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*Are you a student who often troubled with when and where the next class will be?
*Are you a teacher who often troubled with different courses of different grades & classes?
*Are you a parent who often troubled with that you would like to take care of kids while they are having exam but you do not even know when the exam is?

Then Pocket Schedule is for you!

Our Pocket Schedule is one of the best tools to track down all your courses, classes and assignments. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your school life easier.

You can easily input and manage your courses, classes and exams. All your classes will be displayed in a week-view within the schedule module.
You are supplied with a set of icons for your courses, and the icons will be continually updated in every upgrade version. By the way, you can cancel separate class in case of emergency events.

Kinds of sections are designed to track down all your assignments easily and intuitively. You can either organize your assignments by date, by course or by priority, or sort them by completed or uncompleted.

Powerful notification feature makes sure that you will never miss even one class or assignment. The app allows you set general notification of all classes and separate alarms of each assignment.

-Easily manage different semesters and holidays.
-Manage detailed information of all your instructors.
-Add a course, exam or assignment easily.
-Each course has a well-designed icon.
-Sort all assignments into different sections as you want.
-Done an assignment easily, just by one tap.
-Today’s classes are shown in specify module so that you can get them intuitively.
-Each assignment and class has their own notification.
-All classes are shown in a week view, you can scroll to get the information you want so that you will not forget even one class.

Download and start to use Pocket Schedule to make your school life easier. Think of Pocket Schedule as your classes, exams & assignments alarm clock.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to [email protected], and you will get the response in a short time.

Pocket Schedule Planner App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket Schedule Planner was published in the category Productivity on 2011-02-23 and was developed by Appxy. The file size is 43.21 MB. The current version is 3.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Optimized for iOS 11 & iPhone X
- Sync bug fixes
- Support add every n weekdays class
- Support add office hours & locations for the instructors
- Support show assignment count on app icon

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Pocket Schedule Planner Reviews


😭💔  HusamYerr  5 star

I love the app but I regret updating it because widgets used to be free


Wonderful App  SimpleOver  5 star

I use this app all the time and it’s simple to use but efficient and effective at the same time. I have a different schedule but it still has the options to work with it. I’m a new student at a school and I get notifications for what class is starting next and what room it’s in. I don’t have to walk around the school staring at a paper anymore, I can just glance at my phone when needed!

Jass D

Great App  Jass D  5 star

I have only been using this app for a week, but I can already tell it’s going to help me a lot in the future. It provides all your assignments, in order of due date, in one list.

iPod 5 user ally

Amazing  iPod 5 user ally  5 star

Perfect for writing my schedule and assignments


Saved my GPA  lizardlollies  5 star

I’m in my second semester of my sophomore year in college and I’ve used this app since my first semester. It has been the biggest help to me—one place to keep track of when and where my classes are and what assignments are due when. This app has legitimately helped me pass—if you’re like me and you can’t keep a physical planner and you check your phone frequently, use this app. I guarantee it will help.


Pretty good  Babs2131207  4 star

Overall I like it for classes I wish there was a section tho where u can use it for my home life too though rather than having to make a “class” for it.


Great Assignment Tracker  Broly18  5 star

This app is great at listing your school assignments for each class and their due dates. The app neatly organizes assignments by their class and presents it in a non-complicated format. Great app if your taking several courses and are looking to keep up with all assignments and exams.


Awesome pocket schedule  tylerleasst  5 star

This scheduling app is amazing it by far exceeds every other app that I’ve ever used to help organize and manage my day-to-day life or use it for my college courses as well as my errands and also my personal training clients that always seem to be changing dates and times great app would use for a long time and download again if necessary


Good app but selecting days would make it GREAT  Seamonkey727  3 star

This app is pretty good. The only thing I would suggest would be to make it possible to select the days specifically for each class. I have a college lecture course that only meets Monday and Wednesday. The lab course that is supplementary to it only meets on Thursdays. There is no way to input this so I am going to have to look for another app.


Great App all Together  Zage101  5 star

I’ve been using this app for the past 3 years and I have to say it’s amazing like all my work and classes are on here. It helps me keep on track for I need to get done and for what is coming up and how many days j have left to finish the assignment. It also warms me when an assignment is due days before i have to turn it in.


24 hour clock  Snorei  3 star

Since not all countries use the 12-hour clock, it would he nice to add a 24-hour clock option! Thanks!

Kingkylie 👑

email?  Kingkylie 👑  4 star

how do u email the instructors? when i click on their email it says i need to have an email account set up. 😕


Courses between semesters  chriscdcd  4 star

I use this app for school work and for home life and I love it a lot! It works great and has great features. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because I'm having trouble with the semesters thing. I use them as terms and my classes stay the same before and after holidays, I'd rather not have to input them all every term as it takes a lot of time due to having to set two sessions for each class a week (they're not the same times on both days) I'd love if there was a way to just have the courses from last semester be used for the next semester


Great app but ..  Lauren44416  4 star

Great app. Is very reliable and convenient however I would like it to be compatible with the Apple Watch just to see classes at least etc. would recommend otherwise.


Great App, Shame Assignments Don't Sync  blacklittlepirncess  4 star

I have an iPad and an iPhone. I put most of my assignments on my iPhone while I'm at school and then switch to my iPad as the main device when I get home. However it is quite annoying to have to go on to this app on my iPad to realise the assignments haven't synced and have to look again on my phone. I like it on my iPad because the display is larger so I can look over at my iPad for a second for any clarification when it comes to assignment. This app was "the one". I have tried so many apps but this one seems to be the best. Also I was wondering if it would be possible for you to be able for users to have multiple reminders at different times as sometimes I need a constant nudge. If you could let that happen that would be great 😀


Upgrade to Pro?  TheZobot  4 star

It’s a really helpful app, but I’ve tried continuously to upgrade the app, and it won’t work. It acknowledges that I’ve purchased the upgrade, but when I restore my purchases it says I haven’t. Please help.

tragic in the fallout

Great so far :)  tragic in the fallout  5 star

I haven't had it very long but so far I find this app very clear and straightforward to use


Basic but good  VzlaGirl  5 star

Five stars


Most Visually Appealing Planner  Caitlin584466  3 star

This app is clean and appealing to look at it. I just wish that it synced with my app on my phone. I thought it was meant to be able to do that, and there's this button "SYNC" that asks you to pay $2.99 for the pleasure of using... I'm not sure what it's syncing, but it's not the account shared on iPad and iPhone. That's disappointing BUT if you don't need that desperately, this is the only Planner I like out there.


LOVE THIS APP  Pari<3  5 star

It is so helpful!! definitely recommend


Way better than paper!  dhhdbrn  5 star

I love it it puts me on schedule It's way better than it on paper

hole.io player (😍)

P.SCHEDULE  hole.io player (😍)  5 star

I love it because now I am so much more organized and I am sure I will get good grades now I don’t worry about anything and I wish I could get the pro version but I don’t have anymore money in my card


Could be better  P1ce_ovo  3 star

If there’s a way it could show tasks on the visual timetable that will be awesome!


Really Good app  mackie0550  5 star

It’s a great app!!! I’m in high school and It’s great for remembering assignments☺️


Love Love Love!  KittyKarzy20  5 star

I love this app! I love that you can have different classes and it will remind you of upcoming assignments. Definitely getting premium. 😁


Goal Pusher  SolomonSwift  5 star

It's very attractive as well as a great reminder to keep you aligned and on top of your goals and easily adjustable and reminders are very convenient

Gelimar Olmo Reynoso

Idioma  Gelimar Olmo Reynoso  5 star

Me gustaría poder cambiarle el idioma a español y si se pudiera tener de fondo de pantalla a la hora que uno guste. Como de alarma y te muestre por la mañana el calendario con tus fechas de asignaturas marcados para así saber que harás desde que te despiertes.


Only one issue  amram97  3 star

This app is amazing and has been my right hand throughout the past couple semester in college. However, there is one issue that is holding this app from being perfect for me. Whenever I check off something from my phone and let it sync, it doesn’t sync over to my iPad. This has been the issue for a while now and drives me crazy sometimes. With an update, this can be fixed and the app would be perfect.


Ohhhhhhahhhhh  lanimew  5 star

It took about 20 minutes to set it up and all the programs were amazing! Starting middle school, this was very helpful for me!


Helps With My School Induced Anxiety  emmy9112  5 star

This is a great planner app! School makes me want to die but with this app I can kind of manage it better. I think i am good enough to remember to do all 726382636 assignments i have but im not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










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