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From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!

Enter the crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes and create powerful combos to pass levels. Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds!

Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST!


● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes!
● Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles!
● Unlock whacky boosters to blast your way to the next level!
● Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
● Create your own team & compete with others to rule the puzzle world!
● Receive lives from your teammates to keep on playing!
● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet!
● Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!

Toon Blast App Description & Overview

The applications Toon Blast was published in the category Games on 2017-08-15 and was developed by Peak Games. The file size is 266.19 MB. The current version is 3705 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

It's time for a fearless new update!

- PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! Is smoke rising from the oven? Don't worry, the daring firefighters of your neighborhood are on their way to rescue your kitchen! They may be a bit clumsy, but you can't find a braver soul around when it comes to saving dishes!

Be sure to update to the current version of Toon Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!

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Toon Blast Reviews


Addictive  vkl66  5 star

Oh my gosh this game is so much fun and it doesn’t make you buy a lot of extras to play well.


Great Game  wauleatha  5 star

Great Game... I Like the fact that you can join this game and not be involved with Facebook to connect to a team and friend.

jag 2.178

Best Game Ever  jag 2.178  5 star

Very addictive


Toon blast  Slws1974  5 star

Toon blast is really great and I play it a lot in my free time. I even made my own team!! I recommend it to anybody.


Great Game!  Shadowalker64  5 star



Phyl  L.Phyl  5 star

I have enjoyed playing the game at times when I need to relax. And also a plus, is making new friends online around the world.


Frustrating  darksilence&$7899  2 star

It’s a fun game in the begging but later on becomes progressively impossible - boards are bad all the time and then for few minutes it works and than back to never winning a level. You can play same level for days on end with no progress. Very frustrating and no longer fun


Fun fun fun  Reanulfa  5 star

I enjoy very much playing candy crush, excellent!!


Good  Krissy😛  5 star



Toon blast  brace-face-yanna  5 star

I love this game it is the best


Great game  8igdaddy666  5 star

Developers have done well creating

Christy Ryan 2016

It’s okay  Christy Ryan 2016  4 star

If you’re looking for mindless entertainment before bed like me. However; some of the puzzles practically require you to buy boosters and the idea of “lives” and having to wait several minutes for them when you’re mid game is ridiculous. Literally there is no point to it. I might be more inclined to purchase boosters if I know I’ll get to use them and not have to wait several minutes.


Meh. Downloaded for a child, started myself, deleted.  #Sipp  1 star

Fun for a bit for a child, but there isn’t a mode where kids can just play easy levels. Game designed so they maintain control over how much you can play. Wouldn’t recommend.

pegmitchell Mike wife

💕 💗 💕 TOON BLAST 👍 game love it!!!!!  pegmitchell Mike wife  5 star

Bet EVER ❤️ IT

natalie hannah ramsey

Ratings  natalie hannah ramsey  5 star

This game is a awesome way to get your mind off of things

adadada!! snake

Bad game  adadada!! snake  2 star

Do not get!!!!!!! Awful and wayyyyyy impossible!!!! 😕 Don’t think about it! Santa is watching you! 🎅🏼🎅🏼

Sals momma

Toon blast  Sals momma  5 star

I enjoy the challenge.


One Reason  KlubKlub  5 star

The only reason I’m addicted to Toon Blast is because Ryan Renolds did an AD for it.


It’s an Awesome game  ItzKelly  5 star

It’s a very nice trust me,I don’t generally write reviews but I decided I have to for this game


Really good game but...  joel2:25  2 star

It’s a really fun game! The problem is some levels are impossible without more turns and you end up having to pay! The value you get for the money is just not comparable to other games. So it ends up being more frustrating than fun! Just a cash grab!!


My thoughts  reviewer3463  3 star

This game has a lot of interesting features and fun physics. But the one problem with this system is that is it entirely based on luck. Sometimes the levels are plain impossible with some block Combinations at the start. I’ve been stuck on level 80 for 4-5 days relying more on hearts on my team for grinding. Never will I ever spend money on games like these. They are pure wastes. Well back on topic, Well yeah. Another problem are the rockets random direction. They are clunky and annoying. They never seem to go in my favor. I don’t know how you can fix this problem but maybe make it a pattern or such? It would definitely make it more favorable and strategic. Thanks for the game.

jak gre

That’s the way like  jak gre  4 star

I really like this game but I don’t like that you have to wait after you lose a couple of times

its kinda laggy

Amazing :D  its kinda laggy  5 star


Al richie

Annoying advertising  Al richie  1 star

Never played the game. Their advertising is very annoying. I am using another app when it brings me to the App Store to download this


No title  annamariem8  4 star

Well your game is fine just please make like five more moves cause they go away quiet fast, but the game my god it’s the best!


Toon blast  cliig  5 star

I love toon blast because it reminds me of candy crush and I love candy crush

Sketchy tekkers

Ryan Reynolds is responsible  Sketchy tekkers  4 star

Good app for passing time and a great ad to sell it.


Reset gameplay  mdoean  3 star

I’ve been stuck at level 250 for weeks now, I can’t get it and I’ve been playing everyday. I tried to reset my progress and start again from the beginning but it turns out you can’t do that. It’s annoying that the blocks are completely random because it makes it impossible to complete some levels. Let me reset please! Or make it possible!

Poncie 1962

Toon Blast  Poncie 1962  5 star

Great game but is a bit expensive to play.


Toon blast  queen_kaykay500  5 star

I can’t stop playing i said alright one level turns out I am on level 11

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