Farm Heroes Super Saga

Farm Heroes Super Saga [Games] App Description & Overview

The Cropsies are back and they're bigger than ever!

Rancid Raccoon is up to his old tricks again. Ruining the harmony of rural life by winning all of the Country Shows and claiming the prize money for his sneaky self. The Farm Heroes know he's cheating and it's up to you to help them defeat him.

Help them in their mission to grow the biggest Super Cropsies, win the Country Show and stop Rancid ruining the fun for everyone.

Move through this Farmtastic Saga while collecting as many Cropsies as you can! You can help Fidget the squirrel gather his nuts, grow some Super Cropsies and meet a host of exciting characters along the way! But be careful, Rancid the Raccoon is trying to stop you and he'll pop up where you least expect him...

Take on this Croptastic Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!
Farm Heroes Super Saga features:
• Exciting new Country Show! See who can grow the biggest Cropsie!
• Collect Cropsies in hundreds of amazing new game levels
• Switcher game that is easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master
• Farmtastic game modes and new super sized Cropsies!
• Have the best and biggest Super Cropsies in all the land to win the Country Show!
• A host of new Heroes, but watch out for Rancid Raccoon, he causes mischief where you least expect!

• You can connect to Facebook to compare scores with your friends on leaderboards
• Easily sync the matching game between mobile and tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet

Take on Rancid Raccoon in this Croptastic puzzle game and stop his sneaky plans to win the Country Show! Help the Farm Heroes grow the best and biggest Super Cropsie in the land!

Download Farm Heroes Super Saga today and start playing this fun matching game!

Farm Heroes Super Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Visit if you need help!

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Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga. Have fun playing Farm Heroes Super Saga!

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Farm Heroes Super Saga Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Howdy, farmers! We’re bringing ya’ll a BRAND NEW update, filled with croptastic fun! New to Farm Heroes Super Saga? It’s a farmtastic party that you don’t want to miss! Join now and flex those switchin' and matchin' skills! Yeehaw!

Farm Heroes Super Saga Comments & Reviews

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- Farm heroes sup

Addictive and challenging. The game gets better as you move up the levels. The game keeps you thinking. Try this one, it is mind boggling at times. It is A good game and keeps you coming back. Good for young ones over 10.

- NJ

I m at not playing as unable to when games without too high a cost

- Need to transfer progress to new phone

I love playing this game but when I got my new iPhone I had to start all over again!! Also you never give rewards that help you with the game. It’s very rare! Other games give you a daily reward.

- Sweet

Cool beans really addictive! New levels are slow! I play and pay!! Get next levels quicker! I should not have to wait 3-5 days for new levels??

- Glitches

Tired of having one more move and it either freezes or when I use a basket for help it won’t add all the cropsies, just one, this used to be a fun game, not so much anymore.

- It’s a great game

Love it !

- Stop asking me to rate the game every two day

I am so incredibly sick of being asked every two days. I have always loved the game, all of my other reviews are 5 stars. Badgering people who typically do rate the game after an update but it’s gotten ridiculous.

- Addicting

I can’t stop playing it🥺🥺

- Sandi

Great game cannot stop playing *****


Cute cropsies.

- Farm Hero’s Super

Great twist on an old favorite!

- Street is neat

Although I like playing the game, it is a shame you have it rigged to win when when it wants to let you

- Not getting what I’ve earned

First I don’t know why you have a support team cause nothing gets fixed or resolved and I have yet to get any response back from them. I don’t think it’s fair on the day we get two extra lives that we have to wait 30 minutes for them after we get our five lives back. I’ve won over 1000 coins and have not received them I’m getting very disappointed in the game and I’m about ready to delete the app from my iPhone and not play anymore

- Love it

My favorite King game. I would like for the game to stop asking me to rate it though lol. I’ve done a rating and it keeps asking me. Please stop that.

- You need to use your brain for this game!!

It starts out slow, but once you get the hang of it you just don’t want to stop playing it!! Love the game!!

- Just updated

Now I can’t get the game to open

- Farm Heroes Saga

Great game! Loading slow 1/20. Enjoy the challenges and your opportunity to earn boosters.

- KG19690

Addicting!! Love this game!!!

- Fun game

This game is so much fun.

- Ray

Playing this game was fun at the being and I haded great time and as I went from all these difficult levels I still like playing this game and to me it still fun

- Two Star for coins

Fun game, involving strategy. However, the coin rewards are useless. You receive coins from the “Country Road Show,” as well as numerous quests. You accumulate thousands of coins, yet are unable to use them to purchase lives, or any in-game play boosters.

- Unwanted sounds

Even with all sound off - which is how I play- you get unwanted LOUD sounds at beginning and end of game. Not acceptable to FORCE loud sound when a person has to play with that off. My phone has sounds for incoming calls that are high priority, but shutting off sounds in the game does not work. Didn’t test in silent mode but I don’t want or need a stupid game to control ALL my sound settings on my Iphone. No other game in the world plays loud obnoxious sounds when sound is turned off in the game. I might be on a high level, I am deleting this game after 2 years of playing. Beyond ridiculous to force LOUD OBNOXIOUS SOUNDS when a player specifically shuts this off. I would rate -0

- Ads

What is with the ad dude....if you must have them, then ok. But it hasn’t been working and are just flipping annoying. It’s been well over a month or more. Get it fixed or get rid of them! Good lord!

- I love this game

Hang in there. I am on level 2008 and I don’t spend a dime. Yes some of those levels were ridiculously hard but my 62 year old behind can do it so can you. It just takes patience and retirement lol have fun and try to keep up...seriously people I am just a ordinary old lady that loves a challenge and will not pay to play I don’t know what levels you guys are on but I am now on 2018 farmers super heroes is the best.....I can’t believe some of you on here why are you ready to sue....because you can’t figure out a game let me repeat a don’t need to spend a dime I have been playing this game for years and never spent a penny along the way they give you everything even got 150 bars now I used them up but that is on me. Stop complaining that you can’t win and think . You are the only one standing in your way of winning a level

- New Update

Game will not open after latest update

- Very enjoyable!

I’ve played for awhile and with recent updates the game is manageable and more fun 👍🏻

- Very annoying sounds

New update has sounds I’m unable to turn off... very annoying. Please fix. Thank you.

- Too challenging

I’m not spending any money to buy anything. I’ve been on last game two weeks. Today I made it or game would be deleted. Not fun when it seems impossible with buying some gold for moves. One more chance and I’m gone.

- Bad feature update

Your latest update added a click at the end of each game. I have sound turned off yet it still clicks. This renders it useless in a crowded environment! In addition your ‘support’ offers no way to provide this type of feedback. I shouldn’t have to put this type of info in a ‘review’. This is a support ticket.

- Great specials

Love the bonuses we’re getting now. Makes game more fun.

- Rigged to Spend Money

Starts off fun and easy; the further along you get... they change it and make you have multiple “problems” to get through with not enough moves. The further through the game you get the more they rig it to force buying of the “special powers.”

- Mdcrab

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that all games get to a certain level where you just can’t play anymore because it gets too difficult and you will end up spending money. I refuse to spend money so I just stop playing. I’m okay with that

- Keeps stopping

I’ve lost 4 lives. Game keeps turning off


I have music and sounds off and this stupid app still makes noise.

- Lawsuit!

We need to start a class action lawsuit against king developers! If you don’t buy boosters, they’ve designed the game to not give you your beans , keep you on a board for weeks at a time , literally not allowing your moves to score, etc... All of this makes it far from a game with a fairness to complete! However, king is promoting and advertising this to be a game when they’re outright cheating and forcing you to purchase from them in order to pass a level. That’s illegal to promote something as a game or competition and it’s not! This app. Is designed to swindle money out of people under the guise of being a fair game and it’s not! Class action lawsuit is in place!

- Bonus items not showing up

Recently the coins I earn for completing a country show challenge are not showing up. The game is fun, but it is always a bit disappointing not to get my bonus coins when I’ve met the challenge.

- Hard

I can’t pass a level and it take so much time to wait for lives

- 😍

I luv this game its very fun

- Mindless Mayhem

Love it. Drive you crazy, but not in a bad way.

- Freezes

Farm heroes freezes up nearly every day. Tired of it. It won’t open says it can’t be installed. I’ve been playing it for a long time and don’t want to start over.

- Love it!!!!!!!!

I love this game!!!!!!

- Love ❤️ this game!!

Happy characters with just enough challenge to keep it interesting! Great balance of skill, strategy & luck!

- Fun


- Glitches in buying gold bars and silver coins being credited after earning them.

I am not able to complete purchases of gold bars . I purchase them but the icon just whirls around and when I try again later it says I already purchased them but the crediting does not complete. Tethered 2.99 purchases and two .99 purchases. Please credit and fix . Thank you.

- My city N.Y.

I like the game very much. Sometimes I find a super hard level ridiculous.

- Only 2 stars, because...

Is almost impossible to complete the game without spending money, I would have give 5 stars otherwise. I am very hooked on this game.


Waited about a year and you finally added some new games. Thanks.

- Needs a serious update

I have been playing for a few years now and I obviously like the game but will someone please tell me what those coins are for? I also wonder when the last update was, when you go from one level to the next, it looks the same as three years ago.

- Yes...

So far, so good. I'm up to lvl 23 and so far it's been smooth sailing. Can't wait to see what's ahead. Love it so far. Giving it a 3 star to start, will come back to change star rating as time progresses. Love King game's. Leveled up quite a bit and continuing to play. Thumbs up.

- Boosters

Could describe it better, have them all on the same page

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- Better than it was

Better than it was before with the new gifts. But what is with watching 3 ads (often the same ones back to back) to get the 4 extra moves? What's the point of splitting them up and making us tap to go on to the next ad? I much preferred the watch 1 ad for 3 moves. The 30 mins unlimited lives is nice, but it would be awesome if we could save it for later use. I often find myself with only enough time to play 1 or 2 lives but that would fill up the heart and give me 30mins of unlimited lives that I won't be able to use and will lose. So I don't end up playing your game and play something else.

- super, mais pénibles les 3 pubs pour gagner des coups gratuits ☹️

tout est dans le titre...

- Farm heroes

Love it !

- Blah

Not enjoying this game any more. No way to earn helpers so have to rely on computer generated moves. We used to have daily helpers and other ways to earn them. Need then as game gets more challenging.

- Farm heroes

Best game ever So much fun By Salima Punja🤑🤑🤑

- So much fun!

This is so much fun; I can’t stop playing!

- Covid-19 unlimited lives??

When is there going to be unlimited lives during this pandemic like the original farm heroes version?!

- Can’t stop playing this game

Just want to keep playing whether sad or can’t sleep this game always takes me where I want to be

- Love It!❤️🌺💜

Excellent Game! 👍❤️

- Review

Very addictive

- Bon divertissement

Je trouve ça mieux depuis qu’il y a des récompenses

- Awesome

This game made my day everyday 😊 AWESOME!!

- Awesome game!

I’m addicted. Thank you for creating it!

- How am I supposed to play?

The game won’t let me hit the play button or any other button. How am I supposed to play?

- Arnaque!!!

Je me suis carrément fait arnaquer! Après m'être plaint de ne pas avoir reçu les bonus que j'ai payé, j'ai finalement reçu une réponse du service technique que soit ma connexion internet était mauvaise, ou que je devais moi-même vérifier mes achats sur apple ou que je devais réinitialiser mon ipad, ou autres! Et que , malheureusement le jeu ne pouvait rien pour moi.C'est se foutre de la gueule du monde. DELETE!!!

- Amazing game

I really love this game other than Blossom Blast

- Why quests?

What the point in these? You finish them, then what you’re rewarded with coins you can’t even use

- Slay

Ok I just started this game that’s y I gave it a 4 star but this game is amazing I love the OG but this ,it just amazing so far🤩🥳🥰

- I love this

I’m so happy that this game is so fun, it’s easy to use, easy to wind down with and I just enjoy it👍🏾

- Farm Heroes Super Saga

Love this game. Once you start you’ll never wanna quit.

- Rewards don’t work

The game is fun to play but lately when I finish the quests my rewards don’t work. Kind of annoying and makes me not want to play as much.

- My new drug

This game is my new addiction

- App issues

The app was making my phone shut down so I reinstalled and lost all my data. Now the game just won’t load for days 🤷🏻‍♀️

- My Go To Game!

I have been playing this game for a few years. I enjoy it very much to chill and it doesn’t make me angry like many other games. The only thing different I would suggest is a better reward program. It is getting better but a bit more to go. Love this Game😊

- Fun but not 😣

It’s amazing game but nothing much to it it gets boring after a while! DO NIT GET IT !

- The app won’t open

After the latest update, the game cannot be open for some reasons. It’s just sits at the Loading 100% screen forever

- 👍


- Redoing levels

Fun to play but after I updated I’m playing the same levels over again they are just a higher level now....... super annoying Example level 1033 is the same as level 1080

- Farm hero’s super saga

I love all the games!!!!! I take turns playing all of the farm hero’s super saga!!

- Used to enjoy this game but

I used to enjoy this game but #182 is unsolvable. The acorns do not move to the left so cannot get them near the squirrels. After several attempts, I am giving up. I will delete this game from my device.

- Freezes and jams level 250

Even after the update, every time I am close to suceeding (1 move away), it freezes than closes So thats it, I can’t play until they fix this!!! Otherwise it would be a 4

- Wow

Excellent merci

- Vegestating

Keeps calling you back, and back.

- Fun fun fun

Is is my obsession LOL

- Problem

Still freezes when I try to get lives from my friends☹️

- QueenBee

Love this game very addictive 💥

- Excellent way to lower stress, but indeed tedious at times

Still a good game, even for older Still satisfied

- Very addictive game

This is a great brain game. I love it

- doesn’t know when to give winnable combos

After over 90 tries and counting, still cannot go to next level. I am leaving the game. Waste of effort.

- suggestion

il serait plus intéressant d’avoir plus de récompenses genre du temps de jeux des vies gratuites des boosters comme dans la plupart des autres jeux

- Ms

Good game, but the finishing points seem unfair. For example, when there’s a big carrot at my last move, it won’t be collected and count the points, which Candy Crush does at the end. Another example, when I have extra moves in the ending, I prefer to finish it manually like Farm Heroes instead of the system points randomly to the crops. I hope the game ending will combine Candy Crush and Farm Heroes for the collection of the points. Overall, it’s a good game. I enjoy playing it when I’ve time.

- Soap américain!!

C’est comme un soap américain!!! Ça prend beaucoup trop de temps pour avancer! Les soaps,tu peux prendre des mois pour pouvoir changé de tableau de jeu et tu peux même pas ramasser de sous pour pouvoir acheter des objets pour nous aider!!! Et il arrive qu’il nous vol la partie avec un bogue et il y a des fois qu’on veut faire un déplacement et il nous le refuse et ils font leurs déplacements pour qu’on rate et qu’on perds la partie. Et un autre chose,on peut pas donner assez de vie à nos amis!! Il faut beaucoup de patience pour jouer. Il est intéressant à jouer, mais ça serait mieux si on avait plus de bonis et de pouvoir avancer plus vite. Merci

- Love it

Love this game

- Fix needed

Can't access boosters, extra move booster doesn't work. Getting worse not better. Don't waste your time here

- Très bon jeu

Je trouve juste dommage qu’après qu’on ait dépensé nos paniers et nos gants on ne puissent plus en avoir ni en gagner et quand quelqu’un nous donne de la croissance ....j’aimerais savoir a quoi ça sert car ça ne me donne absolument rien

- Love this game!

I really love this game but the ads are getting ridiculous! They are longer than ever.

- Need more lives

Great game but it needs incentives for lives to play! Way to long to wait to replenish lives!!

- Helpers

It would be nice to win some of the helpers instead of having to purchase them all the time. You should be able to buy all the helpers not just two of them

- Need more bonus baskets etc....

More bonuses.

- Farm heroes super saga

It's an awesome game!

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- Plaisir

Super plaisant merci"

- Comments

Like playing the game, disappointed that it never offers any free bonuses as other King games.

- Addictive

Would be nice to get a daily reward to help.


TrueType helps pass the time and keep ones mind off of things when it needs to be!

- Farm hero’s

Awsome game love it so much and I enjoy it a lot

- Donna

Like it

- Review

Started out as a 5 star game but at level 800 , disappointed in the games performance , I watch the video for free moves and or free boosts but they do not happen


People don’t write many reviews here because they are having too much fun playing lol

- No points for watching ads??

The ads are way too frequent and annoying. Otherwise a sweet game. I’ve watched 5 ads to completion only to get zero points. Please repair this glitch.

- No rewards!!!

I have been playing this game for a while because it is very nice but 90% of the time I have achieved any rewards I don’t get them. What a shame!!!

- Nice app but coins did not add

I have finished several country show but did not add the coins I earned for about 1250 now

- Lost all progress!

I was on level 364 and then the game updated and now I've lost all progress, back to level 1. I've lost all my coins, boosters, everything!!! Facebook backup-nothing saved. Email backup-nothing saved. Love the game but not impressed with the glitches. Why can't you fix these issues??? Do you even read these reviews??? Obviously 🙄 NOT...

- Great

Love’s my “go to game” only one I’ve played this long

- Great


- Difficulté des niveaux

Le jeu est plaisant, mais je trouve qu’il est trop difficile pour le niveau. Qu’est-ce que se sera au dessus du niveau 1000?

- Fun fun fun

What more can I say

- Farm heroes super.

Great game. Need to have more free baskets n gloves. Like free sprinkler.

- Silver coins

What are they for?

- More booster

Little more booster like free booster if watch a movie

- Fun++++

Les booster sont vraiment bien !!!!

- Boosters

Lose the pop up quick boosters im tired of accidently clicking on them.....

- Best Game

This game is very addictive!! Love it . Highly recommend

- Glitches and Fun

There a lots of glitches, errors, in how this game works on an iPad. Veggies/fruit freeze, overlap, don’t all get removed when five in a row are matched, don’t drop, match and remove properly. It’s more fun then other games because it is easier.

- Farm Heroes Super Saga

Love it❤️! Can’t put it down. Arrrg! When I run out of lives 😜😆.

- Croptastic!

Love it. So addictive.

- Farm heroes super saga

Super game!

- App frigs up and lose progress

The game is fun but to what makes me mad is half the time, I get booted from my game and sent back to the main (phone) screen. Thank God I don’t buy gold bars, waste of money especially if you lose progress!

- Amazing

It's SUPER fun! The graphics are great and very KAWAII =^_^=

- Excellent exutoire


- Wow!!

J’adore lorsqu’il nous donne la possibilité de ramasser des aides en regardant les pubs!

- Good game

I enjoy playing the game, but you have to bring back the bonus items. Super disappointed with game since the bonuses stopped getting applied for growth and competing against another player.

- Fun Game

This is fun game! I have been playing this game a long time. I do wonder why it does not allow a small prize of gold bars when successfully moving to the next level. I understand in app purchases but jee whiz, how about some kind of incentive.

- Great for kids too!!

The action is at a slower pace ... makes it easier for kids to track moves and what they accomplish👍👍

- Que de plaisir!

C’est bien plaisant et ça passe le temps 🤪

- Hello!

Addictive love that game, make me relax. Have a great day everyone!

- missing silver coins. again

currently in the level 700's. I keep growing that plant so I can earn silver coins. But I keep NOT getting the coins. my game (app) is updated. playing on iPhone. and phone has continuous internet or data. otherwise it's a great game.

- So much fun!

A great way to relax after a busy work day😀

- Love this game!!

Great graphics! Very addictive!

- Daily rewards??????


- Enjoyable

Additive game and fun

- 😡😩😩

I don’t know why but the game started crashing as soon as I open the app it crashes so I deleted the app which fixed the problem for like 5 minutes and it started crashing again

- Super fun

Fun fun fun. Love it !!!!!!

- Farms

Trop hot !!!

- Addictive

I’ve always loved this game. The levels are challenging yet attainable which has always brought me back to play. I will say....missing the old days when they used to throw in some “free time” for those of us who come back religiously. Bring back the free lives for an hour every once in awhile, pretty please.

- Hooked

Just love it !!

- Bien

Tres le fun

- Amazing

I was looking for a game that would keep me occupied and this one was perfect! Thank you so much for making an amazing game!good work all of you developers !!

- Farm heroes

Outstanding. Lots of challenging levels - lots of fun. Very addictive!

- 525 level

Love the game! Why is it at this level about to make my last move to pass the level and the game shuts down ... that’s 2x it happened ! Why !!!!????

- Cheap

Cheap on free gifts have to buy gifts with real money CHEAP!!

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- Moves

Farm heroes is a nice game by honestly more moves need to be given because how do you expect me to finish a hard level with only 14 moves

- Interesting

Farm heroes is very interesting game , but you will need to think at some level

- Game player

Addictive and engaging

- Great

Best game😍😍😍

- Addictive!

Love this game! I can play it all day. Its so addictive and so much fun. Love how the fruits all swell up and grow so big and plump at the end of each level :D

- Croppies

The is great addictive too. Great game I love it.

@Extremeontrack Angry Birds Farm Heroes Saga Push'em All Plantas Vs Zombies Super Mario Advance (En un emulador GBA) Cut The Rope

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Farm Heroes Super Saga Screenshots & Images

Farm Heroes Super Saga iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Farm Heroes Super Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Super Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Super Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Super Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Super Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Super Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Super Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Super Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Super Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Super Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Super Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Super Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Super Saga Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Farm Heroes Super Saga Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Farm Heroes Super Saga (Version Install & Download

The applications Farm Heroes Super Saga was published in the category Games on 2016-06-28 and was developed by King [Developer ID: 526656015]. This application file size is 312.69 MB. Farm Heroes Super Saga - Games posted on 2020-05-28 current version is and works well on IOS 9.0.0 and high versions.

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