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Delicious eats. Delivered easy.

Hungry? Get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed.

Eat what you like, where you like, when you like. Find the local flavors you crave, all at the tap of a button.

Browse local restaurants and fast food favorites for inspiration. Or get just what you’re looking for by searching for a specific restaurant, dish, or cuisine. Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. If you're hungry for it, try Uber Eats.

When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll see your delivery address, an estimated delivery time, and the total price including tax and booking fee. Tap to seamlessly pay with your Uber account, or add a credit card. Track your order in real-time as it heads your way.

Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Bangkok, Bogota, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Nashville, New Delhi, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington DC.

Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more.

Not in your city yet? We hope to be soon! Head to https://about.ubereats.com/cities/ for a current list of all the cities we serve.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery App Description & Overview

The applications Uber Eats: Food Delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2016-03-01 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc.. The file size is 221.38 MB. The current version is 1.188.10000 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We update the Uber Eats app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update:

- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

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Very bad first experience  michael1520  1 star

My first time ordering yesterday after an hour and 20 I’m notified that my court was unable to deliver so I call the restaurant and they say it’s sitting there cold but no one showed up to deliver it. Bye bye Uber eats app. U got one star bc I had no choice


Terrible  ae4365  1 star

Twice we ordered and twice we waited hungry for a hour and nobody to show up. We won’t try a third time

Unhappy L customer...

My order  Unhappy L customer...  1 star

I ordered two burger combos from Burgerim which is about 20 minutes from my house. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) was 30 minutes after I ordered which made sense. However, the time changed to 40 minutes and then to 20 minutes then changed to 50 minutes. It had been 40 minutes since I ordered and the food was expected to arrive after over an hour had passed. The food delivery was way too long and with that they were making stops along the way to deliver my food. This sucked and they need to make sure the food gets picked up so it can be delivered not long after it is ordered and can be somewhat warm. Way too long to get food.


Terrible  Slug:)85;--  1 star

I will not ever use their service again. Be careful, because no mistake is forgiven with them. I made an order at work, and immediately realized I had entered the wrong address. Within literally 1minute or less I attempted to be a good person and correct the error and submit the correct address. There was no obvious fix, so I canceled to save the driver a wrongful trip. Then I attempted to call the support line. This was a waste. The person said the order had already been submitted and was being prepared with in 2 mins time. I was charged $18 for nothing, and they were completely unwilling to aid my situation. Uber is as heartless as the rumors say. They won’t get another penny from me. Great business model!

Icey Dyanne

First order  Icey Dyanne  1 star

Driver do you not use a insulated bag to deliver the food, food was cold


Terrible customer service zero quality assurance  jo36  1 star

UberEats is the worst. They have zero customer support and zero quality assurance in place. Because of which, vendors sent you incorrect order items, replace your order items with something substandard without notifying you, and also sent you poor quality food. They know once the order is made, they won’t be penalised for poor quality service. And UberEats acts like they have zero responsibility. If you put refund request to UberEats they will begin to penalise the customer for too many refund request and will start to ignore your messages to customer support. I have switched to Grubhub for my food delivery.


Somehow always wrong  DisappintedAndDungeons  1 star

Every other weekend, I order food for my dnd group. And it seems like every time something goes wrong. The time predicted is never right. Being 30+ mins past the stated time. I watch as cooking times balloon out. Often times order are forgotten. Pieces are often missing. And whether something includes rice is a toss up. When we order rice separately, we end up with pounds of extra rice. When we order none, we end up having to wait till I can cook rice myself. And the part that makes it worse is the lack of ability to rectify this. If your lucky enough to have gold support, you will get a person that we’ll refund part of your order. You can the reorder the parts and wait 30+ mins past the scheduled delivery port. Again. All in all, the app has lots of problems and a terrible way of rectifying the problem.


When order is wrong, not much you can do  Megwonder  3 star

This is annoying since my orders have been wrong about as much as they’ve been right.


Makes no sense  496393858  2 star

I deleted this app because of how it frustrated me but I was feeling lazy and decided to give it another try. Soon as I get on it I see an opportunity to not get charged the delivery fee by piggybacking on someone's order from select restaurants. I placed my order within the time limit and once again my order is being pushed back again and again with no sign of pick up. How is this possible when there was already a courier? I get my food 20 minutes past when it originally said cold, I feel hustled. My food finally shows up it's cold and undercooked.


try to solve an issue thru the app and find and end road  nicolechat  1 star

i place an order in the app and the driver mark the order as deliver; the driver never answer the phone either to uber costumer services team resolution: map show that they make the delivery even do they never did and because of that uber eat can't do anything or either process a refund. So waste of time, money loose and one of the most uncertain feeling that i never have in a online purchase. No answer, no food, no money and no any solution at all. Very bad experience and total waste of time and money


Tipping is not Australian!  Christoper.m  1 star

App tries to make you tip for delivery. This isn’t the US, we actually pay workers a liveable wage and tipping is not customary. Please make tipping less overt.


Uber  whereismyfoof  1 star

Poor response from Uber, poor delivery drivers who can’t follow directions to location. Had 1 job seriously


Delivery  tombochef  5 star

Delivery charges are very high !!! This needs to be worked on


What happened  nnnitro  1 star

I’ve had this order before and very much enjoyed it. I’m not sure what happened here, it was very late, tasted peculiar and the beans and rice were about 80% rice with a handful of beans thrown on top. God it was a disaster


Cazzieb1  cazzieb1  5 star

Quick service 😊


If could give zero would  hahsjsjkskdndbdjdjd  1 star

Honestly you hit help and cancel my order and it says if you need to cancel contact Uber eats support and I’ve checked every screen of the app and can not find any contact info for Uber eats support


No good  kelista18  1 star

I’ve only ordered food from this account a few times and the other when I tried to order some food it was saying my account has been disabled. When I was never rude to any for the driver and I always gave good ratings. The worst thing is I can’t even fix my account😡


Great service - location needs work  N8v123...  3 star

Unless I’m missing something, the location needs to be automatically set to your location like Uber


This is not a complete APP. Terrible experience  PhysicsGeekMing  1 star

I can not cancel my order for wrong address from McDonald’s. There is no way to cancel order within one minutes after placing my order. It has a tip for cancel my order by contacting Uber eat support team but there is no way within the app to contact the support team. You will never found the Uber support team when you need! Be aware to use this app!


Tezz2232  Tezz2232  5 star

Great service!!


Horrible service  donotusethisservice  1 star

It just takes longer and longer. Delivery does not take place in the initial time it tells you, it keeps adding 15 mins here, 15 mins there. And if you try to cancel your order it charges you the whole amount for the order, so you might as well wait the 2 hours it ends up taking for your food to actually be delivered. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! Try doordash or ANYTHING else. Horrible waste of time/money.


Zero stars  cmaroe00  1 star

I can’t even get a call back on why I never received my order. I need my money back


Hate itt  tbuffe  1 star

Don’t get uber eats i waited for more than 1 hour and i call customer service she just told i Am sorry thats nor we can do then refund! More than a hour i was starving i will never use again and never recommended someone


Horrible!!  Tttttttttt82297  1 star

Absolutely horrible customer service and very shady business practices. Both my customer service rep and delivery driver manipulated the system so that I would get charged after I tried to cancel my order MULTIPLE TIMES. The app is not user friendly and customer service is totally worthless. I understand that the restaurant made the food and I do not expect a refund for the food that was unable to be delivered because the app used an address from 9 months ago rather than my current location. My mistake. But I absolutely should not have been charged a delivery fee. I was told they could not cancel the order. Total bull crap. Absolutely ridiculous. Never again. DO NOT USE!


Horrible customer support  hangryguynow  1 star

If you accidentally click order on a meal or anything in your cart, you’re immediately and unwaveringly committed even though there’s no way that the restaurant started cooking the food before I could cancel. Honestly this app is severely mismanaged and needs dramatic improvement.


Completely unprofessional  Samthenatural  1 star

To start, their delivery charges are ridiculous, their drivers are mostly thieves that steal your food but will make you pay the tab. Every time I call support they downplay the severity of someone’s money being in limbo. I hope Lyfe makes a delivery company soon because I AM DONE WITH THIS SHADY COMPANY!


Ladrones  Nenufare5  1 star

De partida, te cobran $1000 (pesos chilenos) adicional al precio original del restaurante por cada plato. Pésimo servicio. Cuando pido la mitad de las veces llega el pedido con lo que solicité y a veces con cargos extra. Una vez que llega el pedido reclamo y la empresa no se hace responsable, y modifica la boleta posterior al pago! Luego no queda NINGUN REGISTRO DE QUE EL RECIBO FUE MODIFICADO DESDE LA CENTRAL DE UBEREATS! Así no se hacen responsables y le hacen pagar a uno el error en el pedido!


Boo  Jamiejdjduuehr  1 star

Late everytime is


Complaints  seattlesounders17  3 star

Carl’s Jr. restaurants don’t don’t follow directions


My experience  rustymfB  4 star

Uber eats is super convenient despite the extra fees added. I understand that everyone has to make their money LOL. Sometimes the orders are not correct but everyone involved has been more than willing to make everything right. Let’s all say thank you to Uber eats


Awful awful awful  CiAshD  1 star

The worst customer service in history. No support, no responsibility. They do not care about late or missing food. Food arrived an hour late, absolutely frozen and couldn’t be eaten, customer service replied with snotty generic responses saying they decided they wouldn’t do anything. Do not use Uber eats for anything , ever!!!! You might as well burn your money or eat cold food from a bin.

al conner

Mc  al conner  1 star

Ordered a Big Mac meal no chips I’m sick of this


Terrible app, useless support, vile company  CiV5555555  1 star

Deliveroo is a much better app, company and has great support. Uber support are ineffective and arrogant to their customers. Low selection of restaurants and bad app when it comes to transaction.


Unreliable  phyllis168  1 star

Ordered food at 19.29 and told on the way. At 20.29 told couldn’t find my address order not being delivered dreadful service


Very bad service today.  Bavaria33  1 star

Got my order wrong no way of contacting them. I am a shareholder in McDonald’s and was expecting their usual high standards. I have reported them to my credit card company. 😡 should have checked the order before tipping. I never write reviews but thought I would warn everyone.


Not happy  Memma7979  1 star

Out of control, low offer and the delivery times have become longer and longer, you can’t do anything about your delayed food, you can’t do anything about your food arriving cold, or missing items, one driver told me he was sitting in a restaurant for half an hour waiting on my food, and there is nothing you can do about it. Their service needs a lot more work before it reaches anything that Deliveroo or Just Eat have to offer. I actually feel sorry for the drivers and will never give out to them, but the uber eat crew should really pay attention who they do their business with and how they treat their customers.


Avoid at all costs  lilh1O  1 star

We have ordered using the app 3 times but each time delivery took 90 minutes and food was inedible so had to send back. Thought we were just very unlucky but friends have had the same experience. Don’t bother using not worth the hassle!


Useless  bsbshsjdjsns  1 star

The app is very limited so unless ur in a big city don’t use this app it doesn’t work


Long delivery time  Sessiondepression  1 star

My food was delayed an hour on a Thursday morning for no good reason when the restaurant is 10 mins walk? Not even a big order at that.


They have the worst customer service  Kanyinsolami  1 star

The drivers do not deliver your food and they block your number when you try to reach them

Uber Eats: Food Delivery Comments

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