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What is microsoft bing search app? Introducing the new Bing search, your AI-powered copilot for the web.
It’s powered by the same technology behind ChatGPT and draws on the deep knowledge base behind Bing search. The combination means you'll get reliable, up-to-date results, and complete, cited answers to your questions! You'll also get to chat, use voice search, and see suggestions for additional information. It can even build on your ideas to write drafts for you to consider.

1.)Next-generation OpenAI model. We’re excited to announce the new Bing is running on a new, next-generation OpenAI large language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT and customized specifically for search. It takes key learnings and advancements from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 – and it is even faster, more accurate and more capable.

2.)Microsoft Prometheus model. We have developed a proprietary way of working with the OpenAI model that allows us to best leverage its power. We call this collection of capabilities and techniques the Prometheus model. This combination gives you more relevant, timely and targeted results, with improved safety.

3.)Applying AI to core search algorithm. We’ve also applied the AI model to our core Bing search ranking engine, which led to the largest jump in relevance in two decades. With this AI model, even basic search queries are more accurate and more relevant.

4.)New user experience. We’re reimagining how you interact with search, browser and chat by pulling them into a unified experience. This will unlock a completely new way to interact with the web.

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App Name Microsoft Bing Search
Category Productivity
Updated 16 March 2023, Thursday
File Size 276.34 MB

Microsoft Bing Search Comments & Reviews 2023

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Exceptional w/a kink or 2. Well, I’ve only been using this app for a few weeks now, i was mostly a chrome user. & I’ve got to say, I definitely like bing better. It has an easy to follow user interface. The main settings components are easy to find. Provides adequate options for personalizing. I like the news options on the home tab. But most importantly, I like the new (or maybe just new to me) apps tab or section. Where you can find things like deals, shopping, images, rewards etc. love the cash back option on the deals tab/app. I find this app, very useful and handy, as well as entertaining. I will say though, it seems to have more app crashes than google ever had especially in reference to app extensions. Also, sometimes while researching something the TAB only, not the entire app, will randomly glitch off and the screen goes white. Then if you go into your search history, what you were just looking at/researching is no one to be found, not that individual tab nor the tab before or that brought you to it. Frustrating to say they least. All and all though, definitely my new go to app for searching and browsing the web, & finally some real competition for Chrome.

Reliable and safe.. I’ve always had positive experiences with bing, and the app is no different. Just as reliable as google, and just a little bit safer when using safe search mode, and opening private tabs. I also searched the definition of several different words, and was pleasantly surprised to find that bing will give you an optional grammar quiz to help you retain the definition you just read. I’m excited to see what other little surprises wait for me as I continue to search with bing!

The App malfunctions on Apple devices. The app does not work or malfunctions routinely on a Apple devices, iPhone and iPad, especially the rewards link is a total mess and not user friendly, in 3-4 different locations in Apps and different devices, it shows different points amounts, doesn't sync at all properly, the questions don’t open or don’t open fully, you can’t answer them, reinstalling doesn’t fix these issues, the search more or less works, but even that is easier in other apps. When the app does work, it works well and it would be 5 stars. Most of the time it doesn’t work, it bugs or glitches on Apple devices.

The app. Is everything you wished for. I have worked for years, I didn’t have the means to travel my wages are minimum wage and when I found this app. I couldn’t wait to get on it and look at the different beautiful places the world has. My breaks we’re getting on this app. Playing the different games and earning points that was a plus who ever thought of it was a genius because it made me look forward to another day so thank you for creating this app.

Used to love frustrated. I have used this app for 4+ years I is my default app for searching and even general web browsing. The recent update has been a big step just doesn’t feel suited towards how I used to use the app. Is there a way to turn off autocorrect when typing search terms? I type stuff in that isn’t a valid word...see it in the autocomplete drop down in the search and the word he now autocorrected via iOS (but didn’t used to). Can the search box be turned back to a text box that doesn’t use autocorrect? Why did the app remove the ability to have multiple tabs?

Good Rendition (but...). I feel as though this app is a great rendition of the bing browser on PC, however, it is a vastly different platform than most smartphone users are used to and can take some getting used to. I myself had been using Safari web browser my whole life until recently switching to bing because of how much I enjoy it on my computer. Everything on the browser is intuitive and easy to learn, but it is immensely different than most cell phone browsers, and this is the only reason it is not a perfect 5 star rating.

No Find On Page Feature Anymore. Bing was a great search engine that I liked b/c it did not take up much space on my phone. Unfortunately, the recent update just didn’t work out for me. The tabs I would go back to to continue previous searches no longer preview what I was searching. Inconvenient b/c I would have to go through several tabs to find the right one. The worst offense of this latest update is the fact that the Find On Page feature went away. This feature is awesome because it lets me go directly to the verbiage I am looking for in any search result. It allowed me to skim an article efficiently instead of reading the whole thing only to realize it didn’t have the info I was looking for. In this fast-paced world, Bing isn’t the search engine for me if it’s not efficient.

Deals. I just recently started to use deals. It is not a user friendly app to scan receipts. I received multiple errors while up loading the image. This morning I only upload two receipts and got athe message that the maximum amount for a 30 day period was reached. It is the first day of the month. How or where can I find the guidelines? I sent an email and even wrote on the feedback section . Currently it is not worth the trouble for the little amount received. March 27,2023 I bought Claritin . Which was a cash back offer on this app through deals. I scanned the product to mark sure it qualified. Which it did. It never gave me the $10 back as promised. This is a scam and people are being lied to. I do not know why I am writing this. Microsoft does not care. Most likely never will be read.

Informational app!. I can put my search in and it brings up very accurate information and several sites to search on. They are second runner up to Google, but Bing is #1 in my book for staying out of you business. They don’t seem to be “everywhere” like the big G. Bing doesn’t spy on you , as far as I know. I understand they are trying to advertise their commercials to your liking but sometimes I feel they go to far. So bing is #1 to me for not leaving you with that feeling that you have someone leaning over your shoulder.

Better than Google or Safari. At first I was hesitant to get bing, mistakenly believing that it was less secure than Google. This could not be further from the case. I trust Bing/Microsoft with my privacy and security (so far as search engines go) far more than Google or Apple. I also love the quality of life features such as the dictionary with grammar quiz. Overall the app is very forthcoming with what is going on behind the scenes (atleast compared to others), the scenes themselves are a daily image that is always nice to see. Only negatives are a buggy system for changing tabs that could use some changes.

Missing the Simplicity. Just switched to Google for one reason. Ability to search in an app and see my results for a few different searches. Try it. Oops. Can’t. Only one search active at any one time. I’m always a proponent of evolving user experience, but in this case, it was a major change from something that wasn’t broken. The simple screen with search capabilities was elegant and now it’s cluttered. I would even dismiss that, but what I’m missing is the TABS for my search results. I do several searches a day, and I liked having those search results stick around in tabs I could later revisit and follow. Like in a browser. Google still has this, so off I go. And these widgets are now right in my face even if I don’t do a lot with them. Seriously, how often do you need to know the square root of a number? I have a calc ready on my phone with one or two swipes. Also, cool that Rewards is more prominent, but wouldn’t it be nice to click on the points you have and be taken to a place where those can be used? Can’t figure that part out.

No way to delete account. I was thrilled with the Bing app and the Outlook app, and was telling all my friends about it. Then I moved to put them on my laptop, and I have not felt so violated since the sexual assault I had when I was younger. I gave Bing and outlook plenty of information, and after they had me on the services for a few days, they wanted more or else. It was extortion, and I cannot find a way to delete these services. It runs me in a circle where they want nothing but more information. Microsoft does not need my work email to delete this account or these services they need to just delete them like they set them up, easily quit victimizing your piggy banks, Microsoft..

“Appreciation”. I Enjoy Receiving weather updates every day because I feel more secure and in control of my Days weather I travel or not and is always good and necessary to know ahead of timet how is going to be the weather in a particular day or every day,thanks so much for all the weather information you provide to me and the rest of the population. Thank you! Very very much. God Bless! you and all the personnel for this valuable information. God Bless You!

Bring back old UI Please!!!!!!!!. I loved this app before the latest update, that is as of today broken. I went to try and search in the app and as soon as the app loads it crashes. The whole reason I use bing instead of other search engines is because it is nice to see interesting pictures and views from around the world before I search anything. Now it’s just like every other search engine out there. Good going developers, you changed a great app into a cookie cutter app for no good reason other than I guess stupidity. I don’t understand the reasons and I really don’t care. I just want my search engine back the way it was. No one from the development team is probably ever going to read this anyway, so it doesn’t matter but, if someone does, please know you messed up a good thing and we the consumer do care.

Amazing experience with Microsoft ecosystem. I recently switched to Microsoft Edge and Bing Search as my default browser and search engine, and I am thoroughly impressed with the Microsoft ecosystem. I had been using Google's ecosystem for so long, that I didn't even know there were other options available. Having used OneNote and Microsoft Office products for a long time, I appreciate the seamless integration between these products and the new Edge browser and Bing search. The Edge browser's sidebar is a standout feature, and the customization options in Bing search and its feeds are a real plus. And this is just without the AI-powered features! I can only imagine how much more amazing the experience will be once those are added to the mix. I am thrilled with my decision to start using this app and highly recommend it to others looking for a better search and browsing experience.

Fixed after reinstall.. Update 2: Downgraded to 1 star again. Keep having to reinstall to work properly. No more tabs!!!!! What browser doesn’t have tabs?? Are you kidding me?! Was awesome, now useless. Fail Microsoft. Update: Uninstall and reinstall fixed the following problem. Upgrading to 4 stars. Broken after latest update. After you search and click on a link in the results it just takes you back to the home page and doesn’t follow the link. I loved Bing before. Please fix.

“Don’t fix what ain’t broke”... Return the original version of Bing for IPad. I was a long time user and advocate of the of the original Bing for IPad app version; a well designed search engine, wonderful UI and UX with breathtaking daily photo Wall Paper of the Day, integrated browser, “Popular Now News” images and maps widgets. It had a visual appeal and function not found in other search platforms. I accidentally deleted my OG version. The only version available on the App Store is built for the iPhone redesigned exclusively for monetization. No previous announcement to the loyal user base by Microsoft. ‘Well done’ MS... You have yet again managed to unravel a popular productive app; but in the case of the late RIP, Sunrise app, the developer owners of Sunrise possessed the temerity and mass notified it’s loyal user users before the MS acquisition buried it.

Almost Great. The rewards quizzes and tasks often do not allow one to complete the quiz/task and freezes. Also, I have noticed that when using the app for multiple searches and having open multiple tabs causes my iPhone XS Max to overheat rapidly and drastically. As soon as the app is closed completely the phone begins to cool to normal levels of heat dissipation. I lose out on tons of rewards points and checklists because of this, and my phone is much worse for wear. Everything else about the app seems to be of the utmost quality. I wish I could give it more than 3 stars, but it is damaging my device and crippling my ability to discount my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with rewards points every month. It would be stellar if Microsoft would fix those issues… I like having an operable smartphone, but would like it even more if I could use Bing without risking the device’s physical and technical integrity.

Great when it works but often doesn’t. Most of the time now when I type a term or a question and press search on the keyboard nothing happens. The term vanishes. If I put focus back on the text box, it reappears until I tap search again. I can get it to work by saying the query, but that is slower and socially unacceptable in many circumstances. Copy paste same string from Bing search bar, where it doesn’t work, to the Google app search bar, where it does, indicates the text is correct. Tried clicking on support link in App Store, that leads to a generic Bing support page, nothing specific to the iPhone app. A really small bug that’s been there for months, rendering simple use cases inoperable — that’s super surprising from Microsoft.

Terribly buggy. As many others before me have stated, you can’t search or do anything 30 seconds after opening! App will freeze, you close the app, reopen and it’s still unresponsive. Additionally, you will get messages like “Contact support” or “no internet connection found” when I’m 100% certain everything on my end is fine. After the latest update, you can tell that the app has been in utter free fall and the developers seem to either be moving at a snails pace or have completely turned a blind eye to it. I would love to continue using it for Microsoft rewards, but it simply just isn’t worth the time nor frustration attempting to get it to work by closing the app and restarting 40-50 times.

Don’t Like the Update at all! AND now, won’t open/crashes!. I don’t want news all over my search screen. One of the big draws of using Bing as my search engine is that I can see the images, used to be able to remove all the garbage (news & what other people search for). That option is gone now on the app. I also used to be able to easily have 4 or 5 websites on different pages within the Bing app. Now I just get history, & it’s only my search history; not even history of sites I’ve viewed!! So bad!! I don’t like anything at all about the updated UI. Nothing. Give us an option to have things the way we want, & how we used to see them.

I’m trying to love you bing. I’ve ditched safari and started using bing as my main and here are some things I noticed. Google shows more relevant search results compared to bing. When I searched for how long a book is bing will show me a run of the mill search result while google understands and shows me how many pages it has. It also doesn’t work unless I use a vpn to connect to us so there’s that It’s not fast. Now I know it’s new and I’m not talking about the ‘ai copilot’ thing but bing in general is a more slower and crude search engine. Please fix that If I have more than 10 tabs open and I want to close the top ones, when I do I’ll be taken down to the most recent tab without and I have to scroll up again to close another tab I don’t know why you feel the need to hang the search bar at the top. There’s a reason google and safari’s tabs are at the bottom. Phones are long now and you need to consider accessibility

Missing Features. I understand that Bing is first and foremost, a search engine. However, the way the app is designed, it may as well be a web browser. So, due to this similarity in app design, I believed I could do some of the things that a browser could do. For example, holding a link to view not options, in order to open said link in a new tab. That feature isn’t here. Another example, the order of web tabs. Rather than leaving each tab in a set order based on when I originally opened the tab, like Chrome & Firefox; instead the tabs reorganize themselves and place your most recently visited tabs at the top of your tab list. If these two features were were added/fixed for this app, I’m sure that I’d enjoy the UI experience a lot more than I currently am. Bing has attracted me from Google, by not being biased and not censoring information. All it needs now is better features, design, and tech support. I honestly believe the best approach would be to turn the Microsoft Edge browser into Microsoft Bing.

Completely Destroyed A Great App. The new update for the redesigned app is terrible. Like so many developers do, they took a great and useable app and redesigned it. It is now clunky and no longer user friendly. Many bugs such as paging back and other functions don’t respond to touch well on the screen anymore. When following links within a search the menu bar for “all, images, videos” does not pop up at top of screen, only on the initial search item. For instance, when searching an actor, the nifty Bing profile pops up, but when clicking the link for their spouse it take me to a search page of links minus the top menu at. So if a I wanted images of that person I would have to do a whole new search. Overall feel is clunky and not as easy to use. This was literally a five star app until 24 hours ago. I’ll never understand the obsession with redesigning apps just because we can, and in the process, completely wrecking great apps into a smoldering ash heap of one star junk. I see it happen all the time. It’s beyond me. Probably will just delete Bing now. Thanks, Microsoft!

I don’t like it as much. I don’t like Bing as much as I used to . I don’t really mind the news on the homepage, but I don’t like the fact that when you select an article or something it takes you to an additional tab. And sometimes it randomly refreshes and I lose whatever I was looking at wether it was an article or something I was searching for and I have to find that tab it was on. I have a lot of bookmarks saved but I can no longer see them, it just appears as a white screen so I no longer see a point in saving any bookmarks. And sometimes the app gets slow and I have to restart it. Although if you want to see the wallpaper of the day you have to touch the image in the background of the homepage and it will isolate the photo so you can see it. I still use this app just not as much as I used to.

Anything but Google search!!!. I have gotten to the point of hating the Google browser with all my heart and soul. It’s like a disease that invades every other browser you may have downloaded. It is so overwhelmed with advertising that for me it’s impossible to read. I have always loved the graphics on bing and so far I can read most things without an overwhelming distraction of junk. If it starts to get as overloaded as Google I guess I’ll have to delete too. I hope I can continue to enjoy bing. Is there anyway you can get a browser with no advertising? I’d be willing to pay for that.

Now with Bing chat (ChatGPT) support!. The newest update adds the AI chat option for those who already got early access via the waitlist. You can even use text-to-speech when chatting. This ability to directly get concise answers and summaries to complex questions is a fundamental paradigm shift that saves me time and gives better answers. I’m already shifting away from google as a result. This is still a nascent technology, so use with care and be sure to fact check the responses for important questions.

The new Bing is outstanding.. As a technology person, the new Bing app on iPhone has been a game-changer for me. It has helped me properly set up servers and websites and even advised me on which cables were best for my computer and monitor. Bing has become my new default search engine and it has changed the way I interact with the internet. Instead of having to search through forums to find information, I can simply ask Bing and it quickly provides me with results from multiple sources. While it’s not always 100% accurate, it gets it right about 95% of the time. Plus, I can easily check its sources. The app is also great for writing emails and other written communication like this review. Overall, it’s an amazing new tool that I highly recommend.

Great, then bad.. So I was using Bing to search and use and whatever. But then, I came across the Microsoft Rewards feature where you can earn points that you can cash out by doing quizzes and searching stuff. Nothing wrong so far. I was saving up for 100 Roblox points. And after two-three days of earning points. (In the hundreds by now). But then something bas happens. I got signed out of my account for “illegal activity” It didn’t even tell what I did wrong. (I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL). So, I sign back in and I LOST ALL MY POINTS!!( only five in return. I was so mad I had to quit using the app. Thanks for reading. DEVELOPER PLEASE READ!!

Great User Interface. I love how everything you need is available quickly when you open the app. The interface is well designed. For example, the first thing that you see when you open the app is a search bar, slightly above it is the weather and slightly below it is current news stories. A collection of useful links are available if you click on the bottom right when you open the app. Everything has worked very responsively. I have not used it extensively yet but it has potential to become my primary search app.

No longer “search engine”. They turned the app into a “Home Screen” with many various functions. The app is laggy and slow. For weeks, the app immediately crashes upon opening so I haven’t been able to use it. I was a loyal bing user for about 7 years. It was easy to keep track of my searches. Now I can’t easily search between images and web searches. They made this app a mess. I’m sad to say I will probably delete it and not look back. It has not loaded for me in about 3 weeks on my iPhone 11 Pro. I used to love the picture of the day and learning something new from the picture. Now the picture is covered with icons and widgets. They added a news section but if I wanted the news, I would be a news app. All these little features are so cluttering and have slowed the app entirely. So disappointed in the direction this app went.

Used to be a lot better. The app was recently updated. I liked the app before that update. Now, I hate it. Every search opens a new tab. Once I realized it was doing this I went in to close the plethora of opened tabs. I can’t. The tabs page crashes the app instantly as soon as I click it. The only way to fix the problem is to delete and reinstall the app. I’ve done this multiple times in hopes that maybe it was a problem with the install or that there might be a fix. But alas, no. The one question I have for Microsoft is… have you done any real world testing with your app? Seems that this would be an easy thing to catch in testing.

New version with new UI makes Microsoft Rewards not count anymore. I tried signing out and and back with a fresh reinstall of the new app, but still I cannot get this iPhone app (running on my iPad) to count my searches as mobile searches anymore, thus not letting me earn Microsoft Rewards points for my daily 100 mobile search points. Instead it is now I think counting as PC searches. I would like this fixed, and more preferably have the older UI and search interface restored back. Even though I’m running this iPhone app in my iPad, it has always counted as mobile searches up until this new update. I just wish I had read the reviews about the update before doing my usual “update all apps” practice. Thank you for reading this.

Bing is a must have tool.. Bing Search app is a great tool for finding information and completing tasks. The AI features are impressive and helpful. I especially like the voice search feature that allows me to speak my queries and get accurate results. The image results are also very relevant and high-quality. Bing Search app helps me with my tasks by providing suggestions, summaries, and insights. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs a fast and reliable search engine.

Full of Surprises. Haven't tried a payout yet but, I just started using the app again after a few months of slacking and WOW a lot of amazing changes had been made to it! Beautiful wall papers, great products and info, hadn't realized there were so many ways to gain $points and it was so easy to get back into my account after this dumb old ios phone bumped me out of the app. I know my password of course but, some apps these days make it so hard you want to quit on them. Thank you Bing for being so great to is simple people who still value integrity 💚!

Bring back “Bing for iPad”. “Bing for iPad” app worked flawlessly on my iPad. I’d use it regularly and it was a go to app that I’d rate five stars. Unfortunately, it was deleted from my iPad by accident. I tried to reinstall the app, but only found the “Bing search” app in the Apple App Store instead. So I installed this new version having a different name and tried it out on my iPad for a few days. It was the worst iPad app experience I’ve ever encountered as it’s display is only in portrait mode and occupies a small fraction of the screen unlike the “Bing for iPad” app that would display in portrait or landscape mode and occupy the full screen. This was a wonderful app...please bring it back. “Bing search” app, at least for when using on an iPad, I would rate zero stars. I deleted it and hope “Bing for iPad” will return for which I’d rate five stars again.

Recent version. I love bing. Always been picking it over google. But with the recent updates it’s just unusable. The windows are gone, you can’t switch between searches. If you click on images, it takes you to the home page. It’s just another headache I don’t need. Please fix it or return to the point before this upgrade. * I had to delete the app and reinstall to make it work. One star reduced for that. **** Another update. Still when I look at some other apps and then return to bing it goes beck to the home page. All my searches are gone. There’s nowhere you can look add a window like in safari app. This is annoying. Reducing to two stars **

New Bing iPhone home screen is a mess and still can’t see searched images on iPad. I can’t see the daily image on my iphone because it’s covered with junk. I don’t need Bing to feed me blocks of news that cover the homepage. I can’t find a way to get rid of it. now icons for rewards and other features go across the top part of the screen, also covering the daily image. It would be much more functional to have three dots in the upper right corner to open these additional features only when I want to. Most importantly, when is Bing going to fix the image tab for iPad? I used to do a lot of research using the images tab. Sometime last year, after an update, the image tab stopped working. I know I’m not the only one because I see multiple posts when I googled why won’t Bing show images. I know it’s not something Ive set because I have a brand new ipad and Bing can’t pull images! This needs to be fixed.

Works well, sometimes…. It’s nice to have the search and rewards right there and easy to switch between. But recent “updates” have only caused issues for me. Often when I go to search or do something in the rewards section, it will come up with an error that I don’t have internet service (when I do), but will load if I hit refresh. Just an annoyance, to be sure. But other times, it just goes to a blank white screen, and will fail to ever load anything. Even new tabs will not load searches. I’ve had to use bing on my browser instead of the app lately just to be able to use bing. Please work on the app, it is super buggy.

Uhhh WOW. I can’t believe I’m even installing a Bing app - and not just installing - I put this sucker right on my Home Screen. First new app on my Home Screen in years. I just had the most delightful conversation with Bing about The Last of Us season finale. It was so engaging and insightful and I honestly am thinking about the show in new ways because of it. I’m beyond blown away, I’m in utter disbelief. Microsoft, please add the ability to easily share a single screenshot of an entire conversation with Bing. The only frustrating part of using this app is how hard it is to share with my friends the amazing discussions I’m having with Sydney. Please add this and I think your marketing team will thank you. Just…WOW!

Love my Bing!. Bing app on my iPhone is one of the first I go to everyday. The changing daily wallpaper is always awesome and I learn about so many interesting places and things. The ability to fine tune to my own likes and news sources is nice too. And I mustn’t forget the rewards program which really does reward in so many ways with real cash and gift cards to donating to various causes. The daily quizzes and such are always interesting and show me how little I really know. Thanks Microsoft for giving me another reason to stick with the people and company who have been around a long time.

Embarrassing. This app is an embarrassment to Microsoft’s name. It’s super laggy, and incredibly slow compared to safari. The only reason I keep it is for the rewards points, but the last month of its performances has made me change my mind. Every time I tap a link to earn points, it says there’s a connection error even though I’m at home with excellent wifi. I can hit refresh and it goes through every time, but then if there’s a poll, or a quiz, I can’t select an answer to move forward and get the points. Rewards that are just supposed to be to follow a link also sometimes just don’t work. For days. How am I supposed to keep up a rewards streak when this app doesn’t work probably for weeks on end? This has probably lost me thousands of points. Avoid at all costs, my internet friends

My experience with Bing.. A fairly recently decided to start using Bing instead of the other search engines. So far I’ve been extremely pleased with the answer given to questions and the quality and presentation of that answer. If things stay the way they are I will be using Bing probably for many years; I am very impressed even with voice tone and attitude and the character of the answers that you get from them when you ask!👍❤️

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Too cluttered and lacking customization. Overall I like the design of the app and how it performs. However there’s too many distractions and buttons on the Home Screen. The “Deals” button, the “Rewards” card, the “Weather” card, and the “Trending” card seem to be permanent parts of the app. I was unable to find a way to remove them from the Home Screen so please let me know if there’s a way. Also, I’m not a fan of the “News” and “Apps” button on the task bar. It’d be nice to remove them too. It would be much better if it was more modular and simpler.

Bad update. This update ruined the app. There’s no more back button and you are forced to re-search what you were looking up instead of pushing the back button. I’ve had this app since the original iPhone came out. But now I’ll have to delete it because the back button was removed. You can’t even swipe right to go back a page. Clicked on a link thinking it was the right choice but then you find out it’s a bad link. Time to re-search what you were looking up instead of hitting the back button. What makes this worse is how Microsoft is deleting comments criticizing the horrible and disappointing update. Imagine users using an app since the original iPhone only to have to delete it because of a stupid and unnecessary update that adds ZERO good things to the app and deleting comments that criticize the app.

A real game changer.. I didn’t know Bing was even still around … and now they’re the “go to”. Once you “AI surf”, you’ll never want to go back to regular browsing. If I had one piece of feedback , I wish I had more control over what I see on my homepage. I don’t mind ads , the more targeted the better , but it’s all the weird news stories from pretty suspicious sounding websites. Similarly I don’t mind “top news stories “. Or selected news stories in line with my interests, but I don’t need “trending” tales of social media and celebrity culture.

Good but missing a couple features. I reluctantly switched to Bing from Google simply for the Microsoft rewards but I found it’s actually a pretty competent search engine and this app is pretty solid too. I find the news generally pretty good, the aesthetic simplicity is nice, and the search functionality works as expected. The app really could use an iOS widget though for even quicker searches. Also, the app is way too trigger happy with opening new tabs. I don’t need a new tab every time I click literally anything

Update? NOT!!. Like so many other reviews, my bookmarks disappeared and then wouldn’t save bookmarks when it updated ! And of course you can never get any help from Microsoft!! Sent multiple feedback messages and never a response! I’ve used bing for years and was basically happy with it but it seems in the last year or so you’ve screwed it up consistently ! Want the old bing back! Update 3/1/23-Another new update/build. Congratulations Bing, the homepage layout has changed yet again and of course for the worse! Now the back button is at top left of screen?! Awkward! The home button is now bottom left and the bing button at bottom center which sends you to the waiting list for the AI(something I’ll never use). Skynet anyone? Another clutter button! Add that to all the other clutter you’ve added over time. Why am I forced to these updates? Why can’t I opt out or given the choice to manually update? Want the old bing back! Guess it’s getting time to say sayonara bing!

New upgrade is unstable and frustrating. I have been a Bing user for quite a number of years, and have been pretty happy using it all of this time. But this most recent upgrade is frustrating. I have to click the app at least 2 to 3 times because it keeps crashing, and often when I do a search it begins to load but then just hangs and doesn’t actually get me to the search results page. My iPad, (granted, is an older one) doesn’t work with the new ‘chat’ version because there doesn’t seem to be a way to hit the return key in order to run a normal search. Come on Bing. Time to get the glitches fixed.

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Good path where its going but too slow. I tried app only for AI answers, when i go to bing chat i ask questions sometime it signs me out and signed in, I thought from their advertisement that it is fast as google chrome but unfortunately it isn’t, their main selling feature is AI chat but they are failed in that by responding too slow. Hope you understand to make product better

Why no iPad support?. iPhones come in multiple screen sizes so why not support the iPad? A pop up window appeared prompting me to get Microsoft Edge but the entire pop up was not displayed. Bing shows Apple Maps, why not Bing maps? Poor testing of a limited product.

Changed to Chinese. I don’t know what happened. One day bing was working fine, next day everything is in Chinese. I didn’t change anything to make it happen, and I can’t figure out how to change it back.

Why change. Won’t work on iPad windows to big for frame can’t see whole page. Was great before you updated now won’t work on Microsoft rewards can’t login with different accounts please fix was great before

Why Bing is kinda better than Google.. I love Bing and how factful it is. It always does it's best to stay on topic :).

Google Killer... Bing, I was a little skeptical initially due to being a Google-sheep.. I decided to download and research all of Bing’s features, and I’m glad I did.. Bing offers an excellent interface, user interaction and a rewards platform.. I’ve deleted Google from all my devices, join the revolution and impact the internet monopoly..

Better than google. Better than google

Doesn’t support iPad. Clunky using a phone specific screen on an iPad. I thought this was temporary but I’ve been waiting for years. Can’t they even be bothered to make an iPad version?

Bing. Simple and easy

Picture. Always an interesting picture to start with. Often things I have never seen before or thought of.

This is the best app ever!!!. It’s a really useful and nice search engine that’s well put together. It’s rewards system is also AMAZING 🤩.

News is a stream of right wing propaganda. Gave this app a go to get Xbox rewards ages ago. Left it on my phone. Lately it’s been a stream of rubbish Murdoch press news stories. I read a few out of curiousity—awful reporting and festering toxic comments section to top it off. Rather than switch off notifications for this app I decided to delete. If you like your news from sky news—this is the app for you. If not, stay away.

Stock watchlist. Needs more clarity for users. I can’t see how I create personal watchlists accurately. Have you ever considered creating, for a selection of major stocks, a section on squaring the range using Gann principles.

Always go back to search page. Always go back to search page

Clunky mess!. Based on the performance of ChatGPT I had high hopes for Bing Chat but it’s a clunky mess. By the time you start getting useful information out of the chat, you need to clear and start again. On top of that there’s some kind of daily limit but absolutely no way to tell how close you are to hitting that limit until it’s too late… then back to Google you go :/

Was a lot better. Update removed the news feed

Terrible update.. You have to sign in every single time you want to check your rewards, even if you have ‘stay signed in‘ checked. When you search and click on a link, you get booted back to the home page every single time.

Can’t get it to work. I get very relevant notifications, but when I click them, the app requires updating and never shows me, or it tries to load the news article but can’t. Haven’t been able to read an article, but the notifications have been fantastic.

Loving Bing. I have recently switched to Bing as I was finding the censorship on Google ridiculous. I can actually find what I’m looking for now and it’s great.

Bill wilson. All I can say is just keep on keeping on and you won’t go wrong👩‍🌾🐜🐾🌹🙏

New Update - Why?. The old bing was great, I really loved it. But this new app update not only lost all of my open tabs, but doesn't have the tab feature at all! Not even a proper browser at all. On top of that, I can't even use the app for more than five seconds before the app crashes.

I love Bing. Search has improved so much!

Good App. Good app that doesn’t track what your browsing like Google ...,

Satisfied. Keep up the great work everyone involved in this awesome app

Annoyingly bad. I really wish there was an alternative to Google. Why this thing fills my page Full of TV articles and rubbish before a vegan searched I don’t know. When I search it’s got no idea where I am even though I’ve checked all the settings results show locations 50 km away from where I am. I really hope this thing improves before the next time I give it ago.

Unbiased information. Bing has been really good for giving me the search results and information I want without politically altering the content like Google. The speed of and quality of Bing is also fantastic, a ghost of its former self. Very impressed

Great search engine. I like Bing because it produces good search results but doesn’t censor the content like google, chrome, yahoo and Firefox do. Minimal ads too.

BING IS THE BEST. Never before have i seen a search engine that offers rewards the more you use it, its a great engine and being the Microsoft fanboy i am, deleted google, changed my search engine to bing and recommended it to everyone i know. Bing offers a great experience and it is well designed.

Key feature not even released yet. Forced me to create an account only to say that I’m on the “waitlist” to try its new AI feature. And now I get spam mail even after I delete the app. Do better devs

Improvment!. Bing has been improved a lot. I can easily find the infos that I am looking for. :)

More issues than it's worth.. It was a good app but they keep seem to add new annoying bugs. -search bar doesn't refresh with what you just searched with till you click it again. -keep having to sign in to rewards/Hotmail account. -doesnt always give rewards points. Sometimes you need to sign in an out a few times until it starts counting again.

Bing 5 Stars. Since learning of Bing last week & installing it on my iPhone, I’ll never use Google again. Bing is fantastic, does all I need & offers lovely screen photos on opening. 1st Rate👍 Chris Hodgson- Auchenflower, Australia 🇦🇺

Screen Shots. The shots are just great and so realistic. Well done.

Keeps signing out. Have used this app for a long time now linked to my Microsoft Rewards. For the last couple of weeks, every time I open it I have to sign in again despite having checked ‘keep me signed in’. Is this a bug from last iOS update? It’s really annoying to have to type out my whole email address each time I want to search. I only use Bing to get the points so no point searching without sign-in, may as well go back to Google if it doesn’t get fixed soon

Great App. This app is very useful and has helped me with assessment when I needed it most

Bing Is Not For Me. I searched up one thing on Bing and it gives me a very small explanation on what it is, but not enough to understand, if I search the same thing on google or safari it will give me a longer and better explanation.

Two words...Love it!. I can’t fault it. About to get my third gift voucher. Keep up the great work.

Bing is need for speed. Bing is so much faster as a search tool

Clear searches. Fast access

Use iphone. I can use the new Bing chat on my computer. However, I can't use Bing chat on iphone with an account that has access. Why?

Unbiased, a bit. But better than chrome. I downloaded this app because I wanted a almost unbiased search engine. While it is not perfect, in its unbiasedness it is a just as bad. Sigh. Works better than google chrome though - lol.

Bing is winging. Just try Bing for a change. Very happy. Will stay.

research lifesaver. I’m a student and when asking a question on Google, it takes up so much time scrolling to find a useful website or simple answer I’m looking for. However with bing, I can easily find the answer immediately, the chat feature is also AMAZING, it gives me a whole list of useful websites and a answer summary. Saves lots of time!!

Sorry, it looks like you've been signed out. Please sign-in again.. Every time I try to search something I get “Sorry, it looks like you've been signed out. Sign in again”. I’ve tried signing in multiple times and still the error persists

Better than google.... You are much more user-friendly and less invasive... Thanks I’m phasing google out!

Doesn’t work for I-pad. Bing is a very good app except for the fact it doesn’t work on I-pad . The screen can’t go landscape and this is annoying especially when switching between apps

Please allow support for landscape mode. Please allow support for landscape well it’s vital that I can use landscape mode the problem is that this app is stuck in vertical mode

best app ever. i am using microsoft rewards and bing to get my robux reward, its so GREAT, DOWNLOAD IT, BUGS are gone!

The images. Love to See the new photos of other countries and Australia to see what changed and what hasn’t

Bing. Very good search engine better than Microsoft edge that I was using.

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Great AI not so great UI. The Bing mobile app for iPhone has a cluttered and distracting UI, with constant news, pop-ups, and cluttered backgrounds. It needs a more minimalistic design to improve the user experience. The Google app has a good U.I but no A.I do I’ll stick with Bing for now

No ad block option. How come this app doesn’t have an ad block option?

Took a bite but it is starting to win me over.. So far it is living up to my expectations. There is unfortunately a very left leaning ideology in its responses . They will praise some but other, definitely not the Right, no. Ok have some Black and White questions, we’ll do not expect equal responses. For what it is, it can find some good details in your search’s. but very left, democratic socialist party line. Ask to right a positive article about BLM the try for one for Trump.

Wanted AI, but only got Lag. Downloaded Bing to see the New AI, but had to join a wait list. While doing that in Bing, I can’t help but notice how laggy and choppy it is to scroll the news feed. Bing doesn’t work well with the newer 120hz Apple Pro Max screens, which results in a terrible user experience. I hope they fix this before AI rolls out, or this whole experience is going to be laughed off the Internet.

Great. Great App with great features

Thank you. Thank for points thank for help thank you for joy thank u for Time


I LOVE CHAT GPT AI IN BING. It’s awesome, for the first time in my life I’m changing google to bing as my default browser. Great job microsoft

Tested app and it’s another Data mining app. Don’t bother with this app. Microsoft will use it to mine your personal information .

Not too shabby!. Surprisingly alright! Looking forward to cool things coming

New Technology, New Future, New Microsoft. I am so looking forward to this amazing technology and partnership with Microsoft and Open AI. I am an old Diehard Microsoft Guy since MS-DOS Days and this is as important as going from DOS to Windows 95 from green text to GUI! Let’s do this #HellY Ciao for now, A Microsoft Certified Professional! Michael

Excellent Work!. Very Pleased With Microsoft Services over the years they have been improving, impressing and are always listening to feedback! For that I highly recommend anyone to try Bing! You can link your Microsoft account to war rewards and many more great features include - Fast Web Browsing - Safe And Reliable Customers Service - Microsoft Rewards Program - Search Engine, is fast and ad free - Well Design Tabs Easy to Navigate

Alot better now. Search results seem more concise. The UI layout is much cleaner than I remember. Plus all the things you can do to earn rewards, such as the quizzes I find to be enjoyable if you want to pass some time.

The new era. I’m all for the new Bing being the ultimate browser.

What?. This is the worst designed app I’ve ever seen. What’s with all the forced spam and weird news on the homepage… and the random celebrity “images”?? Hahaha who uses it??

The New Bing is revolutionary!. Bing is the hands down the best search platform right now. I don’t even use Google anymore!

Freezes and slow. This app sucks. Constantly freezing, slow and full of crazy conspiracy nonsense.

WellDone microsoft. Proud of u u becoming my new favorite Topping apple Safari And google U RE NR1 Very animated sleek and CANT WAIT TO START CHATTING WITH BING see how far we can stretch HER IMAGINATION AND MINE

Robs my apartment of wifi when doing rewards. Don’t bother downloading. Suspicious and either takes forever to load or just doesn’t even with nothing in my place using wifi. It’s total trash and probably steals info

Boing est vraiment SUPER. Boing est vraiment SUPER Boing est vraiment SUPER

Better than I thought. They put a lot of effort in

This. is the best

Bing has wowed me!. I tried the new Bing assistant and I am freaking blown away! My teacher once told me we would be replaced by robots. That time has come and it is cool!!

Unbiased LoL. When you have to say your unbiased in the bio of the app, it already tells you what you need to know about that app. Just go search a few divisive subjects and you can see what I’m saying.

Not a native iPad app. Bing is for iPhones only. Bing for iPad not available in the Canadian App Store.

Issues. I’m trying to report these issues: often doesn’t load reward content (which is the main reason why I have bing on my phone) and when it can’t even load the “oops” page it causes my phone to start overheating. Only reason for the review, otherwise it’s ok.

Just has good. Bing is probably the best way to go for gaming and collecting actual points to cash in. It’s has all the same security stuff for surfing the web and there fast just like chrome. My fave is bing

Fully biased!!. This browser is in NO way unbiased. Rather the opposite! This is trash! If your looking for unbiased (uncensored) browser; definitely do not download this.

Bing is censoring tank man. Good job getting in line with the evil regime that China is! Bing is just the worst.

Bing chat part is not working in ipad pro. I am not able to open the chat tab if I went image and then chat , it get opened but I can't select or write

Aesthetically unpleasant. Everything under the hood seems to work fine but the UI is difficult to appreciate. I can’t seem to customize it either. Also why do we need rewards? It is just adding one more layer of clutter. Opening this app makes me cringe. Thankfully deleting it makes my life all better.

Not great. The home page is a cluttered mess with constantly moving tiles that you can’t get rid of It runs terribly and drains your battery way to fast It constantly pesters you for location data whenever you try to use the AI search thing All I wanted was to use there new AI thing but they make it so excruciating to use it’s not worth it

Info. Like the daises that they don’t sell my info?

Works Great. I like using it!

Former Bing HAD the chance to take over Google AI search but it ended abruptly. Microsoft has neutered Bing AI so much it is barely useful. It kept cutting off search, asking to restart. Microsoft spent so much money to build this powerful machine only to limit it extensively. Users who tried them feel disappointed and will come back to Google search plus ChatGDT. For more feedback, check multiple reddit posts about this.

Burning hot phone. Installed this app to take advantage of the new bing search that’s releasing. After installing the app my phone was getting super hot!! I mean real hot and my battery was draining very quickly. Either it’s not programmed properly or it’s stealing a mass amount of data very quickly. Either way it’s uninstalled and I recommend you do the same.

I’m excited about AI powered Bing. I feel this is the next level and I’m glad Bing is at the forefront

A suggestion. You can add an option that make search bar in the bottom of the screen just like the Safari, which will be great. Because search bar at the top of the screen makes difficult to touch. The Home Screen have Home, News, Tabs, and app options. You can add some customizable features that can remove some of this button which will make Bing looks more concise and elegant. Now, with ChatGPT the Bing is very powerful, and I will use it. But as a user, I believe there are some users wouldn’t use it as default browser, because it has many things like news and other things in the Home Screen. Thank you guys bring this powerful thing to the world!

Chat, GPT. This is the most helpful app and search engine ever developed. I am very impressed. It’s going to change everything.

Satisfied Every Time. Give it a try!! After testing -Bing- and playing with this app I feel Microsoft really try to bring a new and unique in it’s own way. Easy to use like any other searching app fast and reliable, but Microsoft put in is touch! Feels like it was design to be exactly what a client would expect from a search engine but personalized just for him! Clear and easy and just so simple but at the same time really strong and safe feel. The hole family use is it! I know my kids are safe and well informed when using Bing. Again Microsoft, tanks you for “My Bing”

Bing ai is cool🤖. Also you can get robux through the rewards. It’s bingin’ time💀

Why did you limit it?. You clearly overtuned the ai. People don't want just an "assistant". People want alive-like companion, a being that you can talk to and ask DIFFERENT questions. Not only those that somebody decided right to ask. It is mediocre now, the original ChatGPT is much better.

Just decided to test this today. Still no change to the search engine after 20 years. It is still USA centric and responses are limited. Cant wait for CHatGPT to break this UI format. Don’t bother downloading this version of the app.

Never thought I’d say this. I’m actually surprised, I’ve been recently transitioning from Google to Microsoft and haven’t noticed any desire to drop Microsoft immediately. I still think Bing’s indexing is bad but with ChatGPT it is tolerable.

The perfect distraction.. Get lost in the beautiful images if only for a moment. Sometimes it’s all you need! The world is a beautiful place and is always awe inspiring 🌎🌍🌏

Not able to add 2+10 in the search bar.. The search bar removed + symbol. Will change my rating back when it’s fixed just to catch their attention

Slowly falling back in love.. I quit chrome for edge a couple weeks ago and now i cant live without its innovative tools. And now bing having AI integrated. Seems like im always waiting on the next surprise with them. Good work guys!

Impressive. It’s been very long time I used google chrome because of Microsoft internet explorer, but when I see the new version of Bing it’s really impressed me with ui/ux and performance. To be honest i was thinking Microsoft was losing the game but they come back so much better! Congratulations and thank you for all teams behind!

Serch. Lot batter results Way more options

This is incredible! 114 IQ is real. This is one of the most groundbreaking inventions of the recent decades! Your imagination is the limit BUT learn how to build proper prompts. Its not magic, bad prompt equals to bad answer.

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One of my favorite apps but .... I switched from using google apps (Search, Mail, Translate, etc.) to Microsoft on all of my devices a year ago, and am grateful for the options. They’re all solid apps and Bing search is now very good. I have only one complaint/request regarding the Bing app for iPhone. Well, two actually. When moving about the bing app and opening various links, the only way to go back is to tap the back button at the bottom of the screen. Would it be possible to implement a right swipe instead to make the app feel a bit more iOS native? It’s a natural gesture that I just can’t seem to overcome. Also, there used to be a Bing app for iPad. This is no longer available, and a companion app for iPad OS would make for a more consistent experience across devices. Thanks for all of the great OS apps, search integrity and news aggregation.

Great alternative. Very simple to use, dependable, and always improving. I like Bing search as an alternative for other well know search apps. Less marketing and privacy issues albeit they still do collect your info. However, this “free” app brings a different result compared to other tool searches and value-add overall. Just incredible Microsoft!! Much love.

Best App Ever. I absolutely love Bing! I just got my new laptop and I’m working on getting everything set up correctly and I’m noticing all the great features that Bing has to offer. I never knew there was so many different features and it’s very user friendly. This is great, I would like to say Thank You to all of the developers and everyone who was able to make this such a great app.

Bing Is My Search Engine Choice. In addition to the speed of results using Bing, the returns to my search nearly always match what I searched for. Bing also provides points for each search while maintaining a running total. These points may be redeemed for gift cards, food from BK etc. It amounts to getting paid for your searches. One only needs to sign up for a free account.

Used to have a simple/clean UI but not anymore!. I don’t like watching the news. I don’t like reading the news. I don’t like seeing the news. I don’t care about the news. No matter who is president. So can you guys please give me the option to remove the new from my Bing UI forever? Otherwise I will stop using Bing as my search engine. I’ve used Bing since it came out. Bing’s current UI/UX is not really good. And it became annoying when news became 2/3 of the screen. Too much news on the screen. I just want a search bar and the Bing image of the day and that’s it. Simple isn’t it.

Laggy and useless. One star is still too good a rating for an app that was once awesome but then horrible after a recent update destroyed it. No multiple page tabs allowed to be open. Most of the new features either don’t work correctly and glitch or just aren’t things that are needed. The layout is so bad I don’t really like using Bing as much anymore. It doesn’t save past pages well. Cannot get back to where you were easily. I have used bing for a long time, liked it better than safari or google. Please fix this app because it was once the best thing ever.

Bing private browsing.. I love the stars that appear when you delete a page. I us it often. It is refreshing as the stars are something humanity does not understand yet. It reminds to look forward to the future. Humanity has more to discover and learn. I download the daily Bing photos for my desktop. My favorite are the December holidays with fireplace or the lights, icicles and snow. Thank you for adding joy to our to our lives, Bing Team.

Cannot close multiple tabs ?. every time you open the app to search it opens a new tab. After a week of this you have hundreds of tabs open that slow not only the app down but takes up space on your phone causing the phone to be slower. There’s no option anywhere to close all tabs at once. Even trying to search the web for such a thing just brings up how to do so on every other search engine app besides Bing. is this not possible to do ? I like the design but come on…

Much Better Than Expected. I have heard a lot of jokes putting down Bing, but tried it anyway to complete an Xbox Rewards segment. I found I like it better than Google. The search results are more relevant and I like the easy access search history. This iPhone app is designed really nice with beautiful graphics that make it a pleasure to use.

Love this. I got Bing because google stopped working on my old phone. I said when I get my new phone I’ll switch back to google. Well guess what? I got a new phone and continued using BING. I love it way more than any other search engine I’ve ever used. The pictures motivate me to travel to places I never thought I would. I went to France specifically because I saw a picture of Mt. Saint Michel on Bing, and I said I have to go there. I did. And I have Bing to thank for that.

Very Close To Switching To Google. I’ve been using Bing since July 2020, and I could see why it’s not everyone’s go-to search engine. Frankly, Microsoft Rewards is the only reason I use it, but I’ve been adjusting to it. I’ve been so committed I even changed my web browser from Safari to Edge on my iPhone. Disappointingly, last update has been a mess. As other have mentioned, sometimes clicking a link redirects you back to the homepage. Also, it’s been a year since the release of iOS 14 and STILL NO WIDGETS! Google definitely has the edge on Bing without a doubt. Disappointing.

Edge is Better. There are features and the ability To NOT bounce you back to the search results page after you change tabs. Very poorly worded. Hopefully the point comes across. Bing is superior to edge on Xbox, but it’s cool that in edge you can keep tabs open, that’d be hard to incorporate into the Bing “homepage” on Xbox. Visually, that is. Back to the phone app… It’s unfortunate that when you click a story on the homepage you can’t leave it open as a tab.

Annoying now. Loved it previously. I liked it better when I could see the whole picture and not have your advertisements or news at the bottom. But the main thing that’s more annoying now is every time I use it to search it forces me to click the accept button for cookies even though I have already many times told it to save my settings. I’ll check back whenever your next update is. If it’s not fixed then I will delete it.

App too slow now. I have to wait a long time for things to load just to search, or otherwise nothing happens when I press enter after typing my search. It’s slow when I search, and the way tabs open when you press a link or just image is very annoying as it slows down the app even more; please add an option to disable this. Safari (with many tabs) loads so much quicker and is much more responsive. Bing also drains my battery ridiculously quick. Using safari for a significantly longer time watching videos uses less battery than using bing to search (not watching vids)

Page freeze. When I use Bing to do a search and I click on an image, i.e (motorcycles) there is no way to go back to the previous page. There is no way to close out the image. I have to close the browser and open it back up a couple of times before it will go back to the Bing search screen. Other than that, I enjoy using Bing as opposed to using Google.

Bing is one of my favorite "go to" Apps. It provides a good cross-section of news.. The Bing app on iOS is really well done. The news feeds keep me well-informed, the "nearby" search is fast and accurate for food, entertainment, etc., navigation within the app is intuitive and nicely optimized. These, combined with all the other features, make Bing one of my favorite "go to" Apps, especially when I'm traveling.

Ring-a-bing bing. This app is winner in my book. Along with the browser extension on PC. I’m mostly here for the MS points but I’m sure I’ll stick around regardless of the outcome of any sweepstakes. There is one thing: please make a way to easily prohibit the bing search box drop down list from logging all my previous searches (listed in purple links). It’s super annoying and distracting tohave every previous search appear every time I go to search something new. Thanks for the awesome app and continued support and work!

I love getting rewards!. I love getting rewards! Although sometimes it’s a little annoying because there’s a few glitches with the app and lately I have been signed out too many times!! I wish we could still get rewards for the time you use bing for reading! You used to give points per certain amount of time you spend on bing! I use it a lot and love it!

I really want to like this. Currently this app is just really tacky. I'm excited to see where it's headed, especially with the AI implementation. But wow, I can't completely disable these "Rewards", and the theme isn't consistent at all, it looks like a weird custom contrast mode. And disabling the daily photo thing leaves me with a lame dark background, no logo or anything. Also why can't I disable the "Deals button? All of this is just so tacky. Trust me, I'm not just bashing Bing, I'm really tired of Google not showing me what I want. Please, fix these issues and I will happily switch to Bing on all of my devices.

Upgrade is AWFUL. I never leave app reviews. But the new update is down right awful. No longer can we use multiple tabs, I can’t redeem reward points and have to go to a separate (non bing) browser, has useless news as a main selling point on the main screens (which I can just use the iPhone news app if I wanted that. I can’t go forward anymore if I accidentally hit the back button. It’s just bad. Please go back. Visually appealing yes but it took so so much away that it’s almost not worth it. I’d rather it be “downgraded” to the much much better version. Please please bring it back!

Stories and topics always revert back to original settings. I want a clean and simple browser app. No new stories nor topics I do not care to see. No matter how many times I have tried topics I remove keep returning and stories I hide reappear. I want only the search bar to be the focal point of the page. If I wish to see the latest news I have a news section on my phone that already knows my interests and anything else I would rather search for of my volition. I will have to g back to using the search engine on another browser. The older bing app was more to my liking.

Used to be 5 stars, now completely unusable. The Bing app used to be a reliable, excellent search engine. Now, it’s absolute garbage. Aside from the clutter on the homepage (even if you go to settings and select “see more of the Bing image of the day”), many times clicking on links in the search results brings you back to the Bing homepage, and the Wikipedia icons at the top of the search results link to the Japanese version for some reason. You have to scroll down to find the English version. Can’t believe they released this trash. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Now, the Bing app is completely ruined.

Don’t like the new app. I have trending turned off but there it is! Why is that…… And as far as the Bing image of the day, now I can’t see it because of all the crap that’s there like trending that I have turned off— but it still shows up😤🤬‼️Also all this crap scrolling across the top… Seriously I can’t even see the image of the day for all the crap that is taking up the whole face of the iPhone‼️‼️👎🏽 please fix this‼️ I give it zero stars ZERO👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 why even bother showing an image of the day on the Bing app if you can’t see it for all the other crap that’s on there… Just my $.25 worth🤬😤😡

Bing Bam Boom!. When I tell people I’m going to Bing it they have no idea what I mean. Of course if you say the G word everybody knows what that means. But Bing is such an incredible exciting experience, and not to mention they pay to use it! Do you get points for your searches, there’s games those quizzes there’s things to do other than just hey where is this hey how do I get there. For a fun exciting interactive experience try Bing today!

Love Microsoft/Bing!. I love this app/Microsoft/bing search engine. My only issue is how it won’t rotate from portrait mode to landscape mode. It’s quite aggravating. I would also recommend an update on the searches for near by, as well. I find some companies are marked wrong and sometimes it won’t bring up a company I search for. So please fix these issues. Many thanks!

Way better than Google. This is my favorite search engine now. Go ahead and ask Google something and watch how they put what they want you to see versus what you want to see at the top. It’s usually politically motivated or advertisement motivated. Bing just places the relevant stuff you searched for at the top where it should be. Seems way more natural to me. The algorithms do not make it a pain to use.

How much I love Bing. I love Bing so much I use it every single day. It is my go to recommendation for search engines! Bing is just the best it’s better than Google, Safari, yahoo, Brave, everything! I have to use it everyday I can’t go one day without it! Bing is the best I literally love it so so much! The people who like being I probably making so much money and I know so many people I have to be using Bing.

Another Microsoft downturn. Microsoft used to be a powerhouse now they can’t even keep an app or search engine functioning properly nor will they even acknowledge a complaint. They almost feel like they don’t care or think they’re too big to fail. They will get you with the points to donate or get gift cards it used to work amazing now the points and bonuses no longer fully collect. Get your act together otherwise you’ll be the next big tech that didn’t care about customers anymore and fail. Remember when gateway computers were the computer and apple was a joke?

Just a review :)!. At first I thought I will no longer be able to use bing because it started to take me out of the app and it all started at the end of may but I just updated it and it’s 10x better because they added the multiple search option ! I really like using bing instead of google for very obvious reasons. I like everything about it. 10/10 recommend !

Bing search engine. I always use Bing when I need a search engine that will keep my questions private! It shows you how many times someone has tried to mine your information. If I use the most popular search engine, I have found my search activity was supplied to a lot of companies with no way to tell how many other sources they have sold my information to!

Simplified. Bing, it’s just easier to use with good results. Well organized easy to navigate. I’d recommend Bing to anyone that asked. I’m not downing any other search engines though the all have certain features that stand out. Google has great results in search as well. I tend to use Bing a lot but I sometimes compare the results between a search and sometimes there’s a noticeable difference in results.

Earning rewards to redeem is awesome. Search performance is also awesome!. Bing searches have proven (for me) to be just as good, if not better than Google. I used to only use bing for directions and would search everything else with google, but I’ve been more reliant on Bing lately. On top of that, you can ward reward points on Bing for doing searches, which can be used for some gift cards, charitable donations, and sweepstakes entries. That’s been really cool too!

Love that Bing app on my Phone.. This is a story about Joe Biden, Which was served the 46th President of the United States of America. That’s good to know about COVID-19 with Coronavirus Pandemic in 2021. Yes, That is good to know about News Stories in 2021 about USA for the Rest of the World. Think I’ll have some information for you about Pandemic because I love it. Thank you for your time! Bye for now. 😃😂😅😊😇🙂🙃😉 Good luck with Bing app for my device! Have a good day.

Better than Google. While I am not naive enough to believe that there aren’t any political biases or bribery efforts to manipulate search results in every browser, Bing returns much more relevant results than Google and some of the other search engines. Hopefully the developers will monitor the negative feedback that Google is getting from frustrated users and work to keep search results less filtered, censored, and politically driven.

Downloaded immediately. I like the sections noted at the bottom of the home page. I always look at the “news”. I now consistently go to the search area vs googling everything. I am quick to research anything that puzzles me. At 85 years of age, I am a firm believer in “you learn something new everyday”. I am seriously thinking about investing in MSFT stock again.

Very easy and reliable search. I am probably one of the few using Bing more and not Google and I am still not understanding why people have this attraction to Google. I feel that the reliability and the way of displaying information is at least similar. Plus the cute and informative fails pictures ! Looking forward for the AI powered Bing.

Has great potential.. I love Microsoft’s product and software. Although, the Bing app on the iPhone is one of the most frustrating things to use. There are many incidents where I am stuck on a page and I am not allowed to go back to my previous page or press the Bing home page. If that problem was fixed then there would be no problem using this helpful app.

Bing questions for Microsoft points. I’m having trouble doing my bing questions this has never happened in the time of me using bing to obtain my points for rewards on my Xbox it’s irritating but hopefully it can be fixed soon And also everytime I do my questions the app stops working telling me to contact support so i don’t know what to do at this point

Fresh. The changing pictures are a great way to have a fresh little something that is new each day which is often tied with a current calendar event or perhaps an ever changing diverse places around the country and the world. Each had an explanation of the picture and links you can jump to to expand your knowledge even more. Sometimes this is tied to the questions in the bing rewards program, so that’s great too.

Bing searches are so easy!. I used Google for so long and found out how much data they were searching, storing, & using! My computer would have around 20-25 different programs running and eating up my operating system speeds! I’ve switched to Bing searches and started collecting Bing points for each search daily that I’ve been able to “buy” gift cards! That’s right 5$ & 10$ gift cards! I love it!

Stu Pen Duos. Bing has been here the entire time , silently waiting for the truth to be needed. Low and behold the time has come. Bing is the deliverance/all time spent rewards for search/ this is the way a good system works / protection crafted from real life experience / not a hidden line etched through trans appearance / Bing I’m in call me MBingington/ I’ll Bing a ton / I’ve only one / search engine of the millennium / Greatest Development Upgrade / Michael J

Woah, like woah... Its better than most, but really we are screwed with technology. It’s has started the best fraud and fraud is everywhere. I can’t look up blogs no longer... I can’t look up happy stuff. Just racism, and straight up online bullying from google and DuckDuckGo, bing, yahoo, q one. They are extremely prejudice. Simply, horrible results that could cause physiological damage to anyone. The fact they pick stuff for you based off the information they have on you. It’s sick, I don’t know how they came up with this horrible stuff but this is not what I want to see on my platform. Hopefully, you can partner up with a better partners. Idk the pay check is probably good

Images Won’t Load. I have had this App on all my iPads for many months and it has worked fine until a few days ago when I click the images they will not load. However, when I click images on the actual Bing website, the images seem to load just fine. This is weird! I would have given this a 5 star except for this current issue. Remember, this just started on all my iPads.

Great App, even though I’m skeptical.. A great app certainly rewards you with gift cards & what not, just for searching. I’m still very skeptical on the whole big rewards for a chance to win. Sorry, been on here for many years. Maybe just bad luck I pour all my points into contests & not once in 7 years have a won anything. lol. Like I said probably just, better words lack of luck. Great rewards realistically though.

Mrt. This is the biggest blunder I’ve made in a long time. Bing search engine was always an enjoyable tool with great images and easy to find info and I used it along with my Safari. I usually read lots of reviews on an app before downloading but this was different. I was researching a subject with an image that was needed and I got stopped because it told me my Bing needed to be “updated “.... ......oh I hate that! So in my haste to keep going and finish, I took the update.... This is no update, it’s a complete disaster and obliteration of Bing search engine ,it’s garbage. It looks and runs like a leftwing news outlet . Dumb bad!

Cluttered, messy, overwhelming and useless. The app is so cluttered and messy, full of ads and random news stories and trending topics and popups about shopping and coupons and deals and rewards points and weather, just so much garbage. The only thing a search engine needs is a search bar, if I want a news app or a shopping app or a weather app or anything else I’ll go and download one of those. This is why Google is so much better. I only downloaded this app for the new ChatGPT features and they don’t even seem to be enabled/working so downloading this has actually made my phone worse.

New update 😠. What happened to bing rewards? The daily questions aren’t working on my iPhone and now I’ve lost my streak. 😢 When are you going to fix the update? Or at least give us the option to go back to the previous BING. I don’t like the new update. Every time I click on a link it opens a new window so I can’t just go forward or back. I have to hunt for the original window. And I end up with so many open windows I have to click on each tab to see which I want to keep. When I open all the tabs it does an irritating flashy thing. I hope this gets fixed soon. It’s become tedious to use.

Bring back my old Bing!. I chose to delete all Google apps and instead download Bing years ago when I first heard about Bing because of the “better experience”! Recently, it started “acting up”, so I was advised to delete it from my iPad and re-download it. HUGE mistake! When I did, it was the “new and improved” version that is no longer compatible with iPad. Are you kidding me? No landscape mode makes it impossible to use. Why would Microsoft do this to users? It will just make us delete the app and go elsewhere! I am already trying out another search engine and weighing my options waiting on Bing to decide on whether or not to re-introduce the “old Bing”!

Last update NOT an improvement. I'm glad it's not just me getting curmudgeonly in my old age. I've used Bing for some time now instead of the big G--like the UI, like the search results, use the Rewards points for gift cards, etc. After the latest update, the app is terrible--can't find anything, the steps you have to go through to do something are clunky and non-intuitive, etc. The iPad version is even worse. Seems they wanted sleeker looks and now they have an app that's a total pain, and will not get used nearly as much as I've used it in the past.

Achievment hunting for charity. I logged into my Xbox One X this morning to find an ad for matching donations by earning rewards points playing Forza 7/Horizon 4. So I unlocked three easy achievements and bam! I had myself a matched donation to the CDC for their fight to save us from COVID-19. Then I went ahead and downloaded Bing and Edge, discovered I can earn Microsoft rewards points which I can then donate to a good cause and make a small difference through my favorite hobby, gaming. It's the little things in life, ya dig?

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Microsoft Bing Search Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Microsoft Bing Search app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Microsoft Corporation and people?

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Microsoft Bing Search 7.1.19 Apps Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Bing Search iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 7.1.19
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Microsoft Bing Search (Versiyon 7.1.19) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Bing Search was published in the category Productivity on 2009-12-16 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This program file size is 276.34 MB. This app has been rated by 133,574 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Microsoft Bing Search - Productivity app posted on 2023-03-16 current version is 7.1.19 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Microsoft Bing Search App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Introducing the new Bing search, your AI-powered copilot for the web. It’s powered by the same technology behind ChatGPT and draws on the deep knowledge base behind Bing search. The combination means you'll get reliable, up-to-date results, and complete, cited answers to your questions! You'll also get to chat and see suggestions for additional information. It can even build on your ideas to write drafts for you to consider.

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