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What is candle gift app? Start as a hobbyist and build your candle kingdom. Color them as layers, give them shapes and wrap them for presents.

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Candle Gift Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Candle Gift Version 2.6.115 July 2022

Bugs? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience..

Candle Gift Version 2.205 March 2022

- New candle and glitter upgrades! - More customization - More content! - No vibration mode - Shop!.

Candle Gift Version 1.001 January 2022


Candle Gift Comments & Reviews 2022

- Love this game

Hello I’m going to tell you everything that’s a lie that people have been saying and the good stuff people have been saying. First is off that Thayes669 is such a lier. Everything he said was fake because I just played 10 rounds and only 5 ads came up. And also this game is the best it dose not matter if you keep on playing the same game because you get to do different candles. Like for and example I play one round, I make a blue pink and green candle. Next round I make a red orange and yellow candle with sprinkles. See the differants. So Thayes669 please stop if your doing this to other games because if you were a game maker and LOTS of people did that to you, how would you feel? So Im going to give this a 5 star review but if this could go to 1,000 I would give it that. The good stuff are that you could do so much stuff like make different colors and add sprinkles and get so much money and thank you please play this game!!!!😊😊😊

- Really good game

So this game is good idk why people say it’s soo bad with ads but this game is so good. It’s fun with a different variety of candle colors or wax. The game has not many ads. I love it so much. I just downloaded because the good reviews convinced me. Not a waste of time. I think though that the shops that you can sell it to should cost money , not watching ads. I get that the developers want their game to be downloaded but still. That’s a waste of time. Really good game. Thank you for taking time to read my review☺️😊❤️. Have a great day everyone and please be convinced to download the game 10/10 in my opinion. Thanks again!

- ‼️READ THIS‼️ (honest review)

So as you may have read in other reviews the game is starting to sound promising. Yeah, that’s what thought too. Turns out those people saying, “Omg, no ads,” we’re lying. Big shock. Reading these reviews, i was thinking it was to good to be true. A game with NO ads? Man! I was ready for this day. But, as usual, turns out those were lies too. There is an ad between every single level and it is sooo annoying. I know it’s how the game makes money and stuff, but seriously?! Isn’t the customer/buyer important? If you want to make money and a have a lucrative business, you want to provide for the customer. Do things that you think the targeted buyers would want. Honestly, it isn’t that hard. Just put less ads. It’s really that simple! But anyway, thank you for taking time and reading my review. Have a nice day and if you download this game, that’s on you and it isn’t my fault you didn’t listen. Anyway… ❤️😄

- Awesome game

If you are a developer please read this- The game is awesome, super addicting, and I would recommend it to other people. For me personally, it got kinda boring after I completed everything. After you buy all the extra stations like the boutique and that stuff, the money is useless and it feels like it’s pointless to play. I think more upgrades should be added. Maybe not upgrades, but ways to spend your money. I have like 150,000 dollars, but I already bought all the stations and can’t even spend it. Please fix this! 🙏

- Amazing Game!!

I love his game! I downloaded it yesterday and I’m absolutely addicted to it. I am getting no enjoyment reading the reviews however because there are far to many people that keep saying that ads pop up for every level and it’s not true. I have played almost 50 rounds and I’ve gotten 10 ads if that, in which I am very grateful for because other games that I currently/used to play, have ads almost every single level. Anyways, this game is amazing, it deserves 5 stars. -CommanderBunni

- Better than I Thought

I’m going to be honest, I’m probably the only person who made it to level 100. The game isn’t like the other runway type games. It has a level of difficulty but it’s not too hard of that makes sense. When I made it to level 80, it started to repeat levels, but it could of happens before bc I didn’t play rounds back to back. Also, IF YOU TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE YOU CAN SKIP ADS. Even then, it doesn’t play a lot of ads. I’m honestly surprised bc I usually delete these types of games in a day. Good job!

- this app is great

Most of the people writing one stars are saying that there are too many ads and there are more ads then games and the ads are way to long and there is no way to get rid of the ads but I have a solution TURN OF YOUR WI-FI and there will be no ads and for one of the other one star reasons is that the rounds are the same thing but I’m here to tell you the they are not the same thing and THE ONE STAR PEOPEL ARE LIARS and yes I am a real human and I think this app is great

- Good game just needs to add something

Honestly this is a good game it’s fun and all but the thing is they should add more cause I already maxed out both my ye candles and money so instead of having to watch add to get the like sparkles and the shape and stuff it should be so we could pay with the money we earned from making the candles but yeah that’s the only thing that they should do honestly but the whole game is fun and theirs not many adds which is super cool but yeah that’s all

- Addicting and Fun Game

This game is great! Usually when I play these type of games there’s lots of ads but this app doesn’t have too many ads. It’s very addicting and there are so many goals to achieve. No regrets getting this game :)

- False advertising

Now don’t get me wrong this game is satisfying and kinda addicting but the ads aren’t the same as the actual game. in the ad there is one large candle that you keep adding to and the amount of points you get is judged by the height. The real game is that there are multiple small candles and it’s judged be the amount of money is made. They shouldn’t advertise something that isn’t in the game (in my opinion). That’s my review, have a wonderful day!

- It’s alright

This game is pretty fun play wise. The problem I have is that it is just a way to make you watch ads. There is one ad every time you finish a level and if you want more money there is an ad for that as well. If you have a really long line of candles it is impossible to miss the lasers, saws and candle melter obstacles because your candles have hit them before you can even see them so you hit a point where you can’t get a highest score anymore no matter how much you play. Not an awful game over all but way too many adds for the satisfaction I get from the game. I removed it.

- Most reviews fake, this game is bad

If I had to guess, most of the 5 star “this game is great!” Reviews are just fake. I’m a real human who really downloaded the game based on an add I got in another game and here’s a few things to note: 1. It’s the same thing round after round. All that changes is the colors of the wax. So basically you’re doing the same thing over and over. After 10 grueling rounds I was done. 2. Nothing like the ads 3. There is an ad every single round, minimum. One round takes 20-30 seconds, so you’re watching LONG ads (shortest one I had was 45 seconds- most are at least a min) more than you’re actually playing the game 4. This game appears to be less about the game and more about having people watch ads so the game makers can make money, or else why don’t they have an ad free version? There is no way to pay for the complete game, you have to watch the ads.

- Too many adds

It’s super frustrating when you actually enjoy a game but after every run through of the course there’s an add. And then the only way to change what stamps and other things you want to add to your course also requires an add. It doesn’t even give you the option to pay with the in-game currency. If you don’t mind all the adds then it’s a fun game but I can’t do it. After some time it just got frustrating.

- App doesn’t work

At around level 15 the app froze. I closed it and re-opened it and the game just wouldn’t load. A while later after a few tries I finally got past the loading screen to find that all my progress had been erased. When this happened two more times in the span of a few minutes I decided it wasn’t worth it and deleted the app. Oh, I also wanna add that when I tried “purchasing” one of the things to help my score the game took the “money” and did nothing.

- Definitely not the best app

The first time I saw the picture of the app was like everything was going to be the same as the other app you did

- This game

Well this game is very fun and all but the only thing that really bothers me is that the ad and the game it self are different. So the people who created this used false advertisement. Even though that little probably is still there I still really really like this game.

- I like but

I do like this game, but after every round I have to watch an ad. There isn’t even a way to pay not to have the ads. I’m probably going to end up deleting this one just like the other games like this. They are fun, but there are just too many ads.

- It's okay.

i really like this game, its satisfying to put the colors together but i bought all the little shops at the end, and now i have like 800k and i cant use it because the upgrades are ads. if yoy wanted to make a successful gwme, you probably shouldve made it more interactive for the actual player

- I’m only giving it five stars so you see it

This game has too many adds and it lags too much it’s a fun game and all but it’s annoying in the middle of the game it lags.

- The game is great

I really like this game it’s satisfying and fun but it does get boring after awhile. They have lots of adds popping up that’s really annoying. Thank you for listening to my opinion. Hope you have a great day!

- Ads?

There aren’t as many ads as people say there are, but they are long when you do get them

- Based on Encanto

Pretty good game! But we can all agree that this game would not had been here if Encanto came out. This game is called “Candle Gift” which is definitely a reference to Encanto. That’s my review. Have a great day!

- Used to be great

The game was great and I loved it but I can not stand when after every 30 second play there’s a multiple page click through ad! Ruins the fun! No longer will be wasting my time watching ads more than playing a fun game :(

- Loves cats454 is right

I agree that Thayes669 is a liar and he probably gives games bad reviews so this game is awesome so I recommend it to anyone who wants to play it!!!!!!!! Also this game has no lag!

- Candle making

This game is fun like making all the candles and stuff it’s super Duper funI think you should download it right now it’s really really fun to play it

- Good game play but too many ads

After each level is 3 to 5 ads that take too long to watch. I really like the game play and was hoping it would be something I could play to just pass the time or wind down but ads are too much. We all understand why ads are necessary but it is too excessive. I uninstalled the game.

- Addicting but too many adds

Really like this game. Too bad after every level there’s an add, which gets old really fast. I stopped playing the game after the 3 or 4th level due to the adds.

- great overlaps

so in the game there r things like more candle to change the color now using these over and over will actually make the candles thicker and more expensive so u get more money and over lapping the molds makes it so it goes from spiked edges to more spiked edges then they get sharper and more edges which also makes it sell for more plus there aren’t that many adds

- Great game no awsome!

Where to start it’s just a awsome game! I love how it doesn’t do the thing where you have to learn how to play!

- Its what’s expected, a LOT of ads

Overall a nice mindless game. Some of the levels are fun, but some are a little bogus (its based off of luck vs skill for some levels). There are ads after EVERY level and all in between (getting different candle types, power ups etc). After awhile it becomes a watching ads game which harms the game play for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Some reviews seem sus

Some of these reviews seem like they were written by the game producer lol! It’s a fun little repetitive game but once you get all of the vendors at the end it’s basically over. I’m getting two ads per round.

- Good time waster

Just as the title says. A good time waster if you need something to do to pass the time. I maxed out money and candles the same day I downloaded it and was done with the career the next day. Some more challenges would be nice.

- Way too many ads

I checked out the game and read many of the reviews and understood there were some ads. Yeah sure. Well. After downloading it and playing it. Low and behold ads are after every level, and every item in-game. Just to name your “brand” you have to watch an ad!!! SHAME ON YOU FALSE REVIEWS FOR MISLEADING PEOPLE AND SHAME ON THOSE WHO ENABLE IT!

- I ᰔ The game but extremely to much ads

Level after level yesi love thegane but its just too msny ads like sftereveryv levek sorry fir spelling i am rushing lol sorry butbi reccomend download ifur patient

- Absolutely Awful

The game is fun and I would continue playing IF there weren’t so many ads and it didn’t crash once every 5-10 minutes due to the ads. Tried uninstall and reinstall. Continued to crash when the ads run. Not worth the storage space.


I don’t usually write reviews but I love this game it has barley any ads, so satisfying, it’s my favorite game and it’s good in every area!

- Not with it

So spending the money to remove ads just for the ads to still be there. It’s literally the same level over and over again either give me money money back or fix the problem!

- Limited Gameplay

Top score goes up to $10,000 and you hit that very fast and after a certain point, there is no upward mobility for high score or things that you can do. Ended up being super boring, and ends each game with an ad every single time

- Too many ads

Like every other legitimate review here, there are far too many ads for this game to actually be fun to play. Each round seems to be almost exactly the same, so it gets really old really fast. It isn’t worth your time.

- Way too many ads

Played for a bit, got a forced add after every round and any upgrade I seemed to be offered required watching more ads. Just way too many ads

- Ads too many and too long

There are far too many ads, and they are far too long. Each ad seems to be a good minute long after every level. Then to unlock additional things, more ads!

- My second favorite game other than Roblox

Two reviews I agree it’s based on Encanto and GET ROBLOX!!!

- So dumb

There are parts no matter how you maneuver you are going to lose a candle or not get the decorations. You earn money but you can't use it to buy anything making it pointless. In order to get new glitter you have to watch an ad.

- Too Many Ads

I love this game, it is very soothing for me. But there is wayyy too much ad times. And I would love to pay to go no ads

- Fun, too many ads

This game is really good and fun it’s just I think there are too many ads.

- Free, still not worth it

Repetitive, yet still stressful. 3 adds between every round, cant replay levels to try for a better score. Also, makes my phone overheated wich I find supper suspect since it can’t take that much computing power.

- Crazy App Advertisement

Not only is the adds for this game annoying, but to have to constantly hear someone say “AMONG US” over and over while making a weird new new new new noise over and over seems cheap and unprofessional.

- Ads

There’s a video ad after every round. I tapped around looking for a way to remove ads and found nothing. Fun enough time waster but I can’t with all the ads.

- Vehicle for ads

Not much to the game. You get to play a round for 20-30 seconds, then you get to watch a minute or 2 of ads that you have to click through before you can get to the next round

- All ads

Don’t bother downloading. You’ll spend way more time watching ads than actual game play. Every button you push triggers a long video ad. I have never seen a game with this terrible of an ad to gameplay ratio.

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- Fun, But…

I think this game is super fun and easy to play when your bored. But, the amount of ads you have to watch is a lot. After every level, there is an ad. So maybe cut down the ads. Thanks.

- Fun but gets old

This game is pretty fun and the ads aren’t too bad. The only problem is that after you unlock all the shops you have no reason to play anymore. The levels are pretty repetitive and you earn money but have nothing to spend it on

- Candle gift

It is a amazing game and I recommend it to my friends but the coolers don’t really Mach and I think it would make it 10000 times better if every level had a Matching colours and a theme like a beach or the rain forest but I totally love the game and it’s truly one of my favourites.

- Eww the ads

Like most free apps, the ads on this game are ridiculous. everything is ads, and you can’t enjoy it at all. also one of the ads you frequently have on here is super gross and inappropriate, despite you “blocking” it. might wanna rethink that particular one as this is a game that kids are able to download

- Just add after add to annoying to play

Every time I do something you have to watch a stupid add can’t even just play a could of games in a row only played 3 games yet got stuck watching 7 adds have deleted game and won’t play again

- Annoying

I will have a long line of stuff and hit something which makes the game lag. I’ve lost lots from lagging Horrible

- Lags

Lags a lot and made me mess up even tho it’s an easy game

- Don’t bother

The amount of ads you have to watch is wild

- Too many ads

There is sooo many ads

- Lags

It’s a fun game just need to fix the lags

- Soooooo many adds

This game is good and all but there’s so. MANY ADDS!!!!!!!! Please change and update!

- Meh!

It is really glitchy like really so hard to play

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- Good game

It’s a really cool game I play it soooooo much. I’m on like level 50. Just to make the game better maybe add a few things like different glitter, molds or wrapping. ITS A AMAZING GAME!!!!!!

- Terrible lvl design

Leaves you with like 6 candles in the end. Totally unsatisfying!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Hi

This is the best game I’ve ever played in 8 years because I’m 8 years old

- Could be better

It’s kinda boring and the Quality isn’t bad bad needs some work So I don’t suggest this game but still like 10% fun for me

- Low frame rate

Very low frame rate.

- OMG!

I love this app!!!

- It’s ok

I like it…. But the glitter is like 5 candles away from the saw/ break candles thingy. So it makes it impossible to glitter them all without loosing more than 4. Please fix this. I have no complains with the ads because I can just turn off WiFi, this game is pretty good overall. Just I think the levels could be a little different aswell considering they are all like the exact same. But it’s a fun game!

- Ads

Holy poop

- cool

good game love it

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Candle Gift 2.6.1 Screenshots & Images

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Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
Candle Gift iphone images
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Candle Gift (Version 2.6.1) Install & Download

The applications Candle Gift was published in the category Games on 2022-01-01 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 123.08 MB. Candle Gift - Games app posted on 2022-07-15 current version is 2.6.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.TwoPageGames.CandleGift