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GPS Tracks [Navigation] App Description & Overview

"One of the better GPS apps for sporting enthusiasts for the iPhone..."
- Bryan Wolfe,

Do you want to track your outdoor activities?
Do you need to navigate to waypoints?
Do you want to store your favorite destinations?

GPS Tracks is an ideal app for your outdoor navigational needs, it makes navigating to a specific point and tracking your outdoor activities very simple. It will keep track of your activities and allow you to easliy navigate to coordinates.

GPS Tracks is now available for the Mac in the Mac App Store! GPS Tracks is one of the only tracking applications to sync data between iOS and OS X.

No login or account required, just turn it on and go!

Use Applications -
• Great for hiking offline, running, walking, and biking to track your route!
• Great for photographers who need to track location data for their pictures!
• Great for hunters and fishermen who need to store specific locations!
• Great for military navigational applications!


• Track your location/route of your activity
• Store favorite locations
• Take GPS static observations to average current location for more accurate waypoints
• Easily navigate to waypoints with the waypoint guide on the compass
• Add fully editable waypoints on the fly to your current track either manually or from you favorite locations
• Add a vector as a waypoint with angle and distance
• Convert between four sets of coordinates (Decimal, DMS, MGRS, UTM) anytime
• Glide Ratio is viewable and tracked during recording
• Use degrees or mils for the compass
• Add MGRS Grid overlay to map
• Create routes to follow manually before you start your track
• GPS Tracks uses WGS84 datum, over 220 datums available with an In-App purchase.

• Map measuring tools allow you to measure area and distance on the map
• Draw or drop pins to measure

Apple Watch App
• Track your activity directly with your Apple Watch without your iPhone
• Will save your workouts to the Health app from the watch (only the watch app uses HealthKit)

• iCloud syncing (will sync between Mac, iPad, and iPhone version)
• Import/Export to Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or iTunes File Sharing
• Send locations to the Navigon/TomTom/Google app or the default Maps app for driving directions
• Share your location with friends with a text message (SMS) or email with a direct link to your location on a map
• Import and export tracks/coordinates in a GPX, KML, BIN, CSV, or NMEA format
• Email exported files
• Export track with photos to KMZ file to export your photos taken during the track

Review History
• View your track on the map with the ability to replay the route
• View detailed statistics of the track
• View the waypoints saved with each track
• Change track color

There are many other great features.

GPS Tracks Pro (Auto-Renewing Yearly Subscription In-App Purchase)
• Use Street, Terrain, Satellite, USGS, NOAA nautical charts, FAA charts, and many other alternate map sources
• Save maps for offline use
• Use custom Map Tile Server URLs
• Subscription syncs via iCloud to other devices

GPS Tracks Pro Subscriptions Available:
1-year subscription - $19.99 (automatically renewed until canceled)

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
Current subscribers may not be canceled during the active subscription period, but you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use -

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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GPS Tracks Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Added ability to hide all map controls • Added prompt to save waypoints with track • Added ability to show zoom level on map • Added track color to track list view • Many other speed improvements and bug fixes

GPS Tracks Comments & Reviews

- Great tracking app without unnecessary fluff

What do you really want a GPS app to provide? So, for starters, a map. Check. You may want to plan or import routes and enter destinations or landmarks (waypoints) and have a logical way to organize them. Check. See where you are on the map and track your movements with a customizable, easy to use interface. Check. Save/export your hike, bike ride, etc. and see stats about it. Check. Do you want lots of control of the settings? Easy access user guide? Responsive support from the developer? Check, check, check. How about trail suggestions, reviews, star ratings and social media? Not me, and thank goodness GPS Tracks is not trying to do that. Of course no app is perfect for everyone. An option for motion start would be handy on benefit bike rides so I can stow my phone and have the track start when they send us off. During live tracking I would rather have total ascent than “average” ascent on the map screen. I also haven’t used the heart rate monitor and probably wont, but ok, it’s there. Minor niggles. Overall, I really like this app for what it is and what it isn’t and I plan on upgrading to the Pro version once I start needing to download maps for offline use. Oh, and if you are looking for a replacement for Motion-X, GPS Tracks is probably the one you want.

- Professional grade capabilities

As a long time Biological Field Technician I have nothing but good things to say about this app. I use it daily in the rugged and remote terrain in Hawaii. I have ditched my clunky Garmin handheld unit and can run tracks and take photo waypoints for my work all day long. I’m freed up from needing a PC to transfer data and I can now deliver info straight from the field via text msg or email. Loading external maps and data that have been emailed to me is a cinch. I use GPS Tracks to inspect conservation fences, track invasive species control and search for endangered plants as well as field navigation. I have even used it while flying to locate helicopter landing zones. The app doesn’t have a huge impact on my iPhone 8 battery life. So far it has performed very well when offline/No Service which is imperative in the Hawaiian backcountry. Although I am concerned about using it in a dense forest canopy, perhaps an accessory antenna may help. Love the mapping subscription and benefit highly from the ESRI contour map. Usability is easy to learn and I have gotten a number of coworkers to use the app on their phones.

- This IS the app you're looking for..

I reviewed several GPS apps and bought too many useless ones before I found this one. Whatever your application, this is your app. On road or most especially off. It is feature rich and takes a little time to learn all it can do but it's worth every moment and penny. We use it for planning and tracking kayaking trips, mostly on local rivers and waterways. You can review, plan, map, and execute your track by land or water anywhere you can bring up on the map with this tool. Satellite or roadmap views. How far it is from bridge A to bridge B on that river? Go to Tracks tab and trace every bend and oxbow and know exact distance before you hit the water. Looks good? Name it and save it and this app will guide you down the track you planned. Ditto for hiking. Need a more detailed map? With a reasonable annual subscription a huge array of professional maps for various applications are available for purchase and can be download for permanent offline access. Driving, hiking, biking, navigating the waterways, this is your guide.

- Search for an effective GPS app

This review is a bit early in my quest for an effective GPS Tracking App. However, what I have seen so far, leads me to think that this is the one that will meet all my GPS tracking needs. Others in their attempt to simplify the process, have left out features that can be very important in certain situations. When you are completely lost, hours from a cell tower, it is nice to have an app that will still function. There is a very good user manual built in, to help get you on the right track. There is a learning curve, but with the well written manual, you can figure it out. Don’t wait until you are lost to try to figure out how this app works. Use this on your day to day activities and get to know how the app works before venturing into the unknown. You have to know where you are now and where you have been, to make an intelligent decision on what to do next. I think this app can achieve my goals if I put in the time and effort to learn how to apply all the features.

- Great Replacement For MotionX-GPS

I am a MotionX-GPS orphan. I used MotionX-GPS for years and liked it very much. Now that it's no longer supported I was searching for a replacement. GPS Tracks does just about everything MotionX could do and does much of it a whole lot better. The more I use this app, the more I like it. The subscription-based "Pro" version is definitely worth it if you ever have a need to download maps. Since I use this for scuba diving in some remote locations with no Internet, the ability to download and save maps is a must. I've only had this app for a few weeks so I'm constantly learning new things about its features and capabilities. I recently did a longish bike ride and hike in a rainforest in Thailand. Having downloaded maps, a reliable compass and accurate tracks made the whole venture easily doable.

- Outstanding Nav app and customer support

I’m a former B-52 navigator and love this app for ground navigation and tracking. It’s powerful, intuitive and packed with capabilities for the weekend hiker, the deep woods backpacker, and this avid fly fisherman who will bust brush for miles to find trout while avoiding other fishermen. Just as important, the customer support is EXCELLENT. With more recent iOS updates, some of my iPhone settings were reset and not feeding GPS Tracks properly. David worked tirelessly with me to resolve the issue and GPS Tracks is functioning flawlessly again. Customer support is THE most important criterion for me. If you want an outstanding navigation app AND great support when iPhone updates can leave you hanging, get. GPS Tracks.

- Best in Class, all the way

I very much admire and highly recommend this app; it has everything we need and more (but not lots of stuff we don't need). It is frequently updated, and the developer is always working to keep it going strong. I would love to see capability to add video clips of, say, 10 seconds, to waypoints (instead of single photos), and -- most of all -- I would like to have Pro version access higher-resolution satellite imagery. What is gets now is usually not as useful as Google Earth imagery; for the price of the GPS Tracks Pro subscription, imagery should be at least as good as Google Earth. For ease of use and reliability, GPS Tracks is the best of class!

- A Must Have for Outdoor and Off-road Use

I use this app almost everyday. I always record my hiking trips with it. It's a fast and reliable app for recording tracks. It has a ton of features for a professional but is easy enough to use by a casual user. I had been using it for months before I discovered a lot of the details features it has included. This is one of the best nav app I have used. Easy to import and export tracks. I use it mostly to record my routes and analyze them later but sometimes I pre plan routes and waypoints. The details track stats and playback are a must have. There even are measuring tools included for planning purposes. I love the way it syncs both to my iPad and my Mac. This allows me to record data and analyze it on my Mac. The other day I took it out on an unfamiliar trail and lost my bearings. I used this app to find my way back which was awesome. I will never go out without using this app again. Overall a well done app with great support! Update - The new cloud sync is awesome, very fast and no more issues, well done guys!

- Great photography tool

This is an excellent to for photographers. I had heard about this app from a few blogs and it was highly recommended. I have used it a few times and it seems to be working great. I use it to record the GPS locations to align with my images when I get home. The iCloud sync is also a nice feature to allow me to sync my tracks across all my devices. There are also other more advanced tools such as the elevation angle calculations to help guide my position for a shoot. This allows me to pre-position my shoot before hand. Overall this is a very useful app with a lot of great features.

- Looked awesome, but failed to deliver

UPDATE: Developer contacted me and was able to provide a solution to the Dropbox issue. Initial tests look good. For that reason I have changed my rating! I was very hopeful that I had found the solution I was looking for. I needed a way to geotag photos taken on location. I needed this app to upload GPX files to Dropbox. That is where it has failed. Apparently the link to Dropbox is no longer valid. I contacted the developer a few days ago, but no reply. I would not mind using iCloud sync with the desktop app, but not going to pay more money for the desktop version if I can’t get the features I already paid for to work. I guess the search continues!

- Take that you untruth speaker! ...

I drive for a ride sharing company. ... And I am a photographer. ... I got this app to document my locations when I am shooting, but I got addicted to looking at the little tracks of where I have been. ... Cool! I have it on all the time now. Last night I was one half of a two car collision. As a driver, I had installed a dash cam! Yay, they did not stop at a stip sign. But there was no way for the video to document my speed in the 35 mph zone that I was driving in. ... I pulled up GPS Tracks, and saw that the highest rate of speed in the last mile of my approach to the collision was 26.8 mph! Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

- I Love it on iphone & ipad3 GSM

Initially I didn't "get it", now it chronicles my life, A+. I am just sorry as hell that Apple is not backwards compatible when their production cycles could have been far ahead of their "evolutions" it is not as if the capacities were not there to begin with the whole experience has been unabashedly malfeasance and a proprietary mess which is a slap in the face of the business user and consumers. While, this is a very worthy application. Go figure.., there is a sense of great deal of integrity in these developers insistence on the superiority of form and function of their app. Not to be duplicated or ever surpassed it is the real article.

- Offline mapping seldom works.

Love the GPS waypoints picture tracking! Found it challenging to create routes and tracking when online and offline? Google maps w timeline much easier and automated but not as accurate as GPS tracking. Roads and trails did not show on map when offline? This App provides a lot more detail and options than google maps, but along with that, much more learning the program and processes. On my last 8 day Jeep trip I used Delorme Topo 10 w GPS device attached to laptop computer, Google maps, and GPS Tracking App. I wish there was an app that combined all 3 Apps into one! Delorme worked best offline but lacked detail of GPS Tracking and ease of use of Google Maps.

- Handy App and Great Customer Service.

Normally I gravitate to free Apps. But, sometimes it worth paying a few dollars for a useful app! Especially when you are unnecessarily sharing personal information in exchange for using the app. I chose to buy this app due to the overall value, features, and limited permissions requirements which didn’t seek to access contacts and other personal information unnecessarily. I was also pleased by the their customer service when I reached out via email. I received a quick response with all my questions answered!

- Still Great app

After several years, I'm still delighted with this app and the improvements have all been very welcome. I still have a complaint about the fact that waypoints Unrelated to a track get exported along with the track but I can always delete them and it's not a major problem. I have one minor request. Could you add a “delete all” instruction to the waypoint menu? It would help me keep a clean slate and avoid saving temporary waypoints I had a forgotten about. Thank you for your hard work and I really appreciate it

- Wow. Super service.

I have use this app (the pro version) since 2017. I’ve used it particularly for hiking and biking. It is not only allowed me to track my trips but it’s assisted with navigation as well. I love it. One thing I enjoy is the ability to use different maps, which can be downloaded and used off-line. I had some minor difficulty with the download and emailed the developer. It was a holiday and I didn’t really expect a response until the next workday. He responded in four minutes. Super service. Solved the problem.

- Best map app ever

I have used this time and time again in the oilfield and have never been disappointed. Once you get the hang of it this quickly becomes your go to getting some place. I have used it overseas as well Japan, and Turkey. I can leave a blue line and always find my way back. Even when you are out of service this app has saved my life more times then I can count. One amazing feature is the ability to save pins tracks and other information I often become the navigator at work.

- Works great! Well worth the price!

App worked great, i was able to download hiking trails and upload them directly into the app, then used the “download maps for offline use” feature and it worked better than I expected, i was in a remote area with ZERO cell service and and my position was very accurately displayed along with downloaded aerial imagery and trail lines. It also very accurately records your route as u hike, along with a lot of additional data. Great app, recommended it to all of my friends, we all use this now.

- Version 3.2 is a downgrad

I love this app, and I use it all the time. But version 3.2 is terrible! The modern touch that was added in looks alright, but when you try to swipe down, you sometimes bring down the notification menu. I thought it was perfectly fine how it was. In fact the whole user interface was better in 3.1.8 And maybe that’s just a preference thing, but the icon that symbolizes your position and heading, that just spins around the whole time along with the compass at the top. It never stops. I tried closing out and restarting, but it doesn’t help it. I opened up the Apple compass that comes already downloaded and that works just fine. Please just revert to the old dashboard.

- Great app

This has been a great app so far. My old GPS app was no longer supported and I found this out right before a long road trip. Normally I’d have time to read a bunch of reviews and determine which would be best for me considering I’d have to pay for it but I needed something quick that would work in offline mode as well. I took a chance with GPS Tracks and it paid off. It was actually easier to use than my last one and worked great in offline mode. I couldn’t be happier.

- Missing one critical feature, but feature will be added in the next few weeks!!

Original Review: Not sure if it was an oversight or not but I’m not finding an extremely important feature than would turn this from a 3 star review to 5 star in a nano second: “HEIGHT ABOVE GROUND” This is the only GPS nav app I use that is missing this critical feature. We fly through lots of controlled airspace - certain sensitive communities, properties, etc. that mandates a specific altitude above GROUND (not above the coastline) be maintained. Except for this one missing feature, GPS Tracks would be my number one and most talked about/shared app in my arsenal to both my local club and online community (which is huge) without question. Please fix this and I will happily edit this review and give a hearty 5 star review and tell the world about your app!!

- Kind of scammy

I used motion-x for 15 years and was sad to see it go. That app cost $3 for life; this one is $20/year and is a far lessor program. Even if you’ve saved a map at the highest offered magnification, the map disappears when you zoom in. Really guys? You couldn’t just handle it the way real map programs do? I also find the interface frustrating, only includes my oldest waypoints in the waypoint library, only shows the rest when I individually click on them. Worst of all, when I’m recording a track, it used to show my progress, but now i can only see how far I’ve gone by saving a track, which is really frustrating. Yeah, “user error”, but why is this one so much more obtuse than the three dollar one?

- First class app, scale bar fixed!

GPS Tracks is a first class application that I use for a variety of purposes from recording wildlife observations , trip planning and analyzing workouts. Two suggestions for improvements. Have the cursor display elevation from loaded topo map in the fashion that Guru Maps and Maps 3D do. This is probably a fair development effort. The other is to enable map labels to display in a larger font. Many place names on loaded maps are rendered so small that a magnifying is needed to read them! Keep up the good work! I use this app daily!

- GPS is waaay off

While this app fulfilled my initial intended purpose for use it failed to pass muster. It did good in that it has accurately tracked my time, distance, and speeds for day hikes and displayed them on a map, which was the reason I downloaded the app. Where it fails HARD is waypoints. The GPS coordinates provided were very inaccurate. I am a member of a specialized search and rescue team. Our primary GPS equipment failed during a long operation so I took out my phone to use this app. We were using GPS waypoints to report locations of victims for recovery. While the pin was in the right spot on the map the coordinates provided, which I sent to command for followup by a recovery team, were several MILES from my location. That part is useless.

- Last update

Thanks for the update! User location will now follow on map. Update, David has responded and is working on the fix in the next release, thanks! The app worked great until the last update. The map will no longer keep up with the current location without refreshing. I used this app to map out a route then later used it to follow the route. I have reached out to the developer via email two times and have not heard any response.

- Works great (once a problem was resolved)

I'm evaluating tracking apps for a research project I'm doing. Previous versions worked great. This version has one big issue. It looks like tracker doesn't keep running when app is in the background. Tracker running in the background worked great in previous versions. I would give earlier versions five stars. I emailed the developer about this and included the track, etc. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. When this works, it will probably go back to five stars again. =========== Follow up: After a fair bit of correspondence with the developer we found it was due to a large amount of earlier data. Apple was kicking it off because it took too much memory. Wiped some of that old data (archived it first) and now it works great. Back up to five stars.

- Lots of features

This is one of the best apps I have used. There are loads of options and features but anyone can pick it up and use immediately. I was also impressed with the ability to average recorded coordinates over time for a more accurate location reading. This is in addition to the measuring utilities, which are a nice touch. Overall a great app for someone looking to record waypoints, tracks or just measuring distances or areas.

- The best and most accurate GPS app

... and I’ve tried them all. I’ve used this for years Jeeping and hiking, but recently started using it again as a backup to my primary fitness app while biking and running. It will read your heart rate and record it along with your track. That makes it even more than an excellent GPS tracking app, it’s even a decent outdoors fitness app. btw I am not affiliated in any way I just like to help the best developers when I can.

- Best GPS Map

By far one of the best apps if you’re looking to add your own waypoints/landmarks while also having the ability to download maps offline (if you’re a subscriber). Even then, parts of the map already loaded; in a reasonable area, stay cached in the memory for convenience. You can also export all your waypoints into many formats including GPX & KML to share with others easily. Definitely worth every cent.

- Gets worse w time and less reliable

This app had great promise, but has gotten worse with every upgrade and update. First and foremost the developer essentially removed features that we paid for. Instead, he/she put these features in a new subscription forcing us to pay again. Then shortly after that he removed some features from the previous prescription in favor of a higher price subscription. The idea of tracking our adventures is good but the app can be a bit glitchy... pauses ..and freezes sometimes while tracking and recording with pictures. You can get a lot more for the money in other apps or other subscriptions now

- Packed with Features

GPS Tracks outshines every other GPS app I’ve used- and I’ve used many! I am a GIS expert with 30 years of professional experience. GPS Tracks is a versatile and powerful tool loaded with easy-to-understand features. I like the Export features, map overlays, collection settings, and reports. I use GPS Tracks for hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and property resource management. I use the app to collect a variety of geospatial data. I recommend GIS Tracks without hesitation.

- Heart Rate

Great application. I have the iPhone, iPad as well as the Mac versions. I am using it for all my hiking tracks. I noticed that in the track settings there is a “Show Heart Rate” option that I have it turned on but I can’t see any of that information on either the graph or the track info. When I go hiking I wear my Apple watch and all my heart rate info is recorded on the Health app, but nothing in GPS Tracks!!! Please advise. I thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

- Good, but map crashes too often

I like nearly everything about how this app functions, except for the frequent crashes that occur when I am looking at larger areas of nautical charts before zooming in. I have purchased the highest price premium subscription, and I have downloaded all of the charts at high res for my area of interest, so I should have them for off-line use even if I’m out of cell connection range. The crashes seem mostly to happen as I pan around or am zooming in or out. If this bug can be fixed I would happily rate the app 5 stars.

- Excellent

My first review was not so good. Software developer David Morneault contacted me and deduced that I probably had experienced a glitch. He had Apple prepare an update in a matter of hours. I tested it this morning and declare it perfect for my needs. I use it simply to record a track on walks or hikes and then learn the distance, duration, and altitude of the route. This is very handy these days of Covid 19 imposed staying at home. The permissible exercise periods now are more interesting. Thank you David Morneault! John in Maryland

- Phenomenal App

The app works as expected and goes beyond my initial expectations. Had to download for use at work. It has several features and options that can be used for many different applications. I had messaged the operator of the app to make a suggestion and received a response within hours. The next update my suggestion was put into use. The app is great and the support outstanding! Definitely worth it!

- Excellent tool for mapping

I shoot Ariel and Ground video for large ranches in Texas. I generally ride around with the owners viewing different aspects of the property. In the past I always had a hard time remembering where these locations were as some of these wrenches can be quite large. With the use of GPS tracker I can now document not only the points of interest but also the roads and paths in which to get to these locations. This is become an in valuable tool for me when doing my work.

- Lots of bugs, now can’t export

I’ve been using this on a trail mapping project for the past 2 months and really liked it. However, it’s been incredibly buggy lately and I can no long delete pins, which is incredibly annoying as I was using pins to mark places I needed to go back to and deleting them once I had done so. Lots of wasted time hiking out to points when it turned out the pin had just never deleted. Now I’m trying to export my weeks of work and it seems the export to Dropbox option is not functional, so I’m stuck with no way to get the data off my phone.

- Superb App

This app is so complete, you know literally everything about positioning, tracking, timing, mapping, record keeping, altitudes, graphs, pretty much anything that comes to mind in this area this app can do it, we use it mostly for walking around the neighborhood and other places we wish to discover, a bit complicated for novices but once you know it well it's an irreplaceable tool, it's just impressive, highly recommended!!

- Still great

I use this app to record all of my trips and have probably logged over 100k miles since 2012. This app is versatile; I’ve used it to leave breadcrumb trails back to my hotel when exploring a new city, hiking around Yosemite, logging runs, road trips and tracking my flight path all over the world. This app is also fully featured and the only one I’d recommend to anyone looking to track GPS data.

- Well worth the money

I have been out on the lake a number of different times where the weather has changed or I have gotten turned around and I needed a quick dash back home. This is the app to have. Even though it works with any iPhone, it is only slightly awkward by the size of the screen you have to use easily - which is to be expected. I would buy it again in a heart beat.

- Best of its kind

I paid $10 for an app like this and it works fine. Then I got your app and your team has updated and updated and I thought it was better than the $10 app before all the, simply put, this is the best app of its kind I've found and it was only $0.99. I continue to be impressed. I've gifted this app so my hunting buddies would have it. Thanks for your work and dedication.

- Awesome App!!

I am an avid hunter of Coastal SC. Our woods are flat and full of pines and bushes that all look the same in every direction. VERY easy to get lost. This App has changed my confidence in going into some really deep areas of the Francis Marion National Forest and being able to pop out right at my truck at night. Basically turns your phone into a full on handheld GPS that you’ll pay hundreds for. Great bargain and it works awesome.

- Useful app

Quite well designed and useful app - use it for tracking flights in my plane. The only issue is the fact that , during startup, the app attempts to render all loaded tracks and it does so on the main thread which blocks the app for 3-4 seconds and I presume it only gets worse the more tracks you have stored. It should either stop doing it ( there is no real utility on having all tracks rendered at the same time) or do it asynchronously.

- GPS track is off in China

I have used this app for a year and was very satisfied with its functions. I recently went to China and found the GPS track this app recorded is way off. The track is 200 meter off to the west and 200 meter off to the north from actual locations. I have another app that recorded correct tracks. My friend also have this app and have similar problems. After I came back to the US, the track-off problem is gone.

- Excellent and simple app

I’ve been using this app for a few years now. I use it mainly to track my path so not to get lost in the wild or in a city. Also, I use it to track how long, how far, and how high a particular walk or hike is. It’s helped me to retrace my steps back, when a path isn’t well worn or has many turns. Highly accurate and super useful. It one of my must have apps for traveling.

- I liked it but had to delete

I actually liked this app when I was hiking in Colorado. It helped me figure out where I was and was fun to use although I’m just a lightweight hiker. I decided to delete it because I kept getting requests on my iPhone and Apple Watch that said GPS Tracks was requesting permission to access my health records or write to my health records. I tried multiple times to try to end these notifications. When I got one tonight as I was preparing for bed I decided I had had enough of GPS Tracks.

- Love this app

Hands down the best gps tracking app. I've used it all over the world and it works great. Adding waypoints is easy and there are so many hidden features. Update:9/4/19 Still great app, keeps getting better. Great support from developer. Pro subscription helped download offline maps for a motorcycle trip. Group had a kml export I was able to import easily and follow the route.

- Hands down, the best in its class.

Several years ago I emailed the developer from Afghanistan requesting some MGRS data features. I needed them for operational purposes. The developer delivered, nearly immediately, and I have not forgotten that. This app has been installed on my devices for at least the last 6-7 years and it will continue to remain on my devices for a long time. Semper Fi.

- Keeps turning itself off when I stop for only a moment

I use this app while kayaking and find it turns itself off and then I forget to resume it. That clearly defeats the purpose. I don’t find it user friendly and I can’t figure out how to put waypoints on just one trip. Instead they are added to all my trips which is useless. I would also like to access it from my computer but I do not want to pay a subscription price. So, I’m still looking for a good app for mapping my kayak trips.

- Great tracker/used it on vacation

Went to New York summer of 2019 with my family. Used it to track where and what we saw each day. It tracks your path, plus you can take photos along the way with comments. Love looking at places we’ve been. Plus wow, my feet really hurt, made sense when I went back and saw how many miles we walked (included average speed).

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- Great app! Does everything you need and more.

I downloaded this app to use for work because I needed something that would track my route, drop waypoints, allow comments for each waypoint and then export the data in multiple formats. This app worked perfectly! I had 668 waypoints over two days with no issues. I will say that the app did crash a handful of times over those 2 days, but each time booted back up quickly with all data saved. In addition to great functionality, the customer service is awesome. I had some questions and contacted the developer and he was super quick to respond and very helpful. This app is extremely affordable for what it delivers. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

- Great for 4WDing

Why spend $600 on a Hema, when you can use this. I’ve been to the deeper part of our local forests which are gigantic. This app is my personal assistant in the sense that I can totally and utterly rely on its functions to get me in and out of anywhere. The developer, Davis, is prompt and helpful when contacting him with questions. Awesome app. 6/5 stars and 10 👍 up.

- Not for Australia

The app itself appears to work well. Unfortunately the maps available are predominately from the USA - which means they lack detail and resolution in Australia. When using topo maps to view the Hunter Region in NSW, significant details where missing. Roads looked to be correct but tracks were missing as where campgrounds. This is not acceptable for a topo based gps. There is the option to import maps, but why would I pay the subscription so I can use my own maps? As I said, the app appears to work well, but without reliable maps it is useless.

- Exceptional product

The best app on the App Store I have ever found. Highly functional. Exceptionally usable. Two hours after downloading it, I had found all four corners of my property. No mean feat over 50 acres of bush! Also excellent for long treks into the unknown with the confidence that you can readily find you way out. Would recommend to anyone.

- GPS Tracks for a beginner hiker

I didn’t know anything about hiking or using gps info when I got this app - I was paper maps only - but it’s been really simple and super helpful. I can prep everything be offline so I’m not worried about losing connection while hiking. I used it all over Europe and Australia without any problems. Great app.

- Use it every day

Got solid recording capabilities from my watch and tracks my skate into work every day. The ability to add extra maps makes 4WDing on the weekends a breeze too. And saving to the cloud means you can draw lines all over the world without fear of losing your data! Love it!

- Fantastic App.

I’ve been looking for something like this for my hobby, gold detecting. Now I can take my iphone with GPS Tracks into remote areas in Australia which gives me that edge when looking for gold. I’ve noticed the resolution is sharper than Google Earth and the data is more up to date.

- Love it!

I’m a rural sales agent. This app has saved my bacon many of times. When a property owners shows you over a place just once and then expects you to be able to take a buyer over it without getting lost..... The app has helped me find the track many of times. Cheers

- Great app, with good support

I have used this app for several years now and am very happy with it. I have contacted the developer with some questions and suggested some improvements. Response has been great and I was pleased to also see my suggestions implemented is the next app update.

- Fantastic - from a hard to please mapping lover

I spend hours tinkering with kml files and mapping for offroad duties / trip planning, this app is finally a superior replacement to the motion x (discontinued) platform. The ability to download maps offline, and extremely granular mapping, makes this product awesome.

- Tested on the goldfields

Just hit start when you leave the main road and it will save a track for you to follow back. I use it everyday. The satellite imagery is amazing quality. You get a great idea of what’s coming up and what’s around you. No ads and completely free. This app is amazing

- Regularly updated

I use this app constantly and on every ride to track my commute between work and home. This app is regularly updated with the developer responding to every feedback and feature request I make.

- Best of the tracking apps

I use this app for ecological survey work. It is reliable, has a comprehensive interface and a wide variety of export and import formats. Being able to add waypoints is a bonus. Much cheaper than mobile Windows-based packages too.

- When a paper map is just not enough.

Back tracking in treacherous terrain is easy. Offline sat photos that are that detailed I can view stock troughs and tracks on new properties. Well thought out. I thought google earth was good but Apple has a definite edge here.

- Great app. Simple, powerful, and complete

I use the app for hiking, mountain biking, and generally storing paths I take. The app does everything I want and the developer has been super responsive, even if I had a dumb question. I thoroughly recommend it.

- Love this app

I’ve used this app for over 4 years now for logging soil sample sites for my agronomy business and it is a keeper. The developer/s are great to deal with and very helpful. Highly recommend it

- GPS Tracks

Awesome app .....Takes a bit of time to work out where everything is but after a bit of trial and error I’m hooked ...

- Gps

Really good and accurate with tracking. Works better than the expensive gps units, really great app

- Great

Great product used free version for about five months and just purchased the one year subscription

- Convenient

Simple to use intuitive and useful!

- Maps

Very good app ,very easy to operate,even for someone like myself that is hopeless with computers and new technology

- GPS Maps

Great app motocross navigation in remote areas with no phone coverage.

- Great app

Works really well. Love tracking all of the data incl kns, time, height, etc when i walk and kayak.

- Great app

This is a great app - does everything it says - efficiently. Like all GPS apps, it is a little battery hungry..

- Nothing worst

When we search for root and try to navigate it takes us to apple maps same as of car route whats the point spending money for this type of product

- Love it.

Just works, and doesn't smash my battery.


Annual subscription for downloading maps for offline use is a rip off. I will not be using GPS TRACKS app. I will purchase a better deal elsewhere. Rip off. I Searched the apps for Hema and GPS tracks came up on top. I thought I was ordering Hema. I would like my money back

- So easy to use excellent

Exactly what I was after

- Offline maps are extra. And expensive

Only bought this as it showed up in a search for offline maps. Was caught out.

- Excellent application

Fantastic and so easy to use

- Old maps

Maps are old , needs an update. ( Kimberley Western Australia)

- Amazing

Fantastic app will tell all my friends

- Won’t be Re subscribing

Loved the app when map box maps were usable had the best data on them for hunting / downloading information. Going to stick to offline google maps and Avenza app as the satellite maps used for the app are woeful now and the topographic maps available for download are even worse. Not to mention the subscription for what I signed up for has now changed due to the update. Poor form.

- Easy to use

Good app - easy to use and very useful

- Reliable

No issues at all. Ip7 plus

- Awesome

Works usefully how GPS of years ago should have!

- Superb

Best GPS app I have ever used and I’ve used a lot!

- Misleading

The photos show Topo maps. You buy it to find out it uses Apple Maps. So no details unless you buy the pro and subscribe to a expensive yearly fee. Better apps out there.

- Tracks

Great app easy to use does the job

- Bob

Many of the maps are not useful in Australia

- Ordinary

Standard app is no better than google maps. If you want topo maps you must subscribe to an auto renewing subscription.

- Handy App

This is a handy App. Use it in the bush for work.

- Very useable

This app does what I need it to. Easy to use

- Works well

GPS Tracks works well

- Love this app !!

Just what I needed

- Haven’t used updates

How am I supposed to rate it?

- FISHnavigator

Excellent app and great support from the author.

- GPS tracks

Awesome for 4x4

- Khalid Alsharari

Great App 👍🏻

- Reviews

A complete waste of money

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- Great tracker

Very good satellite maps, very clear and accurate

- Tracks won’t save

I enjoyed this app until the tracks stopped saving, also the track line stopped being displayed while out in the bush, so now I am now longer able to trust in this app and will try another unless someone who m own what’s going on can help me solve the issue. I did like this app before these issues occurred.

- Brian a price

Very difficult to learn

- Backup support

Trouble backing up data to new phone. Supposed to go to Dropbox but not working. Could use support but can’t find it.

- Awesome

Amazing in the backcountry , snowmobiling . Thanks !!! Highly recommend!

- Great app


- Excellent gps app

I had been using the MotionX gps for years and recently discovered it’s no longer supported and is soon to be shut down. This left me trying all the other gps apps out there and found GPS tracks to be by far the best. I use GPS Tracks for several different back country activities and find it easy to use and invaluable.

- Accuracy

With covid and our gym shutdown we’ve been doing a lot of hiking and snow shoeing. I’ve done a particular route twice and got 2.2 km and 2.3 km using GPS Tracks. My wife’s Garmin had 5.4 km and Google maps measures it or it 5.26 km. Why the discrepancy with this app understating the distance by over 50%?

- GPS tracker you need

Great app!

- Service

Wondering if this ap will work when out of service? Does it have to be activated while in service???? Thanks

- Noobs

hdd CD so.$

- Peter Ksyniuk Review

The app is very good when you have phone coverage, but the app could be better if you would have satellite coverage. I could use the coverage when I am hunting!! The track log is not very accurate as I seem to be in the middle of the Saskatchewan River with the quad while marking my route and on the return trip the tracks do not match even when travelling on the identical return route. Peter Ksyniuk

- GPS tracks

Great app. Helps us all the time skidooing. Also used for locating two differant points and then we work our way back to each other.

- Atrocious

Absolutely brutal. Not worth the money. Used to use MotionX, but changed phones and the app is no longer supported. Got GPSTracks as a substitute for when I’m out hunting. Mapping tracks are sometimes tracked way off of where you actually were. If it doesn’t get a good reception (cell reception, not satellite), it will just magically draw a straight line from its previous known location to where you are now. Tried mapping myself back onto a trail I used to walk into some thick bush and forest. My current location kept moving over 50 meters sporadically. Actually using it right now and I’m sitting still in a tree stand. My current location is again, swaying left and right by 20-30 meters. Have 2 bars for cell reception. Save yourself the money and don’t buy this app.

- Complex but really good

Long time user of a “rival” trails app. So pleased to discover this app (MacOS version sealed the deal for me.) It has everything I wished for in a GPS tracker, albeit in a complex and sometimes confusing interface. Once you get beyond the quirks of the interface and discover the power within, you will never go back.

- Misleading

I purchased it because it was recommended for downloading maps. Only after purchasing did I discover there is an extra yearly fee of $28 - $50 for access to maps. I only gave it one star because there was no option to give it none.

- Really decent but...

It’s be really good if you could download the maps for when your out of service

- What I was looking for

Got this app for mapping trails while off-roading. Love it. Simple to use, accurate, and tons of setting options. Definitely worth the money.

- Great for offline service!

Total Recommend thanks so much

- One of a kind !!!

It was perfect for our application.

- My experience

I live in a small island community and volunteered to map the centre of our island. I reviewed some GPS apps and tried some free ones before taking a chance on this low cost paid app. It does an amazing job and it was easy to record major and minor trails in different colours. My next task was to transfer my trails onto our regular map. Compare and sketch??? This app can export paths and waypoint in numerous formats so I tried a few. But when I clicked on one called . kml I was shocked and delighted that Google Earth automatically opened, zoomed into our island and plotted my trails in full colour! Wow, wow and wow. Saved me 100 hours. The manual is not as helpful as it could be and is currently out of date with the latest app version. No video tutorials exist as yet. Dave the developer get 5/5 for very fast email support. Perfect app for what I needed and I hope for a few extra features, an improved manual and tutorials in the future. 4.5 Barry

- Amazing App

I’ve used handheld GPS a lot, and this app pretty much matches their functionality. And easier to use and more intuitive. If they just had Canadian topos and nautical charts, I’d even pay the big bucks. As it is, a GPS for 5 bucks is a steal.

- A good piece of work

Solid reliable app with good detail and a straightforward interface

- Excellent outil!

Que ce soit pour être employer dans le cadre d’activités sportive, de mesurer des distances ou encore comme GPS alternatif lors d’exercice militaire, cette appli est absolument idéal.

- Hunting

Awesome app for hunting.

- Perfect

Loads of options and settings. Looked a long time to find something like this. Use it for marking roads that need to be paved for our upcoming projects. Works great!

- Great App with expensive good maps

This is the only app I use when riding my ATV on the trails. There are multiple maps available that have those cycling/OHV tracks which are great when exploring. Excellent app but maybe a little more support for getting high quality 3rd maps not included in this app with trails in specific regions that can be imported into this app. Best app for my usage and always use it. Suggestion: add HUP (head up display) so at night the app can be reversed so it can be reflected onto a windshield in case someone can mount it in such a way as I have been able to to.

- Duuhhh

Should have been using this 10 years ago

- Langue

Je suis québécois je parle en français si sa serais possible

- GPS Tracks vs GPS Tracks Pro

I really like the GPS Tracks app and it work exactly as described. I give it 5 stars. However, I purchased the one year license for the GPS Tracks Pro version and I consider it a big waste of money. The map selection is not what I expected and the default Apple Maps is much better. I wish that I could get a refund. I will definitely cancel the subscription before the year has expired. Save your money folks.

- Excellent App

I’m a spare bus driver and saving routes as tracks, dropping pins at stops works very, very, very well.

- My favourite GPS app!!

I am a forester and college instructor in natural resources. I use this app a lot in the fields with my students for navigation: tracking & marking positions!! The Pro version allows use of imagery in the background (previously downloaded) among other things when no cellular coverage. User friendly interface.

- Full featured GPS tracking

A very capable full featured gps system with off line maps. May not be for the novice gps user but simply amazing for anyone who wants full featured system with all the technical details. - author actively developing and debugging and implementing new features - it takes time to learn how to use it as it has numerous features - for the somewhat technical inclined - has everything functional in an off line app that other apps do with cloud services - optionally syncs with iCloud - your data stays on your device - no cloud account needed to operate - mobile phone data not required while operating gps

- It rocks!!!!.. worth the money

It saves and tracks in air plane mode. Transferred over to googles map. .. it’s perfect for backcountry mapping.

- GPS Tracks

I am disappointed. The tracks recorded differ wildly from the actual route taken in some cases showing me walking in a different town block. The statistics tell me that the accuracy is +/- 65 metres. What use is that?

- Huge learning curve

A lot of features but learning to effectively use this gps program takes many trips. Finding a map for quading in AZ has been difficult as there are so many options. Love the ability to take photos and show them as waypoints. Program very sluggish today and lost half my trip. Very accurate and being able to save each trip separately or combined keeps my interest. The elevation graph is bonus. Thinking my iPhone 5 is being overworked but it worked almost flawless last year????? Today it choked every 10 minutes.

- Great app...

Thanks to developer for confirming airdrop works...

- Review

I use this app to route out my courier day everyday. Although you can put it as many waypoints as you want and they all come up on the map which is great. The app continues to freeze every now and then. I have the $5.99 version. Other than the freezing when I’m putting in my 100 waypoints the app is great and very helpful

- GPS app

I love this feature.

- GPS Tracks App

I’ve been using this app for the past few months, and find it an awesome app.

- Review

The ideal gps for the outdoorsman who wants to log his trips and see his performance. Would be great for workouts as we'll.

- Works well

Very intuitive app that just works.

- Pourquoi payante?

Belle appli mais elle ne sert à rien si on ne prend pas l’abonnement annuel à près de 30$. Pourquoi doit-on payer l’appli plus de 5$ dans ce cas? Il n’est même pas possible de télécharger une carte « de base » en local.

- Still a rookie.

Have not really gotten into it yet.

- Love this app

It was working great and then an update screwed it up for a few weeks where it would be tracking properly and then for no reason it would stop. The next update fixed that and it’s been working great again since then

- A-1

It would be nice to be able to share trails between members!

- Great App

I like the app but the latest update won't load and crashes on a constant basis.

- Get it!

Best Tracking app I have used whether it is from tracking on going for runs or using it for works and tracking my location in the bush. Well worth the money

- Great app

Love it !!!!

- Excellent

Once I got around the initial "getting used" to a new program I ca only say excellent. It's super easy to create tracks and the sharing with Dropbox is working great for me. KMZ and KML files created and opened with Google Earth matched 100%. Customer service is top as well!! I had emailed a question and received a reply within 24 hours.

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GPS Tracks 3.6.9 Screenshots & Images

GPS Tracks iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

GPS Tracks iphone images
GPS Tracks iphone images
GPS Tracks iphone images
GPS Tracks iphone images
GPS Tracks iphone images
GPS Tracks iphone images

GPS Tracks (Version 3.6.9) Install & Download

The applications GPS Tracks was published in the category Navigation on 2011-05-26 and was developed by David Morneault [Developer ID: 385491802]. This application file size is 87.6 MB. GPS Tracks - Navigation app posted on 2020-09-22 current version is 3.6.9 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dmorneault.gpstracks