Toon Blast

Toon Blast [Games] App Description & Overview


From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!

Enter the crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes and create powerful combos to pass levels. Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds!

Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST!


● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes!
● Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles!
● Unlock whacky boosters to blast your way to the next level!
● Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
● Create your own team & compete with others to rule the puzzle world!
● Receive lives from your teammates to keep on playing!
● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet!
● Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!

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Toon Blast Customer Service, Editor Notes:

It's time for a heroic new update! - PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! Despite all the dangers around us, there are superheroes that always make us feel safe. Although their costumes have given them a different look, they are always as cheerful and fun as we know. Get ready to follow the latest adventures of our fearless, brave, and daring heroes! Be sure to update to the current version of Toon Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!

Toon Blast Comments & Reviews

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- More levels

Great game but the champions league gets boring and repetitive. Maybe add more levels more often than every 2 weeks or add more than 50 levels when the time comes. I look forward to new levels but it happens so rarely

- Très divertissant


- Great game BUT not anymore.

The game itself is great, until u get to higher levels that are tough. Because you only get 5 lives, when u run out of lives you have to wait hours to get more back. You can’t sit and relax playing for a while, only for a couple minutes, lose all you lives, then wait. Too bad, otherwise a great game, but the idea to limit play time by limiting lives so you only get to play for a couple minutes is really dumb logic for a game design. Throw in a few ‘play for 24 hour’ treats once in a while, that would help a little, like the game used to have.

- Good

There’s those games out there that are so posed to get harder but they don’t this game does the total opposite I love this game, and I love that you can ask for lives from you’re team but I wish you could join a team no matter what level. But other then that it’s a fun game so that’s why I give it a 4 star review

- Good grandma

Yahoo and chicken nachos and cheese cheese and chicken tacos and cheese chicken nachos nachos tacos nachos cheese just had cheese good cheese

- iamwendyiam

They put the use 100 coins and continue in the same spot as try again so it’s way too easy to accidentally use your coins. Every time I have coins I accidentally use them. They do this on purpose. Other than that gimmick it’s an ok game.

- The game is great but...

The game is absolutely amazing but at this time that I’m writing this review there is someone named Lilly13 spamming the chat, it is super annoying. I doubt that someone will se this but if someone does you need to do something about it

- Waste of time

Waste of time and trust me you will regret at one point

- Fun cartoon puzzle

The best ever, I well never delete the game I used to hate it now I just luv it so much dowload this game now and never ever delete it because it’s so awsome💜, Read Plz😊😋💕💗

- Fun App

Fun App indeed! However, be careful. At times it leaves you with no more moves when you need only need one more to win a level. Very frustrating. I find that is the App creators purpose so you will have to spend money.

- Game sucks

I will never pay To play this game. They darts or whatever They Are should break through the bubble squares. Also when you use your balls and darts it should not be counted as a turn. ALSO why do we have to wait 30 Minutes for a recharge. Mirrored balls and bombs really do NOT HELP in ANY WAY!!

- Very fun

It’s so fun, challenging and frustrating at times but it’s totally worth it. If you are considering getting this game you should take my advice and get it!👍🏼

- Luc

Super 👍🏽

- Blah

There seems to be no logic to there algorithms. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s impossible to beat a level for days. Every level should be winnable, it’s getting to be no fun.

- Replays

Too many times have to replay a level AFTER I’ve cleared the board, used coins and helps. Coins are lost, helps are discounted.... at least reimburse them if your algorithm is messed up and resets a level to be replayed after it’s been cleared.

- Awsoooooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeee

This is the best game ever totally get this game and it’s free and I love the fact that such a fun game is free

- Good game

No ads, pretty fun

- Bug report

Toon blast has a bug called Lilly13 keeps on position unnecessary comments in chat. Really annoying. Dropped star rating to 1 until bug gets fixed by developer. Developer doesn’t listen what player is pointing out. Played the game and completed over 3400 levels and bug got in the game and it never got fixed. So I stop playing and uninstalled the game.

- Game mechanics rigged

I used to enjoy this game. However it seems within the last year, the mechanics have changed to make the blocks drop much less in your favour so you use up more lives to progress and hopefully buy more from them. You can see this if you haven’t played for a bit and when you return you’ll magically have a much better block layout. I assume this is to keep you hooked. Even if it isn’t, the mechanics are just annoying now. Moving on.

- Ad free apps⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

The bezt

- Wow

This game is so great! It is fun and very time consuming which I need to pass time with coronavirus

- addicting

this is acc fun like there’s challenges and u can play with ur fam and friends! ;)

- Addictive and challenging

Fun game

- 10/10 game

i love this game i am addicted

- App Search Optimization!!

Raise downloads by 10 times! Aso services,daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype:+8618903532913 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Covid19


- Anyoning

There’s a bug posting the same thing every time like a 100 times a day please fix

- Fun

This game is fun

- Gets too hard

Got to about level 220 and at that point it was nearly impossible to beat the levels. Took all the fun out of the game and I ended up deleting it😕

- False advertising

The in-game play is nothing like the play in the ad. So frustrating when companies do this. It doesn’t matter if I would enjoy the game, I instantly delete if I see false advertising like this.

- Good

This is fun

- Amazing

The game is SO NICE! Literally NO ads! Super addictive. Thank you to the person who created this app seriously 😂

- Fun but cash grab

There should be more lives and coins given. The game is too stingy and tries to get you to purchase lives

- Awesome/fun/addicting game

This game is all I really do on my phone and it’s more than fun. Sometimes it gets me a little bit frustrated but the next try I always pass. And the only thing I don’t like is that it’s so expensive to get 5 extra moves. I also like all the fun and silly characters. From:I’m a beat you🔥



- Tony blast

This is a fun game I like how you can talk with your team

- Great game

This game is so fun and challenging. You will be stuck on a level for days. That does not happen often, but it does happen. Stick with it. It really is worth it. Also, join a good team. Good teammates really make a difference. Extra bonuses if you work together.

- Great game

Easy, fun, I’m addicted!

- Much to love about this game, continuously improved

Becomes increasingly a game of chance at higher levels - you will know if you have a chance to beat the level within the first 3 moves. This game desperately needs a forfeit button. More tunes would also be welcome. Rockets are definitely NOT random. However, there is so much to love about this game and they are continuously improving it.

- Fun fun fun

Love this game.

- Aviana

This game is AWESOME!!!

- Toon blast

I think this joke is a game you get stuck on levels for days and there is no way to get power ups or passes the level they cheat you out with bad moves. So stupid I will now be deleting this game . Maybe instead of trying to make money and make people buy power ups and coins make someone happy and throw a power up in there once and a while so I’m not stuck on a level for two god damn weeks .

- Big fan but

You should be offering unlimited lives during this worldwide pandemic and many need to stay home and bored. More incentive to play your game. Please do ASAP!

- Toon Blast

It’s a good game but You are definitely set up to fail on the higher levels ... blocks do not fall randomly. You get nothing matching up then magically out of no where on your last 2 turns something good pops up, but its to late to help at that point. It’s simply a money grab to try and get you to buy more coins or boost items which are very unreasonably priced!!!! Crazy price! Levels get difficult to pass (impossible at times) . There are players who reach extremely high levels which tells me a lot of cheats going on in here.

- I love toon blast

I love toon blast because ummm it umm really fun ya its really fun

- Game

Very exciting game exciting

- WoW! I really enjoy this game. Thanks. Crazy Mike. Canada.

Great game.

- Best game ever

This is my favourite game is only game I really enjoy the play please me more Everett runs out

- Why this game is awesome


- wack game

this is game f'ed up, did not get my 50 coins on the stage game i was placed #3 and there was no claim or redeem botton.

- Ummm

I deleted this app as I got board of it Why did it download it self again?? This is bit scary


Updates should be made possible immediately after champions league ends.


Nothing more to say!!!!

- Leesie50

Just loving this game, very very addictive 😁😁

- creates a gambling problem

This is a fun game but is made that you can’t complete the levels with the number of moves provided in each, no matter how many times you try, unless you purchase more moves and it can easily cost a lot. To move through 4 levels cost me $175 over 2 days. Plus when you buy 5 extra moves sometimes after 2 moves you run out of moves. So it’s deceitful and you don’t get the extra moves you pay for. I have contacted the developer as it’s a bit of a scam.

- Excellent game, love how strategic it is

Have been playing for 1.5 years and haven’t spent much money at all. I am in a great team who give a lot of helps so it’s not long before you get given lives. If you look at the harder games strategically they are solvable without any boosters.

- Toon Blast

This game is very frustrating. You can only get so far , you need to be able to buy coins, hammers, anvils and gloves to win. It will only let you get so far without purchasing from the store .

- 100% designed to take your money

Very addictive game but impossible to pass higher levels without buying tools to help.

- LOVEING THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!

I Neely play it every day cause it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- This game is really good

So where do I start first I love the cartoon style you used for the game also the music is fantastic although it is just a simple game I keep playing Another great thing is I have an iPhone 4 and it works on that. Just a few things I would like to see, -a way to easily reset data That's really all I want to be honest...

- Update fail

Since the update a week ago I can’t access the game.. I’ve tried everything other then uninstalling. As it will reset back to level 1.... I’m on over level 2000..

- It’s fun

It’s fun

- iPhone 5

I so so love toon blast. I have been locked out for the last two weeks. I am one of the higher scorers. I have very much missed not being able to play

- 손주가 추천해준 게임

코로롱때문에 집 밖 나가기 어려운 요즘, 우리 이쁜 손주가 할무니 심심해하지 말라고 알려준 게임인데 너무 재밌네요 홍홍... 우리 지송이 고맙다야

- ✌🏻❤️

Great game Just play it✌️❤️

- Great games

Easy to play and so much fun

- ....

Absolutely the best game ever definitely recommend

- Great game!

Obsessed with this app! It’s one that I haven’t gotten over and I’ve been playing it for a long time. I refuse to spend money on gaming apps, except for this one 🙊😂

- Fun game

Fun and addictive! No ads too, bonus!

- Everyone

A great fun way to pass time & sometimes very challenging

- Love it 🥰

This game is so great 😁 I own a team and it’s great 👍. Thank you so much 😊 to make this amazing game. I love it much that I don’t know how to word it. If you want fun then get this game and make a team or join a team. If you want to join my team it is called WORK HARDERS! Thanks so much 😊😉

- Toon blast

Love this game

- Designed to take money

You can only go to higher level if you are willing to spend a lot of money and I mean it

- Awesome

It’s an awesome game to play!

- Don’t listen to the haters

So many stupid comments and reviews from obvious dumbarses on here. Don’t listen to the simple folk that no doubt struggle with the puzzle they call shoelaces. While the game certainly has built in limitations designed to get people to pay, it by no needs requires this. It’s a nice game with great gameplay and a decent amount of free rewards with minimal ads, a lot better than most games. People complaining you need to pay to enjoy it are basic b**ches, have completed all levels without paying a cent. Good stuff for anyone with an IQ over 7O looking for mindless distraction.

- This game is fraud

This game has absolutely no mechanism of preventing accidental purchases. My daughter played the game and made some purchases without knowing what she was doing and when I reported it, I was told that this is not in policy. The kind of game makers, who try to make money fooling children, I don’t see them as more then fraud.


There are too many glitches the app goes crazy when you go on the fifth level the bear goes black and jumpscares you then they all do porn activity DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Good Game

To train your brain n learn how to be patient. Love it♥️ plus meeting people on line from all over the world

- Way too long of a tutorial

This game is either designed for children or idiots. It’s not rocket science. There’s no reason to have a 15 minute tutorial that you can’t skip.

- Addictive fun

Great mind challenging fun. Love it!

- What’s going on

After the recent update I have not been able to get into the game? What’s going on?

- Don’t.

The worst algorithms of any game I think I have ever played. It practically forces you into buying extra things to get through levels. If you don’t, you’ll be subjected to unfair game after unfair game, with no possible way of reaching more levels. If I could give it zero stars I would.

- Flaw in team challenges

I guess there is a logical flaw in team challenges and the way rewards get distributed amongst team members. There should be some minimum star contribution for the members to be eligible to collect the team rewards. Currently there are plenty leeches sitting there idle watching others bu$$ting their a$ses to win a challenge so that they could simply collect their free coins. Not fair. That’s all I am saying

- More stars

Wish that you always got 3 stars if you finish a level. I have smashed a level with 7 remaining plays and gotten 1 star. I’m still addicted and at Champion level 😍😍

- Cash grab

Another game with levels that take days if not weeks to beat always pushing to buy in game currency


Fantastic 👌😊

- Addictive Fun

I’m on level 3747 and have never spent any money. I play out my five lives then come back later. I have been playing like that for almost two years. I squirrel away 10-12 lives to use for hard puzzles or events. I enter the game every day to get my daily collection of boosts which I also save for hard puzzles or event. The puzzles are fun and sometimes challenging. People who think they must pay to play are impatient. There is nothing wrong with doing something else while your lives refresh. Go for a walk. Make dinner.

- Toon blast

Love this game keeps my brain working

- Toon blast

Toon blast is fun and cool 😎 you would love 💓 it so play now

- Great game

I absolutely love this game and been playing it for years

- Love it

I have just started and I am addicted. I love the new levels and the fact you can join teams. I wish the lives would revive faster because I am dying to start a new level every time they run out. I love this game and recommend it.

- Not counting stars for tournament

App not keeping up to date and counting my collected with my stars for the star tournament.

- Just play ... no ads

First game in a long time where you can just play and not be interrupted every game by silly ads or watching videos. Love it

- Not so bad

The game itself isn’t so bad, always some exciting features on various levels. My only negative would be the number of times the game updates, yes that’s what keeps it interesting but for us who don’t live in a country that has great Internet speeds with limitless data and we’re paying through the nose for our internet service it’s not so great.

- So good

Funny name but one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played

- Love you Toon blast

I really love this game and I hope you do a s second one

- My opinion

Hi there I have to tell you about this amazing game you should totally get this game. From Tahlia

- 👍

It’s ok 👍

- Not a cent spent

I’m at level 2450 and have never spent a cent on extra lives or coins. I play on my own and sometimes it’s days between a win but I only play for half an hour over a 24 hour period. It’s the best game I’ve had on my phone

- Addictive 👍👍

Great enjoyable game when u got free time

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- Same as all the others!!!


- It’s fun in the beginning

It’s fun in the beginning but then it gets ridiculously hard. Hard is ok but when it gets too hard no longer fun. Also, you can’t reset. It you could reset, then it would be fun again. I use games to relax and have fun not get frustrated. I won’t download again.

- Amazing

You should really try it. It is so amazing

- Fun

Well done

- A Ton of Fun

The best game I've found in a long time !!!

- I dare you to download this app😉

In this game you can have a team that is very supportive. There are some easy levels and some hard ones but in the end it is very fun!

- Difficulté

Trop difficile d’obtenir des récompenses

- Sterling

No glitches!!!

- Love this

It’s so easy and fun you should get this game. It’s amazingly FUN!

- Watatatoooww

Gee guys! this is the most perfect game I play in my hole life!!! It is not to easy, fun to play, satisfying and more! I am way to much on my phone and this game help me to take a break from games and screens!

- Cheats

Used to begin to play but with the cheats out there it’s not fun anymore. Impossible to compete the fair way.

- Standards

This game has so many issue that can’t be resolved I don’t recommend it.

- It’s okay

The game won’t let you win some levels, ridiculous! You get stuck for weeks! Level 1918 is not winable!

- Great

We will have it

- New levels are ridiculous

You’ve made level 3450 nearly impossible to pass. I’ve spent days on this level, as have many of my teammates. I’ve reached championship level several times but refuse to spend actual money to pass this level. More moves are needed to pass this level. Or better algorithms. I had a disco and an arrow that produced ONE ARROW.

- Very good it’s fun

Very good it’s fun

- Basket case

Great game! Lots of fun!

- Fun to play

Quite enjoying this no thinking game

- Highly addictive

Love the game

- Great Game

Great game. Lots of fun for myself and son to play.

- Problème!

We have a problem with Lilly13 she come on our chat and leave a lot of messages that it can bring problems. Can you help me?

- The only game for me

I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years now! I love it! You get to be in a team and can get competitive

- Still Awesome !!!

Toon blast has been the longest game I’ve played, with good reason. It makes me happy !!! Thanks, it is special 😁👍

- Here

Great game to play

- J adore ce jeux


- Crap!

Game that wants you to spend money but can’t enjoy for the fun of it. If you don’t spend, they drag you on!

- Toon bast

I luv toons they have perfect pooping levels I would poop on u if u didn’t know toon bast I poop on the toilet with toon bast I luv toons so get it or I’ll find u toon bast toon bast

- ToonBlast

Sooo much fine. Nice easy time-passer

- Would give this a zero if I could.

I am having issues with this game,I’ve contacted support and they are giving me the run around. Saying it’s my internet nothing about the game. It has nothing to do with my internet connection, I’m not logged into the game at the same time. On one device saying I’m on level 76 and on my other device ,it’s saying I’m on level 10. No one from support wants to help keep giving me the run around.

- Rigged

Like most games in here it’s rigged so that there’s NO WAY to pass higher levels unless you spend money. Deleted.

- The Adventure Of Alex Blasts

Alex And Amber Raven

- Toon Blast.

This game is so much fun for all ages! My grandchildren play this game with me and they’re 21 months and 12 years old and I’m 55! How awesome!!!

- Could spend hours playing

This game is a great stress reliever

- Groups

Groups should be able to kick out non-player

- Kayden

Like the game a lot😀

- Keeps shutting off now

I just updated it, and now I cant open the game at all

- Toon Blast

Toon blast is very good game and it is really challenging

- Toon Blast

Fulfilling and addictive game!

- Awesome


- Good game

It’s a god game, I just got it and I’m already addicted to it!

- Too bad...

After a while the game is just too hard... too bad, it was so fun and well made...

- Thank you for this games

The only app I use is all of the games

- Best game EVER

loads of fun

- Addictive

My husband and I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s frustrating, but challenges you in so many ways. Highly recommend this game!!!

- Love

I think this game is the best game ever I love it so much it calms me down

- It’s nice

It’s nice

- Addictive

I have been playing this game for over one year and am still addicted. Great way to turn off my brain and focus on something fun and simple!

- Do


- Love the game

I really like the game, but they are making it harder and harder to pass levels, which is becoming almost impossible, loosen up guys, passing level is fun

- 😞

Not enough moves, you give us 44 moves, but you expect us to be able tp clear out 250 blocks, do the math y’all, that’s impossible to do with such a small amount of lives, gives a 100 moves if you expect such numbers to won.

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- Frustrating!

I agree with other reviews that say the game needs more variety when it comes to gaining lives. Only being able to ask for lives once every 3 hours is a bit much and also losing lives when you fail a level is getting annoying because the game knows when to give you the right power ups and when not to. Soooooooo many times I have had the worse luck when braking bricks hoping that the colour brick I needed would eventually appear but it didn’t which was completely ridiculous given the law of averages. This game will want you to win or it won’t. To the point where I uninstall and play something else. I have stupidly put some money into the game only for it to be a waste of time moments later when the game completely bamboozles again and takes all my lives. Please give players the ability to earn more coins or lives another way. The game just doesn’t keep you enticed.

- Love this game

l love this game toon blast it is good For concentrating for me anyway it is my first game l ever played ln my life l don’t have Daily bonus😩 however it is a good game l just got this game in Afternoon and I am I am on level 59woo ❤️😃❤️😃

- Meanies

People are mean to me on the teams

- Toon blast

It’s very addictive

- Great Puzzle Game - With NO ADS!!!

The fact this game has no ads makes it a joy to play. Yes it does try to get you to buy game coins for extra lives or moves but you don’t have to! The lack of any ads at all is so refreshing as you can keep your wifi on in the back ground while playing the game. Well over a thousand levels and always getting updated and you can join teams of other players and get team bonuses. WHAT MORE CAN YOU WANT!!!

- Berescu Dumitru

5 stars

- Fixed

The game will either let you complete the level or it wont. It knows what power up you need, when you need it and very rarely gives it you. Sometimes you get a good run & sometimes you dont, oh and it will start giving you power-ups when your moves are low to entice you to spend 100 coins for a further 5 moves (5 lives cost 100 when your not playing a level) to complete the level, or if your insane actually pay for more lives. Ive also noticed when your stuck on a level and not played the game for a few days it will 80% of the time allow you to complete the level first time then the frustration starts again. I do remember being on the same level for about 3/4 weeks at one point. I do ‘enjoy’ the game from time to time but I find it mostly laborious . If you’ve got patience its the game for you, otherwise stay clear.

- Misleading!

Yet another app where the footage you see in the video advertising is not what happens in the game! Don’t bother downloading!

- Review

To expensive to other games, not many deals available and only 10 lives it’s not enough. You can’t send gifts to your team friends. Saga is much better



- Love this game but

Just has got soooooo hard I get it’s good to be a bit difficult but would be nice to have it easier sometimes

- Amazing

I think this game is so fun because u can just relax anyway and play it thank you for letting me and everyone else on the game it’s 5 out of 5

- Great Game

Just take your thoughts from difficult thinks 😬 just relax 👌

- Money

I never thought that I will ever write review for games but hey hear I am. I am so disappointed on how the system wouldn’t let you pass a stage until you get so fed up with it and buy life coin weapons..... then there is a tie that you pass the stage with 15 moves to spare at one go. There was stages that I keep trying for more than a week just to give up so I can spend money for few hours life. It is pure about money. I can’t wait for this bloody lockdown to be over so that I can delete this money milking game and get back to work.

- Frustrating

You have set this game to generate money as no matter how you approach the levels you have set algorithms to stop you completing it this then forces you to buy coins for lives and extra goes. I don’t expect the game to be easy but it also has to be fun! This is becoming frustrating now over 40 attempts to go up a level!! That’s 3 days of trying! Come on do you really want to put people playing the game through that? It’s supposed to be fun!! I think it’s time to delete it which is a shame because the idea of the game is good you have loan and team playing

- Pretty sure

I just got the game and so far this game is pretty good 😋😜I do recommend this game

- Game great - Lilly13 spoiling it

Love this game, so addictive. Trying to build a strong team is very off putting to newcomers if it is a ‘closed’ team. Lilly13 infiltrates team chat with more than 30 spams in an hour and the game controllers seem unable to do anything about it.

- Stop overriding my choices

Good game, but just deleted it because the makers think it is ok to ignore my desire to have music turned off. Despite having the music turned off in the game and the volume on my phone turned down the game overrides and blasts out music every time I open up the app Makes you think, they they can override this choice what else are the overriding?

- No videos

Most games are slowed down with annoying videos and adverts. Not this one. You can make in store purchases but not always needed. On level 525 and cost me nothing. Great puzzles too

- Five


- Love it but hate the spam

Really enjoy the game. But hate al the spam messages. Team leaders need to be given the ability to delete chat messages for the team. Otherwise it puts people off and we can’t see life requests.

- Absolutely awesome

There are many levels and fun you can join teams just get it ok good

- JP

It makes my cry with Laughter!!!

- Toon Blast

I really like this game because it is so fun and you can get rewards from the chests and when you run out of moves and you don’t have 100 coins you have to play it again but besides that it is a great game. Thanks!

- Best game ever!!!

Love it!!! Recommend it!!!

- Love this game BUT

I really want to replay some levels and you can’t!! Would it be possible to modify the game so you can replay the levels? 🙏🏼

- More lives would be good👌

Great game, actually my favourite, but rather mean with the life refills! Could make them a lot quicker as it makes me go to other games instead.

- Toon blast by Mia rose 😃

It so fun and amazing 😉

- Spammers in chats

Even after reporting the spammers in chats. They can still post. Please do something about it.


Unless you have thousands of pound to spend on buying lives and extra boosts, do not get. It is not a game you can enjoy. You can win one level then it takes 3 days and 50 lives per level. You end up just waiting for the games to finally let you win a level.

- Support

More stars if creators took any time to take reports or complaints about other players seriously.

- I’ve only had this game for a day

Ok so I’ve only had this game for a day and I already obsessed with It I have Roblox and I was Obsessed with it but now I was more obsessed with it . Thanks you for reading , From olivia who is obsessed with this ga,

- Bundles are WAY too expensive!!

I actually love playing this game. I’m in my 40’s. I would play more often, but some levels are hard to pass without some sort of help. And you must wait a long time to generate new lives if you use your 5 and teammates don’t give lives quickly. Why can’t Facebook friends give lives? What’s the point in connecting through Facebook? I would actually buy the bundles if they provided more. The £6.99 bundle should contain hat the £12.99 bundle has, and so forth. Be reasonable, and more math purchased the bundles. Also, please make it possible to win lives/helps a bit more often.

- Good

This is a really good game for all ages. It is really entertaining and fun to do in quarantine. Stay safe everybody

- Awesome

I have only just started and am addicted to it listen to this important message GET IT NOW

- Mandy

Like the game but really annoying the way it becomes harder and harder to get the prizes. Think it is the developer’s way of getting people to spend money on the game. They will lose players with this tactic. Greedy

- Ok

This game is k I gave it 4 stars because it could do with having more intro like what your coins are for otherwise this game is great

- John Clayton

Just so compelling can’t put it down

- Nice concept

Enjoyable game and no ads. On the flip side a lot of the levels seem to be down to luck or chance unless it’s coded that way so often skill doesn’t matter. Like the ten level reward and teams is really good. My only observation is that I am highly skeptic although that the rockets direction is random as when you are below 5 moves the direction almost always seems to go against you.

- Twitch recommendation

I got this game from an amazing streamer and I’m addicted

- Djjdhx

This is amazing I am addicted


This game is a GREAT boredom buster. It’s super satisfying and really enjoyable too! I would totally recommend this app!

- Toon

It’s great

- Best Game Ever Made

Beat game ever, I’m on level 3951 and I have come across many challenges but it’s well worth it because the game is well thought out. Maybe add new colour blocks that might be fun.

- Cheats

Very addictive when it allows you to beat the level but as soon as you pass a few it gets so hard and frustrating. Meant to be fun but isn’t. Game you should be shamed especially during this time

- Amazing

I love toon blast 👍😍☺️💕❤️😀😃😄😁😆

- Level issue!

Excellent game. I was on level 3900 and as of today I’m back on level 1. Why has this reset?

- Incredible game!

This game is so fun! So well made with nice and cheery music! Good job developers! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌👌

- Toon blast

Hi I’m playing the game toon blast and it is awesome

- Good

I am liking this game

- Toon

Very interesting game and i like

- I am addicted

Level 4000 and I keep updating every two weeks. It becomes boring overtime. Playing same challenges over again. Please fix it

- Love the game

I love this game more than any other one It’s ads free And it’s also fun to play 💯

- Slow update

After update to the next version it takes hours for it to reflect... it slows the mojo and vibe of the player.. Try and fix it

- Awesome

I love this game

- L

I love this game،but updating it after every two weeks is stupid

- Awesome


- So nice

This game is spiritual

- Am not happy

Am in level 2954 on my IPhone and I had to change the phone to android and I can't move it to my new phone. Pls it's possible to download another one on my IPad and continue from where I stop on my IPhone? Cos I can't afford to start all over again☹️☹️

- I really love the game 👍👍👍


- Good one

Cool game nice and challenging stages

- Most Captivating Arcade Game ever

I love this game because of its unpredictability. Quite interesting and it helps to keep boredom at bay. Icon say so

- Catching fun

Very interesting and always feel relaxed while playing

- Review

Extremely Amazing

- Sweet Game

I am enjoying the game

- Toon blast

It’s nice, I love the game.

- Addictive game

This is really very sad, am almost in level 2557 and it reset to 22 just like that. Before now I had same experience from 1666 back to 22 again. And today your game broke my heart because that game is my only friend. Am deleting it because you guys are terrible and I will never download any game again till you fill my game back to my level 2557.

- Best game so far

Best game. Good time killer

- Toon blasts

I’m so much in love with this game, God bless the investor 😘😘😘🙏

- Toon blast

I love it It’s very interesting

- Toon

It’s really amazing

- Treasure Rittah

Am addicted to dis game already❣️

- Changed phone

I lost my progression name miss Green not happy about that

- Franklin

Make sense

- Toon Blast

Keeps my spare time booked. Great app 👍🏾

- Nice Game

I really enjoy playing the game. Nice job guyz.

- Toon blast

Best game Ever! Am addicted!!!

- Absolutely amazing

I love it. So Relaxing

- Awesome

Just About My Kinda Game.

- It's awesome

I just love the graphics and all

- Ryan Reynolds brought me here


- Good game

A very good and interesting game

- Nice game

But need to make it more adventurous !

- Zee 1 T

Don’t want to believe I am hooked

- I like the game

It’s a copy of candy crush but better

- Best game

I love this game and it is a very nice game 👍👍😁😍❤️💜🧡💛💚💕💖💓💖

- Surv

Pretty cool

- Good

My best friend because it keeps me at home

- Fantastic

I enjoy every level of d game coming up with new task...Kudos💪🏽💪🏽

- Inspirational

👍 great!!!

- Awesome game

Keeps me busy when I need to relax and enjoy my me time .

- Nice game

Nice game,am addicted to it.

- I so much love it


- Mavdonman


The kids went on live and i missed it because i was playing toon blast 😑😑

@zynga: Zynga enters agreement to acquire Istanbul-based @PeakCom, bringing Toon Blast and Toy Blast to portfolio of Forever Franchises:…

@aikikiyohisa: Toon Blast やっとLv1000到達 無課金でもずっと遊べる良ゲーム

Toon Blast やっとLv1000到達 無課金でもずっと遊べる良ゲーム

TOON BLAST!の見よう見まねで描いたと思わしき美少女イラスト好き。w

Toon Blast 3746 目標 現在のMAXレベル 4101

Sono nenhum vou jogar Toon blast e melhor

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Toon Blast 5180 Screenshots & Images

Toon Blast iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Toon Blast Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Toon Blast (Version 5180) Install & Download

The applications Toon Blast was published in the category Games on 2017-08-15 and was developed by Peak Games [Developer ID: 476160947]. This application file size is 366.62 MB. Toon Blast - Games posted on 2020-06-03 current version is 5180 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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