Weapon Craft Run Game Reviews


Weapon Craft Run Game Description & Overview

What is weapon craft run app? Shoot the obstacles&doors,
Collect the chargers which you load,
Upgrade your gun and evolve!

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App Name Weapon Craft Run
Category Games
Updated 06 October 2023, Friday
File Size 373.03 MB

Weapon Craft Run Comments & Reviews 2023

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Had a good chance but it was ruined. The gameplay is decent and actually enjoyable but the only problem there is about it is that you get a ad every time you finish a level😐 it’s really annoying plus you have to connect to the internet to play why can’t it just be a no internet game it’s not hard

Level 154 glitch. I love this game but I can’t pass level 154, when I get to the end there is a bug that raises my gloves and doesn’t allow me to pick up money or even pass the level. Please patch it and this will be the perfect game. I paid for exclusives too so I don’t want that money to go to waste my not being able to play.

It’s a good game but... It is really fun to play this game but it is annoying to have to go through a ad after every single level and at this point it just feels like you don’t really care about the other person’s experience and only about what goes in your pocket like you could tone down the ads a notch otherwise people aren’t going to play the game and come back for more.

Was great until……. Game was a great time waster, while waiting on flights, just to pass time so I don’t have to talk to my mother in law…. Then I got to level 838, impossible to beat!!! By impossible to beat, I mean you can’t get past it…. It’s like Groundhog Day, every time you get through it, it just restarts and you try something different but then boom there you are again at the beginning of the level. Been waiting for a couple weeks for it to be fixed but to no avail. If it’s not fixed soon, I’ll be forced to talk to my mother in law and that could be detrimental to everyone’s health…. Please fix!!!!!!

No Ads is a blatant lie. While watching an ad in another game this game comes up, big bouncing letters across the screen saying NO ADS….. yeah ok. You can watch an ad to get boosts and bonuses, HOWEVER, when you click NO THANK YOU at the part when you can watch an ad for a boost, AN AD STILL PLAYS and you get NOTHING for having to sit through an ad you clicked NO THANKS too in the first place. Skipping an ad and grinding for leveling up is nice and “technically” no ads, but this game still makes you watch ads because they just flipping automatically load up and play anyway. Installed and deleted in about 10 minutes.

Really bad glitches and false advertising. I saw this ad saying this game is great for no Wi-Fi gameplay so I downloaded it to play on the plane but the game was unplayable. Everything is super slow and glitchy and I would have to close and reopen the game after every level or it would keep perpetually restarting the level I’m playing for no reason at all. I decided maybe it needed to connect to the Wi-Fi to be functional so I tried that when I landed but nope. It’s still just as bad and the game “can’t load ads” for rewards but immediately proceeds to play me 2 ads I had to watch after not even choosing the option. I tried to turn off my connection again to see if the no Wi-Fi version was better now but no. You can’t even play it without a connection anymore. Just super disappointed overall and I didn’t even have any big expectations for this mobile game.

It was kind of fun at first?. At first it wasn’t too bad however, there are a LOT of ads however, once you get the first gun after the barriers, the second is near impossible. After getting almost every upgrade that is possible I was only ever able to get to the second to last or last barrier before the end, and that is only if the level goes perfect and you watch the ad to get the second gun. Even with the maxed year and fire rate, I was never able to get the second gun at the end.

NO ADS IS A BIG LIE!!. The game was pretty cool and fun up until the moment I decided (like an idiot) to want to play with no ads thinking if I pay the five dollars that would take the ads away. To my surprise, I'm seeing the same amount of ads after I paid my five dollars to not see any ads!! To get your boost or to get anything you really need to keep the game fun, you still have to watch video a adjust like before purchase! The game is fun if you want to watch MULTIPLE ads but if not, don't pay for it because you will get DUPED! They give NO WAY to refund your money either, BAD BUSINESS..... BEWARE!!!!

Would be fine..but…. This game crashes very frequently. I can play a couple levels and then it crashes..in the middle of a level, before I even start it..this shouldn’t be an issue when you release a game. A crash every now and again wouldn’t be so bad.. But it happens every few minutes of playtime

I found the fox to the bug on level 1351. On level 1351 you can’t get passed the level because it breaks to where you can’t shoot anything so I can’t get passed that level, to fix this you simply need to cut your years down as low as you can and avoid upgrading your years. If you’re in atleast the 1920’s shotgun you’re good and you’ll make it through, any others it’ll keep bugging. Use the obstacles around the map to cut your years down

Worked great until. The game was running great a little difficult to reached the end of the run only done it twice in 300+ levels but level 325 is not working I go through the level and only half of the obstacles work then once you get to the boss level end of you kill the boss it won’t collect the reward then after that nothing works at all on the rest of the level

Lame. It was ok, it has many ads but it’s something to kill time. First time I downloaded this I got stuck in level 154. Half way thru you can’t shoot anything and it won’t advance. Decided to delete it and redownload the game thinking maybe that will help fix the problem. Again it’s something to pass time. Here I’m at 154 and again same exact problem. Too bad I won’t be playing this no more.

Fun but always crashes. Could be a fun game, but you can’t play without wifi, which it doesn’t even need. Also, for some weird reason it overheats my phone extremely where I can only play one or two rounds. I take off my case, don’t charge my phone, lower my brightness, and turn on low battery mode, yet it still overheats instantly. I will play games that take a lot more “power” and might actually overheat my phone yet nothing happens. Can someone please explain this?

Confused. So there's this thing that pops every one in a while that asks me to pay 2 dollars for skips but when I pay it offers it for free and every time it says purchase failed Also you know how you have to watch ads to upgrade gloves if you say no thanks it gives you one anyway defeating the whole purpose of the choice

Glitch- please fix. Want to start by saying I love this game but I got to level 154 and there’s a glitch where I can’t pick up any cash and my gun seems to be elevated higher than I was before as it passes through the level. It started when I upgraded my bullet holster capacity to a higher level. Please help!

Terrible game, blatantly lying ads, do not download.. Game is glitchy, low effort, and obnoxious. Ads claim that you don’t need wifi and that there are no ads. Both are lies. Ads are everywhere to the point where it’s hard to play the game and it is filled with glitches. The reviews are probably botted, too because for a while this game was #1 in the role play category (even though this game isn’t a role play game) and has an unbelievable amount of 5 star reviews for how terrible it is. Do NOT download.

Not even functional. This game is actually horrible. Not even the background gameplay display works properly 100% of the time. Filled with glitches, inaccurate hit boxes for targets (I passed outside of a negative target and it still deducted a year from my weapon), incredibly slow procession if you don’t want to click on 30 second unskippable ads for gloves and other upgrades, and an overwhelming amount of ads that make this sorry excuse for an app more of an advertisers wet dream with a small amount of glitchy gameplay included. My advice would be to stop making games because it clearly isn’t working out whatsoever.

Cheaply made money grab. I downloaded one of the many mindless mobile games to occasionally play to pass time and usually they’re not too bad, but this one takes the cake. Ima keep it short and sweet. *Was advertised as not needing wifi(wont let you open the app w/o a connection) *runs incredibly terrible, constantly lagging/glitching *The tracking for your finger is immensely under compensated (you have to move your finger a LOT further because the sense is too low with no sense to customize) *And when you are connected to the internet you can’t play a single round without at least one ad and one plug of them trying to sell you a $10 ad block or some $12 permanent ability

The bug. Love the game and it’s been fun but the bug that is happening right now has me wanting to delete it cause everytime I go to just play and kill time it’s just still at the same lvl and won’t allow the bullets to register as a hit. Hope you all get it resolved soon so we can get back to enjoying the app you have provided us to enjoy!!

Honestly. I love the game, I am at level 238 and so far I've loved all the weapons and variety of upgrades. I know that coding isn't something easy cause I started getting into it a year ago and trust me making something as simple as this takes a lot of work. Overall good and simple game tbh, and btw for everyone arguing abt the ads, they need them because since its a free game they need to make money somehow to keep the servers running and keep updating it since sponsors pay the game maker. Solid 5/5 keep it up.

False advertising, ca$h grab and glitchy. This game has been pretty fun. But it’s absolutely not without its issues. First, the no ads thing is bull. Even if you pay for no ads, it’s only “rank 1” no ads and there are even more to hand to pay to remove. There are changes in difficulty and reward on some levels that make no sense. It’s like the game it being intentionally crappy or is just made that way. I made it to level 154 (having watched a ton of ads) and now I can’t even progress because the game is glitched and just shoots over everything and never completes. It’s all been a total waste of time. So save yours and don’t bother. It won’t end in any satisfying way.

BIG PROBLEM. I love this game. Its really fun and the ads arent really invasive. I played for quite a while but this one level keeps coming up. Its so broken, you run for a little while and then suddenly the gun stops working entirely and you cant pick up any money. After you die you are spawned back into the same level. I deleted the game and fully restarted hoping it was a fluke until I got back to the same broken level. Its really frustrating. Pls fix immediately so I can keep playing.

So trash I had to write a review. Developers I hope you read this message before I review the game. You guys are the literal worst human beings to exist in a planet. This game is so trash that I literally deleted this game faster than I have ever deleted anything in my entire life. This game makes you watch ads. Like literally you will push don’t watch ad and then you get an ad or when you try to turn your Wi-Fi off you can’t because they don’t let you play the game. Then the game lied about it’s own reviews by putting 5 stars knowing that no one in this planet would ever give this game 5 stars. It’s sad because this game has potential and I would pay money if I didn’t have to watch an ad every five milliseconds. (P.S) Developers I'm a hacker I’m gonna find who you guys are and I gonna do something to you guys.

Latest Update Ruined the Game. Not sure what happened, but all of the stats I had for my gloves seem to have been reset when they added new gloves and all of the weapons appear to have been really powered down. I cannot even come close to what I was able to achieve before the update. Somebody made a huge mistake on this update and the game is practically unplayable now as you cannot make any progress without basically starting over on all your stats.

Game glitched and now I can’t play it!. The game glitched after I reached around level 20 and now the weapon is there, I can start it but everything is blank, just an infinite void of nothing, with a beginning but no end, please fix the issue, to many adds to go back and start again. All in all the game is fun and nice but without adds it’ll become too hard in the mid game to even get better, and I’m talking about level 6 above, game too hard to keep playing without adds. Difficult spike go BRRR-

Don’t waste your time. First of all I really don’t see how this game is rated a 4.4… when literally most all of them are one star reviews… second you claim it to be “ad free” however this game has more ads then any other game I’ve ever played… not to mention you can’t even play it on air plane mode. Because it “requires internet”… I purchased the “ad free” as well for 4.99. What a rip off, I still have all the annoying ad bar in game, just not on the main menu… but still get bombarded with “video offers, and real money offers.” I want a refund. This game is a scam…

If you love ads this is for you. It could be a fun game if you didnt have to literally watch an ad to do anything. Even when a level ends and you choose not to watch an ad to multiply your ending gold total, you are forced to watch an ad. It might be able to end quicker than other ads but it is still a forced ad. Then if you want to purchase the no ad option it is $13 USD!!!!!!! Not the normal $.99, $1.99 or even $2.99, it is $13. That is absolutely stupid. Too many ads to continue to even play. I spend more time with my phone face down on the arm of my chair than actually playing the game. The levels are short and the last half of every level is just traveling in a straight line, so i put my phone down for that part too.

Spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I don’t leave reviews that often, but this game has potential. The biggest complaint I have is the ads. I know that’s how they get paid, but you have 2 main options in the game: 1st click to watch video to upgrade 2nd no thanks Every time you click on no thanks, you would think no ad to watch, but you’re forced to watch an ad any way. I’ve probably spent more time watching ads than playing the game.

2/5 honestly. okay for one, you guys have ads like crazy, not so much of a ‘offline game’ when if you dont have internet, you can play anyways. another thing is some parts of the game make no sense. why after different upgrades after a level compared to the start screen. just have them all on one screen only. makes no sense to have 2 of them. another thing is that what is the purpose of the bullets during levels? if i get a full cap of 12-16 bullets, then the bigger sniper bullets to help me gain years by shooting at them? yk those mechanics.. well whats the point of getting them if they barely do what they're supposed to do? if i get every single bullet it takes forever to load them for more years (for the gun). the extra cannon or dual weld (first of $13 is crazy to buy, just use gems or something or after a high level) or higher years, more money, etc. if i watch a ad that clearly says watch for “permanent” use, youd think that after a day or two it be there. no. its not. if anything its gone within a few hours after your done playing. every single “permanent upgrade” is false unless its the hands, which the upgrades they say yk 35 - then 40 fire rate, really seems like it never changes after a certain extent. please fix this game could honestly it could be good if it didnt feel like a 5th grader made it who was raise in a Indian scam programming. just mostly scams and a terrible game

Update: 0/10 would not recommend- false advertising. Update: I did learn where the shiny report ad button is- turns out you can report ads for falsely advertising themselves. :) Can’t play any levels because it keeps restarting itself after a few seconds. “Best no Wi-Fi needed game” requires wifi, all the ads for this game talk about how it had no ads and you didn’t need wifi to play it. It wouldn’t even load up without internet connection, and if that connection is cut it will freeze and show you a screen saying you need internet.

Lower ads just a little. Honestly, this game is very fun. Been playing it for a while and I don’t get bored, just one thing, instead of putting an ad every level you should put ads every 2-4 levels so that people don’t get frustrated at the amount of ads. If you lower ads I would personally make another review and make it 5/5.

Rollic. My favorite thing about Rollic games is that they’re all the same and I know exactly what I’m getting: A cheaply-made experience with ads after each level. The best thing I can say about them is that they’re at least a decent enough company to put their logo on the startup screen. It makes it really easy to know when I’m going to be disappointed. I assume they’re paying for 5-star reviews because no sane person would give any Rollic game that kind of rating

Why can games lie in their ads?!. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! I’m so sick of how games are allowed to straight up lie to your face on their ads. This game’s ad said it is the “best ad-free, no wi-if game for long car rides”. First of all, you can’t even open the game without an internet connection, and secondly, the ads are insanely intrusive! You spend more time waiting and clicking out of ads than you do playing the “game”. This is absolute trash, if the developer(s) actually tried then they could actually make something worth playing, with out lying to people, and still make money. It’s sad really, that they would rather produce trash rather than make something that they could actually be proud of and expand on.

The first time the two countries were able to agree on a common currency was in the early years. I’m going back in a minute to check my schedule for the next couple of hours

Almost there…. I recently sent in a scathing review because my game, right after I spent $50 on infinity skip it, had me stuck on the same level over and over and over. I told you all about it and within a week or so, It was fixed and I was happy… and then I noticed something that’s not in the game that was in the game before is that I’m not getting gloves, every time you go through a level you get 25% of a new pair of hands or gloves and that option is not on there anymore so I was hoping that could be rectified somehow

Ads make this unplayable. I have never written a review before this game. This was just so infuriating to play. I’ve seen so many ads on this game that I decided to give it a shot. It really is a cool concept and has a lot of potential as a game. However, the developers literally took every possible opportunity to force you to watch ads. Want to upgrade your weapon? Ad. Want to unlock a new weapon? Ad. Finish a game? Ad. You literally need to watch ads to progress in any way whatsoever. I would honestly have loved this game if they didn’t have ads in even one of these options. If there was a way to progress without ads, I definitely still would have watched a few ads every day to speed up progression. Taking away that option makes this game unplayable. 1 star.

What is wrong with this garbage?!. I Ignored the reviews because, hey maybe the reviewers have bad phones. But I was wrong, The "game" which is actually a garbage dump that should be deleted. I turn on my WiFi, see if it would change, but it played ads mid level and they were Unskippable, intrusive, 3 minutes, and straight up Innapropriate. So I turn it back off. the level keeps restarting and my phone is heating up like crazy to the point where it gave an the "phone too hot" message. This game needs to fix whatever garbage is going on with it, make the ads more user friendly, and improve the game overall. 1 star. Please DONT IGNORE REVIEWS

Was fun at first but. I enjoyed this game at first. From level 1-30 I was only getting an ad every other stage (not including optional ones) Now I get one at the end of the stage and half the time midway through. On top of the annoying ads I reached the gun at the end of the waves and it said double guns unlocked permanently. I watch an optional ad….now it’s gone… it’s annoying as every stage resets all my upgrades now (not ones in stage the ones that u have to use cash to get)

Very buggy and doesn’t work without internet connection. Even though it is advertised to be playable without internet, it doesn’t. A pop up made to the likeness of an iPhone error message will appear stating “No internet connection. Please check your internet settings.” Will appear until you establish a connection. The hit boxes are very inaccurate. The progression is designed to force you to watch ads to be able to make any sort of progress.

Fun, but mostly ads. This game is actually pretty fun. If it had No ads, I’d probably give it a 4 star rating. Just because it’s an entertaining way to pass the time. But the entire game is ads. There’s an ad when you open the game, an option to watch an ad for every single upgrade, an ad after every single round, and if you turn down the “watch and ad for an upgrade” offer, you are given an ad. Despite being a painfully simple game, it requires internet and you will not be able to play without it. i.e, camping trips or in planes, or anywhere in which you wouldn’t have internet. This is simply to force users to watch ads. And the worst of it, the option to remove ads costs $50. The maker obviously only cares about money, so odds are he won’t be spending too much time making the game any better.

NOT get this game. There are a ton of reasons I was righting but my phone deleted the whole thing so the last reason if it sent my first review the game is made my the same people with slight differences so manly 3-5 years old kids download ALL of them and 10-? will download one so they can make money and make a bad game also have an ai send reviews to there games saying “5 stars OmG gUyS tHiS iS tHe BEST gAmE eVeR” so they get good reviews and trick you too get this game. ps read the reviews before getting a game READ reviews don’t see the amount of stars the game has.

Strange upgrades, too many ads.. The way you upgrade is weird. You get one screen at the end of every round, then a glove (ad), then can double/triple income for an ad (and you have to watch one anyways if you decline), then you might get another pop up to upgrade your drums for another ad, and then cannon, and then gun. Then, you can upgrade your fire rate or year for cash (or another ad). After that you can get a second and third gun for another ad. Thing is, I’m at lvl 160 and have watched every ad upgrade pop up, but I still can’t get far at the end of each level. It’s impossible to progress without watching ads. Other than that it’s a super fun game and I can’t wait for updates.

Good Game. In my opinion, this is a great game. It’s simple, easy to understand, and very likeable. For me though, this only problem is the amount of ads. I’ve been getting a ad after every level which has just made me stop playing for a bit. For feedback: just decrease the ad count a little, so that I’m not getting one after every level and instead every 2-3 levels. Thanks.

Perfect if you love ads.. As the title says this game as well as all others by these developers are amazing for someone to love sitting through ads every 5 seconds. Can’t do anything about them unless you want to pay money and the app won’t allow you to turn of cellular for it so if you’re an absolute addict for watching more ads then you get to play the game then it’s perfect for you. If not then just go find a better game by better developers instead of this copy paste crap with 0 effort.

Glitch on level 154. I found this bug on lvl 154, whenever you shoot in the purple portal and then when you teleport to the other portal, you fly and you can’t shoot other things well some times you can shoot, please fix. Also, I keep getting stuck in the same level of 154 And I can’t do anything because when I refresh it’s still stuck, then when I go to the end and finish, I go back to the same level.

Not Terrible. Compared to other similar “math/level up” games, it’s not the worst option to go with. Really annoying getting cash, and the “aging” of your guns doesn’t even affect gameplay in any meaningful way. Having your gun be from year 1800 is the same as having it leveled up to the year 2032, like it should at least add more damage to it or have some sort of bonus instead of just being another useless upgrade.

Game causes phone to overheat VERY FAST. This game is the epitome of modern technology. Spammed with nothing but ads to make you want to shoot yourself and then wring your neck on top of that. These people will make $20 profit out of you in one day with just ads if you play the game for 30 minutes. Another thing is, the game is extremely simple and not complicated, besides the constant counting of numbers on the game, there is not much processing power that needs to be used with a game like this especially with an iPhone 14 Pro Max. So why is my phone overheating in 68° temperature After playing the game for only five minutes? Can a developer please help me with this one?

Please Fix. The game itself is good. It’s fun and easy to pick up, even though there are countless pop-ups trying to get you to spend money on the game. There is one very big problem that needs ti be fixed. I just paid $5 to “remove ads” from the game. For some reason, I’m getting even more ads than before I made the purchase. I’ll be in the middle of a game, not on the menu, and an ad will pop up, stopping the game for at least 30 seconds. Please fix this ASAP, or refund the $5 that apparently did nothing.

Stolen Money Grab. I was enjoying this game but was interrupted frequently with ads bombing me every minute. So I decided to pay to play the game without ads so I could enjoy the game as I do find it genuinely fun and simple. However, my transaction was able to be processed but every time I try to cancel the ads it says “purchase failed.” I can try to re-install my purchase for free but I always get the same message and have to deal with the constant ads. I would gladly have given this game a 5/5 had they not outright robbed me of $10.

Lies and deceit. I got this game just as a time waster and had the goal of getting the gun at the end of the finish line, after a few days of playing I finally got it but once I got it nothing ever happened. It showed that I would have it and as a duel wield but it just went back into my regular year. What a waste of time! Don’t get this game. The ads litteraly lie about no ads and offline gameplay and everything that costs real money is insanely expensive. Total grubby and greedy developers.

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Ads galore. I find myself hit with ads more times then I would think necessary for a game that was advertise to me as a “no wifi” game. Any upgrades you unlock require an ad, any progression has an ad thrown in too

As. So many ads

Ad said no wifi. Ad said no wifi but you definitely need wifi. Rubbish game.

Level 154. My game is stuck level 154 does anyone know how to fix it??

Won’t shoot at the end and too many ads. When I get to the end of the match I can’t shoot the pillars anymore and there are adds like every 30 secs or so

false advertising. i saw an advertisement for this app saying it was an app that uses no wifi so i downloaded it but then i was using it and it would not let me play it would just reset and reset every time i tried to play. Be more truthful and don’t say things that aren’t true for your own gain.

progress. takes too long to progress and the game is just overall buggy with too many ads

Not a no wifi game. Just another terrible game on iPhone, don’t get it.

Game. Really glitchy and lags out of the game and doesn’t work sometimes then after a certain amount of Levels it stops working completely really terrible game don’t recommend at all

Blue screen. Just like the other reviews, was good now nothing but a blue background, no longer playable. Contacted support, have heard nothing.

Bugged. It’s was a good, a fair too many ads for my liking but hey, welcome to the future. My game is actually now bugged and just has a blank blue screen with my gun on it and can’t do anything else with it, happened after I unlocked the Thanos Gauntlet. Otherwise fun game

Threats. It gave threatening notifications,”shut up and play the f&c$ing game” and what not

Way too many ads !!. Was an enjoyable game until o figured out how many adds there was. After ever round there is an add even if you press no thanks. Gets really annoying and reckon the game after more then half to time you are just watching adds.

Greedy and sad. Greedy and sad. The worst form of these types of games on the entire App Store.

Ads. You say ads free but there are still ads

False advertisement. You need to watch ads, forced ads and the ads for this game say no ads.

Despite the ads…. I mean the gameplay is pretty straight forward, however… false advertising about “no wifi gameplay” stings

Needs WiFi and loads of ads. It was advertised as ‘No WiFi required for those long car rides’ Needs ads and internet connection. Another grinder game that makes you watch ads. Avoid it if you can.

W. Best game I have eve played in my entire life I might even make a youtube vid on it if I get free no ads but I don’t really mind this game is just a banger 100 percent recommend!

Must be online to play!. This game is full of adds and unless you have internet it will not let you play the game. Furthermore to remove adds it is a stupidly high subscription price. Would not recommend downloading!

More ads than gameplay. This game has more ads than game play

Bugged as well. Game sent me back to level one on a infinite blue background with my gun & cannon

to many ads. quite frankly there’s more ad time then playing time

Mr crabs. Thought when u paid the $8 u would get no ads turns out it isn’t this game is exactly the same as every other game these days it’s almost unplayable with all these ads unless u pay excess amount of money which u should have to for a phone game

Waste of time. Complete waste of time, I’ve deleted the app App glitches and eventually the game just stops working. Also if you choose to skip the ads for bonus rewards, it plays an ad anyway, this is really frustrating.

Rating. How on earth is this game 4.5 stars out of 5 when you look at all the reviews and they’re all the same. Toooooo many ads wth is this stupid game. You can’t even play the game properly without an ad popping up every run. Do not download this game! Biggest waste of time. You can tell the app creators are money hungry!

Lies. Paid $7.99 to remove ads and they still pop up. SCAM

Liars. Advertised as a no ad and no wifi game but needs wifi to play and has the most ads of any game I’ve played. Don’t lie to people.

Could be a good time waster. Wow talk about ad simulator. Quite literally a 30 second unskippable ad after each 30!second run. Also ads for improving items, and getting power ups. If you don’t mind not playing a game for 50% of the time while ads are running, this is for you

Wanna put more adds up?. Every time I finish a level I get 3 adds man what the hell is this?

Requires wifi. Pretty sure the ad said no wifi game but doesn’t work without internet so whatever

To many adds. So many add even when you don’t press to play them

Broken. It’s a fun game but just today it started glitching and all my stats reset and the blocks at the end don’t break at all, can’t get past the first row.

Broken. The game lets you pay to avoid “all ads” but then still has them for every possible reward?? Also game completely breaks after however many levels and new gloves nerf your gun so you can’t even clear the levels properly. Money back pls

Reduce the fracking ads. Look, as far as a game goes as a time waster this is pretty good but do something about the fracking ads. Way too many and why does this game require the internet to run

Bugs. when i fill the things up with bullets and pass them instead of going on the conveyor and adding bullets to level me up in years it just disappears

False advertising. Ads said “no ad game” but forces you to watch multiple ads in a row. Finish a level, watch an ad. Unlocked a power up? Watch an ad. Want extra bonuses? Watch an ad. Say you don’t want to watch an ad to get the bonus? Watch an ad anyway. Also “permanent” upgrades aren’t permanent, you have to keep watching ads to unlock them again. And the game itself is the same endless grind, if you play it for thirty seconds you have seen everything. Don’t bother.

Not worth downloading. To many ads, more ads then gameplay

Ad Simulator. 50% of it is ads, games becomes boring if you don’t watch ads to upgrade.

So many ads it terrible. Even if you pay for ads to be off still ads for every reward and it’s almost impossible to progress without setting through 1-3 ads every run

Ads!. Ads to progress each step of the way. I kept up but got to a level and can’t progress.

Game. Add the game. Plus the add for the game said it was a no wifi game… it needs wifi

Add lied it needs wifi. Ad lied

Bugged. Downloaded cause advertised as no wifi game but it needs wifi and full of ads… even when I got to the end and got the “permanent second gun” the game bugs out and crashes and I lose the second gun, really frustrating when I spend time on getting a second gun and it just goes cause the game is bugged. Would Not Recommend!!

Game. Its a good game but for the love of god remove the ads, it’s get so annoying I have to upgrade everything with an ad so I gave up and deleted the game useless man

Needs wifi. Needs wifi

Trash. Just another money farming app, sooo many ads the game even tells you that ads are not ready when it offers you an upgrade in exchange for watching the ad, so you have to tap no thanks and then it will show you an ad anyway and give you no upgrade soooooo bad

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Liar game. Cant play offline

Says best no wifi game. The game is great but when I use it with no wifi i it says I have no internet connection and there are way to many ads there are 5-8 ads every level

Can’t play the game. The game is fun but every time I start a new level, it glitches half way through and I have to restart the level. I have to reset the game before every level. PLEASE FIX THIS

So many ADs. The game has so many disgusting and disruptive ADs that could be even a scam and a fake one

Scam. If I could give this 0 stars I would. Advertises itself as a game you can play offline and then immediately gives you an error message as soon as your wifi is off. Also I stupidly paid for a few skip ad tickets and surprise surprise they didn’t actually work and I still had to watch ads to gain any rewards. Huge scam

DUDE!!!. In the add I saw for this game it said perfect no wifi game for long car rides and then I turn on no wifi and then apparently I cant play without it! Do not recommend

Кал. Ебанная хуйня реклама на рекламе

Super glitchy. The game barely works and lags. Not worth it.

Level 319 broke my game. On level 319 when ever I complete a revolver clip it no long gives me any points towards adding years onto my gun and if I finish the level it just restarts the same level again

Boring. I have seen this ad about 1 million times, it claims no wifi, but asks to track me, begs for cash, and is slow slower than a sloth using the washroom. The premise is boring, no action, avoid this crappy made game.

Developer please. Got to a level that earned duel guns permanently and it was taken away? Can you fix this problem

Ads lied. It requires wifi, in the ad it says it doesn’t. Scum.

liar. the ads said the game is no ad but u have to pay for no ad and there is still ads

Fun but full of adds. A very fun game I would definitely like to play it more it just full of adds I’ve played maybe 5 minutes of it and had 5 or 6 adds already. I understand that adds are how they make money and there is an option to pay to remove the adds I just think $6.99 is a little ridiculous for only removing the adds.

Ads. What too many ads constantly

Just An Add Trap. Can’t do nothing in the game without watching a 30 second video! Don’t waste your time.

Too many ads. Game is good to pass the time though

Meh. Ads every 2 secs.

The ads. Everytime I would be playing a game I would get bombarded with ads that said “best games to play offline” and then would show this. I then got board of seeing them and thought “is it really no wifi required”? So I downloaded it and the first thing that I found WAS AN AD IN MY FACE AND SHOWED THE SAME GOD DAMN THING THAT I KEEP ON FINDING ALSO THE NO WIFI IS A LIE. SOME HOW YOU NEED WIFI TO PLAY A SINGLE PLAYER GAME, HOW IS THAT EVEN FAIR AND POSSIBLE? DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME BECAUSE YOU WOULD GO INSANE BY THE AMOUNT OF ADS THAT THEY SHOW. Pls pls just don’t, 1 less player= less money for the company greedy wallets.

Bad. Pretty terrible game

No means no. After a level, the game will ask if you want to watch an advert to get a larger reward/any reward. Now, a 30 second advert isn’t absolutely terrible, but when I click “No”, I mean NO. Please fix that. As is, I’ll be reporting it to Apple, as that isn’t cool.

It was fun. Game is fun a lot of ads but watever they just updated the game with new gloves and I am now super weak because of the new gloves so now I feel like I’m starting from zero delete after recent update

Scam. Bought the no add pass and I still get adds.

Too many ads. I was playing the game and then it gave me 3 ads at once

Honest review. It’s fun but there are way to many ads can’t play offline not fun do not install AND ESPECIALLY DON’T BUY THE AD BLOCKER waste of space game

Ruined by greed. The saddest thing about this review is that this is actually a kind of fun game to play. I’m 21 years old and enjoy the gameplay. The one problem is the ads. You get a tiny bit of gameplay in between ads and this is not okay. And no, I’m not paying $60 CAD to remove all ads permanently. Please do better

A game filled with deceiving ads. Alright, let’s get straight to the point. I was playing survivor.io (a game I recommend, there’s no forced ads), and I got an ad for this game when opening a chest. It piqued my interest. The ad told me that I could play offline. So I downloaded it, turned my Wi-Fi off, and played. I got tons of error messages, basically confirming my suspicions. (Also, if you get an error during a level, the level will restart, pretty ridiculous, huh?) Don’t waste your time with this game, go play something by HABBY, their games are actually good.

trash. mter fker trash!!!Freaking ADS

Broken. Does not work keep going to beginning

Don’t download it. Waste of date, every 30 seconds one ad, I wish I could give it 0 star

Bug with one of the levels can’t move on. There’s a bug with one level where you pass through one purple portal to another, but it elevates you higher than you’d normally be on the playing field. Then for some reason after completing the level, it just restarts the same one.

Sad. Its fun but theres too many ads😢

You should be sued. You should be sued for saying it’s a no internet game. Stop f*ing lie.

Game decides progression. There are caps on range and fire rate, year means essentially nothing. The caps are set up so you can only progress as the game wants you to and has nothing to do with how the game is played. Extremely frustrating and extremely disappointed. Have removed all rollic games from my phone and will not download any moving forward.

Game got stuck. It was a good game until I got stuck on a level that is on repeat. My guns get stuck in the air and can’t collect anything. Please fix this

Terrible could be better. Terrible game full of ads after every level. No way to play offline - I dare you to put on airplane mode and turn off wifi and see how you do. Could be better without ads intruding all the time.

To much ads. They have so much ads that you can’t even play the game.

Not going past level 154!!!. It is not going past level 154. Not collecting the money either

Don’t download!. Download it because it said there was gonna be no add to without Wi-Fi. LIES!! You must turn Internet or Wi-Fi on in order to play if not, it pops out “ERROR”. If you press on “no thanks” on ads, it’s still prompt you an ad. Without pressing videos, you can’t advance until after at least 20-30 tries. Deleted the game after five minutes of trying. Such nonsense!

Says items you earn are permanent… then takes them away?. At the end of the level there is a extra gun that is added for bonus damage if you beat it, says it’s permanent but takes it away after one run with it. Over all not the best game, a crazy amount of ads. If I had to guess at least 2 ads per 60 seconds of play time. Would not recommend on the scamming of « permanent » items.

Ad run. if you don’t spend $600 you just get an ad after every round. deleted

Scam game. Makes you watch tons of adds and then when you make it to the end the game glitches and resets and you lose your progress. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

Why do I need wifi. It’s a fun game but give me ONE reason why I would need wifi all I would need it for would be for loading adds watching adds and Hmmmmm oh yea MORE ADDS THERE IS NO REASON FOR WIFI NO LEADER BOARD what am I saying it’s a dump mobile game low effort add filled like if I could turn wifi off and be able to play the game I might give it 5 stars but until that happens probably NEVER I’ll give it 1 star

Stay away from this game. I purchased some permanent buffs. I had to reinstall the game. It lost all my progress and although you have the option to restore your purchases, It in fact does not. I will be reporting this app to the App Store. I will see it pulled off the store.

Online only. You are not able to play this in airplane mode. The constant ads after ever run require an internet connection.

It’s sucks. Don’t get it it sucks cus to many adds

Want a refund. I paid the no adds 3 weeks ago and then for some reason it paid again but I didn’t even have the app :/ which doesn’t make sense

Too much gameplay in between ads. Can you take some gameplay off this game ? I need to play too much in between the ads 🤦‍♂️

False advertising. The add said best no add game for long car rides. Not only can you not play it offline but they have adds.

False advertising. Mfers said “best no internet games for long car rides” but you force you to use internet to play the game

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Ads. Payed for ad free and still have to watch an ad every time i want to progress? Ridiculous. Complete waist of 5 bucks. If this isnt resolved i will have no choice but to delete it

Damage doesn’t work. Opted for the paid version to show support to the devs but after a few levels the weapons topped being able to destroy the lowest tier blocks.

Misleading purchase. You can buy “no-ads” for 5$ but it doesn’t actually get rid of the ads. You have to watch an add to upgrade anything.

Latest update broke game. Since the latest update, once you reach the end of the level, none of the boulders are breakable. Even the first one (2) isn’t breakable.

Fun but false advert. Developers advertised this game as playable without internet. As soon as there is no internet it refuses to let you play. Fun game. Ads get annoying.

Un playable with adds. After every level is an ad which is fine, but the upgrades have forced ads sometime so you chose between not upgrading or watching an add. Not cool

Game is ok, but…. This is an ok game. I enjoy the gameplay, however, no matter how much range or fire rate you have it does NOT change. Also, an ad pops up after ever level. Less ads would be great & fix the range & fire rate.

BAD. It has ads every time you will be watching ads rather than playing and you need Wi-Fi so you will get tons of ads unless you pay and let’s be real none of us will pay so don’t download unless you want to watch ads

Entirely too many ads. After every round you get an ad. Absolutely no reason and made me delete the game. Developers need to learn the more ads the less likely anyone is going to play. This is one of the worst I’ve seen, every 2 min there’s an ad

Lost all progress. Updated the game, paid for no ads, and I go to sleep. Wake up and next thing I know all my progress is gone and I can’t shoot through any of the barriers.

“Best no WiFi game”. As soon as I play while I turn off WiFi “no internet please check connection” this game has wayyyyy too many ads, 5 dollars is outrageous

Too many ads. There is an advertisement after every round. Very frustrating even when you can click to end them early.

The gloves broke with this knew update. Broken gloves

Too many ads. It is a fun game but honestly I think if you pay for no ads shoukd count for the double and triple as well

Ads galore. After every run even when clicking no thanks for the ad bonus, you still have to watch an ad and get no reward. Money grab of an app.

Rewards for winning go away. If you get the double shot win reward, it goes away if you close the game or get another powerup even though it says its supposed to be permanent

STICK TO YOUR WORDS. This game would be a lot better if the ad I saw was true, it said there was no ads and then I got an ad for some rocket game, over all, the game is great

ADs galore. So many ads in this game even with no ads being purchased. Commercial also said its an offline app which is also a lie.

Ads. This game was advertised to have no ads. And yet ads still pop up. Would you like to double your cash? Watch this ad. No? Watch this ad. Stop advertising games to be ad free if they’re not

Don’t get the THANOS gloves!. I played this game a lot and now the world won’t spawn after I unlocked the thanos gloves I’m just a floating gun in blue sky shooting at nothing… please fix I deleted reinstalled and played again to the point of thanos gloves and again the game breaks

Beating game. Game impossible to beat. I’ve played a ton and I’ve realised no matter how good you were or maxed you can’t get the final gun. I’ve gotten to the final 5 barriers but 6 is pretty much max. I wish you could get to the end. Played to much to realise you can’t get the final gun

Lies. You have to have an internet connection to play, over which they SWAMP you with ads, so the no Wi-Fi is a trick word, you need an internet connection. I don’t mind watching, or more realistically, letting ads play while I mostly ignore them, but when someone promises no ads, and clobbers you with them, I take offense.

False Advertising. The ad I clicked on for this game said that it was “AD free”. I’m not sure what their definition of AD free is because this game has them and not just for optional power ups. The gamete’s you play a few times and then it spews out an ad right after each level.

Constant bugs. This game features bugs that happen constantly. Either I will not get a power up from the gate I passed through or the game will decide to just restart me entirely. How does this even make it to the live update? Do you not even play test before publishing?

The game gives you an ad every other second. Not worth playing

Absolutely rigged. You can have the best gun possible with double shoot, tons of fire rate and range upgrades and it’ll literally be the same as having a lower level gun with same amount of fire rate and such. What a waste of time

Lies. Simply put this game is ads simulator, ads to boost, ads to skip and worst of all ads when you click no thank you? Also they gave themselves positive reviews fact

Just like the ads portrayed. Looks just like the ads but unfortunately after each game you get an ad, then another ad to “double your earnings”

Unless you want more ads than game, give this on a pass. Also didn’t see a option to remove ads, or even contact the developer in game.

Good. It’s good and all but I got to a level it says level one and all I see is the blue background with my gun please fix I like to play this game

Ad for it lies. When using another app a add came up for this game saying it does not require internet to play however when I turned data off for it the game would not let me play it. Not worth getting if you don’t want ads playing every second.

Awful game, couldn’t play it during camping no wifi. Also the game is a massive commercial pusher, ads on ads, 20-30 second game play 60 second ad. It’s a cute concept, just not into watching more ads than playing

Ads. Not the worst game but the amount of ads you have to watch after every single game is just not worth it the game is to basic and level are to fast for there to be an ad after everyone of them. No ads and I would give it a 4 star.

Game constantly restarted. Every time I tried to play the game it would say unexpected error but kept playing but every time it came up the round restarted

Meh. Ads say it’s ad free. Nope.. It’s meh over loads memory and shuts down randomly when you finally could win a level. Ads for everything but it doesn’t “make” you watch just need to for anything.

Make it where we can play offline so we don’t have to worry bout ads. Good game but to many ads I only would play like two or maybe one round and get hit with another ad.

Could have been a good time killer. So much ads, paid to remove ads and it only took away the random ads. Slow progression so it makes you want to play ads to get the upgrades, I'm gonna put in for my refund now

Okay. I like the game but it said that there was no ads 10 min later ad after every level and to do decent you have to watch ads

Ads. The amount of ads makes the game genuinely unplayable. You can click no on the ad boost to start a new round and an ad still plays anyway. And when you watch the ad for a boost it still plays another one after the fact.

Game is useless with latest update. Since the latest update. My game will not progress. Cannot gain any money on the targets, and the end of each run doesn’t even let me shoot the two blocks away.

Garbage game. Garbage game, tons of ads, the only thing they do good is make you feel under powered after a turn or two unless you watch the ad to upgrade your glove.

Straight-up liars. They say “no ads”, play this for a minute and you will find out that is not the case. Even if power-ups are locked behind ads, you still have ads to get through to progress to the next level. Terrible game as well.

Really bad. Every time I play it. It lags out and the ads are every 5 seconds and it’s just so annoying when I just want to play

False advertising, unplayable.. Advertised itself as being able to be played without internet, but I literally can’t even get it to finish the first run without saying error over and over. Awful game with fake ads.

Worst mobile game I’ve ever played. Ad after ad after ad after ad. They reward you with ads win or lose. No matter what. Ads per minute is like 50. Is such a slow and unrewarding game that should be banned on App Store

Forces ads after each round. Don’t force me to watch an ad after every single round and the app checks internet connection before and after each round to force the ad.

Wi-Fi required despite advertisements. The advertisements for this game state that it is a "no Wi-Fi game" despite the fact that it clearly requires Wi-Fi to be connected in order to play it. False advertising yet again!

Bad game. There are way to many ads it gives you one after you click no thank you you might as will click the ads

This game is just like the add. There might be more adds IDK

Needs fixing. After one round the game keeps on restarting me back to checkpoint and whenever I try to run, I’m a few seconds it restarts me back to the beginning

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.6.8
Play Store com.adengames.weaponcraftrun
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Weapon Craft Run (Versiyon 1.6.8) Install & Download

The application Weapon Craft Run was published in the category Games on 12 March 2023, Sunday and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This program file size is 373.03 MB. This app has been rated by 34,294 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Weapon Craft Run - Games app posted on 06 October 2023, Friday current version is 1.6.8 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.adengames.weaponcraftrun. Languages supported by the app:

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