Car Camera DVR. HD Dashcam pro GPS Blackbox

Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a full featured Car DVR recorder at a fraction of the cost of the standalone device. Whenever you commute to work, go on a road trip or race on a race track, car camera is your ideal companion. Record HD definition videos while driving with embedded data about time, location and speed. Export recorded videos to use as an evidence in case of ticket or accident or just to share with your friends if you caught something interesting on tape.

Car camera is the only app in App Store that is capable of recording high quality HD driving videos with data overlay.


Record videos with resolutions 640х480, 1280х720, 1920х1080 and up to 30 FPS
Embed data overlay into videos: current time, speed, coordinates, heading
Record audio
Metric and English units
Continuous loop recording. Older videos are overridden by newer ones to preserve space on the device
Store recorded videos within the application
Video Playback within the application or with AirPlay enabled devices
Export Videos to the gallery

YouTube video:


GPS capability required to record Speed, Heading and Location data
Available Video resolutions depend on your device. 1920х1080 HD at 30 FPS is currently available only on iPhone 4S

Car Camera DVR. HD Dashcam pro GPS Blackbox App Description & Overview

The applications Car Camera DVR. HD Dashcam pro GPS Blackbox was published in the category Navigation on 2012-11-26 and was developed by AppAnnex, LLC. The file size is 16.32 MB. The current version is 1.2.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Compatible with iOS10
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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I like it  Draytonp  4 star

So far so good. A suggestion, I can easily open the app with siri. Can you make the phrase "Open the car camera and begin recording" function? A setting option to begin recording when the app opens would probably do the trick. This would make the app more hands free friendly.

Bill minder user

Love it  Bill minder user  5 star

Use with an old phone, wish list would be to start recording when I open app.

Mr. kick

My opinion  Mr. kick  5 star

Very useful and convenient app, thanks.


H. White  Ret/CO  3 star

For the most part the app works well. I would like to see a letter color option on the app when recording. Letter meaning the time, speed, direction, etc. I personally would prefer the lettering to be red


Great Dash Cam  Krimjimlin  5 star

It works exactly as described, exactly what I was looking for. Many of these dash cams have a ton of extra features that make the app useless as a dash cam or burn your battery. Ran this cam on dimmed screen and battery save mode and only used 60% of battery over 3.5 hours of constant use. A few things I would like to point out: 1: Be careful of your phone placement it can and will overheat. 2: As with all dash cams this one will not record while multitasking. 3: Please don't use it while driving, set it up and don't touch it! Highly recommended!


Wish List  jquimb  4 star

I am very pleased with the app. Here is my wish list: 1) Toggle audio record, i don't want to record my personal conversations, but at some point i may want to narrate or if stoped for traffic violation or accident I would want audio on. You currently would need to stop recording and go into configuration. 2) Toggle camera (front back) same reasons listed above. 3) Be able to select color of driving stats for me the white gets lost. 4) Make it more obvious that it is recording. The change in red it not very noticeable. I rely on the 3 dots on the right as an indicator. Sometimes i think it is recording and it's not. ~ jeff


No record without enabling audio  2xlt  1 star

His is ridiculous you can't record video without recording audio.


Great dashcam  Sahmeldin  5 star

I love it


Love it  Kenbeck06  5 star

It has been working great for me! I love it!!


Really?  BLwhite2497  1 star

The video is horrible to be an alleged 1080P. Plus you cannot listen to your music while it records. Wanting a refund...


Good.  Squeaky369  4 star

Good app. Record quality is good enough, not the best. Can read license plates if stopped at a light (iPhone camera issue). Only issue is that it causes the music app to crash when launched.


Takes a lot of memory  pudchuck  2 star

This app does a pretty good job except that it takes a ton of memory for the videos and does a poor job managing them. I have to occasionally uninstall the app to get back space.

Robbie Bott

Choppy Video  Robbie Bott  1 star

Video on an iPhone 6 Plus is very choppy and not smooth, no matter what setting you try. Choppy enough to defeat the purpose of the app.


A MUST for Truck Driver!!!  SuperTruckerOTR  5 star

I've had this app for over a year now and I am totally impressed! I drive a big rig over the road and log at least 2,500 miles each week. This app is excellent and HD quality. I also run 2 other dash cams whenever my wheels are turning for all angles and even my mirrors. This app has saved me before from idiots on the road that tried to blame me for something they caused. It's much quicker to show a state trooper a video clip from my iPhone than it is from my other actual dash cams. Plus with time, date, SPEED, GPS coordinates, and direction of travel, it's a solid defense if you ever need to "Prove" your innocence if you ever get in an accident or some douchebag gets mad at you for a stupid reason cause they want to merge but you can't safely merge to allow them onto the interstate and are hauling 43,000+ pounds and can't stop on a dime and they drive on the shoulder and hit pot holes and call the police saying you ran them off the road. Trust me, this is a COST EFFECTIVE driving tool that can not only save you THOUSANDS of $$$, but you can ALSO upload saved clips to YouTube or your Facebook quickly to have an instant backup online for future reference if needed. I highly recommend this app for any professional drivers out there. It's also a great way to document and log your route for others to watch. Such as a difficult route for a semi to navigate, or a video "diary" for your own reference if you want to remember a delivery or place you might go to again in the future, or for other drivers to view your drive and the surroundings of the road and areas. I only have 1 complaint.... IF you get a phone call while running this app, the recording will stop while your phone is raining or if you answer the call, it is stopped until you end your call, but will automatically return to the app and resume once you end the call. This can be a BAD issue if you are involved in an accident while on a call. I WISH there would be an option to keep the app recording as a high priority and be able to keep recording if you don't accept any incoming phone calls. Also having more options of segments saved and even 3 minute lengths with more total loops available. I have an iPhone 6 Plus 128 gig and can save a TON of video clips but that option is limited. But overall, this app is EXCELLENT!

Nane hawrami

best  Nane hawrami  5 star

very very good app


Great App, only 1 Wish  Poindeml  4 star

Great app. Does exactly what I expected it to do. Only thing it's missing.......the ability to access the rear facing camera. If the developers would add this feature, I'd give it 5 stars.


Great dashboard camera app  ShenanigansFL  4 star

I've tried a lot of other dashboard cam apps in the Apple Store and the quality is the best on this one. My only 2 complaints which is keeping me from giving it 5 stars is I wish you could just open the app and it records in the background and then when something happens you can just hit save last minute of footage or last 30 seconds and then it records everything after as well. This app is more proactive than reactive... Meaning in order to catch anything on camera you'd have to be recording the entire time. I also wish it had an easier way to indicate that it is recording other than the dull red blinking light. Overall though this quality of this app is the best of its kind. Highly recommended!


Won't respond  Lexi5926  1 star

Paid a bit of $ for this. I'd like a full refund, this app crashes more times than I've been able to use it. Awful.


Be Safe!  JohnINTP  5 star

Love this app. It doesn't record your whole trip only the last couple of minutes. Even with that, make sure you have a lot of available memory. If something happens you can save the last couple of minutes. There should be a voice recording version of this for police encounters!


Great App !.!.  JDAY316  5 star

My store bought dash cam died and I was so upset. I checked the App Store and found this one instead. Bought a windshield mount and refuse to buy another store bought dash cam. Make sure you have a car charger hooked up to your phone though. Also you can save battery life by putting your phone on dim.

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