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Uber Eats: Food Delivery App Description & Overview

What is uber eats: food delivery app? Get food delivery to your doorstep from thousands of amazing local and national restaurants. Find the meal you crave and order food from restaurants easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your order in real-time.

Order food from nearby restaurants and search by cuisine, restaurant name, dish, and meal.
Food delivery options for you to order and enjoy including pizza, burritos, burgers, sushi, donuts, and Chinese takeout.
Prefer pickup? Skip the line and reservations and choose to pick up your order instead. Choose your favorite delivery options with the Uber Eats app now.

For $9.99 per month, Uber One subscribers enjoy $0 Delivery Fee and up to 10% off orders over $15 at participating non-grocery stores (and 5% off orders over $35 at participating grocery stores) available on Uber Eats. Members are also eligible for rewards, perks, coupons, and offers. View full Uber One Terms & Conditions here.

Order household needs from your favorite drug stores, supermarkets, and pet shops. Baby food or diapers, pharmacy needs, beauty products and cosmetics. Grocery staples like bread and milk, bananas and produce, flowers and plants, packaged foods or frozen treats.

You can even order alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, liquor and cocktails. *

Pick your food order from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. That’s it.
Uber Eats makes it easy to order food delivery online or through the app and have it delivered by restaurants and delivery people near you.
Or, schedule your order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice!

Now you can also order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart, and skip the lines to the restaurant to get your food.

Track your food delivery order on a map as it heads your way.
See the estimated arrival time at your address.
Get notified when your order arrives..

Some of our food delivery partners include: Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa Johns, Shake Shack, Domino’s Pizza, Nando’s, Burger King, CAVA, A&W, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Dunkin', IHOP, KFC, McDonald's, Panda Express, Panera, Popeyes, Shake Shack, Sonic, Starbucks, Subway, Sweetgreen, Taco Bell, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, Five Guys, Jersey Mikes, White Castle, Jack in the Box, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster.

Order from grocers such as Albertsons and SEG. Other delivery partners in the pharmacy, convenience, and retail space include CVS, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Wawa, BevMo!, and Total Wines.

Uber Eats is the way to order the food you love through an easy delivery experience. Uber Eats is available in hundreds of cities around the world. Enter your delivery address to explore restaurant and grocery delivery options near you.


Join the thousands of others in your city who use the Uber Eats app to order from their favorites restaurants and schedule delivery

Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more.

*Alcohol in select markets. 21 to purchase. Item availability varies by market. See app for details.

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App Name Uber Eats: Food Delivery
Category Food & Drink
Updated 24 July 2023, Monday
File Size 328.94 MB

Uber Eats: Food Delivery Comments & Reviews 2023

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Terrible application and customer service. I used Uber Eats for the first time a month ago. When I received my food, it had multiple pieces of hair in it. After contacting Uber eats immediately- with proof of calls and emails they asked me to replace the order and would remove the charges. After countless times they did not remove both charges or fees totaling of over $100 because I now had to place the order twice. Over 5-7 calls with customer service the issue was never resolved and the service reps repeat themselves countless times over and over to apologize but have zero idea how to communicate or fix the issue. I asked for a supervisor and she said they’d contact me in a few business days and did not. After going to an event and speaking to a representative they offered me a $30 gift card which I tried to use tonight. After adding it to my account and placing the order the app said not available. Again, I called customer service and she asked me to delete the app and redownload it. Now the promo is gone if my $30 and over 30 minutes on the phone she asks me to wait 1-3 hours to figure out the issue. So again you have taken my money with no service and terrible customer service. Now the restaurant is closed and I have no gift card. I would not recommend this company to any individual and their customer service reps need more training assist customers oppose to continuously apologizing. I have had two horrible experiences and this company in my eyes just takes your money.

The app and customer service are bad. I guess if you don’t have problems with the order you placed with Uber Eats, then you will be fine. But if you have issues, you are on your own. In the app, there is no customer support number to call, no live chat, all you can do is click ‘Help’ to report the issue and ‘WAIT’ for them to reply. Did I say they will reply you within 48 hours? Seriously? The app is also bad compare to DoorDash or others. First bad experience, I ordered food to pickup and the app said my food is being prepared and ready at 6pm. Arrived prior the pickup time, wait in the car and the pickup time was kept pushing out. Finally I went in the restaurant and ask how much longer will it take, and I was told that the restaurant did not receive my Uber Eats order at all. At that time, I couldn’t find a way to contact any customer support except sending them a ‘Help message’ and hope I will hear back from someone. After waited another 15 minutes outside the restaurant, no cal back and nothing I can do but order food from other place. Second bad experience, got the order and found one item was incorrect, called the restaurant and I was told because I order through Uber Eats, I have to contact them to get refund or reorder. Guess what, yes, the only way to get help was send then a ‘Help message’ and hope you will hear back from them. I am totally done with Uber Eats and would not recommend to anyone I know.

Drivers Don’t Follow Directions. On Uber, there are ways to give actually write feedback about interactions with drivers. On UberEats, you only have the option of preprepared feedback options to click on. I’ve had multiple bad interactions with drivers with no real way to complain other than a thumbs down. One driver delivered to the wrong apartment, I contact the driver and they refused to accept they delivered to the wrong place, talked over me when I said I didn’t receive and was just extremely rude. Very frequently, the drivers in my area do not read my instructions to find my apartment (I made sure these instructions were very detailed due to living in an apartment) and contact me for assistance finding it. This wouldn’t be much of an issue, but multiple times they were not even on my street. I’ll open my door to wave them down and I’ll see them turning the corner of the street. My instructions include to park on the lot on my street, so they either cannot read a map or did not read my instructions. I’ll then get an alert that the driver had trouble following directions and I may want to update them. There is no way to give further details to these instructions unless I go treasure map details of how many paces to go in each direction. I use these instructions of how to find my apartment whenever I order for delivery from anywhere and UberEats is the ONLY delivery service I’ve ever had drivers have issues following them.

Worst customer service ever. So I have to say I have successfully used Uber eats many times. That said if something goes wrong, there is absolutely no recourse. Recently, after trying to find a restaurant in my area to pick some food up from I placed an order. It was for a Vietnamese restaurant that I had been wanting to try in my neighborhood. Except the one in my neighborhood had closed a few months before without me knowing it. The one I was clicking on was three cities and about 45 minutes away. The moment I place the order and the address came up I realized the mistake. I quickly called the restaurant and told them not to make the order. They said they would cancel it and suggested I reach out to the app. I tried to call the app immediately but there is no phone number. Anywhere. Customer service literally does not exist. Finally a few days later I track down an email. I made the complaint. I told them it had been only 90 seconds from ordering to cancellation. I told him the restaurant confirmed that they had never made the order. But they don’t care. They sent me an auto generated reply and charged me $23 for a meal I never had. A few friends told me this is happened to them as well, as if the app is intentionally suggesting places that are too far away. I suggest you call the restaurant directly and have their delivery people bring the food or use another app with real customer service. I certainly hope this isn’t a window into a human less future. Sad. And expensive.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I placed an order for an incorrect location and canceled it immediately after. The app said because the restaurant had accepted the order, I would be charged a fee which I was ok with. I look at my bank account and they charged me THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE ORDER! That’s absolutely ridiculously especially since I had canceled right after I placed it. I contacted customer service for help where an automatic message popped up saying it’s just a hold and will disappear from my account. It’s been two days and it’s still there. I went further into the customer service options to speak to someone in a chat where they told me a business “accepting” an order is them “preparing” the order and that’s why I was charged. That sounds absolutely ridiculous and stupid. I told the person I don’t mind being charged a cancellation fee but the full amount of the order? That’s absolutely insane when I know that restaurant was not preparing my order that quickly. She then proceeds to tell me, next time “you should review your order before placing it so you don’t have this issue again” and “contact us next time when canceling so you’re not charged.” What’s the point of having a cancel option on the app if i need to speak to someone so I’m not charged? That makes no sense. Im placing a one star review where ever I can because this is literally so horrible. I don’t even like leaving reviews but this situation really upset me.

False order status locking you into Order. Anyone else notice their favorite restaurants now on Uber eats ? Great right ?! Well until you realizes they aren’t actually contracted through Uber eats for service and a driver has to accept the trip before heading to the restaurant to place the order to be made. 40 mins after my order should have been delivered, a driver finally was assigned to place my order. Why is this frustrating ? Because Uber doesn’t let you cancel an order if the restaurant has confirmed it, which is understandable if you change your mind after they started making it however if the restaurant doesn't confirm the order because they don’t have a contract with them for service than why can’t you cancel it after it’s taking way too long. They should really change that policy for these situations, until a driver confirms the order than it should be considered pending and allow you to cancel your order not forcing you to wait until they find someone to go there to order it. Simply unreal, i could have ordered it and picked it up myself at this point. Get it together Uber, it’s such a greedy money game dealing with this company… all for their pockets at their customer’s expense & clearly the pay on these orders is a problem as well for the drivers if there is such a shortage that it took 30 minutes to find someone. Seriously it’s seem this company gets worse and worse with time because it’s always something.

Terrible App Complete Garbage. Let me just start with saying Door Dash refunds are instantaneous. Now, I am making a point to leave this review because what happened to me is wrong. So, I ordered food for my wife yesterday and it was delayed four times before we decided to simply cancel the order in its entirety. I was on the phone with customer support to have the order canceled and support told me to stay on the line while they connected with their driver. This was to let them know the order was being canceled, then all the sudden on my app when I was still on the phone with Uber eats support mind you. My order gets completed? So, without the order ever even coming within 20 minute radius even near my wife my card gets charged because the driver was given a heads up by Uber eats to cancel my order i.e. mark it as completed. Not to mention I had to call customer support 3 times so they could understand I wanted a refund to my card and not my Uber eats account. Really, Who wants to spend money on a app that literally doesn’t work for the consumer? Worst experience I have ever had and with no recommence from Uber eats I’m out 23 bucks for 3-5 business days and no credits in my account for all the bull. I should’ve gotten some kind of, “I’m sorry” credits from Uber eats but apparently my past history of ordering from them over $300+ means nothing to them.

Scam o Rama. Use one of their many competitors. While traveling to celebrate Rosh Hashana, I attempted to use the “schedule ahead” service for about five meals & one small grocery order to be delivered to my hotel front desk over the two days. The first night I had ordered two, samosas that I planned to eat for breakfast & an entree from another restaurant. Both said they had been delivered, and I had been charged for both, but the hotel only had one. The driver of the entrée left a note that he couldn’t find the place. Apparently that doesn’t matter & I had to pay for it anyway because I ordered it in advance (the order was placed over two days from delivery). Absolutely no recourse for a refund. And I didn’t have dinner. I ordered a small grocery order for the following morning, water and 2 bottled coffees to be delivered by 8:20 am so that I could receive it before I left for services. By 8:45 it hadn’t arrived. I pushed the help button a number of times- BY THE WAY THERE IS APPARENTLY A HEFTY CHARGE FOR ASKING FOR ASSISTANCE FOR A SCREWED UP ORDER. So if you do make the mistake of downloading this app, don’t push that button. I had another order for lunch that was supposed to come that afternoon but was canceled with the explanation that “the restaurant couldn’t get your order together, sorry”. It was at that point I canceled all remaining orders, 3 or 4, switched to Grubhub and had zero problems. I’ll not likely ever Uber anything again. Skip this disaster.

Dissatisfied. This used to be my favorite delivery app, now it’s my worst nightmare. On multiple occasions my order has been cancelled for no reason and I still get charged and have to call endlessly to receive a refund because the customer support techs just talk over you and don’t care to actually help. They charge a lot of shady fees, including their new “small order” fee which I find ridiculous not to mention that using promos is incredibly difficult and frustrating. I went to a drive through the other day and was told they had no more food for the night so I went home and ordered Uber. I looked for the same chain because I was craving it but I accidentally clicked on the same one I had drove to and ended up canceling less than 3 minutes after I made the order. While I can understand a cancellation fee I think that charging me for the entire order either way is ridiculous, especially because if they had no food there’s no way that in three minutes they had my food going and no one ever picked up the food or anything. Grub hub is a better option, they are just as if not even quicker, their customer service is good and refunds are almost instant. They also have the same options of restaurants and then some.

Horrible customer service. I’ve had numerous bad experiences and I’m about to try Door Dash instead. More than once I’ve had portions of my order not delivered and little to no compensation. Impossible to reach a real person to actually help. Their chatbot “people” don’t offer a satisfactory solution and you ask for a manager, they just disconnect you and pass you off to the next powerless chatbot. Most recently my order included three dinners with sides and three add-on $4 Caesar salads. We only received 2 salads, both were pathetically skimpy, lettuce had brown edges, no croutons and almost no cheese. Far from what a Caesar is supposed to be. 2 of the entrees were supposed to include sides and they were missing. I paid around $90 total for this meal including tax, Uber fees and a generous tip. We literally got only half the food that I paid for. Uber’s idea of compensation for this was to credit me $5 Uber cash and no apology. I’m disgusted. Too many other similar incidents to list here. And several times I’ve had a driver pretend to not be able to find my apartment (which is easily found on every GPS app including Uber’s), and steal our food. Uber ultimately cancelled the charge but after all the waiting for no dinner, all restaurants were closed and we were left ravenous. I’m so tired of losing money to this company that has zero care about its customers. FED UP. I will probably get rid of my Uber ride app too and use only Lyft because Uber doesn’t deserve my money.

Uber eats is the best. So honestly I’ve been using Uber eats for a good while now and I can say that it is amazing! So many places to try out and I love it’s membership. Uber One is very reliable and totally worth the price because delivery fees and service fees be 🙄🙄🙄 but yea definitely worth it and lots of things you can redeem your points off. Personally I think that Uber eats should expand your area by at least an extra mile since the max is like 4.5 miles or 5 miles, something like that. There is a chick fil a nearby but it’s a drive and Uber eats declared it’s too far to deliver to so I was bummed out. Another thing is that Uber eats have way more deals and coupons then any other service! It makes no sense how every 2-4 days there sending coupons to my email which I’m thankful for cause I guess that’s the best way to lure in customers. Finally there customer support is sooo nice and kind. I once ordered Uber eats late at night and I asked for a specific order but McDonald’s gave me the wrong order so I contacted Uber eats and they gave me a complete refund of my order and gave me a 13$ tip. All I can say is that Uber eats really cares for its customers if there customer service is fast, drivers are fast, and usually the food is fast as well. PS: Uber eats is wayyy better then DoorDash 🤮🤮🤮, there service I’m not gonna talk about

Great application, climbing prices. The application itself works great and has many great choices in my area. Unfortunately, I will no longer be using the (eats) service due to the rising booking fees. I could understand the fees based on distance for standalone companies hiring their own drivers. Uber has drivers who are intending to drive these distances for pay and can continue with more rides after leaving the destination (home) rather than having to drive back to the starting destination (restaurant). A pizza delivery through the pizza company 5 minutes away has a 50% lower delivery cost than Uber does for a restaurant in the same general area (within .2 miles). This is unacceptable. I guarantee you will continue to lose customers, as I already know of several other who are moving to your competitors for this very reason. I’m disappointed I will not be ordering my favorite tonight through Uber eats because it is $9 for a 10 minute drive. The restaurants are already inflating their prices from their in store prices. Don’t add to the problem. Update: 2 days go by since the initial review. I opened the app out of curiosity and was welcomed by a notification touting lowered booking fees. From what I noticed (based on my ordering history) there have been no lowered prices. I’m glad I’m not wasting my money on this any longer. I used to order regularly from Uber eats but this has gotten out of control. Fix yourself, Uber.

Worst customer service!. I only used Uber eats because I received an Uber wats gift card. Our first order went fine, took a while to arrive, but food was as ordered. The second order is where the issues began. I ordered from a pizza place, and half hour after the placing the order it was inexplicably canceled. I put the same order in again. We waited the whole expected wait time and nothing. I called the restaurant and was informed they don’t do business with Uber eats and they don’t know how Uber eats for their info. At this point two hours after we were getting hungry we just placed the pizza order on our card with the pizza place and moved on. The most recent order we went with the first place we ordered from as it went smoothly. Order went well. I placed order with my gift card covering all of the order and then $2.10 of the tip and used credit card to cover the remainder of the tip. After delivery when everything charged it would not charge the tip. Insufficient funds on gift cards it said. I contacted customer service as the card base sufficient funds for the partial payment of the tip that I setup when I checked out. Hours later my issue is still not resolved, probably going to just cover the tip with my card fully and abandon the $2.10 remaining gift card forever just to get away from this awful app. Terrible customer service, eat message is from a different person, and they all say the same thing over and over.

👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾. This is one of the worst delivery food apps that I have ever used I was visiting my cousin at work when I thought I would order something to eat and pick it up because I was already there when I typed in the name of the restaurant it gave me a restaurant in Georgia( I was in North Carolina) because it said that I was feet away from it I ordered my food my cousin checked to see if the order was there it wasn’t but I wasn’t worried because according to the app it was still trying to put the order in thats when I noticed that I was ordering food from a restaurant in Georgia I immediately cancelled the order before it was accepted by the restaurant I thought nothing else about it because according to their terms and conditions I would be fully refunded and at worst they would take a portion out if the restaurant started preparing the food the next day I noticed that even though it was cancelled Uber eats processed the money anyway I got in contact with customer service and was told that the restaurant had already started preparing the food so I couldn’t get a refund I explained that my order never got a chance to be processed to the restaurant so how could they start making the food smh I was told that they cant help me and I couldn’t get a refund I let the customer service representative know that I didn’t agree and that I would be complaining to whoever to get some form of justice I was then told that I still wouldn’t be receiving my refund

Uber fails to address their delivery issues. Uber has become horrible as a delivery company I recommend no one uses them as a delivery service anymore because when they deliver for any other company such as Walmart along with apple and much more the drivers are not available like they should be to deliver those items which causes many orders with retailers to be cancelled and people have to wait 7 business days to get a refund because of it too not only that but when you order from Uber eats especially a lot of food ends up being missing if not from drivers it can also be because that app tells you that items for food that are missing in stock are available so you end up ordering those items by mistake and because of lack of communication from the app you end up with missing items because of it and when you call them multiple times for missing items their customer service center in the Philippines provide horrible customer service with many agents lacking active listening and empathy where they have bad attitudes as well too and when you want to speak to a manager because of it they make nearly impossible for you to get a manager because Uber itself does not like to address their own problems that they create for customers so at this point never would I ever want to use them as a delivery service and many companies and customers too should cut them off as a delivery service especially

Terrible Customer Service. I bought a food from Subway for my lunch. It was saying that the order will be delivered at 12:20 and my lunch ends at 12:30 and I thought I would be just fine. Then 10 seconds later it said 12:35. I wanted to cancel the order because it won’t make it in time. I asked the customer service and they canceled it and did not refund my money. Even it was their fault. They told me it Will arrive before 12:30 and then they extend the time and also refused to refund. Guys trust me do not use Uber Eats. Use Doordash. I had a friend who waited for 30 minutes and no one accepted his order and he contacted the customer service and they assigned him a driver and also refund half of the payment and also give him 5 dollar credit into his account. Doordash is more responsible and has a better customer service. Uber is refusing to refund my money even it was their fault when they said that my order will be arriving before the told time. Guys do not trust Uber with timing. I ordered a food a few weeks ago. No one accepted my order and I waited 2 hours in the end I canceled it. Just wasted my 2 hours for no reason. They even didn’t assign me a driver saying “Oh, we are sorry we are just too busy”. They should be that busy to make a customer wait 2 hours. So if you have a brain use Doordash. Uber lies, has a trash customer support, and don’t get me started on their irresponsibility Sorry Uber but you just lost a very old customer and a valuable customer

Good if everything goes smoothly. Okay so I’ve been using Uber Eats for a while now and I’ve had enough good experiences to not rate it 1 star, but when you have a bad experience the customer service makes you wanna pull your hair out. My first 2 times when I contacted Uber support for any missing/wrong items they gave me my refund for the wrong/missing items. Now they don’t bc I’ve supposedly requested help too many times. One time I ordered ice cream and I got the wrong thing and it came completely melted and Uber refused to give me any kind of refund. Most recently, my driver cancelled my order and I was told I would not be charged. However I was and after waiting 3 days no refund in site and Uber “assured” me I have not been charged even though my bank statements say otherwise. Another small nitpick I have is I hate how you can’t cancel your order without being charged. I understand if there’s already a driver on the way but if I’ve just ordered it or if I’ve been waiting for hours I feel that I should not be charged for cancelling my order. I’m not trying to be a Karen but I kindly request for the customer service to step up their game. Overall though this app is pretty good though and I do recommend it if you want food but don’t feel like getting out of the house. However it could be even better with a few tweaks

Too Much Of A Headache. So hear I am really craving for some Chipotle, in a lazy mood didn’t feel like driving so I said let me try Uber eats for the first time. My sister downloaded on her phone for me since I was gaming (didn’t wanna die) and I gave her my card information to pay. She put in the order but in the end it said we couldn’t process your payment try again. I thought what?? There’s enough in the account. So I said maybe she put in the numbers wrong so I took over and did the numbers again, it said this card is already saved to the profile so I said screw it lets go through PayPal. I put in my password confirmed everything PayPal wanted me to and tried to process it again...still wouldn’t go through. By then I said let me try on my phone. First it told me that They don’t deliver in my area so I refreshed everything made a new account and still ran into the same problem with the payment not processing I begin to get a frustrated, knowing everything was okay with my card after doubled checking several times I then tried to do it from my desktop still same thing. By then I said screw it let me try Door Dash thinking maybe its just me maybe Im doing something wrong. So I downloaded DoorDash and put it the order in FIVE minutes everything went through with no problem and the food came quicker than what it said. This whole thing took me about an hour trying to do until I gave up. And unfortunately this experience has cause me to revert to DoorDash.

Simply unacceptable and a health hazard!!!. Uber eats read through. This review reflects just as badly if not worse on you as it does on the restaurant sultans grill and gingers bar in Nashville Tennessee. I don’t think I have ever left a bad review, if I have maybe once. I usually get the wrong order and almost never a complete order from uber eats. I usually just leave 5 stars anyway. But come on. Please do not offer food if you can’t handle the orders. A waste of my time and money. A risk to my health!! I ordered a gyro wrap that was inedible. Not a pita but an actual wrap grilled tasteless and soggy. My kafta kabob was burnt on the outside and RARE on the inside, not to mention WAY over seasoned. Absolutely inedible and a health hazard. I don’t know how to post pictures but I have them. My salad was basically opaque it was as so old or frozen I’m not sure. THE BLACK OLIVES WERE edible. The rice was edible but awful. Like generic instant artificially flavored over cooked old rice. MY DIET COKE AND FRENCH FRIES WERE THE ONLY OTHER THINGS EDIBLE. Sorry to go on and on. I’m just as annoyed with uber eats. Where is the quality control?? Please Please just don’t offer food if you can’t offer quality, safe food. I rarely even get what I order and then if I do it is garbage. BUT THIS ONE TOOK THE CAKE. PUT ME OVER THE EDGE. AN ACTUAL COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY. AND I BELIEVE A HEALTH HAZARD

Hit or miss. Alot of my issues here arent the drivers. For the most part they are pretty good. Or what they are delivering is closed up in a bag and they cant verify its all there. My issues are mostly app related. Like constantly telling me if i added notes to my address it would be easier for drivers to find me. Literally am that one person that has detailed landmark instructions on how to find me. Maybe look at those notes and dont consider me having a conversation with the driver about literally anything else as they are lost. Maybe i want to make sure they actually did my drink iced this time cause for some reason the coffee place near me it does not see it as iced on thier end even though the app has it listed as iced. Today its decided i must speak spanish and changed all of my notifications to spanish. I know i order ALOT of mexican food but cmon. We like burritos at work, its a thing. And my fave thing EVER is that time i accidently typed in the wrong tip amount and since i was at work did not notice tiljust past an hour after it was ordered, and instead of dude getting 2$ (he was rude) he got 200$ and even being a platinum member couldnt fix that. I mean i can tip drivers within i think 24 hours, but eats nope. So in conclusion, i like my drivers, its the app that needs improvement. And can we seriously just make the tip time limit longer, i cant always get to my phone within the hour time limit and sometimes i want to up the tip.

Sad that I can’t order from my favorite restaurants. How is not too much to ask someone to drive me from my house to my favorite restaurant... but when I rather have food delivered to me. Nooooooo... “restaurant is currently unavailable”, but when I’m in the area it’s magically available for delivery? Like sometimes I don’t want to or can’t drive 5 miles to my favorite restaurant. It’s also dumb how a restaurant the same distance is available for order, but not the one I want. Like how convenient, right? Like I’m willing to wait for my food, so why can’t I order it? And I don’t see enough fast food chains on there either... like sometimes I want Taco Bell. So really the app only works when you’re in a poppin area... That’s sad especially when the restaurant is only 20 mins (according to google maps). I gave the app many chances, but gave up because what’s the point. After developer replied to my review... but why when I check to see if my favorite restaurant is available for order it says it’s too far away? Like can I still order from that restaurant or not? And it’s funny how that exact restaurant charges a fee to order now so why would I not be able to order at that one? When there is another very close to I can order from almost whenever I want to with no fee...

Delivery times often very wrong. More times than not estimated delivery times are frustratingly wrong. Whether it be in underestimating restaurant preparation times to underestimating delivery driver pickup and deliver times. Deliveries have never come earlier than estimated. And if I were Uber, enticing hungry people to order food I would be underestimating delivery times too. Even more frustrating, the app has no place to give feedback on Uber’s estimated time. Only options to give feedback and negative review on the restaurant and the driver but again no place to comment on time it took to deliver food; Taking no responsibility for their Uber’s own estimates. Last experience I paid for priority delivery, which I thought would improve times, unfortunately priority delivery only starts after order is picked up and not when driver accepts order, so I waited and watched on the “track order” feature as the Uber driver drove all around the city while the order was ready waiting on the restaurant. After the delivery I changed my my pre tip amount for driver from 18% to 15% and again no place to comment on delivery time, there were two people in the car which makes me think they accept multiple food and people orders at the same time, which in this case explains why driver drove all over city before going to restaurant. Hungry and Frustrated

so many bugs and frustrations it’s not worth it. I used to use it all the time but getting on it again it was SO FRUSTRATED. The app it’s self is honestly trash it has the same bugs it had months ago and I can’t even use it anymore! My grandmother is ill and she can’t drive anymore so she wanted mc Donald’s (her favorite) so I offered to drive but she refused because of the weather here. I downloaded the app and made my order. At the beginning, it’s asking for a phone number to my account. I don’t have an account yet but that’s not even an option on the front page. I type my grandmothers number and to my surprise she has an account so lucky me. It asked for the password and I got it but for some reason it then bugged out and crashed my phone when I tried logging in. So I opened it again and tried to log in again, it worked after another crash when I reset my pass. I started my order and when I had been sitting there for 10 min checking off boxes just for the app to not recognize the order and bug out and I have to make the order again. I finish my order and now I’m adding my Address, after I add my address and my order it tells me It can’t deliver to my part of town AFTER I did all that. So it bugs out again and I have to reset the app. I’m done trying and am deleting the app and never using it again. I didn’t want to leave a review but my grandmother was very angry at “modern technology” so I decided to leave a review so maybe the developers can fix theses problems.

I think I’m done with this app finally.. I’m not paying for your pass. So why do you show me all these options for free delivery? I can’t see the actual delivery price until I’m done with my order. Feedback: It’s crazy frustrating to see $0 for delivery if you have the pass but you can’t see how much the fee would be if you didn’t get the pass. Then you go through the whole process of ordering something and then when you get to your cart, your $20 meal turns out to be $30 because of the delivery fee I wasn’t allowed to see until the very end. And then now it’s like, I can’t justify paying $30 for an omelet delivered. $20 was already crazy. It’s so annoying. SO annoying. I honestly am just angry. The way this app is set up, it’s terribly un-user friendly for anyone who doesn’t have the pass. Is that the goal here? To have your app bother me so much that I buy your pass? Hot take: no one needs an omelet that bad. Btw two nights in a row now I’ve waited an hour or so for a meal to then have it canceled. Tonight there was no explanation to why either. Just cancelled. I don’t know how you could improve the experience for users there, but I thought I’d share that with you too. It’s another reason I think I’m done with this app. Developers, don’t bother responding to this. I really don’t think I’ll ever use this app again. Im tired of this. It’s just so gross to have such blatant promotion of something I don’t want forced on me if I want to use this app.

Third time wasn’t a charm. I have been using this app for quite a while now, and while I can understand a missing item here and there (sometimes stuff just happens), issues for 3 orders in a row is ridiculous. Last night we ordered from the McDonald’s we always do and when the driver got here, it was someone else’s order. She had delivered our food to that person instead. When we told her the issue she said okay and then left with the wrong order so we were left with nothing. So we ordered the exact same thing with a note to the driver to double check that it was the food we had ordered before bringing it upstairs. The time goes by and the app notifies me that the food has been delivered. It hadn't been, and the driver hadn’t contacted us at all. At this point we had given up on the drivers for the night. Now fast forward to less than an hour ago and we decide to try again since it is now daytime and not at night and maybe we had just been unlucky. The driver arrives and is missing ten dollars of food that we ordered. We ask him to wait a sec while we check the bags and he runs back to his car and drives off. Then we call the restaurant and they confirm that all items had been bagged and handed together to our driver. Which certainly makes it seem that he kept one considering how he ran off. Normally it could be understandable for a mess up here and there but 3 times in a row? With different restaurants? Come on.

Terrible App. The Uber app is not bad so I did not expect anything less from UberEats. I cannot speak for the UberEats service in other locations but in I’ve had the worst experience in Philly. I wanted to give the app a try because they offered me a $20 credit for inviting a friend. Besides the fact that I still had to cover another $20 for a discounted $10 meal ($30 - $20 credit) my food took almost an hour and a half to arrive. Time stated 45 - 55 mins, and at the hour mark the time estimated was extended twice. A few friends had the same situation happen. I’ve had Ubers rises that drove me from my house into center city faster with traffic than how long it took food deliveries from a restaurant 5 mins from my house to get to me. The map on the app is not accurate either. It would say the driver is down the block, and the indicated driver would be there for a good 20 mins sitting down the block. It would say 0 mins to arrival or at my location to then it changing to tell me its 15 minutes away. The UberEats experiences for me was terrible. I did not have a purpose for it because I do not see the need to pay extra service fees when I can pick up my own food in the area (kudos to those who want to spend the extra few for service and delivery fees). But if I was in the pool of customers that UberEats is targeting then I would be highly disappointed. Normally I would get this food myself, and I should have. If I wasn’t baited with this offer I would not have wasted my time.

Uber overall review and customer service.. As someone in the healthcare industry I am so grateful to have UberEats. It's helps a lot when my schedule is crazy and meal planning for my home getting taken away from me. I do wish fees were lower and that is way this year one of our family resolutions is to do a major cut back on UberEats orders. The fees are what opens our eyes on the high amount of money wasted. I know you all have no control of your true staff but more times than often our driver is not who they say they are. Unfortunately, the city I live in has a high crime rate and I wish there was a proper way to report this issue and often times there is a strong odor of drugs/smoke. I hate reporting issues but sometimes I feel like it needs to be addressed. I do appreciate customer service when I do report an issue with food or delivery. You listen and try your hardest to correct it with refunds. I think the common denominator is the drivers ordering/delivering/picking up the food when things are wrong. Again I am grateful for UberEats as a company. However, some improvements can be had and I think that involves reporting some of those making the deliveries. Also, is it okay and safe to have multiple people in the car as well? Children as well?

Horrible Customer Service. I ordered just last night from a restaurant less than 10 minutes away from me. Everything went fine until the driver picked up the order. I had paid for Priority delivery and was told she’d arrive in 7 minutes. After a few minutes, I checked the status and she’d gotten on the freeway and was going the opposite direction! Confused, I tracked her for a bit and sent her the address. She read it and didn’t reply. She kept going further away (time wise, was 10 minutes away) and I decided to call her. No answer. By then I wanted to cancel the order. I was told it was too late and all I had to do was wait. How does that make sense if she wasn’t heading to me? At some point, she went to another area and stayed a few minutes. An Uber rep had tried contacting her but had no luck. He told me “keep waiting” and ask her when she arrived. After a few minutes, she finally drove the 15 minutes back to me. However, a MAN dropped off the order. I only saw him walk away so I didn’t even get an explanation. And to no surprise, the food was in horrible condition. I have been contacting Uber Eats support all day and keep getting told “Occasionally, factors outside the restaurant or delivery driver’s control can result in some delays” and have been refused a refund. What’s the point of Priority if their horrible drivers won’t communicate and follow through on it? This is awful and have yet to get a proper response.

The worst customer service ever!. I received a food delivery that was totally inedible, so I contacted the customer service department 15 minutes after the food arrived. There were around 20 messages going back and forth. The conclusion was that Uber Eats were unable to make any price adjustments for the order. I kept telling them that if the food was served in a restaurant prepared the same way as I received in the delivery, I would've returned it to the kitchen and I'm sure they would have replaced the food. But UEats still refused a "price adjustment" Eventually, 28 hours later, I received a message saying I would get a credit of $15 for a $50 order! I tried to argue that I should get a refund for the total order, then I was told that the matter had been dealt with and I couldn't respond to the message. So, I tried to start a new message stream, but was informed that it was too long after the food was delivered to comment on the delivery! I understand that UEats must get people eating food then complaining to try and get some money back. In this case I sent photos of the food disposed of in the brown delivery bag. We had only eaten a couple of bites, couldn't eat the rest. There are so many other options for food delivery I will never use Uber Eats again.

Poor QC. Poor Customer Service. Just poor.. I have been a LONG-TIME Uber user. I was one of the people telling you to download it when it first came out years ago. I currently have platinum status on the app. I say all of this to let you know that this app and this company are garbage and you should take your money elsewhere. I live in the NYC metro area and have, for years now, had orders delivered incredibly late, orders show up with items missing routinely, or orders just now show up at all. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough to get a refund from the generic, robotic customer service rep who is always “so sorry” that something happened to your order, but even when you present photographic evidence that an order was unacceptably late or altered in some way, they will tell you to take it up directly with the restaurant, despite the fact that the restaurant never dealt with me and my money went through Uber’s greedy little system. I have always known that by using Uber, restaurants end up making a little less on each order but the convenience of the app was what made it worth using. I have not felt convenience while using Uber Eats in years. I only feel stress and annoyance. It is for that reason that I have sworn off using this disgusting platform again. I hope the company goes under from all that debt you’ve accumulated. No amount of discounts you try throwing my way will bring me back. Your competitors will have my business now.

Charged for order that never arrived. So I’ve ordered 10+ times from Uber eats by now. I always tip drivers 20% or above. I messaged the driver, asked not to knock because our baby is sleeping, and provided more detailed instructions to find our apartment. He said he’s on his way. I see the on the app that the driver’s car is in the complex & see message that delivery is complete. I check at our door. Nothing is there. I check all the other apartments nearby & nothing is there. Driver is already gone so they did not wait like they’re supposed to. Tried calling driver 3x with no success. Report issue to chat and get told that I have requested too many refunds & adjustments to orders in the past, so they cannot give me a refund. It’s not my fault for past items being wrong or that the order never got to me despite messaging drivers to help with directions. I’m not sure why there is so much trouble finding it. There building number is a giant sign on the building. I tell them how to get there, where the entryway stairs are, what floor & letter of apartment, which is also a very clear sign on our door. I’m not going to leave my sleeping baby to wander around the entire complex at night looking for my order. This happened one time before & I got a refund. So basically Uber eats stole my money for a delivery that never got me. Extremely dishonest business practices. Told chat I will not be ordering through Uber eats again and deleted my account, which includes Uber ride.

One driver ruins it all. App works fairly well, so far food orders perfect until last night. Order #6A7F4 with driver Courtney in Tampa. Ordered from Deeya Indian Food in Clearwater FL. Was estimated 30 minutes. Assigned to driver Courtney. Had only a 60% rating, not sure why she is even allowed to continue to deliver with that lack of respect for the customer that they rated her 60. As order picked up, somehow, without my authorization, she was assigned another delivery from the same restaurant, and this extended my delivery to from 25 to 35 minutes. Why am I paying for colder food? Then, 8 minutes before my scheduled delivery, my order shows delivered. Yeah, the moron of a driver looks to have delivered both orders to the first stop. Even Ubereats couldn’t get a hold of driver. Sure my money was refunded, but that is not good enough. I want to know what happens to the driver, should be banned from Uber and or ubereats for at least a year, and I should at a minimal get a free meal. I sat and waited an hour, starving....and eventually had to go out and get my own food....wonder how quickly I will use ubereats again.....or recommend to others....NOT. If Ubereats want to keep me as a customer......something should be done more then, oh we so sorry...we will refund you ok...... Very very disappointed customer.....

Refused To Deliver Medicine. I’ve tried to use Uber eats for over three hours today to try and send medicine and supplies to someone with Covid with a no contact delivery. After waiting an hour on “order confirmed” it finally informed me the order was canceled with no explanation to why but said to try again. With no other option to send the medicine, I put in another order. This time after about 15 minutes the order had a driver assigned and they arrived at the location to work on the order. After about 20 minutes and the status suddenly switched back to “Order Confirmed”. After waiting 20 minutes I called support and was informed “we can not look into your order for another 20 minutes.” I insisted I’m trying to send someone medicine and insisting if they could look into this issue. I was assured “There was no issue as I would be refunded if there was an issue”. I’m not looking for a refund, I’m trying to send medicine to someone suffering through covid. With the support insisting nothing could be done and they could not contact there driver until 20 minutes had passed I had to wait. After 19 minutes, the order was canceled again with no info. I called back and was told that since the order was canceled there was nothing they could do. But I could certainly try to send the order again. The absolute lack of communication and need to assist someone trying to find medical aid is staggering. I will never trust Uber with my money, time, and safety again.

How did I get charged for a 40% tip two weeks after I placed an order?. I’ve only used this app twice, but giving 2 stars because they apparently charge you for a 40% tip to your delivery driver from a 2 week old order.. I got on the app last night to search for a restaurant in my area. Before I could begin my search, the app asked me to rate my experience from an order I had placed over 2 weeks prior. I happily gave the restaurant good ratings, and gave my delivery driver good ratings as well. Then to my surprise, a notification pops up that a tip has been added to this 2 week old order. How this happened, I have no clue. I then go onto my bank statement to find that I was charged for a 40% tip on this order.. again, how this happened, I have no clue. I never typed in any tip amount, let alone authorize the app to charge a tip to my account. I reached out to customer service about this issue and was responded to with a message that said they are only able to edit tip amounts up to an hour or 2 after delivery, and that I should please be careful to check that my order is correct before submitting it next time. If this is their policy, then how on earth was I charged a tip two whole weeks after the fact?? Not only does their tip policy contradict itself, but how I was charged a tip in the first place still perplexes me. I hope my delivery driver enjoys her tip. Her service was satisfactory. Uber Eats gets a thumbs down. It’s the principle of the thing.

Customer support is horrible. **update** I received a response from Apple saying the app developer responded to my review. It seemed like they wanted to help resolve my issue, but no direct contact information to get the help. I am tired of continually emailing the “help” link (which was the only contact info included in the email) and getting a different person every time, and they do not actually help me! I did it twice and no help, and that’s why I’m submitting this review. ** I placed and then canceled an order literally 30 seconds after I placed the order. The reason I cancelled was I did not see that the order said “for pick-up” and I wanted delivery. I didn’t even know that when ordering through Uber eats there are other options?? I’ve never seen that before. Anyways, they said the restaurant had already started making the order and that’s why I was still charged. This was completely false because I called the restaurant a few minutes later and they had not started making the order and received the cancellation successfully. I submitted for help through the app and I received an email that, as a courtesy, I would receive a refund. It’s been two weeks and no refund. I submitted for help again only to get an email saying they issued the refund and I need to check with my bank. My bank, obviously has not received anything. Uber is being very deceitful and likely has fraudulently received millions of dollars because of situations like this. I will not use them ever again.

Prices are getting ridiculous!. I use this app a lot and have always rated it highly on feedback questions. I have also recommended to friends. The customer service I have experienced has been great as of now and has even exceeded my expectations in spite of other customers' bad experiences with it based on other reviews. However, the prices are getting ridiculous and it shows how much they don't care about their customers. If they would be smarter business wise, they wouldn't keep raising the prices unreasonably and customers would order more frequently. We have to pay for taxes, delivery fee, AND the booking fee which is 15% of the customers' total AND the tip. I always leave a tip because I care about the delivery partners getting paid well and getting the credit they deserve especially if they do a great job. I was about to order food today which costs $40 in total and with how much they are charging now it comes up to $60! I don't care what purpose it all has. 20$ on top of the food I'm ordering? That is utter abuse to the people who help your company continue to succeed. You should not treat your customers so poorly and should value them especially since your apps are successful. I will either use Ubereats for emergencies only or will not be using any Uber app again if this does not improve in any way. Ridiculous.

Disappointing Customer Service. During these trying times, I believe we need to support our local restaurants and drivers, as there are so many people who cannot go to work as usual and earn an income. I had to cancel an order because the restaurant did not have what I ordered - they sent the wrong items. So after the driver took the wrong order back to the restaurant, I cancelled the order. The problem is that because of the cancellation, I was not able to rate and give the driver his well-deserved tip. I received a call, apparently from customer service (Spanish-speaking real person because he asked my name for verification.) He just stated that the order was cancelled and that I wouldn’t be charged for it; I knew that. I wanted to ask him how I could at least tip the driver but he did not allow me to speak and hung up on me!!! I’ve been looking in the app yo sé how I can contact customer service or find a way to tip the driver - he was very courteous and even called me twice from the restaurant looking to provide me with options about my order. It is not his fault the restaurant screwed up my order. There should be a way to rate and tip even if an order is cancelled. And there should be a better way to get a hold of your customer “service” .

Obviously amazing. Uber eats got me through pandemic. Basically only had one issue before which wasn’t a big deal until last night. I ordered food. After about an hour, it didn’t arrive. The app didn’t show much more than “preparing your order” and advised me to call the restaurant, which I’m thinking is a ghost kitchen because I never heard of it and the phone call would ring twice then disconnect. So I ordered food from somewhere else and finally ate and attempted to contact customer service. When you have a 24/7 business, your customer service needs to be 24/7. It took awhile for me to figure out how to report the fact I never got my food, about 10 or 11pm. Got a response at 5am asking me for my order number and then they refunded the purchase. I have worked in hospitality and customer service for about 20 years. A better response would have been “we are refunding you and also looking into what happened.” And how about maybe don’t do business with a restaurant that doesn’t have a working phone number? Or just anyone available. I was very frustrated last night. I understand stuff happens, I’m more frustrated with the lack of customer service than I am with my missing burrito.

I lost two hours of my Saturday night and my dinner. I placed an order at 8:30pm to a restaurant that closes at “8:45” but I didn’t know that information at the time I placed my order. The order went through, but it kept getting delayed due to no drivers available. Then when a driver was available, they arrived at a closed restaurant and canceled the delivery, so it went to the next driver and so on. I realized what was happening and I tried to cancel my order but I was not permitted to do so without speaking to an agent. I finally got connected with someone at 10:30pm after skipping dinner completely. I wanted the order canceled, wanted to be refunded, as well as compensated for the trouble. I lost 2 hours of my Saturday night as well as my dinner. The agent said I would not receive any compensation, just a refund. It is absolutely absurd to me that Uber eats refuses to compensate me for this major inconvenience. This is two hours of my life I will never get back. I plan on writing a review about this on every social media platform to warn people about this happening to them, and I will never use Uber eats again. I am an upstanding citizen and have never once complained about a company or written a bad review. I just cannot fathom a company putting someone through this and not having the decency to compensate. I am a business woman myself and I always do my best to make customers happy. If I screw up, I make it right. I guess I was wrong to expect Uber eats to do the same.

my opinion on uber eats <3. my personal opinion on Uber eats is that it’s a really good app for ordering food and stuff. My order is always on time and if not it gives me a notification when it’s going to be late or not and I really honestly appreciate that. And all honesty I believe that Uber eats, is a lot more better than Postmates because Postmates sometimes most of the time forgets your order and that really pisses me off but with Uber eats that does not happen. it happened only a few times and I’ve gotten really mad but it’s fine I understand. I dont get as upset anymore because you know I probably didn’t request utensils so that’s probably why I didn’t get any. I also did not get my drink once which was really you know kind of annoying but it’s fine I’ll live. I think it was just a problem with the restaurant I ordered from Taco Bell so I think that was what you know caused it but yeah overall I really like Uber eats anything everyone who is too lazy to go out and buy food should definitely download this app it is one of my favorite applications to order food because I’m like really lazy and my food always comes on time and I really love it and I’m really glad that I download this app because it really saved me so much time and effort and yeah.

Never order delivery for a specific time!. I’ve ordered through UberEats before and have not had any major issues with deliveries. However, the two times that I’ve ordered with specific delivery times requested, there has always been an issue. No exceptions. The first time which was several months back, my order was over an hour late and the restaurant actually sent their own driver to deliver, but yet I’m sure Uber charged the restaurant for this. Unacceptable. The second time was yesterday, the restaurantI ordered from called me three times letting me know that the food was ready but no Uber driver had come by to pick up. It is impossible to get a hold of any customer support via chat on the Uber app. Impossible and very unproductive. I could not cancel the order because the restaurant had already worked on it, and I could not reach someone via chat. Long story short I will say they ended up refunding my order because I sent several messages very upset. My food was actually picked up and delivered three hours late, cold. It was not the restaurant’s fault it was UberEats support and the inability to contact someone in an efficient manner as soon as a problem arises. This is my reason of giving them one star because the app has no good way of contacting someone fir help.

DO NOT USE! you WILL regret it. Had horrible service from Ubereats when I was using them five years ago, again and again, consecutively bad, along with terrible support for said horrible service, and decided never to use them again. As stated, it’s been five years. They offered a $25 off an order of $30 to come back to the app. Decided to chance it. What a surprise, it’s been hours and as usual, our food hasn’t been picked up so by the time we’d finally (maybe) get it, it’d be so cold and disgusting that I wouldn’t want to eat it. Canceled the order and asked for a refund for that exact reason, and the cheapskates wouldn’t let me keep the promo. I ordered this as a very rare treat for myself, and the entire app failed to deliver. Hasn’t changed despite the passing of five years. Y’all probably would have more drivers if you paid them a living wage instead of the disgusting “by order” pay that you do in order to get the most work out of people for so little pay that they have to work for multiple delivery apps at the same time in order to scrape by. But nah, why be decent when you can make cash hand over fist that you’ll never be able to spend on one lifetime. UPDATE: after the app crashing multiple times and support being, unsurprisingly, the worst, instead of cancelling the order and giving us a refund, they’ve allowed someone to pick it up despite the fact that the restaurant is now LONG closed. Crappy app. Crappy support. Cold and inedible food. Use them at your own risk.

Uber Eats PR. Honestly I never write reviews for apps but I need to warn other costumers of the irregularities in this service. my experience with the app in Puerto Rico has been frustrating. Although the food and the drivers have been absolutely amazing, the telephone and app costumer services are terrible. The first time I called the operator basically started arguing with me because he thought PR was not in the US. Then he couldn’t find my address and I offered to give him the original address and he basically shouted he didn’t know any Spanish. He also interrupted me repeatedly and didn’t allow me to explain what I needed. On a second occasion, the technician left me 10 minutes on hold and then told me that if I cancelled it was my fault so I was going to be charged for the full amount of the order (which was aprox $100 bc I was ordering for several people). In summary, The app will not let you make any changes after you submit the order and it is practically imposible to fix them or cancel. Other local apps (that have higher service fees) have an editing option and you are able to fix your order quickly, they also have great costumer service and will solve any other issues over the phone in no time. I’ve been using Uber because it was cheaper and faster but will refrain from doing so in the future. I left multiple comments and feedback on the app and not even an answer. I rather pay 3 extra dollars and being treated like a human being.

Horrible customer service!!!!. I order food from you guys and it was completely cold and the food was delivered messy. The order was $65 and I spoke to 2 different “customer service specialist that that both sucked and could give me a refund the most they “could do for me” is give me a $5 Uber cash. The order came almost 1 hour from the estimated time. I understand having an order before mine but after that order was done there was no other order but mine and the driver remained in the same spot for almost 30 minutes straight until I sent him a message and he finally decided to show up after another 30 minutes. This is legit a scam! I want a full refund like we didn’t even eat the food because it was soggy and nasty by the time we received it. I took a screenshot of my message to the delivery driver as well. You guys get good ratings because most people forget about the small things and still give you a good rating, but my order was $65!!!!! I will not forget this. I’m deleting this app never using it again, from now on I’m using DoorDash. At least they get my food right, and on time if not earlier. Which is crazy because you guys are supposed to be the best right ? Number 2 listed on the App Store but what about all the small items that are missing from orders ? Like I said most people don’t mind and I’m one of those people but my order was $65 and it was disgusting.

Horrible experience. Ordered from Papa Ginos and at checkout was told they (the restaurant) deliver themselves and no real tracking would exist for the order. Over a half hour from the estimated delivery window, now like an hour and half from when I ordered, the manager says the order is there and no one picked it up. She indicated the app/UE system was new to them. I then have to explain to them the way they are listed in UberEats as being responsible for delivery. They say contact UberEats who in the app say contact the restaurant. I asked her if they could try to cancel the order because if I did I would be charged the entire amount as a free. She said she would. Nothing. Still pending delivery. Call back and she says she can’t help me the order doesn’t show up any more for her to see. So for the next hour and half after that I wait to see what will happen. I send a customer service message the best I could find which was, I was charged a cancelation fee, and left a message. It wasn’t until 9:19pm that I get a completed order notification and email like everything was all good and my card was going to stay charged. I then was able to say I didn’t receive my delivery and again another message gets sent. This was the worse experience I ever had with any delivery app like this platform and I use multiple competitors. My kids and I waited for nothing, never received anything, and I had to pay for it. Not cool. 0 stars if I could. I will be filing a BBB complaint.

Smh. I ordered my food at 1pm, the delivery time was expected to be at 2:10pm, which was fine because my lunch wasn’t over until 3pm, I get an hour lunch. At 2pm my order delivery status went from 2:10pm to 2:40pm I’m not sure why but there’s no excuse and very unacceptable. I tried to cancel my order for 10 minutes but the prompt wouldn’t appear at all. The app is not working accurately. I tried to contact my driver to see if he could drop off my order to me as soon as possible due to my lunch going to end soon, but of course I didn’t get a response. To make matters worse the driver delivered my order to the wrong area, causing me to leave my patient, I wrote specific delivery instructions and they were ignored. Also my food was cold. I tried to contact customer service to report the issue via, website, app and phone and unfortunately got through to nobody, the phone repeatedly disconnected the call and the chat option wouldn’t appear on the app. I will be sending a email to Corporate as well as the phone screen video of myself repeatedly trying to cancel my order with no success. I feel disrespected as a customer; this issue has happened more than once, enough is enough. I will be canceling my UberEats pass, I refuse to give this company my hard earned money just to be treated like trash. I work hard every day for my money so please don’t think I am low life trying to get a discount. I am a paying Customer giving a review on a company I made a purchase through.

Terrible customer service. I had the most terrible customer service experience I’ve ever had on this app. I use DoorDash and Grubhub and never have had an issue like this. I had a driver pick up my order and when they almost arrived suddenly canceled the order. When I contacted customer service asking for an app credit for the inconvenience they told me “they have limits to their services and Uber cannot provide credits” That’s the first time I’ve ever been told a company that charges double the price of the actual order was unable to provide a credit for an extreme inconvenience. So here I am almost 2 hours of waiting and expecting my coffee after a reorder. Hopefully this driver actually brings my order cause Uber certainly doesn’t care about my inconvenience. Chatting with them was a waste. When I they tried to connect me with another chat rep I let them know I would write a review on the lack of customer service I received, they didn’t seem to care. When I said I didn’t want to speak to anymore reps because they didn’t want to resolve my issue the chat rep mocked me when I wrote again about how upset I was saying “I thought you didn’t wanna talk to me”. Extremely unprofessional. Sad this is how your hard earned money and time is wasted without care. Won’t ever use this app again. I didn’t need a handout cause I spend so much on these apps. I just wanted them to want to make it right.

Worst Customer Experience of My Life. Due to work circumstances I was at a hotel with no food options nearby. I am in a foreign country, with nothing in walking distance, no money for both food and a taxi. I dont have enough food packed in my lunchbox for the whole trip, so I have no other options but to Uber Eats. I put an order in for the cheapest food I can find (Churches). My card was not accepted. I tried several times before realizing it was my bank putting a fraud alert because they havent changed my status to always traveling. I called and got that sorted. Then tried to add my payment method back. The app not said there was an error multiple times. I reached out to customer support who told me that their policy has a daily verification limit that if reached you cannot add payment methods. My apple pay and Paypal options were not being allowed to connect to the app either… at this point I have been dealing with this for hours, painfully starving, nauseated, and it was about to affect the work trip I was on because I was getting very ill from having no food. The customer service rep proceeded to say sorry but there is nothing they can do. No exceptions. This is a big flaw in Uber Eats policy that they have no way to verify users for instances like this. I deleted the app and will never use it again because even if I am gracious about this one extreme circumstance that they failed me on, I will never forget how they didn’t help me when I needed the help most.

Support is a joke and they don’t like to pay you what your owed. Good luck getting any type of answers or any help with Uber support. They also don’t honor the surge rates I was suppose to get $+11 on next order and guess what nothing and I’ve been dealing with “support” for two weeks about this now on top of having never gotten paid for any surge rated since I started in March and when you have to cancel orders bc a restaurant is closed no matter how much the order was or distance traveled you’ll only get reimbursed $2-$3 if you even want to deal with the ordeal that is “support” . Oh and also recently they have been pushing orders where they only pay us $4-$6 which if you are a active driver you know is trash. I’ve tried getting those orders to make it worth it but when you grab a $5 dollar order and then you don’t get anything else for close to 2 hours and your wasting gas it really doesn’t add up. I can hardly understand the “support” crew. They have so much yelling and people talking over each other in the background and horrible connection most times and they sound confused or like they have no idea what they are doing it’s extremely frustrating. I’m hoping more drivers report this or leave honest reviews bc I know leaving one review won’t fix anything but if they fixed what I talked about above it would be a great side hustle. Rant over🤣✌️

Whole order wrong. My son’s birthday dinner. I understand the limited menu. However, we paid for an adults Chicken & fries and got 3 chicken and 10 fries. A child’s size. We ordered and adult size being he’s 16. I had to cook more food for him. Then the bake potatoes came with nothing. I asked load. Salad had no dressing. I had no dressing at home. The shrimp & Chicken pasta came dry no sauce. I tried putting but on it, but didn’t help and not what we paid for! I understand with delivery we end up heating up our food. I’m ok with that. However, our steak was order Med-rare and it came well done and dry. We ask for extra bread & butter and was willing to pay for any extras!!!! When I looked at the receipt there wasn’t a single note on the yellow receipt or the white receipt attached to both bags. I call Outback they had Uber eats call me. On June 8th the promise a credit and will take a few days. After 12 days I thought something wrong. I reached out to them and they are refusing my credit being that it’s 7 days past the date that it was paid for. After they already promised the credit on the day that I ordered it. I keep getting this stand answer and no help other then they will not credit me back because it’s now 5 days past their 7 days. Side Note this is not Outback fault!!!! It’s Uber eats!!! There was not a single note on the receipts!

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Tired of lodging complaints - swapping to Menulog. UPDATE : UberEats response : Have u updated the app and re-installed. My response : well yes probably 3 times but of course that will make no difference BECAUSE ITS YOUR DELIVERY DRIVERS WHO CANT FIND MY HOUSE BECAUSE YOUR MAPS ARE WRONG. UberEats response: Drop a note to the Uber Eats support. My response : yeah every delivery for the last 10 deliveries AND now the drivers are also logging the problem. MY RESPONSE : So Menulog uses Google maps and can find my house (middle of suburbia on a long straight road - just follow the house numbers) with no probs. So bye UberEats.... For a few weeks the Uber Eats app and website has been showing my delivery address incorrectly. Have tried to lodge complaints but responses rude and unhelpful. For every delivery I have to add a long description to tell the driver to NOT USE THE MAP IN THEIR APP and then ask them to use Apple Maps or Google Maps. Of course none of them do. Then I watch on the tracker getting lost. Then they call. Then I have to give them directions to find my address. The food is then late and cold and the poor driver has made no money on my delivery. I’ve been using Uber Eats for about a year and this problem only started a few weeks ago. Goodbye Uber Eats, hello MenuLog .....

Not happy. I have had nothing but trouble with this, my orders are always wrong so I’m left with no food or half of what I ordered, it takes them 24 hours to get back to you meanwhile you are without food for dinner or lunch or breakfast.. you have to order again and pay again to get your missing items.. they did reimburse me back the money of my missing food items only but I still had to pay for 2 separate delivery prices and the inconvenience of having to wait twice the time.. the other apps I use have never gotten my food items wrong at all and the one that did, the restaurant resent me my items right away.. they took an extra 10 min to deliver but worth it when you have all your food in front of you.. gotta say I’ll stick with the rides not the food ordering process that Uber provides.. very disappointed because when I queried it they said they couldn’t do anything about it.. have deleted my account and will no longer be using them ..

Warning! Shady customer service, stronger regulations for uber now!. I had a meal not show up to my house. Driver turned off his phone and no one could contact him...food disappeared! Uber kept my money for 1-10 business days while they "refunded" it. i received no replacement food. They applied a $10 voucher to try to make me happy, said voucher never showed up and i spent 30 mins on the phone (very hard to find the number of this dodgy company )explaining to a guy in another country that i had payed money and received no service and no working voucher, he was no help. Eventually i found out the voucher was being applied as "another refund" and was in my account some days later... they had my original money and the "voucher is payed for" for up to ten business days...because of an error on their end. This is unacceptable! i really think stronger regulations must be applied to uber eats and food delivery apps in general as this is not good customer service and i think they think they are untouchable.

Misleading and deceptive. There are several features of this app that are misleading or deceptive: (1) sometimes when I pay extra money for priority it is apparent that my driver is attending to other orders before mine; (2) Uber does bait and switch - today I searched for a particular meal type, after I’d selected a restaurant and put in my order, the app informed me that the restaurant was no longer available; (3) delivery estimates are often woefully inaccurate and immediately blow out as soon as customers have handed over their cash and locked in their order; (4) riders frequently don’t actually deliver the food - it either never arrives at all or they leave it in the lobby of my building without bringing it to the door (which defeats the whole purpose of having it delivered); (5) customer service involves an automatic decision tree that inevitably leads to Uber not actually providing any service; (6) in the rare events you can reach one, Uber’s customer service representatives frequently blame local small businesses rather than taking responsibility for issues that are plainly a result of their poor business practices; (7) Uber’s refund policy involves them telling you that you can either let them keep your money and have a credit or wait 10 days for a refund. Given their flagrant disregard for compliance with consumer laws it is disappointing that regulatory action has not been taken against them yet.

What a scam. I have only ordered a few times from Uber eats and have had issues with items missing but the driver is apologetic and as disappointing as it is to not get full order you get a quick refund from Uber, I just had a meal not even delivered! I think it is ridiculous that I have to pay for an order I not receive it, I missed the phone call from the driver but then when I tried to call back it says the number doesn’t take incoming calls, took me ages to find the restaurant as there are no contact details for it in App, finally found them, they have a different business name, had no order under my name, only found order on second phone call when I had order number and they said order was picked up at 6.30. Tried to find number for Uber but couldn’t so logged complaint that order not delivered, finally found number to be told that because I didn’t answer my phone I am not entitled to refund. They should leave the meal and send a message saying left at door as unable to contact instead of taking meal and saying it has been delivered, what a scam! I hope he enjoyed my pizza! I have deleted app! I wasted an hour of my life trying to find out where my meal was!

Poor communication and sync. My dining experience was spoiled by poor communication using the Uber app, I was told the order had failed and subsequently cancelled so I ordered from elsewhere. After I’d already received and part eaten the second order, I received a notification that my order from the first place was on its way. I felt I had no choice but to accept this order because it was too late to cancel, even though I never received a confirmation of order. And it was an hour after I ordered it; I live about 1.5 km or ten minutes walk from the restaurant. This has happened several times, the order seems to dropout midway or freezes so you never really know the status of your order. Leaving feedback for Uber, rather than the eatery, is also problematic not at all helpful. I give up, I do not plan to use Uber eats again. Even sending this review is ridiculously complicated, you have to provide a nickname and every nickname you try is supposedly taken!

At least they refund you.. I’ve noticed a steady increase in frequency of stuff ups when ordering, for a while it was going without an issue, every order was correct, sometimes even better at getting it right than dominos. But then it started, first it would be just a drink or 2, highly annoying but not meal breaking, just send a refund application and it would get sorted out, no big issue, then it started to get more frequent and worse, one time I had only half of my order (for a family of 3) delivered. (Yes I got refunded, had to wait though). Then the errors continued to get more frequent and now we got the completely wrong order with not a single part of it correct. Now yes we will probably get the refund for that too, but at this point I feel that it’s not good enough, I don’t want a refund, I want my food that was paid for with hard earned money. What I want is for Uber to take some more steps to ensure that these errors stop. While the refund is nice it doesn’t come immediately and you are forced to have to order something else, that’s a lot of time to have money missing, if it was just a drink missing every 10 orders that would be ok, but at this point it’s unacceptable, something needs to be done to better ensure that orders are successfully fulfilled. At least in the end, they will still give you a refund, but i have run out of second chances to give, next time a big error happens, goodbye Uber eats, hello whoever can show basic competence.

Horrible.. Seriously? A problem with 3 different delivery drivers for the same order? First time, Uber driver agreed to delivering our meal, but he was over 25 mins away from the restaurant and us. He hadn’t left, so I messaged him, where he replied that he’d leave in 5mins. He never did and I did not want to cancel, as I knew he was trying to be dodgy. I called the restaurant and advised them that my Husband would come to pick up the food. This was 20mins later, mind you. Then UberEats called and said they’d assigned a new driver. We tried to message him too... and no reply. Also, did not move. Don’t know what happened but a THIRD person was then assigned and he was on a bike. He ALSO did not move. The restaurant called to say that his “bike broke down,” and he cancelled my order. I had a hungry 8 yr old child AND a 6 month old baby at home, so thank God my Husband was home to pick it up! This is seriously shameful... and not at all the restaurants fault. On top of that, Uber Eats customer service was very blunt and unapologetic. I was happy with them up u til today. This is unacceptable. Even if I wasn’t charged for my cancelled order and the complete stuff around with 3 different drivers, customer service had a job to do and they failed miserably. And just a tip for Uber deliverers... I ALWAYS TIP if you have excellent service. Those who don’t get a tip, there’s a reason.

Don’t waste your time get deliveroo instead !!. The one star is just so I can write a review. Might have more options compared to other delivery places but they sure as hell have the worst customer service !!! Multiple times I have been stuffed around and I have to literally beg for a proper refund to which they always refuse even if the food is uneatable but they’ll offer me a 5 dollar credit (which is enough for just delivery alone) I live in an apartment and the worst was when I was in my apartment with my child and I ordered some breakfast for her and it said my meal was delivered .. turns out the driver left my food in the lobby so instead of giving me a refund they offered me 5 dollars and apologies .. such an absolute joke !!! And another time all I wanted was a coffee for me and my partner and they forgot one of the coffees and all I asked was if they could just resend it but they insisted on only giving me a refund which meant if I wanted my coffee I’d have to pay 5 dollars delivery to get it .. absolute waste of money ! At least Deliveroo try and help when it’s their fault by resending meals or missing items if needed without hesitation but Uber eats are terrible even with proof they are so difficult and stubborn !

Happy but disappointed. The drivers i experience in emu plains are great, they understand what leave at the door means unlike other apps where it is contact less but they still knock and wait for you too answer, working for a disability service and getting food delivered, it is a priority we do not bring anything in from out side that could effect our customers, that is why I appreciate the drivers for being so good in the exchange, now for why this is not a 5 star review (anymore) I am very disappointed in the new service fee that has been added, I am now paying for a service fee and a delivery fee in one go, so I usually end up paying about $8 for delivery which is annoying but not the end of the world, the reason why I am not happy about it, is I use to tip my driver very often but since the service fee has been introduced I have been heavily discouraged of doing so, this is a very greedy marketing technique in my option to push sales on the new $15 a month Uber pass service which will grant you a no delivery fee from what I have seen, this has directly effected my decision to help the driver that does the hard work to deliver my meal and I hope driver’s speak up about this because I am angry for you’s it appears disgusting considering the tip system is a very good tool that I like about this app, knowing the driver is going to get more then $6 for driving 10-20mins to me made me feel better about them using there time and effort to deliver my food.

Inconvenient and constant headaches. They steal your money!. As a service that’s supposed to make your life easier, it does quite the opposite. There’s less trouble and it’s cheaper to just pick it up yourself. I couldn’t be more angry with this service. I have had countless experiences where UberEats has delivered the wrong meals and not refunded my money! I’m truly shocked that this is allowed. Many times I have told Uber about the problem and they simply say they can’t look into the matter further. It’s ridiculous. I worry for people with allergies as a mistake in a food order could be life threatening, and UberEats doesn’t even take the time to look into the matter. Not even a question of asking for pictures. It’s ridiculous how inconsistent this service is. There are constantly problems with delivery partners and the restaurants. I’ve had drivers not show up multiple times, drop my food on the floor right in front of me, constantly unable to find my address (at many different addresses). Constantly get cold food, food that’s the wrong order, missing items. And there are times when I have to argue my point, which is absolutely ridiculous! Just completely unreliable and definitely not worth it if you value your money.

Overpriced for extremely poor service. Inflated restaurant prices to cover the fees uber charges, ridiculously overpriced delivery charges for restaurants that are less than 10 minutes away, now an added service fee that all combine to ensure using this service is quite often double what you would pay for the same order in store. I think Uber has run it’s race as it has never really been a reliable and efficient service but now with the unreasonable high prices it’s certainly no longer worth taking the gamble that your ordering and delivery experience will be smooth and hassle free. Add to that sharing a delivery with another customer means we are paving triple fees to wait longer to receive a cold, soggy and unsatisfactory meal. Update; Now Uber has a priority delivery fee. So they take a percentage of the value of the order from the restaurant, they whack a service fee on top of that, they then charge a delivery fee, and now a priority delivery fee.

Worst company totally unacceptable customer service. I order $100 worth of food did not receive 5 drinks in total and cold hard stale food with a very rude delivery driver who couldn’t even say hello two sundaes spilt I ask to have this fixed unaware that while 4 kids are fighting over the two sundaes that are left and the youngest having a cry over no drink i was actually supposed to take a photo of the drinks that are not there and the sundaes for this to even be fixed I explain I wasn’t aware again I get told no can do.... they simply say to be able to do anything about this they need that photo!!!! I won’t be a a customer any longer your a joke and absolutely not even close to a good company when simply I order my kids a treat and upon me asking if at least the drinks and sundaes can be refunded considering it’s now 9.30pm and if I asked to have it sent back out my kids would then be in bed but either way I wasn’t offered either I won’t be treated like my money isn’t as good in my pucket than my own children’s tummy’s or being used by rip offs who simply want to save a few bucks by ripping me off us people who are just another number. Thanks for allowing me to not order again!

Have had bad experiences with Uber eats. I have tried to embrace the Uber eats experience on multiple occasions, however unfortunately the food has been not been edible due to the delivery.. On one occasion the delivery guy had dropped our meal in the dirt and our meal was covered in leaves dirt and the packaging was completely soiled.. Uber was very slow to react to our complaint. We went to bed without dinner as a result. I decided to give Ubereats another try this evening and the delivery guy went to the wrong address. When the driver called to (what I assume was to find my address, however I did not understand his accent or the language he spoke)find my address he was unable to communicate in English. Eventually when I was able to locate the driver on foot and collect the meal, I wasn’t surprised to discover that the food was cold and mangled, the meal looked like it had been put through a blender. The food was thrown away. I’ve learnt it’s much easier to contact the food provider directly and not pay an additional fee to Uber for rubbish service...

The few negatives eclipse out the amazing positive experiences. The UberEats app is great. I would really love to give this 5 stars as I’m very pleased and happy about many great features and experiences and I would love to rave on about many positives… unfortunately the few negative experiences quickly shadow and eclipse and undo all the goodwill… unfortunately things like constant reminders to (force ?) a sale when I decide not to order something keeps popping up… I’m reminded that I didn’t check out when I clearly canceled and decided not to order. I cleared the cart multiple times… but I always end up getting the notifications anyway and I can’t turn this off unless I turn off ALL notifications and that’s not what I want to do… there is no customisation configuration for this “undocumented feature”. The feedback system is a limited pigeon hole box approach which does not meet the specific issue which is unique… I am only given a few options each with pros and cons and I can only choose the lesser evil and “take the best I can get” of the lesser evil… I don’t have an option to rate how ubereats failed on a particular order when it’s not the driver or the restaurant.

Could be better. Overall it’s pretty good however, I think there could be more promo codes especially when continuously ordering from the app to then get nothing in return. Or there are daily promotions that most people can’t even use such as the $20 off grocery one or $30 liquor one. Very disappointing in that aspect. Usually the refund part is very good as they normally straight up give you refunds especially if you have photo evidence. But, sometimes they won’t allow it even with photo evidence and continuously messaging the contact support about it. Again very disappointing. Last thing. I hate that you’s upped the delivery charge. It used to be so cheap for example, $1.99 to get maccas near by. But then you’s added the service fee which is actually ridiculous and also upped the delivery fees. I swear you’s used to have a maximum delivery fee price such as $4 but now there are things that are for example, $8. Uber eats has honestly gotten way worse from when I first started using it just over a year ago. I should honestly just look into other food delivery apps at this point!

Food not delivered. SCAM!!. Ordered food at 6:06. Uber eats app said delivery 6:40-7. No food arrived. I ring the restaurant, they tell me the food was picked up at 6:40 (initially). I ring Uber eats, they tell me the food was “delivered” at 6:30. How is this timeframe even possible when I live at least 10 minutes away and it’s a busy Japanese restaurant at peak dinner time!! Will they drop everything to deal with my ordered?? Don’t think so. Don’t know if Uber drivers swapped their scooters for Ferrari’s these days but it looks like this one has. I asked Uber eats to contact the restaurant. They said the restaurant said it was picked up at 6:40 (now the timeframe makes more sense). I asked how is this possible? Uber scratches their head and rings the restaurant again but then this time tells me “sometimes the restaurant gets their time sheets wrong”, but it seems Uber eats doesn’t. Uber eats now say it was picked up at 6:20?? Are you number crunching these crazy times??? I initially rang the restaurant (Niji in Kensington) and they told me that it was picked up at 6:40 before I contacted Uber eats. Uber eats kindly said they will “as a one off refund the money for the food”..... that never arrived in the first place. Don’t know who’s eating my sushimi tonight but enjoy it while I delete the Uber eats app. Don’t get scammed.

Lots of problems. So first off my account got disabled because I kept trying to log in and it would refresh and keep coming back to the log in page. Then my card apparently got disabled because it was associated with that account. I don’t really know to be honest because they were awful at letting me know what was going on or how to fix it. I tried the website they suggested to ask for my account to be active again and I had the same issues as before, the website wouldn’t actually let me log in which is just great. Then on a family members account there was an accident on the road when we ordered our food. This was completely unavoidable and when the driver was able to drop off the food 2 hours later they were wonderful. However the app was not equipped to deal with this. First off I get why you can’t cancel without having to still pay but it’s still kind of annoying that overeats kept delaying by 10 mins instead of just letting us know that it would be severely delayed. Also there’s no option to leave a note for the driver after the order has been processed so if you need to do something real quick (because who can be on call for food for 2+ hours) you can’t forewarn them about it or ask them to just leave it at the door through the app. This is a good app when everything’s going okay but when things go haywire this app is mediocre at best.

Disappointing service.. Received the wrong sauces on the meals, could not eat them and was refused a refund or to rectify the situation. Ended up having microwaved butter chicken from coles when I spent $40. Did not receive a reply until 8:30 when I had ordered it an hour prior. No dinner and no word of what was going on. Imagine ordering dinner at 7 o clock when you get home from work, being told dinner won’t make it till quarter past 8 which was fine, but then when it arrives the order has something on it that you are allergic too and have not asked for. And then when you try rectify the situation you don’t hear back until just after 8:30 and the best they can do is send you a 12 dollar voucher to order food which by the way did not cover the cost of my original meal and delivery. So it’s safe to say I will never ever use this app again or recommend it to anyone. All Uber told me to do was basically order another meal which wouldn’t have arrived till around 10 o clock by the time I ordered it and I work early morning and was not willing to wait a further hour and a half for a meal that takes 10 minutes to cook. I could go on but Uber do not deserve my time. Buyer beware ! If I could lower my review I would.

Lots of Issues. While the idea is great for convenience you are better off choosing another food delivery company or getting it yourself as Uber Eats will never resolve any issues you have no matter how important. On one occasion my order was cancelled through the restaurant and the money was never deposited back into my account. On a separate occasion my partner & I ordered from Betty’s Burgers and received a burger with bugs in it to which a complaint was lodged regarding food safety and while I understand this may be a restaurant problem the only response we ever received was sorry for our experience with no attempt to reconcile the situation. The most recent occurrence is that when ordering from Hello Harry we paid for a full size bottle of pepsi and when delivered all we received was a single can despite this product not even being advertised on the menu. Uber eats was once again notified of this error and no refund or attempt to resolve this mistake was made. While these are all small issues, constant mistakes like this with no care factor or follow up is just a rip off when you pay service fee and the delivery fee. Very disappointed to say the least. Don’t waste your time

Delivery and problems. Hi there, I am uber eats driver. I know all indian drivers doing illegal sort of stuffs. Because of them uber driver gets negative feed back. All customers should know and keep in minds that an uber driver is picking up an order that was made and an uber driver is not allowed to open the bag and see through it. Why all customers are getting angry at an uber driver when the store delay them? Why all customers are angry at driver when the store doesn’t put all the items were purchased? Why all customers give negative stars to uber eats driver if the store was wrong? It is uber eats and other platforms duty to identify genuine driver. Stores are always making drivers late, there should be rules for them. All store must identify all drivers, all stores must check if drivers are accepting order from ubers eats and menulog, doordash at same time for different distinctions. I saw kids with drivers. (Illegal accounts are used, registering bicycles and use car 2 or 3 drivers together, stealing the last delivery, accepting multiple orders from all platforms at same time, and many more) Why all the cheating, scammers and genuine drivers are treated same way? All platforms should work together in one app. That no one will be able to use more platforms at same time.

Delivery Partner steals orders. I’m very upset with the poor control of Uber has towards they delivery partners. have already been more than 5 times that they stolen my orders. I can assure this, because I saw they behaviour a few days ago with some people I met and they all work as a delivery partner for Uber. So; the way they do it is as follows. Customers ask for food by the app and when the delivery partner picks up the order from the restaurant, They simulate that they are on their way but then just 3 minutes before or so; they cancel the delivery indicating that they couldn’t deliver because is no safe parking place or by one of the options that uber gives to them. Or also indicate that they actually delivered the order, but obviously they do not deliver it. So, they keep the food for their consumption. I always complain Uber about that but they do nothing to solve this issue, they just answer my messages saying they’re sorry and gave me back the money. But this is not enough for me; this issue can’t continuously happen with a company that handles deliveries to people. The people who work for Uber must be honest and not commit these kinds of things that generate bad image for uber. As for me, never again use this application and I hope Uber will update his app and workers; also Uber should take legal actions on the matter so that this does not continue happening because as a company they lose credibility and money.

Service Fee. This app has developed and changed in many ways since I originally installed it. The service is a wonderful concept and I am fully aware that there are many challenges to ensuring such a model is profitable. My issue with this app lies in the format that Uber Eats applies multiple variable fees which turn the experience of ordering food into an anxious roll of the dice on how much your delivery fee and service fee will jump to for your meal. When selecting a restaurant to order from, the delivery fee is the only information provided on the restaurant which I believe to be quite misleading as you may choose a cost effective delivery only to be slapped with a comparatively large service fee. Uber Eats needs to make customers aware of both service and delivery fees before a customer invests time(and excitement for their cuisine of choice) only to discover that it exceeds their budget.(if they notice it before they order!) Otherwise it has a good variety of restaurants and a sturdy resolution process for meals that are messed up by the restaurant or delivery driver.

Theft, and misuse of card details.. Current issue, their payment method holds of less than $2 seem now to be a second charge of the same value of your order.. not only did I have issues months ago with them taking funds out from an order 3 months prior because they under charged me so they fixed it, but now this !? I’ve completely lost my trust in Uber.. they abuse the right of keeping your card details on file to alter their mistakes over time but don’t inform of these changes until it’s been done. I didn’t personally authorise this second payment processing or for them to use my cards to charge for their errors after the payment. Though I’m sure they’ve got it somewhere in the fine print when you sign up they can use your cards to do whatever with. Will not recommend to anyone, and most likely deleting the app.. no compensation ever and their customer service is so generic and belittling at times.

Waiting for return of money. I have been a long term user if Uber eatsZ recently I have had numerous issues with my orders from items missing to completely incorrect orders being delivered. I have been informed by the app my money would be refunded and that hasn’t happened either. There is no way to speak to a customer service advisor and I just want all my money back. It adds up to a lot now due to to how many consistent issues I have had that have not been returned. Return my money please and then I can delete you. Met neighbour has also had money scammed from his account the first time he used your service. Enough is enough! And I have all of this recorded on my bank account regardless of what your app shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also have photos. I have just deleted all of my account details so add it to my wallet. Then I can order and get rid of you …….. you still keep it in your accounts but I get something. I don’t think there is any other way for me to get my money back. Add to my wallet to spend so I can leave. If you are truly happy to return my funds you have my email to get a return bank account but I am done with you. And I am a platinum then gold member. I spent so much money with you and you treat me like this. Won’t happen no more. And if I do t get what you promised me back I will take you to court and spend more in court than I lost with you on principle. I am completely disgusted!

Bad service to contact in emergency. Absolutely ridiculous app. I ordered for the first time though had the app installed since ages and manually typed in the address that I wanted my food to be delivered and checked out. But only after checkout I could see that the delivery address was different to that I entered and was set up automatically from the time I had downloaded the app. As soon as I noticed I tried to cancel the order but I could do nothing. I was in hotel quarantine and wanted to eat something as I could not eat food I got delivered from hotel. I called the shop but they could do nothing. I tried to have chat via app but replied the msg bit late. Waited until the delivery was picked up and Called the delivery person but he could not help. I had no friend to be able to pick the food from the delivery address as all my friends were pretty far from that area. The food was delivered to that default address and got waste. The delivery guy could not help as he was new and was unaware what he can do. So he left the food in that address and I and my sister could not get that meal. Absolutely bad that I could not change the address or cancel the order even within so short time of order placed. No contact number to get help from the app. Felt helpless. Food got wasted too.

Choose DELIVEROO IN MELBOURNE. I am always working and don’t have time to cook. That means I order food almost every day. In the beginning I loved UberEats, never had a problem, I order, pay and get my food delivered. It should be simple right? Well, not anymore. My orders starting not being delivered, restaurants couldn’t match my order with a driver (and I live in the busiest area in Melbourne). I feel sorry for people who live in the suburbs, because if I am encountering problems in the busiest area of Melbourne where most restaurants are... can you imagine being away from CBD? Poor customers. After a battle of complaints over the phone, all I get from UberEats is a $10 voucher every time they mess my orders up. Well, guess what? How about NOT MESSING THEM UP in first place? I don’t want your $10 vouchers. I want my food being delivered ON TIME and correctly every time. After frustration on top of frustration, I moved to Deliveroo which has beautifully shown quality service. What gets me more frustrated is walking around the streets seeing UberEats paying people to give away vouchers to first-time users. Who about you guys focus on fixing the exisiting problems first?

Rewards Program. Uber would have to (BY FAR) have THE MOST un-loyal rewards program of ANY premium company in the world. I would have to say that no other company I can think of that runs a loyalty reward program that turns over a tier status every 6 months and dependant on which part of the world you live in, those price spends to qualify for status varies dramatically. Every other big company in the world who’s members weren’t able to use/gain/maintain a status were given a 1 year extension to maintain their status and even improve it. When Uber was telling the world not to ride and use their service, you still tuned everybody’s status over and gave no compassionate grounds to extend it. Your 6 month tier rewards program is a joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves in this day and age to provide such a poor and what some would say corrupt rewards program. I would have to spend up to $4,000 to gain platinum status where I am, where some countries on the other side of the world may only have to spend a maximum of half that to gain the same status. There is nothing fair about your rewards program. Here’s a tip. Make it FAIR, make what every other company does and make it last for 12 months and make it seem like people are getting some form of value for their loyalty. Then Uber May actually start turning a GIG economy profit.

Terrible Service. I ordered some Uber Eats as I do quite often from the same Kebab Shop to my home. A couple of weeks earlier I was at a friends place only several blocks from my home (less the 2kms)and ordered changing my address for the occasion. When I accidentally ordered without changing the address back I immediately notified Ubereats , the store and when the delivery was allocated the driver. The driver then proceeded to tell me it was too far and I had to pay him extra. This went on for 15 mins while he had my food in his car. As soon as I told him I was putting in a complaint he canceled the order. I then drove myself to that store to buy my food to discover the driver had taken and not returned my order to the store , therefore meaning he managed to keep my $55 order. It’s a no wonder he was so keep to try and extort me for money. I complained to Ubereats and they didn’t bother to try and rectify the situation at all !!! So it’s going to be Menulog for me from now on. What a joke !!!

Mrs LM. I entered a new card in and the app didn’t want to accept it. I totally stuffed up my order and forgot to put my address in I was able to order and pay for my items. Shouldn’t be allowed to order if you forget to put an address in. They cancelled my order and I didn’t get told until I called up this was only 20minutes after. Only after I called up they sent me a email of the cancelled order. So had to reorder and ended up paying more cos the first order used my voucher and then after driver got lost going to address most of the food was cold. Ciao Italia was good but didn’t end up paying for my order because there was a issue with the driver finding me, he was a good driver I’m just very very disappointed. Felt bad cos it did say it was going to take money out of my account then it just cancelled. Couldn’t even pay for it cos the rest said my order didn’t exist. I won’t be ordering anytime soon..prob will try menu log. Fix the bugs with it please.

Customer service is terrible and I’ve been charged multiple times. I frequently order from Uber eats but have found lately that the drivers randomly don’t show up and Uber refunds aren’t being processed correctly. Uber commits to a refund when the order doesn’t show up or is wrong and then has so many people dealing with it to fix the mistake that they just keep making it worse and charging extra. I had been sent a message saying they were refunding me $60 for a partial missing order. They refunded $12 instead of $60 then tried to correct it and billed me $55 instead resulting in my account being in deficit and therefore can’t be used. Six different people have responded to my message all have processed different transactions $4.50, 7.50 etc none are correct and now I’ve paid multiple times for an order I only received half of and my account is in deficit. None of the people responding read the message sent or the trail of correspondence history or even looked at the photo of the correspondence I attached to the message which was from Uber. Monumental waste of time and I’ve been charged almost $120 more than I should have been!

The worst food delivery app. they have the worst support team in the whole world. These people just cut around the bush and never understand your concern on using their services. If there is any inconvenience these people have no control over the situation, even if it is delivery people stealing the food, late delivery, food quality issue they just don’t care and will end the conversation without acknowledging. They have tons of internal bugs to be resolved on the app and on their back end team. I used the coupon to order food and the coupon was still active even after i used it. So i order more food for my friends and later the next day it showed i had to pay the extra amount to use the service. Tried explaining this to support team they couldn’t understand a simple logic of placing an order. An order is placed when the money is being paid or if you use an active coupon. so tried explaining this but they were just cutting around the bush saying its my mistake that order can be even placed without paying for it. I would never suggest this app to anyone. I wish i could give minus rating for this app

No refund even if the driver didn’t drop food!. I ordered food on the app, wrote in the notes my unit number and said please drop it to the door because I’m really sick. I instantly got a message stating the order was at my door. I went straight outside - nothing, I went to my driveway - nothing! So, I tried contacting the driver because there was no photo, instantly hangs up. I messaged Uber eats on the app to let them no the dilemma and they replied that they reviewed the discrepancy and they decided it wasn’t eligible for a refund. If you’re an Uber eats driver, it’s apparently easy to rip of your riders. But seriously though I’m so mad, I suggest going to DoorDash or menulog because apparently I’ve heard this beforehand from others and this happens quite often. I’m upset, hungry and too sick to drive anywhere. I went looking to my neighbours houses and they didn’t have my order at their doors and I’m too sick and weak to look anywhere else. I’m mad and upset that it’s that easy to not get at least a refund to order again. Looks like instant noodles for me because I’m not wasting double the money for that.

Awful non-existent support. Uber Eats is the only service offering delivery for various restaurants in my area and they use this market advantage to nickel and dime you as much as possible. 1. They advertise a low delivery fee but tack on a service fee at checkout. There is no need for these payments to be separated except to bait and switch you with the actual delivery cost. 2. Awful and practically non-existent support. Missing one or more items from your order? They’ll automatically refund the price of those items and expect you to be satisfied with the resolution. There is no option to reject this resolution and ask that the delivery/service fee also be refunded so that you can re-order the missing items without being out of pocket. Try to get help? The help section is purposefully obfuscated so that you’ll just give up. There is no phone number to call and speak to someone. If you manage to get to the online chat (will take a lot of googling to figure out how to access it), the responses take a very long time and are mainly boilerplate messages of “thanks for reaching out”

Sugar power snack instead of original mini snack. I have ordered San Churro snack pack through Uber eat yesterday. I have ordered this original snack many times wether via UberEat or at the shop. The order yesterday was tasting disgusting. And was contains different extra ingredient not part of the Original recipe and order which is ( Sugar Powder). The original snack has( Mini churros, Spanish chocolate ( I picked milk chocolate), strawberries and banana) this time the box was full and covered by sugar powder. The sugar powder was the main ingredient. I have pictures and i still have the order and if you tested you will see why I’m too upset and why it’s not good to be eaten. Full refund is required and a chat with the brunch about the quality of the service and the knowledge of their staff required too. Seriously its horrible taste and order. I don’t appreciate the staff at this brunch and if I didn’t received my full refund I’m planning to go there to return the Original snack or the sugar powder snack pack unfortunately and asked for full refund. Won’t order from this brunch via uber again as the brunch and staff can be trusted to prepare the exact order and provide a quality order and food.

Really great app but a lot of sneaky extra costs. I’ve been using Uber eats for years and it’s always been a very convenient app to use with a lot of variety. However, a few years ago they have added an extra service fee on top of the delivery fee. I know already that Uber eats hikes up the prices of the meals as I have been in store to many people of the same restaurants and the prices aren’t as high. This is understandable as both parties need to make a profit, but then to add a service fee on top of the menu surcharge and the delivery fee? Not only that but your food comes to you cold now as many drivers will delivery other orders to people as well, and if you want to be a first priority you have to pay ANOTHER fee to get your meal delivered to you sooner? So with Uber eats, you are paying extra for the meal through the app, you’re paying a delivery fee, an extra service fee AND if you don’t want your delivery to be cold you have to pay ANOTHER fee to get it prioritised which is still not even a guarantee as the other order the driver has picked up might be a priority as well. It’s gotten a bit ridiculous in prices which is a shame because I really enjoy the user interface of Uber eats and their restaurant choices but I’m always thrown off by the additional costs that other delivery services don’t include…

Worst Customer Service and delivery experience. I ordered my meal and was shown it would arrive in 50 - 60 minutes. An hour and some time later, I contacted uber eats customer service to let them know the food was late, but the first agent told me it was an expected delay and dropped off from the chat. Sometime later, I got through to the second agent to let her know that it was almost 2 hours and my food hadn’t arrived. She investigated my case only to tell me my driver was at the restaurant to pick up my meal. I trusted her, but when I checked the app, the driver was in another suburb. After a few minutes, I got in touch with the third agent, and he told me that my meal had been dropped off at my house, but it hadn’t. As I tried to tell him this, he exited the chat. By now, my meal was 2.5 hours late, so I got through to the fourth agent to ask them to refund my money which she did, but she also told me she would make a note of my experience. As I tried to let her know how often I got lied to by the other agents, she also ended the chat abruptly. To summarise - I talked with four different agents about my meal being 2.5 hours late, and 3 of them ended that midway through me, letting them know how my meal hadn’t arrived and how no one seemed to be listening to me.

Not on. I suspect no food delivery companies will exist within a year, quality of service and most of the time the food itself has gone way downhill (by food I mean the handling of by the driver) NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The fact that anyone can be a driver and there is no hiring process is already sketchy as I have definitely had people steal my food and there’s almost nothing that can be done because no one is held accountable. There’s been many times iv tried to get a refund because my food hasn’t come and they tel me I can not get a refund because of the nature of how many times iv claimed refunds (and yes I know people take advantage of the refunds) but when I have not received my food for the fifth time in a week I’d expect a little bit more compensation. Lastly the food costs more than it does in store (which is understandable as both parties need to make it worth it for them) but then continue to add service fees which by the way just keeps going up… not impressed, food delivery services such as this will become a thing of the past and food places will start delivering themselves as I’m sure the restaurants are equally as sick and tired of dealing with companies such as Uber eats ect

Not happy!! Deleting the app. When you spend over $50 on dinner, and paying for it to be delivered you would expect the service would try to get the delivery to you ASAP, so your food would at least be hot. My order was given to a cyclist to deliver almost 4km away. It took almost an hour from when it left the restaurant. By that stage my food was cold and soggy. The rider could not find my house after I had left a detailed explanation of it being a unit behind. The thing that has made me the angriest. Is Uber does not have a complaint section. This is the epitome of the terrible customer service. It’s like they refuse to acknowledge you are using their service. And they are blocking their ears so they don’t have to listen. On that point alone I will be deleting the app. If they won’t speak to a customer to listen to help improve their service. Then I don’t want their service. There were many things I could have said to help improve that scenario from happening to other customers, trying to contact Uber for its customer service which is completely non existent shows it’s sheer arrogance in the market. Just so you know Uber, “There are other delivery services.”

Hangry. Tonight I ordered from you and had some IT issues as my purchase would not go through. I used the chat help and waisted over 20 minutes trouble shooting with them only to be told the reason there was a problem is because the restaurant is closed even though it did not show as closed on my end. I then ordered from another restaurant and had another IT issues. I began another chat and explained my issue and my frustration. They it person sent a couple messages and then closed the chat. He said he would send me an email which I also never received. I spent over 40 minutes wasiting my time on the app and have been given over $80 credit due to the amount of issues I’ve had! Yet they still can’t fix the problem. I’m really angry at the lack of competence the support chat staff had and how long it takes to get an issue even looked at properly. Seriously angry and will continue to leave bad reviews for the amount of time I waisted trying to get help and not having the problem fixed. You can keep my credit. I don’t even want my money back anymore I can’t be bothered waisting any more time. I may be a little over reacting right now but I’m really hangry thanks to door dash.

No refunds when their app messes up. So I have found in my last suburb that it was easy to use uber eats, but since moving to a new area, the app refuses to send the drivers to the correct location, and sends them up the street. No big deal as I can contact the drivers before they arrive to let them know. Unfortunately one driver didn’t check the delivery details and ended up down the road. I asked if he saw the instructions and he simply said “no and I won’t be delivering” - he marked the order as complete and stole my food/money. I sent an inquiry via their app for help and was sent an automatic response saying that I entered the address incorrectly. So I replied again, said to check the screen shots of where I had informed the driver etc etc. Again I was refused a refund as it was “a gps issue” - I do not control the gps. I did everything I could to inform the driver. He was less than 30 seconds from my address when he decided to just keep the food for himself. I’m currently trying to get a refund via the bank/credit card as uber has been non-responsive. Unfortunately with this service, you simply don’t have any idea who is dealing with your food, or any way to contact the owner if something goes wrong. I would not recommend using the service. Definitely overpriced for the support that they offer.

Food complaint. Today my sister and ordered Uber eats from McDonalds woodbine on her Uber eats app. The Uber driver was amazing he got the food to us within3 minutes. When it arrived the food was cold, the Big Mac was missing the sauce, the lettuce and pickles, the quarter pounder had no sauce, 5 pickles and no sauce, the chips were undercooked, there was no ice in the cokes and the nuggets were like rubber. We contacted the night manager to be told that this was not a store problem that it was an Uber eats problem. Which is highly disappointing as the Uber driver was great, it was the food quality that was poor. Please advise as to what we should do. Is this an Uber problem or a McDonald’s food quality issue. The manager was rude, obnoxious and commented that he was unfamiliar with the store layout therefore could not be expected to supervise everything... I thought that was a managers job... store supervision to maintain quality. He would not give me his name. Please advise what steps we should take next.

The app crashes. I tried ordering food from 4 places in Glenelg. Uber eats says they are closed. So I called the places, they were open!! But I couldn’t order via this app. Then I tried another place that’s always open. The app said sold out of all items I picked. Even water!! So I had to check if my app needed up dates. No nothing to update. So other than nearly missing out on foods.. I had to order food I didn’t really want coz everything else was as above.. This has happened to me a few times. So I’ve gone to get food myself. This time I’m telling you. Your app is not doing these business any good right now. Also the drivers are often seen parking in disabled car parks. I am recording these as I see them happen. But the police have said to let you know as they work for you. Drivers are not allowed to park in wheelchair car parks. I even saw one man push in front of a lady in a wheelchair and said I will be 2 mins !! It was the worst thing a person could do to that lady! No wonder these drivers are getting a bad name . It’s discussing behaviour. It’s up to you to do something about it if your allowing them to drive for you!

More often a bag of empty promises. I used to love getting an Uber eats order once or twice a week but now I’m just continuously disappointed. The orders are either incorrect or have the wrong thing in them. I had a whole part of my order missing the other night and was quickly refunded. Having this happen ruins the excitement of what you want to get and there’s no way of knowing if it was the restaurant or the driver as both will say it was the others fault. Not to mention the sudden increase in charges such as service fees and delivery. The items already cost more than going to the restaurant yourself and in lockdown that isn’t always an option. What other charges are going to be lumped on next? After the service and delivery fees are added it can be more than a whole meal and I’m more likely to just not even order at all when it’s almost another $10 on top of everything for average delivery service. Deleting Uber eats and just going to use other delivery apps or make 2 minute noodles from now on. I can know what to expect with them. Which is a shame because I would love to support local businesses during these difficult times but I just can’t justify the cost anymore.

Poor service. My order came on time but my order was wrong ! I called the shop and they were going to sort it out but they didn’t. The drivers should double check that what’s in the bag matches what’s in the receipt! I blame the shop and Uber for my meal being wrong!!!! And the shop servants didn’t even apologise and all they kept saying is if you want a refund talk to to Uber even though they mixed up the orders of two of their customers! Total disgrace! They also told me to come to the shop to collect my meal when the whole point of Uber eats is for me to pay $5 for the meal to be delivered !!! Again a total lack of respect for a customer and very poor customer service! I want a full refund and I also found that it’s under new management which explains the quality of service and food dropping dramatically and will remove my recommended review and change it to unrecommend! Someone from Uber eats tried to call me but my phone keeps cutting out. So I’m emailing this to you as I want to my money refunded ASAP!

Very good but 1 drawback for me. I’ve enjoyed this app and it’s infuriating simplicity, but I do have one drawback. The one consistent issue I’ve had with my Uber orders is that the food very often doesn’t taste like what I expect, and this seems to be a drawback with doing something online rather than getting to speak to someone in person. For example, I ordered a pizza from a place suggested by Uber, read through the different options, and made my selection, as you do. Then when I got the pizza, something about the sauce used was super sweet and rich, which totally ruined the rest of the pizza for me. From what I can tell, that is an intentionally part of the recipe, but there was no way to tell that from the description, and no one I could ask for suggestions like I normally would if a waiter/server. I’m not sure how this could be fixed, but maybe if uber eats offered some sort of optional survey where people could narrow down what the liked/didn’t like and offer suggestions based off of menu descriptions and customer reviews.

Letting everyone down. This rating is purely for UberEats. The problems I have experienced every time I used this app are due to this option that lets drivers ‘make stops on the way’. Well, apparently, this seems to include going in the complete opposite direction to my house. So by the time I get my food, it’s lukewarm at best and most of the time, cold. This is not the restaurant’s fault - even though their Customer Service encourages you to point the finger at them - and nor is it the driver’s fault, because they are locked in before knowing where the next stop is. (We checked this with one of our drivers who was very apologetic). I’ve raised this issue with Customer Service multiple times, and their responsive have varied from robotic responses to borderline sarcastic. Pointing out that this ‘stop on the way’ situation is resulting in cold food was met with a response of ‘well you got your food within the delivery time’ - sure, of course I want to wait a minimum 20 minutes for my food to be delivered from the moment my driver leaves the shop because it’ll definitely still be hot by then. I see that UberEats has decided to solve this problem by adding a ‘priority’ option - so now I have to pay extra in the hope I get hot food. Do better.

Never using again. First time Uber Eats user today. Ordered a box of donuts from a local store to deliver for a colleagues bday in the office. It’s tricky to go out of the office in our line of work so having them delivered was an easy option. I placed the order, then saw that an Uber Eats driver had picked them up. I received notice that my PayPal account was charged. But then within a couple of minutes the driver had cancelled the order and returned them to the store saying that he couldn’t reach me. Firstly, there wasn’t enough time for a driver to get all the way over to us in that couple of minutes. Secondly there was a receptionist at the door waiting and nobody attempted to deliver. It appears the driver got a better paying job and cancelled. I called the store and they said that I’d need to pay again to collect as I’d paid through Uber Eats which is completely separate to them. Then there’s no contact number to actually talk to someone at Uber about it and to try and follow the link to leave feedback for the driver is impossible as the link keeps redirecting to the home screen in the app. The experience has been completely frustrating and inconvenient and I’ll be deleting the app and never using Uber Eats again.

Service is not the same as it used to be. Uber eats is getting more expensive while providing less service. I order food almost everyday using Uber eats. Most often if there is an issue, its resolved quickly at no risk to me. Today however was a different story. I ordered a beef noodle soup (Pho) and when it arrived the packaging was a little wet and when i unpack, the bottom of the soup container breaks and spill soup all over the counter. Initially Uber eats would not provide a refund saying i didn't attach an image (which i did! I had soup everywhere so great photo!) which was quite upsetting since i could not eat the soup without the liquid. Having to heckle Uber for a refund in this situation broke my trust in Uber. If i hadn't heckled Uber and sent many emails complaining, i would have had to pay premium price (items cost more with Uber) for the food, a service charge and a delivery fee for something i could not use. Because of this negative experience, I will make the time and effort to cook for myself now.

ETA sooo unreliable - least preferred delivery service. Compared to Deliveroo and Foodora, I prefer ubereat the least except the other two isn’t available at one of our locations. When I work in the city which is most of the week, I never use Ubereats. Why can’t you figure out how to give some reasonable expected time. ETA will change to one minute to go when driver hasn’t even picked up the order yet? Why would it change to arriving in the one minute when it was about 5? Then keep extending because obviously if they’re still cooking, how can it get here in the next minute? Better to not have an estimate at all than one that you can’t rely on this obviously Edit: in follow up to the developer’s response below - would have otherwise been accepted as reasonable if weren’t for Deliveroo and Foodora not having this issue for me ever. I order food 5-6 times a week as do my colleagues to our office. The other platforms do have bug and flaws but this is a design issue. Their delays are just that - delays due to other circumstances. This is inherent; the rider isn’t even at the restaurant yet and it says my food is 1 minute away, etc. Improve your platform.

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Horrible customer service, constant mistakes. Do not recommend. They always make mistakes and no one wants to own up to them. They might sometimes refund the missing item but if you want the item delivered you have to pay a delivery fee AND the price of the item to get it (you end up paying more than before). Completely unfair and stupid.

Downhill. Your product has considerably gone downhill. You add service fees, delivery charge and then you add Tax. I am not buying an airplane ticket with all the extra add-ons. You need to be clear, concise and honest with your pricing. I have now started to use “skip the dishes” and “Doordash” which does not have these nonsense and made up prices. Way to go and charge people extra during Covid. 2 thumbs down.!

Thieves with No care for the consumer. Uber eats does not care about their customers and will rob you of your money. It doesn’t matter how terrible the food is, the review you send about the food and even the picture you send when the the review/complaint, uber eats does not care about your dissatisfaction and wasted money on the order! They don’t consider a refund even if it’s one one of the multiple items, NOT even a credit. They always give a lame and lazy generated response about telling the company, as if that’s suppose to make things better about wasting your money.

0 stars. They steal your money deliver your food with missing items n when you use there Uber drive they steal your money Big scam people need to sue this company


👌🏼. 👍🏼

No rating. Uber Eats is awful!. Your representatives are like machines. No different than a computer, not people. I explained my situation. They had the wrong address, tried to change it, but could not on the app. So I decided to cancel and then re order. But they said I could not unless I paid twice. I will be switching to other services.

Great, but fee is too high.. I think the way you can see the driver, etc is cool but the 4.99 fee is kinda high.

No customer support number. And no refunds either lol you guys are trash

Customer Service Is Lacking. I had a poor experience with customer service: I didn’t receive what I had ordered and Uber refused to do anything about it, even to the point of ignoring me. If you’re looking for service and attention to detail, try out one of their competitors instead. Besides, the updated delivery fees are outrageous...

This app stole my money. DO NOT USE THIS APP it charged me twice the amount I was supposed to pay and won’t answer any of my calls. If there was an option I would give them 0 stars

Ou est ma bouffe?. Le souper arrive, je me commande une poutine. Et devinez quoi? Le livreur se trompe d’adresse! Le pire dans tous ça, c’est que ce n’est pas la première fois que ça arrive. La première fois on se dit que c’est un accident, le livreur peut savoir trompé, nous sommes tout de même humain, pas vrai? Mais quand ça arrive 3 fois, je dis STOP! Je viens de Montréal et force est de constater qu’il y a un gros problème avec la gestion des employés qui sont de mon point de vue, très sous qualifié. Si je pouvais donner zéro étoile je le ferais. On ne joue pas avec mon appétit aussi violemment. #BoycotteUberEats

Payment with app so bad. Very bad app , hard time in payment

Trash service.. I accidentally ordered a meal for pickup instead of delivery by mistake for umagi poke or whatever. I tried to cancel but the order was said to be completed within 2 minutes and I was forced to pay the full price of the meal for a meal I never received and a simple mistake that should’ve been undone. Uber eats is getting desperate for money with these ridiculous practices. Use the other apps.

Pay your drivers a living wage. Every year you pay them less and less. And yet services fees go up. You guys are scum

Absolute worst app. I pity people who developed this. There’s absolutely no way to reset phone number or even log in with email in some cases. Fix it or stay being the worst phone app in the world.

Done with this terrible service. Don’t even have a customer service line to inquire about overcharging me and not applying my giftcard credits. Not to mention ever-increasing fees. Been a loyal customer for years but I am DONE with this terrible service.

Awful. Made me wait for 2hrs for my lunch then cancelled the delivery without a refund. This company is insulting their customers’ intelligence. Would’ve rated 0 if there was such an option.

Unprofessional. Unprofessional customer service! Doesn’t answer my messages and messes up with everything

smh. I’m pretty sure y’all Uber drivers are eating my food. I got burger and fries and my fries were less than I usually get and some of the fries looked like they were bitten into. If I wanted to buy food to share with an Uber driver I would have texted them asking if they want some too?!!! Fix up!

Terrible customer service. I’ve been using Uber Eats for the last 2 years. Always been a fair customer. Lately all my deliveries have been disgusting and Customer Service can’t find a way to help! I’m going to give another food delivery company a try. Good luck Uber Eats.

Rising prices. I always tipped the driver kindly, but this new $5 delivery fee based on “distance” is bs. It would cost the same to deliver some McDonald’s 5 blocks from my house as it does a restaurant from across town??? Deleting this app because it’s just not worth ordering delivery anymore. You’ve lost me as a customer as well as all my friends who have been using this service

Uber eats is absolutely garbage. They are a disgusting company, with just terrible, rude customer service. And the way they take advantage of their paying customers is wrong. I refuse to give them my money.

Customer service is a joke. Don’t bother trying to get any help with customer service. They are rude and unhelpful. Instead of trying to keep long-standing customers, they just try to get you off the phone, even if their app screwed up and you ended up getting charged for food you didn’t order.

Charged 3 times for one order.. I was charged three times for one order and they only refunded me one of the extra payments. I’ve sent screen shots of the charges and everything. Customer service is 0 help, they are basically ignoring me now... I would not recommend this app. Never had this problem with Skip...

Über UberEATS!. Loving UberEATS while on holiday! It's perfect for downtime at hotel. Delicious food delivered to you!

Terrible. Uber eats used to be good. Really good. And now it’s just terrible. Twice I ordered and the food did not get delivered to my house..isn’t that the whole point of this app? I called in, just to have them refund the meal (which can take up to 5 business days to process btw) and no promo code or offer to remedy the situation. Horrible experience.

Horrible. Worst customer service. Purchased the pass which doesn’t work. The csrs are rude and keep saying to update app which I did.

Terrible service. I just ordered something. The app says it will take an hour for the delivery. I tried to cancel the order but they were going to refund taxes and delivery charge only. I would still be charged for the order itself. This is the last time I’m ordering from Uber Eats,

Fraudulous. I keep being frauded and charged things I NEVER purchased

Items missing from order. Rest of order and delivery ok but paying for items that aren’t received is always a total fail

Honest Review. It is a good app when you are given Promotions and Discounts and what not. But the app has several fees, extra “taxes” and an additional mark up on prices. Overall, the support team is a joke whenever the app messes up and respond the same way regardless of how clear the problem is. I would recommend this app to a friend but I would advise to only use when the user is given “promotions” and “coupons”.

No refund driver canceled order 2 hours later. Title says it all, customer service offered no solution but calling the restaurant to ask them to expedite if I chose to re order. Uninstalling this app and going to skipthedishes or any other food delivery service. Disappointing.

Lack of customer service. Aside from the fact that I was denied a refund due to a glitch in the uber eats application, it took a total of ten days for someone to actually follow up with this issue. I also asked for a phone number twice in order to contact customer service seeing as i was receiving absolutely no help through their chat but both answers i received ignored my request. Honestly disgusted with this whole situation.

Livraison multiple plat arrive froid. Avant il y avait la possibilité de ne pas payer la livraison en acceptant que le livreur fasse plusieurs arrêt ce qui était très correct vue qu’on savait à quoi s’attendre. Maintenant il n’y a plus d’option de livraison gratuite tout le monde doit payer sa livraison pourtant les livreurs font parfois jusqu’à 4 arrêts pour des livraisons, ma commande arrive froide et ce qu’un et dit c’est qu’afin de garantir un prix le plus bas possible plusieurs livraison sont effectuer à la fois...à 3.99$ plus taxe et tips de la livraison j’estime que chaque commande doit être livré le plus rapidement possible sans arrêt ou détour de 15/20 minutes c’est tout simplement inacceptable. On ne peut jamais savoir en passant la commande si le livreur va prendre plusieurs commande ou non. Si vous continuer ce système il faut réinstaurer les livraisons gratuites si le livreur fait plusieurs arrêt en chemin pour que le consommateur commende en toute conscience de cause ou donner le choix de refuser qu’il y ai plusieurs arrêt fait en chemin. Moi en ce qui me concerne si un livreur prends plusieurs commande avant moi je considère qu’il fera sont tips avec les gens qui réussissent à manger chaud...

L. If they charge you extra there is no way you can dispute it because there is no customer service. It’s just a computer that’s gonna reply to you messages. No real people listening to your problem

Greedy. Cancelled the order in 30 seconds and was told the restaurant already prepared the food.

Shocking customer support. This app’s customer support is pure garbage. There is absolutely no way to get in touch with anyone over the phone and the only support they offer is their useless FAQ pages that cycle you back to the main menu by asking if you are experiencing another issue or not. I’m thoroughly disappointed that a company of this size lacks the most basic phone service for their customers.

Worse every day. Deliveries take longer every day. Drivers always do several stops. Prices are higher and food is always cold on arrival. Not worth it.

Scam Artist. Service and Delivery Fees. You make an Uber Eats Pass to add injury to the insult. A $12-$15 meal costs, $30.00 for a meal to be made and delivered not including a tip. Absolutely disgusting. Watch how they will criticize and debase while they know its wrong and then gas light in their response.

Terrible Service. The food is ALWAYS horrible by the time it gets to your house. Don’t bother with it cause you’ll end up spending twice the amount in food when you have to buy something else afterwards.

MONEY STEALERS. Cancelled an order within ONE minute of initially placing it, only to be charged the full amount of the order. Customer service chat was absolutely awful, marking my concern as “resolved” and not providing me with a phone number when asked 3 times. Would rate 0/5 if I could.

No customer support. Honestly this app is terrible, there is no customer support instead you just get a robot who can’t help you. The drivers are also very hit and miss and make limited attempts to contact you. I would not recommend this to anyone, due to the lack of options with regards to support. I have used delivery apps in other countries and they are far superior. Uber just knows they are the main player in the market and have got lazy. They need to look in the mirror and reassess whether they are showing care for their customer, as at no point did I feel supported during my experience.

Less then a star. My Friend gave me a promo code but it didn’t work saying I already use it when I never order anything in my life and when I decided to contact support they haven’t replied to me in a very long time🤬

Worst delivery app out there.. Absolutely no option for support while also being difficult to navigate.

Don’t expect much, actually expect the worst hope for the best. Will this review be replied with a “contact customer support here’s the email” more then likely, customer satisfaction is not a priority for this company, money is, I spend about what 500-1000$ on Uber’s and Uber eats a month, I’ve heard from managers single handed that Uber is not/does not follow there contract on what they signed up for there restaurants for refunds and customer complaints, it’s sad that not one but 4 different people have said these words in a period of 1 year, before the problem was drivers eating our food, now it’s giving drivers a 25% tip on a 60$+ order na shaving them pick up 2 others along the way and have them say uber just sent me it I can’t see prices, Btw does anyone know when Lyft is coming to Barrie ONT??

App is too stupid to find my address. This app is too stupid to accept manually input addresses. It automatically defaults to the GPS address that it wants to use and won’t take a manually input one. Useless junk.

BEWARE!. I tried to place an order on Uber eats last night. A glitch on the application made my order to be done multiple times and it didn’t went through, and then my account was DEACTIVATED FOR EVER BECAUSE OF A GLITCH ON THE APP! I’ve been using Uber for years and it’s unbelievable that this happens! I WILL NEVER USE UBER AGAIN!

Worst service ever. They gave me half of my order...and didn’t bother to call or even refund my money!!!! Worst service ever...Talabat and carriage have more respect and care for the customer service,,,

Horrible service. Horrible customer experience. And don’t try to get in touch with them they put you on loop emails. It’s plain theft..

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Terrible costumer service. The costumer service for this app is the worst that I’ve had to deal with, they will provide false information, make you waste your time, and you can clearly tell they don’t know what they’re doing, I had a problem with an order and they just decided to make me waste my time by putting me on hold than to just cancel the order even before it was pick up at the restaurant or even made (since I tried to cancel like 2 minutes after placing the order), then I got charged for the food and when tried to even change the address the “delivery partner” wouldn’t be ok with coming to where I was which I understood, but, why I had to pay for something that I just wanted to cancel on the first place?, then when reaching to support for the second time the lady on the other side of the line Frye’s to make me seem as a liar by saying that tithe order never existed when I could clearly see in the app that I said “delivered” and when they already took the money from my bank account, and when I provided the screen shoots of the order she back up and said that she forgot to “refresh the system”, conclusion don’t use this app their support is pure trash and not basing this on a single interaction.

Will never Use again. I tried Uber eats for the first time a few days again after they offered a $20 off my first order. I found a restaurant went through the menu in the app and placed my order. 5-7 minutes pass by, the restaurant calls me to let me know that half of the things I ordered was out of stock and they asked me to change the order. I wouldn’t have ordered from here if I knew that were the case so I said I’m going to cancel my order. I go to the Uber Eats app and the cancel order button is gone after looking for it for a few minutes, I looked up that Uber eats doesn’t let you cancel after 5 minutes. After going through the help tab numerous times to try and find a way to contact them so i can cancel it I finally find a way to cancel my order. They then reiterated the 5 minute full and charge me $30 for cancelling. My original order was maybe around $50-60. I’m furious, so I find a way to contact them via email and ask for a refund or even a gift card. They email will an automatic responses saying they can’t do anything because of their 5 minute rule. I even more furious this time and respond and ask for just a full refund this time and they send the same automated response. So I am out $30 and never even had a chance. I was never going to be able to cancel in 5 minutes because the restaurant called me after that. How is that my fault?? Terrible, will never use again going to delete this app.

Horrible customer service. I’m deleting this app and never using this service again. I was adding items into my cart when plans changed and I decided to meet friends elsewhere. As I started deleting the carted items, I must’ve hit “Complete Order”, as that’s what happened. This app is set up so that one cannot cancel an order. Oh yes...there’s a way to stop delivery of the food....but you’re still paying for it. You have to go to the help screen, select cancel order, then be told to go to the receipts icon on the app main page, tap it, select cancel order, be shown a cookie that states that once a restaurant has “accepted” the order, canceling is impossible. Then you can choose to either keep the order, or call a number, which places you on hold for 5 minutes, after which you are connected to a less-than-helpful person who, after listening to your complaint informs you that since the order has been accepted and being prepared, there’s “nothing we can do”. This is totally unacceptable to me, and I hope it is to the rest of you, so here is how you ACTUALLY get you’re charge reversed: Call your bank/credit card company, dispute the charge, explain it’s because of bad/untimely customer service with no product/services received, wait 12 hours or so...and voila. Charges reversed. To ensure this never happens again, go to your Uber eats app, delete it, and go back to Grubhub like I did. Problem solved. Bad Form, Uber eats...you just lost another customer.

Uber saved my life. August 3rd, 2021 will for ever be the day that Uber Eats changed my life. Back tracking to July 30th 2021 , it was my cousin Nacho’s birthday month so me and the shquad went out for a couple of drinks. It was an epic night, to make it short the night was full of lust & pleasure. It was then when my friend approached me with a hand full of shots and I remember taking one, later two, by the third shot I found my self on the dance floor dancing very illicit moves. It was a great night so far & I lost consciousness by 2 am. Fast forward to the following morning I woke up in my bed with a hang over very confused. I proceeded to call my cousin nacho, he told me I was break dancing and doing the head spin on the Dance floor. Which explained why I was not able to get out of bed. The hang over was killing me and I was disabled. I had no way of getting up from bed worse yet getting out of the house. So I was starving for 4 days with no food at home but was in too much pain from the illicit moves that I was not able to leave the house. When suddenly I am on Facebook and I ran across an Uber eats AD. I proceeded to sign up and make my choices of foods. Man that was great. Thank you uber eats you saved my life. Much love, -Matias

Support is a joke and they don’t like to pay you what your owed. Good luck getting any type of answers or any help with Uber support. They also don’t honor the surge rates I was suppose to get $+11 on next order and guess what nothing and I’ve been dealing with “support” for two weeks about this now on top of having never gotten paid for any surge rated since I started in March and when you have to cancel orders bc a restaurant is closed no matter how much the order was or distance traveled you’ll only get reimbursed $2-$3 if you even want to deal with the ordeal that is “support” . Oh and also recently they have been pushing orders where they only pay us $4-$6 which if you are a active driver you know is trash. I’ve tried getting those orders to make it worth it but when you grab a $5 dollar order and then you don’t get anything else for close to 2 hours and your wasting gas it really doesn’t add up. I can hardly understand the “support” crew. They have so much yelling and people talking over each other in the background and horrible connection most times and they sound confused or like they have no idea what they are doing it’s extremely frustrating. I’m hoping more drivers report this or leave honest reviews bc I know leaving one review won’t fix anything but if they fixed what I talked about above it would be a great side hustle. Rant over🤣✌️

Untrustworthy. Is there an option for zero stars? I have three words: garbage customer service. I have officially deleted this app. Uber is super shady in providing customer service contact information. They believe they are never wrong, and will never return your money even when you provide irrefutable evidence that they owe it to you. I had experienced getting my food up to 2 hours late, and it’s interesting that only uber eats has this problem for me. When this happens with other apps, I have gotten refunded even when I do still get my food! I am using other apps from now on. The fees are astronomical and the app doesn’t even have a pre-order option. Like, why? You are the pioneer of food delivery apps; you could add this to your app at the very least. I will never use an uber app again. My poor sister cancelled her uber order the other day because it was never coming. She went to the restaurant, and they told her they still had her order. They charged her as if she had ordered there on the spot. Again, the UBER order was CANCELLED. They still charged her the full amount, delivery fees and all. And when she tried to complain, they redirected her to the restaurant. WRONG. NOT THEIR FAULT. She reached out to them again and gave her an email to send all the evidence of the cancellation. Do you think they gave her back the money within the ten business days? NO! Will they?! DOUBTFUL. Goodbye, trash app.

The app works but I’m tired of not getting my drinks with my order…. I don’t know if I had insulted some cosmic being out there but in the past couple months I have noticed my drink have been missing in my orders occasionally. I do fault the businesses when the food is wrong however I do put blame on the driver when they don’t verify they have both the food and drink in their hands before they leave whatever location my meals located at. I’ve uninstalled my Uber eats app and don’t plan to reinstall it any time soon. When this service works I have no complaints. I also acknowledge this may not happen to everyone but it doesn’t help that the drivers I have dealt with tell me that they are sorry for the inconvenience and that they will go will and get that drink I ordered while quickly driving away and hitting the whatever complete delivery button they have on their end. Afterwards I sometimes reach out to the driver using the app, after some time passes where I assume my drink isn’t coming, to have tell me to forward the complaint to Uber or blame it on the restaurant for them failing to verify they have everything before they leave that location. I’m not here to get a refund for a mistake made in the delivery of my order. I just want my breakfast, lunch, or dinner and willing to pay for the convenience of having it delivered in its entirety.

Ban UberEats. Honestly this service is doing nothing but damage to the community: the orders are always wrong, the customer service is non-existent, and I won’t even mention the lack of basic respect or reverence for the customers implementing techniques to deceive us into engaging and ordering food with and up price on almost every item from every menu that isn’t described anywhere and why is that price inflated. Dishonest revenue creation? Probably. So bad that there are false advertisements for nonexistent promotions created by official accounts of UberEats on various platforms with promotional codes that are said to give a discount of $20 dollars in a particular case, and with no surprise do I read a quote saying that they are experiencing difficulties after trying to apply it, but when I try to place the order the difficulties, as if by magic, are gone. So that leaves us with a company that lures customers in with deception and with the same techniques blatantly scams them on every tap of the screen. That definitely makes sense considering the company has lost billions in the last year and what they came to is they should start doing fraudulent business on a commercial level to try to recoup for losses presented by flawed model. But the truth is that a company that lies to people that pay them for services shouldn’t be tried to be kept afloat - it should be banned and carved out of our healthy community.

Using UberEats For Years, Now I Use DoorDash. I dont know what it is, but ever since 2022 started, this app has gone downhill. Every single order is delayed or wrong. I know this is an UberEats exclusive issue because I've been slowly moving to DoorDash through the weeks and had no issues. Today was the breaking point. I ordered from McDonald's, which had a 20 minute estimated delivery time. Once the driver accepted, it was estimated to arrive in an hour. This was already upsetting but fine. Then I check on the driver and he's on the other side of town still not having completed his current delivery! He was still at the resturant waiting for someone elses food! Whatever, tried to put it aside.... until he did it again, 30 minutes later, presumably using a different app! I could watch this dude wait at another local resturant AGAIN and then drive it to another place! Then the delivery time increased for this! Unnacceptable for me. Contacted support, and thankfully they let me cancel, but this was the breaking point. I would rather pay $2-$3 more to know I'm getting my food promptly. I've had around 200 orders on UberEats through the years and I can say without a doubt I'm not using it again. Just avoid it unless you have a really good coupon.

Great until your order is messed up. I like the convenience of using Uber Eats, however, there’s been too many times where my order was either missing items or incorrectly prepared. Now in this situation, of course most people will contact support for assistance, to request a refund of those missing items or incorrect order. The problem with this is, Uber gives a cap on how much they will refund over a period of time. Now, I understand there’s limits, due to help prevent abuse, but if you request a picture and description of the issue and it’s provided, then something should be done to help the consumer. Say I ordered a chicken sandwich and received a hamburger, and I clearly show that I received something different, then saying you can’t provide a refund and you’ll reach out to the merchant to help prevent it from happening again, doesn’t help the consumer. This penalizes the consumer and makes them less likely to use the service again, due to something outside of their control. Some people spend a lot of money on delivery food to have food missing or incorrectly prepared food, only to be stuck with no solution from the service provider. I nearly signed up for an annual subscription, I’m soooo glad I didn’t. Be careful for anyone that does sign up for the annual plan to save money. Once you reach your cap on support, you won’t get any more assistance with messed up orders.

out of touch and out of reach. I have been attempting to get them to resolve an unfair price adjustment which doubled my price for a little over two months at this point. I have reached out 5 times so far, and the first four were just excuses and assurances that this is an error on their part, and today I contact them asking for an update, and they condescendingly send me instructions for paying the charge, as if this whole issue isn’t about them erroneously adjusting the price. I remember this app being so much better, but they seem to have stopped caring about customer service and assistance to the extent that now the only way to reach someone is to send typed support requests which will be answered four days later at an odd time at night because they’re in a different time zone, and pretty soon you’ll have waited a week just to receive the most unhelpful response. Don’t bother using this app, it’s not worth the risk of something going wrong (they glitch a lot too) and then you having to run after them for months just to get a non-answer. It really isn’t worth the hassle, there’s better apps out there that actually care about customer service.

Not going to use any of Uber services anymore. I was making deliveries for this company, working hard under the rain sometimes. Never did serious violations, never stole the food or something like that like other drivers do. My rating was 73% and I never was aware that it must be at least 86% in California state. They never sent message or notification saying that I will be deactivated if I have rating less than 86%. And I had more thumbs-up from customers and complinments by the way. So recently I was just deactivated without warning, notice, investigation. This is such an unfair! They say that the reason is low rating and actions which were against “Community Guideliness”. I was always sure that people get deactivated for serious reasons but this was something unserious and something what can be fixed but they just deactivated me permanently and said I don’t have the right to appeal, they just rejected it. If you decide to work for them, know that you are worthless to them and they will deactivate you one day for nothing. You will just waste your time. You can read on the Internet how many people were deactivated even for a customer complaint, which was not true, but customers are people for them, and employees don’t count as people for them. For this reason I’m not going to use any Uber service like delivery, rides, rent anymore. I’m not your customer anymore. I'd rather use services of your competitors.

Tried to fixed my own problem, but instead got punished for it - thieves.. So I used to use Postmates and Door Dash until I noticed how they didn’t care for customer service, and if anything happened with you’re experience with them then you’re SOL. I used UberEats and I do love how if the restaurant makes a mistake they’re willing to help you out, but I had the worst experience just because I made a mistake and tried to fix the issue myself. If I would’ve been able to cancel my order within the 5 seconds that I placed it, the the restaurant would have never made it and I could’ve re-ordered; however, I like several others have had to deal with waiting on the line just to get horrendous customer service from representatives that transfer you without consent and have to explain to the next unhelpful person. I’ve never had to deal with something like this and feel like I shouldn’t have to especially if I tried to fix my own mistake without needing my money back. If your company is going to allow this type of behavior and service over a petty few dollars, then I’m willing to scoop down to your level and actually dispute the charges and be done with your app because when someone doesn’t give you your money you cancel their accounts so I heard. And to anyone reading this don’t make the same mistake I did, make sure that you are 100% certain that’s what you want, or else you’ll go through the same ordeal as I did trying to get it resolved.

“Unusual Activity?! Try getting my order right”. Because Of this pandemic I’ve been trying my hardest to still support restaurants and uber drivers by ordering delivery. I ALWAYS tip ahead of time, and i have ordered MULTIPLE times at different restaurants surrounding my city. Sometimes my order is right, sometimes it is wrong... the past few times, I have had missing items, burnt items, wrong items, etc... so the past couple of times it’s been wrong, I’ve requested help for the SPECIFIC item that’s wrong, or burnt or missing. The uber eats app themselves ASK YOU AT THE END OF YOUR ORDER TO GIVE FEEDBACK... so again this time... my order was partially wrong and this is even after calling the restaurant to RECONFIRM my order (why don’t people listen?!) HOWEVER, upon going to give feedback on my order, I was going to write what was wrong... but to my surprise, they wouldn’t let me. Saying: “there’s unusual activity with your account” if I order dozens of times and three or four times someone gets my order wrong.... how is this my fault?! I’m just flabbergasted at the fact that I won’t get to eat a whole part of the meal that I PAID FOR AND TIPPED FOR... because it was completely wrong.... and I won’t receive compensation or an apology or nothing for it. All I know is.... this is most absolutely the last time I will be using this food delivery service. We have plenty of options now. So disappointed.

App decides on its own where to deliver my food. This app is absolutely useless and I am considering never using Uber Eats again. Your ONE job is to deliver food to people, and this app makes that next to impossible. I only use this app when I don't have the energy to cook dinner - after taking care of two children and working third shift, some days it's not possible for me to muster the energy to do so. So when I use this delivery service, I am depending on it to come through. TWICE now I have had the delivery address somehow automatically filled in to a nearby restaurant - one that I have ordered Uber Eats on before. I absolutely never filled this in as my delivery address myself, nor did I ever choose it as my delivery address. This awful app decided to make that decision on its own somehow. The second time this occurred (today), I manually changed the address to my own and it was correct in the app. Then, lo and behold, my poor delivery driver calls me outside of said restaurant with my order. This is absolutely unacceptable. He was not even sure that he would be able to complete my order based on your algorithms. He apparently called and fixed things and was thankfully able to complete my order. At least 45 min of his time was wasted, not to mention mine and my kids time waiting for our dinner. UNACCEPTABLE. Uber’s customer support sent me a message apologizing for my food being late and offering a $5 gift card. Yeah no thanks. Not using again.

you could not pay me to keep using this app. I’ve been using this app for a while to order food and at this point I’m just done. I’ve had multiple orders messed up in a row, not just arriving very late, but also inaccurate etas, poor delivery quality, or sometimes I straight up just don’t get my food. This one time, the delivery person showed up to where I lived and asked me where the food was. He was convinced that he was sent to my house… to pick up food (the restaurant I wanted to order from was clearly specified). What ensued was a long wait and talk with customer support until I finally was able to cancel the order and get a refund, because for some reason you can’t just cancel the order! So instead I had to babysit a confused Uber Eats driver at my home until customer service was able to resolve it. But like the title says, you could pay me and I still would not get back the time lost due to inaccurate etas, ruined food (literally, food distorted until it’s a mess on arrival), or a system that is broken to the point where the delivery person thinks that the restaurant I ordered from was my own home (news flash: no my dorm complex is NOT a Papa Johns). Anyways, please save your own time and mental health and switch over to another delivery service. UberEats does more harm than good, even all of my refunded meals hasn’t left me happy (if free food can’t fix it I don’t know what can). See you later Uber Eats.

MUST READ TO SAVE MONEY!!!!!!. Would not recommend unless deliver options were limited , Uber is super fast to take your money and super slow to refund . I was a consistent user of this app but the quality of their food service is not good. The restaurants WILL miss up your order your carrier WILL be late and your food WILL arrive cold and you’re paying top dollar for places that are 1-3 miles away yes a short distance and drive able but if you’re looking at the app you clearly don’t want to leave your home . When their is a problem with your food they expect you to write a full report about what items were missing or incorrect and instead of giving you a refund they claim they’re looking into it if I didn’t continue to pursue a refund I would have never got it . In addition to weak customer service and lack of communication between courier restaurant and user when they refund they do NOT refund US dollars instead it’s Uber credits which is just a scam to keep the app the Uber money is as useless as it sounds you can only use it when ordering Uber eats or an Uber and the credits are only applied if you remember to check the box that charges your Uber credits. Funny thing about the Uber credits is it means nothing it’s still your money it just makes your money less expendable and you can only use it for Uber only thing good I can say about it is it MIGHT be a good feature for little kids and parent controls but oh wait minors cant use Uber legally you must be 18+ .

Completely unacceptable business practices. Long time Uber and Uber Eats user. My opinion of these apps and this company has dropped off a cliff in the past few days, and I may be uninstalling both apps after years of use. I placed an order from Uber eats a few days ago and the food never came. I never received any information from the restaurant and it completely ruined my food plans. I called the restaurant several times to check on tehs tatus of my order and never got an answer. I contacted Uber Eats customer support expecting a speedy refund - after all, this was an open-and-shut case: I ordered food and it never came. But to my surprise, every reply from Uber representatives has been more or less them dodging responsibility and insisting that I get in touch with the restaurant for my issue... Take a moment to think about how ridiculous that is. Uber Eats charged me money (they have my credit card on file) and then when the service I paid for never occurred, they have the gall to tell me that there is nothing they can do and that I should track down the restaurant (which never got in touch with me in the first place) to try to get my money back. This is ridiculous! Either the restaurant is scamming Uber Eats or there is some sort of major miscommunication going on between them - BUT EITHER WAY, Uber is the one that charged my card and Uber is the party responsible for refunding my money. Terrible customer service and terrible business practices.

Ripoff, nonexistent, arrogant “support”. Since I am an Uber user, they sent me a coupon to try Uber Eats. I thought, okay, why not… I clicked the link, they showed me options, I picked one and then placed the order. I found it odd that they never asked me for my location (where would they deliver…?) and only noticed after I paid that the “delivery address” was some random location I traveled to in the past - in a completely different city! I canceled the order within 30 seconds when I noticed this, and they charged me a $7 cancellation fee. Huh? They are trying to entice me as a new user who is used to the Uber app that knows my location, they show me restaurants that are in a different city and then charge me for their stupidity? I contacted support immediately, and other than the totally fake “sympathy” (sooo tacky!) they were utterly arrogant and said that since I canceled the order “after the merchant already started preparing my order” (right… in 30 seconds…) they won’t refund the cancellation fee. I tried to contact another agendt, asked for a supervisor… ended up locked ouy of chat, they marked the issue “resolved” and made it impossible for me to contac them. Most arrogant company I have ever tried doing business with - this was downright fraud (I will get a chargeback through my credit card though) and will NEVER EVER use Uber Eats. Uber is a textbook example of how NOT to do business. They lost a customer for life.

Poor organization. I’ve had two terrible experiences with the app. 1) my food was delivered in the middle of winter by someone on a bicycle. No protective bag or basket to put the food in, just a bag of heavy, hot food exposed the the freezing winter air, dangling on someone’s bike. When it finally arrived nearly 2 hours after placing the order (the restaurant was only 1.2 miles away from my house and should not have taken that long) , it was freezing cold. I felt worse for the poor delivery guy that had to ride on poorly lit, winding roads in the middle of winter. He even states that he “wasn’t supposed to” be making deliveries over a certain amount of mileage away). 2) I ordered food from a location that was 3 miles away from my house (10 minutes drive) got a notification that it was picked up, and that it would be delivered in 10 minutes. Makes sense... after checking the app 10 minutes later, when the order should have arrived, it continued to say it was 10 minutes away. The tracking showed that the driver was in the complete opposite direction of our house and the restaurant. After checking another 10 minutes later, the driver was still in the same spot. Another 10 minutes, and they were still there. We called and he said he was “driving and is on his way”. After a few minutes he started moving, but was still going in the opposite direction. Deleting this app immediately and never using it again.

Worst Service I’ve Ever Seen. I ordered Uber Eats one night and experienced normal updates until the driver came to my apartment complex. When he arrived, he called me since he was having issues finding my apartment (I had already provided him specific directions for whenever he or she would enter my complex). The issue was l not that he could not find my apartment. He was irritated on the phone and complaining about the complex’s poor lighting (again, post me providing him with detailed directions within the complex). Once I stood outside waving to him, I assumed he would be at my door soon (since he said he saw me waving). A few minutes later, I saw him drive off. I now think that he drove off with an Uber rider in order to make more money. Assuming he was gone, I ordered food directly from the restaurant. My boyfriend was picking it up when I got a knock on my door. It was the Uber Eats driver delivering half eaten soup and the rest of my cold order. On top of that, he left the food on the ground instead of handing it to me at my door. I never even saw the man. I have contacted their customer service at least 4 times and have yet to get a refund...even after providing pictures of the half eaten soup and the 2 orders side-by-side (proving I proceeded with a personal order rather than eating the one left on my doorstep 40 minutes late after a mysterious disappearance and aggravated driver). Do not order Uber Eats. I recommend using any other food delivery service.

No live support and glitches that cost you money. I used to enjoy Uber Eats. Tried to order to my apartment, same as usual. The delivery guy didn’t bother to check the part of my notes that said what room number I was in and the app didn’t show any of his messages to me till one huge rush of messages at the end, so he left and they charged me full price. Now, I can’t order anything else until I pay the debt. But here’s the thing—it won’t accept any of my cards to pay. I can’t get myself a gift card because I need to go through Uber to get it, and Uber isn’t accepting any cards. I can’t link up to Paypal because it’s not accepting Paypal either. There’s no way to go to the physical location or call a number because it’s a ghost kitchen. And worst of all? Not even an option for live support. Only a pre-written FAQ, and no one to call about the unique issue I’m saddled with. All because one delivery guy didn’t bother to read the address info like all the guys before him, and the app itself glitching and being absolutely useless at any kind of support. Just free money out of me. I’m deleting this app as soon as I can pay off the bill. I’m having to request family members send me a gift card in hopes it’ll fix the issue. What was once a sometimes treat has proven to be a fair-weather nightmare. This experience has turned me off of not just Uber Eats, but any multi-store delivery food.

Unethical Procedure. I would rate -5 if I could due to my most recent experiences. Yesterday, I ordered a meal but needed to cancel due to a conflict. I spoke to an agent via chat who approved the cancellation and confirmed and I quote " I have canceled your order and made sure that you are not charged for it " . I was appreciative and ended the chat. I was then notified by my sister shortly after that I had food delivered on the front porch. I checked the app and low and behold, my cancelled order had been marked as delivered. I checked the app and didn't have any confirmation of the cancellation BESIDES the chat which I have screenshots of and should be documented. I reached out to the chat agents again and informed them that due to the negligence of the previous agent, my order wasn't cancelled and I wanted to make sure my refund was processed correctly. I was then informed by numerous chase agents that I am no longer eligible for a refund, and multiple agents confirmed that the initial agent made a mistake in confirming the refund. Which sounds like negligence. Why should I have to literally pay for someone else's mistake when I received written confirmation that it was cancelled? How can I be assured a refund and then the company change their mind?? This is not an experience I would ever recommend. Extremely stressful just to communicate with their agents over chat- always. No matter how articulate or polite you are. I want my money for this cancellation.

You rarely get your food by the time it first says.. Im not one to leave bad reviews but honestly, Uber eats app is by far the most infuriating thing. I use it regularly as I have poor spending habits, but as a regular user I get to see how often it works. First of all you will almost never get your food by the original promised time. They always push a delay and another delay until someone picks up your order late or the restaurant cancels the order despite it being open still. I’d get if it was normal hours and an order got canceled every once and a while or pushed back, but I typically order after the three big rushes that occur in any food industry and I always get delayed for some reason or canceled with the store still open. Secondly when you go to talk to someone in the app either via calling or support chat, you can’t find those options anywhere, even after going to their official site to look for a way to talk. Maybe my searches weren’t thorough enough for their standards, but due to the lack of any chat support on the app and online, as well as consistent delays and cancellations I am upset and frustrated by the app and it’s management staff. I hope they take this review and make better changes to the app for all of its users, or at least cancel the order before I have to wait two hours for my food each and every day I use the app.

Worst customer service. I ordered a chicken salad from Boston Market with Uber Eats a while back and when I received my order it was not only missing the chicken, but the whole salad was old and brown. Avocado and lettuce was literally black. I am pregnant and was not going to take a chance getting sick so I threw the whole salad away. The next day I sent a message to Uber Eats letting them know of the issue. I was told that I needed a photo of the food as proof. I let them know I didn’t know I needed a photo and threw the salad in the trash because I was upset. I was told they could not issue a refund to me without a photo. Basically felt like I was being called a liar. I threatened to call the health department because no restaurant should be serving their customers old rotten food. They immediately responded back that they would take care of that, but where is the proof that they did? If I need proof with a photo that old food is being sold, why didn’t I receive proof that they actually followed through on their end. Uninstalled app and will never order from Uber Eats again. I have also let everyone i know not to order with them as well. The fact that I couldn’t be refunded for a salad without a photo is disappointing. The salad probably only costed like $10. They charge crazy fees and taxes for the delivery, but CANNOT give me back $10? Plus they obviously are not checking that the restaurants they work with are safe. Didn’t feel valued as a customer at all.

Ridiculous Fees. I’ve been using this app for a long time. I mean since it was introduced long time. With the passage of time, it seems like Uber had doubled down on profits and have forgotten all about providing actual quality service. I think it’s ridiculous that there’s not a 2.50 minimum limit on the service fee, even for orders where the 15% fee should be less than 2.50. I have to pay the cost of the food, plus a service fee, plus a delivery fee and on top of that I have to tip the driver, because that’s the other part. Uber barely pays its drivers, and now with people tip baiting since they’ve changed the app to make it as less user friendly as possible while also reducing the minimum base fare it’s obvious things are just getting worse. I wonder how long it’ll take for everyone else to notice how bad the service has gotten before we all move on to the next app. UberEats used to feel like a good service. it used to feel like being able to have food brought to your place at an affordable price, mostly for people who struggle leaving their homes. Also, whatever happened to the steady offers and promotions that used to give users credits towards their deliveries, or certain percentage off an order. if you’re going to raise the cost of using your app, at least also increase the frequency at which you give away these offers, or at least come up with a better reward system for frequent users.

There are other apps that are way better. I recently placed an order with uber eats and this was a big order (close to $80). I get the order and I was not pleased with it. Some of the food was not good and I barely ate it. When dealing with other food delivery apps, whenever I received food that was unsatisfactory I could simply request a return on the app and it’s taken care of within a matter of minutes. Not with uber eats- at first I tried calling and when I finally found a number, the automated message said they were not taking calls at this time. I emailed their customer support and their solution was “to leave the business a 1 star rating.” After trying to contact their customer service asking if there was anything else they can do and getting no response, I contacted the restaurant instead. The restaurant that Uber eats wanted me to leave a 1 star rating for was beyond helpful and not only offered a refund on my select items, but even offered to call uber eats directly to let them know they approved of the refund. The restaurant called me shortly thereafter and told me that although they approved of the refund, ubereats had to issue it...funny since uber eats claimed there was nothing they could do. I tried calling uber eats and when I finally got in touch with a rep, they told me I had to email them since they are not helping customers over the phone at this time. Safe to say I won’t be using uber eats again.

Outstanding Service!. Joseph kept me well informed about my order. He delivered a completely accurate order with utensils, condiments, and all items included. He delivered my order early, dropped it at the door as arranged. When I opened the door, he wished us a very sweet Happy Valentine’s Day greeting. On the other hand, my daughter was amazed as she waited for her order from another restaurant very close to this Cracker Barrel through a DIFFERENT delivery service. After waiting several hours, she received a call saying her order was going to be another 45 minutes before it was prepared, and they sounded like they wanted her to just cancel the order. At that point, she, her, husband, and oldest son were starving and she said that she preferred to wait. (For point of reference, I had just placed my order for two (mentioned above), and mine showed as already being prepared. My order actually arrived well before her order left the restaurant. When her order arrived, she had no bread which was to be included with meals. She also was missing an appetizer and their order was cold. While the company did reimburse her for missing items, it was a disappointment. So, thank you to Joseph, UberEats , and Cracker Barrel for your exemplary service!

Ridiculous customer service!. My husband and I placed an order at 6:25 pm with an expected delivery time for 7:11 pm. It was 7:30 pm and we hadn’t heard anything from anyone, so I had submitted a complaint saying I hadn’t received my order. Next thing I know, I find out that the order has been cancelled and I didn’t receive a single phone call as to why. I submitted another complaint and received no response again. I called customer service only to receive scripted responses and repeated sentences. As it turned out, the driver just cancelled the order claiming to not be able to find my apartment because I didn’t list the number, which isn’t true. And even if it was, I would’ve received a phone call or a message of some kind, but I didn’t. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative kept saying that I would only get the same answer from his supervisor. After asking her for some form of compensation for the two hours I wasted in waiting to get the food, she only told me to re-order the food for the same price. I had mentioned to her that other places we’ve had issues with had given us some form of compensation, reduced delivery fee, or $5 off the next order. She then said, “We’ll respect your decision” As far as customer service goes, Uber eats is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. If you want to keep a customer, you should at least offer something as compensation for a mistake that was made on YOUR end. Never ordering from them again.

No help at all. Last night I was looking around on the app and put a few things in my cart but then I thought about it and decided the delivery fee was too much for me so I wanted to cancel it. I accidentally pressed place my order and IMMEDIATELY pressed cancel. Instead of canceling my order as soon as possible the button called uber support and the woman (after talking for ten minutes despite me telling her she had to call the place as soon as possible) told me the food had already been made so she couldn’t cancel. I didn’t understand why not pressing cancel didn’t cancel the Oder but that was just the first part of a very unpleasant hour. I ask her if there’s anything I can do to fix it and she repeated the same thing over and over. I hung up and called the KFC store the woman there told me the app doesn’t allow for them to cancel and she’s tried several times. She also said the woman from uber told her she couldn’t cancel because the driver was there contradicting what uber told me. I asked for a manager and the uber woman said she didn’t have one. So not only is every customer assistant stupid but also incompetent and unsupervised. I called a different uber support woman and she told me she could’ve canceled it if it hadn’t been sent out and when I told her about the previous woman she said there was nothing she could do. So I just spent money on food I didn’t want because uber assistance doesn’t know how to do there job and assist. Not ordering from them again.

Worst experience with this app. I placed my first order on UberEats and placed the order accidentally without all the items I wanted to order. So, I cancelled it immediately(within seconds) to add more items. They charged me for the item that was cancelled. When I checked with the customer care and said I was just trying to add more items, they said since the restaurant accepted the order they cannot issue a refund. The agent suggested since they started preparing it( I don’t know what they prepared in seconds) I should just go pick it up in the restaurant. So, I go to the restaurant and they say they never started preparing it and since we cancelled they never charged me for anything. It’s UberEats who charged me. I call UberEats back and tell them that they did not start the order, they kept me on hold for 20 mins to call the restaurant twice(while I was in the restaurant and finally tell me, they still cannot refund me. What I don’t understand is if the restaurant did not charge me and did not prepare the food and there is nothing for us to pick up, why did they suggest me to go pick it up? And if the restaurant did not charge me, it’s UberEats who charged me the amount and why did they do this if there is no service or food provided? I never wrote a review before but had to write one for this because I had such a poor experience. I never had any issue with other apps and will never use UberEats again.

Thanks for letting me get robbed multiple times and refusing to help. I hate this app and have officially stopped using it after being played for the last time. For a month now, I have a petty neighbor because he beats on his girlfriend and I defend her by calling the police or telling our landlord. So I’m retaliation l, he’s stealing my stuff: groceries, deliveries and my food. I’ve told this app about what was going on and why I was having to recive so many refunds this month and even told them about the police report I’ve made because of all of this. They deleted my account…..their “customer service” calls me a lier and ends the chat. Now they are claiming I have multiple accounts. I’m sorry that people scam you guys a lot but that isn’t every case. I barely order out anymore because of what my neighbor is doing. I ordered maybe 3 times and each time he’s stolen it. I’ve even had a driver last night just not even deliver my food and THEY REFUSED TO REFUND ME! I sent a picture of the driver pretending to drop off me food, pick it up and leave with it (yes I tried to stop him but I’m 7 months pregnant, can’t really move that fast) all I wanted is my money back and I was made to seem like I was a liar and a theft. So I don’t recommend this app at all, honestly I don’t recommend any of these “delivery apps” DoorDash allows too many thefts, ubereats refuses to listen to their customers and grubhub is ridiculously expensive.

Worst Customer Service, DoorDash is better. I have been a customer with Uber for several years. I have had several problems with rides in the past and have tried to not be upset by these problems. However, I recently tried to place an order with Uber eats and my food was supposed to take 45 minutes - 1 hour to prepare and be delivered. I understand that with everything happening that it may be difficult to find drivers, however that does not excuse the fact that it took over 2 HOURS for me to even hear from them about the status of my food. At that point we had found something else to eat and I decided to cancel my order. However they still charged me. As a college student, I don’t need corporations like Uber charging me when I don’t even receive my food. I decided to contact customer service and they were the most incompetent people I have dealt with in my life. Instead of responding to my problem they continued to send canned responses and offer no real help. I am disgusted with the service of this app and will never use ANY Uber apps and will caution anyone else to use something more reliable. Fix your policies, if a restaurant has accepted my order then there should also be a driver that accepts it before it’s made otherwise people shouldn’t be charged. You have lost a customer and I will ensure that others hear of my experiences and reconsider downloading this app or making any purchases with Uber. Fix your customer service :)

No Customer Service Support. I have ordered through the app several times over the last few months without a major issue. There have been slight delays, but nothing completely inconvenient. However, my most recent order was not assigned a driver for over an hour and a half. I found this out by receiving a call from the restaurant I ordered from. My food had been ready within ten minutes of my placing the order. When I went to contact UberEats about the issue, there was no way to contact them. There were some general FAQs, but nothing about what to do if no driver was assigned to an order. I couldn’t even find a customer service number to contact them and let them know there was a glitch. I had to get their customer help line number from the restaurant I’d ordered from. That number led to a message that said they are not providing phone assistance at this time. It did give me another number that provided the same automated message. I was ordering at a normal time on a Saturday in a city from a chain restaurant, one I’d ordered from the app many times. It should not have taken that long and if it did, there should have been a way for me to contact headquarters to get assistance. I understand things happen, but this isn’t a driver issue or the restaurant issue. This is an UberEats organizational issue. I am normally not one to place a complaint review, but I am doing so in the hopes that UberEats will update their customer service assistance.

To many issues. So I’ll admit I generally order at weird hours at night because I work 3rd shift. The number of times a restaurant that has popped up as open and let me place an order just for the delivery person to get there and find the place closed is pretty insane. Why are these places showing open and available? It’s not like I find out right away either it’s always 1-1 1/2 later with a notification that the order is just cancelled. By that point everything else has closed and I’m left with no recourse and no lunch period at work. Even if I’m lucky and something is open by that late all the delivery fees are sky high and generally worth more than the order itself. It’s honestly not even about the money for me it’s about how unorganized this app has become and how it’s not really even a convenient option anymore. If I do get any contact with your customer support they think just because I wasn’t charged for the order that it makes the situation ok. It’s really not. This has happened to me sooo many times. Half the time even if the food is delivered it’s the wrong order and pieces are missing and again the company won’t fix it they just might refund something completely disregarding the problem. I think I’ll just stick to other companies like door dash or grubhub at this point. Maybe you guys should just stick with your cab service.

Terrible Customer Service. I use Uber and Uber Eats multiple times a day, but my house is sometimes difficult to find. Because of COVID-19, I have been requesting to have my food left at my door rather than meeting my driver in person. I always reach out to my drivers to leave detailed delivery instructions (both in chat and in the instructions box) but sometimes drivers ignore my efforts and leave my delivery somewhere else. I always try to find where they left it, but when I can’t, I request a refund and reorder my food. This has happened so often in the past few months (because I haven’t been meeting my drivers outside), that they now refuse to give me a refund regardless of my issue. Less than an hour ago, I received a delivery with about $20 worth of food missing. I reached out to support to get a partial refund for the missing items on my $60 order, providing a picture and explaining the situation, but both times that I spoke to someone they informed me that there was nothing they could do. I’m really disappointed because I genuinely use Uber more than once a day every day. I really hope that this review will draw some attention to this issue and possibly result in a refund, otherwise I’ll have to turn to other apps like Lyft and DoorDash. I hate leaving reviews like this, and truly wish I could leave a higher review on an app that I use so often, but I don’t think it’s fair that I am being charged extra for things that are out of my control.

Refund. So as of today I deleted this app and I’m no longer giving my business to Uber for them to steal from me. I ordered an item from a restaurant mango’s grill Keller but on the same day i decided to cancel it and order something else from the same restaurant. Upon my cancellation the app told me it would be a standard 4-7 business days for my refund to be processed so I was alright waiting but it was already 5 days and I had not received my refund so I decided to follow up and see what the hold up was just for Uber to transfer me over and over and end up not resolving my issue just to receive an email that I was not eligible for a refund. I tried to call and a customer service agent from Uber notifies me that because it was past 48hrs of me contacting uber about my refund that they would not issue it back to me because they have ‘procedure’s’ in place to be followed. I am not going to get my refund because I followed the process that the app told me to but apparently I was supposed to call Uber to cancel the order for me. How does this make sense? Why are there not steps on the app then to be user friendly and also give out information about cancellation and what not. This app has left a bad taste in my mouth and please be careful anyone using the app. This is daylight theft. Save your money and go get your orders to go or dine-in. My two cents. If I could put 0 stars for this review I would.

I started to hate Uber Eats over time. I’m giving it 5 stars so more people can see this.. I hate uber eats. While I understand that food missing happens some of the time. After a while it started to become constant. So constant to the fact that we were missing half of our order and Uber eats REFUSED to give us our money back. They said it was because it seemed suspicious that we had so many issues with missing food. First off. I had a screenshot of a conversation with the Uber driver saying that there was an issue with our drinks. He lied and said that we were able to actually get them. When we opened up the bag, the cup holder was there but not our drinks. Our Uber eats guy REFUSED to go back and get them. So I called the location and spoke to the manager. She even knew which order we were talking about before we even gave her the order number. I told Uber eats all of this and they still refused to give us our money back. It was $20 that we just didn’t get back. I ended up deleting my account with any Uber association because I was being punished for missing food. Instead of Uber eats holding their drivers and their stores responsible, I was out of $20 I never got back. A lot of it has to do with the stores not making sure that all of the order is there rather than Uber eats. But CLEARLY this is an issue and for some reason I’m the one held accountable and I don’t see how that makes any sense.

Totally disappointed. This app worked fine for a while, then it started to involve some operations that failed the customer satisfaction for sure. I just ordered a dinner a couple of days ago and everything was just fine until minutes after the order was placed and almost ready to deliver. So it happened that I opened the app to check order status and my order was canceled, and the stated argument was that I called the restaurant to cancel the order over phone. Besides that Uber customer service told me when chatting that they were sorry and my $ can’t be refunded because I have canceled too many orders recently which was totally false and not demonstrated. Then #1 how is it possible that Uber may allow a customer to cancel and order over phone that he placed online through the app instead of canceling using the app, and #2 how is that you can tell me I won’t receive full refund for a non-demonstrated action. Guys you need to improve your operations or if this continues happening you will totally lost many clients. I uninstalled the app and hope to find some other new app or an entrepreneur who can do a little better with less complications because this is a difficult time to waste $ for no good reason. I better call straight to the restaurant and make my order than handle my $ to such an irresponsible entity.

Horrible Service. I have had three bad instances with Uber and Uber Eats dating back to July. (1)July 2019 while on vacation in L. A. week took an Uber to a local mall. Were there until closing with the exception of some restaurants. We ordered an Uber to pick us up at the entrance to Target where were dropped off. We explained the entrance was on the top level of the parking deck. She called my wife to explain that she could bout find us. We tried to explain but the driver got frustrated and left us stranded at night, in a strange city, a cart full of items including baby milk, a 13 year old and a one year old. (2) August 2019, I ordered food through Uber Eats and the driver went to the wrong address. She called me and stayed on the phone while I directed her to my house. (4) September 2019, I order Uber Eats with an ETA of 50-70 minutes. After more than 90 minutes the driver, Travis called to say he went to the wrong address. I tried to direct him to my house but he said contact Uber and hung up on me. While trying to find a way to contact them in the app (there isn’t) I got a message that the order was canceled. I later figured they were trying to locate me using GPS which everyone knows is not entirely accurate rather than my home address on my profile. Done!

Literally the WORST delivery serice. I would give 0 stars if I could. Everytime I order Uber eats there’s a problem , it takes WAYYY longer than it’s suppose to (even with priority delivery) for a place that’s at most 10 minutes away I waited an hour and a half and NEVER RECEIVED MY FOOD, the restaurant said they didn’t get my order until then and had already closed when my driver arrived to pick up my food. Uber eats is a SCAMMM. Don’t think they understand that the longer you have food sit the taste doesn’t remain the same. And when they mess up your order or forget items they don’t even refund your money nor pick up your calls , they make it sooo hard for you to get a response. Again I ordered from a place that’s 10 minutes away and I’m still waiting AN HOUR and 45 minutes later. Called the restaurant and they said the food has been done for a long time. When a driver finally picked it up now they have a stop on the way like I haven’t already waiting enough, makes no sense. Save your time and money and download a different app like Grubhub or postmates, I will no longer use this app and it’s getting deleted now. WORST delivery service on the App Store.

Wow wow wow wow. I cannot believe what just happened, Uber eats randomly charged me a 30$ “authorization fee” (this” fee” was only labeled after hours trying to get someone to help me), right as I was placing my order- so when I agreed to it I was under the impression I was saying okay to my order being placed. I was placing an order around the same price, slightly higher than this “fee”, which at the time I assumed it was the discount being applied like the button I clicked on, said would be applied. It goes through, and when I go to check my orders eta- no such record of the order has been placed but the money sure has been taken out of my account! Customer service pretended to check on my order then claimed they were transferring me to someone with more resources than they currently had, and ended the chat with me. No transfer was made, no contact was attempted. So I go through the process again- this time I am told to check my email. All the while I am out the amount of my order and no order has been placed and no one is offering me any type of solution. I check my email and about an hour later I get the explanation that this is an authorization fee that will be released in 3-10 days. It would have been better if they just said, “we’re sorry we messed up”, vs. the ridiculous explanation I was given. I’m sure it’s for legal reasons, but I feel like I was politely robbed.

Re-Reviewing because my old review was deleted!. Don’t be fooled by the Developer Responses you see on these reviews: the website they send you to is the same form site you get when you first try to complain. Their customer service is terrible. My original complaint was that they sent the delivery driver on another order AFTER picking up my food (a burger and fries) taking an hour after my food was picked up to get to me. The food was cold and inedible, going into the trash. There’s nobody to talk to, nobody to explain the situation in their customer service. It sends you to a site where it asks you for a picture of your food (how does that show that its cold?) and fill out a form. The response I got was literally them saying the driver was within their time limit (which isn’t told to you until AFTER it is too late to cancel the order AND is their time limit that changes frequently during the order), so I got no refund. Cold, inedible food for my money. Oh, but it doesn’t end there! They would constantly reply to my review, saying they wanted to fix my problem, but literally send me back to the original form complaint site that got me the original no refund response. This is a terrible company and doesn’t deserve a single penny from anybody’s pocket. They can continue to delete these one star reviews to keep their average up, but the fact is that they feign interest in helping you is disgusting. Delete Uber!

App works well but customer service is horrible. The app itself works well. However, the company has very poor customer service. They don’t read your messages. So in this case the app doesn’t work or the service team is horrible. There is no number you can easily find to call and speak to a person. It isn’t even an option on the app or on the Uber eats website. You can find it by googling search for a contact number. Also the app either doesn’t work or it’s partners can’t read the orders. My orders are always wrong. From missing meat on my carne Asada nachos, to not removing tomatoes, to missing items all together, to the wrong order being delivered. They apparently don’t check to make sure their orders are correct before they leave the restaurants. Sometimes you can have it corrected easily by having them redeliver the item. Sometimes you just have to rely that someone can actually address your issue. The help option on the app is a joke. They don’t read. You get blanketed responses. That or the help team can not isn’t capable of reading. You are not able to get any help when they have marked your issue resolved. So don’t expect to tell them they made an error. I am sorry but only getting back a $1.08 which is what I paid to upgrade my side item and not the side item itself is just horrible. You need to fix your platform to include partially refunds for missing items since they can’t be delivered.

Horrible, slow, and expensive service. I used to love Uber Eats but they have gone downhill so fast. Any order I place either items are missing or it takes 1.5 hours or longer to arrive. I’ll place an order where the app tells me that an order from that specific restaurant will take 20-25 minutes and it doesn’t arrive for 1.5- 2 hours... Delivery drivers will just make random stops along the route and the app doesn’t even notify you or ask if it’s alright to add a stop. Drivers will also drive far past my apartment and just keep driving and ignore any call or message I send them, adding 20+ minutes to their route. When I do FINALLY get my food, items are always either missing, incorrect, or cold. This service is way too expansive how horrible it is. The best part is Uber Eats doesn’t even have any sort of customer service phone number, email, or chat option!! They just direct customers to their website which gives you useless articles on how orders can be delayed sometimes and basically that there’s nothing they will do to resolve that. That is probably the most frustrating part. When an order is late they have started to offer you $5 off your next order- also completely useless because I will not be using Uber Eats again when I pay $25 for a sandwich that takes 2 hours to get to me when the restaurant is 5 minutes away. GET A CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER. Complete lack of customer service is awful.

Nope. I have ordered food off this app multiple times for the sole reason that they are slightly cheaper than DoorDash. However, I see now that DoorDashes prices are worth it because they’re service is better. I recently placed an order and my initial wait time was about 25 minutes, as time went on my order got pushed back farther and farther. Eventually the restaurant I ordered from called and said my order had been ready for an hour and no one had been to pick it up. Mind you, the restaurant is now closed, which means the kitchen is closed so there’s no way to keep my food warm. Thankfully the last at the restaurant was nice enough to call Uber eats and inform them of the situation as well as let me know. As I’m getting in my car at 9:40(order was ready at 8:40) to go get the food, FINALLY it says someone picked up my order. I went to the Help section of the app to see if I could leave a complaint or comment but no, I could only rate and comment on the restaurant itself. By the time my food arrived it was lukewarm and not even worth it anymore. I understand that things happen and no service is perfect but once an hour goes by I should’ve been given the option to cancel my order or wait it out. It is completely unacceptable that the restaurant was the entity to make me aware of the situation and not the company I ordered from. In conclusion, I say save your time and money.

Terrible customer service. I had an order with McDonald’s, which was cancelled by UberEats. Later, I received a phone call from one of their representatives, who claim that the restaurant was having technical difficulties which did not allow them to see any items from orders and thus cancelled my order. The lady also claimed that the restaurant was going to close due to such issue. However, as I then called the restaurant directly by myself, they said that there’s nothing wrong with them and they are not going to close until their regular closing time. Why did the representative just lie to a customer like twice? Was she making things up to just avoid responsibility? This had never happened to me before so I called the customer care line right after. This time the representative apologized to me and promise to look into the case. However, he told me to try re-order, after I have already wasted 30min in the late night, feeling hungry. But what happened next shocked me, the app marked the restaurant as “unavailable”. I sent this case via email to the customer care again, and the response I received was such a joke. They replied to me promising that they are not going to charge me on the order and explained to me how the refund work. But I mentioned nothing about the money at all... All I complained about was the unprofessional service I received which they didn't even bother to apologize for. Thanks UberEats for showing me the bottom line of customer service.

Wrong order multiple times and no refund. I’ve been on a business trip for the past two weeks and with the pandemic going on it’s very discouraging to go out so I thought this app would be a nice alternative. I’ve been using the app for years and only now have I’ve been having issues. If my order was wrong I would give a picture and they would give a discount or credit or get the item to be sent out but this week I’ve been getting both the worst food and service. Every time I let the Uber support team know they essentially say “sorry but oh well” and that’s it. For instance, I ordered a steak and it was raw; I let them know with a picture and they didn’t do anything. I got two pastries the next morning and they gave me one with bacon on it (to which I don’t eat pork) so I was very upset to get the same message saying they’ll look into it just to say they weren’t doing anything about it. The next day I ordered dinner and they gave me someone else’s order of way less food to which I sent a picture and even tried to reorder my food. Of course to no avail they said they couldn’t refund the money and the place had just closed so I couldn’t even get my order. I am honestly fed up. Whenever I have this issue with another app they fix the issue right away, but I use Uber a lot so I usually use this app for food as well. I will not be using Uber or Uber eats again if there’s no change to how they look at their customer support issues.

Not a reliable service. I used this service for dinner delivery at work about once a week for about a year or so, and it has steadily gotten more expensive. The quality of service from the delivery partners varies wildly, some don’t read delivery instructions and make you wander around to find them, some go out of their way to give you a good experience. The app functions pretty well and you can filter your choices several ways and it keeps track of your previous experiences and makes it easy to quickly select favorites. It’s intuitive and simple. The downfall is on the service side. In the past 3 months I’ve had several orders cancelled with no warning or followup. My attempts to get questions answered through the support request system in the app have been futile; an email will arrive explaining was not charged for the cancelled order but will give no other answers or explanation about why the cancellations occurred. As I work in the medical field, I can’t leave to go get something to eat when this happens so I’m stuck working a shift with no lunch, so it’s a significant drawback in a food-delivery service when there are random and unexplained failures in service, especially when there are no attempts to rectify the situation or reattempt the delivery. Since there have been multiple instances of this situation and very poor customer service response on the part of Uber, I’m cancelling my account and using a different service.

Use app with caution. This morning I tried making a purchase at McDonald’s (Sherman way/woodman) and was given a “internal server error” message saying my transaction didn’t go through and I had the option to empty my cart, which I did.. I then proceeded to attempt to place my order at another McDonald’s (Van Nuys/Blythe) which I had no issues in doing so. But once I finished placing that 2nd order, to my surprise I was notified that a order was on its way to my home.. turns out the first order at the Sherman way location went through after all.. I then tried canceling the 2nd order but when I was finally connected to a Uber eats associate and once they finished the “process” the associate said they have to go through to proceed with the cancellation I was no longer able to keep my money.. I truly do not believe this is fair.. nobody is to blame here but the app for having me believe that I never placed an order other than the one I knowingly placed at the van Nuys/ Blythe location. Everyone I’ve spoken too has told the same thing, we can’t give you a refund after a restaurant has prepared the food.. I understand that and I agree that the restaurant shouldn’t lose money for something they are not to be blamed for.. but who is to take responsibility when the Uber eats app malfunctions and down right robs somebody of their money? Why should I lose money because of a “internal server error”? Something has to be done.. this isn’t fair.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 6.174.10000
Play Store com.ubercab.UberEats
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Uber Eats: Food Delivery (Versiyon 6.174.10000) Install & Download

The application Uber Eats: Food Delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 01 March 2016, Tuesday and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 368677371]. This program file size is 328.94 MB. This app has been rated by 7,534,265 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Uber Eats: Food Delivery - Food & Drink app posted on 24 July 2023, Monday current version is 6.174.10000 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ubercab.UberEats. Languages supported by the app:

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Uber Eats: Food Delivery App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update the Uber Eats app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update: - Performance improvements - Localization updates Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber Eats engine running. Have a question? Tap Help in the Uber Eats app or visit help.uber.com.

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