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Get more done on the go with! Host or join an online meeting from your mobile phone or iPad. Join a conference call, host a video conference, share content no matter where you are. Connect to crystal clear VoIP audio, even while sharing a document. And the collaboration doesn’t stop there – you can chat, record a meeting, even use our mobile whiteboard to brainstorm ideas. All in the same personal meeting experience you know and love. Whether at home, at the airport, or in a coffee shop – everyone can join in the conversation with

Join a meeting, call, or video conference instantly from anywhere. Just type in the meeting code and you’re on the same page, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

Host meetings with a single tap - for free! lets you host audio calls, video calls, present documents, and share whiteboards right from your iPad or iPhone. Just one tap starts a scheduled meeting, a spontaneous meeting, or a conference call.

Hosting meetings is even easier with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus! Quickly start all meeting types with simple 3D Touch on the home screen.

SEE (what I’m thinking)
Collaborate face-to-face from anywhere with the NEW mobile video! You can all join a video only meeting for a quick sync on the go, or give a personal touch to any presentation by using video and sharing documents simultaneously.

Introducing a new way to share your ideas – the mobile whiteboard! Why take a picture of a whiteboard and email it to the team when you can create whiteboards on an infinite canvas by drawing, adding icons or uploading images and photos right from your iPad or iPhone? Your whiteboard becomes a living document that you can share, offline or online, with the whole team to access and modify.

Share documents right from your iPhone or iPad. Share presentations, spreadsheets, images, PDFs and whiteboards instantly from You can pass the presenter role to another attendee from your iPhone or iPad. Share whiteboards easily via AirDrop, Messenger, or Mail – as well as share directly to Slack, Trello, Evernote, LinkedIn, etc.

Free, unlimited conference calling. Whether presenting during a meeting or just using audio, there are never any limits or hidden charges. With Pro, take your calls to the next level with a dedicated conference line and local dial in numbers in the US and more than 45 countries.*

• In-meeting chat with all participants at once or individually
• Display mode only to external monitor via Apple TV, AirServer, Reflector or via projector showing just the canvas of the whiteboard, no tools (iPhone and iPad)
• Lock and unlock your meeting for extra security

• Create your own personal link (
• Set your personal, branded background image
• Video conferencing for up to 10 participants
• Create unlimited whiteboards
• Swap presenters during meetings
• Set your own background image in settings
• Includes full access to desktop version too
• Subscribe to the pro subscription for $23.99/month or $239.99/year.
• Your subscription will renew automatically each month and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of your subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Terms of service:

Requires iOS 9 or later.
*Roaming, data and other applicable operator or carrier charges/fees may apply. - Simple Meetings App Description & Overview

The applications - Simple Meetings was published in the category Business on 2011-02-02 and was developed by LogMeIn, Inc.. The file size is 94.51 MB. The current version is 4.16 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- We now fully support login for OAuth & SAML accounts
- We now fully support iPhone X - Simple Meetings App Tips, Tricks and Rules - Simple Meetings Reviews


This app works half the time  CEF1998  1 star

I have an Apple iPhone and this app only works on my phone half the time. It may be that it's because I do not always update to the latest iOS version but it's frustrating nonetheless

Angry webinar guest

HORRIBLE  Angry webinar guest  1 star

Unbelievably bad performance- I can't comment on how it works because I never got that far. App would only appear for 10 seconds then disappear using the webinar code. Attempted to sign up only to have it "load" for 5 minutes and never complete the task. 30 minutes of effort and a missed work webinar leaves me with only horrible things to say.


Add ability to mute individuals  mjackson5co  3 star

Join me is intuitive and effective for large meetings and presentations. It lacks a feature to identify and mute a noisy line. The bigger the meeting, the more often this occurs.


Poor App & Very Poor Customer Service  KarPed  1 star

Issues with all of their apps on various devices: Whiteboard was not functional: I created a whiteboard and saved it in my account for a presentation. Could not use it once my clients logged on to the meeting. Not all of my clients could get logged on sometimes. I had trouble logging on myself sometimes. My video feed would stall-out in the middle of a meeting and go into audio only, or sometimes nothing at all. Rude customer account rep: I had a very prompt customer service person who followed up with me regarding my issues, and assigned an account Rep to me. I was sent a confirmation of a video meeting with this Rep to review and test my issues, so we could resolve the problems. They booked the wrong time in their system. So on that day, when I called in for my video meeting, the Rep kept me waiting. Then got on audio only and he explained there was a mix-up in the time (even though I sent a detailed confirmation email to make sure) so he told me to come back for our meeting in an hour at 2 pm. He would send me a new link to log on via email. So I waited, and waited with my email app OPEN. finally at 2:04 pm I received his link. The link wouldn't open on my first device. So I went to another device and opened the link there. I waited for this Customer Account Rep for 40 minutes. HE NEVER SHOWED UP FOR OUR MEETING. Now I lost two hours of work, and nothing was resolved. I sent a choice email expressing my dissatisfaction, and he had the nerve to tell me I was late for the meeting and he left the video meeting after a few minutes.... ....Well, let's see... I'm calling you cause your app stinks and doesn't work properly, YOU screwed up our first scheduled meeting time, YOU set a new time, and YOU were late getting me the new meeting link, and I had problems logging on to the app which was one of the reasons I was calling in the first place, then YOU have the nerve to say I'm wasting your time? So glad I test services like yours on a very small group within my company, long before I test run it again with my vendors, groups & clients. You and your app was already an embarrassment and I was only in your TRIAL stage. Your rude behavior saved me a lot of time. Thank you. I went over to ZOOM. So far they have been GREAT. Join Me charges $19 per month for what I wanted, but Zoom offers those same features for FREE, and their same price point at $18 per month has even more features than Join Me. Stable service, no issues. I even attended a Zoom video confrence on the road while traveling from Minnesota to Illinois with no issues! Very happy with ZOOM now.


Good app, just 1 wish  C21CS  4 star

Ability to single tap to copy to clipboard my meeting URL and all conference call details


Terrible  Honey88588  1 star

Every time I tried to join the meeting, the app crashed. Tried from two different devices and accounts with the same issue.


Not what I expected  Charmy_stl  2 star

I've used in the past, but after setting up my first board meeting conference call, I found it to be lacking in consistency.


Life changing  000mayhem  5 star

I use for work at least a couple times a week and it has transformed how I run meetings. I have used it on both laptop and IPad and had no problems with it. The flexibility of the app has been great whether I am just using the whiteboard and stylus or typing things out with a mouse and keyboard. Would definitely suggest others to take the time to utilize this app because it is a life saver if you REALLY don't want to have to drive X hours just to make a 1 hour meeting.

Still C

Schedule Meetings?  Still C  2 star

The single greatest convenience of a meeting app is to be able to schedule a future meeting through it. Why doesn't this app have that simple functionality?


Constantly kicks you off calls  Bp797979  1 star

Pretty annoying for a conference call app. I Use this extensively at my small company as a year or so ago the service was great. Now I can count on getting dropped from my meetings 2 - 3 times per hour. If you rotate your phone while on a call with this, it will crash. Even if you hold your phone very carefully and still, it will crash pretty reliably every 10 minutes or so. Extremely upset given how quality used to be and how much I pay for the pro service for my company. No fixes in months, and I'm disappointed to see yet another update that doesn't fix any of these common issues. I recommend trying one of their many competitors before signing up for this service.


Fantastic tool!  ADB007  5 star

Works seemlessly on both computer and apple products. Only two niggles I have. App keeps terminating the meeting for no reason, need to restart and there is no mute button option through the app. Would be handy to not have to switch back to the phone to have to mute


It's not good  Vagueshadow  2 star

It doesn't work when I try to share my screen it only lets me share a whiteboard when I want to share my drawing app


I hate captcha  J3R3MYDOTCOM  1 star

Going great till paranoia set in Please let there be anything other than captcha to prove I am not a robot Exquisitely irritating Now cannot get in and use other than on pc Aaaaarrrggh


Useless  jimcat  1 star

Creating a whiteboard is not helpful. I need to share detail from another app.


Awesome app  Emon40  4 star

Does what it's supposed to do


Takes me out!  caraxxjane  1 star

This app on my IPod Touch won't let me even put in the code! It freezes and goes out of the app! I've tried re downloading but it won't work D;< not happy!


Great App....  lmcar2008  4 star

Great way to hold our training session and not have to leave home....


Simple and works well  Royboy333  4 star

It is a great app that just works! The only thing I would ask is that you have the Mute button on the main bar where you had the add person and exit meeting icon. One only needs those at the start and end of a meeting but one needs to mute fairly often throughout the meeting and it is a pain having to keep using the drop down menu.


Appauling!  GoobiePink  1 star

Whatever you guys did when you updated this made it worse! It takes up to ten minutes to send a message, and when you go back into the message box, you have to rotate the phone's screen in order to be able to see them as it tends to freeze. It takes way too long to connect to someone. I would delete the app but a lot of my friends use this on their computers for drawing. Fix the glitches or you'll lose a lot of customers!


Great app!  Fuzzbyroo  5 star

Never had a problem with this app. I've been able to watch streams without any interruptions.


Great app!  misfakee  5 star

Good app! But, please add layers and save image as PNG file! Thank you. (:


Battery drainer  Mrdatax  1 star

😓 Many many bugs after latest update. It freezes in the middle of a meeting and kick you out. After one hour meeting battery hardly survives. Please take the previous version back, it was more stable than this one.


Unhappy with latest update  rebeliousrascal  3 star

My friends and I use pretty frequently and I don't really have any major beefs with the program except for this latest update. Links no longer open through the app, I have to copy and paste the number code in myself. Also the number of messages on the chat has disappeared which is incredibly annoying as I'm not looking at my screen the entire time and sometimes miss what people say. I would greatly appreciate if these two things were fixed, until then I'll be sticking with the computer version.


Great!  Spandana-R  5 star

flexible, easy-to-use, reluable, fast, high quality. Awesome app.


I think it's great  Fullensurfer  5 star

Personally I think it's a good app for data sharing and teaching purposes.

Sally Rah

join me great potentials  Sally Rah  5 star

this app has great potentials for simplifying meetings has noce screens for both parties to interact and could use many other high demand features to get better .


Not worth it  Media-amp  1 star

Zamurai was by far the greatest whiteboard app available and was used by our corporation for years. Unfortunately it was swallowed up as an integration with and is only supported through The issue is that is simply not worth the money of the subscription especially if all we are wanting is the use of zamurai. Please make zamurai a stand alone app again, it was an absolutely fantastic app and I hate to see it lost and swallowed up as part of a worthless overpriced integration.


Love this app  Wiggle$99  5 star

Have been using Join Me on a daily basis for 4 years and it's the easy and convenient to use. Cannot recommend highly enough and the company I work for purchased the corporate version which is phenomenal. It's so refreshing to have an app that's easy to use and understand. Bravo!

Info interested

Not intuitive - difficult to use  Info interested  1 star

1) I'm comparing mobile app to online - no apparent way to schedule a meeting from mobile app. 2) uses too much band width --- have conducted 3 meetings --- all had people dropping out, freezing up, erc Wish I had not wasted the money--- GoToMeeting, etc are all better


Great tool!  ThunderboltSon  5 star

I've used a bunch of different meeting apps. They all pretty much do the same thing on ipad - open a document (PDF, Word, etc) and statically share it. Good for training, not much good for interactive work, like working on network layouts. This is the first that not only lets you do that (I haven't found a file type it doesn't like), you can pretty much do the same things you can do in Visio and share it in realtime. It even has built-in graphic icons... I can illustrate how I think the network should be configured for the customer, update it in realtime, and get their agreement. Done, and from my ipad right in front of them, and we can see each other while we talk! The 'whiteboard' thing is neat - need more space, just move over, up,down, or wherever you want. Import or take a photo and use it, handy when people also scribble on real whiteboards. - Simple Meetings Comments - Simple Meetings Business Download