Toon Blast

Toon Blast [Games] App Description & Overview


From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!

Enter the crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes and create powerful combos to pass levels. Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds!

Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST!


● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes!
● Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles!
● Unlock whacky boosters to blast your way to the next level!
● Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
● Create your own team & compete with others to rule the puzzle world!
● Receive lives from your teammates to keep on playing!
● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet!
● Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!

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Toon Blast Customer Service, Editor Notes:

It's time for an ancient new update! - PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! Once upon a time in Toonpolis, three curious friends used to gather in the city forum to take the first steps of literature, art and science. Rumor has it that even traveling in time was discovered by means of these sessions, while leaving no evidence about how to do it. Be sure to update to the current version of Toon Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!

Toon Blast Comments & Reviews

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- Never download this game.

I know this game knows I’m black this game is so racist . I keep trying to win one level but it just doesn’t want me to win. I thought if I used my superpowers that would help but it’s like they added something like an extra bubble to get me mad. One day I threw my phone cause I lost .... that’s sad never download this game it’s very disappointing.

- Too many ads

Very annoying ads, too many flashing banners and idiotic messages

- Full of dog crap

You all are so full of dog crap for the way you guys cheat on this game. Complete crap.

- Review

Excellent gae

- Need help

My sister got kicked from our team without being kicked by any of the leaders which are my brother and myself. I am hoping someone can give me a some help to get her on the team!!

- Lots of fun!

This game is good for short breaks but not for when you just want to lay back and relax for an hour. The fact that you have to wait every 30 minutes for new lives is really annoying (but I guess it’s one of the ways they make money because you can pay to get more). That being said, it is a really fun game. I just don’t appreciate some of the ways it works is all.

- Ads free game 🙌🏽

This game is addictive. I like it. But what I really love about this game is there are no ads. I don’t have to watch ads to get coins or extra moves. Now after playing until certain lvl, I am getting the feeling that in order to lvl up in the game I need to use my coins or my own money to buy boosters and what not! I am noticing how goals of certain lvl doesn’t correspond with the moves I get in that lvl. That’s just my observations. It will be nice to have proper moves for all lvl instead of making players use their coins and money.

- Favorite game of all time

Anxiety releasing. Way better than candy crush. So fun! Thank god for Toon Blast during the COVID pandemic.


Game cheats and they only want your money. The developer is equivalent to a slum lord and only care about the cash they can line their wallets with. Player beware.

- Toon Blast

I Love I love this game

- Toon Blast creators

Your fgamr is super addictive

- Cannot connect to the internet

I can’t connect to the internet, and I’m in a tournament with my team mates...anyone else with this problem 😡

- Toon Blast

This game is so fun and I love it so much'

- Soooo addicting

Read please: There are so many features to this awesome app! Teams, chests, rankings, no ads, coins can buy you more moves. I am on an awesome team who’s one of top in the state! Some downsides is there are purchases and it gets very annoying. When you need more moves and are out of coins... yeah. 😂 Lives also do run out so be prepared. BUT you can ask for lives from your team and if you have a good team they’ll help you! Some levels do take time and trigger anxiety and anger. But overall it’s a good game that’s super addicting! Keep playing, A friend.

- Best game ever!!

I’ve had this app since it first came out and I have to say that it’s literally the funnest game to play any time of the day! Even when I’m really sad or depressed and have nothing else to live for, this game just grounds me back to reality and keeps me alive! I love this game and recommend it to anyone who is smart enough to write their own name! Keep on keeping on people! #ronatilltheend

- Perfect

I love this game so much and sometimes you got to be patient,

- Game Cheats!!

The game encourages competition by pitting you against other teams for prizes. So there we are, in a tournament - neck and neck with the first place team - actively checking to see how close we’re getting after each winning round - and then ALL OF A SUDDEN THE WINNING TEAM JUMPS OVER 100 POINTS!! What does that tell you? It tells me that they rig the game to make you continue to play and buy more to try and win...SUCH A SCAMMING DISAPPOINTMENT - BEWARE!!

- Jueguito bonito

Muy entretenido

- Well done

Thank you

- Lost progress, starting all over

When connecting to facebook it should remain on the same level not be brought back to level one

- Best game ever

So Fun

- It’s only fun at first

It’s fun, but as you make it to the champion rounds, it gets impossible to win without spending $. Don’t get too hooked and delete when it’s not worth it anymore. There are lots of games out there like this one.

- Toon blast


- Worst game Ever

This game is such a sham. Almost every level is set up for failure so that you are forced to spend real money to get coins to continue. Every time you need a rocket to go one way it goes the opposite. Deleted this piece of junk after spending 2 day’s on a level and they never gave me a realistic chance of beating it. 1 Star don’t play this terrible lot flawed piece of junk.

- Toon blast fun

Toon blast fun I love this game it is easy and fun it dose not cost any money but on harder levels you can get stuck that is one of the downsides but in conclusion this game rocks

- Cool

This game is a fun cool game which has brought me and my mom a tad “closer” thanks.

- Good to start

This game is fun to start but then you cannot pass levels without paying real money. Another example of money hungry developers! DELETED!!!!!

- Debi

I don’t like that you only get 5 lives then you have to wait hours before you can play again. Otherwise I love this game.

- Fix this game

It was a fun game now it’s cheating you from winning boards. How do a bomb and a rocket turn into a disco ball and a rocket when you put them together so you won’t be able to destroy more.

- Fun game! But...

This game is a great way to kill time and it’s nice that the developers keep adding new challenges as they update the levels. (Also no ads- thanks, thanks, THANK YOU) A lot of people call it a pay-for-play game but I pride myself on having never payed for bonuses in a game (sorry to game creaters lol) so I can tell u it’s possible to get to the championship league without buying your way to the top. My only complaint: the current team system. Don’t get me wrong I love my team, but a lot of our original members haven’t played for months, or possibly years so I’d like to ask the developers to set a time limit for team participation! I used to play fishdom & I got removed from my team after I hadn’t played for a a couple months :) I was fine with this and I’m sure my old team was happy about gaining more dedicated players!

- To cathcart5

You sound like a bama fan that graduated whilst “huggin” a tree. Good job. “BONG”

- Yes

I beat everyone in this beautiful toon blast I beat parents and kids

- Would be fun if it wasn’t designed to only make money

The Algorithm is design to assist you only after you’ve used a designated Number of lives, pressuring you to spend money, And unlike other games when you pay for things like unlimited lives, you only have to pay for it once. You can spend $99 for the premium option, but after 24 hours you are back to where you were, and you’d have to spend another $99, again only design to make money

- Toon blast

I ment 5 stars it if great

- Duke Snow

I like this game for the sole point that ALL the others I downloaded kept making me watch ads for other games every level. You can play for a while before the game does not have enough moves to complete a level. Then I guess your supposed to pay but that feels like cheating so it would be nice if they left enough moves to complete a level. Still I got a few weeks before giving advertisers at all!!


Great for the mind since we ALL HAVE TO STAY HOME B/ C of this virus!! Enjoy the game it is a challenge!!

- Best


- Best challenging game!

This game is helping me get through the Covid-19. Stress free game💕

- Fix your spam.

Your get more stars once Lily13 quits spamming our Team with 20 or more crap messages daily. Our team reports them, then they reappear sometimes double what we report.

- This game is AWESOME!!

I enjoy this game a lot. The only thing I would suggest, is a little more coins won when we get to open up a chess. I would say at least 50 coins minimum since we do have to go through 10 levels to get to the chess. And one of those levels we get stuck on. Sometimes two. Then the reward would be worth all the effort and time that we put into the game. But other than that, it’s a great game and would DEFINATELY recommend it and have already. Thank you.

- Fun game

Enjoyable fun game

- Peace and love

Love this game. It would be super cool if you guys gave out some more free lives during this pretty crappy time (coronavirus 😡) peace and love y’all. Stay safe✌🏼❤️

- Love this game

My fav i love this no lie my kids learn too that help with colors and shapes

- Fun but....

I really like this Game. The one problem that I'm having is that when you select the crystal ball n a color, all the color are not activated and they should. Please correct that!!!!

- Toon blast the best

Love this game!! Helps to challenge my mind

- New gamer

It’s a great game. Really keeps me on edge.

- Not much skill

Not much skill involved, computer on your side controls game!

- Toonblast

I LOVE ToonBlast I play it for hours! Even when I’m driving the school bus on bus G in Somers NY! I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addicted to it even as much as having drunk sex with my father and sucking on his penis!🍆🍑🍩P.S his warm balls felt sexy in my Vigina!🥜🍩🤤

- Review

I love the team aspect. It’s my favorite part. I like giving to my team and wish I could give to more people at a time. I also like the team rewards. Please don’t reduce those. I miss the time when the treasurer chests had more significant prizes. I don’t buy enhancers so sometimes now I get stuck on a level and will go play other games. Overall it is very fun and I keep coming back.

- I didn’t want this

Get this out of my ads and never download urself onto my phone again.

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- Best game ever

This is my favourite game is only game I really enjoy the play please me more Everett runs out

- Why this game is awesome


- wack game

this is game f'ed up, did not get my 50 coins on the stage game i was placed #3 and there was no claim or redeem botton.

- Same as all the others!!!


- It’s fun in the beginning

It’s fun in the beginning but then it gets ridiculously hard. Hard is ok but when it gets too hard no longer fun. Also, you can’t reset. It you could reset, then it would be fun again. I use games to relax and have fun not get frustrated. I won’t download again.

- Amazing

You should really try it. It is so amazing

- Fun

Well done

- Unfair reward distribution

Very fun game to play. Only one downside: All rewards are distributed equally amongst team members regardless of the effort they put to earn the prize. Some members do not earn any stars towards the prize but they get the equal share as those played hard. Suggestions: distribute prizes based on how many stars each player earned towards it.

- A Ton of Fun

The best game I've found in a long time !!!

- I dare you to download this app😉

In this game you can have a team that is very supportive. There are some easy levels and some hard ones but in the end it is very fun!

- Difficulté

Trop difficile d’obtenir des récompenses

- Sterling

No glitches!!!

- Love this

It’s so easy and fun you should get this game. It’s amazingly FUN!

- Watatatoooww

Gee guys! this is the most perfect game I play in my hole life!!! It is not to easy, fun to play, satisfying and more! I am way to much on my phone and this game help me to take a break from games and screens!

- Cheats

Used to begin to play but with the cheats out there it’s not fun anymore. Impossible to compete the fair way.

- Standards

This game has so many issue that can’t be resolved I don’t recommend it.

- It’s okay

The game won’t let you win some levels, ridiculous! You get stuck for weeks! Level 1918 is not winable!

- Great

We will have it

- New levels are ridiculous

You’ve made level 3450 nearly impossible to pass. I’ve spent days on this level, as have many of my teammates. I’ve reached championship level several times but refuse to spend actual money to pass this level. More moves are needed to pass this level. Or better algorithms. I had a disco and an arrow that produced ONE ARROW.

- Very good it’s fun

Very good it’s fun

- Basket case

Great game! Lots of fun!

- Fun to play

Quite enjoying this no thinking game

- Highly addictive

Love the game

- Great Game

Great game. Lots of fun for myself and son to play.

- Problème!

We have a problem with Lilly13 she come on our chat and leave a lot of messages that it can bring problems. Can you help me?

- The only game for me

I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years now! I love it! You get to be in a team and can get competitive

- Still Awesome !!!

Toon blast has been the longest game I’ve played, with good reason. It makes me happy !!! Thanks, it is special 😁👍

- Here

Great game to play

- J adore ce jeux


- Crap!

Game that wants you to spend money but can’t enjoy for the fun of it. If you don’t spend, they drag you on!

- Toon bast

I luv toons they have perfect pooping levels I would poop on u if u didn’t know toon bast I poop on the toilet with toon bast I luv toons so get it or I’ll find u toon bast toon bast

- ToonBlast

Sooo much fine. Nice easy time-passer

- Would give this a zero if I could.

I am having issues with this game,I’ve contacted support and they are giving me the run around. Saying it’s my internet nothing about the game. It has nothing to do with my internet connection, I’m not logged into the game at the same time. On one device saying I’m on level 76 and on my other device ,it’s saying I’m on level 10. No one from support wants to help keep giving me the run around.

- Rigged

Like most games in here it’s rigged so that there’s NO WAY to pass higher levels unless you spend money. Deleted.

- The Adventure Of Alex Blasts

Alex And Amber Raven

- Toon Blast.

This game is so much fun for all ages! My grandchildren play this game with me and they’re 21 months and 12 years old and I’m 55! How awesome!!!

- Could spend hours playing

This game is a great stress reliever

- Groups

Groups should be able to kick out non-player

- Kayden

Like the game a lot😀

- Keeps shutting off now

I just updated it, and now I cant open the game at all

- Toon Blast

Toon blast is very good game and it is really challenging

- Toon Blast

Fulfilling and addictive game!

- Awesome


- Good game

It’s a god game, I just got it and I’m already addicted to it!

- Too bad...

After a while the game is just too hard... too bad, it was so fun and well made...

- Thank you for this games

The only app I use is all of the games

- Best game EVER

loads of fun

- Addictive

My husband and I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s frustrating, but challenges you in so many ways. Highly recommend this game!!!

- Love

I think this game is the best game ever I love it so much it calms me down

- It’s nice

It’s nice

- Good Game

To train your brain n learn how to be patient. Love it♥️ plus meeting people on line from all over the world

- Way too long of a tutorial

This game is either designed for children or idiots. It’s not rocket science. There’s no reason to have a 15 minute tutorial that you can’t skip.

- Addictive fun

Great mind challenging fun. Love it!

- Toon Blast

This game is very frustrating. You can only get so far , you need to be able to buy coins, hammers, anvils and gloves to win. It will only let you get so far without purchasing from the store .

- What’s going on

After the recent update I have not been able to get into the game? What’s going on?

- Don’t.

The worst algorithms of any game I think I have ever played. It practically forces you into buying extra things to get through levels. If you don’t, you’ll be subjected to unfair game after unfair game, with no possible way of reaching more levels. If I could give it zero stars I would.

- Flaw in team challenges

I guess there is a logical flaw in team challenges and the way rewards get distributed amongst team members. There should be some minimum star contribution for the members to be eligible to collect the team rewards. Currently there are plenty leeches sitting there idle watching others bu$$ting their a$ses to win a challenge so that they could simply collect their free coins. Not fair. That’s all I am saying

- More stars

Wish that you always got 3 stars if you finish a level. I have smashed a level with 7 remaining plays and gotten 1 star. I’m still addicted and at Champion level 😍😍

- Cash grab

Another game with levels that take days if not weeks to beat always pushing to buy in game currency


Fantastic 👌😊

- Addictive Fun

I’m on level 3747 and have never spent any money. I play out my five lives then come back later. I have been playing like that for almost two years. I squirrel away 10-12 lives to use for hard puzzles or events. I enter the game every day to get my daily collection of boosts which I also save for hard puzzles or event. The puzzles are fun and sometimes challenging. People who think they must pay to play are impatient. There is nothing wrong with doing something else while your lives refresh. Go for a walk. Make dinner.

- Toon blast

Love this game keeps my brain working

- Toon blast

Toon blast is fun and cool 😎 you would love 💓 it so play now

- Great game

I absolutely love this game and been playing it for years

- Love it

I have just started and I am addicted. I love the new levels and the fact you can join teams. I wish the lives would revive faster because I am dying to start a new level every time they run out. I love this game and recommend it.

- Not counting stars for tournament

App not keeping up to date and counting my collected with my stars for the star tournament.

- Just play ... no ads

First game in a long time where you can just play and not be interrupted every game by silly ads or watching videos. Love it

- Not so bad

The game itself isn’t so bad, always some exciting features on various levels. My only negative would be the number of times the game updates, yes that’s what keeps it interesting but for us who don’t live in a country that has great Internet speeds with limitless data and we’re paying through the nose for our internet service it’s not so great.

- So good

Funny name but one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played

- Love you Toon blast

I really love this game and I hope you do a s second one

- My opinion

Hi there I have to tell you about this amazing game you should totally get this game. From Tahlia

- 👍

It’s ok 👍

- Not a cent spent

I’m at level 2450 and have never spent a cent on extra lives or coins. I play on my own and sometimes it’s days between a win but I only play for half an hour over a 24 hour period. It’s the best game I’ve had on my phone

- Addictive 👍👍

Great enjoyable game when u got free time

- The worst example of money grabbing I’ve ever seen

The game algorithms are focused on making you spend money not on giving you an enjoyable experience Played it for as Long as I could put up with it but eventually its stops being fun because you know you’re getting sucked in I’ll never download any of their games again

- Judy


- Loads of fun

This game is the best. Fun for all ages. Very addictive too but great how the lives are only replenished after a timer ticks down. I would recommend this to game anyone.

- Toon Blast

I love your game but how can you update to new games

- Game is not loading after the latest update

Game is not loading after the latest update today. Kindly check the issue

- Toon blast

My son loves this game yes I bought coin’s for him but it’s getting to expensive. In my words don’t let your kids play this game because yes they will get a bonus when they reach a level but really 10 coins it’s not worth it I’ve spent over 2 hundred dollars on my child to play this game and when he completes a level only 10 coins or 25 what a rip off. I’m going to let him play a little way longer if they don’t change it I’m going to delete this game. Sorry this is just my opinion

- Best and longest game ive played

Some people say that this game forces you to play using money. However, I disagree because I have been playing this game for over 2 years and I have never used any money to play. It is enjoyable and I am at the maximum level (level 3650) and I just keep updating every 2 weeks to get the new 50 levels.

- Bank transfer

Be careful of buying coins - the app freezes & crashes after purchase meaning you get charged from your bank account without receiving purchased coins 😳

- Challenging at times

I enjoy the game it’s challenging at times

- A fun little game

I use it to have a bit of fun while waiting for doctors or events.

- Don’t Listen To The Reviews!!

This game is perfectly fine, there are no problems with it and you may see a lot of people say stuff about the lives but they are fine because you hardly lose them and if you do you can just collect some from chest and use them for more lives so you don’t even need to worry. And coins aren’t that big of a problem other then you can buy all your lives back with coins which I think is amazing 10/10 game!!

- Amazing game

This game has been one of my favorite game ever. So addictive for new challenges everyday. Thank you developers for making such a nice app

- Game too hard at top levels

I am currently on level 1845 so I’ve a loyal player. However, the levels are FAR TOO HARD and impossible to achieve without paying actual money. You are loosing customers!! I’ve read the reviews - think about if.

- Omg I was literally playing this all day!


- Average

Was a good game to start with but gets harder to get thru the levels & you spend a lot of time stuck... unless you spend $$$ of course... Takes ages to wait for lives & you have to wait 4 hrs to ask for lives... l guess that’s how they make their money by making it so hard.

- Toon blast

You are the best

- Good fun and concentration


- 😃

Love this game It’s a bit addictive though

- Increase rewards

Completely addicted would be nice if either there where bonus levels or higher rewards for milestone levels

- Addictive

This game is addictive , a good time waster ! I haven’t bought and thing yet and I’m not about to ! The programmers want you to spend your hard earned cash buying power ups but I’ve just perspired with it I’m up to level 338 I’ve said to myself many times give in and delete it . Unless you have the help of your team mates for lives I would of quit long ago .. you can be lucky and pass levels easy of it may take 20 lives !! It’s a real mind game try and pick the right color squares to remove overall game is ok

- Amazing!

The best game ever! My team is super helpful and even the hardest levels don't take more than a day or two. I've beat all levels and I'm in the champion league, without spending a single cent. It is not at all a pay-to-play game.

- Cmon good game need more lives

Need more lives and coins for free..been playing for so long...need to give out freebees

- No real money spent

There is no premium or subscription for this app so everyone has the same amount of fun!

- Nothing like the ad!

Installed this because of ad in another game. Not what was advertised.

- Wow


- Addictive!

Love this game but need more powers like free time without losing a life

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- Toon blast

This is a very relaxing game

- Terrible

This game cheated me. It froze and made me lose the level. Terrible

- Amazing support!

The game glitched when I tried logging into my old FB account and support was so responsive. I’m back to my old level. The game is so much fun if you play on the right team. And no you don’t have to spend money. Just find a good team to join that’s competitive (if you want to play a lot) or that’s more mellow (if you don’t want to play as much). One of few things keeping my household sane during these COVID 19 times.

- Great game

This game is awesome and addictive. Love it and play it every day. The TEAM concept is amazing, especially if you have a good strong team. To the toon blast folks - there is a major bug however that needs to be resolved. Here is the situation: 1. I am out of lives 2. I request lives from the team 3. I get TWO lives 4. I accept BOTH and now I have 2 lives to play with 5. I play ONE round 6. After that round is over, it tells me I have ZERO lives when I should have one left This has happened to me multiple times. Would really like a fix for this and also possibly a credit or some lives!!!

- Crashing since last update

Can’t play because it crashes. Doesn’t stay open long enough to chat with team to tell them why I’m MIA. Agree with others about making things easier during COVID. This small piece of joy and distraction would be a kind gesture.

- Shameful

So the model of “free to play” games being rigged a bit to encourage payments isn’t new or unique. That’s the nature of these games. What is troubling is the recent update. Seems a bit odd that the level difficulties have significantly increased after social distancing was introduced. I’m gonna go ahead and guess this isn’t a coincidence.

- I am chaseelliotte24 and I like memes

Sheep review toon blast is meme Bruno bear


I love this game not to many adds or anything I have a great team to help balance and get lives and all so I am a young child so just to let you know it is for kids because there is nothing wrong with it that kids should not see I love this game thank you for who ever made this game is the best because it is so much fun fo me and my family I hope you guys who do not have it get it and love it as much as I do

- Give us free lives during covid19

Give us free lives during covid19

- It’s so stupid, but I love it

I just keep on playing it, and I always can because they keep adding new levels. It’s just a fiddly thing to do, to keep my fingers busy, but it works. And yes, there’s the option to pay real money, but if you’re clever you’ll never run out of fake game resources (and you do have to use those sometimes, there are levels that are functionally impossible without them)

- Period me

Love it

- So much fun

Absolutely hands down the best game on the planet!!!!

- Absolutely wonderful, just a suggestion

This game is a beautifully crafted masterpiece. The developers have spend great time on it and continue to do so every two weeks. The background artwork is so unique and characteristic to Toon Blast. With that said, after beating all of the levels and making it into the championship league, I find myself missing the quirky colors of each background as it is replaced with a trophy. I think it would be cool if we, the players, could choose from all of the artworks and select one to be our background option as we play the championship levels. This way we have a fun background, and the designers can have their artwork displayed more! Thanks for your time. Can’t wait for new levels!

- Double charged on bundles 3 times!

I love the game but three times when I chose to buy a bundle I was charged for two. I can’t find anyway to get a refund! Don’t buy bundles!

- Awesome game!

I’ve been playing it for more than 2 years and yes, at the beginning the game was very difficult (still is) but since I joined a team I’m able to ask for lives and is allowing me to play longer periods of time. If you’re smart about it, you will never have to buy anything from their store. Join a team and help other teammates.

- Hours of Fun!

Toon Blast is my favorite game! Fun tournaments. Love the new levels.

- Why

Why do we have to wait after you stop me in the champion league and not have the levels ready and I can’t do anything the clock on the rewards team tournament ,star tournament ect. Keep counting down leaving my team at risk of making the challenge or me falling way behind in star tournament that’s not right or fair to us the people you have playing your product

- Good Game

I see people saying it’s a pay to play game. I completely disagree, the games solid it doesn’t cheat yes it gets frustrating but it’s a strategy game what less would you expect. My only wish was they came out with levels weekly.

- People who complain just aren’t good at the game

At time of review: I’ve beat up to level 3800. It’s a basic game. Match colors, meet the objectives. I’ve beat the game to the max and every two weeks there are 50 new levels and I beat those too and go onto the tournament. The only thing deducting a star for me: 1) It allows you choose to use one life instead of going back and forth. Which is convenient. But I feel like it should also let you know the amount of times you have extra inbox lives. 2) Hitting the “play on” and “refill” is way way way too easy to mistakenly do. And it’s quite frustrating when I waste my last 100 coins on something like that. 3) When my team beats the team tournaments, I feel like we should each get more coins. I feel like the prizes aren’t large enough. 4) Price of coins is a bit too much. There should be better sales. But there’s never a sale going on.

- Buy to win

The only way you can win this game is to buy boosters. Very frustrating. I also play Toy Blast by Peak games as well but its definitely a more fair game. I’ve considered deleting Toon Blast because it’s so unfair. I hope Peak games will remedy this. They don’t give you enough moves to complete the challenge.

- A.I. cheats

Game is overly rigged and spam is not controlled.

- Should be able to block bots

You definitely have to purchase coins to win most of the levels.. Also, there should be a way to block the users who spam the team chats with ‘free coin’ ads. Super annoying.

- Can’t go further without purchasing extras

I’ve played 1500 levels + of this game and there are definitely stages that it’s impossible to get past them without purchasing items. Even if you have the bombs or disco balls already to aid you in a level, there is usually a level every 30 or so that you are stuck on for days and days. Unless you purchase coins or extras then you “somehow” are able to beat it. Just not fun anymore and not worth it. Deleting and won’t be playing anymore.

- Too bad

Fun game, spent a lot of money on packages but was charged $54.11 for a package that said $49.99 and then never received the package. After immediately contacting the support, I was told it was being sent up. Still no resolution or response- terrible customer service. I have spent about $1000 on this game buying packages and they have basically ignored me. Now I am taking it to my CC company. Too many other fun games to play.

- Been a lot of fun BUT

I've been playing this game for WELL over 1 year its been fun but now it's very difficult to continue to play. It's sad I've really enjoyed playing but They make it so difficult and it's clearly rigged the more you play. Please use caution even after you pay for items, they clearly make you lose so you will BUY BUY BUY !!!

- Review

This game is so fun and it’s better than candy crush or jewel game and TOYBLAST!!!!!!!!!!!

- Toon blast

In the beginning it teaches you how to play and it helps younger kids match colors it is appropriate for all ages.

- I love this app 😍😍🥳🥳🤩🤩😎😎😜😜😝😝😛😛😋

Ok this is the best game ever and the best free game I’ve ever played in my life haha 😆 covid 19😷👎🏻

- Can’t make purchases

This game is fun, but no power on earth will allow you to make a purchase to buy coins. I’ve called Apple, my bank, no luck. Keeps saying no purchase made. The developer of this app has been non-responsive in getting through error fixed and only give a generic tip guide for fixing issues. Worthless. Find a different game to spend money on.

- Toon blast

I am exited to play this game because I have downloaded so many games that the adds are not the same as the game and I do not think that is the case here do I will give this game 4 stars

- bug

Love the game. I'm 3000 levels in and I may have just discovered a bug. Had a disco ball with rockets with all bubbles left on the board. Noticed that as the rockets went off, a rocket went through a bubble because a cube was not in the bubble. A cube had not fallen to replace that space yet. Shouldn't this bubble be destroyed anyway? Or before the rocket goes off, a cube should be there?

- Sync update needed

I’ve written their admin about syncing issues but they continue to send out blanket messages not pertaining to my actual concern. The daily bonus challenge ,such as 200 rockets or 5 bullseye needed for the bonus 100 coins, only applies to the FIRST device you open the game on. If you close out the app and open the game, even hours later on another device, you are not given the chance to finish the bonus on the 2nd device. The troubleshooting suggestions such as “make sure you have a good WiFi connection” doesn’t help anything because I take timed college exams on the same connection, so I know it’s nothing to do with any other “blame” they try to suggest except the developers need to FIX the issue instead of blaming others.

- Best game ever

Love this game

- Toon blast

Most entertainment I’ve ever gotten from a game it’s called TOON BLAST🤩.

- Froggy Doggy

This game is fun but it is set-up for player failure in an attempt to have players purchase lives and boosters to win tournaments and boosters, often I play the same level 10 times plus to clear, winners are payers, currently playing at level 2300 plus

- Restart progress

It’s silly that you can’t restart your progress. It takes them so long to develop new levels, you end up playing the same levels over and over. I should be able to restart if I want to.

- Happy

Enjoyable game some levels are really challenging

- Fun

It is fun AnnslkhyavQsxuk eukaryote xyfeowKUcxyfofwiu

- So much fun!

So much fun

- I don’t like this game.

You are forcing a game on me the I don’t enjoy playing. Take me back to solitaire.

- Options

Would like to be able to change colors

- Fun time

Lots a fun

- You are the best


- Buggy now

The most recent update has made it buggy. Losing progress on levels and shutting down.

- Game

It is fun!

- Ari

Fun, Addictive.

- Toon game

It’s basic fun and AWSOME

- Excellent

Este juego e Seste juego es excelente

- F/U!!

I would just like to say SCREW YOU TUNE BLAST ! I’ve been playing this game long enough to know that the robot in this game knows how to manipulate !I’m a single mother of three kids and apparently I can’t have fun with this app UNLESS I SPEND MONEY! Unless I’m manipulated! Like seriously think of another way to spend someone’s hard earned money! You make it seem like you almost won..and then .OH MY GOD .. if only I had one more try to hit a frigging buttton to make me pass a level ! SHAME ON YOU TUME BLAST! Don’t think I don’t know that the robot in this game makes us so close to winning ! I’ve spent actual MONEY! For some unknown reason !! Why can’t you just have a game where it lets you play more than five games at a time without having to spend hard earned money !! IS’NT LIFE HARD ENOUGH DUDE!!? Why can’t this just be an enjoyable app! I swear I see it ! It’s like you ALMOST make us win and then some manipulating robot makes us so close to win so close to make us spend money ! ARE YOU IN COHORTS WITH THE GOVERNMENT??!! shame on you! Ughhhhh

- My Favorite Game, I’m Inlove With Toon Blast

I really don’t play games but toon blast is something else i mean Best game ever, I love this game I’m obsessed, I literally can’t stop play this game , I would spend my money just to buy boosters and coins to play that’s how serious I’m about this game.

- Addictive

I have been playing this game for over one year and am still addicted. Great way to turn off my brain and focus on something fun and simple!

- Do


- Love the game

I really like the game, but they are making it harder and harder to pass levels, which is becoming almost impossible, loosen up guys, passing level is fun

- 😞

Not enough moves, you give us 44 moves, but you expect us to be able tp clear out 250 blocks, do the math y’all, that’s impossible to do with such a small amount of lives, gives a 100 moves if you expect such numbers to won.

- Better watch out

I hate tis game, too addictive !!!

- Toon blast

It is a great game that I have tole all of my l friends about love the game from t

- Great game

UPDATE. I changed my rating to 4 stars because it doesn’t confirm if you want to continue play. I find it very frustrating when I inadvertently hit the continue to play instead of X’Ing out. Very addicting and it is a lot of fun.

- 😒

was fun. should change it to whenever you have no lives, that you don’t have to wait 30 minutes for one. should make it like 30 minutes for all the five lives, or add more lives than just five🤷🏻‍♀️

- iamwendyiam

CASH GRAB!!! Was fun at first but without bombs and rockets you cannot proceed unless you spend money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FOLKS

- Good Game!

The tournament idea is cool and keeps people playing. Thanks A Lot!

- I’m pretty scared 😰😥😓

I love the game but I am scared of the people who we text I don’t know them 🤫😰😰😧

- Amazing game!!!

Amazing game!!! Thank you!!

- Toon Blast

Toon Blast can be really fun but it can also be very frustrating. The tournaments can be very stressful as you are expected to contribute to the team but the game keeps you stuck trying to get you to spend money. Not everyone has money to spend on a game. Also it would be much better if the combination of bombs and arrows would build in strength according to the number in the cluster.

- Fun

The game is fun.

- Way too addictive

Love it. Been playing for over a year and never get tired of it

- Tôt Blast

Jeu amusant

- Love this game!

I enjoy this game and absolutely addicted, but it looses a star for not being able to go back and replay levels to possibly achieve a perfect 3 star. Wish they would allow you to go back and redo levels. Overall still fun and love it!

- Fun game

Keeps you thinking of every move

- Toon Blast

Great game! Very addicting!

- Sort of

Your only getting 5 life’s so you can’t play long

- Impossible levels lately

The levels have become impossible unless you spend lots of money on lives and boosters. No fun after spending too much $$$$. Give us more boosters and levels we can win!!!!

- I’m really addicted

This is a super fun app. The best part about it is there are absolutely NO ads! That’s my pet peeve lol. But there are some hard levels but other that it’s a five for me

- It is fine

I am happy that the ads for it are playable

- Toon blast

This provider looks like they want your money only they don’t let you complete a level without spending money or tools it was my best joy to play this game before I got stuck I spend or no pass. Thank you Apple to give us the right to complain on a game.

- Itz REALLY Schpeenky

And itz good for the bad days of a loss of control

- Toon blast

Grand kids love it.

- Time

This app is excellent for passing time. I like how you can play on a team and get good treasures if you get enough stars. I find I can play it when I have just a few minutes here and there.

- Boosters are inadequate!

A person works so hard to pass 10 levels just to get lame boosters. It’s a fun and challenging game but the rewards are completely lacking!

- Annoying

Impossible levels that can take literal days to get through make this game infuriating. The disco ball power up needs to be changed or fixed. I can’t even count how many times that the disco ball power up has screwed me out of a win simply because it put a bomb one block away from a bubble or a shell or a balloon or a cement block with a bomb inside. It is infuriating to have the game go against you and I know they programmed it that way so you buy stuff.

- Tiresome and unrewarding

More often than not, you get stuck on a certain game and it’s discouraging. That’s when I don’t play for several days or even weeks. It would be nice if you could address this issue.

- SCAM beware!

This game will charge hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to your Apple payment method and neither Apple or the game will refund you! I was swindled out of over $1500! STAY AWAY. I bet they won’t even let this be posted. Major scam. Beware.

- Good game

It’s a good game, but it doesn’t show which of my teammates are online to talk to while I play the game, which I hope the company who makes the game can put into place so that I know who is online to chat with.

- Teddy l@science

C’est très amusant ce jeu

- Amazing

Toon blast is a amazing game. I love the game so much!!! I gave the game a 5 star rating because I play it a lot now

- Awesome fun

Love this game

- Horrible game

This game doesn’t let you replay levels which is stupid, you should be able to. Please make it so we can replay levels, I’m uninstalling it until you can.

- Best game

Love playing this game. Challenges you every time you play.

- Good game but

Love the game but hate how long you have to wait for lives. 5 minute reset would be much better! Have that on other games and prefer it! Some levels are ridiculous to pass

- Fun!!

I like this kind of mindless game. And realize that had you just done this move, you would have beat the level and go hey this isn’t mindless. What a great game!

- Oops

Wouldn’t it be nice if you showed your customer the board before you say 100 coins to play on. It is a strategy game. Let us make an informed decision. Can we make it in 5 moves? Good game. Less aggressive towards monetary gain then your competition. Loosen up some more and earn more respect. It is a virtual board game and we need to see the board.

- Fun game

I’ve played for hours and one can play for free and still get ahead.

- Toon Blast

I love this game. I have been playing it for a few years now and I am still addicted to it

- This is a fun game

This game is easy for me to play but it takes so long to download but anyway thank you

- Good, mindless fun but manipulative, “cash grabbing” algorithms

Fun & easy game when you have time to kill, but their algorithms quite obviously push you to purchasing items... Such as: • Boosters; apparently you can only max out at 99 for each, despite continuing to win challenges • Extra lives; I’ve read that you can only have either 5 or 10 (not sure which) stored lives, which doesn’t make any sense. I’m not entirely sure why it’s even an option to win them in the daily bonus... I’ve been playing this game for almost a year, and have never won extra lives; with the exception of once when I’d first downloaded it, when levels are easy & there are tons of rewards to get you hooked. Don’t love the manipulative, cash grabs

- 👍

Awesome! Time killer

- I think I like this game

So far so good till I get mad or loose

- Love it but frustrated!

Love the game but it’s impossible to get past level 846!!! Can’t spend the $ to buy moves and have been at this level for nearly 2 days. This is a pain! Can anyone help??

- Ship Jumpers Teammate here

I have some great ideas for this game. Including... Badges or trophies that you can collect that say things like “completed a level in 5 moves or less” “Completed a level using only the bomb power up” “Completed a level using no power ups” Also a bonus level that you can complete if you had the highest crown and lost it. You can redeem yourself in the bonus level to win it back. Ability to send gifs in the chat to your teammates. Create your own levels for your teammates to try to beat. A button to turn off the washing machines as they are the worst! A flashback Friday idea where people above level 2000 can try out the easy levels for fun to increase their old scores or compete for the highest score. More ideas to come!!

- Just Deleted

If you want to be continuously frustrated by being one move away from advancing... This is the game for you. Just another “spend money” to win game. Complete garbage.

- Toon blast

Too many gimmicks. Takes to long to move to next level.

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- Lives

Some games are offering 24 hour gaming at this time why not toon blast?

- Not bad

This game not bad but some levels is very very difficult and nervless. Please solve this 😊

- Very bad

Engine do not download

- No need to spend money

I have completed the game and often have to wait for new levels, I have not spent a penny on the game. Top tip get good and join a good team.

- Really want to rate 5 star....

I’d really love to rate this game 5* because I genuinely love it. But the further on you get, the harder the levels are. This game would be so much more enjoyable with an unlimited lives feature.. say for instance if you win a star or team torment.. winning unlimited lives for an hour or so in your chest would enable us to have more game time. Because when yiur stuck on a hard level, even with 15 lives, playing time is low and less enjoyable. Or if there was an option to buy this at a small price with a few boosters for say £1.99p. because atm the In app purchases aren’t very appealing, too expensive and not enough in the bundle for your money.. the game is becoming more frustrating than enjoyable and it’s a shame because I’ve dedicated alot of time to it and I love my team.

- Amazing game would recommend

This game is amazing. I would recommend to everyone

- Game has been ruined

I’ve being playing toon blast for a long time now. It is a good ad free game. However, the recent updates have ruined the game. You can only ask for 5 lives every 4 hours and you get a life automatically every 30 mins but they have made the game so hard to progress that your lives are used rapidly and then you have to wait for ages. I’m sure they have done it so it forces people to buy packs but the game is now boring as your stuck on levels for ages. I have only progressed 7 levels in the last 3 days and I play regularly. I complained to them and they fobbed me off with the excuse it was all down to the algorithm and they couldn’t do anything. Do they think we are stupid?? The coders control the algorithm, they can do something about it. I have spent money on this app which I now feel was a waste as it just isn’t fun anymore.

- Lies

It tells you the rockets are random until you do well and then they are nothing but random, con Cheats cheats cheats cheats DO NOT PLAY DO NOT PLAY

- Fav app on iPod 📱

Love the game I have fallen in love with the game

- Steve Pow

Been playing Toon for years now. It gives you all the emotions at times but when you pass that level you’ve been stuck on for ages it’s all worth it!!! Roll on the next few years...

- F U N!!!!!!

I think it’s a great game but it is so easy it needs to be more challenging and more prizes.

- Addictive

I hate mobile games but hats off to Toon blast - I actually love it and it’s super fun, challenging, stressful and all the feels when you actually win!!! Haha, it’s all I play.

- NO ADS!!!

Lots of games there are adds but this one there’s no adds I will suggest this and it’s quite easy!!!

- Toon blast

All l say it’s AMAZING

- Good

This game is good as there are no ads what so ever but a lot of the levels are very hard and you can’t skip them with an ad so it would be good if they could do that

- Frustrating

Level 3801, max level at this time, champs league, member of various top teams and frequently inside top 50 in Wales, played for years. Game finally deleted after being fed up for some time with it’s seemingly unfair randomness algorithms. Rocket direction is random?? Depends how they define random. There may be some element of chance but it feels like it is heavily weighted against where you want them to go. And many other things that add up to, this game cheats (imo). Anyway it’s become a chore and it feels like a weight off my shoulders now it’s deleted. So long, and thanks for all the penguins 🐧

- Greed

Yet again money is the biggest motivator for the games developers. The game becomes too hard the further in you get when some levels become virtually impossible unless you buy your way through. If your rich or daft enough to spend big go ahead and play, if your not good luck. You won’t get lucky though as the game is too loaded against you!

- Frustrating

You have set this game to generate money as no matter how you approach the levels you have set algorithms to stop you completing it this then forces you to buy coins for lives and extra goes. I don’t expect the game to be easy but it also has to be fun! This is becoming frustrating now over 40 attempts to go up a level!! That’s 3 days of trying! Come on do you really want to put people playing the game through that? It’s supposed to be fun!! I think it’s time to delete it which is a shame because the idea of the game is good you have loan and team playing

- Cash cow

Yet another game designed to be entertaining and fun for the first few levels but then quickly gets to the stage where you cannot progress without spending large amounts of real cash.

- Gra

Gra dziesięciolecia!👊🏻🥳👋🏻💪👌🤝🤝🤝

- Right your choice about the game

I love this game it has funky music 🎧 and is better then candy crush plus no more adverts 💕🎉🎊❤️💕💖💘💝💞💓💗♥️🇯🇪

- Vélemény

Nagyon rossz játék ,magasabb szinten semmi közöd hozza ,akkor mész át a pályán ha a gép engedi,nem kell hozza semmi tudás ,ja vagy ha fizetsz pay no win 💪🤮🤮👏👏undorító

- Ok

It is ok don’t get it

- Entertaining

It's March now, lose the Xmas theme

- Toon blast

Great game

- Best game ever!

I love this app it is so awesome and so addictive it has so much reviews

- Hi toon blast

I love this game it's so good BUT THE GAME IS SO EASYLY STUPID

- No Adverts thank you 🙇 👌👌🙏🙏

I honestly hate it when there are adverts on free games or paid games but for this tho, it has 0% of ads I love it and also it's so addicting I can't stop playing it constantly it's got easier as it gets 😜😁🥰🥰😇😇

- Awesome game

This is Ann awesome game

- Exsaman

Very addictive. Must join a good team

- Customer support

The customer support was completely terrible

- Awesome game

I love this game and I am a fan

- Very poor customer service.

Wouldn’t recommend making purchases. Customer service is very poor when it comes to trying to find out where your purchases have disappeared to?

- Completed this for free

And it updates for free but if you want to have a laugh read the 1 star reviews, these people are only annoyed because they are not good at it.

- Better than candy crush

Its smilar to candy crush but little bit easier, i used to play lots candy crush and sometime you stuck same level months and you have to pay for one lever or keep trying but this one i stuck maybe 2-3 days than passed😃😃 never spend even penny

- Toom blast

I love this game it gives me confidence and it's fun for 5 and over so make this game more and more gooder and make this game last love lucy

- Hi


- Addictive

Good game with some very hard levels. Makes you want to beat them to get team prizes! Don’t agree with the Leader having power to kick members off. It should be limited.

- Addictive game

Absolutely love this game very addictive

- Toon blast

Very addictive game

- Fun fun fun

Been playing for over two years. No other game has kept me this long. It’s a fun way to relax.

- Excellent game

Great time spent playing and relaxing

- This game is amazing!

I play this game every day. It’s an extremely addictive game with lots of different challenges to keep you reeled in! Definitely would recommend.

- This game is best

The game is sooooooooo fun because you get to join a group get coins and life’s also play

- I find it really fun to play and it uses

Your mind

- Alert

Keeps mind alert

- This games decent

Like I’ve only just started and it seems good except I’m a 9 year old and this game is designed in the text of a 3 year old either way it’s pretty good!

- My opinion

My opinion on this game is that altogether it is a great game but the one thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t let you redo the levels which I don’t like because I have ocd and I like all of my levels to have 3 stars so they are fully complete

- Brilliant team game

Great for trying to improve personal performance but also great working as a team to beat other teams once you download the game it becomes compulsive playing

- Great fun if you’ve got loads of money

Could be great if it was fair but once you buy you’ll seldom win and if you don’t buy expect to wait a week before getting to the next level. The game chooses when you do win it’s not about skill and many of the levels are impossible until “they” decide you get through! So frustrating and wasted so much money, time and energy on it I’m quitting!

- Funtimes

Keeps me interested fun to play

- Great game

Just be aware that play on and retry look too familiar and very easy to waste hard earned effort by hitting play on by mistake. Otherwise a great game.

- She has no one else and her kids will probably go


- Omg it’s so much fun 😁😁😁

I cannot get over just how addictive this game actually is the pictures are so cute and adorable and great cartoons.👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

- Fun game but

Most of the ads show other aspects of this game that at level 200+ I have not come across.

- Sent nothing

I’m over level 3400 and have never spent a cent. Pick a good team and enjoy

- Enjoyable game but needs more advancements

This game is very addictive and enjoyable, but there are too few powers, and I feel like the game kind of forces use you to spend money to advance further. They need to have more powers. The free lives thing from the team thing is good, but the waiting time period is really difficult. This game should think about maybe incorporating free ads or other free options to get coins, lives or powers. And for just 5 extra moves, you have to spend 100 coins which in itself are so hard to get. So in conclusion, this game is enjoyable and has plenty of potential but it needs to be expanded further to make it easier to play without spending money.

- Love it

Such fun

- best game ever

this game is so good and relaxing the one thing I do not like about it is the lives you do not get that many but every thing else is great.

- Toon

I love this game

- The first best game in the whole world.

I love this game because it is so much more to do and the more I do I get better at typing and I love it so so so soooo much.

- Fun Game

Easy game to play and free to boot

- Has become unstable

Long time player of this game it now randomly won’t launch and requires a full phone restart before I can use it.

- Best game in the world

I like it because it makes my brain so confused and I like it because I get confused but I solve It sometimes

- Great

Great game addictive

- Good game

I use this game to unwind on the train commute. It's a no brainer and I enjoy the challenges. It's up to you if you want to spend money on lives. So many complaining about that. Someone has to make a living.

- Love It

Crazy fun

- Levels

Overall the game is fine. I personally like that I can re-do past levels. A feature that I am very disappointed isn’t in this game.

- Good on lower levels

Designed so that when you get on higher levels it is impossible to win without spending money

- Great game

The best game to play when you want to either pass the time or challenge the grey matter

- Good

It’s ok but you can’t choose you teams and you can only have 5 lives max. You can only change your name once, but over all it’s a great game and you should get it if your up for the challenge

- Great team

G8m8 is a great team spirit

- Toon blast Rating byGAM

I think this game is very fun

- Time for life recharge

I have enjoyed playing the game but the recharge time for lives is way too long and you can’t even earn them any other way. If you could fix that I would enjoy the game far more.

- What a blast

Love this little game. Passes the time away.

- Review

Great game

- A blast.

Great, but frustrating. Fun though.

- Toon Blast

No ads, way too addictive. Trying to advance through levels without in app purchases can be frustrating fun challenging.

- Nadir

Toon Blast is the most entertaining and challenging game available. I will only stop playing it when I get to game 3251......HELP!!!!!

- Levels

I am on level 3301. I have not spent a cent on thisBrilliant game. Only down thing is lives not enough lives given. To wait 4 hours before you can ask for lives is far to long

- Jammin

I like it by my secret weapon!

- Toonblast is great

This is an awesome game. I recommend this game for all ages. I love this game it’s totally awesome. Though some levels are really hard, I like hard levels

- A greedy game

I am on level 2990 and have not spent a cent to play however I am finding that I need to play most levels about 100 times in order to get through. This game was fun at first but I can see that it has been designed to force you to spend if you want to win and move through each level. I am sick and tired of feeling robbed every time I play and have seen my friends drop off too. I’m going to delete this game. I would advise you not to bother with downloading it too.

- Can’t put it down

I’ve been playing this for over a year now and still love it- watch out it’s addictive and you’ll start dreaming of matching blocks.

- So much fun!

Love this game, doesn’t have glitches, sometime v difficult!

- Toon Blast

I love this game it can be a bit hard

- Breached the terms and conditions

I made a purchase and my processing was declined. But the amount went out of the account and they are refusing to do the refund. DONOT TRUST THIS GAME. STAY AWAY

- Great brain work

Just love this game and I’m not normally into games. This games you got to think before you do anything. I LOVE This game

- Impossible

They make the levels impossible by like level 30 I HATE IT!!!! DO NOT GET THIS GAME

- Zoe Andreopoulos

Best game ever

- Great fun

Great fun way to pass a bit of time

- Awesome

Love this game 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

- Toon blast

Th game is the best game ever

- Grandpa Wins!

It’s great to finally have a game where I can beat my grandkids!

- Very addictive but lots of fun

Such a great game

- Awesome

Great game , just when I think this is impossible I solve it , yeah yeah , love it 😻

- Fun

Enjoy playing with it

- Love it!

Great game with plenty of challenges and rewards. Totally addicted.

- Me

The game is really fun it is go to do when your bored 👍

- Takes along time to reach the advertised games.

Spend too long on preliminary games.

sejak RMO ni, aku sibuk dok main toon blast & few games lain. tapi tulah, addicted dgn toon blast. sepanjang RMO ni…

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Toon Blast be on my ass 😂

@RubyGraceLevine @Rollergirl31 @pantalonesfuego Love me some toon blast

@HANjaeminie game called toon blast hsshhshsbs

Quarantine Goals: to surpass @VancityReynolds level on Toon Blast. @robofist194

@mintfrog_ba 다음 중 안시화가 하는 게임이 아닌것은? 1. 아이러브파스타 2. 테일즈런너 3. Toon Blast 4. 메이플스토리

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Toon Blast 4940 Screenshots & Images

Toon Blast iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast iphone images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast ipad images
Toon Blast Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Toon Blast Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Toon Blast (Version 4940) Install & Download

The applications Toon Blast was published in the category Games on 2017-08-15 and was developed by Peak Games [Developer ID: 476160947]. This application file size is 343.55 MB. Toon Blast - Games posted on 2020-03-23 current version is 4940 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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