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One of the best food apps of all time is back and brand new for iOS 10! The all-new Epicurious app makes it even easier to find the world’s best recipes, watch incredible food videos, and cook delicious meals.

Our top-to-bottom overhaul includes weekly content updates to inspire you, along with videos of your favorite recipes. You can still explore over 35,000 tested recipes from publishers like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, HarperCollins, and more, plus recipe reviews and ratings from home cooks like you. We’ve refreshed all of your favorite features and added a few new ones, like:

Latest Recipe and Video Feeds: New content added every day — never miss another new recipe or video.

Recipe Box: Save your favorite recipes so that they’re only a tap away.

Shopping List: Easily create shopping lists on the fly.

Smart Kitchen Timer: Know exactly how long it takes to cook salmon, chicken, and 40+ other items — without a recipe.

Seasonal Ingredients Finder: Eat local and find out what foods are fresh at farms near you right now.

Ingredients Toggle: New mode lets busy cooks view ingredients with just a tap of a button — no need to scroll.

Epicurious App Description & Overview

The applications Epicurious was published in the category Food & Drink on 2009-04-24 and was developed by Condé Nast Digital. The file size is 55.95 MB. The current version is 6.2.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using the Epicurious app! This update includes additional bug fixes and performance tweaks.

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Search Mode is not Great  LAJules555  3 star

My biggest complaint with the Epi app is the search mode. It’s not efficient. You have to be very specific. For example, Searching for “Bran Muffin” brings a different result than “Bran Muffins”. Search results are random and do not pull up recipes that are anywhere close to what you are actually searching for.


One can find everything!  mmebg  4 star

Such a wonderful site! I consistently use it several times a week for recipes and ideas. My only complaint is when the recipes are embedded within an article. I would love to see a link add it to the article so that the recipe could be easily accessed.


My go to source  Trailred  5 star

Easy peas.


Look elsewhere  ethancole  1 star

The recipes are often incomplete or not proofread. Ingredients sometimes don’t match the recipes. This is of the lowest quality.


Printing nutritional facts  Egans46  3 star

I wish the nutritional facts were more obvious and would print with the recipe.


Simple & Delicious  mch423  5 star

Easiest chicken dinner ever! Made some minor changes. Used 6 larger thighs on bone and skinned them. Also pan seared pancetta then added to tomatoes and olives. (threw in shallots and more garlic) It was simply delicious. Don’t skimp on bread...crusty is better to soak up juices.


Stop asking every two seconds to rate your app  Beaker121888  1 star

I like the app so far but it’s so annoying to be asked repeatedly to rate it within the first 3 minutes of looking at recipes. I haven’t even found one I’m interested in making yet. So here’s a star. Stop asking me.

Montez in DC

Fantastic recipe!  Montez in DC  5 star

This was an incredibly easy and very delicious dish! I omitted the pine nuts because I didn’t have any and grilled the fish on a grill pan on the barbecue. Also substituted a Serrano chili for the banana peppers (once again, because I didn’t have any) and it all came out great in the end!

await a fix

Shopping list  await a fix  2 star

I was excited about this app because the food great but....Every time you enter an item it’s duplicated. Very frustrating!

Sof Riley

Wonderful app with great recipes  Sof Riley  5 star

I really enjoy this app. It is easy to use. Great recipes that I have used time and time again while always gathering new ideas. I love how easy it is to save recipes and then find them.


Amazing!!!  izzycec  5 star

I really love this app. It gets me really excited about cooking dinner when I get home. (Even after a busy day)


Love it  TheRozza  5 star

All the recipes I’ve tried from here have been wonderful. Only criticism is I constantly have to convert measurements. :)


Potentially a great app but.  Marcosss42  2 star

The app has no sous vide recipes, it does not cater for the dietary needs of keto or LCHF, nor does it allow for the choice of metric temperature and weight in the settings. Potentially great but in reality not good enough.


My Fav Website Since It Was Invented!!  sandiola13  5 star

Seriously, I reckon I’ve been using this website for almost 20 years. The key is to sort by “Most Reviews”, to get the best recipes, in my humble opinion. Thank you Epicurious for all of your wonderful work!


Good recipes but no metric measures  Robert_Cam  2 star

The lack of metric makes this pretty useless in much of the world.


Amazing recipes  Beaglerampage  5 star

Always perfect! Love the rating system


Makes you look like a chef  lilmissmacaron  5 star

Love this app. Small suggestion: would be good to have a notes function in saved recipes to add alterations. Otherwise, this app is close to perfection!


Favorite App!  missanadulce  5 star

This has become my absolute favorite app to cook with - I actually find it quite intuitive and everything ive tried so far (3/4 or 4/4) have been real winners. Only wish that I could save my filters so that I didn't have to input them each time - a small but relatively handy option :) thank you :)


Epicurious  cascollie  1 star

It was one of my favorite apps. No longer as it crashes every time you open it.


How to destroy an app  Hanne15  4 star

A few years ago this was the best cooking app of all time - it is now but a sad shadow of its former self. There are few recipes, the search/filter function which used to be outstanding mostly retrieves no results or retrieves nonsensical results. Wish I could find out why exactly this has been ruined - was this some sort of marketing tactic? I really don't get it.


Excited  dbpet  4 star

Love looking through the vast data base for recipes.


Steak & Mushrooms Undoubtedly the best  techfall15  5 star

Undoubtedly the best Meal I’ve ever made. I know that’s relative to all the other meals I’ve ever made And you would have to know how good those were in order for that statement to be meaningful but trust me this one is good and worth trying.


Love epicurious for their great recipes  Leahcat123  5 star

I have found many wonderful recipes on epicurious & check it daily.


Recipes.  Liquidhalo1  3 star

I wish I could access the saved recipes on my phone.

Chili Barrel

Crashes too often  Chili Barrel  1 star

The app crashes any time I load an article. Recipes are fine. But any article that requires scrolling is doomed.


Delicious and Filling!  bjujubb  5 star

Scaled down the recipe to serve two, planned the meal prior to checking the pantry for spaghetti, had to use other pasta instead, but was still great!

Rita Jane '81

French 75 Punch  Rita Jane '81  5 star

I highly recommend this punch!!I just made it for a bridal shower and it was a huge hit! You don’t need to use a super expensive dry champagne, we spent $17.50 per bottle. We made it, tasted it and decided to double everything except the gin, we used the London beefeater dry gin. It wasn’t that you tasted the gin so much as it was already very powerful and didn’t want everybody completely sloshed before lunch. This punch is incredibly smooth, citrusy deliciousness. I too made ice in a bundt pan with orange and strawberries not super thick. Everybody loved everything about this punch. It was the preferred drink. Will definitely find a reason to make this again.


Epicurious rating  mijosand  5 star

Best App ever!!! I’ve done many meals out of it recepies and have allways turned to be excellent!!!

Ted VF

A mess  Ted VF  1 star

What a mess. I have tried now to open one of the recipes and the app has blown out 7 times! What is wrong with you all. A MESS.


Slow  KDFactor  3 star

This may not be entirely the fault of the app, but it shuts down abruptly when certain functions and links are clicked. I suspect the culprit lies in the numerous photos and videos that make it data heavy. Annoying when this happens, which is simply too frequent. Love it otherwise!!

The big ear

Epicurious  The big ear  5 star

I like this app and really like what these guys do! But it's been mentioned before and I really thought it would have been sorted out, METRIC that is, if you cook you have to know it makes sense. I am also unable to click on some of the recipes for some strange reason. Come on guys you can do it kilos and grams.


Excellent  Squigers  4 star

Really useful App ... Can you guys update it for IOS 4 and Retina Display though please !


Amazing!  UnfunFionn  5 star

This app, with its easily customisable search, has revolutionised my cooking. I'm a vegetarian and it couldn't be easier to find stuff that tastes great. Thank you!


Well designed  Hat-trick  5 star

Well designed app, lots of content and it's FREE!


Guten  Bodojo  5 star



Brilliant  Bspiros  5 star

You seriously couldn't ask for anything else! Shopping list feature ROCKS!


So cool  annamariem8  5 star

This is a brilliant application. No more to say.

A good game but.........

Brilliant  A good game but.........  5 star

Thanks ever so much. Something for everyone!!!!!!!!!!! This app is fantastic. Five stars


👍🏾  Adj702  5 star

Easy to navigate and a gem for on the spot recipes.


Easy & Amazing.  Nxxqursitsmary  5 star

It's great for on-the-spot mean ideas. Very easily accessible and easy recipes. 🌞 Absolute great work in this app. Just be aware of some crashes. 😉


New version  Dissapointing0678  1 star

Just hangs when you try open recipe


Very useful  Joeboy69  4 star

I find this to be a very useful app. I have tried a number of recipes and searches always suggest tasty meals that are easy enough for me to cook. Making a shopping list is an added bonus and with the iPad mini it is easy to take with me to the shops. Can't seem to add reviews though. I suspect I must register on the website etc but it will be better if this can be integrated into the app.


Love It  Daleypg1990  4 star

Works fantastic in my opinion!


Pounds, ounces, inches and quarts  iPhoneUser0  2 star

This would be such a great program if it wasn't stuck in an ancient world where pounds, ounces, inches and quarts are still in use. I found so many great recipes... but gave up after tiring of looking up the conversion formulae from imperial to metric and labouriously converting from one to the other. It would really be great if the app automatically converted units in recepes from imperial to metric (or vis versa). If this is not possible (and I don't see why it wouldn't be able to do so in this era when computers can automatically translate languages, understand spoken words, etc.), then I guess the next best thing would be for the search function to allow one to filter (or group) search results by imperial, metric or a combination of both units of measure.


not a fan  reefshop  3 star

I found it very buggy, swiping from side to side does'nt flow smoothly, its jerks frequently. I use it in conjunction with safari browser to check for various ingredients that i dont know of (bad idea cause it will freeze when switching between Epicurious and Safari, after about 10 seconds it will come right) That was my experience, not to good.


Awesome  BzeeBeeCharms  4 star

Really useful app for anyone looking to try something different in the kitchen!


Health  Pyayra77  5 star


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