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What is dream restaurant app? In Dream Restaurant world, you can build and extend your restaurants, serve your customers, earn money, unlock new restaurants and new food, hire waiters and contest with other restaurant owners in your town!

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How to contact Dream Restaurant (Rollic Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Dream Restaurant. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1575181192/dream-restaurant/contact

Dream Restaurant Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dream Restaurant Version 3.802 March 2022

-Bug Fixes.

Dream Restaurant Version 3.723 December 2021

-New Mechanics -Bug Fixes -Performance improvements.

Dream Restaurant Version 3.527 November 2021

-Bug fixes -Performance improvements.

Dream Restaurant Comments & Reviews 2022

- This game is amazing 🤩!

At first when I saw an ad, I was like, “Ok, sure, let’s download this. It’s probably gonna be like a mini-game and I’m just gonna play it once in a while.. but it might be fun..😒”That’s what I THOUGHT. When I actually started the game though, I was like, “WOAH 😍! This game is AWESOME 😆!” So I play this a LOT now and it’s still amazing 😄! Although I do have a recommendation.. Can there be, like, updates or something? Like….. Christmas 🎅🏻 with Christmas trees 🎄 in the restaurant… and maybe new recipes even 📝? Or is that a thing already? Because I JUST downloaded this game like 5 minutes ago.. 😅. So I definitely suggest you download this game 👍. Also, I have more games similar to this, that are also great. Here’s 2 that I really like: “Pro Builder” and “My Universe”. They are also very fun and I suggest you download ALL OF THEM 😄😄😄!!! (Including, obviously, this one!) Thanks for taking your time and reading this 😉. Have a nice day 😁!

- Best game in the universe but…

Like I said this is the best game in the universe but let me tell you the bad news. there’s way too many ads and when I tried to get the man for five minutes I had to do it again because……… I don’t know I just had to do it again .that’s the bad news now the good news is😉 it keeps you busy for a long time I really like the golden rush thing where you get Golden burgers 🍔 oh yeah I really like it because you don’t have to be like grabbing different foods to get everyone one thing that’s what I really like about dream restaurant and also you can decorate your restaurant only thing I would appreciate is if you get more options that will be cool 😎the restaurant is a really cool already I just wanted to be cooler 😎😩 so please fix the man when you had to do the add two times it’s very annoying.

- Amazing game, but lacking in a few places.

Like I said in the title, that game is amazing. The cash is somewhat realistic, it’s really fun to play, at looks good the entire time. However, I have noticed a few things. Number one, background music. The game would be 100x more fun with background music. It would keep people engaged throughout their play. Number two is offline income. It would be much more realistic if you earned money while away. If that means increased prices then so be it. I think that’s all, but if I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to add it. Thank you!

- Love this app but needs updating

I have only had this app for a few days and love it, I loved it even more since the update where you can compete against other players, more upgrade options, and more restaurants to build. I am however quite upset with some bugs that have come with the update, one of them is occasional lagging which doesn’t bother me much as it only lasts a few seconds and doesn’t happen much. The bug that really bothers me though is when I tried to buy workers on the new restaurant, it took my money, but I never got a worker. I’ve tried restarting the app and retried so many times but I’m very unhappy now because I’ve probably lost around 50k trying to buy the workers. I understand that this is a new app, but you shouldn’t be releasing an update without testing to make sure it 100% works. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

- Dear Dream Restaurant

Dream restaurant is very fun I got my sister into this game my three friends and two cousins the money goes really fast it never gets old or boring it is always to much fun but the only updates I need is more for sale buildings and to see my sister in 2nd place or 1st or 3rd because I’m not always in the same room as her like I said it is very very very fun there is a lot to do and I love this game so does my sister I don’t see my cousin and friends a lot but i know that they think this game is 100% fun!

- Great game but I have 2 complaints...

It is a cute game, very simple and not anxiety ridden like some cooking games, however after getting a good way along, I open the game tonight and it has me back at zero! Like, surprise! You have to start all over again. So there’s that, and the fact that there is no way to purchase “out” of watching a gazillion ads. Like I get it, but forcing you to watch a 5 second ad that you have to close out of THREE times in a bit excessive. So I don’t think I will be playing this much more until there is an update that fixes these issues. Idea and concept are great but it is just not worth the aggravation IMHO.

- Glitchy game

This game is great but too many ads and every time I close out of the game I have to rebuy tables in the coffee shop it’s only the 2 farthest away from burger shop and all the ones until the end this is a great game but it’s super glitchy and the ads freeze up and then you have to shut it down and then go back in then you lose the tables again. My suggestion is fix the glitchy tables get rid of the continuous ads or give an option to pay to remove them also give prices on the supply guys so we can see how much we could earn because watching ads to upgrade them doesn’t work. Otherwise it’s a fun game it’s just super frustrating with these problems.

- Fun; but WAY too many adds!

This is honestly incredibly entertaining, so I hope the developers read this. The premise and execution of the game is well done, but there are way too many pop up adds to truly be able to enjoy the game. It disrupts the flow. I think if you want to include the adds, make it so they are clicked on, like if you want a multiplier boost you have to watch an add. There are also plenty of ones you need to click on anyway, like for more than two waiters, so I don’t see the point in including so many pop ups.

- Love the game but…

…I got bored from easily becoming the #1 restaurant, and I want to see where we can become a customer to go to other peoples restaurants. Also I wish there is more things to purchase with the money, otherwise I am just getting money because I’ve already got all the land I can get. Also it would be nice to have more designs in the restaurant like the walls, tables, outfits, and floors.

- Gamr Wont Load

I just downloaded this app a few days ago and it’s my favorite game currently. Today I tried to play but for some odd reason it begins to load and then it just freezes. Only thing it shows is how much I made while I was away and it shows a button for me to triple it by watching an add but it freezes before you can either exit out or click the add. I restarted my phone several times & I keep clearing my app history but they game will not load & it keeps getting stuck at this screen . PLEASE FIX THIS!!

- Fun for a short time.

It didn’t take me long to buy everything I could in the town. I have bought all I can and expanded as far as I could. I figured I would get more when the contest was over. It said the top two people would go to a new town. Two hours left it still said I was first so I figured I would go to a new town and buy more areas. But the contest started all over again and I see no way to go to a new town. Ended up being a short game. No point playing when you already bought everything you can.

- I wanna see a button where you can become a customer and P.S THE GAME IS GOOD

I wanna see a button where everyone can see Become A Customer For $2,000 Dollars So it can make it fun And when you become a customer you can add money to yourself Because that’s crazy Ok then please Add it P.S: The Game Is Awesome Download it and you won’t be bored For your whole life.

- Was good was having fun then turned into trash

I played the game was enjoying it got really far they have tournaments and the one i was in had 30 hrs left i was in first and almost complete with building my third restaurant went to sleep woke up and i had gotten fully rest back to the tutorial i didnt get the 200,000 that i was supposed to get to progress further just got fully reset if you want to download have fun im done not going through all of that again forced ads no way to get rid of them and your game will get reset for no reason

- Game is great although…

I had a great time playing the game even though I easily succeeded by become number 1 quickly it was more restaurants to buy to start building those up as well. Although once I opened up my third big restaurant i opened a few tables and it glitched and started me all the way over from the very beginning. After all the time and energy wasted I deleted the game. I was very upset and couldn’t restore anything back I had to start over from square one.

- Great game PLEASE ADD MORE

Thank you for adding the pizza restaurant but I mastered it already and need more. Maybe an ice cream shop, then a seafood place, then a bbq place, then a breakfast place, then a wine and cheese place. Idk just giving you ideas because this game is entertaining and mind numbing just how I like em and want more. Thank you!!

- I really enjoyed this game but it needs more restaurants :)

Love the game and I’ve already completed all the restaurants but I with there were more. Or maybe a rebeirth option so you can start over. But other than that I enjoyed playing this game!

- A few problems

First off I want to say this game never make me bored and it’s fun. But there are a few problems, I loose money for no reason, when I buy more chairs it all disappears when you leave and come back, and you can’t get your money back. And that’s what makes me mad 😡. If you could fix that, there wouldn’t be any problems.

- Wow plez red this

I really like this game a d I’m like addicted to it, and ind it’s just got this one little problem and it’s that it somthimes glitches so I need some people to fix that but like, I really like this game and if you don’t have it then your missing out.🤩🤩

- Good game but waiters in first room glitched

This game is a good one overall but the waiters in the first room had glitched when i reopened the game and had made it impossible to use waiters (PS: i couldn’t buy them back either, it just said “All workers working”)

- Good app but need improvement

This aap is very good and I was starting to really enjoy it and unlock more restaurants but then I want to unlock waiters/ works but I paid seven time and didn’t get my workers and I lost my money and I hope you fixe this issue soon and unlock my workers and also give me my money back.

- Literally obsessed

I absolutely love playing this game, I just wish there was a way to remove ads. I’ve also been having issues where I go to upgrade certain things, it takes the money but it never upgrades.

- My one problem with this…

I loved this! It wasn’t stressful like other games and you could compete with other players. My only issue with this game is that, I fell asleep one night knowing I wanted to continue playing it in the morning to buy a new lot, and then it made me start all over again! Like, 0 of my items were saved and were all deleted!

- Great Game But…

This game is an amazing game, and I recommend getting it. The thing is that for some reason at my BBQ restaurant there are no waiters even though I paid for every one of them. It says all waiters are working but there are no waiters. Please fix this

- No garden waiters

So the new update was installed and I keep spending “money” on the waiter section and it doesn’t let me hire any waiters. I also have to pay for a table that I know I’ve bought before. Also if you included ways to upgrade the restaurants that would be cool. Just saying.

- Hey

This is one of my favorite games only problem is after i played it a couple days in a row when I try to play it again it just stays on the loading page like it’s frozen so I have to delete the game and start all over to get it to open.

- Good game

I like this a lot but there’s a little problem when I logged backed in to the game half the tables where gone and I had to buy them again also the waiters where gone apart from that the game is good tho.

- Needs more land Also needs more update

It needs more land because I’ve got every single land so I wish I could Have more land lIt’s a wish that there was more updatesThere should be more foods to and more seats more People More VIPs

- Pretty good

The game is good and all and its really addicting but after you play one game and when you leave the game all you workers are gone and the game is really glitch-y. Sometimes when you watch ads for somthing then sometimes the ad wont work I think you should download this game but it’s pretty bad but still good.

- Good game but you can’t close the app

This game is not bad and it’s pretty fun to be honest but the one problem I have is that I had just gotten a lot of stuff, then I decided to close out the app because it was lagging but when I opened the app everything that I had done was erased it was like I just started all over again

- Restaurant game review

Okay so I love this game but right now I have 10 waiter for 2 places and I came back the next morning and I’m not able to have any waiters for those places. It’s very frustrating.

- Offline rev

So the game itself is fine. I feel it could benefit from being controller compatible. But my biggest issue lies with the offline revenue, no matter how long I’m off I only make $500, despite the fact i have a lot unlocked and upgraded.

- A bug in the game

This game is fun but when I was playing I got all the waiters and the next day they would disappear. The stand said they were all working and bought but they were all gone. Can you please fix this.

- Good

The game is great and really fun but it’s way to laggy at times and to many ads and sometimes when trying to close the ad it closes the app. Great game fix the issues

- Good game

This game is definitely a good game. I enjoy every minute of it but that only down fall of this game is that I spend more time watching the stupid pop up ads then I play the actual game.

- Update

With the update that just came out. I lost almost all of my waiters. I check the waiters tab and states all waiters are working

- Why it’s a 4

I give it 4 because my steak house won’t let me add my waiters and I paid for them 6 times after restarting the game like come on but the game is chill over all but my waiters need to be added and I need more waitress for my other places

- Love it

BUT there is way to many ads. There should atleast be an option to either peemently buy no adds or something I can’t hardly get anything done because of the ads just randomly pop up I swear every 30secs makes me wonder if it’s even worth playin

- The games really good but…

I really like this game. it’s fun and enjoyable but I think being able to walk in between your restaurants might be a lot easier than teleporting to each of them. Others than that I love it. (:

- Please update

I opened up all restaurants and can’t complete daily challenges because it’s not anymore restaurants to open it’s really fun minus the pop ups way to many would give 5 stars but I can’t until these problems are fixed

- Ads

i saw an ad on this game and it looked fun so i downloaded it. i honestly really like this game and it’s kinda addicting. but i cant watch any ads/videos at all so i cant get really far in this game. you need to watch an ad to get more money, more waiters, and more. please fix this.

- Fun but few issues

So I love the game, it’s fun for passing time but the ads are annoying and it’s glitchy. I had like 5 or so restaurants built and lots of money then I get into the app the next day and it restarted everything :( so now I have to redo it all to get to where I was

- Why this bug ruined my whole game experience

I’m so mad right now wana know why. Because this is the little story. So I just built my 3rd area for my cafe and then I go to my first one and what surprises me is none of my workers for the fist restaurant to get at game start are gone now I want them back but NOPE I got them all so now I can’t get them please fix this bug I’m not happy then I may change my mind

- Game is good but

Game is good but it tends to start freezing a bit for me. I can’t even use another app like Netflix while playing the game. Also would be cool if I could buy the ads off for this game. Hate the ads

- Update broken!

I loved this game SO MUCH especially after the competitors thing, but now I can’t buy waiters. It’s just taking my money, and I’ve lost a LOT. Please fix this so I can buy waiters for my new restaurants please.

- Issue

I overall like this game, it keeps me busy but my waiters are coming to wait on the tables. I have 6 restaurants and I do it all myself. I would like this to be solved so I can keep playing!

- Fun but deletes progress

Great game, lots of fun. The only problem is that it often deletes the progress I've made. At first it was just lots of tables, but them it restarted the game! I was somewhat far too. Very disappointed. I tried again, but progress still is not being saved.

- Ads.

Enjoying the game so far. I might be missing it or have not yet been able to find but is there a way to get rid of the ads?

- Dream restaurant

When your a pro you can see how much more people do in the game and make more restaurants so you can serve more food vip normal wow!

- It’s okay

But I will say in the beginning it was fun building new restaurants but then it gets boring after you completed everything. I would want to see more restaurants built so we never have to just get off the game until something us updated.

- Lots of glitches

Although fun and entertaining, it glitches a lot to the point it sends you back to your Home Screen. I play it on my iPad and it sends me back to the home page after five minutes of playing the game and it’s a bit infuriating.

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- love this game

i love this game, its really fun and keeps you entertained for hours!!! you really get a variety of food places that you can purchase and you dont have to use real money, instead you can watch ads which is my favourite part. although ads pop up from time to time its nothing compared to the amount of ads that pop up on other games. this could be my favourite game yet!

- It’s ok except…..

Don’t get me wrong I love the game. It’s really fun but whenever a V.I.P gives me $8000 in a case and I have to watch an add to get it, the add does not let me close it and then I have to restart the app and not only do I loose all of the $8000 the whole game restarts! Which, not to mention, is very annoying. The game also just freezes sometimes for no reason. Other than these issues, the game is really good and fun!

- Amazing

This game is awesome love it 😊

- Glitches and lose waiters

Is it a great game but keeps glitching and when I load in my waiters are gone and don’t come back

- Too much Ads

Too much Ads popping up it’s Stupid

- My waiter is gone

My waiter is gone

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- Great game

Perfect game, it’s very unique and no random adds, the gameplay is cool, hopefully voodoo doesn’t steal this game and change it’s theme and spam ads 50 times a minute

- Fun!

Love this game… my only issue is… I have everything unlocked now 😭

- Wants happening

It a fun game but it won’t allow me to get more than two waiters

- Bugged?

I’m in first place in my current town and was supposed to wait 24 days for 800.000 and a new town, now the timer is counting up and still nothing. I enjoy this game but waisted a lot of time. Everything is maxed so I can’t even play it. Will change to higher rating if this gets fixed..

- :)

Wish it didn’t glitch but overall it’s ok.I like this game

- worker

i love this game

- Meh

It was fun but all my waiters disappears and I couldnt seem to get them back

- please fix

game is great however all my waiters dissapeared and now the game is simply unplayable restarted and same thing happened again

- Stupid game

This game is horrible it won’t let me download it.I am so angry

- Fun game

Overall it is a really fun game but the glitches really ruin it for me :( hopefully an update will come soon so it isn’t as bad but it is a really fun game overall

- Loved it

Loved it but finished the game in a day. Now what??? Add more!!!!

- :)

It’s a good game not many ads wish some things were cheaper but overall great game

- Good game

It’s a good game but it glitches a lot

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Dream Restaurant 3.8 Screenshots & Images

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Dream Restaurant iphone images
Dream Restaurant iphone images
Dream Restaurant iphone images
Dream Restaurant iphone images
Dream Restaurant iphone images
Dream Restaurant iphone images
Dream Restaurant iphone images
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Dream Restaurant (Version 3.8) Install & Download

The applications Dream Restaurant was published in the category Games on 2021-07-15 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 458.27 MB. Dream Restaurant - Games app posted on 2022-03-02 current version is 3.8 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.longhorn.cookmaster