. When Uber was telling the world not to ride and use their service, you still tuned everybody’s status over and gave no compassionate grounds to extend it. Your 6 month tier rewards program is a joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves in this day and age to provide such a poor and what some would say corrupt rewards program. I would have to spend up to $4,000 to gain platinum status where I am, where some countries on the other side of the world may only have to spend a maximum of half that to gain the same status. There is nothing fair about your rewards program. Here’s a tip. Make it FAIR, make what every other company does and make it last for 12 months and make it seem like people are getting some form of value for their loyalty. Then Uber May actually start turning a GIG economy profit.

- Horrible.

Seriously? A problem with 3 different delivery drivers for the same order? First time, Uber driver agreed to delivering our meal, but he was over 25 mins away from the restaurant and us. He hadn’t left, so I messaged him, where he replied that he’d leave in 5mins. He never did and I did not want to cancel, as I knew he was trying to be dodgy. I called the restaurant and advised them that my Husband would come to pick up the food. This was 20mins later, mind you. Then UberEats called and said they’d assigned a new driver. We tried to message him too... and no reply. Also, did not move. Don’t know what happened but a THIRD person was then assigned and he was on a bike. He ALSO did not move. The restaurant called to say that his “bike broke down,” and he cancelled my order. I had a hungry 8 yr old child AND a 6 month old baby at home, so thank God my Husband was home to pick it up! This is seriously shameful... and not at all the restaurants fault. On top of that, Uber Eats customer service was very blunt and unapologetic. I was happy with them up u til today. This is unacceptable. Even if I wasn’t charged for my cancelled order and the complete stuff around with 3 different drivers, customer service had a job to do and they failed miserably. And just a tip for Uber deliverers... I ALWAYS TIP if you have excellent service. Those who don’t get a tip, there’s a reason.

- No refunds when their app messes up

So I have found in my last suburb that it was easy to use uber eats, but since moving to a new area, the app refuses to send the drivers to the correct location, and sends them up the street. No big deal as I can contact the drivers before they arrive to let them know. Unfortunately one driver didn’t check the delivery details and ended up down the road. I asked if he saw the instructions and he simply said “no and I won’t be delivering” - he marked the order as complete and stole my food/money. I sent an inquiry via their app for help and was sent an automatic response saying that I entered the address incorrectly. So I replied again, said to check the screen shots of where I had informed the driver etc etc. Again I was refused a refund as it was “a gps issue” - I do not control the gps. I did everything I could to inform the driver. He was less than 30 seconds from my address when he decided to just keep the food for himself. I’m currently trying to get a refund via the bank/credit card as uber has been non-responsive. Unfortunately with this service, you simply don’t have any idea who is dealing with your food, or any way to contact the owner if something goes wrong. I would not recommend using the service. Definitely overpriced for the support that they offer.

- Food not delivered. SCAM!!

Ordered food at 6:06. Uber eats app said delivery 6:40-7. No food arrived. I ring the restaurant, they tell me the food was picked up at 6:40 (initially). I ring Uber eats, they tell me the food was “delivered” at 6:30. How is this timeframe even possible when I live at least 10 minutes away and it’s a busy Japanese restaurant at peak dinner time!! Will they drop everything to deal with my ordered?? Don’t think so. Don’t know if Uber drivers swapped their scooters for Ferrari’s these days but it looks like this one has. I asked Uber eats to contact the restaurant. They said the restaurant said it was picked up at 6:40 (now the timeframe makes more sense). I asked how is this possible? Uber scratches their head and rings the restaurant again but then this time tells me “sometimes the restaurant gets their time sheets wrong”, but it seems Uber eats doesn’t. Uber eats now say it was picked up at 6:20?? Are you number crunching these crazy times??? I initially rang the restaurant (Niji in Kensington) and they told me that it was picked up at 6:40 before I contacted Uber eats. Uber eats kindly said they will “as a one off refund the money for the food”..... that never arrived in the first place. Don’t know who’s eating my sushimi tonight but enjoy it while I delete the Uber eats app. Don’t get scammed.

- Inconvenient and constant headaches. They steal your money!

As a service that’s supposed to make your life easier, it does quite the opposite. There’s less trouble and it’s cheaper to just pick it up yourself. I couldn’t be more angry with this service. I have had countless experiences where UberEats has delivered the wrong meals and not refunded my money! I’m truly shocked that this is allowed. Many times I have told Uber about the problem and they simply say they can’t look into the matter further. It’s ridiculous. I worry for people with allergies as a mistake in a food order could be life threatening, and UberEats doesn’t even take the time to look into the matter. Not even a question of asking for pictures. It’s ridiculous how inconsistent this service is. There are constantly problems with delivery partners and the restaurants. I’ve had drivers not show up multiple times, drop my food on the floor right in front of me, constantly unable to find my address (at many different addresses). Constantly get cold food, food that’s the wrong order, missing items. And there are times when I have to argue my point, which is absolutely ridiculous! Just completely unreliable and definitely not worth it if you value your money.

- Never using again

First time Uber Eats user today. Ordered a box of donuts from a local store to deliver for a colleagues bday in the office. It’s tricky to go out of the office in our line of work so having them delivered was an easy option. I placed the order, then saw that an Uber Eats driver had picked them up. I received notice that my PayPal account was charged. But then within a couple of minutes the driver had cancelled the order and returned them to the store saying that he couldn’t reach me. Firstly, there wasn’t enough time for a driver to get all the way over to us in that couple of minutes. Secondly there was a receptionist at the door waiting and nobody attempted to deliver. It appears the driver got a better paying job and cancelled. I called the store and they said that I’d need to pay again to collect as I’d paid through Uber Eats which is completely separate to them. Then there’s no contact number to actually talk to someone at Uber about it and to try and follow the link to leave feedback for the driver is impossible as the link keeps redirecting to the home screen in the app. The experience has been completely frustrating and inconvenient and I’ll be deleting the app and never using Uber Eats again.

- Hangry

Tonight I ordered from you and had some IT issues as my purchase would not go through. I used the chat help and waisted over 20 minutes trouble shooting with them only to be told the reason there was a problem is because the restaurant is closed even though it did not show as closed on my end. I then ordered from another restaurant and had another IT issues. I began another chat and explained my issue and my frustration. They it person sent a couple messages and then closed the chat. He said he would send me an email which I also never received. I spent over 40 minutes wasiting my time on the app and have been given over $80 credit due to the amount of issues I’ve had! Yet they still can’t fix the problem. I’m really angry at the lack of competence the support chat staff had and how long it takes to get an issue even looked at properly. Seriously angry and will continue to leave bad reviews for the amount of time I waisted trying to get help and not having the problem fixed. You can keep my credit. I don’t even want my money back anymore I can’t be bothered waisting any more time. I may be a little over reacting right now but I’m really hangry thanks to door dash.

- Tired of lodging complaints - swapping to Menulog

UPDATE : UberEats response : Have u updated the app and re-installed. My response : well yes probably 3 times but of course that will make no difference BECAUSE ITS YOUR DELIVERY DRIVERS WHO CANT FIND MY HOUSE BECAUSE YOUR MAPS ARE WRONG. UberEats response: Drop a note to the Uber Eats support. My response : yeah every delivery for the last 10 deliveries AND now the drivers are also logging the problem. MY RESPONSE : So Menulog uses Google maps and can find my house (middle of suburbia on a long straight road - just follow the house numbers) with no probs. So bye UberEats.... For a few weeks the Uber Eats app and website has been showing my delivery address incorrectly. Have tried to lodge complaints but responses rude and unhelpful. For every delivery I have to add a long description to tell the driver to NOT USE THE MAP IN THEIR APP and then ask them to use Apple Maps or Google Maps. Of course none of them do. Then I watch on the tracker getting lost. Then they call. Then I have to give them directions to find my address. The food is then late and cold and the poor driver has made no money on my delivery. I’ve been using Uber Eats for about a year and this problem only started a few weeks ago. Goodbye Uber Eats, hello MenuLog .....

- Disappointing service.

Received the wrong sauces on the meals, could not eat them and was refused a refund or to rectify the situation. Ended up having microwaved butter chicken from coles when I spent $40. Did not receive a reply until 8:30 when I had ordered it an hour prior. No dinner and no word of what was going on. Imagine ordering dinner at 7 o clock when you get home from work, being told dinner won’t make it till quarter past 8 which was fine, but then when it arrives the order has something on it that you are allergic too and have not asked for. And then when you try rectify the situation you don’t hear back until just after 8:30 and the best they can do is send you a 12 dollar voucher to order food which by the way did not cover the cost of my original meal and delivery. So it’s safe to say I will never ever use this app again or recommend it to anyone. All Uber told me to do was basically order another meal which wouldn’t have arrived till around 10 o clock by the time I ordered it and I work early morning and was not willing to wait a further hour and a half for a meal that takes 10 minutes to cook. I could go on but Uber do not deserve my time. Buyer beware ! If I could lower my review I would.

- Food complaint

Today my sister and ordered Uber eats from McDonalds woodbine on her Uber eats app. The Uber driver was amazing he got the food to us within3 minutes. When it arrived the food was cold, the Big Mac was missing the sauce, the lettuce and pickles, the quarter pounder had no sauce, 5 pickles and no sauce, the chips were undercooked, there was no ice in the cokes and the nuggets were like rubber. We contacted the night manager to be told that this was not a store problem that it was an Uber eats problem. Which is highly disappointing as the Uber driver was great, it was the food quality that was poor. Please advise as to what we should do. Is this an Uber problem or a McDonald’s food quality issue. The manager was rude, obnoxious and commented that he was unfamiliar with the store layout therefore could not be expected to supervise everything... I thought that was a managers job... store supervision to maintain quality. He would not give me his name. Please advise what steps we should take next.

- What a scam

I have only ordered a few times from Uber eats and have had issues with items missing but the driver is apologetic and as disappointing as it is to not get full order you get a quick refund from Uber, I just had a meal not even delivered! I think it is ridiculous that I have to pay for an order I not receive it, I missed the phone call from the driver but then when I tried to call back it says the number doesn’t take incoming calls, took me ages to find the restaurant as there are no contact details for it in App, finally found them, they have a different business name, had no order under my name, only found order on second phone call when I had order number and they said order was picked up at 6.30. Tried to find number for Uber but couldn’t so logged complaint that order not delivered, finally found number to be told that because I didn’t answer my phone I am not entitled to refund. They should leave the meal and send a message saying left at door as unable to contact instead of taking meal and saying it has been delivered, what a scam! I hope he enjoyed my pizza! I have deleted app! I wasted an hour of my life trying to find out where my meal was!

- Don’t waste your time get deliveroo instead !!

The one star is just so I can write a review. Might have more options compared to other delivery places but they sure as hell have the worst customer service !!! Multiple times I have been stuffed around and I have to literally beg for a proper refund to which they always refuse even if the food is uneatable but they’ll offer me a 5 dollar credit (which is enough for just delivery alone) I live in an apartment and the worst was when I was in my apartment with my child and I ordered some breakfast for her and it said my meal was delivered .. turns out the driver left my food in the lobby so instead of giving me a refund they offered me 5 dollars and apologies .. such an absolute joke !!! And another time all I wanted was a coffee for me and my partner and they forgot one of the coffees and all I asked was if they could just resend it but they insisted on only giving me a refund which meant if I wanted my coffee I’d have to pay 5 dollars delivery to get it .. absolute waste of money ! At least Deliveroo try and help when it’s their fault by resending meals or missing items if needed without hesitation but Uber eats are terrible even with proof they are so difficult and stubborn !

- Very good but 1 drawback for me

I’ve enjoyed this app and it’s infuriating simplicity, but I do have one drawback. The one consistent issue I’ve had with my Uber orders is that the food very often doesn’t taste like what I expect, and this seems to be a drawback with doing something online rather than getting to speak to someone in person. For example, I ordered a pizza from a place suggested by Uber, read through the different options, and made my selection, as you do. Then when I got the pizza, something about the sauce used was super sweet and rich, which totally ruined the rest of the pizza for me. From what I can tell, that is an intentionally part of the recipe, but there was no way to tell that from the description, and no one I could ask for suggestions like I normally would if a waiter/server. I’m not sure how this could be fixed, but maybe if uber eats offered some sort of optional survey where people could narrow down what the liked/didn’t like and offer suggestions based off of menu descriptions and customer reviews.

- Worst company totally unacceptable customer service

I order $100 worth of food did not receive 5 drinks in total and cold hard stale food with a very rude delivery driver who couldn’t even say hello two sundaes spilt I ask to have this fixed unaware that while 4 kids are fighting over the two sundaes that are left and the youngest having a cry over no drink i was actually supposed to take a photo of the drinks that are not there and the sundaes for this to even be fixed I explain I wasn’t aware again I get told no can do.... they simply say to be able to do anything about this they need that photo!!!! I won’t be a a customer any longer your a joke and absolutely not even close to a good company when simply I order my kids a treat and upon me asking if at least the drinks and sundaes can be refunded considering it’s now 9.30pm and if I asked to have it sent back out my kids would then be in bed but either way I wasn’t offered either I won’t be treated like my money isn’t as good in my pucket than my own children’s tummy’s or being used by rip offs who simply want to save a few bucks by ripping me off us people who are just another number. Thanks for allowing me to not order again!

- Not happy!! Deleting the app

When you spend over $50 on dinner, and paying for it to be delivered you would expect the service would try to get the delivery to you ASAP, so your food would at least be hot. My order was given to a cyclist to deliver almost 4km away. It took almost an hour from when it left the restaurant. By that stage my food was cold and soggy. The rider could not find my house after I had left a detailed explanation of it being a unit behind. The thing that has made me the angriest. Is Uber does not have a complaint section. This is the epitome of the terrible customer service. It’s like they refuse to acknowledge you are using their service. And they are blocking their ears so they don’t have to listen. On that point alone I will be deleting the app. If they won’t speak to a customer to listen to help improve their service. Then I don’t want their service. There were many things I could have said to help improve that scenario from happening to other customers, trying to contact Uber for its customer service which is completely non existent shows it’s sheer arrogance in the market. Just so you know Uber, “There are other delivery services.”

- If you’re in France, prepare to read the menu in French

I’ve been using UberEats for a while now. So far, I didn’t have any problems until I decided to use the app in one of my trips in France. To my surprise, the entire menu including the user interface was converted from English to French. I tried to navigate around the menu as best as I can however the biggest challenge I had while using this app is that not many French Uber drivers can understand English and my messages sent to the Uber delivery drivers weren’t translated to French. Some complained that they cannot understand English and were more willing to cancel my order. It happened to me once, I was reluctant to order from Uber until today I managed to get some food with great success through translation apps. I think it would be great if you guys can deal with this communication issue when users are not entirely familiar with the respective country’s native language.

- Sugar power snack instead of original mini snack

I have ordered San Churro snack pack through Uber eat yesterday. I have ordered this original snack many times wether via UberEat or at the shop. The order yesterday was tasting disgusting. And was contains different extra ingredient not part of the Original recipe and order which is ( Sugar Powder). The original snack has( Mini churros, Spanish chocolate ( I picked milk chocolate), strawberries and banana) this time the box was full and covered by sugar powder. The sugar powder was the main ingredient. I have pictures and i still have the order and if you tested you will see why I’m too upset and why it’s not good to be eaten. Full refund is required and a chat with the brunch about the quality of the service and the knowledge of their staff required too. Seriously its horrible taste and order. I don’t appreciate the staff at this brunch and if I didn’t received my full refund I’m planning to go there to return the Original snack or the sugar powder snack pack unfortunately and asked for full refund. Won’t order from this brunch via uber again as the brunch and staff can be trusted to prepare the exact order and provide a quality order and food.

- ETA sooo unreliable - least preferred delivery service

Compared to Deliveroo and Foodora, I prefer ubereat the least except the other two isn’t available at one of our locations. When I work in the city which is most of the week, I never use Ubereats. Why can’t you figure out how to give some reasonable expected time. ETA will change to one minute to go when driver hasn’t even picked up the order yet? Why would it change to arriving in the one minute when it was about 5? Then keep extending because obviously if they’re still cooking, how can it get here in the next minute? Better to not have an estimate at all than one that you can’t rely on this obviously Edit: in follow up to the developer’s response below - would have otherwise been accepted as reasonable if weren’t for Deliveroo and Foodora not having this issue for me ever. I order food 5-6 times a week as do my colleagues to our office. The other platforms do have bug and flaws but this is a design issue. Their delays are just that - delays due to other circumstances. This is inherent; the rider isn’t even at the restaurant yet and it says my food is 1 minute away, etc. Improve your platform.


I am always working and don’t have time to cook. That means I order food almost every day. In the beginning I loved UberEats, never had a problem, I order, pay and get my food delivered. It should be simple right? Well, not anymore. My orders starting not being delivered, restaurants couldn’t match my order with a driver (and I live in the busiest area in Melbourne). I feel sorry for people who live in the suburbs, because if I am encountering problems in the busiest area of Melbourne where most restaurants are... can you imagine being away from CBD? Poor customers. After a battle of complaints over the phone, all I get from UberEats is a $10 voucher every time they mess my orders up. Well, guess what? How about NOT MESSING THEM UP in first place? I don’t want your $10 vouchers. I want my food being delivered ON TIME and correctly every time. After frustration on top of frustration, I moved to Deliveroo which has beautifully shown quality service. What gets me more frustrated is walking around the streets seeing UberEats paying people to give away vouchers to first-time users. Who about you guys focus on fixing the exisiting problems first?

- Just found out something important

So the dollar charge (which worked out to be $1.46 for me due to it converting into Australian currency), is just to ensure you have money. You know?! That you have the correct card info, etc - They never deduct it they have advised. Problem is - I find that out after I put a stop to my bank card and get issued a new one in case this charge keeps occurring. Now I have to wait 7 Days to get a new card. THANKS UBER! You’re so clever and professional! How lovely are you to put people out like this? Just put it as a warning PRIOR to entering in your payment details. Also - don’t charge people (even if it’s fake) that do not have any service in their area. You wasted my time.. and you have put me out. Good job! Actually speaking of Jobs - can I have the CEO’s one? Because there are some beneficial changes I could make RIGHT now to correct this. So you won’t lose customers by being unclear. You need to be more transparent. Nobody would have an issue then. Update - it may say pending but I cannot access the full amount I had in my account to purchase something because of this! Complete and utter laziness. Disgraceful.

- Hit and Miss

I use Uber Eats at least twice a week, usually even more. I find that the majority of the orders are delivered in a reasonable time frame and the range of restaurants is great. But when it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong... take my last order as an example. I ordered a meal from a restaurant, not a small restaurant but quite a large restaurant chain. The order took an hour to be delivered and when it was delivered the food was stone cold. The only thing that was ok was my the bottle of lemonade. I informed Uber Eats of this and they refunded me the amount of the food only. Meaning I had to pay $9.20 for a bottle of lemonade delivered... surely anyone in their right mind wouldn’t pay that much for a 600ml bottle of lemonade? So either the restaurant has left it lying around and forgot about it (doubtful) or Uber Eats didn’t pick it up in time and won’t take full responsibility for the stuff up. Not only did I pay $9.20 for a bottle of lemonade I also had to go out and buy my dinner again, 1 hour after I was expecting to eat. Please fix these issues, I am a big fan of Uber and Uber Eats so it saddens me to see customer service going out the door.

- This is beyond a joke

Okay so I have ordered food from the same restaurant through Uber eats since I started using it and I’m constantly having the same issues, the chips that come with my meal are always cold and never full. I have provided photos to prove this to the people you talk to via the app when you make a complaint and they just give me a $10 voucher saying they hope we give Uber eats another try. Now I have given them multiple chances to fix this, but what happened with my order tonight was atrocious. My chips were stone cold and not full again buuut there was a long black hair in my chips. Now I took a photo of it and sent it to their team and also requested for a refund on the “Self Service” option, the response I got was that the refund I requested was approved and it will be in my bank account in 1-3 working days. That’s not good enough to be quite honest, I believe that my whole meal should be replaced and have my refund given to me. This is absolutely appalling and disgusting. Never ever ever am I going to order food through Uber eats and I am never going to recommend it to anyone else either.

- Done right

I gotta admit, when Uber eats first came out I thought it was just Uber grasping at straws... in a flooded market with plenty of options like foodora and many others. But Uber eats is pro, done right it’s easy to order, easy to browse and uses a fast and logical interface. The app deserves 5 stars but there’s just a couple things that they should do to make it perfect the biggest of those things is allowing multiple orders in the same “trip” from surrounding restaurants. I’m not 100% on how the back end works and I’m kinda thinking at the moment an Uber eats delivery person is responsible for going to the restaurant and placing the order themselves.. however if they had it so the order was sent to the restaurant directly and the delivery was sent to a delivery person than it would not be impossible for a delivery person to get from two locations in the same trip.. of course they would need some logic in where you order the “second” place from, only allowing it from places in a similar area so that delivery people can swing via both on the way to the customer. I mean hell they pulled off Uber pool so they can clearly develop best route logic and what not... Go for it Uber! You’d be the only one doing it! Winner winner chicken dinner (and bask in and robins while you’re on your way thank)

- A very flawed system

So you order food... It then gets delivered. You eat. This is the perfect (and preferred) scenario. But maybe the store stuffs up the order. Maybe the quality is poor or something is missing. It’s pretty easy to make mistakes in high volume, fast food service. So you contact the store who then says to put in a complaint through UberEats. There is literally no other way to resolve the issue other than driving to get a replacement product and thus negating the point of using a delivery service and paying the delivery fee in the first place. However... do this too many times and UberEats says you have an unusually high number of refunds and suspends you. It seems to be calculated on an algorithm with no consideration as to what has occurred. There is no contact made with you. Even if you’ve taken and provided photos of mistakes made, contacted the stores involved to correct their errors or reached out to Uber support for assistance... So goodbye UberEats and your annoying application and poor service. There are plenty of other services out there who will be happy for my patronage.

- No more

You are lucky to get one star but sadly I have to give it to leave this review. Ever since I started using this app it has been a nightmare and headaches. Ever order the delivery man or woman has ended up in my ally way and not in the front of my house. Which they then end up calling me for me to say the same thing. Like come on it doesn't take a genius to figure out you are not in the front of a house... but there is more, there has been more then one time I have received the complete wrong order. In which I called the help service for uber and received no help. I think it's understandable that some things may end up getting mixed up, but they should be prepared for these events. Finally the app have made restaurants that are 20 min+ away from my house "too far to order" in which my favourite restaurant I can no longer order from but instead can now only order from places in walking distance. Making no point in order for a delivery service. I will not recommend this to anyone or ever use this app again. Even their competitors who ride bikes deliver further then they do...

- At least they refund you.

I’ve noticed a steady increase in frequency of stuff ups when ordering, for a while it was going without an issue, every order was correct, sometimes even better at getting it right than dominos. But then it started, first it would be just a drink or 2, highly annoying but not meal breaking, just send a refund application and it would get sorted out, no big issue, then it started to get more frequent and worse, one time I had only half of my order (for a family of 3) delivered. (Yes I got refunded, had to wait though). Then the errors continued to get more frequent and now we got the completely wrong order with not a single part of it correct. Now yes we will probably get the refund for that too, but at this point I feel that it’s not good enough, I don’t want a refund, I want my food that was paid for with hard earned money. What I want is for Uber to take some more steps to ensure that these errors stop. While the refund is nice it doesn’t come immediately and you are forced to have to order something else, that’s a lot of time to have money missing, if it was just a drink missing every 10 orders that would be ok, but at this point it’s unacceptable, something needs to be done to better ensure that orders are successfully fulfilled. At least in the end, they will still give you a refund, but i have run out of second chances to give, next time a big error happens, goodbye Uber eats, hello whoever can show basic competence.

- Bad service and dishonest delivery partners

Very disappointed by the service I have received from Uber Eats. My order was not delivered and after following all the steps required the report the issue Uber eats has responded that they will not be providing a refund as the delivery partner could not find the apartment and tried to contact (I received no calls). I have had numerous other orders to the same address without issue so I can not understand why this would happen or be considered my fault. I texted the driver to provide further instructions as I could see in the app he was still 5min away but he finished the order without trying further. Coming on to write this I can see many more reviews with the same or similar issues. Poor quality control over their deliverers, lack of transparency in how they determine the fault of the delivery partner or customer in regards to complaints and overall bad service. Fortunately there are many other food delivery apps so I will not be using this service again and would not recommend - especially for people ordering food for families.


I purchased an order and the guy who came up on my order as the deliverer is not the guy who came to the door, there is safety and there is customer service, none of that was met, I had the guy do circles around Mc Donald’s watching the car go round n round then came near my house and went through all the dead ends in every street before my house. I explained in my complaint that there was no car in site yet when I got a reply from Uber they “assumed it was parked up” that to me is a joke, the customer is not wrong and the people your hiring or getting to do deliveries are not 100% honest, this will be the last time I ever use this app, the feedback and assistant with the incorrect information and poor service and lack of customer care is outrageous. This needs to be met and dealt with cos it all starts off with fake profiles and then photos then who knows what else, my order was disgusting and my chips were half full. Disgusting and disgusted to wonder what happened with my meal and how I all of a sudden have an upset tummy from this parked up well deserved Uber Driver. UBER EATS STEP YOUR GAME UP!

- Greedy company

I ordered food for me saw that the driver was almost here so my wife went down early to catch him as he arrives and check the mail on the way. The driver messaged me saying he couldn’t find parking (which is ridiculous there is always parking in front of my building since lockdown started) he parked 50m down the road and never once attempted to get out and approach the building. My wife standing out front was hesitant to approach the car because it was so far away and she wasn’t sure it was the right one. In the time it took me to check the car details the car had left with $50 worth of my food which I was still charged for because apparently sitting in your car far down the road from your delivery place which has a person standing in front of like they’re looking for someone is considered a fare attempt at delivery. When I contacted them about this they have decided that his attempt was indeed good enough so I paid for his lunch and terrible service. Which is incredibly greedy and disgusting business etiquette in the middle of a worldwide pandemic

- Worst Customer Service Ever!!!!

I had an issue with my order and the restaurant offered to call ubereats so they can issue the full refund to me. I used their help feature on the app and ended up having to talk to 6 different customer representatives who are all so poorly trained and offered stock standard responses. You have to wait hours for a response and each time it’s from someone new. The initial customer rep said she could not process the adjustment because she couldn’t reach me. Mind you they called me and left the call ringing for 2 seconds. The remaining customer reps would repeatedly ask me to re-explain the situation and to just leave a rating for the restaurant - all not addressing the issue and not offering to make the adjustment. This was by far the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced from any company. When they tell you “they’re continuously seeking to make improvements” - it’s clearly a copy and paste text and they would rather wrongfully take their customer’s money and put it into their own pockets. Will never be user any of the uber apps again!!!!

- Account Not Working Can’t Get Help

There is no way in the app where I can connect with anyone to enquire about a payment error that keeps getting rejected even though there is money in the account. My card works on Menu Log and Everywhere else except Uber eats. No one will help me even after sending an enquiry to Uber on Twitter. They did say they will refer me but it’s been 2 days at least. I’ve spent over $600 from June - October when my account started this issue (and way more money before then) if my issue can’t be resolved I will happily take my money elsewhere or just make my own food through Hello Fresh and getting more out of my money anyways. Not happy at all when all I want to do is spend money and give my money to this company 🤷🏻‍♀️ song understand. Update: they replied and their link has still got me going round in circles?? How can I email someone? I can’t do much if you don’t give me a proper link? Still stuck in a merry go round of multiple choice options that done suit my query. There is nothing in that list where I can click and get help

- How very very stressful and so disappointing!

I’ve ordered Ubereats Dominos Pizza, store located in Waterloo Narrabeen. Made my order at 7:51 pm and still waited until 9:30 PM before they finally delivered the soggy cold pizza and burst chocolate lava cake with missing chocolate dips, after calling them a few times to follow up on my order and being hanged up on the phone by staff named Adam (according to the Manager, Alex). Adam is so arrogant and rude saying it was my fault for not answering my phone when the delivery arrived where in fact there was no call at all. And note that we have been waiting for the delivery how can we ever missed it if they did even deliver!? Ubereats has also no assurance of their service to their customers, no assistance for any dispute or not even a contact to lodge a complaint. Don’t use Ubereats, just go to the restaurant’s website or call them for home delivery instead. That way you’re protected as a consumer. Ubereats DO NOT protect their customers at all! I will not recommend nor use Ubereats again. You’re lucky to get 1 Star from me. I’ll make sure to leave a Google review too!

- Don’t trust them with your account details

I used Uber Eats a lot as I work in the city. I received an email saying I was going to be charged for previous purchases from 2 months ago. I queried this as I was always charged for my meals. I have account alerts set up on my phone and watch on purpose to know when money is spent. When I queried this, I received and email saying that there was an error and my transactions were settled. Then all of a sudden over a week later, I was randomly charged for 2 meals in August and September. After querying this and getting a different person responding every time, having to prove that they sent the email saying everything was settled, and that money had been taken from my account, they apologized with the same standard line or ‘we know this is frustrating and you expect a seamless process...’ blah blah blah. The same rubbish I received in 3 other emails, they then gave me $5 Uber credits. So they have taken money from my account without permission, and to say sorry, have given me credit to use their service again. No thank you!

- Disgusted that it took over two hours for food to arrive

We regularly use Uber Eats and there is usually an indicative time as to when food will arrive so you have the opportunity to go ahead with ordering or choosing something else. When ordering from Dominos Nedlands the app said the food would arrive within 10-30 minutes which I deemed acceptable. I placed our order at 7.45pm. Instead the food did not arrive until 9.55pm which is well over 2 hours from the time we placed the order. I had to ring three times to find out where our order was and was only given apologies that they did not have enough drivers. Each time I was told it would only be another 10-20 min. The only consolation was more garlic bread or soft drink. Paying nearly $80 for pizzas to arrive 2 hours late is ridiculous and I will never use Dominos Nedlands again. If there was an indication on the Uber Eats App it would take so long I would have ordered over the phone and picked it up myself. Instead I have paid a delivery fee for a very dissatisfactory service.

- Customer service is bad...

Long story short, I am coeliac and have had multiple food orders turn up wrong (e.g not gluten free, or when ordering with multiple meals the gluten free version is not labeled). Because of the uncertainty and oddly similar looking meals (you should be able to tell which is gluten free..) I have not eaten, and thrown out the food in order to not risk getting sick. I've refunded only the specific food item I couldn't eat, and sent a message via the app the explain what happened and I couldn't eat it ect. They were kind enough to give me refunds on the few occasions but one day I went to order food and they had banned my account for 'too many refund requests' even though there were clear reasons to the refunds. Because of this I haven't been able to contact customer service as they've banned my log in, there is no number for uber service unless you call a call centre where they can't even help you. Very very unimpressed with this service as I don't feel I have violated any terms, just from having dietary requirements.

- Restaurants disappear

I like the convenience of UberEats but don’t get attached to restaurants, as all of a sudden they will disappear from your available options to order. For example, I ordered from a particular place a few times, then all of a sudden they don’t come up on Uber eats any more. Even when searching in the search bar. I thought maybe the available distance/zone had changed but I couldn’t even order it to be delivered to within walking distance of the store. Also, if there is an issue with an idiot driver (only encountered an issue once with a driver with a very low rating) the call centre blames the customer. No.....the driver isn’t taking an hour to deliver my food because of traffic, he’s taking an hour to deliver my food because I watched him drive south for 30 minutes (I live north of the store) before doing a huge circle back. (Literally I live 5/10 minute drive north of the store). Even the store was telling ubereats that the driver drove the opposite direction to me for no reason. We are local. We know the roads and traffic.

- Mrs LM

I entered a new card in and the app didn’t want to accept it. I totally stuffed up my order and forgot to put my address in I was able to order and pay for my items. Shouldn’t be allowed to order if you forget to put an address in. They cancelled my order and I didn’t get told until I called up this was only 20minutes after. Only after I called up they sent me a email of the cancelled order. So had to reorder and ended up paying more cos the first order used my voucher and then after driver got lost going to address most of the food was cold. Ciao Italia was good but didn’t end up paying for my order because there was a issue with the driver finding me, he was a good driver I’m just very very disappointed. Felt bad cos it did say it was going to take money out of my account then it just cancelled. Couldn’t even pay for it cos the rest said my order didn’t exist. I won’t be ordering anytime soon..prob will try menu log. Fix the bugs with it please.

- Awful customer service 😡👎

Ordered food through this app, only had a certain amount of money in my account to be able to order lunch, wasn’t able to get out anywhere and had nothing at home to eat. So I ordered food, which was then cancelled, and I received a message explaining why. They said I would not be charged for the order (which was a terrible lie) as I actually had been charged the full price. I tried messaging them multiple times in the help chat explaining my situation but did not get a reply. Then I found out that I won’t be refunded the full amount for 10 DAYS because of an authorisation hold. Absolutely ridiculous. Wasn’t able to order anything, and they basically had stolen my money. Sounds extremely sketchy that it takes that long to be refunded for something that wasn’t even my fault. I couldn’t even find a customer service number that actually worked. Worst customer service experience ever. Because there is none.

- Poor communication and sync

My dining experience was spoiled by poor communication using the Uber app, I was told the order had failed and subsequently cancelled so I ordered from elsewhere. After I’d already received and part eaten the second order, I received a notification that my order from the first place was on its way. I felt I had no choice but to accept this order because it was too late to cancel, even though I never received a confirmation of order. And it was an hour after I ordered it; I live about 1.5 km or ten minutes walk from the restaurant. This has happened several times, the order seems to dropout midway or freezes so you never really know the status of your order. Leaving feedback for Uber, rather than the eatery, is also problematic not at all helpful. I give up, I do not plan to use Uber eats again. Even sending this review is ridiculously complicated, you have to provide a nickname and every nickname you try is supposedly taken!

- Worst experience..Order auto-cancelled after 15-20 mts of ordering

Overall I usually order with Ubereats quite often. but lately I ordered an order to see to my surprise that the order got cancelled after 20 mts of ordering. Unfortunately we had lot of guests same day and due to above issue which as per Uber is a delivery partner unavailability, I had to send off my guests without any food on a birthday dinner. Worst of all, I spoke to customer care finally to get offered by a $5 free credit instead of resolving issue at hand or at least assure me if I re-order my new order same day won't get cancelled again. At least it would be good to notify customer within 5mts of order if it's all good to go or will get cancelled, so that customers can see for any alternative options, instead of hampering things at last minute. Didn't expect this from Ubereats as it spoiled my entire function as people had to leave without any food.

- Have had bad experiences with Uber eats

I have tried to embrace the Uber eats experience on multiple occasions, however unfortunately the food has been not been edible due to the delivery.. On one occasion the delivery guy had dropped our meal in the dirt and our meal was covered in leaves dirt and the packaging was completely soiled.. Uber was very slow to react to our complaint. We went to bed without dinner as a result. I decided to give Ubereats another try this evening and the delivery guy went to the wrong address. When the driver called to (what I assume was to find my address, however I did not understand his accent or the language he spoke)find my address he was unable to communicate in English. Eventually when I was able to locate the driver on foot and collect the meal, I wasn’t surprised to discover that the food was cold and mangled, the meal looked like it had been put through a blender. The food was thrown away. I’ve learnt it’s much easier to contact the food provider directly and not pay an additional fee to Uber for rubbish service...

- So unreliable. I wanted to love it.

I love the idea of uber eats. I have huge issues with the realities of using it. The amount of times I’ve completed an order only to find out that the order can’t actually be processed (usually because the restaurant has switched off Uber on their end, apparently) far outnumbers the times I’ve managed to get my food. This has happened a few times in the last half hour, and now the only restaurants showing in my area are Dominoes and the last restaurant that I tried to order from (twice - it‘s still showing as available) only to have the error message pop up. When I do manage to get my food, if there is an issue with the order (for example the time the driver left half of it in the restaurant) there seems to be no accountability. The restaurant blames uber, uber blames the restaurant. I’m hungry, I have a credit card, and there are dozens of restaurants all greyed out in my uber eats list, any one of which I’d love to shove cash at in return for some dinner if only they’d take my money, and stop slamming their virtual doors in my face right after I’ve finished deciding on their menu. I think the issue is with both the app showing unavailable restaurants as available, and with restaurants being able to opt out without giving people who might be already ordering from them time to place their order, some kind of 10 minute warning for last orders would be great & solve some of my whinging.

- Poor service

My order came on time but my order was wrong ! I called the shop and they were going to sort it out but they didn’t. The drivers should double check that what’s in the bag matches what’s in the receipt! I blame the shop and Uber for my meal being wrong!!!! And the shop servants didn’t even apologise and all they kept saying is if you want a refund talk to to Uber even though they mixed up the orders of two of their customers! Total disgrace! They also told me to come to the shop to collect my meal when the whole point of Uber eats is for me to pay $5 for the meal to be delivered !!! Again a total lack of respect for a customer and very poor customer service! I want a full refund and I also found that it’s under new management which explains the quality of service and food dropping dramatically and will remove my recommended review and change it to unrecommend! Someone from Uber eats tried to call me but my phone keeps cutting out. So I’m emailing this to you as I want to my money refunded ASAP!

- Missing food. Missing deliverer. Very rude service woman.

I’m describing my experience tonight. 1. Ordered food. $52. I was tracking the delivery person when he app said he was arriving. And it just disappeared. The app showed it was delivered. I received email and it showed that it was delivered to another address. 2 I messaged customer service. I received a call back after a minute. She got my name wrong. She casually told me the rider gave the food to someone else and thought it was me. And asked me to meet the rider outside. I said I have provided every single detail of delivery instructions. He can just call the intercom and come up stairs like every other delivery person did. By now 15 Min have passed the expected delivery time. The rider has not tried to contact me once. I also cannot contact him as the delivery was already “completed”. I complained this to the service person and she actually hung up on me. The rider called my intercom, I answered. He would not speak a single word and did not come up stairs. When I went down to look for him, I could not find him anywhere. 3 I messaged your customer service a few more times and now one hour has passed and I didn’t get a single response. I can not describe how disgusted I am with this whole experience. Only one word can describe the rider/service person - dodgy. Btw I order deliveries >10 times a week with hundreds ordered in the past. This is the first time I came across something like this.

- Absolutely disappointing support and proving

The driver didn’t call me at all when I was waiting at the window and saw a car stopping g in front of my building. Do I have to guess who’s car that is? When no one called me at all? I’m asking for the driver’s proof of calling me. The support team just refused to refund me because the driver said he had. Should I have super power to recognise the driver from his car? He didn’t even stick his face outside his car. He didn’t even ran the door bell. He didn’t even text me. I have the proof that no one calls me, did he have the phone record? Try to contact me? What if he call the wrong number? My fault? I’ve been using the same number with Uber for 5 years, no one failed to do that. I didn’t even change the number when I login to the Uber eats app using my account. Maybe I should register as a delivery partner, pick up one’s food, drive to the destination, wait for 5 min and take the food with me. I now believe that’s how we should use Uber Eats.

- Online Booking made painful.

While it was great to know there was an app to order food delivery online, I had to try atleast 7 times over 3 days before it actually worked. Firstly it assumed my current location and didnt prompt me to choose location for delivery. Then I realised there was a separate entry point for scheduled delivery. Then it was the confusing time selector. I almost chose an AM time for a PM delivery. Then the store was closed at the time I was trying to make a booking. Next tried ringing the store but they said they dont take scheduled deliveries over phone. Then the store wouldnt deliver at the time I needed. Finally the coupon selection was the nail on the coffin. I had a 20$ coupon voucher in mail (in addition to the 10 others I got handed over at train stations)and applied it but it didnt deduct the discount from the total. What a waste of time and money. Would advise never to use unless you really have no other choice!!

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- Über UberEATS!

Loving UberEATS while on holiday! It's perfect for downtime at hotel. Delicious food delivered to you!

- I loved it

eats-hr7dkq46ue For who wants to get 7 dolares free in the first order

- No Refund.

I have had the same problem where I only receive half my order. It has happened multiple times. And because I always ask for my money back ubereats has decided I shouldn’t get my money back because they screwed up my order to many times.


Cancelled an order within ONE minute of initially placing it, only to be charged the full amount of the order. Customer service chat was absolutely awful, marking my concern as “resolved” and not providing me with a phone number when asked 3 times. Would rate 0/5 if I could.

- Terrible

Uber eats used to be good. Really good. And now it’s just terrible. Twice I ordered and the food did not get delivered to my house..isn’t that the whole point of this app? I called in, just to have them refund the meal (which can take up to 5 business days to process btw) and no promo code or offer to remedy the situation. Horrible experience.

- smh

I’m pretty sure y’all Uber drivers are eating my food. I got burger and fries and my fries were less than I usually get and some of the fries looked like they were bitten into. If I wanted to buy food to share with an Uber driver I would have texted them asking if they want some too?!!! Fix up!

- Never use uber

Never use uber eats its a waste of ur time and money... Worst service in the world

- 👌🏼


- No refund driver canceled order 2 hours later

Title says it all, customer service offered no solution but calling the restaurant to ask them to expedite if I chose to re order. Uninstalling this app and going to skipthedishes or any other food delivery service. Disappointing.

- Rising prices

I always tipped the driver kindly, but this new $5 delivery fee based on “distance” is bs. It would cost the same to deliver some McDonald’s 5 blocks from my house as it does a restaurant from across town??? Deleting this app because it’s just not worth ordering delivery anymore. You’ve lost me as a customer as well as all my friends who have been using this service

- Customer service is a joke

Don’t bother trying to get any help with customer service. They are rude and unhelpful. Instead of trying to keep long-standing customers, they just try to get you off the phone, even if their app screwed up and you ended up getting charged for food you didn’t order.

- Awful

Made me wait for 2hrs for my lunch then cancelled the delivery without a refund. This company is insulting their customers’ intelligence. Would’ve rated 0 if there was such an option.

- Love this app

Fast and convenient food delivery! Amazing!


I tried to place an order on Uber eats last night. A glitch on the application made my order to be done multiple times and it didn’t went through, and then my account was DEACTIVATED FOR EVER BECAUSE OF A GLITCH ON THE APP! I’ve been using Uber for years and it’s unbelievable that this happens! I WILL NEVER USE UBER AGAIN!

- L

If they charge you extra there is no way you can dispute it because there is no customer service. It’s just a computer that’s gonna reply to you messages. No real people listening to your problem

- Worst service ever

They gave me half of my order...and didn’t bother to call or even refund my money!!!! Worst service ever...Talabat and carriage have more respect and care for the customer service,,,

- Charged 3 times for one order.

I was charged three times for one order and they only refunded me one of the extra payments. I’ve sent screen shots of the charges and everything. Customer service is 0 help, they are basically ignoring me now... I would not recommend this app. Never had this problem with Skip...

- Terrible service

I just ordered something. The app says it will take an hour for the delivery. I tried to cancel the order but they were going to refund taxes and delivery charge only. I would still be charged for the order itself. This is the last time I’m ordering from Uber Eats,

- No customer support number

And no refunds either lol you guys are trash

- Great, but fee is too high.

I think the way you can see the driver, etc is cool but the 4.99 fee is kinda high.

- Fraudulous

I keep being frauded and charged things I NEVER purchased

- Terrible Service

The food is ALWAYS horrible by the time it gets to your house. Don’t bother with it cause you’ll end up spending twice the amount in food when you have to buy something else afterwards.

- Don’t expect much, actually expect the worst hope for the best

Will this review be replied with a “contact customer support here’s the email” more then likely, customer satisfaction is not a priority for this company, money is, I spend about what 500-1000$ on Uber’s and Uber eats a month, I’ve heard from managers single handed that Uber is not/does not follow there contract on what they signed up for there restaurants for refunds and customer complaints, it’s sad that not one but 4 different people have said these words in a period of 1 year, before the problem was drivers eating our food, now it’s giving drivers a 25% tip on a 60$+ order na shaving them pick up 2 others along the way and have them say uber just sent me it I can’t see prices, Btw does anyone know when Lyft is coming to Barrie ONT??

- Livraison multiple plat arrive froid

Avant il y avait la possibilité de ne pas payer la livraison en acceptant que le livreur fasse plusieurs arrêt ce qui était très correct vue qu’on savait à quoi s’attendre. Maintenant il n’y a plus d’option de livraison gratuite tout le monde doit payer sa livraison pourtant les livreurs font parfois jusqu’à 4 arrêts pour des livraisons, ma commande arrive froide et ce qu’un et dit c’est qu’afin de garantir un prix le plus bas possible plusieurs livraison sont effectuer à la fois...à 3.99$ plus taxe et tips de la livraison j’estime que chaque commande doit être livré le plus rapidement possible sans arrêt ou détour de 15/20 minutes c’est tout simplement inacceptable. On ne peut jamais savoir en passant la commande si le livreur va prendre plusieurs commande ou non. Si vous continuer ce système il faut réinstaurer les livraisons gratuites si le livreur fait plusieurs arrêt en chemin pour que le consommateur commende en toute conscience de cause ou donner le choix de refuser qu’il y ai plusieurs arrêt fait en chemin. Moi en ce qui me concerne si un livreur prends plusieurs commande avant moi je considère qu’il fera sont tips avec les gens qui réussissent à manger chaud...

- Thieves with No care for the consumer

Uber eats does not care about their customers and will rob you of your money. It doesn’t matter how terrible the food is, the review you send about the food and even the picture you send when the the review/complaint, uber eats does not care about your dissatisfaction and wasted money on the order! They don’t consider a refund even if it’s one one of the multiple items, NOT even a credit. They always give a lame and lazy generated response about telling the company, as if that’s suppose to make things better about wasting your money.

- Less then a star

My Friend gave me a promo code but it didn’t work saying I already use it when I never order anything in my life and when I decided to contact support they haven’t replied to me in a very long time🤬

- Done with this terrible service

Don’t even have a customer service line to inquire about overcharging me and not applying my giftcard credits. Not to mention ever-increasing fees. Been a loyal customer for years but I am DONE with this terrible service.

- Terrible customer service

I’ve been using Uber Eats for the last 2 years. Always been a fair customer. Lately all my deliveries have been disgusting and Customer Service can’t find a way to help! I’m going to give another food delivery company a try. Good luck Uber Eats.

- Lack of customer service

Aside from the fact that I was denied a refund due to a glitch in the uber eats application, it took a total of ten days for someone to actually follow up with this issue. I also asked for a phone number twice in order to contact customer service seeing as i was receiving absolutely no help through their chat but both answers i received ignored my request. Honestly disgusted with this whole situation.

- Absolute worst app

I pity people who developed this. There’s absolutely no way to reset phone number or even log in with email in some cases. Fix it or stay being the worst phone app in the world.

- No rating. Uber Eats is awful!

Your representatives are like machines. No different than a computer, not people. I explained my situation. They had the wrong address, tried to change it, but could not on the app. So I decided to cancel and then re order. But they said I could not unless I paid twice. I will be switching to other services.

- Items missing from order

Rest of order and delivery ok but paying for items that aren’t received is always a total fail

- 0 stars

They steal your money deliver your food with missing items n when you use there Uber drive they steal your money Big scam people need to sue this company

- Customer Service Is Lacking

I had a poor experience with customer service: I didn’t receive what I had ordered and Uber refused to do anything about it, even to the point of ignoring me. If you’re looking for service and attention to detail, try out one of their competitors instead. Besides, the updated delivery fees are outrageous...

- Trash service.

I accidentally ordered a meal for pickup instead of delivery by mistake for umagi poke or whatever. I tried to cancel but the order was said to be completed within 2 minutes and I was forced to pay the full price of the meal for a meal I never received and a simple mistake that should’ve been undone. Uber eats is getting desperate for money with these ridiculous practices. Use the other apps.

- Horrible customer service, constant mistakes

Do not recommend. They always make mistakes and no one wants to own up to them. They might sometimes refund the missing item but if you want the item delivered you have to pay a delivery fee AND the price of the item to get it (you end up paying more than before). Completely unfair and stupid.

- Great


- Disappointed

Order completed. But the food never showed up. I wanted to call the driver But no way to contact him because the order was completed. Went for help options and all I got was a refund. No real human ever spoke to me about why he didn't show up. I'm left hungry and wasted time. The worst feeling is, this will happen again because they don't have a proper process of dealing with it. So I ended up uninstalling, I'd rather walk to the restaurant than put up with this

- No immediate help available for clients

Order at your own risk. No 24/7 live assistance. I ordered worth 90 bucks of dinner just about an hour ago. When I opened the bag after the driver dropped the food & left in a hurry I realized instantly I was missing 3 items so practically most of my family’s dinner was missing. I tried calling the driver but didn’t pick up & was dropping the call. Phoned the business establishment but equally useless putting all the blame on the driver. Been trying to find an UBEREATS live person phone number but robot was just pushing me to the app which is very frustrating. I went to the app to painfully describe what happened & the app was even asking for photos of items ordered which was even annoying. Finally submitted my complaint asking for a full refund for this disappointing experience, stress & inconvenience. I am not sure who made the mistake here but as a paying customer I don’t deserved to be caught in a crossfire between the inefficiency of UBEREATS, The Uber Driver & the Restaurant. Be warned folks.

- Can’t pay since the lasted update

It always tells me there is an outstanding credit card issue and won’t let me pay. And this never happened before, yet I can always pay with my card for every other things but Uber eats,how weird

- Horrible

Randomly charged my account almost 30 dollars. I sent them screenshots of the charge and everything and they just refused to do anything. Complete joke of a customer service rep said they couldn’t find it in their system but they sure found every other order that I made and I gave them proof. Reported as fraud to my bank. Don’t use this app.

- So many fees

Service fee, delivery fee, and small order fees. Like I can order the same things off of SkipTheDishes or DoorDash and it’s way cheaper

- Horrible

Worst service

- More expensive than what’s on the menu

The price listed on Uber Eats is more expensive than what is written on restaurant menu

- App is glitchy

App double placed my order, didn’t notice until too late and was charged for both. Support said they could not fix this.

- Terrible Payment Practices

This app reeks havoc on the bank account. It takes liberties with deposits and withdrawals at seemingly random times.

- My food was cold and soggy

Instead of being transparent and saying that they had no delivery people available at that time, they made me wait an hour and my food came cold and soggy. Extremely disappointed! Try Doordash instead, I never had an issue with them!

- bad

eats pass doesn’t even work and the customer service is horrible

- I have deleted ubereats i some charges were being put on my card

I habe deleted uber eats months ago because they dont go to my place. And today i realise that about 150$ were charge on my card from my account. 😤😡

- Not good

Order never received but it show delivered on my app The worst service ever deal with

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- PLEASURE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!!!! Load DoorDash instead if

I normally use DoorDash but wanted an alternative if my restaurant wasn’t available with DD. I tried UberEATS three time. I completed the profile with my address including corresponding the one the app locator gave for my home. The food went to the wrong address anyway, but the driver called to confirm. This happened a second time. By the time the driver found a my house, the food was cold. Today, the driver was Dawayne called me, stating he was at my gate but couldn’t get in. When I went out, the fence was already open for a repairman. Never showed, so I assumed he also was directed to the wrong address. He didn’t deliver and didn’t take it back to the restaurant. There’s no way to call UberEATS if there’s a problem, just a message. After 30 minutes and 5 message. The last time I resorted to profanity. Then I got a call. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the rep told me to call an 800 number. If a busy mom and pop joint without other employees can call me, it’s unacceptable a company as large as UberEATS/Uber cannot have a supervisor call or get on the line. Again, don’t waste your time with UberEATS. Caviar Foodjets an DoorDash are much better.

- Unbelievable

I have never in my life seen a company who won’t work hard to get paid. This is the first time I’ve ever called customer service in an attempt to settle a transaction where I was told “there’s nothing that can be done.” My problems first began when I tried to place an order. I went to submit the payment when an error screen appear telling me I couldn’t because I owed on that card from another account. I only have one Uber account. Ubereats. I attempted to update my payment options. No dice. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. No go. So I finally call Uber in an attempt to resolve it. I spoke to a very condescending representative, resulting in me asking for a supervisor. I explained it twice and was told I don’t owe anything. I asked why I wasn’t being allowed to use the app, and was told that they don’t know. I asked what could help resolve this because if I do owe money, I’d like to pay it so I could order. They told me that because I don’t owe anything, there’s nothing to be done. So basically I’m blacklisted from the app without any valid reason. I warn you; if you plan on using ubereats, do so at your own risk; because although I don’t owe anything or have any outstanding issue, these freaks at customer service will not allow me to use their service and have a convenient method of ordering food. Don’t bother calling them with an issue because they FAIL COMPLETELY at solving problems.

- Customer Care

It was my first time ordering from Uber eats so I was a little bit skeptical. Even though my first experience was bad, because I got the wrong order Uber eats handled the situation well and professional. This review is for customer care and the way they handled the situation. I ordered Mexican food from one of my local Mexican restaurants but they got my order completely wrong, the only thing right was the fact I got my Spanish rice. I ordered 2 wet burritos which was 17 each but in fact I received 2 regular burrito with no sour cream, no cheese, no sauce on top of the burrito etc. Going through the trouble of having to pay the most expensive food item on their menu and receiving just a plain burrito with just meat and the usual was quite tiresome. But with the help of someone at Uber eats they handled my situation with out most care to their customer. I will still be using Uber eats because it’s convenient and the fact that they care for their customers and their consumers. Not sure who helped me but I’m glad you understand the quality of good customer service. If they hadn’t fixed my issue I’m sure I wouldn’t be using this app again.

- Don’t use Uber Eats

Although I have used Uber eats for many years and spent over $1000 with them, I would not recommend them any longer. In fact I will be deleting the app after writing this review. Not only do the drivers make you come outside to the car to meet them regardless of your “deliver to door” status on the app they also no require you to tip your driver in advance. What if your food is cold? Or they take a long time even coming to deliver. What if they are rude to you. Why would they care because they have already gotten there tip. On top of all this you must pay a delivery fee, this one makes sense because that’s the service they offer is delivery, but in that case...why must you also pay a service fee? Finally they add the taxes last and your 20$ meal becomes a 30$ with all your added on fees added on. Half the time their fee arrives it’s incorrect or they missed something. But your so hungry you just take the loss and eat what ever has arrived. Lastly I once ordered a $55 meal that never arrived. I never got the food despite attempting to contact my driver and costumer service multiple times. When I asked the Uber eats folks to reimburse me after the fact they said I waited to long to call them and they will not refund me regardless of my spending over $1000 with them over the last year and always being a loyal customer. UBER EATS IS TRASH! #terriblecustomerservice

- Horrible customer service!!!!

I order food from you guys and it was completely cold and the food was delivered messy. The order was $65 and I spoke to 2 different “customer service specialist that that both sucked and could give me a refund the most they “could do for me” is give me a $5 Uber cash. The order came almost 1 hour from the estimated time. I understand having an order before mine but after that order was done there was no other order but mine and the driver remained in the same spot for almost 30 minutes straight until I sent him a message and he finally decided to show up after another 30 minutes. This is legit a scam! I want a full refund like we didn’t even eat the food because it was soggy and nasty by the time we received it. I took a screenshot of my message to the delivery driver as well. You guys get good ratings because most people forget about the small things and still give you a good rating, but my order was $65!!!!! I will not forget this. I’m deleting this app never using it again, from now on I’m using DoorDash. At least they get my food right, and on time if not earlier. Which is crazy because you guys are supposed to be the best right ? Number 2 listed on the App Store but what about all the small items that are missing from orders ? Like I said most people don’t mind and I’m one of those people but my order was $65 and it was disgusting.

- Customer service is non existent

I have had horrible experiences on 3 straight occasions each one worse than the previous. This service is ridiculous. 1st time I place an order. And an hr of the order being confirmed the food never changed status. I called customer service and they said food was ready and waiting on driver. 30 mins later they say the restaurant hasn’t finished preparing food. After almost 2 hrs I had order cancelled as it still wasn’t ready. 2nd time after a few months when I decided to try again the food was prepared in reasonable time. Driver picked up the food and drove half way to my house to deliver. Then turned around and drove home. Comes to deliver 45 mins later with food cold and rubbery Tried today for 3rd and final time almost a year later. My daughter typed in the goods she wanted. Accidentally double ordered something. I hadn’t had chance to order remaining food for myself and my son. The order button was pressed and instantly clicked to cancel. Cancellation was refused and it said contact customer service. I did and they said they called the restaurant and sorry couldn’t cancel as the food was ready for pick up. This was literally within 2 mins of the accidental button pushed. Customer Service didn’t care one bit. This company could be convenient but the service is so horrible and they are so big that they don’t care. NEVER AGAIN

- Ban UberEats

Honestly this service is doing nothing but damage to the community: the orders are always wrong, the customer service is non-existent, and I won’t even mention the lack of basic respect or reverence for the customers implementing techniques to deceive us into engaging and ordering food with and up price on almost every item from every menu that isn’t described anywhere and why is that price inflated. Dishonest revenue creation? Probably. So bad that there are false advertisements for nonexistent promotions created by official accounts of UberEats on various platforms with promotional codes that are said to give a discount of $20 dollars in a particular case, and with no surprise do I read a quote saying that they are experiencing difficulties after trying to apply it, but when I try to place the order the difficulties, as if by magic, are gone. So that leaves us with a company that lures customers in with deception and with the same techniques blatantly scams them on every tap of the screen. That definitely makes sense considering the company has lost billions in the last year and what they came to is they should start doing fraudulent business on a commercial level to try to recoup for losses presented by flawed model. But the truth is that a company that lies to people that pay them for services shouldn’t be tried to be kept afloat - it should be banned and carved out of our healthy community.

- Horrible customer service

I accidentally placed an order and immediately “cancelled” the order due to over pricing. What I thought would be an easy task quickly turned into a nightmare. I had been transferred to a “support team” that provided everything but support! I spoke to one agent that said she can give me a “refund” only if my food is delayed with delivery. I explained the order had JUST been placed and instead of her calling the restaurant to see if the order had been prepared she went back and forth with ways to try to make me keep my order. I asked for a manager and she said there are no managers she is her own manager. Later, she then transferred me to her “manager” Dell who didn’t care to hear anything I had to say he just wanted to read me their script and policy. I was the transferred to James who was no help and lacked empathy right before I was transferred to Leo who was the rudest of them all as he hung up in my face after I told him my order had been delivered yet spilled. He told me I have to send a photo which was impossible as I’m at work and have no access to a phone that I can take pics with to send him a photo.. furthermore they have all made this a long drawn out nightmare. I will NEVER order with them. I told Leo I’ll report them to BBB and he said ok. They have no care or understanding of what customer service is customer service is providing great SERVICE to your customer!

- Amie is incredible and deserves a promotion.

I am amending my 1-star review as a direct result of the speedy and helpful customer support I received from Priority Support Team member, Amie. She was completely understanding about my dilemma regarding a terrible, thieving driver (Kristina) and an undelivered order. Amie promptly refunded the transaction and was such a great help. I am giving Uber Eats a 4-star review because, for the most part, it is a very useful and convenient app. Anytime I am missing items from a order, I inform Uber Eats and they refund me accordingly. Until this incident, I have had great success and pleasure using the app, enough to earn Gold member status. My decision to award 4 stars, rather than 5, is based solely on the poor customer support I received from everyone who came before Amie regarding the previously mentioned matter. I was told by every other support member that a refund was completely impossible and that they were not even able to authorize such actions due to some idiotic policy, which were clearly lies based on how instantly helpful Amie was for me. Hence my 4-star review. I want to thank Amie for her wonderful assistance, because without it, I would most likely have already deleted the app and taken my business elsewhere. Thanks, Amie!

- Poor service, too massive to manage it all

Don’t get swindled. Missing items seem to be the theme. Why, as a delivery service, are you not training drivers to at least glance at the ticket and ascertain if it looks right? I managed a Domino’s in my hometown for a time, and you’d be sure to find our drivers checking every ticket & box before leaving with the food. I understand mistakes are gonna be made, but it’s the lack of room to reach out to the company that frustrates me. Had a 20 dollar order, driver shows up with a dinky little bag about 45 minutes later. Mind you, this is a Qdoba, so it’s not like the food is terribly expensive. Anyways, we’re missing half the order here, but I’m not gonna have this driver get shirked on his tips cause he’s gotta go another 20 minutes out of his way to bring me my food, you know how people can be when they’re hungry and impatient. So I go to the Uber website to ascertain my options, and find that the best they’ll do for me is waver the delivery fee (which is $0 at Qdoba) if I order AGAIN in the next hour, as well as send them a picture of what I received (which I already began eating as I was at work). Slashed the driver’s tip, he should’ve looked. Uninstalling the app after this review. Don’t get swindled, just order from a restaurant that already has an in-house delivery service.

- Extremely disappointed and dissatisfied!!!

No stars are merited but b/c I had to select one to submit my review I am subtracting it verbally. I am absolutely disappointed with my experience with Uber and it’s employee Kimani. I never received my food! I want a full refund and the driver to be suspended for fraudulent activity. He literally called me asked for my apartment number. It was noted on the delivery address and I texted it to him via the chat option as I watched him turning to leave my complex and even texted your leaving my complex via the chat. Not only was I basically robbed I am left feeling violated and feeling as if I can not trust the delivery option any longer. This has left a bad taste in my mouth and clearly wasn’t the food bc I never got it. He stole from me and your customer service option is disappointing no phone call option to speak with customer service and being left waiting when you already took my money is even worse. I received an email questioning whether or not I had received my food when clearly I hadn’t. My daughter was standing at the door waiting for him to bring it and he never did all the while I received the delivery notification. With everything going on and people being on lock down your employee has taken my trust in these type of services away. I am left with utter disappointment and disgust. an extremely dissatisfied customer

- It was good until

I had been using this app for almost 2 years, it was great wonderful fast deliveries, drivers were friendly and what an amazing variety of restaurants to choice from. It wasn’t until I recently placed an order where my dislike and uninstallation of the app happened. I place an order and it was less then 1 minuets that I canceled it, I’ve done that plenty of times before but this time I receive a notification as I’m canceling telling me they are going to still charge me almost $50 (usd) for food I’m not getting because the restaurant started preparing the food. I called customer support so fast to get a better understanding, when I tell you the operator was actually justifying the restaurant claims that they already started making the food, I spent over 10 minutes trying to get them to give me a refund to still in the end be told if I REORDERED FROM THE RESTAURANT I’LL BE GRANTED A REFUND! (Which I had to do) Just like the rideshared service when you summit for a ride if they haven’t dispatched a driver out you will not get charged a cancellation fee, especially when it’s less than a MINUTE. What’s making me uninstall the app is because there is no logical way Uber and that restaurant can justify to me how almost $50 worth of food was made in a timeframe of less than 1 minute of it being canceled. NOBOBY SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT! IT’S A SCAM & UBER SHOULD BE A SHAME OF ITSELF.

- Highly disappointed

I work in a restaurant that is on ubereats and I will have to say that I am very disappointed not only as a restaurant partner but as a person who uses the app. The drivers are mostly all late to pick up and drop off food. Costumer support does a poor job in fixing mistakes. For instance, I had a driver come in and grabbed only half the order. But when I called customer support to have the driver either return to our location or if another driver can be sent, they not only did they not send a driver but they patched me to the customer who wanted his money back. Unfortunately from my end we can’t give him any money back because he paid through this app not with us. Another incident was when a driver came in an hour late to pick up an order and was very rude to out takeout and host stand when he was informed the order needed to be remade. An incident I’ve had outside of work was when I placed an order of two simple items and when I tried to cancel because I had a family matter come up, I was told that I had no choice but to wait for the order and I won’t get my money back. Not only that was the driver went to the wrong location and was angry with me when I wasn’t able to walk three blocks away to meet them for food I didn’t even want anymore. I wish there was something good I can say but sadly I can’t find anything good about the app.

- Late ASF

Placed my order at 12:48am Driver picked it up at 1:00am I literally live 5-8 mins away from restaurant. After waiting patiently and seeing where my driver is I saw that he was driving the opposite direction from my house. The original ETA after it was picked up was 1:06am after seeing where he was going the ETA changed to 1:40am. I tried calling the driver multiple times to see where he was going but no response what a “surprise”. Then I called up support to cancel my order and get a full refund but they told me since it was already being delivered I couldn’t get my refund. They told me if my driver doesn’t show up after the ETA of 1:40am I can call them back to possibly cancel my order and get the total refund. Even though the original ETA was 1:06am the further the driver drove the longer the ETA of course common since right? Well after talking to support and getting more upset the driver called me back telling me there was a roadblock and got searched which is total BS. He was moving the whole time, also I just drove through the area where he turned off at no roadblocks at all in sight. I doubt police would or could setup a roadblock within 15 mins of me just being there especially on a Sunday night at 1:00am. Total BS driver probably made other “plays” while delivering my food. This is my first and last order from this app I would not recommend this to anyone 👎🏻

- Rude and unprofessional comments from customer service

I had attempted to contact customer service number and speaking with someone for getting double charged, one charge from my checking account and other from my credit card. The guy that I spoke with heard my delayed son with ADHD in the background and told me to “please shut up the children because he couldn’t think”. That was uncalled for. Then he goes and states “I can only give you back partial refund of 50 cents”, when I clearly got charged $54, twice. He was just so rude and unprofessional. I then received a phone call shortly after and had another guy saying “it may be a scam and let me me transfer you to my supervisor so he can take care of it because customers lie”. I got transferred to this supervisor and it must’ve been the same guy that I spoke with the first time because he said “oh my god! What’s that noise in the background?”. I explained (even though I didn’t have to about my autistic/delayed son and I couldn’t control it). He then went ahead and told me “have you tried striking him with a bat so he stays quiet”? REALLY?? Are these the type of ‘professional individuals’ that Uber eats hire to deal with customer service? I am disgusted!! And if I do not hear from a higher up, I will file a consumer complaint and take it to the media because it’s unnecessary how I got spoken to and how to ‘discipline’ my child.

- The app that went downhill fast

I used to love Uber & UberEats! I used to even drive for them! I am sick of receiving the wrong food orders and getting no help from their customer service representatives! I was at work today and got the wrong order from a restaurant. It contained food I was allergic to. The restaurant would not change my order until I got in touch with Uber. Uber has no number or way to get in touch with them right away. I had to send an email. Once I sent the email I received an email back over 5 hours later saying it was my fault and that they could not change the order, but I can give the restaurant a bad review if I wanted. I was left hungry at work all day and never received any help or compensation. I kept telling Uber I did not want money back, just wanted to correct my order but they refused to help me further, and did not correct my order or give me my money back. I will be deleting Uber ride share and UberEats from my phone, and will no longer drive for this company. There are many other reasons why I will separate from them, but this was the icing on the cake for me! I will also make sure my family and friends do not associate with this app anymore as well. Most are moving on to other ride share apps anyways. I guess it is time for me to join them as well. It is a very sad day for me but I refuse to waist money with this app any longer.

- Bad Customer Service

I first downloaded Uber Eats from an add for free delivery. I ordered breakfast from Huckleberries and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting delivery updates as promised. Turns out the app somehow switched it to take-out. I called the restaurant, and my food was sitting there ready; they told me it was marked for take-out and to call Uber to fix it. I got on Uber Help, and they told me my only option was to cancel the order; I couldn't switch it or assign a driver somehow. I called the restaurant and told them to hold the order; it would be the same thing, but didn't need to be remade. I cancelled and reordered the EXACT SAME THING, and FINALLY got my food--cold--an hour and forty minutes later! I got TWO receipts from PayPal, so I was charged TWICE. I emailed Uber; they told me sorry it was cold; they'd give me $5 off. I told them to delete the first charge; it was the SAME MEAL. They said that the restaurant already started preparing it, so they charge full price. I said yes, and they delivered it, and I paid for it. The first order is the same but take-out and a mistake, so REFUND MY MONEY. I have started THREE help thread emails and gotten over a DOZEN different people that REFUSE to look at my order history and their help history for what happened. I am STILL getting the run-around a MONTH LATER. I have demanded their management and lawyers' names. BEWARE; they do not care about customer service!

- Refund issue

I tried to cancel an order 3 seconds after placing it and the app rejected my request saying my order was being prepared.. in 3 seconds? I spoke with a male representative who canceled the order and said I would get a “full refund”, he never told me that the tip I gave had to to be edited through the app to get a “full refund”. Also they only allow a 1 hour window to edit tips. My “full refund” would take 3-5 days? So how would I have known to edit my tip if the representative didn’t tell me? I noticed a different amount being refunded so I called and spoke with a female representative. She kept talking and wouldn’t listen. She said I had to edit the tip through the app and that they can refund the tip. I asked why when the order was canceled and a driver never picked up the food. She said I can still do it on the app, I told her I cannot and that the 1 hour window expired 24 hours ago. She said she fixed it on the app and I should see it. I didn’t believe her and asked for a manager. She refused to transfer me to one. After 10 minutes of begging for one I got fed up and terminated the call. Since I’ve tried to get the refund and they keep trying to navigate me through the app so I can talk to a representative. I tried that but got nowhere! I keep trying to speak with them through the app but they refuse. I’m done with Uber everything. Disappointed consumer.

- Terrible customer service

I’m a good about to be platinum on Uber I love Uber Drive but Uber Eats is the worst. I was looking through the menu while at work I placed phone in my pocket for 1 min 2 tops to speak with a customer of mines. I pull the phone out my pocket it said an order went through and was being prepared so I quickly press cancel but it makes you call (so called customer service) I tell the guy please can you cancel the order that was just placed he goes on about this and that then wants to asks me questions and “do you have any questions “ I say no please cancel before order goes through he said hold comes back and say you will be charged $5 they “ made order waiting on driver “ but my app says they are still preparing it any way he said he was just verifying that I want it cancel??? Cause I will be charged $5 I said yes cancel he comes back 2 min later and say I will be charged $18 something for the total order I’m like well I don’t know what it is but if you’re going to charge me the whole amount you might as well send the food I’ll give it to someone I don’t even know what it was ordered so now I’m robbed of $18 and no food delivered who does that in a business I’m debating on using Uber for anything after this but I never had issues with the drive I don’t know I’ll update after I make a complaint with higher management then I’ll make a decision

- Absolute SCAM

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DONT USE THIS APP. I’d give this app and company NEGATIVE STARS if I could. They constantly mess up my orders, the delivery drivers constantly deliver to the wrong address, and they make you PAY for things you didn’t receive because they can’t prove you didn’t receive them. It’s absolutely chaotic and ridiculous, DO NOT USE THIS APP. Literally ANY other delivery app is better and has the same amount of restaurants on it and they actually CARE about whether or not their customers are receiving what the PAY for. You’ll be FLUSHING YOUR MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN if you use this app. All of these people leaving 5 star review must have only used it once or have been paid off. I ordered 2 rolls and two sides with a few sauces from a sushi place and I waited forever for my order and received ONLY ONE ROLL AND A BOX OF SAUCES. Because I’ve had similar experiences where my order was not complete or not delivered AT ALL, they told me I STILL HAD TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING. I gave the driver and the restaurant the worst reviews, told them I didn’t receive more than half of my order, and now I’ve flushed 25$ down the drain which was supposed to be used for my lunch this week. I’m a VERY broke college student, but I don’t mind paying when I ACTUALLY RECEIVE MY FOOD. It’s an absolutely ridiculous company that doesn’t give two rats about their customers and hires drivers that steal food and lie about it.

- Screwed by Uber eats

First off it’s been a while since I’ve used Uber eats, it tends to be more expensive but it was an emergency and i needed food, on this day it seemed they had the best cheapest rate so I tried to order a combo meal from jack in the box. The Uber eats app does not list combo meals only individual burgers. I put in the notes that I wanted a combo meal hoping they would just charge me the difference like other delivery apps would do. As I was ordering I realized that the location I chose was too far away so I CANCELED the order before confirming any order and it displayed on the screen ORDER CANCELED then it immediately took me back to the main menu. I reordered the from the closer location. To my shock I was delivered both orders (neither was a combo meal, just the burger) and of course I was charged twice! I called customer service and explained everything as listed above, I guess he didn’t listen to a thing I said because as he started looking into it he started saying things like “it shows here that you made two orders from jack n the box, did you order from two locations? Uh YES. “it shows you received two orders already did you receive two orders? Uh YES, that’s why I’m calling. He placed me on hold then came back to tell me they could not give me the order because I did not cancel the order and the food was already delivered. I lost $12, they lost a customer...

- A giftcard or voucher for bad service would go a long way

After waiting over an hour for what was supposed to be a 20-30 minute delivery from a restaurant I could've driven to and from in the same amount of time, my order was canceled because "no delivery person was available." do you think someone could've figured this out BEFORE it updated 3 times (to a longer time) and then said "slight delay"...giving me no indication of a delivery issue. after calling once an hour passed, i was told it was about to be put out for delivery and to call back to see if i was eligible for a time wait compensation...moments after hanging up my order was cancelled. so i called back and told the new person what had happened and they said i could be refunded but no other compensation could be made. basically an hour and 20 minutes of a waste and me and my husband and small kids waiting for our food and now having to go out and get something else (we'd been out of town=no food at home, hello, reason for uber eats) and they say sorry i hope you can get something faster next time...yeah right!!! if you want to keep your customers, so what starbucks or chickfila or any GOOD company does and give your customers a voucher or gift card (even instacart gives out $5 when they mess up an order!). it will go a long way, farther than a half-hearted "sorry" aka too bad so sad.

- Remember that the restaurant workers get nothing.

I use Uber eats when I really have to as a last resort like when I'm sick or can't leave the house, but because I am in the restaurant industry I see the OTHER side of Uber eats. The side where the prep workers have to make 3x the prep and get the same amount of split tips they always did. Where the line workers work twice or thrice as hard and there is no tip option on Uber for them to look forward to. A lot of people in the restaurant industry rely on tips for life, and Uber not making that an available option is really messed up in my opinion. Do you guys think the drivers are the only ones who do the work? Maybe think about the people actually making the food. A lot of restaurants "pool" tips or the front of house tips the back out etc. But either way- if you gave the OPTION to tip the restaurant it would probably have a huge effect on the food and speed etc. Basically kitchen workers are working tenfold for free for Uber at this point. I know it's a capitalist game and whatever, but a huge chunk of Ubereats is super unfair. My body used to hurt a lot less before Uber, and I am making the same amount I was always getting paid. But Other than that, sure! The idea is great and it's a good option in a pinch.

- Is it really worth it?

Don’t get me wrong I really do enjoy the convince of the app and that’s why I’m at least giving it a few stars but I’m starting to believe the convenience is just not worth the head ache anymore. My first and biggest issue is the inconsistency of the app itself. There are a few restaurants that I really enjoyed ordering from on the app until Uber decided that they were “too far away from my location to deliver” Why?? It wasn’t too far last week? So now I’m left with half the restaurants to choose from from when I first downloaded the app. My next issue is the lack of communication between the restaurants and the drivers. Shouldn’t the drivers be checking the orders before they leave the restaurants?? I have had more orders then not show up completely wrong or with missing items. There was one time in particular where practically the entire order had been messed up and I called the restaurant to inform them, not asking for anything, just wanted to make sure they were double checking every order and got into a 20 minute argument with the girl about how the tickets don’t show the customizations when they stapled a receipt to the bag that showed all the customizations I put in in BIG RED LETTERS!! I finally just hung up her! I think it’s time to find a new food delivery app.

- $50 to the trash

Ive only used uber eats a handful of times, and I usually do so only when i had people over and made big orders. Placed my order at my friends house and i made the mistake of leaving my place address, as soon as the restaurant takes the order i tried changing it but it wouldn't let me, tried contacting uber but it wouldn't connect me to anybody nor did it provide a phone, only help QnA then it suggested that once the order was ready to contact the driver and simply give him new address. So as soon as he picks up the food I apologize and give him the new address(which was actually closer and only 4 blocks difference) and he takes 10 mins to reply only to say “please cancel and contact uber” i said no im not gonna get charged 50+ and not get anything, he gets in contact with uber and they finally call me, mind you that by now is been almost 2 hrs since i put the order and the distance was 10 mins away, all uber did was just say to contact support because they didn't want to miss inform me because i told them i wanted a refund...But you are support?.... ugh another reason to never ever use this service again rather pick up the food myself or do any other service, at least the driver got to eat some nice cold food for free. Response to developer: what details do you want me to drop? My account? At least offer a coupon or something.

- Good app, Great Service

Like the regular Uber car service, your experience with Uber eats will mostly vary with the quality of the driver you get. Some drivers work to make sure that your order is correct, while others bring whatever the restaurant has for them. The only significant problem that I’ve had with the service is the app. It doesn’t allow for customizing all orders in the way that some of the restaurants online ordering allows and that you can do in the restaurant. For instance, Hooters’ online ordering allows for wings that are half and half, meaning half the order has one sauce and half another sauce. This isn’t explicitly possible with the Uber eats app. You might be able to get this by adding special instructions, but that’s iffy. I like the fact that I can see where my driver is so that I can meet them out front so that the dogs don’t go crazy when the doorbell rings. I also like that I can rate the driver and tip them through the app AFTER sitting down with my order. They’re getting some pay, but I don’t tip if they bring the wrong order, and don’t feel pressured to tip until I know it was correct since I don’t have to tip right away to do it at all.

- Never Again

Sadly I can’t give this a 0 start rating, which is what it deserves. It’s not the app, it the actual company. Yesterday, we tried to order food from one restaurant. An hour after ordering, we received a call saying that the restaurant was closed. Nothing on the app had indicated this, even though it had multiple others shown as closed or not currently delivering. This happened after the app said that they had confirmed the order with the restaurant and that it was being prepared. Today, we tried the same place after calling the restaurant to make sure it was open. An hour after ordering, we called the restaurant again because the app said it would still be another 45 minutes for our food. They told us they never received the order from UberEats and when the driver had shown up 30 minutes prior to our call, they had said they could begin the order. The driver replied ‘No, I’m going home.’ We were not notified because the restaurant still had not received our order. We called UberEats and after they confirmed that the restaurant never received the order, they basically said ‘Sorry, we’ll get that canceled for you’. Our car isn’t working currently, otherwise we would’ve saved the delivery fee and gone and gotten it ourselves. Two days in a row and basically ‘Oh, sorry, we’ll cancel that.’ is all we got back.

- Terrible - deleting all Uber apps NOW!!!

I placed an order at 4:45 pm. My order was confirmed and scheduled to arrive at 5:30 pm. At 5:45 I searched the app for a number to call to ask what was going on with my order. No number to be found... Then I called the Restaurant and they told me my food was under a heat lamp and has been there for 30 mins. The manager took my number and called Uber Eats and called me right back to let me know they had no driver in route to get my food. Now it is 6:30 pm. So I hit the cancel button on the app and all of the sudden a phone number pops up, so I call. Some guy answers the phone to tell me there are no drivers in route and he isn’t sure when there would be someone available. So, I told him I needed to cancel and how disappointed I was in the service and his response was “OK.” Then I lost my s@&t! I’m like “OK!?” I used to use Uber several times a month and have now deleted the app for Uber eats as well as Uber for a ride. I was treated horribly and stuck making my family a meal by scraping together random stuff at 7:45 pm, once I got off the phone with the man from Uber. I should also point out that this IS NOT the first time an order was cancelled after ordering and waiting over an hour. Glad business is so great for you that you feel the need to treat your customers like garbage. I hope you get kicked out of Austin again! I’m out!

- Terrible service

I don’t know whether it’s the drivers, the businesses or the Uber company itself. They refuse to give me a refund because I’ve stated too many times that some of my items where missing. They should be giving their drivers some type of list to state what should be included when they pick the food up and drop it off! So if I ordered $30 worth of food from McDonald’s, a driver shouldn’t be delivering ONE bag and a drink. Talking to customer service is a shame too because all they do is “thank you for being a platinum member,” but doesn’t want to fix the issue. I’ve never scammed them. If the food came, all of it, I rate and say nothing. If I’m missing something that I didn’t receive then of course I want my money back and I contact them as soon as I check the bags and know it’s something missing! Taking pictures and all. What do I have to do? Video the drivers complete drop off, taking the items in the house, opening the items and checking to make sure everything is there (still recording) and then looking at the receipt that’s ATTACHED TO THE BAG and tell them what’s missing, all on video, just to get my money back. I rarely order food now because I’m always at work! When I get off or have a day off, I’m exhausted. But you claim to salute healthcare workers, etc. lies.

- Horrible Service

I never leave reviews and avoid leaving negative reviews but I couldn’t find an easy way to provide feedback. I typically use DoorDash and have always been very happy with the people delivering food and door dash making it easy to speak directly to them about an issue and I decided to try Uber Eats. That was the first and only time. I submitted my order and the expected time of delivery kept going up and after it went up over an hour (making it over two hours from time of order when I could expect to get my food). I tried to find a way to contact Uber Eats but there was no way and I tried contacting the driver. I was ignored for another 30 minutes. When I finally got my order the driver asked me to come out to get my food (this was during coronavirus) but I did and got an excuse that my order was not submitted directly to the restaurant and he had to submit it himself and it took a long time. The reason I have serious doubts about that excuse is because the food was so cold I had to reheat everything. I’ve ordered takeout from this restaurant many times and in my experience the longest they have taken has been 30 minutes and the food is still hot when I get it back home. Trying Uber eats made me realize if I want my food by a reasonable time and warm to pick it up myself or use DoorDash (never had a problem with DoorDash)

- Worst customer service the industry

Uber Eats is great...... if you never need to talk to customer service. The convenience, the promotions, etc.... all great. But if you have an issue, a complain or feedback - good luck! It’s not that they’re ever rude.... they’re always kind and have great manners. On 2 separate occasions I had a very frustrating order experience that inconvenienced me and I provided feedback directly to Uber asking that this sort of thing be rectified in the future..... both times I was content with just providing the feedback and moving forward..... but when they replied to my messages, they demonstrated they did not understand what I was complaining about AT ALL and likely didn’t read my message carefully. This is so frustrating. They would blame the issue on the delivery partner, the restaurant, etc, when I was clear that I was complaining about something not related to them. And when I would reply to clarify? They would continue sending me pre-made templates and dismissed me. In both cases they just stopped responding to my messages - I’d get a notification that my support case was closed but they never replied to my questions. So if you have an issue? Even if it’s a small one like mine was....... they will make the problem worse, make you more frustrated... and then ignore you.

- Horrible- no way of modifying

Hello, I’m very surprised and shocked that Uber eats is able to get away with this... my husband and I had my whole family over and chose to order in from Uber eats it’s 10 of us and as we were reviewing what we had so far, my husbands finger accidentally hit the order button and it automatically submitted the order. Immediately, we wanted to cancel and there was NO option to do that. Within 30 seconds we called the service line and they told us there was nothing we could do because the restaurant wasn’t picking up. If we wanted to cancel we would be charged for the order. Our order only had enough for 3 people and there is 10 of us. I asked if there was any way to add to the order and there was no option. The only way was to place another order and pay another total of $15 for deliver and “service” charge. We ended up eventually connecting with a supervisor and after 30 min, they finally told us they’ll take it off as a one time thing. But now our guests were 15 min away with no food. We had dinner an hour late that night. Really shocked Uber doesn’t have a better way of communicating with their restaurant partners and we have to pay the price. Really making me thing about these new apps- they seem to make things more difficult when they’re supposed to be making things easier....

- Fermented tea

I would never use fermented tea again. I ordered was slow to be delivered it was over an hour. I ordered a hot latte and a Chia putting the Chia putting needs to be eaten with the utensil. There was no utensil included in the order no napkins no spoon nothing when I called back to fermented tea to ask about a utensil I spoke with Todd could call to confirm the order earlier and he said oh I was going to add it but then didn’t and I said well how my going to eat the Chia pudding and he said well you will just have to find a spoon somewhere. He didn’t know I was in a hotel because I gave them the address and the room number and he had very little compassion about not having a spoon he even laughed I asked if you could send one no response. I understand not wanting to send someone I don’t know a block and a half with a spoon but he should’ve thought about that when the order went out and have a little more compassion when asked about it instead of laughing I will never use them again ever and I will tell everyone I knowNot to bother ordering from them. I will also let the front desk know that this would be a very bad suggestion for anyone who is staying here at the hotel wanting a cup of coffee or latte etc. really laughing at someone for wanting a spoon????? I give them a big 👎👎👎👎👎 Todd gets his own 👎👎👎👎👎 for his particular style of customer service.

- Terrible Service

I’ve only ordered through Uber Eats a couple of times, in part because I use a few different food delivery apps. Out of the three times I’ve ordered recently, two of them went unfulfilled. In both cases, the app just kept pushing the “expected delivery time” back—the first time, for over two hours. Each time, the app tried to charge me exorbitant fees to cancel my order. The first time, I was able to reach support and get it taken care of (after waiting for two hours.) This time, I couldn’t get through to anyone, and had to just call the restaurant and ask them not to fulfill the order if a driver ever showed up. Now I’m just hoping that I don’t get charged anyway. I’ve deleted both Uber Eats and Uber after these experiences, because customer service should be easily accessible and high fees for something that isn’t my fault are unfair. (I can’t help but wonder, what if this wasn’t just an issue with a food order? What if I were in an Uber ride and felt unsafe?) And, honestly, those things are worse than the app just stating that it can’t fulfill orders at this time. I live in a small city, so it makes sense that there won’t always be drivers out late in the evening. I’d rather just know that I need to start cooking instead of waiting so long for nothing and being charged for the app’s inability to work properly.

- Glitchy app, terrible customer service

I tried to place an order through the app but it gave me an error message that my order could not be completed. The app sent me back to my cart to try again. After several unsuccessful attempts, I gave up and ordered through a different app. Later, without receiving an order confirmation or any updates about my order, I got a notification that the order the app said could not be completed was being delivered. I tried to explain the issue to customer service, but their response was that delays happen and that it was my fault for placing two orders with the same restaurant (neither is what I was complaining about). I was never given an explanation about what happened and then was told “standards and policies” prevented a refund. I was not directed to any written policies. Use DoorDash or Grubhub instead. Edit: The developer responded to my review and said to reach out to customer service again, so I did. Yet again, they were terrible. First they said it was the delivery person’s fault, then they said it was my fault for placing an accidental order, both of which were not accurate or even close to my problem. They never addressed the actual issue. Their customer service is either a bad auto-response system or their people actively try not to help you. I will not be using this app again.

- Terrible App Complete Garbage

Let me just start with saying Door Dash refunds are instantaneous. Now, I am making a point to leave this review because what happened to me is wrong. So, I ordered food for my wife yesterday and it was delayed four times before we decided to simply cancel the order in its entirety. I was on the phone with customer support to have the order canceled and support told me to stay on the line while they connected with their driver. This was to let them know the order was being canceled, then all the sudden on my app when I was still on the phone with Uber eats support mind you. My order gets completed? So, without the order ever even coming within 20 minute radius even near my wife my card gets charged because the driver was given a heads up by Uber eats to cancel my order i.e. mark it as completed. Not to mention I had to call customer support 3 times so they could understand I wanted a refund to my card and not my Uber eats account. Really, Who wants to spend money on a app that literally doesn’t work for the consumer? Worst experience I have ever had and with no recommence from Uber eats I’m out 23 bucks for 3-5 business days and no credits in my account for all the bull. I should’ve gotten some kind of, “I’m sorry” credits from Uber eats but apparently my past history of ordering from them over $300+ means nothing to them.

- Delivery

I usually have a pretty okay experience with Uber eats but today I am disgusted I ordered from Popeyes and I was supposed to receive my food within 20 min I ordered from this restaurant because it was under 30minutes, I did not receive my food 45 minutes later I called they said a carrier just picked it up my main concern was my food being cold. He said he I had any issues call back so I did because my food was cold. I called back the representative blamed it on the carrier and restaurant and in so many words told me to leave a bad review for the carrier and restaurant. So I ask to speak with a supervisor she asked me why, so I told her once again then she preceded to tell me a supervisor was going to tell me the same thing so I asked once again for a supervisor. The supervisor asked what was going on so I explained again and told him I do not thing it is the restaurants fault my food was ready but no fevers were clearly in the area it did not state this when I ordered either, he told me I could only get half of my money back, fine I’m tired of fighting with them at this point. I go to check the app and now all of a sudden it was the booking fee is $6.99 because there aren’t carriers in the area I only paid $2.99 this was not on the app until after I called so how is half my money back fair at this point? I’m disgusted, I feel cheated, and disappointed.

- Absolutely terrible

I’ve never used Uber eats and I never will again. I only used it because I was offered a $30 promotion, but I couldn’t even get into my account using the app because I didn’t have a phone number attached to that email they sent the promo to and for whatever reason they don’t allow you to login to the app using your email. (And I couldn’t just add my other email either, or add my ph# to my other email.) So basically I was stuck. Luckily I was able to log in to their website and order through that but then when I finally reached “place order” they told me I couldn’t because I didn’t have a phone number and I couldn’t just add it on the website. (Would’ve been nice to know beforehand.) So then I had to get a fake number add it to my account through the app, finish my order and then get told that there was strange activity and had my password automatically reset and the delivery cancelled. So then I had to change my password *again*, prove that I wasn’t a robot for the 100th time, and finally be able to place my order. After all this was over, the $0 delivery fee expired and my (what I assumed was going to be free or close to it) order ended up being over 10 dollars anyway with the service fee and delivery fee. From start to finish it took a full 40 minutes just to place one order. Never again.

- Disappointing Customer Service

My brother and I ordered a food from a Mexican restaurant and the deliverer lied to me saying he is getting the order for me. After waiting for an hour (starving severely but decided to be patient), the deliverer texted my brother saying he is waiting downstairs and that it’s be faster if we come out to get the food from him even though we requested for a no-contact drop off. So we were like okay fine, we are dying from hunger and will just be accommodating. The delivererer was no where to be found and just suddenly cancelled on us. He didn’t even attempt to text us to look for us. We contacted Uber Eats customer service and they just said they will not charge us any fee. That’s it. No compensation of at least extra free Uber Eats credits after us waiting for an hour. We told the customer service that if we don’t get extra compensation for this terrible experience we will no longer take our business to Uber Eats, the customer service didn’t budge and said there is nothing else they can do. We ended up having to go grab food ourselves. Ever since then, we deleted the Uber Eats app and will be deleting Postmates too because it’s getting acquired. We have been spending our money on DoorDash and Grubhub, which having providing much better customer service and know how to retain customers who has a one time bad experience.

- Used to be great but not anymore

Well... I used to love Uber Eats. I use it frequently actually. despite the ridiculously high fees, it was usually fast and reliable. But since they announced priority delivery option.. Uber has proven how little they care about their customers. Before you paid no extra fees and had your food delivered in a timely manner. Sure sometimes it was a little late, but you thought it was traffic or something. However, With the intro of this priority option now, if I don’t choose priority I can watch my dinner go on a lovely tour of Brooklyn before it gets to me. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to eat my ice cold meal after it’s been a tourist in someone’s car all night. What a joke. With all the fees and then they add a NEW fee for them to just do what they should? Which is create good routes that have their drivers drop off to whoever is closest? Why is my food from a restaurant down the block going two neighborhoods over before it gets to me? I’m deleting the app officially. This is so rude I’m in shock of the lack of customer care. And to top it off there’s an option to pay a dollar less for the delivery to be even slower...Is my food going to get to see some of the Manhattan views too in that case? Get a grip Uber. There’s plenty of other food delivery services, and those are what I’ll be going to from here on out.

- Avoid this company at all costs

Placed an order with Buffalo Wild Wings for $32. Arrival was estimated at 41 mins. No prob. After an hour I looked back at app. And my carrier was going the opposite direction of my house. I contacted the carrier and she said “oh they were bagging it when I got there. But I have another delivery around your restaurant you ordered from”. So at first I was ticked off that Uber Eats were double dipping orders. And that’s why I had to wait and figured my food would be getting cold and fries soggy. When carrier came to my door she said she drives for DoorDash and that was the other order. Nice. Glad that takes precedence over my order. Open the bags. Just as I figured. Fries were mush and cold/ stale. Wings were just as cold/bad. So after googling their customer service number. I get a guy. Explain all of the above. And like a robot reading from a book. Sorry about your experience and your temperature of your food wasn’t as you expected. Puts me on hold. 10 mins later. Offers me 5$ towards my next Uber order. Hahaha! So I paid $32 for terrible food and nobody seemed to care. Asked for manager. She said the same exact thing as the guy before. Needless to say I won’t be using that huge amount of 5$ in uber bucks. I find it hard to believe. Couldn’t even refund me the 5$. Bad business. Deleting the app. After writing this.

- Horrible rewards and customer service

As you earn rewards you are only not aware that you have received multiple rewards but they make it so hard to put it in that many times you give up. Then you you see promotions such as buy one get one free, but i had a few friends try and redeem this after i failed and no one could figure it out. Then it tells you restaurant is closed when it’s not. If You needs assistance, it is impossible to even connect with anyone at Uber eats (through any means) since order hasn’t been placed. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars in promos because i was not aware they were there. I use this application several times a day for years and have never so frustrated at their cryptic ways and I am. I have never rated any business less than 5 stars and this is the first time I’ve rated a 1. I like their efficiency and their concept is great but the fees are meant to confuse the average person. It’s sad because i was such a huge fan but they are starting to become shady with promises and surprise fees that after all these years I have to start using grub hub and Postmates. I would love to be contacted via any means from them and would be very happy to let them know what has frustrated myself and friends but i know that support will never come and it pains me to have to give a 1 star for the first time in my life.

- Terrible Customer Service

My husband and I have used the UberEats app many times. I have never run into an issue before, but the one time I did they were absolutely unwilling to help. My husband was checking the order before submitting it and realized he left something out of the cart. As he went to press the back button, his phone slipped and his finger pressed the order button. Right away he clicked cancel order, but it wouldn’t let him cancel and it told him to call customer service, which he did right away. The custom service rep refused to help us out. We just wanted to get the one final item added to the order, or have them cancel it do we could replace the order including that one final item again. We then spoke to the manager (named Paula) who spoke to my husband as if she was admonishing a 5-year-old and told him in a diminutive voice that he should learn from this mistake and be more careful. Like what?! It was a simple human error and he acted quickly and did everything he could to correct it right away! We weren’t trying to get anything out of anyone, just trying to get the correct order in without having to pay two rounds of service fees, delivery fees and tips. After using the app since it first came out, I’m looking forward to deleting the app after I finish this post...need the extra room on my phone anyways.

- Uber eats customer service is a joke !

I would use this app almost every day for lunch and love the delivery people every time they were great. But the one time I accidentally place items in my cart and try to delete them realizing the address of the restaurant place was wrong I accidentally click place order instead and right away my reaction is to cancel a second later they ask me to call customer support so that’s what I do. Literally a second later and the person on the other end puts me on hold after I verify all my information. On hold for 4 mins after I call to call my restaurant meaning those 3 minutes I was holding my order could of been cancelled but he never gave me that option he just played it off as he was doing something when he just wanted to make sure I would get charged for the order. And it’s so irritating because this was a $5 charge for booking and i wanted to cancel because there was a closer restaurant at $1.49 that’s why I wanted to cancel. And so I called the restaurant directly and told me that Uber eats needed to give me that option to cancel and they didn’t!!! They tried to help when i called the restaurant but it was too late because the food had been picked up. EVERYONE BEWARE WITH THIS APP! DO NOT MAKE AN ACCIDENTAL CLICK BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE SURE TO CHARGE YOU NO MATTER WHAT. and even if you “cancel” they will charge you !!!

- Bad First Experience

I ordered for the first time tonight. The app said my delivery driver would be here in 2 min so I went downstairs to the lobby. A couple minutes later I got a call from the driver saying he was here. I walked outside and I don’t see anyone. He calls back and continues to say I am here. I tell him I am outside and I don’t see you. I ask him to come to the entrance of the hotel. The valet guys tell me the street, I tell him. He says he doesn’t speak English. So I walk down the street little but I don’t see him. Since we can’t communicate, I tell him that I’m going to just call customer service. I was thinking maybe someone could tell him where to go. Next thing I know, I get an alert saying my order was canceled. So I search around in the app trying to find a way to contact UberEats. Couldn’t find anything. Finally I googled and found a phone #. I explained the issue and the lady says well it is already canceled, you haven’t been charged, just order it again. I’m like really?! I’ve wasted over 45 minutes, it’s 10:15pm at this point, and all you have to say is oh, just order it again. I try to insist that they document a complaint on the driver and they say all calls are recorded. I’m like huh?! How do you know I won’t get the same driver if I order again? Anyway, I’m tired and frustrated. Don’t think I’ll be using UberEats again.

- Technical Issues, Customer Support is a Joke

Signed up for Ubereats and the eatspass and within the first month, three of my four orders were canceled by the restaurants. Of the three, one restaurant was unable to collect payment from Uber (even though I paid on the app) and the two other restaurants weren’t even signed up with Ubereats! I don’t understand why restaurants that don’t subscribe to Ubereats are even listed on the app and why I was even allowed to order from them in the first place. It was very inconvenient and frustrating to have dinner plans canceled like that for the family. Customer service was unable to explain why these issues came up. I lost three promo codes I had used on the order and there was no sympathy or help from them. Very disappointed. *edit* Reached our to customer service again as the Developer recommended and once again receiving generic responses that don’t address or explain the real issue of having orders canceled and losing promo codes. Some people get $5 Uber cash for their troubles but for me who lost $60 in credit (over restaurants not even subscribed to Ubereats-how does that even happen?!), I get nothing- no fix, no explanation and no compensation for the meals unexpectedly canceled and the credit lost. And now, the reps aren’t even responding to my inquiries. Worst customer service I’ve experienced.

- Horrible Waits

Was feeling lazy and didn’t want to drive. Ordered 6 things from the McDonald’s 15 minutes away and ended up waiting an hour just for it to be canceled. To be fair, it was was a late night order, but you’d think if there were no drivers around that they wouldn’t take the orders. We placed the order at 11:40, and it said it would arrive at 12:20, which was fine. It was then delayed to 12:40, at which a message came up apologizing and that was about it. At 12:30, they delayed the food to 1:05 and FINALLY assigned it a delivery driver, who drove around in the wrong direction for a bit, extending the delay to 12:15, and then cancelling the order. No effort by any party was made to contact us. Clicking the help tab to see why order was taking so long brought a standard message that basically said “Track your order.” That’s it. It didn’t have any directions on what to do when no order was assigned. I found no way to report the issue or contact anyone except the driver, who cancelled the order before I could do anything. I understand the late times and maybe a busy restaurant, but the confusion and time it took just to get cancelled with no effort to contact us was just mind blowing to me. It doesn’t make sense to offer delivery when there’s no drivers out. Honestly turned me off of ordering from Uber Eats ever again :(

- Dont bother asking me to contact you just read this and fix this im mad enough

I love uber eats its great for when i need breakfast or dinner in between my 9-5 job given restaurants are closed due to COVID resturants have improved on packing food and making sure everythings there i even have a driver or two go back if stuffs missing when my boyfriend had orderd food he accidentally dently sent it to my house he contacted his driver and he was told that his driver ( male ) had to take a picture of my house then deilver the food to his house ( the food ended up not being deliverd to his house so i ended up having his meal and a random stranger sit outside my house for 5-8 mins at 1 in the morning ) let me tell you That is NOT AT ALL OKAY ! One picture is also one picture of how many cars are in the drive way how many windows are at the house how many locks are on the door and whats inside a peaked window one picture can also lead to harassment because of a low rating if the food was missing or something was wrong I will never order eats again until this is fixed a simple Did you deliver order # to address for persons name yes or no button would work just as much pictures are how lawsuits and stalking start you can verify someone but you never know there real intentions and when it comes to food and customer safety well that is on you uber eats

- Not refunded for my last meal

I’ve been ordering consecutively from the same restaurant for a few weeks. Last week the restaurant made my order incorrectly. I asked for mild wings and got plain instead. I called the restaurant and they said to contact uber and they would fix it. I was refunded my money and I was happy. I refused to pay for plain wings, I think that is fair. However yesterday I had the same issue with the same restaurant. I followed the same process and I basically got an email from uber saying “Sorry to hear that your order didn’t meet your expectations. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a price adjustment on this order.” What??? I don’t understand how you can refund my money last time and I even sent in pictures with it this time and I get this response. It’s daylight robbery and I’m not pleased. Had another issue tonight. Spoke with 3 different people telling me incorrect information regarding a late delivery. Their customer service line is a joke. All of them except the manager, Christian cut me off several times during my conversation. And the manager sounded like a robot who was just going through the motions to get me off the phone. Uber eats is good most of the time, but when they drop the ball, they don’t do anything to accommodate you except tell you that your food was delivered and eat it raw if you have to lol

- Uber couldn’t care less about customers OR business partners

Customer service is absolute garbage. We ordered sushi at 6:30 last night with a delivery time of 7:15. Come 7:15, it was moved to 7:20. Come 7:20, it was moved to 7:25. This repeated until 8:15 when I finally decided to call the (very hidden) customer service line to see what was up. The person on the line said the driver was at the restaurant. I suggested she call the driver to make sure. Guess what? The driver wasn’t working that night. (How does that even happen?) The help person kept asking if we wanted to cancel our order (we said no) and finally admitted that the restaurant had thrown out the food because the driver never came and it had gone bad. We suggested that Uber comp the restaurant and were given generic nonsense about that not being their policy. When we asked what they would do for us after this disaster, they said they would refund us for the food we never received like that was a huge deal. Big whoop. I’ve heard for years now how terrible of a company Uber is and I finally got to see how little they care for their customers and their business partners alike. I’m deleting the app and using GrubHub from now on, which by the way has a $1.99 standard fee in my area Instead of $4.99. Save your time and your money and stop giving this company business.

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@McDonaldsUK @UberEats After a total fiasco with my food delivery by useless Uber Eats, April - who was in charge in Sidcup McDonald's - was amazing - brilliant customer service and calm in the face of utter incompetence from Uber Eats - well done April!


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Uber eats charging me £6.15 for service and delivery fee for an £8 meal? Wth. Yeah I’ve just been reminded why I don’t order food in.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery 1.264.10006 Screenshots & Images

Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone images
Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone images
Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone images
Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone images
Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone images
Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone images
Uber Eats: Food Delivery iphone images

Uber Eats: Food Delivery (Version 1.264.10006) Install & Download

The applications Uber Eats: Food Delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2016-03-01 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 368677371]. This application file size is 229.7 MB. Uber Eats: Food Delivery - Food & Drink app posted on 2020-10-28 current version is 1.264.10006 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ubercab.UberEats

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