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Flick your finger and make a homerun.
You can experience a real baseball batting through the physical pendulum.

This is a game in which you can experience various throws based on the pendulum. The ball will fly further if you can hit the ball directly with the quick flick. Experience a “real-life like” batting simulation.

■ Easy Control---------------------------
You only use flick to control the batting for this game. The more accurate you flick your finger to hit the ball; it is more likely that you will be a home-run hitter.
The rule is simple. Flick your finger with the same feeling in which you would swing a bat in real life. Think of your finger as a bat, and flick it with speed and accuracy. That’s all.

■ Movement of the ball------------------
Various kinds of throws are materialized into “real-life like” feelings. Different pitches pull out different various kinds of movements. Thus, the batter may miss the timing and would be hard to hit.

■ 10 GAME mode------------------------
You can enjoy this game through 5 kinds of mode.
Minor & Major Mode- Hit as many home-runs as you can; as far as you can.
Multiplayer Mode- You can compete with other players via Game Center.
Moon-Star Mode- Try for a record with the given 9 balls.
Training Mode- You can practice with different kinds of pitches.
*Bunt mode ( need minor 15step): Drop the ball on the target of the floor correctly.
*Total mode ( need bunt 10000 point ) : You’ll meet many different types of the balls from the beginning of the game.
*Faster & faster ( need total 25000 point ) : Head-to-head with only fastballs.
*Jiant mode ( need F&F 10000 point ) : Match with a Giant pitcher
*Cutter mode ( need Jiant 12000 point ) : Match with cutterballs which can cut the baseball bat.

■ add 28 Achievement Bonus--------------
1 Achievement = 1 level up bonus!!!

■ Level Up System-----------------------
You can choose and upgrade 1 of 3 skills every time the exp becomes full.-
Power: You can increase the power of the bat
Accuracy: You can increase the accuracy of the batting
Batting Eye: You can know ahead of the next ball’s pattern

■ Home-Run Tip!---------------------------
1.Make a full swing with a fast batting-speed!
2.Hit the ball followed from the various thrown pattern with an accurate swing!
3.Let’s keep an eye on the ball until the end and predict the change of the pattern!
4.Let’s be confident and make a full swing!

■ FAQ -------------------------------------
Q : How does STEP UP SYSTEM?
A : STEP UP = More balls
ex) Minor 1 step = 3 balls
Minor 2 step = 6 balls

Flick Home Run ! App Description & Overview

The applications Flick Home Run ! was published in the category Games on 2011-10-15 and was developed by infinity pocket. This application file size is 26.04 MB. Flick Home Run ! current version is 1.7.2 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions.

-bug fix in "Bunt Mode"
-bug fix in "Called Shot Mode"

Flick Home Run ! App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Flick Home Run ! Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Rosshm16   4 star

Delete “Giant Unit” mode. Giant Unit mode is some of the most stupid un-fun garbage I’ve ever played in a mobile game. Other than that this is a great game.

GatorHater44   1 star

Broken. I used to love this game. Then something went wrong and I can no longer progress from a level up perspective. This has been a persistent issue. Do not download this game until the devs update it (last update was over 3 years ago).

Porky3234   3 star

Annoying. I paid money for the game and I get ads all the time and the game keeps kicking me off

Nickyboi38   5 star

The games is amazing just fix one thing. This game is amazing I never get bored of it I hope u guys answer back cause your game is so much fun to play I love how it’s a challenge the one thing I would like you to change is just to add a feature to flip the screen the other way so the balls get pitched through the right side it would make it easier to hit home runs cause I,am lefty

Terry Holden   3 star

Next step crashes!. Every time I’m about to go into the next step it crashes and takes all I’ve earned. It’s frustrating and I have deleted it so I don’t waste my time.

Kaljxlwkalxmala,kkzkz   1 star


fjfgkgujj   1 star

This is game is trash. If if tap on the square it counts as an out. That doesn’t even make sense. Also I hit the baseball clear as day and it fouls or it’s a pop-up. Fix your game! :(

Sick.b123   5 star

MONEY. Hey I love you game in all but can I please have my money back Bc I really want something and I need money but I spent all my money on this so please can I have my money back

SLAMASTERJ32   1 star

Crap Game. This game is so horrible. Wait like I’m told to swipe after it goes over the dotted line and it says out before I can even swipe and no my finger isn’t on the screen. Beware this game is crap.

zombieshow98   4 star

Cheap statue. The statue in the giant ball mode is ridiculous I have gotten so close to my score and the statue makes me fail other than that the game is great.

YaBroPhil   2 star

Developer doesn’t update any longer. This game used to be awesome. It hasn’t been updated in 3 years though, so it’s not stable on current iOS versions. I don’t recommend it any longer because of this. I’m not even sure why it’s still available for download at this point.

Jtlegit   2 star

Game is fun but progression costs extra. Good concept with enough game modes but Jesus Christ it takes forever to level up in order to actually do decent in some of the modes. Pricing for levels is stupidly high too. It’s a shame the devs are just going for your money

IAmGoatified   4 star

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kykykool9   5 star

This game is great! Please update. This was literals like the best game ever! We would always play this but all it needs is a little update! Like iPhone X compatibility ability and I bet this game could easily hit the charts. The top game charts that is!

maxgunter   3 star

Fun but freezes. I love this game, and really want to give it 5 stars cause it would deserve it if the game didn’t crash every couple of minutes... Typically after 5 minutes it won’t let you press the pitch button so then you have to exit out of the app, cancel the app and restart it. Sounds more tedious than it is but still, annoying. First world problems....

bdiaz812   1 star

Purchase didn’t work. Purchase 5 point power upgrade 2 time and only one worked. Can you guys help me with this?

1287 dog day   3 star

Game keeps crashing. I’ve had this game off and on for a couple years. I’ve recently completed every level and now I play Shots Called most of the time. Now every time I reach level 9 the game freezes and will not continue. Not only does it freeze but you lose all your points. It seems as though this has been a problem for quite a while yet it hasn’t been fixed. Maybe the developer should fix their game.

Runtrishrun   4 star

Glitches. The game is fun but 1/3 of the time that I hit the ball it glitches through the swing and if you hit it and it happens to go up and forward then it’s like something is up there throwing the opposite way of the original direction. Otherwise I love the game!👌🏼

Seindog   1 star

Not what it used to be. They ruined the game with their greed.

Double2chin   1 star

Why is my progress gone??. My progress is completely gone. There is no place to sign in or submit feedback so I thought I’d do it here!! Help

Got midgets?   1 star

Not even once. So this game made for people who want to play and have ads that have no other choice but to bring you to worse games made by the people who made this equally horrible game. Please don’t download this game or you will be equally as disappointed as I was.

Camden$!   1 star

So frustrating. Yo I got this game (deleted just now) but this game is horrible because whenever I swipe it doesn’t even show the white line I swear this is one of the worst games on the App Store don’t even try to pay money on this game EVER

CLOMBARDI23   1 star

Requires Real Money. Once you reach 9,412 XP there is no more leveling up and it requires users to spend real money if they want to progress any further in the game. It’s actually a fun game but this made me lose interest

Shhicken   1 star

Scam. I paid $15 for an In app purchase. I went to reinstall the app and now I would have to purchase the $15 in app add on again. Contacted the seller, but not reply. Read the reviews about this game before you purchase anything.

Steve Greet   1 star

Ripped Off. I’ve purchased an upgrade, however I never got what I paid for

JuicyKnots   1 star

Best game for years.... Only game I have played for years. Always come back to it, but now they do not even update it anymore. I can’t believe it’s still one of the top paid apps in its category. Do not buy this game. Do not buy this game. Jump into a time portal and play the 2012 version, ever since 2015 this app has been crap. They updated to make the game much less fun and for you to pay money for extras to even progress further into the game. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! At least update the game it’s been a year and half for the bigger screen phones and I still have to play like it’s 2004 and widescreen tvs just came out but you can’t watch lord of the rings full screen...stop buying this game, seriously people.

travdad   1 star

Didn’t get what I paid for. I paid the $9.99 to level up 5 and it did. A few days later I paid $9.99 again to level up 5 and no level up on any. I made sure I got a receipt from apple for the purchase.

therealchancewaynd   1 star

New update. Can you please make the game compatible for iPhone XS Max

irloser8   1 star

Garbage.. Basically read the top review. Which is a 1 star as well. But they nailed it on the head. I had this game before and deleted it. And totally forgot about it. Then I remembered it and was like oh I’ll try it again. And well now I remember why I deleted it in the first place. It’s rigged. You have to play a crap ton for 1 little upgrade. It’s fun for like the first 30 min. Then you’ll delete it. I guarantee it.

IPod game guy   3 star

Needs an Update. I actually really like this game, but I find it completely ridiculous that it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. I’m playing on a XS Max and it looks like it’s in the ratio of about the 4 or 5. If your finger leaves the sides of the play area it will count as an out, so that part is really frustrating. But other than that this is a really fun game to play. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for you to make the in app purchases, the achievements and everything are perfectly doable without them, they just make it easier.

Advertorial    5 star

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DAnders96   3 star

Crashing. This game is fun but not when it crashes every time I try to play, gets annoying

Tryley   1 star

Beyond Unreasonable Pricing. I would encourage everyone who owns this game to voice your opinion on the incredibly greedy pricing on thus game. To even get past the moderate level in this game you’ll end up paying 50-100 dollars. For an app. That is just flicking your finger at a baseball. What a greedy bunch of nonsense. You make the game industry worse, devs.

Gambler 1773   1 star

Free version so much better. The free version is 1000 times better, pretty gay you when you can’t even hit the ball out of the park because of experience, I had way more fun on the free version, don’t waste your money on this pathetic game

Ballsuponya   1 star

Over 1 Year No Update. The game desperately needs an update for bugs. Freezes and lags all the time, using an iPhone 6S Plus

Wdmkr   3 star

Too many crashes. It's a fun game but it crashes way way too often. Not worth getting until this is fixed. It can be very frustrating

18173)47:6   1 star

Multiplayer gold bat. Impossible to get gold bat as multiplayer mode is not working anymore. Need an update to fix this.

TheChamp02   3 star

Crashing. I'm doing the Called Shot mode and it keeps crashing on me. Can this be fixed? January 30th 2017 This game keeps crashing on me. It's frustrating.

Kentolee   2 star

Money grabber. The game starts off fun enough, but after a while, it takes a ridiculous amount of play time to gain exp points needed to level up. Without the "power ups", you cannot achieve further objectives. That's fine if you just want to keep flicking balls, but it's also hard to swallow knowing that it's possible to hit further. Of course, there's the option to pay to power up via IAP, but at ~ $1 a level, multiply by 99 levels, multiply by at least 2 different skills (contact + power), that gets expensive. Sure, you can grind it for free and "farm", but the game looses its fun factor.

Blah617182819   2 star

Crashing. I love the new "called shot" mode. However its super frustrating that whenever I play, the game crashes and doesnt save my highscore or give me exp points 😔

Fraderayzem   3 star

New features! Like ads!. In game purchases plus ads?

cuzicantstop   3 star

Fun, but.... There's no restore purchase option. I paid for some stuff awhile ago, but once I got a new phone everything was deleted. I won't be giving this guy any more money anytime soon.

Kingjazzy15   3 star

Fix. Fix the swinging glitches!! And make it easier to get to different levels!

Dundasholes   2 star

So fun but..... My golden bat was not restored. They're really not going to give me the stuff I already paid for? Wth? Also, why is it so hard to level up so early in the game? I would have to play for years to get one stat to max 99. Disappointed because the game had potential to be great.

24😉☺️😀   4 star

Flick home run. The game was good but why do the have a maximum of 1000

Raz59   1 star

Upgrade phone lose everything. I just upgraded my phone and downloaded the app, I figured since its on game centre that I would be able to upload my progress... Wrong! WTF? What a rip off. Delete.

My exp remains at zero. I just dl'd this game and have played for hours and never receive any exp that goes towards my power ups. Fix this bug.

Monsterman36   1 star

Finger slides off. Every time i try to hit the ball, it shows that my finger stops right before i hit the ball when clearly it doesnt. So annoying, especially when im on my high score. Fix it.

FarminTim   1 star

Junk. If you recently updated, you lost all XP and purchases. What a junk game that no longer is on my phone. Whoever made the update should be fired as he is a complete moron!

Alec042   4 star

Pretty good. Pretty good app good dynamics just need to get better

b_fn_c   1 star

Added to blacklist. Game has been broken for months. No update. Won't be downloading/buying from infinity anymore

Doom slasher   1 star

Bull. Crapy game and very difficult

Fransixsixsix   1 star

These guys will steal from you. Used to love this game. Now, i lost all my power ups, steps and cant even lvl up anymore. Basically, i got my money stole from them.

Seby Y   5 star

Swag. The game is plain awesome

Bellzys   1 star

Dont get this game!. The giant mini game is rigged so you cant beat it

MattAttack92   1 star

Customer service. Customer service is terrible from everything that I have read. Lots of people have had the games memory deleted with the pervious update and there does not seem to be a fix of any kind for this.

iPinky81   3 star

Deleted steps and modes!. Not to impressed with the fact that my steps and modes got deleted and I had 8 gold bats and now I have to start over again! But yet I still have my contacts, power ups and eye...huh?This is the second time this has happened to me after updating!! Bug fix? Really?FIX THE PROBLEM!!

Leeang14   1 star

Don't update. I waited to update because you said there was a problem, then all the sudden it was ok to update, yet all of my data was deleted and now I have to start from scratch. I hope you fix this problem or I will not be downloading anymore of your apps

Kai Mitchell   4 star

Good game but.... Soon as I updated it to the the new updat I lost all my steps and modes I unlocked but It still keped all my Xp and my achievements but in the leaderboards it says I did all those steps

blipadouzi   2 star

Bug fix broke the game. After the latest bug fix, my savegame got deleted and now I have to start over from scratch. This used to be my favourite game... Now I'm deleting from my phone.

Kolipp   4 star

Awesome. This game is so addicting

Advertorial    5 star

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whathell 3000   4 star

Good game but. Good game but expect a full version to have no ads -_-

Becchaday   1 star

Stupid!!. WHAT A JOKE!! I update the game and all my achievements are lost and I have to start again, don't even want to play the game anymore!!!

AnimeFan#101   5 star

Gamer101. can you guys plz optimize this game for ipod 5th gen also its 4' inch retina display thanks :)

smsurf   4 star

Great game. I've been playing this game for a long time now, the graphics are great and the in-game facilities are also pretty good, the only down side is that when u hit the ball out of the park, u know where all of the cars are, also it would be better to have more maps

hfsrhh   2 star

-______-. lost all my progress and all my achievements

mitchhhheeeeelllllllllll   5 star

iPad. This is such a great game and I think it would be even better on the iPad.

Ritchie980   4 star

Good game. Good game, lots of different modes very fun 1st for review for this version :)

Caiti.west   1 star

Not good. This is one of my favourite apps, but for the last few days the app has been running so poorly, the ball is constantly freezing making it near impossible to hit. Please fix.

Canberra towie   5 star

Awesome fun. I spend far to much time playing this its very addictive and great fun to play do yourself a favour and hit the download button right now !!

Winkyface ;D   5 star

Was great. It is a great game in the beginning but as others have said there is nothing to strive for. I have been waiting for levels to come for a while now but still nothing. If you want to redeem this, add more levels with bonus 'xp' things involved to keep leveling up a bit easier

MrRaisin   3 star

Fun, but.... Flick Home Run is a great concept that's well executed across multiple levels and various play scenarios. For the newbie to the game it's exciting especially when you get to the higher levels. And that's where the fun begins to dissipate. Candidly, it gets too monotonous to try and achieve higher rankings in 'control', 'power', or 'eye up' as the points needed are ridiculously too high and left in desperation of: a) giving up, b) paying more money to fast track a few 'power ups' or c) plod along in your spare time and hope by your 75th bday you've amassed enough points to add to your collection. A good game but falls short in the long run, which is a shame. If still interested then check out the free version before committing. Good luck !

MCCORMACK1234   3 star

Its ok. This game is fun but very hard to play

 Nunkster budgie   2 star

Yeah.... Fun for a while but frustration and slow levelling takes it toll.

Paddlepops   2 star

Yeah.... Fun for a while but frustration and slow levelling takes it toll.

Stifla9   5 star

Awesome Game!!. Can't stop playing because there's so many games!!! Definitely a fun but extremely addictive game :-)

Southaussielad   5 star

awesome. its really good

Jew89   1 star

Flick home run. Good game,but it constantly lags,freezes and resets its self. And does not save high scores or step when it resets. Disappointed !

Jay99Rai   5 star

Epic. On my top 5 iPod games!!

Thisiszaksmithbros   4 star

Official app reviewer. Hey this game is pretty good it's been number 1 before and they desered it the game takes a long time to get to the next level witch is major level but it is awesome And u should 100% get it I'm giving it 4 stars Thx. Official app reviewer Zak. !!!!!!!!!!!

Moontheory   1 star

:(. Game is addictive, but it's practically impossible to level up if you don't buy upgrades. It's also glitchy, and recently reset itself to a score of zero. Don't download!!

AussiePillow   1 star

FAIL. says installed but didn't install at all.

Pudyba   4 star

Addictive but flawed. First off, this is a fabulously addictive game that will hook anyone in... for a while. I soon got bored/impatient with the time it was taking and shelled out $20 for a huge power boost. Well that was great for some time until I discovered the 1000ft limit on shots in the minor league. When I got to the majors I assumed there would be no limit but there is, bizzarely at 2273ft, which takes away any motivation to keep playing. This game could be so much more. I hope the designers release an update soon addressing the issues raised.

Pd!d!   5 star

Level up please.... Highly addictive and love the game but getting bit bored of only one level...

Nina Kavvathas   4 star

Hard but fun. To hard to level up but fun when u r boared

Cubb2002   4 star

Very good. This game is very good but it takes so long to get to step 5

wickitywick   1 star

to much. this game needs to ne free theres hardly anything to do

KillahAces   3 star

Way to hard. Finally beat the first level second level way to hard, also xp take to long to build up. 3 stars

Rexrules   5 star

Really really fun game. This game is awesome don't listen to the other people everyone will love it

Rosco 73   5 star

Awesome. Always a challenge!

p1a1l1m1t1r1e1e1   4 star

ok. pretty good, frustrating though

steeles service   1 star

In app purchase. I bought 5 power and it shows it charged me account but I haven’t received the 5 power. I would like a refund or what I purchased!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Sean bat   5 star

Please update. Please update for new levels

Aaronh47   1 star

Money gone. So who do I talk to to get all the money I spent on upgrades that have no vanished???

RepOmaNe   1 star

P2W. Scummy developers turned a formerly great game into a pay to win model on a paid app. Gameplay is fun but leveling is impossible and forces you to pay if you want better stats. Sick of this garbage trend on every game in the industry.

Mtanuma   1 star

Should have never paid for this.. I don’t normally write reviews, but this game seemingly casual game consistently kicks me out. Seems like a game that requires very little interface should not constantly kick someone out, especially when you pay for the game.

zach_ramirez05   2 star

Needs MAJOR Bug fixes. As I was filling myself with nostalgia by playing this game once again ever since I was a little kid, I found that some of my flicks weren’t picked up by the game. It would be a big help to fix this problem, or change the sensitivity. Thank you!!

zackattack2727   1 star

no xp. cant earn xp anymore. obvious money grab after the last update.

Jayman232323   1 star

Refund Please. I just purchased $9.99 to up the power, eye, and contact. It took my money but never updated my stats to show that I purchased it. Can you please update my stats to show it or refund my money please? This is crazy that it didn’t update! Please help! Thanks

stirve   3 star

Fun game until it screws you. Was having an incredible game until the game literally screwed me three times in a row. It just didn't register my finger swipe at all. So frustrating. Won't be playing again for a while.

Fffghybhhg   1 star

Buyer beware!. Yea bought this game awhile ago and waited so long for an update. It was a fun game and I saw it updated and got excited. Only to find out they added advertisements to a paid game and still did nothing to the game it self besides make it impossible to play without spending more money. It’s a joke they added new “game” modes and did nothing about the mechanics. You’ll still miss for no reason. Do not buy this game.

Islander420   1 star

Horrible. Would give it less then 1 star if possible, was a great game I loved playing all the time till they added in all the in app purchases, might as well make it a free to download game to save people there money, this game will never be the same as it was before

INSTA dreamer 201333   2 star

steals your money. I get frustrated at how long it takes to level up so i bought 5 power levels TWICE and they were not delivered, give me my money back or give me my power levels!!

HOBOSHANE   3 star

Kinda fun but super glitchy. So the game is really fun but there’s some problems they need to fix. For example, sometimes the bat messes up and cuts off mid-swing. Also, when I restart a level the pitch button doesn’t work and I have to close the app. Another thing, it takes waaaaaaaayyyyy too long to level up. It can take you a week to level up and you only get 1 stupid stat upgrade. I think it does this because it wants you to spend a lot of money. And the achievements take too long and the rewards are too little. Like, 2000 cars and they only give you 1 stat upgrade.In bunt master, the ball always overshoots the platform. It never used to do that before. It’s not me, you can just hold your finger on the screen and the ball will go past it. And if you try to pop it up, IT’LL STILL GO PAST IT! Another thing, after your turn ends it says “NEW HIGH SCORE!!!!” But its not. The called shot thing is broke too. When I try to call my shot and I hit it 900 feet and the multiplier kept going. So I thought it glitched and I was going to get 5 times the points at the end of the game. But it turned out, I had the same amount of points it said without the multiplier. This made giant mode 10 times longer. Why is it called giant mode if the ball isn’t bigger. Also the multiplayer mode doesn’t work either. First of all, it takes like 5 minutes to find a match. And second of all, when you press the pitch button it spits out like 10 balls. But overall, the game is still sort of fun. I think the moonstar modes are the best. If the developers fixed these issues then the game would be a lot better.

assassinfanforlife   2 star

The triggering glitch and going all out. Ok so this is kinda stupid how the developers haven't fixed the glitch where you hit the ball and it glitches backward in sure I'm not the only one I mean this game has been out for awhile and this should have been on the top priority list like adding more levels cool and all but what's the point if a glitch is making you get out all the time? Also I bet this isn't the first complaint about this I'm surprised how many stars it has cause this is also a rigged game hopefully sometime in the future people will start to understand that some games just want your money. Other than that it's pretty fun until they add updates and you lose all your progress. Ok I paid some good money for this game and it is terrible I mean like developers if your reading this then make some changes my game always crashes when I get it for real!? This is one of the biggest issues I've had with your game I'd rather play my little ponie then a game that crashes idk what it is but you need to get it together or your ratings are gonna drop way down which in the position that I'm in right now I hope your ratings drop to a 1 stAr. And to the people who actually enjoy this game trust me after a while you'll say to yourself "well that was a waste of money and time."

DylanMurphy176   2 star

Great game! -me 2016. This game was great. I loved playing it in my free time, until I couldn’t. I’m on the iPhone 8 and idk if this has anything to do with what’s been happening; within the first 30-60 seconds I’ve been on the app, it crashes instantly. I’ve tried everything, restarting my phone, even redownloading the app, but to no avail. This is garbage

Mi'chael Bear   5 star

Mi’chael Morris. My first purchase of an app and I like flickhomerun but it keeps on going off when I play the game

8) ;)   3 star

Used to be Great. I used to love this game but for some reason the bag doesn't register sometimes so you don't even get a chance to hit, and now the levels take forever to reach unless you spend $1 for one point, anyone would be dumb to pay that but this game was good at one point

edaw33   1 star

Fun BUT..... ....this app hasn’t been updated in forever and if you look at the apps help page, the developer basically ignores everyone. It’s a shame because with a few yearly updates this could be an all-time top app.

Brett_Howie   2 star

Not updated for the X. Avoid this. Developers have stopped updating.

bu99z87   1 star

Buyer BEEARE. Game does not work it will automatically close when you try to play it.

KayaTiger   5 star

My favorite game. Big thanks to the developer for updating the game to work on iOS 11. It's literally the only game I play. Hopefully the iPad version gets an update soon too.

You need ROBLOX   1 star

Worst game ever 🤬. What I thought would be a fun game and a time wasting game is the complete opposite.there is ads like crazy there’s lag like crazy and there’s a point where u can’t hit the ball. Don’t waste ur money on this stupid piece of trash

DEADITES23   1 star

Please add iPhone X support. Needs iPhone X support

Viking2k5   5 star

Best game ever. Great

jr6522   3 star

Fun but glitchy. Really fun but super glitchy. Just completed a rank to unlock a new mode and it froze and quit the app causing me to lose my progress.

Jerrod710   1 star

New phone, all my accomplishments have not come back. I want all my accomplishments to come back from 2015 since I got this new phone. I spent money on this game back then to get a lot of big upgrades. They should t have just vanished because I got a new phone.

Atius   1 star

Crashes. Crashes constantly

SoleMan27   5 star

Great Gane. I don’t understand why there are so many negative reviews. This is a unique game and I’ve been playing it for years. I did loose my ranking which sucked as it is harder to level up now.... but I’d rather have it harder than too easy and then your done too quick...!

Dontcareowo   1 star

Rest in peace. What was once a fun game has been ruined by greedy developers. Nothing else to say other than don't waste your money.

NYSubway18   1 star

What happened?! Crashed constantly.. I paid for and have loved this app for years, but it just crashed constantly now. Probably needs an update but nothing has been done for so long. So disappointed right now.

Gabbbbbbtrolllll   5 star

Problem. I cant login to game center

Habsrock3113   5 star

Good game. Good game but you shouldn't have to start at step 1 every time!

DeeJM0   4 star

Awesome baseball. I really like its free now fora limited time try it now so addicting!!!!!

Hockey Star66   3 star

Okay. Make a lefty option where the ball is thrown from the left side of the screen please!!

Geoffenson   3 star

Disappointed. Fun game, but was very disappointed when I upgraded to iPhone 5 and lost all my achievements and power ups, even the ones I purchased from the developers. Really lame guys!

Owend77   3 star

Okay. I rate it on 4 things, controls, sound graphics, gameplay contols-they are okay, but really bad on some off the balls like slo-mo and motto so-no star Sound- most of it is unessisary and and annoying so-no star Graphics-I saw what they were aiming for so-+1 star Gameplay-simple and easy +1 star I say your taking a risk, it doesn't matter if you like baseball or not, I give it a 3/5 stars

aaaj9   1 star

Terrible. Worse than free version I want my money back. 0 stars for me

Edward lover :P   1 star

Love it but hate it. I love the game but its stupid how easily you lose and the little bar thing at the top, you miss the ball twice and then its empty and your like what?!?! Like seriously it drives me crazy!

Dfccv   1 star

One word garbage. Way to hard wast off money get free game


Best Game Ever!!!. Like I said BEST GAME EVER, It is so fun hitting the ball out of the park Like I said BEST GAME EVER!!!

Brycewatt   1 star

Annoying. You can level up if you sit and play it without closing it. Soon as you close it you loose your progress.

Taaamm   1 star

Mildly amusing game but big joke. This game is a scam. You play forever and never level up. The only way to level up is to pay for it.

Volatilemrx   1 star

Cash grab. This game blows... Get the demo and enjoy.

Uducjc   1 star

👿. This game has nothing to do with baseball and it always glitches when I hit the ball. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING ELSE!

Dadio61   3 star

Fun, but.... ... It is way too obvious that the game 'cheats', in order to get you to purchase upgrades (more power/contact). Maybe if the cheating was less obvious, or the upgrades were more sensibly priced, this would work in their favor. The 'cheating' is really apparent in 'Moonstar' mode, when there is absolutely no consistency to the angle or strength of bounce-back off of the moon contact. I enjoy the game, but am frustrated that they had to code in the cheating for profit.

Gdnhjlnasdlf   3 star

Good but some glitches.. This is a pretty good game, getting that special feeling when you reach 1000ft, but there are some glitches, like one is when you hit the ball, the ball goes backwards and you lose a bunch of the bar. Overall, it is a pretty good game, I recommend that you buy it!

Jesse9798   4 star

Good. Its good but slow the first rounds

Billy Bob Joe 333111222   5 star

It is sooooo AWESOME. It is super fun.I think it Awesome

Boo boo9   5 star

Giant unit. In the level giant unit or in any level you should be able to hit it again if it bounces back. Especially when it bounces of the statue

Steveandn   1 star

Steveandn. Stupid I hate it don't waste you're money on it it's so not worth it!!!!!

Billy i joe   5 star

yyyyyaaaaeeeyyyyaaaa. the game is AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE u should totally get it cuz its aaawwweeesssooommmeee

Newbrook   5 star

It's fun !. I was reading reviews and wasn't going to buy this game because of the money grab reviews but what the hell its 99 cents and after playing it you can progress in this game if you have patience and play it ! After all if they made the game easy it would be completed in a week. If you like a challenge and you enjoy flicking your finger then get the game it's entertaining and for a buck you can't go wrong ! The way some people complain on here you swear they spent the mortgage on this game ! Come On people it's only a buck !!!

Ginhouse66   2 star

CAUTION. Clearly the developers, friends and relatives are 5 star rating this game. To all interested...If you want to know the truth about this game....read the 'real' reviews. Developers....you should be ashamed of yourselves. Fix the game so it's not a money grab.

Ashkon    5 star

Addictive and fun game.. I really like this game. Cute displays/graphics. I also enjoy the challenge in progressing. Otherwise the game would be competed in a few days. Don't want it to end!! :)

Ukee1212   2 star

Sham. Clearly designed for you to spend more money on upgrades because good luck progressing. It's only a buck but there's better value in games out there. Try Infinity Blade.

ToxicWabbit   5 star

Get. Dont listen to the bad reviews all you haft to do to step up is upgrade and practice than in a few days you'll beat minor mode Thad what I did

Noviwan   2 star

Fun but to much pay-to-progress. Super fun and addictive but agree with others ... The leveling is tuned to get money out of you not to be fun .. Look at Zombie Gunship to see microtransactions done right, in that game you can buy but it's also possible to progress by playing

xXPoOpStAiNXx4   5 star

Addictive. Way to fun. Cant stop.

Polaris_Mtl   2 star

Good game but upgrades are stupid. As much as I enjoy the game, I refuse to spend money on what the developer clearly designed the game to do. Get you to enjoy the game and then make it so hard and long to get to the next level they want you to spend $10 a shot to upgrade a few levels of the 99 available. Won't do it and won't recommend it to friends because of their clear intention to gouge their customers.!!!!!!!

16984328   3 star

Fun but requires purchased upgrades. It is clear after playing this game for a few hours that the developers had zero intentions of the user being able to unlock and play 3/4 of this game without purchasing expensive upgrades. You will be able to unlock minors, majors, moon, and bunt which are all addictive and fun, but it's frustrating to watch your upgrade bar when after the 20th upgrade it takes several hours of flawless playing to reach the next. Especially when there are three categories of upgrades each having 99 levels. With each level only costing a low low $0.99, you can see why this game only gets a 3 star from me.

Peteyboiii   5 star

Super fun!. Addictive

Gemini_guy   1 star

What the heck. Ow come I got up to miner mode 15 And I didn't get a major mode unlocked u better fix it or I'll be so pissed of with u I will never play this... I cant even call it a game it's like RUBISH

Jam man 101   4 star

Fun but bad point system. Good fun but takes forever to level up. Objects need to be worth more points, the level I'm on to get to the next level I need to play 100 games!!!!

Bcfjbfcffvbjdtghudsadjhnplvvjxf   4 star

It is good.. Nice cruisy application.

BingthaBomb   3 star

It's good but.... Needs a left-handed option ASAP!

Ben Grainger   5 star


Dylan Guardia   1 star

Boring and uninventive. I'm not sure where all these positive reviews are coming from? This game is boring, repetitive and the gameplay is so slow I wanted to kill myself. Not worth the money and I wouldnt even Download it if it was free. 👎💩

Mistamicckser   4 star

Addictive. Great game.. Very addictive! Dropped review to 4 stars due to the constant crashing everytime you hit restart!!! Annoying!!!!!!!

Clark33   4 star

Too slow!. Good game, but you start to level up too slowly!

Hhjfdbb   5 star

Awesome. This game is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

xGODZx   5 star

AWESOME. Just get the game don't think about it just buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tombom   4 star

Decent game. Very addictive. One thing I noticed was the heading on the main page looks like 'F**k Home Run'

AssyrianRambo   3 star

Average. I got this game when it was free and wasn't that great and now it's paid and all of sudden it's the best game ever. Not great but not bad

Limpin giant   5 star

Great game cant put it down. Great game cant put it down

Me2U✌   5 star

I got it when it was free!. It's rlly fun! Can't put it down!

blair Esposito   5 star

Mad. It is a awesome game

Vyhsgvfhh   5 star

trololololololololol. this app is so great and i got it when it was free so trolololololololololololololololol

Joerpg   5 star

Fun game. Addictive game to play whenever.

Pinktracy   5 star

Addictive. Can't put it down just wanna keep playing!!!

Barry Gringo   1 star

Waste of money. Time waster of a game. Good concept but no levels just doing the same thing all the time unless you pay more money to get power ups otherwise you can be playing for hours trying to get them. Just another example of good old fashioned greed.

Reardo88   5 star

Great game!!. But please add left hand option!

bachhie   5 star

Great app. Hours of fun. Only one concern, when the banner for game center appears the screen flickers, making it hard to judge the ball.

prcreations   5 star

Sucked in. I got it free too hahaha trolololololololol

Pao1511   5 star

Awesome. The most addictive games every!!! ( boo yaa I got it for free :) )

Mitchroddaz   5 star

Happy. Lucky I got it free! Trollololol

redstuyvo   4 star

Good fun. Really addictive. A little annoying when you get a fair whack through and you need to start again but a good time waster overall.

Nuoon   2 star

Really average. Doesn't deserve it's rating. Simple yes Fun yes Boring after a while though.

Amazing bob   3 star

Average. Needs to be more like better batting options or something you get sick of it after a while

devo1432   3 star

Needs improvements. Have been playing for a while finally getting good and find out you can't hit the ball any further than 1000ft!!! Whats going to keep me playing?

De Flyer   3 star

Teehee. Got it when it was free:)

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