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What is whataburger app? Get access to more rewards, more surprises, and more Whataburger®. Check out the easiest, most rewarding way to get Whataburger just like you like it!

— EARN MORE: Earn 10 points for every $1 spent on online orders or scans towards delicious free food. Redeem points for your favorite Whataburger items, along with chances to win exclusive experiences just for rewards members.

— SKIP THE LINE: Get Whataburger brought to your car or your doorstep with curbside pickup or delivery.

— MAKE IT YOURS: Customize your order and save your favorites to easily reorder again and again.

— ONLINE GIFT CARDS: Give the gift of Whataburger by sending online gift cards right in the app!

— PAY WITH YOUR PHONE: Get your favorite food faster by connecting a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Whataburger Gift Card.

— FIND YOUR HOMETOWN WHATABURGER: Take comfort in the fact that you’ll always know exactly where the closest Whataburger is located.

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App Name Whataburger
Category Food & Drink
Updated 28 November 2023, Tuesday
File Size 171.45 MB

Whataburger Comments & Reviews 2023

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Third time my order has taken over an hour to deliver with no updates. This app needs a lot of work when it comes to updating the customer on deliveries. I’ve placed maybe 12-15 orders, 6 of which I’ve needed to call the store or driver to confirm if my order has arrived. The driver also has hung up on me before. My order has only arrived at the designated time twice. Up until today it had only been an hour late twice, but I still at least got my order. This most recent order was the deal breaker. No updates on my order for over an hour, called Whataburger, they said they had technical issues and they had no way of reaching the driver, then said they could only give it to me if I drove up there. Clearly this app isn’t ready for delivery options at least in my area. Would give it 1 star, but I assume it works fine for the other options.

Frustrating. This app is not user friendly or logical. Twice now I've tried to use a discount I was notified of for ”Buy One Get One Free” sandwiches only to come up empty or paying for two sandwiches instead. If you wanna use an app discount (”offer”) an employee has to scan a barcode in the app before it's applied. This means for a Buy One, Get One Free offer you're paying for two sandwiches first in order for your food to be prepared in time for Curbside pick up. Which defeats the point of mobile app deals or offers - because the discount should be applied in the order at checkout. Especially during the times of Covid-19 and social distancing / quarantine. Secondly, once you click the offer the app registers you as using it, regardless of whether you actually did or not. This means if you accidentally close out your order or need to begin again for whatever reason, the coupon that just showed in your ”Offer” screen is GONE before ever using it or an employee scanned it. 😒 Overall this app has been more frustrating and complicated than simplifying and makes you want delete it or turn notifications off, because again, as soon as you click the ”Offer” (which includes the notification) it's gone. 2 stars because my local restaurant had my food ready as soon as I pulled up (even with a long line of drive thru cars).

Defuniak Location. I absolutely LOVE whataburger, but this location is beyond words, horrible!!! We’ve tried it three times thinking maybe it was just bad staff or bad management.. surely it’s better this time. Not only did we order and pay online, we still had to wait 30 minutes after the stated time, logged the curb site number, went inside to let them know...and food was cold and awful. Something HAS to change. There were tons of employees inside, only one table eating (older couple) and the drive thru was packed as usual. The long line of drive thru got their food before we did and that was already ordered, paid for and waiting. Then cold and awful!! Nothing like cold fries, cold burger and cheese wasn’t even 1/2 melted plus chicken sandwich not eatable!!! Unbelievable!!! Literally!!! Insane!

Works well as long as you don’t drive thru or use favorites. I’ve had good success using this with curb side pick up. It always seems to go pretty smooth and my orders are usually accurate. When trying to use favorites, after adding the first favorite and trying to add the second favorite the app will lock up and give you the spinning wheel until you force close the app. Then you have to start your order over. Forget using this app in the drive thru. It’s pointless. You wait in line like everyone else except get your food super fast then you can’t get out because you’re waiting on other people to leave. Now your food is cold. May as well just order in the drive thru. Curbside needs to be a permanent thing for online orders only after COVID let’s up.

Love the burgers,hate the app. Whataburger is literally across the street. I signed up on my first visit. The following weekend, I fed a hungry family of 6, ($52) and then returned a third time when I was late coming home from work the following week. While waiting for my food, I pulled up the app and found that only my first visit was credited to my account. When I picked up the food I had ordered, the scanner wouldn’t read so I was asked to read my account number, which was manually entered. I checked when I got home and still had only one visit. I waited 2 days in case it was just a delay. Still only one visit. I sent an email to their app team. They will gladly credit 1 visit to my account, but I’m missing 2 visits. I’ll try to collect 5 visits to claim a reward and then delete the app from my phone. I don’t want to expect something and get nothing.

New Update has changed my tune!. The new reward system and the new longer list of potential rewards is very refreshing to see, and I am glad that the developers have been listening! I might be using this app more often, at least for the improved medium milkshake reward (was previously small shake). The functionality for ordering food is still the same, reliable format, though again, the option for ASAP ordering isn’t always reflected in service, but that might not be the app’s fault. The offers page is also often empty when I order, but I don’t know if the app’s to blame.

Convenient, delicious and contactless: Whataburger mobile app exceeded my expectations. I recently tried the Whataburger mobile app and was extremely impressed. The app was easy to use and the ordering process was seamless. I was able to customize my Whataburger Jr. to my liking and it was ready for pickup at the exact time promised. The food was hot and delicious, just like in-store. I also appreciated the contactless payment option. I highly recommend the Whataburger mobile app for anyone looking for a convenient and delicious fast food experience.

Needs work. When I’m ordering food on an app, I want to know the price of the food. That is primary. This app doesn’t show me the price of what I want to order, even though it gives me the price of everything that can add to it. My first chance to see the price is after I’ve selected something, made any changes and I’m ready to put it in my cart. Then, and only then, is the price shown on the add button. I won’t even get to the parts about not preparing until you show up or being unable to pick up without going inside. If I don’t know what something costs up front, then I’m not ordering - period. Love Whataburger; but the app needs lots of work. Someone isn’t thinking this through before coding.

Great app but needs improvements.. I’ve had this app forever. And I always seem to have an issue with the actual customization of my meal and condiment requests. It would been amazing if the app included the ability to add jelly and jam. There also isn’t a selection to request salt and pepper packets. And when I order the orange juice, even though I do select a cup of ice, I never get the ice. 😭 I ALWAYS have to go back around the restaurant or call them to get these things added. Lastly, when I select the option to cut the burger in half, it’s always wrapped in the same wrapper. I’ve been told 1001 times that the employees should know to wrap each half separately but it rarely happens. The whole point of cutting it in half is so that you can either share the half with someone else in the car or elsewhere….anywhere except the restaurant…which is why the food is ordered to go in the first place. So, adding a selection to have the burger wrapped separately would be great. —lastly, it would be awesome if you guys added a reward for cash off of your Whataburger store. Like…whatacash or something? Maybe just do spurts of limited times to earn whatacash —🤔🤔okay I’m done. Byeeee!! 💕

Needs some improvements. Two issues with the app. 1. Need to establish a way to provide accurate pickup times. My order was supposed to be ready at 5:18 and it didn’t come out until 5:34. They didn’t know it was going to take longer than 12 mins for my order? 2. Need to change the options for sandwiches that have two types of cheese. For example, the Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger comes with American and Monterey Jack. There is an option for no cheese, but not an option for no American Cheese or No Monterey Jack. So if you select no cheese and add Monterey Jack cheese they charge you $0.55 for cheese it usually comes with but didn’t have an option to say no American Cheese.

It depends..,. If your goal is to earn a free reward then this is a good app. If your perception is that it will improve your order accuracy, time or effort, this app is not worth your time. I have experimented with multiple scenarios to seek fastest service. It truly is better to do drive through, followed by the counter, followed by online. I had this hierarchy confirmed by a manager. Even ordered on the highway to pick up 20 mins before we would get there. Sat in the waiting area watching people start their order after we arrived....still got it much later. Currently sitting here watching the same thing again, de ja vu. Promised time is 6:35-6:39, currently 7:05, no order yet, counter folks come and go. This is not unique to any specific whataburger location. Yea Rewards! Booooooo on the rest.

Ole fashioned Customer Service. In these times you do not find good C-S-R but here at Whataburger you do at this one 3000 WesternCenter in Fort Worth Texas -Miss Linda runs it like we all are her family ( customers) she is very personal shows respect and her hugs really makes my day in had a day of my rent being raised and just her giving me 3 minutes of her busy time , well no where else can you get that type of service. So thank you for hiring such a beautiful person and she like myself are from the baby boomer age so we know how to treat others she is a diamond and a great person.

Could use some improvement. If you have a gift card on your app that is less then the amount due, you don’t be able to use it. I’ve had $0.58 sitting there for over a year and staff are unable to apply it to my order. Also if you order a single taquito, it automatically says (No Cheese). It gives you an option to add cheese at a additional charge but the cook never sees it so you don’t check your order right there you leave with them pocketing that extra charge. Even tho you are ordering in advance, my order is never ready at my quoted time. They don’t make it till you arrive in most cases.

Mobile Ordering. Let me start by saying I was very excited to see this app come, and mobile ordering along with. We all know those drive thru lines can be a killer at dinner time ( but worth it for the made to order food). However, I am really disappointed with the implementation of the mobile ordering. When I start an order I select what time I want to pick it up, then I have to select when I want them to start making my food (which is pointless, why am I telling you when I want to pick it up, if I have to guess at what time I want you to start making my food). Then I have to go inside and tell the cashier I am there, only to be told that NOW they will start making my food. So really, I didn’t save any time. Yes the ordering was easier than telling someone what I want and hoping they typed it in right, but c’mon, why do I need to have 3 different steps to make my darn food. Really hoping this gets fixed, I’ll be waiting for that before I use it again.

Immediate fail. It’s yet another restaurant app that limits what you can actually order in person and also save yourself money by doing so. I have been ordering the same thing from Whataburger for years … a sausage biscuit, add egg. This is the same as a sausage egg and cheese biscuit with no cheese, however it usually costs less at most Whatsburger locations … if you order a sausage egg and cheese biscuit with no cheese, it will not lower the price of the sandwich, however, if you order a sausage biscuit add egg, it will usually be cheaper. I downloaded the app to order this and test it out … the app will not let me add egg to a sausage biscuit sandwich, thus making it nearly useless to me on my first attempt to use it. If I can’t order such a simple thing on the app that I get constantly in person and have for years, that is a fail in my opinion.

Right out of the gate problems. When setting up the app, it would try and get me to select settings after I already selected them: for example, I set my location to only on while I’m using the app and the literal next screen was another one asking me if I wanted to keep that setting or change it to always on. Next, I entered my address, the app told me that it didn’t exist and corrected it to the exact same address that I entered. Finally after all of this, setting up an account, building an order, setting it for delivery, and submitting a payment, it tells me that I cannot get it delivered. 0/5 doesn’t cut it. This is just a flat 0 app and I suggest you find a new team for your digital media department because this has me not wanting to go to whata, ever.

App if buggy, operations behind others.. First off, this app is wonky. It seems to have an issue at certain times of the day such as when the drive through closes for orders. Other times for no apparent reason it will say 24 hour a day stores are closed. With that said, the biggest problem with the app is operations. Every other fast food restaurant has got this dialed in by now. Now Whataburger, they clear out the drive thru then the dine in customers. THEN if lucky the mobile orders. You could end up waiting an hour + for food. In short time to retire this concept. Whataburger isn’t ready.

The pickup time means nothing. More than half the app doesn’t even matter. If you’re ordering ahead to have your food ready sooner, skip the app because you won’t get food any faster than if you ordered once you get to the restaurant. The restaurants don’t care and will start making your order once you check in, relegating the function of the app to just paying. It’s faster to order talking with someone at the restaurant than through the interface of the app, so that can’t be considered a reason to use the app. Really, only paying and the rewards program are the only real use. Most people already know this. Why do you think that there are so few curbside pickup spaces? The restaurant doesn’t want you to use this feature. Compare the number of curbside spaces for Whataburger and a Chick(en) filA restaurant. They have more curbside spaces at a ratio of more than 3:1 and they put out orders faster. Just scan the app for rewards and pay with some other means. Even popular drive-in restaurants that have an app make your food so it’s ready at the expected time. And curbside is the main focus of that place! Rewards are the only thing for which this app is truly useful.

Decent App, Still Needs Lots of Work. This app works fine for me most of the time. Like someone else had said, this is basically just a way for you as the customer to order what you want without having to talk to anyone and track your rewards. The option exists to select your pickup time but it’s practically useless. You still have to go check in with the cashier to let them know you’ve arrived. No online check-in option. No option exists for pickup from the drive thru, you have to go inside. Also, if you have a craving for Whataburger twice in a day, don’t even think about trying to use the app. It shames you by asking if you’re sure you want to process another payment through the app and then doesn’t let you advance through the checkout process. Also, not a huge fan of the fact that my card is charged up front. I may have to change plans between when I ordered and when I planned on going to the restaurant. Especially when the restaurant doesn’t even begin making my food until I get there. Why not just charge someone after they’ve checked in? All in all, an okay app. If you’re in it for a mobile ordering option, McD’s and CFA have it figured out. Hopefully Whataburger will eventually get it right.

Where is the menu?. This app is great unless all you want to do is look at the menu. My location does not offer online ordering yet, so I will be deleting this app until they do. I downloaded it primarily to have quick access to the menu so I can decide what my family’s order will be before going to the drive through, but unless I actually start an order, the menu is not available. Since my location doesn’t have online ordering, I cannot start an order to look at the menu. Therefore, I have no need of this app. I will just continue to use google to look at the menu online. I have the fast food app for each local drive through and this is the only one that has this problem. I usually go to my food app folder when trying to decide where we will go. This app is no longer in that folder.

Excellent app but I have a request. The app is excellent, I use it all the time! However I have a suggestion for how to improve it: When I place my order inside at the counter I ask for “mustard on both sides”, the way I like my Whataburger. The option is apparently programming into the register, it prints out on the receipt! But on the app the only option is to request extra mustard via the slider and my Whataburger is prepared with all of the mustard on the top bun. Please add an option in the app for “mustard on both sides” or at least a way to provide special instructions. Thanks!

If owed a refund they’ll make you dance…. If you place an order through the app and pay with the app then you better hope the store is now not out of something you ordered. The store is unable to give you a refund and they tell you to go through the app. If you call them through the app be prepared for 20 questions. You cannot just give them the order number (which has all the information needed for the refund), you have to tell them the store number, exact time of order, which items was missing, how to spell your first name (seriously… they asked this) and then they ask for the order number. At that point, realizing all the information up to this point could have been pulled FROM the order number (payment method contained my full name) I politely give her the order number and then told her on Whataburger could keep my $2-$3 the shake costs. Instead of a refund, I asked her to please inform the leadership that this waste of my time is what pushed me from annoyed to angry. Sure, it is a little thing. However, the lazy programming that made me jump through hoops to fix a problem they caused combined with their disregard for my time is inexcusable.

Don’t use this app. I ordered online. I got to the store before I was supposed to pick it up and decided the line was going to take too long. (It was about 1030 and I still had 1 1/2-2 hours of driving to get home) I called the store and attempted to cancel my order. They told me I’m there was nothing they could do, and I would have to wait in the line if I wanted my food. I couldn’t get a refund because the app is run by a third party company and they claimed they can’t refund it from there. So now I’m screwed out of 14$, I’m not going to be home till like 1230 now and I didn’t even get to eat. This is unacceptable, there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to cancel my order through the app. There is no reason I should not be able to call the restaurant and tell them to cancel the order and get e refund. This is totally unfair and kind of shady.

Costumer service needs to improve. I love the food, but the unfortunately they have made serious mistakes in their order. One time I order biscuits and gravy and when I open my food it was missing the biscuit. Another time I had to wait over 5 minutes on curbside before I had to get out of my vehicle and try to go inside the store. I understand that it kind of hectic right now and mistakes happens. But what I don’t understand is that I go to the app and tap on the contact costumer care. I take my time on filling out the form, put my contact information and sent pictures of the receipt and food. Expecting some form of reply and don’t get a response back. I had try 3 different times and never received a reply. Love the food but I’m dissatisfied with their costumer care. Probably won’t be buying their food for the foreseeable future

Terrible service and a buggy app. I just downloaded it and used it for the first time. Placed the order and it said it would take 45 min. hour and a half later still nothing. When I texted the favor delivery person (yes it’s just an app that connect to unreliable Favor app) the runner I asked “what’s the status of my order” and the runner just replied “it’s coming” then I asked for an eta and the runner said I’m not the only order, I said “I understand that, and just asking for an eta” and he said “like I said it’s coming you’re not my only order”. Still waiting and nothing. Then when I try to go into the app to check the status or contact support I get a bunch of loading windows that don’t work. Terrible experience. The should stick to burgers and stay out of tech.

Best Customer Service Rep helped me out!. Firstly, I go to Whataburger at least 2x a week (it’s definitely my go to place if I eat out). I wanted to write this review because I wanted to put a smile on someone’s face and let Customer Service Reps know they are doing a good job- sometime it’s needed. A few days ago I went to Whataburger and the lady scanned the barcode. When I went the next day to check on my free item it showed that I had not received credit for the last visit. I wrote an email to Whataburger and a wonderful person, Jarrod, was extremely helpful and very swift in responding. He cleared the matter and my account was fixed by the next day. Thank you. I hope there are more helpful individuals like him

Good App, terrible location selection. Every time I place an order, the app defaults to a location further from where I am than one closer. I even favorited the closer location, but it still tries to force me to the further location. Tonight, I manually selected the favorites location, but somehow the app forced the order sent to the further location. I waited at the favorited location for over 25 minutes because its not uncommon for that location to take a while during the dinner rush. I called the location who apologized and said the person in the selected slot was saying wrong order. The manager then asked me if I had the correct location which is when I checked and realized the app had forced me to another location. Now my family is driving across town to get our order. Previous issues (which happened repeatedly) with the app were we would check in and wait, call the location only to be told they don’t see a check in.

Good app needs more features. Don’t get me wrong the app is wonderful I love all the customizable options down to getting my burger cut in half. However there is one option that Taco bell’s app still wins on, the ability to get my food through drive thru. Add the option to get the food through drive thru and this app would blow all other food app ordering away because as it stands you have to open the app place your order then when you get to the restaurant you have to go in the store then still stand in line and talk to someone about your order. Not really a time saver. In/out at taco bell in seven minutes Mcdonald’s I’ve been in/out in 5 minutes and never step foot in the store.

Worst app ever. Don’t waste your time with this app. I was so excited when they got the app. No more long waits with the curbside pickup. The first time I used it I placed my order (est. wait was 7-9mins), it took me 10 mins to get there. Went online put the parking spot I was in and waited. I noticed 2 sets of cars go all the trough the drive line and got their food faster then me. After 20 mins I went inside to ask about my order. The cashier found it at the drive through line. The girl assisting the drive through got busy and forgot to bring it out. The food was cold and the soda melted down. I didn’t take my order and asked for a refund instead. I was told I would have to go through corporate to get the refund. I called the 1800 number twice in the last two weeks and still no refund yet. So disappointing.

App is good, Locations need to catch up. The app is simple and easy to use but still lacks the customization that Whataburger is known for at the locations. I order the Hatch Green Chile burger, but only wanted a single patty. The app doesn’t have a way to modify it nor a ‘instructions’ section to add this request. I always include condiments on the app but rarely get them in my order when I go and pick up. I always have to tell them to bring them. The last thing that is the worst part is the estimated time for the order to be done. It has never been ready at this time. Why have it stated if the order is not done? Otherwise, do what others have done and direct them to the restaurant and say that’s when the order starts to get made. See Chick-Fil-A app.

Great app, but need some improvements. The customization is great, the layout and pictures are just right. However, it would be nice to be able to order a single item instead of having to go with a meal with everything. Sometimes I just want a burger without fries and a drink. The way this is laid out. It makes me feel like they are just trying to make the cash grab to get the little extra money they get from the fries in the drink when I actuality, it makes me want to close the app and open up my Wendys app and order something from there because they will let me order just the sandwich without forcing me to get the stuff that I don’t want. Don’t get me wrong I would rather have Whataburger, but if it means spending more than I want to every single time that I’m going to have to pass.

Ordering on App. Downloaded the app because my husband wanted the buy one get one special you are running now. Finally got that done, then ordered the BOGO. It did not ring up showing the discount, by that time I didn’t even want a burger anymore. He left to go pick it up, not happy at all. If he comes back with two burgers I will be totally surprised. You need to either clarify what is actually being ordered (I.e. acknowledge the offer) so that a customer knows for sure, or fix the way the specials are handled. It was difficult setting things up, and as the quality of burgers has gotten worse over the last few years, it will be our place of last resort to get a hamburger. (Maybe not the last...there’s always Burger King which would be last.). This was a mess.

Not worth it. This app itself is fine but ordering through the app does more harm than good. Whata is the only place I’ve been to where they begin making the order when they receive it. And even then it isn’t a guarantee that’s it’s ready in the time the app gives you. I’ve waited upwards of 30 minutes and somehow my food was room temp. And if you put it down for pickup through drive thru and it’s even remotely busy, prepare for your food to be ice cold. They also need to add an option for you to cancel your order, I placed an order about two weeks ago and when I got there the place was so packed I left, called the customer service number for a refund (in which they took all of my info), and have never heard from them again. Don’t waste even more of your time (since they’re abysmally slow anyway) and just order when you get there.

No help if you contact them. While traveling long distance for work I like to stop at Whataburger because DUH the food is great but after recently redeeming a reward for the first time, I realized one of my rewards had already expired. I emailed them asking if they could honor it as a one-time exception and that moving forward I would make sure to use my rewards sooner. It was an honest mistake because up until that moment, I was unaware that they expired. Their response more than a week later pretty much was "sorry, check your notifications next time." I was truly shocked by the lack of understanding considering I eat at Whataburger about once a week and I sometimes forget to scan the app to build towards my rewards. Never using the app or using my work expensed meals on Whataburger again if that's how they're going to be about something that any other business would have gladly honored as a one-time exception.

Very excellent app, but it could still be better.. Love the Whataburger but I just wish that there was a way to combine more stuff like have a meat patty(‘s) with chicken or fish patties. Plus the same with the salads have like a half spicy chicken/half fish option. Also if there was an option for choosing whether to cut the burger in half or not would be excellent too. That is all, everything else is great, I love how you can load money into the app for example for later use, or the way in which favorites can be added for later orders, that is amazing please leave that and keep up the great work. Thank you so much for everything.

Disappointing. I'm giving it a low rating because the app was practically useless for me. All I wanted was to be able to view the menu and nutrition information, but it is such a headache to do that, it makes the app useless. I may as well just google it since I pretty much can't look at the menu unless I'm making an order and then I have to find a Whataburger that accepts online ordering (none near me do) and then rather than showing me the menu, it automatically took me to a meal that I didn't even want and it wouldn't let me go back to view the menu until I had added the meal to my order (I tried four times). Then and only then would it let me look over the menu, but by that time I was already so irritated that it didn't matter to me anymore. Fix that and the app will be worth something to me - until then, it's pretty useless for me.

Ok App, terrible corporate service. If you order through the app and the store messes up your order, they cannot refund you. It has to go through corporate. So when you call the listed numbers some poor customer service rep will take your info and tell you refunds must come from management. I’ve called five times, and never once have I gotten a call back or a refund. The local Whataburger can’t do refunds for online orders. I will avoid using the app now, and unfortunately I’ll have to do a chargeback for $25 because Whataburger Corporate apparently doesn’t actually care about customers.

Latest Update Falls Short. I’ve used the app for quite some time with few minor issues. But now it’s become a major pain. I usually stop early morning in the way to work and again in the evening on my way home. If I want to replicate the 4am drive through order for dinner it won’t let me. The only option available is drive through but it wants to set it for some future time after 11:00 pm. I actually had to call the store to see if they still did curbside service. So after a few more attempts over a week I finally figured out it copied the entire order including type and when I placed the order. Therefore I now have to redo the entire order. I get wanting to fix glitches and incorporate improvements but WOW. This is a pain.

Love the app…BUT. I love the WHATABURGER app, but really need some improvements. Wish there was a way to customize items. Yes, you can on lunch, dinner, but what about breakfast. I know for us as a family, we have some that don’t eat eggs and have some that just want eggs on their taquitos. Please just make it so you can customize Here is the reason why. I go to the actual Whataburger and ask for something to be done 3 times, but yet, get to the window and see it’s rung up the wrong way and I am charged MORE!!! If I could just customize my stuff on the app and pick it up, it would make it so much easier. If there is a mistake, it might be my fault, but 99.9% of the time, it would be the person making the order inside. Anyways, please consider making adjustments to the app.

Good food ruined by poor execution. This would be a five star review, except for one thing: how to get the food. The hours for pickup through the drive-thru are crazy and never available. Curbside orders are ignored (I waited 15+ minutes on multiple occasions just to have to go inside to pick up the food that was waiting there; which would have been fine, if I was told to come in rather than wait with my blinkers on). When I’ve ordered breakfast and had to select walk-in, the restaurant was closed to walk-in and the employees were upset with me. It seems like almost every time there is some error in execution of the app. The app is largely good, and the food is great. But get your execution together or your customers will be extremely annoyed.

Disappointed with Online Ordering Experience. I recently tried ordering food through the app, hoping for a convenient and time-saving experience. However, I was thoroughly disappointed when I arrived at the restaurant to find that my order wasn't even ready. What's the point of online ordering if I still have to wait? It defeats the purpose and leaves me frustrated. I understand that delays can happen, but it seems like the restaurant wasn't prepared to fulfill the online orders efficiently. It's frustrating to see others who arrived after me getting their food before mine, despite placing my order well in advance. I rely on online ordering to save time and streamline my busy schedule. Unfortunately, this experience fell short of my expectations. I hope the restaurant can improve their processes to ensure that online orders are prioritized and ready for pickup at the designated time. Overall, the app has a user-friendly interface and a good selection of food options, but the lack of efficiency in preparing online orders has left me hesitant to use it again. Please address this issue to provide a smoother and more reliable online ordering experience. #OnlineOrdering #DisappointedCustomer #EfficiencyMatters

Nobody in the stores knows how this works. I have been to at least 3 different stores using the app to order. I’ve probably done this 20+ times and every single time I say I have an online order they act like they have no idea I could do that. They don’t ever have my order ready and generally have a hard time even finding the order. I’ve asked if they get the order in advance and they will say “yes but we don’t make it until you come in (or come to the speaker).” I’m ordering ahead because I don’t have time to sit around and wait. I just don’t understand the point of this app if my food isn’t ready when the app says it will be and makes getting my food even more difficult than it was before I started using it. I would recommend training for the employees to identify an online order and making the order ready when the app says it will be rather than waiting until I walk in. If this makes everything HARDER just scrap the app entirely. It makes 0 sense to have it.

Customer Service. Have been to the NW McArthur location numerous times and have had good service! We had family in OKC over CHRISTMAS weekend. We went to eat a quick bite on Christmas Eve, at this location, at around 4:50 pm. We were informed as we arrived they would be closing at 6pm, which was fine as we felt we had ample time to eat and move on. We waited, waited and waited for our food and in speaking with other customers, they had also been waiting! People kept coming in and orders were still being taken as we waited! We finally got our order in a sack that was tossed at us with a reminder they would be closing at 6pm! Having to wait that long for a hamburger and fries is ridiculous to say the least! We will no longer be going to this location! I’m not going to beg any establishment to treat us with respect! I have no issue with them closing early on Xmas Eve but shut the lights off an hour early and take care of the people who had been waiting and lock the door! Terrible customer service!!

App bug compounded by abysmal customer service. We used this app recently and used the “reorder” function to quickly reorder our last purchase. We didn’t realize until we had paid that the app had doubled the order, despite us pressing the button only once. There is no cancel button. We got to the restaurant before they made the food and they couldn’t cancel it. We contacted customer service, they didn’t answer. The restaurant made us both orders and I called customer service the next day again. They answered and escalated the case. The people whom they escalated it to took a week to respond and said there was nothing they could do. Completely abysmal customer service. Whataburger isn’t what it used to be.

Waste of time and poor service. I decided to try the app because a friend told me how nice and easy it was. I used the app to order milkshakes for my family. Pay it online through the app. Drove across town to the location to pick up my milkshakes and they told me their milkshake machine was down. Not only did I waste my time and my gas, the restaurant won’t refund me my money even though they get paid. The customer service through the app I can only take your information and I can’t get an answer as to when I will get my refund. This is a ridiculous system. The restaurant got my order for my milkshakes. Why couldn’t anyone have called me to tell me my order could not be fulfilled? I had no reason to wait 10 minutes and then drive across town for another 15 minutes to be disappointed with my family in the car.

Constant swirling load screen. I swear if one bit of data between this app and the server doesn’t make it the app just tossed up a waiting swirl and it will stay there until either 1) you close the app, or 2) the heat death of the universe(ok, so the longest I’ve waited so far has been a few instances of 10 minutes and one for 15, but still, ridiculous). This happens with an alarming amount of regularity. It typically takes 8-9 attempts to complete an order that is simply loading my saved favorites and submitting that(if I tried to actually build an order it would be more like 20 attempts, and if I’m ordering anything odd the kid’s menu that seems to just be a black hole, I’ve never gotten those menus to load). Hopefully they can program in some sort of behavior where if there’s a hiccup in the data the app just tries again like every single other app on history would do, but in the meantime I’ll just keep getting too frustrated with this one half the time and ordering from somewhere else.

Garbage (USE THIRD PARTY DELIVERY SERVICE!!!). I’ve had 3 Whataburger app crashes in total, 2 in the last 2 days as I’m going through payment processing for delivery. When you call your local Whataburger explain this too them they simply say they can’t do anything about it, it’s an application issue too call customer service. They’re no help either even if you explain the situation they can not force an order through on their end either and tell you to wait for a refund for a delivery order that never went through too their system but obviously charged my card and will take 6 days too come back on my card. My question is if customer service and local stores know this is a problem why do they not fix the app, shut it down all together, or comp ppls food who can prove in store their app frauded them.

Scanning Barcode. There’s a glitch with the app so they can’t scan the barcode. After the first time it happened I was told to reload the app. I went home and reloaded it and the scanner was ready for the barcode. Since the barcode isn’t on the receipt, I could do nothing about it. At my second visit, it wasn’t able to scan and I was told to reload it again. I said I’ve already tried that and the employee said yeah there’s a glitch with the app. Why keep telling customers to reload it then??? It would be really nice if this feature would work so we could actually get free food after 5 visits. Schlotzsky’s lets you scan the barcode yourself because they actually provide the barcode on the receipt. I’ll try ordering online next time but I’ve read that they don’t start making it until you get there so it seems pointless. Hopefully it’ll keep track of the 5 visits for free food???

Quicker to order at restaurant than app. I like to order through this app because I can order food without being interrupted while placing my order in person. However, the app does not speed up the process of getting your food. You have to set a time that you want your food to be ready. You click on the submit button, but you still have to check in with the front counter team member to let them know you’re there. If you don’t, you’ll be waiting for a while until a team member asks you if you’ve been helped. The few times that I’ve ordered through the app, the average wait time has been over twenty minutes. I arrived at one location recently and waited several minutes at the on-line check in sign before I was asked if I needed any assistance. Than it took another 25 minutes for me to get my food, which was not a big order. Patrons behind me and patrons ordering through the drive thru got their orders quicker than I did. When I got my order, it was cold. This may also have been an issue with the location which has already been reported. The other issue I have is that some locations we frequent the most are in an unreliable cell-phone areas and makes using the app difficult. Other fast food apps that I’ve used automatically place the order into the system without having to check-in in person. I’m sure improvements will be made and we will still visit whataburger since the value of the product is definitely worth the cost.

App is excellent!. The mobile ordering is so easy and fast, I love it. I would recommend submitting your order if you’re 5 minutes away. The reason being because if you’re not there in 5 minutes, they have to remake your order which could explain why some people may have had to wait longer. But the options of ordering are amazing and easy to add/remove anything you want or don’t. It has so many options such as making the meal an entree. Also it automatically counts your visit for your rewards. I had four then placed my order and it instantly added to five! And people, you can skip the line!! You don’t have to wait in the same line!

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App Issues Constantly. Whataburger is very famous here in Houston we have them in every neighborhood here. So I have access to any location if I’m out and about. My issue is your app constantly fails it goes to a Black screen and won’t reopen. I’ve uninstalled and installed this app over six times it’s frustrating. My family and I eat here faithfully so I can’t scan my receipts nor get to use my free rewards. I’ve emailed the company about this issue before same problem. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!

WHY CAN'T I REPORT DRIVERS?. I order whataburger almost daily from the app. The UI is fine for the most part and there are no crashes, HOWEVER, there NEEDS to be a way to report a driver. Today when my food was delivered, it REEKED of tobacco. Not only that, but my burger AND fries tasted like tobacco. I ended up getting sick just from the smell and had to throw the food away, including the drink!! This was over 20 bucks since this was a triple meat whataburger combo too, so it isn't cheap. We NEED away to report drivers like these since I shouldn't have to worry about whether or not my food and drinks will be caked in tobacco. No refunds and all customer service could tell me was that they'd "take it to upper management".

Didn’t scan my app for rewards. I have only been to Whataburger twice since I got the app. Both times while ordering in the drive-through I was asked if I was going to be using the app for rewards both times when I got up to the window to pay they didn’t ask me to scan the app. The first time I didn’t think about it but it happened again today and I asked them to scan it but they couldn’t because they had already ran my payment. I guess I know now how to tell them to do their job and make sure they scan it before I hand them payment but that is not my job as the customer! Shouldn’t the person at the window be asking for it as well.

Save your time. Absolutely worthless app! You will get your order faster just using the old drive through, 100% of the time. Ordering ahead does nothing to streamline anything. You can order to be ready in 5-7 min and it can still take 51 minutes to get your order and they will still forget the onions, or mayo, or silverware, something, but you will not get everything you need. Much easier to just talk to ppl in line and asks for everything you need than to depend on them reading the app. You can add rewards later, but they really aren’t even worth the bs of the mess this online process creates.

App Review. There’s definitely room for improvement in the app. I haven’t had any issues using the app to pay for food like other folks have. My issues really come from the rewards process. Here are some suggestions: 1. Rewards should be earned based on the amount spent, not the number of times visited. Let the customer earn a certain number of points based on the amount spent. 2. Customers should be able to choose better rewards. The current rewards aren’t great and definitely don’t feel very “rewarding.” If the point system is utilized, customers could choose better rewards if they save up enough points. 3. Using rewards should be easier. We should be able to automatically use rewards and pay with the app simultaneously, without any employee actions required. This ensures rewards actually get applied, even if the employee doesn’t fully understand the system. My family LOVES Whataburger, but we would love them even more with a more user-friendly app that actually feels rewarding, not limiting.

What’s the point of ordering online!. I was excited to hear that I could order through the whataburger app and just pick up my food at the restaurant and thinking how convenient it would be, it also said how there would be a separate line just for online orders. But when you get to the restaurant the employees make you wait in the regular line before they can assist you, even though you tell them you ordered through the app! So what is the point of ordering online if you still have to wait even MORE time ? Very disappointed with the experience , and the app requires that you pay online not like other apps where it gives the option to pay cash at the restaurant.

Online Ordering. Apparently you can’t go through the Drive-Thru for online ordering. That wasn’t made clear anywhere on the app!! So I waited in the drive thru line for a while just to get to the speaker for them to tell me that I would have to come in and wait in the lobby for my order. I asked if I could just get it in the drive through since it’s already paid for. They said that I would have to come inside, so I told them to just cancel the order. Then all these different people started shouting that I would need to come inside. I told them it’s fine, just cancel the order. They said they can’t cancel the order or give me my money back. I don’t know if it’s the app or the location I went to, but this is ridiculous.

Stay away. If you try to select drive-through they schedule you for 11 at night. It only lets you adjust in 10 minute increments so if you go back it makes you go through a whole day of times if you go forward it tries to schedule you for the next day. Customizations you put in the app do not go to the restaurant unless the restaurant has been getting it wrong consistently. If you go and pay extra for delivery they will mess the order up and when you call the number in the app you will get a bunch of platitudes and never get your refund. This is what happens when a Texas company sells out Portillos hot dogs. What a burger is no longer in Texas treasure but the app is a Texas travesty!

Whataburger app. Today was my first time to use the Whataburger app. I actually downloaded it in the drive through line and was able to use it thanks to the Benbrook Texas employee Samantha. First of all it was raining, and she took her time to work with me on the app while standing in the rain. She even wrote the barcode number down and entered it in so I could receive my points. Again it was a pretty heavy rain while she was doing this. So thank you Whataburger and Benbrook Texas employee Samantha. You truly made my first experience a great one.

It charges your card, no way to cancel.. I placed my mobile order and headed to Whataburger. I get there and the line is wrapped around the building. I looked at the app, no way to cancel even though it’s already charged my card. I call to see if I can pick up in another lane or outfront since it was the time my app showed the food would be ready. Nope I have to wait in the drive though lane for 25 minutes! They couldn’t cancel my order so my only option was to wait. No time efficient options to pick up either so the set up is useless. What in the world?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Constantly locks up — Almost unusable!. I cannot express how utterly disappointed I’ve been with this app. I’ve used it three times and I’m done. Every order is an exercise in frustration and futility as the app constantly goes into a busy state with the swirling icon on the screen. After waiting 2-3 minutes I force close the app and reopen it only to have it lock up again at some point in the process. I’ve even ended up restarting my phone a couple of times. I had to use the app tonight because I had $30 of prepaid credit loaded that I needed to use up. Between constant restarting and rebooting my phone, it took me twenty minutes to finally get our order completed and checked out on the app. This has been the average time on our prior to orders as well. It’s extremely frustrating. It’s a shame because my family loves Whataburger’s food and eats there 2-3 times per month. I use several different fast food restaurant apps and this one has given me so much frustration that I’ve given up on it all together. iPhone 7 iOS: 13.3.1 Sincerely, Curtis K. Houston, TX

My review. At the beginning, I had some major issues with this app. Several times, I would experience glitches at the franchise that I was at, such as my barcode not scanning, or my info not going thru. But the last few times that I've used it, I've had no problems. My only request is that once a person passes a certain number of rewards collected (like 20-25 or so), more items could be offered. Or maybe a certain amount off an All Time Favorite or combo. Other than that, awesome app!!!!

Terrible experience. The ordering system does not take into account overall demand at the restaurant. I placed an order for curbside through the app. When I got to the restaurant there was pandemonium in the parking lot and a mob of frustrated customers. I waited over an hour only to be told they gave my order to another customer and I would have to wait for it to be remade. I asked for a refund but the store isn’t responsible for the online payment system. Customer contact is backed up due to the volume of complaints. I will not be ordering through the app again. Edit: My request was fast tracked and I received a refund.

App never works when I need it to. Every time I open my app at Whataburger restaurant to get the points it’s always loading! So I hate being that customer that makes everybody wait so I never get the points. Then when I do wait, it still takes forever to Load....even off of WiFi. And just now I tried to order on the app, it took a while to get my family’s order on it just right and then I placed my credit card info and hit submit.....it says System Error try again! This app is worthless!

Alamo ranch branch terrible service. This is my first time ever ordering from Whataburger. I placed and paid for my order online. Got there and was in line, turns on there is a special place to pick up online orders. But there was no visual queues and the outside employee told me to turn around instead of trying to help. I was in line for 40 min behind cars just too turn around to the front entrance. I didn't leave the house planning to spend 1.5 hours waiting in line. I also got asked about my name 5 times from 5 different people. Such an unprofessional team. I don't recommend. Go to Sonic or Chivk file A if you don't want to wait.

I feel stupidity haven’t gotten this before.. I have used almost ALL of the fast food apps! (I don’t wanna talk about it) but the whataburger app is the only other fast food app that rivals Chik-fil-A app. And that means a lot coming from me. Whataburger the only way you become better than Chick-fil-A is if you permantly release the buffalo ranch chicken sandwich. But that’s just a fat guys opinion. Keep it up (Georgetown, TX is the best Whataburger I’ve ever been too and I’ve been to too many (again I don’t wanna talk about it))

Love the app. After some initial training issues from the restaurant the app has been working great. My only have two suggestions 1) it would be nice to earn rewards passed on the amount you spend rather than a visit. If I take the family I would have to buy each meal in separate transactions to get additional rewards. 2) love he surveys for a free whataburger, but would be nice to be able to complete the survey in the app and then store the free whataburger in the app and not have to keep up with a paper receipt.

Don’t order delivery through this app.. First, I’ve ordered multiple times for delivery through the app as I was excited they did this now. Both times, they sent a door dash driver to pick up my food. And both times the whataburger store told the driver that they didn’t see my order and that it didn’t go through. Because this is a new feature, I’m not surprised there are hiccups, but it seems like this should have all been tested and all store employees should have been trained in what to do in these situations. The restaurant I ordered from kindly offered to have me fill out a dispute charge form since I was charged both times. I would suggest waiting 6 months to order through the app so they can get their stuff together.

Completely useless in most cases. Your order will not be made until you show up. Doesn’t matter if you pick a future time. Doesn’t matter if you choose ASAP and arrive within the window of time the app gives you. Your order will take just as long as if you had just spoke into the drive thru window microphone. So unless you have a big complicated order, or you have a speech impediment, you’re probably better off just doing the same thing you did 10 or 20 years ago. Wow. What a time to be alive. Ain’t all this technology great?

Love the food, the app needs to be more specific. I’ve used the app for awhile now and the ordering has gotten better. But I have to watch my salt intake and I normally have to go inside and let the crew know that I need the fries to be unsalted but due to the current situation I can’t go inside. And on the app it does not have an option to have no salt on fries. But I can request that in person? Instead of having it on there in the first place so we don’t waste each others time. Chick-fil-A has that option. Like I said I love the food but I just can’t do that one simple thing I’m the app. And I can’t order fries anymore because of it. 😭

Great app and service but pricey. I love using this app, they even send you rewards and double the points if you spend a certain amount. However, the only thing I do not like is the delivery fee and service fee. No matter what, the delivery fee is $8.25 with a $1.00 service fee. Even if I just want a shake and apple pie, the total is almost $20, excluding the drivers tip. It’s disappointing. I would happily drive to the restaurant but due to being exposed to covid, I can only receive delivery drop off. I hope they change it and make it a little bit cheaper on that part.

Favorite locations won’t show up. I have my favorite convenient locations that I frequently visit saved as favorites. Each time I go to the favorites, it says it No Favorites saved. After I locate the locations manually & select it on the map, it shows a heart next to the location to indicate it’s one of my saved favorite locations. What’s the point in saving favorite locations if they’re never showing under the Favorite tab?? Also, this app does not offer the option to order condiments like dipping sauces other than as an add-on under chicken strips only. You already have to pay food them, so there should be a separate section to choose what you want.

No drive through pickup?. My biggest gripe is when you order through the app, you CANNOT go through the drive through to pick up your order. You actually have to get out of your car and walk inside and wait in line for the order. How is this convenient? Why should I even bother ordering ahead on the app? After a long day, the last thing I want to do is get out of my car at midnight to pick up my order that I placed on the app. Please fix this, so I can pick my order through the drive through like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks and so many other fast food services.

Fine, but useless.. The app itself runs perfectly fine, but the process of picking up an online order is convoluted. A person would think that ordering before going to the store would make things more convenient, but that isn’t the case. At our store you cannot pick up your order through the drive-thru, and must stand in the line that has already built up in the store in order to get your order. It’s honestly easier to skip doing it through the app and just going through the drive-thru to place an order. Fine app, but completely useless.

Best Burgers, Worst App. Unlike many competitors (like Schlotzsk*’s), WB only allows you to log purchase points before payment. If you forget to present app first, there’s no going back and no credit for your purchase. Seems like they lack the sincerity of rewarding loyal customers. Making it worse, every time I go to use the app, it requires a new login and I have to lookup the password as other customers wait. Repeated complaints to WB corporate have yielded no progress. I love reward programs. They save us money. This past year, we received at least 6 free meals at Schlotzsk*’s due to ease of use of the app and customer service line that makes right any mistakes occurring on your app. Wish WB would follow suit.

The worst experience ever. I ordered on the app and never received the order I called the restaurant and was given the sorriest of excuses for not receiving my order when I compromised and asked for a delivery time they simply said and I quote “I don’t know” i then requested a refund and was told “you will have to call customer support” I called customer support and waited for 37 MINUTES before my call was answered only to receive “we will request your refund but that comes from the store” it’s a shame because we really loved Whataburger but most definitely will not want anything to do with them anymore. The only reason I am giving a 1 star is because I can’t give 0.

Why Bother?. Why bother ordering online? I can get though the drive thru line twice as fast!!!! I’m furious!!!! I paid for my food through the app. It said my food would be ready in 10 minutes. 9 minutes later I tapped Start Cooking. 1 minute later I checked in to the online counter. THEN they told the kitchen to prepare my order. 4 minutes later they said it was almost ready. 2 minutes later I explained that could not wait or I would be late for work. 4 minutes later I said the same thing to another person. 2 minutes after that I left WITHOUT MY ORDER!!!!!! This is the 2nd time in a row at different Whataburger location that this has happened!!!! So I can only conclude that YOUR ONLINE SERVICE DOES NOT WORK!

Locations not online and app defaults to further away locatio. Not sure what is happening recently but both my roommate and I are having issues with the app. The location closest to us has been showing closed or online/off-line for a few weeks now so we are not getting credit for placing orders. Also, agree with others that the app defaults to the location further away at times. Both of us have had to drive to another location to pick up our order not realizing that the app changed locations on us. What’s the purpose of having an app to reward customers when you cannot get it to work correctly.

Awesome!!!. We have to drive 2 hours to get Whataburger (a trip worth every mile) in order for me to savor my favorite burger. I have the app on my phone and I was surprised with a buy one get one free burger. Road trip! We stopped at the Tucson, AZ location off of Speedway and received great service at the drive-thru. A cheerful welcome at the ordering speaker and great personality and smile from Karen at the window. Now, 2 hour drive home - but I’m happier now with Whataburger in my belly!!! Thank y’all for being in AZ. This Texas girl has missed you! 💜🍔

Got charged twice when paying with the app. I used to load the app with money and pay that way. After my last experience, I will not be using that functionality any more. I had ~$7 balance and ~$5 meal cost. I specifically looked at the app to make sure I didn’t have to reload money before making a purchase. After scanning my app for payment, by balance went to ~$1.50. The cashier then said I had to scan again. I thought it was weird since it shows I paid. Her response was “that’s what the machine is telling me”. I scanned again and it took the remaining balance and dropped me to $0. And then I had to pay a balance with my credit card. I tried contacting support, but they regurgitated to me my purchase history. I said, I know what I purchased. The problem is that the app doesn’t show the history of the balance you had with each transaction. It just shows you made a purchase. So, the app doesn’t show how I went from $7 to $0 on a $5 meal purchase. Fix this bug, folks. You are stealing money from people. :(

Please improve. There is no option to order a half sweet half unsweetened tea so I have to physically call the store to clarify after I place an order. The app itself has error issues all the time and doesn’t work so I order online mostly now. Also when I order a biscuit sandwich I have no option to choose jelly so the workers have to go back inside to get me jelly because they have no way of knowing I needed it when it was ordered. Also a comment box for any special instructions would be nice

Figure out how to pay back if you don’t get what you ordered!. I ordered two shakes and was informed the shake maker was broke after I waited outside for ten minutes after the app told me the shakes should’ve been ready. Then I was told that if I didn’t want something else I would have to call customer service and ask for a refund. I called customer service and after answering a bunch of questions that have nothing to do with my order such as my home address and email (I got no email from customer service) I was told that whataburger would get back with me i a couple days. I’m still waiting for a response. I also complained via email and haven’t received a response.

Sent to the wrong location.. I used this app for the first time. Selected the location (I thought) near me and placed my order. After I got there and my order was not ready and they had no record if it, I realized that the order was sent to another location over 10 miles away. The app would not let me cancel the order and the location where the order went couldn’t cancel the order. I was not wanting to drive to the second location so I am out an order. So make sure your order is to the location you wanted before confirming your order. I do not like this app.

App slow?. I’ve never had a problem with this app but I’ve noticed that recently it is very slow to load pics or go from some screens to another. It took more than ten minutes from getting a reward, adding more, use a credit card to be told I already have three added and having to delete a card, go back to order, re add my new card and finally submit. It never used to take this long. Came to App Store to see if I was missing an update but wasn’t. Very sad. May have to start using their website instead.

Fail. I order off app so I can go pick up so I have time to eat my lunch when I get a chance today I waited there a added 15 mins waiting for curb side no line or nothing sandwich was cold missing cheese that I payed extra for then have to wait even longer for them to to make my order. App needs a customer survey at the end bc if u go into store and ask managers they just say it’s a 3rd party that orders they can’t do nothing. I ordered from app few 2 months back and the building lost power so they never got my order but they gladly tuck my 12$ never got refunded they maid me reorder and re pay so I ended up paying 2 time for one meal. I’m done using app and going there nothing but greedy and rude service

They don’t like taking rewards!!!. It hasn’t been the first time that I’ve tried using my Whataburger rewards app where it actually doesn’t work. I’ve always gotten some sort of lame excuse of why they couldn’t scan or scans but never loads. Anyway, today’s experience was, I placed my order with phone in hand set it on the counter and when I gave it to the cashier she told me it was to late for it to be scanned. I did tell her if she saw me with the phone and set the phone on the counter with the app on how come she didn’t scan it. Her reply was NOTHING no response at all. I think I’ve visited whataburger like 10 times after getting the app and it’s been successful twice. 2 visits that’s all I got!!!

Good app, bad follow up. The app worked great, however when I placed the order the app told me my order would be ready at 5:35. I got to the Montgomery East chase store at 5:40. The cashier printed me a receipt and I started my wait. As I waited I watched 5 customers walk in, order and get their food before me. At 6:12 I finally couldn’t wait any longer and asked for a refund. It was explained to me that the order doesn’t get started until I get to the store and the store has no way of crediting my money back since I used the app. As we debated over how to get my money back, I was given my food. Ironically it was cold. Not sure if this is an app problem or that particular store is a problem. I won’t use the app again.

HELP!!! FIX YOUR APP. Ever since you did the update 3 weeks ago I have been permanently logged out of the app. I use Facebook to log in and it won’t go through. It says “somethings not working with Facebook” but I know that’s not the case. Everything else I sign into with Facebook works. I believe it has something to do with not being able to accept the terms and policies since your accept button is missing from the page. Please fix. Thank you for fixing the bug!!!

New Rewards Program. If this new rewards program means no more emails with free burgers, etc. then I have no reason to go to WB anymore. When I went I’d buy extra meals, but now I have no further reason to go. The burgers are worse than they used to be and MUCH more expensive these days. And WB is bad about shorting you on fries and o-rings. The burgers used to taste fresh and well made, now they are greasy and you can tell the ingredients are a lot cheaper quality. Free food that I didn’t have to “earn” was a draw. But now I have to earn food that used to be much better and cheaper. And you want to spin this into a positive change!?

Please make it easier to order!. When I select a Whataburger as my order, I expect it to be just a burger. Offer me the option to make it a meal, but don’t lock me in! Clicking meal options is not how I expect to say “not a meal” - takes me ages every time and is super frustrating. Either give me a “burger only option as the first option when adding a drink or have a burger and a Whataburger meal as separate options and ability to transition from one to the other. So many ways to do this that wouldn’t make me angry, but current implementation is aggravating.

App has issues. This is my third time trying the app. First account by email logged me out and then when I tried to log back in, it said password invalid. Tried requesting password, and response came back that no password existed. Then tried signing in with Facebook. The app then told me it couldn’t link my FB. Tried resigning with original email and app said email already in use (yeah me! But you just hold me I have no password assigned!) so this is the third account I’m trying. Whataburger, you’re killing me. If the app gives me trouble again, I’m giving up in it!! Boo!! 😡

Great but could be better. I love the app and being able to earn free food (I actually redeemed my free item today). I wish there was a way you could scan your receipt after you order Incase you forgot to scan it at the counter or while in the drive thru. You only need 5 visits before you get a free item but you can only scan before you finish the transaction. Many times I would forget until after the transaction was done and I couldn’t go back and get the points for it. So that would be a great feature. But overall a great app.

Plano 2/6/22 - FAIL. Preordered for pickup. I get to the restaurant and the dining room is shut down so I can’t pick up. And then the mobile the drive-through is backed up like you would not believe so the app failed in having me order that pick up method when it wasn’t really available and it should’ve said the drive-through is the only thing available maybe if I had known that I wouldn’t have placed my order and I would’ve got a meal somewhere else as it is I’m very hungry and I’m not happy

Good for ordering, absolutely horrible for picking up orders.. Let’s you remove your lettuce, but if there’s a problems with your order you can’t get a refund at the store or on the 1-800-number. Let’s you add cheese, but leaves you sitting in your car for 30-60 minutes when your order gets lost. When you go inside insisting they owe you food that you paid for, they make you call a 1-800 number where someone will happily write down your concern and email it to someone who might care at some later point in the future. If you value your sanity order in line or at the store until they make this app better. The app as it is now is dangerous.

Great app. This is a great app and is very accurate to what the local store offers. I would like to ask if you could put a feature to change a pick up order to a curbside order. The order I just made was for pick up and the app said the store was open 24/7, however the lobby is not open 24/7 so I could not change it to curbside. So now I’m in a long line drive thru waiting for the order. That’s all I suggest for improvement. Thanks & keep up the good work!

A concern. I love the app and opportunity for rewards! However, recently I experienced a lock out that required that I remove the app from my iPhone and upload again. Fortunately, when I reloaded the app, it remembered me and the reward I had achieved plus my progress toward an additional reward. (This may have been just my iPhone, but it may apply to other customers) I also like that the staff at the registers acknowledge my name and thank me for my participation!

Great Management Skills!. I thought I had the app working on my phone but the way it is to be used is a little different. I called the store and spoke to Rafael (hope I spelled it right) and he told me how the app works and said that he would put my barcode number in to make sure I got credit for that visit. He was very professional and was very kind. I really appreciated him taking the time to help me and putting the information in for me! Thank you Rafael!!! If you’re not a manager, you should be! People skills are very important!

Needs a check-in function!. App works well most of the time but really needs a check-in function for orders! I often wait 5 minutes in my car for a staff member to come ask me my order name and then make a trip back in to get my food...not efficient. Checking in upon arrival would also prevent cold fries from waiting or when my order ends up at another location...which happens sometimes! Seems like the GPS doesn’t always pick my closest location. Applying rewards doesn’t always work either, but I do like using the app to order to avoid the long waits at the drive thru!

If you love Whataburger you need the app. Everyone seems to have an app nowadays and Whataburger is no exception. I love having it preloaded and getting to pay without worrying about my cash in my pocket. Also who doesn’t like free stuff? Two areas that need improvement: Online ordering is not available and skipping the line would be so nice. The other improvement would be inclusion of a burger in the rewards. It could have a higher redemption cost.

Selfish, greedy and harmful owners. I have been around whataburger my whole life. Worked in one after highschool. I studied how they pay employee, how they steadily add to the cost of a burger, how all the ingredients they purchase and use are very to exceptionally low quality food products. There are zero even relatively healthy items to choose from, all their beef is PACKED with fat because they buy the cheapest meat to sell. They also pay all employees minimum wage when hired, there is nothing but obesity, greed and a cheap filling meal inside of a whataburger. I come from a family that was part of the original settlers of Texas, a true Texan. Whataburger puts shame to the Texas name.

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The application Whataburger was published in the category Food & Drink on 01 November 2016, Tuesday and was developed by Whataburger [Developer ID: 1141643626]. This program file size is 171.45 MB. This app has been rated by 155,005 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Whataburger - Food & Drink app posted on 28 November 2023, Tuesday current version is 5.5.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.Whataburger.Production. Languages supported by the app:

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Thank you for using the Whataburger App! This release includes some minor bug fixes and performance enhancements to help make your Whataburger experience even better.

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