Toy Blast

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It’s Toy Blast time! The ultimate matching puzzle game played by millions of users every day!

Match the cubes of the same color and combine boosters for huge explosions to blast your way through thousands of levels!

Fun is at the tip of your fingers, with the most fascinating puzzles you will ever solve!

There are countless possibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will be key in mastering Toy Blast.

Experience the greatest adventures through infinite episodes in the most colorful lands of the Toy World.

● Unique and simple gameplay - just tap the matching cubes
● +2500 puzzles, easy and fun to play but challenging to master
● Fun events every day: Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Level-Up Challenge
● Star Chest - open and win amazing rewards as you progress through levels
● Legends Arena, where you can compete with the best players
● Daily prizes from the spin wheel
● Dozens of adorable characters and toys to keep you company on your adventure
● Numerous boosters and powerful combos to help you solve puzzles
● Leaderboards to compete with your friends and players all over the world

Toy Blast App Description & Overview

The applications Toy Blast was published in the category Games on 2015-01-06 and was developed by Peak Games. This application file size is 377.54 MB. Toy Blast current version is 6665 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions.

It's time for a futuristic new update!

- PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Flying cars, moving walkways, and talking robots are a part of daily life. What a marvelous modern age we live in!

Be sure to update to the current version of Toy Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!

Toy Blast App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Toy Blast Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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sassy visco gurl lol❤️💕❤️   5 star

Toy blast. You blast us the best like omg love it like ❤️

Andypiza   5 star

Andypizza. really good game

RAL29645   1 star

Crappy. I have played some levels over 30 times to get past.

Loonchie's Mom   4 star

Loonchiesmom. I really like this game. I’ve been playing it for about 5 years now. I really like the changes that have been made. Like, the extra coin incentives for earning a certain amount of stars, earning coins for reaching the treasure box & for using a certain amount of the picked booster. I want to talk about the “amount” of coins you win that is on the booster wheel. 10 coins are laughable. You can’t even buy extra moves w/ that. What I am proposing is that you change the coin incentive on the booster wheel from 10 coins to 50 coins. Now that would inspire more players to play daily & to purchase boosters for help in passing a level. Just Think About It!

julissa za   4 star

Fantastic game. You should play this because you can move levels and you get gifts and lives and things to help you pass that level I only put 4 stars because you have to wait for your lives to come back

vicking king   5 star

Favorite game. Strategic game, hard to put down

BayBlake   5 star

Love this game!!!. This is truly the game I go to when I have down time I’m totally hooked. Such a great game. Just one suggestion to the developers m: pleaseeeee bring back the prize boxes that was the business or just an option that allows you to earn unlimited lives for a period of time like before. Pleaasseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sanyun2161   1 star

Very hard. Not fun.

nicwth   2 star

Used to be great. Like many others have said, this game used to be great. I am on level 3195 and have been playing for years. The rockets are not random, in fact you can almost be assured you will get the opposite direction you need. some levels take 15-20 attempts to pass, making it very monotonous. I used to spend a few dollars every few months because there's a cost to developing and servers, etc. but I wont be spending any more. They have ruined the game trying to force you to buy more. Greed is not a good business model.

pingui51801   3 star

Toy Blast. Liked when you would win hour(s) to play.

skskkskakakakakakka   5 star

La migra. Is coming for you

pluduggle   5 star

Pdouble. This is dope

freddie441   1 star

Toy blast. You guys have to learn how to count you can have two moves left and your next move the game is over. The one star is overrated it most rigged game on the market all you care about is selling coins you don’t care if anyone wins I’m done with this game I hate this game seems if you don’t buy more moves you do not have a chance of winning. Biggest ripoff of all the game’s on the market. This game is nothing but a scam if you don’t buy coins you don’t win

letmyreviewgothrew   1 star

Thisisnogood. It will not let me write a bad review

tottie636373   1 star

Toon blast is better. You’ll lose a life if the level is poorly structured or you try to win with arrows. Toon blast at least gives you a chance to win

scottishgal52   4 star

Winning levels. Winning levels doesn’t result in anything new. There are rarely new challenges and looking at the same game pieces over and over and over. Bring some new game pieces and strategies! Yawn

Ni4.O   1 star

UGHHHH. One thing I absolutely HATE , why does the bombs and arrows move when they explode !!! They should explode where they are

butter804   4 star

This game is a cheater. This game is design to trick you out of money. Just when you ready to win from out of nowhere so thing goes off that you did not choose!!

CleverFoxx   1 star

Bad Calibration and no fix is Stealing. Your O&M updates need to include calibration for actual touch. The delayed responses and flat out incorrect selection makes it hard to continue to support this app. Been playing this game for years and for the last 6 months this has been a problem. I see that others have mentioned this issue as well. If you don’t fix it, it looks like you’re stealing from your customers.

Lwsltzer   1 star

Rigged. Just out for the money and rigged for that

StephTriGirl   2 star

Ridiculous such high ratings. I’ve been playing this for a while now, I’m in the upper 100 level. It is addicting BUT it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to keep playing when you get to the upper levels without PURCHASING items. There should be more ways to earn points!! I’ve played other games and strategies able you not to have to purchase anything. This one is just ridiculous. So not happy.

dogboy55   2 star

New update. Since the new update, I can no longer open the game. As soon as it open, it closes again.

cat lover 05   5 star

Toy blast. I love toy blast

Adeola Ogunremilecun   5 star

Toy island is the best place to play in the world. Thy bless your beautiful game

1957deb   5 star

Games. I had this game on another phone and as in the 700 game is there anyway I can jump to there?

onebzyb0511   5 star

No Turning Back!!. I have been playing this game Toy Blast and in between lives I play Toon Blast another game from the same developer... Needless to say I’m ADDICTED!!!

LV Hawaiian 5005   5 star

Awesome. If you got this far you know that this is Awesome Akways moving forward

whydobother   1 star

Stingy with the coins. This is not that good, it doesn’t give you any coins to buy things to help you win

la morena72   5 star

Mariposa72. Mariposa

Sandi169   3 star

Hate only having 5 lives. Love the game, hate only having 5 lives. When I run out, I start playing something else and forget all about the game.

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😡😠😡😡😡   5 star

YASSS CANDY QUUEEENNN. Lol I wanted coins so I did this, but it’s actually really fun

puppys. cats   5 star

Good game to play I really enjoy playing it. It gets harder when you playing with the game.hayley

Squirt420420420   5 star

You blast. So fun to play


Best game ever. It has a little bit of nerdiest to it

dragonhuntter   5 star

Goo game. I like this game

dji dapper   5 star

Cool. Coool

Jessica_Violet   1 star

Waste of Space. The game already unlocked every 3000+ levels even though I’ve never played before. Won’t let you (easily) reset progress. Stuck on some level I can’t beat now because of it.

:(. ):   2 star

Maybe next time. Kinda stupid,weird a bit boring maybe I will delete the app.

Mattias06676   5 star

Great. Amazing

Paquetted55   5 star

Toy blast. Vraiment très accrocheur amusant et facile!!!! J'aime beaucoup ce jeu !!! 😀😬🙏😘

ritrota   5 star

RitaMirza. I love this game

Minion ONE   1 star

Money making scam. You will never win the game and waste your lives literally in the game. They force you to purchase so you can complete one level at a time. And the wait time for one life wastes more of your life. I would give a negative 5 if I could. Waste of time do not play!!!

Cali👌   1 star

It sucks. Idk but I don’t like it and bonus they DONT put a x on there ad there for u can not play ur other game that is actually fun. Pls fix ur ad god damn it

established1957   2 star

Cheap on rewards. Cheap

ANMIANME   2 star

Made du make you spend. Fun. Nice graphics and sound effects but some levels deliberately very hard to make you spend money. Also a lot of cheating in the tournaments.

TheabsoluteBestMama   1 star

rAgE. Its easy at first but then it gets harder and even harder

AppleAnnie58   5 star

Toon Blast. I am absolutely addicted to this game! My only complaint, new levels aren’t released fast enough for me!😁.

coolnessRocks   1 star

Wth. When I was playing a fun game the add shows up and you can’t Peres exit so now I can’t get in to my other game because of the add

Michel Gagne   5 star

Plaisir. J’adore ce jeu 🎰

Christina_2015   5 star

Addictive. Fun!

mantech.   5 star

Best game. Be

Puffy 🐶   5 star

👍🤓. 好玩

Mohanjit mahal   5 star

Toy blast. It’s fun but it’s tuff one too good game putting the stress away thank you love it 😀😀

babe0409   5 star

loads of fun. Houre of enjoyment great game

ishy1234567899   5 star

Good. Way is this game so bad

tabby103   5 star

Great game!. Love this game! Very addictive. Frustrating when you get down to 2 moves and can’t get it done,but still fun!

yaneth2018   5 star

I loved This Play is very fun. 😊

Wckelly   5 star

Game. Awesome

DaddoRW   1 star

Was good. Until you get to higher levels. Because you only get 5 lives, you can only play for a few minutes then you have to wait several hours to get some lives back. That just ruins the game entirely, cannot sit down, relax, and play for an hour. Too bad, great game otherwise, but unplayable now. Time to trash it.

Coeur jolie   5 star

Super le fun. si vous aimé les jeux qu'il faut taper sur des block. ils vous le faut🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍 👇 téléchargé

Advertorial    5 star

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Greenys' Grazin   5 star

Toy blast. Yep love it. Good fun

LouieLouieLouieReviews   1 star

Unreliable. It seems like every time I update this app, it then crashes constantly afterwards for no apparent reason. :|

Big willy big   1 star

Soul sucking game. This game will use every trick to get you hooked and want to pay for lives and boosts, you’ll regret ever downloading this game. But if you do , just change the date on your phone to replenish your lives

Realz1904   5 star

Toy blast. Toy blast please can you help me with my levels on toy blast Also how much levels are there

k'babs   5 star

Toy blaster master. I had an extremely weird day today. Playing this helps not think about it. I’m clearly still thinking about it... but when I’m trying to bunch those blocks up together in their colours, I ain’t got a trouble in the world.

Diamond 71   5 star

Love this game!. I’m not really into games however I am hooked! I am over level 3000 and love it even more than when I started.

FrogChubb   4 star

Fun game but the creators are cheeky. I love playing the game. Just the way it’s designed is cheeky to try and get you to spend money or swindle you out of coins. The ‘play on’ buttons being in green and ‘try again’ button in red and if you’re not concentrating you’ll press it out of habit and lose coins. Also when you use your extra lives, they’re ‘all’ selected and you need to carefully click ‘unselect all’ which is so close to the ‘accept’ button otherwise you use and lose all your extra lives. As I said, fun game but crafty creators and no one likes being swindled.


Stinky. Very bad and stinky

jdajgaveb   4 star

Addictive!. A great game that is addictive! Only wish is that there was a way to earn more lives when you run out (like watching a video etc).

lacey4444   5 star

LOVE 🌟🌟. This is my favourite game ever!!! I honestly play everyday and enjoy it so much. It is easy to play with lots of levels and little challenges.

Dorothea 52   5 star

Toy balance. Amazing game please play this game

horse nan   4 star

Popping bubbles. Fun for all ages

Charlie horse hair   4 star

Fun but frustrating!. Can someone tell me what the deal is with the damn spinning things?! How the hell are you supposed to clear them?! The game can take life after life all because the stupid things don’t break!

uniellie   5 star

It’s great. I love the detail and the little girl she looks so happy

Hooked 007   5 star

Good. Fun

jolly sprogers   1 star

Too hard.. None

Super sixty   5 star

Toon toy. I’m a big fan of toon blast and I think this will be just as good

Immi bob   5 star

Good game for every one. Get toon blast now

blindiam   5 star

Toy blast. great game, awesome

Juzzairjk   1 star

AWFUL GAME. Awful graphics. Zero explanations on how to play.

Orhccorvette   1 star

Looks are deceiving. What level must you be on, to be able to play the game as per the ad? I played through quite a few levels and it never played out quite as the ad showed.

kasbah70   2 star

WARNING NOT KIDS. As an adult this game is freaking hard, unless you have freebies than you get stuck. Love the game, but a lot of levels cannot be completed unless you have freebies

Teengirlgamer25598   1 star

Stinks 😒. I already deleted the game but when I did play I frequently found myself annoyed 😒 1. There is no music, it’s boring without no music!!! 2.On the adds it’s shows hundreds of the same blocks so you can turn them into tunics cubes and then once the colours gone away, it shows more of the hundreds of that colour and when you play the actual game, it’s nothing like that!!!😡😡😡 I found many more issues with this game, and if you want more people to play, then fix these issues.

Sonia7783   1 star

24 hour free lives .. It was great until they removed the 24 hour free lives feature when you hit certain levels . Now you have to buy them from the AppStore . Not happy bring back free lives

1234675   1 star

Why?. I was level 481 and just received 250 coins for coming 1st in the last most stars challenge. Then I decided to sign into facebook and lost it all and put back to level 1, why is that?

amanda19891985   1 star

Toy blast. Don’t get enough lives

pommiemick   1 star

Quite fun but..... Some levels are so hard they are impossible without paying. Got to 177 then deleted as stupidly hard without paying.

Poorya2233   1 star

First good. At the start of the game its good. But when you go to higher level some lvl its not possible to end. Its not random that they say. Very disappointing

aniee somah   5 star

It is so fun and I love it. Everyone should have to get it it’s so fun but it’s so easy at the start and at higher levels it’s really hard

Souhs   5 star

One of the best games. As above

big ole beadt   2 star

Unfair puzzles. Need to return to the unlimited lives. It is unfair game set up exactly to make you loose so you have to pay money. The puzzles are fun sometime until you get the one that impossible to win unless you pay money.

first review ive ever done   5 star

Toy Blast. I’ve been playing thia game for years now and I have never had to purchase anything on the game. Those reviewers who are complaining about not being able to pass levels without having to purchase something, you definitely can! You just have to continue playing. It is also obvious that these type of games would encourage purchasing, that’s how they make money. This way we, the players, dont have to be watching stupid advertisments, its up to you if you want to purchase something, its not like they’re forcing you. Actual review of the game😂: this game is addicting but an entertaining way to pass the time.

Dadtate711   4 star

No money. I ha e never spent a dime on this game and I’ve beat every lvl and always wait for the new lvls to come out.

Act67   1 star

Greedy Creators. Very expensive. You have to buy expensive boosters to achieve higher levels. They never have sales.

Ranfer34   5 star

😊. Best game ever

Ricardo90210   5 star

Like crack, stay away!. So good I can’t quit playing. This game has countless levels which some are very challenging compared to others. After a few easy levels, bam! A very difficult 1-3 subsequent levels make you use acquired gifts like the train, vaccine, or handy drill, etc. Each level has a certain technique to win... then add in the luck factor. Hopefully you get the blocks falling down to make a bomb or turbine thing, or mega tunic cube bomb. Just so fun. Keep the levels coming. Legends arena holds countless new levels with a challenge against others.

Ms. Adventurous   5 star

Trina. I agree with MyrtleBeachChick I use to love the bonus unlimited lives.

Deona Baker   2 star

Lives. I am tired of having to buy lives it use to be fun when we could win 2 or 24 hours of unlimited lives but I’m tired of paying so much money to play. Thinking of deleting game of it doesn’t change soon. They even limit lives friends can send now.

Frhziz   5 star

My friend for a years. I played this game for 5years now it’s my friend more than game it relieve my stress and I enjoyed the challenge of levels but i miss the free hours I remember it was my shield against sadness

Addicted. I’m sooooo addicted to this game!

Sposs   2 star

Toy blast. How come this game never has daily power ups or a chance for a reward . A greedy game and annoying little girl with her look of defeat for the player . Not enough moves want you to buy huge amount of power ups and coins for that one last or 3 possible moves then not get it again. You know what I am not buying it and never will . #Sposs# upside of the game is the cute characters and snuff the elephant and the bandage 🤕 man among the other characters . Not the little girl!

Pmom39   3 star

Toyblaster. This game provides hours of fun. Some of the levels takes days for me to get through, but others I can maneuver in and out of so that this game keeps me coming back playing!

b2a2d. b2o2y2s   5 star

Bad boy. This game is the real deal just awesome

Wrigs1998212   5 star

Toy Blast. Great Game!

el chequin   5 star

Best game ever. Love the gAme

annod723   5 star

You Blast. Lots of fun. Something I don’t have do a lot of thinking about and just have a lot of fun at. It’s a lot of fun!

Bridlegs   5 star

Toy blast. Great game love it

- acc   5 star

Toy Blast. Well it's something. Not exactly sure if I am playing or if someone is making me think I'm playing. (Unfortunately I am serious) as strange as this review sounds. Yeah! That crazy baby! Love it!

Unicorn lover2134😊😊   1 star

😒 boo. This is so easy

Dragging In the Morning   2 star

Fun is gone. I played quite a while and enjoyed the game. However, lately, the games seem to be rigged with impossible numbers of things to clear given the amount of plays allowed. On top of that, I’m finding the games to be set where I could not possibly clear the screen because playable combinations aren’t given. When it takes ⅔ of the allowed plays to clear less than ⅓ of the targets, something is seriously wrong. Please make it fun, again!

bigboomslang   4 star

Ok so.... I have been playing this game for years now and when I first started, it was great! They gave you unlimited lives and wow so awesome! Now, the only way you get them is depending on how much money you spend on buying a large amount of coins. Yes I get it, you get treasure chests and all that and coins but you don’t get that many coins. I just wish they would bring back the unlimited lives because that was great. I have my mom and my nieces and nephews hooked on this! This game is super addicting and I’ll play for hours at a time. I don’t want to even think about how much money I’ve spent on coins 🙈 still a great game

Tamtstpaul   1 star

I’m with everyone else. It used to be a fun game where you could progress. Now just a shameful money grab. You can’t advance at all. And really apparent too. One block left and the only way to finish is to buy coins. Will also delete soon.

Meandmei   5 star

Best. Love

Becca the fighter   5 star

Toy Blast. I’m enjoying this game

Pada119   1 star

Shameful set up to spend money. I will also stop playing very shortly. Not fair to have to pay for more to win a level. I have spent money which I’m embarrassed for but never again.

Poor poor poor app   1 star

Over it. Starts out fun but if your out of props and moves they want you to buy more props &a coins. If you don't then you have to wait anywhere between 7 to 30 mins. Basically they put you in a time out. No thanks.... I'm not a child. Keep your game. Update.... I tried once more and now I give it a big fat NEGATIVE 5!!!!!

Wdfeg   1 star

Preview Lies about Games. Preview shows a different game than what you download. Bait and switch

mitra-977mitra   5 star

Love. I love this program

Elchingon2   5 star

Juego perfecto. Es muy entretenido y te da una sensación de tranquilidad

Ikcor   1 star

Pay to win. They recently changed levels to make them impossible to win without paying for upgrades. You can watch videos of older versions that are easier to play than the same level in the updated game. So not play, and do not pay.

jenja2   2 star

Need to spruce it up!. I have been playing this game for a long time. I feel like they have run out of ideas and each level is pretty much the same, which gets pretty boring after while. It’s time for more variety or I need to move onto another game.

Lover101😍   5 star

Love this game. Sooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!

195282   5 star

Megusta. Megusta

stressedoutnomore   5 star

Toy blast. Great way to take my mind off things and just zone out on the game forget my troubles

Mia pink   5 star

Awesome. The best thing is that the levels are hard, but not so hard that it’s weeks til you get past a level. Also lots of free stuff.

Theod or   5 star

Mon jeux favori. C est un jeux vraiment captivant je joues depuis très longtemps j adores des heures de plaisir

Arno8.8   4 star

Facile et plaissant. Rien de compliqué.

GmaOma   5 star

Toy Blast. I love this game!!!

juliemckeegan   5 star

Love this games. I’ve been through 2 phone and this games comes with me. Love it

junkielove83   1 star

Another great game gone bad. Like everyone else has said, the game was awesome prior to that big update that took all the perks away and made the level damn near impossible to play. I have been stuck on certain levels for weeks, til I somehow luck out. But whatever the game blows now, I play only when bored or waiting on another game.

Nikbritt   5 star

Every night. I play my game very night

pinkrise12   4 star

Lives.. I miss unlimited lives !! Bring them back.

Yellowvette   5 star

Quite fun. I’m on level 29. It is an enjoyable ap. Thank you

Old goalie   1 star

Use to love this game. Use to play this game all the time but now they penalize you to make you spend more money. I’m deleting it from all of my devices

Super2222sd   1 star

Lost level. Sometimes when you play offline, the next time you get online to play you will loose the progress, the bonus life,and the life saver that you did/get offline

Meg1498   1 star

Waste of time. Was an awesome game , most recent update made levels impossible to beat, ( without aids, that you have to buy, since you can’t earn them from winning levels) limited to 5 lives , no more multi hour unlimited lives like there used 2 be,combined with impossible levels just makes it a waste of time, makers only release 50 levels every 2 weeks, guess we know why you’ve made the levels impossible, deleting the game , no longer fun. A money grab

Pribxox   3 star

Great Game, Bad Update. Great game. For the past year I’ve played everyday but since the update it isn’t as fun. Levels are hard to beat and the five lives are hardly enough to get through a level. 5 stars to the game before the update, 2,4,24 hour lives was amazing. Hope they bring that back.

what to ....   1 star

Money grab. I try to play without aids, however the further you advance, you cannot advance unless pay

Haifa1234   1 star

Hate new update. I used to play all the day , where is the 24 hours and 4 hours !!

bestreviewstoronto   1 star

Toyblast. Bring back 24hr lives

just for play games   3 star

Send lives. The function of helping friends and ask for lives from friend is very unstable. We play manly on iphones and ipdas, and many times we ask friends for lives but it take many tries until we receive one live!All the lives goes to the game on facebook only!

Booz13   1 star

BoBoski. Used to be fun. Now with only 5 lives & levels impossible to pass it’s no longer enjoyable. Too bad as it used to be a favourite but no more. Deleting

Tuga03   5 star

What a blast. Love the game...awesome

Kate131517   5 star

Oddly addicting. And at the same time calming.

Foxylady1962   5 star

foxy lady. Good game but a little hard newest update took away my option to send lives to my friends please fix this

Emmalulu June 13   3 star

Send lives. New update does not allow for sending lives to friends in the settings menu.

lasdmzksow   5 star

Sskks. OnzLkm

APeaceofme   1 star

Update ruined toy blast.. This game was fun until they updated it. Now it’s a waste of time because you can never win no matter what you do unless of course you spend tons of money. Sad😩

Tazermac   3 star

Sharing lives. Before this last upgrade I could share lives with FB friends. Now that option has disappeared. Not impressed😡

839405$;8   5 star

Great. Super addicting

Stacey46   4 star

Preferred old version. Love this game but I much preferred not having to win 10 levels before winning a prize or getting unlimited time for a couple of hours

10 peach   1 star

Hate the new update. Hate the new update.... I have been playing this game for a long time now, and since the new update it’s terrible. Not sure why you would take away the 2,4 and 24 hours of unlimited lives. Please fix this. Won’t be playing anymore.

kolsty17   1 star

Horrible since update. Been playing for about 2 years. Since updated it’s terrible. No longer 2, 4 or 24hour unlimited lives as you progress. Now you barely move up levels and it’s become boring. Will be deleting which is sad as it’s my one and only game I play. Have tried many and this WAS the best. No longer so.

lfpooo   5 star

More lives. Fun game and very addictive, but yes, you run out of lives too quickly and have to wait too long to get a new one.

Huxdee   1 star

New update. Absolutely hate the new update ! Will now be deleting off phone and iPad

Ponyup$$   1 star

Hate new update. Was my all time favourite game until the latest update with the new chests. No more free games for 2, 4 or 24 hours. Not happy 😠

Roobaby05   1 star

Unlimited lives.. Very disappointed that you’ve taken away the unlimited lives chests. 2,4 and 24 hour play are now gone. Extremely disappointed. Having been playing this game for a long time and now seriously looking at other games.

Teeny8686   2 star

Is ok. I really enjoy this game. I think it is great that you can get unlimited lives for. Certain amount of time. However, usually once you have unlimited lives it takes you a long long time to pass levels! Also, unless your willing to pay you’ll be stuck on a level for days and days! I don’t like the fact that there are no teams like toon blast, where you can send each other lives and chat. Also.. why do the updates take SO LONG?

Ielts   5 star

Good😊. Nice and relaxing game :)


Awesome 👏. Guys this is a winner. An actual game that allows you to win coins and play for free if you don’t have money to pay. The game is strategic and once you’ve cracked the game it’s hard to put down your smart phone or tablet. I give this more than 5 stars ⭐️

ShugalugTT   5 star

Review. Exciting not knowing what will happen next, love it.

PennyC1979   5 star

Fun and not too hard. Similar to Candy Crush, but much more fun. Lots of bonus times and power-ups to help you along.

Aman1979   1 star

All the developers want is your money!. This game is so rigged! It’s all about getting you to pay for upgrades

Larrut   4 star

Game. The game is like candy crush but better!

Jemm53   1 star

This is a opinion. This game is easy so far but I expect more of a challenge so it’s a good game hope this makes you happy and it’s from a kid haha so kids are nice

ggg😀   5 star

Ggg. Eggs cellent

dancing man   5 star

Good game. Some levels are very hard ,don’t use the boosters in easy levels because you will need them to get past the hard levels ,if you get to the 2 hr play time ,only 5 levels and you get to play for 4 hrs .about 8 levels ,get 24 hrs to play ,that’s fun ,not if have no boosters

Mattman7890   5 star

Love it!. Best game app I have. Lots of free upgrades and help along the way. I wish that our “unlimited lives” timer would pause while the game is due for an update though. I wasted the last of my free lives while the app was inaccessible. A very minor gripe though, as this is by far my favourite app!

Amyleeea   3 star

Good game. Good game but needs updates so there’s new levels to play? Even mini games to play until new levels are released

Flange666   5 star

A+++++. ADDICTIVE++++++++

hark201   5 star

Cool. Awesome

Superiphoneuser2   1 star

1 life every 30 minutes. Great game. But not enjoyable with waiting 30 minutes for a life. Then coin are too expensive. If you want to be as expensive as candy crush at least have better graphics.

foufouaus1986   5 star

Charges. Ok I’ll try to buy a package it says no charges apply cause my card decline and then go check my bank they have been taking money so it happened to me over and over... and I have pictures and proof .. someone really should take it to matter. Thanks

Adrianna is the best   5 star

Toy blast. Toy blast is one of my favourite apps you should get this😁

bremark3715   5 star

Love love love. As the title says I love this game The levels are not impossible to pass some are hard but most are doable. I haven’t spent any money on this game as it is very generous with the boosters I’m up to the 2000’s and I still love it . TOTALLY ADDICTIVE 😍

God is watching you"   5 star

Game crashed. I was flying, and on the legends arena and went in to play just now and it crashed had to start all over again please explain ?

Shazzabbbby   5 star

Toy blast. Enjoy the game a lot

alnaseri75   5 star

Good game. I love this game

yoga sync   5 star

Love. Jon’s game

Lilly Bishop   5 star

AMAZING GAME. This game is amazing. It is so fun and addictive. I can stop playing it.

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