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What is aquarimate app? Designed to manage both Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums!

Available in 13 languages: Català, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Português, Română, Русский, 中文(简体), 中文(香港).

Includes a very comprehensive livestock library of both Freshwater and Saltwater fish, coral, invertebrate and plant species with smart compatibility advice with your fish!


• Manage unlimited number of aquariums,
• Record your parameter test results,
• Customize parameters for each tank by adding or removing parameters to your need,
• Easily convert measurements in different units and calculate the required dosing with the advanced unit converters and dosing calculators,
• Use the count-down timer to perform timed tests easier,
• Analyze your tank parameters along with your activities with beautiful, full-screen and touch responsive graphs,
• Plot results of multiple parameters along with your husbandry activities all in one chart,
• Create your husbandry tasks and set reminders for them with an advanced scheduling system,
• Track your activities integrated with tasks and reminders,
• Keep all your notes organized in the searchable Notes section,
• Find information about your Freshwater & Saltwater livestock in Aquaribase,
• Import and save your livestock information from Aquaribase for each tank,
• Add your favorite livestock to the built-in wish list directly from Aquaribase,
• Visually keep track of tank inhabitants with Timelines,
• Analyze the progress of your livestock, along with your logged activities and test results, with Timelines,
• Store your tank equipment,
• Keep track of your expenses,
• Create photo galleries and organize all your photos in different albums,
• Backup & restore your app data wirelessly on Aquarimate Cloud,
• Manage your aquariums across all devices with Aquarimate Live,
• And enjoy!

When it comes to maintaining our aquariums, we all want to stay organized and perform the routine husbandry tasks properly. After all, this is the key to success in maintaining any aquariums.

We always keep track of tank parameters and changes in health, growth, color changes, diseases, etc., to make sure our ecosystem is healthy and thriving. In our busy life, sometimes we find it difficult to remember the progress of all the livestock in our tanks and may forget about things we have to do for our aquariums.

Aquarimate is a comprehensive mobile app that is built to help all aquarists, whether hobbyist or professional, to maintain their tanks properly.

Aquarimate can help you record your test results, analyze changes, visually track your livestock, setup tasks and reminders, log your activities, store your livestock and equipment, take notes, track expenses, build photo galleries and so much more..

Aquarimate includes the most comprehensive Saltwater & Freshwater livestock library called Aquaribase. You can browse or search Aquaribase to find information about your livestock, equipment, food and supplements. This database includes thousands species of fish, corals, inverts and plants as well as dry goods with pictures and information organized in categories for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Last but not least, never worry about your app data anymore. You can backup your app data wirelessly and restore whenever you need. Aquarimate Cloud comes with 100MB Free storage in the cloud which can be upgraded to 1G of space via in-app purchase of an annual subscription for $9.99 per year. The subscription will automatically be renewed to maintain your backup in the cloud to keep your data safe and secure. This, however, is not necessary if your data size is below 100MB.

Join Aquarimate Live! and manage your aquariums across all of your devices. Subscription is needed for $9.99 per year which will be automatically renewed every year.

Please visit our website at to get more details about the app features and read our Terms & Conditions at

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App Name Aquarimate
Category Productivity
Updated 23 June 2023, Friday
File Size 53.5 MB

Aquarimate Comments & Reviews 2024

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This is a great app!. I cannot understand the negative reviews for this app, I am new to the hobby and this app sends reminders about dosing, media changes, special foods, and anything else you could think of. It even lets you know things like what day you added a specific fish ext. If your a busy or forgetful person I could not imagine not having this app.

Great base, but needs an update. I started using this app recently and was surprised at how well it works given it hasn’t been updated in about 2 years. Like other users I wish that the app had an easier way to set up routines and add devices/supplements for the tanks. The inclusion of the Aquariym database is a great touch; I like being able to track the lifespan and events in the life of my fish. Going from the database search into a profile page is a great UI choice. I wish the rest of the app worked like this. Are there any plans by the developer to update the app for bug fixes and compatibility with future iOS versions?

Great app but nonexistent customer support. I love this app and how it allows me to keep right on track with my tank maintenance, test results, livestock, budget etc. The only complaint I have is the lack of customer support. I decided to pay for the yearly membership so I could have access to my task like across multiple devices. However, when I did created the account to do this, my past years worth of data for my two tanks was wiped. I messaged support on two separate occasions about this and did not receive a single response. I wish I had gotten some sort of warning that all of my tank data was going to disappear upon paying for a subscription.

Pricey but a fantastic tool. This app really provides tons and tons of useful tools. I use it on a daily basis and couldn’t go without it, especially things like keeping track of parameters over time and keeping track of maintenance. It provides graphs so you can see how your parameters change over time, and you can also run reports on your maintenance habits and compare those to other graphs like your parameter changes—actually very useful. Additionally you can keep track of livestock, expenses, or anything else with the “timelines” feature. Does it justify the $9.99 price? It may be expensive but it’s become an invaluable tool to me, so I think so.

Useful for tests. I still like this app and pay for the syncing subscription, but it’s mostly just a water parameter logbook with simple graphs. Maybe some people record feedings and dosings, I don’t see the point. What bugs me is that they never bothered answering the many requests for an expanded database that included more common organisms, never mind less common ones. That plus calculators that use that information is something lacking in the hobby as other apps have been abandoned. Aquarimate seems abandoned too, with only updates for new screen sizes and minor bugs in more than a year. A subscription model is supposed to justify ongoing development.

Pretty Handy. I just started using this a few days ago and so far its been really handy managing my 8 different aquariums. I keep freshwater species and my only issue so far is it did not come with a GH & KH parameter preinstalled for tracking which is really important for my tanks.

No issues. Some of the tasks are manual and suggested input would be a great added feature. Maybe allow users to share data and create an average for certain parameters? Either way a great organizational tool!

By far and away best aquarium app. I’ve used several aquarium tracking / parameter logging apps and this one is by far the best and easiest to use. You can access the data the easiest and do more things with it than other programs let you do. I highly recommend Aquarimate.

Populate items to all tanks. If you add equipment and other dosing items it should be automatically be available to add to another tank. I have 2 reef tanks that use the same equipment and dosing items, but you to reload those things for each tank. The things you add should automatically available for all tanks rather than adding them again.

Especially helpful for multiple fishtanks. I use this app to track three saltwater aquariums. Each of the aquariums have different schedules, parameters and tasks. The app tracks and notifies tasks and syncs to my iCloud calendar. Parameters are entered and tracked over time to spot trends before they get out of control. Having livestock in the app makes buying new fish easier by checking compatibility at the store: Buyer - Will this fish do well in my tank? Store - I don’t know, what’s in your tank now? Buyer - (pulls out phone) Here’s my livestock list and the specs for my tank :-) Great app, would definitely recommend.

Perfect Reef Maintenance App. I have used this app probably since it came out. The changes the developer has made I really like with the latest update. It is so nice to customize what I need it to do and to have the reminders at a glance so I don’t fall behind. I have an additional reef aquarium in my son’s room that I have a separate tank setup on here separately which is another nice feature. I might upgrade to the advanced version someday.

Great Costumer Services. This the app I have for have all the information of my aquarium. I have a problem with my information and they help fast and great. If you are thinking to buy a app to control and to have all information about fish and coral, this is the perfect app. 5 star.

I love this.. I love being able to put the water test instructions in so I don’t have to look at cards. I love having a timer right there. I love being able to keep records on my tanks. Love love love.

Nice update, but . . .. I like the redesign except one thing, no button to access parameters. I like how they are displayed at the top, but took me a few minutes to figure out how to add a reading. A dedicated button as before would be nicer and faster.

Overall best tank manager. If your into manually typing in your parameters, this is a cool thing to keep track of your tanks. Just needs to be updated more often, seems like the developers gave up on the app a while ago, but it has so much potential. Add some of the features I sent in to your feedback department and I’ll make it a 5 star review

Calendar Synch is Buggy. I have the option set to synchronize tasks as iCloud calendar events. The calendar events are created with Alert = None. I need to be notified of all calendar events, so I set them to Alert = At time of event. But Aquarimate overwrites the calendar alert when opening the app, and sets them all back to Alert = None. Hopefully the development team is aware of this bug and is working on a fix.

I love it, I would just a few things. I wish there were prebuilt “suggested” maintenance routines so that I didn’t have to manually add every little thing. I also think the process of “adding new activities” is pretty complicated. I wish I could just easily see my task and say “performed task” somewhere, instead of having to click through a bunch of menus. I also wish you had the ability to add multiple parameter inputs per day. Sometimes if I perform a water change, I will test my levels before and after, and I have to only include one of those two levels. The last thing is that I don’t like when you run the analytics, if you include things like water changes or any tasks, the bar completely covers the days Parameters.

Great app for tracking your tank. I like everything about this app. I especially like how it has a database of life forms and if what you added to your tank isn’t in its database then you can just manually put in the plant/animal. I also like how you can track your tank parameters and view the results over time. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to pay a yearly subscription fee($10) but I personally feel that this app is so well designed that it’s worth the $10 per year.

Just works and with integration with Neptune it’s great!. I have been using this app even before I got my Neptune Systems on four of my tanks. It just does so much and keep an inventory of my equipment gathering test results in a place where I find easier to get summaries from just my Neptune Apex. I use reminders extensively for to manage media and maintenance. I have none that come close.

5 star ratings must be paid for. I have no idea how an app that essentially charges you twice to do nothing more than what you can accomplish using Microsoft Excel could garner 5 star ratings unless they are getting paid to write these reviews. Their database for fish, plants, and equipment contains little more than what can find in a typical PetSmart and it does nothing else than the ability to graph the test results from your weekly water tests. Nothing more. Literally. No thing more. You are better off capturing your results on a spreadsheet of your choice. And they actually manage a way to charge you twice to find this out. This is the type of app you wish Apple would allow a zero star rating for in order to post a review.

Perfect. Helps me keep track of my aquariums and I love the charts that display long term information. Plus the timers when doing water tests are really helpful. Must have for anyone who is serious about their fish keeping. P.S developers please consider making a reptile version!! There is nothing like it available on the App Store. Most people who keep reptiles keep more than one and would love an app to track temperature and humidity readings, and feedings/shedding/pooping/vitamin dosing/habitat cleaning/etc!!!

Album covers. Please allow us to be able to select a pic for an album cover in the gallery. I use the albums to keep a record of my fish’s growth and color changes, but the album cover shows the very first photo. Would like to be able to change it. Aside from that, wonderful app!

Shady startup procedure. At the moment of this review, I’m frustrated that when I created an account I was forced through a subscription process. I wasn’t given any choice to back out upon logging in and creating an account for the first time. It made me stop what I was doing, after purchasing an app for $10, and ask myself what did I just sign up for? Be careful here, you can sign up for a yearly subscription for an additional $9.99 annual fee and not realize this if you’re moving fast. Right now my opinion is shady. We’ll see if this changes. Hopefully, I’m Not charged an in-app purchase for an absolute need type of feature.

Don’t waste your money.. High purchase price for the app, and a yearly subscription feature for $10 per year for cloud access. GUI isn’t smooth or intuitive. App hasn’t been updated in 3 years. It’s still one of the better ones out there, but it isn’t going to get any better and it is inevitable that it breaks when iOS updates.

This app is awesome. So the app lets me keeps track of my alk mag and cal and so much more that I can add to the program to watch my levels it lets me keep track to see the levels and if they are stable I guess what I’m trying to say is if you buy it you will not be disappointed.

Updated review. I deleted and reinstalled the app and now it opens again. I only wish the developer suggested this to me the two times I contacted them for assistance. I love the app I was just frustrated when it would not open without trying for days at a time. Now that I reinstalled it seems to open when I click on it again.

Not honest or forthright about cost. This app offers a BEAUTIFUL interface and some FANTASTIC tools. Unfortunately, for $9.99 you’re only given 100mb of space to safeguard your data. You can pay them an additional $9.99 for 1GB however - as if the initial $9.99 wasn’t enough... then if you really want to, you can pay and additional $9.99 to link the apps between your iPad, phone and laptop. So misleading and dishonest in their marketing and advertising. If you pay $10, which is A LOT FOR ONE APP, all you get is the ability to use some really nice tools but not ability to save your work. Not worth it. And it’s a shame, the app is really well put together.

Great App. This is a great app to monitor your tank. I have been using this for over a year and found it extremely valuable to look at trends based on what my tank is doing. Of course the ability to monitor expenses is great but also great to understand the costs of your hobby 😂

Consistency for my reef tank. I can track everything in this app from equipment maintenance, parameters, daily tasks including feeding. I can see parameter trends, load icp results as well as my own. Tasks I was haphazard with before I now manage with ease and appreciate the reminders to keep me on top of things and keep my mixed reef healthy.

Aquarimate. This app is great. Can do all sorts of things. Best tool I have found it tell you how much to add of alk calc mag whatever it may be for your target numbers. And also gives warning about adding to much of something. Keeping track of livestock is kinda cool as well. $10 is well worth this app. Just another fun gadget for reefing

Great app with lots of promise!. Overall, this is the single best app I've found for managing my tanks. That said, when you're managing more than one, some of the newer features can be a bit unwiely. For instance, right now, you have to recreate things like supplements and foods for each of tanks, even though it's probably the same bottle being used. It strikes me that they those sections might work better being tank-agnostic. Then we could create feeding or dosing tasks for any tank and choose from that central list of foods/supplments. Thanks for your continued efforts to improve the app!

So far 5 stars.... I’ve only been using it for a very short time so not really much I can review. So far I haven’t found anything to make it hard to use. I like that it keeps up with my water parameters for me so I can see that they stay within a avery steady range, so far anyway. That is the main reason I use the app. The rest are just extras that I have enjoyed. Will update my review after using app for a longer period of time.

Disappointing for a paid service, support doesn’t answer. I mainly used this app on Android/PC. I’ve had multiple problems over the last year or so, including my tasks constantly disappearing on me on one platform and frequent syncing issues. I’ve submitted multiple support tickets with no answers, and today had to resubscribe for a year to simply login and access my data! That’s not what the subscription even says it’s for, it’s supposed to be for multiple device access (although it’s clearly not supported on other platforms at all). This is extremely disappointing for a paid service and hardly worth the slight convenience it may provide. Devs, why do you even bother to have other versions of the app for your consumers to pay for if you don’t support it properly?

Outstanding and could be even better. This app is just what I was looking for to manage my marine aquarium. It is full of nice feature but sometimes hard to navigate between two tanks. It’s great as is and has the potential to be even better. Perhaps a focus group to get suggestions for an update in 6 months would be in order.

Love this app. Edit: the update option no longer works. If I try to change an entry it changes back when I open the app again… I religiously use this app to track the parameters of my tank. The new update is great, love that everything is in one place. One suggestion, I track a lot of parameters so I have to scroll to select the one I want. Can you make some dashboard organizing options? I use the parameters more than tasks and that leaves a lot of blank space at the bottom I could use to double stack the parameter icons so I don’t have to scroll. Regardless this app rocks, thanks for the update!

Great App but needs some fine-tuning.. Really like this. It’s the best of all the ones I’ve tried (so far). However, simple things can be frustrating. For example you cannot add two test results for the same day. If you test your water in the morning and then again at night on the same day it forces you to “update results” - there should be the option for a time of day to avoid this. Or a test # for the same date. Another scheduling limitation is not being able to schedule based on day of week. You can do every 30 days or the 1st of every month, but you cannot do the first Saturday of every month, for example.

The best we have. Seriously the testing parameters section is great! Timers for tests, analysis with graphs. I wish I could have more then one entry per date. I having the worst login problems. Half the time it won’t let me login, or won’t send the reset password email. Data disappears from the livestock sections. There’s too many mild annoyances for a 9.99 app.

Fantastic app for reef aquarium keepers. I’ve been using this app for several years now and it find it indispensable. I love the target dosing calculator and being able to keep track of my parameter's. The reminders for maintenance help me keep track of all aspects of keeping a reef aquarium.

Mostly Works - However Support is Nonexistent. Several bugs identified in the iOS and macOS apps which are preventing parts of the app from functioning. Contacted support multiple time over several weeks with no response. Regretting paying for the additional annual subscription to use the app on my Mac. The only only other apps available, paid or free, are much worse. Strongly considering just going back to a simple spreadsheet.

Wonderful!. I’ve had this app for years and I still love it! In fact it has improved dramatically since its initial release and continues to improve with each new update. I use it to keep track of all my tanks!

Very useful with comprehensive capabilities. Aquarimate meets my needs and I am glad I bought it. It is very flexible and allows recording of a variety of items in addition to the core function of test logging. Once set up, logging of recurring or intermittent activities is easy. I appreciate the ability to enter livestock information; for example, for reference I’ve entered PAR ranges for corals I own. On the other hand, flexible software inherently has a somewhat higher learning curve, still not very high IMO for Aquarimate. My suggestions for improvement include ability to copy supplement and equipment info between aquariums, and the ability to break down expenses by type and time period.

Works reasonably well.. Nice features. Reasonably comprehensive feature set. Generally does a good job of tracking water parameter test results. The UI is a little cumbersome when it comes to figuring out when I last did a water change or other maintenance tasks. An older version crashed constantly, but a recent update seems to have fixed that for me.

Good but not fully working. The app is good and if you need a place to track info a great tool to have but my only issue I cannot join the live section my phone freezes. This a brand new Iphone. I tried on my ipad and it worked but no luck here and all my info is on my ohone that I need to get into the cloud but cannot do so….

So far so good, except…. The app works well and keeps everything about your aquarium in one place. There is nothing automated about the app however. One has to enter all the information. It would be nice if the app had suggested “fixes” when water parameters are out of whack. My last comment is support is non existent. I paid 9.99 for the app and was charged twice. When I was refunded 9.99, the app no longer worked. I could not use it. Period. It appears one has to pay 9.99 just for the app and an additional 9.99 for a subscription in order to use it. After many emails to support about this, no one ever responded. I was forced to pay the 9.99 again in order to use the app. The only reason I did this was that I had already spent hours entering all my data. To me support is an integral part of an app, if it does not exist, the app should be free. I would suggest trying a different app before buying this one.

A must have if maintain multiple tanks. I have used this app for about 5 years. There are no other programs like Aquarimate, at least not that I have found. Honestly, I no longer even look for another one. The ease from setting up a new system to viewing a tanks analytics from a mature system is a breeze. The ability to add livestock, plants, corals and invertebrate to a particular set up couples with the notes is a huge plus. This is primarily what I use it for. A few years ago I developed a leak in a tank. I never removed fish for breeding from this tank, but if you notice extra fish from breeding add them to your livestock count. If I hadn’t recorded the number of fish in that tank I would have missed several of the Pygmy Cory. If a tank crashes you can delete the whole system or keep it and start a new system. The biggest drawback for this app is there are no standard drop menus for water parameters. Every time I set up a system I must re-enter everything. It’s time consuming but worth it. On a lesser note, the livestock and plant list could have more, and a way to upload a pic to notes would really help too. If there is a way to do any of these things they need to make it more obvious.

Pay for app makes you pay more.... App is setup ok. Some designs could be much smoother and easy to navigate. That being said....entering livestock, equipment and supplements etc is tedious or you have to pay monthly. For a $10 app I should be able to access the full database in the app. Folks who need cloud saving or want extra features should be paying monthly. I think this app would help a lot of beginners if they could add all their items. This way it could even suggest other items or livestock. It could even notify of compatibility issues. If you have a large fish room I would say subscribe monthly. If you have a tank or a few there are less expensive tracking apps that will do what this does. Nice if added - suggest ranges for tank inhabitants, a new tank cycling guide and tracker, compatibility suggestions for livestock, equipment and supplements, compatibility warnings, lighting fluval nano could use some live so I can track what is working. Guides, videos, podcasts....hey charge for those.

Worth it!. Great app and has a ton of helpful tools. I really like that I can track and view my water parameter history. I can track changes and trends in each of my tanks, can get an overlay of test results and see the affects after adding or removing products. I also find the reminder tool helpful in reminding me when to change or dose products in my multiple tanks. Definitely worth the cost and the deaper you get into the app the more helpful it can be.

Great tool for managing your aquarium!. I almost never write reviews but wanted to for this app. I just recently got into the hobby and it’s been great for tracking everything! From costs to maintenance tasks it’s been invaluable for setting up my tank. In my opinion it’s worth the cost.

Great for Keeping Data. This app is well worth the $10, despite the problems with freezing/input processing and a less friendly, stepmother-like user interface. Its purpose is to keep data, and it fulfills that purpose more efficiently than expected, even for the $10.

Charged Twice and You Can’t Cancel. When the app downloads you are automatically charged $9.99 and there is no way to cancel and delete the app in a timely manner. You are unable to even look at the app to see if you want to pay the $9.99 a year. When the charge went through my bank account it charged me twice two separate charges of $9.99 I am currently trying to get a refund for both charges as the app is not worth $9.99 a year. The features are limited the database of different fish and plants is minimal and it’s just not worth it.

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Slow to enter data and look at results. The app works but seems a bit basic. Entering results has to be done one at a time. Reviewing the data is also a bit painful. Could do with some streamlining.

Absolutely fantastic app. The easiest and best way for any serious aquarium hobbyist to record and track the transformation and information of your aquarium. Everything I do from water testing, water changes and adding livestock, drift wood, plants etc all get recorded and saved as data. I can clearly see my results on a very easy viewing chart that can be tailored to what you want to see. So any swings or adjustments in my water parameters can be easily viewed and seen. I've finished with my paper log book. This data saves to the cloud, you can add photos to a time line. All in all a very user friendly and practical app for the aquarium hobbyist. Well worth the money.

Love it!!!. Great app!!!!!

It's very good. It would be a better if it gave people some advice on the fish they have in there tank

Don't subscribe. Does well as a standalone app but can't see any value in subscribing. I subscribed purely for access to the PC app, however one month in and I still can't log in with not response from the support team. Reconsider if you plan to use the PC app.

Everytime I put info in they charge me. WARNING!! App looks amazing once I started using it was pretty happy with it! Recorded 3 lots of parameter readings into it and everytime I did they charged me $14.99 as well as $14.99 app yearly fee. Contacted support no response needless to say I have cancelled subscription and will be contacting Apple in regards to this

Thanks!. What would be handy is if your KH measurements (for example) are measured in ppm, you could specify it and the app will auto convert to dKH. I have a hanna ppm KH but all my previous measurements used dKH and I want to continue to use that as it seems to be the most widely used measurement.

Still needs work. Still needs improvement. Adding a feature which asks users to rate the app EVERY TIME THEY SWITCH TO IT is not an update.

Absolutely Amazing. I have worked in large public aquariums for 8+ years and have just started using this app this year. I have to say this app blows all technologies we have tried using so far, it perfectly incorporates everything we need from out database without the bugs. It’s so handy having so much information at your fingertips especially for new staff to be able to show physical examples or use data to show trends and find problems/record keeping/stock takes. I can’t rave about this app enough. The only thing I wish it would add would be a temperature tracker on the parameters page and fix the dosage amounts on the calcium chloride dosage calculator as it currently always reads 0. These however are small and fixable. Amazing work.

Nice. The best app I've found for aquarium maintenance, well supported and always improving.

Works well. This app work wonderfully for my aquarium, and it's made maintenance a lot easier to remember :) Just a suggestion though, it would be nice to have some way of adding in a task without the next due of that task moving automatically. The one other thing that would make this app perfect is the ability to input one off tasks on a colander record instead of in notes. For example being able to record adding a dose of medication on a particular date. This app really does make owning an aquarium more enjoyable thank you for creating it :)

Very Good. Great App for keeping all your data in one place and scheduling tasks to keep your systems on track.

Best there is. I love this app! Makes reef keeping easy!

5 stars. Excellent app for keeping track of my reef aquarium!

Great App. Highly recommended.. Works well, has good backup process and reminders as well.

Good app. This aquarimate app is one of a kind there seem to be no other apps out there for keeping trck of fish tanks, there are a few things it could improve on though for example I wish it had a weekly schedule for feeding where u could add what food to feed that tank and when. But over all not a bad app

What I was looking for.. As a sufferer of MTS it was hard to keep track for all my tanks (fresh & salt). It tracks progress and I don't rely on my memory, the app is way better than a whiteboard.

Beware! Not for freshwater.. App has extremely poor support for freshwater aquariums, lacking common fish and plants (no Java moss! no Seachem ferts!), and you apparently cannot add custom items (like dosing common nutrients by chemical name or generic mixes). By the time you have gone through setup, your refund period has expired. Very expensive for half an app.

No Support. The app on my iPhone worked great with plenty of features and easy to use. However, paid for Aquarimate Live so that I could access my aquarium information on my Windows PC. Installed the Aquarimate program on my PC but could never log on. Submitted 3 requests to Aquarimate Support over a 2 week period for assistance in resolving this issue with no response. Have subsequently cancelled subscription.

Great app. exactly what I was looking for to keep track of my reef tank

No auto backup. Love the app. Backups aren’t automatic so I just lost about 5 months of test data due to phone replacement. Big let down considering the price

Awesome. The best aquarium reminder, planner, record keeping etc

Great app.. This is a great app if you have a marine aquarium.

No red sea A B C targeting dose calculator. Unbelievably you wont find any Red Sea product in the dose target calculator. I still need to use the online red sea calculator or look into charts as this app can't give dosing for Red Sea products ( one of the most popular worldwide) I think we should at least have the option to manually input the values in the calculator... $14.00 paid and still to have to look in charts for dosing is very frustrating!

Couldn’t ask for a better made app. Flawless app without bugs. It has everything you need to keep track of all of your parameters. The app perfectly executed the task as described as a tool for keeping track of everything for your reef(s) and more. Genuinely worth the price.

Good app... but could be great. Handy app. Better than other reef keeping apps I have used. BUT! Would seem the app developers have decided it's perfect - though far from it. Last time there was any updates was years ago and any suggestions fall on what seems to be deaf ears. Real shame as app definitely has promise.

Full of bugs. Could be a great app but is far too buggy and crashes too often. No one seems to be answering any support emails either, I don't think they are still working on it anymore. Shame Update: App deleted all my data just after re-subscription. Support said they would fix it and have now ghosted me. No replies in over 8 months. Took my money and then ran. AVOID

Abandoned by developer. Lost yeas of data and developer doesn't reply to support messages.

Great app. Superb app for storing all my tank related test results. The timeline facility is an excellent addition.

Love this app. So much depth to the app, great for any serious aquarium fanatic.

Poor user interface, buggy and minimal features. I'm very disappointed in this app considering the price. Very basic database, strange parameter recommendations and a bug-ridden user interface. Could be so much better, so hoping it will improve with subsequent updates.

Brilliant app ..!!!. I downloaded a lot of apps testing them all out. Nothing came close to the easy and brilliance of this app. Do yourself a favour and download it now.

Can’t fault it. Looking after 3 different tanks from 65lt to 190lt it helps with maintenance and also keeping track of water parameters. Using it across multiple platforms, phone computer and iPad. It saves my data.

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Excellent app overall. This is the only app I could find that lets you keep track of all essential parameters and lets you set daily/weekly reminders. There is still some room for improvement: iCloud support is a must for those with multiple Apple devices, and the fish list should be updated with basic water parameter requirements like temperature, pH and so on. Still an excellent app.

Excellent. Application complète et très pratique. Version française serait encore mieux.

Not enough fish. Need a lot more fish and plants.

Great App could use some improvement. This is a great app for an aquarium hobbyist. You can set reminders for any maintenance like weekly water changes, filter maintenance or anything you want. I especially appreciate a reminder about the filter maintenance because I do that once a month and I have a fluval 407 and a sunsun hw-3000 and I do them 2 weeks apart so it can be difficult to keep track of that without this app. I also like the timeline feature because you can add pictures and keep notes on livestock behavior, health, growth, equipment or anything you want. That is just what I am using it for right now. Adding livestock and equipment is great because it keeps track of how long you have had them. I have not really used the features for keeping track of water parameters, expenses or dosings yet but I can definitely see how they could be very useful for people. The biggest things I think need improvement are the Aquaribase because there are very few fish on there and I would really like it if my profile and all my data would automatically be shared to my other devices but as far as I can tell I have to do it all separate. So I just use my cell phone for the app. Anyway, if you are looking for a good app to help you with your hobby this is definitely worth trying. I hope you get as much joy and tranquility out of the hobby as I do. Have a great day and always try to help someone else in the hobby if you can because this hobby can be very confusing and at times misleading to new hobbyists.

Great app. Awesome app! Very easy to use and fun!!! 😄

This app really helps with parameter management!. I normally avoid apps because they usually promise the world and then let you down. But this app is perfect for what I want to do: track and manage water parameters in my reef tank. Information entry is simple, reports give a visual on how things are trending, safe ranges for parameters are adjustable to specific preferences, date ranges are adjustable for reporting - and reports can be printed out. I don’t use the other features but the ones I do use are well worth the app price. I paid the extra in order to be able to use the app on more than one device and that’s also been worthwhile for me. And the best thing? The developers actively seek feedback via email AND they respond to it when suggestions are made. This app is now an important tool in my tank management.

Awesome app. This is the awesome app keeping everything what's in your aquarium. Hobbyists must have this.👍

Great, but would like more options. Would like to see it able to sync between devices. Great app, I love the trending, makes a visual indicator of water parameters. Worth the money!

Extremely useful. Highly recommended!!!

Great!! But.... This app is really really great. But I think that the aquaribase needs a lot of work. This app is very useful in reminding me to do my husbandry tasks. I think that this app should be used by everyone who owns an aquarium.

Nice but the UI is awkward. It works, however, the UI is dated in comparison to today’s apps. It also has some very unintuitive ways of entering data, making it awkward and sometimes difficult to use. But it is the most comprehensive one I can find in the App Store. It gets the job done.

Great App!!!. Needs an audio notification for scheduled tasks but other than that it's perfect and well worth the $10!!! Every saltwater hobbyist NEEDS this app!

Application complète. Application très complète et facilement personnalisable avec une interface intuitive. Le back-up n'est malheureusement pas lié à l'ICloud donc on doit le faire manuellement. Aussi, la base de données d'Aquarimate n'est vraiment pas à jour. Étant donné le prix relativement élevé pour l'application, ces irritants sont décevants.

Excellent. We are new to the hobby and looked around for a program for weeks to track our tank we finally chose Aquarimate and have long looked back or regretted our choice. It graphs, tracks and is user friendly. We have asked questions and the Aquarimate staff have been very helpful would give it 4 stars. Only suggestion is Would like to see the history show for each test item so that you do not have to bounce back and forth between two screens. Great app

Awesome App. The app is a must have for aquarists.

Think twice before buying. Think twice before buying this app: 1- very pricey for the support they give, they have 0 support. I have contacted them through several ways and still no response form them. 2- They advertise their app can link to Apex not true as they are still having issues to connect to Apex Controller. Its a nice app but the support kills the nice of the nice app. I give them a 1 star for 1 no support and for 2 false advertising for Apex compatibility!

Awesome app. Great purchase

Can't live without it!. My brain can rest a bit now. Love it!

Très bonne application. Fonctionne très bien. Très utile. Il y aurait seulement quelques mises à jours à faire pour mettre à niveaux les banques de données du vivant, des produits, des test et améliorer la section calculatrice il y manque quelques convertions.

App is not worth the money.. Glitches all the time. Do expect to have description about fishes as only half have it. The plants database for freshwater is small. I would write more negative things but do not want waste time. Plus dont expect return if you dont like the app. Just warning. Wasted 10$ :/

Cloud app is dead, don’t pay. Cloud paid subscription is useless, totally broken. No answer from support team over a week.

Meilleure app du genre. Sans conteste la meilleure app dans ce domaine. Absolument rien à redire. Elle contient tout ce qu’un aquariophile a besoin pour gérer adéquatement ses réservoirs. Bravo !

Good, but with some catches. Awesome app overall, but it doesn’t include the Red Sea brand products in the target alkalinity calculator among other calculator choices. Also, you have to pay $9.99 for an Aquarimate Live subscription to be able to access the app on your Apple Watch.

Great App for me. This app works great and lets me keep tack of all my livestock, equipment, expenses, tasks and much much more. I like that I can use it on my iPhone, iPad and PC. It's a great resource for making sure my fish are compatible with each other and looking up new stuff for my wish list. It's easy to schedule tasks like water changes and other maintenance. Great work guys!!

The Best of the Best. I have been using Aquarimate for the past 3 years. Started with a couple tanks and now have 47 running. Aquarimate looks after everything from Eater Changes, Filter Cleaning to how many Cichlids in each tank. Just an awesome app.

Meh. Needs more detail on fish/coral/invert species. Would be nice to see some in depth descriptions of fish and coral and inverts and plants. The whole idea the aquarium database is to provide details on the species. I would not have bought this again if I had the option.

Must absolutely have. Spectacular!!!. Worth every penny, absolutely must have. Especially in saltwater systems. A small investment to follow and understand our tanks. The techs behind the scenes are very receptive and constantly improving. Best aquarium app by far. Of course this field is very vast so input is required. This is the only way to improve the app. Could not live without it !!! Thank You I can't understand how anybody could negatively criticize.

Below expectation. Yes I know it's only $10 but spend that money on a pad of paper it's more reliable!! Cannot sync to calendar and can NEVER back up. Also lost data due to this. Could of just refered to my paper. Don't bother

Nice app. Great app for anyone who is managing a reef tank. Records all your test results does conversions for parameters and water changes.

A bit over-priced for the quality. The good: has a lot of features that really let you keep a highly detailed log of everything in your tank(s), along with pictures. The bad: quality is pretty amateur for the price. Yearly is spelled 'Yealy' in the scheduling dialog. Their fauna/flora database is very small - it doesn't include the majority of my stock, including Spotted Rasboras, Rotala (of any kind) Weeping Moss, or Monte Carlo.

Great log.. Works as promised. Nice for keep your parameter data.

Simple and Useful!. Purchased to help keep track of my mixed reef tank. I like how simple this app is to use. Input your parameters and it gives you a clear reading as to what your last test was. If your tank is reading higher or lower then the last test it will show. The graph mode is nice to get a better understanding of your tanks chemistry. I have it on my iPad and can use the cloud to update my iPhone to keep the data on two devices. My only real complaint is the purchase cost. I almost didn't purchase due to that alone. Be nice to have a light version or free trail just to get a feel for it. But I'm glad I spent the money. In the grand scale of reef keeping. What's $10? :)

Best app out there.. There are a lot of great things about this app. It would be nice if you could edit photos before placing them. A larger library of species in freshwater would be nice!! It could use an update but is still the best app out there for the home Aquarium hobbyist.

Great App. Super helpful with tracking parameters and tank changes. Love the easels recording stats, and the timers for each that work with most standard test kits.

Best app available. It is probably the best saltwater aquarium app but not perfect. You have to pay $9.99 for Aquarimate live to be able to access on multiple devices which is a rip off. Timeline for tracking coral growth should be much better

iPhone XS crashy crash fest. Crashes at least every 5-10 mins when entering timelines or even just switching back to the app. Takes its sweet time to load as well. Would be nice to have a consistent UX between IOS and MacOS as well.

It's the one!. I've been using aquarimate since Sept 2015. Logs all your stats so you can track changes in water quality over time. Logs aquatic species/plants in a data base right in the app. Track your expenses as you grow 🤑. Add events to timeline so you can easily recall when changes were made. Routine event reminders like water testing, filter cleaning, when to add fertilizers anything you want to be reminded of. You can enter and track multiple aquariums. This is the aquarium app your looking for.

Makes keeping track easy. Before this app I wrote everything down in a book. I tried making excel sheets to graph progress, but this app does it all for me. Keeping track of expenses and having notes and photos in the same place makes it easy too. I just wish I could download a personal backup into my computer.

Love this app. Use it way more then Neptune fusion for inputting and tracking parameters. The calculator is fantastic and has all the supplements that most reefers use. Tracking age of livestock, timelines etc A++++

Amazing. A must for any aquarist out there. Worth every penny

Thieves. Had an Samsung bought the app, emailed them letting them know I moved to apple and seeing if I can get a break for the app, they told me no problem buy it and will credit you the amount, YEA RIGHT, they don't respond to emails and even if the app has bugs no responds. Don't buy the app guys buy something else please don't give these thieves anymore of our money!!!!!!!!!

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Good.. Would like option of more than one parameter reading per day.

Awesome 👌🏻. This app definitely helps me keep up with maintenance and testing... very easy to use with beautiful graphics

Love it. Makes reefing much easier. Convenient to follow parameters. Wish it had a loud alarm to remind me of necessary maintenance. I get worthless occasionally.

So costly!. I understand paying 10$ dollars for the app itself, however by should I have to pay an additional 10$ for a subscription. Waste of money.

Great all-around aquarium app. Keeps me on track with my water changes, livestock, to do’s etc. The livestock library is nice - I’m sure it’s continually getting better with new additions.

Great. Great easy app to keep track of your parameters over time.

Careful when you subscribe. I had all my data in. Pictures and everything. And I decided to pay the extra 10 to let me use it on all my devices. And. Gone. Everything I ever input. At least warn us.

I love it. Very helpful, easy to use and really helps me keep track of 4 tanks

Good way to track. Gives me a snap shot of me tank, helps remembering when did what.

Awesome. Nice app to have. Reminds you of everything and keeps numbers on file. Great app

Wonderful app. I love this app and don’t know how I got along without it. Great job devs. Keep up the great work.

Just what I needed!. Does exactly what I need to track water levels over several tanks. Has neat database and livestock tracker and useful task reminder. The “live” add on makes tracking on several devices and computers a breeze. If you love tracking data in paper form this is for you.

Problems. Big problems with the way scheduled tasks sync between ios and macos versions. I've spent hours trying to figure out what is going wrong and why my tank dosing seems way off. It's the apps. Macos app seems correct. Same task synced to aquarimate cloud shows on ios as due five days later.? I've deleted app, reinstalled, deleted all tasks and created new tasks to no avail.

It works well, I don’t have any complaints.. This app is pretty good. Not 100%, but it works well enough to almost go paperless.

Working. I’m just starting to get into aquariums, plants fish and I’m finding it very interesting. I wish they would add the ability to sync the tasks in the app with iPhone and iPad along with Apple calendars

Perfect Paperwork. I am an inveterate note taker and this is the ideal app for organizing all my notes.

Great App. I love this app. It keep my husbandry on track and gives great analytics. I also use the Aquaribase when shopping for new animals for my reef.

Exaggeration on Abilities. This is just a spreadsheet with a pretty interface. I found the location of where to store dosage information but can't figure out how to record them. Everything is manually added and configured by you. Okay some will say its customizable but thats not good idea for beginners. I wish i never bought it and could get my money back and i would rather give it 0 stars than 1.

Great app.. App works well. In the future, it would be nice to share supplements & foods over more than 1 aquarium.

Great app. I just love this app... all my logs in 1 place and with me 24/7!! Who don’t like that???

Are you kidding me?. I paid $9 for the app, they added additional $9 for subscription. I cancelled the subscription, I can’t even use the app for simple tasks. This is a rip off. The app in not even worth $2. Don’t bother.

Best app. Best app at keeping track of your aquarium needs.

Not happy. Once you move a fish from database to the wishlist or one of your aquariums it no longer tells you any info or if it’s compatible with your other fish also it does not say if you have already added something to your wish list and I’ve tried reaching out to the developer few times with no response but at your own risk will update my rating once fixed

New version crashes. After the update to the newest version, when trying to access Tasks, the app crashes.

Good App but the Database is very poor. The app does its job and works great but when it comes to the aquaribase it lacks data about a ton of very popular fish in the aquarium trade. When adding the livestock to your tank you wont be able to find the fish on the apps database. The app is not worth the 10 dollars asked. Developers update the database of animals. Don't even have info about Datnoids.

Aquarium servicing. I service about 20 different aquariums and this app helps me keep track of everything. A must have if you have a lot of tanks.

No reply to support questions in months. I own the app and the live subscription. I have not gotten replies to support questions in months. Only automated ticket numbers. In particular, I want to know how do I duplicate my existing tank, to avoid re-entering the information?

Pretty neat. Really comes in handy when looking at your parameters in your reef tank, or really any tank honestly. It’s super easy to use and probably my go to when there’s something wrong with the coral. Overall 5/5

Please allow multiple parameters per day. Hi folk. Can you please allow multiple entries of, say PH pr day? Say I want to check PH before CO2 comes on and then after. Seems like there would be several situations where multiple entries are needed per day. Thank you!

Would be nice if.... This would be a great app if... 1. The developer would actually respond to emails. 2. If you have more than one tank you have to have a database for each... would be nice if all your stuff was in one ie dosing.. if I use the same stuff in 3 tanks I have to add this as a dosing in all 3. 3. Would be nice to add your own fish and plants that are not in their very limited list. I doubt very much if the developer is even doing anything with this anymore so don’t waste you money

Just lost data for two tanks. Had been tracking a tank since September and started a fishless cycle on another new 29 gallon tank for more space. Lost everything and not seeing a way to retrieve the info. Very disappointed.

Terrible Customer Service. Used this app for the last 3 years and it has worked great. However, I have an issue with my password and cannot access my account. I emailed customer support as it is the only contact option and I have only received two automated responses saying they received my request. It has been well over a week and I have not received a response to either email.

Great app. I’m a newbie to being a more serious aquarium keeper. This app helped me track my new tank parameters. Easy to use.

Real nice app to help keep you on task. With multiple aquariums this app keeps me on task and what I did last to what one and keeps my dosing schedule good and keeps track of my water parameters all very easily. Excellent app. Well worth the $10

Pretty good but expensive. It’s a good app tracks everything but for the price you pay it’s still buggy and that was disappointing but it will track everything really well

Many issues. The app is not communicating with my phone. The app on my phone won’t open properly. I have tried for months to get technical support with no answer. I paid for this program and it was good when it was working. I’m looking for another app. This WAS a good app not its glitchy and NO support.

Great app. Great app for keeping track of aquarium water parameters, livestock, equipment, and expenses. I would rate it a five, but still trying to learn all the functions of the app. I’ve acclimated freshwater mollies to Saltwater, but there can not add them to my livestock list.

Would love a swipe to go back. Great app, really helps me keep track of everything. Would love to see a swipe to go back option.

Easy and awesome. This app helps me know when water gets out of wack. Easy to use. Helpful

Great App With Lots Of Features. I tried 3 different apps and this is by far the best. It has lots of testing parameters, it graphs your tanks chemical tests and you can even log your fish and equipment along with their cost. I’m very happy with the app.

Beginners Helper:Reminder. Helps keeping stats fun and easy, if one is into stats and graphs..although the expenses list totals are daunting, it’s a helpful reminder.. it’s not a cheap hobby,

Great App. Helps me keep track of multiple tanks tasks. Highly recommended.

Data base. I love the app but I don’t know the scientific name for my fishes. Also I would like to see a much broader list of species and plants to select, it needs options for amphibians and clams.

Bad, bad support. Watch out. Bought the app for iPad, paid additional for cloud & sharing, and not having any luck with working across platforms such as with iPhone. Many attempts at asking for help, contacting tech support, but no responses. Like others have said, program might be nice (albeit pricey), but with the very bad, nonexistent service/tech support, makes you want to look for better.

Great app, especially for new reefers. This app has been great as a journal for tracking this trek. I discontinued saltwater years ago but recently got back in after 20 years.

Good app but more than I needed. I can’t turn off auto renew and cancel subscription! And no one will contact and/or help me! Update: To cancel a subscription you have to “manage subscriptions” via iTunes.

Worth it. The price does surprise you but it’s 100% worth it. Im a beginner and it’s really helped me stay organized and know where I’m at

Great App. This app is a great way to record/catalog your tests, tasks, equipment and livestock. Reminder alerts are great too. My criticisms: 1- It needs a greater data base for livestock (fish, plants, etc.). 2-It needs some interface enhancements such as “auto landscape mode” when looking at the analyzed data charts. 3-It needs a section on trouble shooting diseases and ailments to help the aquarist trouble shoot, diagnose and prescribe a solution to heal fish, plants, etc. 4-Also a conversion calculator would be nice too.

Good App. Perfect place to store tank parameters. Making it perfect would be suggestions on maintaining conditions with your tank based on setup.

Some things don’t work. If you add daily task it shows due by a week so obviously a bug.

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 9.1
Play Store WiseLogic.Aquarimate
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Aquarimate (Versiyon 9.1) Install & Download

The application Aquarimate was published in the category Productivity on 21 December 2012, Friday and was developed by WiseLogic Inc [Developer ID: 554628754]. This program file size is 53.5 MB. This app has been rated by 577 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Aquarimate - Productivity app posted on 23 June 2023, Friday current version is 9.1 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: WiseLogic.Aquarimate. Languages supported by the app:

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