Toy Blast

Toy Blast [Games] App Description & Overview


Match the cubes of the same color and combine boosters for huge explosions to blast your way through thousands of levels!

Fun is at the tip of your fingers, with the most fascinating puzzles you will ever solve!

There are countless possibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will be key in mastering Toy Blast.

Experience the greatest adventures through infinite episodes in the most colorful lands of the Toy Blast.

● Unique and simple gameplay - just tap the matching cubes
● +3500 puzzles, easy and fun to play but challenging to master
● Fun events every day: Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Treasure Hunt, and Daily Challenges!
● Star Chest - open and win amazing rewards as you progress through levels
● Legends Arena, where you can compete with the best players
● Daily prizes from the spin wheel
● Dozens of adorable characters and toys to keep you company on your adventure
● Numerous boosters and powerful combos to help you solve puzzles
● Leaderboards to compete with your friends and players all over the world

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Toy Blast Customer Service, Editor Notes:

It’s time for a scientific new update! - PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! What kind of mysterious things are going on in the basement of that house in the neighborhood? Rumors tell that toys living there are actually two insane scientists and they conduct all kinds of crazy experiments! Let's check it out! Be sure to update to the current version of Toy Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!

Toy Blast Comments & Reviews

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- It’s a great game 😊

There’s a great game for me it relaxes me

- A Big Rip-Off

This game was good, beside from the fact that it was a giant rip off from the more popular game, Toon Blast.

- Facebook not connecting right

I’ve been playing this game for so long , just got it back and connected my Facebook , and now it’s saying that I have no friends to connect with even though I know for a fact they still play. It’s a bad glitch and I’d appreciate it fixed :(

- This is great for your mind

ToyBlast calms your mind a lot but it could stress you out sometimes it helps you fall asleep faster sometimes that is it.:)

- Please read pls.

I actually really like toy blast and it is really fun but I don’t like waiting for hearts that much. It was takes about 25-30 mins to get 1 heart and 3 mins to lose all 5😂. If u can make it a bit sorter that would be great. Also the coins are annoying because you need 25 coins to continue a level and you it takes me 5 days to get 25. I don’t want to pay money for coins. If you fix this you get 5 stars

- Great game but disappointing at times

As you start advancing, the harder they make it for you to pass the levels which is very disappointing. This is a strategy to make you pay for coins as you become more adamant about advancing in the game. Not cool!

- Frustrating

If you don’t mind getting your hiney kicked for weeks on end, play this game. These guys who say they march through each level must be officers in the liars club.

- Mark

It’s a fun game no stress

- Rena Carroll

I think it is fun but I prefer toon blast

- Rigged

This is so rigged!!!!!! You could add a little more spontaneity when playing the last man instead of helping us finish to keep going. It’s so obvious...🤬

- Love the game

I love this game! So much fun! However, over the last several weeks I have been not been having my friends list from Facebook? Updated, deleted app, and added it back and still nothing. I went to the Facebook side and it has it selected for friends. Please fix this asap!

- Pay to play

Fun to begin with. Love strategy games but this gets you enjoying and to play with their ‘tools’ after you reach levels around 100.

- No More Candy Crush for me

Better than candy crush 100%

- Alright

I still like playing this game, it’s a good time killer when I’m in the mood and granted you save your boosters, spin the wheel daily, and consistently rank in the top 10, you can avoid microtransaction hell (and even have a better chance getting three stars on past levels if you’re a completionist). That being said, can we please get the option to turn off the mascot animation? She’s actually starting to creep me out. Blinking every second not to miss a move, giving you that sad look when you’re down to three turns even if you’re about to win with an animation taking a bit longer (like the cube). I even experienced a glitch where she had the sad expression even when I didn’t have three turns left! I do recall she wasn’t even in the ads, so why not in the actual game? We can turn off music and sound effects if need be, so why not her? I only ever see her game over screen when I’m really close to beating a level to spend coins to finish with one move. Otherwise the menu one is the optimal choice for me.

- No reset to the beginning

If you delete the app and want to start over from scratch you can’t start from the beginning....YOU NEED TO FIX THIS...if we wanted to keep the level we are on we would log into Facebook or Apple...please fix this I want to start over and can not !!!!

- Friends still missing after update???

Friends list gone for weeks. Update done yesterday, still a problem. Shame on you!

- Cool game but get rid of the lives crap

Listen toy blast is cool and addicting but making me wait for the next life is annoying and stupid get rid of lives just do power ups WERE TRYING TO PLAY YOUR GAME SO STOP IT AND LET US PLAY YOUR GAME AMD MAKING US WAIT 14:00 IS ANNOYING JUST GET RID OF LIVES AND PLEASE JUST LET ME PLAY

- Love Love Love It!

Challenging and always interesting.

- Great...

If you like games that screw the player over. It’s just like candy crush. Wants the player to spend money. By teasing the player with only five lives, that for some unknown reason, takes 30 minute just to replenish one of those lives. Has daily tasks to get 25 coins but those are nearly impossible when the player is stuck on the same level daily.

- Too hard

This game started out fun but it gets too hard too fast. The last level I tried seems to only be winnable by using power ups, which I don’t have. If you think I’m going to pay real money to play a free game, think again. I play games for fun and having to replay the same level fifty times - or pay real money - is not my idea of tun.

- Perfect time sink!

This is one of my go to games when I need a quick break! Consistently challenging but very enjoyable. Don’t agree with those reviews saying you have to buy success. I have over 10k coins and haven’t had to buy anything.

- I like the game!

I only like this game cause you can mix up you items!for more winning just try this game I bet you can love it!

- Bad for kids

This app may seem ok but it’s not it! It makes kids blow little guys up.

- Map


- Awesome

This Game is so fun

- Best game ever!

I’ve been playing this game for years and it’s amazing! No need to play to win although when I have extra cash I do love to spend to support, no ads, and competitors against other players. Thank you so much for making this game, please never stop updating ❤️🔥❤️

- Unlimited lives!

Unlimited lives! Unlimited lives! This is the best game I’ve ever played but we want unlimited lives!

- Misleading previews

The actual game does not look like the previews shown by the developer. Yes it is close but not the same and this misleading.

- Bonster

Enjoy competing with family and friends !


I love this games, not too hard not too simple and it’s ads Free

- Good game

Love game 👍🏾

- Fun but money grab

I really like playing this game but there are levels that are designed to use lives in order to frustrate you in hopes you’ll buy extra lives or tools. Very stingy with opportunity to earn free lives. It’s annoying and I’m deleting from my phone. Too many other fun games to spend time being annoyed by money grabbers.

- Cash grabber

Why do y’all make the game so addicting but so hard you got people playing this game why can’t you make it to where people can enjoy making progress instead of frustrating people so bad

- 😗😗😜


- Double charged

I’ve played this game for at least a couple years. I don’t mind paying for more plays however I do mind getting double charged for my purchases. This hasn’t just happened once or twice but at least every other time I purchase. I have to keep a close eye on it and request a refund immediately. I have been refunded every time except once. You need to fix this! I wish you’d bring the earned unlimited play back.

- Game play

I love the game but I want to know how in the world are these people getting like 500 stars and get to stay in the lead all the time I can’t afford to buy stuff all the time and I don’t ever get enough stars to even come close to first place ever

- Toy Blast

Better than Candy Crush


I would 0 stars if I could. It also copied other apps. You are wasting time playing it. It’s super bad!

- Coins/Review

I. Like playing the game but it’s too hard to get coins unless you buy them.? Please advise if I’m missing how to get coins. Thanks

- Wow

Is the best game

- Kinda racist

Any color can take out a white block. Have to be the same color to take out the same.

- Challenging

I believe I have been playing this for two years now. I find it very entertaining and challenging. I’m 57 and nothing really peaked my interest game wise as this game. Thank you.

- Toy blast

Awesome 😍😍😍❤️❤️😘😩💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🥰😇😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕😍🥰🥰😩😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Nothing like the add

This shows 2 colors in the add it is nothing like that at all the spam my adds with this and I’m sick of it mostly because it lies about how easy it is.

- Ehh

It’s okay but I think it’s kind boring, no offense. I wish it was more exciting than this.

- Friends List

I don’t think I have ever written a review before... I really do love this game and I’ll continue to play. But could you PLEASE do an update and fix the missing friends list!!! Thank you!

- Good game BUT......

Great game but I believe that there are levels that are unsolvable unless you buy power ups. So not buying any really is not an option if you want to play the higher levels

- Wlfina

This is the best game ever!!! I can’t stop playing toy blast that I’m obsessed with and I passed like about 11 levels in a row I liked the music when I was playing this game makes me happy with excitement.

- Great At First

If you have little patience, don’t download the game. It was nice to play at first and I even bought boosters but farther along it gets pretty hard to clear a level without help. My suggestion would be save as many boosters as you can early on so you have them later. I have evolved to the point where I refuse to be a slave to the developers; sometimes it takes a week of daily playing to clear a level but at least I remain calm and content while I’m at it. Take a step back and realize how crazy emotions make anyone insane. ... It’s Just A Game Blessings

- Awesome

It’s so fun I played this for hours

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- Very well done

No ads. I had 450 coins. After recent upgrade it only shows 30

- Was fun to play not now

I’ve been playing this game since it came out, I always manage to beat the new 50 levels every two weeks, but what I have noticed in the past few updates is it has become a lot tougher to beat so many levels, i trueLy believe it is geared to entice people to buy a lot more coins to continue on. I will never buy coins just to beat any level on this game I would rather delete it

- Hmmmm theft of lives !

Ok so for the last week or more this damn game has stolen at least one life every time I go into the mailbox to receive lives from fellow players . I am not impressed & very disappointed with this . Please fix this !! Thank you for the prompt fix on the game !! You dropped in rating again because it is being a thief of lives ! Your fix did NOT hold !!!

- Teams

Where are the teams? Like toon blast

- Noooooooot fun 🤬🤬🤬

Not fun🤬🤬🤬.

- Mediocre

Yet another pay to win game. No consistency, there are some levels you just can’t pass unless you wait days on end and get a lucky roll. Or you buy their coins and help you along. Pay to play game. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on this game if you intend on advancing

- Great game and fun!

In the title

- Wut am I doin? :v

Lol like it’s a great game and my bro and dad loves it. I don’t have it but it is fun to watch my dad play. In the adds it’s like, RuBiKs CuBe HaRmoNy!!!!! When really, it’s kinda hard to get rubies cubes and to win high levels, so be more real between the add and the game plz lol...

- Cannot reatart

As you progress levels become near impossible. 20 or more attempts, even using various extras. 2.5 hours to refresh your lives. If you want to get to the “Top Players, you will need to complete all the levels. So get ready to spend a lot of money or never get there. You cannot start fresh. Period. The game data is saved somewhere. I’ve reset my ipad, turned off icloud, turned off app store and itunes. Still comes up with my last level. A lot of fun for a few weeks, then useless unless you have far too much time and money on your hands. Don’t rate until you have completed 1,000 levels. You WILL change your mind.

- Another great game gone bad

Like everyone else has said, the game was awesome prior to that big update that took all the perks away and made the level damn near impossible to play. I have been stuck on certain levels for weeks, til I somehow luck out. I’m updating my review after the last update, WTF TOy Blast? I had a nice supply of boosts that I’ve had to use up in the first couple of levels! They are damn near IMpossible!

- Addictive and pointless

Its really addictive but not in a funny way. I did read a lot about the last update that makes the game even harder and I confirm it: Almost impossible to win and get to the next level... and it’s all about the colors the game gives you so you’re not going to win until it wants you to win. Forget the Facebook sign-in for additional lives... they won’t give you anything (but they get your email and contact list) and you’ll wait for 30 minutes to have a chance to win this level... and loose again. I deleted it... when I realized how much time I spent over the years to get to level 3808... months I would say.

- This game is not fair it cheats

You get rockets always in the direction that you do not need. Sometimes an action to bring same colors to complete a line the color change, all kind of little annoying actions happens ev3n when you plan otherwise. Not happy


Cet appli es nul

- Fun game

Used to be obsessed with this game when they had the unlimited lives... since they took it off I play wayyyyy less but it’s a fun game nonetheless.

- Put back 24hour lives

Game is trash ever since they took out 24 hour lives

- Toy Blast

Aidan Macdonald

- Great game

The higher levels are challenging. I’m at 3700 now. But I love the challenge if solving a moving puzzle. Keeps the brain stimulated.

- I love this game

Hi this game is really fun it took me a houre and im at level 24!

- Toy blast

I love to play the game it’s very entertaining when your traveling

- Bad

The EXACT same as toon blast

- Great game on a smoke break

If you don’t smoke and want to start. Download this game and you will chain smoke in no time..

- Cherished Moments of My Youth

I downloaded this game a few years ago and have loved every moment of playing this game. These will truly be the cherished moments of my youth

- Great game

Can't stop playing

- Vies

Pas assez de vies!

- Awesome


- Disappointing

This game was one of my favourite, but it doesn’t allow you to win boosters thus taking the fun out of the game. Each level is impossible to win without any boosters. Too bad...

- You blast

Best game ever

- Great challenging game!


- Disappointed

I am very disappointed with the changes to this game. There isn’t enough opportunities to win free lives and the “wins” are all the same. Give us more fun and more interesting challenges to win. And I agree with everyone else, bring back the 24hrs free. It was fun and kept me tuned in. And what is with this constant updating? You’re losing me.

- Lacune de mise à jour

Que ce passe t’il lorsqu’on achète du temps de jeu mais qu’une mise à jour se fait quelques minutes après? On perd notre temps de jeu donc notre argent... :/ J’adore ce jeu, mais il y a des lacunes déplorables.

- Too much levels

I s a great game but there is like so much levels there is like 1457 levels it’s CRAZY

- Toy blast

I like it

- Toy blast

Very relaxing yet with a challenge!

- Bring it back

Bring the unlimited lives back!!!!

- Fun to play but watch out when buying

I enjoy playing this game but when I have purchased extra lives I’ve been double and sometimes triple charged for the purchase. I reported it to the developer two weeks ago and still not gotten a reply or refund of the fraudulent charges and Apple won’t reimburse. Won’t be buying anymore 🤷‍♀️

- I love the game

I love the game I play it 247

- Good game

I play this game with my 6 year old son. It is a great way to spend time together. Easy to to use and responds well to the touch.

- Love it

Love love love love love love love love it

- Fun

Good game , very challenging

- It’s alright

Like everyday at least everyday once I lose its so annoying but sometimes I always win so it’s why it’s alright I try/play it everyday so like yeah

- Recommend

Nice game ...

- Toyblast.

I love this game, however, I get really fed up of doing the same style over and over, I think things need to changed up a little, so many times the pigs appear on a game, or the chicks from the shells, can we have something different please.

- Do


- Toy Blast

Enjoying the challenges! Very exciting each time when I enter another level! Keep it coming! 💕💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💕

- This game is so fun

This is the best game I have ever played in my life it needs strategy and effort but it’s really really really really really really really GREAT!!!!!!!!

- Boosters

N’accumuler pas les boosters car le jeu vous les vole !! J’en avais plus de 10 de chaque et ils ont disparu ! Ça fait 2 fois que ça me fait ça en plus !

- Awesome

Love the graphics and colours Just like when I was little

- Jjfoo


- Small glitch

STAGE 89 used 3 boosters (1 of each) instantly with first move lost the level! One move!

- Toy's blast

Super good game

- Bugz

Never fixes bugs just 50 new levels each update

- Nice designed game

I love toy blast it comes up with interesting levels and I love the creators that create the game so colorful ❤️❤️❤️ Wania Sameer 12:51 pm Friday June 12

- Impossible

Why are the games getting so impossible to pass. I hate it. You just want us to pay to pass. I used to love this game but now it’s just stupid.

- Starts off great.

Skill is not a factor in this game. It’s controlled beyond player. And there are levels that just waste your time.

- Kit

The star reward system is ridiculous. How can someone at level 3000 be able to compete to collect more stars with those on much lower levels and win a tournament? It’s getting more challenging as you reach higher levels, this is just not a fair system.

- Love the gameplay, but...

Just logged into facebook and got 1717 levels wiped out. I’m seriously p’d off and now have no devices left which are at that level. Logging into facebook to “save progress” just doesn't work.

- Hfdgggd


- Good game

We like this game very much and have followed for a long time. The reason for that is this game combined many interested games together, and there is no any trap to force you spend money to play.

- It’s a scam

The game is a great time waster and very addictive. It figures that the game gets harder as you go up the levels and you’ll have to pay to keep playing. I’ve long suspected that I have been overcharged. Today I was charged twice when I haven’t bought any games for days. App deleted. Charges reported to Apple.

- There’s more to life! You only have one life to live.

Waste of time. All of them are. Go outside and plant a garden. Get a hobby. Anything is better than staring at a screen. Besides, did you know it’s bad you for you? Screens, that is. All of them.

- Game bursts

Great game quite enjoying it 😊👍

- Too addictive

It ends up costing too much money especially when you only have one stinking move to win and you run out. So so sooo frustrating

- Wow band

I really like it cause I win so comely

- Good game but aimed to spend $

Early games are easy, but once you get above 60 odd games gets harder because I think it’s designed to make you pay to advance levels. Lots of games require just one more move to complete and that means $$$$

- Love it!

So innocent and so much fun! Reminds me of a good place in life

- Good


- Worst game ever


- Diglah

I enjoined playing this game

- TOY BIast 🥇

Hey buddy I hope people have injoyed your game


This game is soo relaxing everyone install this game and enjoy

- Kath

Great game

- What a great game

Hazing a!!!!!!! I have never in

- Toy blast

Great game I love it

- Pretty fun

Fun but annoying when you run out of lives and have to wait.

- Toy blast

Yep love it. Good fun

- Unreliable

It seems like every time I update this app, it then crashes constantly afterwards for no apparent reason. :|

- Soul sucking game

This game will use every trick to get you hooked and want to pay for lives and boosts, you’ll regret ever downloading this game. But if you do , just change the date on your phone to replenish your lives

- Toy blast

Toy blast please can you help me with my levels on toy blast Also how much levels are there

- Toy blaster master

I had an extremely weird day today. Playing this helps not think about it. I’m clearly still thinking about it... but when I’m trying to bunch those blocks up together in their colours, I ain’t got a trouble in the world.

- Love this game!

I’m not really into games however I am hooked! I am over level 3000 and love it even more than when I started.

- Fun game but the creators are cheeky

I love playing the game. Just the way it’s designed is cheeky to try and get you to spend money or swindle you out of coins. The ‘play on’ buttons being in green and ‘try again’ button in red and if you’re not concentrating you’ll press it out of habit and lose coins. Also when you use your extra lives, they’re ‘all’ selected and you need to carefully click ‘unselect all’ which is so close to the ‘accept’ button otherwise you use and lose all your extra lives. As I said, fun game but crafty creators and no one likes being swindled.

- Stinky

Very bad and stinky

- Addictive!

A great game that is addictive! Only wish is that there was a way to earn more lives when you run out (like watching a video etc).

- LOVE 🌟🌟

This is my favourite game ever!!! I honestly play everyday and enjoy it so much. It is easy to play with lots of levels and little challenges.

- Popping bubbles

Fun for all ages

- Fun but frustrating!

Can someone tell me what the deal is with the damn spinning things?! How the hell are you supposed to clear them?! The game can take life after life all because the stupid things don’t break!

- It’s great

I love the detail and the little girl she looks so happy

- Good


- Too hard.


- Toon toy

I’m a big fan of toon blast and I think this will be just as good

- Good game for every one

Get toon blast now

- Toy blast

great game, awesome


Awful graphics. Zero explanations on how to play.

- Looks are deceiving

What level must you be on, to be able to play the game as per the ad? I played through quite a few levels and it never played out quite as the ad showed.


As an adult this game is freaking hard, unless you have freebies than you get stuck. Love the game, but a lot of levels cannot be completed unless you have freebies

- Stinks 😒

I already deleted the game but when I did play I frequently found myself annoyed 😒 1. There is no music, it’s boring without no music!!! 2.On the adds it’s shows hundreds of the same blocks so you can turn them into tunics cubes and then once the colours gone away, it shows more of the hundreds of that colour and when you play the actual game, it’s nothing like that!!!😡😡😡 I found many more issues with this game, and if you want more people to play, then fix these issues.

- 24 hour free lives .

It was great until they removed the 24 hour free lives feature when you hit certain levels . Now you have to buy them from the AppStore . Not happy bring back free lives

- Why?

I was level 481 and just received 250 coins for coming 1st in the last most stars challenge. Then I decided to sign into facebook and lost it all and put back to level 1, why is that?

- Toy blast

Don’t get enough lives

- Quite fun but....

Some levels are so hard they are impossible without paying. Got to 177 then deleted as stupidly hard without paying.

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- Need help setting back to my original game no one here to help me reset now


- Bored

I really do like this game. I am almost at level 4000. But the games are really getting kind of boring!

- 😁😁

This is the best app ever

- It’s cool.. but one concern.

28 moves is not enough moves for most levels.

- What happened to my fb friends?

Id love to give this game 5 stars but i cant until my fb friend come back i have done everything from signing out and back in to uninstalling and reinstalling the game n still nothing once this is fixed i will be glad to give 5 stars

- Blair’s

This game is contagious I love it I have been playing it for 5 years I give it a 5+

- Gane blast

I enjoy this hame very much help me with stress out I am 52 years old and I am thank you

- fun


- Could be better 😕😕😕😕

I was hoping it would be like HomeScapes but no you just tap so it was a let down but I still gave it a 4 star review soooo it was a total let down it was also very boring 😔😔😟😟😟😔😣😣😣😕🙁☹️😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

- Love the game!

I love the game but with the recent update over half of my friends have went away from my friends list. Can someone explain what happened?

- I’m an addict!

This game keeps me going....I can’t wait to pick it up when I’ve been out all day. Some levels you can’t complete unless you have a ton of coins or extra tools, which you have to buy......yet I keep playing!

- Awesome game no price

There’s no price it’s fun for hours it’s for all family no one can beat it and it’s so satisfying to see them all just go away and wait till level 9 the beach balls just explode and they have the best balloon pop sound

- Sup dude

Today I am alive today I am alive I’m not dead because of coronavirus

- Fun but costly

This game is fun but you can only do so many levels a day unless you want to spend money. I wish they gave you chances to win more free time and more coins. Probably going to delete soon cause I already spent $50 since I’ve gotten it which is not where my money needs to go

- What happened

My friends list has diminished. They are still playing but they all have me on their friends list. What’s going on.

- Scam

Every level gives you less moves than you need to complete it. It’s purposely programmed this way so you have to spend about $25 every 15 minutes to advance. It’s literally a $50,000 game masked as a free game. It’s far from free. It’s a scam.

- Pretty great!!!

So great!!! It’s almost just like the adds!!!

- Candy crush rip-off

Same specials! Rotor is same as striped candy, TNT same as wrapped, and Rubix Cube same as color bomb!

- Cool

Some levels are super hard and I feel like I can only beat that level with items.

- I just wanna play

Would be a lot more fun if there weren’t so many pop-ups asking for a review order to purchase something

- amazing game

I’m obsessed with this game I love it

- amazing

I’ve been playing for 5 years and still update it every 2 weeks for my new 50 levels

- Legends arena

I love this game I’m on level 3,951 but please get rid of the legend arena! After so long it becomes boring and the rewards are not that effective anymore. Just get rid of the legend arena and make more levels instead.

- Haha love it

My kids laugh at me because I play that lol they say papa this is kids game lol lol but is so good, I’m always one of the top players:)

- Bring back

I love this game and my family does too. I think it’s better than candy crush. I wish you would bring back the infinity lives and the big bonuses we used to get. That’s what would really make it extra fun again. That’s why I gave it four stars. You took away the best part.

- Please change back the pinwheel design

I can hardly tell what colors are left now. Also the rotor direction is hardly random despite what you say. Finally different levels in the legends arena!! Playing the exact same levels every two weeks is obnoxious when you have THOUSANDS to choose from. Also I know for a fact some levels are the repeated the arena! Also do like toon blast and have a teams feature and more ways to earn toys /coins. Hello??

- Annie

Fun and intelligent. A real feel good game.

- Coins

I love the game however I think the prize packages and the star tournament should include more rewards as far as the amount of coins given. I mean I purchase the packages for the coins and use them sparingly even the ones I win so when I get to the prize package and it’s only 25 coins or I’m number one in the star tournament and it’s only 250 I’m like come on🤦🏽‍♀️.. Overall great game I’m on level 2675❣️

- Love this game

I was on level 3076 and I don’t know why you kicked me back to the beginning I love this game and been playing it forever

- It’s a rip off

The “buttons” are placed just so that you accidentally “keep playing” at the end of your game, eating all your coins.

- Kuly


- Just to easy

The levels are just to easy. I want more challenges and harder obstacles

- Toy Blast

Not a strategy game and who ever says it is is lying their ass off. You can’t predict what color blocks are coming down and whenever you need a special item you usually miss out on what you need. I had one stage where I needed a middle to point up and down and I swear I got at least 5 in a row that went left -right. You can’t strategize with that and it’s pure luck. Those that are saying they are passing it are wasting money on this crap gameZ

- Fun!

This is a very fun game and it’s fun! I sed that.

- No


- Best game ever

This is the most relaxing game ever. This is the best game ever. I recommend this game to adults.

- So far so good

I just started playing. I need to let my weary brain rest! Good stress reliever!

- Used to be good

I played this game for years. You used to get unlimited lives for a certain number of hours. Now you only get 5 lives, and some of their levels take days to pass. They have it set up that you take 5 days to pass one level, and then you will blast through the next couple levels in one try. Really?!! There has to be a better setup. You can purchase coins to help you win, but I refuse. I’ve already found a new game to occupy my time, and I’m not playing this anymore.

- Fun but hard.

I started playing this game several years ago and really enjoyed it. Several of my friends and family are hooked after playing it on my phone and have also downloaded it. However, I am close to level 2,200 and it takes 30-50 tries (if not more) to pass every single level now. Since you don’t have unlimited lives and I get so frustrated playing the same level 50 times, it can take me days to pass the level. I used to love this game but it’s to the point that I don’t even want to play anymore because it’s so difficult. After what seems like a million tries, eventually the game will give you an easy version of the level your own. But it’s no longer fun at that point. One of the recent levels I was stuck on expects you to get over 150 items cleared with only 30 moves. And each power up you got, it would face the opposite way that you would need for it to help you. It’s irritating to play a game that is consistently setting you up to lose and I went from playing it multiple times a day to playing it maybe once a week.

- Best game ever

I love this game except the fact that you run out of lives but other than that I love this game so much and I’ll play it every day And I love that the higher you get on the levels the funnier it gets

- Not very cash money of you

This game, if you can call it that, is not worth a second of my time, my child has contracted rabies, don’t play, five stars great game. I’m 3 by the way.

- It's so addictive I LOVE it

This game My Aunt, Uncle and I battle but they will stay up until like 1:00am while I've been asleep for hours they are at like level 9467 and I'm at like level 100


This app has been taking multiple charges on my phone, all different numbers to trick my bank. This is being reported to Apple and authorities

- Get b

lol Lolol

- Nice!!

Fun game

- Addicting

This is one of the best games outhere and addicting

- Love it

I like it because I like shoting 🧨 🚀 💣.

- Here’s how to play it without getting fleeced

The game is set up to screw you over most times, but sometimes it’s friendly. Here’s one trick: They are trying to get you to keep playing and spend money. If they have noticed you’ve quit playing for awhile - more than an hour or two, they are worried they lost you; and they will make it easy when you come back. If you have noticed that you are really getting screwed by the game, just step away for a couple hours. When you come back, it will be much easier the first couple times.

- Toy blast

I love 💕this game. But I hate!! It when I run out of lives. I only! Get 5.😩I wish I could get more. And I also wish ! That there were unlimited lives as well.

- Enjoy not sure what I doing senior citizen

Working on it

- Frustrating unless you spend $$$

Really easy, until you get deep into the levels. Then there is always one level that takes forever to get past. Putting in a way to bypass especially frustrating levels would be nice. Until then, I’ve deleted the app and am happy I didn’t spend any money on it.

- Toy blast

Break the breaks than thought the legend arena until 3301 let’s get started

- Dur Schpookins

Dad isht correct. Dur Schpookins isht frinken torq!

- Temps

Bonjour ! Moi je veux veux vous faire part de mon mécontentement j'aime bien jouer a Toy blast , mais je trouve un peu long le temps d'attente pour avoir une vie 20 min et plus c'est vraiment long , cela n'incite pas les joueurs a revenir jouer dans la prochaine heure mettons ! Pour quoi ne pas modifier le temps a 10 ou 15 min comme toute les autres jeux ?? Merci

- Toy. Blast

This game is such a toy. Blast. Get it

- Wow

I like it


I’ve been playing TOY BLAST for the past four years and even though i have come across so many other games throughout the years nothing stands in the way of TOY BLAST & I. I played uptil level 1200 on my mom’s phone for year and have played uptil level 3276 in the past 3 years and have over 5000 coins! I will never love a game more than TOY BLAST! Will always recommend! Thank you to the creators of TOY BLAST! ❤️

- Sad

So why is all these free apps try to manipulate into buying stuff. Fill you full adds? Is this what technology is trying to teach us? It’s not alright to bully people. Why is it alright to try and manipulate people? Seems far worse. At the end of the day these app developers must be real proud of their manipulation. Sad but true.

- Addictive

Very addictive!

- Best Game ever!!!

I’ve been playing this game for almost 6 years now and it never let me down. Fast and fun update, new challenge every time!!! 10/10 would recommend this!!!


I’m not upset about the lost lives, having to wait to play, the algorithm purposefully trapping you in a level or any of those things. I basically expect them. What pisses me off is that twice now, I’ve completed a level with 3 stars and the biggest crown boosters in tact and when I went back to play a few hours later, I had to repeat that same level with no crown boosters, as if I had failed it. Not cool.

- Toy blast get it together

I still haven’t delete the game yet, but if no changes I’ll!!! They rigged the game and tricked it so yo have to purchase and spend money to complete a level. I’m specifically at level 3120 ( it means I’ve been playing for a while ) now it’s so frustrating it’s takes you days to complete a level not so because it’s difficult but because somehow they changes the algorithms to make impossible for you to go through...


I also liked it but the new update made the games really hard to win so I deleted it.

- As advertised

This game is ok it is exactly like it looks it is good to play wall watching a move

- I’ve had enough with it >:•

That’s it i’m deleting the game too stressful

- 50 new levels every 2 weeks

When it’s going to stop? Eventually it will go past 10,000 levels and who knows maybe past the year 2100!

- A fun game

I like this game because you have to have a plan to win.

- Impossible on purpose

This game used to be awesome. You used to get lives for 24, 12, and 2 hours. You used to be able to play for more than five mins at a time. They deliberately glitch the game so you have to spend another life or spend money to get more lives. It’s not just one level every so often that is impossible to beat. It’s almost every level now. The power ups don’t do the same they used to. Rockets are always in the direction you don’t need ... it isn’t random. The rubix cube coupled with Mortors in a smaller grid purposefully don’t populate several, more like two or three going in the wrong direction. Every single time. Also, I think there should be an undo option instead of getting stuck wasting a life because of one bad move with only two moves left. It’s a huge scam now. I’m deleting the app. Hopefully they’ll actually fix it instead of being extremely greedy. Your game isn’t fun anymore. Fix it.


Lol I wanted coins so I did this, but it’s actually really fun

- Good game to play I really enjoy playing it

It gets harder when you playing with the game.hayley

- You blast

So fun to play

- Best game ever

It has a little bit of nerdiest to it

- Goo game

I like this game

- Cool


- Waste of Space

The game already unlocked every 3000+ levels even though I’ve never played before. Won’t let you (easily) reset progress. Stuck on some level I can’t beat now because of it.

- Maybe next time

Kinda stupid,weird a bit boring maybe I will delete the app.

- Great


- Toy blast

Vraiment très accrocheur amusant et facile!!!! J'aime beaucoup ce jeu !!! 😀😬🙏😘

- RitaMirza

I love this game

- Money making scam

You will never win the game and waste your lives literally in the game. They force you to purchase so you can complete one level at a time. And the wait time for one life wastes more of your life. I would give a negative 5 if I could. Waste of time do not play!!!

- It sucks

Idk but I don’t like it and bonus they DONT put a x on there ad there for u can not play ur other game that is actually fun. Pls fix ur ad god damn it

- Cheap on rewards


- Made du make you spend

Fun. Nice graphics and sound effects but some levels deliberately very hard to make you spend money. Also a lot of cheating in the tournaments.

- rAgE

Its easy at first but then it gets harder and even harder

- Toon Blast

I am absolutely addicted to this game! My only complaint, new levels aren’t released fast enough for me!😁.

- Wth

When I was playing a fun game the add shows up and you can’t Peres exit so now I can’t get in to my other game because of the add

- Plaisir

J’adore ce jeu 🎰

- Addictive


- Best game


- 👍🤓


- Toy blast

It’s fun but it’s tuff one too good game putting the stress away thank you love it 😀😀

- loads of fun

Houre of enjoyment great game

- Good

Way is this game so bad

- Great game!

Love this game! Very addictive. Frustrating when you get down to 2 moves and can’t get it done,but still fun!

- I loved This Play is very fun


- Game


- Was good

Until you get to higher levels. Because you only get 5 lives, you can only play for a few minutes then you have to wait several hours to get some lives back. That just ruins the game entirely, cannot sit down, relax, and play for an hour. Too bad, great game otherwise, but unplayable now. Time to trash it.

- Super le fun

si vous aimé les jeux qu'il faut taper sur des block. ils vous le faut🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍 👇 téléchargé

- Not happy

You don’t give coins and I have been stuck on level 90 no way to win that level. Will not play this game anymore

- Sooooo good!

Great game!!! So fun

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- Amazing

An amazing game

- Amazing

I have been playing toy blast for about 2 years I love it!!! So easy to play and after a long day at work love going to bed and winding down playing this game love love love

- Signing in with Facebook

I can’t sign in with Facebook and it’s crap

- Great to unwind with

I have been playing this game for quite a while and finally thought I’d review it. I enjoy puzzle games - especially without timers or time limits - and found this one great to unwind with. I have never spent a penny on this game and with all the coins and extras you can win, never see myself needing to. The levels do get progressively harder and when you reach the legends arena games can seem a bit familiar but they vary it enough to keep it interesting. You do need to use strategy as the levels get more difficult but there is some luck involved in which blocks you get. Don’t rush the game but think through your moves to make them more effective. You can save up additional lives if you run out or use the coins you win to buy more or spend 25 coins to keep playing if you’re close enough - but you only get 5 more moves so use this sparingly. If you build up a stockpile of coins and extras then that helps to fall back on with a particularly hard level. I have now reached the point where I run out of games to play frequently and have to wait for an update to add more levels but they do this often so I’m never without games for long. I do have a busy life outside toy blast (believe it or not) and do not play it endlessly but it’s great for relaxing and distracting my brain after a stressful day.

- Rigged

I love this game but after playing it for a while it clear the game is rigged. If there is a competition to reach a case of prizes the game doesn’t let you win so it make you want to by cheats. The moment the prize on offer has gone you can win again. Great game but a shame this is the way it is.


I play this all the time on my IPad and I’ve never bought any in game purchases,the amount of things you can do is endless. It’s the best part of my day! ♥️ Currently at level 689 and I love how there’s so many levels and there’s always a challenge to the levels! ♥️

- Saddodaddo

Awesome game!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!😀😄😊😃😁😃😊😄😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

- Outrageous

Never new this was on my account now I look bk someone has been purchasing what ever it is you need.. No response totally mad..

- Crown-less

A very addictive game but one minor frustration. I have noticed of late an increasing number of levels where you don’t get the benefit of the crowns you earn in Crown rush. Instead you start the game with a default number of boosters, regardless of whether you already had crowns or not. It is often difficult to win such levels at the first attempt then you end up losing all the crown boosters you had. Perhaps a few less levels like this would be welcome in future updates.

- Toy blast

I just can’t stop 🛑 playing this game it’s so good 😊 it passes the time

- Can’t update...

Used to love playing... but cannot update... tried using the help section etc restarting my phone all the usual things... still won’t update... so cannot play 🤷🏼‍♂️

- Love the game!

I’m totally maxed out on the levels, a good time passer! Wish they’d update every 2 weeks with 100 levels haha!

- Less chance to win


- Best game ever

Awesome it’s non aggressive easy and fun’!!!

- Fun but annoying.

I’ve had this game on my phone for a few years now and I’ve only just thought about leaving a review. It’s basically a good game to pass a bit of time,( which I’ve got at the minute ) but I have to say some levels are very annoying because there is no skill involved at all. When the bricks randomly fall on a shorter screen it’s just pot luck which ones fall and weather the level can be finished, this tends to happen about 1 in 5 levels roughly, the other levels do need a bit of thought to the next moves which makes it alright to play. I guess they want us to buy in app purchases, like all these games do.

- Toy blast

It is amazing if you have extra time I would recommend you play this it may be annoying on some levels but you will get there and 10-20 minutes a day will boost you up

- nice game!

It's a great game. I'm addicted to it. It would be better if the update was a little faster. I would be happy to recommend it to my friends.

- Better than candy crush

I’ve been playing this game for years and still continue week in week out

- Toy blast

I’ve been playing this game for a few years now I play it a lot I don’t understand people complaining about spending money I’ve never spent a penny on it I’ve collected over 30,000 coins no bull Have lots of extras as I don’t need to use them all the time it’s great I love and I give myself extra tasks by trying to build my coins up

- 👍🏽

So addictive I love it

- Some levels are just impossible

I like this game but sometimes you get stuck in a level for ages no way you can pass till you purchase some tools which i never gets you really frustrated and stop playing for a while than i start again and when you comeback to it they easy a bit for not losing you

- You blast

Best game ever I can’t stop playing it I am now on level one hundred and I only got this phone two months ago I also really like the challenges that the app gives you one challenge a day

- Fun

This game is real fun I like it very much

- Disappointment

Started playing this game some time ago but finally am realising that it is a big con. The higher you get in levels the harder it is to complete. Then you only get 5 attempts when you pay 25 coins to finish your go. Also I have noticed some changes that occur in the game. When I get a cube by joining so many reds together this cube is red BUT when I manage to get a rocket next to it he colour of the cube can change to a different colour and it appears to match the cubes with the least amount of colours on the grid. Maybe I am imagining it. As always these game are out to make money. 🤬

- Good but not enough lives!

This is a good game, addictive granted, but has some minor flaws that could probably benefit from being reviewed. Let’s address the lives issue, as this seems to be the main problem that the game lacks massively... Five lives per player is HARDLY enough for the player to get the most from this game. One game of toy blast, for example, can use up 3x lives in one go if the player is unsuccessful in completing the puzzle. This is unfair and pitted deliberately against the player, clearly so that the player ALWAYS remains at a loss, having to tediously wait for long periods of time just for those pithy 5 lives to build back up. Please consider revising the amount of lives one has, perhaps raising the amount to 10? I think it’s a gracious request, considering the amount one spends trying to acquire extras, don’t you think? Feel free to give me feedback. Would like to hear thoughts....

- Amanda Great Malvern

Great fun

- OMG great game

This is a 5 star game and I definitely recommend that you get it , the reason for this is it is completely worth it.Furthermore,This game is for the whole family . Even better it is completely free. I would think you would start at the age of -to 121 in years . I have hope that my review would change your mind and you will get it lol llama is cool

- Lovely game

Fun , relatively simple and great boredom buster

- Toy blast

This game is amazing and fun it is a popular game and fun to play so enjoy playing like I do

- Privacy data issues

You cannot delete game progress after deleting app which is ridiculous!

- Just downloading can’t wait to review

Hopefully it’s amazing

- Review

Just come back to this game finding it entertaining during this shut down

- It’s amazing

I love this game it’s amazing if u don’t have get it ur going to fall in love I promise u it’s so good 😊 if u don’t have it get it 😎😊😌😍🙄

- Amazing

This game is really good because you get coins for free every so often and the levels are easy most of the time Toy blast team have done an amazing job

- Great way to pass the time

Helps me stop thinking about my problems

- Toy blast

Been playing it for several years and reached level 3500+ it’s a very compulsive game and am sure l could have reached much higher levels because for some unknown reason l have on many many occasions been deducted many hard earned 25 coins for no particular reason. WHY!? I have just completed legends arena in 9th position, collect 5 drills was my so called why have l not received them? 😤😤

- Toy Blast

Great game to play

- This is boomtastic

I would give it 10 stars because it is amazing I’m just on level 10

- List of levels that are rigged.

08/03/2020 As soon as you reach over the 2000 level: the game gets very predictable: as it gives you far too many criteria’s to get rid off with very little moves which takes you much longer to complete just one level per week. Don’t even try to get daily prize as it is vertically impossible to achieve. The company really knows how to screw long time, loyal players. When you complain or let them know you are struggling in specific level. They just simply ignore you. Absolute terrible customer service. They never ever answer your queries. You might as well speak to a deaf person as they turn the other cheek. If I van give them a zero star. I would. 23/11/2019 Level 900 is very rigged. The only time the green bar fills up is if you combine 2 puzzle cubes combo together. You would at least need to do 14 of those to get the 3 stars. Considering you only have 34 moves to make & obstacles. It is very unrealistic to do this level. Other combos like the tnt bomb & rocket combos with the puzzles cube doesn’t do anything, the green bar doesn’t move at all if you use those combos. Be aware that this level cheats. I will be updating levels that are rigged for other players to be aware of. I refuse to spend any money on this kind of game. 5 hearts is a ridiculous concept, and the developers should get rid of it.

- Mindless entertainment

I’ve been playing this game for an unnerving amount of time now and regularly complete all the levels that are available before waiting (and continuing to play) in the Legends Arena for the next update. I’ve never once paid a single penny for this game and never needed to. I have thousands of coins built up and more boosters than I know what to do with. I’ve won a bunch of tournaments and make it a point of pride to redo levels until I come away with 3 stars. I cannot understand some of the other reviews on here criticising the game for requiring people to spend money - it absolutely doesn’t. That this game provides what it does, completely free and continues to be updated fortnightly is incredible. Yes it’s mindless entertainment, but its colourful rush of dopamine hits has got me through many a long night breastfeeding, or waiting in queues, or stuck on trains. Thank you to the publishers.

- Pretty fun

Really fun to play but a little frustrating at times but it is a really good game download and see for self x

- The best game ever

This game can be so addictive

- Sharon

Thought I would have a quick game over an hour later still playing it’s so ohh I’ll just play this level then the next etc etc 😅😅

- Toy blast

Love this game but when you get to legends arena daily challenges are ridiculous first try Saturday you got to beat 10 levels just for 25 coins when if you beat 10 when treasure chest is on you get 10 lives plus boosters and 25 coins

- Always a blast!

This is the first review I’ve ever written for any app, but I felt I wanted to share the love! I’ve been playing Toy Blast for a number of years and to this day find it thoroughly innovative, clever, challenging and above all else... fun! The rewards you get for finishing well on daily/weekly leaderboards keep you going and the “League of Legends” is a nice touch for sure. Apart from the regular social media apps and the odd game of chess or a quiz or two, this is my go to app on my iphone and my only proper “puzzle game”, as nothing else I’ve played comes close. Love how the developers bring us 50 more levels each week too, so keep up the good work and if there was only one suggestion, please can we have less repetition of older levels in the “League of Legends”, that’s all. Happy playing to newbies and thanks for the competitiveness of my fellow players who I see on the leaderboards regularly battling for those extra coins!

- Just get Toon Blast

This is literally just a reskin of Toon Blast with worse graphics and UI and no Community. Toon Blasts is miles more visually appealing with teams you can join for free lives.

- Toy blast

Fast and funf

- You blast

Great fun

- Can’t get in

I’ve updated my phone software, my phone is full charge, I’m connected to WiFi and allow it to use mobile data yet I can’t get past the front page, it just says loading.. for the 3 months!! I was at level 300+ and I can’t get back in! Terrible! Please fix or I’m deleting this and all the apps with same developers. Thanks. (6months ago I would’ve rated it 5 stars)

- Toy blast

Good game

- First good

At the start of the game its good. But when you go to higher level some lvl its not possible to end. Its not random that they say. Very disappointing

- It is so fun and I love it

Everyone should have to get it it’s so fun but it’s so easy at the start and at higher levels it’s really hard

- One of the best games

As above

- The game

Maybe you could make more rewards in the game and a way to make more money in the game

- Love it but just one little thing...

It a great game and I love but ok enough thing I thing when you press to bye something with the in game coins it took me a while to get 25 and accidentally pressed to bye 5 moves when I run out in a round but did not want to because it made no difference long story short I thing it should ask if you are sure you want bye the thing but anyway really fun

- Physiotherapy100

Loving playing this challenging game.

- Yep

Im sure it would be a great game if you could you know install it or remove it its just sitting there taking up space wont let me play it

- 2 hour lives.

I miss the long sessions I could play for. Bring them back pleaseeeeeee!

- Hard level

I like toy blast,but I keep getting out of lives to early!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

- Sceptical

Fun to play very addictive but not a puzzle game the developer decides if you complete a level or not. The player has no real control over the outcome but is made to believe that they do.

- Long time player (2years nearly)

They were great, now they just want ur money. (By the way haven’t spent one cent.) bring back the free unlimited lives rewards, especially on weekends and nights. 😏 Your wheel spin now includes free five heart lives... is a miss, has anyone landed on that yet? Yep just bored / frustrated used to enjoy. 25 coins for five lives is also........ But will still play cause I’m a sucker for punishment 😂.

- Best game ever

Love playing the game so much. It’s kid friendly and any age group can enjoy playing this game. Love the little characters, so small and cute. My youngest daughter asks me “who’s that”. And I reply “it’s a cute little elephant”. And she repeats the words. Super happy with game. Thanks

- Why?!

Have been playing for years now. The most recent update with the removal of the 2/4/24 hour unlimited lives + levels that are almost impossible to complete without boosters/coins (levels 2180 and up) have made the game less enjoyable. Usually wait so patiently for updates, not anymore. Will prolly abandon the game entirely soon

- Slap in the face update!

Revoking 4 of my previous 5 stars due to the removal of the 2, 4 & 24 hr chests. Looking for a new game.

- Toy blast

Great game, in fact it’s an amazing time waster. But I would really like the unlimited lives back. Thanking you dearly

- Great so far

I haven’t been playing for that long but a great game so far. I have been playing for a couple of months now and am really enjoying the game. Some levels are nice and easy and some you get stuck on for days. I do not like the update that took away the chance to get infinite lives for a time period.

- Awesome game

Love the way this game challenges the mind, especially in the higher levels. Sure, sometimes you run out of lives and boosters and it can take ages to win them again, but that’s the challenge. Unless you want to cheat and buy them, but then, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be as rewarding. Top shelf!

- Yawn

Once you run out of lives you have to wait ages before you can play again. Boring and way too restrictive

- Not happy

Been playing two years and you took away the 2/4 and 24 hour lives and replaced with that treasure box thing Not happy! Bring it back! How silly to get rid of it Lost two stars because of it

- Hate the new update

been playing 4 yrs. new update garbage. its been fun. Bye!


Since they updated this game recently, it has become disappointing. They have taken away the 2, 4, 24 unlimited lives and instead replaced it with minimal incentives such as 10 lives. Will not be playing anymore which is sad as I’ve been playing this non stop for over a year. I wish they would bring the old version back. Until then, I’ll no longer be playing.

- The Levels

Of course you know that at the start it’s easy, and as you go up it gets harder. Well, I feel that they make some levels a bit to hard if your trying to relax. Otherwise, it’s a great game, so keep it up!

- Addictive !


- Preferred old version

Love this game but I much preferred not having to win 10 levels before winning a prize or getting unlimited time for a couple of hours

- Hate the new update

Hate the new update.... I have been playing this game for a long time now, and since the new update it’s terrible. Not sure why you would take away the 2,4 and 24 hours of unlimited lives. Please fix this. Won’t be playing anymore.

- Horrible since update

Been playing for about 2 years. Since updated it’s terrible. No longer 2, 4 or 24hour unlimited lives as you progress. Now you barely move up levels and it’s become boring. Will be deleting which is sad as it’s my one and only game I play. Have tried many and this WAS the best. No longer so.

- More lives

Fun game and very addictive, but yes, you run out of lives too quickly and have to wait too long to get a new one.

- New update

Absolutely hate the new update ! Will now be deleting off phone and iPad

- Hate new update

Was my all time favourite game until the latest update with the new chests. No more free games for 2, 4 or 24 hours. Not happy 😠

- Unlimited lives.

Very disappointed that you’ve taken away the unlimited lives chests. 2,4 and 24 hour play are now gone. Extremely disappointed. Having been playing this game for a long time and now seriously looking at other games.

- Is ok

I really enjoy this game. I think it is great that you can get unlimited lives for. Certain amount of time. However, usually once you have unlimited lives it takes you a long long time to pass levels! Also, unless your willing to pay you’ll be stuck on a level for days and days! I don’t like the fact that there are no teams like toon blast, where you can send each other lives and chat. Also.. why do the updates take SO LONG?

- Good😊

Nice and relaxing game :)

- Awesome 👏

Guys this is a winner. An actual game that allows you to win coins and play for free if you don’t have money to pay. The game is strategic and once you’ve cracked the game it’s hard to put down your smart phone or tablet. I give this more than 5 stars ⭐️

- Review

Exciting not knowing what will happen next, love it.

- Fun and not too hard

Similar to Candy Crush, but much more fun. Lots of bonus times and power-ups to help you along.

- All the developers want is your money!

This game is so rigged! It’s all about getting you to pay for upgrades

- Game

The game is like candy crush but better!

- This is a opinion

This game is easy so far but I expect more of a challenge so it’s a good game hope this makes you happy and it’s from a kid haha so kids are nice

- Ggg

Eggs cellent

- Good game

Some levels are very hard ,don’t use the boosters in easy levels because you will need them to get past the hard levels ,if you get to the 2 hr play time ,only 5 levels and you get to play for 4 hrs .about 8 levels ,get 24 hrs to play ,that’s fun ,not if have no boosters

- Love it!

Best game app I have. Lots of free upgrades and help along the way. I wish that our “unlimited lives” timer would pause while the game is due for an update though. I wasted the last of my free lives while the app was inaccessible. A very minor gripe though, as this is by far my favourite app!

- Good game

Good game but needs updates so there’s new levels to play? Even mini games to play until new levels are released

- A+++++


- Cool


- 1 life every 30 minutes

Great game. But not enjoyable with waiting 30 minutes for a life. Then coin are too expensive. If you want to be as expensive as candy crush at least have better graphics.

- Charges

Ok I’ll try to buy a package it says no charges apply cause my card decline and then go check my bank they have been taking money so it happened to me over and over... and I have pictures and proof .. someone really should take it to matter. Thanks

- Toy blast

Toy blast is one of my favourite apps you should get this😁

- Love love love

As the title says I love this game The levels are not impossible to pass some are hard but most are doable. I haven’t spent any money on this game as it is very generous with the boosters I’m up to the 2000’s and I still love it . TOTALLY ADDICTIVE 😍

- Game crashed

I was flying, and on the legends arena and went in to play just now and it crashed had to start all over again please explain ?

- Toy blast

Enjoy the game a lot

- Prosper

The game try

- Lovely

Sweet game.. I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Thanks


- My own

My own

- My fav game atm

Best game ever

- Lovely game

Nice game

- Nice game

I love it

- Awesome

Lovely game......

- Taws


- Saudatzik

I love this game

- Interesting

Leisure made enjoyable

- Toy blast review

I love this game. It is my most used app. Quite addictive though I don’t take it real serious. It just for fun and good company when you need something light with which to pass the time

- Best game EVER!!!!

Absolutely amazing app 🙌🏽

- Super addictive!!!

An excellent game to play when you have a long waiting period wherever and whenever. I love the competition as well....

- Challenge

I feel bad every time I run out of lives

- Extremely addicted to this game

I should be an ambassador for this game because I download it on every phone I set my eyes on...

- Very addictive

If you love candy crush then you’ll love it. It’s very interesting. Download it😍😍😍💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

- Addictive

Great time killer

- About Toy Blast

It’s my favorite game of all time. 🥰

- Mavdonman

V good

- Awesome game

Am so addicted 2 d game ..nice game.keep it up

- Mrs MB

Toy blast is fun, it eases my stress and troubles. I love it

- Sugar

Best of all

- Good game


- Toyblast

Simply intoxicating

- Mr

Loving this game

- Mr Festman

I love you so much because I spend my time on it

- Interesting!!!

I'm officially addicted. I love Toy Blast!🎉🎉🎉💃

- Excellent

Is so amazing

- Cute

Lovely game

- Lovely


- Coool!

Really addictive Transition from one level to another is pretty slow tho.... can be boring for a restless person

- Very nice

The game is really addictive and I love it so much

- Exciting Game

I love every moment I spend on Toy Blast

- Awesome

I really love this app it's amazing

- Awesome.

Love it.

- I love

It's a great game

@SeanLenhart Promo pictures of the SIEGE toy had them using their null rays as full rifles Idk why but they copied…

@Krazy_Blast OSI bro ora toy refachero 😎 Se agradece master

Never mind. I finally beat the level on Toy Blast lol

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Our K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher is a real blast! 🎾 Available in 2 sizes, this interactive dog toy is a great way to…

Has acquired A toy airplane. “Blast off....!”

@SporkTheOrc I mean its also what fans have been asking for almost 15 years, especially thanks to blast effects and…

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Toy Blast 7408 Screenshots & Images

Toy Blast iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast iphone images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast ipad images
Toy Blast Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Toy Blast Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Toy Blast (Version 7408) Install & Download

The applications Toy Blast was published in the category Games on 2015-01-06 and was developed by Peak Games [Developer ID: 476160947]. This application file size is 423.25 MB. Toy Blast - Games posted on 2020-07-06 current version is 7408 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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