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What is touchdown rush app? We Are The Team !!! Running as a team from now on !
Score a touchdown by perfect pass.
Field and Teammates are waiting for You.
Just download It ! if you love Football and Running game
Our team will beat them hollow


Here is a whole new style of Running game.
One team is made up of 4 players not alone.
Running game as a way of team play!
Progress the game with passing the ball.


Level up & Collect & Mix
Collect various player cards and level up !
Create your own dream team !


You only need to flick Up-and-Down, Right-and-Left.

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Find this site the customer service details of TouchDown Rush. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

TouchDown Rush Customer Service, Editor Notes:

TouchDown Rush Version 1.3.128 October 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Critical Bug fixed. Facebook Login bug fixed. Support Iphone6, 6plus resolution..

TouchDown Rush Comments & Reviews 2022

- Fun game

lol I’m not sure if you have a clue about how much you want me either but I’m not gonna it is so much better now lol lol omg is that one of my friends that you have to work tomorrow and then I have a couple hours to get home from the house so I’m going on to get a little pupper is a way I wanna was a way I can do a lot more but I’m gonna get it for you and then you have a lot more fun and then you get home to work today or you can get to the house you want me and I just want you and you can do that it is probably gonna is a fun night to go get out of work!!!

- The best game

This game is the best in the App Store ever there is no better games this game is really fun and it always gives me something to do when I’m bored thx so much to whoever made the game plz give me the 5000 minute stuff and I can come to play with my brother in a few days I can come hang at you and then hang up on ya for me lol I love ya I love it omg was a bathing time with a little girl that was a nice girl to me lol lol hello I love ya girl I love you so I wanna have you been a good night to come home is your day you can hang at your friends and stuff you want

- Kewl

I'm just walking around listening and I have just no one listening to music it's to be honest with me listening to the it end music listening to and music at the end same time listening as well as listening and listening music to the music end one of them has no idea even listening music and listening and rI re I have no problem at cvs but I have no idea what do we do at at least read we have r the one that I have to say is one thing I do t

- The best game in the world

Y’all I’m in love with this game it’s the best game in the world Like anyone can play it you can play it any where. The game has to be even fun for you to laugh and giggle the game is mostly about football running back,also. Throwing the ball when your on offense also I play football so it works on my reflexes.

- Great game

I enjoyed my walk outside while on my phone but I crossed a competition when I was reminded that I was supposed to go to dollar general to buy a pet car but then I suddenly made a touchdown when I looked back at my phone it was somehow cracked I bothered not and carried on with my day

- Great game to pass time

I was looking for games based on football that wasn’t like actual plays so I can play when I can’t play madden because I don’t like games you have to actually do plays on mobile out of all like this this one is the best

- Very good and fun game

I think this game is quite fun to play!have you heard anything from the last you get a bit of a good time at the first time you have a good day you can talk with you tomorrow night love y’all bye love sorry I’m sorry you are y’all I wanna talk to

- Football??

Ok game if you like the running and jumping... want the free gold and it’s not giving it up...not working😬🙄 still trying to get the free gold... says leave a review but it still will not give me the gold! Hillary is the worst person in the world. Obama comes in second! However he was the worst president ever!!!! Trump has done way more for the people then any of these two have!!!!! Give me the gold!!! Still not showing my review... wow maybe this game isn’t worth it..... Was fun to start but then These lies about free gold is like listening to OBama and his lies.. keep your Dtr, was born in the USA..

- it was good

Gbvgddhdfhndgcnchdf fhdjrjdd wowieoerttt was a time to drink watch Netflix and y’all chill out tonight and y’all smoke drink smoke chill sometime tonight and y’all smoke chill ya ya smoke ya ya self drink ya night ya know babe lol lol i is a beautiful night beautiful day to come smoke chill tonight and y’all smoke drink smoke and y’all drink chill sometime lol lol i was a really really good day and I wanna see ya next day and then we

- Touchdown rush

Its a fun fast simple game and its got a nice football twist to it but it would be better if you didnt run out of stamina and only lost health if you hit something and your players should atleast gain some health the longer you dont use him and should give you one red thing per touchdown

- Fun

This game is fun and simplistic enough to where you don’t have to pay money!! I initially did this review for the diamond thingies but the app itself is good and fun, it’s like a temple run or subway surfer but it’s sports themed, you can unlock more “players” with the diamond thingies lol I really wish I knew their name

- Best game ever

This game is the best every time you hit a person your power go down its like subway surfer it funniest game ever better than anything 5stars up ahead it's so lit game ever I had this game when I first saw the ad about it I love this so freaking much this is my first favorite game ever in the world

- Good game

Good game can be a little frustrating but hey who actually like to lose. You’ll find that you aren’t able to study and get the moves right because the course changes every time which is part of the fun.

- Fun

I like it QuickOffice I and the other side is the same thing I would recommend that I can be a great trip to in a way that we have been working in a your order has been not the original d

- It's kinda cool

I like this game. However my phone is pretty old it's a 4s and I'm having a few problems with the game... Like I can't change my character in the team area. And I didn't get my 5000 coins from connecting with Facebook. I would like what it says I would be getting. K. Thanks.

- Great app!

This is awesome! It is a good app and the animations are good! Its a game like subway surfers or temple run but Better in my opinion gebebehdhdndvbshshdhdhdhdbbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdnididj ok i am just doing this to get the gems... Its an ok app... Flick home run was better and i got this thinking it was like that.

- It’s a great game

It’s a great game and I enjoy playing it a lot . I even told some of my friends about it so they can play it too . Now all they talk about is how they’re going to play without messing up lol keep up the great work

- It alright

The game seems like it will be fun from Time to time the graphics are okay and the way the game is made is semi-creative. I love how they make the upgrade/level up process it goes well with how the game goes, I recommend people play it, but it could still use some updates and work on the game to improve it.

- Good game

This is a good game I think you should play it because you will love it and it is not a wast of time .but it get kind of boring . After a hour of it you get bored . When it saying you can get 5000 free hems if you comic it does not work

- How addicting it is

Whenever I'm bored and have nothing to do I get on my phone and play this football cartoon. I like the game , so it would be a shame if it got a bad review. But do not worry because I didn't hurry I tried to make this honest. Which I did and I liked the game

- I love the graphics

The graphics look great and I love the way this game is. The reason I love the game is I love football. I love the way you can make the players just like faint or something. I'm going to play this game forever. Until I die

- Fun Game

This game is a lot of fun. It’s a nice twist on a pretty standard type of game. I’m thinking that they need to add a record keeping section so that you know when you beat your best. But I suppose that happens if you link Facebook.

- Really good game

The game is amazing you need to download it right now I found no other game like it on the App Store but this game is so addicting download it Right now you need to play 5 stars

- Game review

This is a fast paced, fun game with a lot of quick thinking and acting required. I enjoyed it but it's a lot like other games I've played in the past. With that being said I still like it and recommend it to anyone who likes this sort of game.

- Best game ever!!!!!!!

This game is a more fun and cooler version of subway surfers. I like the concept of switching characters every once and a while. One thing I would add though is that it’s kinda hard to get a lot of coins

- Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the game because it has to deal with football and I love football and it’s one of the best games ever at least that’s what I think I love this game so much who ever made this game is going to get a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review because it’s the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!

- Football

Fun game once you figure it out nothing hard but a little training or something could be beneficial

- Review

I love this game against other running games because you pass the ball and there is blocking and stuff that I like and I also remember having this game on my other iPad and I loved it

- Good game

It's a really fun game it has lots of different ways you can play. It's so fun to mess with your team. There is only one thing though I don't like that the packs of cards are so expensive.

- Fun game to pass time

If you have nothing to do and want to pass some time you will enjoy this game. It puts a fun new spin allowing you to pass to other players.

- Football

Fun and eye coordination is a must to win big in this game. I’ve spent many hours going at it to better my scores. This game keeps my heart pumping as the game increases in speed. Overall it’s a really fun game to play

- Great game

This is a really great game. It would be even better if u had things to buy. I hope that you update this game and add stuff if u can. I love football. This is why I play this ☺️

- Mind tricking

The train part is when it tricks your mind the Most like in your mind your like left right left but it's double left and you fail

- Good to pass time

I would always be looking for fun games to play for when I’m bored. This is now my go to “pass the time” game!

- Very fun

My kids and I still play this game after 7 years of having it on my phone!

- Good game

I love this game but the down side is at the beginning the football players run out of energy quick at least give us a free player but besides that Amazing game overalls

- Addictive

This game is my go to for passing the time while in between downtime. Only wish that it could get some updates. Some new maps, characters, abilities would be really cool. Be careful it can be very addicting.

- Fun Game, but Upgrades Overpriced

The game is a good idea and fun to play, however, the upgrades (part of what make the game fun) take way to long to get to and the best players can only be accessed by paying real money.

- Nice

I’m in a lot better now and yes you are the hood and yes I am sorry for really typing my phone number so I can ygo riryrryryruri is the time of a you want me if I get to the office and get it I can do I

- Needs a little work

Overall it’s a fun game but it could use a few bug fixes or more player cards

- Energy

This game is really cool and fun but I hate when the players run out of energy it’s so annoying it’s like you can’t go on forever even when you want to

- Good

This game is really good and fun it gives me something to do when I am bored or stressed good job who ever made this and if you look at reviews befor you buy something this the game to get

- This game

It is a really addicting game that you can play when you are really bored and are chilling at home by yourself and trying to play something.

- Good game

This game is vary good but one problem when you hit a button it takes a long till it really hits it but amos't everything els is fine.

- Love this game

I love this game it’s like a sports version of subway surfer except better brings back memories from my high school years.

- App

Good app not a lot issues just to many in app purchases but I understand why overall good game

- I liked it

I liked it because I can get some player I can run I can play I can get new player I can do a lot of kinds of stuff

- Fun

I hopped into this game like this is honing to be another one of those temple run rip off but it was way way way better then I thought it would be 5/5 game!!

- Best game

Dis Has to b da best game of football that has ever came to the AppStore I love it just wish there wasn’t any ads after every time you die

- I have never have seen a game that cost so much of the coins

Great game a few things I don’t like the Helth and the big guys And I really don’t like how much the cards cost

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- Great game

When I went onto it and thought it would be an American game of football but it’s just a running game

- D-fence D-fence!

We buccaneers aight, but the only guy I think plays football is mike Faulk... the old rams fb, running backs make the game what it is.... sure we all love seeing the Hail Mary sail threw the air to the receiver on the last down but some times we gotta get up close coz u can’t always throw the ball away. My names SA’medi an I think the best d-fence is a good offence, coz I’ll play as running back and tight end.... they hitting the ground if I’m in the line up, gimme the ball and I’ll charge them as if they have possession! Defence line up won’t reach the field if we kicking field goals from the 30

- Great

Best free runner game I’ve played in a very long time

- Touchdown rush

Fun little game with a neat little twist. Wish u could change the uniforms to the team you follow

- Footy rush

Great game to play

- Touchdown rush

Really great game

- Touchdown

It's alright

- Behind the game

The best game ever bruh

- 5000

Only review for 5000 coins

- Touchdown


- So good

Awesome game

- Touchdown

The game is pretty fun

- Touchdown rush

What a great game this is

- Rush

Good game

- Great

Great game

- Touchdown


- U

Mommy uyy

- Wow

Great game


It is an amazing game and it is not a waste of time

- Not bad

A few more instructions would be nice.

- Fantastic

Great game love it can't stop playing it

- Rating game !

Hi thre one of the greatest design

- Cool

Great games

- 👍


- Alright

Good game

- Game..

Great game love it.

- Awesome game

Awesome game

- 5000


- Pretty sexy

I wanna have Tom Brady grhhhhhhh

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- Alpha

Sweet moves!

- Good

Good game

- Abdi


- Football

Good app could use free revives though and easy way to earn gold where’s my gold

- Cool


- Cool

Good game 🎮🏈

- TouchDown rush

Fun time killer

- 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟


- GoodGame

Pretty Good Game

- Thanks for the 5k

Great company good games to play when your bored and have a little time

- GGG B.B.


- It's awesome

It's an awesome game!!!

- Touchdown run

I love it it's so fun and addicting it's awesome

- Sweet game

This game is so fun to play

- Just the same game

Exactly the same thing I play in the subway one

- 👍


- Hi

Its good

- Cool


- Good

Very good game

- Nice game

It's amazing love its game

- Review


- This game

The game is fun but it won't let me connect to Facebook

- Not bad not great

Pretty simple game good for killing time. Don't see much for longevity of game play. Slow to collect coins

- Andrew

It's fun

- Good game

Great game and amazing to play

- Sexy review

This was a great way to get the hang of football

- My opinion.

It's awesome

- Great

It is great

- Run

Run fast

- :(

Takes too long to gain money

- Excellent

Good game

- Really awesome

Nice game

- Its ok

Its ok

- I love umm umm

It very fun fun

- Jolie

C bien

- Suh

Good game

- Good game

Best game I love it

- Football

I love this game it's a fun football game and I love playing it we need more games like this

- Solid game

A fun game like minion rush or temple run I give it a 👍

- Touchdown rush

Fun game better than subway surfers it's fun and great

- Game

This is one of the best football games to play

- Awsome


- Beast mode

This game is amazing to play and fun to watch

- Touchdown rush

This game I good for all you football fans check this game out🏈

- The best

The best game ever made

- Review

It's boring after a while 2/5 stars

- Touch down

This game is awsome

- Awesome game

This game is so much fun!

- Touchdown awesomeness!!!

This game is sick! I love it.

- Good

It is a fun game

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TouchDown Rush 1.3.1 Screenshots & Images

TouchDown Rush iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

TouchDown Rush iphone images
TouchDown Rush iphone images
TouchDown Rush iphone images
TouchDown Rush iphone images
TouchDown Rush iphone images
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TouchDown Rush (Version 1.3.1) Install & Download

The applications TouchDown Rush was published in the category Games on 2013-09-11 and was developed by infinity pocket [Developer ID: 372365588]. This application file size is 87.84 MB. TouchDown Rush - Games app posted on 2015-10-28 current version is 1.3.1 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.infinitypocket.TDR