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Wine Maps App Description & Overview

What is wine maps app? Wine Maps provides a handy visual reference, for the wine regions in twenty countries around the world. Its a great tool for anyone looking to learn more about the world of wine, and even better for those looking for maps to study from. It's perfect for those teaching others about wine, and Wine Maps provides a number of ways of exporting or printing maps.

Wine Maps focuses exclusively on mapping the wine regions of the world. It offers one hundred and twenty two maps, defining the wine regions. It is NOT an encyclopaedia of wine, and does not give any textual definitions or comment. Wine Maps is a purely visual reference, which allows you to search for the location of a wine region. With the exception of the top wineries in Bordeaux, individual vineyards do not appear on the maps. There's just too many of them!

Each map is one or two taps away from the main screen. Simply choose from the main wine region list, and you instantly have a map of that region. You can search for regions by name, and Wine Maps will neatly zoom into its location. The surrounding regions will be greyed out to highlight the selected region. Each map has the wine regions clearly presented, along with rivers, cities, and major towns. 

You can adjust the major components for map. for example to hide the labels for wine regions. You can hide the rivers, or the towns and cities. On each map, controls are provided to show, grey out, or hide individual wine regions.

For commercial users, who would like to make more extensive use of the maps, an in-app purchase has been added. This provides a licence to distribute maps, via websites, videos, presentations, and more.

Wine Maps is also bundled with a companion app for your Apple TV. Allowing you to show off your wine knowledge, and TV simultaneously!

Feature Summary:
• Locate one of 1500+ wine regions in seconds
• 130 Maps covering 25 countries
• Accessible top down approach
• Maps can be printed, or exported as images
• Test yourself, to help with learning the world's wine regions
• A licence for commercial distribution is available as in in-app purchase
• Maps can be altered. For example, to hide labels, rivers, or towns and cities.
• Individual wine regions can be hidden, or greyed out
• Works offline
• iPad, iPhone and Apple TV support
• Currently on its 27th update. Wine Maps is actively developed (now with a version for the Mac desktop).

What regions are included?
- Overall World Map
- Overall Europe Map
- Central and Eastern Europe Map

Old World - 16 Countries, and 62 Regions:

- Austria
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- France
(with fifteen main subregions, and further sub-subregions. Eleven from Bordeaux, six from Burgundy, and Bergerac),
- Georgia
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Italy
(with nineteen subregions)
- Moldova
- Portugal
- Romania
- Spain
(with ten subregions)
- Slovenia
- Switzerland

New World - 9 Countries, and 40 Regions:

- Argentina
- Australia
(with four subregions)
- Brazil
- Canada
(with subregion Ontario)
- Chile
- Mexico
- New Zealand
(with two subregions)
- South Africa
(with the subregion Western Cape)
(with subregions of seventeen states, and fifteen subregions of California)

Image Copyright
All images generated using Wine Maps are issued under the "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License".

If you have purchased the Commercial Licence in-app purchase. All images generated are issued under the "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License".

By purchasing Wine Maps, or the Commercial Licence in-app purchase; you agree to adhere to the terms of the licence, which is appropriate to your purchase.

Your personal data (Name and Email) would only be collected in the event of you choosing to email the developer for support.

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App Name Wine Maps
Category Food & Drink
Updated 15 November 2023, Wednesday
File Size 48.25 MB

Wine Maps Comments & Reviews 2024

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Perfect Detail. I am currently studying for several wine exams. This has been a great, quick and thorough reference tool. Thanks for creating it!

Nice app. Need spell check. Great one-stop resource for wine regions around the world. The developer might spell-check names. Vienna is listed as Wein (which is actually German for “wine” and pronounced like “vine”), but the German name for Vienna is Wien (pronounced “veen”). Thanks for listening.

Great app. Simple, quick. Great reference tool!

Excellent wine maps!. I work in the wine industry. I use the maps to teach restaurant owners where the wine they are buying comes from. I love this app. I would recommend updating the maps as there are new AVAs popping up. Thank you!

Great detail and design...just the beginning!. After scouring the AppStore to help my consulting company, I have finally come across an app that demonstrates great detail, aesthetics, and accessibility. Upon further conversation, and in response to the shallow review above, the sub-regions (DOCs and AOCs) and Ava's will be in the near future versions. Highly recommend this wine reference app to anyone interested in wine or maps!

Great wine map app. Simple and effective app with no BS

FatRice55. Solid reference - hope the detail continues to improve

Great app!. But, I would love the addition of rivers and mountain ranges, as they also are very important in viticulture.

Great. Is there a way I could print these maps? It would be cool to turn it in to a test. Blank maps that you have to fill out yourself. I am studying for a big test and it would be cool. I do like this app though. Great for on the spot need for a vin map. Thanks!

It’s good.. I’m new to wine so I’m digging into maps quite often. This makes that all possible. Thanks for making it.

Absolutely the best there is, however.... Now I am in to studying South America, a more detailed map of Argentina, Chile, and even Uruguay would be so helpful. For example Mendoza alone has 12 different sub areas turns out

Great Wine App!. This is a fantastic app! You cannot beat this detail, especially for $.99!

Best wine map app available.. In studying for the sommelier exams, maps can be crucial to understanding relationships between regions and having as detailed maps as this app provides is incredibly useful and invaluable. Ability to zoom in without losing picture quality is a huge plus. Organization allows for ease of use. Happily gave 5 stars, but keep in mind some information is outdated (Italian maps so far I've noticed, and it's not really their fault since things change quite frequently, and it's really only obscure subregions) and lack of titling for some rivers or lakes is the only thing I wish was available. Sometimes difficult to discern borders between subregions. Otherwise, for .99 I'm incredibly grateful and happy to have purchased this app and will happily recommend it to most (and already have).

Outstanding!. Great, cheap and simple. As a wine steward I use this as a quick reference at work all the time. The updates are great. I would highly recommend this app!

Quick and easy reference map!. The included wine maps are detailed, easy to navigate, and comprehensive. Just what I needed to refresh my memory as to where specific wines grow or to visualize adjacent wine regions.

Very helpful reference. Very helpful reference — especially for those studying for wine certifications.

Needs More User Functionality. Nice to have all the world's wine regions mapped in one place, but in the absence of info / text about these regions, it would great to allow users to at least input their own notes. There doesn't seem to be any way to do this currently.

More Wine Maps ... yes, please.. Handy reference and the perfect tool for the Somm on the go!

Love it. Made a regional sale pitch & needed maps !!! Done !!!!!!

Not worth it. This app doesn’t let you zoom in or view the area closely.

Finally a map I can use. Great Start! With a few more updates this looks promising. Great value for the money!

Use it for wine study. I’m studying for the WSET diploma and find this app to be a very helpful study tool.

Wine Maps. Fabulous educational help for the casual wine enthusiast. A convenient, handy, pocket tool for wine professionals... All of the worlds wine regions in simple HD format in the palm of your hand !!!

Awesome Maps!. Most world section maps are very well shown and delineated. There are however some sections of the world which to meet some development. This map of wine areas in the Internet. Like anything it will only get better with time.

Wine Maps. Great tool on my I pad when I am working at the wine shop.

Great Job. Wanted to let you know I think you are doing a great job. I appreciate the updates. I sell wine in the states and have been telling all of my fellow salespeople about the app. Keep up the great work!

Great App!. I use this all the time to locate areas I'm not familiar with. There's maps of most of the world with updates including more detailed maps often.

Very well done. I work in the wine field and this is a wonderful app to have in your phone as a quick reminder of where a region is.

Awesomeness. Must have for CMS test prep. Used this to prep for my CMS level 1&2- invaluable!! Helped so much!!! Constantly updated. Would like to see more detail in Cali regions (and more than just napa/Sonoma details) as well as map key for distance in km/mi and more details on rivers, elevations, ect..... Greece and Austria would be wonderful additions to the app as well. Really helped me study for my CMS exams. Perhaps add layover support for soil types and/or major varietals?? Seriously get this app!!! SO AWESOME and well worth buying.

Love it!. I love the idea. I support it. Keep up the good work. I will pass this along my people in the wine industry.

Great way to start. This is a great way to find a location to visit and enjoy the great wines

Great for novice and professionals!. This map has helped me with my staff and introducing them to new regions. It has also been amazing while I study, maps are crucial in the Somm world and this has been so helpful for me on the go!

Perfect for industry training. Love these maps! Great to print for restaurant staff!

Great wine app. Been using this app for the past couple months. Great app! Keep the updates coming.

Great details. This app is amazing! I love all the details, you can zoom into a specific area, AND YOU CAN PRINT IT! I’d love to see grape varietals along with the regions. Perhaps that would be difficult, especially with new world wines. Anyhow, glad I purchased it, for ONLY .99 cents :)

Great maps. General maps are accurate and useful

Good reference. You may find these maps with some effort on line. But 99 cents are worth to spend to get rid of even this effort by organizing all wine regional maps at one place.

Excellent, useful. The best all around wine map app in the store. I use it almost daily and it's indispensable!

Wine Lover? Studying for CS, WSET or CSW? Get This App!. Great app with great detail on world wine regions. The level of detail is solid and up to date - even has the newest AVAs in the USA. Willcox, AZ Sept 2016? Yup, it's in there. If you want to understand where you wine is coming from, get the app! If you are studying, get the app! I have it open every time I am studying. Thanks Jon! Great work!

Topography Anyone?. Honestly, you can find maps this basic online with precious little effort. The major issue is the lack of topographical information. Really wasn't worth 99 cents.

Very detailed. Very informative and well done wine maps

Best in its class, a work in progress.... Don’t be fooled by my title; wine maps will always be a work in progress. You will NOT find a better wine map app at $.99. Even electronic wine books with maps are not as nicely portrayed as those in this app. As the developer continues to refine current content and add new maps, which he certainly intends to do as indicated by the version history, this app will easily attain 5 Stars. A note about the navigation system: It is clean and simple. And while I found myself wanting to either navigate or explore additional information within the actual maps, I quickly adapted to using only the search and drop down menu. It would be a considerable amount of work—but worthy of an additional purchase option, if active navigation within maps could be used to display pop-up information about the selected region.

Good, and getting better. Keep it up and five stars you will have. I previously gave this app three stars but I'm moving it up to four because they listened and made the corrections and improvements I suggested. Thanks guys! I'm in the wine biz and this app's on the road to be the best wine map app on itunes and an invaluable tool for my business. My next request is elevation and soil types, and then I'll give five stars

Great Study Guide. These maps are awesome and a great help if you are studying to be a sommelier

Just what I needed. Has been very helpful. Thorough. Thanks

Perfect wine map. Super detailed! Helped a lot on wine study

Good but lacking detail.. The map is for a quick glance or beginners. But it would be nice to see more A.O.C. Regions (I.e. Alsace, Jura, Savoie). But it seems like this app is going in the right direction. I'm giving it 3 stars until they update these aforementioned regions and add similar details to at least Italy. Adding to my last review; This app keeps getting better. The updates are every few months, but the increase in detail is great to see. The creator responded to my last review via email and updated exactly what I was looking for. Now I'm hoping to see a little more detail in burgundy (Cote-d'Or) in the village/vineyard area. Also, the addition of Washington and Oregon would be well received. Keep up the good work!

Great Tool for Studying Wine. These maps are very well organized and easy to read. One of the best quick-reference tools for wine studies that I have seen. I have never encountered a glitch and I appreciate that new appellations are added in a timely fashion.

Great wine maps. Please keep them coming.

Very basic map for beginners. Would be nice to be able to zoom in to specific areas to see vineyards and more details. Also what's "Murrumbridge Irrigation Area" in NSW? Missing Granite Belt wine region in QLD... The app is a good idea, but it needs a lot of work.

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Great app to help with WSET. Thank you for developing and maintaining such a handy app to learn the geography and appellations of the wine regions of the world. Such a great tool for WSET. 👏👏

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Succinct.. It does exactly what it promised to do.

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Poor. Poor detail, poorly defined appellations, missing appellations... Poor

Waste of money. The maps are so basic that if you know anything about wine, you don't need this app.

Garbage. So high-level, it's unusable

It's only $.99. But a total waste of $.99!

Waste of 99 cents. Not close as to what is advertised. Where do I get a refund?

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 5.1.2
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 13.6 or later

Wine Maps (Versiyon 5.1.2) Install & Download

The application Wine Maps was published in the category Food & Drink on 28 August 2012, Tuesday and was developed by Jonathan Lord [Developer ID: 517523156]. This program file size is 48.25 MB. This app has been rated by 90 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Wine Maps - Food & Drink app posted on 15 November 2023, Wednesday current version is 5.1.2 and works well on iOS 13.6 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Wine Maps App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Updated Rioja and Navarra in Spain, to include the change of Rioja Baja's name to Rioja Oriental - Updated Lake County in California, to show the new Long Valley AVA - Updated Solano County and Yolo County in California, to show the new Winters Highlands AVA - Fixed a bug that could cause the app to hang when you left the app during a test

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