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What is arms craft fps app? Craft Your Own Weapon & Kill Them All !!!

Various and Awesome planets are waiting for you

Best Survival FPS game ArmsCraft!

- Features -

- Craft Weapon system
- Stuffl Collection and Making System
- Upgrade System
- Various and awesome Maps
- Auto Fire system
- Grenade System

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Arms Craft FPS Version 1114 September 2021

Make Your Special Weapon ! Update News - NEW STAGE - NEW MONSTER - PERFORMANCE UPGRADE Bug Fixed - Minor bug fixed..

Arms Craft FPS Comments & Reviews 2022

- Needs more too it.

Make missions, or armor. New weapons and more ammo would be nice. I would throw in flamethrower, rocket launcher plasma guns, more enemies and a jet pack . The game is so addicting until you reach the top levels were the difficulty does not go up. It needs to be extended much more. Please make a haunted castle and or hell level. The game needs more that's all. Multi player would be nice too.

- GG

This game is a perfect combo of Pixel Gun 3D and Guncrafter. You can run around shooting heads off of monsters and build your own laser sword and firearms! The problems I have with the game are there's only 4 levels, you need wifi to play and to make a bigger gun you need to upgrade your arm witch at a higher level can be hard. But besides those things I would get the game if I were you and try it out!

- Great but...

Make guns off the wall make a way too clear debris like blackops but better! Make multiplayer and more guns beside pistol machine gun and sword! The swords too slow and the machine gun is too weak but the pistol...the pistol is just sad! Add more upgrades like health upgrades and and body armor make more planets to go to make an update! C'MON!!!!

- Perfect Game

The game is amazing especially since you can craft your own weapons and all the different blocks and monsters this game is definitely one of my favorites the only thing that it needs is multiplayer that would be amazing I would never get off my phone!!!😃 I love this game 5 🌟's

- Broken Game

I was excited to see that the game had been updated, but now the maps are too small and you fall out of the world way too often. The auto fire doesn’t work on some of the enemies, the manual fire doesn’t work when I press the button, and the game doesn’t work well at all on any of the iPhones from the past few years. Also, the game crashes after I watch ads or get any notifications on my phone.

- Currently unplayable.

It’s really sad because I adore this game. But whatever update(s) it’s received in the past several months have completely broken it. The guns won’t fire, and your character falls through the map constantly. In this form, it’s unplayable. I’d love to see these bugs fixed because this game has always been one of my favorite games of all time.💔

- Update the game

Hello this game is super fun and I bet it could have so much more potential. It’s been a long time since you’ve updated the game and I think it’s a great game. You should add some things to it but it’s def a 5 star game

- Great Game

This game is great it's fun too but I really think you should make it so you can get slot more blocks and also like others add multiplayer and this is in 2017 and I really have been waiting for a update for a long time so yea, but so on great game

- Almost perfect

I like this game a lot, but at times it gets a bit repetitive, when I have to go throughout all the planets finding wired items like sticks, skull in origin wads, keys, and engagement rings? Anyways, it's also repetitive to get coins and stuff. Also, you need rifles and shotguns. Rifles have a slow fire rate, but are more powerful than a pistol. And the shotgun fires 3 pellets and each does the damage equal to that of a assault rifle. Although nobody right now is working on the game right now I hope you guys at infinity will eventually continue work on this game. Thank you!

- I want more maps, ranks, blocks, people, and enormous maps

I think this game is amazing but we so need more levels, blocks, ranks, people, and enormous maps then this game would be a game that I would have forever!:D

- Iphone 4

I love this game i used to play it all the time till the update came and i had to stop playing because i need an IOS but anyway make it iphone 4 compatable again please.

- It great but..

It doesn't really need Internet after the first page then your good without the internet try it! But overall it great and I give it infinite stars✨⭐️

- Good game

Yeah it's good but I have ios 6 and it usually won't let me play as it says internet or connection error I have internet good internet please help me

- unfortunate

maps are way smaller and you fall out of the map too much and if you watch an ad the game crashes and or if you receive a notification which is frustrating because you just got 200 kills and none of it counted.

- Fantastic

I think you should add more barrels like a laser barrel that you can buy, and add that certain enemies drop blocks, besides that amazing! 😄

- Two words Multi Player

Seriously 2dudes r in the opening picture and no multiplayer it's an awesome game but it would be nice if u had co op in it

- No offline

Why do you have to have any type of Internet to play. That was all I needed to say. Very good game

- Why can't I play this

I don't have a futuristic phone and I can't play one of my FAVORITE games (arms craft) can you help me? Please

- Very good game but....

This game is awesome but it needs room for improvements like make it so we can have more that just 3 weapons like have some zombies drop other gun peaces like Handels pumps. Overall it's still a good game.

- Plz add

Plz add a new block called the magazine it holds 10 bullets and cost 30 basic parts

- Add multiplayer or we quit

We have asked for multiplayer thousands of times. Once you unlock the last level and fully make your gun out of legendary element, the game is just.. Done. Like no multiplayer/co-op. This game is dying truely.

- It's ok...

It don't have multiplayer, It don't have skins, I wish it is more like Gun Building |||, You can't see you'r hands, AWSOME GRAPHICS, A little bit boring😑, Very hard, LIMMIT TO YOU'R GUN!? Please add more stuff.😊😊😊

- Co op PLEAS

this game need multi player what happen I can see 2 Dudes in the game page fix it

- update

this game is in need of an update. the lab doesn't time like it should in fact i cant get it to work. it goes to 120 hrs on a five hr build and stays there. the craft part of the game isnt working.

- Fun

Good game but needs co-op then it would be perfect

- gr8

too bad that its broken now rip

- Fix it

Controls are back wards and can't shoot and I always start of with no gray blocks for the base gun

- waht

it tells me theres an update but theres no update so i cant play

- BOO!!!


- Needs work and updates

The app is great when you play, it's smooth and fluent but there are quite a few problems I have noticed. For one the buttons in the app are ridiculously tiny and very hard to see. Along with that it's almost impossible to get rewards to build up your weapons better. It also requires very tedious gameplay for not much rewards. I think you should be able to get the things required to upgrade your weapons a lot easier along with not make the app so repetitive. Along with this maybe adding some more levels and diversity would be great!

- You got close

Upon booting up the game it says all rights reserved. You took minecraft, made a spartan character from halo. And made him kill many zombies. The planet select screen is like the one in warframe. And there are portal turrets in the water map. This game is good but that is just bad to take those aspects from a game. Anyways to the recommendations, in the water level, add actual water to swim in. Make the bow and arrow. add shotguns and snipers. Customize your own bullets, for a price. And that's all.

- Great game

Great but could you add co op please it would make the game much more fun and enjoyable. If there is not a way to get gems without buying them please add a way. Make the monsters just a bit easier and item drop a bit higher because this game is taking me forever to move ahead and get better weapons. I die before a can get any items to make rare blocks. This game would be a whole lot better in my opinion with these improvements. Thank You😄

- Horrible 17+ is no exaduration

My little brother isn't that little but yet had ( and still has) nightmares about this for 3 months. I am either hearing the crying in his sleep, or every morning the first thing he talks about is his nightmares. He is never afraid of things like the scariest movies or any of these kinds of things. I have never played it before so one day I wanted to check it out. I looked at the details and saw what he was afraid of. It turned out that what I saw was only half of it. The rest sounded really bad. Because of his nightmares we have wake up procedures such as slapping or nudging. I would not recommend this game. I can't even express how scared my brother is.

- Update plz but the best game so far!

Add a omega update it will be fun and of your making a shotgun make 3 or more bullets be fired at once. Anyways this is one of the best games I've ever played! It might be hard because not much people but it will spread the word like a virus in 2017 you will get this game popular! Which is pretty far but it will get there soon some people are already playing this in a different side of the world! You will get this game popular i promise.

- Terrible... Terribly Awesome!

This game is absolutely amazing in every way. It is better than any of the other lame block shooter games out there. *cough* guncrafter *cough* the only thing this game lacks is to point out changing the difficulty is the only way to find higher level items. Like each of the skull/soul/head points used in crafting. Everyone should know to check the difficulty they need to get a crafting item.

- Could be better

I like this game. I do. But they kind of lied there on the cover. You can't dual wield pistols. You also can't have multiplayer. Now I know what you're thinking. The currency in this game is hard to get, but that just makes it more fun. I recomend you get this game. When you get this game is up to you. They may have a mega-update with SO much cool stuff, then be called a bandwagon, or you can get it now, wait a couple months, get good at the game, then have more fun, but with the disadvantage of it taking up room. It's all up to you.

- Needs more planets, etc.

I like this game, but first of all, I think there should be more planets to visit. I have unlocked them all, but now I am forced to revisit things I have already beat. Second of all, I personally think that the "Rare Leaf" should be made brown. We collect sticks, logs, and brown fluid, and mix it to get a green result. I think It should be brown for wood stocks. The third thing that I want in the game, is that I want more ammo as a Killstreak to make sure we're still in the fight. Other than these problems, I feel the game is good so far.

- Great Game and time killer

This game is awesome and it has a lot if potential. U should be able to buy gun stocks to increase accuracy, and buy blocks that have an elemental ability like fire, ice, poison, paralysis etc. You guys should also add multiplayer too. Can u add classes too? And make it so u can have 4 weapon slots instead of too and also should make a rifle class, so its melee, close, mid, and long range. Thank u for making this awesome game :D

- Why🙈

I like when you can make weapons but when it comes to the maps why does the monster's just pop out in front of you but if you can see them get out of nowhere it's will be a little better but if you can see them pop out of the ground it would be better

- Oh My Gosh #AWESOME!

This game is like a futuristic Pixel Gun 3D as of potential it is better than it! However here is how it can Infinity Pocket plz read! 1. Multiplayer is a favorite thing about FPS Shooters these days. If you can make a multiplayer mode that would be great idea for this is a perfect game for it. 2. A "Custom" gun would be nice. Ik you can customize the presets but I would like to be able to make one from scratch plz! 3. Just a couple more worlds would be very nice. Maybe Mars or something. Just a wider variety would make a wider selection. 4. Being able to customize your character would be great too!!! Plz I would love that!!! If you read this thanx and take these ideas into consideration and thanx

- Needs multiplayer

Needs multiplayer needs more levels more types of guns you can create keep it up I like it hard for the fun of trying so keep it hard make a level ultra hard so keep updating i already have all of the worlds in like 2 days but other than that it's awsome so keep the update coming ok

- Very Good!

I think the game is very good. I have a few suggestions that I think would improve the game they are: more worlds, co-op, and maybe 4v4 multiplayer mode. I think multiplayer would be very fun using the weapons we have spent time creating. My friends and I play this game all the time at lunch and being able to play it together would be fun.

- Great game

This is a really fun fps that the maps are made of blocks. The maps are very very well made and this is the best fps I've ever played. Though, the creators should add multiplayer. The best part about this came is that you get to create your own pistol, sword(or knife),and machine gun. If you keep putting more blocks on the gun, it will become for effective.

- Pretty good but couldUse someThings

First we need wifi to play it that's the biggest problem For me it's fun but I also think we Should be able to buy gun blueprints to build shotguns and stuff (u have to collect the sight ammo clip barrel and gun base all in normal but buy blueprint in store) And we need local co op at least add co op Then I might spend some money :). Good game tho


For my thanks... Nice work! First game? Just made it? You worked hard on it! Great movement, nice screen and aim, nice pixels, awesome game! My ideas: change or make a skin maybe and single player, online team work, and story mode! Thanks! Im maybe the first player to play! Please do my ideas! Please! ILL LOVE THIS GAME! THANKS! Nice work ;) And also add a list of teams or clans! ILL be nice :)

- Needs a story mode

it is very repetitive and getting the gems is virtually impossible without money. could use a daily bonus like a spinner every day for you to spin with rewards. NEEDS MISSIONS OF SOME SORT. i think it could have some bounties of some sort and rewards of pieces to upgrade guns and/or gems. overall, this game is pretty fun but gets quite boring as there is no end goal.

- Good but needs more

This game is good I in all but I think you should add a few more modes. And you should lower the payment of things. For the modes you should add local wifi for survival . And I think you should add multiplayer. It would be a nice add. Also you should be able to create a class because you can only make pistols and assault rifles you should add like 5 more guns

- It's ok

The game itself is fun but there are a lot of stupid things in this game, for instance you need wifi just to play the game and it isn't even multiplayer, what's up with that!? Secondly, it takes WAY to long just to build an OK gun. Finally, it is almost impossible to earn gems because the zombies(or whatever they are) are way overpowered. Please fix these problems.

- Plz read and add

Plz add multi player and more weapon blue print thingies I know it takes a long time to do this but this game has a chance to beat pliable gun 3d it is a very well made game but plz update it and add these things but this game will always be my favorite.

- Bug?

Whenever I go to the lab to create a rare block and I lock my phone so I can wait for it to create, the timer seems to stop counting down. I come back after like 5 minutes and it says only 30 seconds have passed. Please fix this. Otherwise, just add a multiplayer mode and this game would be perfect.

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- Cool game but need more health

This game is awesome but it would be better if you had more health because your like a spartan so you should have more


Bro it’s like 2am and i only just remembered this cool game it’s been like 6/7 years since I’ve played it and it needs an update but it won’t let me please fix this

- Awesome😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

This game has better graphics than pixel gun but needs improvement like mini games more guns but really well done

- S eusjwuswsj

Good game with good graphics you should make more games like the one and add multiplayer

- Game is assume

You do ausume stuff there's difrint stages where you fighte space monsters

- My response

Good game, just needs multiplayer, more skin options and/or gun templates

- Good game

Good game good graphics you just need multyplayer

- Worst game EVER

Only 2 guns, but I can't even play because an ad keeps popping up and the exit button does not work. This means I can't even play the stupid game! Piece of **** deserves -5 stars/5 Horrid game.

- Kkyyaann

Does not work for me


But it if u love minecraft

- What

It isnt sowing up :(B )

- P L Z A D D M U L T I P L A Y E R


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- Good

This game is actually really fun, but it also gets super hard. You guys should have kept the name the way it was though

- none

This game was not available in my market area so I was unaware it has become playable. However since loading up the first stage I have noticed some issues, many of the floors and walls have no collision and can be walked through, your also missing a wall or barrier preventing players from moving outside the map’s area of play. Since the first stage has been re-made into a very small stage, would it be possible to enlarge the stage and add loops or make the map more open to increase player survivability. also the zombie type entity’s will sometimes spawn with the head shot animation playing. other than that the game hasn’t changed much thought, I have only re downloaded this game my review may change.

- Multiplayer game

I like the but most fps games is online so please on the next update put multiplayer mode

- Love it just love it the song is cool

Perfect game to me anyways i would really like to know the name of that song do its a good one

- I love the game

I like it a lot but the thing that i don't like is it don't have multiplayer that's the sad so please put multiplayer I bag of you if you put multiplayer I will rate it a 5 star ok so I like it but multiplayer is not in the game so put is in please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the game is awesome and more guns

- :)

This game is pretty cool! Would be worth $$$ if online and local co op was added!!!

- ?????plz

This game is pretty good...but one thing that annoyed me was the automatic shooting plz make and option to remove this feature

- Friendly advice

This game is amazing, but here are a few suggestions for you: Add multiplayer, and a new game mode like base defence New skins to use New areas and daily quests for gems.

- Grate game

Grate game I don't want to work u up so can you Just add attachments like scopes 😃😃😃

- Liam

It's like halo

- The best game ever

It so epic and just like pixel gun but even better

- Craft your own guns wow

Now I love making stuff and I heard this game is ok so yea

- I need the update in 1 moth

Hi there I see the game have not much people rating the game you know why they need update like multiplayer new weapon and armor you got it I'm just trying to help you I will rate you 5 star I want you to do it now please don't make me wait😊

- Epic!!!!

This game is truly amazing I can only think of one thing you can add and that is multiplayer

- Okay

It's okay but

- Extremely nice

Very nice but in future update, add more planet,blocks and personnage!!!

- Update Plz

This is one of the best games ever and also guys add more updates can you plz make it so that you can:upgrade jump height,multiplayer,new worlds,inviting friends,building your defence and zombies come and attack you,cars,helpers and other stuff thanks

- Super-Epic-Awsome...idk...

Very cool game! Near no lag and crashes (and i got an old ipod). More worlds,more gun customs (like a scope), and coop would be awsome (+ skin change). :D

- Best game

This one of the best games I ever played and I'm the first to play it

- Nice job

The game is great although it is missing multiplayer and character appearance customization

- Awesome!

I'm very surprise that it not glitchy when you walk around.the graphs are cool too!

- Awsome but...

They should add co op online and maybe pvp but other than that it has awesome graphics!

- Awesome but...

I doesnt like we need wifi for playing i will give 5 star if we dont need wifi

- Improvements you should consider

You should consider adding more planets and have multiplayer because you need internet to play.

- OP

This game is to good to be true :)!!!!!!!!!

- Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

I need that update plzzz I bage you I can't play this game and I just got it 😓😓😓😩😩😩😭😭😭😒😒😒😒

- EPIC!!!!!!!!


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Arms Craft FPS 11 Screenshots & Images

Arms Craft FPS iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
Arms Craft FPS iphone images
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The applications Arms Craft FPS was published in the category Games on 2014-04-14 and was developed by infinity pocket [Developer ID: 372365588]. This application file size is 95.69 MB. Arms Craft FPS - Games app posted on 2021-09-14 current version is 11 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.infinitypocket.AC